N++ (NPLUSPLUS) - Nabla
This is a hotfix to address issues with secret level progress not being saved properly for Ultimate Secrets.
Some levels have been updated also.
N++ (NPLUSPLUS) - Nabla
This is just a small update to fix some bugs in the Ultimate release

What's changed:
* Secret codes for Ultimate levels show up as expected
* Fix issues with secret levels not unlocking sometimes
* Some of the secret levels weren't appearing
* Added some people to the Credits
N++ (NPLUSPLUS) - Valve
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N++ (NPLUSPLUS) - Nabla

Ultimate Edition Update!

At long last, N++ Ultimate Edition is here! Now there's even more to love about N++ :)
It's a free update for anyone who owns the game; we went back and forth on whether or not to charge for this DLC, and decided that we really wanted to encourage more people to try N++, and that this might be a great way to do it!

This update contains a ton of new content, doubling the number of levels, colour schemes, and ninja headbands.
It's like an entire second N++, for free! It really is a game that could last a lifetime.

There's also a brand new singleplayer game mode called Hardcore.
Hardcore was designed for fans and especially highscore competitions -- in contrast to the regular Solo mode, in Hardcore the clock is always ticking and every death counts.
This transforms N++ into the ultimate skill-based challenge, adding another echelon to strive for in your quest for ninja glory.

Announcement - Valve
Today's Deal: Save 50% on N++ (NPLUSPLUS)!*

Look for the deals each day on the front page of Steam. Or follow us on twitter or Facebook for instant notifications wherever you are!

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Community Announcements - Metanet Software

Happy Valentine's Day! During February, sink your teeth into two delicious new, special colour schemes: Chococherry and Birthday Cake. Hooray! More details here: http://www.metanetsoftware.com/2017/joyeux-saint-valentin

Community Announcements - Nabla
This is a minor update to fix a not-so-minor issue: people were reporting their save games being corrupted when tracking/untracking and following/unfollowing levels while playing them.
There was also a pretty common issue with some graphics cards that people were having with launching the game that we managed to track down.
So here's an update that fixes all that!
Community Announcements - Nabla
We're hard at work on Ultimate Edition and haven't had a lot of time to work on some of the bugs that have been reported recently, but the 'sounds getting cut off' one was really annoying so we've fixed it.
Also, a few of the levels have updated to make secret challenges possible.
Community Announcements - Nabla
Some people were experiencing just a ridiculous amount of crashes when trying to play user levels after the Steamcloud update.
It took a while to reproduce and then get to the bottom of these issues, so sorry for the delay but here's a version that shouldn't crash so damn much!


P.S. Also that final headband is actually obtainable now!
Dec 26, 2016
Community Announcements - Nabla
**There's been a few hotfixes for this one, see the bottom of the list for what they fixed**

'Tis the season for giving, and we're giving you another much-awaited update to N++!

What's changed:
* SteamCloud Support!! Yep, now your save games will be preserved in the cloud and automatically merged with your progress on other machines.
* Added a new rendering pipeline that doesn't use MRT for some machines that had issues with tiles not rendering.
* Added a new option - Submit Level Scores - to let you submit every individual level as a solo highscore when completing an episode.
* Better handling of savegame corruption. The game will refuse to load corrupt savegames and try to open the backup instead.
* Added a --borderless startup option for running the game without window border.
* Fixed the calculation of total scores and a secret challenge: it's actually possible to get 100% in the Profile screen now.
* Added a --audioDriver [n] startup option for selecting a non-default audio driver (check the logs for a list of the available drivers)
* Fixed some post-halloween weirdness with the Halloween colours (note: several colours aren't unlocked by turning off Gamification, you'll have to earn them through secret challenges)
* Limited the maximum simultaneous sounds to reduce the cacophony of many evil ninjas.
* The game wasn't saving headband/ninja colour settings for P2-P4 properly
* Hitting ESC in the main menu takes you to the 'quit' submenu

* Fixed crash in Help menu when some keys are unbound
* Fixed some users experiencing stuttering when saving to Steamcloud
* Level-in-episode scores save locally properly
* Fixed a crash when changing some displays in the Graphics menu
* Fixed grey-screen when running the game on a Retina Mac
* Fixed issues with Next Page/Prev Page keys not working after changing keys
* Fixed a crash on Mac when exiting
* Fixed button bindings in the Editor on Mac
* The first five unlocked colours were getting lost in the list
* Mac users in the beta had some issues with Command/Shift keys not being recognised


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