Community Announcements - GM Crow
Hi-ya, Elpeeps! We’re now just hours away from Lanox and I’m psyched! Hope you’ve been playing your way up the ranks, because to get to this new place, you’ll need to be able to get past Sander. Surviving the desert will actually help you prepare for the new red-hot environment. Once the patch kicks in tomorrow, oh-ho it’s on!

What exactly will you find in Lanox? With dungeons requiring Lv. 70 and up, it’s no easy challenge for sure. Get ready to face some highly heat-resistant baddies and steel workers gone mad. In the far end of the first dungeon known as Burnt Forest, the great seething centaur-like creature lies in wait with bow and arrow amidst enduring flames. Meanwhile, in the second dungeon called the Ash Covered Village, brace yourself for an encounter with a towering blacksmith whose hammer-and-anvil clobbering skills easily rival those of Thor. Start practicing your extended combos!

There will also be a level cap increase, and a leveling up contest, too. Everyone gets a chance to win cool Elsword stuff in Lanox Race to 75! Up for grabs are prize packages comprising of an Elsword mug, Elsword stickers, Elsword buttons, and the Fire Priestess Ignia Chibi, an exclusive prize for the first 10 players to reach the level cap. Not fast enough? Just reach the level cap by June 9th to enter the raffle draw where we’ll be selecting 100 winners to receive an Elsword mug, sticker set, and button collection!

Item Mall Goodies

A new challenge calls for a new mount, don’t you agree? For one week starting tomorrow, the new mount Sacred Fox – Black Spirit will be available in the Item Mall. The summon stone will also be added to the Fossil Reader content random list for two weeks. Take a look at that beast!

Now, how about a new outfit? When the charm of Goth Loli and the colors of spring combine, you get the wonderful Spring Lolita! Get the set with or without the adorable mask after maintenance. Look at Aisha and Eve being all pretty!

See you in-game tomorrow!
Community Announcements - GM Crow
Land of Flames and Ashes

Hi Elpeeps! Whew… I told myself that there was no way the heat could get any worse than the deserts of Sander, but it looks like this world enjoys proving me wrong! Wonder where I’m writing today’s entry from? It’s quite simple if you think about it. After all, what could possibly be hotter than a scorching desert? Certainly not a land of volcanos, flames, and ashes…

The story so far…

After foiling Karis’ plan to destroy Sander using the Behemoth’s power, the Wind Priestess Anduran tells the El Gang of another village called Lanox. It’s here in Lanox where the El Search Party meets the Fire Priestess Ignia and learns that other priestesses have been captured. With a lot of questions left unanswered, it’s the El Search Party’s job to find the truth hidden behind smoke and mirrors.

New Faces

Pesop: I've heard rumors of an alchemist who lost his face performing a forbidden form of alchemy. Could they be about him? He looks funny, but they say behind every smiling face hides a sad tale… In any case I trust his alchemy skills!

Edel: Don't be fooled by her youthful appearance the Chief of Lanox means business. The recent events seem to be stressing her out. I wonder what I can learn about the town from her.

Ignia: The Fire Priestess and another reason it's so hot in here! This is the first time I've seen a Priestess up close. She seems cheerful but there's something about her I can’t put my finger on…

There are many others to meet, but I’ll give them a chance to introduce themselves to you when the time comes!

Burnt Forest

What was once a lush forest now reduced to ash and dust. Rumors say that this forest is cursed with a flame that never dies. Enemies never before seen such as angry pigs, molten lava golems and corrupted forest spirits plague the Burnt Forest.

Ash Covered Village

On the outskirts of Lanox lies a village of Blacksmiths. All the clues point here and the ones who forge weapons take up their weapons to stop you from going any further.

Item Mall Goodies

A new set called Thanatos makes its way into the land of the living. Become a reaper of souls with this dark Ice Burner set available tomorrow!

Also new in the Item Mall are the Star Academy sets for Elesis and Add! Don't they look super cute?

A lot is going down in the upcoming weeks and I’m excited to join you El peeps for this exciting new chapter of Elsword!
Community Announcements - GM Crow
Hi-ya, Elpeeps! We may be in the swing of Spring right now, but temperatures will soon be on the rise in Elsword. Once the patch kicks in tomorrow, get in the game daily for exclusive scorching hot items FREE including Blazing Growth Medals that will give you a time-limited 30% EXP bonus – woohoo!

