Community Announcements - Sasha_Sasha
New skins, improved system of punishments, rebalance of the hero Inventor and more!

Lords und Ladies!

Update 10.10 has been installed on our game servers. Experience the long-awaited improved penalty system, along with a rebalance of the hero Inventor (and other), as well as new skins!
New skins!
Not long ago, two stunning events rocked the land of Praia. First, a famous warrior dared to challenge the wild Woodwose, even though that warrior was just an ordinary man. In the fierce battle that followed, the master of battle killed the Woodwose, but the cost of his victory was much too great.

At the same time, on a busy trade route near Fichter, an unthinkable large bandit attack struck at the merchant caravans. The leader of the gang could shoot with both hands at once and often donned a painted mask. “Take no prisoners,” he commanded. Of course, the same command was followed by the heroes sent to clear the bandits from the road. It seemed the evil villain was finally gone for good. But things aren’t always what they seem...

Dragon Warrior
Original hero: Brawler / Meijin
Price49  gold

Original hero: Desperado
Price49  gold
Stiffer punishments, fairer penalties
As we mentioned in the announcement, most of the work in this update was on the system of punishments and penalties. The former have become stricter, and the latter are now fairer for players. Also, the interface is now more user-friendly, and some aspects of the punishment system are now clearer and easier to understand. You can read more about these changes here.
  • Reports in battle and in the Castle are now split: each player gets 2 reports for each battle session. Also, even if a player spends both reports in a single battle, both are fully restored for the next one. The number of reports allowed in the Castle is still 3 per day, as before.
  • A player will now be banned from chat for insults automatically after a match if the offender receives 2 or more complaints of insulting communication during that session. A special algorithm will verify these reports, responding to key factors in players behavior. If the reports filed against the player are not justified, they will not count against him. Bans triggered this way lasts 24 hours. (This feature will be switched off right after patch installation in order to implement additional settings. We will keep you updated).
  • The penalty for canceling the pre-match window no longer grows with each cancelation and now always lasts 5 minutes.
  • Fixed a bug that made messages about punished players sometimes disappear and be sent repeatedly to the reporters. Now these messages will be displayed correctly: one time for each offender who is punished.
  • Now the user who is the target of a complaint will automatically be added to the ignore list of the player who submits the complaint.
  • Chat can now be disabled/enabled without going into game settings: you can disable chat by simply clicking the check mark next to the message entry box. When a player’s chat is disabled, that player cannot write or read any chat messages.
  • Players can now be added to your ignore list with one click from the game statistics screen.
  • Players on the ignore list will no longer be displayed in the Recent Allies tab after battle.
  • The status of a player whose is banned from chat is now correctly displayed in the lobby.
  • Fixed a bug where the group leader could not see when members of his group had active cancelation penalties.
The hero most affected by rebalancing in the 10.10 update is definitely the Inventor.

Our experimenting was fascinating and intense. Lots of people had differing opinions, and we couldn’t cater to all of them. The hero would have been severely imbalanced, as the players themselves said after all of the suggestions were received. In the end, we conducted a survey, in which the rebalanced variant developed by the game designers was selected. Thanks again to everyone who participated in the rebalancing. We really value your input in the project!

  • Now, in addition to Speed, Attack Damage is also increased by 1% for each 5 missing parts. The max total increase (when parts are at 0) is 20%.
  • Now placed without an animation delay.
  • Now placed without an animation delay
Time Bomb
  • Bomb projectile speed increased by 50%
  • Active time reduced from 4 to 3 seconds.
  • Damage per second increased by 33%. Thus the total damage during active time remains the same.
  • Increased the number of parts used per second from 14 to 18.
Freeze is very well-suited to the current meta. He has lots of control and can play support without losing any of his usefulness, plus he is very good at fights in early-game.

Freeze is especially popular at high levels of play and in full parties. In the Prime Battle playoff, Freeze’s popularity (total peaks and bans) was 73%. We’ve redirected some of his early-game strength to the midgame and late game.

