Community Announcements - OrsonES
Dear friends!

Since the development of War Thunder began, we have strived to diversify all of the in-game content available to our players. We have added new aircraft and new locations, we added new ground vehicles for the USSR and Germany. We introduced a research tree for US ground vehicles. Of course, we didn’t plan to stop there, and so, we would like to proudly present to you a project that the development team has been working on diligently for a long time - British ground vehicles!

Fast and deadly, heavy and protected, beautiful and powerful, here they are! - ground vehicles for a fourth nation in War Thunder. The manufacture of ground vehicles from Great Britain proved to have an unusual approach in combining armour and weaponry. Often, they created unique vehicles, of which no counterpart anywhere else in the world could match.

In the first Devblog about British ground vehicles, we would like to introduce players to three prominent British developments, which were in the armed forces of Great Britain during and after WW2. Just from the examples of these three vehicles that have been shown here, you can already see how different and diverse the British manufacturing techniques of ground vehicles was, techniques which led to superb vehicles that will soon be available for our players in War Thunder. So let’s put away our tea mugs and see what we've got!

Medium “cruiser” tank A34 “Comet”

The A34 “Comet” was the further development of the “Cromwell”. An incredible vehicle, which was recognized by the British command as the best in its class. At a weight of only 33 tons, its firepower was greater than the firepower of any other Allied medium tank of its time. The only other comparable vehicle within the British Ground Forces, the Sherman Firefly, was greatly inferior to the “Comet” in all characteristics, except the cannon’s penetration.

The “Comet” was upgraded and modified to fit the 17-pounder-antitank cannon, which already proved its effectiveness as a field cannon. Besides that, the armour on the vehicle turret was improved, while the chassis was taken from the “Cromwell”. In game, the vehicle shows its strengths against opponents at rank III and IV, but tankers should not rely on armour protection, as non sloped armour may lead to poor survivability. The proper use of its excellent combination of mobility and cannon performance transform the “Comet” into a dangerous hunter against enemy tanks and self-propelled guns behind enemy lines.

Heavy infantry tank Churchill Mk.III

The “Churchill” is a legendary British infantry support tank. Thanks to its successful design and excellent armour protection, which was further enhanced as the vehicle was modernized, the “Churchill” successfully participated in various theaters of World War II, including even parts of the Battle of Kursk and the Korean War. Its extremely low maximum speed on roads and cross country is made up for by very good armour protection. The Mk.III comes equipped with a 6-pounder (57mm) anti-tank cannon, which may sometimes be lacking in penetration to combat some enemy vehicles on medium to far distances. Thus, the driver of the “Churchill” has to adapt his tactics by steadily approaching the enemy and attacking from short distance. At the same the Churchill can provide cover to nearby allied vehicles using its massive hull.

Medium tank Centurion Mk.3

This third modification of the British “Centurion” tank was equipped with the QF 20 (83.8mm) pounder cannon, which is a very unique weapon indeed: It was an extremely powerful main cannon based on the infamous German 88mm KwK.43 cannon. It was the first cannon to feature so-called “sabot” rounds, in which the projectile was encased in a detachable holder - the sabot. While it came too late to actively participate in World War II, it proved its effectiveness in other conflicts like the Korean War and Vietnam. In War Thunder, this vehicle will take its rightful place at rank IV, where it will be a worthy opponent for the late modifications of the Panther and T-44.

Already this year in War Thunder!

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Community Announcements - TheShaolinMonk

Dear Pilots and Tankers!
Some vehicles in War Thunder don’t quite get the attention they deserve; therefore, I believe we, as a community must change this!
Starting today we are going to have a little competition here in our “Live War Thunder” Community.

Loving the Unloved
Righto, time for round two you talented individuals. Did you miss us?

I think it’s perhaps time for some unloved axis planes. How about some bomber love? SM.79’s it is. Remember, keep them historical if you want to try to win some prizes. You have two weeks.


