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Community Announcements - TheShaolinMonk
Ground battle fans! Not so long ago, the third-person-view sight, the main weapon of every War Thunder tanker, was updated. We’ve added a new marker whose main purpose is to notify the gunner in advance about potential obstacles in the shell’s flight path.

Aiming the cannon is now based on data from three main markers, two old ones and one new one:
  • The large central marker: Not the gun sight, but the player’s view indicator and the center of convergence to which the gun tries to turn.
  • The new half-transparent small marker: This marker notifies the gunner in advance about potential obstacles between the gunner and the target, and displays the point at which the gun will be aimed after aiming is complete. It follows the large central marker almost without delay, but in contrast to the first, takes into account the limits of the gun’s aiming angles and the presence of obstacles in the estimated line of fire.
  • The small opaque marker: This marker’s task is to indicate the weapon’s actual trajectory at the current moment in time. When this marker matches the new semi-transparent marker, and if they are both aimed at the target, you can freely open fire.
The new marker not only provides a timely warning of obstacles in your line of fire, but also provides a means to significantly reduce the influence of the parallax effect, which we will now describe in more detail.

It is rare for skirmishes to take place on a completely clear field with only a few trees between you and your opponent. The battlefield is more often a complex collection of objects, full of bomb craters, strewn with the wreckage of war other obstacles that make aiming difficult. But there is another factor separating the gunner from their prey.

In most game modes, the camera is located above the vehicle model, allowing you to better control the vehicle and view the battlefield, but the price of this convenience is the so-called “parallax effect”. After all, as much as we might want it to be otherwise, the gun is mounted on the tank and the shells fly from its barrel, which, in third-person view, can cause a distorted understanding of the battle conditions, leading the player to hit a defenseless rock or a nearby hill instead of the opponent.

Parallax in action – the target is visible to you, but not to the tank’s gunner.​

“How can this be?” you ask. It’s all very simple.

Look: in third-person view, when your line of sight floats above your tank, you can see your opponent, but the crew’s view is another story entirely.

The enemy will be destroyed!

A rock will be destroyed

If you fire in this situation, the shell will hit nothing but stone, and the enemy will be sure not to miss in response.

Of course, the parallax effect also has an influence in the sky, but the issue of aiming there is not so critical, and the victim of parallax is, in the worst case, an ally who gets between you and the target you’re attacking. The effect itself can be smoothed by configuring the vertical and horizontal aiming of aircraft weaponry.

The most reliable solution to the problem is informing the player about the shell’s behavior after it is fired. And this new aiming mechanic is already available to all tankers.

But before that, we have made another very significant change to aiming mechanics – when aiming the weapon, obstacles that aren’t part of the earth’s surface were ignored; this solved a problem that presented itself as a barrel raising up when approaching large objects.

The enemy is in our sights and we’re ready to open fire as soon as we come out of cover – the barrel won’t move.

The convenience of aiming around obstacles increased, but the new mechanic made the parallax effect even more apparent to players, showing it not only at the time of the shot, but also when aiming from obstacles. An unavoidable consequence of all these changes aimed at improving aiming mechanics in battle was updating the main weapon of any tanker – the sight.

From now on, the sight takes into account natural obstacles, but doesn’t concentrate on them, at the same time allowing you to both easily aim at the enemy and take into account potential obstacles in the firing line before the weapon turns in the required direction.

Even the most insignificant obstacles can cause shell detonation!

Enemy detected, sight aimed – all that remains is to wait for the turret to turn.

Parallax has been defeated, now all you have to do is defeat your enemies. Good luck in battle, we wish you many frags!

The War Thunder Team
Community Announcements - TheShaolinMonk
Dear Friends!
We are proud to announce the release of War Thunder Update 1.59 "Flaming Arrows"!

Be sure to view the full set of changes in the Official Changelog!

Ground Vehicles, Aircraft, Locations & Missions, New Hangars, and many other changes to see!

View the Changelog here!
Community Announcements - TheShaolinMonk

The War Thunder 1.59 update features improvements to the model of one of the largest aircraft in the game – the B-29 Superfortress strategic bomber as well as the addition of the Tu-4, a Soviet copy of this American giant.

We planned an update of the model of the B-29 Superfortress, which has been the super-giant in the skies of War Thunder for a fair time now, as the basic model was used as the foundation for several very interesting modifications that we want to add to the game. The first of these is the Tu-4 strategic bomber which is a Soviet copy of the B-29. So, we would like to present to you the updated model of the B-29 and the new Soviet Tu-4 bomber in the War Thunder 1.59 "Flaming Arrows" update!

For more information and images, be sure to check out the full Development Blog on the Official War Thunder Forums!
Community Announcements - TheShaolinMonk

You are an excellent warrior with a score of burning enemies in your wake, but your many trials have left only your driver and gunner unhurt. And the enemy is hot on your heels. «Oh, if only I had a second chance. I’d show them!» - Now you do have a second chance! We are pleased to present an improvement to gameplay in War Thunder tank battles – a trauma pack for the crew.

