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R85 is now available! (Oct. 05, 2015)

What's New...
- Awesome 2-Year Anniversary events arriving for new & old players alike!
- Galactus boss battle!
- Deadpool celebrates Taco Day with Weapon TeX-MeX Versus!
- A new 4-Star Deadpool's Daily Quest every 5 days!

What's Changed...
- Locked Shadow Step tiles no longer proc when Elektra takes damage.
- Locked Density/Density tiles no longer leave Vision's Attack Protocol ability shifted.
- Vision’s Density: Heavy ability no longer incorrectly modifies Attack tiles.
- Fixed a few bugs where players were unable to select names or buttons in the Alliance, Boosts and Team-Up screens.
- Added S.H.I.E.L.D Resupply rewards for days 702 through 909.
- UI now identifies when a player has more than 99 Tokens.
- Bullseye (Classic)’s Contract Killer ability no longer activates off friendly Attack tiles.
- Bullseye (Classic)’s Contract Killer ability no longer activates off Team-Up abilities.
- The amount of rewards earned in Tutorial missions now displays correctly.
- Fixed a rare bug where the game could become unresponsive when viewing expired event stores.
- Fixed bug where characters currently in your active roster could not be sent as Team-Ups.
- Fixed bug where enemy team graphics were not displaying when players experienced poor network conditions.
- Missing sound files for various characters have been reinstated.

*Note: The R84 & R85 updates have been combined.
Community Announcements - D3 Admin

What's New...
- Our first 5-Star character, Silver Surfer, is flying into action!
- Legendary Tokens coming soon! Legendary Tokens are in-game rewards that provide 4-Star characters and a chance to gain Silver Surfer!
- Iceman is arriving!
- Versus action with Mr. Fantastic!

What's Better...
- After viewing an Event Rewards screen, players should no longer return to a black screen.
- Fixed infrequent crash issues when loading game or missions.
- Fixed rare cases where players could become stuck on the S.H.I.E.L.D. Resupply screen.
- Fixed a rare bug where players could sell Health Packs, Iso-8 and Hero Points received from The Vault.
Community Announcements - D3 Admin
R82 Arriving Today (Aug. 24, 2015)

Expanding mind and body to protect family...

What's New!
- Sam Wilson (Captain America) is flying high!
- Versus action with Daredevil!

What's better!
- Fixed an issue where players could get temporarily stuck when exiting the Event Rewards Preview screen.
- Corrected minor text display issues during the new tutorial experience.
- Fixed a bug where Shields would sometimes report that they were available when they were not.
- The Options menu now displays additional info, such as player name, to help when contacting Support.
Community Announcements - D3 Admin
R81 (Aug. 10, 2015)

With the proper skill and training, a Hero can really learn to fly...

What's Happening...

Deadpool (X-Force) is here - dive into PVE battle! KRAKADOOM! Versus action with Ragnarok!

What's New...

- A new visual upgrade for the Main Menu and other UI elements.
- A fresh, new player experience for those entering the game for the first time.

What Got Better...

- Fixed a bug in the Roster Select Screen where characters were not being auto-selected. Characters should also no longer switch locations after playing a mission with required characters.
- Fixed Bug: Vision no longer increases the damage of Strike tiles when in the center roster position.
Community Announcements - D3 Admin
R80 (July 27, 2015): Fan-favorite, Jean Grey now in-game!

What's Happening...
Battle for Story Mode glory with the Hulk.

What Got Better...
- Bug fix: The Thing now displays correctly when on the enemy team.
- Bug fix: Players are now able to scroll through items in The Vault correctly.
- Bug fix: Elektra no longer takes damage when Shadow Step is activated (she previously took 1 damage).
- Updated the character model for Captain America (Steve Rogers).
Community Announcements - D3 Admin
Time for Ant-Man & the R79 update! (July 08, 2015)

A thief redeemed.

What's Happening...
- Assemble your favorite team and battle in a special event to win the newest Super Hero... Ant-Man!
- Versus action featuring Captain Marvel and Thing!

What Got Better...
- Game now remembers the last character selection after using characters that were given to the player.
- Fixed a bug where players were unable to leave the mission menu if their device was idle over 5 minutes.
- Fixed a bug where Vision’s Density: Light and Density: Heavy tiles were not being destroyed correctly when locked.
- Fixed a bug where tiles had erroneous numbers after Countdown tiles were shuffled on the board.
- Deadpool’s Life of the Party and The Thing’s Rock Solid ability can now be activated off the single target damage of Thor’s Call the Storm ability.
Community Announcements - D3 Admin

Time: 1961 Place: Space

What's Happening:
Versus warfare with Carnage and Magneto!
Villainous Lightning Rounds abound!

What Got Better:
- Fixed a bug where an opponent’s Kamala Khan ability 'Bring Out the Best' and Professor X’s 'Psychic Convergence' were activating despite no ability being cast.
- Magneto (Marvel NOW!)’s 'Polarity Shift' no longer targets blue tiles.
- Captain Marvel's 'Energy Absorption' no longer triggers off ally damage.
- The game will now warn players if they attempt to use Vision’s 'Density: Heavy' or 'Density: Light' and those abilities do not have valid tiles for a Cooldown tile to be placed.
- Fixed incorrect recovery times from a downed state for Elektra, Iron Man (Hulkbuster), Kingpin, Professor X, Star-Lord and Iron Fist.
- Mystique no longer attempts to 'Shapeshift' when there are no purple tiles on the board.
- Mystique no longer stuns an opponent while attempting to 'Shapeshift' when there are no purple tiles on the board.
- Black Widow (Grey Suit)’s 'Sniper Rifle' now destroys the correct amount of tiles at level 3.
- She-Hulk’s 'Settlement' (level 4) no longer steals both enemy tiles if there are only 2 enemy special tiles on the board. She-Hulk now only grabs one special enemy tile.
- Vision’s ability 'Attack Protocol' and Doctor Octopus’ ability 'Armed and Dangerous' now available for Team-Ups.
Community Announcements - D3 Admin

What’s Happening…
- Versus Season 15 is live now! Jump into the mix for some awesome rewards!
- Mix it up in PVP with Rocket and Groot, Blade, and Squirrel Girl!
- The Iso-8 Brotherhood is at it again! Check out the event while it lasts!

What Got Better…
- Bullseye's "Contract Killer" no longer fires excessively.
- Invisibility tiles now grant invisibility once unlocked. Thanks, Sue!
Community Announcements - D3 Admin
R76.1 Update:

Addresses issue of players losing save data when using multiple devices.
Community Announcements - D3 Admin
R76 Patch Notes:

UI, Tweaks & Bug Fixes
- Reduced the size of game saves to prevent save corruption.
- Star-Lord’s Oldest Trick in the Book and Everyone With Me abilities now properly modify AP costs when used as a Team-Up.
- Team-ups properly activate Kamala Khan’s Bring out the Best and Professor X’s Psychic Convergence abilities.
- Teisatsu's Turn to Smoke ability now triggers after tiles are matched.
- Abilities without any eligible targets will give the correct error message.
- Fixed a bug where players were unable to select a mission in the tutorial.
- Fixed a Shield purchasing exploit.

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