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R99 Patch Notes (April 25, 2016)


Coming Soon - Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War and in-game events inspired by the film!

What’s Changed
- Character Affiliations can now be seen in their bio descriptions. Affiliations include (but are not limited to); Heroes, Villains, and Avengers.
- Fixed a bug where an airborne or invisible character would remain in front after a teammate landed in the same turn.
- The area of effect portion of Carnage’s Symbiote Scythes ability now damages invisible enemies as intended.
- Spider-Man (Back in Black) should no longer immediately turn invisible and not take any damage if Cyclops (Uncanny X-Men) fires Full Blast while there are more than 9 red tiles on the board.
- All rewards should now be properly earned if the player’s game was terminated before they claimed the reward.
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Revenge – the great motivator.

What’s New…
- Duck Season is underway. Don’t miss out on grabbing Howard the Duck!
- Versus action fires up in Season XXVI!

What’s Changed…
-Fixed an issue where abilities that steal AP were not stealing Yellow AP.
- When a new game patch is available players are now taken directly to the appropriate platform store when selecting the “Update” dialog.
- Fixed a rare progression blocker in the first stages of the game.
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Get down!

What’s New…
- A new Punisher makes his debut!
- Versus madness with Deadpool’s Weapon TeX-MeX!

What’s Changed…
- Star-Lord no longer reduces the cost of an ability below a hero’s minimum ability cost.
- Wolverine (Old Man Logan)’s Reluctant Hero power now consistently converts to Finish the Fight if there are red Charged tiles on the board.
- Carnage’s Alien Instincts power now fires correctly after landing from being airborne.
- Professor X is now able to re-cast Blind Spot if the Invisibility tile created previously was part of a Match-5.
- Heroes that are made airborne while invisible now always continue to look invisible while airborne.
- Green Goblin’s Trick or Treat ability no longer destroys tiles that are already destroyed.
- Heroes that are immune to stun can now be targeted by a stun (they are still immune to the effect).
- The following abilities can no longer be fired if there are no available targets:
• Spider-Man (Back in Black)’s Automotive Artillery
• Spider-Gwen’s Cherry Bomb
• Jean Grey (Phoenix)’s Psychic Flames
• Wolverine (Old Man Logan)’s Still Sharp
• Juggernaut’s Headbutt
• Venom (Dark Avengers)’s Devour
• Daken (Dark Avengers) & Daken (Classic)’s Chemical Reaction
• Kingpin’s Wilson’s Gambit
• Iceman’s Punch a Snowman
• Iron Man (Hulkbuster)’s Repulsor Punch
• Doctor Doom’s Diabolical Plot
• Iron Man (Model 40)’s Unibeam
• Cyclops (Uncanny X-Men)’s Full Blast
• Antman’s Grow
• Hulk (Indestructible)’s Smash
• Nova’s Danger Zone
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Stay vigilant…

What’s Hot…
- Versus Season XXV is underway! Rumble into battle with Quake!

What’s Changed…
- Tiles now update correctly after a hero is stunned.
- Passive effects no longer trigger right before a hero is downed after being airborne.
- Green Goblin no longer fortifies tiles that are already fortified.
- Miles Morales no longer activates Hide and Seek when there aren’t any available purple tiles on the board.
- Fixed a bug in the early parts of the game that could prevent player progression.
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R95 Patch Notes (February 29, 2016)

Good vibrations...
What’s Hot
-Versus action with Rocket & Groot!
-PVE with Oscorp!

What’s Changed
- Ability updates for Vision.
- Added a fast forward button for opening 10 and 40 packs.
- When switching devices, players can now connect to Facebook and restore their save on the new device before starting the tutorial missions.
- Changed enemy behavior for Vision. He no longer casts Heavy or Light if his Heavy or Light countdown tile is already on the board.
- Players are no longer able to use covers to “Train” abilities for fully-Championed heroes.
- Minion characters no longer generate AP when airborne.
- Heroes that are airborne no longer lose airborne status at the start of a turn if all available targets are airborne on that side.
- Nova is no longer able to send an airborne target...airborne.
- Nova’s Rocket Man power can no longer be fired against Galactus or Ultron without any effect happening.
- Fixed a few bugs causing players to see a blank Story Screen.
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R93 Arrives!

