Interstellar Marines - ZPSHicks
Community members close to me on our official Discord server, Steam Friends or Skype, should be fairly up-to-date on the details below.

Lone Survivor
I, Kim Haar Jørgensen (the primary creative force behind Interstellar Marines), am currently the only official developer working on the game. I can do almost everything, except programming, which I'm learning.

To be able to pay the bills at home, I'm currently working a full time job as "Respiratory Handicap Helper", which is both day and night shifts, allowing a fair amount of "free" time to work on Interstellar Marines.

At the moment there is not a lot of light at the end of the tunnel for Interstellar Marines, except the ultra clear ambitious vision of what Interstellar Marines will be once fully realized, some day.

I'll keep working on Interstellar Marines, until I go crazy or die trying or preferably manage to recreate, pickup, maintain traction, and conclude the game(s) envisioned.

Update 27
The next short term goal is to finally get Update 27 out. Update 27 is centered mostly around expanding our combat sandbox arena called Wargames and fixing as many of our bugs as possible. (You can check our Trello page for progress and more details).

In the long term the goals will be to get the game upgraded to Unity 5.6+ and make everything run smoother, be much more bug free, and prettier. This will allow us to expand in more interesting directions to chum players in.

It's also a clear goal to make sure future updates, although small, will release more frequently.

Moving forward
Lack of substantial progress in Early Access has resulted in a steady increase of negative reviews (understandably), which in turn have had a very serious effect on sales; creating a nasty downward spiral to the bottom of the foodchain.

With the current negative review scores it will be much more difficult to attract publishers/investors to our game; although we will certainly still try. What’s more important is moving forward (even if slowly) and when things become more positive, more options will become available.

I'll keep working on Interstellar Marines with awesome people interested in helping out, that's for sure. I've been very fortunate to get this small handful of awesome volunteer community members on board to help out from time to time. I’m also blessed to have my brother-in-arms (ZPSSpectre) helping out with game design, military advisory, and community interaction. Only time will tell how this "crowd sourcing" adventure will turn out.

I can totally respect if you could not care less about me or this game anymore, it really has been too long a wait with way too little progress.

If, on the other hand, you feel a sense of hope and power inside to keep fighting; I'll be honored and proud!

Show don't tell is what I'm judging myself on, and this is just text. Back to work!

Kim (ZPSHicks), last original survivor of Zero Point Software
Community Announcements - ZPSHicks

Good Morning/Afternoon Dear Community,

This is the first update in quite some time, and we've all been waiting for it!

Update 26 introduce the first mission instance inside Wargames. A mission which takes place in the treacherous corridors of Operations in full lockdown. Hordes of defective and patrols of submachine gun wielding CTRs is all that stands in the way of you (or your team) and the loot filled treasures enclosed beneath ... oh yeah, and 5 power relays at random locations!

Update 26 also features a few minor bug fixes, several key improvements and various tweaks to e.g. HUD systems, foliage rendering, new loot crates, global messaging, increased performance in Wargames and more (Please check full changelog below for details).

The Annual XMayhem multiplayer gamemode is back once again; allowing you to unlock our two very special seasonal xmas achievements for the duration of the holidays.

From all of “us” here at Zero Point Software, “we’d” like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thank you for supporting the game!

ZPSHicks, last survivor of Zero Point Software

Update 26 - Changelog:

What's New

ADDED: Operations mission instance to Wargames
ADDED: System setup of mission crates, waypoints and access elevator platforms to gain access to Operations
ADDED: Steam leaderboards to the Wargames server browser menu
ADDED: Option for inviting players from chat lobby into Wargames (joining the same team and spawning close to each other)
ADDED: Backpack icon in Mission Overview at location of backpacks dropped with +500 CPs
ADDED: Chat announcement of CPs amount and zone location if player is killed with +500 CPs
ADDED: Overhead icon for team members in different zones in Wargames
ADDED: Revamped loot crates (model details, animation and textures) - Made by Hexe the Insane and Katrina the Insane (Thanks a million guys!)
ADDED: Dynamic thumbnails in Wargames server browser menu
ADDED: Support from streaming text and images from URL into menu
ADDED: Simple "falling out of map" trigger pickup setup to all zones in Wargames
ADDED: Cull groups and cull group triggers to all zones in Wargames except Jungle (20% boost in performance)
ADDED: Backpack beacon light and sounds to dropped backpacks
ADDED: Support for instantiating different waypoint icons
ADDED: SARA helmet announcements 60 seconds before a drop crate lands in Wargames
ADDED: SARA globally announces power state of Operations in Wargames
ADDED: Waypoints and power system to loot crates
ADDED: Defective CTR spawnbox to Sandbox
ADDED: Simple cardboard target setup to Sandbox
ADDED: Mission crate and small Operations access elevators system setup to Sandbox
ADDED: Containment field to Sandbox (good for testing suit system shutdowns)
ADDED: Respawn protection from CTRs in Wargames
ADDED: Main menu now shows how many achievements you have out of all
ADDED: Best Clan is now WaR-IM (Congrats guys!)


