Community Announcements - Dylan
The next update will be another big one and the best change is the redesigned interface. Thanks for all the UI ideas on the forum!
Community Announcements - Dylan

Audiosurf 2 is now ready to play on Mac OSX, Linux, and SteamOS!

New platforms:
  • Mac OSX
  • Linux (64-bit)
  • SteamOS (64-bit)

Puzzle League improvements:
  • Added Butter Ninja bonus for hitting most (90%) of the yellow blocks
  • Added Seeing Red bonus for hitting most (90%) of the red blocks
  • Added final scoring bonus based on the largest match size collected
  • Added bonuses for multicolor matches
  • Increased Clean Finish bonus to 15%
  • Fixed color blocks sometimes landing under multiplier white blocks
  • Vegas mode: added shoulder lanes
  • Vegas mode: automatically Shuffle (repeatedly) while in a shoulder lane
  • Vegas mode: increased score potential (reduced previous nerf)
  • Eraser mode: paint collected after an Undo will now paint the new blocks even if they haven't reached the puzzle grid yet

Other fixes:
  • Fixed workshop authors not being able to update without subscribing.
  • Fixed live in-game scoreboards sometimes not showing up.


Puzzle Fixes (thanks Elindor!):
  • Red blocks are now much more frequent
  • Fixed a couple remaining ways to get blocks under celebration whites
  • Vegas autoshuffling from shoulder now has a .5 second delay
  • Improved white block and multiplier visiblity on Stadium skin in low and medium quality

  • OSX: Added external drives to the song browser
  • Linux fix: some systems weren't showing root on the song browser
  • Linux now has support for FLAC audio files
Community Announcements - Dylan

Audiosurf 2 is almost ready to start early access on Mac, Linux, and SteamOS. Coming soon!

Update: It's out! The update also adds more depth to the Puzzle characters.
Community Announcements - Dylan
Thanks to Valve, the latest steam update brought support for using the overlay when Audiosurf 2 is in DX11 mode! So running in DX11 mode is the default again now. This way it has better performance and alt-tabs faster. Please post if you find any workshop skins with shaders that look wrong in DX11 (if there are any more).

Buffed the Vegas mode to be able to shuffle the puzzle grid twice as often. The previous Vegas mode will still show up on the puzzle league scoreboards in addition to the new Vegas mode.

Updated Wakeboard mode to include no grey blocks and a feature that auto-starts the ideal trick for you after you jump from a wake. After that first trick, you can do more if there's still air time. Like Wakeboard Grid, this mode is about trying to keep a mostly full puzzle grid (full grid = big trick multiplier) before jumping at big moments in the music. This one is easier to learn, but still has a high skill ceiling.

Fixed a couple issues with Soundcloud browsing which should make it now load your Soundcloud feed faster.

Added support for an "extras.xml" file which can be added into the game's folder alongside the "Audiosurf2.exe" file. It currently can be used for scrobbling to and for changing the game to not auto-center the vehicle when playing with a gamepad or keyboard. You can get the file here if you'd like either of those features:
Download it, put it next to Audiosurf2.exe, then open it in a text editor (like Notepad) to change the settings.

Small changes to the Stadium skin that make air particles a little bigger and add shader support for OpenGL (for currently in-progress ports).

Edit (11.16.2014): Just uploaded a small change that runs in exclusive mode fullscreen under DX9. If you need exclusive mode for something like nvidia 3D vision or AMD crossfire, run the game with the launch option "-force-d3d9" (without the quotes).
Community Announcements - Dylan
Small update today that returns Audiosurf 2 to DX9 mode by default. This brings back the Steam overlay. If you'd rather have the extra performance than the overlay, you can add the launch option "-force-d3d11" (without the quotes).

  • defaults to DX9 mode
  • detects when launched fullscreen in a non-supported aspect ratio and corrects
  • added cubemap support to skins

example cubemap loading code for use in skins:
shader="Reflective/Bumped Specular",
textures={_MainTex="maintex3.png", _BumpMap="normal3.png", _Glow="glowBW3_2.png", _Cube={_FrontTex = "Front.png", _BackTex = "Back.png", _LeftTex = "Left.png", _RightTex = "Right.png", _UpTex = "Top.png", _DownTex = "Bottom.png"}}
Community Announcements - Dylan

Performance and graphic changes:
  • Upgraded the game engine to run on DirectX 11 (was DirectX 9). The upgrade gives about a 20% performance boost!
  • However, some skins on workshop will now look wrong due to some of the game's older .shader files not being compiled in a dx11-compatible way. Please let me know about skins you find that no longer look right and I'll work with the skin's author to fix them.
  • Note: it's still possible to run the game in DX9 mode by adding the launch option "-force-d3d9" (without the quotes)
  • Added Ultra quality setting, so there's now 4 quality levels available in the game options. Most skins run with the exact same settings whether High or Ultra is selected.
  • The stadium skin on High quality now runs about twice as fast and looks a bit less detailed.
  • The stadium skin on Ultra quality now looks even better than it used to look on High quality and also runs faster.
  • Added ability for skins to use post-processing shader effects. See the updated Classic skin for an example.
  • Classic skin updated with new effects and promoted to a "main" skin.

Mode changes:
  • Vegas nerfed. The vegas mode is fun to play, but was scoring too many points. This change reduced all points earned evenly, so vegas still plays the same.
  • Pointman buffed. Pointman can now scoop powerups (except multipliers) to use later.
  • Pointman now has 7 puzzle rows (was 6).
  • Wakeboard grid mode now requires holding a trick button to enable jumping. It now also allows you to start tricks that don't have enough air time to finish - so you'll crash long tricks done at the wrong time unless you downgrade them with a quick trick before landing.