II Spot the Sparrowhawk
A bit of an ugly duckling but we can change that with a bit of makeup..

You have two weeks to create your best historical SM.79 skins using any of our models in game, whichever one you prefer. The top 3 skins will be selected by the Live.WT moderation team. Each of these winners will receive a nice shiny SM.79 1937 or SM.79bis to add to the collection as well as 2000, 1000 and 500 Golden Eagles respectively.

More details you can find on Live.WT site!

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Community Announcements - OrsonES

From 15.00 GMT on the 24th of July to 07.00 GMT on the 27th of July, 2015

[Event] Night attack of the USA aircraft on German factory
will be available on location Ruhr in RB mode - 'Guardian Angel'

Schweinfurt was a location which played host to a very large amount of production for Nazi Germany at the onset of World War II, a location which allied forces acknowledged as significant. Because of this, a series of Allies strategic bombing raids took place, aimed at the destruction of the factories located in the city, which would cripple the production of new tanks and aircraft, and hence, reduce the efficiency of German forces to the Allies’ advantage.

Multiple raids took place with these intentions, but two of these raids: the Schweinfurt-Regensburg mission and the Second Raid on Schweinfurt, proved particularly costly for the United States Army Air Forces. On the 17th of August 1943, 230 B-17’s of the USAAF 8th Air Force, which were intended to be a second wave of bombers following another force attacking Regensburg, took part in an intense anti-aircraft barrage, along with over 300 defending fighter aircraft. As a result, only 184 of the B-17’s were able to bomb their target, and 36 failed to return to their bases in England. However, this raid resulted in a drop in production equalling a 34% cutback, and all, except the largest of these plants, were devastated by fire. Despite this, the bulk of existing industrial infrastructure had not been conducive to destruction by a single raid. Efforts to disperse the remaining machinery began immediately, and in response to this, the Luftwaffe began deploying large numbers of interceptors along the corridor to Schweinfurt.

After regaining strength, the 8th Air Force mounted a second attack on the 14th of October 1943. This time, it proved even more costly than the first, and hence, adopted the name “Black Thursday”. During this raid, in which 291 B-17’s took part, only 229 were able to bomb their target, and a total of 60 were lost. which was considered to have been a heavy amount of losses. Consequently, it was established that heavy losses such as those experienced by the 8th Air Force could not be sustained, and hence, unescorted bomber raids deep into Germany were suspended until 1944. In the February of that year, raids into Schweinfurt resumed, during what came to be known as “Big Week”.

From 15.00 GMT on the 24th of July to 07.00 GMT on the 27th of July, 2015

[Event] 'Battle of the Caucasus' will be available on:

Mozdok - SB - Combined battle: ground vehicles + aircraft
Kuban - RB - Aircraft: Germany vs USSR

The Battle of the Caucasus refers to a series of operations which took place in the Caucasus area between Axis and Soviet forces, on the Eastern Front of World War II. From the German side, Operation ‘Edelweiss’ was planned in order to gain control of oil fields in Baku. This operation was authorised by Hitler on the 23rd of July 1942, and a large amount of preparation was made in order to carry out their plans. In fact, several German oil firms, which has been issued with leases to exploit the Caucasian oil fields, delivered large amounts of piping which would allow for oil transportation.

Bombing the oil fields had been forbidden, and so, this event was marked by considerable amounts of tank forces leading the battle. The main forces included Army Group A, the 1st Panzer Army, the 4th Panzer Army, the 17th Army, part of the Luftflotte 4, and the 3rd Romanian Army. About 1,000 aircraft from the 4th Air Fleet were also involved.

From the Soviet point of view, the Caucasus area had become a new established hub of industry. As the German Army launched operation Edelweiss, the rate at which their forces advanced slowed, as they entered the mountains of the Southern Caucasus area. Although German forces had been able to neutralize a Soviet counter-attack, they were placed on the defensive after Soviet breakthroughs occurred in the region around Stalingrad.