UPDATED: Trees and foliage shader to work with Unity 5 (Removing black edges and receiving correct lighting)
UPDATED: Trees and foliage billboard shader to work with Unity 5 (removing ugly edge in fog)
UPDATED: Global chat log is kept when switching zones in Wargames
UPDATED: Increased player revive-able timer to 60 seconds (from 30 seconds)
UPDATED: HUD revive messages is only displayed for teams in Wargames, everyone else see them in the chat
UPDATED: Kill messages removed from HUD, except from team players in same zone in Wargames
UPDATED: HUD correctly shut downs all intended elements when suit is offline or helmet is open
UPDATED: Restyled Mission Overview and added Operations access icons to the map of each zone
UPDATED: Replaced Hell Week with Wargames theme across the game (screens, audio, text and UI
UPDATED: Stamina is regained 150% faster when fully exhausted
UPDATED: Lowered breath audio volume when fully exhausted by 25%
UPDATED: Increased HUD compass width by 20%
UPDATED: Wetlands night moonlight and ambience light color 50% more bright
UPDATED: Jungle dusk weather mode is now more viberant and red in tones
UPDATED: Removed windows from 90% of all buildings in Wargames
UPDATED: Rebaked navmesh in all zones for more accurate pathfinding
UPDATED: Retry count in mission/challenges menu selection
UPDATED: Playing Lone Wolf the HUD scoreboard says DELTA instead of Player
UPDATED: Backpack pickup speed 2x faster
UPDATED: Loot crate unlock speed 2x faster
UPDATED: Weapon pickup speed 2x faster
UPDATED: CTR and Marine 3p walk sounds 2x volume
UPDATED: Restyled global chat UI so chat messages is shown against the dark edge of the helmet for better clarity
UPDATED: Increased brightness of flashlights 1p/3p (from 1.6 to 2.5)
UPDATED: Drop crates in Wargames drops every 5 minutes in one random zone
UPDATED: Tweaked the vignetting image effect to be more realistic and darker edges when aiming weapon for increased immersion
UPDATED: Simplified emmisive mask (shown on combat suit of team players)
UPDATED: Removed low pass muffling of suit audio system (SARA and audio logs)


FIXED: Invert mouse/gamepad Y-axis in input settings
FIXED: HUD Interaction brackets not showing when suit system was offline
FIXED: HUD WARN message was not turned off if opening the helmet when the suit is offline
FIXED: CTR reload sound radius
FIXED: Rocks in zone connection tunnels where not blocking "sunlight" flares
FIXED: Waypoints staying in Welcome to Project IM introduction mission

Known Issues
  • Players may sometimes fall through the floor of a map (Unity 5 bug)
  • The game will stop updating when switching out of fullscreen in Windows. If you are on a moving elevator or platform, this will cause you to fall through it. If you are in a Party, this will disconnect you from the Party
  • View jittering may occur when jumping on lossy networks
  • Other players will seem to float above or interpenetrate while standing on a moving dynamic platforms (network smoothing will exaggerate this effect)
  • The gamepad implementation is early and experimental, so may cause issues
  • When viewed up-close, some CTR heads may increase in size
  • Standing in a doorway when the door closes may result in the player being pushed vertically
  • The HUD names and kill messages will be clipped on aspect ratios that are less wide than 16:10
Community Announcements - ZPS.Spectre

We've just released an exciting new video detailing our plans and opportunities. Watch the video on YouTube.