Extinguish mysterious embers to earn more freebies by harnessing the power of the Elrios Fire Spirit! Find out how to acquire free Blaze Wing Feather accessories, a Level 70 +8 Boss Monster Weapon, and more starting tomorrow!

Item Mall Fever!!
The heat intensifies as Fever spreads over to the Item Mall! Just keep an eye on the special Fever gauge! For a limited time, you can acquire a free accessory by shopping at least 5000 K-Ching worth of Item Mall goodies. You can even choose one of the Mysterious El Lord Accessories as your reward for every 14000 K-Ching spent within the promo duration. Sound good? Keep reading for goodies to buy—hit your shopping target!

New Item Mall Goodies
Before it starts to get really hot, keep cool by appealing the powers of the Master of Water through Elesis. Salvatore Denif arrives thru Elesis’s Ice Burner!

Or you can count on the powers of the super breezy Wonder Guys and Wonder Gals Costume Suits! Look at all that muscle definition—I don’t mind being stuck in a hot spot wearing this!

All these go in-game tomorrow. See ya!
Community Announcements - GM Crow

Adorable Alice & Classy Royal Servant!

Greetings Elpeeps! This week a new pet will be hopping out of a classic tale and into Elrios. Her cuteness can only be matched by a classy Add taking on a new look and role with his Royal Servant Ice Burner set!

Item Mall Goodies

An adorable new pet seeks to captivate the hearts of many. Whether you're falling down a rabbit hole or enjoying a nice cup of tea, Alice is the perfect companion for your adventures.

Add's Dynamos have served him well since he first created them, but now it's time for him to step into their shoes. Dress up in Add’s Royal Servant Ice Burner set to become a butler fit for any royalty. Though knowing Add, it’s more than likely that there’s only one queen he has in mind!

Like what you see here? Just a day away before you can see them in-game!
Happy Elswording and see you all in-game tomorrow!
Community Announcements - GM Crow
Irvine, Calif., April 29, 2015- KOG Games, a leading developer and publisher of popular free-to-play action MMORPGs, today announces a birthday bash like no other. More than cake and candles, dungeons and Swag! Elsword pulls out all the stops for their 4th Anniversary Celebration!

KOG Games starts the party with a bang by inviting Elsword players to come down and party with them at Howie’s Game Shack in sunny Orange County, California. The folks at KOG Games have invited a handful of lucky players to partake in a pleasant stroll through some artfully executed bouts of Dungeon Crawling and PvP at Howie’s Game Shack. Then, strategy and villainy will be cordially (yeah right!) discussed over dinner, and then everyone’s off to offer up redemption and possibly even the score with some friendly *cough!*, Players vs. KOG, no-holds-barred games of lazer tag!

Now on to the in-game festivities! ~ Elsword goes all out with some major updates on this 4 year anniversary patch. Players have asked, and they will receive. Here’s the list:
• A new Party Kick System that empowers the devoted Dungeon Crawlers with the ability to vote-out any player that isn’t pulling their weight and contributing to the cause
• Keeping competitive integrity at the forefront, a large number of characters are receiving some love and receiving some needed Rebalancing
• A new Star Rank system will allow players to shine. Both PvE and PvP efforts will be rewarded with a new title and badge. This system will reward the top 100 players in both categories
• Level up faster with the new EXP Table revamp
• Massive Dungeon Upgrades! – Shorter, refined Dungeons, better Dungeon graphics and backgrounds, new result screen UI, monsters that deal more damage occupy more area with their big-damage tells and better in-Dungeon stage progression on popular dungeons gives players a more linear and fun experience
• Ereda Island, the very popular, objective-based PvP Co-op feature gets a big facelift and new challenges await, and whole slew of dedicated in-game events and rewards to go with the update. In addition, the stellar Ereda Island character chat feature “Quick Voice” to call out character-based voice commands and text in combat! Quick Voice will not only be added to Ereda Island, but players will be able to use this new feature in Dungeons, Fields and in Arena PvP!

