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Hi-ya Elpeeps! It’s already February and we all know what that means: Valentine’s Day and Lunar New Year are here! Time to break out the fireworks and start digging in on moon cakes! If you’re single and willing to mingle then find out tomorrow to see what Elsword has up its sleeves. We’ve got great events and even greater Item Mall goodies for everyone this week!

Lunar New Year Celebration
Get your fireworks and lucky charms ready because the Lunar New Year in Elsword promises prosperity and good luck. We’re practically giving stuff away during the celebration!

• Log your attendance for 8 days straight and receive rewards for each day that you do! Be sure to click the ‘Attendance’ button after 16 minutes to be able to click on the glowing puzzle piece, otherwise it won’t count!
• Cobo Services are also giving away Lucky Bags and Luriel’s Ice Burners for just logging-in for 60 minutes every day during the event.
• During the Lunar New Year’s celebration you’ll be given a chance to Teach Son Goku a Lesson. Defeat him 3x a day to get a Gold ED Bag. Collect 8, plus 1 Alchemy Essence, and you’ll get a Millionaire’s Dream accessory when you exchange the materials through Ariel.

Valentine’s Day Event
Don't let the opportunity to be with your fated one pass by. The Valentine's Day events will definitely be bringing people together. Plus, there’s free stuff and we’re sure you don’t want to miss that.

• You don't have to play alone this Valentine's Day. During the event, there will be a UI that allows you become a couple with someone on the same server. If the coupling becomes successful then you and your partner can reap the benefits of being a couple this Valentine's Day!
• Couples and married couples get an MP Buff called The Power of Love! and The Power of Promise! in dungeons.
• Players who get married during the event will receive four Wedding Bouquet Flowers that can be exchanged with Ariel for costumes and consumables. Players who attended a wedding will also get a Wedding Bouquet Flower.


Look dapper and appear like you always mean business – even when you’re fooling around – with the newest Noir costume.

The Qipao costume suit really gets you into the celebration by dressing you up in a traditional Chinese costume.

And lastly, Fossil Reader Packages have a 1 + 1, 5 + 1, and 10 + 3 bundle options. This guarantees that you won’t run out of Fossil Readers when you need it most.

Happy Lunar New Year everyone~ See you all in game!
Community Announcements - GM Crow
Hi~ya Elpeeps~! Eve and Chung's reveal is tomorrow! Now, don't get antsy, it's just for a few more hours. This also means that Eve and Chung players better start gearing up because a Tourney is on the way! We also have a few new knick-knacks at the Item Mall that we know you'll be ogling.

Renewal Event for Eve and Chung

Eve and Chung players, your time has come to be renewed! Join the line-up of revamped characters and enjoy the benefits of being reborn!
• If you ever need a motivation to level up your Eve and Chung, then the Rebirth Cube may be the motivation you need. A promotional costume piece is given to you every time you open it starting at level 20!
• Weekend FEVER for Eve and Chung players means 2x EXP! Everyone who parties with either Eve or Chung in a dungeon will also get additional exp. It’s time to get that party started!
• Don’t forget to play Eve and Chung to get a chance to join the Sweepstakes! Prizes are K-Ching and Elsword stuff! Real, Elsword Stuff (unless you’re not in the NA area).

January Super Swag!

We’re giving people another chance at Super Swag! Although, by the time you read this you should have already logged-in and ‘activated’ at the website. If not, now’s your chance. You still have a few more days before it’s too late. It’s really easy to join!


It's always a fun time when there's new stuff at the Item Mall! Eve and Chung get a turn at putting on an El Search Party Officer Costume with pieces found in every Grand Ice Burner Package.

And lastly, we have the beautifully created Salvatore Gaia in Ice Burners. Nature-lovers and tree-huggers will definitely love this!

See y’all in game, Elpeeps!
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Hi-ya Elpeeps~

First order of business is to congratulate team NTR’D BY KIRBYBLADER for winning the Magician-Mercenary Tournament. Your victory will be talked about in Elrios until the end of time! Congratulations!

