Community Announcements - TheShaolinMonkCM
  • Game mode ‘Ground Attack’ in RB has been activated
  • Some crashes have been fixed
  • Nicknames will now be shown in replays for Refree mode
  • Vegetation can now be deactivated in binocular view
  • Fixed incorrectly displayed indicator in bomb sights
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Community Announcements - TheShaolinMonk

We are glad to announce the first automated tank tournament to come to War Thunder!

In 4x4 format, you will be placed against other players on the maps “Poland” and “Ash river” either alone, or with your friends.

Participation in the tournament can be achieved by purchasing a ‘ticket’. The length in which it lasts will depend on your performance - the more you win, the longer it lasts. When your ticket expires you may purchase a new one. For each fifth victory, players will be rewarded with a battle trophy and can win a variety of prizes, including Golden Eagles and premium vehicles! The tournament is available in Arcade and Realistic modes. Aircraft events within these tank battles will be available in both modes.

Competitors will be able to choose and purchase the ticket that suits their desired tournament involvement. Be sure to check the available vehicles and rewards when selecting a tournament event in “events and tournaments” tab.

A first tournament is now available until 07:00 GMT on Monday, 30th of March.
Players will retain all the rewards they gained after the tournament is over.

  1. Each new participant begins with a rating of 0 and earns points through victories, depending on the other participants’ ratings.
  2. The matchmaker for the tournament will balance your opponents and allies based on your current rating.
  3. If you choose to play in a squad - your squad will be balanced in accordance with the squad-member who has the highest personal tournament rating.
  4. Tanks with Battle Ratings from 4.0 to 5.0 can participate, excluding premium tanks and those restricted by the organisers.
  5. If you don’t take part in the tournament for seven days, you will lose 10% of your accumulated rating value. After 14 days, you will lose another 10% so your rating will be 80% of the gained value.
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The War Thunder Team
Community Announcements - TheShaolinMonkCM
Server Update 26.03.2015

Game Modes
  • Air and tank Simulator battles have been moved to a separate section called “Simulator Battles”;
  • Difficulty settings changed for combined Realistic battles (no markers for enemy vehicles);
  • Difficulty settings changed for combined Simulator battles (markers have been deactivated);
  • You can find the detailed description of mode changes in our Devblog.
Note: All changes apply to all platforms unless stated in the changelog! Be sure to restart your client for the changes to take effect.

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Community Announcements - TheShaolinMonkCM
Client Update 26.03.2015 (​)
  • Errors that lead to damaged cannon not to be restored to it original characteristics after it was repaired have been fixed;
  • Mouse-Aim control configuration fixes - aircraft behaviour while controlling it through the keyboard has been changed;
  • Some login crashes have been fixed.
Note: All changes apply to all platforms unless stated in the changelog!

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Community Announcements - TheShaolinMonk
Pilots and tankers
This week marks the end of the Steam Screenshot competition #2! - March. Once again, we have seen an array of marvelous and exquisite screenshots from you, the War Thunder Steam community.

The winners have been chosen due to the high quality of their screenshots, as well as adherence to this month's competition theme:
Air superiority is the ultimate expression of military power. - Winston Churchill.

Without further ado, here are the winners!

First Place:
Bleue - 1,500 Golden Eagles

Second Place:
FlyinBrian95 - 1,000 Golden Eagles

Third Place:
MasterKill95 - 500 Golden Eagles

Congratulations to the winners of this contest! We will be in contact with you about your prizes soon!

Also, a very big congratulations to all of you who participated. If you didn't win this time, do not worry! We will continue to host competitions in the near future so that others can have a chance to win some more great prizes! If you want to participate in War thunder Steam competitions in the future, be sure to keep a close eye on the news.

Honourable mentions!
We would also like to draw attention to a few of those who were close contenders. These users will receive 150 Golden eagles!

Once again, congratulations to all the winners, and well done to everyone! These are some truly, amazing pictures.

The War Thunder Team

Community Announcements - TheShaolinMonk

Client Update

  • Mission Maker’ wager - Number of attempts increased from 3 to 10. Awards for all stages increased significantly
  • ‘Hero of the Sky’ wager, Thunderer wager, Wingman wager - Number of attempts increased from 3 to 6. Awards for first 5 stages increased
  • ‘The Best Squad’ wager - Number of attempts increased from 3 to 4
  • ‘Hero of the Sky’ wager can now only be fulfilled in aircraft battles
  • The ‘Thunderer’ wager no longer counts [Air Domination] missions in arcade battles, as the requirements of the wager cannot be completed there due to the lack of ground targets
  • A new ‘Wing Breaker’ wager has been added, with the task to destroy air targets in tank missions


Ash River
  • Ground deformation is now active.
  • Respawn point fixes.

