Community Announcements - GM Crow
Hiya adventurers! The end is near! For Rose’s job paths at least. We’re rolling out her last job path next week and it’s going to be extremely exciting! We’re gonna keep our traps shut for now but the last job path has something to do with machines. That’s it, that’s all the hint we’re gonna give out for now. You just have to patiently wait for next week to arrive! And just so we can keep your mind off this update, we’ll distract you with new stuff from the Item Mall. So go check out some new Item Mall goodies. Go, go on!

NPC Vacation Event
Hey, our NPCS need a little R&R too especially in the summer! During this event, the NPCs will be giving away fun rewards for helping them out while they’re on vacation~!
• Just log-in and hang out wherever you please for 10 minutes or more to get an NPC Costume Cube and an NPC Skill Cut-in Random Cube! What could be inside? Well, you’ll have to wait to find out!
• Check out the Bulletin Board and get an NPC quest! Receive a Gift Pack after you’ve completed the quest!

Item Mall Goodies

Rose is an angel in the devil’s clothes. Literally! She may not have gone completely dark side but she wears the Archdevil’s threads for power. Complete your Archdevil set from Rose Ice Burners!

Now that you’ve got a complete beach party set with Sailor and Marine Beach Wear and Beach Chair, the time is right to start a beach party in the middle of the town square! Head on to the Item Mall tomorrow to get your own beach set!

That’s all for now, brave adventurers!

See y’all in game!
Community Announcements - GM Crow
Hiya adventurer! We know you know what’s up so we’re just gonna say it straight: Rose’s Valkyrie & Freyja paths come out tomorrow! Yes, we have a feeling that you’re all excited to try it out but what’s a few more hours of agonizing wait, right? We’re also starting phase 2 of Eltrion’s raid where you sneak into his chamber and you try to destroy him. Keyword: try. But you still get all the sweet loot! How did you get into the chamber? Magic! Probably.

Remember to check out what we have in store at the Item Mall for you lovely folks! It never runs out of things, it’s just a bottomless pit of goodies!

Valkyrie & Freyja Events
*cue Ride of the Valkyries* Judgement day is upon the wicked creatures of Elrios. Take heed or this Goddess of War incarnate will smite you! But if you’re not evil, then you can relax and join the wonderful events we have for you!
• Free Ice Burners! When you log-in once on a weekday and once on a weekend receive 1 and 2 Luriel’s Ice Burners respectively.
• If you’re a jobless Rose level 14 and below and roaming Elder Village then you will automatically receive Valkyrie: Destiny Cube (7 Days) and a First Job Change Promotion Cube to help you get started!
• Enjoy 3x EXP when you log-in on the weekends! The boost will last for three hours every day after log-in from Friday to Sunday so plan ahead!

Eltrion Phase 2 Events
Sneak into the Sky Guardian’s chambers and deal as much damage as you can before he regenerates but don’t forget to charge and recharge during the phase 2 event for more rewards!
• Fill up the Energy Supply gauge (found by clicking the button located above the menu buttons) Level 1, 2, and 3 by using Energy Supply Machine to receive awesome cubes containing useful items.
• You can also exchange Energy Machine Supplies to Ariel for 5 Luriel’s Complete Recovery Potions.


You’ve got the looks, but have you got the skill (cut-ins)? Complete your characters’ maid and butler looks with a matching skill cut-in for a more whimsical feel! Check out Classic Maid & Butler Skill Cut-In tomorrow!

Rose may not be comfortable wearing a frivolous get-up like the Royal Blood but it’s good to indulge the Empyrean Gunner once in a while. Watch out for this regal set from Rose Ice Burners.

Rose is still battle ready even when she’s about to sleep! Let Rose slumber in comfort in her new Lovely Night Pajama set! Get it from the Item Mall tomorrow!

That’s all for now brave adventurers!

