Shadow Warrior - (Alice O'Connor)

Hey gang, if you missed Shadow Warrior the last time it was free, another chance is here for a few more hours. This is the 2013 reboot of the demon-stabbing FPS, to be clear, not 3D Realm’s original (which is always free). You’ve got until 6pm today (10am Pacific) to grab this free so chop chop.

The giveaway celebrates the launch of new missions and weapons for Shadow Warrior 2 in a free update last night. And that game’s on sale right now too. So many shadows and wars, so little time. (more…)

Shadow Warrior - Valve
Save up to 80% on Shadow Warrior series during this week's Midweek Madness*! Additionally, grab a permanent copy of the original Shadow Warrior for free until Wednesday at 10AM Pacific!

*Offer ends Friday at 10AM Pacific Time

Shadow Warrior

Earlier this month, the original, 1997 Shadow Warrior went free on GOG. Now the Humble Store is upping the ante by making the 2013 remake—the "Special Edition," no less, with the soundtrack, art book, and a couple of unique weapons—free until 10 am PT on July 22.

The updated Shadow Warrior is an outstanding example of how to bring an old, outdated (ie., pretty racist) property into the modern era: Pay homage to what was good about it, ditch everything else, keep it amusingly stupid and wantonly violentl, but slip in a better story than anyone expects, too. In case there's any doubt, I was a big fan, and so the whole "get it free" thing definitely rings my bell.

To get your freebie, just head over to, click where it says "add to cart," and then take it from there. And since you haven't actually spent any money, why not check out the Bandai Namco Anime Sale while you're there? God Eater 2: Rage Burst, Tales of Berseria, Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4, Dragon Ball Xenoverse, and more: They're anime games, and they're on sale until July 24. 

And now, we rock. 

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Shadow Warrior - (Alice O'Connor)

Since every other games site is ecstatic to discover this week that the original Shadow Warrior is free, hey, we’ll post it too. I’ll ride that #trending content, blitz the bandwagon, disseminate to the viral limit, and zonk that zeitgeist until the SEO bursts. I know that Shadow Warrior has been free for four years now — a fact other sites seem to have missed — but I also know quite a few folks dig Shadow Warrior so sure, it’s helpful to remind people that it is free. … [visit site to read more]

Shadow Warrior

Hear that sound? No, you probably can't – at least not the sound I'm referring to, which is the free game klaxon. It sounds every time I notice a PC game has been offered up for free, and frankly, I hate the damn klaxon. 

But what it signals is nice enough. This time it's heralding the free-ness of Shadow Warrior Classic. It's the old 1990s Shadow Warrior, so you'll need to have some patience for the way FPS games used to be, but even if you've no intention to play it at least it's damn free

That offer linked to above is on GOG, which bundles in all applicable add-ons and expansions. But it's also free on Steam, though without the aforementioned bonuses. Go forth and slay – it's a worthwhile curio, especially if you're a fan of the rebooted Shadow Warrior series.

Shadow Warrior - (Adam Smith)

Shadow Warrior [official site] has never been my favourite of the Build Engine games (it’s Blood all the way for me) but that entire FPS era has a special place in my heart. It’s also worth nothing that Shadow Warrior is kicking Duke’s ass when it comes to remakes and sequels. As of today, you can explore the history of the original 1997 release by playing the alpha and beta versions of the game, which are now available free on Steam. The 1997 original has been free for some time, but now you can choose to play either the final release or either of the pre-release versions through the launcher.

… [visit site to read more]

Community Announcements - br33dlove

Hey Wangsters! If you haven't had a chance to grab Shadow Warrior 2 it will be 25% off all weekend on Steam and includes a new free 'The Way of the Wang' DLC!

Oct 25, 2016
Community Announcements - Hashmallum
Congrats Vile Monarch!

Oh…Sir!! The Insult Simulator from our 2nd floor neighbors in the same building launched today! The game is a hilarious Insult-‘em up in which players throw insults instead of punches, and must verbally take-out their friends and family in different game modes.

...and to celebrate this we asked our very own legendary pouty mouthed Hero, Lo Wang, to join in as an unlockable character to bring some class to the game.

-The game is available for $1,99/£1.59/€1.99

-To Celebrate Lo Wang’s guest appearance all owners of Shadow Warrior 1 and 2 automatically get an additional 40% discount when they purchase Oh….Sir!! The Insult Simulator.

-This discount is stackable, which means that all Shadow Warrior owners get a 50% discount during the game’s launch week promotion

-This discount will show up automatically when you purchase Oh…Sir!! The Insult Simulator, so you don’t have to do anything to get it if you’ve purchased either Shadow Warrior 1 or 2 in the past with the same Steam Account that you’re using to purchase the game.

-The offer valid until December 1st
Community Announcements - br33dlove

Shadow Warrior 2 is available now on Steam! The follow-up to Flying Wild Hog's cult classic is already a critical and commercial success with a +90% Steam user review rating, 81 Metacritic score, and more free updates on the way to keep the Shadow Warrior 2 community full of Wang!

Check out the reviews, watch some videos, and get it for 10% off this week as a thank you for owning Shadow Warrior 1!


Rock, Paper, Shotgun - (Alice O'Connor)


GOG Connect is a pleasant little scheme from the DRM-free digital distributor, letting people who own certain games on Steam get GOG versions too for free. Now it’s back. GOG today launched another round of GOG Connect, with another seventeen games for Steamers to redeem. Because, y’know, it’s nice to have a DRM-free backup without buying a game twice. The lineup this time includes Hotline Miami, The Last Federation, the Shadow Warrior reboot, X Rebirth, and Teslagrad.

Oh, and GOG has launched another big sale too.

… [visit site to read more]


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