Apr 24
Marvel Puzzle Quest - fablesindeath
MPQ 125!
"Awesome Mix of Guardians Volume 2"
Guardians of The Galaxy Events and Characters!
Countdown tiles no longer deal a point of damage when they activate.
Multi-Window mode has been disabled.
Missions points now display correctly when a mission is worth zero points.
- Bug Fixes and Character Balance Changes
– For full update notes (English) visit d3go.com
Apr 10
Marvel Puzzle Quest - ElectroBlast
MPQ 124!
"Thank you for playing Marvel Puzzle Quest."
Power Descriptions will now update correctly when adding levels after switching alternate abilities in the character info screen.
Higher level character is now chosen as the default when the player has more than one character in the Roster Select Screen.
Bonus Heroes now display properly when opening 40x Pack in fast forward.
- Bug Fixes and Character Balance Changes
– For full update notes (English) visit d3go.com
Mar 27
Marvel Puzzle Quest - fablesindeath
"Two for the price of one!"
Claim your rewards now displays bonus covers
The first cover now displays correctly for Multi-Packs
Leveling up a character immediately after purchasing Iso-8 will now show correctly
Fixes added for Animations and Pop-up Banners
Fixed a rare crash when entering the Character Select Screen
- Bug Fixes and Character Balance Changes
- For full update notes (English) visit d3go.com
Mar 13
Marvel Puzzle Quest - fablesindeath
Sorry this has been so long, we changed people and I didn't know David did this when he left!!

MPQ R122! - “Waves Piling On”

What's Changed:
VIP Streaks now properly award when renewing
VIP Status Game no longer incorrectly tries to support landscape mode
Fixed a Facebook loading screen issue
Fixes to Bonus Heroes
Improved passive and countdown tile effect timing
- Bug Fixes and Character Balance Changes
- For full update notes (English) visit d3go.com
Community Announcements - ElectroBlast
MPQ R114! - “Never a bad hair day”

What's Changed:
- Further reduced loading times.
- Tokens redeemed from the Vault immediately show up in their store.
- Team-Ups no longer saved between battles, unless manually selected by player.
- Preview for S.H.I.E.L.D. Rank 125 now displays when a player reaches Rank 124.
- Bug Fixes and Character Balance Changes
- For full update notes (English) visit d3go.com
Community Announcements - D3 Admin
MPQ R113! (11/07/2016)

When an agent takes more than an active role…

What’s New:
- Versus action with Doctor Strange!

What’s Changed:
- Optimized game to save on memory and improve load times.
- Players always have the maximum possible characters available when entering Team Select screen.
- The “Join” Alliance button now disappears once you have joined an Alliance.
- When characters have health in the 100's of thousands, the number will no longer be partially hidden.
- Fixed a rare bug where the Heal button would reappear when switching between characters.
- Fixed various rare bugs during the early stages of the game.
- Fixed a rare crash bug that happened when 2 players played against the same player in Versus battles.
- Fixed a rare bug where players were not able to advance to the character select screen when selecting a mission.
- Black Widow (Original)'s Espionage will now play a power banner when making a Purple tile match (when there is another character on the team that has a Purple Passive power).
- Ghost Rider's Penance Stare now works correctly against The Hulk (Bruce Banner) when The Hulk activates the power, The Other Guy.
- Red Hulk's Seeing Red Countdown tile now has the correct description.
- Wolverine (X-Force)'s Recovery Countdown tile now has the correct description & sound effect.
- Ultron's Gravitational Force now has the correct description.
- Deadpool (It's Me, Deadpool!)'s Life of the Party now correctly activates when an ally takes the appropriate amount of damage.
- Deadpool (It's Me, Deadpool!)'s WHALES! WHALES! WHALES! secondary function, when you spend Deadpool Points to drop every whale on the team, now works correctly.
- The Thing (Classic)'s Rock Solid now correctly activates when an ally takes the appropriate amount of damage.
- Quake (Daisy Johnson)'s Coordinated Tactics now only reduces team damage.
- Powers that target single opponents will no longer affect invisible characters.
Community Announcements - ElectroBlast
MPQ R111! - The 3rd Anniversary Celebration Continues! (10/10/2016)

Don't eat too much candy on Halloween or you might need a trip to the dentist!

-Class of 2016 Event starts Oct. 11!
-Boss Rush Mode starts Oct. 13!

What’s Changed:
-Performance enhancements
-Cover rewards seen post event
-Bug fixes for events, Command Point Power Level purchases, tutorial, Peggy Carter, etc.

- For full update notes (English) visit http://www.D3go.com
Community Announcements - ElectroBlast
MPQ R110

What’s New:
“From an alternative universe”
3rd Anniversary events!

What’s Changed:
Attempted fixes for:
- Load Times.
- Launch issues for certain devices.
Character fixes for Carnage, Sam Wilson (Captain America), The Hulk (Bruce Banner).
Bug and system fixes.
For full update notes (English) visit d3go.com
Community Announcements - D3 Admin
MPQ R109

What’s New:

5-Star Black Widow now in-game!

What’s Changed:
- S.H.I.E.L.D. Clearance Levels arriving – visit d3go.com for more details.
- Magneto (Marvel NOW!)'s Magnetic Flux now properly displays a banner when the Countdown tile activates.
- Countdown tiles are no longer removed when the Countdown tile overwrites the Invisibility tile of a defeated character.
- Black Bolt's Motivation tile no longer has a black outline when viewing the description of the tile.
- Peggy Carter (Captain America)'s Legendary Presence no longer displays an animation when the power is already active and she is healed.
- Professor X (Charles Xavier)'s Blind Spot now activates after a match is made (no longer at the end of the turn).
- XP earned in a mission is now displayed after the mission completes.
Community Announcements - D3 Admin
MPQ R108!

Spider-Woman is here, love or fear her!

What’s Changed:

- S.H.I.E.L.D. Ranking part 1 and 2.
- The Roster button now indicates how many covers are in the Rewards Cache.
- She-Hulk’s Furious Charge no longer drains Team-Up AP.
- Captain Marvel (Ms. Marvel)’s Sonic Boom at levels one through 4 no longer attempts to drain Black AP if there isn’t any left from activating the power.
- Nova’s Rocket Man now deals the correct amount of damage.
- Jean Grey (Phoenix)’s levels can be increased from Black Bolt’s Silent King power after she’s been revived by From the Ashes.
- Black Bolt’s The Silent King is now Team-Up eligible.
- After using Colossus’ Fastball Special: passives that activate when a power is activated no longer fire a second time.
- The game will now display players correctly after joining an Alliance.
- Tapping the top of the Champion Reward list will no longer go to the Resources screen.
- Board will now reshuffle after all possible board actions are resolved.
- Training characters is now present for non-active, damaged characters in Training Screen.
- Championed character’s Star rarity colors in the roster of opposing players display correctly.

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