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The real Kings of the Lane, wicked sons of Prime.

They are the wind and speed of Praia. Wicked. Fast. Merciless! They come in hard and fast, attack furiously and disappear into the Fog. Rocker and Racer, the roads are theirs and only they will decide if you will walk this road or stay here forever!



Name: Rocker / Racer

Base hero: Witch / Moira

Price: 99 gold

Community Announcements - miromou

Let’s warm up for the end of winter.

Winter is almost over, it is now time to see if the warriors of Praia preserved their fighting mastery through the frosty winter.

Spring Mobilization
All weekend will be used to test the mastery of Praia’s warriors. Those who show best results over the weekend will be rewarded!

Prices will be awarded in 3 categories, with 3 prices in each:
  • Technical knockout. Earn most points in battle. All points from battles successfully finished in Borderlands (both wins and losses) are accumulated over the period from February 20th until February 23rd.
  • Total Domination. Kill the most heroes. Amount of kills is summed from all battles successfully finished in Borderlands (both wins and losses) over the period from February 20th until February 23rd.
  • Heroic Assistance. Make the most assists for hero kills. Amount of assists is summed from all battles successfully finished in Borderlands (both wins and losses) over the period from February 20th until February 23rd.
Reward: 200 prime crystals and a skin of choice from those available in the castle, as well as 100 gold!

Quest in game
In the time from February 20th until February 23rd a special quests awaits you in Prime World! One Victory in Borderlands will net you an exclusive flag as well as 5 random orange talents and 50 000 silver.

Onwards to victories!

Community Announcements - miromou

Offers and bonuses for our beloved players.

Dear nobles!

Tomorrow is the most romantic day of the year. Lords are busy preparing the celebration for their ladies, while the Ladies rummage in their wardrobes searching for the best evening dress. Everyone is busy before Valentine’s day.

On occasion of this holiday, we also prepared presents for you!
Talents x2!
Until 09:00 UTC on February 16th, the chance to produce purple and orange talents in the Talent Garden / Forge is doubled!
Bonuses? Bonuses!
Until 20:59 UTC on February 15th, receive a hearty bonus for each fill-up of your account. +20% to any payment!
More victories
Until 09:00 UTC on February 16th, fight more, fight better! During this time you receive 30 talents for the first win of the day in Borderlands!
Golden opportunity
Do you have Golden Age? Then until 09:00 UTC on February 16th,you will receive four times the resources and silver from all buildings in your castle!
You can also participate in the ongoing contest – Valentine’s Day in Prime World – visit the news to learn how you can earn 3 orange talents and 50 000 silver.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Don’t forget to restart your game so the changes come into effect.

Community Announcements - miromou

Let’s celebrate the day of affection together!

Valentine’s Day – the most romantic holiday of the year, celebrated by many people all around the world on February 14th. This day is an opportunity to express your feelings to those you love, gift flowers, sweets, toys and Valentine cards (often heart-shaped) with poetry, declarations of love, and romantic wishes. To celebrate this holiday, the Prime World team offers you the opportunity to participate in such Valentine’s events together!

Craft a Valentine’s Gift with your hands! Cut it out of paper, glue it together, mould, bake, draw – anything your heart desires. Then post a photo of your Valentine’s Gift on our Facebook Page. Only two rules: the (Prime World logo) needs to be included, and digital art is not accepted.

What else can be a Valentine’s Gift? Anything handmade that expresses your love. Declare your Love with Prime World!

This contest starts on February 10th (at the time of publication) and lasts until the end of February 17th. The winners will be announced by February 25th.


Participants, whose Valentine’s Gifts move us, will receive any hero skin of their choice (from those available in the castle), as well as:
  • For 1st place – 150 crystals.
  • For 2nd place – 100 crystals.
  • For 3rd place – 50 crystals.
Holiday Quest! For one victory you will receive a unique flag of a heart-shaped chocolate box! As well as:
  • 3 random orange talents.
  • 50 000 silver.
To receive your rewards, log into the game from February 13th until the end of February 15th and win one battle in the Borderlands.

Happy holyday to everyone, have a good time!
Community Announcements - miromou
A new item - Potion of Vigilance - awaits you, as well as numerous hero changes.

Dear nobles!

The maintenance has been completed successfully, the servers are open - now we tell you, what changes take place in Praia with Patch 10.1.2.

In the new patch we prepared following changes for you:

New item – Potion of Vigilance
  • A new item has been added to the shops – Potion of Vigilance. This item allows the hero who activates it to reveal nearby invisible units for 15 s, in the same way as the True Sight Potion does.
  • Item cost - 100 Prime.
True Sight Potion
  • Item cost in the shop raised from 400 to 600 Prime.
  • Cooldown time before next use extended from 5 to 15 seconds.
  • The duration of the effect to reveal invisible units lowered from 5 to 3 minutes.
  • Health points have been lowered to 5 for the following items: «Magic Lantern», «Lantern», «Torch» from the «Hardened Traveler» talent, «Ghostly spectator» from the «Ghostly Embrace» talent, as well as the «Secret Light» talent.
  • Now every time an abovementioned item takes damage, it loses one health point. E.g. to destroy a Lantern, one needs to strike it 5 times. This brings their health mechanics in line with that of Flags.
Vryl / Nox
The hero has been changed due to it being practically impossible to evade the damage dealt by the combination of its abilities, along with the overall damage being too high.

