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Time: 1961 Place: Space

What's Happening:
Versus warfare with Carnage and Magneto!
Villainous Lightning Rounds abound!

What Got Better:
- Fixed a bug where an opponent’s Kamala Khan ability 'Bring Out the Best' and Professor X’s 'Psychic Convergence' were activating despite no ability being cast.
- Magneto (Marvel NOW!)’s 'Polarity Shift' no longer targets blue tiles.
- Captain Marvel's 'Energy Absorption' no longer triggers off ally damage.
- The game will now warn players if they attempt to use Vision’s 'Density: Heavy' or 'Density: Light' and those abilities do not have valid tiles for a Cooldown tile to be placed.
- Fixed incorrect recovery times from a downed state for Elektra, Iron Man (Hulkbuster), Kingpin, Professor X, Star-Lord and Iron Fist.
- Mystique no longer attempts to 'Shapeshift' when there are no purple tiles on the board.
- Mystique no longer stuns an opponent while attempting to 'Shapeshift' when there are no purple tiles on the board.
- Black Widow (Grey Suit)’s 'Sniper Rifle' now destroys the correct amount of tiles at level 3.
- She-Hulk’s 'Settlement' (level 4) no longer steals both enemy tiles if there are only 2 enemy special tiles on the board. She-Hulk now only grabs one special enemy tile.
- Vision’s ability 'Attack Protocol' and Doctor Octopus’ ability 'Armed and Dangerous' now available for Team-Ups.
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What’s Happening…
- Versus Season 15 is live now! Jump into the mix for some awesome rewards!
- Mix it up in PVP with Rocket and Groot, Blade, and Squirrel Girl!
- The Iso-8 Brotherhood is at it again! Check out the event while it lasts!

What Got Better…
- Bullseye's "Contract Killer" no longer fires excessively.
- Invisibility tiles now grant invisibility once unlocked. Thanks, Sue!
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R76.1 Update:

Addresses issue of players losing save data when using multiple devices.
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R76 Patch Notes:

UI, Tweaks & Bug Fixes
- Reduced the size of game saves to prevent save corruption.
- Star-Lord’s Oldest Trick in the Book and Everyone With Me abilities now properly modify AP costs when used as a Team-Up.
- Team-ups properly activate Kamala Khan’s Bring out the Best and Professor X’s Psychic Convergence abilities.
- Teisatsu's Turn to Smoke ability now triggers after tiles are matched.
- Abilities without any eligible targets will give the correct error message.
- Fixed a bug where players were unable to select a mission in the tutorial.
- Fixed a Shield purchasing exploit.
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It's time for the R75 update!

R75 Patch Notes:

We're aiming to please with our next character...

UI, Tweaks & Bug Fixes
- It now takes 30% less Iso-8 to level a 3-star character and 15% less Iso-8 to level up a 4-star character.
- A game board slider showing enemy AP values is now displayed when enemies gain or lose AP.
- Abilities that check for the opposing team’s strongest AP will no longer choose an empty pool in the case of a tie.
- Faster initial load times implemented when the game is played for the first time.
- Fixed a bug where the progression bar would sometimes not appear in the Post-Battle Screen.
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R74 has arrived!

A hero need not be human...

UI, Tweaks & Bug Fixes
- Further reduced the size of the initial install of the game.
- Fixed a bug where breaking Shields before they expired would sometimes cause other Shields to be on cooldown.
- Fixed a bug with Professor X's Blind Spot ability. When an Invisibility tile is placed over a Trap tile, the Invisibility icon on the tile will now appear as intended.
- Due to issues with functionality, players can no longer earn Star-Lord’s abilities Everyone with Me and Oldest Trick in the Book as Team-Ups.
- Updated covers for Ares (Dark Avengers), Daken (Classic), Daken (Dark Avengers)
-Numerous back-end fixes made to support upcoming Events.coming Events.
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Hi, all,

Will here from Demiurge to talk about some changes you can expect in Season XIII.

Here’s the quick summary; more details below:

Higher chances of drawing 3-stars from packs.

Changes to Versus matchmaking. We’re fixing some bugs where certain players can see matches much harder or easier than intended, making some changes to soften the “wall” where all of a sudden you start being matchmade with teams that are much harder, and addressing cases where players new to Versus get attacked an extremely high number of times.

The maximum number of times that +AP boosts can be stacked changes from 3 to 2. We still think that there’s interesting gameplay that comes from +AP boosts, and don’t want to get rid of them, but we’ve come to the conclusion that it’s impossible to balance characters in such a way that they’re fairly matched both when players start with 6 AP in a color and when they don’t.

Changes to Versus progression rewards. The 2-star and 3-star characters and the first 1000 Iso-8 award become easier to get. An additional event pack token has been added to the rewards.

Higher Chances of 3-stars
Most packs have a higher chance of a 3-star, and a lower chance of drawing a 2-star. The exact amount of the change depends on the pack. The magnitude of the change is similar to what it will be in the 1x Heroic pack, where the odds of a 3-star increase by about 33% (they used to make up about 14% of the pack, and now make up about 18.6% of the pack).

The Deadpool Daily Quest and Standard (500 Iso-8) packs aren’t affected by this change. The Heroic pack and all event packs are affected.

This change will take effect with a patch late in the day Eastern time on 4/2.

Matchmaking Changes
We’re shifting matchmaking calculations to achieve the following aims:
We used to use a persistent, hidden Versus rating to help with matchmaking. There were a number of ways where that could cause some quirkiness where people’s hidden rating gets far off from what we expect, and their matches are much harder or easier than they should be. That hidden rating no longer figures into matchmaking, fixing these issues.
The removal of hidden rating makes it so that purposely losing to get easier fights stops being effective.

