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Pilots and tankers, the last month of summer will be a month to remember. We’re announcing the start of a big new event: Operation S.U.M.M.E.R. Four new premium vehicles straight from the testing grounds, new decals and other prizes for the best warriors in the skies and on the ground!

"Operation S.U.M.M.E.R." will run from July 22nd to August 22nd

Get premium vehicles from Testing Ground "113", decorations, decals and other prizes!

Open the mission calendar for the Task list!

The military arts never stop changing. Somewhere on the front line, shells are firing and turrets are torn off turret rings. Off to the side, engineers strive night and day to perfect their fighting machines: new engines and weapons are developed and armour is strengthened. The results of their efforts are now perfectly tangible.

Soldiers, HQ has received prototypes of military vehicles from Testing Ground 113. This testing ground specializes in a wide array of tasks, from testing the newest prototype ground vehicles and aircraft to benchmarking power trains and complex equipment. Each of these vehicles has its own story: from the famous ‘Uhu’ reconnaissance aircraft that became a test platform for the latest aircraft engines, to a new development: the KV-220 heavy tank, worthy of inheriting the laurel of Kliment Voroshilov, surpassing it in armour, power and armament. The appearance of these vehicles clearly reflects the titanic effort spent on designing and upgrading them. Months in the tender care of mechanics has also left its mark: all testing ground vehicles perform at their peak characteristics as soon as the engine is first started, and their genius engineers have given the vehicles premium status.

There’s a reason these vehicles have been deployed. There is a task at hand: to test these prototype vehicles in real battle conditions with minimal losses. Only the most experienced crews will be able to handle this challenge. Command has decided to distribute the vehicles amongst the best soldiers who have shown their outstanding skills on the battlefield. Now is the time to prove that you are worthy of discovering all the potential of a brand new weapon. You don’t even have to choose – you can get all these vehicles at once by participating in a new operation, codenamed ‘S.U.M.M.E.R.’!

Naturally, there are going to be other useful gifts from the home front too. New decals and other rewards await the event’s participants.

Military camouflages are also available for all the Testing Ground 113 vehicles presented here.

How to participate

“Operation S.U.M.M.E.R.” will take place from July 22nd to August 22nd

Every day, pilots and tankers will receive tasks to get “Marks of Distinction” completing which will guarantee participants new 3d decorations, decals, discounts and other bonuses. The most active participants will become owners of the unique premium vehicles from “Testing Ground 113”!

If you missed the Marks of Distinction

Each task will be available for 1 day and will be changed to another after 24 hours. Each weekend players will have 4 tasks for pilots and tankers and can be completed within the 2 days. The "Marks of Distinction" ( and ​) can still be obtained with Golden Eagles at any time during the event from the day that they appear (future Marks not available until they are released).

See Task Calendar

Main prize - testing range “113” vehicles:

18 pilot Marks of Destinction - German Fw 189 Uhu
Light bomber - Read more

18 tanker Marks of Destinction - British Grant Mk.I
Medium tank - Read more

36 pilot Marks of Destinction - U.S. F7F-3 Tigercat
Heavy figher aircraft - Read more

36 tanker Marks of Destinction - Soviet KV-220
Heavy tank - Read more

All participants will also receive other valuable prizes:

★ Every 10 obtained tanker Marks of Distinction (one of the following 3D decorations)

★ Every 8 obtained pilot Marks of Distinction (one of the following "pin-up" decals):

★ Every 4tanker Marks of Distinction:

  • 50.000-500.000 Silver Lions
  • 50-200% SL booster
  • 50-200% RP booster
  • Talisman for rank 2-4 tanks
  • Random tank camo
  • 30-50% discount for random premium tank

★ Every 4 pilot Marks of Distinction:

  • 50.000-500.000 Silver Lions
  • 50-200% SL booster
  • 50-200% RP booster
  • Talisman for rank 2-4 aircraft
  • Random aircraft camo
  • 30-50% discount for random premium aircraft

Terms and Conditions:

  • Tasks are changed every day at 11:00 GMT. Weekend tasks are changed on Monday at the same time.
  • The special is divided for pilots and tankers, a player may complete both tank and air tasks to get all the rewards.
  • Skipped tasks may be purchased in the item shop from the day they appear.
  • Tasks may be changed at the discretion of the administration.

