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Community Announcements - CO_Pebbles
New Hamel Secret Dungeon

The Young Guardian Prince of Hamel, Chung, at long last is reunited with his fallen father. Unfortunately it is not a happy one. Helputt, the once noble leader of the Seiker Clan and protector of Hamel has been corrupted by the demons that imprison him. With knowledge of how to purify Dark El, for unknown reasons Helputt went missing only to be found in the Temple of Trials.

Temple of Trials – New Secret Dungeon

Venture into the Temple of Trials! A fitting name for a very long and challenging dungeon… ;-) In this dungeon you will confront Helputt in his corrupted form and battle 3 Guardian Bosses… Guardian Knight, Guardian Magician and some familiar faces… shadow versions of the ElGang!

Each time you defeat these bosses you will earn special buffs making your run through the Temple of Trials easier. In addition to buffs the Water Priestess will bless you to reduce the damage you receive from enemies.

Secret Dungeon Revamps

We didn’t forget about the others! With 4 Secret Dungeons out already it’s time for an update! Secret Dungeons equipment will probably become one of the most sought after gear in-game. Level requirements for Secret Dungeons can only be entered by those who are level 60 -70. New monsters have been added with higher HP as well.

One Bethbite Conquers all! Bethbites have finally been made into one kind and they can even be earned though quests! Luto’s Secret key will now replace all tickets to secret dungeons as well. Yay for streamlining!

New ItemMall Goodies

It’s Spring time and you can look the part while attending school in the new Spring Star Academy Costume! I seriously want to hit Chung so hard because he looks so darn cute in the Easter Bunny Costume! This is an all-in-one suit. 

Community Announcements - CO Cuddles
To slash or to burn? That is the question… and it really depends on your style of play! Race your Elesis to level 15 and complete the job change quest to become a Pyro or Saber Knight.

Pyro Knight – The Path of Fire
She’s red hot and can’t be stopped!! The Pyro Knight path focus on the power of conjuring fire and channeling it through her sword. She specializes in close to mid-range combat, however, her fireball combos give her a surprising amount range. Plus she strikes a good balance between greater physical and magical attack powers.

Another good note is Pyro Knight’s various AoE skills. It’s incredibly effective when trying to eliminate mobs…and Eternal Fire is just plain awesome…

Saber Knight – The Path of the Claymore
If you’re going for a more elegant class… look no further. Elesis’ Saber Knight is specializes in honing the claymore. As a noble Saber Knight you are more melee oriented and your abilities tilt in favor of high physical attack and defense with a greater amount of HP. You still have fire magic but it’s more refined and controlled.

Much like Elsword’s notorious Armageddon Blade is the Sword of Victory! Giving you tons of reach against enemies and dealing a great amount of damage.

Events for Elesis' First Job Classes
And as far as the event goes for the New Job Classes, everyone who completes their 1st Job Change during the event is encouraged to take a fighting power assessment test with Allegro. Finish the quests and you could earn special item packages for your Elesis! Including some very useful skill rings. ;-)

Check out the events here:

New ItemMall Goodies
More costumes for all you fashionable Elesis players! New Orange-Aid and Lime-Aid Costumes! And if you are looking for something a little more chill and relaxed then grab the new Casual Costume! ;-)

Community Announcements - CO Cuddles
Drop by Elrios to party for Elesis’s homecoming! Play Elsword Online this Saturday to enjoy 2x EXP and 2x Drop Rate all day long.

Then be sure to stick around for one hour straight between 5 – 7 PM (PDT) to get your FREE Ice Burner. Don’t miss out!

Community Announcements - CO Cuddles
Gotta love those female character releases! Elesis finally makes her crossover to Elsword Online as the noble Red Knight. For a long time Elesis of Grand Chase has always been speculated to be the sister of Elsword but now it is finally confirmed!! Oh you guys are good…

The Story

After a long absence from training of her own, Elesis returns to Ruben Village bringing her teachings to her little bro Elsword. During a training session Elesis and Elsword come face to face with Scar, Captain of the Demon World, who has come for Elesis’ head.

Being the fearless knight that she is, she stands her ground and defeats Scar with the help of Elsword. After the demons retreat, Elsword is left wounded.

While Elsword recovers at home, Elesis becomes anxious. Now realizing that the demons are becoming an even bigger threat, she decides to leave again in order to seek them out and protect her brother. While she does not know when, Elesis eagerly awaits the day she can reunite with her little brother.

Playing as the Red Knight

Elesis wields the claymore and is the first female melee character of Elsword. In addition to mastering the sword she is fully equipped with fire attacks. You may see some similarities between Elsword and Elesis, but guess who he learned all his moves from?! His big sis of course!