  • Additional cover has been added near the central capture point.
  • Improved sniper positions on hills.
  • The road, near the central capture point, under the ruins, has been changed (recessed).

  • Entrances to the central point have been improved.
  • Ground deformation is now active.

  • Central capture point in Arcade Mode has been improved - cliffs added which can be used as concealment.

Eastern Europe
  • Mills and farms have been added to the suburban area.
  • Some slopes near the bridges have been made less steep.

  • Villages of different sizes have been added around the city
  • New vegetation added.

  • Several balance changes - some hills have been flattened out, capture points have been moved.

White Rock Fortress
  • Balance on “Capture point C” has been fixed.

Ground forces
  • In Arcade Battles - The effect of critical damage has been changed:
    • Damage to the gun barrel no longer removes the ability to shoot, but increases the cannon’s spread and reduces the muzzle velocity and thus penetration value of its shells.
    • Damage to the breech may cause a misfire, resulting in no shot being fired. The probability of a misfire and the resulting wait time depends on the rate of fire and caliber of the cannon.
    • Damage to the horizontal turret drive (traverse) now temporarily stops turret rotation. After expiration of a timer, you will be able to rotate the turret again, but at a reduced speed of 2 degrees per second.
    • Damage to the vertical gun drive (elevation) will result in the weapon being locked in the position it held when it was damaged, but it will still be possible to elevate the gun by +/- 1 degree.

  • Coaxial and anti-aircraft machine guns have been enabled for the following tanks and tank destroyers/spg’s: BT-5, BT-7, KV-1E, KV-1 ZiS-5, KV-1 L-11, ISU-152, ISU-122, ISU-122S, T-26, T-44, T-126SP, T-54 1951, T-50, T-60, T-28E, T-70, T-80, T-34 Prototype, T-34 1941, T-34 1942, T-34-57 1943, T-34E, IS-4, T-54 all modifications, M2A4, М2 Medium, M24, M24, M26E1, M3 Stuart, M4, М4А1, М4А1 76(W), М4А2, М4А3 105, М4А3Е2, М4А3Е8, М5А1, Grant Mk.I, Tiger II 10,5cm, Jgd.Pz. IV L48, Pz. IV/70 A/V, Pz. IV Ausf. C, Pz. IV Ausf. E, Pz. IV Ausf. F1, Pz. IV Ausf. F2, Pz. IV Ausf. G, Pz. IV Ausf. H, Pz. IV Ausf. J, Pz. II Ausf. C, Pz. II Ausf. F, Panther II, Panther Ausf. F, Marder III H.
  • Increased the level of detail for the hull armour of Pz.Kpfw VI Tiger H1 and E.
  • Increase the level of detail for the mask armour of M4A3E2.
  • The trafficability of dirt roads has been fixed
  • For AAA vehicle: M19, M42, ZSU-57-2, Wirbelwind: Barrels are now fired asynchronously.
  • Thickness of the commander’s cupola has been corrected from 50mm to 100mm for Pz. III Ausf M/N.
  • Distribution of shells within all ammunition modules of the vehicle was enabled for: KV-1B 756®, T-34 Prototype, T-34 1941/40, T-34 1942, T-34-57, T-34-57 1943.
  • Number of shells for the T-34-57 1943 has been corrected from 77 to 100 shells.
  • Armour piercing capability from 105mm M67 shell increased to 130mm according to FM 6-40 1945 Field Artillery Gunnery
  • The maximum fire rate of 128mm PaK-44 gun increased from 3 to 3.3 shots per minute.
  • Settings for 75mm armour-piercing shell detonator (K.Gr.rot.Pz - KwK37 gun) are changed and sensivity is increased to 15mm.
  • Effective bursting radius for 88mm of KwK36/43 guns increased

  • Controlling aircraft in Mouse Aim mode is improved.
  • Extra camouflage for the A-20G-25 has been updated. For players who have already purchased or unlocked it, the camouflage will be available automatically.
  • BF-110-C4 - gadgets in cockpits are fixed.

Changes in flight models:
  • Ме-410-A-1 - flight model is updated according to the data sheet
  • Ме-410-A-1/U4 - flight model is updated according to the data sheet
  • Ме-410-B1 - flight model is updated according to the data sheet
  • Me-410-B2/U4 - flight model is updated according to the data sheet
  • Me-410-B6/R3 - flight model is updated according to the data sheet
  • F-82E - flight characteristics according to the data sheet have been applied.
  • Ju-87-D3/D5 - stability and controllability during vertical dive have been improved
  • Ki-43 (all lineup) - geometrical parameters of the tail controls have been specified
  • Mosquito (all lineup) - stability and controllability during vertical dive have been improved. geometrical parameters of the fuselage have been specified.
  • Improved performance during takeoff and landing in full control mode.
  • BF-110-C4 - flight model is updated. Geometry of the wing has been specified (installation angle is fixed), leading edge flap actions are more apparent. Stability in maneuvers on low speeds is improved.

