Mar 23
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Lords and Ladies!

On this weekend only the merchants have opened the doors to their depositories, allowing Lords and Ladies to choose any type of goods they wish to pick up since the renewal of assortment will cost 1 silver only!

For 3 days only, since 12 p.m. 23rd of March UTC+3 until 12 p.m. 26th of March UTC+3 purchase the desired goods without limitations!

The renewal of assortment - for 1 silver only!
The slots you’ve already purchased from will not get blocked!

Please notice that:
  • While the action is running, the jackpot positions are removed from the assortment as well as the “Legendary crystal for 2 Prime crystals” offer. The price of these two offers is directly connected to their rare chance of drop, which can’t be considered rare while the renewal of assortment costs 1 silver and can called in an unlimited amount of times.

  • "40 000 resources" and "10 000 silver for resources" offers were also removed from the Fair in order to avoid cheating on the difference in rates. Initially, the cost of some of the offers counts, among other things, the amount of Prime crystals required to update the assortment, so while the renewal of assortment costs almost nothing, these offers are removed while the action is running.

  • Besides this, while the action is running, usual packs of 3,5 and 8 Prime crystals are also removed from the Fairs in order to ease the overload of the payment server with multiple requests. In return, "24 Prime crystals for 9 gold" offer is added to the Fair!

  • Profitable offers do not leave anyone indifferent and huge queues are gathering at the checkout, as in any store, so sometimes you can see "???" on the icon with gold. Do not worry - everything comes back to normal within a couple of minutes, without requiring additional actions.

Fill your Warehouses and Libraries with the most interesting goods!

Always yours,
Prime World development team
Prime World - Prime World Official


As some of you may know, a unique event, similar to which had never happened before, launched in your Castles. To be exact, it was the chain of quests, the reward for completing which is the new Hero! It is not a regular type of hero, but a special one, which won’t be available for hire for gold or silver, he can be received only for ingame activity.

We will gladly remind those of you, who have not come across the news about the new Hero, how majestic he looks!

And today we are ready to share the first details about what this Hero can do on the battlefield. And we will not only tell you about his abilities but will also show you how they are animated in the game!

Please follow the link to see the coub gif:

As you can see, the new Hero is joining the range assassins rank, using the swords he summons as his weapon.

What is more, he can combine two of the most expected roles if you use his swords wisely - the roles of support and tank!

Please follow the link to see the coub gif:

Please follow the link to see the coub gif:

If you have not yet started to complete the quests to receive the new Hero, it is not the time to get sad - you still have enough time to complete all of the 25 stages.

Hurry up to conquer the Fallen Lord!

Your Prime World Team
Prime World - Prime World Official

Lords and Ladies!

Court doctors are raising the alarm - there are more and more people getting sick with a terrible disease in Praya. During this hard time, they can’t hide behind the Castles’ walls. The most famous doctors of Praya understand how bad the situation is and are making some huge discounts on their services to help all who need it.

For 7 days only, until 12 p.m. UTC+3 28th of March, Plague Doctor is on sale, and the sale is out there for purchases both in gold and silver!

His brother, Pestilence, is also willing to help the ones in need and charge them less than usual!

There is one more doctor who could not stand aside - kind Nurse is ready to heal the folk in pain!

Gather all the healers of Praya together!
Your Prime World Team
Mar 16
Prime World - Prime World Official

Lords and Ladies!

Dexterous and brave merchants decided to please you with an exclusive product at the Fair once again. This time they managed to bring a large batch of Shards to their stores, making the purchase more profitable than ever!

Meet the new Jackpot at the Fair - Crystal Shards Jackpot!

For a limited amount of time, until 12 p.m. UNT+3 19th of March, a new type of Jackpot will be available at the Fair - Crystal Shards one. As any other Jackpot, it is a lot more profitable relative to the full cost price and, of course, does not drop down often.

Don’t miss this advantageous offer!

Your Prime World Team
Prime World - Prime World Official

Friends and comrades!

On this weekend only, S.Putnik is so eager to take a step on the battlefields that he is ready to take only a half of his usual hire payment for his services. This dangerous hero, accompanied by his loyal friend, the huge brown bear, is not the only one seeking your audience. Patriot, the invincible border guard, negotiator and just an excellent friend has also arrived at your Castles for a short little while, bringing the news of the long-awaited spring warmth.

For 3 days only, until 12 p.m. UTC+3 19th of March, you will be able to hire S.Putnik for a reduced price. Price is reduced both for purchases with gold and silver!

It is time to lay your bear’s ushanka aside and enjoy the slowly coming warmth of spring! It’s not only the ushanka which can be taken off, but whatever. Patriot is ready for hire!

Expand your collection of Heroes!

Your Prime World Team
Prime World - Prime World Official

Lords and Ladies!

Spring is spreading all over the lands, including Praya and the territories across its borders, and we are continuing to bring you interesting activities!

