Community Announcements - GM Crow
I hope you guys had a wonderful weekend full of adventures on Elrios. A quick update for new ItemMall goodies! ;-)

Ara’s Evil Tracer

A sinister new look for the Nine Tailed Fox! Ara looks super fierce in her new Dark Nephilim costume from Ice Burners!

Sweet Barista Costumes

The Elgang is serving up fresh brews of coffee in Elrios! These new costumes will sweeten and brighten up anyone’s morning. The French macaroon Eve drones look super cute!

Community Announcements - GM Crow
Hi-ya, Elpeeps! As many of you may have heard, KOG Games’ Grand Chase service will be closing soon. This is sad news for us and especially for the many players and fans of the well-loved forerunner of Elsword Online. In light of this, we also have some pretty big news. Starting tomorrow, we’re having a wonderful in-game event to welcome Grand Chasers who played in KOG Games’ NA server, so that they may find a fitting new home in Elrios. :-)

How do you, true-blue Elpeeps, figure in this? Well, you can be part of the welcoming committee. And of course, you get free goodies, too! Right off the bat, you get a Welcome Grand Chase title to help the cause. You also get to earn Link Up Coins that you can collect and exchange for awesome items—find out by visiting our special guest GC NPC, Rita. You might even get to craft free pets, full costume sets, a Skill Slot Change Medal, Ice Burners, Fossil Readers, and more. Sound good? Get in the game starting tomorrow for your chance at some of the most mind-blowing rewards!

Item Mall Goodies

Your standard Ice Burner system gets a new costume set. Glacial thaws out and makes way for Hamel Navy Officer. Awesome costume for sailing off to a sunshiny destination!

While there will be a special Cobo event for sampling a new service, the Nasod Welding Costume Suit and Accessories will be available at the Item Mall. Do these look familiar?  Tip: You can craft these, too!

Finally, are you missing some parts of old Ice Burner sets, particularly Archangel or El Search Party Officer? Good news! These legendary costumes return by way of Cobo Costume Boxes. These work in a similar fashion to Ice Burners, but even better—there’s a costume box version for each character, so any costume piece that comes out will be for the character you picked. Isn’t it great?!

*Pieces received from these boxes cannot be traded*

Community Announcements - GM Crow
Hi-ya, Elpeeps! Have you joined our Lunar New Year events yet, or job-changed Elesis to Crimson Avenger? You have some time to get busy on those while we’re still cooking up patch stuff for the next few weeks. Meanwhile, let us tell you about all the sparkling-new goodies arriving in the Item Mall after midnight!

Add’s Ice Burner featuring Velder Imperial Guard
Here’s the Twisted Tracer’s chance to dress up like a veritable protector of Velder Kingdom. Collect all pieces of Add’s Velder Imperial Guard outfit from his exclusive Ice Burners. Available for 2 weeks only!

Dr. Add and Nurse Elesis
Were you scared of the doctor’s office when you were a little kid? I know I was, and it was because of one thing: the shots! With these new costumes arriving for Add and Elesis, if you were or still are afraid of getting vaccinated, no one would be able to tell. Ha! Try them on tomorrow!

Fuzzy Wool Accessories
Finally, a new collection of accessories arrives in time for your Year of the Sheep kick-off party. You know this is gonna be an awesome Lunar New Year when you can keep warm with such cute Fuzzy Wool gear. Get these at the Item Mall!

See y’all in-game!
Community Announcements - GM Crow
What would you do if all of your comrades were lost in battle? Would you stop at nothing to avenge them? The Dark Knight ascends to greater powers fueled by Vengeance as the Crimson Avenger!!

The Story
Being ambushed by Demons and hardly being able to defend herself, Elesis loses all of the knights that have fought at her side in Fieta. She is able to survive by absorbing energy from the Dark El confiscated by Amethyst, but unfortunately she loses some her sanity. Despite the haze that looms in her mind, one thing is absolutely clear… She will stop at nothing to get her Vengeance. Demons beware…

Dark Knight’s Features
• New Hyperactive Fate Smash!
• New skills to combine with the Blood Hit System.
• Instead of Elesis’ usual Red Eyes, they are now Amber colored.
• Newer even MOAR smexier costume… ;-)

The Moves and Gameplay

Some of you may still be new to the Dark Knights Path and Crimson Avenger, so here is a recap on the Blood Hit System: When HP is above 20% her special actives take 20% of her HP and deal 40% more damage. When she is below 20%, Blood Hit has no HP requirements. This still applies to CA’s new skills and combos.

>>Z X (X) Hold combo is CA’s most powerful combo. That extension deals massive damage, opponents are paralyzed and cannot Mana break or escape and each and every hit can activate elements or any on-hit effect in general.

Passives Skills although not as flashy as Actives or Special Actives are super important. For the PvP enthusiasts Condemnation is a passive that makes comboing an CA up close incredibly undesirable as she is able to break out of combos and deal great damage all at the same time.

