Community Announcements - GM Crow

Heya adventurers, what’s cookin’? We’ve got something special coming out next week, I’m sure you already have your ideas about what that might be but we’ll just keep mum until that day *wink wink*. Let’s get right to it, shall we? This week, we have the Rocket Attendance Event happening tomorrow. If its new, permanent costumes and usable items you want, then you better join this very straightforward event when it comes out. The rewards are ready for the taking tomorrow! The Item Mall has new stuff coming out tomorrow, as well! Cool costumes, epic mounts, and – well just go crazy when these items arrive tomorrow.

Rocket Attendance Event
If you want a new permanent costume that’s totally free and a number of usable items for your characters, let us take your hand and let’s get ready for lift off!
  • Get Rocket Coins from doing a series of events every day. If you can’t do it on your own, party up and see those sweet, golden coins flowing in!
  • Once you have enough Rocket Coins you can complete the Attendance Quest every day for a total 9 days! And what do you get for completing? A complete Bad Guys Costume Set, Dual Magic Stones, Twisted Sage’s Magic Stones, and a Phoru’s Pawprint Gift Set! Remember, the costume parts are given at different days and require different amounts of Rocket Coins to get.
  • If you have completed all the quests for this event and you still have some coins lying around, exchange them to Ariel for useful things!

Item Mall Goodies
Equip Ain with the best Nasod technology money can buy! With the Nasod Battle Suit found in new Ain Ice Burners, this angel becomes battle ready! Collect the pieces tomorrow!

This new mount straight out of an ancient oriental lore will take you on the ride of your life! Rakshasa becomes available for our heroes tomorrow!

“I say, good sir, would you care for a duel?” “I certainly would! But not while wearing those rags my good man!” Duel in style in this one-piece costume suit with great hair and a mighty cape to boot! Dress your heroes in the Noble Duelist attire and take some time to d-d-d-d-duel!

That’s all for now folks~
See y’all in game!

Community Announcements - GM Crow

Heya adventurers! Having fun in the new Elysion dungeons? Have you unlocked the major story lines yet? If you haven’t, then keep at it. It’s really good! For this week’s update, we have Ain’s Arme Thaumaturgy’s Transcendence. Yes, it’s finally out! The group’s angel is slowly becoming God-like as the days go by. They all grow up so fast! Another new thing coming in this week, is the Bethtera dungeon for players level 35 to 70. It’s a combination of Bethma and Altera that’s guaranteed to keep your adrenaline pumping and will definitely help you level up faster.

Does your character just want to relax and soothe their troubles away after a grueling day's work hacking and slashing enemies? Never fear, because we heard your plea! The Lanox and Ruben Hot Springs are back and this time for good! Both hot springs have added a bunch of useful and fun features to make your relaxation session worry free. Play rock-paper-scissors with the NPCs while you're at it! There’s also the Pet Feeding System Revamp and Security Pin Reward Revamp rolling out tomorrow. And as always, we have a never-ending supply of new items coming in at the Item Mall every week and tomorrow is no exception. More items for Ain but that doesn’t mean the others won’t get some love. Go check ‘em out tomorrow!

Ain 1st Transcendence Event
Ain crosses the threshold and Transcends but the rewards aren’t for Ain alone. Everyone gets a reward too!
  • A 10-minute log-in on any character will reward the player with a Symbol of Transcendence (7 Days). Now, they too can have a Transcendence accessory again!
  • Ain characters who Transcend will be given an exclusive Symbol of Transcendence for Ain! It’s permanent too so if you want it, you gotta make Ain Transcend, yo!
Bethtera Dungeon Event
When players level 35 to 70 log-in for 10 minutes, they will be given a Bethtera Army Assembly Order that will allow them to enter the new Bethtera dungeon! You don’t even have to do anything while you wait for your pass!

Item Mall Goodies
Give Ain the ultimate welcome attire with his very own El Search Party Officer uniform. Now he’ll truly belong with the El Gang! #squadgoals

These epic overalls for Ain makes all the racecars’ engines purr. Dress him up in Ain ELS-N1 Grandprix Engineer costume suit and start living the fast life tomorrow!

