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From 15.00 GMT on November 23rd to 15.00 GMT on November 25th
Participate in the '100' Team Deathmatch Event!

The game mode "Team Deathmatch 100" is back and available in 'Events & Tournaments', labelled 100. This Arcade experience will turn any War Thunder location into a fierce battlefield, as in this Team Deathmatch with unlimited respawns only one thing matters: Scoring kills! The first team to achieve the magic number of 100 destroyed enemies wins the day.
Enjoy, and leave your feedback as always!

The War Thunder Team

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From 15.00 GMT on the 20th of November until 09.00 GMT on the 23rd of November

Destroy enemy tanks or set them on fire to receive winter camos and winter supply boxes on the new winter location “Stalingrad”!
[Domination] Stalingrad - Arcade Battles
[Battle] Stalingrad - Realistic Battles
[Battle] Stalingrad - Simulator Battles

Vehicles that count towards progress in this special:
Germany: Т-34 mod. 1941, Т-34 mod. 1942, Т-34E STZ, Т-34 1st Gv.t.Br, T-34E
USSR: Pz.IV F2, Pz.IV G, Pz.IV H, Pz.IV J, Pz.Bfw. IV

  • Missions can be accomplished in random battles and events whilst using the vehicles that take part in the special.
  • You will receive a “winter supply box” for every accomplished “destroy enemy tanks” mission.
  • You will receive a set of three winter camouflages (for the vehicles that take part in the special) for setting 50 enemy ground vehicles on fire.
  • You may follow your progress in your Profile-> Achievements-> Tank duels.
  • In Realistic and Simulator modes, a player needs to destroy half as many enemy vehicles (this doesn’t affect the “set enemy tanks on fire” mission).
The supply box contains one of the following items:
  • Back-up ground vehicle for Soviet and German ground vehicles of ranks 2-4.
    Random 10-75% RP or SL booster.
    Set of three camouflages for the ground vehicles taking part in the battle.
    Random discount for one of the USSR or German premium ground vehicles (excluding rocket tanks).

T-34-76 versus Pz.Kpfw. IV
There are many iconic tanks of the Second World War, but the Soviet T-34 medium tank is among the most famous ones. Combining armour, firepower and mobility, it was undoubtedly a pinnacle of tank development at the time of its introduction and even though its armour and firepower was surpassed during the war, it still had large influence over both domestic and foreign tank designs in years to come. Its German counterpart, the Pz.Kpfw. IV medium tank, is largely overshadowed by the much more famous Tiger and Panther tanks, but it was the Panzer IV that formed the backbone of German armoured forces in the same way as the T-34 was the backbone of the Red Army. And while not as advanced as its Russian counterpart, it nevertheless remained an effective medium tank right until the end of war. This article will then compare those two famous tanks both in history and in the game.

Read more about the event here!
Rock, Paper, Shotgun - (Tim Stone)

Alphabetia is a miserable disease. Like Malaria its symptoms come and go without warning. I realised I was having an attack early this morning in the shower. Usually, when it comes to lathering – apologies for the following mental image imposition – I’m a conventional head-to-toes sort of guy. Today’s ankles-buttocks-chest sequence was a sure sign something was amiss. … [visit site to read more]

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Dear Players!
With Update 1.53 'Firestorm', those who play War Thunder through the Steam Client will now be able to enjoy the addition of Steam Achievements! Steam Achievements can be earned by completing different tasks while playing War Thunder via the Steam client. There are 40 achievements in total to earn, so get playing and do your best! You can view the full list of Achievements here.

You can find the full changelog of Update 1.53 'Firestorm' on the War Thunder official website.

See you on the battlefield!

The War Thunder Team

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We would like to invite you to join the next test of the new "Enduring Confrontation" game mode in Realistic and Simulator Battles. Today you can test it on “Khalkhin Gol” with aircraft from Japan and the USSR. As with previous testing sessions, your feedback is greatly appreciated and has already helped to shape the game mode extensively!

From 15.00 GMT on November 12th until 09.00 GMT on November 16th
"Enduring Confrontation" (RB/SB) is available!

You can find it in the "Events and Tournaments" tab in the game's menu.
Please leave your feedback here: Realistic | Simulator

What's new?
  • Airfields are further from each other than in previous EC tests.
  • Each spotted enemy airfield is a possible target. A mission to destroy it will be assigned.
  • A team that has had all its airfields destroyed will be given a 90 second period where during which players will not only be unable to respawn but their airfields will also not restore
  • A destroyed airfield will be restored after a set time and could reappear at a different location.
  • The hunters now appear less often and from now on they patrol the location and can be spotted from afar so a player can take some measures against them.
  • Reconnaissance aircraft appear independently of each other (in previous test they appeared simultaneously).
  • Reconnaissance aircraft now try to get back behind their lines if they are damaged.
  • Reconnaissance aircraft now scout for longer period of time and “circle” over the enemy positions .
  • Reconnaissance aircraft have several spawn points (previously they had only one).
  • Frontline mechanics are not implemented on Khalkhin Gol (Stalingrad had one)

    Click here to view more information about this event!
Community Announcements - TheShaolinMonkCM

From 09.00 GMT on Saturday, 14th of November for 24 hours
Be among the top three pilots of the Cat Race to win a yet unreleased ROCCAT® Kova gaming mouse!
Additionally, the top twenty pilots will receive 300 Golden Eagles each!

