Community Announcements - GM Crow
The last days of September are upon us. Make the most of this time in Elsword and earn sweet rewards.

It's simple, really—just sign up and play!

Learn all about September's Super Swag event! Don't miss out before September ends on these easy prizes!

Community Announcements - GM Crow

Hi-ya, Elpeeps! New improvements are patched in for Henir’s Time & Space! The highlight, of course, is the addition of Lanox monsters and stages. It wouldn’t be the ultimate challenge at this point if it goes on without the likes of Ifritan, Demon General Scar, Steel Anvil Sdeing, and Traitor Ignia, would it?

Along with this, a new title called Conqueror of Dimensions can be earned as well. It involves arriving at the Lanox resting area in HT&S, no less than 500 times in Challenger mode. Think you got what it takes? Challenge yourself even further by acquiring it in the shortest time possible! Find these and more tweaks, as well as special in-game events now!

Item Mall Goodies

Luciel is back in the spotlight with exclusive Ice Burners featuring their Salvatore Solace outfits.

Meanwhile, the new costume sale will be featuring Hanbok outfits. This one is for the fans of Korean historical dramas that are becoming widely popular. You can play one out in Elrios!

In the summons department, a gigantic guardian gets a miniature version. Meet your next new pet—Eltrion Jr.

Last but not the least, we’re introducing a new customization—change where or how your character sits! Start with the new sit motion item called Tree Stump of Memories.

Community Announcements - GM Crow
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Fire Needs Taming – Enter the Final Dungeons of Lanox!

Hi-ya, Elpeeps! The epic conclusion to your red-hot adventure in Lanox is about to unfold. The final dungeons and fields on the map of this land of fury arrive tomorrow. If you’re wondering what has happened to Ignia after deceiving all of the El explorers the way she did, well, you may face her again in one of the upcoming dungeons. You’ll really need to teach her a lesson one more time. How about freeing the kidnapped priestess once and for all?


Collapsing Temple of Fire
Ignia has deceived the El Search Party, and now they are after her. But first, the adventurers must make it through the Temple of Fire quickly before it collapses. How much of a challenge would that be when a beast like Ifritan stands in your way?

Grand Cavern: Chasm of the Divided Land
Ignia’s trickery pales in comparison to the terrifying tactics of the ultimate villain waiting at the end. Why, it’s only the Demon General Scar. We’ve only been hunting him down since Elesis and Elsword were attacked soon after they were reunited. There’s a time and place to stop the dawn of evil in its tracks, and this is it! Don’t hold back.

New Fields
Minor change of scenery from the dungeon fray, but be warned, it’s still scorching hot everywhere. Volcanic Blade Canyon and Distant Ruins open up to satisfy your field hunting instincts. Don’t forget to complete the event quests for maximum swag!

Collect Pesop’s Emotions and Win 300 K-Ching
We’ve posted advanced notice about this special event. It starts tomorrow, and it’s very important that you play every day for the next 2 weeks so as not to miss out on the materials you need. Remember: Play. Every. Day.

Item Mall Goodies

Fancy a mad king? Add’s exclusive Ice Burner will feature the Royal Blood set for a limited time.

Meanwhile, Lu and Ciel are getting upbeat uniforms. Check out their Fantasy Star Academy costumes.

Also, be on the lookout for Luriel’s special gift box featuring the unique accessory El Lord Exodus.

See all these in-game after the patch tomorrow!

Community Announcements - GM Crow
Hi-ya, Elpeeps! We are just a week away from the final dungeons of Lanox, and of course the supportive Pesop is already researching something to help you on your journey. In case you were wondering, it’s not invisible this time! First, a quick question: How badly do you want to start wearing a paper bag over your head just like Pesop?

This week, you get a chance to wear that paper bag, too, like a tribute to the amiable alchemist. All you have to do is play 10 minutes or more each day for at least 5 days from tomorrow until next Tuesday. This way you’ll earn enough Pesop’s Research Material to make the exchange through Ariel. That’s easy, right? Now on to the next investigation—what to wear with it? Have fun!

Item Mall Goodies

Incoming tomorrow: Aren’t Luciel and the Goth Loli costumes a perfect combo? You be the judge.

Limited Sale Alert! How about playing for the Miracle Alchemist costumes for less? Check out the limited edition Mini Ice Burner at just one-third the price of the regular IB! Mini Fossil Readers will be available, too.

