Community Announcements - alter_prime

Dear nobles!

Since yesterday evening some players are having troubles with matchmaking. This problem depends on the specifics of from where and through which provider you are connecting to the game and accordingly which server you are assigned to.

We are actively working on eliminating any incorrect connections on our side, but since the problem is very user-specific, we will not be able to fix it without your help!

If you experience troubles with matchmaking, please send your Castle logs (instructions on finding them are here) to our support at . After that, please try restarting the game with several minutes between the attempts – in order to connect with a different matchmaking server.

We apologize for any inconvenience this problem has caused and thank you in advance for helping us resolve it!

Prime World Team
Community Announcements - alter_prime

Dear nobles!

During the last maintenance one of the most frequent errors of patch 10.6 has been fixed: the reduced battle rewards - which are now no longer reduced anymore.

As a compensation for the problems of the past several days, we double the amount of talents and experience received after battle until 09:00 UTC on November 30. Also all players shall receive 1 day of Golden Age. So players can claim the reward at any time that’s comfortable for them, the Golden Age won’t be added automatically, instead it will be the reward of a simple quest to hand over 1 unit of Food. You can claim your reward until November 30.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Prime World Team.

Community Announcements - alter_prime

Dear players!

On November 13, Patch 10.6 was installed on our game servers. It included a massive updates especially the number of new features, which were made in order to let you enjoy the game even more. Unfortunately, after its installation, a part of our players faced not only new great features - additional talent-tabs, rebalance, simpler conditions for purchasing heroes and a another Khr-Amin - but also some really annoying problems:
  • Spontaneous game shut down. The problem appeared especially on Saturday, November 14th. We’ve immediately started maintenance in order to find a solution for this problem and now the issue no longer emerges for a majority of our players. Nevertheless, there are some recurring cases – so we are still working on completely fixing this issue.
  • Low rewards for fights. Currently, many players get considerably smaller rewards for battles in Borderlands (for both victory and defeat). These aren’t planned changes to the game economy as some of you might think - no, this is a technical issue. We have found the cause of this problem and are currently preparing a hotfix. A small update, which we plan to install this week, will resolve this issue. As compensation for your deserved, but not received talents and resources, we will double all rewards in the Borderlands for a week when implementing said update. For the maintenance on Saturday we will give out one day of Golden Age to all our players.
  • Once again we would like to remind you that in the preparation window there is a risk of going into battle with a false build (including an empty tab, which contains nothing but class talents). This will occur if you switch tabs after confirming that you are ready to fight. This disadvantage of the new interface will be solved in the near future, as well as some other inaccuracies (e.g. lack of information about the "energy / health drain" in the hero interface).
We apologize to everyone who has experienced the mentioned problems and we would like to assure you that solving these issues currently has top priority for our programmers. In addition, we are now preparing a F.A.Q with your most urgent questions about 10.6, which will be published soon.

Thank you for staying with us!
Your Prime World Team
Nov 13
Community Announcements - alter_prime

The maintenance is over and we present patch 10.6 - new hero much-awaited massive hero rebalancing, additional talent tabs, new Maneuvers mode and many other exciting changes!
New hero!
Another Khr’Amin has arrived in Praia. His name is Tu’Rehu, and he bears a curse laid on him by the gods themselves – a curse that’s both his suffering and his might! By inflicting injuries on himself during a fight, he is able to enter a berserker rage and become truly formidable in a fight.

This hero is available for hire at lord’s level 25 (requirements to the castle level to purchase the heroes were lowered, read more about it below) at a cost of 750 000 silver or can be hired for 299 gold without any level restrictions.

Click here to read more about the new hero.

Due to the release of a new hero, the price for Desperado was reduced. Now he is available for 500 000 silver or 199 gold.
Talent unbinding cost reduced
You’ve asked for it, and you’ve got it! Unbinding talents is now significantly less costly than before, particularly for exclusive and legendary talents.

The cost to unbind an exclusive (orange) talent has been reduced from 9 gold to a mere 9 prime crystals.

The cost to unbind a legendary (red) talent is only 9 gold now, instead of 14 gold.