The eyes are considered windows to the soul but sometimes you gotta change it up because eyes can get boring. Give Ain the option to put a little oomph in his look with Odd Eyes and Star Eyes. We guarantee you won’t get tired of staring.

The El Gang can finally complete the ultimate whimsical winter wear with accessories you can wear all year. Frost Pixie Accessories are coming out tomorrow to add the final touches to your Frost Pixie set!

That’s all for now, folks. Start Transcending Ain tomorrow!

See y’all in-game!
Community Announcements - GM Crow

Heya adventurers! Happy New Year! How were your New Year celebrations? I hope you all saw a lot of awesome fireworks. Did you have fun during our New Year’s events and the rest of Ain’s events? We hope so coz I sure did! We’re revealing something major at the start of the year in terms of the game storyline. It’s a bit heavy but at the same time very riveting. This will all be revealed tomorrow when Solace’s Fortress and the Halted Sun’s Memory Dungeons open. And as always, we have awesome stuff and things coming in tomorrow at the Item Mall. If you wanna upgrade your wardrobe like I did, you might want to take a gander at our newest selections~

Elysion Dungeon 6 & 7 Events
With the new dungeons coming out tomorrow, you bet your sweet behind that there’ll be events and free stuff!
  • Accessorize like the newest Dungeon boss with fierce Solace Boss Accessories when you log-in for 10 minutes or when you defeat Solace in Solace’s Fortress five times!
  • Clearing the Halted Sun’s Memory once, twice, and three times will give you an awesome accessory each time! So, keep on going until you complete ‘em all!
  • Complete Ariel’s quests (Clear any Elysion dungeons 3 times, including Atlas region) 3 times and get a random Elysion title!

Jackpot Ice Burners (Archpriest)
You know what the best deal is? When you spend on something that’s really cheap but it gives double rewards or triple or even 100x! With the Jackpot Archpriest Ice Burners, you have a chance to get 100 Archpriest Ice Burners (Ain included) for the same price as a normal IB! Try your luck out tomorrow!

Item Mall Goodies
Forgive thine enemies for they have wronged thee… Not on your watch! Our heroes are ruthless beings when it comes to the evil that plagues Elrios even while equipped with the Dark Priest attire. No mercy for creatures of the dark. Get this awesome costume suit tomorrow!

Sit down, relax, and let the Frozen Tree’s ice-cold branches chill your behinds. It’s the perfect sit motion to go with your Frost Pixie attire too! Compliment that look when it comes out tomorrow!

That’s all for now folks!
See y’all in-game!
Community Announcements - GM Crow

Hey adventurers! So how about that new guy Ain, huh? He’s a really cool addition to the El Search Party, don’t you think? Silver hair, alluring smile, and god-like powers, what more can you ask for? And that’s not even his final form yet! This week we have a few events that I know some people are eagerly waiting for. We have an event that will make you stronger and better in preparation for the coming year and another one that’s made for some good ol’ laughs and you get free stuff coz we love giving away free stuff. We also have cool thangs and events for Ain and a beautiful winter costume for all so don’t forget to check everything out tomorrow!

New Year’s Event
If you’re the kind of person who wants to spend the New Year slaying giant birds that appear randomly in dungeons and you also happen to like collecting feathers, then we’ve got a thing for you!
  • Get Ruchi’s Feathers numbered from 0 to 9 when you slay Enormous Ruchis inside dungeons.
  • Love Fried Chicken? We do too! That’s why when you use (right-click) any of Ruchi’s Feathers you’ll be given 5 Fried Chicken for your consumption! And who doesn’t love fried chicken?
  • Collecting the right combination of Ruchi’s Feathers will complete a quest that gives your character a cute Doki-Doki 2017 hair accessory!
  • And if you want to dress up as a Ruchi for some reason, then a 10-minute connection will give you a 7-Day Giant Ruchi costume. If you want this bird suit as a permanent addition to your collection, then an easy task of slaying 50 Giant Ruchis is what you need to do.