The Germans began to withdraw in 1943, due to setbacks in other regions. Now on the defencive, they hoped through consolidation and regrouping, they would be able to re-establish their positions to launch new operations in the Caucasus. No considerable gains were made though, and in September 1943, the fighting effectively ended when fresh withdrawals were made by the Germans.

The War Thunder Team
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Community Announcements - TheShaolinMonk

From 17.00 GMT on July 20th to 07.00 GMT on July 23rd
Participate in events related to Battle of Stalingrad:
  • Stalingrad - Ground Strike (Arcade Battles)
  • Stalingrad - Counter Attack (Realistic Battles)
  • Operation Stalingrad (Simulator Battles)
The Battle of Stalingrad was a major World War Two battle between Nazi Germany and the Soviet union. German soldiers fought for control of Stalingrad in a battle marked by close quarter combat and direct assaults through air raids. Stalingrad as a city was considered to be of high strategic importance, not only as an industrial center of the USSR, but also as a symbol of Stalin’s regime.

To this day, it is often considered to be the single largest and bloodiest battle in the history of warfare, and the heavy losses inflicted against the German Wehrmacht also brings it into consideration as the most strategically decisive battle of World War Two. Following the Battle of Stalingrad, the German forces were unable to regain initiative in the Eastern theater of war, and hence, were forced to draw vast amounts of military forces from the West, in order to replace their losses.

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Community Announcements - OrsonES

From 16.00 GMT on July 17th to 07.00 GMT on July 20th

Participate in our "Bastille Day" special to earn some great
bonuses and the unique French D.521 aircraft!

Additionally, during this special you will be able to purchase its sister
aircraft, the D.520, for Golden Eagles - with the ability to unlock a discount!

Complete one of the following tasks:

Stage 1:
Destroy 50enemy aircraft or destroy 50enemy ground vehicles and earn "Bastille Trophy"

Stage 2:

Destroy 100enemy aircraft or destroy 100enemy ground vehicles and have a
Chance to earn D.521 / "Bastille Trophy".

Stage 3:

Destroy 150enemy aircraft or destroy 150enemy ground vehicles and have a
Chance to earn D.521 / "Bastille Trophy".

Stage 4:

Destroy 200enemy aircraft or destroy 200enemy ground vehicles and have a
Chance to earn D.521 / "Bastille Trophy" / 10% personal discount for D.520.

Stage 5:

Destroy 250enemy aircraft. Destroy 250enemy ground vehicles,
Dewoitine D.521 / 20% personal discount for D.520 / "Bastille Trophy"

Only player vehicles are counted. Kills from the previous stage carry over to the next stage. Your personal vehicle must be rank II to V.

Content of the "Bastille Trophy"

You gain one of the following items:
Random wager
3 of 7 different orders
10-40% Random SL booster (10 battles)
10-40% Random RP booster (10 battles)
10000-120000 SL

For this special the following multiplicators are active:

Aircraft: x2 in 'Realistic Battles'; x5 in 'Simulator Battles'
Ground vehicles: x2 in 'Simulator Battles'
You can track your progress in "Achievements" -> "Bastille Day".

Attention! For each completed stage you can earn the prizes only once. So if you complete the stage and earned your prize while controlling aircraft, all following stages must also be completed by controlling aircraft in order to progress.

Are you curious about the origins of 'Bastille Day'?
Read more about it in our dedicated article!

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Community Announcements - TheShaolinMonk

Dear players!
The long awaited Enduring Confrontation mode introduced with Update 1.51 will soon be available to the pilots of Realistic and Simulator Battles. Now you can help to make this mode even better and prepare it for launch!

Join in on the next test of “Enduring Confrontation”, now available in both
Realistic and Simulator mode with the ability to use your own lineup of vehicles.
Testing will start on the 16th of July at 16:00 GMT
The mode is available in the “Events and tournaments” tab

Today we will start our test of the ‘Enduring Confrontation’ mode in the ‘Ruhr’ location between the British and the US Air Force against the mighty German Air Force.