Dear Marines, friends, and family,

Interstellar Marines has come a long way since we launched on Steam Early Access. Every penny earned has been spent on development of Interstellar Marines and we’re finally ready to secure a completion deal with a publisher or other knowledgeable investor to wrap up the game, release out of Early Access, and expand onto PS4 and Xbox One.

We have made a new video to present our game to publishers and potential investors. We would love it if you would share it around and help us find the best partner possible, thank you!

Interstellar Aspirations: Time for a Dimensional Shift video on Youtube:
We've uploaded a video source file to Dropbox (MP4 1080p 60fps 60Mbps + removed Kims intro), feel free to download and share the video around your channels.

Keep track of our progress with Publishers & Investors:

Click the image above to view our public Info/Status google sheet of potential Publishers & Investors for Interstellar Marines or visit this link.

Please feel free to share this public google sheet around as well.

We look forward to keeping you updated on our progress to find a Publisher or Investor to complete Interstellar Marines: Aspirations and release out of Early Access and expand onto PS4 and Xbox One.

Your team at Zero Point Software
Mar 21, 2016
Community Announcements - ZPSHicks

Good Morning/Afternoon Marines!
This latest update to Interstellar Marines increases the value of your Combat Points (CP) by offering unlockable skins allowing you to blend in, or stick out, as much as you’d like.

Update 25 also adds a shining new menu interface and we've revamped the Introduction mission to include some of our new features.

We’ve added a new menu interface created with Unity 5's UI system and we’ve also managed to squeeze in the option to vote for map, gamemode and difficulty in both co-op and multiplayer.

In our brand new customization hub you’ll find a broad range of cool tactical skins, and you now earn Combat Points (CP) during missions, challenges and multiplayer to unlock them with.

Special thanks to our community members who helped with camo designs!
  • Bourbon the Insane
  • Ninja Cat
  • ZundiePW
  • Gater
  • TmsFin
  • Jackerino
  • Rien Moeyaert
  • Timothy Creitz
  • Five5staR

In its new iteration Hell Week has been renamed Wargames, a more fitting name for our co-op, singleplayer and player-versus-player sandbox combat simulator in the making.

We’ve tweaked the server settings and added a new Wargame called Scavenge, where you can collect combat points 24/7. But look out - You are up against 128 bots as well as all the other skilled and tactical players!
  • Scavenge wargame is 55 minutes long.
  • Scavenged CP’s are collected when wargame ends.
  • Unlimited respawns

We’ve updated the Introduction mission to make sure new players get a more consistent first impression of the game and the features currently available. Revamped sections are shooting range, stealth test, crashed dropship mission simulation and we added a fun little stress test and maybe an Easter Egg or 2.


What's Next

We’ve been taking a critical look at the inertia and general challenge of surviving in Early Access and decided to find and team up with an indie-friendly publisher moving forward to improve our development capabilities. Meanwhile, there will be updates, missions, and new game modes as often as we can make them while we search for the right partner to help realize our ambitious vision for Interstellar Marines.

Your team at Zero Point Software
Community Announcements - ZPS.Dark5tar1

This update brings some new features, some returning content, and fixes. The Annual XMayhem mode has returned once again with the special achievements unlockable only during the event. We also have a brand new map created by Auxsiren that’s a complete overhaul of Evacuation (Evac 1 will still be playable in the map pool). There are also now special camos for CTRs that you can see specifically per map, this is a big step to add in player skins. Included as well is a new party system included to help you team up with your friends, chat with them, and more. Finally there are fixes for bugs as well as the crashes from last update.

From all of us here at Zero Point Software, we’d like to thank you for supporting the game and we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Your Team at Zero Point Software

What's New

ADDED: Winter XMayhem Game Mode on Mainline Winter
ADDED: New Evacuation 2 map to multiplayer
ADDED: Ability to add variable skins to CTRs. This is a major step to in-game player skins
ADDED: Nine CTR skins. CTRs now have map-specific skins, with many of them camouflaged
ADDED: Party system to team up with friends, audio/visual invite notifications, chat room + additional features
ADDED: Inviting friends into a Hell Week game will spawn them close to you in the same zone, and in your team
ADDED: Chat system to menu view when in-game (press ESC to access)
ADDED: Kill confirmed and Zone captured messages are stacked on top of each other
ADDED: Mission successful +XP message when completing a single player/coop/multiplayer mission/match
ADDED: Revive successful message when player is revived
ADDED: Warning messages for low health, team kill warning and revive needed
ADDED: Variable delay to TP popup messages


