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Darkest greetings Underlord,

Patch 1.5 draws ever closer but there’s still more to share before it goes
live. Come take your metaphorical seat and let us regale you with a deeper look into the mechanics of Mendechaus’ vicious Crucible.

But first, if you missed last week’s pair of updates be sure to read up on the fundamentals of the Crucible mode, as well as the insight we gave into the new community translation tools which are on their way.

Throwing you a Lifeline

Looking at all the horrors that are set to beset you in the Crucible you might think that we’re throwing you in with nothing but a prayer. Well that’s certainly true, but at least we’re throwing you in with a prayer that can be answered – three in fact!

Apocalypse will obliterate enemies that come within a hair’s breadth of your Dungeon Core!

Lifelines are a new mechanic that we developed especially for Crucible mode. Each of these three incredibly powerful spells will no doubt be pivotal in saving your bacon from that other, angry bacon that will soon be rampaging through your dungeon. You see, each Lifeline has the power to destroy or delay your enemy, giving you more breathing room.

Goldstones taking a pummelling? Safeguard will make them immortal for a short while.

However, powerful as these spells may be we can’t just let you use them without a care in the world. Each time you unleash one of these devastating abilities you’ll find the gold cost to unleash it again has increased. Use one without forethought and you’ll find yourself paying through the nose to unleash it again.

It’s difficult to capture the fact that Respite delays the next wave, so here’s a picture of our art director, Pat, and a clock instead.

Lifelines ultimately won’t save you from a fate worse than death, but at least they’ll delay the inevitable long enough for you to get a new high score! Speaking of which…

The Leading of the Boards

Ever since the original Survival Prototype made its way into the game we’ve seen regular requests for a leaderboard to be added so that the most competitive Underlords can compare their scores.

Well at long last we’re pleased to announce that the Crucible will include fully-functional leaderboards in the Steam version of the game!

There’s some serious board leading occurring here.

What else is there to say on the topic of leaderboards that you don’t already know we wonder. Well at the very least we can say that each map and challenge combination has its own leaderboard, so if you’re not so savvy in one combination then perhaps another will see you rising through the ranks.

A Challenge for All

But what are these challenges we mentioned? Well to put it simply they are collections of changes and mutators that adjust your experience in Crucible mode. This could be anything from making gold incredibly scarce, to making it so that every enemy you see is a Chunder!

Although we’ll only be launching Crucible mode with two challenges – the standard mode and a “master” mode – you can rest assured that there are plenty more in the works.

So you think yourself a master? Mendechaus would like to put that theory to the test.

Crucible Unit Preview: Hearts of Gold

What do we have here? Some of Kasita’s pet treasures gone wandering? I suppose nobody told them that gold isn’t the strongest metal in Kairos, and rather unfit for combat.

Golden soldiers – be bewitched at your peril.

That about wraps us up for this preview, but we’ve still got one more on the way this Friday. Mendechaus is almost ready to put you through his Crucible. Are you ready for your impending trial?

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Community Announcements - Noontide

Darkest greetings Underlord,

Back once more for another insight into the upcoming Patch 1.5? Well you’re right on time! Our dedicated engineers are just putting the finishing touches on a somewhat small but no less significant undertaking, if we do say so ourselves. So today we’re going to take a brief look at the upcoming community translation features in Patch 1.5.

What is Community Translation?

Community translation is where fans put their collective heads together and bring a product from its native language into their own, so that others who are not so savvy in the complexities of other languages can also enjoy the experience.

In short it will allow dedicated multilingual fans to share their experience of WFTO with others by translating the game. Though this has been done before with WFTO (looking in particular at the incredible Japanese translation!) it has previously been achieved through ad hoc methods which could cause issues in the long run.

So What’s Changing?

Instead of forcing players to go the roundabout route of directly translating and modifying our game files, we’re now implementing a more robust system:

  • We will be providing templates for translators to fill out. These will be similar to our existing translation files, so existing translations should not be majorly affected.
  • These templates can then be dropped into the game files and uploaded to the Steam Workshop.
    • This means that translation files can be downloaded in a one-click process via the Workshop.
    • They will then be added to the Options menu’s Language list, where they will become a selectable language.
  • We will be providing concise updates for translators to use whenever we make changes to the game text. So you’ll always be ahead of the curve when new content releases!
  • To centralise all this information we’ll be updating our forums and Knowledge Base to contain all the tools you’ll need to create and keep translation files up to date.
  • To further support unofficial translations we may consider asking dedicated teams to provide translations for our Steam store pages, which would direct players of a particular language to download the community translation from the Workshop.

