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Elsword's first ever dual character arrives! Introducing Luciel, a dangerous duo from the underworld who are now about to hunt down demon invaders all across Elrios.

Lu emerges in Elrios as a small child, having exhausted all of her mana in order to escape captivity from the realm of demons. She has lost all of her power and possessions due to being betrayed by her own her subjects. Ciel finds Lu in her weakened state and takes her in, and before long, assassins from the demon world come for Lu. Ciel gives his life to protect her and in that moment Lu remembers everything. A supernatural contract allows her to revive Ciel as a half-demon, and he is bound to serve her in return. This demonic spiritual bond brings the two together mind, body and soul as Luciel.
Hell-bent for retribution, they will take everything back!

As a dual character, Lu and Ciel introduce a whole new style of combat to Elsword. Despite being two characters, they share one skill tree yet how each unique skill functions depends on which character is in combat. Certain skills can be used to switch between characters to increase their Combination Gauge, but it’s up to players to keep tabs on skill interactions.

Luciel is designed to work as one by accommodating for each of their weaknesses; with Lu focused on reeking havoc when up-close and personal and Ciel focused on tactical approaches and keeping the enemy at bay. It’s all about setting up for the Queen of Demons with the hit-man of the underworld. Ciel can utilize his advantage to fight enemies that claws can’t reach and disadvantage to bait enemies to get in close only to awaken a sleeping giant. Lu sets while Ciel spikes!

Get into the game and try Luciel today and don't forget to check our the new Steam Exclusive Luciel DLC package!

Community Announcements - GM Crow
Ahoy to you El Peeps and salutations to Elsword’s first Dual Character, Luciel!

Starting tomorrow everyone will finally be able to hop into the world of Elrios on their pre-created Luciel. And it's not too late for those of you who haven’t boarded the Luciel hype train yet! Brandish your gunblades, sharpen your claws, and get ready to embark on a whole new adventure!

The story…

As nobility of the demon world, Lu had both power and status. However, all was lost in an act of betrayal by those once loyal to her. Lu was sealed away into an eternal prison. Using all of her remaining strength she was able to escape but only in a child-like form. While on the run from pursuing demons she meets a hitman who may be the key to reclaiming her throne.

As a child born into Elrios, Ciel had lived a normal life with caring parents. When bandits raided his town they took the lives of his family and his innocence. For the next few years Ciel turned to the streets for survival. He grew into a notorious criminal but never found his purpose. One fateful day he meets a demon who grants him a new life and meaning.


Luciel introduces a new style of fighting to Elsword as a dual character. Tag team combat allows them to switch places with each other by using combos or skills. Both Lu and Ciel have their advantages on the battlefield. Ciel focuses more on ranged attacks while Lu excels at melee combat. By understanding each of Lu/Ciel’s strengths players can overcome any weaknesses they may come across.

Finally, Luciel has a system called the Combination Gauge. This gauge fills every time you switch between Lu/Ciel and once it’s full you can perform powerful Combination Attacks!

Item Mall Goodies

Tons of Item Mall goodies are coming out tomorrow so we’ll cover the main attractions and leave the rest as a surprise.

Lu's demon side really shows in her Arch Devil Ice Burner. She may be cute but those claws are nothing to joke about!

Meanwhile Ciel looks like a true guardian in his Arch Angel. He's ready to protect those who are important to him and keep a certain demon out of trouble.

Along with these Ice Burners, Item Mall costumes for Luciel are arriving.
Show off your style with a look that never gets old! Check out the Classic Attitude set!

And finally take the wheels behind the new mount: Raul’s Vassal. Sent by the Goddess Raul to unleash her fury, this mount is sure to spark some serious damage onto enemies.

This has got to be the most packed week yet! I hope all you El Peeps are excited for all the new content coming tomorrow because I sure am!
Cheers to everyone and LuCiel you guys in-game! ;)
Community Announcements - GM Crow
Hi-ya, Elpeeps! A lot of you have been waiting a looooong time to play Elsword’s next character. Well, here’s the good news: the much-awaited debut of Luciel is just one week away! Even better news: You can reserve your in-game name for the upcoming character starting tomorrow!

So, who is Luciel? Elsword Online’s first dual playable character, Luciel is a unique tag-team class made up of a previously-powerful demon and a notorious mob hitman. The story of how they teamed up is pretty cool, with him losing his life to protect hers, and her bringing him back as a half-demon. Can you just imagine how stunning playing these two would be? I can’t wait to see those enchanted claws and gunblades in action. It’s gonna be crazy awesome!

Be sure to catch this week’s event, because once you’ve claimed your dual-character name this week, you will receive free costumes for Luciel in the official launch next week! Plus find out how to get a new Luciel-themed accessory for any of your characters. When this dangerous duo arrives, I’m sure, the more fitting question will be “Who isn’t Luciel?” :D

Don’t forget to check our website tomorrow for all the pre-launch event details!

Item Mall Goodies

The latest homage to the armada comes in the form of a fun costume set. Naval Fleet outfits combine cute sailor threads with pretty serious weaponry. Chung’s aircraft carrier shaped Destroyer would be my favorite!