See y’all in game!
Community Announcements - GM Crow
Hiya adventurers! Happy Belated 4th of July! How did you guys spend your Independence day? Did you spend some of it with Elsword and the gang? We know you had a blast! It was so nice seeing everyone at the Anime Expo! It was such a memorable day for everyone and we hope you had a great time interacting with us and the El Search Party. Even if some of you guys weren’t able to join (because of reasons, I presume), we hope you enjoyed our Social Media activities.

Rose’s third path is almost here. She’s preparing to smite the evil out of Elrios and ultimately the Empyrean lands for everlasting peace! Watch out for it! As always, there’s so much to look forward to this week in Elsword. Don’t forget to check out the Item Mall for the latest fashion pieces!

Come Get Your School Supplies!
The pen(cil) is mightier than the sword! And in Elrios the pencil is the sword, the staff, the gun, the bow, etc. Find out how you can get this cool weapon costume when you log-in to play!
• Log-in for 10 minutes to get [Cobo] Honor Student’s Pencil Costume Cube. Open the cube to get [Cobo] Honor Student’s Pencil Weapon.
• Clear dungeons within your level range two times and get Trace of Hard Studying which can be exchanged for a stronger, better [Cobo] Lucky Honor Student’s Pencil Weapon or 5 Mana Elixirs.

El Mission!
If you’re finding it harder to level up and you don’t feel like doing the grind, the El Mission is an easy way to level up!
• Complete 5 missions in each stage to level-up and receive awesome Mission Clear Boxes!


Rose is ready to clean the streets of Elrios with the Royal Maid outfit. She’ll get rid of the baddies and clean up their mess! Collect the pieces from Rose Ice Burner tomorrow!

The mighty falcon grants the Demon Duo powers to soar high! Watch as the majestic pair claw their way to victory! Get the Gold Falcon pieces from Luciel Ice Burners tomorrow!

Ara, Elesis, and Add are out and about in the summer as they get another beach look. It may be a 2010 design but classic looks are timeless! Watch out for the 2010 Summer Beach outfits tomorrow!

Step back in time when school uniforms are simple and, well, uniform. The minimalist design conforms to strict Elrios school rules for maximum studying advantage! Get the Retro Uniform Costume Suit package tomorrow at the Item Mall!

That’s what we have in store for this week. Don’t forget to log-in tomorrow, adventurers~

See y’all in game!
Community Announcements - GM Crow
Hey, hey adventurers! Are you psyched for Rose to head down a bloody path? We’re not sadists but we’re very excited to see Rose turn into a cold-hearted (not really) assassin. Her specialty is making her enemies bleed with her chain gun blade and that’s just one exciting thing to watch out for tomorrow! We’re pretty excited for a lot of things this week and we want you to be too! So we’re bringing in a bunch of items from the Item Mall so you could check it out and feel as excited as we are!

Anime Expo
Get ready to play your manga this July 1st to July 4th at the Los Angeles Convention Center! Anyone gearing up to go to this week's Anime Expo is welcome to join us at our lovely booth. Visit and interact with us and our awesome El Search Party cosplayers. Don't be shy, just say hi!

You’ll also get an exclusive Anime Expo title for your characters when you sign-up/check-in during AX! Awesome!

Canada Day & 4th of July
Happy Independence Day USA and Happy Canada Day, Canada! Elrios joins you in your celebration with a simple but awesome event!
• Get an Ariel’s Firecracker Cube from Ariel when you clear dungeon within your level range.
• Use your Firecrackers found inside Ariel’s Firecracker Cube 10 times to complete Ariel’s quest and you’ll get a permanent Firecracker Accessory as a reward!


It’s a timey-wimey, wibbly-wobbly set provided by Elrios’ very own Time and Space Lord, Henir. Get the Henir – Lord of Time and Space Ice Burner from standard Ice Burners tomorrow!

Rose is made even stronger by the sun’s power and obliterating everything in her path would be a walk in the park! Collect the pieces of her Salvatore Solace set tomorrow!

Ara the Exorcist, Elesis the Demon Hunter, and Add the Priest. Whodathunk? Well, they might just be roleplaying but they certainly hit harder than before! Check out their Fantasy Costumes when they come out tomorrow!

