Community Announcements - GM Crow
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Community Announcements - GM Crow
Hi, Elpeeps! Happy Thanksgiving in advance! Be sure to celebrate it by making time for your loved ones. But also, do drop by Elrios, because special occasions are for chilling out with your Elpeeps, too. Join these in-game events starting tomorrow, and have a SWAG-a-rific time!

• Get to Work on Your Thanksgiving Turkey. Yup, it takes some effort to make the traditional dinner in Elsword as well. The fun part? Wearing it on your head! Gather the ingredients starting tomorrow.
• Bandit Search Party. This pre-winter event will have you searching for mysterious fragments that will ultimately lead you to a bandit’s treasure map. Play daily for various rewards all week long from this Wednesday to next Tuesday.
• Free Ice Burners and Fossil Readers. Play for at least 1 – 1.5 hours daily starting Thanksgiving, November 26 – 28, to receive these gifts. You can earn up to 2 Luriel’s Ice Burners and 2 Luriel’s Fossil Readers total per account in this event. Aaaand you know something else is happening in Elsword this Black Friday, right? (Hint: It starts with S and rhymes with whale!) You’ll find out all about it soon, so hang tight!

November Super Swag
Super Swag is back! In case you didn’t know, this is a really easy win you shouldn’t miss. You can already join this event and be on your way to winning 400 K-Ching and a Ponggo Scorpion Type-E 30-Day Mount. Sign up and get details here!

Item Mall Goodies
Tomorrow, check out some new outfits designed by Elsword players—the winning costumes from Elsword’s 2015 China Costume Creation Contest. Aren’t they just adorable? Check out all the other characters’ outfits when they arrive, too!

See y’all in-game!
Community Announcements - GM Crow
Hi-ya, Elpeeps! Make way for a sizeable patch that’s chock-full of fun stuff. First off, we have not one but three sets of events. Check ‘em out!

• Angkor’s Crane Game. You’ll find the delightful mini-game machine in the village, from Elder onwards. Catch the Nasod Change Machine gone wild and get tokens, er, claws to play for awesome loot!
• PVP Season 3 Finale. You can earn a better end-of-season reward by raising your rank before PVP Season 3 comes to a close. Featuring the Dark Gladiator Gear! There’s practically no better time to perfect your PVP tactics.
• Happy Together! PVP and Ereda Island Guild Wars. This is your chance to compete and be hailed as the Ultimate Guild! Earn one of the exclusive titles, Guild Coins, and Champion’s Victory Medals, as well as Elrios Coins to exchange for Military costume pieces and other useful items.

VIP Membership System

In today’s update, we’re also introducing the new VIP Membership Card. Get access to an awesome selection of perks good for 1, 15, or 30 days. Does it include Unlimited Stamina and 20% EXP Bonus? Yup. Skill slot and quick slot expansions? Check! VIP costume and accessories? Yes, yes. VIP pet and mount? Oh yeah. Find out more in-game!

Item Mall Goodies

Have you been waiting for a quirky outfit? Angkor’s Crane Game Costume Suit could be it!

But then, Luciel’s Ice Burner Royal Maid and Servant costumes could be more like your style.

Maybe a uniform that agrees with your desire to become the best witch or wizard around?

Or perhaps, you’re just looking to befriend a cute little fox? Meet Hoya!

See more in Elsword today!
Community Announcements - GM Crow
Greetings, dear Elpeeps! Just dropping by today to let you know about the newest goodies arriving at the Elsword Item Mall after midnight—a new mount with eastern flair and a definitively western costume collection. Take a look!

Rickshaw Phoru

Hop in, sit back, and enjoy the ride as Rickshaw Phoru carts you through the streets of Elrios. The best part of this service is an outstanding C attack that calls upon other phorus and deals massive damage against your enemies. Get the summon stone directly from the Item Mall while supplies last!


Mix the concept of time travel with 19th century western fashion, and you get this new-yet-nostalgic costume collection. It’s super elegant in deep hues, and yet my most favorite thing about it has got to be Eve’s blimp drones. Choose the costume package to get the best value for your K-Ching.

See all these in the Item Mall tomorrow!
Community Announcements - GM Crow
Hi-ya, Elpeeps! The Halloween dungeon is closing tonight, so be sure to use up all your candy baskets. Meanwhile, the Harmony Festival’s still going on, and of course we have quite a few new things going into the game tonight. Read up all about it!

Bank Share Revamp
After the patch, the way you share items between your various characters is about to change. Be sure to chat with Luriel and check out the new and improved shared bank. Here are the Top 4 Things to know about the Bank Share Revamp.
• The shared bank can be found under the common tab of the Bank.
• Using this shared bank, you can easily transfer items between your characters in the same account.
• Certain untradeable or unsealed items may be transferred using this system, too!
• While the shared bank is locked by default, you can open or expand it for free for a limited time just by completing a quest from Luriel!

What’s more, you get to mark the occasion by getting the chance to claim awesome free stuff like a 15-day pet, 7-day mount, magic amulets, Sage’s magic stones, and more! Just look out for and collect as many Character Growth Tickets as you can!

Gifts of Loyalty
Luriel’s also got something for cool, cool players who have been in Elsword for more than 30 excitement-filled days and played to reach Lv. 50 and beyond. How do you feel about getting some Blessed Elixirs and a Dream Step accessory? Log on with your Lv. 50+ character and find out in the morning!

Item Mall Goodies

A new set replaces Miracle Alchemist outfits in standard Ice Burners tomorrow. Make way for two color versions each of the Millennium Fox Shrine Priest and Maiden costumes.