You can find the race in the ‘Events & Tournaments’ tab of the game’s main menu

Pilots and Tankers!
Have you got Kerosene running through your veins, etching for the next adrenaline rush? Then there’s something coming up for you! Thanks to our good friends over at ROCCAT, this Saturday you’ll be able to again fasten your seatbelts in the famous American HellCAT and take position in an unforgiving aerial race for the great prize of the War Thunder Cat Race: the yet unreleased ROCCAT® Kova.

This brand-new gaming mouse offers raw performance in a sleek design that is optimized for power and speed - much like the masterpieces of engineering that you are flying out in War Thunder every day. Announced for an official release on 17th of November, winners of the War Thunder Cat Race will be one of the very first players worldwide to own one.

Don’t miss your chance and prove yourself as a racing pilot to complement your gaming hardware with the right tool for any challenge - be that on the racetrack or the battlefields of War Thunder. Good luck!

The War Thunder Team

  • The War Thunder Cat Race event will be available from 09.00 GMT on the 14th November until 09.00 GMT on the 15th of November in the ‘Event & Tournaments’ tab.
  • For each completed race, players are awarded a score based on their time and performance, which is added to their leaderboard score.
  • Winners are determined by the leaderboard score at the end of the event.
  • The three top-scoring players according to the leaderboard will be contacted through the email associated with their War Thunder game account.
  • The twenty top-scoring players according to the leaderboard will be awarded with 300 Golden Eagles to their game accounts within a week after the event has ended.
  • Winners are required to reply within three months (90 days) and provide a valid shipping address for their prize to be delivered. Failure to do so results in any claims on the prize to be void.
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War Thunder proudly presents
Update 1.53 'Firestorm'

At last, War Thunder Update 1.53 'Firestorm' has hit the game and we are pleased to give our fans all the exciting changes and additions that we have been showing you in our preceding devblogs. Now let us give you a flavour of some of the main features in this major Update.

Be sure to check out the complete Update Information on our website!

The name 'Firestorm' for Update 1.53 comes from the introduction of a deadly set of new multiple rocket launcher systems: namely, the American M26 Pershing tank with a mounted T99 system, the German Panzerwerfer 42 with its bloodcurdling “Nebelwerfer” and also the Soviet BM-24-8 with the famous Katyusha rocket system. These vehicles provide a formidable barrage of high-explosive rockets and continue to expand the armoured vehicle design variation in the game.

We have also begun to implement an improved version of our core engine, known as Dagor Engine 4.0, which now has had physically based rendering incorporated. War Thunder has always prided itself on its unrivaled attention to detail, even going as far as to correctly interpret the way light interacts with objects within its environment, including the diffusion and reflection of light on shiny and opaque surfaces and materials, such as wood, steel, rubber and glass. In short, it means that War Thunder will look even more realistic than ever before.

Another part of the improved engine is the integration of NVIDIA GameWorks technologies. NVIDIA PhysX Destruction aids in War Thunder’s quest for increased realism by enabling the introduction of larger destructible objects to the game: wall fragments, ruins and entire buildings will all react to in-game ballistic physics. Players will now have the ability to destroy an enemy’s cover or create new firing positions, changing the dynamics of battles both from the air and on the ground. These new dynamics of structural damage will be initially incorporated into three of our more structure heavy maps: “Berlin”, “Stalingrad” and “Advance to the Rhine” on release.

The inclusion of NVIDIA WaveWorks technology generates incredibly realistic waves and foam for oceans, seas, rivers and lakes, which will also factor in wind direction and strength. All of our maps in the game will benefit from this addition.

Fans anticipating British ground forces will rejoice, as an initial set of four exclusive new vehicles become available: the A13 Mk II “Cruiser” tank, the Sherman Firefly with its powerful cannon, the M10 Achilles self propelled gun and the A43 Black Prince “Churchill” Infantry tank. The main British Ground Force line-up will appear in War Thunder by the end of 2015.

Available now are five packs in the Store giving early adopters the possibility to join in on the British Ground Forces immediately. Click on the respective picture for a detailed view of the Royal Guard Advanced Pack, the A13 Mk.II , 17 pdr. M10 65th. Anti-Tank Regt, Sherman IC 2nd “Warsaw” Armoured Division and A43 Black Prince.

In total, there are over 20 new vehicles in Update 1.53 'Firestorm', including the amphibious Soviet PT-76 tank, the Cold War-era Jagdpanzer 4-5 “Kanonenjagdpanzer” and, eagerly awaited by our fans, the top-tier British jet fighter - the Hawker Hunter.

Two new ground combat locations have also been added, a winter map of the Stalingrad tractor plant district, which has been painstakingly reproduced based on real photographs taken during the bloody battles for the city and Advance to Rhine, based on late-war Cologne with its towering cathedral and maze-like streets that will provide the optimum challenge for urban warfare.

