Community Announcements - CM Oda
Hello there everyone. We're going to be having a Warpportal-wide billing maintenance changing out our system that will affect logins, payment and registration during the hour of 7am-8am on the 4th. If you are still logged into the game you shouldn't be affected but you won't be able to log in until 8 if you're not already ingame. We apologize for the inconvenience.
Community Announcements - CM Maridah

Patch Notes for 2/23/2015
Please note: Details are subject to change at any time.
Weekly Maintenance Time: 5 pm PST (~4 hours)

Event Update
Weekday EXP boost up event has ended. Dapara event items will be removed. Weekend EXP boosts will remain in effect.

Bug Fix & Changes
  • Forgotten Payon Boss Monster Imoogi will be taken out of the game temporarily while he works on improving his aquatic combat.
  • Last Valentine's Event's Chocolate Cake and this year's Chocolate Cake shared the same name. Last year’s item is changing to “Old Chocolate Cake”.
  • The item “List of Prey” is a consumable, but didn’t say so. This is will be corrected.
  • The bar wouldn’t fill while crafting. This will be fixed so it does fill as you craft.
  • New Year Event: Costume Box, Accessory Box, and Set effect require localization.
  • Brutal Strike did not use any Beast Power if it damages more than one enemy. It will use beast power now.
  • Some overhead objects such as the entrance pagoda, block off character name info in Forgotten Payon. This will be fixed.
  • Wearing the Traditional Oriental Dress created a "twisted arm" visual bug that will be fixed.
  • Equipment with no durability does not have an indicator. Indicator will return.
  • Character Name Change scroll gave players a 60 day cool down on changing names. This will be changed to 14 day cool down time.
Community Announcements - CM Maridah

Long forgotten and left to run wild, Payon’s ruins have revealed a new region full of fearsome monsters and challenges for players in Rune-Midgarts! Join your fellow player on an adventure into the remains of Payon and level to new heights!

Find the Old Well in Payon's Ruins to begin your journey into Forgotten Payon.

This new area is teeming with monsters and drops for master level characters to combat! The master level cap has risen to ML 35 with the addition of this new region in the game.

New armor sets and weapons are available in this new area for Master Level players!

Earn tokens for Eddga gear from monster drops and daily quests. Get lucky with rare drops of Eddga gear off area bosses as well!

Speak with new NPCs, challenge field monsters, and fight bosses in the 80-85 level range.

You can now trade for Cazar gear to equip yourself for venturing into Payon! Visit NPC Hansu in Prontera to trade in Blood points or Victory Metals. Visit NPC Jado in Morroc to trade in Mastery Points. Buy pieces of gear directly or take your chance with a random box!

Runes have been overhauled and now give out fixed number stats rather than stats based on percentages.

This new area is tough, so come prepared! Bring your allies and fight to reclaim the ruins of a once beautiful city.

The fearsome Eddga awaits you in Forgotten Payon!
Are you prepared?

Community Announcements - CM Maridah

Quest of Heroes Event
2/9/2015 ~ 3/9/2015

A search for heroes has begun! Check your temporary storage at log in for a quest awaiting your return!
Contemplating becoming a hero in the world of Rune-Midgarts? New players will receive the New Hero quest line. Returning players who have not logged in during 2015 will receive the Return Hero Quest. All current players will receive the Hero Quest. Each of these quest lines has a different reward package attached to its completion. Every package is filled with valuable and useful items to make your journey in game even more enjoyable!

Complete the Return Hero Quest and receive:
Return Hero Package
Job Level Jumping Item (Lv.50)
Storage Slot Expansion
Buff Item
Super Large Bag
Elite Membership Card
Character Name Change
Card Album (7 day)

Complete the Hero Quest and receive:
Hero Package
Munil’s Accessory random box (May)
Munil’s Costume random box (May)
Buff Item
Character Name Change
Elite Membership Card
Skill Reset Scroll
Card Album (7 day)

Complete the New Hero Quest and receive:
New Hero Package
Class Level Jumping Item (Lv.30)
Job Level Jumping Item (Lv.30)
Buff Item
Super Large Bag
Elite Membership Card
Storage Slot Expansion
Card Album (7 day)
Community Announcements - CM Maridah

Eddga the Thief Event

Eddga’s servants have stolen rice cakes imbued with powers at his request. The Northern Dancer needs your help to get them back. Find Eddga’s Servants in fields all over Rune-Midgarts to reclaim the purloined rice cakes!
Eddga’s servants drop all sorts of rice cakes when you challenge them. You can use them as they drop or turn them in with the Northern Dancer in Prontera for different cakes and costumes.

