Community Announcements - GM Crow
Hi-ya, Elpeeps! Starting tomorrow, come to Elsword Online for a special event dungeon and stay for the loot. We’re celebrating the adorable creatures that make your Elrios adventures all the more spectacular in the Critter’s Carnival!

First things first: A creature called the Wild Rider has caused destruction in Elrios and needs to be contained. Get in the game this Wednesday and after a minute you’ll find the Wild Rider’s Hideout Map in the mailbox—hang on to it. Next, see Glave about a Soul Sealer Stone. This will help you take over the Wild Rider once you have weakened it enough. When you’re ready, you can use the Map to locate the destructive creature.

However, be warned—this dungeon is tricky. Another evil being runs it, and will definitely get in your way. They say there’s only a fifty-fifty chance of actually finding the Wild Rider, so be ready to go back as many times as needed. Why? Because it’s your chance to earn a FREE mount! Check our main website tomorrow for the full details!

Retro Life Crystals
Missing one of the previously released pets? Get it as a life crystal! Adorable pets like the Hallow Witch, Sheriff, Dark Hatchling, Berthe Jr., Raincoat Cats, and more are coming back to the Item Mall in life crystal form this Wednesday. Make them yours!

Ara’s Salvatore Denif
The Master of Water is embodied in the latest costume set featured in Ara’s Ice Burner, available for the next two weeks starting tomorrow. Complete the outfit soon!

Ancient Demon Accessories
Last but not least, these new accessories arrive at the Item Mall as well. Try them on as soon as the update kicks in.

See y’all in-game!
Community Announcements - GM Crow
A quick blog update with two exciting new ItemMall Updates!
In need of a matching ride for your Nasod Battle Suit? Mechanize yourself with the new Nasod Battle Gear Mount. It’s got tons of explosive projectiles and laser beam attacks! Blow all TEH stuffs up!!

Add, Elesis and Ara giddy-up in their new Western Outfits! <3

See you all in-game!

Community Announcements - GM Crow
Hi Elpeeps! We’re here to bring great news that the end of time is near and that the beginning of a diabolical era is inevitable!

… Did we scare any of you? It’s not like it was our intention to strike Paranoia into the minds of all you Elpeeps or anything! If you thought we did a good job, just wait until you get a load of Time Tracer’s new advancement known as, Diabolic Esper!
The Story

Add completes the Dynamo upgrade using pure El energy, and with it takes a great leap back in time. But what waits for him in this past era is far from the world he once knew. He arrives in an alternate reality where his entire family was not slain. However, he is surprised to find a young man who appears to be the Add of this alternate reality… and he leads a happy and promising life.

Even with recalculations and many more attempts to go back to his own reality, Add keeps arriving in this other world. As his frustration grows, so does the insanity that has consumed him. Add is ultimately pushed to the brink. Now possessing the supernatural powers to distort time-space and gravity, it’s only a matter of time before he exploits the massive abilities he has acquired to bring the world to its dreadful end.

Diabolic Esper’s Features
• Teleport enemies against their will.
• Both mind and time control.
• Defying the laws of psychics.
• Great at hitting beats and setting the tempo!
• Smexxi demonic looking eyes…

The Moves and Gameplay

While Time Tracer gave Add the ability to work the powers of time into his arsenal, Diabolic Esper expands on the power of the mind and space.

As Diabolic Esper, Add is capable of moving either his enemies or himself through the dimensions of space using Reverse Stigma and Reverse Circle.
Playing your enemies right into your hand sounds like an amazing ability to have, but that is only one of his many perks. Speaking of sounds, Diabolic Esper has a move called Moonlight Rhapsody which emits sound waves that deteriorates the minds of those surrounding him. Enemies caught within the range of his tragic tune will see a musical note above their head that will slowly start stacking over time. When struck with an attack, the musical notes will detonate and deal increased damage for every stack.

People are often told that the mind is stronger than the body and Diabolic Esper’s Hyperactive, Paranoia plays with that notion. Paranoia is an attack so powerful in creates a crack in reality that shatters the minds of all those caught in it. Side effects from this attack may include, burning, poisoning, drowning on land, and in most cases, death.

With no doubt in my mind, Diabolic Esper can easily become one of your greatest allies or your worst nightmare.

ItemMall Goodies
New Kindergarten costumes for all characters plus Add’s Salvatore Denif.

Community Announcements - GM Crow
We’re entering the home stretch, Elpeeps. The culmination of the Masters of Darkness series is just one week away! Last time we checked, Add has become the Time Tracer with brilliant chrono-twisting powers. Soon, he will move up in his time-and-space manipulating abilities.

