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More precious rewards and easier big quest on Saturday!

Lords and Ladies!

Hot ultimate summer continues in Praia! It has already brought us new ults for 4 Heroes and legendary presents from the set Legendmakers that you can receive every 2 days in your Castles!

It is only the beginning of great summer surprises. Today we would like to announce changes in the daily quest chain!

Two times more legendary crystals!

There are no secrets that when you make daily quests you receive legendary crystals to craft legendary talents.

We add new sets of legendary talents in the game regularly, so it has become quite difficult to find the talent you need. Moreover, it is hard to decide what legendary set to craft first.

Thus, we decided to increase the reward for daily quests in for daily quests crystals twice!

From June 26th you will receive one more precious legendary crystal in a daily quest chain! We have also changed the rewards in other daily quest stages:
First stage - 1 legendary crystal
Second stage - 1 legendary crystal + 3 Prime crystals
Third stage -5 Prime crystals + one of the rewards:
  • 25 000 silver
  • 20,000 resources each
  • 3 exclusive talents
  • 10 talents useful for upgrade

So, you can receive x2 times more legendary crystals, +30% more Prime crystals, silver, resources and something new — talents useful for upgrade.

“Big” Saturday quest becomes easier!

We also want to make it easier for you to get a huge bag of legendary crystals for big Saturday quest.
From July 1st to receive 6 legendary crystals you have to:
  • Win 2 times in Borderlands in a team

  • Win 4 times in Borderlands solo

Legendary mission!

We would like to present you a special legendary mission on the first week of changed daily quests.

Fulfill all daily quests this week and receive legendary talents as a reward!
  • You will receive 5 random legendary talents when you complete all daily quest chains!
  • You have to complete all 21 stages of the quest. Big quest on Saturday is not included.
  • You can complete all quests from June 26th till July 2d!

Make this summer ultimate!
Prime World - alter_prime
Your Favourite Event is Back!

Lords and Ladies!

Merchants are opening their stores to sell wonderful goods for all Lords and Ladies including new legendary set the Age of Legends!

Please welcome your favourite and the rarest action in the Fair!
Black Friday

The assortment renewal is almost free, it costs only one silver coin, also selected fields remain permanently, which means there is no limit set to the renewal amount! This way, everyone can renew the assortment until he or she finds the necessary items!
Three days, from 9:00 (UTC) 23 June till 9:00 (UTC) on June 26th, buy goods in the Fair with no limits!
  • Renew the assortment for only 1 Silver
  • Purchased fields remain permanently

  • During this event, jackpots, as well as the offer "Legendary crystal for 2 Prime crystals" and “40,000 resources” and “10,000 silver for resources” will be removed from the Fair. The price of these offers is directly linked to the rare chance, which in its turn is completely covered by the possibility of unlimited assortment renewal.
  • In order to not overload the payment server with multiple requests, offers for 3,5,8 Prime crystals were deleted from the Fair. Instead an offer with "24 Prime crystals for 9 Gold" was added to the assortment.
  • The payment server may be overloaded with many requests and you may see question mark in the right angle of the Castle where there is a gold mark. Please do not worry, everything will be fine in couple minutes without any other actions.
Fill up your Libraries with favorite goods!
Jun 22
Prime World - alter_prime
Legendary set Exhausting Touch is in Praia!

Lords and Ladies!

Update 11.2.1 is already installed on the game servers and now is just the time to find out which legendary new additions await our Heroes this summer in the expanses of Praia!

New Talents

The Age of Legends is coming to Praia! A new legendary talent set includes 6 sets, among which all the Heroes can find something worthwhile.

The new set's mechanics are unusual for Prime World – the sets contain no main talent, but additional effects appear as and when you learn certain talents of a single set.

Find out more about new talents.


Fire Fox / Flame Tail
Playing with Fire
  • The burn from the passive skill now correctly works with the Wind and Sparks and Fire-Tailed talents.
See you on the battlefields!

Jun 15
Prime World - alter_prime
First two Heroes are ready to demonstrate all the power of new ultimates!

Lords and Ladies!

The technical work is done and the Heroes are ready to demonstrate the new limits of their power on the battlefield!

“Double” Ultimate Abilities

As of today, you can form a set of talents not only from those available to all Heroes, but also by choosing between two ultimate talent options!

