Left 4 Dead 2

The internet is vast and full of streams. The prevalence of YouTube and Twitch ensure that more gaming silliness is being captured and shared than ever. People are still doing amazing work with Source's film making tools and The International 7 produced its share of amusing moments. Here are some of the videos and gifs that tickled us this week.

Rule breaker

An0nymoose, the creator of demented videos like We Like To Party continues to do fine work.

Better luck next time

Via nicky-and-skittles on r/gaming.

That crowd reaction

Valve announced a new game at The International 7 to... let's say a mixed response.

Also at The International

One of Dota 2's most loved players takes on an AI at The International 7. The contender walkouts at 1:36 are perfect. Head to 7:32 to watch the actual contest.

Meanwhile, in War Thunder

Graceful tank action via genericc.

Monster hunter pro skater

Our favourite Witcher 3 mod of the week.

How to stick a landing

War Thunder - TheShaolinMonk

From now until the 14th of August at 07:00 GMT
War Thunder Naval battles!

This weekend it won’t only be successful participants from the pre-beta closed test that will be able to take part in Naval battles. We invite all players who originally applied for the CBT up to the 11th of August (13:00 GMT) to participate with the original testers in this special “one off” access session that will be held from August 11th until August 14th. This will allow all interested players to view the progress so far. Access for the original successful applicants will continue until the pre-beta testing stage is officially over and we move through CBT into the open stage.

Players given access as guests for the above defined session will not have access to the normal CBT stage and testing will once again be done by the original successful testers.The War Thunder Team
War Thunder - TheShaolinMonk

From 11:00 GMT on the 11th of August until 11:00 GMT on the 14th of August

During the course of this weekend, the usual combined SB battles will be replaced by the experimental ‘setup 5_1’. At the same time, a setup for high rank vehicles with the regular rules will be available.

Based on your previous feedback, we have decided to offer a variant of the usual game mode which will provide players with a greater range of tactical capabilities during combined Simulator battles.

Features of the experimental mode:
  • The total number of respawns will be increased to 4, with which you will be able to respawn a maximum of 4 times for ground vehicles and 3 times for aircraft. This means that you will be able to join a battle within the established limit: either all 4 times in ground vehicles, or 3 times in ground vehicles and once in an aircraft, etc.
  • Before the battle starts, each player will have 1,000 spawn points which can be distributed among respawns as players see fit for the current situation of the battle. Everyone will be subject to the same conditions.
  • It is not possible to earn spawn points in battle.
  • Each vehicle type has a particular value in spawn points:
    • Heavy tank — 500 points
    • Medium and light tank — 300 points
    • AAA — 100 points
    • Tank destroyer — 200 points
    • Bomber — 700 points
    • Attacker — 500 points
    • Fighter — 300 points
    • Fighter with external weaponry (bombs) — 495 points
  • The limits for the crew revivals of specific vehicles have been retained. For example, you will only be able to spawn once in a specific heavy tank. If you want to respawn in a heavy tank again, you should do so with another heavy tank slot.
  • Current setups that determine the vehicles involved in battle have been saved.

War Thunder - TheShaolinMonk

There are no teams here, there are no partnerships, in this battle, everyone is responsible only for themselves. The updated event "Battle Royale" will identify the warrior that understands these rules better than anyone else.

From now until the 14th of August at 07:00 GMT
New mission — "Battle Royale" in AB and RB

Only one attempt and one target - become the last player alive among dozens of opponents in a shrinking battle area.

New features:
  • Leaderboard will become available for the players who played 20 or more battles
  • New battle locations: Port Novorossiysk, Abandoned factory and Finland.
  • There’s a bonus that can be picked up during battle that includes:
    • Artillery — extremely powerful strike that destroys anything within specific radius but it takes long before barrage begins. Available for all vehicle types. Is not available at the end of the battle
    • Repair kit - repairs all modules and restores all ammo.
    • Med kit — restores the crew.
    • Fire extinguisher
  • Additional rewards for the top 3 players in the battle will be given. In case all the players are destroyed only the one who reached the first place gets the reward.
  • Missions have been corrected, existing issues have been fixed.
  • You may participate in vehicles of BRs from 4.7 to 6.7
  • Your enemies will be matched on a “Battle Rating” basis, same as in random battles.
  • You can only play solo (not as squad)
It is not enough to be strong to win this event. So we wish you luck as well!
War Thunder - TheShaolinMonk
Regardless of how well your tank driver is trained it is you who actually controls the vehicle, test your driving skills in the latest tank races! wager on your victory and grab all the rewards!

From August 4th 15:00 GMT to August 7th 07:00 GMT
take part in one of the two racing events!

Event features:
  • Each player of the 8 participating in the race adds their wager towards the prize fund with SL. The overall sum becomes the prize that only the winner will receive.
  • 2 events available:
    • With a player wager of 1,000 Silver Lions the prize will be 8,000 Silver Lions (1 lap race)
    • With a player wager of 10,000 Silver Lions the prize will be 80,000 Silver Lions (2 laps race)
Other terms:
  • Only players with rank 3 vehicles and above from any nation may participate. A special racing vehicle will be provided to players for the races.
  • The race will be held in the “Hurtgen forest” location in Arcade mode.
Show everyone what you are capable of!

The War Thunder Team
War Thunder - pryanick

Unlock unique military vehicles during Operation S.U.M.M.E.R.
available for participation from the 28th of July to the 28th of August!

