Prime World - alter_prime
Complete a special quest chain and collect all 7 Spinner Talents!

Lords and Ladies!

Emergence of new exclusive talents has awakened Heroes’ hot interest. The overseas toy has turned out to be so interesting that many Lords and the Ladies want to own them.

Today we launch a special quest chain with precious reward – the whole set of exclusive Spinner Talents!
Circulation of events

You have probably noticed that a special quest chain “Circulation of events“ has appeared in your Castles, When you complete all stages of it you will receive all 7 Spinner Talents!

Fulfill the objectives till 15:00 (UTC) on August 24 and get Spinner Talents as the reward!

Attention! You do not have to wait for another objective; it will open as soon as you fulfill the previous one.

Spin the battles!

Your Prime World Team
Prime World - alter_prime
Prompt Nympha and Warlord's army

Lords and Ladies!

We are glad to present two Heroes who have received alternative super abilities this week.
New ultimate abilities!

Maiden / Nymph
The brave defender — Nymph — before fight should decide whether to offer the invulnerability for the sake of damaging the opponents.

Having armed with alternative superability, the Heroine will be able to initiate mass battles, attacking several opponents at once, and at the same time increasing the Stamina and Vill.


Rainbow Leap

  • The hero moves to the selected point, dealing 117-1553 damage to the nearby enemies.
Rainbow Defense

  • The Rainbow Leap talent increases the Hero’s Stamina and Will by 8-103 (based on Intellect) for 5 sec.
Warlord / Shogun
Uncontrollable and furious Shogun, using new ultimate ability will be able to call for a small group for help.

New superability allows Shougun to call several soldiers from the Arsenal. All strengthenings from class abilities of the Hero will also extend.

Brothers of Arms

  • Summons helpers that last 10 sec 2 and deal 10-67 damage with thier attacks and have 600-3062 Health (based on Stamina).

  • Using the Brothers of Arms talent, the Hero summons 2 more helpers.
Please, pay attention! For each soldier the Hero will receive additional Stamina and Will from the passive Warchief ability. Charmed Plate and Battle Spirit Talents are also used on soldiers.

  New ultimate abilities are waiting for you in the second tab of the Hero’s talents and will be available for use as soon as you buy the Hero. Meet two new Heroes each week.

Attention! To put a new ultimate ability in a talent set, first you need to remove the previous one from the build, including all its upgrades.
Prime World - alter_prime
Three times more rewards for battles!

Lords and Ladies!

This week is perfect for demonstrating their talents on the battlefields. The beginning of Autumn Season is interesting not only for Lords and for Ladies but also for Old Gods.

For the next 4 days, from 9:00 (GMT) on August 7th till 12:00 on August 14th, Heroes will please you with their trophies, bringing 3 times more experience, talents and resources!
Glorious Battles!

Use divine power to develop your heroes and fill up Libraries and Warehouses!

Divine blessing!
  • Get 3 times more experience, resources and talents for each PvP-battle!

Use your fame!
  • All bonuses sum up with Golden Age, allowing you to get 6 times more resources and experience!

Please note! Game needs to be restarted in order for the changes to come into effect!
Prime World - alter_prime
Fun exclusive spinner talents are in the game


The hot summer in Praia continues to amaze us with a variety of surprises and new additions.

Rumors of a new foreign toy – fidget spinners – have reached our Heroes. And the blacksmiths and primologist inventors have made these fun toys a reality – and in such a way that they can be used on the battlefield!

We present seven new and exclusive spinner talents! Their mechanic is similar to that of the Awakening set’s talents, but to fully ‘spin up’ the potential of the new talents, you’ll have to spend some time. But it won’t be that hard – all the talents are in the lower lines of the build, which allows you to learn the required talent early on in the game.

In addition, learning two spinners allows the Hero to get 1 Prime every 4 seconds.
New spinner talents

You can get the talents right now by creating them in the Blacksmith / Talent Garden. In addition, you can get these talents by entering contests and completing special quest chains.

Note: spinner talents belong to different exclusive sets!
  • Strength and Intellect Spinners — Dark Heritage set
  • Agility Spinner — Art of the Witch set
  • Cunning Spinner — Talents Foremen set
  • Speed Spinner — Earth Hallows set
  • Stamina and Will — Awakening set
Spin them all!
Aug 8
Prime World - alter_prime
New exclusive talents spinners, rewards for Summer Season and many changes and corrections

Lords and Ladies!