  • URLs to popular video sites found in scoreboard comments are automatically turned into clickable links.
  • Added more transparency to the UI.
  • Song of the day art is now displayed on the title screen at startup.
  • Skin UI graphics are now loaded at game startup.
  • Skin selection screen now loads quickly with no stuttering.
Sep 19, 2014
Community Announcements - Dylan

Highlights from this update:
  • New puzzle modes Vegas, Eraser, and Pointman with powerups and corkscrew loops synchronized to your music.
  • Full Gamepad and Big Picture support.
  • Puzzle League with vegas, eraser, pusher, and pointman all competing on the same scoreboards.
  • Enhanced Mono mode with more loops, more lane variance, and less troll powerups.
  • In-game "live" leaderboards now show more players competing alongside you.


Puzzle League
  • Added new (enhanced) puzzle modes based on the classic puzzle modes from the original Audiosurf: vegas, pointman, and eraser
  • These new puzzle modes include a chain bonus (for hitting blocks and making matches continually) and a clean finish bonus (for ending the run with an empty puzzle grid).
  • Puzzle modes (including Pusher) place powerups at key moments in the music. Like Audiosurf 2's Mono mode, you should try to have a grid full of matches when you hit the big corkscrew loop powerups.
  • Vegas generates powerups: Sort, Paint (even white paint), and Storm (even white storm).
  • Scoreboards now show all 4 puzzle modes together on the "League" tab. You can still use the "Global" tab to see scores from only one mode (for example, Pusher only).

Full Gamepad and Big Picture support
  • Vibration support (xinput controllers only)
  • Daisywheel support for adding scoreboard comments (or searching songs) via gamepad
  • Tip: the gamepad's "start" button can be used as a hotkey for the in-game play button (triangle button).
  • Tip: the gamepad's bumpers can be pressed to increase the scroll speed
  • The game now autodetects the best quality settings for your PC. It will do it once for each resolution you run at, or you can manually set the rendering quality and the autodetector will never run again.
  • In-game settings added for resolution, quality, and windowed mode
  • Game launcher removed

Mono mode improvements
  • more corkscrew loops allowed (if the song wants them)
  • more lane variance. Blocks were often set up in a long chains in one lane.
  • fixed most troll powerups. Powerups that came just after your puzzle collected have had their chainspans (ribbon) extended.

  • Fixed unicode problems in the soundcloud part of the song browser
  • Added support for following more than 50 soundcloud musicians
  • Added support for your own (public) soundcloud playlists
  • Fix: added soundcloud link above scoreboard when in song browser
  • Fixed occasional problem with web-streamed music block synchronization.
  • Stadium skin now uses darker colors for puzzle modes
  • Improved skin loading speed. Stadium skin now loads in about half the time.
  • Loading screen now correctly shows when a skin is loading vs. when a mod is loading
  • Fixed chainspan (block ribbon) rendering inside corkscrew loops
  • In-game "live" scoreboards now show more players competing alongside you and, for puzzle league modes, shows players using other modes from the league
  • Fix: Live scoreboards now work when gameplay is launched from the Song of the Day tab

Improvements for mod and skin authors:
  • mods can now load sounds (skins can change them)
  • air debris now flashes automatically when blocks are hit. Mods can override this by flashing the air debris manually one or more times.
  • fixed skyboxes
  • Vegas, pusher, pointman, and eraser all use nearly the same lua script, so any of them are a good baseline for a new puzzle-style mod
  • Mods gained: AddMinimapMarkers and RumbleActiveGamepad. See a new puzzle mode's lua file for example uses.
Community Announcements - Dylan
Just a quick note to let everyone know the next big update is only about 2 weeks away.
Update: It's out! description coming soon (won't take 3 weeks). Biggest features are Puzzle League and Full Gamepad support
Community Announcements - Dylan
<img src="">

This is a big one. What’s new?
  • Dethrones added. See when another player has beaten one of your high scores and take it back quickly by loading the right song and mod with one click.
  • Friend challenges added. Challenge friends to play the songs and mods you enjoy most.
  • Mono mode now generates better rides with corkscrews, loops, and bonus powerups from the music.
  • New Stadium skin incorporates music-reactive blocks and backgrounds. It also has shiny, pulsing siderails using recent graphics technology (in high detail mode) and also a new hovership.
  • Updated Neon skin featuring music-reactive terrain and blocks.
  • Song of the Day added to the title screen. Just click any entry to see the scoreboard and play.
  • Popular songs are now shown on the title screen for whatever mod you currently have selected. Play any obscure mod you want and see what songs competitors are riding with that mod.
  • Pusher mode now generates better rides with corkscrews, loops, and paint powerups from the music.
  • In wakeboard grid mode, you can now jump by quickly crossing either wake without holding any buttons. Crossing a wake slowly won’t cause you to jump.
  • Added experimental modes audiosprint, audiosphere, and audioshmup. Feedback appreciated about which one should be improved next.
  • Improved UI screens with better layout and faster responsiveness
  • Mods and Skins now sorted by play recency - making it easy to select the ones you use most.
  • Friends-only scoreboard tab added
  • Many more fixes and improvements
Announcement - Valve
Save 40% on Audiosurf 2 and 75% on Audiosurf during this week's Midweek Madness*!

Ride your music - Audiosurf 2 is a customizable music game that works with any song!

Choose a song, choose a mod, choose a skin - choose to earn the top score! The highlight of Audiosurf 2 (so far) is wakeboarding mode, but there's also classic modes, Audiosprint (party mode), and more to come as both official modes and Workshop mods.

*Offer ends Friday at 10AM Pacific Time

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