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Community Announcements - CO Cuddles
Hi, Elpeeps! We’re here to give you the lowdown on what’s coming up in the Elsword Item Mall. Ready? Here we go!

Arriving tonight is the new swimwear for your hottest summer adventures. One can never have too many beach clothes or weapon costumes that remind you of all sorts of sun-drenched frolicking. (We’d figured Elesis for a cool surfer girl, but we didn’t expect Add to love ice cream so much! :D) Take your pick of the ELS Beach Wear collection!

Meanwhile, wouldn’t Add make a dashing groom in this wedding costume? But we wonder if Eve is ready to be his bride… Or maybe one of the other young ladies of the Elgang could take him instead. Hmm… curious! If not Eve, who do you think Add’s bride should be?

Speaking of the Nasod Queen, Angel Heart is the latest version of Eve’s custom mount. It comes in pretty pink and just as lethal as the custom Oberon 650. It’s for any one of the Elgang, and you can get it straight from the Item Mall for a limited time. Isn’t it just the sweetest ride?

Get in the game and check these out starting midnight!
Community Announcements - CO Cuddles
Psychic Tracer is taking it to whole new level of crazy with his new 2nd Job Class and it really packs a punch! Get ready for some epic brawling and fist fighting with Lunatic Psyker!

The Story

Add is power hungry, so naturally this drives him to look for other methods of improving his Nasod Armors particularly the type of energy he uses. He come across Adel of Altera village and advises Add that the Altera Core is a good example of how a large amount of energy is stored. Add upgrades his Dynamos but unfortunately they require a stronger power source. Again with guidance from Adel Add ventures to Fieta where a battle with demons took place leaving a negative source of energy. With assistance from Lento, Add convert’s the dark energy into Moon Stone, which gives him the power source he sought and finally perfects his Nasod Armor.

Add’s notoriety dubbed him the name Lunatic Psyker, a harbinger of destruction that destroys all in his path.

Specialties and Features

Like Psychic Tracer, Lunatic Psyker relies heavily on the Dynamo Point System, Add’s Awakening Mode. Once activated players can unlock extra combo moves that toss enemies in midair and throws them. However, in LP’s case you can punch enemies up to 20 times! In addition his other combo enables you to punch enemies back and forth 6 times which can be especially useful for mobs.

Also LP is great for bringing enemies towards him. Some of his Special Actives drags enemies enabling Add to finish them with a final blow. One such move is Dooms Day, LP’s Hyperactive Skill. With electrical pillars created by his Dynamos, Add sucks enemies into a swirling tornado and annihilates them!

New ItemMall Goodies

There a few new things from the ItemMall for your Add! First, Add is getting his new Ice Burner for Arch Angel!

Plus check out the new Pirate Set for Ara, Elesis and Add.

Community Announcements - CO Cuddles
Good things will be coming soon to Elsword! BUT in the meantime we have some new ItemMall Goodies coming out!

Eve’s Custom Oberon 650

Time to gush! This scooter/moped is awesome! Why? Because Eve’s Code Empress’ Oberon has been transformed into a mount… so not only can he help fight the baddies but he can also run down enemies as well! Hue hue hue… Let’s hope that that the Elrios Police doesn’t charge you with a hit and run!

Feeling authoritative? Pair the mount with the Police Uniform!

Gold Falcon Ice Burners

Soar high with new Gold Falcon Ice Burner Set! If you’re fighting baddies out in the deserts of Sander, then you are going to want to sport this attire to battle the extreme heat! I especially love the drones for Eve.

Community Announcements - CO Cuddles
Hi, Elpeeps! It’s almost here—Rena’s new attack system—and it’s about to change her game. It’s our adored elven ranger’s turn to get her own special power gauge. Woot! Nature’s Force is the new way for her to deal jaw-dropping damage by consistently using her basic attacks and skills. Here’s a short list of the basics. All who play as Rena get this new system by default, so pay attention!

> Dealing 6 hits using basic commands charges up 1 unit of the NF gauge, equivalent to 1 orb.

> Rena can charge up NF for up to 5 orbs.

> A special buff is set off once 3 or more units of NF are filled up. The buff affects movement speed, MP recovery, and damage reduction.

> Certain multiple-hit combos that land squarely on the target will use up an NF orb to release additional damage. How would you like to deal 370% of your average physical and magical attack as additional damage? I’d like that very much, thanks!

