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Community Announcements - petey

We’re excited to announce with this update, Cannon Brawl is now in Beta! Beta marks one of the last remaining steps until final release. The game has come a long way since our launch last year and we’ve added a ton: nightmare mode, puzzle levels, new buildings and pilots, and new multiplayer maps.

Thanks everyone for all the feedback. Cannon Brawl is the best game we’ve ever worked on, and it wouldn’t have been possible with your help!

And now for the notes for this particular build:


  • Added the Knight pilot. Every 45s the knight can heal a building for 5 life and increase it’s maximum life by 5. His buildings will be hard to beat if you stack them with floating platforms and repair centers! He’s waiting in the armory to be unlocked.
  • Added the Lightning Rod building. This is a territory balloon replacement that bestows flames, shots, and lasers a damage bonus if they pass through the lighting rod’s area of effect. The bonus also stacks, so you can set up a path of lightning rods for lots of extra damage. These combo with the missile towers for devastating effect. We’ll likely need a lot of tuning feedback on this one! The Lightning rod is also in the armory.
  • Added Monthly Ranking leaderboard. This leaderboard tracks players ranking activity for the current month. This uses a monthly elo, which separate from your all time ranking. Each month this will reset and the monthly leaderboard will be cleared so you can start anew at staking your claim as the top brawler.
  • Lots of visual tweaks
  • Added a few new sound effects
  • A new quest is now generated immediately after a current quest is completed
  • Added a new quest: Flank the Shields - Destroy shield towers while their shields are active
  • Added a new quest: Three by Three - Win a multiplayer game or Battle vs. AI (insane) with at least three fully upgraded towers remaining. (Thanks to QQTastic for this one).


  • Changed the way sounds settings are saved. This will cause everyone’s volume levels to reset once when they get the new build, but they should save normally afterwards.

Finally, because we've added so much to the game since launch, we're pricing the game at $14.99 for the 1pk and $19.99 for the 2pk. But, we're running a 40% off week long sale at the same time in case you want to get in close to the original price.
Community Announcements - petey
Cannon Brawl is a unique take on artillery games with a real-time twist. Drop war machines from airships along destructible terrain and defend territory. Claim floating islands, advance armies, and punish opponents while taking skill shots in a fun 2D world. Cannon Brawl is approachable, with twenty ramping campaign levels, while multiplayer modes let players test their skill and battle for glory.

Cannon Brawl is the next evolution of the artillery genre and now you can play it on Mac as well as Windows!

Give Cannon Brawl a shot and post your feedback on the forums!
Community Announcements - petey
Quick update today, but a major change to the beginning of the game:


  • Big overhaul on the mainmenu, awesome all new art and animated intro sequence to the title screen. This give some added atmosphere before you even get into the game.
  • New terrain art half of the puzzle levels


  • Gamepads should now work on mac (attempt #2)
  • Fixed bug where you could build in the ground on the forest map
Community Announcements - petey
This build update is focused on fixing bugs and improving performance.

It is a significant update because of two reasons:

1) I changed a good chunk of network code to help fix the shield vs grenade launcher bug and fix some rare and outlying de-sync issues. In my testing worked well...but it's a large code change so it's possible (though hopefully unlikely) there are new bugs. Let me know if anything gets fishy during networked games.

2) Lots of mac bugs are fixed (thanks all for reporting them) including the hang on mission complete and the gamepads should now work. If you tried it on mac, give it another go!

Anyway, here's the full notes:


  • You can now scroll individually through the leaderboard and press A or Spacebar to open up to that users steam profile page.
  • Various performance improvements


  • Fixed bug on mac where game could hang after campaign missions
  • Fixed bug on mac where game could hang after first quest screen
  • Upgraded to MonoGame version 3.2 for the mac build, which fixes other various issues.
  • Gamepads should now work on mac
  • Reworked shot network multiplayer code to help fix divengent behavior when shots impact shields right as it goes up. This ended up changing a lot of code, there could be more issues still, let me know if you find any.
  • Fix bug where players online was always 0, even if more people were online. This is actually due to a steam sdk call failing (it’s very rare there are ever 0 people online). Valve fixed their issue so it should now work again.
  • Fixed possible crash on warship level
  • Fixed bug where options buttons were showing on top of leaderboard UI
  • Fixed bug where gamepad would control the game when the steam overlay was up

In our next update we'll be back to adding new stuff!
Community Announcements - petey

  • Added 10 optional puzzle levels into the campaign. Removed the ‘challenge levels’ menu option, since they are now integrated on the campaign map to help improve pacing. Instead of 20 intense battles in a row you’ll get some puzzle levels sprinkled in between (you’ll notice the puzzle levels as new purple dots on the map). Beat them to unlock XP to spend in the armory. Let us know what you think!
  • New UI pass on player status and ready states during army selection


  • Increased driller cooldown to 75 seconds
  • Decreased driller blast radius
  • Decreased grenade launcher range
  • Increased grenade launcher cooldown to 16 from 14
  • Increased building platform health to 7 from 5
  • Decreased frost dmg down by one per level
  • Lowered frost tower range slightly
  • Decrease king shield regen time to 30s from 35
  • Increased cooldown bonus reach range on accelerator
  • Reduce’s uncle damage back to 7, lower cooldown to 35s


  • Fixed shift not working on mac
  • Error messages on crashes will now show up on mac
  • Fixed a crash in nightmare mode

Thanks for all the tuning feedback and bug reports!
Community Announcements - petey

