Community Announcements - Noontide

Hey Folks,

Patch 1.1.22 is now available and with it come a bunch of new optimisations, fixes and a couple of small quality of life improvements.

Development of Patch 1.2 is now underway and you'll be able to find more about that in the coming weeks via our Newsletter!

Now without further a do here are the patch notes!

Gameplay & Balance Changes


  • It is now possible to claim the territory that belongs to a defeated ally player
  • Workers sacrificed on the Dungeon Core will immediately drop their gold on the vault, if no space is available the gold will be piled to the side.

Alchemy Lab (Room)
We’ve added the ability to sell your potions while they’re still brewing or sitting in your cauldron. We didn’t want players to feel punished for mistakenly selecting the wrong potion, in the same way that you can sell defences or constructs both as blueprints and once complete.

  • Sellback added for Potions in Cauldrons
  • Cancelling a potion that hasn’t started brewing will provide you with a 100% refund
  • Cancelling a potion in the first 5 seconds of brewing will provide you with a 100% refund
  • Cancelling a potion after 5 seconds of brewing will provide a 50% refund

Posession (Spell)

  • Fixed an exploit where it was possible to progress work significantly faster as a worker in possession

Obey (Spell) & Work-a-lot (Potion)

  • The Obey spell and Work-a-lot potion are now mutually exclusive and cannot be stacked on one and other

Performance Optimisations

  • Units are now appropriately culled when grabbed and dropped by remote players (AI or Human) this should herald some performance improvements where other Underlords are present on levels.
    • Previously units that were grabbed and dropped by other players were rendered for the local player regardless of their location.
  • Tiles will now cull properly even when their mesh changes off camera.
  • Small optimisation to Gateway colliders which should save a small amount of CPU time
  • Overhauled unit animations to reduce animation overhead at no visual loss
  • Small performance improvements when knocking out and claiming enemy Dungeons
  • Fixed a bug which caused duplicate wall connectors to be created on levels during editing
    • ~57,800 needless connectors removed from level 10 reducing file size from 1.2GB to 350MB this should decrease loading times (Down to 9.5 seconds from 15.5 seconds)

Visual Changes

  • Implemented Door toppers for Mira’s Doors
  • New Priestess and priestess boss visuals

Audio Changes

  • Win / Loss Advisor VO Added
  • New VO Alerts added
    • Alerts for Individual units becoming hungry, tired etc.
    • Other cases e.g. Vault full, Allied core under attack, enemy converting your minions
    • Alerts for Artefacts, each artefact now has VO associated for discovering identifying and using those artefacts

UI Changes

  • Summoned units no longer display a level on their unit shields
  • Introduced a tooltip on the payday indicator showing time until next payday and cost
  • 0.1 Second delay added to the info panel appearing, this functionality will be expanded upon in the future

AI Improvements

  • Workers should now be better at recovering corpses or unconscious units, especially when the fallen units are near to props

Level Changes

  • Fixed ritual availability being inconsistent between levels 7,9 and 10
  • Volcanic Bridge can now be unlocked on level 12
  • Ghoul number cap increased in Level 8 to ensure there are always Ghoul slots available
  • Minor layout changes on Level 11 to make finding the first gateway easier
  • Bridges on Level 11 are now floating above chasm and not on water
  • Small changes to “Eye of the Beholder” to ensure all players start on equal footing

Misc Changes

  • Updated UI Middleware, may yield some improvements and bug fixes for some users.
  • Units in the Arena now use a special mood not related to madness, this should prevent potential conflicts between the two states
  • Doubled the default speed of camera rotation
  • “Vault Full” Alert has been disabled in cases where the player has infinite gold