The game servers are open and the Heroes are ready to rush onto the battlefield!

Season One, the summer season, is over. Season Two is here! Rewards already await you in the Castles for the maximum achievement throughout the Season – Hero frames, flags, the Prince of Darkness season skin, Prime Crystals and for some of you – even legendary talents!

Remember, we’ve slightly lowered the bar for getting the most valuable prizes – skins and talents – and now the reward table for achievements in the Season looks like this:

Please note that rewards for Legendary League will only be awarded to those players whose Heroes were in the top 10 when the Season ended. The rewards for all the other Leagues are calculated by maximum achievement throughout the Season.

For those players who, for whatever reason, are unaware of the concept of the Seasons, we recommend familiarizing yourself with the main information in the special section on them.
Seasonal Rating Reset

The pleasant changes to the Season system did not only extend to the rewards. A short time ago we introduced ‘bonus’ rating for winning at the Lieutenant and Captain ranks – today we’re continuing to brighten up your day with more rating changes!

We slightly overlooked the system for recalculating Hero rating before moving into Season Two. The reduction in rating in comparison to the start of Season One won’t be so severe:
  • The ratings of Heroes in the Wooden or Stone leagues will not be reset (previously the rating was not recalculated only for Heroes in Wooden League)
  • If a Hero’s rating is at or above 2000, it will be reset to 1950
  • In all other cases, Hero ratings will be reduced by precisely 50

This option for recalculating ratings makes things more fluid, organic, and undoubtedly more pleasant for all players at the start of Season Two, the autumn season.
New Talents

Praia, get ready for new and exclusive talents!

The hot summer continues to bring surprises. In this update, it’s brought several fun spinner talents, among which any Hero can find one or two interesting choices.

Take them all for a spin – right on the battlefield!

You can read more about these talents here.

In the last year, the choice of Heroes and talents has significantly expanded. Just take alternative ultimates already received by fourteen Heroes!

In connection with this significant expansion of the selection of required talents — for any taste and color, any Hero and any role — we’ve taken the decision to expand the capacity of the Library for every upgrade level.
  • Now when you upgrade the Talent Library by 1 level, Lords and Ladies will get 10 extra talent slots instead of 8
  • Accordingly, Lords and Ladies whose Castles already have upgraded Libraries will get 2 slots for every building level.


The Heroine’s new ‘pet’ has become more destructive and stunning!

Although the improved skill now strengthens the Beast by 50% instead of 60%, the overall damage of the skill has increased by 8%, which helps the Trampler strike even more fear into enemies. In addition, enemies they toss up will now be stunned upon landing.

Trampler Beast
  • Skill damage increased to 84...739 (based on the highest of the Heroine’s Strength and Intellect)
Power of Color
  • Now increases the damage from the ultimate ability by 50% instead of 60%
  • Enemies tossed up will now be stunned for 0.5 seconds on landing
We’ve also fixed a bug in which the Artiste needed an area with direct visibility to release the ‘pet’
Soul Catcher / Soul Master
The spirits of conquered enemies summoned by this hero could often bring a significant advantage in laning and breaking through the opponent’s defenses.

In addition, breaking the ghostly lash that not only dealt damage to the enemy in the lane, but also healed Soul Catcher, wasn’t particularly easy. This made it easier for Soul Catcher to hold the lane.

Fallen Souls
  • Now the souls of conquered enemies summoned by the hero have no bonus growth to Strength and Intellect. The Stamina and Will bonuses remain unchanged.
Ghostly Lash
  • Range required for the lash to fall from an enemy or allied Hero has been reduced
The ‘burning’ mechanic showed itself to be somewhat excessive in a range of in-game situations

The skill’s rapid cooldown time, the lack of any ‘cost’ for using it — in terms of Energy or Health — and the convenience of using the ability in battle were a little more productive for Khr’Amin than the Hero really needs to be effective.

  • Ability cooldown time increased by 1 second
Main Building

The Temple of Science and Temple of Art are called the Main Building for a reason. After all, its destruction brings victory to one team or the other.