Why is This an Important Feature?

One of the problems of being a relatively small indie developer working on your very first title - especially when that title is as narrative, text and speech heavy as WFTO - is that you have to make very strict choices on where you invest your resources.

Unfortunately translation of games is extremely expensive and in many cases it becomes difficult for us to justify the investment, especially so far after launch when the greatest portion of sales are behind us. This presents a double whammy as we’re very keen on updating the game with new features and content (just like this patch!), but this new content may not be translated into as many languages as we’d like.

Now our dedicated Aussie fans can bring you the authentic fair dinkum Australian Edition!

As a developer we want to see the game reach as many potential fans as possible, and it’s much to our regret that we can’t finance the official translation into all the languages we would like. As you may know we also had to drop several languages from our official translations after launch, as these were originally funded by our physical distribution partner, and their budget did not support post-release content.

Supporting community translations helps both us and our fans by giving the community the tools to better address these issues.

Get in Touch!

If you’re a dedicated fan, or a member of an interested translation team, please get in touch via our forums! We’d love to work with you to bring WFTO to your language.

Crucible Unit Preview: Mysteries of the Arcane

There are those that might say this update was a little too text heavy, but fear not we have more of the game-changing features of Patch 1.5 coming to you next Monday, with a further look into Crucible mode!

In the meantime we’ll leave you with this cheerful lot - our new arcane brethren! Though it seems one of them has slipped in unnoticed...

Someone’s been gorging on spellbooks.

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Community Announcements - Noontide

Darkest greetings Underlord,

Fresh from last week’s State of the Game post we’re hitting the ground running in our very first preview of the upcoming Patch 1.5!

Rather than keep you salivating over the prospects of the major feature of Patch 1.5 we’re instead going to spend our first preview focussing on just that - the new Survival mode, which we’ve renamed to Crucible!

Step into the Crucible

Come Underlord, Mendechaus invites you into his bloody arena that is known only as the Crucible, an unending challenge which will push even the greatest amongst your kind to their breaking point and beyond.

You may remember the previous Survival Prototype. Though some of the principles we explored there still exist, you’ll find this to be an entirely new beast to contend with. Let’s take a closer look at some of the new mechanics!

Endless Waves of Foes

As before you’ll find enemies dispatched by the dozen, all with the singular purpose of destroying your Dungeon Core.

          Foes emerge in waves from the Aether.

Every five waves in the Crucible is a single set which has been constructed around a specific theme. Each set you face will gradually increase in strength as the game goes on: you’ll witness everything gaining more resistance and damage, abnormally huge units, and bosses old and new come bounding towards you.

Not all is lost though as each set has a longer reprieve between them than what is normally available between waves, giving you some time to mend your broken defences. Although if you’re feeling courageous you could always start the next wave early for a tidy golden bonus.

Lanes of Fun

Each Crucible map (yes there are multiple!) will see you facing off against your enemies down three lanes. Place your defences wisely as you may find each lane differs significantly from the others!

          Lava is as much a tool as it is an obstacle.

They all lead to a singular destination however, and after only a few waves you’ll find yourself beset on all sides by monsters and men all craving your destruction.

Goldstones Galore

Think back Underlord, to the early days of Survival and the Aporkalypse: you may remember an additional objective known as the Pighibitor. While this mystical device was intact it would prevent the monstrous Porkzilla from spawning.

Fortunately Porkzilla is not an ever-looming threat in the Crucible. So instead of Pighibitors you’ll find up to three Goldstones in each of your lanes. These mega golden megaliths imbue your vaults with gold every second they remain active.

          The part where it's marked vital might be of importance.

Unfortunately your enemies are going to make no small effort in destroying these as they make their way to your Dungeon Core. Protecting them will be a challenge but one that will ultimately make your task easier in the long run.

Bosses of all Shapes and Sizes

With the notable absence of Porkzilla you might be questioning just how we’re planning to turn up the heat throughout your Crucible experience! Well we’re glad you asked Underlord.

