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Community Announcements - Snowbird Games
Hi everyone,

New Eador update today with some fixes for problems we got on our support email.

Update notes 1.6.3:


- In the tooltip for province's income and in the province list players can now see how exactly their income is generated.


- Dialogue freezes on the astral map.

- Some cases of game freezes after a victory in the tactical battle.

- Problem with a hero’s equipment change in the tactical battle.

- “Horses” resource not counted correctly in hotseat.

- Errors in provinces’ income calculations.
Community Announcements - Snowbird Games
Hi everyone,

A couple of quick fixes today following the last week's update.

Update notes 1.6.2:


- Option for choosing between heroes to transfer to the next shard not working correctly.

- Incorrect turn count for friendly units upon clicking on enemies outside their attack range.

Important note: those of you who experienced graphical glitches after the previous 1.6.1 update, can try to rollback to 1.6.0 version using the beta branch in Steam (called "eadorbeta"). Please let us know if those problems disappear or still stay in place after doing so.
Community Announcements - Snowbird Games
Hi everyone,

Small update today, but with at least one pleasant fix for many, we hope.

Update notes 1.6.1:


- Application’s process still working in background after closing the game.

- Game freeze caused by choosing quick combat option with no limits during tactical combat.

- Text errors in French localization.
Community Announcements - Snowbird Games
Hi everyone,

The main addition in today’s update is the ability to transfer progress of one of your heroes, as well as selected items and units, to the next shard.

Now, after you conquer a shard, the game shows a new menu, where at the expense of the astral energy you can choose whom and what you would like to take with you on. Units and items can be exchanged between your heroes, but remember: everything has a price, and most likely something will have to stay behind.

As you can guess, this feature has a bit of experimental nature, so please let us know if you happen to notice some worrisome balance issues.

There's another nice addition for players who value their time and don't like spending it on low-level enemies during late game. If you're sure in your army's capabilities, you now have the opportunity to choose the autocombat option in the province's attack dialogue, right on the strategic map — in this case the game will skip loading the tactical battle.

Update notes 1.6.0:


- New option to transfer units, items and one of the player's heroes to the next shard.
- New autocombat option in the province’s attack dialogue on the strategic map.


- Tooltip display for item descriptions. Now additional information for items can be triggered with RMB, instead of mouse hovering.
Community Announcements - Snowbird Games
Hi everyone,

New update 1.5.6 is now available for download.

Update notes:


- Ability to check the unit’s current statistics and medals with RMB during post-battle rewarding.


- Terrain staying unchanged on the city screen after constructing buildings.

- Description for creatures’ eggs, that now mentions necessary building needed in order to use them.

- Buildings that should improve mood only in the capital also improved mood in all other player’s provinces.

- Spider’s web not dealing any damage.

- Players not getting the trophy after the battle during the “Adventurers returning home” event.

- Capital’s name selected in the player’s profile not being displayed in the game.

- Incorrect message reporting of one of the player’s heroes being attacked, when two of his heroes go to the enemy capital in the same turn.

- “Lord of Bones” achievement’s description.

- Conditions for getting “The Firstborn King” achievement.
Community Announcements - Snowbird Games
Hi everyone,

Not many changes this time around, so once more we'd like to ask you to post the most annoying problems you experience in the game right now.

You can do it in the comments below, in this thread or using our tech support e-mail (more preferable option, and you can send us your savegame) — We look through every message, but unfortunately we can't always reproduce some of the issues you report. At the very least, we'll do our best to investigate what could've gone wrong.

Update notes 1.5.5:


- Diagonal camera movement with Num-pad on the strategic map.

- New window with hero’s detailed information before you choose to hire him.


- Dwarf Engineer unit not getting bonuses from Commander’s “Ranged Tactics” skill.

- Game freeze caused by deleting savegames through the game’s interface.

- Unlimited rewards in a quest from “Mages’ tower”.

- Ability to shoot twice with 1 ammo when you have the “Double Shot” skill.

- Stealth ability exploit. Now it requires 5 stamina per turn.
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Apr 17
Community Announcements - Snowbird Games
Hi everyone,

On April 19th Eador. Masters of the Broken World will be having its two-year anniversary.

This time around we'll be celebrating the birthday in a more modest manner, so first of all we'd really like to take this opportunity to give thanks from our team to all the fans one more time.

Huge thanks to everyone who stayed and put up with us during these two years, kept following the game and still looks forward to something more and new. Eador is the first big and thus very complicated project for us. That's why it was so vital to have the luxury of your feedback, suggestions and, last but not least, your support for such an important first step. For all of this we're very grateful.

We hope that we'll be able to fuel your enthusiasm with some announcements in the near future. For now though, we can at least promise a new update for the game coming next week (UPDATE: it's taking a bit longer, but it's still coming soon!).

By the way, on this occasion Eador. MotBW, Eador. Genesis and Allied Forces DLC will be available with a nice 85% discount on Steam till Sunday. We think it's a great opportunity to try a pretty good strategy game for those who've yet to come around to it.
Community Announcements - Snowbird Games
Hi everyone,

Update 1.5.2 has left the beta and it's now available for everyone.

Update notes:


- Visual informing for province sieges caused by neutral units.
- Karma status is now displayed in statistics on the astral map.
- Guards HP is now showed in a province’s tooltip.
- Hero’s HP is now shown in his tooltip on the strategic map.
- Added French language.


- Corruption not working correctly.
- Some of the events not having further resolution after winning or losing in battles.
- Game crash caused by events that had neutral units attacking garrisons in provinces.
- Centaur’s “Battlecry” skill not increasing speed of units correctly.
- Bugs in rituals targeted against guards in provinces.
- Army of a hero, that was to about to be resurrected, didn’t require any upkeep.
- Unclear definitions of ‘Walls’ and ‘Fortifications’ in the province’s tooltip.
- Catapult didn’t always hit its targets in a radius when using fire projectiles.
- “Treant’s Acorn” event.
- Brewery not increasing morale of units in garrison.
- Incorrect tooltip on the button used for leaving the “Advanced” building mode.
- “Inspiration” spell’s incorrect effect.
- “OK” button in the “Change weapons” screen led to spending action points without choosing a new weapon.
- AI not attacking heroes in neutral provinces.
- Bug that caused showing incorrect text instead of the enemy army’s composition.
- Dead hero could prevent getting quests from the crystal in some cases.
- Bug in the “Ambush” event.

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