Next, capture the look of a new cop in town with these costumes. Add, Lu, and Ciel join the Police Squad after the patch.

Special Event! For a limited time starting tomorrow, Item Mall shoppers have a chance to play Phoru Picker! Go shop to earn your tickets and get to play the mini-game. The aim is to the find the Phoru Card for the best rewards, but you can also collect Banthus Cards for the reward exchange thru Ariel. Have fun!

See you all in-game!
Community Announcements - GM Crow

For Halloween, Elsword is handing out our own special Steam Exclusive Halloween DLC for a limited time! You can only get these on Steam!

Custom designed Steam Halloween themed accessories:

• Steam Halloween Pumpkin Head
• Steam Cape

Make this pair a fright-inducing addition to your all hallows eve party outfit. Get it free from October 28 to November 1 only. Get it now!

To redeem your DLC in-game simply go to the Item Mall in Elsword and proceed to the Enter Coupon button. Enter the code provided by the DLC you purchased. You can find this code by going to Library > Elsword > CD Key (Links)

PLUS all Elsword Steam DLC are currently 15% off during this event!
Community Announcements - GM Crow

Community Announcements - GM Crow
Hi-ya, Elpeeps! Having fun in the nightmare dungeon? While there’s still a full week of Elsword’s Halloween event, more excitement is headed your way as we usher in the autumn edition of the Harmony Festival. It starts tomorrow and lasts for three weeks!

In Elrios, this event marks the Sun and Moon becoming one, when all creatures under the dark sky enter a state of calm. Everyone coexists harmoniously for the moment. Isn’t it wonderful? Here’s some stuff to look forward to in this time of plenty:

• Awesome Buffs – Physical and Magical Attack +5%, EXP +50%, and Repair Cost -20%
• More Resurrection Stones and Less Stamina Consumption
• Free Accessory Every Weekend
• 30-Day Costume Set
• Harmony Festival Pie at Zero ED
• Harmony Festival Gift Boxes
• Harmony Festival Tickets for Item Exchange – Collect these to swap for Ice Burners, Fossil Readers, magic stones, potions, and more!

Take part of the bounty starting tomorrow!

Item Mall Goodies

Looking for pieces to add to your terrifying Halloween costume? Try the new Infernal Lord accessories!

Finally, previously-released Halloween costume collections return to the Item Mall along with versions for Lu and Ciel. Check out all the costume packages and separates after midnight.

See y’all in-game!
Community Announcements - GM Crow
Hi-ya, Elpeeps! The big event of Elsword Halloween 2015 is almost here. Here’s what you need to know about the Halloween dungeon Candy House in the Woods which opens as soon as the patch kicks in tomorrow.

• Get in with a Candy Basket at Lv. 10 and up. As mentioned last week, you can already get the Candy Basket dungeon ticket item through Ariel in the ongoing pre-Halloween event. Of course, you’ll also get a couple of these free, daily for 2 weeks starting tomorrow. Just play every day!
• A Challenge for the Sweet Tooth. Who says sweet can’t be scary? This Halloween dungeon is a combination of the two—filled with treats but positively tricky. Once you’re in, watch out for the prompts, and get ready to face an incubus, a lot of gingerbread people, and the witch behind this nightmare!
• Gather Witch’s Rings for Halloween Costumes and more. By defeating the dungeon boss, you get to pick up this event item. Collect and exchange for various useful items, Halloween costume pieces, and even the new HellHound mount through Ariel. Have fun!

Item Mall Goodies

Planning to get Ice Burners? Check out the Halloween Dream Package instead during the event starting tomorrow. It contains one Ice Burner and one free piece of the event item Traces of Incubus. Just 20 of these let you acquire an Incubus or Succubus Costume Suit through Ariel. Take a look!

As for the new mount, this one takes after the terrific Nightmare but in an even fiercer shade. Welcome the new HellHound…

A new collection of costumes also goes on sale tomorrow. Halloween Tales outfits lets you play out spine-chilling stories that abound this time of year, involving demons, werewolves, nightmare creatures, and the heroics of hunting them all down.

Lastly, if you’re looking for something knightly for Luciel, then their Velder Imperial Guard costumes from exclusive Ice Burners may be what you’ve been waiting for. Get them after the patch!

See y’all in game tomorrow!
Community Announcements - GM Crow
Hi-ya, Elpeeps! Starting tomorrow, warm up with Elsword’s pre-Halloween event as we enter week 3 of this Halloween month. And it just can’t be right without the pumpkins and candy, don’t you agree? Make space in your inventory and play daily for all the loot!

Advanced Pumpkin Cultivation

Can you just imagine the sheer amount of pumpkins needed for Halloween?! Well, Ariel’s on it, and she’s rewarding everyone who will help raise and protect the pumpkin supply. So, what do pumpkins need to grow fast? Fertilizer, of course! Bring her as many Sacks of Fertilizer as you can get from timer and quest rewards. You can earn El Shards, potions, elixirs, amulets, and even a 7-day mount, among others.

Keep the Candy Baskets for the Halloween Dungeon

The Candy Basket is one of the items for which you can exchange Sacks of Fertilizer through Ariel. It’s not really for eating, but actually the ticket to the upcoming Halloween dungeon. You’ll only be able to use it after the patch on October 21st, so hang on to it!

Item Mall Goodies

Still searching for your ideal Halloween costume? Maybe you’ll like tomorrow’s release. It isn’t particularly spooky, but definitely divine. Check out the Anubis outfits~

If you’re just looking for accessories, then we got you covered, too. Four types of Anubis accessories are arriving as well, three of which have their own set effects. Try these on after midnight!

See y’all in-game!

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