Rice Cake
STR +20, AGI +20, WIL +20,INT +20,Health +20 (10 min duration)
Cactis Rice Cake
HP +500, EXP +5% (10 min duration)
Mugwort Rice Cake
Physical Attack Power+200,Magical Attack Power +200, Drop rate +5% (10 min duration)
Rice Cake Bag
Physical Attack Power+200 , Magical Attack Power +200,HP +500,EXP +5%, Drop rate +5%, STR +20, AGI +20, WIL +20,INT +20,Health +20 (One Hour effect)

The Northern Dancer will trade:
15 Murgwort Rice Cakes for 1 Rice Cake Bag
15 Cactis Rice Cakes for 1 Rice Cake Bag
15 Rice Cakes for 1 Rice Cake Bag
30 Rice Cake Bags for a Traditional Costume Box
15 Rice Cake Bags for a Party Mask Random Box

The Traditional Costume Box gives one item:
Hanbok (M/F)
Kimono (M/F)
Oriental Dress or Suit
These costumes will give you an MP loss decrease of -25% and an item drop rate of +10% during the duration of the event.

The Party Mask Random Box gives one item:
Wolf Mask (30 days)
Disciple Mask (30 Days)
Queen Mask (30 Days)
Collapsed Mask (30 Days)
Butterfly Mask (30 Days)
Scream Mask (30 Days)

Use the Rice Cake drop items during the event. They will vanish after the event ends!
Community Announcements - CM Maridah

Valentine's Day Event

The feeling of love is making some residents of Rune Midgarts’ stats rise~ Collect chocolates and earn a Khara title that will make you feel full of stat boosts too!

Collect Cacao Beans and Dark Chocolate by completing quests and challenging monsters within a 5 level +/- range of your character.

You can collect Bonbon au Chocolat and Chocolat Noir in areas in Rune Midgarts to acquire cacao and chocolate as well!
Bonbons and Chocolat Noir appear in the East & West Mjolnir Mountains, Prontera, Alberta, and Morroc (Except Dayr Desert.) Chocolate Noir gives out Cacao Beans and is relatively easy to find and collect. Bonbons are harder to collect and find, but give out Dark Chocolates.

Trade your chocolates in for a Valentine Chocolate Basket. This item, when used, will give you the title ‘Grand Cru’ and complete a new Khara quest 'The Best Title' in your Khara Menu.
This title will give you STR +80, INT +80, AGI +30, WIL +30, Health +30 (Stats double during event.)

10 Cacao Beans for 1 Dark Chocolate
5 Dark Chocolates for 1 Milk Chocolate
5 Milk Chocolates for 1 Chocolate Cake
30 Chocolates for a Valentine Chocolate Basket

Find NPCs Magery Bruce and Jon Pestin in Prontera to start quest lines and trade in items.

Need a pick me up while completing these challenges? Dark Chocolate and Milk Chocolate will recover HP when eaten and Chocolate Cake will give you an HP boost of 3000 for an hour!
Community Announcements - CM Maridah

Patch Notes for 2/9/2015
Please note: Details are subject to change at any time.
Weekly Maintenance Time: 5 pm PST (~4 hours)

New Map: Forgotten Payon
Eddga Equipment from Forgotten Payon.
Eddga Equipments can be exchanged with Eddga Token from the Forgotten Payon map.
New Rune Socket has applied to Eddga Equipment.
Purple Seed Rune hole for: “Normal Rune” or “Bind Rune” or “Rune of ChungLimSa”
Gold Rune hole for: All types of Seed Runes (Red, Blue or Green)
Cazar Equipment can be purchased with MP Mastery Point in Morroc.
Cazar Equipment can be purchased with Blood Point in Prontera.
Rank A is available.
Master Level 31~35 is available.
New Quest for Rank A is available.
New Quest for Forgotten Payon is available.
Item Drop Rate Penalty has applied.
Item Drop Rate Penalty
New Knightage Reward (Prontera)

Eddga the Thief
Event Period: 2/9/2015~ 3/9/2015
Please note: All Event items will be removed from inventory, storage, mail and auction after event ends.

