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Hiya adventurers! We’ve got another major update coming very soon, not tomorrow, but very soon (next week) and we’re thinking of pushing your heroes to their limits with this one. It’s not that hard. Seriously. Maybe? Oh don’t worry, we know you can overcome it and become the very best that no one ever was! The teaser event tomorrow will give you a sneak peek of sorts and we’re sure it’s going to be super easy for you guys. We also have a new field opening in Elysion called Judge’s Sanctuary so get ready to explore and fight harder enemies. We believe in your abilities, adventurers! And lastly, don’t forget to check out our amazing selection at the Item Mall because we know y’all want to ~

Special Game Update’s Teaser Event
We’ve got a few stuff going on as preparation for that special game update that’s guaranteed to push the limits of your heroes’ powers.
• When you complete the condition of one quest to get a ticket, you can use that ticket to exchange for cool character summons with cool skeelz!
• If you like puzzle pieces, then we have something similar when you collect the special game update’s fragments and then craft through Ariel to get a cool box with cool stuff inside!
• You’ll also notice two new skill slots. Why? For the Special Game Update, of course! But you can’t use them yet. The anticipation is slow murder isn’t it?

Elrios Schoolwear Event
Do you like school uniforms? If so, we’ve got an event just for you! You’ll get an abundance of school uniform pieces to mix and match, plus there’s a chance to turn them into permanent pieces!
• Easily get Attendance Cubes which yields either one or more Elrios School Uniform Collection Cubes, Schoolwear Combiners and a Summon Stone: Maru (15 Days) when you log-in for 10 mins for the week’s attendance check!
• The Attendance Stamp you get when you open Attendance Cubes can be exchanged with Ariel for helpful items.
• You can also get Elrios School Uniform Collection Cubes from dungeon monsters. Happy Hunting!

Item Mall Goodies

Take a seat on a hat big enough to fit not only your bunny but also three generations of bunnies in his family tree. With a flick of your wand, your bunny will start “performing” while you sit back and relax on your Great Magician’s Hat. You can finally complete your magician set tomorrow with this lovely sit motion!

Look like a total tough guy or gal when you cruise the lands of Elrios in this deadly-looking bike. There’s a reason why they call it Nightmare – Black Blood. Watch out for it tomorrow and get one or fifty!

That’s all for now ladies and gents~ Don’t forget to log-in tomorrow to check out the special pre-event!
See y’all in-game!
Community Announcements - GM Crow

Heya adventurers! We don’t know about you but we’re loving Diabla and Demonio so far. Those transformations! Lu is totally looking like a queen about to slay, and Ciel, well, he looks really cool when he’s about to go on a rampage. How are you liking the Demon Duo so far?

How do young people make their senpai notice them these days? Wearing something cute, acting all cutesy, and dancing? We’ve got the acting cutesy down but what if you don’t have anything cute to wear or you don’t know how to dance?! Will senpai never notice you now? Don’t worry fam we got you covered but you’ll find out how tomorrow! Meanwhile at the Item Mall, as usual, the place is full to bursting with fun and exciting stuff! Don’t forget to check it out tomorrow!

Item Mall Goodies

Senpai notice me! What could this costume that would turn senpai’s head to your direction be? Find out tomorrow! Dundun-DUN!

A Rose in disguise is a Rose that hides her thorns! They’ll never see the Empyrean Gunner coming while she’s dressed in her convincing Evil Tracer costume. Start collecting the set from Rose Ice Burners tomorrow!

You’ve cat to be kitten me! Luciel and Rose now get cat vision with Cat Eyes? Woah! Catch these purr-fect set of eyes when you check out the Item Mall tomorrow!

The greatest show on earth won’t be complete without the right accessories; you don’t want to disappoint magic-lovers do you? Complete your Magician’s attire with the Master of Tricks Accessories! Guaranteed to make a grand entrance!

That’s all for now folks!

See y’all in game!
Community Announcements - GM Crow

KOG Games, a leading developer and publisher of popular free-to-play action MMORPGs, today announces the launch of the 3rd Job Path Update for their spectacular demonically delightful dual-character, Luciel.

Lu, a demon princess bound and shackled, left to rot in her own kingdom by powerful usurpers hell-bent on taking the throne. Ciel, a street-level hitman with a gentle heart, finds an exhausted Lu, nurses her to health and pays for his kindness with his life… The mutinous usurpers spare no expense to destroy Lu and all she cares for. When all hope was thought lost, Lu and Ciel become one. What’s left of Lu’s infernal godlike power, stoked by Ciel’s ultimate sacrifice, bind the two eternally. Luciel, with unbridled rage and determination will stop at nothing to rend the seditious demon throng to its core.

