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Community Announcements - Dylan

This is a big one. What’s new?

  • Dethrones added. See when another player has beaten one of your high scores and take it back quickly by loading the right song and mod with one click.
  • Friend challenges added. Challenge friends to play the songs and mods you enjoy most.
  • Mono mode now generates better rides with corkscrews, loops, and bonus powerups from the music.
  • New Stadium skin incorporates music-reactive blocks and backgrounds. It also has shiny, pulsing siderails using recent graphics technology (in high detail mode) and also a new hovership.
  • Updated Neon skin featuring music-reactive terrain and blocks.
  • Song of the Day added to the title screen. Just click any entry to see the scoreboard and play.
  • Popular songs are now shown on the title screen for whatever mod you currently have selected. Play any obscure mod you want and see what songs competitors are riding with that mod.
  • Pusher mode now generates better rides with corkscrews, loops, and paint powerups from the music.
  • In wakeboard grid mode, you can now jump by quickly crossing either wake without holding any buttons. Crossing a wake slowly won’t cause you to jump.
  • Added experimental modes audiosprint, audiosphere, and audioshmup. Feedback appreciated about which one should be improved next.
  • Improved UI screens with better layout and faster responsiveness
  • Mods and Skins now sorted by play recency - making it easy to select the ones you use most.
  • Friends-only scoreboard tab added
  • Many more fixes and improvements
Announcement - Valve
Save 40% on Audiosurf 2 and 75% on Audiosurf during this week's Midweek Madness*!

Ride your music - Audiosurf 2 is a customizable music game that works with any song!

Choose a song, choose a mod, choose a skin - choose to earn the top score! The highlight of Audiosurf 2 (so far) is wakeboarding mode, but there's also classic modes, Audiosprint (party mode), and more to come as both official modes and Workshop mods.

*Offer ends Friday at 10AM Pacific Time
Community Announcements - Dylan
_ensnare_ is now up on the featured scoreboards! Two of the tracks are from Frozen Endzone, the awesome-looking next game from the developers of Frozen Synapse.

--Fixed gamepad allowing ship to go too far to the side when using two sticks
--Fixed Wakeboard and Wakeboard Grid modes sometimes not awarding points if landing just before a trick completes (thanks Orathania)
--Fixed 2 wakeboard exploits
--Skins: added mesh loading options: calculateNormals, calculateTangents, and submeshesWhenCombining. Lua example: BuildMesh{mesh="mymodel.obj", calculateNormals=true, calculateTangents=false, submeshesWhenCombining=false}
Dec 29, 2013
Community Announcements - Dylan

Mono Midway (which is headed towards becoming the new Mono) has been updated with support for sideswipe collisions (colors only) and an increased number of loops.

Last week's substratum skin has been updated with support for more types of video cards. If you tried it before and just saw a boring black background - please give it another go! If you haven't tried it yet, do so. I'm pretty excited about that one and plan to share more about how to make backgrounds like that soon.

On Radio this week: Pegboard Nerds!

Fixed: Added a couple extra seconds of track at the end of the song to allow matches time to clear.
Fixed: Alt+TAB now works correctly in fullscreen
Fixed: Song selector now returns to your previous position (as it did weeks ago)
Updated: game engine, steam integration, and in-game web browser to latest versions.
Community Announcements - Dylan

Substratum is the new skin that introduces a cool new graphics technique to Audiosurf 2 - dynamic backgrounds dancing to the music. The screenshots look good, but it's even better in motion. Watch for more like this coming in the future.

Also, you'll find my new favorite Christmas song featured on radio this week (by one of my all-time favorite electronic bands).
Community Announcements - Dylan

One of this week's radio songs is Flight by Steve Aoki and R3hab. In Wakeboard mode you shouldn't jump every time he says "jump", but it syncs up enough times to be super fun :)

Holiday Surf by Brain Banana is now up on Workshop. Drive Santa's sleigh!

Today's game update brought only a couple small fixes, but new graphics capabilties are in the works. Should be available in next week's update!
Community Announcements - Dylan

With the new live in-game scoreboards you can compete against previous rides by friends and by other top players. It also adds a nice way to see how your ride compares to your personal best. Please check it out and let me know what you think (right here, or at the forum). By the way, there's also a new option to disable live scoreboards if you'd rather play without them.

Radio this week is Pretty Lights!
The skin pictured above is Soaring which has some of the prettiest water yet achieved.

Have fun!
Community Announcements - Dylan

Audiosurf 2 now offers free featured songs every week! This first week, the most popular artist from as1 radio gets the spotlight - Jack Conte! Launch the game, click Play on one of the featured scoreboards, and you'll be riding his music in no time.

The screenshot above uses Velvet Sky, which is another must-have skin from ImmortalTJones. You'll also see Jagori's Slalom mod on a featured scoreboard which should make for tough competition this week. Have fun!

UI: added Audiosurf Radio songs to song browser
UI: added multiple featured scoreboards to home screen
Mods: added GetBlockColors function

UI: scoreboards now fetch the most recent steam name for each user
Community Announcements - Dylan
Music searching is in! Find it by hitting the big "Files" button in the song browser. Mods can now load their own models and textures for things like powerups and ui indicators. So, Pusher now has arrows and Mono Midway now works with any skin (powerups and all).

The screenshot above is Mono Midway using the Azure skin, which I highly recommend. DBN did a really nice job on the background objects and colors.

Fix: Blocks that force a match collection no longer disappear
Skins: added ability to use album art as in-game texture
Skins: added function to get dominant colors from album art: GetAlbumArtPalette()
UI: added search in song browser
UI: fixed mouse wheel scrolling
Community Announcements - Dylan

Today's update adds a convenient new feature that finds your music for you. It's really cool to hit Shuffle in the song browser and have it generate a playlist with music from your other steam games (and from everywhere else it finds songs).

Today's featured mod is flight plus by Kiisseli. It's sort of a twisted version of flight with astroids to dodge, altitude control, and impossibly sharp curves/loops. It comes with a beautiful skin too.

UI: added music finder
UI: improved song browser speed
UI: added featured scoreboard to home page
UI: changed homepage to steam announcements
Mods: added ability to change v3offset in ChangeTraffic function
Mods: ChangeTrackNodeOffset command added. example: SendCommand{command="ChangeTrackNodeOffset", name="somename", param={offset=2.4}}


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