Every fifth and final wave of a set is accompanied by a single boss. This could be anything from a mighty Behemoth, the ever insipid Lord O’Theland, or even the mighty king of Chunders, Baron von Pukemuch! Who knows what other monstrosities Mendechaus has prepared for you?

          They come in all shapes and sizes. But mostly terrifying and gigantic.

Survival Unit Preview: All Fired Up!

We’re almost done for this preview, but there’s something very special we want to share with you. See, both we and Mendechaus realised that the regular cast of units on their own just wouldn’t quite cut it for the Crucible. So we decided to expand their ranks with new unit variations, and a few new faces here and there.

In each of our previews for Patch 1.5 we’ll be sharing with you a bunch of these new units. Map-makers can also rejoice as many of these units will also be available in the Map Editor!

          Is it just me, or is it getting hot in here?

First up we have the blazing quintet of the Molten Skarg, Magma Weaver, Babymoth, Ember Lord, and Chilli Chunder! Each of these spicy delights will appear in your Crucible mode waves with their own unique twists on the known abilities for these units.

That wraps up this preview of Patch 1.5. Check back on 1 December for our next instalment!


– Brightrock Games Team

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Community Announcements - Noontide

Darkest greetings Underlord,

It has been over a year since we last ran a State of the Game post, in which we look where War for the Overworld is currently and where we plan to take it in the many months to come. With the game creeping up to its two year anniversary we feel it’s about time that we layout our plans for the endgame - what you can expect and what’s to come after for us.

We’ve got quite a lot of detail to share with you, so sit back, relax and grab some refreshments because it’s going to be a long post.

The Future of WFTO
One of the questions we’re often asked regarding WFTO is what our plans are for the future and whether we’ll be releasing any further DLC. It’s a question that we’ve not officially answered until now.
Unfortunately Bard Bowl is not a thing.

Getting right to the point we’re now preparing to roll out the last few updates that WFTO will receive, and these will come in the form of three major content sets: Patch 1.5, Patch 1.6, and a second DLC. Once this content is out WFTO will be considered content complete.

What this means is that we will no longer be actively developing WFTO once Patch 1.6 and DLC2 are released. Naturally this doesn’t mean we’re abandoning it completely, in fact we’ll still roll out patches to fix issues as and when they’re needed so we’ll still be taking an active role there.
However what it does mean is that we will be moving the majority of our development resources onto our upcoming second project.

We understand that this news will no doubt leave some of you saddened as it does us. In a way this will be the end of an era but it has been a great run and not many games can claim to have seen so many new features as WFTO has during its post-release cycle. But all good things must come to an end and it’s important that we share with you some perspective on when that is likely to be.

Roadmap to Final Release
As mentioned above there are two more free major patches that we will be releasing for WFTO, and an additional paid DLC. Now to give you an idea of what to expect we’re going to do something uncommon for us and that’s release something of a roadmap. But please note the dates here are working dates and are not considered final - they’re purposefully vague for that reason.

  • Patch 1.5 - Survival Mode, Mutators & More - Q4 2016
  • Patch 1.6 - Q1-Q2 2017
  • Expansion 2 - Alongside Patch 1.6

After Expansion 2 releases next year WFTO will be officially feature complete. At that point we'll transition into long-term maintenance to support the game with bug fixes or small improvements as needed.

Patch 1.5 - Survival Mode & More

Patch 1.5 is the next major update in our pipeline and it’s one that has been promised for quite some time. Kickstarter backers should recall that we promised a flex goal as part of our Kickstarter campaign, and through a vote that was held on our backer site it was decided that Survival mode would be getting an overhaul.

The focus of Patch 1.5 is to deliver on that promise to our backers, and as a result the Survival mode will receive a complete pass to take it from the prototype concept stage to a fully-fledged game mode.

You may remember this image from our Halloween post! Yeah it’s relevant.

Here’s some of the things you can expect from the Survival mode overhaul:

  • New maps
  • Entirely new waves with new units
  • New gameplay mechanics
  • New VO
  • Leaderboards
  • More to be revealed

In addition we’ll be adding a few long-requested features to the game including mutators and community translation support!

Best of all it’s our aim to deliver this to you before the end of the year. Of course given our history with deadlines it may well slip in the name of quality! But things are looking promising right now, so look forward to more news next week!

Patch 1.6 & Expansion 2

Patch 1.6 & Expansion 2 will release alongside one another with complementary goals. We’ve often wondered how we would end our development of WFTO, after all for the past four years we’ve done very little but develop it!

