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From February 12th 15:00 GMT to February 15th 07:00 GMT
Take part in air battles between Germany and Great Britain in random battles and in the events. Destroy enemy aircraft and earn Supply boxes!

  • Germany:
    • I While flying listed Bf.109 series aircraft, destroy a total of 30 listed enemy Spitfires and earn a 'Supply Box'!
    • II While flying listed Bf.109 series aircraft, destroy a total of 70 listed enemy Spitfires and earn a 'Supply Box'!
    • III While flying listed Bf.109 series aircraft, destroy a total of 100 listed enemy Spitfires and earn a 'Supply Box'!
    The multipliers are x2 for RB and x3 for SB.
  • Britain:
    • I While flying listed Spitfire series aircraft, destroy a total of 30 listed enemy Bf.109s and earn a 'Supply Box'!
    • II While flying listed Spitfire series aircraft, destroy a total of 70 listed enemy Bf.109s and earn a 'Supply Box'! ​
    • III While flying listed Spitfire series aircraft, destroy a total of 100 listed enemy Bf.109s and earn a 'Supply Box'!
    The multipliers are x2 for RB and x3 for SB.

View the full Special here!
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The long-awaited extension of the British SPAAG development tree is here! Today we’d like to show you Britain’s top-range SPAAG – the Falcon, armed with two 30mm automatic cannons.

A single prototype of the Falcon was built for testing purposes. The chassis of the Abbot SPG was used for it, but the original howitzer was replaced with twin automatic 30mm Hispano-Suiza HS.831 guns. Aside from the armament, changes also reached the Abbot’s turret, which was reworked so that it could house the anti-air cannons.

Work on this anti-air gun for War Thunder was tough, but interesting. There is very little information available on this vehicle, so we had to request help from The Tank Museum at Bovington, whose archives held technical documentation on the Falcon. As a result of our collaboration, War Thunder now presents the first full and precise computer model of this SPAAG in the world.

Using the documents we have, our model artists restored the appearance of the Falcon. The Abbot chassis underwent several changes – to prepare a prototype of the SPAAG, most of the detachable equipment was removed from the hull along with the flotation screen. The tracks are missing their rubber covers.

The turret turned out to be quite interesting – as you can see, both the commander and the gunner who sit inside the turret have their own observation instruments. The hatches on the sides of the turret serve for the extraction of fired shell casings. The characteristic lip along the centre of the turret underneath the guns was made so that the breech of the guns could be lowered in order to fire upwards.
In War Thunder, the Falcon will take its place at rank V of the British SPAAG tree. It has a crew of three: a commander and gunner in the turret, a driver in the front of the hull. The chassis is equipped with a diesel engine capable of reaching a speed of nearly 30 mph (48 km/h). The Falcon’s armour is comparatively light, which is characteristic of most SPAAGs. Its twin 30mm cannons fire up to 1200-1300 shots per minute together, with four types of shells available – two types of high-explosive shells with self-destruct fuses, a semi-armour piercing shell with a tail fuse (APHE-I) and an armour-piercing shell with a core for penetrating armoured targets (APCR).

In short, the Falcon is a very capable vehicle for rank V battles, capable of destroying both aerial and ground targets. Try out this new addition in the War Thunder 1.57 update. See you in battle!
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The T-44 in War Thunder is an excellent armoured vehicle. Fast, with great dynamic movement and a wonderful “ricochet inducing” turret. Everything is great in this tank, its regular 85 mm gun allows it to confidently strike targets within its rank from the side and rear. It does however have issues with its frontal armour – many of its enemies have gained more than 120mm of armour thickness, which can only be penetrated with APCR shells or by aiming at any “apertures” to burst through the hull.

In the War Thunder 1.55 update, the T-44 has been introduced with its 122 mm cannon, which was mounted on the IS-2. This vehicle became the favourite of sniper tankers who used the speed of the T-44 to deliver its deadly weapon to a convenient and unexpected firing position. However, its high damage comes at the cost of an extremely long reload time for a medium tank.