In order to understand the effects of the new features - like the new talent tabs and rebalances - quicker, all players will receive theWhite Rune for 5 free talent unbindings. Runes will be given out automatically at the first entry into the game from 13. till 20. November 2015.
Global changes in game mechanics
According to polls the recently announced massive hero rebalancing was one of the most welcome and long-awaited changes among players. The main purpose of this rebalancing is to make Prime World gameplay fairer and the game itself more about player skill. Not only have we tweaked some heroes’ class talents, we have also revamped some general aspects of certain game mechanics. Read on to find out more!
Decrease in class talent stat-based gains
This update targets the too-fast pace of the game with the aim to slow it down a little. A slower-paced game will provide you with more opportunity to recover your losses or even turn the tide of the battle altogether. We also wanted to tone down “one-button killing,” something that particularly affects the Slayer class. To that effect, we’ve decided to decrease how much main stats affect talent efficiency. Among other things, this change increases the number of available strategies (in addition to the “double gank strategy” so popular in today’s Prime World) and countermaneuvers at players’ disposal. Read more about the reasons in the pre-patch announcement here.

The following changes have been introduced:
  • a 15% decrease in damage gain for talents based on Intellect/Strength/Agility/Cunning/Stamina/Will;
  • a 20% decrease in damage gain for Health-based talents;
  • a 5% decrease in damage gain for Energy-based talents.
Decrease in attack speed and critical attack gains
There’s no denying it: The heroes who rely on active class talents to get them through the game have been somewhat weakened. In order to bring the heroes who rely on auto-attacks down on par with them, the following changes have been introduced:
  • A 10% decrease in Agility-based attack speed. This way, a x2.0 attack speed that previously required Agility of at least 360, now requires Agility of 415 to attain.
  • A 16% decrease in critical attack chance. It takes Cunning of 380 to attain a 40% chance of delivering a critical attack (it used to take Cunning of 300 before the change).
Game mechanic changes: Defensive stats gain
In the past, players would often choose not to raise their secondary stats, as these stats would increase automatically based on the difference between them and primary stats. In order to give players more freedom of choice in planning out their defense tactic, we introduced the following change: 30% of every defensive stat is added to another defensive stat now. We’ve covered this change in detail before, in our announcement about defense changes here.

A number of other changes have been introduced as well:
  • СAll heroes now start out with a 12-unit reduction in each of their original defensive stats. The defense % granted by these stats remains the same.
  • Overall defensive stat gain has decreased in such a way that the primary defense % has slightly increased, while the secondary defense % has decreased.
  • Changes have been made to the defensive stats of all the towers, the soldiers, and the Touched. At the same time their defense % remains the same.
  • A new defense gain system has been implemented. It affects talents that employ non-standard mechanics; in particular, the secondary defense gain and both defenses’ gain will change. The modifier by which these talents raise defensive stats has been altered as well. This way, the talents that increase the lesser (secondary) defense now have a 40% less modifier than they used to, and the talents that increase both defenses now do so with 25% efficiency (on average).
  • Class talents that increase defenses are now more diverse. For example, Highlander/Immortal’s Blood Rage talent now increases the hero’s greatest defensive stat instead of increasing just the hero’s Stamina.
Increase in defensive stats for close-combat heroes
Let’s be frank: Close-combat heroes who do not have a way to quickly regenerate their health could not have given what for to anyone except each other. We decided to increase the original amount of defense that all the close-combat heroes start out with, and to decrease by the same value the amount of talent-regenerated health. While this will not significantly affect early gameplay for characters with talents that reduce ability cooldown, it will let such characters as the Shogun, Meijin, and the Prince of Thieves to hold their own on the battle line.

Almost all the close-combat heroes now have 15% more defense than long-range heroes in the early game. To balance this out, we’ve made the following changes:
  • Some heroes will get a 15% decrease in the efficiency of health-regenerating talents: the Highlander, Meijin, Kha’ka, the Vampire, Nāga, Toad Dwarf, and so on.
  • Some heroes will get a 15% decrease in the efficiency of talents that allow these heroes to heal their allies. Namely, these heroes are Artiste and Healer (except Angel).
  • The efficiency of the talents that temporarily increase Health (various shields) will decrease by 15%.
  • Finally, for some close-combat heroes defensive stats will now have less of an effect on their class talents (Nāga and the Unicorn).
Community Announcements - alter_prime

