Community Announcements - Koomatzu
Now updated to the stable branch:

  • Possible fix for random situations where characters dont move
  • Toned down the strength and number of the dog packs
  • Fixed recruitment (and other dialog) "sorry i cant afford it" bug
  • More fixing for player characters not loading if you load a game and they are far away
  • There was a bug where excessive numbers of squads were being saved, causing bloated savegames
  • Fixed a potential load crash
Community Announcements - Koomatzu
New update out now! For the time being, this is available via Experimental only, please see how to opt-in here if you'd like to try it out.

  • Fixed some certain savegames crashing on load
  • Fixed some certain savegames/imports getting stuck on the loading screen
  • Fixed player buildings being un-built on import
  • Fixed the missing Alt-key item labels
  • Did a little internal rewrite that should stop the occasional various bugs arising from NPC or building handle IDs changing. Might also cause unforseen bugs as it's a new untested system.
  • Totally new movement system:
    • Eliminates the frame rate spikes
    • Improves performance
    • Stops NPCs always getting stuck and flickering back and forth (probably still get some bugs though, it's a new system)
  • Totally new AI sensory system:
    • All NPCs now use field of view and line of sight
    • You can avoid detection, fight a guard without raising the alarm etc
    • Its totally awesome and cleverly made so it doesn't hurt the frame rate with tons of characters all LOS checking eachother
    • Probably will cause a lot of new bugs because it's a fundamental system with far-reaching gameplay consequences
  • Slave escapes:
    • You can free slaves and they'll react and escape and thank you and try to escape with you and sometimes join you once you get away.
  • A change to the time system means you may end up with problems like getting stuck tagged as a slave for 99999 hours or a wandering trader that never leaves your town- import game to fix it.
Community Announcements - Captain Deathbeard
Another stability release:
-Fixed some of the flophouses not working
-Stopped (I think) towns errupting into civil war
-Fixed another crash. Keep sending those crashdumps.
-Fixed turrets only doing 1% of their damage
-Fixed NPCs tagging their allies as neutrals
-Escaped slave recognition is now based on an alertness-based timer, same as seeing through disguises
-Slavery status improved, you now have 4 states- free, slave, escaping slave, ex-slave. Escaped slaves eventually lose their slavery status, and also don't get attacked on sight all the time.
-Fixed a crash when automatically hauling weapons or armour to a full container
-Fixed the random broken shopkeepers

-Hotfix for the character editor bug
Community Announcements - Koomatzu
0.74.9 is now available as the main Steam version. Here's the latest Experimental release notes:

  • Fixed the stray outpost showing on the map
  • Fixed characters going back to open the gate when they go outside the base
  • Fixed the bounty/slave panel position in the GUI
  • Fixed an AI bug with crafting machines

Instructions on how to opt-in to Experimental can be found here:
Community Announcements - Koomatzu
Update 0.74.9 is now out, just a couple of small but important fixes:
  • Fixed a frequent crash loading certain buildings and savegames that was introduced in the last patch
  • Fixed the instant building bug

You'll need to opt-in to experimental to download it, more details here:
Now working on...
As you may have already learned from our recent few patches, most of the Lo-Fi team have been focusing on bug-fixing these last few weeks. Nothing particularly exciting, sorry... But! We do have some juicy shots of Oli's new ruins. A little something different to stumble upon during travels around the New Lands world map.

Here are the variations we have so far but we will also work on more futuristic, otherworldly kind of lost cities too...

Let us know what you think so far...

As for the less flashy stuff, Otto's been finishing off the GUI, mainly it's cosmetic bugs and readability. We do also have a few more animal designs that we can hopefully show off next week though. We should have our path-finding update ready within the week - in case you've missed any of our previous announcements, we've been re-writing part of the current Havok path-finding system. This will be much more reliable and easier for us to fix now, however expect some initial bugs when we first release it.
Jun 12
Community Announcements - Captain Deathbeard
Still we continue updating for only bug-fixes and stability. Right now I am updating the main branch the day after the experimental branch.
  • Added separate farming and cooking skills
  • Fixed lights. You might have to switch all your lights back on manually.
  • Fixed the remaining inventory item icons
  • Fixed some random town buildings not being populated.
  • Fixed crafting bench item crafting bug
  • GUI mainbar now displays correct floor number
  • Added panel in the build mode to change floors
  • Bunch of other smaller bugs and crashes

Next week will be an update to improve the pathfinding system and performance.
Community Announcements - Koomatzu
New patch release for the stable version:

  • Fixed newly built buildings not showing their interiors
  • Can cancel crafting items properly now, and it shows the current item without having to operate it
  • Fixed a crash when upgrading crafting benches
  • Fixed a couple more crashes
  • Fixed outpost "open to public" status
  • Item furnace takes stacked items into account
  • Player characters don't instantly attack all NPCs who enter their base
  • If you equip 2 katanas on your back, it shows on your character now
  • Fixed AI bug for automatic machinery
Community Announcements - Koomatzu
Here are the latest update changes, it’s all bugfixes and committed to the stable branch too. We’re still continuing to work on bugfixing and stability, no new features until everyone is happy with the stability.

  • Characters now haul properly for automatic mines and machines
  • The slave camp was missing the slavers that actually make the slaves go to work everyday. Fixed now, but requires an import or new game.
  • Optimised the static geometry, improves town load times and the framerate spikes when placing/removing buildings
  • Fixed the bug where finishing building a wall section could cause a massive 2-minute freeze.
  • Fixed some AI bugs with the permanent jobs, and the slavers
  • Fixed crafting benches still working when they run out of resources
  • Fixed doors not locking
  • Added face morphs for the Shek in the character editor
  • Engineer job now repairs things again, including doors and gates
  • Adjusted the general contrast of the GUI for readability
  • Fixed some more bugs with inventory stacking
  • Fixed the Medicrate inventory being too small
  • Fixed towns not populating when you start a new game from in-game
  • Fixed walls missing their turret nodes
  • Fixed the sleeping animal AI so they can wake up and attack you can no longer place furniture on walls
  • Added mouse icon for lighting-type buildings
  • Minor GUI fixes
  • Fixed storage building inventory window grid size
  • Fixed some inventory right click item issues
  • Fixed inventory item stacking bug
  • Dropped backpacks now save the items inside properly
  • Improved equipping weapons for fighting
  • Possible fix for the invisible backup weapon bug
Community Announcements - Koomatzu

If you get crashing in the character editor in DX11 mode, switch to DX9 instead, it's more stable at the moment
  • Fixed NPCs populating player buildings
  • There were still spawns happening within walls, took extra measures to fix this
  • Fixed the editor body limits for the Shek
  • Fixed an AI bug that stopped shopkeepers opening up, jobs from working, and wandering traders doing their thing, and probably a lot of other problems too
Community Announcements - Koomatzu
0.74.3 - FIXES
  • Fixed the overly restrictive limits in the character editor
  • Fixed the character editor applying the face morphs twice, resulting in deformed characters
  • Towns are now populated dynamically on gamestart, rather than being pre-saved in the editor. This means changes to the town/faction population list will take immediate effect on a new game.
  • This also solves the absence of town guards bug.
  • Fixed a bug with inventory when moving stacks with the mouse
  • Fixed the corrupted Tin Can helmet mesh
  • Fixed the buildmode tech level selector
  • Fixed some problems with turret placement
  • Fixed trader windows sometimes opening up empty

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