UPDATED: The NeuroGen Incident with new spawn points for players joining mid-game. Joining during end game will place joining player as a spectator
UPDATED: Nucleus with additional check point spawns for players joining mid-game
UPDATED: Chat system with Spearhead, Best Clan, Dev icons, UI improvements, message notification improvements, button to open/close etc
UPDATED: Clicking a player name in chat will bring up the Steam overlay with their profile (need Steam overlay enabled to work)
UPDATED: In Hell Week, when players up for elimination have the same score, decision of who to eliminate is random rather than player-name based
UPDATED: XMayhem game mode to be compatible with the new additions from 2015
UPDATED: T-IM101 has 8 x health, and does 4 x damage, compared to regular Marine
UPDATED: Xmayhem gift announcer loop
UPDATED: If a revive is halted, player's bleedout timer is set to percentage of revive completed, if higher than bleedout timer
UPDATED: In Hell Week, if a player is eliminated by any means other than the elimination timer, bleedout timer is reset
UPDATED: Nucleus elevator with all onboard elevator trigger to prevent players being stuck, and grid to stop players falling off
UPDATED: Nucleus with cull groups, rather than disabling the sub level, when player reaches top level
UPDATED: Hit markers are accurate to the hit location
UPDATED: UI icons scale according to resolution instead of being a fixed size
UPDATED: UI icons counter-scale when zooming in
UPDATED: Changed neutral zone colour to be more visible, and best team colour to be light purple
UPDATED: Match Completed +XP shown at the end of a match, Match Won +XP shown for the winners
UPDATED: End of game horn + win/lose music play at end of Team Domination and Team Deathmatch games
UPDATED: Hell Week shows Survived Hell Week +XP message for surviving players at game end
UPDATED: Revive TP score is 25XP
UPDATED: Size of Team Domination corners increased for greater visibility
UPDATED: Deadlock capture zones have different capture/finishing beeps for clarity
UPDATED: Resort map with cull groups and new nav mesh
UPDATED: Multiplayer thumbnail in main menu for some Christmas cheer!
UPDATED: Browser ping and quick join systems temporarily removed
UPDATED: Supply crate icons updated and improved


FIXED: "Crashing to desktop with no error log"
FIXED: "Negative HW score when collecting CPs just as the game ends"
FIXED: "Resetting of items in a Hell Week server now occurs correctly"
FIXED: "Map settings for correct ahievement progress on Colony, Nucleus and Operations"
FIXED: "Treasure Hunter and Fort Knox achievements"
FIXED: "Late-joining players seeing already-used waypoints"
FIXED: "Team scores in TDOM/TDM showing in wrong colour/wrong position"
FIXED: "Disconnected players no longer shown as connected in Mission Overview when moving to another zone"
FIXED: "Player icons randomly flashing on screen when player is joining"
FIXED: "Kill confirmed icons show when enemies kill each other"
FIXED: "Screen flashing white when entering a match"
FIXED: "Press space to spawn is no longer displayed when a player has been eliminated in Hell Week"
FIXED: "Reviving a player pauses the bleed out time"
FIXED: "Spectator mode correctly shows players, kill markers and zones"
FIXED: "Removed HUD instantiation from dedicated servers"
FIXED: "Two Deathmatch spawns in Mainline Winter"
FIXED: "Chat correctly scrolls to bottom when Player Joined Server, and You Have An Invitation messages are added"
FIXED: "Light handler issue, which caused the light handler intensity contribution to be overridden"
FIXED: "Nav mesh in Operations - Survival A"

Known Issues

The Welcome Tutorial achievement is not working (due to an incorrect setting in the map)
The gamepad implementation is early and experimental, so may cause issues
When viewed up-close, some CTR heads may increase in size
Some vegetation appears to have black edges
The number of players in the Friends Lobby may not update until the lobby tab is clicked on
Players may sometimes fall through the floor of a map
Standing in a doorway when the door closes may result in the player being pushed vertically
The HUD names and kill messages will be clipped on aspect ratios that are less wide than 16:10
The game will stop updating when switching out of fullscreen in Windows. If you are on a moving elevator or platform, this will cause you to fall through it. If you are in a Party, this will disconnect you from the Party
View jittering may occur when jumping on lossy networks
Other players will seem to float above or interpenetrate while standing on a moving dynamic platforms (network smoothing will exaggerate this effect)
Player may sometimes spawn with no ammo in one or both weapons. Reloading fixes this

Nov 11, 2015
Community Announcements - ZPS.Dark5tar1

We now have a big hotfix ready for you guys. We heard all your feedback, bug reports, and are tackling the biggest issues of this update. Below is the changelog and we’ll be monitoring how the update is faring. There are still some issues we’re working hard on fixing like the random crashes and the occasionally clipping through the world. Those two issues are top priority for us and we’ll be trying to crack down on these specifically.