Bug Fixes

  • Blade Lotus, Gargoyle and Well of souls are once again buildable on stone bridges
  • Fixed a bug in C8 where reloading the level would cause all enemies to respawn
  • Fixed a bug where slave units (Ghouls etc.) would lose their masters on a reload
  • Various backend improvements to how the game unloads from Multiplayer matches
  • Enemy Blade Loti no longer show their shields or info panel tips while hidden
  • Well of Souls will now correctly work for clients
  • Fixed a bug where unit shields would not correctly hide on pickup
  • Fixed a potential delay that could cause problems in Multiplayer and Possession
  • Possession now works correctly on clients in Multiplayer
  • Fixed a bug with the Mana Shrine on Level 6 that was preventing it from working properly
  • The Emperor will no longer leave his chambers to attempt to sleep
  • Fixed an issue in Level 13 where loading a saved game that was saved after the drawbridge was brought down would cause the bridge to raise again
  • The “Leeeeroooy” achievement will no longer count the drawbridge Winches as optional objectives
  • The “My Pet Dungeon” achievement is now correctly awarded after spending 5 hours total in the Home Realm
  • Removed some duplicate props on Level 10
  • Minions will no longer get stuck on Ramparts that are placed on Stone Bridges
  • Fixed a bug where units could escape from the Arena
  • Cultists will no longer keep researching after all available aspects have been unlocked on a level that does not have all aspects available
  • Fixed units who have a focussed rally target attempting to attack that target while unconscious
  • Fixed a bug where cultists would not research artefacts when the sin cap is reached
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong progress would show in the info panel
  • Fixed the highguard spamming his snoring noise while asleep
  • Fixed the gold value of a blood money statue not decreasing as workers dig at the statue
  • Fixed native British members of the team complaining about the heat
  • Fixed an exploit where a player in spectator mode can move objects such as Artefacts and Gold Piles
  • Fixed an issue where Titans would not respond to their rally flag in Multiplayer
  • Shadows will now correctly fight one and other in the arena
  • Shadows can no longer leap out of the arena using their blink
  • Clients in multiplayer lobbies should now be able to see AI Difficulty levels
  • Archons will no longer raise wraiths from golden statues
  • Fixed a long standing bug where prisoners would continuously die when placed in prison causing them to be dropped from prison and returned to prison.
  • Fixed a bug where the player could not sacrifice prisoners for the vampire ritual
  • Fixed an issue where some attacks would push units into walls from the momentum of the attack
  • Fixed several issues with the Spirit Worker
Community Announcements - Noontide

Hey folks,

Patch 1.1.15 is now available and with it a huge sigh of relief is uttered by those on systems with less memory. We've made huge optimisations to how memory is managed in WFTO thanks in no small part to Unity 5.1. With up to 86% Decreases in the amount of memory used by the game.

But that's not all we've got plenty of balance changes to the Frostweaver, Ember Demon, Midas door and more in this patch alongside a huge number of fixes and other changes!

Sadly the notes are far too large to post here so head on over to our website to view the full notes!

Let us know how you get on with the latest patch and if there are any issues be sure to bring them to our attention as soon as possible. We fixed a long standing bug this patch thanks to the information provided by our community members!

Unitl next time Underlord!

-WFTO Team
Community Announcements - Noontide

Greetings Underlords,

It's the end of an era as our final WFTO Wednesday after two and a half years of regular weekly updates goes out. In it is a brief roadmap on what to expect in the next few months as well as information on how to signup for our newsletter and keep up to date on the latest developments.

Fear not though we'll be keeping on top of Steam Announcements as well! This isn't the end just a new beginning!

Click here to read the full post!


-WFTO Team
Community Announcements - Noontide

Hey folks,

Patch 1.1.7 is now available and with it comes a couple more gameplay and balance changes including one most regularly requested. We've also squashed a handful of bugs that have been reported over the last couple of days! If you're having any issues keep those reports coming so we can identify and fix problems as soon as possible!

If you've not read the Patch 1.1 Patch notes yet you can do so here!

Gameplay & Balance Changes

Unit Spawning

  • Unit spawning now takes into account the current army composition of the player and will now spawn

Ember Demon

We're continuning to tune the Ember Demon to focus on two specific roles: Small skirmishes and destroying defences. The single target damage has been heavily increased and the AoE burst damage is now all but gone. Across the board they now have less damage overall, but we've doubled their bonus damage to defences to compensate. Finally, we've added a knockback to Ember Spirit to prevent an entire army being killed after defeating a few Ember Demons.

  • Health increased to 1000 (from 700)
  • Basic attack: Damage increased to 75 (from 30)
  • Basic attack: Cooldown reduced to 2.5s (from 3s)
  • Flare: Damage reduced to 0 (from 50)
  • Flare: Range increased to 3 tiles (from 2)
  • Flare: Cooldown increased to 10s (from 5s)
  • Ember Spirit: Damage reduced to 75 (from 125)
  • Ember Spirit: Added a small knockback
  • Ember Spirit: Added a 2s stun
  • Ember Spirit: Range reduced to 2 tiles (from 4)
  • Collateral Damage: Bonus damage to defences increased to 100% (from 50%)
  • Firecracker (AoE damage + stun ability) removed
  • New ability: Immolation: Applies a stack to nearby enemies (1 tile radius) every 2.5 seconds which lasts for 10 seconds and deals 3 damage per second. Stacks up to 5 times, and new stacks will reset the duration of old stacks.


