Elsword - GM Srirachalada

Heya adventurers! We’ve got another grand birthday coming up! We just love celebrating all of the El Search Party’s birthday but then again, who doesn’t like celebrating birthdays? As for which El Search guy or gal is turning a year older, you’ll just have to keep your eyes peeled for the announcement and prepare for TONS of awesome fun in the coming days! Don’t forget to check out the Item Mall because we’ll have awesome customizations for Luciel and Rose and new IB sets for Ain!

Item Mall Goodies

Let Ain be the sunshine on someone’s day or choose to cast a gloomy shadow over them with Salvatore Solace and Shadow Incubus Ice Burners. Catch them both tomorrow!

Don’t just stand there like a petrified log, make subtle (and sometimes not really subtle) movements to convey your mood! Checkout the poses and choose the perfect idle motion for Luciel and Rose tomorrow!

Luciel’s high impact skills not dynamic enough for you? We’ve got just thing to add that extra ‘kapow’ into your demonic duo battles! Check out all new Skill Cut-Ins for Chiliarch & Dreadlord, Royal Guard & Noblesse, and Diabla & Demonio tomorrow!

That’s all for now folks~

See y’all in-game!
Elsword - GM Srirachalada

Heya adventurers! I have exciting news for you all and it’s something that you’ve all been waiting for since the release of the Magic Wardrobe. You probably have a bit of an idea now but I’ll just go ahead and say it: The Magic Wardrobe’s most awaited function is finally here! You now have the ability to add your Ice Burner sets inside the Magic Wardrobe! It’s totally ok to do some low-key spazzing today and then just go all out tomorrow when it comes out. Plus, we also have a few surprise accessory additions in the Magic Wardrobe so don’t forget to check that out as well!

Is it me or is there a very sinister feeling in the air? It could be nothing, I could just be paranoid… or it could be something big! It could be our newest one-player dungeon that’s so epic it sends out its massive sinister energy from a dimensional rift! But don’t fret, it IS a dungeon filled with sinister intent but it doesn’t mean you can’t conquer it. Watch out for the Dimension of Sinister Intent tomorrow and try it out for yourself! And as always, don’t forget to check out the Item Mall to have a look at our awesome new stuff!

Dimension of Sinister Intent Event
Get ready to take on the Epic NPCs in your journey to all 30 stages of this epic dungeon!
  • Logging in for 10 minutes will give you a sweet Pane’s Assistance title that will boost the majority of your stats inside every dungeon!
  • You can also get 5 Sinister Intent Ticket when you log-in for 5 minutes, and receive 5 more when you stay logged in for a total of 10 minutes! That way you can run all 30 stages non-stop! Just don’t forget to eat!
  • Characters level 1 – 39 will get to enjoy Double EXP for the duration of the event! This way, they can get to level 40 faster and finally try out the dungeon!
  • Players level 40 – 99 will earn an extra Sinister Intent Ticket by clearing the dungeon daily!
  • Continue clearing the dungeon stages to get really awesome rewards like the complete Dimension Master’s Accessory Cube (15 Days) set rewarded when you clear at least 3 stages of dungeon; 5 [Cobo] Blessed Time & Space Scrolls when you clear 9 stages; and clearing 15 stages will reward players with a [Cobo] Sage’s Cube containing Sage’s Magic Stones and Philosopher’s Scrolls.

Item Mall Goodies

If it’s an outfit perfect for the apocalypse you’re looking for, then look no further because we have just the thing for you! Make your dystopic fantasies comes to life with the Combat Class Costume set! Coming in two lovely colors tomorrow!

That’s all for now folks!

See y’all in game~
Elsword - GM Srirachalada

Heya adventurers! How goes the treasure hunt? Have you been aggressively opening those treasure chests? You should because the exchange rewards are awesome! I don’t know about you but walking around and battling as a stick figure with my makeshift cardboard weapon seems totally perfect to me! And don’t forget, if you want to keep going back in order to destroy more of those treasure chests for more coins, all you have to do is log-in everyday for 10 minutes to get 3 [Cobo] Magical Treasure Maps on the weekdays and 5 on the weekends! This week, prepare to take off and make a landing at the Item Mall because we have something that’s out of this world for you!

Item Mall Goodies

Earth-lover by day and master of disguise by night, Ain gets two new Ice Burners with Salvatore Gaia and Evil Tracer 1. Get one or both Ice Burner sets and collect the pieces tomorrow!

Journey to the ends of Elrios and even beyond (we just mean Elysion), in an awesome new, space-y ride! Get your Space Moon Rabbit Mount and complete your Space Moon Rabbit set tomorrow!

Become a shining beacon to all. Literally! Or stun your enemies with your blinding good looks! Get the accessory set Lumin & Nox tomorrow!