Now that we’re finished with the AishaxRaven revamp, we’re warming up for our third set of character revamps. This time it’s the Nasod Queen and Guardian Prince’s turn to be reborn so stay tuned! Meanwhile we have the third Winter Vacation Event and some really cool things coming in tomorrow that we know you’ll love!

Winter Vacation Event: Fox Bandit Armageddon

There's a horde of fox bandits on the loose and it's up to you to put a stop to them! Raid their dungeon solo or with friends to get your hands on their most coveted treasures.
• During the event, for every applicable story quest you finish you immediately gain a level. This is a great opportunity if you notice that stubborn exp bar has stayed in the same spot for days.
• The Armageddon has begun and you’re invited to it! Defeat Fox Bandit mobs and bosses to get awesome rewards.
• Get a free Random Mount Cube on the weekend during the event! How awesome is that?!


The Item Mall has just received their shipment of awesome stuff! Walk the walk with Dream Step: Star and Dream Step: Wind because treading lightly isn't an option.

Say your prayers because the demon duo is coming for you donning holy garbs. The Luciel Priest Costumes are out tomorrow.

And last but not least, Grand Fossil Readers are a sure fire way to randomly get either a pet or a mount, plus other usable goodies!

Don’t forget to check out all of this and more when it comes out tomorrow and see y’all in game!
Community Announcements - GM Crow
Heya Elpeeps! Please try to contain your excitement and keep calm because the time nigh. We know it’s hard when there’s less than 24 hours left to the revamp of our beloved magician and mercenary. Hold on to your seats because this is what’s going to happen tomorrow!

Aisha-Raven Revamp Event

Just like Elsword and Rena, Aisha and Raven also gets their own revamp event with lots of loots and rewards for your magicians and mercenaries.
• The El Search Party Reborn event gives you Revamp Cubes that you can open every 10 levels until you reach level 80. Leveling up becomes more fun when you know you’re so close to opening another box.
• How else are you gonna open Revamp Cubes when leveling up comes to a crawl, right? Fear not weary warrior! Weekend Fever will help you open all the stages of your Revamp Cube in no time!
• Aisha and Raven players can share festivities with other characters. When they party with either Aisha or Raven, all members in that dungeon will earn additional EXP!
• You can complete Ariel’s Proof of Change quest when you clear a dungeon a number of times. Exchange tickets with Ariel to get awesome rewards. You can also get Luriel’s Tomes of Amnesia as a daily quest by clearing a dungeon within your level range a number of times.

Aisha and Raven Sweepstakes

Get a chance to win cool Elsword commemorative goodies and K-Ching on the Aisha and Raven Season 2 Celebration Sweepstakes when you choose to play magician and mercenary! Who doesn’t want some Elsword swag?


We’ve got new customizations and other amazing items coming out tomorrow that we know you’ll love. Become the center of the night sky with the beautiful sitting customization, Moonlight Dream.

Take a gander at this magnificent looking pet! Just oozing with chilling sophistication! The Chilling Hedgehog comes out tomorrow!

Annnnnd! Our genius magician and Nasod-armed mercenary get their very own El Search Party Officer Outfit from Aisha/Raven Grand Ice Burner Packages.

See you in game guys~!
Community Announcements - GM Crow
Hi~ya Elpeeps! We hope you had an awesome New Year ‘cause we sure did! Season 2 continues with the rebirth of the genius magician and Nasod-armed mercenary! But we still need to polish a few more things before we’re ready for the reveal. We also have some indubitably marvelous costumes and items for you at the Item Mall so don’t forget to check those out.

Magician – Mercenary Tourney

Calling all Aishas and Ravens! The Magician-Mercenary Tournament is coming really soon and this time it’s your moment to shine! Show off your mad PVP skeelz and be among the last teams standing. Registration for the Magician-Mercenary Tournament starts January 7, 2016, 7:00 PM PST. You can visit this site for more details. Exciting prizes are up for grabs!

