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The M.B.5 was the last prototype in a series of high-performance aircraft built by the Martin-Baker company in the mid 1940s. Despite achieving incredible performance, the M.B.5 arrived when piston engine aircraft were being increasingly replaced by jet fighters. Because of this, the M.B.5 never left the prototype stage—until now!

Founded in the 1930s, Martin-Baker was focused on designing all-metal, high-performance aircraft with the most advanced technology available—and then arming them to the teeth with as many weapons as possible.

The Martin-Baker M.B.5 will join Rank IV of the British aviation research tree with the upcoming War Thunder update 1.77 Advancing Storm. In the meantime, tell us your best fighter pilot stories or which of the upcoming new vehicles you’re most excited for in the comments section!

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From February now to February 19th 07:00 GMT

This weekend, jump into game and have some challenging fun whatever game mode you play. A classic Capture the Flag or the very popular floats event in Arcade battles, the ever playable Enduring Confrontation in the challenging Ardennes location in Realistic mode and an invigorating all out war in Combined Simulator battles.
  • [Event]CTF: Classic mode (AB)
  • [Event] Floats (air AB)
  • [Enduring confrontation] Ardennes (RB)
Combined Simulator battles

This weekend SB players may also join an additional test event with spawn points and markers for 9_1 line up. This event will be available till 11:00 GMT, February 19th.

The War Thunder Team
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In the forthcoming War Thunder 1.77 update tankers can finally take control of one of the most potent fighting vehicles of the 20th century: the Challenger 1. Introduced into service in 1983, the British Challenger 1 was one of the most advanced and well-protected tanks fielded by western armies during the second half of the 20th century. Although its service life was short and few were produced, for a time the Challenger 1 formed the backbone of western tank regiments alongside the legendary American M1 Abrams and the German Leopard 2.

In 1977, the Iranian government ordered an improved version of the Chieftain tank, which was arguably the best main battle tank (MBT) in service at its time. The Chieftain offered unparalleled protection and firepower; however, its mobility was lackluster and something its successor needed to improve upon. In response, the engineers at the MVEE created the Chieftain Mk.5(P), from which three additional prototypes were created. It was one of these prototypes that would become the basis for the Challenger 1. Unfortunately, after the Iranian Revolution of 1979 and the fall of the Shah, Iran canceled its order for an improved Chieftain. In addition, a parallel British tank project (the MBT90) was also abandoned, and the British Army quickly became a new potential customer for a new MBT.

With its improvements to firepower, protection and mobility, the Challenger 1 is bound to become a fan-favourite and one of the deadliest machines in the ground battles of War Thunder. It will blast its way into War Thunder in the 1.77 update. Until then, happy hunting commanders!

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Continuing the highlighting of some of the new features in our Dagor Engine 5.0 graphical engine, that we are planning to present to War Thunder players in update 1.77. In today's devblog in connection with the new Dagor Engine 5.0, we would like to talk about two visual features: weather and environmental effects.

Rain effects

We have improved rain and rain water effects. Now raindrops will leave ripples on puddles and water surfaces. As well as that, streams of rain water will now flow down and across surfaces - stones, pavement, roofs and walls:

Layered fog

In update 1.77, our new graphical engine Dagor Engine 5.0 will bring fog and smoke effects to the game. Depending on the weather, fog can appear over rivers and lakes, and in valleys and fields. We have tried to make the fog effect as photo realistic as possible, the fog itself looks three-dimensional, has layers and a visual depth – in other words, it’s very similar to real fog.

Incidentally, in the future fog may influence gameplay – for example, by hiding the advance of an assault group of tank

Dynamic clouds and sun

Clouds and sun in our game now have their own life. Clouds move across the sky and don’t just hang in place. The sun also moves from East to West in an astronomically correct way, according to the date and time of a battle and geographical latitude of a location.

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The La-200 is a Soviet prototype jet interceptor that was developed to carry a new type of radar system. Although just one of several competing designs, the La-200 was never produced. But now, War Thunder pilots will be able to prove the merits of the La-200 when it soars into War Thunder with update 1.77!