That’s all for now folks~

See y’all in game!
Elsword - GM Srirachalada

Heya adventurers! What’s cookin’? How was your Memorial Day Weekend? We had tons of fun during the Fever event and I even managed to score some of the items on sale (hello empty wallet!) that became available during the long weekend. We’re pretty sure you enjoyed it as much as we did! But don’t worry, the fun doesn’t stop there! We’ve got a new event dungeon coming in tomorrow and let’s just say it’s going to be booty-ful, so don’t forget to watch out for it! And we’ve also got more fun stuff for y’all at the Item Mall! If you want to look cool in the latest fashion, accessories, and customization, you know where to go!

Treasure Hunter Dungeon Event
It’s chest opening season in Elrios and in this fun, new dungeon the only way to win (other than to beat enemies up) is to open all the chests you see! Gather points for opening different chests and get ready for awesome rewards!
  • How are you going to open the chests when you can’t get in the dungeon? Turn your frown upside down because we’re giving away [Cobo] Magical Treasure Maps on the weekdays and weekends (you’ll get more on the weekends!) and all you have to do is to login!
  • Every time you destroy those treasure chests, you can get a Hidden Emergency Food that recovers 50% of HP & MP or a Mysterious Potion that recovers 100% HP & MP! Totally awesome!

Item Mall Goodies

Show off raw, almost unlimited, power that’s over 9000 with these special Awakening Effects! Watch Dancing Flames or Retro effects scare off the living daylights off your foes. Check it out tomorrow!

Defend the seas or infiltrate enemy lines by disguising as one of them, Ain’s two new Ice Burners will help pave the way to victory! Get the Hamel Navy Officer or the Evil Tracer 2 and start collect the pieces tomorrow!

That’s all for now, folks~

See y’all in-game!

*Edit: We updated the images of Ain’s Hamel Navy and Evil Tracer 2 sets. We apologize for any confusion.
Elsword - GM Srirachalada

Heya adventurers! How are y’all doing? Have you been logging in every day? Here’s a reminder to not miss a day of our Attendance Event because there are milestone days which will reward you with more items! Remember, the more milestone days accomplished, the greater the reward! And who doesn’t want rewards? Not you, I’m pretty sure. And we’ve also got an awesome item coming in tomorrow, don’t forget to try it out because it is out of this world!

Item Mall Goodies

Suit up and boldly go where no human in a rabbit space suit has gone before! The Space Moon Rabbit Package (includes Costume Suit + Accessories) comes out tomorrow!

That’s all for now folks~

See y’all in game!

Elsword - GM Srirachalada

Hey adventurers! We’ve got tons of new stuff coming in for you tomorrow. Better prepare right now so you don’t miss out on all of the fun things and rewards we’ve got lined up for you! But first, a few reminders: Today is your last day to qualify for the sweepstakes. Remember, playing Elsword, Aisha, and Rena for 1 hour gives you a chance to win swag and TONS of K-Ching! Today’s also the last day to claim your 600 Days Event rewards. Just log-in and claim it. Who doesn’t want rewards just for logging in? No one! And as always cool and amazing stuff will line the shelves of our beloved Item Mall tomorrow so the shopaholic in you can run wild!

PVP League Season 2
Tomorrow is the beginning of the new PVP Season! Will the past season’s champions still reign or will new players claim the throne? Don’t forget to read up on more info regarding the balancing of some characters’ skills. Watch out!

Achievement System
If you’re looking for some side activities to do, we’ve got the game update for you with the new Achievement System! Get rewards and achievement points when you complete the tasks!

Attendance Event
Consumables, pets, mounts, and more await when you log-in for 20 minutes every day for 2 weeks! You can also get more rewards when you complete the milestone days of 5, 10, 15, and 20 by logging in consecutively!

Item Mall Goodies

These Charming Maid/Servant Boxes will have the chance to yield two types of the cutest maid and butler costumes and accessories ever! Plus, get the chance to receive the matching maid and butler sit motion that’s sure to sweep you off your feet! Get it tomorrow!

You’ve got the power! Or at least the visuals to scare off your enemies until you actually do get the power. Don one or all three Awakening Effects for maximum fear-inducing capabilities when it comes out tomorrow!

That’s all for now folks~

See y’all in game!
Elsword - GM Srirachalada

Heya adventurers! How are you liking our anniversary events so far? Pretty epic, huh? A bunch of Ruchis told me that we still have a few players who have not joined yet! Well, if you’re still planning your masterpiece, don’t think too hard because this event and all its sweet, sweet rewards only lasts until next week! We also have a new PVP Mode for everyone to enjoy. It’s going to be super fun and exciting, so watch out for it and get ready to test it out! And as always, don’t forget to wander into in the Item Mall tomorrow to ogle at the new awesome stuff coming in!