A way without an end, a way with no beginning and no end… The way lies beneath the horse's hoof, clinging to the soles of whoever wanders on it and behind each corner it has prepared a new test. It is the way that chooses you, not you who chooses the way. She felt the burden of exhaustion on her shoulder, the obsidian star, which used to decorate her neck was now shining from the firmament. She descended off her horse, handing over the reins to the next boy running by and leaned against a gateway. Neither her exhaustion nor the dust from the country route could conceal her beauty, or prevent her from following her way ahead. She knew - somewhere, somebody was waiting for her. She can not falter.
The wonderful woman that everyone calls - Black Sorceress - could not clearly remember the events of her past. Only one fainting but persistent memory was stuck in her head. She opened her eyes and tried to stand up. It felt like everything was shaking underneath her feet so she lost her balance. Only with great difficulty she managed to stand up. Later, she realized she was sitting in a boat, close to the shore, drifting in the waves. She had no memory of the boat or the shore. She only had the distinct feeling that something important had happened. Now the question was - what happened? If only she would be able to remember the events of her past.
She had been sitting in a small village close to the border of the Prime-Zone for a whole week. Whenever the fog was shrouding the village, blurring out its’ borders, most of the small settlements were just barely still part of the Prime-Zone. This means only one thing - the villagers are always forced to deflect the waves of monsters attacking their home. No surprise really, in dark times like these… The intuition calls - something very important is about to happen.

The woman finished her tea, wrapped the coat around her shoulders and hurried to meet the commander. In today’s fight against the monsters, the sorceress played an important role. In the last weeks she had realized how weak the soldiers had become. Many had been injured, almost all of them were exhausted and could barely stand. They wouldn’t last long. If only reinforcements had arrived earlier…

An hour before nightfall the timberline flashed turquoise and the monster jumped out of the woods’ cover. The sorceress did not expect this amount of monsters, their numbers had increased in a very short time. But there was no time for these kind of thoughts - Energy Barrier and Fire Flail - all of it was necessary to stop the monsters from breaking through. The rows of defenders became thinner and thinner. She tried to hold the balance while standing on the wall casting spells to deflect the monsters. She had lost most of her strength but didn’t stop throwing fireballs. She never backs off. 

Her eyes catched the presence of riders led by a young man and a young woman. Immediately she was snared by fear. A nebulous memory from her past of terrifying riders took possession of her. She tried to extend her deflection shield over the whole village, but using her last strength could mean death for her! Darkness took hold of her, soothing her into sleep and then pulling her deeper into the soft embrace of unconsciousness.

She regained consciousness for only a few, brief moments. She could hear familiar voices calling for her. But even the burning pain couldn’t help her regaining full consciousness. The obsidian star at the firmament had vanished. She briefly saw the man who had stayed on her bedside the whole time while she was phantasising in fever and begged him to stay with her and never flee again…

After two days she regained consciousness. The first thing she saw was the man’s tired face which immediately formed a smile when he realized that she was back.

“You are back…”, the man turned to the door, “Gyrfalcon!”

Shortly after, a young, white haired woman entered the room.

The sorceress looked at her and realized that she was part of the group of riders that had approached the battle. The riders had been the villages’ reinforcement.

She smiled and continued her healing sleep.

Everything would be fine now.
To honor the heroes that deflected the monster, a banquet with dance was hosted at the castle. The sorceress leaned against a cold glass panel and smiled. Her way had found an end, she had reached her goal. Walking down the stairway she was smiling. In the hall, someone was waiting for her, the one who was worth going all the way. The Wanderer welcomed her at the end of the stairway lending her his hand. From now on he would never leave her again.

Name: Black Sorceress
Base Hero: Mage / Sorcerer
Skin features: new voiceover
Price: 69 Gold
Community Announcements - alter_prime

Our new hero is finally here! Tu`Rehu – cursed warrior, marked with Prime!

Role: Fighter
Castle level requirement: 25
Price: 750 000 silver/ 299 gold (without castle level requirement)
Hero abilities:
  • The less health Tu`Rehu has, the faster is his regeneration and it can even be sped up more, while being on the native terrain.

Violent Takeover
  • Tu`Rehu sacrifices a part of his health and drains his enemies, he damages everyone on his way. While in battle with an enemy hero, he smashes him to the ground with his arm of Prime or furiously deals one crushing blow after another.

Crushing Blows
  • Tu`Rehu injures himself and becomes extremely, uncontrollably angry, causing his attacks to deal more damage. The more injures Tu`Rehu has, the stronger he will get.

Battle Fury
  • Tu`Rehu injures himself and becomes extremely, uncontrollably angry, causing his attacks to deal more damage. The more injures Tu`Rehu has, the stronger he will get.

  • The hero sacrifices a certain part of his health and becomes almost immortal for a limited amount of time, while his health cannot fall below a minimum mark.
Community Announcements - alter_prime

There were five of them. Five boys came to the Spring to be “introduced to Prime”. Came there to become men and fully-fledged members of the commune. As long as you do not have the Pattern on you – you are a child and everyone treats you like a child, even though you might be a head higher than the elders. The Pattern that Prime creates on your skin means that you are an adult. A man. A warrior. Introduced to Prime.

