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Best Talents of the Day

Choosing the next set of talents for your favorite hero just got easier! There's no more need to scour the forums or your library — just click on the "Hall of Fame" tab, which you will find in your castle, right next to the portrait of each hero. There you can examine the talent set which was used by the player who scored the highest rating in the past 24 hours.

In order for your own talent set to appear in the Hall of Fame, your character must meet the following requirements:
  • Achieve the highest rating awarded to a hero among all players;
  • Win with that hero at least once over the last seven days;
  • Your hero must possess enough talents for development during a play session;
  • The hero's talent set cannot be composed of Common (yellow) and Special (green) talents.

Clan Wars

With the updated version, suzerains need more time to regain their vassals. Now, if an invader wins and you lose a vassal, you need to wait 24 hours before re-initiating combat for that vassal. In addition, when the defending clan loses a vassal, it is marked as a "former vassal" for three days.

About the "former vassal" status:
  • The "former vassal" status is removed after the specified time or when the previous suzerain recaptures the vassal.
  • If during the defense, the suzerain expels this vassal, it will still receive "former vassal" status.
  • The former suzerain may initiate capture of a Clan marked as a "Former vassal" at a reduced cost. If the recapture is unsuccessful, the invader cannot re-initiate this battle for three days.
  • Now a clan that is protecting a vassal may at the same time independently attack another clan.
  • There was a bug which, in some cases, duplicated the portraits of teammates on the friends panel. This bug is now fixed.
  • After reviewing player feedback, we concluded that the NPC-suzerain system didn't capture the basic idea of clan wars -- the struggle between the clans. So we decided to abandon it. Points spent on uprisings will be returned to the players.
  • The visual and technical elements of clan wars have enjoyed numerous improvements.

Heroes and Talents
  • Previously, a bug caused heroes who were tossed into the air to be damaged only when they landed. Now damage happens at the same time as the toss, as intended. The changes affected such abilities as "Fist of Fury" (Brawler / Meijin), "Shockwave" (Quarrier / Rumbler), and the Inventor's "Clockwork Bomb", among others.
  • Fixed a rounding-error bug which caused the "The Undying Spark" talent to regenerate energy incorrectly.
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From November 25th, Golden Age for 3 days is availbale again! We heard you and bring back the offer to buy 3 days of Golden Age for 49 only gold.

But that isn’t all the good news — you can now receive 3 instead of two 2 talents for each crystal spent in the talent forge / garden. Hurry, this bonus is only active from November 25, 04:00, until November 27, 04:00 EST.
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Price Reduction and Hero Discounts!

Starting from November 17 several days a week various discounts and bonuses will await you in the game. It would take too much time to list them all, so just watch the messages in-game to keep track of things and don’t miss any chance to buy this or that item (or service) on sale!

From November 17 and forever the following prices will be reduced:

There are more pleasant changes to come, so watch this space!

Note: To get access to these offers, you need to restart the game.
Community Announcements - PrimeWorldOfficial

Dear friends, from now on you can always view our current Prime World offers and discounts from the following page:

Bookmark it so that you always know what bonuses you can get and what delicious things you can buy at any given moment!
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The first ever MOBA with Clan Wars

Hi there! We're thrilled to announce the beginning of global clan wars — for the first time ever in a MOBA!

Get ready for a whole new level of competition. Suzerains become vassals, and vassals marshal their forces to challenge their masters and become suzerains themselves! The treasures of the Ancients are waiting for heroes able to demonstrate their valor in unending battles in the name of glory and honor!