Eve isn’t the only one with the power of the Fist… Assault Strike can prevent opponents from Mana breaking in PvP, by using this skill along with CA’s >>Z XX combo extension you can render opponents helpless and no options to escape. >:-D

An impressive way to slay your enemies… Destroy them all with the New Hyperactive Fate Smash! Elesis charges up and slices the entire map with Dark Energy. *.*

Item Mall Goodies

Lunar New Year’s is coming up! Check out the new Shiny Qipao Costume Suit!

Channel your inner DOVAHKIIN! Hue… Fly around Elrios with the new Ascalon!!

Community Announcements - GM Crow
Hi-ya, Elpeeps! We are now halfway through the Masters of Darkness series, and you all know what’s up next week. It’s the height of evolution for the Dark Knight!

Elesis will soon be able to rise up to her 2nd Job in the third path, and the red lady certainly will show all of Elrios just how she exacts cold-blooded vengeance. In a schmexy outfit, to boot! Be ready when the Crimson Avenger arrives in a few days.

Item Mall Goodies and then some…

For now, let’s focus on new stuff coming in tomorrow! First up, Elesis and Add get to wear their own versions of the utterly cute Patisserie costumes.

What’s more, this outfit theme plays a sweet part in new in-game events in anticipation of Valentine’s Day. Don’t fret about not having a special someone to celebrate heart’s day with in Elsword Online, because everyone here gets to make cake and eat it, too! Well, maybe not really eat it, but you know what I mean. :D Also, watch out for the special discount on the permanent Patisserie costume package—Hint: do the quests!

And in the spirit of love and togetherness, Wedding costume packages will be back on sale!

Yet another heart-melting costume collection waits for its turn in the spotlight. It’s an assortment of refined outfits inspired by classical ballet performances. Get the costume package, mm’kay?

Finally, the last 2 pieces of the Glacial outfit—Crown and Wings—debut in standard Ice Burners, so you may be able to complete the set!

All these goodies arrive this Wednesday. Have fun and see you in-game!
Community Announcements - GM Crow
Elesis, beautiful, noble, strong… just one of the few words we can describe the Red Knight. But what happens when being righteous isn’t enough?!

Elesis turns to the dark side as the Dark Knight to defeat her most treacherous enemies.

The Story
Lord Wally, Elder’s oppressive leader, has been exploiting the power of the El for quite some time. Elesis, as the Red Knight has attempted to stop him, but all of her efforts have been thwarted due to Wally’s possession of Nasod Power.

Luichel, Elder’s town accessory merchant, advises Elesis that the virtuous path isn’t always the most effective and that sometimes one must handle evil with brute force. With Luichel’s assistance, Elesis is able to overthrow Wally’s troops. Elesis now understands that she must turn to the path of darkness in order to defeat the enemy. Elesis from then and there continues her fight as the Dark Knight.

Dark Knight’s Features
• Utilizes HP to deal greater damage on certain actives and special actives.
• She’s able to drain the life out of enemies.
• Her attacks are stronger when low in health.
• Clothes are noticeably form fitting and smexier… ;-)

The Moves and Gameplay

It’s all about HP consumption with her Blood Hit System. When HP is above 20% her special actives take 20% of her HP and deal 40% more damage. When she is below 20%, Blood Hit has no HP requirements. To offset HP loss, passive skill Overflowing Blood recovers HP when injecting enemies 5 times with evil energy. Overflowing Madness increases in MP recovery when reaching a certain threshold of HP. The lower your HP, the higher the MP recovery.

Dark Knights passive Dark Force has a paramount role in her gameplay style which changes the effect of the chivalry system. When Gale mode is activated moves assist with HP Recovery. When Annihilation is on, Annihilation attacks are strengthened.

As far as the MOAR flashier 300 MP skills, some of them cost additional HP the longer you charge, but the damage is noticeably greater.

Level Boost Events for Elesis Dark Knight

Boost your Base class Elesis to Level 35 instantly from January 28th to February 3rd

Item Mall Goodies

And for goodies in the shop we have new pajama costumes for Elesis and Add!

Plus the new Evil Tracer set for Elesis!

Community Announcements - GM Crow
Hi-ya, Elpeeps! One week to go before the next chapter unfolds in the Masters of Darkness series. Oh you sly mischief-makers already know who it’s gonna be. It’s bloody brilliant. ;)

No other than the Red Knight herself turns to darkness when she finds the righteous way futile in overcoming all evil that shrouds Elrios. Once you reach Level 15 with Elesis, you’ll soon be able to choose Dark Knight for your 1st Job Change aside from Saber Knight and Pyro Knight. In this new job, the young lady takes the route of brute force and acquires the ability to boost hits using the energy from the blood running through her veins. Learn certain skills that consume HP but correspondingly deal more damage, and see how Chivalry influenced by dark energy changes to aid in HP recovery and further increase damage of certain skills as well.

