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Lords und Ladies!

You can already feel warmth of the sun rays which means that the warmest spring month — May — is almost here! Apart from the heat and the anticipation of the upcoming summer, this month will also bring us a lot of wonderful events. This way you’ll have plenty of time to relax with your favorite Heroes in Prime World!

Golden Age for free!

All players who will enter the game till 9:00 (UTC) on May 11th will get 3 days of Golden Age!

The giveaway will be established in a way that most of you are already familiar with — a quest chain will appear in your castles, where you will be able to exchange 1 unit food for 3 days of Golden Age at any time till 9:00 (UTC) on May 11th.

More experience and resources in battles!

Get twice as much experience, resources and talents for each battle till 9:00 (UTC) on May 11th!

Please note that the doubled experience and other bonuses will be summed with the Golden Age - with this active, Heroes will receive 4 times more experience, resources and talents for every battle!

«Hot May Days!»

Apart from that, there will be also a quest chain in your castles — "Hot May Days!" — with very interesting rewards!
  • For the first quest you can get 10 talents effective for upgrade.
  • The winner of the second quest will receive 10 Prime crystals.
  • The third quest will fill up your Library with 2 random exclusive talents.
  • The fourth quest enriches your supplies with 30.000 Silver.
  • For the fifth quest you will get 20 Prime crystals.
  • The sixth quest will enrich your Library with 4 random exclusive talents.
  • The last, seventh Quest will reward you with 5 legendary crystals!

The first quest is already available in your castles. The next tasks will appear on a daily base. All the quests will be available for completing till 9:00 (UTC) on May 6th.
Community Announcements - alter_prime

Event in the Fair - fill up your collection with "Legends"!

Lords und Ladies!

Curious things happen under two moons of Praia. It's said that recently, the chief of the merchants guild has fallen in love with the beautiful Cryo. However she’s only thinking about Legends! On a warm Sunday morning, when all citizens went to the marketplace, they saw the amazing furnishings! All the market stalls were adorned with Legends. The dealers didn’t ask for much when trading. Instead of taking away the goods from the counters, they only added something new every time! That's how the spring affects people!

Action in the Fair!

For four days, from 9:00 (UTC) on April 28th till 9:00 on May 2nd, grab legendary talents from the second set on more favorable terms!
  • Chance to get legendary talents from the set "Legendmakers" was doubled!
  • The price on talents has been almost halved!
    The average price on legendary talents will be 40-80 Prime crystals instead of 70-90 as usually.
  • The purchased fields remain permanently!
  • The renewal of the assortment - is 2 times cheaper!
  • The event lasts for 4 days!

Make your favourite Heroes happy and enrich your collection of "Legends"!
Community Announcements - alter_prime

Only for three days - replenish your gold reserves and receive gifts!

Lords and Ladies!

It`s time for one of the most popular offers - Gifts for filling up the account! This time we have changed the gifts and hope that all of our Lords and Ladies will enjoy them!

Only during 3 days, from 9:00 UTC on April 22nd till 9:00 on April 25th, fill up your account and receive valuable gifts!
New gifts!

     Gold coins amount

Gold coins amount -- Gift

From 250 to 499 gold -- 10 days of the Golden Age!

From 500 to 749 gold -- 300 Prime crystals and 40 unique talents, effective for upgrade

From 750 to 999 gold -- 300 Prime crystals and 30 legendary crystals

From 1000 gold and more -- 80 legendary crystals!

We would like to draw your attention to the fact, that the bonus gold from the Rune or other actions - won't be counted.

While the action is active, you can get any number of gifts.

Your payments won't be summarized, in order to receive a desired gift, fill up your account for the necessary amount of gold specified above - with one payment.

Please note! You will receive your deserved gifts not directly after the refill, but till 17:00 UTC on April 25th!
Community Announcements - alter_prime

Extended daily quests and an unique skin for the most persistent players!

Lords and Ladies!

Spring is more evident in Praia with each passing day! The trees are green, the Kitton is purring serenades in its cave, the first flowers and valuable plants begin to grow on the meadows.