  • Added a new pilot, the Driller, who can destroy a chunk of ground around their airship every 60s as an active ability. Use this pilot to drop enemy buildings that are sitting on precarious edges, or use them to make edges more precarious! This pilot is unlocked in the campaign, if you’ve already beat the campaign you’ll automatically have access.
  • Added a new pilot, the Banker, who gains 1g per 5 seconds per economy building out on the map. Stack them with gold mines and banks for maximum gold output. The Banker can be unlocked from the Armory.
  • Added a new building, the Fortified Mine, it costs more than a regular mine, but has additional health and heals buildings around it over time. The fortified mine can be unlocked from the armory. This one could be tough to balance, so let me know what you guys think after you’ve tried it in battle.
  • AI will now try to use Prince, King, Task Master, and Minionette powers actively
  • Improved AI target selection (it now prefers not to attack targets that require lots of digging to get to)
  • Improved AI higher level decision making regarding building vs upgrading


  • Pilot active abilities can not be used within a small radius of the enemy HQ.
  • Adjusted gold mines on The Lava Desert multiplayer map such you can no longer zone out the enemy diamonds by building on the exact center build spot.
  • Reduced building platform health to 5 from 10
  • Increased range on all levels of the mountain maker
  • Increased Uncle’s damage to 10, and his ability recharges in all territory, increased cooldown from 35 to 40
  • Increased Prince’s heal rate from 5hp/10s to 7hp/10s
  • Reduced cannon costs to 45/55/90 from 45/60/95
  • Minion now does 50% more terrain damage (up from 35%) and takes 75% less fall damage (up from 50%)


  • Fixed bug where if you upgraded a laser while firing it would not do the correct amount of shield pulses
  • Fixed bug where shot whistle continued while shots went off screen
  • Fixed bug where quest UI would stay on the screen if it was visible while accepting a friend invite
  • Fixed bug where in rare cases a building built on top of a just destroyed building platform could also be destroyed
  • Fixed issue where AI would stall out trying to dig to a diamond mine with a cannon that couldn’t reach it
Community Announcements - petey
Time to try out a new pilot and some new tuning on the demolisher. As always lots of fixing and tuning, thanks everyone for the feedback. More updates to come soon!

New Features:

  • New Pilot, the Smuggler. Ever wish you could have just one more building? Now you can! The smuggler can bring one extra building type into battle and starts out with 50 extra gold. Head over to the armory to unlock him, try him out, then let us know what you think balance-wise.
  • More UI polish, this time the character select screen the level map ui get a nice facelift.
  • In game sound effects now have stereo placement
  • Final boss gets a new art pass and is looking really awesome


  • Building on a damaged floating platform gives the new building a health bonus scaled by the the about of health left on the floating platform (instead of the floating platform’s maximum health).
  • AI will no longer target walking demolishers with their warheads
  • Quest display is hidden after returning to the main menu
  • Mountain maker terrain blobs better match the biome they are a part of
  • Fixed bug where one side occasionally started slightly early in networked multiplayer
  • Fixed a bug where the grenades would occasionally move strangely after bouncing
  • Warheads no longer keep the health bonus from floating platforms after being launched


  • Increased quest rewards on harder quests to 150xp.
  • You now must be playing ranked or unranked quickmatch to complete most multiplayer quests
  • Demolisher now do half damage to mines
  • Tuned nightmare speed medal times
  • Increased grenade damage AOE to 85 from 45
  • Increased floating platform cost to 30 from 25
Community Announcements - petey
Check out our development livestream: http://www.twitch.tv/cannonbrawlgame

At 11am PST (which is to say, right now) I'll be writing some code for Cannon Brawl. Please come hang out for a glimpse into the day to day of game programming, or to ask questions about the game.

See you there!
Community Announcements - petey
Hello everyone, it’s been a little while since our last update but we’ve been working away the whole time. It’s a giant update, here’s the full notes:


  • New Building, the Grenade Launcher! The Grenade Launcher fires a grenade that bounces once, then explodes on hit, doing terrain and area of effect damage. We got some pretty interesting V-shaped trajectories during playtesting that no other building can do. Unlock it from the armory!
  • Nightmare and normal mode difficulty tweaking
  • Reworked the main menu organization and separated Local Multiplayer from Versus AI matches. Versus AI is now in the ‘Adventure’ (formerly Single Player) option while Local Multiplayer is under the ‘Multiplayer’ option.
  • Added settings option to run the game in 16:9 aspect ratio (which should fix stretching in fullscreen for people requesting 2560x1440, 1920x1080, 1366x768, 1280x720 resolution support)
  • UI Polish Pass (Part 1 of Many). Lots of the ui got a nice polish pass, including the game end screens and xp point counter upper. More to come in future updates.
  • Terrain Art Pass (Part 1 of Many). Say farewell to the plain gray terrain of before and hello to some really awesome new terrain art. This is the biggest visual improvement the game has ever had since we launched on early access. Some levels still need the new art, but again more to come in future updates.
  • First pass on quest system. Quests are generated every time you start the game and are objectives you can complete while playing to earn addition XP and explore new play styles. Let us know if you have any interesting quest ideas!


  • Fixed a crash when trying to activate the taskmasters in some conditions
  • Fixed issue where repair center targeting couldn’t get to some buildings in some configurations
  • Fixed bug where warhead didn’t take damage from tunnelling in some cases
  • Fixed bug where a mountain maker shot would detonate prematurely on a warhead
  • Fixed issue with King’s shield and flamethrower interacting strangely

Since this is such a big update, there are bound to be some issues and bugs that snuck through our pre-update testing. Report them in the comments and I'll hotpatch them as soon as I can.
Community Announcements - petey
In fifteen minutes at 11am PST, I'll fire up our development livestream: http://www.twitch.tv/cannonbrawlgame

Today I'll be answering any and all questions you have about indie game development. Be as specific or as general as you want!

I'll also be working on a new feature, the Quest system. It's goal is to guide players through the campaign and into multiplayer and encourage trying out all the different playstyles Cannon Brawl has to offer.

See you there!

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