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MPQ R109

What’s New:

5-Star Black Widow now in-game!

What’s Changed:
- S.H.I.E.L.D. Clearance Levels arriving – visit for more details.
- Magneto (Marvel NOW!)'s Magnetic Flux now properly displays a banner when the Countdown tile activates.
- Countdown tiles are no longer removed when the Countdown tile overwrites the Invisibility tile of a defeated character.
- Black Bolt's Motivation tile no longer has a black outline when viewing the description of the tile.
- Peggy Carter (Captain America)'s Legendary Presence no longer displays an animation when the power is already active and she is healed.
- Professor X (Charles Xavier)'s Blind Spot now activates after a match is made (no longer at the end of the turn).
- XP earned in a mission is now displayed after the mission completes.
Community Announcements - D3 Admin
MPQ R108!

Spider-Woman is here, love or fear her!

What’s Changed:

- S.H.I.E.L.D. Ranking part 1 and 2.
- The Roster button now indicates how many covers are in the Rewards Cache.
- She-Hulk’s Furious Charge no longer drains Team-Up AP.
- Captain Marvel (Ms. Marvel)’s Sonic Boom at levels one through 4 no longer attempts to drain Black AP if there isn’t any left from activating the power.
- Nova’s Rocket Man now deals the correct amount of damage.
- Jean Grey (Phoenix)’s levels can be increased from Black Bolt’s Silent King power after she’s been revived by From the Ashes.
- Black Bolt’s The Silent King is now Team-Up eligible.
- After using Colossus’ Fastball Special: passives that activate when a power is activated no longer fire a second time.
- The game will now display players correctly after joining an Alliance.
- Tapping the top of the Champion Reward list will no longer go to the Resources screen.
- Board will now reshuffle after all possible board actions are resolved.
- Training characters is now present for non-active, damaged characters in Training Screen.
- Championed character’s Star rarity colors in the roster of opposing players display correctly.
Community Announcements - D3 Admin

Black Bolt & Spider-Woman arriving in August!

What’s New…
- Wasp stings Versus!
-Story action with The Hulk!

What’s Changed…
-Championed characters are considered to have 5 power levels in every power when sent as a Team-up.
-Selecting a mission now takes the player into the mission description.
-Only one Power Banner is displayed when multiple countdown tiles from the same power activate simultaneously.
-The Alliance Icon now shows an alert you when you receive a Team-up.
-Fixed various rare issues in the early stages of the game.
-Fixed a bug where players were still sometimes taken to the top of the Rewards Cache.
-Loki's Mischief power now displays a banner when the Countdown tile activates.
-Countdown tiles created by Iron Man (Model 40)'s Recharge power now display the correct description.
-Iron Man (Model 40)'s Recharge power now displays a banner when he is on the player's team.
-Countdown tiles created by Brotherhood Subject's Unstable Blasts power now display the correct description.
-The game should no longer crash when playing against certain enemy combinations in Wave Missions.
-Attempted fixes implemented to improve game stability.
-Fixed PC bug: The Power Shift ‘Preview Previous Level’ button now indicates when it is pressed.
Community Announcements - D3 Admin

Take wing…

What’s New
- PVP action with Vision!
- A Boss returns for vengeance?!

What’s Changed
- Roster & Character Select screen: When viewing the character power level bar, selecting a power level reveals the description as if your character currently had that power level.
- Power Shift screen: A button now displays below the ‘Drop Power Level’ button allowing you to see a description of the previous power level.
- Roster screen (player’s character collection) is now scrollable horizontally.
- Join Forces missions (where a character is provided for the player): A copy of the character with more levels and more power levels is selected. The game no longer selects the player's character by default.
- Reworked Venom (Dark Avengers)’s Symbiote Snare power. Lower levels of the power require Web tiles to be on the board to activate the power. Each power level reduces this requirement until it reaches 0. The power no longer stuns the entire opposing team at Power Level 5.
- Match hint now correctly shows the proper tiles when tiles were converted to another color using a power.
- War Machine's Aerial Assault once again creates Attack tiles after the Aerial Assault Countdown tile is locked, then unlocked.
- Raise Level button no longer loses functionality if a character was partially leveled in R103 or earlier.
- Game once again shuffles tiles properly if the last remaining match on the board is locked.
Community Announcements - D3 Admin
Gamma gamma hey!
What’s New…
Versus combat with Peggy Carter!
Juggernaut PVE!
What’s Changed…
• VIP mode now underway! Fixed purchase error bug related to VIP mode.
• Leveling characters much faster when using Raise Level button.
• Selling a cover in your Reward Cache no longer sends you to the top of the Reward Cache list.
• Nick Fury no longer has his back turned to the enemy during battle.
• Fortified tiles no longer lose Fortification effect when converted to a Countdown tile.
• Banner at the beginning of Wave 2 no longer displays Wave 1.
• Screen shake animation no longer continues when viewing Options Menu after using Steve Rogers (First Avenger)'s Shield Bash.
• Fixed Countdown tile descriptions for Criterion's Shadow Knives & Detonate and Control's Teleneuropathy.
• Gameboard no longer sometimes fails to reshuffle when no matches are available.
• Incorrect tiles no longer highlighted during the move tile hint sequence.
• Yelena Belova has been removed from Standard packs and Prologue. She can still be earned as mission rewards in Versus events.
• Fixed PC bug: Iso-8 amounts now update correctly after spending Iso-8 to level a character.
Community Announcements - D3 Admin