In Update 1.59 ‘Flaming Arrows’, any ground vehicle can be equipped with a trauma pack,
which allows you to bring one crew member per vehicle per battle back into the action.

The trauma pack can be obtained like any ordinary consumable module in the vehicle research menu and is spent in battle automatically when only one crew member is left in your tank. If you have no trauma pack or have spent it, your vehicle will be considered destroyed when there are less than two crew members left, as before. The mechanics are the same for all modes.

Use this new chance and lead your team to victory, whatever happens!
See you on the battlefield!
Community Announcements - TheShaolinMonk

The LVT(A)-1 (short for Landing Vehicle, Tracked (Armored) Mark I) is a light amphibious tank based on a troop carrier specifically designed for US Marine missions. The turret from the M5A1 tank was installed on the chassis of an amphibious armoured personnel carrier along with two aft machine guns on simple ring mounts. The driving and troop compartments received an extra armoured roof. The vehicle went into production in California in 1943 and was deployed in 1944. A total of 510 vehicles of this series were produced.

In War Thunder the LVT(A)-1 Light Tank will be a reserve vehicle in the US armoured vehicle branch and will be available to all players in the normal vehicle tree. The LVT(A)-1 is the game’s second amphibious tank after the Soviet PT-76.

For more information and images of this vehicle, be sure to view the full Dev Blog article on the Official War Thunder Forums!
Community Announcements - TheShaolinMonk

Recently, we introduced a new line of open-cabin German SPGs to the game. Most players liked this new addition: the powerful rank 3 vehicles – the Dicker Max and Nashorn – may be lightly armoured, but on the other hand they can shred any opponent that gets in their sights with a single shot. However, the line is unfinished, so we’re here to present to you an essential new hero of the upcoming update. Meet the Sturer Emil!​

Work on the Sturer Emil began in as early as 1939, when the German army had need of an effective weapon against the reinforced Maginot Line. But by 1942, the situation had changed fundamentally: France had already fallen, and Germany was waging an entirely different war against the USSR. At the start of the Great Patriotic War, when the Germans first clashed with the newest Soviet KV and T-34 tanks, the question of creating an effective weapon against them became critical: no German tank cannon at that time could effectively penetrate their armour. Only high-calibre anti-aircraft weapons showed good efficiency in penetrating Soviet heavy armour, such as the 12.8 cm FlaK 40.

To see more info, images, and even video of this vehicle, be sure to check out the full Dev Blog article on the Official War Thunder Forums!
Community Announcements - TheShaolinMonk

We present the new Japanese piston-engine N1K1-Ja fighter, which will arrive in War Thunder 1.59: Flaming Arrows.

By the spring of 1944, the primary efforts of Japan’s aviation industry were aimed at creating an improved version of the N1K2-J Shiden Kai, but development on its predecessor the N1K1 nonetheless continued. The base model was equipped with the more accurate long-barreled 20mm cannons instead of the previous short-barreled cannons and an external honeycomb oil radiator was installed to improve heat exchange. So the N1K1-Ja Shiden (JP: Violet Lightning) model was born.

To see more of this vehicle, be sure to view the full Dev Blog article on the Official War Thunder Forums!
Community Announcements - TheShaolinMonk

The American M46 Patton and M47 Patton II tanks are greatly respected among players in high-ranked War Thunder battles. These powerful vehicles stand out for their flexibility and utility: their good vertical aiming angles, solid frontal armour and an excellent chassis allow them to adapt for any conditions and complete any task.
Very soon, the list of these wonderful machines will be bolstered by an additional one: the developer team has finished working on the M48A1 Patton III.​

The second Patton model, the M47, was initially designed as an intermediary point in the series, so before even finishing its development, General Motors began to design a new vehicle with an improved 90mm cannon. The project was designated T48, and subsequently became the M48. The prototype was a development of the M46 and M47 ideals; it received a 90mm M41 cannon with an ammunition complement of 60 shots and improved armour. A version with a rotating machine gun turret with large-caliber M2HB received the series designation M48A1.

To read more info and view more images of this vehicle, be sure to read the full Development Blog on the Official War Thunder Forums!
Community Announcements - TheShaolinMonk

The IT-1 was the first and last fully missile-equipped tank in the USSR whose missile armament was its primary offensive power. As a means of destroying enemy armoured vehicles, the IT-1 (Istrebitel’ tankov pervyj, EN: Tank Destroyer One) has fifteen ZM7 ‘Drakon’ anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs). The vehicle will also be the first in War Thunder with this kind of armament.

The IT-1 was based on the T-62 main battle tank, but the chief designer L. N. Kartsev installed a missile launcher for ATGMs in the cast turret instead of a classic tank gun. In 1968, the vehicle was put into series production with the aim of reinforcing Soviet Army divisions in critical armoured approach routes from potential opponents. As a result, 110 IT-1 tanks were produced up to 1970, most of which served in battalions near the western border of the USSR.

For more Information, images, and even video of this vehicle, be sure to check out the full Dev Blog article on the Official War Thunder Forums!

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