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When I was a student Winamp was the MP3 player of choice, with its fancy music visualizations that transformed your songs into wobbling oscilloscope lines or exploding starfields or psychedelic tunnels of light. As a music lover I ve always been jealous of people who experience synesthesia, the wiring in their brains letting them connect sensory data so they see sound or hear colors. The visualizations in MP3 players were the closest I thought I d ever get to that sensation without drugs.

Until Audiosurf came along.

Audiosurf synchronizes with a song of your choice and turns it into a twisting rollercoaster that rises as the music builds and plummets when the tempo increases, filled with colored blocks for you to dodge or collect that clump together in the song s most intense passages. Most of the time you play as a spaceship that hurtles over these pulsing neon tracks against a backdrop of inky blackness or a sheer white void, but one of the changes in Audiosurf 2 is that it lets you select from a variety of skins, just like Winamp did. They alter the way it looks, while leaving the game underneath the surface the same.

Audiosurf 2's default look.

Dusk in the wind

My favorite of these skins is Dusk, which replaces the sci-fi neon aesthetic with something much more low-key. Your spaceship becomes a car driving down a highway as the sun sets, headlights pooled in front. Admittedly you re driving on a highway that bends into surreal shapes and contains power-ups at the start of the corkscrew loops placed at key changes and choruses, but it s a far cry from the this is what it s like inside Skrillex s mind all the time look.

Sometimes there s a mountain in the distance, and sometimes you drive through built-up areas with either squat dark blocks of houses or bright-windowed skyscrapers clustered together. Occasionally you cross a bridge, or an overpass will cross you. The grey blocks you dodge in Mono mode are replaced with the tail-lights of cars you swerve between as you drive toward the white light that s your only destination at the end of the track.

It gets a little odd when I play Audiosurf 2 s wakeboard mode with the Dusk skin. In this mode, rather than trying to time it so you fill the grid behind your car (or spaceship, or little dude on skis) at precisely the moment you hit a big power-up block for bonus points, you try to fill the grid when you hit one of the song s peaks so you can leap off the track, tricking through the air like a psychedelic Tony Hawk. It makes for an odd contrast to see your very ordinary car spinning above the highway while Bangarang plays, but it is undeniably fun.

Something about being in a car just makes music sound better, and it s not because of fancy subwoofers. Even the tinny speakers buzzing in the doors of my teenage friends cars as we d drive up and down the main street at night I grew up in a small town, there wasn t much to do sounded amazing at the time. The real world sliding past passenger windows is the original music visualization and it s still hard to beat. In video games I get a similar enjoyment out of tooling around open world games, whether I m listening to Atomic by Blondie while riding a scooter through Vice City or hearing the main characters sing along to the radio in one of the Saints Row sequels.

I don t even own a car, but Audiosurf 2 lets me enjoy the head-clearing sensation of hitting the road and cranking the stereo up, getting out of town and not looking back (except for when I need check how full my grid of colored blocks is).

Fans of the Audiosurf games love to argue about which music makes for the best levels. Hyperfast dance music and metal tend to be the winners, since both create tracks full of incident and sudden flourishes of heavy traffic. Songs like Dragonforce s deedly-deedly guitar epic Through The Fire And Flames and Moby s 10 Thousand , named for the BPM it reaches at its peak, will give you that if it s what you re looking for. I d argue that straight-up pop music creates the most interesting tracks, that strong beats, dramatic key changes, and big choruses make the kind of bouncing and spiralling Audiosurf levels that are the most fun to play, that corkscrew you off into the sunset at the precise moment the singalong bit starts. Here s a playlist of some of my favorites, a mixtape you can put in your car next time you go driving in Dusk.

Sia, Elastic Heart Queen, Bohemian Rhapsody (obviously you have the entire Greatest Hits in your car, who doesn t?) Robyn, Konichiwa Bitches Orange Caramel, Catallena (K-pop is even more dynamic and full of shifts than western pop, perfect for Audiosurf) Kylie Minogue, Confide In Me Gary Numan, Cars Chvrches, The Mother We Share The Modern Lovers, Roadrunner Ohio Players, Love Rollercoaster Kate Bush, Wuthering Heights (Kate Bush doesn t know this but she s actually one of the greatest video game level designers of all time)

Community Announcements - Dylan
Sorry about the downtime that started about 7PM (PST) last night. Leaderboards, popular songs, song of the day, dethrones, and challenges are all working again.