A hero reimagined…

What’s New…
- Become a VIP & earn awesome rewards!
- Versus action with Black Panther!

What’s Changed…
- Fixed a few missing sound effects when selecting some comics & buttons.
- Locked, friendly Trap tiles now display Locked descriptions instead of Trap descriptions.
- Character affiliations can now be seen when viewing character biographies of un-recruited characters.
- Fixed a bug where Iron Man (XLVI)'s House Party Protocol drones would activate when any teammate took damage.
- Standardized the behavior of Locked & Fortified tiles across all abilities:
All Powers can now target Locked & Fortified tiles.
All Locked & Fortified tiles are counted for abilities that count how many tiles of a specific color are on the game board.
Community Announcements - D3 Admin

Satellite fight…

What’s New…
- Kate Bishop (Hawkeye) now in-game!
- Season XXVIII action underway!

What’s Changed…
- Squashed a few bugs that were impacting performance when starting a battle.
- Sam Wilson (Captain America) now properly activates Countdown Tiles that have targeted allies.
- Fixed a bug where Colossus on the opponent's team was not intercepting attacks.
- Green Goblin's Green Pumpkin Bombs no longer try to destroy tiles that have already been destroyed.
- Fixed a bug where PC users were not able to back out during the early stages of the game.
Community Announcements - D3 Admin

Look sharp!

What’s New…
- War Machine flies into battle!
- Iso-8 Brotherhood – Double-Iso event!

What’s Changed…
- Characters thrown by Colossus’ Fastball Special will now fire their abilities correctly upon landing.
- Steve Rogers (First Avenger)’s Coordinated Offensive now correctly deals damage and healing for 8 special tiles on the board (instead of all).
- Punisher (MAX)’s Merciless Charge no longer deals additional damage for opponents that were downed in previous waves.
- Audio now plays when using the skip function on 10 and 40-Packs.
- The Shield button is no longer sometimes difficult to select.
- The game no longer crashes if you down a stunned enemy with a tile match, while Spider-Man (Back in Black) is on your team and invisible.
- Strike tiles that have been modified by a character’s powers now display the correct amount in the tile’s description.
- Fixed a bug where tiles that reduced damage were reducing damage for all allied characters.
- Fixed PC bug: Ability descriptions now update properly when one ability changes to another.
Community Announcements - D3 Admin

‘Civil War’ events now underway! Team Cap or Team Iron Man - Which will you choose?
Battle commences in Versus Season XXVII!

What’s Changed…
- Players can no longer get stuck if they tap certain parts of the game too quickly.
- Silver Surfer’s Black Hole no longer stops working if Silver Surfer is stunned or sent Airborne.
- If a character is sent Airborne their tile icons are no longer displayed. They now change to the next character who’s strongest in that color.
Community Announcements - D3 Admin
R99 Patch Notes (April 25, 2016)


Coming Soon - Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War and in-game events inspired by the film!

What’s Changed
- Character Affiliations can now be seen in their bio descriptions. Affiliations include (but are not limited to); Heroes, Villains, and Avengers.
- Fixed a bug where an airborne or invisible character would remain in front after a teammate landed in the same turn.
- The area of effect portion of Carnage’s Symbiote Scythes ability now damages invisible enemies as intended.
- Spider-Man (Back in Black) should no longer immediately turn invisible and not take any damage if Cyclops (Uncanny X-Men) fires Full Blast while there are more than 9 red tiles on the board.
- All rewards should now be properly earned if the player’s game was terminated before they claimed the reward.

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