Inspired by the spring mood, Herbalist - a skin for the Hero Healer / Priestess - has returned to Praia! However, the trust of this beauty has to be earned first! She will only join the strongest and most persistent Lords and Ladies.


Complete the daily quest chains - the first will appear on April 22nd, at 9:00 UTC and the last one on April 28th at 9:00 - If you don't miss a single task, the Herbalist will join your army!

Important details:
  • All ordinary rewards for the daily quests will stay the same: resources for the first stage, Prime crystals for the second and a legendary crystal for the third stage of the quest chain.
  • Quests for legendary crystals on Wednesdays and Saturdays will not be counted.

!!! Those who want to receive Herbalist should hurry up, because in one week she will disappear in Primezone again and won`t no longer be available for hiring. It also isn't possible to get this skin for gold !!!

After completing all of the quests, you will get a chance to hire Herbalist for free, all you have to do is accept your reward in a pop-up window. Players who already have this skin, will get 5 random exclusive talents.

More time for the daily quests

Starting today all the daily quests will be available twice as long - for 2 days! Quests for legendary crystals will also last 48 hours, instead of 36. So if you haven't had the time to complete a quest on the day of its appearance in the game, you will be able to do it the next day.

Complete the tasks and earn the trust of Herbalist!
Community Announcements - alter_prime

Both for silver and for gold!

Lords und Ladies!

We are pleased to announce, that with the new patch, which was installed on our game servers today, we have reduced the prices on most of our heroes in gold and in silver!

From now on it will be easier to create a more diverse army, try different tactics in the battle and change your favorite heroes - Heroes will cost 20%-80% less.

The price change affects almost every hero of the start and mid-level. Prices for heroes, which are part of the latest and high-level content remain unchanged. Here is the reason: The element a permanent RPG development - is one of the main distinct features of Prime World, distinguishing it from other games of the MOBA genre. That's why the prices for exclusive and desired heroes also remain "exclusive".

All heroes which will cost less from today onwards are shown in the table below:

We hope that the permanent reduction of prices for our heroes will bring more hero variability to the battlefields!
Apr 18
Community Announcements - alter_prime

Long-awaited rebalancing and new skins for heroes!

Lords and Ladies!

The maintenance is over, Patch 10.8.1 was installed on our game servers! Rebalancing of twelve heroes, as well as two brand new skins are already waiting for you in Prime World!
New skins!

This update has two new skins, one from the skies and the other from deep down below!
Original hero: Arcane Wyrm
Features: new voice
Price: 49 gold
One of the most mysterious of Praia's heroes now has a charming – and utterly unpredictable – little sister!
Original hero: Demonologist
Features: new voice, sex change
Price: 99 gold

Blade Master / Sesha
The global defense rebalancing played right into Naga's hands, reducing his key weakness – vulnerability in the early game.

At the same time, thanks to his class abilities Naga is a very well-protected hero, able to inflict a lot of damage during any stage of the game, even without pumping up his defensive stats. Therefore, we've weakened his defensive class abilities and defense stat gains.
  • Initial Stamina and Will reduced by 10%.
  • Stamina and Will growth reduced by 10%.
Hypnotic Taunt
  • The additional chance to evade gained when learning Hypnotic Taunt has been reduced from 40% to 30%
The next "tank" to be nerfed: Wanderer. The reasons are similar to those for Naga. Wanderer is very tough and so can deal a lot of damage. Also, when compared to other defenders, Naga has a very long control ability duration with a short cooldown.

Now Wanderer will need to be more careful with his ultimate control ability.

  • Stamina and Will bonuses reduced by 15%
Decisive Attack
  • Ability cooldown time increased from 12 to 16 seconds
As soon as you see this cute little animal turn into a vicious monster, you'd better run. Mimi will eat you up without a second thought! With Mimi's high level of defense, his damage was just too much. We've reduced it.

  • In Grrr! form: damage reduced by 10%
Easy Prey
  • In Grrr! form: damage reduced by 10%
  • In Mimi form: stun time after learning Halt! reduced from 1 second to 0.5 seconds.
Warlord / Shogun
Everything written about the above three heroes applies to Warlord, too. He just deals too much damage for such a tough guy. Now that damage will be a little bit less.