NPC Affinity

Start making friends with your favorite NPC or all of the NPCs! We know you’ve been waiting to have a chat with the almost stoic Echo, or the clumsy but cute Luriel, so we’re giving you a chance to interact with them. They’ll only talk to you for a short while, though, because they’re such busy NPCs, ya know? But you’ll get rewards for getting to know them. The rewards get even better when you befriend all the NPCs in a particular town.


Start the New Year with an ironic but tasteful blast into the past, and we mean a couple of hundred years past. These elegant Rococo Outfits will bring out the aristocratic flairs in your characters.

Gold Fossil Readers will also come out tomorrow. What makes this better than the normal Fossil Readers is that players have a better chance to acquire mounts.

See you all in game!
Community Announcements - GM Crow
Happy New Year in advance Elpeeps, we’re finally transitioning into the New Year! We’ve had a great year together and now we’re looking forward to the many changes 2016 will bring to Elrios. We’ve got the last round of activities for the year that we know you’ll enjoy and we also have a bunch of new stuff available at the Item Mall!

Turn of the Year in Elrios

Fortune Cookies! FEVER! A missing party girl Ariel? These are just a few of the many things you can do during the New Year’s Event.

• Usher in the New Year stronger and better when you play because there’s unlimited Stamina, 2X Exp, and 2x Drop Rate from New Year’s Eve through the weekend! *squeals*
• No need to visit a fortune teller when Helen’s Fortune Cookie can tell you what your future brings! Even the unluckiest of players will feel fortunate when they get hold of Helen’s Fortune Cookie.
• Ariel has gone partying and has left her post and poor Luriel alone. Bring Ariel back and you will be rewarded handsomely.
• Do you want to be a grandfather clock for the New Year? Who wouldn’t! Nothing marks the passing of the year more than wearing grandfather clocks because you’ll definitely know when it’s 12 midnight. Log-in for 10 minutes to receive materials and talk to Nasod Ariel to start crafting.
• Only in Elsword can you countdown to the New Year and get rewards for doing so. From December 30 to January 12 just click on the attendance check icon and click on one of the boxes to mark your “attendance” and get rewards for every box clicked for 8 days.


These Item Mall goodies will most definitely make your New Year happy. Join the dark side with Gothic Punk Costumes and make your mark this coming year.

Our dynamic duo gets a menacing makeover with Evil Tracer. Get Luciel’s Ice Burners and start collecting parts now!

Rena and Elsword are looking oh so dignified while wearing the Grand Ice Burner’s El Search Party Officers Costume start doing official stuff and things now! Sooo fancy!

Happy New Year everyone! And see you guys in game!
Community Announcements - GM Crow
Heya Elpeeps! Merry Christmas in advance! We’re finally done with the revamps on Elsword and Rena and we hope you like them as much as we do. We’re also finished with the Swordsman and Ranger Tourney and would like to congratulate the players on team bleeeehhhhh for winning. You are true players worthy of fame and monies! For now, we’re back to our regular programming by bombarding you with activities and free stuff for the holidays.

Winter Vacation Events. Fox Bandit returns with an all new lair that hides his most prized possessions. You can get his treasures when you join Part 2 of the Winter Vacation Event. But first, you’ll need a key to open the Fox Bandit’s Secret Storage; just login to the game for 10 minutes to receive the key in your mail. Aside from the key, you’ll also get Pesop’s Crystal Ball Cube and a Lucky Sage’s Magic Stone Cube to aid in your raid. And if you’re one of those people who like collecting stuff and exchanging them in-game for amazing items (like a Fox Bandit Outfit), then simply head on over to Ariel to get the quests and then start grindin’ at the Fox Bandit’s Secret Storage!

Enhancement Event. What’s better than weapons and armors? Stronger weapons and armors, of course! With the Enhancement event, you’ll get a chance to enhance your weapons and armors to +11 before the year ends! When you log in for one minute during the event, you’ll immediately get your enhancement rewards so you can start making your equipment stronger, harder, and better.