Are you ready to rock?!

What’s Hot
- Versus action with Nova & Scarlet Witch!
- Venom PVE combat!

What’s Better
- You are now able to claim multiple event rewards at once.
- Heroes who have an Area of Effect stun component will no longer stun a Hero that is downed as the result of the AoE.
- Alliance screen, Details tab: the "Played today" text no longer overlaps the "Pending" text.
- The right-most Post-Event Vault no longer fails to indicate when the player has tokens available in other vaults.
- Teisatsu now properly activates "Turn to Smoke" when downed by an Attack tile.
- Fixed a bug where Vision's "Density: Heavy" power was increasing the damage of Team-Up Powers when in the center position.
- Miles Morales no longer uses the “Surprise” power if the opponent is invisible.
- Enemy heroes now use Single-Target powers with AoE components when the last member of the Player’s team is invisible.
- Stunning a hero no longer sends them to the back of the team.
- PVP events: multiple opponents are no longer skipped when pressing the "Skip" button quickly.
- Fixed PC bug: The timer until a hero is automatically healed is no longer displayed after healing the hero.
- Ability updates for Quicksilver.
- Fixed a bug where character buffs were being incorrectly calculated. All buffs (Weekly, Event and New Hero) should be working as intended now.
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R92 Patch Notes (January 19, 2016)

Time For R92!

Like father, like son…

What’s New
- Versus action with Squirrel Girl & Black Widow!
- PvE adventure with Prodigal Sun!

What’s Changed
- The Message of the Day will now only appear once. MotDs can be viewed again from the “Today’s News” button in the Options screen.
- Invisible Woman no longer casts Grant Invisibility when there are no basic Yellow tiles on the board.
- General back-end fixes related to the new Champions feature.
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R91 Patch Notes (January 05, 2016)

Out of the blue and into the black.

What's new...
- An all-new game mechanic breathes life into old favorites!
- Versus warfare with Dr. Doom!
- Dark Avengers PvE!

What's better...
- Passive abilities will once again fire during final Wave missions.
- "You Won!" Post Battle Results screen no longer sometimes displays 0 instead of the player’s overall score.
- S.H.I.E.L.D. logo no longer appears flipped on the Vault door.
- If Jean Grey (Phoenix) is invisible when downed, she will now remain invisible after being resurrected.
- Alliance button should now always be visible.
- Victory Banner sound effect no longer plays when Sound Effects are turned off in Options.
Dec 14, 2015
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R90 Patch Notes (December 14, 2015)

As 2015 ends, two rivals appear, locked in a battle of strength, speed and agility...

What's New...
- Winter Holidays PvP warfare!

What's Better...
- Passive abilities (Carnage’s Alien Instincts, Bullseye (Classic)’s Contract Killer, etc.) no longer fire once a battle is finished.
- To prevent a minor bug with mission reward timing, players are no longer able to pause the game during the Victory screen.
- Fixed a bug where certain minion abilities were never firing when part of minion-only teams.
- Events that do not give out rewards based on placement (Avengers Vs. Ultron, Galactus Hungers, etc.) will no longer say “Rewards are Pending” after the event has expired.
- Team-Ups from 5-Star characters no longer randomly display levels over their current level cap.
- Fixed an issue that sometimes prevented all rewards from being received - if the app was closed while receiving a batch of rewards.
- All 3-Star characters labeled “GOLD CHARACTER” (Daken (Classic), Steve Rogers (Super Soldier), Thor (Modern), and Storm (Mohawk)) have been renamed “RARE CHARACTER” and their star rating no longer pulses. (No other changes have been made to these characters.)
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R89 is here! (December 01, 2015)

Totally Awesome Hulk is smashing into MPQ!

What's New...
- PvP showdowns with Ghost Rider & Loki!

What's Better...
- Fixed a bug where the game showed damage done by Attack tiles before the attack animation played.
- Added support allowing localized language text to fit better in the Character Select screen.
- Fixed a minor bug where a character’s subname could be selected.
- Elektra’s sai no longer obscures the game board on Steam/PC.
- Holiday elements have been added to the game! (Including an updated loading screen).
- Multiple back end changes to support an exciting upcoming feature. More details soon!

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