Don’t go anywhere, the party’s just started! Players who login with a level 10+ character will receive a FREE, permanent pet, costume set and a timed Dragon Mount!

If you’re new to Elsword or you’re taking a break … You’re invited too! New players who register during the event period and players who haven’t logged in since April 1st, 2015 will receive a free +10 Enhanced Weapon!

During the event period, Elsword players will receive 2x’s EXP, 2x’s Drop rates and unlimited stamina! In addition, just logging into game and playing gets you prizes. Players will receive a daily buff, prize exchange tickets, and for those who slay big, nasty elite monsters, keep your eyes peeled for some crazy anniversary-themed loot boxes!

And finally… The Swag!
All players who create a new character, and level that character to 10 or higher during the event period (4/29/15 – 5/12/15 PDT) will be entered to win some amazing, exclusive Elsword-themed goodies. 519 players in total will win!

Cake and candles are optional for this celebration, but there ain’t no party like an Elsword party!
Come party with Elsword… Play Your Manga!
Community Announcements - GM Crow
Hi-ya, Elpeeps! We are looking at an exciting patch to mark Elsword’s 4th Year Anniversary, and it arrives sometime after midnight. I sure can’t wait! First off, we’ve got a huge bundle of new game features and improvements we’ve nicknamed the Battle Superstars System Update.

Who’s the superstar, you ask? Why, it’s you! The collective theme of this update is improvements that allow players to grab the spotlight and even let sheer talent shine through. Skill balancing among the different characters helps ensure fair battlegrounds, while dungeons will have shorter maps, better graphics, and tweaked monster attacks that make their moves easier for you to anticipate, among others.

An interesting new feature for randomly generated teams is Party Kick, which lets you and other party members vote an idle member off your team without foregoing your dungeon progress. This game feature will come in handy when you’re working on quests that require you to clear dungeons very quickly, for instance. Now no one would get in the way of an excellent dungeon run!

We’ve also made an unusual challenge out of Ereda Island, plus the EXP table revamp, and finally, Star Ranks, which had been slated in a previous update, are almost here! Watch out for all these as well as several related in-game events starting tomorrow!

Item Mall Goodies

Let me hear it for Skill Cut-ins! These items under the Customize tab give you a unique action pose artwork of your character for showing off when you’re using certain skills.

Next, taking a page from Japanese history, we’re introducing these amazing Samurai inspired Warring Kingdom outfits. These I want! Waaant!

Finally, the Elgang has gathered some interesting clues about a secret party, and they’d already found out about the Gold Ice Burners. Something tells me that riddle-master only dropped some clues, and this event is actually bigger than he is letting on. Well, we’ll all find out in just a few hours. Hee-hee!

See you in-game tomorrow!
Community Announcements - GM Crow
Hi-ya, Elpeeps! Starting tomorrow, come to Elsword Online for a special event dungeon and stay for the loot. We’re celebrating the adorable creatures that make your Elrios adventures all the more spectacular in the Critter’s Carnival!

First things first: A creature called the Wild Rider has caused destruction in Elrios and needs to be contained. Get in the game this Wednesday and after a minute you’ll find the Wild Rider’s Hideout Map in the mailbox—hang on to it. Next, see Glave about a Soul Sealer Stone. This will help you take over the Wild Rider once you have weakened it enough. When you’re ready, you can use the Map to locate the destructive creature.

However, be warned—this dungeon is tricky. Another evil being runs it, and will definitely get in your way. They say there’s only a fifty-fifty chance of actually finding the Wild Rider, so be ready to go back as many times as needed. Why? Because it’s your chance to earn a FREE mount! Check our main website tomorrow for the full details!

Retro Life Crystals
Missing one of the previously released pets? Get it as a life crystal! Adorable pets like the Hallow Witch, Sheriff, Dark Hatchling, Berthe Jr., Raincoat Cats, and more are coming back to the Item Mall in life crystal form this Wednesday. Make them yours!

Ara’s Salvatore Denif
The Master of Water is embodied in the latest costume set featured in Ara’s Ice Burner, available for the next two weeks starting tomorrow. Complete the outfit soon!

Ancient Demon Accessories
Last but not least, these new accessories arrive at the Item Mall as well. Try them on as soon as the update kicks in.

