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The Westland Wyvern was the first series-produced combat aircraft in the world equipped with a turboprop engine. It will also be the first of its kind in War Thunder, as a Premium vehicle. Meet the new addition to the game, one of the most extraordinary carrier-borne aircraft in history

The Westland Wyvern was actively developed after the end of the Second World War. The immediately noticeable distinctive features of this aircraft are its unusual appearance and two contra-rotating propellers. But that’s far from everything that makes it stand out from its contemporaries. The aircraft is equipped with a turboprop engine, which provides an impressive weight-lifting ability. Finally, it is armed with four 20mm cannons which automatically make it a dangerous opponent to any opponent unlucky enough to become its target.

For more info, images, and even video of this vehicle, be sure to check out the full Development Blog article on the Official War Thunder Forums!
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In War Thunder update 1.59, we’re adding several tanks armed with ATGMs at once. On top of that, we’re continuing to work on tanks with unguided rockets. Today’s hero is the British Cromwell RP3, armed with aircraft rockets!

The success of multiple rocket launchers and experiments with installing unguided rocket launchers on tanks could not fail to catch the interest of British tank designers. In 1946, British engineers performed an experiment with aircraft rockets on a Cromwell tank, installing four immobile rocket rails on a welded frame. With the help of some clumsy fixtures, standard aviation rockets were mounted on these rails. They were designed to destroy submarines and ships, but in practice were widely used during assaults on ground targets. And so the Cromwell RP3 was born, an experimental rocket-equipped tank, which, unfortunately, was outdated as soon as it was created.

For more info, images, and even video of this vehicle, be sure to check out the full Development Blog article on the Official War Thunder Forums!
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We would like to introduce a brand-new German SPG that will reach us with Update 1.59: the Raketenjagdpanzer-2!

Read the full article and leave your comments on our website!
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The USSR light tank tech tree currently ends with the post-war PT-76. This vehicle occupies a position in rank 4, but rank 5 is still empty. We present the ASU-85, which will rightfully complete the tree and become a top tank at rank 5. What is the ASU-85?

The ASU, or aviadesantnaya samokhodnaya ustanovka (air-landing self-propelled gun), armed with an 85mm cannon, was developed in the post-war Soviet Union as a vehicle for Soviet airborne landing troops. It was intended to be air-dropped and reinforce infantry in offense or defense with its powerful artillery fire directly on the battlefield. This SPG was the logical successor to the ASU-57, and from 1959, it replaced its predecessor in the forces.
Light, small and agile
The ASU-85 is based on the PT-76 amphibious tank already familiar to our players. To reduce its dimensions and increase its compactness, the ASU-85 received no rotating turret. Its powerful cannon was installed directly in the hull. Outwardly, this makes the ASU similar to other classic self-propelled guns, reduces its profile, allows its crew to work in more comfortable conditions and speeds up the cannon reload time. Obviously, the SPG had to be made as light as possible for airborne transportation and landing. Because of this, it was decided in the design phase not to give it thick armour. As a result, its armour is quite light (45 mm maximum at the front), although it is placed at a high angle on the frontal hull.

In the game, the ASU-85 takes the role of a light and mobile support SPG: Although the 85mm cannon has an ammo complement of just 39 rounds, it can fire with improved post-war ammunition. The vehicle’s small dimensions and low profile are its main advantages in laying an ambush. Quickly capturing an enemy point and lying in wait, or simply ambushing the target in one direction and then change position quickly – this is the style that perfectly suits all owners of this SPG. The important thing is to always take the first shot and don’t get shot in return. If you learn to fire accurately and quickly, and then don’t hang around, you’ll get along just fine with the ASU-85.

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P-61 "Black Widow"
Our previous update “Battle March” introduced the P-61 "Black Widow" heavy fighter in the American tree. An aircraft with very powerful armament and a deadly defense turret that protects the whole upper hemisphere that has become very popular in War Thunder. Unfortunately we could not introduce cockpit for the Black Widow with the “Battle March” update, however in update 1.59 we will add a fully operational cockpit for this beautiful vehicle!
The earliest Messerschmitt available in War Thunder, the Bf 109B-1, will also receive a completely authentic cockpit. We are sure that those who appreciate historical accuracy will love it.
Please note, attached screenshots have a status of “work in progress”, the textures and quality of the final variant will be presented in update 1.59.

Upcoming vehicles for Update 1.59:
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Back in the 1920’s Germany had started to develop new tanks for a possible future war. Officially they were prohibited from putting such vehicles into service, however the Panzerkampfwagen I (Pz.Kpfw I) was put into mass production in 1934 - it was the first modern German tank with machine gun armament and bulletproof armour.

Though the development of such a vehicle was successful, German military command understood that the country needed heavier machines. That is how first Pz.Kpfw II and then Pz.Kpfw III were created.
The Pz.Kpfw III design had requirements of a 37mm gun mounted in a rotating turret, a 250-300 h.p. Engine and a maximum speed of at least 40 km/h. The order for the first 25 vehicles for military testing was placed in december of 1935, the tanks were supposed to be put into service in Spring 1936.
The PzKpfw III Ausf. A was a modification based on the prototype and did not meet all the requirements - the vehicle’s speed did not exceed 35 km/h, mostly because of a poorly engineered chassis - the lower track wheels (5 on each side) had a large diameter and individual suspension. The next modification - Ausf. B- had smaller track wheels that were grouped in bogies. These vehicles were put into service at the end of 1937.