Test Conditions:
  • Test will be available in Realistic Battles and Simulator Battles;
  • Instead of pre-defined lineups, you can now use your own lineup in the events;
  • There are four events with different BR ranges available for each mode:
    • 1.0 - 2.7
    • 2.3 - 4.3
    • 4.0 - 6.3
    • 6.0 - 9.3
  • When initially joining the battle you can take aircraft, which have the minimum BR, allowed in this game session or a BR which is greater than the minimum of 0.3 or 0.7. This means, if you are in the BR range 2.3 - 4.3 in the ‘Enduring Confrontation’ mode, you can take aircraft with a BR of 2.3, 2.7, or 3.0.
  • Profitability of the battles in the ‘Enduring Confrontation’ mode as well as the cost for joining the battle have been reduced by about three times for the test period
  • "Spotters" have also been added as a new task type: Aircraft operated by AI can now reconnoitre enemy airfields. This is a test of a system in development and will be fully available after the new mechanics have been implemented. More info will follow in future tests.
  • A new objective/scenario has been added: ‘Bomber Escort’.
Fixed errors and updates 16.07.2015:
  • The bomb tonnage required to destroy enemy bases in ‘Enduring Confrontation’ mode has been slightly increased.
  • The respawn time of bases has been increased from 10 seconds to 2 minutes.
  • The speed of recon aircraft is now limited to 350 km/h.
  • Increased accuracy of anti-aircraft guns.
  • Various small issues have been fixed
  • The bomb tonnage required to destroy enemy bases and airfields has been rebalanced:
  • BR 1-2 - 5x500kg
  • BR 2.3-3.3 - 6x500kg
  • BR 3.7-4.7- 6x500kg
  • BR 5-6.3 - 8x500kg
  • BR 6.7 and higher - 8x500kg
  • BR 1-2 - 8x500kg
  • BR 2.3-3.3 - 10x500kg
  • BR 3.7-4.7 - 15x500kg
  • BR 5-6.3 - 25x500kg
  • BR 6.7 and higher - 30x500kg
Attention! As this is a test run, it may be stopped at any time.
Don’t waste any time, and be sure to take part in the test!

About the game mode:
  • In this game mode, players can join the battle at any time (except for game sessions that have ended). The battles are subject to specific objectives and players will have multiple tasks that they will need to complete: for fighters, to destroy all enemy aircraft; for attackers, to destroy all enemy AAA; for bombers, to bomb enemy strategic targets. As well as this, we are developing more combat missions and creating additional tactical situations., which will become available to players from time to time.
  • Aircraft repairs are free, but each flyout is paid for with Silver Lions, and the recently joined player will begin with weaker aircraft - Participants will unlock access to more powerful vehicles after some time has been spent in the battle. This time may be reduced by destroying enemy bases, airfields, and enemy aircraft.
  • The general tasks of this mode are as follows: scouting enemy airfields, search and destruction of ground targets, interception of enemy aircraft, and many more, with the list of tasks being regularly updated. After completing specific tasks new ones will appear. For each successful action during a session, players will earn Air Domination Points (ADP), which will be counted towards the team’s score. After the session is over, the team with most ADP wins. Also, earning ADP for the team gives the player the opportunity to use more powerful aircraft earlier in battle. After each flyout, the vehicles of the type and level used will be blocked for some time, thus the player should change either the “level” of the aircraft or the type.
  • Rewards for each mission is paid after a player leaves the battle and doesn’t depend on the battle’s end result. Though, a certain bonus is also added after the mission is over.
  • After a player has chosen a certain aircraft, it will be locked for some time starting from the moment the aircraft has been destroyed. E.g. if the vehicle is available once per 30 minutes, a player can chose it 30 minutes after his vehicle was destroyed, not after he started to fly it. This also means that a player who manages to land on an allied airfield will be able to swap out his vehicle for another choice, without restarting the timer.
  • Vehicles of the same BR and type have a common timer. Currently, two groups with common timers exist: Fighters (including light, heavy and naval) and Bombers (including all bombers and attackers).
  • It will be useful to keep aircraft of all types in your preset so you won’t be left without an aircraft to fly in the midst of battle.
  • Timer duration depends on Battle Ratings. The higher the BR, the longer the timer duration will be.
  • Vehicles of the lower BR spectrum for a specific session do not come with a timer and will always be available.
Please leave your feedback in newly created threads.
If you are playing Enduring Confrontation in Simulator mode, please use this thread.
If you are playing Enduring Confrontation in Realistic mode, please use this thread.
Community Announcements - TheShaolinMonk

