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The Humble Company of Heroes Anniversary Bundle doesn't exactly roll off the tongue, but it's a really good deal for fans of Second World War-based RTSes. For $1, you get Company of Heroes, the Opposing Fronts and Tales of Valor expansions, and Company of Heroes 2 The Western Front Armies: Oberkommando West, which offers standalone access to Company of Heroes 2 multiplayer. But this is a Humble Bundle, and that means the real deals lie ahead.

Spend more than the average, which is currently just a little under $7, and you'll also snag Company of Heroes 2, COH2 The Western Front Armies: US Forces, the Case Blue, Southern Fronts, and Victory at Stalingrad mission packs, and the COH2 soundtrack. And for $10, which is really where you want to be on this package, you'll add The British Forces, Ardennes Assault, Ardennes Assault: Fox Company Rangers, a Humble-exclusive skins pack, and the COH digital art book.

(Jack it up to $30 and they'll mail you a COH bundle t-shirt, but that's maybe a bit much if you just want to work on your battlefield prowess.)

Company of Heroes is getting a little long in the tooth but it was good stuff back in the day, and you can't go too wrong when you're getting the whole package for a tenner. The Humble Company of Heroes Anniversary Bundle is live now and runs for two weeks, meaning that the curtain will fall on October 18.

Community Announcements - Fralex_RE

COH1 turned 10-year old this past Monday. To celebrate, everything is at least 66% OFF for a week in the in-game store! The whole COH franchise is also now on sale on Steam.

See you on the battlefield.
Announcement - Valve
In celebration of the 10th anniversary, save 66% to 75% on Company of Heroes Franchise during this week's Midweek Madness*!

*Offer ends Friday at 10AM Pacific Time.

Community Announcements - Fralex_RE

The Company of Heroes franchise is turning 10 this Monday, Sep 12th! Join us to celebrate a decade of RTS: Check out Company of Heroes’ official blog and Twitter account to know more about the other planned Anniversary activities. See you on the battlefield!

Community Announcements - Fralex_RE

The winning skins from the Valkyria Chronicles Skin Competition have just been released in the store. Buy them to support modders from the community! 35% of the proceeds of those skins will go back directly to their creators.
Last but not least, enjoy 50% off them if you buy them all in one fell swoop through the bundle before Aug 26th.

See you on the battlefield!
Community Announcements - Fralex_RE

On top of the usual Steam discounts on the COH Franchise, don't forget to check the in-game store during this Summer Sale for some of our best deals ever! Every item / bundle is at least 15% OFF - and some of them are up to 75% OFF. Also, remember that all the duplicate items you may get by buying bundles can now be turned into Supply to buy other items of your choice.

See you on the battlefield.
Community Announcements - Fralex_RE

In case you missed it, the June Balance Update is now live. This time around, changes focus around increasing strategic diversity and quality of life tweaks. For a comprehensive list of the changes and more details on those high level goals, please refer to the latest update post in our forums.

See you on the battlefield!
Community Announcements - Fralex_RE

The highly-anticipated update to the War Spoils system is now live! Duplicate fix, Supply, Loot Drop Bar... watch the video below for a quick overview of the main changes it introduces to the live game; and learn how you can trade your duplicates for items you would like in the in-game store through Supply :)
For a more comprehensive overview of the update, just head over to
our blog.

See you on the battlefield!

Community Announcements - Fralex_RE

THIS IS AN ORDER! Two new Valkyria Chronicles-themed skins sets for the Soviet and the OKW factions have been added to your inventory for free (and to the inventory of anyone logging in the next 30 days), in order to celebrate the release of Valkyria Chronicles Remastered on PS4 by Sega, our parent company. But wait, there is more! All skin items in the in-game store (sets or individual skins) are also 33% off till May 22nd EOD PST. See you on the battlefield!
Community Announcements - Fralex_RE

The winners of the Polycount War Paint skin competition have just been added to the in-game store! Buy the skins and support the community: 30% of the proceeds will go directly to the modders who created those skins, and another 20% will go towards funding future community events and competitions.

These new skin sets are available to buy individually, as well as through two bundles discounted by 50% off for a week only (Historical skins and Fantasy skins bundles).

That's not all! To celebrate these fine new creations, the Company of Heroes 2 games are free to play this week-end and 66% off. Free week-end ends this Sunday at 1pm PST; sale ends on Monday at 10am PST.

See you on the battlefield!

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