> Particular skills of Rena’s will now deal additional damage when they land on the target, using up a set amount of NF in the process. Isn’t it great to have a boost to Rena’s already amazing powers, such as Siege Mode?

> There you have it! Watch out for Nature’s Force after maintenance and start mastering this new system with Rena!

Battle for Ereda Island
Oh yeah, you get to try out your NF chops in a new location as well! Ereda Island opens up to Lv. 40+ players who have also cleared Altar of Dedication in Feita. Here you must side with either Velder’s Red Knights or Hamel’s Guardian Knights, and get involved in a race for control over some rumored hidden relics (read: loot!). ‘Cause what’s an adventure without a little rivalry between knights?

Item Mall Goodies
Three words: Elesis Ice Burners. Get them tomorrow and start collecting both versions of Diamond Yaksha for our daring damsel!

Plus have a smashing summer with new tennis costumes for Add, Elesis, and Ara!

Community Announcements - CO Cuddles
Hi, Elpeeps! Do you know what’s coming up for your favorite bow-wielding ranger next week? Hint: it’s a new means for her to deal incredible damage by pulling in nature’s influence with her basic attacks and skills. Her abilities are about to get that much more impressive even as she’s just starting out in the Elrios adventure.

Meanwhile, now that everyone’s caught up with Add, your Rena must want some attention, too. So as the anticipation builds for July 30th, celebrate the enthralling elf and join the run-up events starting tomorrow!

Item Mall Goodies
Bring the summer feel into your costume collection with the new Beach Cruise outfits!

What’s more, Ara may now wear the Grace Fairy ensemble from exclusive Ice Burners! Don’t forget to check these out at the Item Mall after midnight!

Community Announcements - CO Cuddles
Meet Eltrion, the guardian and protector of the City of the Sky. If you are feeling that the toughest bosses in Elsword are no match for you then prepare for a rude awakening. Eltrion is and will be your toughest opponent in-game. You have 12 minutes to defeat him or you lose!

How Do I Fight Eltrion?
In order to fight the raid boss you must enter the Gate of Time. This only is open after collectively a certain number of monsters in the fields of Hamel or Sander are defeated. Each Raid Dungeon accommodates a max of 12 people. Of course many rooms will be available to accommodate more players who dare to enter. Flaking out of the dungeon is not the best idea if you decide it’s too much for you… you won’t be able to get back into the Raid Boss Dungeon for 20 min.

Eltrion loves to spam his lazorz. But if you time yourself correctly and learn to predict his moves, you can avoid dying a lot less! He covers a lot of ground so just be prepared to do quite a bit of dodging and make sure to stock up on res stones. You will need them.

Rewards for Defeating Eltrion
Eltrion the Iron Guardian’s Core is a rare find but if you do receive it is a +9 Iron Guardian’s weapon for your character. If you contributed enough damage to the boss you can receive a cube to open up some awesome finds including a +9 Amulet! GASP!

ItemMall Goodies

New animal Cosplay Costumes for Ara, Elesis and Add! Add is not amused…

Community Announcements - CO Cuddles
Hi-ya, Elpeeps! Hope you had an electrifying 4th of July weekend, and much success with Add’s 1st Job Change. Keep training to master your Nasod Armor combos, and Psychic Tracer supremacy will be yours in no time!

This week, we’re just as thrilled to be releasing new costume sets not only for Add, but also for the lovely Elesis and Ara. Welcome the season in these new Summer Star Academy Uniforms!

What’s more, Ara’s Ice Burner returns with a different featured outfit, the Velder Imperial Guard set! This special IB will be available for only two weeks, so let the collecting begin!

Log on to Elsword Online and check out these Item Mall goodies later starting midnight!
Community Announcements - CO Cuddles
Add’s maniacal obsession with Nasod technology has driven him to further his research to the point of absolute brilliance. He succeeds in assembling a Nasod Armor prototype that seamlessly conforms to the wearer’s physique. Though weaponization of his armor is inconsistent, conclusion of a successful test allows Add to engage his enemies on a level never seen before... With nothing more than his mind, Add commands the newfound Nasod Armor to obey every thought, even defying the laws of physics.

With the maddening realization of how close he is to unlocking the secret of the Nasod design weighing heavy upon his mind, Add’s curiosity grows, and he’s inspired to continue towards his path of complete mastery over Nasod Technology.