Chivalry System

Much like Elsword’s Way of the Sword, Elesis has the Chivalry System to maximize her skills. The gauge is filled depending on which type of skills you use. The Chivalry gauge is filled inversely. Using Gale skills consumes Gale points and pulls the gauge toward Annihilation, while using Annihilation skills consumes Annihilation points and moves the gauge toward Gale.

Aura of Gales Stats

- Movement and jump speed increase.

- A special effect takes place after every 5 hits, which increases awakening charge speed by 5% and MP by 25%. Effect duration lasts 5 seconds.

- Knockdown is reduced by as much as 40% for Gale combos.

- MP consumption of Gale skills is reduced.

- Gale skills cool-down time is reduced by as much as 75%.

Spirit of Annihilation

- Annihilation skills and combos get 100% critical rate and disregard defensive moves. Knocked-down opponents suffer the skills’ full effects.

- Holding down Z or X allows Elesis to deflect enemies as they attack and go into mana break that consumes the Chivalry gauge instead of MP.

- Combo attack damage is amplified by 1.5x

New at the Item Mall Tomorrow

With Elesis’s arrival comes with new gear! Two new Ice Burners hit the ItemMall for our Red Knight. Check out the Dragon Knight and El Officer Set for Elesis.

Community Announcements - CO Cuddles
The Red Knight has been away from home for some time, but she’s coming back to Ruben Village very soon. She’s the next playable character in Elsword Online!

The Red Knight is agile and skilled at handling a claymore, a heavy, average-sized sword. Oh, she can be quite intense—she channels energy into fire! How well does she fight? Hint: If Elsword’s got the chops from early on, then it’s because of her teachings. What can I say? This gal is a pretty big deal, and her destiny looks like it will be the stuff of legend. I can’t wait to see her in action!

Get in the game tomorrow and join the countdown to the Red Knight’s arrival! Participate in the run-up events once the game is back up, including the limited opportunity to name your Red Knight early, the chance to call upon the Red Knights Captain in the dungeons, and the exclusive quests to earn loads of swag!

The Red Knight Returns - Likes Event on Facebook
Want a rad new accessory for your PC? Here’s your chance to win awesome gaming peripherals from Tt eSports by ThermalTake! Join up on Facebook and get Elsword Online to 180k likes. Hit the goal by March 26th and everyone wins a 2xEXP and 2xDrop Rate Event in-game.

Along the way, you can be selected to receive a Conkor Mousepad, Cronos Headset, Theron Mouse, or 1,000 K-Ching. Waaaaant!

Give us ‘em likes and enter here: https://www.facebook.com/Elsword/app_143103275748075

New at the Item Mall Tomorrow
Why sting like a bee, when you can sting like a ruthless scorpion? Check out the newest mount, which you can purchase straight off for a limited time—no fossil readers needed!

What’s more, blooming new costumes arrive for springtime. Watch out for these at the Item Mall after maintenance!

Community Announcements - CO Cuddles
No travel plans yet? Perfect! Stick with us and you’re sure to go far while spending your spring break in Elrios, where things are warming up into a FEVER!!!

Take the Quest in Spring Break Fever
Starting tomorrow and for an entire week, spend a few minutes on daily dungeon runs to complete the quest from Ariel. Earn useful swag, such as resurrection stones, one-day EXP Boost Medals to help you achieve your leveling up ambitions, or Luriel’s Spring Break Fever Cube for some gear-enhancing loot. Have the gang tag along to make it sizzle even more by setting off Fever!

Ice Burners Featuring Dragon Knight
Smokin’ new costume alert! The Dragon Knight outfits arrive via Ice Burners after the maintenance. Armor forged with the bones and scales of the dark dragon, it will give you a boost in dark element resistance. Best of all, it comes in 2 colors! Start collecting the first few pieces!

Whether you’re partying in a sunny spot or looking at not-so-great weather from indoors, have fun this week and don’t forget to check into Elsword tomorrow!

Community Announcements - CO Cuddles
Enter the Monkey King – New Son Goku Pet!

Hope all is going well and you are all enjoying the Sander Updates! This week we have two new items in the Elsword ItemMall! Here’s a quick update on what is coming tomorrow!

Son Goku Pet

From Journey to the West, a famous eastern folklore, comes the new Son Goku Pet. The monkey king can be your companion armed with peaches and his magical staff! Son Goku attacks by throwing a peach with total damage at 800% of average Physical + Magical attack power. He can also gather energy and throw 3 peaches, one after the other.

Squirrel Accessories + Cat Tail

Have you got a taste for acorns? Welcome spring by trying on the new Squirrel Ear and Tail! Plus a new Cat Tail!!

Community Announcements - CO Cuddles
Leveling has never been easier than before! We are introducing a EXP Table Reduction! Excited? We sure are… and just in-time to because as you know, with new dungeons means new levels to cap to. We take you to the final showdown of Sander… the Elgang versus the Succubus Queen Karis!