See all these in-game tomorrow!
Community Announcements - GM Crow
Ahoy! How many of you El Peeps are in a guild? If you are then I hope you feel my jealously have confetti cannons ready because it’s time to say out with the old and in with the new! With this patch, guilds will have access to all sorts of co-op quests and their own secret base! As for those of us without a guild, let’s try our best to find one!

The Guild Base

Inside the guild base you’ll find a guild storage as well as Myu and Edan. Players who aren’t in your guild will not be able to enter your base so it’s a perfect spot to carry out top secret meetings! Share items with fellow guild members using the guild storage and provide benefits to your guildies through Myu’s service!

Item Mall Goodies

Jet set and take off on a high speed Jet Ski. This product of Hamel unleashes wicked waves along with fish torpedoes and sharks! How does the Jet Ski function on land you ask? The same way Veteran Commander uses Ignition Crow underwater.

The irony of a hitman becoming an officer! Ciel will make sure criminals have the right to remain silent. Lu on the other hand has a big claw… feel free to laugh. As I was saying! Lu on the other hand looks adorable and really commands that official look.

Ara, Add, and Elesis will be getting a new set of summer swimsuits tomorrow. Climate is often times an overlooked enemy of Elrios, but these outfits were designed to combat the summer heat!

Community Announcements - Kumiho
Reign Supreme With Noblesse & Dreadlord; The Ultimate Dual Character

Luciel’s second job, Noblesse and Dreadlord is now online and Live.

The dangerous duo have challenged the demon throne usurpers with their own brand of demonic magic, explosive close-quarter melee and unrelenting combos!
Lu’s second job class, Noblesse, will see her use her new powers to take full control over souls and shadow to make them fight for her, and with this, Lu changes up her basic combat roll from close quarter powerhouse to a mid-range team player. Lu has grown in power under Ciel's loyal support, and with newfound immense power, her presence on the battlefield is unparalleled.
After receiving substantial assistance from Ciel, Lu finally regains enough power to pose a huge threat to those who’ve usurped her throne. With her former abilities restored, Lu can summon and control demonic spirits with ease, and unleash her own personal hell upon the netherworld. Using her renewed influence and strength, Lu will punish those who betrayed her and strip them of their ill-gotten power.

As Dreadlord, Ciel specializes more on big unyielding combo attacks. With a new salvo of melee and demonic weapons in hand, Ciel is capable of firing heavy projectiles at distance and then closing the distance for some in-your-face brutality. If Ciel’s new hybrid weapon repertoire wasn’t enough, his ability to extract the ever-living souls from his enemies to help strengthen his skills is just ... dreadful!

The wretched atrocities brought about by the demon invasion seem endless, and the day when Lu will retake her throne couldn’t feel any further from reality, Ciel, who has now overcome human limitations with the power of demons, focuses all his efforts on supporting Lu so that she may re-take her throne at all costs. With this, it is no accident that Ciel has grown into a very potent guardian and unrelenting combatant.

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Community Announcements - GM Crow
Ahoy El Peeps!

If you had to choose between wealth and power, which would you pick? It’s tough for me to guess what each and every one of you would respond with, but I get the feeling I’d know what Lu would say…

“Why choose between them when your majesty can have both?” –Lu

Noblesse or Dreadlord?


Control both souls and shadows to annihilate enemies with just a lift of a finger. Close combat is far beneath Noblesse who is capable of condemning enemies with her spectral spears from afar. Work in conjunction with the sharpshooter Royal Guard as enemies fall without knowing what hit them.

This is the path that awaits players who have advanced as Royal Guard.


Play psychological warfare with attacks the human eye cannot keep up with. Dreadlord is a force of terror that uses the fear in his enemies against them. Work in conjunction with the monarch of terror Chiliarch and watch as enemies fall with a face frozen in fear.

This is the path that awaits players who have advanced as Chiliarch.

Item Mall Goodies

For this week we can satisfy those who enjoy going outdoors to the beach and those who prefer to stay indoors to work with chemicals!

Lu looking cute as ever in her swimsuit while Ciel looks like he’d be a sensation with the ladies. Only available for Luciel!

Harness the power of creation with the new Miracle Alchemist Ice burner set! With an outfit perfect for adventuring and accessories that overflow with power Lu and Ciel really shine.

Lu really shows that a dorky cute is just plain adorable and Ciel’s inner dork reflects perfectly!