PVP Winner’s Match
Take down your opponents in this fast-paced PVP mode! You and your random team mate as well as your opponent’s team must battle with each other until one team wins four times first! If this doesn’t get your adrenalin pumping, then nothing will!

Item Mall Goodies

Dance your way into people’s hearts with costumes and smooth moves inspired by award-winning Kpop group, B1A4. Show the people of Elrios what a Sweet Girl/Sweet Guy can do!

If cuteness can kill, then this extremely adorable Cat Sit-Motion can commit mass murder. Sit in a fluffy cat chair, surrounded by cats and you’re on cat heaven!

The Dark Chaser is your cool, new futuristic ride! Traverse distant paths and look extremely cool while doing so. Get it tomorrow!

Reminisce the good ol’ days with Rose as she sits down in a whimsical, forest-y Tree Stump of Memories. Add one more relaxing motion to Rose’s arsenal tomorrow!

Give Ain a new set eyes and turn his personality around! Give him Red Eyes for a bit of menacing flair, or Chic Eyes for that cold and stoic personality!

That’s all for now folks~

See y’all in game!
Elsword - GM Srirachalada

Irvine, Calif., May 2, 2017

The Elsword team has made it clear over the years that they go all out for their May 4th Anniversary events, and this year is no exception! Except this time, in addition to all of the amazing in-game events, drops and giveaways, Steam players get a VIP party of their very own! This 2-week, 3-part soiree has all the things: An in-game giveaway, an in-game, Steam-Only Black Friday styled sale and (2) new, limited time DLC package offerings.
Here are the details…

Event Date:
5/02/2017 – 5/16/2017 (2 weeks)

The Giveaway:
Every Steam player (yes ~ that means you) that logs into the game for 10 minutes will receive a notification that they’ve received an item. That item is a free Class Change Ticket Cube. This Cube offers players the ability to select (1) of the following class changes: 1st Job, 2nd Job or Transcendence Class.
Up to a $37 value, for free!

The Sale:
Steam players that log into Elsword, and access the in-game shop will notice a new tab across the top dubbed the “Steam” Tab. In this Tab, Steam players will have the ability to purchase the hot new Salvatore Rosso Ice Burner packages in 5+2, 10+4, or 20+10 bundles ~ don’t miss out!

2 New DLC Packs:
For $10.99, Steam players will have access to the following DLC Packs
Adventurer Starter Pack 1
Containing: 1 Skill Slot Change Medal, 1 Extended Quick Slot, and 1 Magic Necklace (II)
Adventurer Starter Pack 2
Containing: 1 Skill Slot Change Medal, 1 Magic Necklace (II), and 1 Ring of Skills (II) Cube

Again, these are Steam Exclusives in addition to the current 6th Anniversary events! From new character creation support, loot drops, giveaways and much more!
  • Buffs For All
  • Physical Attack, Magical Attack +600, 6MP per second (5/02 – 5/16)
  • 200% EXP (5/02 – 5/09 Except 5/04)
  • 300% EXP, 200% Drop Rate, Unlimited Stamina on 5/04
  • Double Rewards
  • Henir Time & Space, Secret Dungeons, Heroic Dungeons
  • Anniversary Party Potion (60% HP MP)

So, if you’re an Elsword Vet or if you haven’t yet had the chance to check out Elsword, now’s definitely the time.

Log-in, play Elsword and Play Your Manga!

Elsword - GM Srirachalada

Heya adventurers! We are here on a Monday with the GM Blog, meaning that the update this week must be tomorrow! So to help you prepare for this earlier update, we have a list of all the special Anniversary events and goodies going into the game. You read that right, Elsword will be celebrating its 6th Year Anniversary on May 4th! Along with these events, the Magic Wardrobe will be receiving its first update that will allow for even more costume sets to be available for registering. So be sure to keep an eye on our website for more details tomorrow. But for now, let’s dive right in and see what’s in store for you to help us celebrate Elsword’s Anniversary!

Elsword 6th Anniversary
Elsword is getting ready to celebrate its 6th year anniversary on May 4th, my how time flies!
  • 600 Days Login Event is finally available! Starting tomorrow, you can log into Elsword and claim your present for being such a loyal player. Those who have 600+ days of game time saved will be able to receive a FREE Royal Servant/Maid Ice Burner Set, while other presents will be available for the grabbing. And for those players who are close to qualifying for a specific package, do not fret! Last day to claim your prize will be on 5/16, so there is time to keep racking up the days!
  • Starting May 2nd and continuing through May 16th, all players will receive buffs that will grant you PHYSICAL ATTACK +600, MAGICAL ATTACK +600, and 6MP Per Second!
    Need more buffs? Then log in on May 4th to receive 300% EXP, 200% Drop Rate, and Unlimited Stamina!
  • But what if you can’t login on the 4th to receive those buffs? Don’t worry because all players will receive 200% EXP May 2nd through May 9th! Be sure to log in and take advantage!
  • Having trouble receiving the drops you need from Henir’s Time & Space, Heroic Dungeons, or even Secret Dungeons? Well, rewards will be DOUBLED when completing specific quests. Be sure to check out the website tomorrow for more details!
  • And to keep the party going well into the night, Ariel will have your endless supply of free 6th Anniversary Party Potions that will recover 60% HP and MP. So visit her tomorrow and stock up!

