Community Announcements - oZanbee

It is Labor Day Weekend, and we have a pretty fantastic Points Explosion event going on so that you can purchase more fun items such as the Ocean Commander Uniform or the PI-07S mount!! Purchase Kafra Points during the event period and you will get special bonus points!

Dates: August 29, 2014 at 12pm PDT through September 2nd, 2014 at 12pm PDT

Event Values
• $5 = 500 KP (0% bonus)
• $10 = 1050 KP (5% bonus)
• $15 = 1575 KP (5% bonus)
• $20 = 2100 KP (5% bonus)
• $30 = 3300 KP (10% bonus)
• $40 = 4600 KP (15% bonus)
• $50 = 6000 KP (20% bonus)
Community Announcements - oZanbee

Are you ready for Ragnarok 2's Himmelmez's Chamber and new dungeons coming soon??

Check out the new preview images in Zanbee's blog! -->

We will also be hosting a preview livestream Tuesday, August 12th at 5pm PDT on!

Ask your questions about the Himmelmez update in this thread-->
Community Announcements - oZanbee
August EXP Boosts!

We are so excitied to be welcoming our new players from the Philippines, that we decided to start off August with a blast! Get ready for a month long EXP Boost event! Level up your characters at warp speed, and use that extra experience to prepare for the awesome new raid and dungeons just around the corner!

Dates: July 30 – August 27

Weekday EXP Boost
30% EXP Boost from Monday to Friday

  • July 30th (12:01am) ~ August 1st (3:59pm)
  • August 4th (12:01am) ~ August 8th (3:59pm)
  • August 11th (12:01am) ~ August 15th (3:59pm)
  • August 18th (12:01am) ~ August 22 (3:59pm)
  • August 25th (12:01am) ~ August 27th (11:59pm)

Weekend EXP Boost
100% EXP Boost from Friday to Sunday

  • August 1st (4:00pm) ~ August 3rd (11:59pm)
  • August 8th (4:00pm) ~ August 10th (11:59pm)
  • August 15th (4:00pm) ~ August 17th (11:59pm)
  • August 22nd (4:00pm) ~ August 24th (11:59pm)

Level Up Sales!

Get to Master Level 30 quicker with these great sales happening in the month of August!!

Dates: July 30 – August 27

Master Battle Manual Order (SALE): 100 KP

Dates: August 6 – 13

Super Large Bag (SALE): 1500 KP
Storage Slot Expansion (SALE): 750 KP

Dates: August 13 – 20

Skill Reset Vellum (SALE): 300 KP
Stat Reset Vellum (SALE): 300 KP
Community Announcements - oZanbee

Exciting news!! WarpPortal's #Ragnarok2 is officially opening up to the Philippines region this Thursday, July 31st! Starting July 31st, players from the Philippines will be able to download Ragnarok 2 and play via Steam!

Be sure to follow the Philippines FB for more updates!

Philippines FB:

Spread the news!!
Community Announcements - oZanbee

New Bone Dragon Wings are in the Phantom Pyramid this month, as well as the Deviruchi Mount and new Costume/Accessory Boxes!

We also have a cool Card Sale in the Kafra Shop for the next two weeks! The following items will be on sale:

  • Card Album for 250 KP
  • Card Designated Synthesis for 100 KP

Community Announcements - oZanbee
The RO1 Gunslinger, Crusader, and AssassinCross costumes are finally here! Our newest costumes are sure to make you look like the true Poring stomper you were meant to be!

From July 16 to August 6, we will be selling the following RO1 costume boxes in the Kafra Shop!

RO1 Gunslinger Costume Box

Randomly Drops:

RO1 Gunslinger Costume (M or F, 0-2 slots)

RO1 Crusader Costume Box

Randomly Drops:

RO1 Crusader Costume (M or F, 0-2 slots)

RO1 AssassinCross Costume Box

Randomly Drops:

AssassinCross Costume (M or F, 0-2 slots)
Community Announcements - oZanbee
From June 25th to July 9th, we will be selling the following RO1 costume boxes in the Kafra Shop!

RO1 Ninja Costume Random Box II (1200 KP)

RO1 Taekwon Costume Random Box II (1200 KP)

RO1 Sage Costume Random Box II (1200 KP)

Jun 8
Community Announcements - oZanbee
Dark Whisper will include:

  • Level Cap Expansion from Master Level 20 to Master Level 30
  • Two New Field Maps (Lower Dark Whisper and Upper Dark Whisper) with new monsters and bosses
  • New Items
  • New Craftable Gear and Weapons
  • Dayr Desert Monster DNA and Cards

It is known that the Curse of Osiris gave rise to the Fortress of Despair. Though the Day of Despair came to an end, and Dark Whisper joined the Defeated Freyja in Vanaheim, dimensional cracks appeared throughout Ashkaron and woke the dark power.