Dear Players!
The team at War Thunder have always emphasised the positives of working in a team, and with Cybersports being team oriented, automated squadron tournaments are naturally a much needed aspect of War Thunder tournaments.

This time around, you will get the opportunity to participate in test squadron rating tournaments: air 4v4 and tank 6v6. Aviation tournaments will be available in all modes. As for Tank tournaments, only arcade and realistic modes will be available In squadron tournaments, players can only participate with members from their own squadron.

They will earn rating points for their squadron, and the leaderboard will show only a squadron’s results, statistics and rating. There will also be a bonus 2v2 air tournament, available in all modes, with the unique “Duelist 2v2” title for the best 500 players in each mode.

Tournaments start: July the 16th 13:00 GMT
Tournaments end: July the 21st 07:00 GMT

  • Each new squadron begins with a rating of 0 and earns points through victories, depending on the other squadrons’ ratings.
  • To participate, squadron members should join the tournament’s queue. The players will join a tournament battle only if the required amount of squadron members are present in the tournament’s queue.
  • The matchmaker for the tournament will balance your team based on your squadron rating.
  • Prizes will be awarded within five days after the tournament has ended.
  • Tournament battle results do not count for other events and/or specials.
The War Thunder Team

Community Announcements - TheShaolinMonk

Dear Players!
Today we have updated the ‘Rookie Trophies’ in the ‘Battle Trophies’ section of the item shop. Now you can gain some additional boosters, wagers, Golden Eagles and Silver Lions and the following premium vehicles as trophies:
  • XP-50
  • M46 Patton
  • Fw 190 D-13
  • Bfw. Jagdpanther
  • P-63A-5 Kingcobra (USSR)
  • IS-2 "Revenge"
  • Plagis' Spitfire LF. Mk IX
  • A6M5 Ko Reisen
  • J2M4 Kai Raiden
Read more about items and battle trophies on our wiki.

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Community Announcements - OrsonES

Welcome to our new War Thunder - Snail Awards!

Dear Players!

In our most recent competition, we are looking for the Michael Bays, Steven Spielbergs and James Camerons within our Community, to create a series of Community trailers for War Thunder that do one thing above all: kick ass! If you think you know how to make an amazing trailer, then don’t waste any time, start filming right now and cash in on the prizes. There is plenty of time for some amazing shots, as the deadline for this competition is set to the 30th of September.

Our very first Snail Awards is all about Combined Battles, a detailed description follows below. If you’re unsure about what we are looking for, check out our official Ground Forces and US Tanks release trailers as a reference.


Create the best War Thunder trailer focussing on Ground Forces combat supported (and hunted!) by aircraft. Showcase everything that makes War Thunder’s land battles epic: impressive and varied vehicle models, massive battles, hit- and deathcam, artillery and aircraft strikes, buzzing shells and machine guns, AA fire, rockets, bombs - you got it. Don’t be shy to capture a lot of action and emotion!

Participants can receive one of the following awards:

Out of all the videos submitted by users, we will pick the best videos and award them with one of our Snail Awards depending on their quality. As an example: It is thus possible that multiple, or no video will, for example, receive a Golden Snail award.