There was a power outage at the server hosting company.
May 27
Community Announcements - Dylan
Audiosurf 2 has now officially launched! Thanks so much for all the great feedback and support during early access!

Free Demo!

Launch Update Now Available:
Completely new UI
Dethroned Email Notifications
Regional Leaderboards
Search your music collection and soundcloud from one search box
New Skins: Dusk and Mystical
Plus tons more

New UI:

New Skins:

May 27
Community Announcements - Dylan

Launch Update Now Available

Free Demo!

New UI:

Completely new UI
Dethroned Email Notifications
Regional Leaderboards
Search your music collection and soundcloud from one search box
Plus tons more
Rock, Paper, Shotgun - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (Jem Alexander)

Audiosurf 2 [official site], the game which allows you to ‘ride’ your music on a neon futuristic racetrack, has left Steam Early Access today. It brings an updated Audiosurf experience, with new official game modes and skins alongside the 500+ already available on Steam Workshop. Not only that, but according to the developer the “UI is good now”, which is always a plus.

… [visit site to read more]

Product Release - Valve
Audiosurf 2 is Now Available on Steam and is 15% off!*

Ride your music in more ways than ever before. Audiosurf 2 is the music game for your entire music collection, plus online music streaming and Song of the Day. Hundreds of mods/skins on Workshop. Free demo available.

*Offer ends June 2 at 10AM Pacific Time

Rock, Paper, Shotgun - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (Alice O'Connor)

Audiosurf 2 [official site] is coming out on May 26th. “Oh,” says whatever voice I’ve created for the purposes of introducing this post (sounds a bit like an old mate of yours, one you don’t think about often and smile remembering, but underwater), “I thought it was out. It’s not out? It is out, isn’t it? No? Really?”

No, it’s still on Steam Early Access. The game which turns your songs into courses to race around gathering points launched into Early Access in October 2013 and creator Dylan Fitterer has worked on it since. Now he’s almost done, and mercy me I might get pulled back to old friendly rivalries.

… [visit site to read more]

Community Announcements - Dylan

New Logo!

Plus many new features, including a completely redone UI.
More info at the official website
Community Announcements - Dylan
The next update will be another big one and the best change is the redesigned interface. Thanks for all the UI ideas on the forum!
Community Announcements - Dylan

Audiosurf 2 is now ready to play on Mac OSX, Linux, and SteamOS!

New platforms:
  • Mac OSX
  • Linux (64-bit)
  • SteamOS (64-bit)

Puzzle League improvements:
  • Added Butter Ninja bonus for hitting most (90%) of the yellow blocks
  • Added Seeing Red bonus for hitting most (90%) of the red blocks
  • Added final scoring bonus based on the largest match size collected
  • Added bonuses for multicolor matches
  • Increased Clean Finish bonus to 15%
  • Fixed color blocks sometimes landing under multiplier white blocks
  • Vegas mode: added shoulder lanes
  • Vegas mode: automatically Shuffle (repeatedly) while in a shoulder lane
  • Vegas mode: increased score potential (reduced previous nerf)
  • Eraser mode: paint collected after an Undo will now paint the new blocks even if they haven't reached the puzzle grid yet

Other fixes:
  • Fixed workshop authors not being able to update without subscribing.
  • Fixed live in-game scoreboards sometimes not showing up.


Puzzle Fixes (thanks Elindor!):
  • Red blocks are now much more frequent
  • Fixed a couple remaining ways to get blocks under celebration whites
  • Vegas autoshuffling from shoulder now has a .5 second delay
  • Improved white block and multiplier visiblity on Stadium skin in low and medium quality

  • OSX: Added external drives to the song browser
  • Linux fix: some systems weren't showing root on the song browser
  • Linux now has support for FLAC audio files

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