Community Announcements - Koomatzu
Hi everyone! It looks like we're going to be quiet again for a couple of weeks so just thought I'd fill you in on what's to come. We're hoping to have our next update ready for early April.

0.73.0 will include:
  • Slavery
    There will be a slave camp where players are shackled, shaved, stripped and forced to work in mines. The capture AI will be rather limited at first, but in later updates there will be slave raids and potentially slave markets.

  • New GUI and character editor
    New morphs and improved editing in the character editor. You can check out a latest GUI screen here

  • New character models
    The character editor and character models are primarily aimed to help boost performance, as opposed to simple aesthetic improvement. New character face designs have been created with less bone structure for better optimisation.

  • Performance boost
    Slight improvement in frame rate but still needs further optimisation in future updates. Also fixed the bug where guards won't protect you from bandits
*We may include the 'bone people' as a new playable race, but still contemplating saving it for beta release when the new world map is finished*

Later on: DirectX11

Sam is currently taking a short break from work on the path-finding bugs and is now moving on with the Direct X11 upgrade. As you may have noticed, at the moment the graphics are a little fugly - this is a temporary result of the 64-bit engine upgrade. Direct X11 won't, however, be finished until later after the 0.73.0 release. If you're worried about your computer specs, don't worry, DirectX9 will still be supported.

Please note that fixing up the broken path-finding is still a top priority, we just really don’t want Sam to go insane after being stuck with that ungodly task for a whole year.
Community Announcements - Captain Deathbeard
This is mainly meant to be a bug-fixing update, but I got carried away and added some AI stuff.
Currently it's only in the opt-in "Experimental" branch, but if it goes will I will update it into the main branch. 32-bit exe is now included too.

  • Wandering adventurers can be hired as bodyguards
  • Unarmed NPCs can loot bodies for a weapon if needed.
  • Some jerks might just loot everything while they're at it.
  • NPCs and bandits will equip gear they loot if it's better than theirs.
  • Armour can be tagged as a uniform. If a faction sees you wearing their looted uniforms...
  • Sell value of loot has been halved.
  • Animal backpacks can no longer be worn by people
  • Fixed problem with characters stopping what they were doing after you place a building
  • A lot of dialog system features and fixes, including the problem where you couldn't talk to following characters because they would run away
  • Fixed characters forgetting their jobs or disabling machines when changing squad
  • Pathfinding improvements for combat pushing NPCs off the navmesh, and NPCs getting stuck on corners of ramps
  • Fixed import games with multiple squads
  • Fixed the cannibals running back to the village and just getting stuck circling in the centre
  • Fixed the chase behavior a bit
Community Announcements - Koomatzu

  • Squad management! Multiple squads, character dismissal. Character cap increased to 50 and can be modded even higher.
  • Made a SmellManager. Bleeding and corpses now stink up the place and attract dangerous animals. Wolves hunt by smell.

  • Finally fixed the Havok loading area crash(?)
  • Fixed speech boxes cutting off text at low resolutions
  • Stealth state is now saved, and the checkbox is fixed
  • Fixed NPCs not being visible when moving the camera around paused
  • Fixed newgame window going off screen at low resolutions
  • Fixed a crash related to building material storages
  • Fixed the framerate drop when building certain walls
  • Fixed a few more little crashes
  • Fixed problem with correct floor visibility when building furniture

How to opt in to Experimental:[/]
Dec 30, 2014
Community Announcements - Koomatzu
Hey all, hope everyone is enjoying the holidays so far! First off, a massive thank you to everyone who has helped us with all the bug & crash reporting since the Experimental release.

Stable Branch Delays

At this point most of the random crashes have been fixed, except for the main, most frequent one that is the main source of the instability in the 0.70.x updates. (This is the crash that usually occurs randomly as a result of moving around the map or loading new towns).

The reason this pesky bugger isn’t getting fixed is because it happens in a Havok library, which is closed off to us. Meaning we can’t fix it directly and have to just experiment with different work-arounds and rely on Havok support for a fix. Havok are working hard on it for us, but until we get an update for this, it’s gonna keep crashing as much as it is.

But in the meantime we will carry on working on fixing all the other bugs and any other crash-fixes as usual. It just means that 0.70.x will stay in the “Experimental” branch for a while longer, ETA unknown at this point.

The forecast for the next month is mostly just going to be bug-fixing, although version 0.71 will have the new multiple squad management feature.

New Character Designs

This month, Otto's been working a lot on new character designs, including improvements to the current human models.