In 1948, Soviet high command issued a requirement for a two man, all-weather, twin -engined jet interceptor that would be capable of carrying a new type of radar system called “Toriy” (Thorium). All three Soviet design bureaus (Lavochkin, MiG, and Sukhoi) developed a prototype for testing. Lavochkin’s design, the La-200, had a long fuselage to accommodate its two turbojet engines, swept wings, and a large cockpit for two men. The La-200 took its maiden flight on September 9th, 1949. It was the only aircraft of the three designs to pass initial trials.

The La-200 is on final approach and expected to arrive in War Thunder 1.77 update. Stay tuned to find out more. Until then!

For more information, read the full Dev Blog article on the Official War Thunder Forums!
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From February 14th to February 15th 20:59 GMT - Win in a random battles and get “Valentine’s day” trophy!

February the 14th has arrived again, once more we tell our better half and family how much we care about them and promise to never diminish that love. In War Thunder, we have plenty of opportunity to share that love around, kissing each other with cannons and machine guns, but it’s all in the name of Love, right?

A “Valentine’s day” trophy will be granted for 3 victories in a row with an activity of 60% or more and will contain one of the following 8 decals.


Miss Behaven

Each decal in the “Valentine’s day” trophy can be purchased in the in-game item shop for 199 GE. You can follow your progress by clicking on your username → Achievements → Valentine’s Day.

Achieve 1st place after a victorious battle whilst using any vehicle of rank III and higher and get a 30% SL team booster

If you complete this, why not join our contest “Love and be loved” on Facebook and find the perfect pair in War Thunder!

Show us who loves whom the most in the world! The authors of the most original and truthful works will be gifted with attention, love and the Golden Eagles.

10 prize places!

1st place - 1000 GE + Access to naval forces
2nd place - 900 GE + Access to naval forces
3rd place - 800 GE + Access to naval forces
4th place - 700 GE + Access to naval forces
5th place - 600 GE + Access to naval forces
6th place - 500 GE + Access to naval forces
7th place - 400 GE + Access to naval forces
8th place - 300 GE + Access to naval forces
9th place - 200 GE + Access to naval forces
10th place - 100 GE + Access to naval forces

Share your creations with everyone on your facebook profile page by using the special hashtag #Valentinesday2018WT until the 15th of February at 23:59 GMT and don’t forget to write your in-game nickname in the description of your work!

Also, make sure your Facebook profile privacy settings are set to public (otherwise, we won’t be able to see your entry)!

Check full news here!

The War Thunder Team
War Thunder - TheShaolinMonk

One of the features of the new version of the Dagor Engine 5.0 graphics engine is a new algorithm for the detalization of landscape, with so-called displacement mapping used with tessellation. This is an advanced method for adding geometric detalization (available on DirectX 10 and above), which changes the actual surface of the object, adding geometric details, in contrast to the visual illusion of volume created by the parallax mapping previously used by the Dagor Engine.

Since the geometry of terrain actually changes, this does not only add details to the surface, but also changes the silhouette - this also means that shadows can be cast by such details. The new algorithm for relief texturing available with full transition to DirectX 11 noticeably improves and adds detail to the image. Check it!

Mud and puddles

There will be new effects for mud puddles in the game. Any puddles will appear depending on the terrain and weather type. Sometimes the water will also appear in the track ruts. Puddle water has its own reflections for the surrounding objects and also reacts to nearby shots and passing heavy vehicles

The mud will also be different depending on the weather - from dry and dusty to slushy.

For more information, images, and examples, check out the full Dev Blog article on the Official War Thunder Forums!
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From February 9th 15:00 GMT to February 12th 07:00 GMT

Welcome to War Thunder winter games - join special events of your choosing and have fun!

Tank racing

Roaring engines and chattering brakes. Slippery ice and tricky snow. Sharp turns and high speed. Tank races are back! The winner of each race will receive 15,000 Silver Lions. Only players who have ground vehicles of a minimum 3.0 BR researched may participate.


The objective in the mission "Curling", is to escort an allied armoured column through the lines of enemy artillery to the capture zone. On the way to the capture zone, tanks are invincible to players’ fire, but when the columns reach the capture zone , players get the opportunity to destroy the enemy tanks.

