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Hi Folks,

Just wanted to post an update about Dream and where we are currently at with development stages. There is quite a lot to talk about so ill do my best to split it into sectioned paragraphs.

For easier viewing you can read it on my blog

Lack of Updates

As many of you have noticed it has been quite a while ( October 2014 ) since the last major Dream update. For this we can only apologize but rest assured we are still hard at work with Dream and have not/will not abandon Dream like a few of fear in the forums. – We are actually around a month away from posting the new side-dream.

Heres a peak: (hover to show)

So why so slow suddenly?
As some of you may know we started HyperSloth as a 3 and then welcomed Gary Lloyd into the team as a 3D artist which sped up development time. As of September, Gary’s contract with us ended and for now he has stepped up to other exciting commitments but he still is very much excited about HyperSloth and we can’t wait to have him back.

The remaining 3 of us, Me, Lewis and Sam, have also been back at university since September to finish our final year of studies. We’re currently juggling studies and Dream which is proving to be very demanding but we are still very dedicated to Dream. I can’t speak for the others but for me right now, Dream is more important than studies and if you’ll take the time to read the optional story, you will see why.

What’s the ETA?

I know Dream has been in development for a while now and many of you are eager to see it finished. Ideally it would have been great to announce and release Dream in the space of a year but if you read the story below you can see why we didn’t and why it was a good decision not to. You and Early Access has been a great support for us but as with many Early Access games it takes a while to see games through development.

The current timeplan : Release this year, around May.

We have been working closely with Mastertronic to ensure a more sustainable time plan.
For those asking, we will be giving out press/review keys around April or so.

So what’s left to do?
Well, not much. Despite the lack of content updates we have a lot of work done behind the scenes.

  • 2 Side Dreams
  • Endings
  • New Story / Voice implementation
  • Inventory system / collectables / inspectables
  • Localisation

Oculus Dk2!?

Now I guess it’s time for the bad news. We know alot of you have been asking this, as have we. Where is the Dream Oculus DK2 compatibility?

As of right now there is a Rift version of Dream that is compatible with the old Oculus DK1. If you read my report on Develop Online and another on my blog you can see that implementing Dream into UDk (our engine) was no small feat. It was broken and buggy but ultimately there was nothing we could do besides wait for an update from Oculus/Epic like many other developers using UDK.

We never got an update. Fast forward to the release of the DK2 and we were all hopeful that the new engine would be released for us to upgrade to. We are still waiting.

I have spoken to people at Oculus and Epic and honestly it doesn’t look good. You can see the image on the website clearly shows UDK support for Oculus DK 2:

However in the Developers forum there is no news on a release.
The team at Oculus made this statement a while back now and there has been no update since:

We have looked at lots of methods trying to implement Oculus and will carry on and do our best to succeed.

Porting over to UE4 is not an easy task either. We are looking at around months of extra work and the accumulated costs are quite high. We’re exploring our possible options.

Apologies for the wait and will update ASAP when we get an update, but for now unfortunately it is out of our hands – all we can do is pester and look for alternatives.

The story and Early Access

That’s the important stuff out of the way and if you are interested I’d like to share our progress and express our thanks.

We started this venture a couple of years ago from practically nothing – no money, little knowledge of games business and with the little savings we had in our pockets and support from family set off to create our Dream.

It’s honestly shocking to me how fast things moved, we struggled very much for a year to support ourselves; as this was our own business in the placement year we didn’t receive any student finance or financial support other than the help of our relatives.

Skip ahead around 4 months and Greenlight presented itself as a fantastic opportunity to raise awareness and share our project. We weren’t 100% ready to announce Dream but there was really never going to be a better opportunity that suited the situation we were in. This is where you folks came in and everything changed. Your support on Greenlight made us one of the first games to be Greenlit meaning we could be published on steam!

Shortly after we ventured towards Kickstarter. I won’t get into that dark time much but to cut a long story short, it failed, we had no money and we thought it was all over. After chatting with the lads we decided to offer what we had now and ask for donations to keep the project alive – we were in so much debt it was such a long shot but it would be sad to see Dream die without seeing what it could have been.

The donations turned out to be a fantastic idea, more of you donated than I thought and the response was fantastic. Honestly it will sound a little soppy but words cannot describe the feeling you get from knowing people actually believe in Dream and share the same passion. The donations gave us each around £100 to live each month until we managed to secure our publisher Mastertronic.