Plus he's also begun work on new races, such as the Bone People:


We also have screenshots of some of Olly's progress with the new world map. This is still many many months from being complete and these biomes will eventually need filling with lots of content. (See for more images)

Wishing everyone a happy new year from Lo-Fi Games! :D
Community Announcements - Koomatzu

-Fixed another bug when recruiting new characters
-Fixed the problems with characters being unselectable
-Improved follow behaviour and made pack gars catch up after a fight
-Fixed a bug when dismantling
-Made a theoretical fix for the 10,000 storage items bug
-Performance improvment when lots of ragdolls are around
-Fixed furniture placement going through walls
-Fixed nests spawning extra squads on load
-Fixed some rare invisible building occurence
-Few little minor fixes with collision and an animal glitch
Community Announcements - Koomatzu
Here are the changelists for the last two patches over the weekend and yesterday:

  • Fixed the worst moving-around-the-map random crash.
  • Fixed some minor dialogue glitches
  • Fixed cannibal cooking crash
  • Fixed the flophouse beds not working
  • Fixed the characters being ragdoll in cages
  • Fixed crash when harpooning animals
  • Fixed a few more smaller random crashes

  • Another possible stability improvement for the random crash, lets find out if it helps or not...
  • Also fixed a few regular crashes
  • Fixed armour quality resetting on load
  • Shopkeeper "welcome" can now be interrupted
  • Fixed nest items spawning too much when re-loading
  • Fixed flophouse beds even more
  • Fixed KO NPCs spotting sneaking characters
  • Fixed too many NPCs having negative medic skill
  • Fixed no-dialogue police chief
  • Slavers wont try to capture animals now
  • Fixed hair vanishing after wearing a helmet
  • Fixed holes in character mesh when removing armour
  • Stopped shopkeepers dropping items when restocking inventory
  • Fixed crash when upgrading certain buildings
  • Fixed the extra characters problem when importing a game with research
  • Fixed the invisible cannibal cages bug
Community Announcements - Koomatzu

Fixes a bunch of, but not all, bugs. More bugfixing updates coming every few days.

The frequent random crash that comes from moving around the map is not fixed yet, but it's our top priority.

  • Fixed cannibals getting stuck in home buildings
  • Fixed armour costing only 32 cats
  • Fixed random armour stats bug
  • Fixed a lot of the character movement bugs; stopping, leaving walkable areas
  • Fixed access ramp out of Catun
  • Fixed conversations randomly having no player reply buttons
  • Fixed town guards not helping people, or wrongly attacking you during a battle
  • Fixed time of day being corrupted
  • Removed the "Capture" option, it wasn't supposed to be in the game yet
  • Ctrl+shift+F11 regenerates pathfinding navmesh, handy for when loading an old savegame when level data has changed
  • Fixed keybinding for camera zoom
  • Fixed mysterious low number of female NPCs
  • Fixed accessibility problems with saloon buildings
  • Fixed flophouse layout
  • Mostly fixed the shopkeeper-locks-you-in booby trap
  • Fixed inventory auto-arrange crash (unconfirmed)
  • Removed the option to pick up animals
Community Announcements - Captain Deathbeard
I have just released the new update 0.70.0 on Steam under the "Experimental Build". It's opt-in only at the moment because it was rushed to make the release date so it's still very unstable. Expect it to crash a lot, run slowly, and have lots of bugs. I will be releasing updates every day or two for the next few weeks and aim to get it stable and in the normal public release by Christmas.

My recommendation is only to opt-in if you really want to try it out now, otherwise you should wait a few days for a more stable release.

This first version is 64-bit only for now.

As for the main public branch, it's now been updated to the previous "experimental" version, 0.69. Play this one if you want something more stable. It will be updated to 0.70 when it's stable enough.