Ring of Needles
  • The damage required to free the target from the effect of the needles has been reduced by 15%.
Icy Blows
  • Damage increased by 15%.
Icy Fist
  • The enemy-drawing effect on hit has been moved from the main talent to the Permafrost Zone upgrade.
  • The slowdown effect that was previously added with the Permafrost Zone upgrade is now a part of the main talent.
Pied Piper / Rat Master
Pied Piper has a very similar role to Freeze’s – he can play support and has a lot of powerful control ability.

In the current aggressive game, every second of control is worth its weight in gold, and in this domain the Pied Piper can outclass any other forester. Pied Piper is still one of the stronger initiators and gankers but has been weakened somewhat.

Call of the Flute
  • Reduced maximum duration from 3 to 2.5 seconds.
  • The damage required to free the target from the effect of the flute has been reduced by 15%.
Prince of Thieves / Duelist
If Freeze and Pied Piper are popular, the Prince is a superstar!

Statistically, his popularity in the team tournament stage was at 75%, and in the playoff stage his popularity reached an incredible 95%. As you know, the top teams really play to win, they love the Prince, and not because of his beautiful eyes. Borderlands stats also have the Prince standing out from the crowd. Weakening the Luck talent makes the Prince’s defensive stats more important and makes the choice between damage and defense more significant.

  • Amount of damage absorbed reduced by 10%
• Sometimes, a hero’s complex mechanics result in minor technical glitches. We’re fixing these with Luna. Also, Luna’s ultimate has been weakened a bit.

  • No longer works on heroes immune to control.
  • No longer removes an invisibility status from opponents – but does make invisible opponents visible for the duration of the ability.
Bugs fixed:
  • Fixed a bug where the dome summoned by the Stasis ability disappeared when Luna died.
  • Fixed a bug where using Luna’s Astral Gates could teleport you to an inaccessible part of the map.
  • Fixed a bug where the Serenity talent’s description did not always display the correct speed reduction value (based on the number of charges accumulated by the Surplus Energy talent)
  • Fixed a bug where an allied hero using Luna’s Astral Gates received a strength boost not based on his own strength but on Luna’s strength.
  • You can now set hotkeys during a battle, not just from your Castle.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the resurrection of Defender/Guardian to sometimes fail.
  • Fixed a bug where, when Defender/Guardian was killed, the killing could be attributed to multiple players at once.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Inherited Talisman talent to not function at the end of a match if the talent cooled down while the hero was dead.
  • Fixed the description of the effect of the Life-Giving Radiance talent.
  • Upgraded the Mechawyrm skin’s death animation.
  • Fixed a bug that caused upgraded and bound talents to not be shown when improving talents.
  • The Fair interface is now always displayed correctly.
  • Fixed a bug that caused chat ban time to be displayed incorrectly in the Castle when it was greater than 2 days. Previously, some players were shown chat ban times which were 24 hours less than their actual chat ban time, which led to questions and misunderstandings. This will no longer happen.
Account protection system upgrades
  • Upgraded the automatic account lock system, activated by brute force attacks
Known problems
  • Inventor: Improvement of the talent «Vita-Generator» gives no additional parts.
  • Functionality of hiring the heroes Inventor and Artiste for silver is working incorrectly. While we are working on fixing this issue, we would like to invite those Lords and Ladies, who have not hired these heroes yet, to buy them via using special quests, which are already available in your castles.
Let us know your thoughts about the new patch in the comments down below or in a special thread on our forum!

Your Prime World Team

Jun 16
Community Announcements - alter_prime
New hero Luna and lower requirements for using talents!

Lords and Ladies!

Patch 10.9.1 was installed on our game servers, charming hero Luna is ready do fight in honor of Praia! While we want to tell you more about the new update first.

New Hero!
The Adornian scholar, astrologer, and just a beautiful girl Luna has arrived in Praia! However, do not be fooled by her attractive appearance because Luna’s role is Slayer! But slaying her enemies is not the only use she has for the energy of the cosmos. Luna’s abilities make her allies on the battlefield much more mobile, an attribute usually reserved for Support heroes. Interested? You can read more about this new hero here.