Because of all that happened the decision to go to Early Access was an easy one. It was clear there were people interested in Dream and we saw Early Access as an opportunity to not only generate funds to continue but also collab with you, the community. Without you and the support you have given on Early Access, Dream wouldn’t be what it is today and we wouldn’t be where we are today. We have a small (sl)office which allows us to collab as a team and we’re stable enough to finish Dream.

Issues did arise with Early Access however, it was a new market and people, quite rightly, were sceptical about buying a project in such early stages. Again for this we can only thank you for the support and in an ideal world it would have been nice to announce Dream about 6 months before release and then release 100% finished onto Steam. We’ve been working on Dream for over 2 years now and it is nearly done! For those that have been with us since the beginning of development, thank you, and for those of you just seeing Dream for the first time, thank you! It’s been fantastic developing with your help and I look forward to seeing Dream graduate out of Early Access soon.

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Just a quick addition to the patch notes below.
Issues Fixed:

  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to complete the Act II Solar System Puzzle

Thanks for bringing this to our attention! Very sorry for this!

Prev patch notes
Hey folks, this update brings the final Nightmare to Dream.
As always we would love to hear your feedback.

Happy Halloween

  • New area: Nightmare 3
  • Halloween Decorations
  • Factory II Puzzle fixes/tweaks
  • Added quit to start menu

The nightmare is accessible after completing the main puzzle in Act III

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Nightmare 3 Update | 0.5.3

Hey folks, this update brings the final Nightmare to Dream.
As always we would love to hear your feedback.

Happy Halloween

  • New area: Nightmare 3
  • Halloween Decorations
  • Factory II Puzzle fixes/tweaks
  • Added quit to start menu

The nightmare is accessible after completing the main puzzle in Act III


Oct 2, 2014
Community Announcements - ashstancill
Dream update 0.5.2
  • Clearer guidance in the Hub World
  • Fixed a bug where the Nightmare I portal wasn’t intractable
  • Fixed a bug where interacting with the Bedroom items in Act III would stick you
  • Fixed an issue with Act III Bubbles not saving
  • Corrected multiple typo’s in the Act III Bubbles
  • Disables the ability to jump in the house/nightmares
  • Door number 2 is now useable in Act III
  • Fixed a bug where the Snow Bubble would be useable early
  • Tweaked a few collision items near switches in Nightmare I
  • Wider barriers in Act II Side-Dream II

Dream update
  • Fixed House Lighting

As always, thanks for the support! Was great to see a few of you at Eurogamer too!

Sep 19, 2014
Community Announcements - ashstancill
Just a small update this week which solves some of the issues that you pointed out!

Here’s the main list;
  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause the Act III puzzle to become unsolvable
  • Added zoom bindings to the ‘Control Options’ (If for some reason the bind won’t work, please delete ‘UDKDreamPlayerInputBindings.ini’ in ‘Steam\SteamApps\common\Dream\UDKGame\Config’)
  • Added text over the Act III Hub portal
  • Added random start menu screens

As always, thanks for the help and support.

Community Announcements - ashstancill
Firstly, sorry for the wait on the update and we appreciate the support and patience.
We are well underway with moving towards the completion of Act III internally and decided that the first Dream of Act III is in a playable state for you all. Oh, and you will be please to know Keybindings are finally in this build! Here are the notes in this update;


  • First dream of Act III available via the hub world upon completion of Act II
  • The 2nd side dream of Act II is now in a playable alpha state. Can be accessed via the main Act II dream.
  • Ability to toggle the player mesh.
  • Added Keybinding support.


  • Fixed the blurry in-game PC textures.
  • Multiple Fixes/Tweaks in Act II Main dream.
  • Entering Nightmare II now correctly remembers you have entered. (If you didn’t complete this nightmare but want to move onto Act III please enter the Act II Nightmare and then head to the Hub World.)
  • Lights and Doors now reset on new game.
  • Fixed a bug where entering the ‘Gameplay Options’ menu would toggle the Y axis.

Known Issues:

  • Keybindings is still very much early alpha stages. The keybindings work but upon re-entering this menu it will show ‘null’ as the binding even though your bindings are saved.
  • Controls still move Howard on the Keybindings screen.
  • No bind option for Zoom yet.
  • The new Act II Side Dream doesn’t have the items menu – Will be added in an update
  • No collectable items in the Act III level. Will be added upon compleation of the new inventory system as well as collectables.
  • Starting a new game keeps some saves ( This is a problem with the steam cloud and not Dream, if this happens navigate to ‘\Steam\SteamApps\common\Dream’ and delete the ‘DreamSaves’ folder).
  • Nightmare II text has squares in subtitles.
  • No text above the Act III portal yet.