Your questions:

Q: What if I miss some tasks and I need them to get the prize?
A: Skipped tasks may be purchased in the item shop from the day they appear.

Q: Should I do all the tasks or may I skip some?
A: You can skip. There will be 40 tasks available for tankers and pilots, in order to get the main prize — the KV-220 and the F7F-3 — you are required to complete 36 tasks, even if you skipped more than 4, you may still purchase the missing ones in the item shop.

Q: Will there be multipliers for different modes?
A:. Yes. But they may vary from task to task, check the in-game description.

Q: If I get a decoration/decal from the supply box, is it possible that I can get them again in the future boxes?
A: No. You get new content every time you open a new box. So it is possible to get all the decorations and decals.

Have Fun! The War Thunder Team

Read more here!
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Download Wallpaper: 1280x1024 | 1920x1080 | 2560x1440

Meet the new leader of the US medium tank branch - the M60A1.
This tank will be added to the game very soon!

In the very first years of the M60’s use, it was determined that the thorough modernization of the base M48A2 model on a tight schedule had led to the creation of a vehicle that was incapable of competently opposing tanks of a potential enemy. The armor protection of the M60’s turret, which had remained practically unchanged relative to the M48, could not withstand a hit from a 100 mm Soviet tank cannon. For this reason, in 1962 the Chrysler company set to work creating a new model of the M60 main battle tank – the M60A1.
The primary distinguishing feature of this new vehicle was its use of an improved turret with steeper sloping angles on its frontal parts. At the same time, the armor protection on the frontal projection was increased to 254 mm without the gun mantlet. The turret was equipped with a command cupola that rotated 360 degrees, with eight glass blocks placed around the perimeter for a all-round view.

With the installation of this turret model, the crew conditions inside the battle compartment were also improved. Alongside this, the designers introduced changes to the fire control system, installing upgraded instruments that would allow the crew to fire at nighttime. After 1965, the M60A1 additionally received the latest M16 ballistic computer. Even the tank’s control systems were modified. Apart from the new equipment and instruments, an improved hydraulic brake actuation was installed for the power train, along with a mechanical stopping brake. The suspension received telescopic shock-absorbers on the lower track rollers. But the improvement of the M60A1 didn’t stop there. The American leadership was forced to introduce new modernization programs at speed due to the appearance of new models of armored vehicles in the USSR.

In War Thunder, the M60A1 will take its place as the top US tank in the medium tank tech tree. If the basic M60 was a well-balanced tank with good weaponry, a fast reload speed and comparatively good armor, then the A1 version allows the player to play more aggressively without fear of direct hits from enemy shells on many sections of the armor (primarily on the turret). Thanks to the increased thickness and angles of the armor, the shells of many tanks (including the T-54) can ricochet right off the frontal projection without injuring the crew or damaging internal modules.
As before, the vehicle can use the classic tactics of a medium tank, taking advantage of its maneuverability and armament for flanking maneuvers or quick position changes. The M60A1 also provides the opportunity to extend your ‘life’ on the battlefield and increase your tank’s effectiveness, as it is far harder to knock the tank out with a frontal strike from medium or long range. Similarly, it is harder to destroy it with a random shot against the turret. The opponent must spend precious seconds aiming, and the player can use this time for a counterattack or retreat.

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Download Wallpaper: 1280x1024 | 1920x1080 | 2560x1440

We are pleased to present a new German self-propelled gun - the long-awaited Brummbär, coming to hangars in the next major update in War Thunder.

The Brummbär (German - "grounchy bear") is a self-propelled gun on a Pz.IV medium tank chassis, created to directly accompany infantry in urban warfare and to destroy fortified structures. The SPG was produced from 1943 to 1945 and took part in battles on both the Eastern and Western fronts. Advancing in battles alongside storm troops, the Brummbär suppressed firing positions and destroyed sniper and machine gun nests with the help of its monstrously powerful gun – the 150 mm Stu.H 43 (L/12) howitzer. The Brummbär’s excellent armour protected it not only from bullets and shrapnel, but also from anti-tank guns – the armoured frontal projection reaches 100 mm in thickness at a reasonable sloped angle.