Just like previous heroes, you can get Luna in three ways:
  • Complete a seven-day quest chain. You will then be able to recruit Luna for 750,000 silver. The first quest in the chain is already available, and the last will appear on June 23rd. Once you have completed the last of the quests, you can spend the silver to recruit Luna right away.
  • The normal way to recruit Luna (paying silver without completing a quest chain) will be available for all players from 25th castle level and higher starting on June 30th.
  • Or hire Luna now for 299 gold.
With the release of this new hero, the price of S.Putnik has been reduced to 500,000 silver and 199 gold.

Lower hero level requirements for using exclusive and legendary talents
The requirements for heroes to use exclusive and legendary talents are now a little less demanding. Now exclusive talents can be used from the 1st level of the Hero and higher, and legendary talents, from 15th level and higher. These changes were made for two reasons:
  • This restriction used to be justified since players with lots of playtime could just pump up a hero they just purchased with powerful talents and then play at a lower level against opponents without high-level talents. Now getting exclusive talents isn’t as hard as it once was, before the first orange set was introduced. The chance of getting oranges has been increased (remember that your first victory of the day will always get you at least one orange talent), and the forge produces two talents per one Prime crystal. So in general it is significantly easier now to put together a good build. Therefore, we wanted to give this opportunity to make a good build to our novices, who just recruited the hero.
  • Beginning with update 10.8, matchmaking began to consider the Player’s Maximal Rating. For all intents and purposes, when playing with a newly-recruited hero, a player with a high maximum rating would be matched with players with a similar rating and similarly developed heroes. Together with matchmaking based on average power, this allows the requirements for talents to be relaxed, since in most games that result, players will be well-matched in average power and thus in skill.
  • Challenges mode is back!
  • Fixed a bug that caused the main building to deal no damage on the Outpost map.
  • Fixed a bug when after the Rampage ability activation, Tu’Rehu died, but the ability went on cooldown.
  • Balance Charm and Inspiring Hymn talents were reworked: Now when Max Health is increased, healing only occurs once – when the effect is applied. In other words, players cannot heal multiple times in a row by refreshing the effect.
  • Fixed a bug when cooldown time of the talent "Ritual Extermination" was not displayed when used on allied soldiers.
  • The Antifreeze effect is now also colored red when striking enemies.

  • Clan abbreviations are now always displayed correctly.
  • Fixed a display error that showed the clan list in the incorrect order on the All Clans tab and caused problems when searching for some clans.

  • Optimized the game and improved game stability. Among other fixes, fixed a bug that cause connection problems to be handled incorrectly when in the Castle, causing the “Internal Server Error” message.
How do you like these changes? Tell us your opinion in the comments below or in our forum.
Community Announcements - Sasha_Sasha
Quests changes and earlier equipment of exclusive and legendary talents!

Lords and Ladies!

Summer is always a very special period. This is the time when you can relax and enjoy your life, time with a lot of warm sunshine. Many things change in summer and Praia is not an exception!

Equip exclusive talents already from the 1st Hero level!

We want to share with you some details about the upcoming first update of this summer - 10.9.1 (but details about our new Hero will still stay a mystery!).

After installation of the new update it will be easier to create a desired build, because of lower Hero level requirements for using exclusive and legendary talents!

The previous limitation was justified because it could lead to an imbalance between players. Now it has also become easier to obtain orange talents - minimum 1 orange for the first victory of the day, 2 talents for 1 Prime crystal in the Talentforge / Talent Garden... All in all, it will be much easier for our newcomers to enrich supplies of exclusive talents!

Moreover, we also lower the requirements for using legendary talents - they equipped starting from 15th Level of the Hero now!
  • Exclusive talents from 1st Level of the Hero.
  • Legendary talents from 15th Level of the Hero.

Be ready! The update 10.9.1 will appear in Praia very soon!

Changes in rewards for daily quests!

In addition, we would like to tell you more about valuable legendary crystals!