Thank you all for patiently waiting and we hope you enjoy it!

Your team at Zero Point Software

Update 23 Hotfix 1
Version: 0.5.23
Released: 11th November, 2015

What's New
ADDED: Last 20 messages and message of the day to global chat
ADDED: Join button to global chat. When a player joins a server, a blue join button appears in the chat. Client-side only, and limited to max 3 at a time
ADDED: On/off button for XBOX controller added to menu settings
ADDED: Run/walk when strafing with an XBOX controller
ADDED: Chat log to global chat

UPDATED: Industrial Hell Week map with restrictions to roof access
UPDATED: Weapons handling updated and tweaked
UPDATED: Removed CTR killed messages from Hell Week
UPDATED: Player colour in global chat to match in-game chat colour

FIXED: "Steam leaderboards not updating"
FIXED: "Steam achievements not working"
FIXED: "New steam achievements"
FIXED: "Back packs not being correctly removed in Hell Week"
FIXED: "All aboard trigger not working in several coop missions when a player leaves the server when dead but not bled out"
FIXED: "Framerate drops caused by CTRs going into a loop which caused them to attempt to rotate at an infinite speed"
FIXED: "Assault on Starcrown Aerospace"
FIXED: "Excessively large servers logs which could cause server crashes"
FIXED: "Negative player scores in Hell Week"
FIXED: "Several HUD elements not visible in different resolutions"
FIXED: "Capturing a zone audio notification only audible when looking at the centre of the zone"
FIXED: "Max chat server clients set too low"
FIXED: "Chat server requesting unavailable RPC from client"
FIXED: "Audio notifications when firing at a friendly or enemy"
FIXED: "Number keys not switching weapons when XBOX controller plugged in"
FIXED: "Zoom not working correctly when XBOX controller plugged in"
FIXED: "Stuck in bleed out"
FIXED: "Randomly moving between players when spectating when dead in multiplayer. NOTE: this is untested"
Community Announcements - ZPS.Dark5tar1

Update 23 marks the 3rd update in our new monthly update cycle! Technically U23 should be released the first week of November for monthly updates, but you’re ok if we get an update out early right? Now we have a bit more time to work on U24 before the (fingers crossed) first week of December.

HUD/UI Improvements
We’ve added more useful information to your hud and made it all around cooler with hit markers, teammate status symbols, and keep the information on-screen even when you ADS. It's now fully converted to Unity 5 which means we can add effects like blurry vision from exhaustion or suppressed fire, emp grenade scattering in the visor etc. Lots of cool things we can do in the future.

Improved Hell Week with teammate revive to reward teaming up even more, points are now shared among teammates requiring less thought about whose turn it is to get that gold box, and we’ve also got VOIP working again! Remember the real-time voice porting demo you saw from forever ago? Well we got that working so now you’ve got team voip and can also open your helmet and talk to any player in proximity to you.

Ever since upgrading the game to Unity 5 our current foliage and vegetation assets have not been fully supported. Therefore we have now started adding new assets called SpeedTrees! First map to get tested is Rupture and over time we'll add them on all maps.

We have added a few details to the CTRs; when it is dark they will now hunt and blind you with their tactical light and they also use a laser sight to assist with aiming. Speaking of lasers, remember how it used to switch off whenever you aimed your weapon? Even though it didn’t switch off to other players in 3rd person? Well now it stays on the whole time, making the transition from laser aiming from the hip to ADS a little smoother.

We’ve also got a lot of general improvements. Spawns are now protected by shields to help mitigate the problem with spawn camping until we are able to iterate on this further. We’ve fixed some sound issues, and your weapon configuration is now saved for when you’re revived or respawned!

