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Community Announcements - ashstancill
Dream Update

Just to let you know were in the final stages of testing the main Act III dream so the update should be with you within the next few weeks.

Again apologies for the delay, we’re a small team and lots of things are happening right now and it is pretty crazy! We couldn’t do this without you and the support both before and on Early Access so far has been great :D

Heres a pretty, sneaky picture of Act III

Oculus DK2

Quite a few of you (including myself) have been asking where the Oculus update is. Well the harsh truth is that we can’t do anything until Oculus/Epic release the new version of the engine. The rift prototype of Dream right now is around 6 months old and doesn’t include the defining elements of Dream we have now, such as the look at system, intractable, levels and that much needed player mesh for VR.

There are a couple of links you can keep an eye on to see the progress here:
It’s quite a shame it’s taking a while, all focus seems to be on the new UE4 engine which is unfortunate as a lot of devs started a big project in UDK before UE4 was announced.

Thanks for your time, we’re excited to get the start of Act III to you.

Community Announcements - ashstancill
So whilst we are not too far away from an update for Dream we thought it would be nice to post an announcement explaining to you all where we are right now on the process of finishing Dream and what we are all currently working on.

As some of you may know, there are only 4 of us developing Dream so we apologize for wait between content updates. With this being said however we are not far away from moving from Alpha to Beta stages. Once all main dreams are created and in your hands we will then be moving to Beta, which will involve the final stages of development such as Tweaking Menus, Improving Mechanics, UI overhauls, Level Populating, Endings, Story Implementation, Localisation, QA and Stability Improvements and just generally other bits and bobs that would take some time to list.

So, here are the main chunks that is left to do of the alpha build:

  • Act III + Nightmare
  • Collectables
  • Act II side dream to push out
  • Hub World “feature”
  • Key Bindings
  • Checking the games ‘Flow’

And here is what the “Dream Team” is working on right now. It’s important to stress that while we have listed the main things on our to-do list, we also tinker in other areas such as Design, Story and just generally collaborating:

Ash - Technical Babble [ Key Bindings - Scripts - Character Animations & Logic - Collectables! ]
Lewis - Arty Farty Things [ Act III Effects, Models, World & Secret things ]
Sam - Master Planner [ Bug Fixes, Act III Puzzle’s ]
Gary - 3D - [ Populating Act III and The remaining side Dream for Act II ]

And the top priority beta jobs:

  • Items and Inventory UI ( better flowing inventory )
  • Mech improvements ( E.g Look at system )
  • More and final options (Such as toggle player mesh, resolution and fixed menus)
  • Story implementation
  • Level tweaking and populating
  • Localisation
  • Backstage tweaks (Implementing hidden tracking features etc)
  • Engine Upgrade (Performance and stability improvements)
  • Oculus Update

While these are listed there are still a lot of things that will be added/removed/changed and overall just improved based on your feedback and development progression.

Thanks for your support and patience, hopefully the next update will be both Keybindings and Collectables. I’m still tinkering with Key Bindings ( More here ) and the basic implementation is there but the Aesthetics & “UI Friendliness” are not. I know this is a very important feature for all of you so it might be pushed out as is and then improved in Beta; we’re still discussing this but please, what do you guys think!?

Take Care!

HyperSloth ːhyperː
Community Announcements - ashstancill


Small fix to fix the fix...
Someone (Me) forgot to upload the fixed howard walking into the build. This should have been corrected.

Original Notes

Hey folks, more of a patch here than an update but here’s what you need to know:

  • Many collision issues fixed
  • Fixed Howard’s walking
  • Howard now moves slower in the House/Nightmares
  • Improvements and tweaks in Nightmare II based on feedback
  • Portals are no longer usable before unlocking

Thanks for the feedback, we’re hard at work on Act III and can’t wait to show you more!
The rift version of 0.4.4 is just around the corner too.

Announcement - Valve
Today's Deal: Save 50% on Dream!*

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*Offer ends Wednesday at 10AM Pacific Time
Community Announcements - WiZZyWiGG
Dream Alpha 0.4.4

Quite a lot of changes in this build, both under and above the hood. This build also fixes the left mouse button to interact, please delete your UDKInput.ini file found in “Steam\SteamApps\common\Dream\UDKGame\Config”


  • Added the Nightmare 2 Dream (Accessible at the end of Act II ) [We recommend turning the subtitles on as the story is there, but not the voice overs]
  • Howard now has a Mesh
  • New “Look at system”
    • Ability to ‘Inspect’ items
    • New Icons for ