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Kentucky Route Zero isn’t just gaming’s finest slice of magical realism and shaggy dog symphonies, it’s also a magnificent feat of myth-making. Like so much Americana, it straddles the line between fact and folk tale, and finds recognisable unrealities along the road to the grave. If the melancholic dramas of the main episodes take place at centre stage, the occasional interludes aren’t the entertainment in between acts, they’re happening somewhere in the wings, backstage or downriver. The latest free offering, Here And There Along The Echo, has a sinister setup – a telephone that can only dial one number – but turns out to be the closest the series has come to revealing its own absurd comedic heart.

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Cardboard Computer have been releasing free interludes between each of their excellent Kentucky Route Zero episodes. First there was interactive art exhibition Limits and Demonstrations, then came theatrical experience The Entertainment, while today brings Here And There Along The Echo, which requires a bit more explanation. It's a phone. An actual phone, listed on eBay for quite a lot of money. A phone that only rings one number (apparently), which connects to an automated phone service narrated by Will Oldham (this Will Oldham?)

I know what it connects to because there's a digital, game version of said phone, which you can download for PC, Mac or Linux at the above link. This automated phone service is full of beautiful rambling stories and recitations related to the evocative setting of the main episodes, in particular to the Bureau of Lost Tourism, which is mentioned in the series a few times.

Others are saying that you can ring this number from a real life phone—the number being (270) 301-5797—but as I live in the UK and I barely know how to use Skype, I'm going to leave that for others to discover.

Like the previous interludes, it's not entirely clear how this relates to the beguiling story of the main games, but it's doubtless full of clues and references to their gradually unfolding narrative, and I can't wait to uncover these after a bit more poking around. It's also an entirely lovely thing to listen to, regardless of whether you understand much of what's being said.

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Here at RPS, we’re quite fond of Cardboard Computer’s magical realist adventure. Kentucky Route Zero took the final spot in our 2013 Advent Calendar and while the wait for the third act has been longer than I would have liked, it’s good to have Conway and his companions back in my life. The new chapter of gaming’s strangest trip since Sam and Max hit the road contains a musical performance worthy of Lynch, a whiskey-soaked underworld and enough melancholic mystery to fuel a new generation of the blues. Here’s wot I think.>

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An old time radio crackles into life, the dial set between nowhere in particular and somewhere else entirely. The voice that speaks could warble with the best of them but it catches on the hooks and snags of age. The accompaniment is the picking of a banjo and the wail of a harmonica. A boot thumping against a dusty floorboard, that’s percussion. This is how we learn that Kentucky Route Zero Act III has been released.

I actually heard about it through Twitter, at which point I loaded up my copy of the game (through Steam) and saw that the new act is already available to play, right from the menu. Guess I know what I’m doing tonight.

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You might remember that we liked sleepy-as-the-night, sharp-as-a-knife adventure Kentucky Route Zero quite a lot. We even gave it game of the year, doncha know. So when Last Life creator Sam Farmer told me his game was best described as “Kentucky Route Zero in space,” I nearly warbled with glee. The noir-themed tale of a detective trying to solve the mystery of his own murder has Double Fine‘s blessing and backing, and it’s taking to Kickstarter for one more boost. I sat down with Farmer for what turned out to be his first interview ever, and we discussed Last Life’s universe and story, Sherlock-style inspection mechanics, Double Fine’s involvement, what it means to be “noir,” and transhumanism. It’s all below.>

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[Waves arms wildly]I DON’T HAVE RELEASE DATE FOR YOU DON’T GET EXCITED[/waves arms wildly]

Wolf Among Us isn’t the only recent episodic game playing silly buggers with our expectations: there’s still no sign of when the passenger door episode III to RPS GOTY 2013 Kentucky Route Zero will open and offer us a ride down its strange, whip-smart highway. To some degree I’m less troubled by the wait than I was by WAU’s, as I’m not really in KRZ for the plot – it’s more of an experiential thing for me, as wanky as that might sound. I would like more of it and soon, though.

Devs Cardboard Computer have attempted to allay fears that something terrible has happened behind the scenes, and explained why no KRZE3 date yet. Apparently it will be “significantly more involved than the first two acts.” Maybe that means it’ll have guns! Or a jump button! Or microtransactions! … [visit site to read more]

Shacknews - Ozzie Mejia
IndieCade 2013 featured 36 award finalists, with the event's winners announced on Thursday evening. The event also announced three more winners (Audience Choice, Media Choice, and Developer's Choice) during Sunday evening's closing ceremonies. The big winner was Quadrilateral Cowboy from Blendo Games, which won IndieCade's Grand Jury Award. This top prize is decided by a panel of jurors who recognize a specific game for overall excellence. Other winners include Nevernaut Games' 2v2 capture the flag game SlashDash taking the Audience Choice Award, Matt Thorson's TowerFall winning the Media Choice Award, and the 5-on-5 arcade cabinet Joust homage Killer Queen taking Developer's Choice honors.
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I have no idea what's going on here, but I really, really want to find out.

This is probably the most exciting game-related anything> I’ve seen in months. And yes, as the headline suggests, it’s entirely bonkers. Remember Zineth developer Arcane Kids’ Tribes-meets-Tony-Hawk thing Perfect Stride? Well, it’s just one of 30+ games (23 of which are already finished and playable) that’ll immediately be yours if you hand LA Game Space a pithy 15 of your bacteria-and-filth-ridden Human Dollars. Experimental Game Pack 01 also includes entirely new projects from the likes of Katamari Damacy creator Keita Takahashi, Adventure Time (yes, the TV show) maestro Pendleton Ward, Hotline Miami madman Cactus, Kentucky Route Zero devs Jake Elliott and Tamas Kemenczy, and sooooooooooo many more. I’m not even going to pretend to be impartial on this one. Buy it. Buy it because duh.


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