We’re beginning to add more visibility to the progression elements in the game in preparation for item unlocks and RPG/skill elements. Detailed patch notes to follow.

Game Roadmap
As many of you know the part of the game we are currently working on is known as Prologue, and follows the player through training to be an Interstellar Marine before getting into the “real” story. Some are concerned we’ve shifted focus to pvp, and don’t understand why we’re creating coop using pvp instead of coop. Short version; spoilers. It’s a means to an end type situation.

That is where the crux of the problem is, we want you to have the best experience possible and not ruin the narrative of the game by revealing the story before the supporting elements are in place. But we still need to put in new tech that will be needed for the campaign while giving players something to do.

Here’s our strategy. First we create the tech foundation while funding development through Early Access sales. Once we have the immersion right, the progression and customization systems in place, more weapons, and the unlocks all planned out, then we start on the big campaign. We’ll keep expanding prologue in logical ways to keep people occupied while we develop the campaign, and will probably deliver it in chunks. Chapters if you will.

We don’t have a specific timetable for progress, time spent doing a thorough analysis to come up with a realistic and accurate estimate is time better spent actually working on the game. We know where we’re going, we know how to get there, and we’ll take it one update at a time.

Thank you for hanging in there and supporting us through development. We know it’s taking longer than some would like, but we’d rather get things right the first time to give you the best Interstellar Marines coop campaign experience right out of the gate.

Patch notes are available here in full:

Your team at Zero Point Software

What's New
ADDED: Ability to revive players in Hell Week
ADDED: VOIP to Hell Week teams, when in same zone as other team members
ADDED: Hell Week ends when 3 teams are left. Note: a lone wolf player counts as a team
ADDED: Teams in Hell Week now share points between players
ADDED: Players respawn in new zone when killed during grace period in Hell Week
ADDED: Huge HUD update including a number of new icons, sprites and changes
ADDED: Three new Hell Week-related Steam Achievements
ADDED: Initial, very early, support for Xbox gamepad. This is experimental and likely contains issues/bugs
ADDED: TPs and TR info to right hand side of main menu (need to be over 1280 width resolution to see)
ADDED: Ability for coop servers to run the same game mode and game type on the same server
ADDED: Global chat in main menu. By default, press T to toggle
ADDED: Can no longer aim when crouched if blocked by an object
ADDED: Weapon settings are remembered after death, and on collected CTR weapons
ADDED: Speedtrees to Rupture
ADDED: AR CTRs use a laser when aiming, AR+SMG CTRs use laser when shooting
ADDED: List of team mates in the HUD when teamed up in Hell Week
ADDED: Numeric input for sensitivity sliders

UPDATED: Weapons' FOV, recoil, damage, handling, dropoff, magnification etc. have been tweaked
UPDATED: Hell Week teams to have a max of 4 members
UPDATED: Spawn protection to all multiplayer maps
UPDATED: Quick join to add confirmation pop up showing game mode, and high ping if it is enabled in the settings
UPDATED: Operations audio with reverb in spawn tunnels
UPDATED: On-death fade-to-black screen
UPDATED: Respawn time in Hell Week grace period is now 5 seconds
UPDATED: Nav mesh on all Challenge maps
UPDATED: Several server stability fixes, especially on Starcrown
UPDATED: Wetlands with new nav mesh and other tweaks
UPDATED: Starcrown with several fixes
UPDATED: Operations Survival and MP maps with new modules and various fixes
UPDATED: Hell Week server browser now shows 'Server starting...' instead of join button when there is a time desync between server and client
UPDATED: Resolution screenshot with different sizes, plus button to open screenshot folder
UPDATED: Removed completing The NeuroGen Incident Steam Achievements on easy, normal and hard difficulties

FIXED: "VOIP in Coop"
FIXED: "Picking items up in Hell Week should work first time the majority of the time"
FIXED: "Changed max number of players coop quick join looks for to 2 from 1"
FIXED: "CTRs to minimise them being stuck on items or terrain"
FIXED: "Most instances of server browser returning to the wrong server browser page"
FIXED: "Footstep audio looping when stood still"
FIXED: "Nucleus so the escape door is not locked by default"
FIXED: "Light handler and light intensity issues which were causing performance losses"
FIXED: "Crates which were in, or on, water in Hell Week have been fixed"
FIXED: "Games no longer return to the incorrect server browser"
FIXED: "Spawn bug in Team Domination"
FIXED: "Flashing flashlights no longer flash improperly"
Community Announcements - ZPS.Dark5tar1

Good Morning/Afternoon Marines! Today we have a big update to share with you! An updated UI, as well as a Quick Join update for COOP or Multiplayer having you join servers instantly.