We’ve decided that we want to leave it in the strongest state possible, and we’re eager to do what we can to make sure that WFTO continues far beyond the end of our support.

Sadly we can’t share too many details at this point but we’re confident that what we’ve got planned will please a great number of people. There are a few things we can share though, so at the very least you can expect:

  • Completely overhauled Skirmish AI
  • New maps
  • Lots of VO for various characters (including some fan favourites)
  • And more!

We’re confident that after Patch 1.6 we’ll see WFTO reaching untold depths!

Brightrock Games - Looking Beyond WFTO
Back when we announced the formation of Brightrock Games we mentioned we were looking to the future and that we very much had a new project in the works. That project is currently in a design phase and some of the team are already spending a bit of time on it, while the rest of us focus on polishing off WFTO.

The inevitable question of course is: “What is this secret new project you’re working on?” And unfortunately at this time we cannot answer that question in so many words. We want what we’re developing next to be very solid before we start showing it in the public space, but we’re sure there’ll be announcements sometime next year and we’ll no doubt be putting out a few teasers as well.

At the very least we can tell you what it isn’t: It’s not War for the Overworld 2.

While we love WFTO we feel that we’ve gone as far as we can with it for now. After what is quickly becoming half a decade of work we’d like to take a break. A second game in the WFTO universe is something we might do in the future - it’s certainly something we talk about from time to time in the office.

With that said we’re sure what we have planned will be an enjoyable romp and it’s something that we’re looking forward to sharing with our fans when the time is right. We hope that you will choose to join us on our next adventure, and if you’re eager to hear more sign up to our newsletter to be sure you won’t miss it!

Finally, as the lights dim on WFTO we promise that we won’t be leaving it without the appropriate aftercare. We know that many of you love the game and we hope you will continue to love it just as much as we do.

Thank you all for making our dreams come true and thank you for believing in us throughout both good times and hard times. You make everything we do worthwhile.

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Community Announcements - Noontide

Darkest greetings Underlord,

Our most favoured season has been unleashed, when innocent pumpkins are massacred the world over.. Amidst the chaos, the minions of Kairos are slowly converting the good people of the surface world, spreading the word of Mendechaus far and wide. A new Cultist would appear to be the first recruit ...

Cultist Costume by Christine “Steenaire” Clarke

Here we have the newest member to join the Cult of the Underlord, who has passed the first test of assembling her very own robes and spellbooks. Christine’s impressive feat marks her as the first primarily-overworld dweller to join the cult.

This impressive Halloween costume represents the first (and likely last) time we’ll see a character brought to life in such a manner, and we’re deeply honoured and impressed by Christine’s work. As game developers it genuinely makes our day to witness the creativity of our audience.

Still, the cult will always demand more from its novitiates, and the next trial for Christine is to discover the true meaning behind the identity of Brian, and what role this elusive creature will play in shaping things to come.

Just who the hell is Brian anyway?

We’ll be sure to update you if she ever finds out, but as we’ve yet to see any Cultist rise beyond the rank of Novitiate, we’re sure it will be some time before we hear back on that front. In the meantime you can discover more about Christine on her blog, Certainly Strange. Give her a follow, won’t you, Underlord?

Devilish Happenings in the Underworld

With all this focus on one particular minion we can’t forget those that have been left behind in your dungeon, and it seems the Chunders have been busy - procreating! You see, Chunders are asexual and reproduce by vomiting up their children. But the children are genetically modified by whatever the Chunder was eating at the time!

Flame on!

Indeed, it appears that at some point in the night one particularly hungry Chunder made his way to the Tavern and gobbled down a trough-full of chilli peppers, before vomiting out this little firecracker!

So what in the name of Kira was the next guy’s parent scoffing?

What is it they say? You are what you eat?

We’re not quite sure what to do about them yet, but we’re certain we’ll think of something suitably sadistic.

Meanwhile, across the realm in a nearby stronghold the season’s festivities have not been lost on the forces of the Empire, who have gone to the trouble of designing their own Halloween costumes. Sadly they’re not a very original lot, and they’ve all turned up to the party in the same costume, much to the horror of the Arcanist!

Well one of us is going to have to change!

