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Community Announcements - CO Cuddles
Hi, Elpeeps! Do you know what’s coming up for your favorite bow-wielding ranger next week? Hint: it’s a new means for her to deal incredible damage by pulling in nature’s influence with her basic attacks and skills. Her abilities are about to get that much more impressive even as she’s just starting out in the Elrios adventure.

Meanwhile, now that everyone’s caught up with Add, your Rena must want some attention, too. So as the anticipation builds for July 30th, celebrate the enthralling elf and join the run-up events starting tomorrow!

Item Mall Goodies
Bring the summer feel into your costume collection with the new Beach Cruise outfits!

What’s more, Ara may now wear the Grace Fairy ensemble from exclusive Ice Burners! Don’t forget to check these out at the Item Mall after midnight!

Community Announcements - CO Cuddles
Meet Eltrion, the guardian and protector of the City of the Sky. If you are feeling that the toughest bosses in Elsword are no match for you then prepare for a rude awakening. Eltrion is and will be your toughest opponent in-game. You have 12 minutes to defeat him or you lose!

How Do I Fight Eltrion?
In order to fight the raid boss you must enter the Gate of Time. This only is open after collectively a certain number of monsters in the fields of Hamel or Sander are defeated. Each Raid Dungeon accommodates a max of 12 people. Of course many rooms will be available to accommodate more players who dare to enter. Flaking out of the dungeon is not the best idea if you decide it’s too much for you… you won’t be able to get back into the Raid Boss Dungeon for 20 min.

Eltrion loves to spam his lazorz. But if you time yourself correctly and learn to predict his moves, you can avoid dying a lot less! He covers a lot of ground so just be prepared to do quite a bit of dodging and make sure to stock up on res stones. You will need them.

Rewards for Defeating Eltrion
Eltrion the Iron Guardian’s Core is a rare find but if you do receive it is a +9 Iron Guardian’s weapon for your character. If you contributed enough damage to the boss you can receive a cube to open up some awesome finds including a +9 Amulet! GASP!

ItemMall Goodies

New animal Cosplay Costumes for Ara, Elesis and Add! Add is not amused…

Community Announcements - CO Cuddles
Hi-ya, Elpeeps! Hope you had an electrifying 4th of July weekend, and much success with Add’s 1st Job Change. Keep training to master your Nasod Armor combos, and Psychic Tracer supremacy will be yours in no time!

This week, we’re just as thrilled to be releasing new costume sets not only for Add, but also for the lovely Elesis and Ara. Welcome the season in these new Summer Star Academy Uniforms!

What’s more, Ara’s Ice Burner returns with a different featured outfit, the Velder Imperial Guard set! This special IB will be available for only two weeks, so let the collecting begin!

Log on to Elsword Online and check out these Item Mall goodies later starting midnight!
Community Announcements - CO Cuddles
Add’s maniacal obsession with Nasod technology has driven him to further his research to the point of absolute brilliance. He succeeds in assembling a Nasod Armor prototype that seamlessly conforms to the wearer’s physique. Though weaponization of his armor is inconsistent, conclusion of a successful test allows Add to engage his enemies on a level never seen before... With nothing more than his mind, Add commands the newfound Nasod Armor to obey every thought, even defying the laws of physics.

With the maddening realization of how close he is to unlocking the secret of the Nasod design weighing heavy upon his mind, Add’s curiosity grows, and he’s inspired to continue towards his path of complete mastery over Nasod Technology.

At level 15, players can choose either to complete the in-game quest or purchase the 1st Job Change Item from the shop to unlock Add’s 1st Job change, Psychic Tracer. As Psychic Tracer, Add’s attack logic becomes extremely aggressive utilizing the Nasod Armor to extend combinations and unleash electrifying effects to dish out direct damage that is rivaled by none other. If combos aren’t preferred, players can use spells like Pulse Cannon, Quake Buster, Dynamo Configuration - Desolver, Conqueror and many more to obliterate your opponents from a distance.

The Psychic Tracer’s invention, the sophisticated Nasod Armor can be activated while Dynamo Configuration Mode (DP mode) is on. To use this feature, learn the passive skill called Nasod Armor Mode - Battle Gear. This enables Add to extend his combos with the Nasod Armor commands and skills. It also decreases DP use and enhances Nasod Armor command damage while DP mode is in effect.

As Psychic Tracer, the best defense is an unforgiving, relentless offense. Take Add to the next level. Play Elsword. Play your Manga.
Community Announcements - CO Cuddles
After 1 week of Add’s release we are updating with his anticipated 1st Job Class Path—The Psychic Tracer! (1 week can feel like an eternity, but wipe those tears of anguish because now you’ll be able to advance).

The Story

Add takes it to the next level with his Nasod Dynamos through his research. He becomes successful in assembling a Nasod Armor prototype that conforms to the wearer’s physique. Although there are a few kinks that Add needs to work out, he concludes it as a success and continues on his path to improve his Nasod Armors.

Specialties and Features

Now we can see where the DP Mode System really shines. Psychic Tracer focuses on the usage of his Nasod Armors and in this particular class path he relies heavily on his Dynamo Configuration Mode (DP Mode). While in this mode players can activate a combo extension and enhance certain skills. It also decreases DP usage and enhances Nasod Armor command damage while DP mode is in effect.

Moreover, Psychic Tracer’s play style is highly based on beatdowns packed with punches and kicks. Some of his skills include homing attacks as well.

Item Mall Goodies

And a few shop goodies to tease for tomorrow’s update! Look the part of a researcher in the new Add Scientist Costume and conjure up the powers of fire and darkness with the new Fire and Dark Hameling!