Since legendary talents and crystals were added to the game, we have constantly taken your opinions into account and adapted gathering of legendary crystals as possible to each class of our players. But that also shouldn't be too easy to get them, in order not to retain the exclusivity of the most desired content in the game.

Today you can get legendary crystals for completing daily quests or exchange them for Prime crystals in the Fair.

But now you can only get legendary crystals at the end of the whole quest, as a reward for the third stage. We have decided to make something pleasant for you and therefore starting from tomorrow you will receive legendary crystals already for the first stage of the quest!

In such a manner, this is how the reward for each stage of daily quests will look like:
  • Red crystals for the first stage
  • Resources for the second stage
  • Prime crystals for the third stage

We want also to remind you that our "big" quests are on Wednesdays and Saturdays, these quests aren't divided into stages. They remain unchanged - as usual you will receive 3 and 5 legendary crystals for completing the Wednesdays and Saturdays quests accordingly.

These are still not all the surprises that await us this summer. Stay tuned!
Community Announcements - alter_prime

Expand your collection of talents and Heroes!

Friends of Praia!

A summer full of surprises continues in Praia.
Legendary talents as a gift!

From 9:00 (UTC) on June 9th and till the end of summer - receive free legendary talents for visiting your castle!

Every third day you will get a legendary talent from the first set "Birth of a Legend". But there is one condition, it should be collected within 24 hours. If you will do this regularly, it is possible to fully equip several Heroes!

Don't miss the opportunity to provide your Heroes with legendary builds during this hot summer!
Hire Heroes for free!

Moreover, during the whole summer time, one time a week the price on one of the Heroes will be lowered under the minimum mark and be only 1 silver! Already today our winged Hero Defender/Guardian will start this offer. Explore the sky together with her!

Furthermore, free Heroes will be changed every Thursday until the summertime ends. This means you will be able to hire a Hero for a minimal price every week! Make your army grow!
Community Announcements - alter_prime

Three months of Golden Age, instead of one.

Lords and Ladies!

The long-awaited summer has finally rolled around! We all have a lot of plans to do on both sides of the monitor during this time, because this is the beginning of holiday time and just a nice period to relax.

Therefore we would like to announce an unprecedented action today: Golden Age for the entire summer, at the price of one month! This way you could ensure the prosperity of your lordship for the whole summer season.

Only till 9:00 UTC on June 6th buy one month of Golden Age and get the whole Golden Summer (90 days)!

Golden days in Praia!
Community Announcements - alter_prime

Black Friday is back in Praia!

Lords und Ladies!

We can still remember how much you enjoyed the previous Black Friday event. Yes, exactly, when the renewal cost was only 1 silver coin and selected fields remained permanently. Therefore we have decided to gladden you one more time with it!

Triff “Schwarzer Freitag” bereits auf dem Markt von Praia!
Action in the Fair

Three days, till 9:00 UTC on May 30th, a truly legendary wealth of choice will reign in pavilions of the Fair!

In honor of the last spring days and in anticipation of the hot and sunny summer time, merchants open their inventories for all the willing! The assortment renewal is almost free, it costs only one silver coin, also selected fields remain permanently, which means there is no limit set to the renewal amount! This way, everyone can renew the assortment until he finds exactly the necessary items!
  • Purchased fields remain permanently
  • Renew the assortment for only 1 Silver!
  • We would also like to remind you that with the release of the third set, the first set of legendary talents "Birth of a Legend" was removed from the assortment, this was intended in order to make it easier, to collect the sets. However, the first set is still available in the Talent Forge / Talent Garden.
  • During this event, jackpots, as well as the offer "Legendary crystal for 2 Prime crystals" were removed from the Fair. The price of these offers is directly linked to the rare chance, which in its turn is completely covered by the possibility of unlimited assortment renewal.
  • In order not to overload the payment server with a multiple requests, two packs - "3 Prime crystals for 1 Gold" and "5 Prime crystals for 2 Gold" were removed from the Fair.
  • Other positions remain unchanged.
Hurry up to get these good pennyworths!
Community Announcements - alter_prime
Meet new skin for the Hero Freeze!