Weapon Performance

The biggest change in this update, it completely redefines combat in IM. The damage has been increased, making single and burst fire more of a viable option, but recoil has increased as well bringing player skill more into play when firing in automatic.

Here is a more detailed look at the weapons by community member and YouTube personality PepperBelly.

Teaming Up

Hell Week now enables you to team up with other players to create a more team-based experience. Here is the new Mission Overview used in Hell Week! You can not only see your location, but also track your teammates across different zones to meet up and dominate.

We’ve also added the deadly CTRs which greatly increases the number of threats on the map at any one time.

Supplies Inbound

ITO AI SARA will now announce the new aerial supply drops incoming and creates natural points of friction and focal points of combat for players and teams in hell week.

Join Us

These Hell Week changes with supply drops, CTRs, and teaming up imbue a coop feeling into Hell Week rather than just being the lone wolf free-for-all from previous versions. Come join us today on our TeamSpeak server @8PM CEST and @8PM EDT to chat with the developers and experience the awesomeness of U22 Hell Week for the first time! We’ve also got a lot of cool new features like CTR Corpse-stay, and CTR flashlight use so check out the change log below to see everything that’s new!

What's New

ADDED: Ability to team up with friends in Hell Week. Press M by default to access
ADDED: Ability to invite Steam friends into a Hell Week. Press F1 by default to access
ADDED: Combat Training Robots to Subarctic, Canyon, Industrial, Jungle, Mountain, Resort, Wetlands and Lunar Hell Week maps
ADDED: Supply drops to Hell Week, each drop contains 1,250 combat points and is visible across the map
ADDED: List of all players in the current Hell Week to mission overview
ADDED: Elimination warning message to HUD in Hell Week when you are the next player up for elimination
ADDED: Quick Join system for coop and multiplayer games to enable players to join a game faster
ADDED: Message on joining multiplayer and coop games, and button to quickly open friends tab (press F1 by default to open), to make it easier to invite a friend to join you on a server
ADDED: Compass to top of HUD
ADDED: Accurate pings to browser
ADDED: News pane to the left of the main menu, displays dynamic content and notifications of events and other info. Not visible for resolutions under 1024 wide
ADDED: Pane to the right side of the main menu, displays your next 4 Steam achievements. Not visible for resolutions under 1280 wide
ADDED: Quick tips and hints when Quick Joining a server
ADDED: CTRs now use flashlights in certain situations when hunting players
ADDED: CTRs now remain in their dead ragdoll position, minus physics effects, after death. Yes, you can build mountains of CTR corpses
ADDED: CTRs that are engaging, pursuing or repelling only reload if the magazine is empty
ADDED: Ability for CTRs to carry an inventory
ADDED: Performance tracker to manage the number of CTR corpses and flashlights left after CTR death
ADDED: In-game ping to debug menu for coop and multiplayer games. Press U by default to access
ADDED: Numeric representation on mouse sliders in main menu


UPDATED: Significantly re-worked weapons shooting, recoil, damage and aiming mechanics
UPDATED: Converted in-game HUD to Unity 5
UPDATED: Mission overview in Hell Week with many new features. Press M by default to access
UPDATED: Several prefabs with correct shadow and static settings
UPDATED: CTR soil footsteps
UPDATED: Steam friends now updates every 2 seconds
UPDATED: Spectating is disabled for Hell Week and Deathmatch game modes
UPDATED: Mission overview visible when HUD is down
UPDATED: Stronghold with new nav mesh and CTR patrol paths


FIXED: "Hell Week wins and CPs not recording in Leaderboards"
FIXED: "Cause of frequent crash when exiting the game"
FIXED: "NGI elevators killing players"
FIXED: "Parasol collision on Resort map"
FIXED: "Steam friends list not updating after client has been started"
FIXED: "Server sorting now works"
FIXED: "Server memory leak, may also increase performance and stability"
Community Announcements - ZPS.Dark5tar1

Good Morning/Afternoon Marines! Thanks to everyone who helped test the ITO/Spearhead pre-release builds, and we're happy to announce update 21 is now live! We’ve now added a grace period to Hell Week to make it a bit more forgiving for players and added pausing for Single Player. There is also falling damage now, so you can no longer exfiltrate Starcrown via roof ;) or jump off the 3rd deck in operations. We still need to tweak and balance it so please give us feedback on it. Below is the changelog with all new features, improvements, and fixes!