Winter Enhancement Event
Hit more and be able to take more (hits) with stronger, more reliant, and better equipment at the start of the year. How do you achieve this grueling feat? Worry not, coz we got your back!
  • If you want a little something (and by little we mean a lot) to help you get started on enhancing, log-in for at least 10 to 30 minutes to receive a Moonlight El’s Hammer, [Cobo] Blessed Fluorite Ore, and a [Cobo] Blessed Restoration Scroll.
  • When you enhance your equipment during the event, your attempts will be rewarded! Enhancing up to 100 times will give you three useful rewards. The final reward for enhancing attempt number 100 is a lovely Legendary Moon Rabbit (Sunglasses) Costume Suit.
  • Reaching 30 mins of log-in time will also reward you with a Moonlight Enhancement Equipment Cube which can help you get Magic Amulets for your weapons and armors!

Item Mall Goodies
Does your Ain’s moral compass point true North or is he a bit of a devil? Dress your Ain up in Archangel and Archdevil pieces from Ice Burners tomorrow and he can both good and bad!

Was that a cold breeze that entered or was it you? Bring the chill everywhere you go with a cute and whimsical costume like Frost Pixie. You’ll never run out of chill with this on! Get it tomorrow!

That’s all for now folks!
See y’all in-game~
Community Announcements - GM Crow
KOG Games today announces the launch of Elsword’s newest character, Ain.

For the first time in KOG history, a character is being launched within a week of his launch on the home server in Korea.
Basically, Ain is completely unknown and he’s shaking things up around the world!

Eons back, Ain was sent by the Goddess to descend upon Elrios and the Tree of El. War between the denizens of Elrios was in full swing; prompting the great explosion. This explosion tore through the veil of existence in its entirety, sending Ain reeling through time. Present Day: Standing before the El Search party, Ain introduces himself as a priest serving the Goddess, an angelic figure of uncertain power and an unknown motive. The strikingly attractive and enigmatic character with a purpose and presence that transcends time.

Ain is an unorthodox caster class. Once in-game, it’s apparent that he practices magic on a different level that Elsword players have ever experienced before. His weapon is a pendulum, and he enters the fray by summoning and projecting ethereal weapons from the God's Realm.
He doesn’t need to keep enemies at bay with his magic. Instead, Ain keeps his opponents right where he wants them, and that’s wherever he decides they need to be. Ain is all about controlling his opponent’s position by restricting their options.

Ain has an all new, special system which allows him to change his attack method with two completely different modes:

- Cycle Mode allows Ain to access to his skills faster by lowering the cooldown and MP cost of all his skills. Additionally, it also endows Ain with the ability to repeatedly dash through the air, at lightning speed, and break out of enemy combos at half the cost.

- Creation Mode enhances all of Ain’s combos and commands. This gives him the ability to deal immense damage by infusing his attacks with heavenly firepower.

To summarize, Cycle Mode is all about utility while Creation Mode is all about dishing out damage.

As well, Ain will be receiving his first Job Line; a first for an Elsword character launch. Players will not only be able to enjoy a new character, they get to fully experience and play through one of 3 paths to Ain’s end game.

A heavenly amount a great events and prizes will be hosted in-game and on Elsword’s official FB page and Forums. As well, the amazingly talented composer Maks_SF is lending his gift of music to Elsword as he brings the angelic Ain to life in this new video – Watch:

Come play Ain. Play Elsword. Play your Manga.
Community Announcements - GM Crow

Heya adventurers, so how about that fun pre-creation event last week? Fun, right? I hope you all got to choose the perfect names for your angel because he’s finally here! Errr… tomorrow! You’ve seen him in action during our livestreams but you can finally test him out for yourselves! Are you excited? You should be because he offers a totally different experience than what we’ve seen from the rest of El Search Party so far, so you better look forward to that!