Since the ancient times the Docth`s observatory was considered a bastion of science. Scientists from all over the Praia came there, experimenters and people indifferent to the wonders of science. But after the first Cataclysm, the volcano Sacral that was located not so far from the observatory, has awakened after centuries of silence. Streams of lava, mixed with Prime, filled up approaches and the road to the building. Because of Prime impurities, lava couldn't cool down and all in all the road to the observatory has been forgotten.

However, the second Cataclysm and the Fog, which it has brought gave a second life and to  this building and to many scientific researches that weren't finished or were simply forgotten after so many years.

Scientists, researchers and curious travelers - many of them came to the observatory through the fog. All of them said that after long looking at the bubbling lava lake, if you're lucky you will be able to see a brave warrior, restraining its flow.

As the saying goes, the eruption has caught girls who were gathering herbs/flowers/stones at unawares. But a brave warrior has overshadowed them, giving as needed time to save themselves...But he remained in the flames forever.
A young girl with eyes of the color of fire. She first entered the fog, in order to reach the observatory and to thank to the warrior who saved her grandmother and gave her the opportunity to be born and to live.

Long she has stared at the lava bursts. Her lips moved silently - no one knew what she was talking with the warrior's spirit.

And at night the storm broke. Streams of water were everywhere, lightning were splitting the sky, the thunder came from one edge of the sky to another...It seemed that the two elements were fighting with each other at the foot of the observatory.

The next morning something unbelievable has happened. Out of lava flows to the path leading through the fog, came out a warrior. Warrior of onyx and fire.

Girls words gave him enough strength and he finally won a very long battle against the fire, he absorbed a greater part of the heat, which for decades threatened to burn down everything around it.

And he became a real hero - not only his spirit, but in fact.

Base Hero: Freeze
Features: new effects
Price: 49 gold
Community Announcements - alter_prime
New skin for the Hero Tu`Rehu with an animated portrait!

She always knew that she won't live like everyone else. There were to much fire in her eyes, her spirit was to strong. She was hunting after wild animals on a par with boys or men from her tribe since her childhood, she shouted in order frighten scavengers and had no equals in managing brass knuckles and "flying blades". Of course priests weren't satisfied with her behavior, but they didn’t forbidden her something.

They understood, the daughter of a leader should be strong.
Name of your spirit is T’aika, a weapon which was embedded in the arm. Weapon, which selects its owner by itself - Senior Priest wearily sank to the ground and put aside special sticks, with which he applied Prime drops to the girl’s skin, this was necessary for establishing the ritual. This dedication was supposed to be the most difficult one in his life.
Nobody even thought that namely this day and this hour will be a turning point in the girl’s fate.

A deep, dull roar filled up the cave. Stones and debris felt down from above and stalagmites, which people who were present at the initiation seized were covered with cracks.

With a loud roar half of the сave collapsed, cutting off the Priest and the girl from the rest.
With a shock wave T’aika was thrown on her knees, closer to the Prime source. Just a little bit, and... Blood from a long scratch on her arm, which was left by one of the fragments, has got in the Prime source. She saw, how her blood leaves a lot of repetitive spiral patterns on its surface. Sudden cramp caused her to stretch out on the stone floor, her hand slipped and almost entirely disappeared in the Prime source. At once she left consciousness, that has saved her from an unbearable pain.
She woke up at dawn. Prime hasn't rejected the beloved daughter.

Female Hero, the first in her tribe.

T’aika, weapon of fate.

Base Hero: Tu’Rehu
Features:: sex change, new voiceover, animated portrait
Price: 99 gold
May 25
Community Announcements - alter_prime

Antifreeze, T`aika and the new set «Legendary Heritage» are already in the game!

Lords and Ladies!

The long-awaited Patch 10.9 was installed on our game servers! Meet a new set of legendary talents, two amazing Skins for two of our latest Heroes, rebalancing of the Heroes S. Putnik and Mimi! Find out about other changes below.

New Skins!