Help Build the Ranks of Evil

For shameless self-promotion purposes we also want to highlight to those of you who have yet to join the Cult of the Underlord, or perhaps know someone who would make a most diabolical member, that War for the Overworld and its expansion, Heart of Gold, are currently on sale around the World Wide Cobweb.

You can pick up WFTO at 50% off, Heart of Gold at 10% off, and the Gold Edition (the main game, plus the Underlord Edition and Heart of Gold) at up to 40% off. If you’re looking for a bargain, then look no further than our store page!

We hope that some of you may use this opportunity to bring a little more malevolence into the world.

Finally we’d like to close off with a personal message from all of us. We hope you enjoy your Halloween night whatever it is you may be doing - partying, trick-or-treating, or just heading home from work for an evening of WFTO.

We’d like remind you all to take care of yourselves and others. Halloween has some of the highest rates of injuries to pedestrians, so stay aware of your surroundings and always travel with friends, especially in light of recent clown-related events. And if you’re driving tonight be especially mindful of child pedestrians.


– Brightrock Games Team

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Community Announcements - Noontide

Darkest greetings Underlord,

The season of dark revelry is nearly upon us and to celebrate the occasion we’re unleashing another patch to hold you over on the road to patch 1.5. With this patch we’ve seen a huge number of bugs squashed under our heels and indeed in terms of pure bug fixes this is the second largest patch ever.

Dozens of bugs were reported via our public bug tracker, while many more were uncovered through the stalwart efforts of our QA volunteers and code team.

We hope you enjoy Halloween loyal Underlords and rest assured that we’re hard at work on major new features for the coming months. Stay tuned!

V1.4.3 Release Notes

Gameplay Changes
    • In Multiplayer will now depossess a unit if it is possessed

    Aureate Monolith
    • Reworked a few intricacies behind the function of the “steal gold” active ability
      • Will now only absorb player-owned gold statues if they are not tagged as decorative
      • Will only absorb gold piles on own ground if they are not stored in a Vault (enemy-owned statues and gold will absorb regardless of these limitations)
      • Statues or gold on the territory of allies will not be absorbed under any circumstance

    • Applied the same rules from the Aureate Monolith’s “steal gold” changes

Level Changes
    War for the Overworld
      Level 8
      • Level 8 Necromancers can now be assigned to individual rally groups

    Heart of Gold
      Level 2
      • Time till first wave spawn increased by 30 seconds
      • Time between each wave spawn increased by 15 seconds
      Level 4
      • Improved the reliability of the event that occurs when all members of the Phaestian family have been killed
      • Destroying the Dungeon Core will no longer cause bosses to enter a KO state

Visual Changes
  • Changed the Heal spell VFX so that it correctly represents which units in the area are being healed (most damaged first, remaining heal applied to next most damaged, etc.)
  • Removed the smoke VFX from Ember Demons because it’s bad for their health, your FPS and being able to see what the hell is happening

Audio Changes
  • Dampening of other sound levels during narration will transition more smoothly

Multiplayer Changes
  • In the event of a client disconnecting they will now be replaced by a medium difficulty AI with the “Oberon” personality
  • When clients need to download a new map from the host, the download process will be added to the load bar before the match begins

Performance Improvements
  • Made some improvements to try and resolve a few minor memory leaks

Miscellaneous Changes
  • Added help lines for the Warbands interface

Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a rare stack-overflow crash caused by the Shadow’s Shadow Strike ability
    • Fixed an issue where Glacial Doors would continue to regen health after being destroyed potentially leading to a crash in Multiplayer games

    • AoE attacks from units will now correctly hit doors and Dungeon Cores once again

    • Fixed a longstanding but unnoticed issue where units would have two copies of every ability, doubling the effectiveness of some passive abilities
    • Fixed a visual issue with the movement and behaviour of Slaughterpen piglets and Prison rats
    • Fixed a rare scenario where Campaign units could become “brain-dead” after being attacked, persisting until they were attacked again
    • Stone Knights and Sentinels will no longer reduce the attraction rate of Gnarlings and Templars
    • Units affected by the Recall spell will now correctly flee from units that are attacking them, even if they are attacked again
    • Fixed an issue where Revenants spawned by Vampires outside of the Arena could spawn inside the Arena and attack units within
    • Ghouls that are spawned by a Necromancer who is Level 5 or above will no longer count as Wraiths for the purposes of the Wraith rally flag
    • The Witch Doctor should once again use all his abilities correctly
    • Enemy Shadows no longer produce VFX while invisible
    • Fixed an issue where the AI on Spirits would seize up after a brief period of scouting
    • Fixed an issue where a unit that was picked up from a fight could still be attacked by other units and die in the Hand of Evil
    • Ghouls should no longer spawn inside the Arena as a result of an interaction between the Necromancer and his rally flag being placed in the Arena
    • Empire units should only enter via Overworld Gateways and Underlord units only via Underworld Gateways

