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Complete a special quest chain and get talents from Art of the Witch set!

Lords and Ladies!

In the end of October, the coming winter makes the air thin and pure. The old stories say that the border between the worlds gets extremely vague this time of the year, allowing you to meet all types of magical creatures. The result is up to you: they can either fulfill your wishes or become a danger...

The Witch's Reward Quest Chain
The new The Witch's Reward quest chain is available in your castles from 09:00 (UTC). Within a week you can receive talents from the popular Art of the Witch set by fulfilling these quests. The Witch promises to restrain the power of Chaos, guaranteeing that everyone receives the most desired active abilities on the 5th and 6th stage of the quest. The reward for the last stage also includes 10 blood-red crystals:
  • 1st Stage — 3 random talents from the Art of the Witch set
  • 2nd Stage — 3 random talents from the Art of the Witch set
  • 3d Stage — 3 random talents from the Art of the Witch set
  • 4th Stage — 3 random talents from the Art of the Witch set
  • 5th Stage — Untamed Fury and Ghostly Embrace talents
  • 6th Stage — Continuum and Agile Mind talents + 10 legendary crystals
Each new stage starts one time a day at 09:00 (UTC) if the previous quest was successfully completed. You have 48 hours to complete each stage.
Getting closer to the weekend you can see valuable collectible skins at your castles: Calavera, Transilvanian, Shriveled, and, of course, Cutie Zombie. They will drastically change the appearance of such heroes as Bard/Muse, Vampire/Nosferatu, Erases/Assassin an Shadow/Whisp. You can also await for more surprises later on, but… All in its proper time! It is high time to start helping the Witch and receive the Art of the Witch set!

Have a spooky week everyone!
Oct 21
Community Announcements - alter_prime

New Shadow is in the Castle!

Lords and Ladies

Patch 10.11.1 was installed on our game servers, we're online again! The update is primarily technical and focused on improving client stability. However, following numerous requests to make popular changes to Shadow/Whisp, she has also been rebalanced in this update.


Shadow / Whisp
After the second community-made rebalamce, the Shadow become extremely more viable and got her former Prime Bonuses back. From now on, she will not completely lose her invisibility while covering an Ally. The risks are still high for the Shadow, even though she only becomes visible  for 2 seconds after using her Cover ability.
  • It now hides the heroine automatically when she takes damage equal to 20% or more of her current health. Cooldown — 30 seconds.
  • Activation time has been reduced from 12 seconds to 10
  • When she is under the effect of Cover and Touched or enemy soldiers die within a small area around Shadow, she now receives 10 Prime per kill.
Shadow Protection
  • Using it on an ally no longer removes an active invisibility effect from Whisp herself, but rather makes her visible for 2 seconds

  • Improved client protection.
  • The reward for the New Talents rookie quest has temporarily been changed from 8 gold to 1,500 silver
Community Announcements - alter_prime
Only for three days - replenish your gold reserves and receive gifts!

Lords and Ladies!

It`s time for one of the most popular offers - Gifts for filling up the account! This time there only the most important items as gifts and namely legendary and Prime crystals!

Only during 3 days, from 9:00 (UTC) on October 14th till 9:00 on October 17th, fill up your account and receive valuable gifts!

Please note! You will receive your deserved gifts not directly after the refill, but on October 20th!

Valuable gifts!

From 250 to 499 gold + 200 Prime crystals
From 500 to 749 gold + 300 Prime crystals and 15 legendary crystals
From 750 to 999 gold + 400 Prime crystals and 30 legendary crystals
From 1000 gold and more + 600 Prime crystals and 50 legendary crystals

We would like to draw your attention to the fact, that:
  • The bonus gold from the Rune or other actions - won't be counted;
  • While the action is active, you can get any number of gifts;
  • Your payments won't be summarized, in order to receive a desired gift, fill up your account for the necessary amount of gold specified above - with one payment.
Community Announcements - alter_prime

Get legendary Talents and red Crystals every day!

Lords and Ladies!

The middle of autumn is the time when the leaves become scarlet. It should seem like an ordinary thing which doesn't hide any surprises. No way! Specially for you, in the middle of autumn, we are going to add some scarlet colour to the in-game quests!

Scarlet Rewards!
From tomorrow, complete the daily quests and receive legendary Talents and red Crystals as reward!