Warchief’s Strike
  • Damage reduced by 15%.
  • The speed boost received when learning the Battle Spirit upgrade has been reduced from 40% to 30%
Shadow / Whisp
Shadow's story is complicated. So is the public opinion about her. Whisp can now escape this unjust persecution by becoming invisible more quickly than before.

  • Cooldown time reduced from 14 to 12 seconds
  • Cooldown time on native terrain and while moving from enemy/neutral terrain to native terrain reduced by 4 seconds.
  • Added a status that shows the time remaining until the ability kicks in.
Magic Fan
  • The reductions in the enemy's Stamina and Will no longer requires Shadow to be on native terrain.
Dancing Fans
  • The reductions of the enemy's Stamina and Will no longer require Shadow to be on native terrain.
Blizzard / Cryo
Although Cryo has very high damage, it's difficult for her to reach her full potential as one of the game's strongest "debuffers."

The fight often ends or relocates before Cryo's abilities reach their full potential.

Chains of Ice
  • The max quantity of effects has been reduced from 12 to 6.
  • Each effect's reduction of Speed and Agility has been doubled. Thus the max usefulness of this ability remains the same.
Defender / Guardian
Angel is a strong enough as a support hero, but the mechanics of his abilities are rather complicated. The Spirit Beacon talent is now easier to use and its strength has been increased.

Spirit Beacon
  • The boost given to the Cunning or Agility (whichever is higher) has been increased by 15%
  • The ability's cooldown time has been reduced from 15 seconds to 10.
  • The ability's active time has been reduced from 15 seconds to 10. When the Repletion upgrade is learned, the beacon explodes when the ability is used a second time, or when the ability ends (i.e. automatically after 10 seconds)
Jaeger / Wolf Dancer
Jaeger is very strong in the early game but could easily give up the advantage to the enemy by dying a single time.

We don't want to mitigate the impact of mistakes made by players in battle, but every single one of this hero's deaths had a severe effect on the pace of the game. It's now easier to maintain aggressive gameplay.

Wolf Call
  • The time required to summon the wolves has been reduced to 1 second.
Piercing Spear
  • After learning the Curse of the Piercing Spear upgrade, the attacks of the wolves summoned by this ability on the target restore health to the summoning hero himself, too.
Great Hunt
  • Agility bonus increased by 15%
  • The ability is now applied without the earlier animation delay.
Pied Piper / Rat Master
When we rebalanced the towers and soldiers, Pied Piper's ultimate ability became much stronger as far as pushing towers was concerned. The ability now has less of an effect on creatures.

Charming Melody
  • The duration of the control effect on creatures has been reduced from 24 to 15 seconds.
Hunter / Marksman
One of the most interesting heroes, Hunter's intellectual build, is also one of the most complex. Strengthening his attack abilities would have made it even more important that he hit with all of them.

So his support abilities have been strengthened instead, which will be helpful not only for Hunter himself but also for his whole team.

Wild Call
  • Cunning bonus increased by 15%
Hunter Agility
  • Agility bonus increased by 15%
Soul Catcher / Soul Reaper
Soul Catcher's potential for demolishing towers became even greater than expected with the last rebalance.

So we're going to carefully adjust Soul Catcher's tower push ability down to its optimal value.

Fallen Souls
  • The ghosts'; Stamina, Will, Intellect, and Strength bonuses have been reduced by 15%
For a hero designed for the late game, Desperado could quite easily deal a lot of early-game damage.

To help the other carries compete with Desperado, his early game has been made a little more difficult.

Survival Instinct
  • Boldness: damage bonus has been reduced from 50 to 30%

  • Fixed a bug where rewards were not displayed for some quests
  • Fixed a bug with Mimi that made the Jump! and Easy Prey! abilities in Grrr! form deal physical damage, rather than the intended magic damage.
  • Fixed a bug with the hero S.Putnik that renewed the Aimed Shot talent cooldown instantly, even without learning Devastation first.
  • Fixed a bug where the Invisibility Glyph would drop from a slain hero whether or not the hero had the invisibility effect when he was killed.
  • Fixed a bug where the client would crash after a battle in Challenges mode.
Community Announcements - alter_prime

Adventures of Keighley and her Mechawyrm.