This is a massive update that changes a lot of stuff. It was rushed out to reassure people we're still working, expect it to be super unstable and buggy while we spend the next few weeks stabilising it.
Most players might want to wait another week or so before playing this version.
Recommend you import to a new game.
  • 64-bit version available. 32-bit version will continue, but will be less stable due to the memory limitations.
  • Creatures are now mostly coded in. Creatures will be introduced over time, currently we have:
    -The Beak Thing, a blind carnivorous giraffe/bird creature.
    -The Leviathan, a giant thing.
    -Big wolf things
  • New dialog/AI hybrid system that takes into account situation details and remembers what you've done in the past.
  • Thugs and bandits can now harass and rob you rather than always attacking on sight. Thugs in town can insult you, then go outside the gates and jump you when you leave town. NPCs can follow and chase you while they talk or threaten you, and know the difference if you are running away.
  • Changes to relation system, fighting someone in the middle of nowhere has very little effect on faction relations. Individuals can be perceived as temporary enemies or allies.
  • A new terrain engine was necessary for the 64bit build (old one was 32bit closed-source). It looks way worse than the old one because we've run out of texture units for the smooth normals, but we will fix that soon.
  • Dropped items no longer vanish underground, and they can be easily found with visible labels if you hold the ALT key. They are also saved when you save your game.
  • NPC AI now has a schedule. They go to bed at night. Shopkeepers shoo you out of their shop at closing time and lock up for the night.
  • Replaced the pathfinding/movement engine with the Havok AI engine.
  • New buildings available:
    -Corpse furnace, to dispose of bodies.
    -Smelter, to melt down old weapons and armour into iron
  • Characters are less disadvantaged by being outnumbered, your lvl50 warrior can now take out a group of starving bandits without getting mobbed. Basically they will miss more often as he moves around and dodges.
  • More details added to the GUI, including visible calculations for character stats and penalties.
  • Multi-threaded resource loading for smooth creation of models and textures. Shorter loading hiccups when moving around the map.
  • Ragdolls fixed up, less crazy ragdoll behavior. Animation blending between ragdoll and non-ragdoll states.
  • Buildings can now have multiple floors, but for now only the large house makes use of it. The staircase will intersect furniture from old games. Waiting on the shift to the new world map in a few months, with the new multi-story buildings to take things any further.
  • Added stealth mechanics.
  • AI follow behaviour has been improved, so squads don't tend to queue up behind the leader and do that stop/start thing
  • It's now a little easier to click to enter buildings
  • Minor GUI improvements to font size at lower resolutions
  • Fixed NPC view range
  • Fixes to the AI and pathfinder for dealing with walls and gates.
  • Fixed some of the cannibal AI quirks
  • Fixed bug where equipment with positive athletics bonuses weren't applied.
  • Fixed modded dialogue not loading in the construction set
  • Fixed the random crash when switching gender in the editor
Dec 5, 2014
Community Announcements - Captain Deathbeard
There's still one major bug we're trying to hunt down that's occuring in a closed source library somewhere and it makes the game crash way too much to be playable, so unfortunately we won't be able to release it today like we hoped.

We'll work over the weekend to look at it, I won't give an exact date but hopefully it will be sorted in the next few days. Sorry to everyone who was hoping to play it over the weekend!

We'll get this unstable version out in the "Experimental" branch in the next few days, and plan to have it stable and running nicely in the main branch before christmas!

Nov 27, 2014
Community Announcements - Koomatzu
We’ve made some real headway with the pathfinding this month, we just need to fix a few more bugs and crashes to finish up. Hopefully the new update should be ready for release by next Friday (hopefully!).

No doubt this is going to be pretty buggy since we’ve gone so many months without player bug reports. There will likely be several patches a week until it’s stable again.

What we've been up to this month:

We now have an extra writer with us, volunteer Alex Z. The dialogue will be an ongoing project, so it will be added gradually over each update as Harald and Alex continue to work on it - Kenshi is later going to have a massive world map so we need a huge load of dialogue to fill it. So far we have a small bit of dialogue ready for the next update, mostly events like bandits harassing and bullying you.

The foundations of the sneak ability are all in the game now, although this will needs lots of balancing before it’s fully working. Sneaking is about all you’ll be able to do at this point, however Otto has started working on furniture and household items which will contain stealable items for Thievery in later updates.

Chris has just been finishing up creature nests/ gathering points for population balance and variety. In this next update, we'll be starting you off with a few different creatures including The Beak Thing, The Leviathan, Big Wolf Things and The Crazy Bone Cow. More to come in later updates…

New buildings:
Olly has now finished creating a whole town of new building designs, but these won't be added into the game until the new world map is finished at Beta. We do, however, now have a Smelter to melt down old weapons and armour into iron, plus a Corpse Furnace to dispose of bodies. The Corpse Furnace will be especially useful in later updates for deterring hungry predators.

Mike has finished work on the weather coding, however we now need to start on the actual animations before we can add it to the game. Weather effects are planned to be included in the update after next.

If you’re still twitching for more news, you can now follow the team dev log throughout the month in the Updates & Announcements. Or check our most recently updated Changelist here:

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