Oculus Rift DK2
We are waiting on an engine update from Oculus before we can update the rift version. Here are a few threads people have made asking about the progress. As soon as we get the engine update it shouldn’t be long before it’s in your hands!


Community Announcements - ashstancill
Dream Update

Just to let you know were in the final stages of testing the main Act III dream so the update should be with you within the next few weeks.

Again apologies for the delay, we’re a small team and lots of things are happening right now and it is pretty crazy! We couldn’t do this without you and the support both before and on Early Access so far has been great :D

Heres a pretty, sneaky picture of Act III

Oculus DK2

Quite a few of you (including myself) have been asking where the Oculus update is. Well the harsh truth is that we can’t do anything until Oculus/Epic release the new version of the engine. The rift prototype of Dream right now is around 6 months old and doesn’t include the defining elements of Dream we have now, such as the look at system, intractable, levels and that much needed player mesh for VR.

There are a couple of links you can keep an eye on to see the progress here:
It’s quite a shame it’s taking a while, all focus seems to be on the new UE4 engine which is unfortunate as a lot of devs started a big project in UDK before UE4 was announced.

Thanks for your time, we’re excited to get the start of Act III to you.

Community Announcements - ashstancill
So whilst we are not too far away from an update for Dream we thought it would be nice to post an announcement explaining to you all where we are right now on the process of finishing Dream and what we are all currently working on.

As some of you may know, there are only 4 of us developing Dream so we apologize for wait between content updates. With this being said however we are not far away from moving from Alpha to Beta stages. Once all main dreams are created and in your hands we will then be moving to Beta, which will involve the final stages of development such as Tweaking Menus, Improving Mechanics, UI overhauls, Level Populating, Endings, Story Implementation, Localisation, QA and Stability Improvements and just generally other bits and bobs that would take some time to list.

So, here are the main chunks that is left to do of the alpha build:
  • Act III + Nightmare
  • Collectables
  • Act II side dream to push out
  • Hub World “feature”
  • Key Bindings
  • Checking the games ‘Flow’

And here is what the “Dream Team” is working on right now. It’s important to stress that while we have listed the main things on our to-do list, we also tinker in other areas such as Design, Story and just generally collaborating:

Ash - Technical Babble [ Key Bindings - Scripts - Character Animations & Logic - Collectables! ]
Lewis - Arty Farty Things [ Act III Effects, Models, World & Secret things ]
Sam - Master Planner [ Bug Fixes, Act III Puzzle’s ]
Gary - 3D - [ Populating Act III and The remaining side Dream for Act II ]

And the top priority beta jobs:
  • Items and Inventory UI ( better flowing inventory )
  • Mech improvements ( E.g Look at system )
  • More and final options (Such as toggle player mesh, resolution and fixed menus)
  • Story implementation
  • Level tweaking and populating
  • Localisation
  • Backstage tweaks (Implementing hidden tracking features etc)
  • Engine Upgrade (Performance and stability improvements)
  • Oculus Update

While these are listed there are still a lot of things that will be added/removed/changed and overall just improved based on your feedback and development progression.

Thanks for your support and patience, hopefully the next update will be both Keybindings and Collectables. I’m still tinkering with Key Bindings ( More here ) and the basic implementation is there but the Aesthetics & “UI Friendliness” are not. I know this is a very important feature for all of you so it might be pushed out as is and then improved in Beta; we’re still discussing this but please, what do you guys think!?

Take Care!

HyperSloth ːhyperː
Community Announcements - ashstancill


Small fix to fix the fix...
Someone (Me) forgot to upload the fixed howard walking into the build. This should have been corrected.

Original Notes

Hey folks, more of a patch here than an update but here’s what you need to know:

  • Many collision issues fixed
  • Fixed Howard’s walking
  • Howard now moves slower in the House/Nightmares
  • Improvements and tweaks in Nightmare II based on feedback
  • Portals are no longer usable before unlocking

Thanks for the feedback, we’re hard at work on Act III and can’t wait to show you more!
The rift version of 0.4.4 is just around the corner too.

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