Over the months since release we’ve received significant feedback on how you would like to see worker’s gain experience and levels enabling them to potentially defeat other workers in combat and increase the effectiveness of your work force. We’ve listened and we’re pleased to deliver these changes!

  • Workers can now level up through performing work tasks.
  • Gain health, damage, work speed and movement speed per level

UI Changes

  • Option added to reset hotkeys to default

AI Changes

  • Units will now ignore rally flags for 30 seconds after being dropped on a prop
  • AI players will no longer try to attack players who have been defeated

Misc Changes

  • It is now possible to select a random start location in Multiplayer
  • The game now cleans up data much better when leaving the lobby

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed some props (Torture / Crypt) not accepting dropped units
  • Fixed that themed walls were not showing colours on impenetrable walls
  • Fixed a bug where the “Dalaran Shield” in Level 13 would disappear on a save
  • Fixed a potential issue with Saving and Loading
  • Vampire Ritual now once again supports sacrificing prsioners
  • Fixed an issue where Skirmish AI would not load correctly after a save
  • Fixed an issue where Necromancers and Beasts would not respond to rally flags
  • Fixed several issues where delay between working voiceovers
  • Fixed a visual issue where summon worker would not correctly show
  • Highguard corruption has been fixed
  • The Emperors throne in level 13 is no longer walkable
  • Fixed several issues with clients casting Blood Money in Multiplayer
  • Fixed a bug where entering a cut-scene while in possession would cause the camera to become unusable

That's it for this patch, keep your eyes open for further developments in the next few days!

Until next time Underlord,

-WFTO Team
Community Announcements - Noontide

Hey folks,

We've got a big old WFTO Wednesday update for you today including quite a few topics. Such as:

  • Dev Diary & Richard Ridings Video
  • Minor Patches over the past few days
  • Steam Sale
  • Sign-ups for our new newsletter!
  • The impending demise of WFTO Wednesdays
  • and a brief Kickstarter update

There's far too much for me to summarise here so head on over to our website to read the full thing!

Click here to read the full post!


-WFTO Team
Community Announcements - Noontide

Darkest Greetings Underlord,

Another few days have passed since we last opened the rift and passed unto you our latest work in Patch 1.1.4 and now we’ve pushed out a new patch with additional fixes and balance changes!

Much like 1.1 these patch notes are too long to post in the announcements so please click here to view them.

If you've not read the Patch 1.1 Patch notes yet you can do so here!

Until next time Underlords,

-WFTO Team
Community Announcements - Noontide

Hey Folks,

Since the release of patch 1.1 a few of you may have noticed that we've been regularly updating with minor updates. Until now the iteration rate has been so quick that we've not had time to put together some release notes for you.

Fortunately we've put a little time in this weekend to ensure you're all up to date on the latest developments in the game. Read on for patch notes!

If you've not read the Patch 1.1 Patch notes yet you can do so here!

Known issues as of Patch 1.1.4
  • Campaign Menu background is occasionally flashing black for some players
  • Destroyed Siege doors on Level 13 do not disappear and sometimes have the wrong orientation
  • The game is sometimes crashing on boot for some players
  • Gold statues cannot be slapped properly in Multiplayer
  • Own player's Augrum walls are unmineable to that player in Multiplayer
  • Workers sometimes have trouble picking up units near props in Multiplayer
  • Blade Lotus is not correctly appearing as invisible
  • Blade Lotus animations are not always firing correctly

v1.1.1 Release Notes - 10/06/2015

Map Changes

Skirmish - Catacombs
  • Fixed gold tiles being extremely low value

Skirmish - Acrophobia
  • Removed Sacred Earth
  • Added more gold

Campaign - Level 13
  • Drawbridge now blocks flying units when raised

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed Ghouls not following their Necromancer when rallied
  • Fixed Beastermaster not being able to catch and carry beasts
  • Fixed a bug where the Manufacturing Shrine would not correctly produce defence parts after a save and a load
  • Fixed the bug that was preventing the grey fog from working on Multiplayer Games
  • Fixed a bug where units would not covert correctly in Multiplayer Games for clients

v1.1.2 Release notes - 11/06/2015

Balance Changes
  • Now desires to work in the Foundry more often

  • Now desires to work in the Archive more often

Map Changes

Campaign - Level 7
  • Player will now correctly lose on the death of their core
  • Rhaskos no longer regenerates health making the “Defibrillator” achievement easier to achieve