    • Rampart blueprints should no longer persist after the defence they are built upon is destroyed
    • Blade Lotuses should now correctly hide their defence shields from enemies when hidden
    • Fixed a visual issue where the Aureate Monolith’s active ability could leave behind “fake” gold tiles if the gold was obscured by Fog of War when activated
    • Defence blueprints will no longer become invulnerable after loading a save game
    • Bone Chiller blueprints no longer play their passive sound
    • Fixed an issue where the Bone Chiller’s active ability would not have an effect if triggered shortly after the defence was completed

    • Units that are leaving the Arena to respond to a rally flag will no longer generate a “Units under attack” alert at the Arena
    • Fixed an issue where Foundry trays would not be filled correctly after loading a save game if the trays were full at time of saving
    • Spirit Chamber props no longer start in a raised position and instantly move downwards in a jarring manner
    • Fixed a visual glitch where part of the Spirit Chamber prop would not be visible until it was used

    Spells & Rituals
    • Using the Unclaim spell on a shrine you own will no longer generate a “Shrine is under attack” alert from Mendechaus
    • Fixed an issue where spells with low mana cost would stop working if the player had too many Mana Shrines
    • Statues created by the Blood Money spell will no longer default to a T-pose after being dropped
    • Rats no longer viciously start breaking the game if you turn them into golden statues
    • Gold statues created by Blood Money from units that were rebelling at the time they were converted can now be picked up
    • Prospector ritual now correctly displays Artefacts and unclaimed Overworld Gateways
    • Bloodmonied Vampires will no longer default to their sleep pose when picked up

    • Units that become stuck between a rock and a hard place should be less likely to break the laws of physics and phase through the floor to continue their relentless attack on unsuspecting surface dwellers
    • Brimstone will now continue to explode after loading a save game that was created while it was exploding
    • Fixed an issue where corner walls would not be fortified if fortifying a convex corner.

    Map Editor
    • Fixed an issue where Brimstone would explode when replaced after importing a map
    • Rooms built as 6x5 will no longer continue to have all props if multiple rows are removed at once as a result of a bypassed check

    • Default walls in Oberon’s Home Realm will no longer be treated as normal Earth Walls upon resetting the Home Realm
    • Rescued several Workers from their stony prison within the Impenetrable Rock on Level 7
    • Fixed a visual issue where the tutorial highlight in Level 1 would appear to move in a jarring manner
    • Fixed an issue in the Heart of Gold Level 4 ending sequence where the Colossus could be assigned to a different group than normal
    • Several Artefacts on Skirmish level Golden River should no longer be trapped in walls
    • Bridges on Level 8 now use the correct theme
    • The Defiled Priestess hero from Level 8 now uses the correct shader
    • Fixed an issue where the Colossus on Heart of Gold Level 4 would be unable to attack after loading a save game
    • Fixed an issue in the Campaign outro where Lucius could destroy Oberon’s core with a shockwave
    • The Emperor should now always remain visible when addressing the player during the Level 13 opening
    • Fixed an issue where Workers could become stuck on Level 9 if dropped into combat beside the first Garrison
    • Missing props from Marcus’ barracks on Level 4 reintroduced
    • Fixed Mendechaus VO being out of order during the opening parts of Level 2
    • Mandalf should no longer have a chance to technically occupy a Prison even after escaping it

    • Fixed a scaling issue that would cause the unit bar to disappear when it runs off the screen due to being scaled up in the options menu
    • Fixed an issue where the Garrison tooltip would display its attraction rate at one less Augre per prop than the actual attraction rate, causing a number of issues with the tooltip
    • Fixed an issue where the introduction arrow could obnoxiously remain on screen during cutscenes
    • Renamed introduction arrow to “Obnoxiously large but extremely important arrow that is all too often ignored by players”
    • Fixed it being possible to keep a tooltip from the options menu on screen during cutscenes