For the next 5 days, from October, 12th till October 16th, the special autumn quest chain called Scarlet October will be available in your Castles. The first stage will start tomorrow at 9:00 (UTC). For competition of each stage, you will receive red-coloured rewards:

1st stage — 1 random Legendary Talent + 1 Legendary Crystal
2nd stage — 1 random Legendary Talent + 2 Legendary Crystals
3rd stage — 1 random Legendary Talent + 3 Legendary Crystals
4th stage — 1 random Legendary Talent + 4 LegendaryCrystals
5th stage — 1 random Legendary Talent + 5 Legendary Crystals

Each new stage will begin one time a day at 9:00 (UTC) if the previous quest has been completed. You will have 48 hours to complete each stage. Thus, for these 5 days you may fill your Library with 5 Talents and 15 Crystals of the most precious red colour!

Fill Up Your Castles with Scarlet Colour!
Community Announcements - alter_prime

Sale of heroes and skins!

Lords and Ladies!

Put on your warm clothes and get ready for colorful autumn days! Surprise your Heroes with new comrades and skins at competitive prices!

Hero sale!

From 9:00 (UTC) on October 7th till 9:00 on October 10th, hiring new heroes will be 2 times more beneficial!

During this period, there will be a discount of 50% on hiring any Hero (except of our latest hero Tearaway) for gold!

Skin sale!

Are you tired of the ordinary appearance of your heroes? Do you want to show your exceptionalism not only through battle, but also through the looks of your hero?

Make your heroes happy - new skins are changing their appearance and follow them to new victories!
From 9:00 on October 7th till 9:00 on October 10th there is a 50% discount of skins for all Heroes, which are currently available for purchase (except skins "Bold One" and "Lumina").

Please note! Game needs to be restarted in order for the changes to come into effect!
Community Announcements - alter_prime

Your most frequent suggestions and their implementation


The time has come to take stock of the second Hero rebalance made by our humble community. Shadow had quite a difficult story both in Praia and in the game itself. She has gone from worst to first many times for the past few years. Early on, Shadow was extremely strong in metagame (which was the reason for us to weaken her) but now, when the aggressive playing matters more than ever, the hero became too weak. The time has come for Shadow to return as a ganker able to pursuit weakened targets with a low amount of health. Without further ado, let's go through the player’s ideas!

Here are the most popular suggestions we have received from you:
  • Allow Shadow to stay invisible when using “Cover” on an Ally
  • Rework “Dance of the Fans” so it could hit only Heroes
  • Get additional Prime for enemy soldiers dying nearby
  • Automatically turn invisible after receiving high amount of damage.

We think that allowing “Dance of the Fans” to hit only heroes will ruin the need in proper positioning for this hero. The damage of this skill is comparable with Assassin's or Chimeras procast. That's why we want to leave the current “Dance of the Fans” mechanics unchanged. From another hand, most of Shadows invisibility skills will be improved.

Let's go through all main changes the Shadow will undergo according to your suggestions.

1. Shadow will stay invisible when she’s hiding an Ally in “Cover”.

Whisp had this ability in earlier versions, which used to turn her into an ultimate weapon against all heroes with low amount of health. We have weakened it because it allowed for extreme maneuverability both in attack and defence. Now after a massive update, which has returned tough close combat oriented heroes back to the lines, Shadows usefulness decreased significantly. Shadow will get back her lost ability but instead of a complete loss of invisibility, we are going to add a 2 sec. cooldown before she turns invisible again. It should strengthen the Shadow as a Support Hero in the early game and allowing her to save an Ally almost in every situation. In the late game, however even 2 seconds of invisibility loss are extremely dangerous for Shadow.

2. Getting additional Prime when enemy soldiers and monsters die near the Shadow

This ability has been removed due to a huge difference between private and team Prime spread. In the current metagame, the Shadow has difficulties to kill the monsters - it is not her task either. You have voted to give Shadow a small prime bonus to increase her midgame dynamics and we have the same opinion about this matter.

3. Shadow turns invisible after losing massive amount of health

Fox has the same ability, which is automatically activated when she receives more than 20% damage of her current health. It should allow Shadow to act more aggressively, knowing that she can always hide if the situation gets too risky.

And now let's sum up the results!

All in all, most of you asked us to provide more invisibility options for Shadow and her team allowing for higher maneuverability in ganks and “trolling” while being invisible. However, we are not going to increase this Hero's difficulty — Shadow should stay a moderately difficult hero with a unique killer/support role.