On the past week we launched a one of a kind quest, a reward for completing which was a new Hero. Today we are introducing the new look of promotions to you. Promotions are unique events, which will provide you valuable rewards for participation.

First new type promotions’s theme is the Oscars ceremony. We believe it is a great idea to give your beloved Heroes some awards (even though they are not lore-wise…whatever!).

Participate in the First Awards Ceremony and collect the whole “Blinding Glory” set!

- How do I participate?
There is nothing difficult about that!

As a reward for fighting in battles, you will receive special “movie tickets”, which are used for receiving or exchanging the talents from the “Blinding Glory” set. By the way, the First Victory bonus will help you to receive a lot of “movie tickets” at a time.

With Golden Age being active, you will receive twice as more “movie tickets” than usual among the other rewards doubled in number.

This way, we’ve managed to make the Awards Ceremony easy and interesting for all players out there – both for those who prefer to play only 1-2 matches per day, and those, who are ready to spend more time in the game with their Golden Age activated in order to receive as many rewards as possible.

- Where can I receive the talents?
In the beautiful Promotions tab! What is more, in this tab you will be able to not only receive a random talent from the set, but also exchange the selected talent to another one from the same set. There is no surprise in the fact that the cost of the new talent and exchanging a talent will differ.

- How can I see how many “movie tickets” do I have at the moment?
The amount of “movie tickets” collected can be seen at the same Promotions tab.

- Can I receive the “Blinding Glory” set talents any other way?
This set is a collectible one, such as “Scary Time”, for example. This means that the only way to get “Blinding Glory” set talents is the Awards Ceremony only. However, same as it has been with the other collectible sets, these talents may appear in the Talent Forge or the Fair in future for a limited amount of time.

As for now, you can already see the “Blinding Glory” set in the Talents Collection, but the tasks for receiving these talents will become available later.

- Will I be able to receive the talents if I play 1-2 matcher per day only?
Sure you will! We have done our best to make sure that as many players as possible could be able to collect the necessary amount of “movie tickets” to receive the talents. So, in order to collect the set, it will be enough to win one match per day and play one more game with any outcome.

- How long will the Awards Ceremony last?
The first Awards Ceremony will be held during the whole month of March.

Participate in the first Awards Ceremony and collect your own “Blinding Glory” set!

Your Prime World Team
Mar 6
Prime World - Prime World Official

Lords and Ladies,

11.8.1 update has been installed on the game servers and now the heroes are ready to greet their masters!

On today's agenda:
  • New Talents
  • New Skins
  • Fixes

A new collectible set of talents: Blinding Glory!
This set is working in an already familiar way: if you've learned 2 talents from the set, they will give you a bonus to Strength or Intellect, whichever the greater. Learning the third talent will allow you to use the set’s active talent: Blinding Glory.

Swift arrows and strong defenses — please welcome Twilight Wanderer and fearless Twilight Warrior at your castles!

For one day only, until 12 p.m. 7th or March, you will be able to purchase both skins on a sale with the help of a special quest!

We are very thankful for all feedback you are sending us, and some of these changes were implemented because of your comments.

Fire Vortex
  • Now, this ability causes 20–126 damage every half a second (instead of 17–105), and the ability’s radius of action is increased by 15%.

Perfect Mark
  • The extra damage the hero’s attacks deal has been increased from 2% to 2.2%.
Flurry Strike
  • The cast time of this ability has been reduced to 0.5 seconds (instead of 0.6).
  • The cast time of this skill has been reduced to 0.5 seconds (instead of 0.6).

Shield of Mercy
  • The damage dealt by allies protected by the shield is reduced by 20% (instead of 15%). The distance the Heroine needs to get close to the target of the skill has also been reduced.

  • Now each ally standing next to the hero receives a bonus to his/her Stamina or Will equal to 2–19 (depends on Strength), instead of 2–21.

Concentrated Ether
  • Now, when the talent is active, Arcane Wyrm spends 4% mana on his auto attacks instead of 6%.

Vow of Silence
  • Now the silence effect lasts 1.5 seconds instead of 2.
  • The amount of recovered health has been reduced from 360–2235 to 300–2175 (depends on Intellect). Talents that remove positive effects from enemies can now cancel the Oath’s effect.
Leap of Faith
  • The distance the hero can travel with this ability has been reduced by 20%.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the use of Leap of Faith to prevent the hero from recovering health during Oath being cast upon him.
  • Fixed a bug that made Fanatic deal the maximum amount of damage Ritual Strike could do to all targets when returning to the starting point after learning the Leap of Faith upgrade.
Sacred Vengeance
  • Now talents that remove positive effects from enemies can cancel the ultimate’s effect.
  • Fixed a bug that caused this ultimate ability to reflect damage back at Towers.
Righteous One’s Reward
  • Now talents or a cleansing potion can remove the ultimate’s effect.
  • The duration of the ultimate has been reduced from 10 to 7 seconds.