But even at a reasonably late stage in the game, the ‘fight’ with a Temple can take a lot of time, which has prevented teams from using the momentum gained during the battle.
  • The health of the Temple of Science / Temple of Art is now 10450 instead of 10800
  • The damage of the Temple of Science / Temple of Art is now 275 instead of 290

Vampire / Dahaka
Buried Alive
  • Fixed a bug in which the ability effect instantly stopped when Vampire died.
  • The Hero now restores the correct amount of Health after dealing damage to the enemy with the help of the new ultimate.
Self-Propelled Gun
  • Fixed a bug in which the weapon stopped earning the Hero Prime for finishing off soldiers from the moment the Inventor died and until his resurrection.
Brawler / Meijin
  • Fixed a bug in which the Hero didn’t interrupt the action of the alternative ultimate ability even if he was killed and transformed into a dragonling with the help of the Way of the Dragon set.
Dizzying Throw
  • Fixed a bug in which the Forest Symbol didn’t work on soldiers and Touched when this ability was used.
Furious Hurricane

  • Fixed a bug in which, while this skill was active, a Hero on which the Mage/Enchanter’s Transformation skill or the Vampire/Dahaka’s Buried Alive skill was used was reduced in size instead of transformed.
Faceless / Phantom
Touch of Death
  • Fixed a graphical bug in which the ability’s strengthening effect was located not on the Hero’s blade, but in another place when the Hero was using a skin.
Alternative Ultimate Abilities

  • Fixed a bug in which, when using third-party software, you could use two ultimates at once on a single Hero in battle.
  • We hasten to note that all players found to be using such manipulations have been banned.
Known issues

Dear friends! Please note: the rewards for the achievements in Summer Season were given not for the maximum rating the players got during the Season but for the rating that is left by the end of the Season. All rewards will be given in the nearest future.
If a player chooses a Hero that has a frame from Classical Season (the previous one), it won’t be shown on the screen when the battle launches.

See you on the battlefields!
Prime World - alter_prime
Angel’s Resurrection and Vryl’s mass attack

Lords and Ladies!

We are glad to present two Heroes who have received alternative super abilities this week. Meet the winged Defender and unpredictable Vryl!
New ultimate abilities!

Defender / Guardian
The envoy of old gods — the great Guardian — should make now a hard choice. She can either remain on the battlefield after the death in the form of a spirit or revive allies.

When the new ultimate is learnt, the Hero can see the souls of the dead Heroes and return dead allies on the battlefield.

  • Souls are left behind where the allies Heroes die for 10 sec. After 1.5 sec. interacting with the soul and Angel resurrects the Hero at the point of death with 20% Health and Energy.

  • While the Resurrection talent is being used, the Hero is immune to control. The allied Hero receives additional 20% Health and Energy to resurrection.
Vryl / Nox
Mysterious and dangerous child of Primezone — Vryl — will be able to several targets with his ne ultimate ability.

New super ability will deal damage and moreover will allow the Hero to immobilize and blind the touched opponents

Acidic Emission

  • Deals 117-1028 damage (from Intellect), blinds for 3 sec. and immobilizes for 1.5 sec. up to 2 enemies in front of the Hero.
Violent Eruption

  • The Acidic Emission talent hits an additional 3 enemies.
Please, pay attention! The attack is first of all aimed at the opponent's Heroes, but in case there are less than two heroes, the effect will extend also to the Soldiers.  
New ultimate abilities are waiting for you in the second tab of the Hero’s talents and will be available for use as soon as you buy the Hero. Meet two new Heroes each week.

Attention! To put a new ultimate ability in a talent set, first you need to remove the previous one from the build, including all its upgrades.
Prime World - alter_prime
Woodwose on Rat Master’s service and cozy Vampire’s coffins

Lords and Ladies!

This week has brought two new alternative super abilities for Rat Master / Pied Piper and Vampire / Dahaka.
New ultimate abilities!

Rat Master / Pied Piper
Rat aster is a perfect musician can stun even very powerful Heroes around him. Now he will be able to summon a new companion to fight against the enemies.

Using new super ability, Rat Master will be able to recruit to his army a terrible representative of forest monsters - a Woodwose! Besides, new ult will in general strengthen enchantment of enemy Heroes.


Master of Training

  • Enchanted creatures deal 8-60 more damage (based on Strength or Intellect whichever is greater).
Ruler of the Forest

  • With the help of learned Fluite Song ability the Hero can additionally enchants one Wood goblin, which can stun enemies at the order of the Rat Master.
Please note:
  • When the Hero enchants a Woodwose, he immediately shares his glyph from a golden pack. When goblin dies, the glyph won’t appear.
  • Rat Master can enchant only one Woodwose. When the Hero tries to enchant the second Woodwose the first one will disappear.
  • To summon a Woodwose the Hero has to use Fluite Song and when you click on the icon of the ultimate ability all enemies around the Hero will be stunned for 15 sec.
Vampire / Dahaka
The mystical aristocrat — Dahaka — with his new alternative ability will be able to make a notable contribution to the result of mass battle.