Using the time travel equation and pure El energy on his Dynamos’ upgrade, Add is able to go back to a time when his family lives. However, he finds all his efforts wasted when he sees another one of himself, another Add in this other reality… and this other Add is actually happy. He tried many times to correct his miscalculations, to try and arrive at his own real past, but it’s no use. Realizing that his travels back in time may never lead him back to the reality he knew, Add is finally pushed to the brink. Get ready for Diabolic Esper, arriving next week!

Item Mall Goodies

By tomorrow, Elpeeps are gonna be turnin’ Japanese courtesy of the 2014 Elsword Japan Costume Contest Winners. Exquisite! Try them on, ‘mkay?

Also, Hamel Navy Officer costume hair and weapon pieces arrive in standard Ice Burners. Go find ‘em starting tomorrow!

Elpeeps, Spring Break FEVER has begun. Don’t forget to play today for your 2 hours of 2X Drops, and tomorrow for your 2 hours of 2X EXP! It doesn’t stop there—just get in the game daily until next Monday and bask in all the awesomeness to come, including an amazing package discount on Cruise Wear sets. See ya!
Community Announcements - GM Crow
Celebrate the arrival of Time Tracer in Elsword Online with the Steam exclusive Time Tracer's DLC Package! Featuring the brand-new Time Tracer’s Hover Board, a special permanent accessory available only thru Steam. This pack also includes 1x Magic Necklace (15 days), 1x Summon Stone: Ice Hameling Mount (15 days), and 1x EXP Boost Medal 50% (3 days).

To redeem your DLC in-game simply go to the Item Mall in Elsword and proceed to the Enter Coupon button. Enter the code provided by the DLC you purchased.

Read up all about these awesome goodies:

• Time Tracer’s Hover Board - This totally rad accessory has Add the Time Tracer's crazed face on it. When equipped on your character, this goes to the Top Piece accessory slot.

• Magic Necklace (15 days) - Equip this accessory on your character to increase MP by 30% while attacking or being attacked. This item disappears after 15 days.

• Summon Stone: Ice Hameling Mount (15 days) - Right click on this item to acquire a mount, then press F to summon. The Ice Hameling is a nice little ice dragon that will carry you through the dungeons and fields, as well as lend you its impressive powers. This one disappears after 15 days.

• EXP Boost Medal 50% (3 days) - Keep this in your specific character’s inventory to gain 50% extra experience points in dungeons and level faster. It disappears after 3 days.

Valued at $20, this pack is a steal! Get Time Tracer's DLC Package today!
Community Announcements - GM Crow
Hi Elpeeps! If you could travel back in time and change your past, would you? Add leads a tough life after his family was killed for researching the forbidden secrets of the Nasods. With the hopes of changing a tragic part of his life, Add advances as the Time Tracer to do just that.

Plus don't miss out on Level Boosting Time Tracer to 35 instantly!

The Story

The temporally displaced Add tries to find a way back to his own time, with the hope of changing the events that led to his misery. With great effort, he finally figures out the time travel equation. To implement it on his Dynamos, he only needs the right material—a unique mineral he manages to steal from the Ponggos in Altera. Now the Time Tracer, capable of moving through time and space, Add directs his attention to finding an energy source that will let him make more accurate time-space calculations for his ultimate journey home.

Time Tracer’s Features

• Nasod Armor Mode - Overlimit System (think 2 MP bars that assist each other).
• Space and Time Traveling abilities.
• Snazzy eye-patch!
• Resurrections by turning back the clock

The Moves and Gameplay

Time Tracer has a major advantage which essentially gives him 2 MP bars that work off each other with his passive skill Overlimit. With this you are able to toggle between Configuration and Dissolution Mode to manage your resources.

Here’s a look into how Time Tracer can keep himself ready to toss out skills constantly by keeping up his MP and DP.

Configuration Mode (Awakening): Consumes DP instead of MP and returns some MP depending on the skill that was used.
Dissolution Mode (Non-Awakening): Consumes MP instead of DP and returns some DP depending on the skill that was used.

Having two MP bars does allow you to have the resources to toss out many skills, but there is still one more barrier to tackle and that would be cooldowns. The great thing about being a master of time and cooldowns is that it’s almost a given that you can affect them in some way. To synergize with ample resources, Time Tracer has a skill called Seal of Time which lowers the cooldown of not just you, but all your allies. Combine all the factors listed above together and you’re looking at total annihilation.

If there’s one thing to know about Time Tracer, it’s that once his special actives start rolling, you can expect him to keep the momentum going!

Level Boost Event

Plus… Here comes your chance to boost your Add up to Level 35 for FREE! Just go to any nearby village or a resting area between fields and wait for the pop-up menu to appear. Click the Level Boost button, and presto! Boosting your Add also comes with an exclusive Level Boost Cube containing an enhanced weapon and armor set to help get you started. That’s just one of the many benefits of course!

Item Mall Goodies

With Add’s release comes a new Ice Burner - Diamond Yaksha!