Lu - Diabla
Ever since coming to Elrios, the onslaught of Demon Assassins seeking their lives was relentless. Beset on all sides by a surprise attack, without thinking, Lu thrusts herself into the path of an oncoming spear, meant for Ciel. As the spear impales Lu, her whole body convulses while being engulfed in a violent burst of overwhelmingly powerful demonic energy. Lu does not fall… she’s all too familiar with this… power. It is, was and always will be hers; the power she’d lost has been restored. She’s healed instantly while a massive, concussive explosion emanates from within, sending all attackers sprawling. With a single gesture, the Demon Assassins were obliterated.

Ciel - Demonio

With Lu’s powers being restored, the eternal bond between her and Ciel was changed. What initially felt like improved combat skill turned for the worse; the demonic power that now surges throughout his originally mortal form proved too powerful for his fragile body to handle. The power slowly consumed Ciel, transforming him into a full-fledged demon. Horns jutted from his skull and his hair turned shock white. A power unlike anything he could imagine took hold of what humanity and emotion he had left. In his mortal form, Ciel was a confidant and voice of reason for Lu. Now unchecked, the infernal will of unbridled demonic majesty will rain hell upon any who’ve slighted Luciel.

A first for the PC MMORPG Action game genre, Luciel is a dual character that allows players to swap out as they see fit. For the heavy-hitting, in your face brawl, use Lu. Mid-to-Long range demonic gun-blades your thing?... hit em down-range with Ciel! Throw your enemies a big curve ball and master the switch!

That’s not all. Luciel’s new Job Update brings with it a host of awesome in-game events, Items, Swag, Facebook contests and KOG Games Livestream goodies too.

Keep your eyes on the horizon! Come play Elsword, Play For Free… Play Your Manga!
Community Announcements - GM Crow
They’re here, they’re here! Luciel Diabla & Demonio is finally here! Well, almost, they’ll be here tomorrow but they’re technically here! There’s no need to put on your cult robes for this Dark Overlord and servant duo, just log-in to the game tomorrow and play to your heart’s content. Meet Lu in her true form before the enemies took her powers and was transformed into a child; and meet the less human Ciel as Lu’s Demonic energy slowly consumes his humanity. Dark stuff, but really good dark stuff. Don’t forget to also check out the Item Mall tomorrow for new and exciting things!

Diabla & Demonio Events
It’s Luciel’s time to shine as the Demon Duo finally gets to unleash their true forms and maybe take back the throne. We know you’re exciting to test out Diabla and Demonio so we’ve arranged events for that very purpose!
• If you happen to be a Luciel with no job, don’t be sad. Log-in for 5 minutes to get a [Cobo] Luciel’s Growth Cube once. And if you’re Diabla or Demonio, you’ll also get a [Cobo] Diabla Growth Cube and a [Cobo] Demonio Growth Cube for logging in for 5 minutes! Inside you’ll get +10 equipment!
• 10 minutes of log-in time will give you a Manic Demon Spirit Cube which contains, the accessories Awakened Demon’s Instinct (7 Days) and the [Cobo] Thriving Demon Form (7 Days).
• During the event, you can also level up Luciel faster with Level Up Support! The higher Luciel’s levels are, there higher the EXP boost will be! Also, dungeon all you can coz Luciel has unlimited Stamina, yo!

Diabla & Demonio Sweepstakes
If it’s real, tangible items you want, then it’s real, tangible items you’ll get (for the players in NA at least)! Play Diabla & Demonio from September 7 to September 13 for four hours, just four hours, to be able to qualify for the sweepstakes! Epic items await the winners!

Item Mall Goodies

Here’s a bang for your buck: Four costumes in one Ice Burner for Luciel when you use Luciel’s All-In-One Ice Burners. Get a chance to complete any one or all of the pieces of the featured costumes in the set! Watch out for it tomorrow!

Open your eyes and everybody who gazes at it will be mesmerized by the deep blue hue. Luciel gets a new customization! Watch out for Deep Blue Eyes tomorrow!

Step right up and be amazed… at how wonderfully adorable the Magician to Illusion costume looks on the El Search Party. Start making magic in this set tomorrow!

That’s all for now, folks and don’t forget to join us tomorrow to welcome Diabla & Demonio~

See y’all in game!
Community Announcements - GM Crow
Hello brave adventurers! Have you felt a disturbance in the lands of Elrios lately? It feels like a great power will be unleashed very soon. Whose it is? Our beloved Demon Duo may be preparing for something big. I won’t spoil but you’ll find out soon enough! Tomorrow, we have Ice Burners and other fun thangs at the Item Mall you might want to check out. Try them on for size when they come out! Go, go, go~!