We’ve got a lot of events rolling out tomorrow to fill up your vacation days with Elsword fun! And these events wouldn’t be extra fun without the sweet rewards you can get after. And as always, the Item Mall is brimming with X-Mas goodies that you’ll want to get your hands on! They also have stuff for Ain so you can start dressing him up in the latest Elrios fashion! Watch out for those and more tomorrow!

Ain Launch Events
Ain greets the players with a plethora of activities and rewards. You’ll be a very blessed player the moment you start a game with our new hero, so let’s get to it!
  • Remember last week when you pre-created Ain? Not only do you have dibs on the name of your choice but you also get an awesome reward for Ain! You’ll receive the Thank You for Creating Ain ♥ cube which contains costumes, accessories, and very useful items.
  • Players of Ain in different level brackets (10 and up, 40 and up, and 70 and up) will each get a unique accessory (dependent on level bracket) when they log-in for 10 minutes or more. Want to get ‘em all? Then start the grind to 70!
  • And how would you get to level 70 in such a short time? Fret not weary player we’ve got a Fever event that automatically activates when you log-in! Don’t miss this opportunity to level up!
Christmas Dungeon
Take down those pesky Phorus who planned to steal your presents! This fun, new Christmas dungeon will be your new favorite dungeon this Christmas, or it might be one of those that could destroy friendships. Hmmm…either way, play to find out!

Winter Bingo!
If you’re one of those people who becomes extra lucky during the Holiday Seasons, then this is a thing you don’t want to miss! Every 100 K-Ching you spend gives you a Bingo Coin! You can also get 1 coin every week on the weekend and the weekdays just by logging in for 10 minutes! You’ll have a chance to get rare costume pieces when you successfully complete it!

Ain Sweepstakes
Want to win more stuff? You’ll be automatically entered at the sweepstakes just by playing as Ain for three hours! You’ll have a chance to win epic IRL stuff (US & Canada only) or K-Ching (for everyone) when you do!

Item Mall Goodies

What’s the best costume to put on Ain? A priest costume of course! And the new Archpriest Ice Burner made specifically for this divine being is the perfect fit! Complete the pieces tomorrow!

Just hear those sleigh bells jingle~ on your neck~ Then match it with a classy Christmas attire and whimsical reindeer horns. The Christmas Santa Costume is the perfect Holiday attire for our heroes!

That’s all for now folks~
See y’all in-game!

Community Announcements - GM Crow

Heya adventurers! Remember that silver-haired guy? Who knew he was so important to the El Search Party that he became a member! Just goes to show that you too can become a member if you have silver-hair, are good-looking, and an angel sent by a Goddess! Believe in yourself, adventurer! We have all manners of Christmas-y stuff for you at the Item Mall to get you in a jollier mood, so don’t forget to check that out tomorrow!

Ain Pre-Creation Event
He may not be all here yet, but you can reserve a name for your new angel to avoid becoming Ain12345 (unless that’s the name you really want, then I say go for it!) when he’s finally released! You even get rewarded for it! Totally awesome!
  • If you want to make your hits extra special, to really feel that critical damage on your enemies, then we have new Damage Skins that will do the trick! You can easily get these by logging-in. How simple is that?!
  • You can also exchange the Damage Skins (Damage Custom A, Damage Critical A) you got from logging-in for a different set of Damage Skins (Damage Custom B, Damage Critical B)! Just go to Ariel and exchange them and if you decided you want your original ones, you can exchange them again!
  • Create your Ain when the Character Select Screen prompts you to, and you’ll be given the Thank You for Creating Ain ♥ Cube which contains permanent costumes and accessories for Ain (which you’ll get when he’s here)!

Item Mall Goodies

This little Christmas Fairy will bring you good cheer all year, but don’t underestimate her cute and smiley demeanor. She packs a mighty (probably) peppermint-flavored punch for when your enemies become thirsty! Adopt Fairy Merheem tomorrow!

It’s truly a nightmare before Christmas when you visit your enemies wearing this ominous set and announce their impending doom. But remember, it’s not about the Christmas vibe, it’s about sending a message. Dress your heroes in Fairy/Messenger of the Dark Clouds tomorrow!