Base Hero: Tu’Rehu
Features:: sex change, new voiceover, animated portrait
Price: 99 gold

Base Hero: Freeze
Features: new effects
Price: 49 gold

New legendary talent set: Legendary Heritage
As we announced recently, a new set of legendary talents has been added: Legendary Heritage. This set, like the last one, has 5 subsets, each containing one active talent and several supporting talents. You can select whichever combo suits you and your hero’s playstyle. But remember that these talents can only be strengthened with three support talents. After that, attempts to strengthen them won’t work.
Brave Wanderer set
An excellent choice for initiators and for characters without a universally effective “escape.” The Brave Wanderer set helps you catch a target, initiate a fight, and escape the consequences quickly.

Enchanting Abundance set
Fresh pies? Dig in! With this set, any purchase of consumables you make in stores will earn you a random amount of pies with assorted effects. Upgrades make the pies even more filling and delicious!

Inherited Talisman set
This set gives its owner a shield that is activated when its owner deals damage equal to 15% or more of his current Health. But the set also has a number of other features that make it more of an offensive talent than a defensive talent. After all, in some situations, the shield may activate several times in a single battle against enemy heroes. This set also works remarkably well against Battle Ecstasy.

Toxic Effect set
This is an excellent set for support heroes, as well as for “auto-attackers,” since its upgrades turn it into a formidable control weapon.

Inspiring Hymn set

This set supplements and expands the 10.8 update’s changes to soldiers and towers. After all, one of the improvements was aimed at encouraging a clear “push” against enemy towers.

Talent Forge/Talent Garden

Great news! Now that the number of legendary sets has reached three, the Talent Forge/Talent Garden has a new special filter to help you pick the legendary set you need!

The Fair

Now that the game has three legendary talent sets, finding the right legendaries at the Fair can be complicated. To make getting the new legendary talents easier, the first set of legendary talents, Birth of a Legend, has been removed from the assortment. However, you can still get this set at the Talent Forge/Talent Garden. Also:
  • Fixed the sound volume at the Fair.
  • Fixed an error that delayed the color change of Fair slots when a purchase was made.
  • Fixed an error that occasionally prevented some of the slots at the Fair from updating.
  • Fixed an error that displayed a permanent slot as bought.
  • Fixed an error that could drop previous jackpots at the Fair after the jackpot type was changed.
  • Improved the Fair’s visuals.

S.Putnik is a sufficiently strong auto-attacker in his power form. Despite the fact that he has no defensive abilities or attack modifiers, he is still a little stronger than other late-game carry heroes. With the help of his faithful Comrade, S.Putnik can remain beyond enemies’ reach and yet be a powerful fighter. So this Comrade had to be reconsidered.

So of course you’re a proud, strong bear, Comrade, but we need some revenants now and then!

Frontline Comrade
  • The bear’s Speed no longer depends on the hero’s Speed but is always 65.
  • Increased the Prime earned from killing the bear from 10 to 20.
  • Comrade’s Health has been reduced by 10%.
Exemplary Sniper
  • The Mark no longer prevents the Sniper from becoming invisible.
  • Marks now last 3 seconds rather than 4.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented neutral soldiers from responding to the hero’s attacks in some cases..
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Comrade from being affected by slowdown effects.
  • Fixed a bug where S.Putnik moved toward the target after the latter lost a Mark.
Initially, we assumed the Beware! Ability would be used mainly to initiate conflicts or to move quickly to the enemy’s rear. But practice has shown that the ability is most often used to escape the enemy.

When combined with charging, this is just too many escapes for a single character. In beast form, Mimi has seriously high protection, which grows quickly with his attack stats. Now the choice Mimi must make between damage and tank ability will be felt more keenly.

  • In Mimi form: duration reduced from 3 to 2.5 seconds.
  • In Mimi form: the Catch! upgrade now increases speed by 60%, not 70%.
Defend Yourself!
  • In Grrr! form: Stamina and Will boost reduced by 15%
Despite the fact that Rumbler’s ultimate is one of the most powerful and effective abilities in the game, its cooldown is too long for the game’s current pace. Massive conflicts have become more common, fighting is more frequent, and the Rumbler fights rather poorly without his main initiating ability.
Rumbler’s damage has remained the same, but the cooldown of his ultimate has been significantly reduced.