Talent «Fissure»
  • The radius of knock-up area upon using the talent has been reduced by 37%.
  • The knock-up and damage delay after using the ability has been increased by 0.2 seconds.
Talent «Toxic Emission»:
  • Talent damage lowered by 10%
Frog Whisperer / Swamp King
The hero has seen some changes due to him not unfolding his full potential in the late game.
  • Hero attributes have been reworked, resulting in considerably higher Cunning and Agility increase with Might.
Talent «Catch!»:
  • Tongue reach has increased by 17%;
  • Target caught by the tongue is now pulled in faster.
Blade Master / Sesha
Blade Master / Sesha unfolded his full potential only in late game, so in order to balance the heroes development, following changes were made.
  • Base attack speed of the hero has increased from 50 to 52.
  • «Insidious Poison» talent was renamed to «Snake Venom», its improvement «Paralyzing Blows» to «Insidious Blows»:
    • «Snake Venom» now poisons the foe and – with 3 poison stacks – lowers their speed by 30%, while the upgrade «Insidious Blows» lowers their Cunning with each poison stack.
  • Talent «Deadly Dash»:
    • Using the talent without dealing damage no longer breaks invisibility.
Talent «Snake’s Flexibility»:
  • Duration of control effect reduction from the «Battle Trance» upgrade is increased from 2 to 5 seconds.
Talent «Hypnotic Taunt»:
  • Talent range on native terrain increased by 9%, on neutral an enemy terrain – by 29%.
Night Queen / Black Panther
Talent «Unity»:
  • Bug fixed, which led to the panther always reviving with full health upon using the talent. Now it always revives with 25% health.
Community Announcements - miromou
Hire heroes for 50% off! Also, save on reforging talents!

The frosty February, the last winter month, is upon Praia. The frost, however, promises to be contrasted by the heat of battle – the heroes’ souls are filled with blood lust and their razor-sharp swords long for battle. And the thrill of battle will come soon enough – the first February snow will soon be painted red...

Hero discount!

Only until 09:00 UTC on February 4th, you can hire following heroes for 50% off in gold:

  Pied Piper / Rat Master

109 gold 54 gold

Arcane Wyrm / Dragonfly

119 gold 59 gold

Night Queen / Black Panther

134 gold 59 gold

Fay / Fairy Queen

154 gold 69 gold


174 84 gold

Bard / Muse

199 gold 79 gold

Faceless / Phantom

249 gold 124 gold

Soul Reaper / Soul Catcher

324 gold 159 gold

Soul Catcher / Witch Doctor

399 gold 199 gold
Reforging discounts!
Until 09:00 UTC on February 4th, you save up to 50% on reforging of talents and reforging with improvement

All the details on the Prime World website

Hire heroes, reforge talents – and plunge into battle!
Community Announcements - miromou

New skin for the Wanderer already in Prime World

The heir of the mighty Lord has been called “birdie” since her childhood. First, she was “Sparrow”, then “Dove” or “Martin”. She loved heights, and climbed lightly along the battlements of the family castle, as if she had real wings. From early childhood, she trained in sword fighting, bow-and-arrow, and magic. She was preparing to take over the reins of the government from her father.

Misfortune came suddenly. The Clan became involved in a war that was doomed to be lost from the start, and soon was on the brink of total destruction. The Lord’s daughter was able to flee, for the price of many lives of her subjects. Tattered, aimlessly stumbling along, she was picked up by an experienced Wanderer. He decided to rear her in his art and teach her everything he knew. The girl eagerly absorbed the ancient knowledge. Barely a young woman, she became a worthy companion of the Wanderer. Moreover – Wanderer and Martin were just like brother and sister. The fame of the invincible duo spread far along both banks of the Ilva river. This lasted for several years.

The Second Cataclysm caught them during a raid on the lair of Wood Goblins. The Fog blocked out the sun, and monsters creeped out of their holes in even greater numbers. Barely able to fight off the advancing monsters, Wanderer and his companion tried to retreat along their trail, but that did not succeed. The Fog led the fighters in circles, not letting them out of its grasp.

“Run”, said the Wanderer and – without waiting for an answer – dashed back, against the advancing monster horde. That was the last time she saw her soul brother.

“If only I hadn’t been so weak, I could’ve defended myself without his sacrifice. Damned monsters will pay for this!” – with this thought Martin accepted the Prime. “I am Martin no more. Now, I am Gyrfalcon”.

Name: Gyrfalcon
Base hero: Wanderer
Faction: Imperium / Keepers
Features: New voiceover

Price: 99 Gold
Community Announcements - miromou
Yellow talents moved to green rank. Golden Age also changed - all the details below!

Dear nobles!
We would like to tell you about what changed in Prime World with patch 10.1.1

In this patch we bring you:
  • Talent changes
  • New Golden Age mechanic
  • Hero availability with Lord level
  • Pre-match dodge penalty
  • Bugfixes in battle, clan wars etc.