War Thunder version 1.57 offers a new model of the Soviet T-44 tank with a 100mm D-10T cannon, which was installed on the older brothers of the T-44 – the top T-54 medium tanks. The cannon allows it to confidently strike almost all enemies at its rank, including, from the front, whilst at the same time it reloads significantly faster than the 122mm cannon.

The T-44-100 tank will take its place in the Soviet medium tank tech tree and will be available to research straight after the standard T-44. The in-game model of the tank differs from the version with the standard weapon in its altered gun mantlet, smaller command cupola and its DShK anti-air cannon. In accordance with the real-life T-44-100, our artists have even recreated the armour bulge on the left side of the turret which is designed to allow free operation of the breech internally, also having the observation instrument removed from the right section of the turret.
Mounted on the sides of the T-44-100 tank, 6mm applique plates have been added which provide additional protection from high-explosive ordnance, also protecting the running gear from explosions, aerial attack and artillery shells.

The tank not only allows a tanker to make quick, flanking maneuvers, but also permits acting in concert with heavy tanks for a main push: the 100mm cannon is a great reason to be brave and do some bold actions on the battlefield.

Try out the new T-44 in battle in the War Thunder 1.57 update. See you there!
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Luftwaffe fans, rejoice! One of the most unusual and dangerous aircraft of WW2 - the Do.335 “Pfeil” has arrived with three modifications!

The Do.335 is the first aircraft with tandem-mounted engines in War Thunder, that’s why designing its model was a bit of a challenge for us. We believe that we did well. Both engines and both propellers are operational, the animations of the radiator shutters, the flap system and the chassis all operate correctly.
Besides the unusual look of the model itself, observers may also notice the canopy design that is uncommon for a German fighter aircraft, also the unique front undercarriage leg.

As for the vehicle performance and the aircraft’s combat characteristics, it should be noted that experimental models built by Claudius Dornier featured a superb speed in level flight (perhaps they were the fastest piston powered aircraft of WW2), a powerful armament consisting of 20mm and 30mm cannons and also its capability of carrying bombs both on the wing pods and in bomb bay.
In War Thunder, the Do.335 is represented with 3 modifications:
  • Do.335A-0. armed with 1 МK 103 30mm gun, and 2x20 mm MG151’s
  • Do.335A-1 able to carry 1x500 kg bomb in the bomb bay and 2x250 kg bombs on the wing pods.
  • Do.335B-2 - a premium vehicle armed with 2 additional 30mm wing-mounted cannons - a true flying artillery battery!
The Do.335 is one of the most advanced prop fighters in history. Get ready to meet it in War Thunder Update 1.57!

Watch video of this aircraft in action here!
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On Sunday, January the 31st the first season of the “Thunder League” in the Pro Division came to a close.
The winning team DISLIKE won ($20,095)

Places in Thunder League winners were as follows:
The first season will be remembered for heated battles, intrigue and strong will. No team gave a victory away without a struggle. Combined battles format with a free choice of ground vehicles and aircraft proved to be the right decision - players showed their skill both on the ground and in the skies, and mistakes in the air or on the battlefield both affected the final result.

The “Thunder League” was created for you - the viewers - in the first place. While making a tournament we did understand that we need a story that will attract the audience and we believe we reached our goal - thousands of players became familiar with War Thunder eSports.

Some figures for you:
  • Over 25 000 players purchased the League “Dog Tag” and joined the Thunder League;
  • Over 18 000 of them chose their favourite team.;
  • Over 11 000 of them chose “Dislike” as their team - All of them received the RBT-5 rocket tank.;
  • Viewers spent 567 000 hours in total watching the streams.;
  • Over 140 000 messages has been sent to the chat on twitch channels.;
  • Over 100 000 unique users watched the Thunder League broadcasts.;
  • The Grand Final was watched by more than 17 000 simultaneously.
This shows the level of players interest and a positive attitude towards such competitions, this is why we are launching the Thunder Leagues division system, take part in the qualifiers with your Squadron - anyone can become a champion in Season 2!