The military classified this tank as a ‘storm tank’ (Sturmpanzer), which is how it received its unofficial nickname of ‘StuPa’ among the troops. It was the Allies that dubbed it ‘Grouch’. In its various production runs, it used the chassis from the Pz.IV model E, F and G tanks. The cabin underwent significant changes and the SPG was given add-on armour in the form of screens on the sides of the hull. The Brummbär used special tracks designed specifically for the war on the Eastern Front. No armour piercing ammunition is included in the list of shells used, since the vehicle was not designed for jousting other tanks, however it did use the powerful 38 kg high-explosive shells and hollow-charge shells.
In War Thunder, the Brummbär is very similar to the ISU-152 Beast Slayer in its gameplay: it has similar armament, a similar calibre, comparable speed and invokes a similar sense of fear in the opposing team - however, there is an interesting fact - though its shells had less projectile mass, they had more explosive - 8.6 kgs against 5.9 kgs of the ISU-152 shells. As has already been noted, the front of the SPG’s cabin is very well armoured, but you have to take good care of its sides and rear: the side armour thickness is 50 mm on upper works, 20 mm on the hull and 20-30 mm in the rear.

The high calibre of its howitzer and the heavy shells require the gunner to use high lead angles, but a direct hit from one of its high-explosive ‘gifts’ deals simply catastrophic damage, as a rule sending any opponent back to the hangar with one or two hits. Its ammunition complement of 38 shells is enough for any battle, even the most active.

The Brummbär will be a rank three Premium vehicle in the German tech tree. You'll be able to take the Grouch into battle for yourself very soon in the nearest Major Update in War Thunder!
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Pilots and tankers, very soon we’re planning to redesign our visual display of rewards and accruing bonuses on them to make them easier to understand and to clarify the calculation method. We’re also fixing several bugs in the post-battle rewards window.

All that will change is way the display of bonuses and various rewards is shown – the economics and reward calculation rules will remain the same. Vehicle bonuses will not change.

In the first change, we’re redesigning the following mechanics
  1. 1. The Talisman modification will be added on all premium vehicles. This is because all bonuses on premium vehicles were already provided by the Talisman, it simply wasn’t being displayed. This will not alter the bonuses on premium vehicles at all. In future, all purchased premium vehicles will be given to a player along with a Talisman for it.

  2. 2. Previously, the Talisman’s bonus description showed a percentage relative to the vehicle reward, this could be confusing. Now the bonus will be displayed as it is: +100%.

    New image::

    This will not change income on the vehicle:

  3. 3. The premium account description will now display the reward in a more clear fashion that is easier to calculate.

    New image of premium account bonuses:

  4. 4. All bonuses that were previously displayed in calculated form can now be seen in the vehicle’s popup – you will be able to see exactly how they are calculated. The popup will not display a percentage-style addition, but the final bonus, which should be more understandable.

    Example Calculation: 428%(final bonus) = 1.36(vehicle multiplier) * (100%(base reward) + 100%(bonus reward from premium account) + 100%(Talisman reward) + 15%(reward from 15% personal Booster)).
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RB/SB Enduring Confrontation - Stalingrad Winter

Historical Enduring Confrontation is back again! Join the Realistic or Simulator battles in Stalingrad with historical vehicle line-ups and choose any aircraft you desire! Battle it out in a large global dogfight and show your skill and supremacy. Good luck pilots.

The War Thunder Team
Community Announcements - TheShaolinMonk

Matchmaking (MM) is a very important game mechanic which has to be clearly understandable to any player. Most players no doubt know about the limit on the +/- 1.0 BR variance of vehicles’ Battle Ratings when assembling teams. This means that when you prepare for the next battle, assemble a squad or return to a comfortable battle rank for you, you’re sure to pay attention to the BR of the vehicles in your selection.

But far fewer players know about the existence of another matchmaking rule – rank limitations.

This rule works like this: regardless of the resulting Battle Rating of an individual vehicle or a player’s lineup of vehicles, matchmaking is calculated for opponents whose top vehicle’s rank differs from the player’s highest vehicle’s rank by no more than one (either higher or lower).

Complicated? On paper, sure. In reality, this rule activates very rarely, since even without it, the Battle Ratings of vehicles in most cases fall within the acceptable limitations of ranks. But there are individual examples of vehicles whose Battle Rating does not prevent an encounter between, for example, a vehicle at the lower end of rank three with a vehicle at the top end of rank one. At the same time, in spite of the seemingly large variance and the resulting concern that a vehicle at the top end of rank one won’t be able to take on a vehicle at the bottom end of rank three, in practice it all turns out differently and the vehicles would have comfortably fought with each other – if not for the limitation rule on ranks.