  • Due to the increase in the average Might of heroes, common (yellow) talents have become obsolete, which is why we moved them to the special (green) rank. All their stats have increased according to the rarity increase.
  • The drop rate of green talents has increased by the amount that was until now allotted for the common (yellow) ones.
  • Due to increase in starting Might the lowest accessible Challenge is now Normal (blue). Its difficulty has been adjusted with respect to new players – who are unfamiliar with the game – entering it.
  • Yellow and Green Runes now allow unbinding of any talent, Blue Rune – up to unique (purple), Purple Rune – up to rare (blue), Orange Rune unbinds only special (green) talents.
  • To account for the changes in rewards for castle levels, all players who log into castle from 08:30 on January 23 until 08:30 UTC on January 24 will receive 3 days of Golden Age.

  • Due to the common (yellow) talents being moved to the special (green) rank, the Golden Age mechanics have been adjusted. Now, during Golden Age, the battle rewards contain only blue, purple and orange talents. Please note that – as before – Golden Age does not affect talent production in the Talent Forge / Garden in any way.

  • Players have now access to 5 heroes at the start, instead of formerly 2. Additionally, the specific heroes no longer depend on player’s gender: any new player now receives Highlander / Immortal, Jaeger / Wolf Dancer, Fire Fox / Flame Tail, Healer / Priestess, Lightning Master / Storm Thrower. These changes will also affect accounts created before the patch – if any of these heroes are missing, they will be added for free.
  • Additionally, the hiring castle level requirement has been lowered for 15 heroes. Their cost in silver has also decreased.For reaching castle level 15, 20 and 25 players will be rewarded with correspondingly 3, 5 and 7 days of Golden Age.

  • The maximum penalty for leaving an unfinished battle or cancelling the pre-match window is now 80 minutes, instead of formerly 6 hours.
  • The penalty for each consecutive leaving of an unfinished battle or cancelling the pre-match window will now increase two-fold, instead of formerly three-fold.

  • The fog-of-war lifting around the lairs of Kitton and Fire Drake has been improved.
  • Bug fixed, which led to the area where an enemy hero teleported being visible under fog-of-war.
  • Bug fixed, where players received reduced reward when going into battle with a completely full but not yet overfilled talent library. In the new version, if the talent amount equals library capacity and the players goes into battle with a non-fatigued hero, the reward will be given in full.
  • Bug fixed, where empty lines sometimes appeared in battle chat messages.
  • Bug fixed, which led to the talent “Deadly Knowledge” not adding to a hero’s might.
Clan wars
  • Bug fixed, where a server error message might have been received when an application for clan entry from the same player has been declined several times.
  • Bug fixed, where the suzerain rating was not always updated on the clan map.
  • Now, if name search was used in the “recommended clans” window, the previously entered name will not be saved when closing and reopening the window – instead, the full list will be displayed.
  • Bug fixed, where an overtaken vassal disappeared from the clan map only after castle restart.
  • Bug fixed, where some clans in the recommended list displayed multiple time after submitting applications.
  • Bug fixed, where the player name didn’t change in the clan application form if changed after submitting application.
  • With the end of the holidays the magic Christmas tree and the holiday quests disappeared from player castles. The borderlands map returned to its usual look.
  • Bug fixed, where an error (“game mode unavailable”) was displayed when trying to enter “First Strike” from castle.
  • A number of errors have been fixed, which sometimes led to the castle displaying a dimmed screen and losing interactivity until the client was restarted.
  • Bug fixed, which sometimes led to the castle crashing upon returning from battle.
  • Bug fixed, which allowed the talent “Ring of Needles” to affect Brawler / Meijin during “Black Tornado”.
  • Bug fixed, where when buying the skin “Soul Catcher” (Keepers default skin) from an Imperium castle, Soul Reapers voice-over was used.

Please note: the game-mode schedule has changed.

Community Announcements - miromou

Warriors of Praia!

A series of quests awaits you in Prime World - receive effective upgrading talents for silver.

Onwards to victories!
Community Announcements - miroslav.milov

On Christmas, anything can happen. Monsters become cuddly and fuzzy, heroes start baking Christmas cake, soldiers send out holiday cards. But today the miracles in Prime World are of another kind – read on to see!

Bonuses prolonged
Two bonuses have been extended:
  • Now all heroes receive double experience for battles in Borderlands until 9:00 UTC on January 12.
  • Until 9:00 UTC on January 12 receive five additional talents for the first win of the day in Borderlands.

Christmas market
From 9:00 UTC on January 7 until 20:59 UTC on January 9 you can visit a real winter market. Merchants from all over the world came to show their goods. The most precious among them – prime crystals, which many merchants offer for great prices.

3 days of Golden Age
From 9:00 UTC on January 7 until 20:59 UTC on January 8 all players who log into Prime World receive 3 days of Golden Age. Golden Age received for that offer will be added to any current Golden Age.

Don’t forget to restart the game for the changes to come into effect.

Wonders in Prime World!

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