Community Announcements - GM Crow
Hi-ya, Elpeeps! One week to go before we introduce the last job path of the Masters of Darkness series. Ready yourselves for Dark Tracer, the height of mAddness! Just after being flung forward to the present when his obsession, the Nasod race, had already fallen, Add may soon be able to follow his desire to go back to a time he knew—back when the Nasod race flourished and everything was as it should be.

Find out what it’s like to have the advancements and complexities of science at your disposal. Prepare to trounce foes with time-and-space defying tricks, including summoning spatiotemporal bodies of super vibrating atoms to hit enemies to submission. One of the Dark Tracer’s skills I look forward to the most is one that lets you undo death in battle by going back to a specific point in time. No resurrection stones? No problem! Be there when Dark Tracer arrives next week!

Item Mall Goodies

Now on to new stuff coming in this week! The new pet Marionette arrives at the Item Mall after midnight tonight. Looks can definitely deceive because this is no mere doll… it’s a powerhouse!

Also watch out for Waltz of the Flowers Costumes for Add and Elesis. What do you think about these two having this dance? I bet it’ll be a refreshing sight. :-)

One more thing before I go: Show up for FREE Supplies from COBO! For a full week starting tomorrow, play 30 minutes or more each day to get an awesome support item from your adventurer supplies company. The first one is a random 7-day mount! Plus more rewards to be earned from completing the Cobo Special Missions. Don’t miss out!

See y’all in-game!
Community Announcements - GM Crow
I hope you guys had a wonderful weekend full of adventures on Elrios. A quick update for new ItemMall goodies! ;-)

Ara’s Evil Tracer

A sinister new look for the Nine Tailed Fox! Ara looks super fierce in her new Dark Nephilim costume from Ice Burners!

Sweet Barista Costumes

The Elgang is serving up fresh brews of coffee in Elrios! These new costumes will sweeten and brighten up anyone’s morning. The French macaroon Eve drones look super cute!

Community Announcements - GM Crow
Hi-ya, Elpeeps! As many of you may have heard, KOG Games’ Grand Chase service will be closing soon. This is sad news for us and especially for the many players and fans of the well-loved forerunner of Elsword Online. In light of this, we also have some pretty big news. Starting tomorrow, we’re having a wonderful in-game event to welcome Grand Chasers who played in KOG Games’ NA server, so that they may find a fitting new home in Elrios. :-)

How do you, true-blue Elpeeps, figure in this? Well, you can be part of the welcoming committee. And of course, you get free goodies, too! Right off the bat, you get a Welcome Grand Chase title to help the cause. You also get to earn Link Up Coins that you can collect and exchange for awesome items—find out by visiting our special guest GC NPC, Rita. You might even get to craft free pets, full costume sets, a Skill Slot Change Medal, Ice Burners, Fossil Readers, and more. Sound good? Get in the game starting tomorrow for your chance at some of the most mind-blowing rewards!

Item Mall Goodies

Your standard Ice Burner system gets a new costume set. Glacial thaws out and makes way for Hamel Navy Officer. Awesome costume for sailing off to a sunshiny destination!

While there will be a special Cobo event for sampling a new service, the Nasod Welding Costume Suit and Accessories will be available at the Item Mall. Do these look familiar?  Tip: You can craft these, too!

Finally, are you missing some parts of old Ice Burner sets, particularly Archangel or El Search Party Officer? Good news! These legendary costumes return by way of Cobo Costume Boxes. These work in a similar fashion to Ice Burners, but even better—there’s a costume box version for each character, so any costume piece that comes out will be for the character you picked. Isn’t it great?!

*Pieces received from these boxes cannot be traded*

Community Announcements - GM Crow
Hi-ya, Elpeeps! Have you joined our Lunar New Year events yet, or job-changed Elesis to Crimson Avenger? You have some time to get busy on those while we’re still cooking up patch stuff for the next few weeks. Meanwhile, let us tell you about all the sparkling-new goodies arriving in the Item Mall after midnight!

Add’s Ice Burner featuring Velder Imperial Guard
Here’s the Twisted Tracer’s chance to dress up like a veritable protector of Velder Kingdom. Collect all pieces of Add’s Velder Imperial Guard outfit from his exclusive Ice Burners. Available for 2 weeks only!

Dr. Add and Nurse Elesis
Were you scared of the doctor’s office when you were a little kid? I know I was, and it was because of one thing: the shots! With these new costumes arriving for Add and Elesis, if you were or still are afraid of getting vaccinated, no one would be able to tell. Ha! Try them on tomorrow!

Fuzzy Wool Accessories
Finally, a new collection of accessories arrives in time for your Year of the Sheep kick-off party. You know this is gonna be an awesome Lunar New Year when you can keep warm with such cute Fuzzy Wool gear. Get these at the Item Mall!

See y’all in-game!

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