To cap off another amazing year, we’re bringing back the Super Swag for December[]! Get a lovely Senarhl Mount and some K-Ching by going to the website, clicking on the big square button (totally hard to miss), and logging in for 5 days for December only. And that’s it. Easy-peasy. Rewards will be delivered to you on the 5th of January.

Item Mall Goodies

We know you loved the costume designs from the China Costume Creation Contest, so we won’t make you wait any longer for the NA Contest Winners’ Designs! Check out Ara, Rena, and Lu wearing their NA costumes.

More designs from the winners of the NA Costume Creation Contest are available tomorrow at the Item Mall. Don’t forget to check them out!

Remember to join the events and see you in game, guys!
Community Announcements - GM Crow
KOG Games, a leading developer and publisher of popular free-to-play action MMORPGs, today announces the launch of the highly anticipated Elsword: Season 2 Update. Only 2 weeks into December…players can already experience some MASSIVE updates to the game throughout the winter season and beyond! See below for the full scoop on Elsword: Season 2!

Elsword and Rena… a Renavation…

From the visual appearance of Elsword or Rena as they appear onscreen, to completely revamping their attack animations, balance and feel….a change has occurred. Changes improve controls and the overall player experience when using these two characters, and so much more.

Exclusive, New English Voices – As Season 2 rolls out, Elsword players will notice one major difference: Elsword and Rena have a whole lot to say… in English! The world renowned Cristina Vee (Bleach, Sword Art Online) and Nicolas Roye (Naruto, Digimon) lend their amazing voices to immerse players and allow them to truly play their Manga, and this is only the beginning. The entire cast of Elsword, NPCs too, are auditioning for their new roles! (hint: stay tuned!)

Skill trees have been streamlined – Apart from the UI changes presented in the new Skill Tree, skills you can learn are now sorted into the respective skills’ level requirement. Players can now choose from two Traits for each active skill. These Traits enhance and refine skills to cater to a player’s individual play style

Skill Designs and Rebalance – Players will notice that some of their old skills now look absolutely brilliant. Rena’s arrows, volleys and new skills look epic, and Elsword’s attack animations, combos and explosive new casts are gigantic and brilliant. Every improvement made, with the logic in mind, of bringing the lesser used Characters and Jobs up to par with those that seem more powerful. Play who you want vs who you think you should!

Attack/Command Skill Update – The attack commands have been updated to offer a whole new play style. Some of the tired, less used attack combos have been updated to offer players a whole new element of play, and the UI has been updated to make these combo elements easier to access.

The all new Elsword and Rena only Tournament! – So, Elsword and Rena are being Reborn in true Season 2 fashion so let’s test every refinement with a smidge of hardcore PvP… Tournament style! This Friday, some of the biggest names in Elsword PvP will face off! 32 teams of 2 will throw blows using only one Rena and one Elsword per team. The final matches will be Livestreamed on Saturday here:

Elsword Season 2 Giveaway! – All players who login and play as Elsword or Rena for at least 2 hours during the following Event period (12/16 to 12/31) will be entered into the sweepstakes. 93 winners will be chosen to win cool IRL Elsword swag: mousepads, tote bags, lanyards, Notepads and more. Including the K-Ching giveaway, there will be 2,315 winners total!

Freebies – When you log into the game as Elsword or Rena, just wait 10 minutes and you’ll be given a free cube gift that keeps on giving as you level up! Loots are given out every 10 levels

Fa la la la……. Elsword Holiday Events

Elsword has tons of activities all with amazing rewards this holiday season. Players can go on quest or stand around town hanging out with your friends and you’ll be able to get rewards! You can earn snowflakes that’ll give players different items, an accessory, or a costume when exchanged with the NPC Ariel. And, on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, players can get presents that contain the highly sought after Ice Burners and Fossil Readers!