If you’ve always wished for a pet that never grows old, then we have something you’ll love! The Guardian Wolf Jr. will be a puppy for eternity but never underestimate what this little guy can do! And then we have the Guardian Wolf, perfect for people who don’t mind having a big strong wolf following them around. Check out these epic pets tomorrow!

And, we’ve got more stuff for Rose! Our Empyrean Gunner transforms into an alluring but very deadly looking Cheshire Cat with her Rose in Wonderland Costume. She also gets her very first skill cut-in for more exciting fight scenes!

That’s all for now, folks~

See y’all in game and don’t forget to join us in AX!
Community Announcements - GM Crow
Heya adventurers! How’s it going? How are you liking the Heavy Barrel and Storm Trooper so far? Are you enjoying Rose in all her explosive, nuking glory? We know we are! We’re sure you already know what path is coming next for our Empyrean Gunner, but for now, keep enjoying the Heavy Barrel and Storm Trooper because soon Rose will traverse a bloody path. It’s almost here!

Hear ye, hear ye! Calling all the skilled level 80 heroes of Elrios! If you’ve felt dungeon running has gotten a bit monotonous (especially for the max level peeps), then we’re upping the ante by giving you guys a new dungeon mode for an extra challenging run. Check out the game tomorrow to find out if you’re skilled enough to tackle it.

Artists! You only have until today to finalize your designs because the Dream of Halloween Design Contest ends tomorrow. Remember that entries submitted after the deadline will not be accepted. Goodluck~!


Control your sodium, friend! No need to be as salty as the sea when you lose your battles. Luciel’s Salvatore Denif will give the Demon Duo the power to face their enemies! Collect the set from Luciel Ice Burners!

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right? Rose totally agrees. Clothe Rose in death’s armor, Thanatos, for an even more menacing Empyrean Gunner. Complete the set from Rose Ice Burners!

If you’re ready for a broody night out, then this costume set is totally for you! The Gloomy Night Costume Package & Accessories Package is perfect for silent walks in the cemetery and picnics in a mausoleum! Watch out for this gloomy costume at the Item Mall!

Walk, walk, fashion, baby. Elsword and friends lead a double life as heroes in the morning and super models at night. Slay the competition with winning moves from the new Model Pose Motion! Available tomorrow at the Item Mall.

Watch out for these wonderful items and more tomorrow!

That’s all for now, folks! See y’all in game!
Community Announcements - GM Crow
Hiya, adventurers! If we had to make a guess, we think you already know what’s coming out tomorrow, right? Right? Right?! Well that’s just half of what we have in store for you guys and gals tomorrow! So what else could be happening tomorrow? Lots! But first, here’s a little reminder about the Dream of Halloween Design Contest; it ends next week. Yep, next week. How time flies when you’re trying to be creative. But keep calm, you still have a week to drain your brain of its creative juices and blow our minds with your designs.

As mentioned, many things will happen tomorrow so don’t forget to log-in to join the events. And there’s always new stuff at the Item Mall so don’t forget check ‘em out tomorrow!

Rose 1st Class Path Event
Get ready to burn and blow-up stuff like never before! If you like your characters like how Michael Bay likes his movies, then you’ll love Rose! Explosions, fire, and heavy machinery all around (lens flare not included)!
• When you’ve successfully transformed into Heavy Barrel or Storm Trooper, leveling up will give you an extra 50% exp so you could level up again! Neat!
• Get a Luriel’s Ice Burner Cube once on the weekday and once on the weekend for two weeks for a total of 4 Luriel’s Ice Burners for the duration of the event. Rose will get a Luriel’s El Search Party Officer Ice Burner while the rest will get a standard Luriel’s Ice Burner.