Meet the ‘first swallows’: the mystical Soul Catcher and the fiery Fox – they are now ready to show off their updates on the battlefield!

Fire Fox / Flame Tail
Mischievous and fiery, she is now able to set fire to even the ‘fattest’ of opponents – her new ultimate ability not only allows you to precisely aim fire at your chosen target, but also increases the passive damage from the Playing with Fire skill.

Primeval Fire
  • The Heroine’s next 3 attacks deal 50...375 additional damage. If the skill was activated on Native Terrain, the next 4 attacks will be strengthened!
Healing Fire
  • The improved new ultimate ability restores the Heroine’s health after each strengthened attack.
  • In addition, the burning effect from the Playing with Fire talent begins to stack up to 5 times.
    Burn brightly!
Soul Catcher / Soul Reaper
A dangerous and elusive ruler of ghosts – how many souls has he caught? Along with his new ultimate ability, this Hero is also getting some small changes to the old one – it’s going to be easier than ever to unearth this character’s true potential in your chosen role!

Shadow of Death
Changes to the usual ultimate ability help Soul Catcher become even more dangerous on the battlefield – and this is most obvious in the Hero’s power buildup
  • No longer increases the amount damage absorbed by shields.
  • Increases damage dealt with the help of of the Reap skill
Anger of the Dead
  • No longer reduces damage from enemy attacks
  • Instead, it now additionally strengthens the attacks of the Hero and all nearby allies


Shadow of Defense
The Hero’s new ultimate ability is similar to the first, but will be more effective in the Support role specifically.
  • Using the new ultimate ability, Soul Catcher turns into a ghost and becomes immune to transformation effects, and casts shields on all nearby allies.
  • Just as in his ‘past life’, the Hero changes its other skills somewhat: the duration of the Ghostly Lashes skill becomes unlimited, and the cooldown time of Reap is reduced to 1 second.
Spirit Atrophy
  • This skill also allows the Hero to drive opponents into a state of Terror and reduce the damage from their attacks.
The new ults await you in the Libraries. If you haven’t hired the Hero yet, then the second ultimate ability will appear in the second tab of the Hero’s talents and will be available for use as soon as you buy the Hero. Meet two new Heroes each week.
   Attention! To put a new ultimate ability in a talent set, first you need to remove the previous one from the build, including all its upgrades.


Reduced Health restoration from the passive ability and slightly improved the intellect build

Popular enough in its strength variant, this Hero confidently conquers the Prime Zone. Hellblade’s heal, disengaged in the previous rebalance from Native Terrain, allowed him to easily dominate on the line. At certain points of the game, this became simply excessive. That’s not very demonlike, is it? Let’s fix it!
  • Now the Health restoration depends on the greatest of Strength and Intellect, which allows ‘wise’ demi-demons to feel more confident on the battlefield.
Chaos Blades
  • Health restoration from the Hero’s passive ability is reduced by 8% and now depends on the greatest of Strength and Intellect
Master’s Brush
  • Fixed a bug that caused stored up paint to be wasted during the ultimate ability
Mighty Shock
  • The tooltip of the Mighty Shock talent now reflects the fact that the talent throws enemies into the air

  • Fixed a bug that caused the Ultra-Berserker’s voice-over not to play in the Castle
Explosive Perseverance
  • Fixed the description of this talent in the Castle – now the number of enemies that become explosive is shown correctly
  • Fixed a bug that caused glyphs to drop in the same spot on the map after a Hero died with two effects at once active.
See you on the battlefields!
Prime World - alter_prime
+10 talents for the first victory of the day, action in the the Talentforge / Talent Garden!

Lords and Ladies!

Heroes are fighting for the independence of their Lordships every day. They clean their weapons, prepare spells and train before the battle every day. The variety of battle style will soon become wider.

Let’s enjoy hot summer weekend!
Action in the Talentforge/Talent Garden!

For 4 days, from 9:00 UTC on June 9th till 9:00 on June 13th the production of legendary talents are 30% cheaper! Of course, talents which were already produced in the past also can`t simply collect dust on the shelves so it will be almost 50% cheaper to reforge them into new ones!