Quest for Heroes
Event Period: 2/9/2015~ 3/9/2015
Players will received a hero quest into Temp. Storage

Valentine’s Day Event
Event Period: 2/9/2015~ 3/9/2015
Khara Quest : The Best Title
Once you complete the Khara Quest ‘The Best Title’ you’ll receive the ‘Grand Cru’ title
Stat : STR +80, INT +80, AGI +30, WIL +30, Health +30 (Stats will double during event period.)
You can acquire the title by using ‘Valentine Chocolate Basket’

New Items
Ascetic (Tai Chi) Uniform Box 800 KP
Ascetic (Tai Chi) Accessory Box 400 KP
Cockatrice (30 Days) 400 KP
Mount Random Box (Cockatrice) 100 KP
Platinum Membership Pack 2000 KP
Gold Membership Pack 900 KP
February Costume Box 450 KP
February Accessory Box 225 KP
Sweet Chocolate Box 10 KP

A new attendance calendar system will be implemented with a 28 Day cycle.
Old attendance system will be removed.
Seed Rune stats will be changed from percentages to set stat numbers.
Dayr Desert or higher leveled areas will no longer drop normal grade equipment.
Magic and Rare Grade item prices decreased.
Repair charge of Cazar equipment increased.
Coloseum Rewards changed
Winner’s Reward of Jeahoon’s Training site changed
Beastmaster: Skill name and description changed from Bear Form to Bear Spirit.
Exploits to dye manipulation and creation removed.

Bug Fix
The Soulmaker's Soul Extortion effect sometimes does not go away when the skill effect ends.
DoT and attack pets will deal "fake" damage when they are near the end of their spawn time.
Battle Leap sometimes causes instant death when used.
Colosseum: Players can talk in Normal Chat and create chat rooms.
Ranger: Ankle snare skill doesn’t immobilize target.

There will be no maintenance Monday 2/16/2015 due to holiday hours.
Community Announcements - CM Maridah

February Happy Hours Box Week
February 2nd - 9th, 2015

Happy Hour Boxes drop four times a day: 02:00-03:00, 08:00-09:00, 14:00-15:00, and 20:00-21:00 PST.

Players have a chance to get a box drop during this time by farming monsters within a five level range of the player in the field.

February's Happy Hour Box has a chance to drop the following items:

Prontera Warp Scroll
Morroc Warp Scroll
Explorer Purple Potion
The Chance Coupon
Master Battle Manual Order
Skill Reset Vellum
Rocket Runehole Puncher
Complete Honing Scrub
Pandora's Key
Phantom Stone
Community Announcements - CM Maridah

Patch Notes for 2/2/2015
Please note: Details are subject to change at any time.
Weekly Maintenance Time: 5 pm PST (~4 hours)

Phantom Pyramid
Fortune's Wheel
Use with Glasses of Craftsman to activate set effect VIT 2% , ACC 2%, HIT 4%, CRI 2% Effect period: 2/2/2015~3/2/2015

Happy Hour Event
Period: 2/2/2015 ~ 2/9/2015

Kafra Shop
Knight Petit Lucky Box
Sales Period: 2/2/2015 ~ 3/2/2015
Contains 4 Boxes: Chance Coupon, Medium, Heavy, Tons.

Lucky Box (The Chance Coupon)
Contains 1 to 5 Chance Coupons

Lucky Box (Medium)
Contains one:
10 Prime Grade Dayr Blue Potions
10 Prime Grade Dayr Purple Potions
10 Prime Grade Dayr Red Potions
1 Blue Spinel
3 Master Battle Manual Orders

Lucky Box (Heavy)
Contains one:
5 Infinium
5 Lucky Powder
5 Blessing Powder
2 Card Coating Paper

Lucky Box (Tons)
Contains one:
1 Knight Petit Rein
1 Knight Petit Rein (30Days)
1~3 Phantom Stones
1 Gold Membership Pack
Community Announcements - CM Maridah

Patch Notes for 1/26/2015
Please note: Details are subject to change at any time.
Weekly Maintenance Time: 5 pm PST

Pandora’s Key (x5) 200 KP
Pandora’s Key (x10) 400 KP

Bug Fixes

Due to the changes in the maintenance schedule last week, this week’s patch is expected to be brief (1~2 hours.)

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