Also, who says eyeshadow and liner are just for girls? Ladies and gentlemen, look out for this new item for a mesmerizing stare. Find these Chic Eyes under the customize tab starting tomorrow.

See you in-game!
Community Announcements - GM Crow

Ahoy El Peeps! We’ve had a couple costume creation contests in the past and the results were always stunning. However, the world of Elsword goes way beyond just our own and the other versions of Elsword carry out costume creation contests as well. The results? I’ll let you El Peeps be the judge of that once they arrive tomorrow!

Item Mall Goodies

Coming from a distant shore, the Elsword Japan 2015 Costume Contest winners will be here for a limited time starting tomorrow.
We all know that Chung is a fierce on the battlefield but this outfit really shows off his cute side. Meanwhile Ara is looking very elegant with this new look inspired by flowers and butterflies.

Costumes aren't the only things to watch out for. Accessory winners will be arriving as well!

This cute hedgehog pet comes straight out of Hamel. Don’t be shy little guy! The heat doesn’t bite!

These cute bunny ears will also be making their debut. They act as their own accessory and can be worn over all of your favorite hairstyles!

Add some sparkle to your characters with these beautiful fluttering butterflies. They're sure to liven up any look.

This week more pieces of the Thanatos Ice Burner set will be available. Get ready to claim the Thanatos Hair, Veil and Weapon!

This week’s update is just the icing on top of the cake with many more exciting news to come! Thanks for tuning in and I’ll see you all in-game.
Community Announcements - GM Crow
Hi-ya, Elpeeps! Are you willing to take one for the team?! For tomorrow’s patch, we’re introducing Guild Missions, an additional system in Elsword Online that gives players a chance to earn guild honor points for their respective guilds, as well as exclusive rewards—El Energy Fuel, Weird El Tree Seed, and Profession EXP 20% Medal—through the weekly missions.

Not a guild member yet? There’s now an epic quest for that. Watch out for it once you reach Lv. 20!

What’s more, we’re making it extra exciting with a special Guild PVP event! For the next two weeks, the 3 vs. 3 Guild PVP option will be open for one hour at a time—once on weekdays, and twice a day on weekends. Up for grabs are the very elusive one-day Powerful Guild gold, silver, and bronze titles for the top 3 ranked guilds of the hour!

At the same time, you can also participate in the special events called Absolute Class, where you can earn Class Points and trade them in for rewards such as Luriel’s Magic Amulets, Ice Burners, Fossil Readers, and more. Play daily for your Premium Class Attendance Stamps, which you can also trade in for rewards through Glave. Guild PVP ranks 1 to 100 get class points, too! Hop right to it once the patch kicks in tomorrow!

Item Mall Goodies

Have you been waiting for the perfect accessories to go with your wedding costume? Well, they’re arriving with this patch! Check out the wedding accessories that appear to be from Charming Cupid himself.

Finally, be the cat’s meow with the newest customization item. Get your Cat’s Eyes tomorrow!

See y’all in-game!
Community Announcements - GM Crow
Death’s Envoy Arrives
Ahoy El Peeps! Has everyone made it through the Burnt Forest and Ash Covered Village in one piece? Saving Elrios is no easy task but it doesn’t hurt to take a break and check out the new items coming in!
Item Mall Goodies
Death’s envoy Thanato makes an appearance in Elrios to be your companion. Behind this pet’s adorable looks lies the power of death and the desire to harvest souls. Travel with Thanato to fulfill her desire and reap the rewards…unless your soul is on her list of course.

Thinking of upping your Add's style? Look to the shadows! This cool new set is just what Add needs to steal hearts and put the demons back into place. Shadow Incubus will only be available for a short time so don't miss out on your chance to get it!

A lot is going down in the upcoming weeks and I’m excited to join you El peeps for this exciting new chapter of Elsword!
Community Announcements - GM Crow
Hi-ya, Elpeeps! We’re now just hours away from Lanox and I’m psyched! Hope you’ve been playing your way up the ranks, because to get to this new place, you’ll need to be able to get past Sander. Surviving the desert will actually help you prepare for the new red-hot environment. Once the patch kicks in tomorrow, oh-ho it’s on!

What exactly will you find in Lanox? With dungeons requiring Lv. 70 and up, it’s no easy challenge for sure. Get ready to face some highly heat-resistant baddies and steel workers gone mad. In the far end of the first dungeon known as Burnt Forest, the great seething centaur-like creature lies in wait with bow and arrow amidst enduring flames. Meanwhile, in the second dungeon called the Ash Covered Village, brace yourself for an encounter with a towering blacksmith whose hammer-and-anvil clobbering skills easily rival those of Thor. Start practicing your extended combos!

There will also be a level cap increase, and a leveling up contest, too. Everyone gets a chance to win cool Elsword stuff in Lanox Race to 75! Up for grabs are prize packages comprising of an Elsword mug, Elsword stickers, Elsword buttons, and the Fire Priestess Ignia Chibi, an exclusive prize for the first 10 players to reach the level cap. Not fast enough? Just reach the level cap by June 9th to enter the raffle draw where we’ll be selecting 100 winners to receive an Elsword mug, sticker set, and button collection!

