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R71 Patch Notes:

New Feature! Deadpool's Daily Quests! Deadpool. Taco Tokens. Daily.

The much-requested hero, Cyclops, has arrived!

UI, Tweaks & Bug Fixes
-Numerous powers that involve selecting tiles (such as Bullseye's Murderous Aim, The Hood's Twin Pistols, etc.) can be used with Colossus’s Fastball Special again.

-More characters allowed in Survival missions: characters and Team-Ups on enemy teams in Survival missions no longer restrict which characters and Team-Ups you can bring into battle.

-In the mission map, you can now enter missions by tapping/clicking on their title on the map (as well as tapping/clicking on the mission pin a second time).

-Players must now create a name, by joining an Event, before the “Join Alliance” button shows up.

-Fixed a bug where, if a trap placed by Doctor Doom’s Diabolical Plot changed color, it wouldn’t be disarmed when Diabolical Plot was activated.

-Fixed a bug where minions were not generating AP of a color if there were only one or two tiles of that color on the board.

*Note: There is a known audio bug with missing music during some battles (noticeable while fighting Dr. Doom, for example). A fix is planned for R72.
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R70 is here and Star-Lord has arrived!

R70 Patch Notes:

UI, Tweaks & Bug Fixes
- Event end times: When displaying end times, the time until the Event starts or ends now includes days in addition to hours.

- Players are now more likely to face human opponents in Versus matches.

- Fixed an exploit where, if the game closed unexpectedly in the middle of a Shield purchase, a Shield’s cooldown would be triggered, but the Shield wouldn’t actually have been purchased.

- A banner is now displayed when minion characters that don’t move the board gain AP.
*Note: This is a work-in-progress and player feedback will be monitored.

Full Patch Notes at:
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R69 - Squirrel Girl has arrived!

Patch Notes:

UI, Tweaks & Bug Fixes
- Improved Tutorial. Elements such as roster, training and recruiting menus do not show until they contextually make sense to the player.

- Improved game saving to increase performance while playing.

- Improved messaging system to prevent potential crashes.

- Countdown tiles now display their text correctly when they are placed on Trap tiles.

- Fixed a bug where Brotherhood of Mutant minions were generating AP for colors they couldn't use.

- Fixed a bug where 1*, 2*, and 3* characters were scaling too aggressively when they were past their normal level range.

- Dr. Doom now has a powerful third ability: Diabolical Plot!

- New Feature: Shield Cooldowns.

For full (English Only) Patch Notes, please visit
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R68 is live! A new year is upon us and the arrival of Luke Cage fills us with powerful feelings of hope for an awesome 2015.

R68 Patch Notes:

UI, Tweaks & Bug Fixes
  • Players can now register their name for Versus (PVP) using an in-game pop-up window.

  • Missions now properly take powered-up characters into account when determining difficulty.

  • Improved frame rate and prevented possible crashes in Tutorial missions.

  • Team-Up recall prices are lowered so they cap out at 300 HP.

  • Enemy teams now have access to all the new characters as Team-Ups. So you'll start seeing enemy teams with Mystique, Rocket & Groot, Elektra, etc. Team-Ups.

  • Post-Event summaries are back! In the last release, post-Event summaries were causing crashes, so they were disabled until we were certain we had a stable fix.

For full (English Only) Patch Notes, please visit
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R67 is now available! Download today!

Season’s Greetings and happy holidays to everyone!

It seems that this month, Santa isn't the only hero wearing red!

We're very excited to announce that a brand new PVE gameplay mode will be arriving soon. (Hint: "The Law of Inverse Ninja Strength.") But wait, there's more! The Story Wolverine really the ally you think he is?!

R67 Patch Notes:

UI, Tweaks & Bug Fixes
- Shields may now have cooldowns depending on the Event. The cooldown is displayed below the amount of time the Shield lasts.

- Players can now preview Event rewards before an Event starts by tapping the “Event in..” Chapter button or the Rewards button on the time selection dialog.

- Default starting opponents in Versus play now always report the correct amount of "current points" they have.

- Hulk's Anger will no longer fire from allied abilities.

For full (English Only) Patch Notes, please visit
Dec 1, 2014
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Here's wishing a very happy holiday and bountiful harvest to all Marvel Puzzle Quest players!

- Loading screen now 300% more Galactic.

- Team-Up AP Tutorial now properly appears during the intro missions.

- Clarified that users keep Team-Ups when recalling a character from On Patrol.

- Recruit Token counts now display when the user has over 99 tokens.

- Button added to go to an applicable Comic Pack when user is missing an Essential character.

Full (English only) Patch Notes can be found at:
Nov 17, 2014
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R65 is now available! Download today!

We give thanks this season for nature, animals, otherworldly beings, robots and good stories. Everyone loves a good story, right?

- Event end times Beta testing is set to begin soon. Testing to get underway for improvements to Event end times with the Hulk Versus Event.