Matchmaking and Player Groups

First of all, we'd like to call your attention to a change in the matchmaking system for grouped players and give you an overview of changes to the rating system that depend on group rosters.
  • The system now tries to match groups of three players with groups of three, four, or five players whenever possible. This way, there are fewer games where teams of five or 4+1 players fight teams lacking groups comprised of three players at least, which makes players more comfortable whether they're playing alone or in a group.
  • If a group of three or more players is unable to find a similar group to fight against within a certain period of time, a team is assembled from random players with the same rank as the group (rather than one rank higher as before). For example: if a team of three or more lieutenant colonels is searching for opponents and the system is unable to find an identical group, a team of three random lieutenant colonels is assembled for them to fight against.
  • Penalty ratings no longer affect the final calculation at the end of battle for a full group of four or five players. In other words, a player's rating will change in the same way it would have changed if the player were not in a group. But if a randomly assembled team in which there are no groups of four or more players is playing against a full group, the rating of this team will increase more in case of a victory and decrease more in case of a loss than in the previous system.
    In other words, when the changes to the rating for a random team are calculated, the rating of a full group will, as before, receive an additional bonus rating change, as though the random players had been fighting a group one rank higher. For the rank of Lieutenant Colonel this bonus has been reduced from 150 to 100, but for a Colonel it is higher: from 200 to 150.
As a result of these changes, groups of four or more players won't have to wait as long for a battle to begin (which is especially relevant to players with high ratings), and randomly-formed groups will get a larger rating increase for their victories! However, we think that playing in a group has now become a lot more comfortable, and the introduction of clan wars is going to make it a lot more fun, too!
  • Since the number of players in the other modes still hasn't reached the level where it would be possible to introduce battles in which all players have the same rank, these modes will no longer affect your rating. Moreover, our decision was influenced by the fact that a number of players have been using the other modes to increase their ratings dishonestly, i. e. by staging fixed battles. Now the results of battles in the other modes will no longer affect heroes' ratings. A similar change was made to the Switcheroo mode earlier.
  • Having a full library no longer makes it impossible for a player to enter a battle or swap talents in a hero's build. However, keep in mind that if your number of talents exceeds the size of your library, your reward for fighting a battle will be the same as if you had fought with a weaker hero.

Faction Unity

In the new version we have reduced the influence of a player's chosen side on gameplay. The first thing this affects is the heroes you can hire — you can now hire all heroes regardless of whether they are Dokht or Adornian, and you can also fight alongside friends from the other faction on the same team. You can find more detailed information on these changes below.

Heroes and Skins
  • The new version makes it possible to hire heroes who used to be considered unique members of each faction — so the Inventor and Doctrine can now be hired in Adornian castles, and the Artiste and the Demonologist can be hired in Dokht castles. The only exceptions are Da-ka and Ha-ka — these are the only heroes whose mechanics remain different for each faction. However, you can't have both Ha-ka and Da-ka in the same group — you'll have to leave one of them behind.
  • Players can now also obtain skins for their heroes that used to be available to one faction only. This new feature doesn't extend to the default skins, but we're planning to make them available for purchase very soon in one of our updates.

Groups and Clans
  • Players of either faction can now be invited to clans.
  • Both Dokhts and Keepers can now be invited to a group, which means you can now play with your friends regardless of which faction they're currently in.
  • Since team rosters can now be mixed, maneuvers will always be considered active and cannot be disabled in the HUD.

Changing Factions
  • When a player changes factions they remain in the same clan as before — they're no longer automatically removed from their clan.

  • Castle chat now contains messages from players of both factions, which allows players to communicate with one another and form new inter-factional clans.
    Community Announcements - Casual_Mirage

    A new patch has been installed on servers.

    Learn more about it here!
    Community Announcements - Casual_Mirage

    Hello friends!
    Recently we have told you about changes, which will soon come to Prime World. First of all, we've released the reforging feature in the Talent Forge / Talent Garden (patch 9.16.1). Today we want to lift the veil and tell you about a new chapter in the history of Prime World — clan wars, which will soon start in the world of Praia.

    Learn more about it here!
    Community Announcements - Casual_Mirage

    Dark wings. Light thoughts. Emissaries of the old gods.

    They say there is an ancient temple somewhere deep in the Prime Zone. It's a temple of the forgotten gods. Nobody knows anything about it except for several legends and stories. But one day…

    Learn more about it here!
    Community Announcements - Casual_Mirage

    Ladies and lords!

    A new patch has been installed on servers.

    Learn more about it here!
    Community Announcements - Casual_Mirage

    Ladies and lords!

    Nobles! We promised you great updates and we keep our word! The Talent Forge / Talent Garden was fundamentally changed and is far more interesting now! We see that you like our event which doubles your talent points, and we've decided to extend it... forever. Now and always, you will get two talents for each Prime Crystal. Also, starting from today, you will be able to change talents in your Library using the Talent Forge / Talent Garden. It will be a lot easier for you to get the talents you need and free your Library from talents you don't use by reforging them into something useful.

    Learn more about it here!

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