Death touch
  • Now, while the effect is active on a target, it can't be casted on anyone until it runs out.
Champion’s Tribute
  • Fixed a bug that caused the set not to work on skills that deal periodic damage. Now the damage is not being returned back to Towers.
Talent collection
  • Fixed a bug that made two Focus of Forces talents appear in the collection.
  • The Fortress Assault talent now appears correctly in the second row.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Mental Blade talent quest from appearing.

See you on the battlefield!

Always yours,
The Prime World team
Prime World - Prime World Official

Lords and Ladies!
Today we are happy to introduce you the next Heroine, who received an alternative ultimate. This time, it is the one and only unpredictable Tearaway!

By choosing the alternative ultimate, Tearaway will spread fear in the ranks of her opponents and turn them into flight.

Cat Out of the Bag
  • After using the ultimate ability, the Heroine throws a “box” in the specified direction. After it lands to the ground, the box scares all enemies around and makes Tearaway’s enemies run in the opposite direction from the box for 1.5 seconds.

New spring
  • With the talent improvement learned, the ultimate’s action radius gets increased by 40%. After the fear effect disperses, all enemies get slowed down by 40% for 3 seconds.

New ultimate is already waiting for you in the second talent tab. In case the Hero is still not hired, the second ultimate ability will appear in his second talent tab and will get available after the Hero is purchased.

Attention! In order to add new ultimate to the talent build, you need to remove the previous one from there, including its improvement talents.
Prime World - Prime World Official

Lords and Ladies!

The spring has entered Praya by melting down the winter frost and brought a lot of changes to the game. One of the most interesting pieces of news was the information about the new Hero. And on this weekend, the blacksmiths decided to greet the spring with the warmth of their forges, which would disperse the remnants of winter colds. Guess how? By announcing discounts on forging and reforging talents!

Until 12 a.m. 5th of March, you will be able to forge legendary talents with -30% discount at the Smithy / Talent Garden! Of course, the talents you received before won’t be left to waste, - it will be -50% off on reforging talents!

  • Production to a legendary talent from an exclusive - 7 legendary crystals instead of 10
  • Reforge of a legendary talent into a legendary - 5 legendary crystals instead of 8
  • Reforge of an exclusive talent into an exclusive - 5 Prime crystals instead of 10
  • Reforge of an unique talent into an exclusive - 6 Prime crystals instead of 12.
Don't miss this opportunity to prepare your favorite heroes for new victories! Please note! In order the changes into effect, please restart the game.

Have a nice weekend!

Your Prime World Team
Prime World - Prime World Official

Lords and Ladies!

Despite the fact that eternal summer is in charge in Praya, the beginning of the spring is always a holiday for all Lords and Ladies!

Today we want to celebrate this holiday and please you with the first harbinger of the upcoming updates.

As you may know, we always read your comments carefully in order to make the game more interesting and appealing to our players. When choosing the direction of game’s development, we take the comments which received the biggest amount of likes and became popular among the community into consideration.

Basing on a lot of feedback we’ve received, we are beginning to launch new activities and features, since this is what we were asked to do by our players. And the cherry on the pie of these activities will be the collective rewards - you will be able to receive them by being active in the game only.

The first activity of this type is launching today. And the wondrous reward for participation is…

...The court archivist managed to tie all the strange prime-phenomena that have occurred in recent times together. According to his calculations, it turns out that the reason should be sought not far from the heart of the Primezone.

All Lords and Ladies quickly organized expeditions in order to understand what was happening. Having reached the place marked on the map given to them, the squads saw the vortex swirls that gathered around an ancient (even seemingly) crown. The power of these Prime streams was so great that pieces of armor flew from the investigators, forming a vague outline of a human figure, and the Highlander's sword, flying out of its sheath, swirled around the crown.

The experiment showed that the more pieces of armor and swords the researchers brought closer to the anomaly, the more human form it took. However, the estimated number of swords and armor needed to get things work is so damn great!

Please welcome!
For the first time in the history of Praya - you will be able to receive a new Hero for completing a chain of tasks without spending a single coin - nor gold one, nor silver one!

In addition to this, we solemnly promise that this Hero will never be sold (for gold or for silver) - there is only one way to bring the Fallen Lord to your Castles - for being active in performing the tasks of the special quest line.

We want to warn you from the start: this is a long and moderately complex quest chain - but the reward is worth the effort!

The first task of the chain is already available, and every next one is going to be launched every 2 days. For example, the second stage will become available on March 3, the third stage - on March 5, and so on.

  • At the same time, the stages will "accumulate" - if you start to complete the tasks after a few days since the beginning of the event, you can complete several stages at once. Count the time left to complete the quest with caution!

  • This is only the first harbinger in the series of events that we are preparing for you, and only one of the few valuable awards you will be able to receive for simply being active in the game. Follow the news and do not miss any interesting or tasty posts!
Your Prime World Team

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