  • Fixed ‘engine start’ sound when switching views.

  • Fixed tank brake when using Wireless Controller.
  • Implemented WebHUD.
  • Dirt on vehicles added.

Note: All changes apply to all platforms unless stated in the changelog! Premium time is not spent while servers are under maintenance.

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Community Announcements - TheShaolinMonk
Dear Pilots!
The Tico Warbird Airshow is an annual three-day event in Florida that highlights military aviation and features some of the most famous trainer, fighter and bomber aircraft that ever flew in combat around the world. War Thunder is proud to be a sponsor of the Tico Warbird Airshow 2015.

This year the event’s highlight was the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds who performed throughout the three days, showing stunning tricks and magnificent flying skills. In addition to the daily three hour aerial performance, this family-friendly event encompassed military and civilian aircraft static displays, military re-enactors and firepower demonstrations, public aircraft and helicopter rides.

Follow the news and we will see you at upcoming air shows!
Community Announcements - TheShaolinMonk
Airfield Assault
Today we present to you a special arcade event in War Thunder - Airfield Assault!
You can find it in the [EVENT] tab and participate in it from 18:00 March 20th, to 11:00 March 23rd

There are three airfields in the town area, each of the two teams has an airfield on either side of the town, but there is a central one in the middle, this airfield is open for capture by all and once capped, the owning team can capture the others. The central base is worth no ticket bleed, but as soon as any of the other fields are taken, tickets will bleed from the original owners. This will continue until the the teams satellite base is re-captured. This will be a real tug of war between the two teams, a real struggle for survival.

Do not wait, start your engine and take over the airfield!

The War Thunder Team!

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Community Announcements - TheShaolinMonk

Dear Players!
Roaring engines, thundering guns, and orchestral music - the sound in War Thunder is truly epic, and for you to get an even more immersive and intense sensation, we are giving away a brand-new ROCCAT KAVE XTD ANALOG headset with ‘TRUE 5.1’ surround sound even before it hits the shelves.

That’s right! With War Thunder, you have the exclusive opportunity to be one of the very first people worldwide to own ROCCAT’s upcoming gaming headset. Isn’t that something?

How to participate
Participating in our contest is easy: Just ‘like’ and ‘share’ the connected Social Media posts on Facebook or Twitter and leave a comment as to why you, and no one else, should be getting this new headset. Is your old headset just held together by duct-tape and goodwill? Are you using speakers even older than yourself? Feel free to increase your chances by uploading picture proof to under the hashtag #WinKAVEXTD and share the link with us in your comment.

Participation is possible until the end of Thursday, March 26th, 2015. The winner will be announced on Friday, March 27th, 2015. Good Luck!

You can also participate in this contest in German, French, Polish, Czech, Spanish, Turkish or Portuguese.

Conditions of participation:
By participating in the contest, you state that you have read and agreed to the following conditions:
  • The minimum age for participation is 12, unless a higher requirement is specified by local laws or social media platform’s terms of service.
  • An ‘entry’ is a comment to the respective post on Facebook and/or Twitter containing a statement as outlined in the contest description.
  • To be valid, an entry must be written as a short continuous text (no keywords etc.) in normal writing style (no SMS-like texts etc.)
  • Entries can be supplemented by a link to a picture uploaded to The provided picture has to underline the entry’s statement.
  • Invalid entries or pictures will not be considered.
  • The prize will be delivered by mail. The required postal address will only be used for this delivery.
  • The winner will be contacted directly through Facebook or Twitter; following the page is therefore important.
  • If the winner does not accept the prize or fails to provide a postal address within one month after the announcement, any claim to the prize will be deemed null and void.
  • Cash value payout or exchange is not possible.
  • Employees and their family members of Gaijin or ROCCAT are in ineligible for participation.
  • This contest is not affiliated with either Facebook or Twitter. Its organization is executed by Gaijin Entertainment.
  • The conditions of participation may change at any time.
The War Thunder Team

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Community Announcements - TheShaolinMonk
50% discount off the decal - "Personal motif of Brendan "Paddy" Finucane"
[Event] St. Patrick's Day is available till 11:00 GMT on March the 19th

St. Patrick's Day is a cultural and religious holiday celebrated on the 17th of March, and named in honour of the patron saint of Ireland. The festival commemorates the arrival of Christianity in Ireland, as well as celebrating Irish heritage and culture. St. Patrick's Day is now celebrated by many people throughout the world, Irish and non-Irish alike, with food, drink and all things green.

In celebration of St. Patricks Day, participate in today's event on our “Ireland map”, which is available in Arcade Tank Battles. By participating, you can earn 50% discount off the decal - "Personal motif of Brendan "Paddy" Finucane". Participate, have fun and destroy your opponents!

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