Luciel 3rd Path Events
The Demon Duo still needs ample time to prepare for their great revelation but while they do that, help them get ready by joining the events!
• Prepare to be an enigma when you log-in for 10 and 20 mins to get both the Demon Eroded Equipment Cube and the Demon Eroded Costume Cube. Wear it, and everyone will be wondering if this is a foreshadowing. Heh.
• 60 minutes of hanging out and grinding with friends in Elrios will give you a Luciel… I miss you! Cube. Could the name of this cube mean something? We don’t know but you’ll find out when you get it!


You don’t have to dive into the deep to go on a magical whale ride. You can now get your very own Seta to ride anytime, anywhere! And have it charge towards your enemies to boot!

Rose will not be left behind when it comes to the latest Elrios fashion. She’s finally got a complete Bunny Girl Set to call her own! Complete with costume, skill cut-in and a pair of wonderful heart eyes! Check it out tomorrow, bruhs!

Send shivers down your enemies’ spine when they see you wearing the Glacial. They’ll be too frozen in their tracks from fear. Let your coldness rule! Get it from Glacial Ice Burners tomorrow! (Available for Elsword to Add only)

Show your enemies that the only entities they should fear are themselves – especially when you’re disguised as them with Evil Tracer 2. Let them know that you’re a better version of themselves tomorrow! (Available for Elsword to Add only)

Become a heavy metal fighter when Elsword and friends suit up in the latest Nasod Battle Suit MK-2 (Light) /MK-B (Dark). Gain the strength and speed of the Nasods tomorrow! (Available for Elsword to Add only)

That’s all for now folks~

See y’all in-game!
Community Announcements - GM Crow
Hey, hey adventurers! We have two major events going on this week! Can you guess what they are? Well you really won’t have to coz I’m just going to tell you, teehee. Let’s get right into it! Elysion opens to welcome player into its heavenly, majestic gates. And in here you will start a new journey towards that may lead to the El Lady. What’s that I hear? That, my friends, is the sound of the level cap being raised. Exciting isn’t it? To help you get to 99 faster, why don’t you explore Elysion’s two new dungeons?

Need more experience to level up? We’re going to have to introduce you to the new and improved Eltrion! It’s Phase 3 now and he’s stronger than ever. He also comes in a new a stunning black color probably to intimidate you more. Lastly, we have two new items at the Item Mall coming in tomorrow that will definitely pique your interest so watch out for it!

Elysion and Level Cap Increase
The Gates to Elysion have opened and with it, new challenges await. You have to get stronger take on new enemies and bring the El Search Party closer to the El Lady.
• If you’re level 85 and above, every level up will reward you with a [Cobo] Max Level Expansion Celebratory Cube (7 Days). How awesome is that? Super awesome!
• Visiting Elysion and clearing its new dungeons (Celestial Crossroads and Adrian’s Palace) guarantees equipment and accessories.
• Want a new set of jammies? Log-in daily on the weekdays and on the weekends to get a [Cobo] Dreamy Cube that contains 1 to 5 Fantasy Dusts depending on your luck. You can exchange these with Ariel to get a cozy pajama set.

Eltrion Phase
You’ve snuck in Eltrion’s chambers and tried to subdue the mighty giant while he recuperates but you failed. Now it’s your last chance to beat this steel behemoth, can you do it?
• Getting new Eltrion accessories is easy-peasy: just log-in for 30 mins and then check your mail, yo! You’ll get a Deviated Sky Guardian’s Accessory that contains Eltrion accessories like a mask, a pair of wings, and a tail.
• If you log-in daily for 30 minutes, you’ll get a Luriel’s Amnesia Ticket to conquer that raid one more time!
• When you clear the raid twice you’ll get an Eltrion MK2 Nasod Treasure Chest and an Eltrion Gateways Trophy from Ariel.


No one comes close to the Phantom of the Opera’s swag when wearing masks and acting all mysterious – that is, until now. Beat that phantom fashion back into the sewers with your Masquerade set. Flaunt your masks and your wings! Get it tomorrow!

Japan’s costume design winners finally get to showcase their proud work! Just check out all these unique designs for each characters! Watch out for these amazing designs tomorrow at the Item Mall!

Well, that’s it for now, folks.