Please note! In order the changes into effect, please restart the game.
  • Production to a legendary talent from an exclusive - 7 legendary crystals instead of 10
  • Reforge of a legendary talent into a legendary - 5 legendary crystals instead of 8
  • Reforge of an exclusive talent into an exclusive - 5 Prime crystals instead of 10
  • Reforge of an unique talent into an exclusive - 6 Prime crystals instead of 12.

Fruitful victories!

Heroes are ready to battle with additional power and strength. They will receive +10 talents for the first victory of the day before 9:00 (UTC) June 13th.
Hero sale!

The more the better! Your Heroes are eager to battle both in the Borderlands and in the Castles. Expand your team by purchasing new Heroes for attractive prices!

For three days, from 09:00 (UTC) on June 9th till 09:00 on June 13th hire new Heroes with 50% discount in gold (except of our latest hero Oaksmasher)!

From 9:00 on June 9th till 9:00 on June 13th there is a 50% discount of skins for all Heroes, which are currently available for purchase (except Mistress of Souls and Ultra-Berserker)!

Please note! Game needs to be restarted in order for the changes to come into effect!
Prime World - alter_prime
First news about patch 11.2 and first summer surprises!

Lords und Ladies!

No matter what kind of weather there will be, this summer in Praia is going to be hot again! There are many pieces of news, fresh ideas, precious presents and sunny mood waiting for us!

Today we would like to announce the first news. Have you asked for anything new? Anything that will make dramatic changes in the game process? Anything that will make you Heroes shine brighter? We’ve heard you!
New Ults!

Friends! Starting from the update 11.2 your Heroes will receive new ultimate abilities! Or, we’d rather say alternative ultimate abilities. You will be able to choose them in your Castle and decide what ultimate ability to use in the battle.

The ultimate abilities will appear in the second folder of Talents for each Hero. Of course, it is impossible to use two ultimate abilities at the same time. Please note that before you use new ability you have to take off the original ability and its updates.

New ultimate abilities will add more variations to the game — just as you wished. Some Heroes will change the main role, for example, killers may play for support and defenders will become killers. Others will be able to use their alternative sets. Faceless, for example, can finally use his Power.

Anyway you will be able to test a new gameplay on your favourite Heroes by either using normal talents or by using alternative ones.
Meet two new Heroes each week during summertime! Yes, you are right. Patch 11.2 will give new ultimate abilities to two Heroes! Do not forget to follow the news and check your Castles!

Fire Fox / Flame Tail will open the season of new super abilities. The second Hero will be announced in the patch news.

The summer has just begun — don’t miss it!
Jun 5
Prime World - alter_prime
Legendary quest chain

Lords and Ladies!

Everyday brave Heroes go out on the battlefield to meet evil monsters, enemy Heroes and other dangers that are waiting for them in the Primezone.

However, sometimes battles gives not only experience but also legendary pleasant surprises!

Shiny axes!

Already today we launch a “big” questline - “Shiny axes”! Yes, that’s right, friends, the exact legendary axes will be given as reward for completing the quests!

We have considered your requests and, unlike the previous questline like that, we have have broke down this one into several parts. That way, even if you would not be able to complete it entirely, you will still get several legendary talents. How many you will get is only up to you!

The great reward is waiting for the most purposeful of players - the full set of legendary talents “Absolute Dominance”!

Each subsequent step will be available right after you complete the previous one.

Complete the questline before 9:00 UTC 19 June and be rewarded with legendary talents!

Show your dominance!
Prime World - alter_prime

Lords and Ladies!

The long-awaited summer has finally rolled around! We all have a lot of plans to do on both sides of the monitor during this time, because this is the beginning of holiday time and just a nice period to relax.

Therefore we would like to announce an unprecedented action today: Golden Age for the entire summer only for 299 gold! This way you could ensure the prosperity of your lordship for the whole summer season.

Only till 9:00 UTC on June 5th buy 3 month of Golden Age for 299 gold!

Golden days in Praia!
Prime World - alter_prime
Game servers are online!

Lords and Ladies!

Our technical works are over, the Heroes are ready to greet their Lords and Ladies!

Today’s hotfix brings to the expanses of Praia another portion of the rewards for the ‘zero’ season and a rebalance of Oaksmasher.

Seasonal rewards

All rewards that were not received due to the change (reduction) in Hero ratings after April 21 now await their owners!

Also, the maximum rating in the information display for the Hero will be fixed if it was lower at the introduction of the Seasons than it was on April 21.