See y’all in-game!
Community Announcements - GM Crow
A quick blog update with two exciting new ItemMall Updates!
In need of a matching ride for your Nasod Battle Suit? Mechanize yourself with the new Nasod Battle Gear Mount. It’s got tons of explosive projectiles and laser beam attacks! Blow all TEH stuffs up!!

Add, Elesis and Ara giddy-up in their new Western Outfits! <3

See you all in-game!

Community Announcements - GM Crow
Hi Elpeeps! We’re here to bring great news that the end of time is near and that the beginning of a diabolical era is inevitable!

… Did we scare any of you? It’s not like it was our intention to strike Paranoia into the minds of all you Elpeeps or anything! If you thought we did a good job, just wait until you get a load of Time Tracer’s new advancement known as, Diabolic Esper!
The Story

Add completes the Dynamo upgrade using pure El energy, and with it takes a great leap back in time. But what waits for him in this past era is far from the world he once knew. He arrives in an alternate reality where his entire family was not slain. However, he is surprised to find a young man who appears to be the Add of this alternate reality… and he leads a happy and promising life.

Even with recalculations and many more attempts to go back to his own reality, Add keeps arriving in this other world. As his frustration grows, so does the insanity that has consumed him. Add is ultimately pushed to the brink. Now possessing the supernatural powers to distort time-space and gravity, it’s only a matter of time before he exploits the massive abilities he has acquired to bring the world to its dreadful end.

Diabolic Esper’s Features
• Teleport enemies against their will.
• Both mind and time control.
• Defying the laws of psychics.
• Great at hitting beats and setting the tempo!
• Smexxi demonic looking eyes…

The Moves and Gameplay

While Time Tracer gave Add the ability to work the powers of time into his arsenal, Diabolic Esper expands on the power of the mind and space.

As Diabolic Esper, Add is capable of moving either his enemies or himself through the dimensions of space using Reverse Stigma and Reverse Circle.
Playing your enemies right into your hand sounds like an amazing ability to have, but that is only one of his many perks. Speaking of sounds, Diabolic Esper has a move called Moonlight Rhapsody which emits sound waves that deteriorates the minds of those surrounding him. Enemies caught within the range of his tragic tune will see a musical note above their head that will slowly start stacking over time. When struck with an attack, the musical notes will detonate and deal increased damage for every stack.

People are often told that the mind is stronger than the body and Diabolic Esper’s Hyperactive, Paranoia plays with that notion. Paranoia is an attack so powerful in creates a crack in reality that shatters the minds of all those caught in it. Side effects from this attack may include, burning, poisoning, drowning on land, and in most cases, death.

With no doubt in my mind, Diabolic Esper can easily become one of your greatest allies or your worst nightmare.

ItemMall Goodies
New Kindergarten costumes for all characters plus Add’s Salvatore Denif.

Community Announcements - GM Crow
We’re entering the home stretch, Elpeeps. The culmination of the Masters of Darkness series is just one week away! Last time we checked, Add has become the Time Tracer with brilliant chrono-twisting powers. Soon, he will move up in his time-and-space manipulating abilities.

Using the time travel equation and pure El energy on his Dynamos’ upgrade, Add is able to go back to a time when his family lives. However, he finds all his efforts wasted when he sees another one of himself, another Add in this other reality… and this other Add is actually happy. He tried many times to correct his miscalculations, to try and arrive at his own real past, but it’s no use. Realizing that his travels back in time may never lead him back to the reality he knew, Add is finally pushed to the brink. Get ready for Diabolic Esper, arriving next week!

Item Mall Goodies

By tomorrow, Elpeeps are gonna be turnin’ Japanese courtesy of the 2014 Elsword Japan Costume Contest Winners. Exquisite! Try them on, ‘mkay?

Also, Hamel Navy Officer costume hair and weapon pieces arrive in standard Ice Burners. Go find ‘em starting tomorrow!

Elpeeps, Spring Break FEVER has begun. Don’t forget to play today for your 2 hours of 2X Drops, and tomorrow for your 2 hours of 2X EXP! It doesn’t stop there—just get in the game daily until next Monday and bask in all the awesomeness to come, including an amazing package discount on Cruise Wear sets. See ya!

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