Our heroes Luciel and Rose are getting ready for school early! They’re gearing up to become top performers in their crisp, new Star Academy Uniforms. Now that’s dedication! Don’t you let them fail, get it tomorrow!

That’s all for now friends~

See y’all in-game!
Community Announcements - GM Crow

Heya adventurers! How are you all doing? Did you guys happen to notice that smiley silver-haired guy? Who in the world is he? I seriously have no idea. Probably a passerby. Anyway, we have a bunch of little updates coming in tomorrow! These will improve not only the aesthetics of your game but also your experience in playing them. Alongside the bite-sized updates are the fairly medium sized updates that balances and enhances your skills. You’ll notice these improvements when you log-in to play tomorrow! And since it’s almost Christmas, we’re slowly rolling out Christmas goodies in the Item Mall to spread some good ol’ holiday cheer! But we still have some non-holiday stuff if that ain’t yo thang! Check it out when it comes out tomorrow!

Elrios Play Together!
We know our players are nice people who are always willing to lend a helping hand. With this new event, players needing help and players willing to help will get rewarded for working together! Unity!
  • Players level 10 to 70 will automatically get titles that boosts their dungeon stats when they log in!
  • Completing the conditions of the Play Together quests will reward players with Play Together! tickets which they can use to exchange for useful items through Ariel.
  • And once a week for two weeks and two weekends, you will be given Elrios Harmony tickets. You can use these, together with Play Together tickets, to craft either a Magic Amulet Cube, Random Mount Cube, Random Pet Cube, or a Twisted Sage’s Magic Stone Cube.
  • And don’t forget, when you log-in on the weekends (for two weekends), Weekend Fever will activate for whole 3 hours! So, don’t miss it!

Attribute Revamp
The attribute system has been revamped to make for some smooth gaming. It’s best to check it out for yourself by logging in today!
  • On the weekdays and the weekends for two weeks, you will get 100 El Shard (Mystery). That was not a typo, you really get one hundred pieces of El Shard (Mystery) just by logging in for 4 minutes! Totally amazeballs!

Item Mall Goodies

Enemy sins will not be forgiven easily even when they bow down and repent in front of our heroes while wearing the magnificent Archpriest set. Complete the pieces tomorrow from Ice Burners!

Christmas is around the corner and we’re getting you ready for it with the most joyous Yuletide blings and things we can think off! Complete your holly-jolly look with the Snowglobe sit-motion and X-Mas the Blessing of the Starry Night Fairy accessory. Get ‘em both tomorrow!

That’s all for now folks~
See y’all in game!
Community Announcements - GM Crow

A new character joins Elsword soon.
Community Announcements - GM Crow

Heya adventurers! How are you all doing? How was your Thanksgiving? Did you get to hoard all the awesome things from our Black Friday Sale? If you missed our biggest sale for the year, well, there’s always next year so prepare for that! Thanksgiving may be over but most of our events aren’t! Remember, when joining our Attendance Event, you’ll get rewards like costumes (like our very adorable Elrios Chick Costume Suit), mounts, and pets for logging-in every day and doing the required tasks. Easy! And for the dungeon runners, double dungeon rewards event is still on-going so you can collect your materials fairly quickly. Also, if you have not logged in to Elsword for a month or more, now’s your chance to do so! You can get costumes, pets, usable items, and awesome equipment for your character for returning to Elrios to help defeat the baddies!

Oh! And we have a GM Livestream you should totally watch out for on Friday!

For the El Search Party, Christmas comes early in Elrios with a cute item from the Item Mall. Prepare to be dazzled and come check it out tomorrow!

Item Mall Goodies

Start the holiday season early with a yuletide costume that looks totally jolly but incredibly deadly! XMAS Fairy of the Holy Night will be your favorite Holiday costume this season! Watch out for this pretty thing tomorrow!

That’s all for now folks~

See y’all in game and don’t forget to log-in to receive your rewards!

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