Try your hand at DK next week!

Item Mall Goodies
In the meantime, take a look at these new items coming in tomorrow. Are you drawn to a cool glow of blue? Get these beautiful Sapphire Accessories that go really well with the Glacial Costumes. Speaking of Glacial, hair and weapon pieces will be added to the Ice Burner costume roster, too.

Last but not the least, Ara, Elesis, and Add can now play at entertaining crowds at the big top. Circus Costumes for these three arrive!

Play Elsword and check out the goods this Wednesday!
Community Announcements - GM Crow
Hi-ya, Elpeeps! So, how about that nine-tailed pet? Revel in the ancient mystery this week in Millennium Fox’s Calling. In this Elsword Online in-game event, the Millennium Fox chooses to journey with you. Will you accept? It’s not that simple, though. If you prove yourself worthy, the pet will stay with you for good!

Here’s a quick summary of steps to make this happen with Zero K-Ching:

1. Get the Millennium Fox’s Hairpin. Play for 10 minutes to receive this pet summoning item. Right-click to equip the Millennium Fox as your pet for 15 days.
2. Get the Weak Millennium Fox’s Soul. Play for 60 minutes to receive and keep this in your inventory for now.
3. Complete the quest, Millennium Fox’s Soul. Acquire the item called Millennium Fox’s Soul by handing the Weak Millennium Fox's Soul and 70 Fragments of Millennium Fox's Soul (from clearing dungeons in your level range) to Ariel. And at the same time…
4. Bring your pet Millennium Fox’s Affinity up to 100%. Keep playing while this temporary pet is equipped until it reaches 100% special status. Be sure to feed it with Millennium Fox’s Orbs from Ariel!
5. Apply the Millennium Fox’s Soul. Right click on this item while the Millennium Fox pet is equipped, and it’s yours to keep!

Think you can do it? Gather up your Elpeeps and make this a fun group quest! As an alternative, you can get the cash version of the Millennium Fox’s Soul for just 400 K-Ching. Afterward, once you’ve succeeded in making the event pet permanent, you might like to take it up a notch—get better stats, a roomier pet bag, and even an adorably sinister look with the Awakened Millennium Fox’s Soul for only 400 K-Ching!

Plus, don’t forget to check out the new Curious Fox costume suits!

Watch out for more details in Elsword after the patch this Wednesday!
Community Announcements - GM Crow
Elboy and the gang get to start something fresh tomorrow, too! Make your character even more distinct with all new Character Customization items.

(You can apply these modifications thru the Character window.) Visit the Item Mall to see the selection under the new Custom category. We’re starting off with two items for each character—odd eyes and a unique pose.

Here’s tired Eve having a good stretch.

Also, watch out for the latest line of costumes, Mysterious Thief.

Get them all now!
Community Announcements - GM Crow
We talk a lot about Eun, Ara’s Nine Tailed Fox spirit companion… but have you ever thought what Eun actually looked like? The appearance and power of Eun becomes more noticeable in Little Specter’s new class, Asura!!

The Story

“Ara finally tracks her brother down in Feita, but to her sheer dismay, the brother she once knew has become the notorious leader of the demon army. Aren does not recognize her and even worse, Ara witnesses the great evil acts he is now capable of doing. The young lady is devastated, and yet a voice kindles a little hope—that of the spirit of the nine-tailed fox Eun.

The fox spirit persuades Ara to accept it completely, so that the martial artist may grow even stronger and overcome all her troubles with the help of its otherworldly powers. Doing so will defy her ancestors’ tradition of exorcism, but in Ara’s anguish, she could see no other way to prevail but to embrace the great specter. And though Eun’s intentions remain hidden, the fact that it has never caused Ara any harm in all their time together is enough to convince her. Armed with exorcism arts and now the fox spirit’s spectral powers, Ara moves on to become the absolute phantom—Asura.”

The Features of Asura
• Summon Eun as a physical being.
• More utilization of phantom claws in combos.
• Just when you thought they couldn’t get bigger… they did. Derph…
The Moves and Gameplay

A new secret move becomes available for Asura known as Pulverization. Activating Savor and hitting it 4 times will activate the final move Pulverization in which she does a backflip and claws her enemies. This is much easier to execute versus the Secret Exorcism Arts from Little Specter.

Reaching level 65 will unlock Asura’s Hyperactive Skill: Millennium Fox. Visually it’s quite beautiful; Asura summons Eun and covers the whole map with blasts of lightening and darkness.

Item Mall Goodies

Okay new stuffs for the ItemMall! AND FINALLY A NEW ICE BURNER FOR ARA. The Diamond Yaksha and Heavenly Diamond Yaksha become available.

Chung, Ara, Elesis and Add are ready to hit the slopes with the new Winter Sports Costumes.


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