  • Cooldown reduced from 160 to 100.
Gigantic Pace
  • The slowdown aura now affects nearby enemies whether the hero is moving or not.
Amazon, despite being a late-game hero, has serious potential for early aggression. Aggression nearly always means fighting on foreign terrain, and this is the part of Amazon’s game that has been improved in this update. Her damage has been slightly increased, and her shield absorbs more damage.

This allows Archer/Amazon to defeat her opponent more quickly and with fewer wounds.

Smashing Whirlwind
  • Damage increased by 20%.
  • The damage increase modifier applied when using this ability on native terrain has been decreased from 1.5x to 1.3x. Thus the total damage when used on native terrain has remained virtually the same.
  • The shield’s duration after learning Active Defense has been increased from 4 seconds to 5.
  • The shield now absorbs 15% more damage.

Like heroes, talents are a very important part of game balance. Game balance adjustments have affected some talents from the second legendary set, Legendmakers.
Ritual Extermination set
Ritual Extermination ended up being too powerful for such an early stage. A portion of this damage has been moved to once of its upgrades, and its cooldown has been lengthened.
  • Cooldown of the Ritual Extermination talent increased from 80 to 100 seconds.
  • Damage of the Ritual Extermination talent reduced from 190 (230) to 160 (196).
  • Treacherous Ritual talent’s additional damage increased from 140 (180) to 170 (210).
  • After learning Ritual of Ruthlessness. If the talent’s target is a soldier, the talent’s cooldown is reduced by 30 seconds.
Deathtouch set
Deathtouch is strong for “auto-attackers,” even though its enemy defense reduction is virtually identical to that of Suppressive Touch. To allow the rest of the talents to compete with this new bomb of a talent without making the set useful has led us to reallocate a portion of the talent’s effectiveness to Suppressive Touch/Touch of Sophistication.
  • Reduced the reduction in Stamina and Will to 19 (25) and 16 (22) once the upgrade Suppressive Touch is learned.
  • Increased the damage boost when learning the Indomitable Touch and Touch of Sophistication upgrades from 9 (13) to 11 (15).
Demolition Mania set
Demolition Mania has proven too difficult to use. Its small blast radius makes it ineffective in most game situations.
  • Damage increased from 90 (130) to 120 (152).
  • Blast radius increased from 4 to 7 meters.
Since the changes made to the Ritual Extermination, Demolition Mania, Ritual of Ruthlessness, and Ritual of Ruthlessness talents are quite extensive, these talents will be unbound from your heroes and moved to the Library.

Towers, soldiers, main building
We’ve continued improving the interaction between soldiers, heroes, and towers. Changes have been directed towards simplifying the mechanic of soldiers along the line of combat. For instance, soldiers no longer deal critical damage.
Main building:
  • The main building’s Health has been increased by 20%.
  • The damage calculation for the main building’s mass attack ability has been reworked. Attack damage was previously multiplied by a random number from 3 to 5. Damage from the mass attack is now always equal to attack damage times 3.
  • Soldiers no longer deal critical damage. The chance of a critical attack has been converted into additional attack strength (+4% max). This way, damage per second remains the same as before.
  • Increased the importance of attacking the nearest target.
  • Decreased the importance of attacking enemy soldiers attacking an allied hero.
  • Decreased the importance of attacking targets with low Health.
  • Decreased the importance of attacking an enemy hero if an enemy tower is in the soldier’s range of aggression.
  • Now, if a siege soldier (crusher/flamethrower) is near a tower along with a hero, the tower will attack the siege soldier first, not the enemy hero. As before, if both normal and siege soldiers are present around a tower, the tower will target the normal soldiers first.