We strive not only to support optimal balance among all vehicles represented in War Thunder, but also to make the balancing mechanic simple and easy to understand for any player.

This means that the next logical step in improving our matchmaking mechanism is additional development of a simple and understandable Battle Rating system by making an exception to the limitation rule on ranks.

How will this affect gameplay?
We’ll use some examples to explain this. In the majority of battles, no changes will be apparent – matchmaking will, as ever, be determined based on the Battle Rating of vehicles. However, in rare cases, the game will be a little easier for individual vehicles – both for their owners and for players who encounter them in battle.

Let’s take a look at Germany’s aviation tech tree. At the time of writing, the attacker aircraft Hs.129B-3 has a rating of 3.0 in Arcade Battles. According to MM rules, it can fight against vehicles between BR 2.0 and 4.0. Now look at the Battle Rating of the He.112B-0 – it is 2.3 BR. I.e., by matchmaking rules, a meeting between these aircraft is more than possible, and in a duel, the Heinkel fighter would most likely surpass the Henschel bomber – if it weren’t for the rule that previously forbade an encounter between a rank three attacker aircraft and a rank one fighter.

What are the results of rescinding the rank limit rule for players?
Greater variety of vehicles in battles while maintaining a comfortable balance of power, and in some cases a somewhat faster start to the battle! This will work in all cases – after all, before this rule is rescinded, a very effective vehicle would never encounter an opponent more than one rank higher regardless of how high we take its Battle Rating, this means it would still undeservedly end up among the top selected for battle. Similarly, a less effective vehicle had no chance in encountering other less effective vehicles at lower ranks forcing them instead to meet more powerful machines.

Whatever vehicles you choose, in any game mode with any rank - Good luck and have fun!
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From 15.00 GMT on the 5th of July until 07.00 GMT on the 8th of July
Take a part in the reconstruction of the Battle of Kursk!

The event will be in the RB and SB game mode with historical vehicle setups. You can find it in the “Events and Tournaments” tab of the game's main menu.

The Battle of Kursk, which began on July 5th and lasted until August 23rd, 1943, was the largest tank battle in the history of mankind. According to official data, roughly two million people, six thousand tanks and four thousand aircraft were involved in it.

After the Battle of Stalingrad, the results of which encouraged Soviet troops to go on the offensive, the Germans strove to change the situation and planned their own offensive operation in the summer of 1943 to change the course of the war. German leadership had their disagreements on this count: if Keitel tried to bring Hitler around to the idea of a general offensive, Guderian and Model opposed this. It was known in the German HQ that the Soviets expected the Germans to mount an offensive in the summer of 1943. However, the decision to launch Operation Citadel was taken nonetheless.

Read the full article and leave your comments on our website!
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Dear players,
we are constantly working on the improvement of in-game cooperation and teamwork, this time we are updating Squad functionality. The whole invitation system has been optimized, now invites work faster and do not rely on joining chat anymore. A chat room is created automatically after any invites have been accepted.

This also means that a squad leader may revoke unaccepted invites and then invite other players - a squad maximum size remains the same at 4 players. Besides this, in the near future we plan to add an option when a player may give the squad leadership to another squadmate using a pop-up menu and choosing “Make leader” option.

From now on a player that has gone offline does not automatically leave the squad, his status indicator will become grey for other squad members and if he manages to reconnect to the game he rejoins the squad automatically, however he will have to wait till his fellows finish the match and return to the hangar.

The War Thunder Team
Community Announcements - TheShaolinMonk

1280x1024 | 1920x1080 | 2560x1440

Pilots and tankers!

Take part in “The Road for the Brave” Event by defending strategic points in ground force vehicles, or attacking in air force vehicles to seize control!

Read the full news and discuss it there!
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Enjoy summer with our War Thunder Summer 2016 bundle!

Summer bundle include following packs:

  • War Thunder - Ace Advanced Pack
  • War Thunder - Steam Pack
  • War Thunder - Red Fury Advanced Pack
  • War Thunder - Desert Rats Pack
  • War Thunder - Panzer Pack

Get all five Steam-exclusive DLCs at half the price! Already have one of these packs? We won't charge you for it!

Click here to check this pack!

Enjoy your summer with War Thunder!


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