Enhancement Event!
If you ever felt like it takes you much longer to defeat enemies or they’re beginning to hit harder (muh HP!), you might want to look into enhancing your equipment.
• Log-in to the game for 10 minutes and get 2 Heavenly Blessed Weapons, 2 Heavenly Fluorite Ores, and a Heavenly Restoration Scroll to get you started!
• There will be a Secret Dungeon Equipment Exchange happening tomorrow so prepare your Secret Dungeon stuff to be upgraded!


Rose looking so dignified and official with the El Search Party Officer Set, yo. Collect this set through Rose Ice Burners tomorrow!

Rose is ready to join the gang for a Summer getaway! Dress her up in her Checkered Summer Look Costume and start having fun in the sun! Get the package tomorrow at the Item Mall!

Eyes eyes, baby! Rose gets a pair of Red Eyes for that menacing demeanor, and a pair of Chic Eyes for that dead pan look. The Demon Duo also gets a pair of Red Eyes that spells destruction to anyone who gets in their way! Check these customizations out tomorrow!

That’s all for now! Remember to check in tomorrow for rewards and new events!

See y’all in game, folks!
Community Announcements - GM Crow
Heya adventurers! How are you liking Rose so far? Are you enjoying her rapid moves and smooth gun-slinging feats? High five if you shouted a resounding yes to both! We are loving Rose and her Empyrean epicness as well. But of course it doesn’t stop there; prepare to have your minds blown (and everything in your general area too) because Rose is about to get more epic in the coming weeks. We guarantee that she'll start raising hell in peaceful Elrios – not that a little hell raising isn't already happening. A more powerful Rose is coming soon, but for now, enjoy the Empyrean Gunner as she is! We also have a lot of costumes for Rose and for other characters coming in tomorrow, so don’t forget to check the Item Mall out!


The temperature in Elrios is rising rapidly as Rose takes on a devilish form with the hot Ignition Caligo set. Collect the pieces from Rose Ice Burners tomorrow!

Dress Rose up as an Elite soldier with the Military Costume set. The only attire fitting for a heavy-hitting elite soldier such as herself. Watch for it tomorrow at the Item Mall!

Our three heroes, Ara, Elesis, and Add are beating the summer heat into submission by wearing comfortable clothing like the Summer Casual outfit.

As if the costumes were specifically made for them, the Demon Duo easily embrace the call of the dark with Dark Shadow and Pale Shadow costumes. Collect the set from Luciel Ice Burners.

That’s it for now brave adventures. Continue leveling up and mastering Rose!

See y’all in-game!
Community Announcements - GM Crow

Today is the day we launch Elsword’s newest character, Rose. An elite marksman, and soldier of the highest honor, Rose locks iron sights on those who’ve attempted to assassinate the Princess of the Empyrean City.

Empyrean law mandates that each female child take a test before her fifth birthday. Those who demonstrate exceptional talent are then entered into extensive, brutal training regimen of the highest order, preparing only a select few to join an elite division of the Guard called the Imperial Garden. Those who pass will adopt the name of a flower that abides the opulent Royal Garden itself. Except one… the title of “Rose”. Rose is the title reserved for she who serves the Princess directly. To watch over and protect all Empyrean Royalty from its enemies.

The prophecy of the Great Disaster has tarnished what would have otherwise been centuries of peace. Those who divine the harrowed shadows of the coming prophecy know that its breadth transcends time and space. A rift tears reality asunder as a demon reaches from the gaping temporal maw, striking Princess Erze. Upon rending life from the demons very form, or more appropriately… emptying an entire salvo of brass into its cranium, the Royal Family knows that there’s only one option: Send Rose to strike out against those responsible before the prophecy can be fully realized. With her smarmy Combat Navigator Zero in tow, Rose traces the source of the demons to the land of Elrios, and our journey begins.

Rose is a combat ace of the highest order, and she literally carries an entire loadout of small arms into battle. From muskets, revolvers and semi-auto pistols to plate armor popping hand cannons, Rose covers the breadth of in-your-face close quarters to long range tactical strikes with poise and dignity. Rose brings the all new ECP combat system to Elsword. ECP is a new system that enables Rose to switch between the four weapon types, utilizing a measured casting bar that upon exhausting, triggers her damage boosting Over Strike mode.