Play Elsword. Play Your Manga. Play for Free.
Community Announcements - GM Crow
Hiya Elpeeps! Tomorrow is the day we officially release Elsword Season 2! We’re starting with the new Elsword and Rena revamps. We’ve also got tons of in-game activities to fill your holiday schedules to the brim. You’ll never run out of things to do!

Elsword and Rena Revamped Characters

We’re starting off the season with all new Elsword and Rena. There were changes made to improve controls and overall user experience when using these two characters. Here’s what you need to know:
• Skill trees have been streamlined. Apart from UI changes noticeable in the new Skill Tree, skills you can learn are now sorted into the skills’ level requirement. Players can now choose between two traits for each active skills. You won’t be able to reset these traits with the Tome of Amnesia so choose carefully.
• Updated commands. The command window will now list the commands for each actions and any added effects will show when you mouse over the command.
• More Improvements. You’ll notice that Elsword and Rena have Brand New Character Artworks and new voices to complete the experience of being reborn. There’s also an enhanced skill learning method, new skill designs and over-all game balance changes.
• Freebies! When you log-in in the game as Elsword or Rena, just wait 10 minutes and you’ll be given a free reward cube that keeps giving awesome swag as you rise up every 10 levels.

Elsword Holiday Events

We’ve got tons of activities all with amazing rewards this holiday season. You can do quests! Or you can just stand around town hanging out with your friends and you’ll still be able to get rewards! You can get snowflakes that’ll give you different items, an accessory, or a costume when exchanged with Ariel. And on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, you can get presents that contain Ice Burners and Fossil Readers. Watch out for details soon!

Reminder: Holiday Sale!

We have the Gold Angel’s Will Package containing 10 AIO Burners and 1 Golden Feather which you can use to exchange to Ariel’s for Angelic Armor Accessories. Ariel’s Merry Makers will become available around Christmas weekend and will feature Elsword~Add AIO Ice Burners, Luciel AIO Ice Burners, and Classic Ice Burners with Millennium Fox Shrine Priest and Maiden. Also, starting tomorrow all regular priced items at the Item Mall are 25% Off! We’re really spreading the holiday cheer.


New items are arriving tomorrow! You’ll definitely be the hottest kid on the block with the Lord Inferno Mount.

Elesis, Add, Lu, and Ciel get their own version of the Classy Christmas Party Costumes

And if you’re feeling really lucky this Holiday Season Ariel’s Bingo Event is back!

See y’all in-game!
Community Announcements - GM Crow
Hi-ya, Elpeeps! This week, our Prelude to Elsword Season 2 continues, and new run-up events are going live in-game tomorrow. Reward Alert: Find out how to get an instant Chibi Mini-Me accessory for your character!

Prelude to Elsword Season 2: El Search Party Reborn
Here’s the rundown of cool swag you can get starting December 9th (PST):
• Receive the free Chibi Mini-Me accessory just 10 minutes into your first login after midnight tonight. This is given out once per account. Just be sure to login with the character you want to be receiving it!
• Look out for Ariel’s quests through which you can earn an EXP Boost Medal for the day, Luriel’s Complete Recovery Potions, Luriel’s VIP Service Membership, and the key to a goody box arriving soon along with the launch of Season 2.
• Skill Reset and Additional Skill Point Items in Ariel’s Store. You can acquire the El Revitalization Drink, El Revitalization Tablet, and Gnosis Blessing using just your ED stash!

Reminder: Free Level Boost. If you missed last weekend’s chance to jump up to Lv. 70, it’s not too late. Read up here and be sure to catch it this weekend. You can still play for that Growth Fruit, too, as well as take advantage of the Fever event!

Item Mall Goodies

New goodies arrive tomorrow to help you spice things up for the holidays. Try these super charming bunny sets!

And then, look for the matching skill cut-ins. Warning: prepare to be entranced.

Finally, nothing says you’re in love quite like these heart eyes.

Which character do you think looks best in these? See you all in-game!

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