Community Announcements - CO Cuddles
Add is the newest ADDition to the Elsword Character lineup! And quite the character indeed… As the Twisted Tracer Add his an odd and eccentric personality. Alright he’s just downright kooky!

The Story
Add has had a very troubled past. During the war, his family was caught performing forbidden research attempting to create a humanoid Nasod. As a result they were annihilated and Add was sold into slavery. During his escape he fell into an Ancient Library which contained texts containing vast knowledge on the Nasod race. Spending much of his time reading these texts he eventually makes his escape by creating the Nasod Dynamos from spare parts of Nasods.

But isolation can take its toll and as a result Add became mentally unstable and he develops an obsession for finding Nasod Codes. Add soon discovers that the library’s time distortion had sent him far into the future when the Nasod race had already fallen. He soon learns that a sentient Nasod still exists… Eve… and he begins to stalk her waiting for the right moment.

Specialties and Weapons
The core concept of Add’s character is that he takes on the persona or a mad scientist/mechanic and as the builder of the Nasod Dynamos. Dynamos help Add with his movement enabling him to float and cruise all while assisting his ability to channel electrical currents.

Add’s movement and combo system is extremely fluid and transitioning from close to long ranged attacks is a snap. Many of his attacks are homing so aiming is not necessary.

Add always looks like he’s having some much fun killing stuff…

We often say that Elsword characters can perform endless combos… but Add really takes the cake on this one. His ZZZZ ^X combo resets the knockdown counter on his opponents. It’s not full proof of course but darn near. There is so much you can do with his base class alone.

Dynamo Point Awakening System
The one thing that truly sets Add apart from all of the other characters of Elsword is his Dynamo Point System. Add is able to go in out of his awakening mode as much as he pleases as long as his DP gauge is sufficient. Of course DP has a cooldown of 5 seconds. When in DP mode, you immediately harm surrounding targets, and you earn a bead in the DP counter. These beads are used to boost certain skills in DP mode.

Damage is increased by 20% in DP Mode. Awakening potions and Party Fever will increase DP but will not force you into Awakening Mode.

DP mode is more visible in combos when Add advances to other classes and will give him an extra combo extension. (We’ll cover that when the time comes).

Item Mall Goodies
Style up Add with the new El Officer Ice Burner and Holy Unicorn Set coming in tomorrow’s patch!

Community Announcements - CO Cuddles
Do you know the Elgang is being followed?! A new character, a pale young man, is hot on their trail. He is known to be carrying Nasod weaponry, and he seems dangerously unstable. Who is he? Where did he come from? And isn’t it extremely suspicious that he’s stalking a group of adventurers allied with a Nasod? This person will be unlocked next week, and you will get to take on the adventure through Elrios the way he sees it—with a dark, twisted mind. Get ready to add to the Elsword experience!

Create your Tracer character early!
Starting tomorrow, participate in a special challenge that lets you create the upcoming character ahead of time. Get the name you want for the Tracer before he’s playable! Also, check with Ariel about crafting a costume!

Contest Alert
Speaking of costumes, the prestigious contest for hip, creative Elpeeps is about to begin. You could win up to 10,000 K-Ching and even get your character dressed exactly as you like! Watch out for announcements tomorrow!

Item Mall Goodies
Got a taste for the finer things? Then this costume is for you! You might even pair it with the equally stunning El Lord armband the way Lord Elsword and Lady Rena have here. Check these out after midnight!

Community Announcements - CO Cuddles
The Ultimate Power - New Hyperactive Skills!

This week we bring you a highly anticipated content update! Hyperactive skills! What are Hyperactives? They are the ultimate skill that you can unlock for you character.

How to Obtain Hyperactive Skills
You must have a level 65 character in-game in order to use the skill. You can visit Glave to begin your quest to earn the skills or you can choose to skip the quest and grab it from the ItemMall.

How to Use Hyperactive Skills
Each job class on Elsword has a unique Hyperactive skill. In order to utilize Hyperactives you will need El’s Essence. This can be obtained by opening identified El Shards. Each time you activate your Hyperactive skills you consume 1 El’s Essence.

Not only are they super flashy, they are super destructive! Easily wipe out mobs and do a high amount of damage against Bosses. The cooldown period for Hyperactive skills is 180 seconds but the wait is worth it.

ItemMall Goodies

New costumes for the ItemMall! World Cup Soccer Costumes and Elesis is Battle Ready in her new Nasod Battle Suit.

Community Announcements - CO Cuddles
Of course after every Ice Burner is released every Elpeep wants to know what the next one is going to be! As you know we currently have the Ara Nasod Battle Suit and Dragon Knight Set. Today (6/2) is the last day to grab them from the ItemMall before they are gone!! Gasp! Hold your ponies!!

Check out the whimsical Holy Unicorn Ice Burner Set. 4 pieces will be available tomorrow in Ice Burners!

The month of June is known for wedding bells! Ara and Elesis get updated with the Wedding Costume Set! These blushing battle brides look fabulous. Do you think these ladies would be total bridezillas during their wedding? <3

Product Release - Valve
El Starter Pack 2.0 and El Adventurer Pack 2.0, all new content for Elsword is Now Available on Steam!

For a fun start on your Elsword adventures, the El Starter Pack has the basics covered! Elsword Online’s El Starter Pack contains 3x Ice Burners, 1x EXP Boost Medal (50%, 7days), and 1x Black Star Hena Accessory. Get $15 value for less with this special Steam pack!

Or discover more of Elsword with the bigger bundle of in-game items! With the El Adventurer Pack, nothing can hold you back. Contains 5x Ice Burners, 1x 1 Spring Star Academy Costume Full Set, 1x Uniel Pet, 1x Fetch Aura, 1x Gnosis Blessing (30SP, 15 days), and 1x EXP Boost Medal (50%, 7 days).


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