The Pattern… He could not sleep all night, trying to decide – or convince himself. During the rite of initiation everyone chose for themselves, how big a part of their body they wanted to submerge into the pure Prime of the Spring. The pain was insane – the priests say that that absolute of pain, which for a few moments eclipses your consciousness in a blinding flash, is when the Prime gets to know you, burning its mark into your soul and leaving the Pattern on your body. Of course, the bigger the area exposed to Prime, the more intense the pain – but also the higher the respect of the tribe. Usually Khr’Amin submerged a hand or a foot into Prime – most brave up to the elbow or knee. The priests washed their faces in Prime. Those who learned to cheat death – warriors Ha’Ka and Da’Ka – stood under a waterfall of Prime, letting it completely cover one half of their body from head to toes. Most of the daring succeeded. Those who overestimated their limits, returned to the sand forever. And where was his limit?..
The priest spoke melodically and his words echoed over the Prime Spring. The boy tried to concentrate on the priest’s speech – it was his introduction to the Deity after all and that is the most important moment in the life of any Khr’Amin. Yet his mind turned the same thought over and over in his head. “Yes. I’ll do it. I can do this. I can become a Warrior who Cheats Death”.

Finally, the priest’s introduction ended. Now it was their turn to introduce themselves to Prime.

He steadied his breathing, preparing for the beginning of the War Dance. Step, step – lunge. Step, step – terrifying roar and turn. Step, step – lunge and thrust. He gave himself to the dance – a true War Dance is a dance of the spirit more than it is a dance of the flesh. They say, sometimes there was not even need for battle after the Dance – the intimidated foe simply laid down arms and surrendered. With the final shout ending the dance, quiet confidence filled the boy. He thought of Ha’Ka and Da’Ka, who used elements of the War Dance in their fighting… Yes, he can become like them! For sure.
At last, the most important moment of the ritual was at hand. He stood fourth in the row and watched wide-eyed, how the introduction to Prime went for his compatriots. Judging by the tightly pressed lips and glimmering eyes of Kauri, the pain must really be serious – and he only exposed his arm up to the elbow… What if he’s wrong about his strength and his fate? What if the power to Cheat Death is not for him – and by exposing half his body to Prime he’ll die from the pain? It happened before…

While he was lost in thought, his turn came up. He looked at the wincing Kauri. At Tami, rubbing his leg. At the usually smirking Ameru, whose face was distorted by a grimace with tears running down his cheeks.

He didn’t tell anybody, how exactly he wants to introduce himself to Prime, so no one would accuse him of cowardice. Nevertheless, he wanted to show his strength of spirit, prove his fate. When approached the waterfall, he submerged his right arm completely – not to the elbow, but up to the shoulder…

Weirdly, there was no pain. At first. And then another sensation came instead of pain… The arm pulsed and seemed to grow a little in length with each pulse. It felt like his own and something foreign at the same time. In his stomach it felt like he ate some glowing coals for breakfast… and as if… something… tried to come out from the inside…

“Hey, you ok?” whispered Ameru, tapping his shoulder.

And that friendly tap on the shoulder seemed to switch him off. Switching something else on instead.
The priests watched in shock, as one of the young warriors sank his arm into Prime, then suddenly turned around to his friend, knocked him in the air and hurled him away. Then he turned to the others, crushing them with his hand, tossing them hard to the ground. His arm was not covered with the Pattern – instead, it was completely the colour of Prime. The warrior himself glowed like hot metal – even the air around him shined red – and dashed across the clearing like a Demon of death.

Then it was over. The warrior gazed across the clearing at the two priests left standing. He jumped to them, but just then the High priest finished reciting the ancient incantation meant to calm down Demons and Spirits. Sanity slowly appeared back in the eyes of the young warrior. He turned around slowly and looked at the bodies of his friends and compatriots, scattered around the Spring. He let out a stifled moan and hid his face in his hands. As his right hand touched his face, he lost consciousness…
Another Khr’Amin is on his way to Praia! Of the people whose land was long thought to have been lost in the First Cataclysm. Warrior from a distant culture from a distant land – son of Khr’Aia will soon stand under the banners of the Lords of Praia!

While we’re waiting for his arrival, we have a proposition for you! Guess the name of the Hero – leave your guesses in the comments to this news!

One last poetic hint at the mythological roots of our Hero:

I will weave you a net
From the mist I will come
At the sound of the flute
To the mist I’ll be gone

The contest will last until November 1, 20:59 UTC. 10 players, whose guesses will be right or close to the truth, will receive the Hero at the day of release!

Community Announcements - alter_prime

Warriors of Praia!