See y’all in game!
Community Announcements - GM Crow
Heya adventurers! School is almost here for some of our players and for some of you it may have already started. Tell me dear players, is it yay or nay? Nevertheless, no matter what your feelings about school may be, Elsword and the gang is here to make it all better. There are no failing grades in this world *winkwink*. But remember, only when you work hard, can you play hard. That said, we got your back when it comes to playing hard. We’ve got tons of new content, new events and a never ending barrage of items from our favorite shopping place – the Item Mall. So don’t forget to check those out tomorrow!

Summer Harmony Festival
The Summer Harmony Festival continues with more fun in the sun activities! This is one last summer festivity before the summer ends so enjoy it!
• You will receive a 2nd Summer Harmony Festival Celebratory Swimsuit Exchange Ticket so you can exchange these to Ariel and get some very cute swimsuits.
• You can get all the permanent swimsuits you want when you collect Summer Harmony Festival Beach Wear Cloths! You can use these to craft your desired swimwear from Ariel’s list! So you can hoard all the cloth to make ALL the swimsuits you can dream of!

Side-Story Quests
Is a new game feature designed to get to know the people of Elrios better. Learn more about the new photographer NPC Adams through special quests designed to open up his story or you can also discover more about an existing NPC! Check your quest UIs and game menu tomorrow!


Who says sitting on teacups are for children 10 and below? Now your character can relish the joy of sitting on a stationary teacup without judgment. Get the all-new Teacup Splash sit motion tomorrow!

From the harsh training of military school in Empyrean, Rose now becomes a student at Elrios. There’s no doubt it’ll be a breeze for the Empyrean Gunner especially when wearing their comfortable Summer Star Academy uniform. Put Rose in a learning mood when you get her uniform tomorrow!

That’s all for now adventurers~

See y’all in game!
Community Announcements - GM Crow
Heya adventurers! How are you all on this fine day? Are you hydrated? Like really hydrated? If you aren’t make sure you bring at least 3 gallons of water with you ‘cause tomorrow’s update is hot and it’s going to be super lit! You know why? Lanox’s Secret Dungeon – Grand Cavern: The Source of Demonic Energy opens tomorrow! Invite your friends and take on this new dungeon to see how well you fair. You’ll also notice a few minor changes in Dungeon UI so be sure to read up on that too! Remember to check out the Item Mall for new items that’ll make you want to dance for joy! Or join a Kpop group. Just saying.

Lanox Secret Dungeon Events
You know what’s cool? Definitely not Lanox ‘cause that place is smokin’. Literally! Ba-dum-tss. Terrible joking aside, if you love a good challenge then you’ll definitely like Grand Cavern.
• Log-in to the game for 5 minutes and you’ll receive [Cobo] Lanox Secret Dungeon Equipment Cube (1 Day) and a [Cobo] Enhanced Lanox Secret Dungeon Equipment Cube (1 Day). Boom New Equipment!
• You’ll also get a [Cobo] Lanox Secret Dungeon Entry Device. An item that forcibly opens Lanox Secret Dungeon any day it’s not open. What better way to gain advantage over your enemies than the element of surprise? Come barging in, they won’t know what hit ‘em.
• Receive a [Cobo] Secret Dual Magic Stone Random Cube for the simple task of clearing Lanox Secret Dungeon once!
Like a true child of the earth, Rose has been blessed and clothed by Gaia to destroy Elrios’ baddies. Suit her up in the powerful Salvatore Gaia found in Rose Ice Burners. Out tomorrow!

Another fitting suit for Rose is the Police Uniform set. She’s ready to lock up the bad guys and throw away the keys. Get this righteous costume tomorrow!

Ara, Elesis, and Add are watching over the seas of Elrios. Dressed up in their Sailor outfits, our three heroes are ready to take down any marine menace that comes their way.

Time to bop up and down and spin all around in a costume inspired by award-winning Kpop sensation, GFRIEND. Get GFRIEND Dresses for the girls and GFRIEND Sailor Uniforms for the guys!

That’s all for now folks~
See y’all in-game~
Community Announcements - GM Crow
Hey, hey adventurers~! How’re y’all doing? Enjoying Rose and all of her paths? We’re sure you’re having the time of your lives. Guess what! Even though we’ve rolled out Rose’s paths, we still have a bunch of events and activities coming your way! Elrios will never run out of things to do, yo! We’ve got the Summer Harmony Festival for everyone, a new game feature for you to try out, a new pvp mode, and many more including new Item Mall thangs! So don’t forget to log-in tomorrow to find out what I’m talking about!