Keighley sighed heavily. Almost half a year - but finally the day has come...

Standing in the middle of the hall, among the scattered tools, oil puttle, wire, metal and plastic residues aspired a powerful, but surprisingly elegant Mechawyrm. A symbol of dreams of travelling to the sky, a reliable friend and protector.

But even while working hard she could hear the smugglers coming to their hideaway. The rustling of brushwood and their muffled conversations - giving away their presence. The last six months had been quiet, but the Shadow King's people were still pursuing them. Everything has an end. This time she was ready to meet her pursuer face to face.

The talent of a mechanic and a summoner are a rare combination. Keighley smiled sadly. How many different things she had endured already over the duration of her short lifetime? Multiple recruitings, luring deals, intrigues, threats, blackmails...But the Shadow King, King of the smugglers, was the worst of the worst. During their encounter he had almost killed her sister...The girl had ran away from home - because she didn't want her family to get hurt.

Mechawyrm came alive in Keighley's hands. First his eyes started glowing. Then his Kydex wings started flapping. The girl stroked over his composite body with pride and joy.

They appeared on the threshold of their hideaway which was already surrounded by gunmen.

She waved with her hand and grabbed the special handles on the Mechawyrm’s body and...up to the sky! Her creation flew higher and higher, almost a little too fast. The attackers weren't ready for such a turn, so that they didn’t even started shooting. Then it was too late.

Keighley was trying to hide her face from the wind behind the Mechawyrm`s armor. The wind had suddenly become very cold and fierce. She could fully trust him with the control of the flight - she had used Prime and old rituals while creating him, which gave him a humanlike mind.

Unfortunately, she didn't see the enemy’s preparations on the ground. She didn't notice the net, made of pure Prime flying in their direction. After the trap touched the thin wings of Mechawyrm it caused a critical Prime reaction and at once the evening sky became turquoise blue...

She felt no pain. She was fascinated by the breathtaking turquoise wonder of sparks mixed with shards of finest metal and Prime drops. Keighley was falling down as she watched it. She had always loved the sky.

Mechawyrm stretched out like a string trying to catch the girl but one of his wings was damaged and the loss of Prime, which was so important for its functioning prevented him to develop sufficient speed. At last he was able to slow down their fall a little bit.

Covered by Prime, they fell to the ground. The last thing that Keighley could remember were the approaching men and menacing roar of Mechawyrm.

She regained consciousness in the Lords castle. Mechawyrm...Her creation really had a human mind and soul. Fearing for the girl, he has somehow exceeded all artificial boundaries. He hovered a few centimeters above the floor beside her bed.

That evening they had a long conversation, sitting on the roof of the castle and watching the sun go down. No one knew what they had been talking about. Only one thing was clear, after their conversation - Mechawyrm brought Keighley to an unknown magical place where there were no ordinary people. He, however returned and served as a hero in honor to his Lord.

Name: Mechawyrm
Base hero :Arcane Wyrm/Dragonfly
Feature: new voiceover
Price:: 49 gold
Community Announcements - alter_prime

Or is it just a nightmare?

It was the first warm spring night. Ans sat on a small hill not far from the entrance to the mine. It had been a tough week - in a distant tunnel happened a slippage and the access to a rich opal source was lost. Thank God that no one was injured. The fresh air acts exhilarating, after spending a lot of time underground in the mine. From somewhere in the distance was heard a loud laughter and jingle - maybe there is a celebration in the city. Ans has lied down on the hill and closed his eyes. He dozed and in his dream it seemed to him as if the jingle was getting closer and closer. Few drops felt on his arm and woke him up. When he opened his eyes he realized that the strange noises and laughing female voice came not from the city, but from the mine! Strong curiosity prevailed him and he couldn`t stop following this loud laughter.