The Snail Award includes a prize reward in Golden Eagles and will also be visible on the user’s profile on our official forum.

Please be sure to read the rules carefully before participating in the competition!

Rules for participation:

  • Your video should be up to 5 minutes long;
  • The video quality must be HD (1280x720) or higher;
  • The video must be hosted on one of the following sites: YouTube or Vimeo;
  • The video must be posted on War Thunder Live with the Hasthag #snailawards and in competition topic on our official forum
  • You should only use War Thunder music and ingame sounds. If you use other music or effects, they must be available without copyright and free for any use;
  • All picture footage must come from War Thunder;
  • Movie’ graphic settings are a minimum for any footage recorded;
  • You are free to use special effects in your video and edit it (highlight reel / montage);
  • The winners will be decided by a panel of judges from the War Thunder community team;
  • The Contest Organisers reserve the right to alter these Conditions at any time;
  • You automatically agree to pass the exclusive rights of the video to Gaijin Entertainment if your submission is picked as a winner;
  • The deadline for posting entries is the 30th of September. Competition winners will be announced a few days later.

Please do not post anything containing swastikas, SS division symbols, profanity, vulgar symbols, etc. If you post videos that contain one of these or post something ridiculous, your video will not even be considered. We will be choosing videos that may be used in future updates or articles so you acknowledge to waive your rights to them over to us.

Good Luck Warriors!

The War Thunder Team

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Community Announcements - TheShaolinMonk


Keep your eyes peeled on Friday for a dedicated War Thunder Bastille Day Special!

Bastille Day is the celebration of 'French National Day', which is held each year on the 14th of July. Those native to France refer to this event as ‘La Fête Nationale’. Bastille Day, as portrayed by the name, commemorates the storming of the Bastille Prison in Paris, in the year of 1789. This location was historically considered a symbol of the absolute power held by Paris’ monarch, Louis XVI.

The Bastille Prison, which could have also been described as a fortress, is known to have held political prisoners that, at the behest of the French Crown, were entirely unable to appeal their indictment. Prisoners of this nature were known to have committed actions which had displeased the royal government, such as the illustration of anti-monarchical documents. At the time, many of the inmates held at the Bastille were considered to be innocent by the French people, and were not believed to have committed crimes that were deserving of such a punishment. Hence, the Bastille served as a symbol of royal absolutism.

In addition to this, infamy surrounding the prison-fortress grew in the 1700’s. Its existence served to convince the common people that they were deeply oppressed by the Crown.

On the 14th of July, 1789, the Bastille was stormed by the residence of Paris. Eventually reinforced by mutinous gardes françaises, the crowd fought against the Prison’s defences in what was considered to have been an evenly matched fight. Seeing this, and so to avoid a total massacre, the Bastille’s Commander opened the gates. Despite this, and possibly due to a misunderstanding, the battle resumed shortly after. At the time of its collapse, there had been only 7 prisoners, but nevertheless, it was seen as a victory of the people over the king, and was regarded as the beginning of the French Revolution.

Bastille Day officially became a national holiday in 1880. Celebrations often begin in the evening of July 13th, where the storming of the Bastille is often re-enacted. People also are known to proceed down French streets, holding candle lanterns known as “lampions”.

On the 14th, the largest and oldest military parade in all of Europe is held in commemoration of this day, taking place on the Champs-Élysées avenue, Paris, in front of the President of the Republic, French officials and important foreign guests. Troops salute the President, who is considered a symbol of the French Republic. The parade also incorporates musical performances, including a rendition of the French national anthem, “La Marseillaise”.

Bastille Day is also marked by an aviation show from the French military force 'La Patrouille de France". The official ceremony ends with a spectacular fireworks show near the Eiffel tower. We would like to salute our friends in France, and wish you a Bonne fête du 14 juillet!

The War Thunder Team

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