Campaign - Level 13
  • Empire Crypt will now spawn disciples instead of Ghouls

UI Changes
  • Added a full games filter to the Multiplayer Lobby

Bug Fixes
  • Units that are spectating the Arena should now always face towards the arena
  • Bombards that have Ramparts will now take damage from Overdrive, the
  • Rampart will no longer take the damage
  • Dropping Gold on Minions once again improves their moods
  • Fixed revealed Fog of War being present on Campaign Levels
  • Fixed a bug in the Multiplayer lobby were player’s would receive a confirmation instead of an alert when host leaves (The Host has left, Yes/ No.)
  • Fixed unclaimed tiles around Dungeon Cores not counting as being within the Area of Influence (making them uncastable until claimed)
  • Beast Masters now look into the Arena when coaching units
  • Fixed impact animation on Tempalrs
  • Ensured that kill objectives in Multiplayer only consist of enemies
  • Fixed several issues with tile ownership for neutral factions
  • Fixed an issue on the catacombs level where incorrect win conditions were in place for team games
  • Shrines and other objects now visible right from start when in Fog of War conditions (Multiplayer Matches)
  • Made some small fixes to the Sin Generation Rate
  • Glacial doors cannot be placed in unusual positions anymore
  • Units should no longer have excessive trouble hitting defenses behind ramparts
  • Doublefixed the bug where different titans can be unlocked at once but won’t actually appear
  • Several fixes to typos on the Loading screen tips

v1.1.3 Release Notes - 12/06/2015

Visual Changes
  • Implemented Rampart destruction VFX

Bug Fixes
  • Clients should now properly see fog of war information from their allies
  • Fixed an issue where prophecy would behave unusually on the client
  • Fixed a visibilty issue with cores in Multiplayer
  • Fixed an issue where patrols would not continue after a loaded save
  • Fixed an issue where loading campaign level 7 would cause Rhaskos to regenerate life
  • Themed walls that are on impenetrable rock are now correctly colourised
  • Fixed an issue where themed workers did not have digging and running sounds

v1.1.4 Release Notes - 13/06/2015

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a critical issue where loading a level would cause objectives to become incompletable

That concludes all the minor release so far and for this week, expect a few more coming in next week :)

-WFTO Team
Community Announcements - Noontide

Hey folks,

We're pleased to announce that Patch 1.1 is now available on the primary live branch! We'd like to thank you for your patience and hope that this as our 26th and by far largest patch since launch will only augment your experiences with WFTO!

We've released a small overview video which encapsulates the largest changes in this patch!

Unfortunately the Patch notes are simply too extravagantly large for us to put here so in order to read them you'll have to follow the link below!

Click here to view the full patch notes!

We're confident that this new patch will significantly enhance the experience for many of our players and there's still more to come! Keep an eye out for more patches over the coming days!

Until next time Underlords!

-WFTO Team
Community Announcements - Noontide
Hey Folks!

We've just uploaded Patch 1.1 PTBv12 to the Public Test Branch! You'll find a nice handful of fixes as well as a couple of additional features in this tidy-up patch.

We've also decreased the time the game takes to launch by another 75%! We believe the result of that is now a 83% decrease in initial start-up time from patch 1.0.25! (10 seconds down from 60 in our tests)

We're hoping tat this may be the last public test patch for 1.1 before the public patch goes live! But don't worry we're still going to be working on the patch a little more before it hits the live branch and then you can expect even more updates after that launch!

Click here for instructions on how to opt-in to the PTB

Click here for Full 1.1 PTB Patch notes.

Without further adieu here's the Patch notes for PTBv12!

WFTO 1.1 PTBv12 - 09-06-15

Balance Changes
  • Cost increased to 3000 Gold (Up from 2000)

Audio Changes
  • Added various SFX to the Game
  • Added a bunch of new Richard lines

Visual Changes
  • Evil Arcane Theme Implemented

UI Changes
  • Added hotkey options GUI
  • Reveresed the rotation of camera via keys back to what it is on the live branch
  • Additional Icons added for Possession mode and Artefacts
  • Added an Info Panel for spectator mode
  • Shiny new loading screen with tips!

Performance Improvements
  • Up to 75% decrease in initial load time from PTBv9 due to optimisations in the loading of game text

UI Changes
  • Added hotkey options GUI
  • Reversed the rotation of camera via keys back to what it is on the live branch
  • Additional Icons added for Possession mode and Artefacts
  • Added an Info Panel for spectator mode
  • Shiny new loading screen with tips!