A Schwerer Panzerspähwagen (Sd.Kfz.234/4) with a tremendous gun, an SPAA on a T-34 chassis, and a P-43A-1 universal fighter! If you combine your efforts with other participants during “Operation S.U.M.M.E.R.” you will have the chance to receive many more prizes than you would be able to alone: A “United” effort for common goals!

Sd.Kfz.234/4 Germany

P-43А-1 USA

Type 65 AA USSR

Ki-94-II Japan

Get more prizes with other War Thunder players! All completed tasks will be shown in the counter on the main page. By accumulating enough tasks together, you will open additional prizes for all participants! Complete more than 3 tasks to increase the overall progress faster!

For more information, read the full article on the Official War Thunder Site
War Thunder - TheShaolinMonk

Members of the pre-beta test will be able to test this destroyer in one of the future tests, and results of this test will taken into account for the future development of our fleet.

Originally laid down in 1936, the Type 1936 class destroyer served the Kriegsmarine faithfully in the early stages of WW2 and with other nations after the war had ended. Now, the time has come for this battle-hardened German veteran to prove its worth once more in one of the upcoming naval testing sessions in War Thunder, Kriegsmarine fans rejoice!

The Type 1936 class destroyers began as an interwar modification of the destroyer class that preceded it - the Type 1934 and 1934A. Although not apparent at first, the new modification suffered from a series of design flaws that passed unnoticed during the development stage. However, thanks to extensive changes and improvements made to the powerplant and structure, the now new Type 1936 destroyers were attributed with increased reliability and an overall seafaring ability.

The Type 1936 destroyer shares many design features with already existing destroyers in the game, as she was laid down around the same time as her counterparts. Thanks to this, familiarity gathered from playing existing destroyers can easily be transferred and applied to the German newcomer, saving players the time and effort to get a proper feel for the new ship. The Type 1936 has set course for the the naval testing in War Thunder and is expected to appear on the battlefield shortly. Stay tuned to the news to find out more about upcoming naval forces content and testing sessions. Until next time!

For more information, read the full Dev Blog article on the Official War Thunder Forums!
War Thunder - TheShaolinMonk

From now until 07:00 GMT on July 24th
'War In Mid Air' is available in the following Arcade-mode events

In 'War in Mid Air' the teams are split between attackers and defenders. The task of the attacking aircraft team is to destroy any tanks that are positioned inside the city, as well as any anti-air player vehicles. The task of the defending anti-aircraft vehicles is to stop the rout from happening and hold the position in the city until the attacker has bled all his tickets or lost all aircraft.

Tickets for the attacking team will reduce up to the point when all the city ground vehicles have been destroyed. If the aviation succeed in their task, the ticket bleed stops and the the task will switch to destroying the remaining, player controlled anti-air vehicles.

For more information, read the full article on the Official War Thunder Forums
War Thunder - TheShaolinMonk

Available from now until July 24th 7:00 GMT

Operation Dynamo, 22nd May - 4th June 1940
France was falling rapidly to the advancing German army, the Allied forces were divided by the German advance from the Ardennes to the Somme. The Allied armies in the north were cut off and quickly becoming encircled. An evacuation of the BEF (British Expeditionary Force) began on the 26th May whilst the Allies strengthened their defences against advancing German armour which met heavy resistance.

Heavy German bombing had rendered Dunkirk's harbour useless, and hundreds of thousands of men were stuck on the beach, hoping to be rescued. The Luftwaffe attacked the troops on the beach and reduced the town of Dunkirk to rubble whenever the weather was suitable. The RAF intercepted as many of the attacking aircraft as was humanly possible whilst being crippled by the distance they had to travel from Allied airfields to assist the beleaguered forces as well as pitting relatively inexperienced pilots against the more veteran German pilots. Despite the limitations, over the nine days of Operation Dynamo, the RAF flew 2,739 fighter sorties and an additional 822 reconnaissance and bombing missions. Fighter Command claimed 262 enemy aircraft downed for 106 of their own destroyed.

For more information, read the full article on the Official War Thunder Forums!
War Thunder - TheShaolinMonk

Members of the pre-beta test will be able to test this destroyer in one of the future tests, and results of this test will taken into account for the future development of our fleet.

Captains, a brand new vessel is being launched from the drydock to join the ranks of the Imperial Japanese Navy - the Yūgumo class destroyer is making its way to the naval battlefields of War Thunder in one of the upcoming test sessions!

In the mid 1930s, Japan started devoting more time and resources into further developing and expanding its navy. During this process, construction of light units such as PT-boats and destroyers, was emphasized as these units would form the backbone of the Imperial Japanese Navy. Part of the efforts to increase the size of the navy were a set of requirements issued by the Japanese admiralty that intended to standardize the development of destroyers. These requirements called for all future destroyers to have a top speed of at least 36 knots and a range of 5000 nautical miles at 18 knots. Furthermore, the dimensions of future designs are not to exceed the size of the Fubuki class destroyer.

Captains of the Yūgumo will require a great deal of flexibility and awareness in combat as they will be taking on a supportive role both in offensive and defensive operations. Whilst using the Yūgumo, players should be focused on supporting their allies at all times as performing “lone wolf” actions will likely result in a quick and sudden one way trip to the bottom of the ocean. Provide artillery support during gun fights and cover your allies, block off choke points with a torpedo salvo if the enemy is breaking through, or make the most out of your dual purpose cannons by keeping the sky clear of enemy aircraft. Yūgumo captains are sure to have their hands full during a fight, think you’re up to the task commander?

The War Thunder Team


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