I look forward to seeing all you El Peeps in-game tomorrow with all these cool updates. Noblesse your souls! Ciao!
Community Announcements - GM Crow
Heya Adventurers! Did I ever mention how glad I am that you guys are here? Thanks to you I feel like we’re really close to finding the culprit behind all this chaos in Lanox! Tomorrow we’ll be seeing two new dungeons and a level cap increase to 80! Rest up because we’ve got a long road ahead of us.

Hm… What was that? You want to know what happened to who? GM Crow Oh..! They…have their hands tied... Not to worry though because I’m here!

The Story…
I was right about the priestesses being kept in the Ash Covered Village but it appears as though the Blacksmiths had been under some sort of spell. It’s clear that not everything is as it seems and that the true culprit is able entrance others… Maybe the residents of the Phantasmal Geyser are behind all this? We should go teach them a lesson!


Phantasmal Geyser

You won’t see a lot of footing here, but Steel will be there to make teleporters which should help you cross those rushing currents. If you run into Sirena and she gives you trouble just know that her beauty doesn’t compare to mine!

Volcanic Flame Entrance

Don’t you worry El Search Party! This dungeon may look scary, but I’ll be there to guarantee you make it to the end safe and sound! What awaits us at the end I wonder… heh.

How am I able to guide you through the Volcanic Flame Entrance you ask? I’ve been there of cour- Errrrrr… Oh look over there! Super cool and cute item mall costumes!

Item Mall Goodies

New Ice Burner costumes for Lu and Ciel! Ciel looks pretty cool in his Archdevil set, don’tcha think? Certainly a hitman of the underworld!

Hmm… A demon monarch dressed as an Archangel. As if that would fool anyone! In addition to these, Lu and Ciel will also be getting new item mall costumes!

A new pet will be available tomorrow, but pay attention to the warning label she comes with. As your trustworthy Fire Priestess I’ll read it for you: “Caution, do not make eye contact!” If that’s not convincing enough then maybe her name Medusa might mean something! Clearly cute looks can kill.

And that’s that! If GM Crow was able to entrust this week’s news to me then I’m sure you adventurers can trust me with your lives! Let’s put an end to the culprit and save Lanox. See you all in-game tomorrow

and may it be the last time anyone hears from you again.
Community Announcements - GM Crow
Hi-ya, Elpeeps! Tomorrow’s Item Mall update in Elsword brings you a fresh wave of awesome style choices for your summer adventures. Let’s dive right in!

ELS Beach Wear 2.0
This new collection of swimsuits sure is sizzling hot, and you can even take your pick between versions with or without the extra covering, like Rena’s slightly see-through top and Elboy’s light sweater casually tied over his shoulders. See what works best for your character!

Gold Dragon Accessories
Temperatures may be hitting record highs this season, but you can downright scorch things up cosplaying as a part-dragon! Dragon wings and horns sure have that lasting and daring appeal that rarely ever goes ignored.

New Custom Item: Black Eyes
Captivate onlookers with a new pair of eyes as dark as night. Check the Customize tab and try it on all of your characters tomorrow!

See y’all in-game!
Community Announcements - GM Crow
Ahoy El Peeps!

It’s time for our deadly duo to receive their 1st job paths! Starting today the road will be split and it will be up to you to choose your path. Will you sentence those who rise against you to death as Royal Guard? Or will you terrorize enemies into oblivion as Chiliarch?

The story so far…

With each passing day Lu and Ciel have faced countless battles and adversaries in their quest to reclaim Lu’s throne. Through their travels the bond between them strengthens to great heights which awakens a terrifying power.



As Chiliarch, Lu gains the power to instill fear into opponents she strikes. Terror in the hearts of enemies decreases their attack and allows Lu to deal bonus damage by using certain skills against her victims. Chiliarch is also capable of summoning demons from another realm to instantly annihilate enemies or fight along her side. With the power to agonize enemies with fear or kill them without mercy, Chiliarch is a true spawn of horror.

Royal Guard

As Royal Guard, Ciel gains the power to support from afar using a cross firearm called Marbas. Upon entering Snipe Mode, Royal Guard can fire charged blasts or spray down enemies by using Marbas as a Gatling Gun. He is able to absorb the souls of fallen enemies to power up his trigger skills and obliterate everything within his line of fire. With a steady aim and versatile weapon, Royal Guard is an ace sniper.

Item Mall Goodies

Gear up your Luciel and prepare to take on enemies with a Nasod Battle Suit. Tap into the power of the Nasods through this hi-tech Ice Burner set.


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