There are many more improvements and features in Update 1.53 'Firestorm', of course. To see a detailed list, please feel free to visit the War Thunder Changelog and Developer's Blog and, of course, try out the new Update in-game right now! Have fun!

See you on the battlefield, in Update 1.53 'Firestorm'!

The War Thunder Team

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Community Announcements - QuarterNinja

We would like to proudly announce the major

War Thunder Update 1.53 "Firestorm"!

Read our announcement for Update 1.53 "Firestrom" here!

Introduction of the new Dagor Engine 4.0:

New Vehicles

New Locations and Missions

  • “Stalingrad”. New location for combined battles (Domination, Battle, Conquest)
  • “Advance to the Rhine”. New ground battle city map for combined battles (Domination, Battle, Conquest) 
  • “New Guinea”. new aircraft missions in Domination, Ground strike missions
  • “Spain”. New aircraft missions for Alternative History mode
  • New system of destructible environments for locations “Berlin”, “Stalingrad” and “Advance to the Rhine” has been added.

Game mechanics

  • In SB  ground vehicles, the gunner view is now situated where the sight was physically mounted on specific ground vehicles.
  • New mechanism for measuring target distance for RB and SB game modes with new modification “rangefinder” which has been added for ground vehicles that were equipped with a mounted range finder.
  • Added new award “Vehicle for rent” in battle trophies.
  • The ingame chat has been changed. General channels have been removed. The ability to create public and private channels has been added.
  • Added experimental voice chat support for Linux and Mac. 
  • In combined ground vehicle realistic battles, new special markers have been added. The marker will be visible for ground forces above the point where the tank was hit and will not move if the enemy moves.
  • A pilot may lose control of the aircraft if maximum G is exceeded. The amount of G and time during which the pilot still has control over the aircraft depend on the skill of the pilot. 
  • Fuse settings have been changed. In all game modes “attacker”  fuse has been implemented. Time ticks down once the bomb is dropped (time is shown in pop-up tip - it’s 5 seconds). For the fuses with permanent delay (time ticks down when the bomb hits the obstacle) minimum setting is 5 seconds. 
  • Dropping bombs from the He-111 has been fixed. Now the bombs don’t fall out from the back of fuselage, but strictly from the bomb bay.
  • Maximum zoom for optics and binocular has been changed: For tank optics from 7.5x to x3.5 and for binoculars from x9 to x6. This represents the most popular setting for tank optics in the 1930s-50s. In the future, these values will be set to historically accurate values for individual vehicle optics.

Crew skills

More details on Official War Thunder Page.
Click here to view the full article!
Community Announcements - OrsonES

Pilots and tankers!

The War Thunder game servers will be closed for scheduled maintenance on the 5th of November from 07:00 GMT to approximately 11:00 GMT. We will inform you when maintenance is over.

Premium accounts will be compensated for the downtime.

Thank you for your patience!

Discuss it here!

The War Thunder Team
Community Announcements - TheShaolinMonkCM

Dear pilots, tankers, players!
We are happy to congratulate the pilots and tankers of War Thunder with the third anniversary of the game.

During the past year, new maps and locations have been added and each one of them has introduced something special. The players were able to test the strength of the ice on the lakes of Finland, they could storm the White Rock fortress, join the capture of the Reichstag and participate in the Battle of Moscow.

Dozens of new armoured machines have been added to the ground vehicles’ trees. Among them were rocket tanks, the first examples of the Cold War vehicles and the legendary Maus. Now players have over 200 models of armoured vehicles to play with. The amount of aircraft - already the largest number in any flight sim - has also increased and exceeded 450 models.

Combat in War Thunder has become even more realistic. Ground vehicles now perform differently on different types of surface, the driver's view has been added as well as the commander’s binoculars. Operating cockpits have been added for the majority of aircraft along with contrails and the damage model system has been improved.

“We are grateful to all our players, to those who have been with us from the very beginning and those who has joined us more recently. Their ideas and suggestions and the passion with which they discuss the game always inspires us. The project is growing and developing and we are happy that our work meets the expectations and hopes of our pilots and tankers. Thank you and, as usual, we will see you in battle!”, says Kirill Yudintsev, Creative Director of Gaijin Entertainment.

To celebrate the Anniversary there will be a unique game event called '100' in War Thunder this weekend. Team battles with tanks and aircraft of the first rank will take place in the skies above Khalkhin Gol and on the Poland map.

Also, there will be a 50% discount for the most popular products which will be active throughout the weekend.

Besides all these and more, which you can read in its entirety in the list below, there will be events devoted to Halloween with the exclusive Po-2 night bomber as the main prize. This aircraft was the one that was flown by the women of the famous 46th Taman night bombing regiment whom the Germans called “Night Witches”. You will be able to receive the aircraft by destroying ground targets The players will also be able to fly this legendary biplane in the Witch Hunt night races. More details on Halloween to follow!

Without further ado, we are very pleased to present to you this year's Anniversary specials. See you on the battlefield!

For a full list of the specials and events that are to come, be sure to view them all on the Official War Thunder Forums by clicking this link!

The War Thunder Team

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