Check out the trailer here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CNo0lUz_6nU

Sander Part 3 (Two New Dungeons) and Level Cap Raise
Oh where oh where has the Anudran gone!? The Elgang tirelessly search for Sander’s Priestess of Wind and her captor… the evil and voluptuous Succubus Queen Karis!

Under the control of Karis the giant Behemoth the Ancient Guardian the El has awakened with the Wind Priestess inside. Utilizing the Caluso Tribe’s Wind Powered Ships you must stop the beast from destroying the City. Your mission is the kill the beast with the Air Ship‘s guns. Defeat the Succubus Queen and save the wind priestess.

Heart of Behemoth
Once Behemoth is brought down and you have rescued the Wind Priestess Karis escapes. But you wouldn’t let a villain like her off the hook so easily would you?! You must travel inside the bowls of Behemoth (gross huh?) and locate Karis who is hiding in the heart of the beast. There you will face Karis in her true demonic form. Bring her down because you are Sander’s last hope!! Take back Sander!!

Last but not least, cap it up as you can reach Level 70!!

New Fields to Explore (Sandtilus Grave and Behemoth Crater)
Visit two new sites in the vast deserts of Sander. Battle the Trocks and demonic foes in these massive fields!

New ItemMall Stuff (Doctor’s Set)
The dungeons of Sander are quite challenging and some of you are going to need medical attention after being beaten down by monsters. Dress the part in these new Doctor Costume Sets!

Community Announcements - CO Cuddles
Hi, Elpeeps! Valentine’s Day is almost here, and boy have we got the game update of the season. For both the loved and lovelorn alike, your dreams of virtual romance are about to come true with the all new Wedding System!

Many of you have been talking about fantasy match-ups among members of the Elgang—Elsword and Aisha, Rena and Raven, and so on. After tomorrow’s maintenance, you can finally make it happen in-game with a formal ceremony presided by 1 of 3 NPCs, complete with wedding gown and tuxedo, invitations, cake, and bubbly! It’s also a chance for the couple to hold a special ceremony with your friends and even your entire guild in an exclusive in-game venue. Celebrate your love!

Get Paired Up
So, how do you get married in Elsword? You and another player have to become a couple first (Characters must be opposite genders!). One of you needs to get the Couple Ring from the Item Mall for 500 K-Ching. This lets the bearer ask the player he or she desires to go steady, and once the couple request is accepted, you two are officially an Elsword Online couple. You can check your couple status under a new tab in the Community window.

Walk Down the Aisle
Ready to pop the big question? Then go shopping for a Wedding Package at the Item Mall! Choose according to your desired location between Ruben and Sander Wedding Halls. A wedding package includes a Wedding Ring, Wedding Hall item, and invitations. Here’s what you need to do next:
> Propose marriage
> Invite guests
> Wear the 30-day wedding clothes (Check the mail!)
> Go to the wedding hall with your partner and guests, and get married!

Wedding System Rewards!
Unless you already got a special someone you can be coupled with, it may not be so easy to get someone to agree. But once you do get coupled, the rewards and perks are pretty awesome. For instance, how does a weekly reward cube sound? Also, you get a couple’s skill called Extreme Heavenly Love, which recovers HP and MP for both partners.

And when you get married, you can even share a reward cube and some cake and bubbly consumables with your wedding guests! Then the couple’s skill becomes Lv. 2 and you get even more perks, such as the married couple-exclusive Summoning feature, and Wedding Anniversary Titles you can earn down the road.

Are you inspired to make your virtual relationship happy ever after? Get hitched in Elsword soon after the update, or at least try it out with the wedding system launch events tomorrow!

Valentine’s Day Event Dungeon
Helen’s husband is missing, but that does not stop her from making chocolate for him this Valentine’s Day. Help her by making a delivery in the event dungeon, Operation Valentine. Don’t worry—you sure can get your hands on some sweet treats, too. Check it out after the maintenance!

Skill Balance – FREE Full Skill Reset
A massive skill balance update is also included in this week’s patch. To mark the occasion, everyone gets a full skill reset for FREE!

Be sure to get back in the game early tomorrow for all these and more! Happy Valentine’s Day!
Community Announcements - CO Cuddles
Howdy Elpeeps,

Thank you all for entering the Yama Raja Caption Contest. The winners are:


Winners will recieve their 500 K-Ching on 2/14 PST Time. ;-)

~ Cuddles :-DDD

Howdy Elpeeps,

Caption this screenie of Yama Raja to be 1 of 3 winners to receive 500 K-Ching. Be sure to leave your in-game name in your post along with the caption quote.

Keep your entries clean!! No foul language! ;-)
Contest ends on 2/9 @ 11:59 PST. Good luck!

~Cuddles :-DDD

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