The PzKpfw III Ausf. B will soon be be introduced as a reserve tank in the German tank tree. It will be the first modification in the PzKpfw III branch and will “smooth” the BR difference for early German tanks - making it easier for new players.

The tank has lighter armour and less weight than PzKpfw III Ausf. E but has the same armament.

Meet the new vehicle in Update 1.59 and see you soon!

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ASU-57 was the first series-produced SPG in the USSR that was developed specially to be delivered by air for airborne landing troops. The ASU-57 – aviadesantnaya samokhodnaya ustanovka, or air-landing self-propelled gun – will be a new addition to the Soviet light tank line and will be situated before the PT-76 on the tree.

The ASU-57 is one of the most unusual vehicles that has been added to War Thunder. It is a small-calibre, but still very dangerous SPG, whose main advantages are its small size, mobility and rate of fire. Light bullet-proof armour, a crew of three, an unusual configuration and built to be as light as possible – every aspect of this vehicle was designed to ease its landing by parachute. Curiously, the ASU’s power train was an M-20E automobile engine used in the Pobeda (Victory) civilian car, but it was armed with a semi-automatic Ch-51M cannon, practically identical in its ballistic characteristics to the ZiS-2.
The vehicle came into service in 1951, until it was replaced by the more powerful ASU-85. Outwardly, the ASU-57 differs from Soviet SPGs from the end of the war in its small size and open cabin. It carries just 30 rounds for its cannon, but its reloading speed and ballistics are simply astounding. Remember the incredible 57mm ZiS-2 cannon on the early Soviet ZiS-30 SPG? The ASU-57 plays like a post-war version of the ZiS-30 – advanced and time-tested, with good mobility, maneuverability, a low profile and an absence of the lingering destabilization when stopping that annoyed players so much, a particular problem of the aforementioned anti-tank SPG.
What will the strategy of the ASU-57 be? To quickly take a convenient position from which to fire 57mm rounds at the opponent and then instantly hide from enemy fire. To take an enemy position and set up an ambush. With its excellent rate of fire, to support attacking allies. And most of all – to avoid going head-to-head against the enemy: the ASU-57’s armour, to put it mildly, is non-existent. In everything else, the vehicle promises to be very interesting.

Expect the ASU-57 in one of the upcoming patches to 1.59. Good luck on the battlefield and see you there!
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Download Wallpaper: 1280x1024 | 1920x1080

From 15:00 GMT 13th of May till 07:00 GMT 16th of May
Events “Floats” and “Rapid Fire” will be available for participation!

Pilots and tankers!
This weekend you will be able to join two events: “Floats” and “Rapid Fire”. Elicit barrages of fire on the ground, or capture key points on the water - choose your battlefield!

“Rapid Fire” (AB)
While using the AA of one of the presented nations of War Thunder, destroy other similar enemy vehicles. Earn the required respawn points and you will be able to fly out with an attacker aircraft. The notion is simple - total destruction!

Location: [Domination] Eastern Europe.

"Floats” (AB)
Use all of your piloting skills - capture and maintain control of special points located on the water’s surface by landing on locations near aircraft-carriers in order to score a victory for your team. A predefined setup will indicate the flying boats and float planes that will be allowed to partake. The team which earns the most points will be victorious.

View the full article on the Official War Thunder Forums for more information and participating vehicles lists
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Dear friends! For many players, personal success is no less important than their team’s success. We understand these feelings, and so, we would like to introduce an update for personal statistics. In effect, this will be an expanded list of your achievements and may be displayed individually for each game mode in War Thunder.

The new personal statistics will consist of 6 rating tables (1 each per game mode) and will reflect:
  • Victories percentage
  • Average relative position in the team
  • PvP Rating
  • Number of destroyed enemy player controlled vehicles/ number of respawns
  • Number of destroyed enemy AI controlled vehicles/ number of respawns
  • Average amount of points gained in battles
In order to allow the leaderboard to work properly, statistics will be reset.

To make it easier for you to adapt to the new statistics, we will keep the old variant for some time, but later, it will be completely removed.

The War Thunder Team
Community Announcements - TheShaolinMonk
On the 9th of May, the War Thunder team met the Victory Day together with some of our players in Odintsovo. Those in attendance could try the latest model of the Oculus Rift, participate in draws for souvenirs and of course, just chat with the developers. The highlight of the event was the presentation of new vehicles. In Odintsovo, our guests heard first hand, about the future plans of the development of the game.

Today we will reveal the inside information to all and we will show you two new vehicles from one of the incoming updates.

Douglas B-18 Bolo
The majority of countries did not have the vehicles that met the high requirements of the military command. The US, for instance did not have a good medium bomber. And it was civil aviation that solved the problem. Not unlike the Germans that created their He.111 based on a passenger aircraft, the Americans adapted the civil B-18 to military needs. The “Bolo” could carry an impressive bomb load.

Now let us introduce some completely new gameplay - the first but not last rocket tank which was armed with guided missile weaponry! The chassis of T-62 carrying no guns, just 15 deadly guided missiles. Enemy behind a hill? No problem for an experienced gunner! IT-1 - one of the first rocket tanks armed with ATGMs in War Thunder.
Follow the news in our devblog. We will inform you about all the new vehicles of incoming updates.

We would also like to thank our partners - MSI, ZyXEL, SteelSeries and Nvidia - for their support.

The War Thunder Team

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