    • Clients can no longer trigger rituals during the cooldown period of their Sanctuary, preventing an issue where they would not be able to trigger rituals after the cooldown ended
    • Fixed an issue where a client’s Alchemy Lab cauldrons could become locked if they started a potion of a new type very quickly after picking up an existing potion
    • Clients in Multiplayer should now correctly receive a notification when one of their opponents begins to spawn a Titan
    • The alert for toggling the Arena and Crypt mechanics will no longer be played for all players in a game
    • Clients should no longer see Veins of Evil Aspects for Titans as available while their Titan is alive
    • Clients should now properly see minion attraction rates on their tooltips
    • Clients should now no longer receive a warning on their Tavern tooltips telling them that there is no Spit Roast
    • Fixed an issue where flying units belonging to client players could attack units inside the Arena from outside the Arena, provided that the host was not looking at the time, like some cruel schoolyard bullies
    • Clients in lobby should now be able to see AI Personality settings
    • Fixed an issue where custom maps containing a “.” character could not be shared across via the lobby
    • Minions possessed by clients will no longer be immune to Bone Chiller,
    • Frost Weaver and Quick Freeze potions, and the minion will be depossessed
    • If the host ends the game while in Possession the client’s cursor will no longer disappear
    • Clients killed while in Possession will no longer lose their cursor
    • New Spirit Chamber props for the client will no longer appear half raised
    • When viewing units via Prophecy the client should no longer see them stuttering
    • Shockwave should no longer be able to knock units out of the Arena in Multiplayer games
    • Clients should now correctly receive an alert when their enemy casts a ritual that could affect them
    • Clients should now correctly see updates to a game lobby’s map while on the lobby selection screen
    • Using Wormhole on the host in Multiplayer will no longer cause a desync in data between host and client
    • Fixed an issue where clients would not download custom maps if the custom map was already selected when they joined the lobby
    • Fixed an issue where the client’s menu background would go black if the host ended the game while the client was in Possession
    • Fixed an issue where dying in Possession when fighting a Colossus or in the radius of an Aureate Monolith would cause the cursor to disappear

    • Gold piles which are generated from units dying will now correctly adjust to the correct height of the floor, preventing scenarios where gold piles were flying above ground or stuck below ground
    • Multiple translation issues corrected
    • Multiple typos corrected
    • Multiple fixes to the highlighting system to reduce the occurrence of highlighting of VFX planes
    • Fixed an issue where Kasita’s colour in the Campaign could change to green after various save and loading shenanigans
    • Eternal Shield will now appear correctly on versions of the Kasita Core
    • Corrected an issue that would cause V-Sync to be on and fixed to 60fps even if disabled
    • Users with a refresh rate above 60hz will now see V-Sync set to their refresh rate
    • Camera rotation and zoom speed are no longer directly linked to FPS; as such at 60fps+ the camera will no longer move faster than the speed of sound
    • Objects dropped by the hand (i.e. gold piles, defence parts) can no longer apply to enemy units

In November you can expect to start hearing more news on upcoming content as well as some really cool and long-awaited things becoming available.


– Brightrock Games Team

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Community Announcements - Noontide

Darkest greetings Underlord,

We’ve just launched a quick hotfix for a number of serious gameplay bugs that appeared in a recent patch. You might not have witnessed these issues if your games did not run over a certain time span but they could prove derailing if you did.

Please read below for the full patch notes. If you encounter any further issues please log bug reports to us directly via user echo. All the issues fixed today are a result of public reports, so please don’t underestimate the value of your report! :)

V1.4.2f9 Release Notes

Bug Fixes
  • Corrected a few typos in various tooltips
  • Some corrections to pathfinding AI particularly for units becoming unable to find their way back to locations in a players dungeon. Leading to an AI loop where they proceed to ignore any further needs.
  • Fixed an issue on Level 6 where units rescued from prisons would not “wake up” and behave normally
  • Slaughterpen Pigs should no longer become uneatable over the course of a long game session, causing mass hunger through your dungeon
  • Energy injectors have been fitted to unit beds, preventing them from falling asleep forever in certain conditions
  • Fixed the tavern tooltip occasionally displaying 101% filled

We’re now progressing full speed into upcoming WFTO content, so keep your eyes peeled for more news, or better yet, sign up to our newsletter to make sure you don’t miss it!