While preparing the second season we really need your opinions and feedback. What was done well? What did you not like? What can be improved? Do you have any ideas you would like to share with us for the second season? Leave your feedback on the forum and in the special Thunder League feeback form!

More information can be found on the War Thunder Official Forums!
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From 18.00 GMT on February 5th to 07.00 GMT on February 8th
Join the 'Rapid Fire' Arcade-Event!
Fight in this Arcade Battle in AA vehicles and destroy enemies
to call-in air support through mini-events!

You can locate the event in the: 'Events & Tournaments' tab in the game's main menu
Location:[Domination] Easter Europe

The self-propelled anti-aircraft that participated in World War II, were designed for the air defense of military units and strategic targets. In contrast to the stationary versions of anti-aircraft artillery, the AA was mounted on wheels, half-tracked or a fully tracked chassis. During the fighting, it became clear that the deployment of anti-aircraft guns on an open road chassis, deprived of the defenses, led to their rapid destruction. From that point on, armoured AA based series of tanks and self-propelled guns were developed.

In War Thunder there is a wide range of self-propelled anti-aircraft artillery giving the opportunity to protect an armoured column and stationary ground targets from attack fighters and bombers. The game uses different types of AA: from prototypes to production vehicles. This greatly increases the informative part of the game, allowing players in War Thunder to encounter various models of military equipment from the participating countries of the Second World War.

A distinctive feature of the AA from those times is their scarcity, which indicates that the issues of air defense were assigned mainly to fixed or towed anti-aircraft guns (and is also a reason why we decided to introduce prototype AA vehicles). Because of the high losses in armoured vehicles and motor vehicles mass production of specialized equipment was a luxury.

Now the line-up of self-propelled anti-aircraft was enriched with British AA.

For more information, view the full Event article on the Official War Thunder Forums!
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Dear Players!
The War Thunder 'Victory is ours!' Live Action Trailer has reached 10,000,000 views on our official YouTube channel alone!
'Victory is ours!' takes the viewer right into the action of an epic struggle for victory. Besides impressive action, it also put focus on the fate of individuals at war, for which it was critically acclaimed by the viewers and press alike. Awarded Best Live Action at the Games Connection 2015 Marketing Awards and scoring first place at the Russian Great Patriotic War Short-Movie Contest, 'Victory is ours!' is War Thunder's most successful trailer to date.

Other awards the trailer received include a Special Mention for Best Videogame Cinematic at the ANIMAYO 2015 festival, Best VFX at the 4th Bangalore Shorts Film Festival, Editorial Choice at ANIMATIC 2015 and being on the Commercial VFX shortlist in the Visual Effects Society Award alongside such greats as the popular series "Game of Thrones" and "Coca-Cola" commercials.

We want to use this festive occasion to thank our loyal players, our Community, for being with us for all these years. War Thunder has already come a long way, and together we will continue to march onwards - until victory is ours!

The film's music is a cover of "Do not hurry," featuring world-famous singer Anna German and the words of poet Yevgeny Yevtushenko, and was performed by Murakami. Did you know that there's also a version featuring the original song by Anna German? Find it here!

Other videos that may interest you:
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The mighty “Dislike” Team are the Champions of the Thunder League!

In the Grand Finals of the Thunder League: played on Sunday evening, “Dislike” won against “Verve” in a tense battle, earning them the title “Champion of the Thunder League” and a prize of more than $20 000!

During the matches, “Verve” were ahead of them twice, but “Dislike” managed to turn the tide and win 3 rounds in a row which brought them to final victory with a tally of 4 wins and 2 losses! More than 17,000 viewers witnessed how Dislike demonstrated real determination and composure, which in the end earned them the Champion’s title.