New super ability will give Vampire a chance to neutralize the most dangerous enemy Hero by placing him in a cozy coffin.


Buried Alive

  • Vampire places the enemy Hero in a coffin, without allowing him to do anything for 5 seconds.

  • With the upgrade of the ultimate ability Vampire deals 190-1425 damage (from Strength).
New ultimate abilities are waiting for you in the second tab of the Hero’s talents and will be available for use as soon as you buy the Hero. Meet two new Heroes each week.

Attention! To put a new ultimate ability in a talent set, first you need to remove the previous one from the build, including all its upgrades.

Aug 1
Prime World - alter_prime
Ratings changes, rebalancing of the Heroes and new ultimate abilities

Lords and Ladies!

Update 11.3.1 is active on the game servers and the heroes are ready to greet their Lords and Ladies!


As you know, the lower the Hero’s rank, the easier it is to reach the next one – a substantial number of rating points is given for victory, and comparatively few points are lost for defeat. But with every new rank achieved, climbing through the ranks becomes harder and harder.

Starting from the release of the first Season, which, among other things, was designed to make the rank ladder more interesting, we’ve been carefully following the changes in the Hero leaderboards. First of all, we’ve analyzed options for a complete solution to the question of a shared battle search queue for all ranks from Captain and above – and, of course, we’ve assessed the general dynamics of ranking changes.

And to solve these problems, in update 11.3.1 we’ve made some minor changes to the calculation of rating received for victory in the Lieutenant - Captain ranks.
In spite of the fact that Lieutenants and Captains are already pretty high ratings, we’ve increased the accrual of ‘bonus’ points for victory in line with the lower ranks:
  • Now rating received for victory at the rank of Lieutenant will be calculated with a multiplier of 1.3, whereas previously the multiplier was 1.2
  • Rating received for victory at the rank of Captain will be calculated with a multiplier of 1.2, whereas previously the multiplier was 1 (without the accrual of ‘bonus’ rating

This means that rising through the hero ranks to the rank of Major should be an easier and more dynamic process.

Changes to alternative ultimates

Faceless / Phantom
With his new ultimate ability, Phantom has proved himself in his new role and has added to the ranks of carries on the battlefield. However, given that the hero’s Agility growth is rather low, his passive ability has been changed to a finisher.

Finishing Strike
  • Now this ability works based on the highest of the hero’s Strength and Intellect
Armor of Death
  • Fixed a bug which caused the new ultimates upgrade not to work without learning the Mystic Killer ability
In a range of in-game situations, using the new ult gave too great a battle advantage in pushing lanes. A player that saved up a small ‘tank division’ could overwhelm the enemy defenses regardless of the difference in prime received and the enemy having a farm advantage.

Self-Propelled Gun
  • The Engineer’s ‘big guns’ now have a lifetime that amounts to 120 seconds.
The Trampler Beast has turned out to be such an incredible creature that it didn’t gobble up the paint saved up by the heroine. In addition, some heroes stuck around to look at it even after death

Trampler Beast
  • Fixed a bug which caused ability cooldown time not to reduce because of the Artiste’s passive skill
  • Fixed a bug in which enemy heroes that died after using a skill remained standing for a few seconds.

Hunter / Marksman
The last rebalance of the strength-focused Hunter, thanks to strengthening his buff skill, helped him to extremely effectively develop in a strength build. However, using this skill on allies didn’t entirely conform with the role of carry.

Thrill of the Hunt
  • The increase in the Agility of the Hunter / Marksman himself is still calculated based on the highest of Strength and Intellect, but the Agility buff on an allied hero now depends only on Intellect.
After the corrections introduced in the last update, Hellblade has started behaving more carefully at the start of the battle, but picked up speed and increased his stats somewhat excessively toward the middle of the battle thanks to his passive buffs.

Deadly Edges
  • The passive increase of the greatest of Strength and Intellect of the hero amounts to 2 - 31 instead of 3 - 34
Protective Mist
  • Now the passive increase in the greatest of Stamina and Will of the hero amounts to 3 - 37 instead of 3 - 41
The strength-based Demonologist has had a hard time reaching its potential as a Hero Slayer recently. This is due to both the damage dealt by the Archons during a fight and the damage from the hero’s ultimate ability.