– Brightrock Games Team

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Community Announcements - Noontide

Darkest greetings Underlord,

Years of waiting have finally paid off Underlord, and a long promised treasure has just been delivered to your steam folders!

Yes indeed The Dungeoneers Guide to the Underworld is finally complete and those amongst you who own the Underlord Edition of the game will find this exquisitely crafted tome dropping into your game folder as we speak!

“But what is the Dungeoneer’s Guide” we hear you ask. We’ll forgive you for not knowing, after all for many years it has been unclear just what we’d deliver, all because we wanted to bring you something truly special.

To sum it up the Dungeoneer’s Guide is a lovingly assembled 48-page PDF, filled to the brim with knowledge and art on the denizens of Kairos, you’ll find details on all the original WFTO units as well as the forces of the Empire. You’ll even find some as yet unexplored backstory on the history of the world!

The Dungeoneer’s Guide is our love letter to the bygone days of physical game manuals, which those of us old enough to remember will have a fond place in our hearts for. These ancient relics contained knowledge on the world and the creatures within it that could not be found in game, they provided insight and made a great read while you laid in bed dreaming of your next gaming conquest.

We’ve also thrown in our three part short story series “All that is Gold” which tells the tale of one particularly heroic dwarf and his adventures through Phaestus during the events of “Heart of Gold”

So grab your copies of the Guide, give them a read and enjoy all the love we’ve put into them, we hope they were worth the wait.


– Brightrock Games Team

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Community Announcements - Noontide

Darkest greetings Underlord,

Last week we launched the v1.4.2f5 hotfix to the public test branch. This hotfix corrects a critical issue in patch v1.4.2 which would cause some saved games to crash on load with the “R6025” error. We have now launched this hotfix for the general public.

This issue was caused due to a fault in the Unity version used to build v1.4.2 of the game and has been solved through an update to the Unity Engine in this hotfix as well as a few minor corrections to fix a few issues caused by that change. You can read the full details of this issue on our Knowledgebase.

As with all Engine Updates unusual issues may occur and we decided to keep this in testing for an extended period in order to root out most of these issues but if you do encounter new issues please let us know via User Echo.

V1.4.2f5 Release Notes

Miscellaneous Changes
  • Minor tweaks to how Lava and Water ambience sounds are managed

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a critical issue where the game would crash for some players when loading save games on specific levels or loading specific multiplayer maps
  • Corrected a few instances where certain audio files would not be played correctly
  • Fixed an issue where the loading screen wouldn’t correctly block user input
  • Temporary Spirit Workers should now once again take damage over time
  • Corrected some minor typos on campaign levels 5-12

We’re sure you’re eager to hear what’s next on the agenda, but don’t worry we’ll be sharing all in an upcoming State of the Game post! So keep your eyes peeled, or better yet, sign up to our newsletter and make sure you don’t miss it!


– Brightrock Games Team

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Community Announcements - Noontide

Darkest greetings Underlord,

We have just launched a small hotfix on to the public test branch to correct a critical issue that was plaguing a few of our players. You can read the full details on the issue here, but to quickly summarise this issue would cause the game to crash on loading certain saves or Skirmish maps, and would often present with an “R6025” error message.

This issue was caused by a flaw in the version of Unity used to build v1.4.2 of WFTO, and the main change included in this hotfix is that it is built in a new version of Unity, which could have further reaching implications. As such we are going to leave this as an opt in patch while we conduct further tests.

If you are affected by this issue you can find details on how to opt in via our knowledgebase. If you find any problems in this build please be sure to report them directly to us via User Echo.

V1.4.2f5 Release Notes

In order to benefit from these changes you will need to opt into the Public Test Beta Branch

Miscellaneous Changes
  • Minor tweaks to how Lava and Water ambience sounds are managed

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a critical issue where the game would crash for some players when loading save games on specific levels or loading specific multiplayer maps
  • Corrected a few instances where certain audio files would not be played correctly
  • Fixed an issue where the loading screen wouldn’t correctly block user input
  • Temporary Spirit Workers should now once again take damage over time
  • Corrected some minor typos on campaign levels 5-12

We’re sure you’re eager to hear what’s next on the agenda, but don’t worry we’ll be sharing all in an upcoming State of the Game post! So keep your eyes peeled, or better yet, sign up to our newsletter and make sure you don’t miss it!


– Brightrock Games Team

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