We are happy to finally announce the rewards for the winners of the 3v3 tournament on Borderlands for our German- and English-speaking players.

We hope that you were pleased with the tournament and had a lot of fun!

Here you can find our winners!

In total, 2700 Gold, 720 Crystals, and 135 Red Crystals have been given away. From the pot, 1820 Gold and 650 Crystals had been donated by the community, while the rest was provided by Nival.

And we want to give special thanks to Wolf_Monster for his idea and all his efforts while arranging this tournament, and FW PigPriest, and Hello Kitty x for their great impact on the tournament. The tournament would not have been the same without their support! They all receive a special exclusive Duelist / Prince of Thieves skin, which is very rare at Praia and can be received for the organization of community events!

Please, continue to take initiative in conducting such activities, and in our turn, we will try to provide you with better and more timely support.

See you on the battlefields!
Community Announcements - alter_prime

Here comes the most mysterious, most mystic but also sweetest night of the autumn or even the whole year. The witch pets the fur of her faithful familiar spirit with a mysterious smile and the Vampire seeks for the most beautifully scented, purple rose ... because for both of them this night is even more important than New Year! Only during this night, they can feel absolute freedom.

Some heroes even get a visit from the other world ... Are you already afraid? Take it easy, let us tell you the whole story!

Warriors of Praia! Just for Halloween, we have prepared a lot of pleasant surprises for you and your hero.
All maps are decorated with pumpkins and candles. But don’t try to take them home. The creepy Master of the Night (with a pumpkin instead of his head) won’t let you do it! He would become really angry and then ... well, we do not want scare you any further, just believe us – the best you can do is not to annoy him!
Halloween camouflage!
There is a new object in the shops on Praia’s battlefields - Pumpkin! If a hero is in danger or just needs a short break to gather some powers - he can turn himself into a pumpkin and stay invisible. But only for 10 seconds! Nevertheless, a pumpkin can`t walk so the hero must also remain motionless in order to not waive the camouflage.
Object «Pumpkin!»
  • Can be found in all stores during the fight;
  • Price - 20 Prime;
  • After activation transforms the hero for 10 seconds into a pumpkin if the hero remains motionless;
  • The enemy heroes can`t distinguish the Camouflage-Pumpkin from an usual one and can`t attack him, unless they find him by using talents or objects with the effect "True Sight" that allows them to see invisible objects;
  • Cooldown time - 90 seconds.
Special skins!
Halloween night - is a mysterious night. Especially in Praia! It is said that you can meet spooky“guests” in your castle - new Halloween-Skins for your favorite heroes!

Name: Calavera
Base Hero: Bard/Muse
Skin features: new voiceover
Price: 49 Gold

Name: Transylvanian
Base Hero: Vampire/Dahaka
Skin features: new voiceover
Price: 49 Gold

Name: Cutie Zombie
Base Hero: Shadow/Whisp
Skin features: new voiceover
Price: 49 Gold

Name: Shriveled
Base Hero: Eraser/Assassin
Skin features: new voiceover
Price: 49 Gold

But even the power of the Halloween night is limited, so that these skins are available only from 27th of October and till 5th of November! Don't miss the opportunity to touch the dark side of Praia!

You can find stories of Calavera, Transsilvaner, Cutie Zombie and Shriveled on this page.

And the night begins!

Community Announcements - alter_prime

The autumn wind started blowing in Praia. With it come changes and riddles as it blows away the dust of old myths and stories. At nightfall the shadows darken and remind us all of the gathering of evil spirits around the world. More and more horror stories are being told at the campfires. The whole continent prepares for the night in which the gate that seperates the living from the dead world will be flung open to unleash the evil forces. The night in which the dead rise and the witches saddle their brooms to plague the common people.

Warriors of Praia!

Halloween-the night of uproar and rise of the evil powers is upon us!

The heroes are already preparing for this special day. Be it by sharpening the sword, feathering arrows or training ones agility in order to quickly take cover in a pumpkin - erveryone is getting ready. And while everyone is busy with preparations, we came up with something for you as well.
Horror story contest!
Bring those legends and horror stories to live! Write a story about one of our topics. It doesn’t matter if it is a funny story or a gruesome thriller, let your fanatsy run free. But remember to stick to the theme of Halloween and tell your story the praian way. Get to know the rules and deadlines in this thread.
Exciting quests!
On top of all that there will be a suprise waiting for you in the castle! From today on, every other day you will get quests with three tasks each. Once you have completed all those quests, the talent group “Secret of Immortality” will be unlocked.

Stay tuned for more news!

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