UI, Tweaks & Bug Fixes
- Fixed a bug that prevented Leaderboard information from appearing.

- Support emails now include player data to streamline the support process.

- The Help and Credits buttons in the Options Menu have been improved.

- MPQ will now check for all Facebook friends that have MPQ instead of the first 1,000.

- The top open Alliances with active players, (players who have played in the last week,) will be shown first to players searching for an Alliance to join.

- Fixed a crash bug on launch for some users.

For full (English Only) Patch Notes, please visit
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R64 is now available! Download today!

As summer transforms to fall, a mutant waits in the shadows.

- Alliance sizes have been set to 20 for all new and current Alliances.

- When Moonstone's Control Shift takes over a Countdown tile that replaces itself (like Molotov Cocktail or Flame Jet), Moonstone now keeps ownership of the Countdown tile when it replaces itself. This fixes some bugs where Countdown tiles could have the wrong descriptions or crash when they reverted to their original owners.

- Fixed a bug where, if a Team-Up Control Shift took control of a Countdown tile that did damage to its owner, an unrelated friendly character would take the damage. Now, because Moonstone isn't there to take the damage, no one takes it.

- Fixed a bug where the effect of matching Wolverine's Recovery tile was activating even if the Recovery tile was overwritten.

- Fixed a bug that could cause visual artifacts if passive powers triggered while matching a Trap tile or Wolverine's Recovery tile.

- Fixed a bug where matching Wolverine's Recovery tile would never affect Locked tiles (now it can, and will shatter the force bubble/web on them).

- Devil Dinosaur's Prehistoric Arms was mistakenly using Prehistoric Bite's sound effects. Now his tiny little arms have their very own sounds!

- Clarified the text of Beast's Mutagenic Breakthrough ability.

- Fixed a bug where all suggestions would be entered into chat when using some T9/predictive keyboards.

- Fixed a crash after entering emoji into some text fields.

- Improved the list of suggested Alliances on the Alliance search page. You're now more likely to see more active Alliances.

- Fixed a bug where a Team-Up description viewed at the moment a Team-Up is awarded could show the description for the wrong level of the power.

- Moved "STUNNED" and "DOWNED" labels so that they're easier to read.

For full (English Only) Patch Notes, please visit
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R63 is now available! Download today!

It's that spooky time of year - ya know, that time of year just before people start to try and ice skate up-hill. Both ways. In the snow.

- Enemy Team-Ups are now displayed on the pre-battle Boost Select Screen.

- Alliance sent Team-Up Abilities now display proper level stats when viewed in battle.

- Colossus now stays out of combat intead of leaping to the front while Invisible and Immovable Object is active

- Characters that are Airborne now no longer count down their own tiles until they land.

- The Player/Alliance Rank display in the top left corner of chapter maps now links to the player leaderboard.

- Fixed multiple issues with third party keyboard support in Alliance chat.

UI, Tweaks and Bugfixes
- Countdown tiles are now visually linked to the characters that own them. When you tap on a character, their countdown tile will pulse.

- Fixed instances of being able to make an invalid move ending the turn.

- When an Event has less than 1 unit of time left, it now displays the next lower unit to be more exact (instead of rounding up). For example: 1D 1H will change to 1D 59M instead of staying at 1D 1H until it hits 1D.

- Suggested matches now display the three tiles to match instead of the two tiles to swap.

For full (English Only) Patch Notes, please visit
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Thor: Goddess of Thunder and Devil Dinosaur are here! Update now!

Requested updates to Team-Ups
• You can now decline a Team-Up after battle.
• Changed the art for the Discard Team-Up button.
• Added a new Team-Up AP Boost and Team-Up Tile Damage Boost.
• Team-Up AP is now included in the All AP Boost.
• Team-Ups have an info button in the corner that shows cost and effects.

Character Updates
• Colossus's Airborne now correctly shows the amount of time remaining for a teammate.
• Colossus's Immovable Object no longer activates while he is Stunned.
• Colossus no longer guards or takes reduced damage when the Countdown tile from Immovable Object is Locked.
• Moonstone's Gravity Warp now affects Invisibility tiles.
• Hawkeye (Modern)'s Electric Arrow and She-Hulk's Reprieve can now affect the enemy's Team-Up AP.

UI, Tweaks and Bugfixes
• Streamlined the launch to get you into the game faster.
• New FAQ to help answer your questions. Find it by tapping the Settings icon on the Chapter select screen, then tap the “?” icon.
• Credits, feedback and version number have been moved into Settings.
• Events now correctly show their complete time remaining.
• Boosts may now drop after missions. Team-Ups drop less frequently.
• Fixed a bug that allowed stunned characters to move the board if they had fired an ability that indirectly resulted in them getting Stunned.
• When a Critical tile is part of multiple simultaneous matches, it now increases the damage of each.
• Fixed a crash with Control Shift Team-Ups.
• The enemy's Team-Up ability tab is hidden if the enemy has no Team-Ups.

For full (English Only) Patch Notes, visit

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