As he walked through the mine, he didn`t notice how he reached the slippage place, but everything was different here, as if nothing has happened! Ans rubbed his eyes and even pinched his hand, because he simply couldn't believe his own eyes. There were no rocks around, there was no crack, which he will definitely see in his nightmares again. All he saw was a lot of shadows on the walls ... and a woman. Long black hair, green eyes ... she danced with Prime and shades in the middle of the tunnel. It seemed as if she was calling somebody, but her attempts failed and no one came to her. Where the shadows mingled with Prime it seemed like they were almost embodying and it only lacked a little for them to became alive.

Ans couldn't stop watching the dance and made a step forward, right into a trap. A hardly visible net held him motionless.

He could only stare at the woman and feel how he was losing his will and his mind with every single minute.

The dance ended. The woman looked at him smiling but didn`t even attempt to set him free. There was no doubt that it was her, who had set this trap. Ans felt dizzy, his hands trembled and his thoughts were confused in chaos.

The woman came very close to him and tilted her head. — Tell your Lord, — the woman leaned in closer to him, — that I will come to him at dawn.

Then a bright light flashed. As Ans regained consciousness, he was lying in front of the entrance to the mine. "Was it just a nightmare?" - was his first thought. He struggled to get up on his weak legs, and went into the mine in order to insure that everything that had happened yesterday night wasn't real.

The tunnel was still blocked with stones. "Just a simple nightmare" - came into his head and he could feel the relief. Strange woman. So beautiful. So dangerous.

- Tell to your Lord... - he suddenly heard from the other side of the spillage. He shivered and some smaller stones felt from the top of the spillage. He stayed for some time and listened but he didn't hear the voice again.

Deep in thought, he left the mine - Should he tell this story to someone else? As he left the mine, he felt something in his hand.

A fine hairpin in the form of a demon head, which was masterfully milled from a Prime crystal.

Name: Conjuress
Base hero: Demonologist
Feature: sex change, new voiceove
Price: 99 gold
Community Announcements - alter_prime

New hero has arrived to your castles!

Lords and Ladies!

New Hero — S.Putnik — is ready to defend the borders of your territories. Now we would like to tell you more about him.

Just as it was the case with Mimi, you don't have to increase the castle level to hire him. S.Putnik can be hired under 3 conditions:
  • For completing a seven-day quest chain, after which you can hire him for 750.000 Silver. The first task is already available in your castle, while the last will appear on April 1st.
  • To hire him on usual conditions will be available (buying for Silver without completing the quest chain) for all players from 25th castle level and higher starting on April 3rd.
  • Or hire him now for 299 Gold.
By the way, the Mimi's price was reduced after the appearance of our new Hero till 500 000 Silver and 199 Gold accordingly.

Now we want to tell you more about the talents:
«Exemplary Sniper»
After S.Putnik had applied one of his skills against his enemy, he marks him with an aim that allows him to attack the enemy hero from each range during 4 seconds.

«Frontline Comrade»
A faithful front line comrade follows S.Putnik in every fight, the bear with a nickname - Bear Comrade. Although the bear belongs to the class of beings that are summoned by the heroes, he has a significant difference to those - Bear Comrade is not tied to the hero and thanks to this he can move around the whole map.

On the order of his master, Bear Comrade can attack the specified target, keep an area secured (if an enemy comes along, he will attack him) or together with S.Putnik be like a normal summoned nursling.

After improving to "Weighty Argument" Bear Comrade can stun an opponent by few seconds and mark him with the "Exemplary Sniper" aim.

«Warm Welcome»
The sniper rifle of S.Putnik can not only shoot with usual bullets. In a close range, he can shoot with an everything breaking load, which deals significant damage.

After improving to «Ground's Teeth», these ability not only deals damage, but also decreases the defense of the target.

«Guarding the Borders»
With this talent, S.Putnik can disperse a network of invisible steel traps which will damage enemies after triggering, slow them mark with the "Exemplary Sniper" aim.

Besides the obvious use of steel traps by the defense, they can also be used by attacking the enemies, while limiting their maneuvers and push them closer to their base.

«Aimed Shot»
The ultimate of the Hero allows him after making a short pause to aim to deal an substantial damage to the enemy. The ultimate ability can be used on any distance, if the target was marked with the "Exemplary Sniper" aim before.