Item Mall Goodies

A new challenge calls for a new mount, don’t you agree? For one week starting tomorrow, the new mount Sacred Fox – Black Spirit will be available in the Item Mall. The summon stone will also be added to the Fossil Reader content random list for two weeks. Take a look at that beast!

Now, how about a new outfit? When the charm of Goth Loli and the colors of spring combine, you get the wonderful Spring Lolita! Get the set with or without the adorable mask after maintenance. Look at Aisha and Eve being all pretty!

See you in-game tomorrow!
Community Announcements - GM Crow
Land of Flames and Ashes

Hi Elpeeps! Whew… I told myself that there was no way the heat could get any worse than the deserts of Sander, but it looks like this world enjoys proving me wrong! Wonder where I’m writing today’s entry from? It’s quite simple if you think about it. After all, what could possibly be hotter than a scorching desert? Certainly not a land of volcanos, flames, and ashes…

The story so far…

After foiling Karis’ plan to destroy Sander using the Behemoth’s power, the Wind Priestess Anduran tells the El Gang of another village called Lanox. It’s here in Lanox where the El Search Party meets the Fire Priestess Ignia and learns that other priestesses have been captured. With a lot of questions left unanswered, it’s the El Search Party’s job to find the truth hidden behind smoke and mirrors.

New Faces

Pesop: I've heard rumors of an alchemist who lost his face performing a forbidden form of alchemy. Could they be about him? He looks funny, but they say behind every smiling face hides a sad tale… In any case I trust his alchemy skills!

Edel: Don't be fooled by her youthful appearance the Chief of Lanox means business. The recent events seem to be stressing her out. I wonder what I can learn about the town from her.

Ignia: The Fire Priestess and another reason it's so hot in here! This is the first time I've seen a Priestess up close. She seems cheerful but there's something about her I can’t put my finger on…

There are many others to meet, but I’ll give them a chance to introduce themselves to you when the time comes!

Burnt Forest

What was once a lush forest now reduced to ash and dust. Rumors say that this forest is cursed with a flame that never dies. Enemies never before seen such as angry pigs, molten lava golems and corrupted forest spirits plague the Burnt Forest.

Ash Covered Village

On the outskirts of Lanox lies a village of Blacksmiths. All the clues point here and the ones who forge weapons take up their weapons to stop you from going any further.

Item Mall Goodies

A new set called Thanatos makes its way into the land of the living. Become a reaper of souls with this dark Ice Burner set available tomorrow!

Also new in the Item Mall are the Star Academy sets for Elesis and Add! Don't they look super cute?

A lot is going down in the upcoming weeks and I’m excited to join you El peeps for this exciting new chapter of Elsword!
Community Announcements - GM Crow
Hi-ya, Elpeeps! We may be in the swing of Spring right now, but temperatures will soon be on the rise in Elsword. Once the patch kicks in tomorrow, get in the game daily for exclusive scorching hot items FREE including Blazing Growth Medals that will give you a time-limited 30% EXP bonus – woohoo!

Extinguish mysterious embers to earn more freebies by harnessing the power of the Elrios Fire Spirit! Find out how to acquire free Blaze Wing Feather accessories, a Level 70 +8 Boss Monster Weapon, and more starting tomorrow!

Item Mall Fever!!
The heat intensifies as Fever spreads over to the Item Mall! Just keep an eye on the special Fever gauge! For a limited time, you can acquire a free accessory by shopping at least 5000 K-Ching worth of Item Mall goodies. You can even choose one of the Mysterious El Lord Accessories as your reward for every 14000 K-Ching spent within the promo duration. Sound good? Keep reading for goodies to buy—hit your shopping target!

New Item Mall Goodies
Before it starts to get really hot, keep cool by appealing the powers of the Master of Water through Elesis. Salvatore Denif arrives thru Elesis’s Ice Burner!

Or you can count on the powers of the super breezy Wonder Guys and Wonder Gals Costume Suits! Look at all that muscle definition—I don’t mind being stuck in a hot spot wearing this!

All these go in-game tomorrow. See ya!
Community Announcements - GM Crow

Adorable Alice & Classy Royal Servant!

Greetings Elpeeps! This week a new pet will be hopping out of a classic tale and into Elrios. Her cuteness can only be matched by a classy Add taking on a new look and role with his Royal Servant Ice Burner set!

Item Mall Goodies

An adorable new pet seeks to captivate the hearts of many. Whether you're falling down a rabbit hole or enjoying a nice cup of tea, Alice is the perfect companion for your adventures.

Add's Dynamos have served him well since he first created them, but now it's time for him to step into their shoes. Dress up in Add’s Royal Servant Ice Burner set to become a butler fit for any royalty. Though knowing Add, it’s more than likely that there’s only one queen he has in mind!

Like what you see here? Just a day away before you can see them in-game!
Happy Elswording and see you all in-game tomorrow!

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