We would like to thank all the viewers of this match, the fans that supported them - but most of all, we like to congratulate “Dislike”!
Well played guys.

The War Thunder Team
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A month of tense battles in the Thunder League has passed and the time has come for the decisive matches. Only 4 teams are still fighting for the title of Champion.

Dislike Team (Russia) are continuing their winning streak: they’ve taken first place in the group stage where they needed only to win against GOF in order to be in the final winners bracket. They had no problem achieving this, the result of the match was 3:0 in their favour.

On the other hand, the road that their opponents needed to pass was longer and more difficult - Arcade eSports (Russia) were only 5th after the group stage and had a very busy schedule: 3 wins against Poltergeist, Verve and DYNAMIGHT, all of them with a 3:2 result. Players from Arcade don’t look for easy ways to win, but although these were exhausting matches, it helped to make the team stronger.

In the lower bracket, THINK (EU) will play against Verve (Belarus) - both teams have lost one match already and the one who loses this time will finish their run in the play-offs. The winner of this match will receive a guaranteed prize of more than $9 000 and play with the loser of Dislike vs Arcade for the right to enter the Grand Final.

Owners of the "Golden Dog Tag" can change their mind and choose another team until January 29th 17:00 GMT.

This Friday, we have two super-matches in store for you:
  • 18:00 GMT THINK vs Verve
  • 19:30 GMT Dislike Team vs Arcade eSports
On Saturday, the winner of the first match will play against the loser of the second one for the right to enter the Grand Final. And get ready to witness the Grand Final on Sunday, where the winner of Saturday’s match will face off against the winner of Dislike vs Arcade!

Teams who ended their battles in the tournament
Two teams left the tournament without victories in the play-offs - Poltergeist (Russia) and Der Adler (Russia).

Guard Officers (Ukraine) started with a victory against THINK, but after losing to Dislike, they ended up in the lower bracket where they fought a hard battle with Verve on Wednesday and lost - 2:3.

Players from DYNAMIGHT were unlucky: after second place in the group stage, they couldn’t win in the play-offs and lost two matches against Arcade (2:3) and THINK (0:3).

You can find all the info and videos from the matches on
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Dear players!
Many War Thunder tank commanders have experienced the situation when a lucky shot from the enemy has knocked out all crew members but one. Previously this meant that the tank was combat ineffective and unable to continue the battle. Vehicles with only a few crew members (2 or 3) suffered the greatest from this, since almost any penetration in the turret would most likely mean that the tank was knocked out of action.

We decided to improve the whole situation so that our ground vehicles survive a bit longer. As soon as the feature is implemented, the vehicle will remain “active” as long as it has at least one conscious crew member. The feature will function in the following way:

The conscious crew member will replace either the driver or the gunner, thus the tank will have the ability to move or fire. Of course you won’t be able to drive and shoot at the same time whilst having only one surviving member in a crew. In order to replace a gunner or driver, the crew member will operate slower. Currently this is a fixed time period depending on the mode (less time for Ab and an increased time for RB and SB). Once you activate the command that enables the crew members to switch positions, you will see a progress icon in the bottom left corner that indicates how much time remains for the switch to complete. This may very well depend on the “Agility” skill in future (we are still considering).

See video of this feature in action here!

It is Important to note, if the conscious crew member is a driver, he will obviously not have to spend time switching to the driver’s seat, a player will be able to move his vehicle at once. The same is true for the gunner, once a gunner’s crew mates are knocked out of action he is still able to operate the primary weapon and engage enemies without a pause, however if he has to switch to the driver’s seat in order to drive the vehicle, there will be a time penalty while he performs this “switching” action.

Hopefully the new system will significantly improve the survivability of ground vehicles on the battlefield and vehicles with a lower crew count will have a better chance in combat.

See you on the battlefield!

The War Thunder Team

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