Players from both teams can either destroy the firing lines on the path of the Allied armoured columns, or interfere with the enemy team, destroying enemy planes. In the capture zone, every destroyed tank slows the capturing of the territory, so you can focus on the destruction of armoured vehicles in the capture area. Only the coordinated actions of all players can grant a victory to the team!

Aircraft of ranks II-IV may participate.


Participate in the Biathlon special event! Do you want to rush to the finish in a blaze of glory, or prevent the enemy from reaching the checkpoints? Or maybe you prefer a balanced run and gun gameplay? This fun Arcade event provides you with endless tactical options!

Aircraft of ranks II-IV may participate.

The War Thunder Team
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Once it was clear that the US-German jointly developed MBT-70 project was doomed to fail, German engineers began working on a new MBT design that would incorporate some of the technologies developed for the MBT-70. The result of this undertaking was the development of the Leopard 2K, of which about a dozen different prototypes were produced. And one of these Leopard 2K versions arrives on the battlefield in the upcoming War Thunder update 1.77!

In the 1960s, Germany and the United States were jointly-developing the MBT-70, and Germany was contractually prevented from developing any new MBTs independently until the joint project with the US was completed. But development problems plagued the MBT-70 project, and it appeared that the vehicle would not be finished within an acceptable time frame—so Germany found a way to bypass contractual limitations for the MBT-70 development.

Even if the Leopard 2k’s armor makes you feel a little less protected, its mobility definitely makes up the difference. Enemies can’t hit what they can’t see, and the Leopard 2K’s speed and mobility make it a virtual ghost on the battlefield. By the time you see it and hear the thunder of its 120mm cannon, you’re probably already dead.

The Leopard 2K joins the top ranks of the German ground forces tree in the upcoming War Thunder update 1.77. Excited? Hoping for something else in the next update? Let us know in the comments below. Until next time!

For more information, read the full Dev Blog article on the Official War Thunder Forums!
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(For a better comparison, watch the video in full-screen and at the highest quality.)

Very soon, we will be introducing a new render for War Thunder, and we would like to familiarize you with the changes that players can expect to see in update 1.77. Today we will talk about temporal anti-aliasing technology.

In the upcoming War Thunder 1.77 update, we are introducing a new version of the Dagor Engine graphics engine and we want to tell you about a few new opportunities this render provides. One of the innovations is a new anti-aliasing algorithm – temporal anti-aliasing (TAA). Anti-aliasing is used in computer games to neutralize the effect of pixelation at the edges of objects. We previously used FXAA (Fast approXimate Anti-Aliasing) and MSAA (Multisample Anti-Aliasing). FXAA and MSAA provide far more humble results in graphics quality, smoothing only the edges of polygons or the sharp borders of images with various algorithms.

About FXAA and MSAA
FXAA is an anti-aliasing algorithm that works on a resulting image, trying to find and smooth visual borders without taking into account depth and source geometry. This allows the algorithm to work very quickly, and in addition makes it compatible with any type of render, including deferred render, the technology that is currently a de facto standard in video games

MSAA is an algorithm implemented into the video card (hardware), antialiasing geometrical boundaries by means of additional samples at the border of the triangles. This provides a better visual result for silhouettes and remote objects at the expense of higher performance cost. This technology virtually provides antialiasing for boundaries (silhouettes) of geometrical objects and does not improve visual quality elsewhere. Besides this, such technology is hardly compatible with deferred render in practice and an acceptable result for modern rendering requires additional tricks, leading to additional calculation costs and visual issues and limitations.

TAA – temporal anti-aliasing – calculates a specific number of previously rendered frames, taking into account the position of pixels dynamically. Visually, the new anti-aliasing algorithm provides a sharper image and reduces “noise” on the edges of objects and blinking on shiny surfaces. Additionally, it not only successfully smooths edges and borders, but also adds details. It basically works by rendering the image at high resolution and then reducing it to the size of your screen.

Temporal anti-aliasing somewhat has an affect on frame rate, so we recommend you use the new anti-aliasing method on medium-high level graphic cards. By default, temporal anti-aliasing will be enabled for maximum graphics settings. For other graphics presets, the new anti-aliasing algorithm can be selected in the graphics settings in the form of two options: TAA and HQ TAA. These options differ in quality of dynamic objects.

The War Thunder Team

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