At level 15, players can choose either to complete the in-game quest or purchase the 1st Job Change Item from the shop to unlock Add’s 1st Job change, Psychic Tracer. As Psychic Tracer, Add’s attack logic becomes extremely aggressive utilizing the Nasod Armor to extend combinations and unleash electrifying effects to dish out direct damage that is rivaled by none other. If combos aren’t preferred, players can use spells like Pulse Cannon, Quake Buster, Dynamo Configuration - Desolver, Conqueror and many more to obliterate your opponents from a distance.

The Psychic Tracer’s invention, the sophisticated Nasod Armor can be activated while Dynamo Configuration Mode (DP mode) is on. To use this feature, learn the passive skill called Nasod Armor Mode - Battle Gear. This enables Add to extend his combos with the Nasod Armor commands and skills. It also decreases DP use and enhances Nasod Armor command damage while DP mode is in effect.

As Psychic Tracer, the best defense is an unforgiving, relentless offense. Take Add to the next level. Play Elsword. Play your Manga.
Community Announcements - CO Cuddles
After 1 week of Add’s release we are updating with his anticipated 1st Job Class Path—The Psychic Tracer! (1 week can feel like an eternity, but wipe those tears of anguish because now you’ll be able to advance).

The Story

Add takes it to the next level with his Nasod Dynamos through his research. He becomes successful in assembling a Nasod Armor prototype that conforms to the wearer’s physique. Although there are a few kinks that Add needs to work out, he concludes it as a success and continues on his path to improve his Nasod Armors.

Specialties and Features

Now we can see where the DP Mode System really shines. Psychic Tracer focuses on the usage of his Nasod Armors and in this particular class path he relies heavily on his Dynamo Configuration Mode (DP Mode). While in this mode players can activate a combo extension and enhance certain skills. It also decreases DP usage and enhances Nasod Armor command damage while DP mode is in effect.

Moreover, Psychic Tracer’s play style is highly based on beatdowns packed with punches and kicks. Some of his skills include homing attacks as well.

Item Mall Goodies

And a few shop goodies to tease for tomorrow’s update! Look the part of a researcher in the new Add Scientist Costume and conjure up the powers of fire and darkness with the new Fire and Dark Hameling!

Community Announcements - CO Cuddles
Add is the newest ADDition to the Elsword Character lineup! And quite the character indeed… As the Twisted Tracer Add his an odd and eccentric personality. Alright he’s just downright kooky!

The Story
Add has had a very troubled past. During the war, his family was caught performing forbidden research attempting to create a humanoid Nasod. As a result they were annihilated and Add was sold into slavery. During his escape he fell into an Ancient Library which contained texts containing vast knowledge on the Nasod race. Spending much of his time reading these texts he eventually makes his escape by creating the Nasod Dynamos from spare parts of Nasods.

But isolation can take its toll and as a result Add became mentally unstable and he develops an obsession for finding Nasod Codes. Add soon discovers that the library’s time distortion had sent him far into the future when the Nasod race had already fallen. He soon learns that a sentient Nasod still exists… Eve… and he begins to stalk her waiting for the right moment.

Specialties and Weapons
The core concept of Add’s character is that he takes on the persona or a mad scientist/mechanic and as the builder of the Nasod Dynamos. Dynamos help Add with his movement enabling him to float and cruise all while assisting his ability to channel electrical currents.

Add’s movement and combo system is extremely fluid and transitioning from close to long ranged attacks is a snap. Many of his attacks are homing so aiming is not necessary.

Add always looks like he’s having some much fun killing stuff…

We often say that Elsword characters can perform endless combos… but Add really takes the cake on this one. His ZZZZ ^X combo resets the knockdown counter on his opponents. It’s not full proof of course but darn near. There is so much you can do with his base class alone.

Dynamo Point Awakening System
The one thing that truly sets Add apart from all of the other characters of Elsword is his Dynamo Point System. Add is able to go in out of his awakening mode as much as he pleases as long as his DP gauge is sufficient. Of course DP has a cooldown of 5 seconds. When in DP mode, you immediately harm surrounding targets, and you earn a bead in the DP counter. These beads are used to boost certain skills in DP mode.

Damage is increased by 20% in DP Mode. Awakening potions and Party Fever will increase DP but will not force you into Awakening Mode.

DP mode is more visible in combos when Add advances to other classes and will give him an extra combo extension. (We’ll cover that when the time comes).

Item Mall Goodies
Style up Add with the new El Officer Ice Burner and Holy Unicorn Set coming in tomorrow’s patch!


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