Your team at Zero Point Software

What's New

ADDED: Grace period to Hell Week. If you die within the grace period you will respawn with an empty backpack
ADDED: Game now pauses in Single player when in the main menu (thanks Keavon! :))
ADDED: First version of falling damage, we'll tweak this as we receive feedback from the community. Note, exhaustion level and impact angle affect amount of damage sustained
ADDED: Jump pads to several maps to ensure players dropping out of spawns do not take falling damage
ADDED: Initial functionality to Mission Overview in Hell Week (press M to access by default)
ADDED: Backpack is not dropped in Hell Week if the player has not collected anything
ADDED: Zone markers in Deadlock have been reset back to their original versions
ADDED: Button to reset keybinds to default in Settings menu
ADDED: Debug info to Help menu (press U to access by default)
ADDED: Screenshot button which takes hi-rez screenshots. Note, this will cause a pause in your gameplay (press numpad * by default)
ADDED: Randomised exit point to Starcrown
ADDED: Randomised entry spawn point to Starcrown
ADDED: Chat in Hell Week now appears across all servers
ADDED: Error message to the log if something goes wrong recording your TPs
ADDED: Tutorial map is now locked to Normal difficulty


UPDATED: To Unity version 5.1.3p1
UPDATED: Coop poster scene to include missing items
UPDATED: Water across all levels to work properly
UPDATED: CTR default names to CTR from Unnamed. Added 1 in 20 chance of the name being a dev, and 1 in 1000 chance of killing ZPS.Hicks
UPDATED: Slope height on stairs throughout most maps to ensure smooth movement
UPDATED: Mainline spawns raised to stop players from jumping into them
UPDATED: SMG, AR, Marine and other local sound reverb
UPDATED: Small amount of red in the red dot glass
UPDATED: Burst and Auto fire now use the single shot sound for the first sound
UPDATED: Arch to fix occlusion errors on railing cover plates
UPDATED: Assault Rifle mag to hold 21 rounds to accomdate burst fire


FIXED: "Stamina being affected by ping time"
FIXED: "Jump to help smooth-out jumping on dynamic platforms"
FIXED: "Combat Points not recording after Hell Week matches"
FIXED: "Hell Week wins not recording after Hell Week matches"
FIXED: "If a player has collected pistol ammo in Hell Week, the ammo will be included in his dropped backpack"
FIXED: "Vertical bouncing on moving elevators and platforms"
FIXED: "Exploding ragdoll on Marines and CTRs"
FIXED: "Rock shader"
FIXED: "Particles disappearing when looking towards the ground"
FIXED: "Certain stairs on Rupture not working"
FIXED: "Server browser not sorting Multiplayer servers correctly after viewing Hell Week servers"
FIXED: "Survival challenges not correctly recording data to Steam achievements"
FIXED: "Multiple fixes across Starcrown, including AI, navmesh, stairs etc."
FIXED: "Meshes missing colliders on Lunar"
FIXED: "Tree missing textures in Welcome to IM"
Community Announcements - ZPS.Spectre
We’ve recently launched Hell Week, a hunger games/battle royale style multiplayer game mode for our Early Access game Interstellar Marines and want to share the fun with everyone!

On Sunday August 23 at 8:00 PM UTC we are filling our Hell Week servers with Let’s Players and Streamers! The winner will be immortalised with an in-game statue bearing their name, and also receive 10 game keys to give out to their audience!

So please spam the internet... er… we mean share this... to make sure your favorite YouTube and Twitch Let’s Players can be in this event and you can watch them pwn, or get rekt!

Sign up details

There are only 64 spots available so if you have a YouTube or Twitch channel and would like to participate please email before August 16th and if you get a spot we’ll send you the information!

Make sure the email address you contact us with matches one published on your Twitch or YouTube page to verify your identity, and please include in your email:
  • A link to your Channel
  • If you already own Interstellar Marines
  • Any additional notes or comments

Your team at Zero Point Software

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