Check your Castles!


A bit of everything! Based on the results of our first Hero observations, we’re ready to introduce a few changes: increasing the initial value of defensive characteristics, adding damage, control and survivability.

On the battlefields, Dendomonster turned out to be an interesting and very distinctive Hero that could bring significant advantage to a team. However, if his allies didn’t support his initiative, the Hero had a tough time in a range of in-game situations.

We’ve been watching what has been happening on the battlefields closely and analyzing the course of battles. As a result, we’ve decided to make a few changes to balance this Hero and help him more effectively reach his potential even when his allies aren’t as close as you’d like.

Increased starting values of defensive characteristics:
  • Stamina to 55;
  • Will to 45.

Monster Strike

A hit with an ‘enhanced’ arm dealt (and continues to deal!) significant additional damage in the early stages of the game. However, closer to the heart of the game, its effectiveness was reduced. Not good enough – we’re boosting it!
  • Increased the growth of additional damage depending on the growth of the Hero’s Strength

Oak Forest’s Aid

This ‘native heal’ works very well both in the forest role and when fighting on the line. But in the conditions of today’s aggressive meta, Oaksmasher wasn’t always able to use it to maintain the required amount of health. Now things are easier!
  • Ability cooldown time reduced by 2 sec;
  • Health restoration increased by 20%.

Wind Whistle A great talent for a ganker, particularly at low levels, right? To make it easier to use its full potential, we’ve added a little speed and damage and increased the control duration.
  • Speed up increased to 50%;
  • Damage from the ‘throwing’ increased by 25%;
  • Stun time increased to 0.7 sec.
We’ve also fixed a bug which caused Oaksmasher to lose immunity to control after using the first hit.

Mighty Shock

The Hero’s ultimate ability has also been reviewed.
  • Now Oaksmasher not only deals damage, but also knocks enemies into the air;
  • The duration of the increased defensive stats has been increased by 1 sec.

And don’t forget: in team battles, Oaksmasher’s potential really shines!


Witch / Moira
  • This heroine is again available for purchase in the Castle

See you on the battlefields!
Jun 1
Prime World - alter_prime
Oaksmasher and new skins are in the game!

Lords and Ladies!

Update 11.1 has been installed, and the servers are up! Head to your Castles now to find Oaksmasher, a few interesting rebalances, and lots more. And away we go!

New Hero

You can read more about this new hero here.

Like previous heroes, you can get Oaksmasher in one of three ways:
  • After completing a seven-day quest chain you will be able to recruit Oaksmasher for 750,000 silver. The first quest in the chain is already available, and the last one will be unlocked on June 1st. Once you complete the last quest, a new quest will appear that will allow you to pay silver to recruit the hero.
  • The normal way to recruit Oaksmasher (paying silver without having to complete any quests) will be available for all players with a castle level of 25 or higher starting on June 8th.
  • Oaksmasher can also be recruited immediately for 299 gold.
With the release of this new Hero the price of Hellblade has been reduced to 500,000 silver and 199 gold.

New Skins

Mistress of Souls
Original hero: Soul Catcher / Soul Reaper
Features: sex change, new voice
Cost: 99 gold
Original hero: Berserker
Features: new voice, new effects
Cost: 69 gold


  • Due to player requests, after increasing rewards we are making it easier to upgrade talents — 20% of exclusive talents will now be "very effective for upgrading." These orange talents will grant 170 saturation points each, and there will be a total of 29 of them: the talents from the Source of Bonds, Will of the Patriarch, Dark Message, Reflection of Essence, and Forceful Aspiration sets and the series of talents from the Earth Hallows set.
  • The tooltips for the talents at the Fair now show whether or not the player already has them, as well as how many of them there are in the Library and on the player's heroes.
[/url]Golden Age

We've got great news about Golden Ages. Having a Golden Age will now also double your chance of receiving exclusive talents at the Forge. It would be remiss not to mention that this also affects overall upgrade speed, since every fifth exclusive talents is now very effective for upgrading.


This bruiser had a difficult, if enviable fate. For a while after he was introduced to the game the Berserker was a dark horse, but then he quickly began to gain popularity and ended up being the most sought-after hero on the lateral branch. The reason is simple: in addition to his high survivability and excellent initiative, the Berserker possessed an ultimate ability that players could, with a little skill, use to instantly crush a single enemy hero — you could spam Fetters in such a way that all the chains hit a single target and dealt massive damage.