After the ability is improved to "Devastation", the ability won't have a cooldown, once you have killed an enemy.

As promised, here is one of the lucky ones, who has completed the task "Bravery, strength and Prime" being the first and will get out new Hero on the day of its release. We are pleased to name the winner:
  • [AXA]FreewayGR
Onwards to the protection of Praia!

Prime World Team

Community Announcements - alter_prime

Defending the borders, defending the home ground - S.Putnik arrived in Praia!

— Fire!
The thunder of the volley almost deafened the man who was giving the commands. Advanced technologies of Dokht Empire showed their best side in the battle. With their help, soldiers could hold their positions even in a numerical minority.

From the forests side, waddling from side to side, hurried a funny and unusual assistant towards the shooters - a brown bear. Faithful friend and comrade - so have soldiers called a smart bear - he put a box of ammunition on the ground and stood on all fours.

— This is the last, isn't it, my friend? - A man patted the comrade between his ears. - Well, maybe we'll hold a little bit longer, it's said that fighting on a native terrain makes us stronger...
— Commander! - a soldier ran to the tired man - they are retreating!

The steel traps, someone put traps and they worked! The man nodded, letting the courier go. Yes, the idea of ​​traps has been extremely successful - caught in the teeth of steel, an ordered formation of the opponent simply fell apart.

The most distant place from the checkpoint - is a goal number one for any intruders. Yes, the enemy gave up and was scared, but everyone knew for sure - maybe in an hour or two - and the enemy will attack again. This short pause should be used wisely. Someone asleep, leaned against a tree, someone is bandaging his wounds. Technicians inspect weapons and combat systems. And for the commander this lull in fighting is a good opportunity to assess the changed balance of power and raise the morale of the soldiers.

He climbed the hill to look around. But before he could make a few steps and raised his rifle, he felt an unusual warmth under a leather jacket just under his reward of valour - a red spot has begun to spread under the combat leader identification sign. The sound of the shot rolled later, as if it was made from a distance...

Enemy sniper managed to hide himself well and waited for exactly the moment when the shot will accurately hit the target.

Shouting, noise, and volleys of weapons, suddenly pierced the ringing silence and came to S.Putnik from afar.

Gently overturned on his back, he felt only the heat radiating from the heart throughout the body, and saw how there a few leaves falling from a birch tree.

"Autumn will come soon ... That's it - he thought - just like in his dreams - he died defending his country ..."

Roar of a soldier, who rushed into attack, raised the other soldiers. Following the bear, as an indomitable avalanche they swooped down on the enemy.

Just in a few minutes, the enemy was completely destroyed. The enemies thought, that having lost the commander, the soldiers will lose their morale, wasn't justified. And certainly it was more difficult to assume that bear on the battlefield could do such deeds! Already three bullets entered his head, all sides were covered with bright red blood from the deep sword and ax, but he threw himself upon towards the enemy.

Put enemy to a flight, the bear and the soldiers returned to their commander. Bear Comrade layed down next to his friend. Everyone understood, that all that remains is to give the last honors to the defenders of homeland.

A few leaves quietly planned down from the birch… As soon as they have touched the wounded bodies, a turquoise glow started to break out of the earth. For a few minutes it completely enveloped the hill, soldiers and their weapons.

The soldiers were unable see such a bright light, they turned away, covering their eyes. But a silhouette of a girl in the glow.

Only the wind carried her words: "How do you like your home land, so it loves you ..."

Radiance extinguished almost immediately. Missed and getting rid of the circles under their eyes, the soldiers saw that on the ground there were left only a rifle and the reward of valour stained in blood.

That, what happened just on the eyes of the soldiers, prompted them to think that their commander was reborn as a mighty hero. Picking up his reward and rifle, they hurried to the nearest castle trying to revive the man in the Prime inductor.

Once the clean prime has touched the reward, the room flooded with radiance.

It burned almost two days, illuminating the castle during the day and at night. The enemy has crept to the borders...

The next morning, S.Putnik and Bear Comrade were standing at the castles walls. Homeland will never stay without defenders!

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