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed capacity display on Arena Tooltip
  • Fixed a bug where the in-game menu could appear and flicker onto the screen at random
  • Fixed a bug where beasts would not rally after being dropped into an Arena by a
  • BeastMaster
  • Fixed a bug where having a unit in hand would cause building to go somewhat awry
  • Fixed a bug where maps might disappear from the lobby list after selecting them
  • Fixed a bug where the Empire on Seastead would not work correctly
  • Fixed an issue where non-player factions would have their rooms removed because they were interpreted as empty slots
  • Fixed a bug where spirits were not correctly granting XP to units in the spirit chamber
  • Fixed a critical Saving / Loading issue which would cause Skrimish games to not load correctly
  • Overwriting a saved game will now correctly overwrite that game instead of creating a sperate save file
  • Fixed Cutlist Sleep VO not playing
  • Fixed multiple loading issues with the home realm
  • Fixed the toggleable gold tile in the Home Realm not granting gold correctly
  • Fixed a bug where after unlocking a titan players would be able to spend points on the other titans only to have them not appear
  • Claiming an enemy core will now correctly take over enemy tiles as well as rooms
  • Fixed a clipping camera bone on some workers in possession
  • Fixed founders theme floor not correctly coloured by team
  • Upgradable rooms now correctly change appearance when captured by a player with the upgrade
  • Icons should now be correctly shown on Rally flags
  • The Uprising Ritual should no longer break the Rituals tab in Multiplayer for clients

See you soon Underlords!
Community Announcements - Noontide
Hey Folks,

We've just uplodated Patch 1.1 PTBv9 to the Public Test Branch and with it come another wave of fixes. Patch 1.1 is looking increasingly more stable and this particular push appears to have resolved several crashes.

We've also tested out a small theory that might mean the "Too many threads" crash is also resolved, so anyone who has suffered from that might want to give the PTB a quick run through.

Click here for instructions on accessing the PTB

Click here for full Patch 1.1 PTB Patch notes

And here are the full patch notes from the latest PTB Version!

WFTO 1.1 PTBv9 - 05-06-15

New Maps

Balance Changes
  • Reduced defense healing to 10 + 0.75% of defense health per second (Down from 10 + 2.5% per second)

Emperor Lucius
  • Minor Resistance Tweaks

Visual Changes
  • New Artefact activation effects
  • Destruction animation for Blade Lotus Added

Map Changes
  • Reduced difficult of ambush on level 7

Performance Improvements
  • Reduced performance impact of gold piles

UI Changes
  • Minor change to the Join Lobby screen which will help indicate to the player that the game is still looking for servers
  • Icons added for abilities in possession mode
  • Dungeon cores and Underworld Gateways should now always show important information regardless on whether you’re hovering over the tile or prop
  • Fixed missing or incorrect tooltips for objects in several campaign levels
  • Claimed Overworld Gateways now show population as Underwolrd Gateways do

Bug Fixes
  • Potentially fixed the “Too many threads” crash!
  • Fixed a stack overflow crash related to selling defences with ramparts using a drag sell box
  • Fixed an issue where a player swapping into a slot expected to be held by an AI would cause a mismatch and set the player sharing their dungeon with an AI against themselves.
  • Fixed an issue where the second player on a team would not be spawned with a Dungeon
  • Fixed a bug where the game would not start if any player selected a random theme
  • Fixed multiple bugs related to theme selection and notifications
  • Fixed a notification bug with regards to unlocked themes
  • Fixed a bug which meant it was impossible to play two levels in a row
  • Transmutation potions can once again be dropped on the following terrain types “Rocky Earth” , “Sand”, “Brimstone”
  • Fixed multiple issues related to teams in Multiplayer
  • Fixed win conditions in team matches
  • Fixed an issue where Arena walls and Corridors had no collision
  • Allied creatures are no longer highlighted in red
  • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to win several of the new levels
  • Work-a-lot is no longer usable on enemy units
  • Units owned by the player that are under the effects of Blood Money are no longer listed as living units
  • Fixed an issue where units will ignore a rally flag if it was previously placed on an object
  • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to rescue minions from a claimed prison
  • Seastead now correctly listed as a 2 player map
  • Fixed a bug where the Arcane theme was not being player coloured
  • Fixed a bug where the Korvek theme was not correctly using a player colour
  • Fixed an issue where units would become unhappy extremely quickly while fighting in the arena
  • Fixed several minor issues with some of the new skirmish maps


- WFTO Team

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