Lock and Load!
Play For Free!
Play Your Manga!
Community Announcements - GM Crow
Hiya, adventurers! After much time travelling between dimensions, Rose is so close you can smell her! If you don’t already know, June is the month of roses which is why we thought that it was the perfect month to bring Rose to the game. Don’t let her sweet name fool you, Rose is one tough gunslinger and will blow you to pieces if you cross her! You can change her guns anytime and each one has a different effect on enemies.

If you want to get a sneak peek into Rose, then the GMs have you covered! Be sure to join the GMs today on the Livestream at 4PM PDT for your exclusive Rose Sneak Peek, you won’t want to miss this!

Also, New and Returning Players Rewards have been updated. We will have pets, mounts, and titles for them starting tomorrow so go wake your homies up and tell them to start playing! At the Item Mall, we’re starting to stock up on costumes and accessories for Rose so don’t forget to check those out tomorrow!

Rose Launch
Play as Rose, the rootin' tootin' gunslinger girl from another dimension with an impressive arsenal. Get Rose-exclusive quests and rewards to get her started!
• Once Rose reaches level 10 and up she’ll receive a Secret Tome of Growth which, when used, can help you gain one level or more depending on the accumulated experience.
• Level up until 40 and you’ll get a +10 weapon for Rose for every 10 levels she reaches.
• Clear a dungeon with Rose two times to receive Traces of Battle which you can use to get an Archangel Full Set (1 Day) or Archangel Ice Burners and Standard Ice Burners.
• Players who have Rose in their parties for dungeon or are playing as Rose in dungeons will get effects and will occasionally receive help from Empyrean forces.

Ariel’s Bingo
We’re also bringing back Ariel’s Bingo with an extra layer of rewards. Now’s your chance to test your luck—shop at the Item Mall to get points to play. You might even complete the Summer Star Academy costume!


Rose gets the Item Mall spotlight this week as we release the Oriental Mini Dress tomorrow! She’s ready to go for a walk in the park and then shoot some baddies on the way! Versatility!

In the dictionary, Empyrean means Heaven. Rose is literally sent from heaven! What’s a better clothing option for someone who’s a warrior of heaven than an Archangel costume you can get from Ice Burners? Nothing, that’s what.

This may not be the Iron Throne, this may not even be a throne at all, but it’s more useful since the Chair of Dekal can actually help you destroy your enemies! Get this useful chair when it comes out tomorrow!

Well that’s all for now, adventurers. Prepare for a horde of Roses tomorrow!
See y’all in-game~
Community Announcements - GM Crow
Hiya adventurers! Summer is almost here and man, oh man better prepare for that scorching summer heat! Start hording all the sunblock and get drenched in all that SPF goodness! We’ve got lots of stuff for you to do and even more stuff for you to buy at the Item Mall. Resistance is futile at the Item Mall and you know it.

Rose Name Reservations
Y’all know that Rose is just around the corner, but travelling from another dimension is no walk in the park so you’ll need to be a bit more patient. That said, you can already reserve names for your Rose characters when you log-in at 12:00am PDT later tonight (May 25th). So if you don’t want to be a “R0se1234” by the time she rolls out, we suggest thinking of creative names right now!

Costume Design Contest
This is your chance to design costumes, mounts, pets, and accessories worthy to be worn by the heroes of Elrios! Show off your creative talent and get a chance to have your creation featured on Halloween. Find out more from the website tomorrow when we release more details!


Holy horn on a unicorn, Batman! Lu and Ciel are unicorns! They may not be the wish granting type but they will beat up your enemies for you. Collect the Holy Unicorn set via Ice Burners at the Item Mall tomorrow and live the majestic unicorn life!

Viva la Industrial Revolution! Elsword and the gang are warriors powered by machine and steam ready to explore Elrios. Dress up in Steampunk Fever found nowhere else but the Item Mall! Coming tomorrow!

That’s all for now, folks!

See y’all in-game!

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