With the fall of Ashkaron, Dark Whisper's owner, Valkyrie Himmelmez, captured the remnants of the Ashkaron Empire easily. This victory came with a heavy cost, as the dimensional cracks weakened and Dark Whisper's power ebbed. In order to hold what she had, Himmelmez went into hibernation, collecting power for the day she might have the strength to awaken once more.

Several years have passed since these events transpired, and with the summoning of the dimensional cracks throughout Rune-Midgarts by Freyja, Vanaheim's power has returned. While there was not enough power to summon the Valkyries, the use of Saintess Aione's power to seal these dimensional cracks revealed to the awakened Himmelmez that Randgris's power lays inside the Saintess.

"Now is the time.."

Valkyrie Himmelmez stirs, her dark power felt throughout the land, and she is swiftly regaining more power as she absorbs the strength of Valkyrie Randgris from Saintess Aione.


Valkyrie Himmelmez has built huge fortresses with the purpose of researching dark magic. The lower level is filled with her failed monstrous experiments. The upper level contains her successes, monsters with the strength to act as Valkyrie Himmelmez's bodyguards. It should be noted that while these monsters have greater strength, their weakness lies in a lack of focus, as their attention has turned on monster collection rather than protecting their maker.


The Dark Whisper Upper and Lower hunting fields are for Master Level 20+ players. You can enjoy the hunting fields with Dayr Desert and Osiris gears, but prepare to battle Valkyrie Himmelmez with new and powerul weapons.


Parent Basilisk

Basilisk lives in the Ashkaron subterranean cave which causes him to have terrible eyesight. However, his sense of smell is exceptional, and his hearing is parallel to none. After the Ashkaron castle collapsed, Himmelmez found this monster and made a nest for him on the lower level

Trainer Kurolf

Kurolf is the older twin brother of Himmelmez’s subordinate Gustaf. He is much stronger than Gustaf, but he is also very lazy and dumb. There was one time when he was asked to train Rackufs on Himmelmez’s orders. By the end of the training, all the Rackufs were dead. He is still training Rackufs, but now he is working hard not to make the same mistake twice.

Queen Arwen

Arwen is a half human, half arachnid monster created by Himmelmez. Due to Arwen’s low intelligence and battle ability, Himmelmez threw her away. Regardless, she is still one of the cruelest queen spiders around.

Supervisor Gustaf

Gustaf is Kurolf’s younger twin brother who trains laborers. While smarter than his brother, he is just as cruel. Don’t compare him to his brother though or he may get offended.


The great grand masters decaying corpses combine to create the gruesome Armdieras. There is a core that controls him, manipulated by Himmelmez which gives this monstrosity the power to move. This core resides within the twisted flesh of this monsters body.

Chef Gurush

Gurush was once a chef in Ashkaron, but he was killed in his kitchen when Ashkaron collapsed. Fortunately, Himmelmez revived him. However, those who wished to eat his food again are out of luck, because his cooking abilities are completely gone. He is now just a greedy monster.

How to get to Dark Whisper

The entrance will be located in Morroc City, next to the Tomb of Osiris entrance.

Community Announcements - oZanbee
Please visit the event page here -->

Instagram to Win!

It is the century of sharing selfies and pictures of your dogs, so we have recently decided to join in on this fun as well! For the month of June, we will be hosting a number of events on a wonderful little application called Instagram!

From June 4 to July 2nd, post pictures on Instagram with under one of the categories listed below and you will get a fun, Poring Cape! Only one prize per account.

*Be sure to include your character name in all your posts. You are welcome to use more hashtags in addition to the ones we post below.

Instagram Category 1: Let's Play Ragnarok 2

Post a general Ragnarok 2 related picture on Instagram with these hashtags: #Ragnarok2 #PlayRagnarok2 #Warpportal!

Selected pictures will be put into a special collage that will be posted onto our Ragnarok 2 Facebook page!

Instagram Category 2: Let Me Take a Selfie

This might take a little maneuvering, but take a picture of yourself next to your Ragnarok 2 character, and post it with these hashtags: #Ragnarok2 #Playragnarok2 #Selfie.

Instagram Category 3: Poring World

Print out one of the Poring images below, cut it out, and then take a picture of it in the real world. Then post it on Instagram with these hashtags: #Ragnarok2 #Playragnarok2 #Poringworld #Poring. Be fun and creative with where you take these Porings!

The most creative pictures will be put into a special collage that will be posted onto our Ragnarok 2 Facebook page!

Additionally, everyone who posts in this category will have their names be put into a raffle. One lucky winner will get a Popopoporing Mount (90 days)!

Community Announcements - oZanbee

Summer is almost here, and we know that means many of you are getting ready for vacation! To make summer even sweeter, we will be having an event where you can earn Immediate Refine Stones!

Accumulate at least 10, 20, or 30 hours of playtime between June 4th and July 2nd, you will get one of the following rewards:

  • 10 hours of playtime: +5 Immediate Refine Stone (Armor)
  • 20 hours of playtime: +8 Immediate Refine Stone (Armor)
  • 30 hours of playtime: +10 Immediate Refine Stone (Armor)
    *Only 1 reward will be given based on playtime.

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