Summer Harmony Festival
Elrios celebrates the summer with swimsuits and ice creams! Our heroes are out in the sun and having so much fun!
• Summer means swimsuits and in Elrios we’re giving away 1 Day swimsuits to our heroes! Just log-in for 10 mins to receive a Summer Harmony Festival Celebratory Swimsuit Exchange Ticket to get one of two swimsuit types for each characters from Ariel.
• Get your free Summer Harmony Festival Ice Cream! And when we say free we mean it’s 0 ED. It’s time to hoard that ice-cold goodness!
• Every day during the festival, players will receive a Harmony Festival Buff that increases attacks, give +10% exp, and give discounts for repairs. How wonderful!
• During this time, rewards in Shelters, Henir’s Time and Space, Gate of Darkness and their relevant quests are doubled! So why dawdle when you can earn double?

New PVP Mode: Brawl
Challenge yourself in this new PVP mode where the objective is to use items provided in the map to defeat your opponents. It takes mad skills and crazy strategies to win this one!
• Win Brawl once to get 2 Luriel’s Extreme Megaphone (7 Days) and a Fight! Title.
• Win the Brawl 3 times to get even better rewards like Luriel’s Secret Potion, Elixir Random Cube to get a random boost potion or elixir and a [Cobo] Champion’s Coin which you can use to exchange with for usable items or accessories.

Elrios Studio
Admire the scenery, admire your characters, pose and take a shot! Release your creativity with the new Elrios Studio feature. Unlock new maps when you complete quests. Try it out tomorrow!

Phoru Card Event
The Phoru Card Event is back! Pick a Phoru Card from the mini-game at the Item Mall to exchange for fantastic rewards. But don’t get discouraged if you happen to pick a Banthus Card, they’re still very useful when you exchange them with Ariel! Checkout this simple Item Mall mini-game that’s returning tomorrow!


Rose is sight to behold! Dressed in her Wedding attire, she walks down the aisle sweetly but with a touch of danger. Don’t wait for her to be a runaway bride, grab hold of this hot item tomorrow!

Rose takes her obsession with Nasod technology to another level. Summoning them isn’t enough, now she wants to wear them. Give Rose what she wants, complete the Nasod Battle Suit set from Rose Ice Burners tomorrow!

That’s all for now, you lovely adventurers!

I’ll be seeing y’all in game~
Community Announcements - GM Crow
Heya adventurers! Brace yourself, many wonderful things are here! Metal Heart and Optimus included! At last, Rose’s last path arrives! Get ready to go all-out with guns blazing and robots marching to guarantee the destruction of those who oppose you! Muahaha!

Also, just so you guys know, the Heroic Dungeon Mode is here to stay. So for those players who are trying to be hardcore, just remember, you’re not hardcore, unless you live hardcore! And what’s more hardcore than this new dungeon mode? Nothing. That’s what. Unless you have a metal heart.

As always, there’s new stuff at the Item Mall that we know you’ll definitely love so don’t forget to check it out. If you don’t come to the Item Mall, the Item Mall will come to you.

Metal Heart & Optimus Events
Machines will rise and take over with Rose in charge! Defeat your enemies as you become the robot summoner, genius mechanic. Join the events to get more rewards!
• Get Luriel’s Ice Burners once on a weekday and once on a weekend for two weeks!
• You’ll get a Metal Heart: Destiny Cube and a First Job Change Promotion Cube if you’re a Rose character that’s level 14 and jobless! Inside these cubes are very helpful items to get you started as a Metal Heart!
• Prepare for Weekend Fevers throughout the event duration! You’ll get the 300% 3 hour boost the moment you log-in so there’s really no time to dilly-dally!

Heroic Dungeon Event
Dun-dun-DUN! Here’s a challenge coming your way. Are you prepared to take this dungeon mode on?
• If you’re level 80 and up, you’ll get Heroic Invitations daily on the weekday and double on the weekend so you can keep “visiting” the dungeon mode.
• Successfully finish the Heroic Dungeon to get rewards like the [Cobo] Heroic Dungeon Support Cube and the [Cobo] Hero – Savior’s Equipment Cube.


Elsword and the gang are serving tea to the baddies. No sugar. But more than two lumps. Dress them up in Classic Maid and Servant attire with matching accessories!

More beach wear for Rose! Give her a stunning summer look that’s sure to stun enemies and take their breath away! Watch out for Rose ELS Beach Wear!

Controlling the elements to gain power is no easy feat, but with the help of Miracle Alchemist, Rose becomes energized and can beat enemies easily! Start collecting the pieces of the set!

And that’s all fo—wait a minute! What is this? What on earth could this be? A Bunny? Well, cat lovers this is definitely not for you, that’s fo’ sho’. Want to know? Check this mystery item out the Item Mall!

Again, that’s all for now folks! Be sure to check out items and join the events.

See y’all in game~

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