Newcomers to PvP stop getting pounded on quite so badly, and retaliation fights are more likely to be within reach.

The flipside to that is that higher-level players see less super-easy targets. You’ll generally see opponents with a minimum difficulty of roughly one star level below you. (Players with maxed 3-star teams will see maxed 2-star teams and stronger, for example.) If there's a shortage of opponents worth a meaningful number of points in this band, you can be matched with easier teams than that. And if you climb high enough in the event, anyone can see you as an opponent, even if they’re much higher level.

The experience of suddenly hitting a wall and seeing much harder teams is reduced. The upper bound on how difficult a team we match you with gradually increases as it becomes harder to find good matches for you, so you can still expect matches to get harder as you climb higher in an event.

This change will be a part of the Versus event starting on the evening of 4/2 and all Versus events that follow. Balance of Power will be unaffected by these changes.

Boost Stacking Change
The Team-Up +AP boost, all-color +AP boost, and 2-color +AP boosts used to be stackable up to 3 times. They can now be stacked up to 2 times.

We’ve come to the conclusion that it’s not possible to balance the game for cases where people are using as much +AP as was available before and cases when they’re not. We still think that +AP boosts are an interesting piece of the game, and we want to keep them available, just reduce their maximum power.

For some of the most highly competitive players, this will have an effect on the speed of matches in Versus. We’re keeping an eye on how this affects Versus scores and, as with all changes that could have an effect on Versus scores, we’ll adjust progression rewards if that proves necessary.

This change will take effect with a patch late in the day Eastern time on 4/2.

Changes to Progression Rewards
The following progression rewards change in Versus:

200: 250 Iso-8
500: 2-star
650: 1000 Iso-8
800: Event token
900: 3-star

200: 2-star
500: 1000 Iso-8
650: Event token
800: 3-star
900: Event token

This change will be a part of the Versus event starting on the evening of 4/2 and all Versus events that follow.
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R73 is here!

R73 Patch Notes:

This month we explore the chaotic qualities of speed, crime and brute force.

UI, Tweaks & Bug Fixes
- Fixed a bug where the mission points tally screen was displaying an incorrect amount of points.
- Fixed a bug where players weren't returned to the Chapter Selection screen after completing certain missions.
- In-game announcements can now contain links to external websites.

- Team-Ups scale up to a player’s average level when receiving a Team-Up from a player.
- Team-Ups received from PVE Events no longer scale above the character’s max level.
- Fixed a bug where the “On Patrol” timer was overwriting the "Injured" timer on the Character Select screen.

- While Star-Lord is stunned, his ability Oldest Trick in the Book will not increase the AP for enemy abilities.
- Doctor Octopus’s ability Armed and Dangerous now correctly does additional tile damage.
- Ms. Marvel’s ability Photonic Blasts now correctly does additional tile damage.
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R72 Patch Notes:

A telepath. A shapeshifter. This month is getting interesting…

Team-Up Improvements
- You can now send up to five Team-Ups to your Alliance members at a time (up from three).

- You can continue to play with characters even if you’ve sent them away as Team-Ups.

- When you earn a Team-Up from a PVE mission/Versus node, its power is raised to the average level of your four best characters.

- The max level of a Team-Up is limited to the max level that character could have if they were in your roster when scaled up.

- Team ups will never *scale down*. So an overlevelled Team-Up will stay overlevelled. It is only Team-Ups that scale up that are capped at rarity level max.

- If the average level of your four best characters is lower than the Team-Up’s original level, you’ll get the Team-Up at its original level.

- When you enter a mission, any empty Team-Up/Boost slots are filled with random available Team-Ups from your inventory.

- Starting Team-Ups updated for new players.

UI, Tweaks & Bug Fixes
- You can check how much cooldown time is left on your Shields while you’re shielded. Select the timer on your current Shield to do so.

- Mission rewards in Versus matches have been updated. The average Iso-8 earned per mission is unchanged, but there’s now a 250 Iso-8 reward, and the odds of character covers are reduced.

- Squashed some bugs that kept the display of "Time Left" in Events from showing up.

- The initial game install file is now a bit smaller.

- Re-added music missing from the previous patch.

- Roster Slot prices through slot 25 have been lowered and the first few weeks of Daily Rewards have been re-tuned.

- Covers in your Rewards cache now expire in 14 days (extended from 7 days).

Full Patch Notes at:
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R71 Patch Notes:

New Feature! Deadpool's Daily Quests! Deadpool. Taco Tokens. Daily.

The much-requested hero, Cyclops, has arrived!

UI, Tweaks & Bug Fixes
-Numerous powers that involve selecting tiles (such as Bullseye's Murderous Aim, The Hood's Twin Pistols, etc.) can be used with Colossus’s Fastball Special again.

-More characters allowed in Survival missions: characters and Team-Ups on enemy teams in Survival missions no longer restrict which characters and Team-Ups you can bring into battle.

-In the mission map, you can now enter missions by tapping/clicking on their title on the map (as well as tapping/clicking on the mission pin a second time).

-Players must now create a name, by joining an Event, before the “Join Alliance” button shows up.

-Fixed a bug where, if a trap placed by Doctor Doom’s Diabolical Plot changed color, it wouldn’t be disarmed when Diabolical Plot was activated.

-Fixed a bug where minions were not generating AP of a color if there were only one or two tiles of that color on the board.

*Note: There is a known audio bug with missing music during some battles (noticeable while fighting Dr. Doom, for example). A fix is planned for R72.

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