At first this was designed as a special trump card, but in practice it turned out to be too easy to do. The Berserker can now only hit one enemy with each chain.

  • now only hit one enemy with each chain.
Archer / Amazon
Time passes, standards change, and the Amazon, once intended exclusively for the late game, has now become a hero for whom it's hard to find a place. In this update we want to enhance one of the most undervalued abilities in the game: Decisive Shot.

It used to fire in the wrong direction pretty often, hitting random enemy soldiers with low health, so it was difficult to use the skill in a lane. Decisive Shot will now only hit enemy heroes, the Woodwose, Kiton, and the Fire Drake. 

Smashing Whirlwind
  • damage increased by 5%.
Decisive Shot
  • now only hits heroes, the Woodwose, Kiton, and the Fire Drake.
Quarrier / Rumbler
In this "age of breakthroughs," real tanks have it rough. Earlier conditions allowed Rumbler not to focus on frequent exchanges of Health with the enemy, but in the modern, more aggressive game he needs to be just as aggressive. So a little effort from a "trampoline" will help Mountain out in all stages of the game.

  • damage increased by 10%.
Marksman / Hunter
The Intellect-focused Marksman is a fully "aimed" hero who is very useful in the late game, where his buffs can really strut their stuff. But nowadays Strength builds are lagging significantly behind Intellect builds in terms of popularity. A Strength-focused Hunter has a very powerful attack, but the effect from his passive class ability isn't enough to make up for the difference in terms of usefulness when compared to other "carry" heroes.

One of the Marksman's key buffs — to Agility — thus now depends not only on Intellect, but on Strength or Intellect, whichever is higher.

Rage of the Hunt
  • the Agility boost from Hunter Agility now is now based on Strength or Intellect, whichever is higher.
Paint was very recently a sought-after midder, but nowadays its popularity has declined a bit. Despite the fact that the Artiste has incredible potential for dominating a lane and the ability to go into overdrive (speed boost and quick farming with crawls facilitate this), Paint is rather difficult to pull off and demands a lot of concentration from the player.

This applies in particular to a Strength-based Paintbrush, which has trouble competing with other, more productive midders. The Strength build has thus been slightly enhanced, and the mechanic for the passive class ability has been retooled.

  • now accumulates one paint every six seconds and loses one paint when the Painted Beast and Color of Life abilities are used.
Painted Beast
  • damage increased by 10%.
Highlander / Immortal
The Highlander is mighty and powerful in the late game, but in modern, more aggressive play he is tightly constricted in lanes. The rule "get rich or die trying" applies in full to the Immortal — if the early game is lost, getting yourself out of a financial hole with hero is quite difficult.

The lane stage has therefore been enhanced — the Highlander's Health will now regenerate more quickly in the lane than before.

Bloody Massacre
  • health restoration increased by 10%.


  • The interval between being able to vote for an early conclusion to a battle in the Borderlands has been increased from 60 to 120 seconds.
  • Tu’Rehu's Violent Takeover ability now works correctly on invisible heroes.
  • A bug that caused the Breath of Life talent to fail to restore health, but still go into cooldown, when used immediately before the user';s death has been fixed.
  • S.Putnik's Aimed Shot ability now fires toward the target even if the target becomes invisible while the projectile is in mid-air.
  • If the Demonologist's Demon Trap ability is used on the Immortal/Highlander as an ultimate ability, the net no longer disappears, but simply does not work on that hero.
  • Markers placed on targets by Hellblade's Swift Assault now have different colors depending on the team. They are purple for allies and red for enemies.
  • The Nymph/Maiden's Peacebreaker ability no longer works on the Fire Drake. It used to work, but deal no damage.
  • Claw/Fang's Curse of the Beast ability in Great Bear and Great Hare forms now transforms the target into the corresponding animal.
  • The corresponding status now appears when the Forged in Cruelty ability is used.
  • A bug that affected the way the Treacherous Flame talent works has been fixed — using the talent no longer interrupts movement and nullifies invisibility only if it is successful.

  • The growth of the talents Strength Dominance and Mental Dominance is now displayed correctly in the castle.

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