A BIG thank you to all of you who took a part in the discussion. None of your suggestions has gone unnoticed! We are going to add Top 2, Top 3 and Top 4 suggestions to the game in some of the upcoming updates. Follow the news!
Community Announcements - alter_prime

Get And Reforge Talents With 50% OFF!


Autumn turns trees into flames of gold, but the rainy season promises nothing good for your Heroes equipment. It is not a big deal, though! A royal decree was signed, obliging all blacksmiths to reforge your talents with up to 50% discount!

Action in the Talentforge / Talent Garden!
For three days, from 9:00 UTC on September 30th till 9:00 on October 3rd - the production of legendary talents is 30% cheaper! Of course, talents which were already produced in the past also can’t simply collect dust on the shelves so it will be almost 50% cheaper to reforge them into new ones!
  • Production to a legendary talent from an exclusive - 7 legendary crystals instead of 10
  • Reforge of a legendary talent into a legendary - 5 legendary crystals instead of 8
  • Reforge of an exclusive talent into an exclusive - 5 Prime crystals instead of 10
  • Reforge of an unique talent into an exclusive - 6 Prime crystals instead of 12.

It is high time to equip your favorite heroes!
Community Announcements - alter_prime

Doubled rewards and legendary talents 50% OFF!

Lords and Ladies!

Autumn has come and bringing warm colours of yellow, orange and red to the world of Praia.

Within the next three days, along with doubled rewards, the prices for legendary talents will be 50% OFF! Catch the Moment! Getting Legendary Talents was never this easy!

Event in the Fair!

Three days, till 9:00 (UTC) on September 26th, search and get legendary talents from Legend Makers and Legendary Heritage sets under more favorable conditions!
  • All talents are 2 times cheaper! Prices of legendary talents will be in the range of 35-90 Prime crystals, instead of usual 70-90!
  • Selected fields remain permanently! Do not limit yourself!
  • Renewal costs only 1 Prime crystal!

In addition, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that the chance of the Jackpot has been reduced by 2 times.This was made due to its "ordinary" and not its event prize already implicates the cost of resources spent on the assortment renewal, which is again compensated by the 2 times cheaper price of the renewal during this offer.

Have a nice weekend!
Community Announcements - alter_prime

Two times more Resources, Talents, and Experience for each battle!

Lords and Ladies!

Autumn is a time of harvest, it marks the end of one cycle and the beginning of another.

This fall has started with a massive Update, which has brought not only new heroes and talents to the game, but also fixed a vulnerability, that could be exploited to trick the game servers. The Prime itself is filled with extraordinary power now!

Praia Harvest Festival! Heroes are getting two times more experience with each battle, while Libraries and Warehouses are filling up faster than ever! Scientists predict this action will last 7 days!


Weeklong Deal!
  • From 09:00 on September 22nd till 09:00 on September 29th (UTC), your heroes get increased rewards for each PvP-battle, gaining two times more Resources, Talents, and Experience.
  • All these bonuses stack with the Golden Age, meaning its owners get 4 times more resources and experience!

We wish you a good harvest!
Sep 16
Community Announcements - alter_prime

Patch 10.11 was installed on our game servers, we`re online again!

Lords and Ladies!

Three amazing girls await you in your castles: a new Hero and two new skins, a new Arcane Wyrm mechanic, and one new talent for each subset of the Legendary Heritage set. Fixed an exploit that would allow malicious players to end the game session without battle results calculation. Off we go!
New Hero!
The mischievous teenage girl Tearaway has come running (flying? dancing?) into Praia, waving her umbrella around gleefully! My goodness, enough! Take that ball away from her! Somebody!

You can read more about this new hero here.

Tearaway can be hired in three different ways, just like the other heroes:
  • Complete a seven-day quest chain and hire Tearaway for 750,000 silver. The first quest of the chain is already available, and the last one will appear on September 22. Once you complete the last, a quest will appear allowing you to hire Tearaway for silver.
  • The normal way to recruit Tearaway (paying silver without having to complete any quests) will be available for all players with a castle level of 25 and up from September 29th onward.
  • Tearaway can also be hired immediately for 299 gold.
With the release of this new hero, the price of Luna has been reduced to 500,000 silver and 199 gold.
New skins!

Two charming beauties have come to Praia! But be careful with these two representatives of the “weaker sex” – they’re full of sharp tongues, sharper daggers, and charged particles!
Bold One
Original hero: Assassin/Eraser
Features: sex change, new voice
Cost: 99 gold
Original hero: Luna
Cost: 49 gold
Please read more on our web page

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