Master of the Archons
  • Archons now deal 4 - 40 damage instead of 3 - 33
Archon Strike
  • Ultimate ability damage increased by 5%. Now every Archon deals 40 - 350 damage to the enemy hero instead of 38 - 329. When strengthened with Internal Flame, the Archon deals an additional 59 - 525 damage instead of 56 - 495.
Vampire / Dahaka
This hero has the ability to dominate always – both in the initial stages off the game and closer to the middle of the conflict. This isn’t entirely right from the point of view of lane fighting – the hero’s effectiveness at the start of the battle should compensate for difficulty in reaching its potential closer to the end of the battle and vice versa.

Bloody Flourish
  • Damage from the ability and the on-kill heal have been reduced by ~7%
Deep Cut
  • Additional damage and Health restoration received with the ability’s buff have also been reduced by ~7%
Highlander / Immortal
The Sword remains one of the most popular heroes of Praia. But he often has a tough time in the initial stages.

Hero Strike
  • Ability damage increased by 7%.
Fixed a bug that allows Oaksmasher to interrupt enemy heroes’ talent casting when they’re immune to control effects.

Wind Whistle
  • This ability now has no effect on enemies that are immune to control effects.
Prime World - alter_prime
Impetuous Blizzard and Witcher’s protective rune

Lords and Ladies!

Time for traditional replenishment of number of the Heroes who have received alternative ultimate abilities has come! This week cool-headed Cryo and the self-sacrificing Witcher are ready to show all power of their ults!
New ultimate abilities!

Cryo / Blizzard
Cold and unapproachable Blizzard received her alternative super ability, thus she will bring something absolutely unexpected on the battlefields. Will the enemies survive after her powerful attack?

Using new ultimate ability, the Heroine will deal damage to the group of enemies.


Touch of frost

  • The Hero moves to the selected location, deals 80-705 damage to all nearby enemies and places the maximum effect of the Chains of Ice talent on them.
Bitter Cold

  • For 7 sec after using the Touch of Frost talent, all the Hero’s attacks are strengthened by the Cold Mind talent.
The self-sacrificing defender, always ready to assume blow and to save the fellow — Witcher — with his new alternative ultimate will be able to protect all allies around him.

Using new super ability, Hero calls in a rune, which increases the Stamina and Will of allies nearby. Improvement of ability will heal allies a bit more and will make the Witcher immune to control.


Defender’s Oath

  • The Hero creates an area surrounding themselves which, for 5 sec, increases the Stamina and Will of allies in it by 10-38 (based on Intellect).
Circle of Life

  • The Defender’s Oath talent restores 75-389 health (based on Intellect) per sec to allies within the area. The Hero becomes immune to control while the talent is being used.
New ultimate abilities are waiting for you in the second tab of the Hero’s talents and will be available for use as soon as you buy the Hero. Meet two new Heroes each week.

Attention! To put a new ultimate ability in a talent set, first you need to remove the previous one from the build, including all its upgrades.
Prime World - alter_prime
Two more Heroes are waiting to show Lords and Ladies new ults!

Lords and Ladies!

We are glad to introduce you new Heroes who received new ultimate abilities! They are Artiste and Brawler!
New ultimate abilities!

The master of paints and brushes Artiste can become more effective in the Power built.

Her new ultimate ability allows the Hero to create a new painted pet – Trampler Beast. This beast is ready to fight for the Artiste and control enemy Heroes, which is very important in mass attacks.


Trampler Beast

  • Draws a beast that runs in the selected direction after 1.5 sec, dealing 71-531 damage to all enemies in its path and throwing them back once every 0.6 sec.
Power of color

  • Trampler Beast deals 60% more damage.
Brawler / Meijin
The master of hand-to-hand fight — Meijin— with an alternative ultimate ability will be able to create a stronger built with pointwise focused attacks.

When he learns new ability, he will be able not only to deal damage on the enemy targets but also to stun them!


  • Stuns the enemy Hero for 3 sec and deals 24-179 damage (from Strength) every 0.5 sec.

  • Using the Puncher talent, the Hero sheds all debuffs and becomes immune to control effect while beating the opponent.
New ultimate abilities are waiting for you in the second tab of the Hero’s talents and will be available for use as soon as you buy the Hero. Meet two new Heroes each week.
Attention! To put a new ultimate ability in a talent set, first you need to remove the previous one from the build, including all its upgrades.

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