Changes to the unified login process
In order to connect an additional social network, you must enter your account login and password for both accounts: both your main account and the connected account. Also, you can no longer merge accounts, as this often led to unpredictable results. So you can no longer, for example, merge two social network user accounts if they are each registered game accounts.

  • Fixed a bug where no text message alerted the player to the need to build a Clan Hall for a player who had been invited to a clan.
  • Fixed a bug in the clan join message sent after the leader invites a new member.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause long load times in the Clan’s Recommended tab.
  • Fixed a bug that caused an “Internal Server Error” when leaving a clan.
  • Fixed a bug that altered the display of the lowest vassal when hovering over a central castle’s ranking.
  • Fixed a bug that sent a message about all players leaving the clan when one player left the clan.

  • Reduced RAM usage. Increased responsiveness to player actions.
  • Fixed bugs caused incomplete loading of the pre-match screen. If this error persists, please send your castle logs to tech support.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Lord to lose experience.
  • Fixed a bug where some players, especially new players, lost progress for some heroes.
  • Fixed a bug where it was sometimes impossible, to make a complaint about a player by reason of "Obscenity".
  • Clan buffs do not increase the characteristics of Heroes in Tavern.
  • Fixed a bug where it was impossible to see characteristics of the Heroes of a first level.
  • Now if a player violates the game rules in battle, he will see the following message when returning to his castle:
    “You have violated the standards of conduct towards other players in battle. Players who repeatedly violate these standards are named deserters or punished and have to complete more matches before the penalty is removed.”
  • Now you no longer have to click the text field in the pre-match screen to start entering a message. Focus always defaults to the chat message entry field.
  • Fixed a bug where a player’s name was sometimes displayed incorrectly if it contained more than 25 characters.
  • Fixed a bug with the display of titles.
  • Fixed a bug where the gate screen and pre-match screen displayed an incorrect build if talents were removed from a hero.
  • Fixed a bug where the Continue button was not always shown in the Path to Mastery quest.
  • Fixed a bug where some buildings, when you hovered over their upgrade icon, did not show the changes in production/storage that would result from the upgrade.
  • Fixed some bugs that caused crash of the Castle.
  • Fixed a number of inaccuracies in talent descriptions and displayed stats.

  • Fixed information about Tu’Rehu’s boosts to Agility and Stamina provided by the Battle Fury talent.
  • Fixed a bug where the loading screen displayed the average power rating if the team included heroes with ranks below captain.
  • Fixed a bug where the loading screen displayed the average power rating if the team included a group.
  • Fixed a bug with the Conjuress skin for the Demonologist hero.
  • Fixed a bug where the Fatal Passion and Curse of Terror talents activated when an invisible hero entered attack range.
Community Announcements - alter_prime

Pies and preview of the new legendary set!

Lords and Ladies!

There are hours left until the installation of Patch 10.9! The countdown has been started and therefore we are hurrying to present you the last preview in succession, but not in order of importance.

New legends!
Dear friends, with the Patch 10.9 a new, third set of legendary talents — «Legendary Heritage» — will appear in your castles. Just as the second set of legendary talents it is composed of 6 subsets, with one active and several passive, strengthening talents, moreover one of the subsets will have a completely new mechanics!

Though the Patch 10.9 is almost here, we won't tell you about all the talents form the set "Legendary Heritage" in this announcement in details, but we`ll have a closer look at the most unique subset. Using this subset can make every player be a baker, who bakes the freshest pies in Praia!

Yes, exactly, this isn't a mistake, a Hero who will add those talents to his build will receive pies after buying any items in the Shop of the Touched.

The pies differ in their appearance, and of course in their effects. This magic bake will allow you to restore health, energy, additionally speed up your Hero or detach from a negative effect!

Magic of choice!
Legendary changes will be noticeable not only on the battlefields! One of the most significant innovations in Patch 10.9 will be the possibility to select a necessary set of legendary talents in the Talent Forge/Talent Garden.

At first we thought about adding this possibility only after the release of a fourth red set, but your feedback influenced our decision a lot, so we've decided to introduce this feature to the game earlier!

More beautiful changes expect you in Praia today!

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