As if those previous events weren’t enough, we want to make sure you are looking stylish as you run around Elrios for our Anniversary, so get ready to receive our 6th Anniversary El’lywood Costume Cube!
  • All players who log in on May 4th will receive a FREE 6th Anniversary El’lywood Costume Cube which can be used on any character level 10 and up (limit to one cube per account).
  • If you miss out on this date, you’ll still be able to receive the 6th Anniversary El’lywood Costume Cube (15 Days) item so you can still look fabulous for this extravagant event. You’ll be able to snag yours until May 16th!
  • Also, ALL PLAYERS who log in during the event will receive a free 6th Anniversary El’lywood Red Carpet Custom Sit Cube as a final gift from us to you! Also if that sit motion isn’t flashy enough for you, talk to Ariel and she’ll be able to help you upgrade your sit motion into the El’lywood Red Carpet – Glitz and Glamor Sit Motion!

Item Mall Goodies

Lights, Camera, ACTION! Ah El’lywoood, where the stars come out to play! And why should your character be any different? 6th Anniversary El’lywood Costume Package come out tomorrow!

Lastly, Rose and Ain get to finally join the ranks of rest of the Elgang, in terms of Idol Status that is! Rose and Ain 2015 Idol Packages will be ready to pick up just in time for our Anniversary Celebration!

That’s all for now folks~

See y’all in game!
Elsword - GM Srirachalada

Heya adventurers! Get ready to stretch those gaming fingers and make sure that you’re very comfortable in your seats because we have tons of stuff coming in this week just for you! Fashionistas, say you want to wear something for the stats but it’s just not quite your style, what do you do? Why not wear that fashionable costume on top of that not-so-stylish but totally OP set? I see you shaking in excitement but hold on to your girdles for now because this update doesn’t come out until tomorrow! PVPers, this one’s for you. We’ve made some awesome improvements in Ereda Island that we want you to check out, so don’t forget to queue up and start a fight tomorrow! Also, if you’re planning to create a new character, tomorrow’s the perfect time to do so. Newly created characters will get awesome rewards when they reach Ruben to start their journey. And as always, there’s plenty of amazing stuff at the Item Mall that you wouldn’t want to pass up tomorrow so don’t forget to take a peek!

Magic Wardrobe
The new magic wardrobe is coming out and what it does is it overrides your current attire with one of the many available costumes from the Magic Closet. It definitely won’t transport you to Narnia but it’s a most-awaited solution to stop you from choosing form over function because fighting baddies when you don’t feel cute doesn’t feel right at all!

Ereda Revamp
Battle against another team to destroy a giant crystal and your foes’ hopes and dreams in an all-new Ereda island! Want to experience these improvements? Test it out tomorrow!
  • Get a Tenacious Warrior’s Accessory Cube (1 Day) every day during the event so you can trial the awesome accessories you can get from Ereda. From this cube, you will get 8 accessories plus 1 Tenacious Warrior’s Chronicle that’s unique to each character!
  • Get additional 15 Champion’s Victory Medal daily when you play Ereda island 3 times a day!
  • Receive an Incomplete Guardian Flag when you login for 10 minutes. It’s an accessory but also a crafting material which you can use to make an even better accessory: Ereda’s Guardian Flag!
  • And get 1 Sage’s Scroll every Saturday and Sunday during the event when you play Ereda Island win or lose!

New Character Support
We know you love creating new characters and we’re here to support them with a new event!
• Every time you create a new character during this event, they will be given up to 9 Adventurer Equipment Cubes containing a variety of useful and fun items (you even get a 30-day pet) to help your newly created characters begin their journey into Elrios!

Item Mall Goodies

More cute stuff in the form of cats are coming in tomorrow! The Cat Accessory Package comes with a feisty tail you can wear and a real live cat that’s super chill to put on top of your head!

Finally, Rosso has his own set and can sit at the cool kids’ table with Solace and the other El Masters! Feel the fiery wrath of the El Search Party because Salvatore Rosso comes out tomorrow!

Edit: The Dark Chaser mount we previously mentioned will come out on a later date. We apologize for the inconvenience.

That’s all for now folks~

See y’all in game!

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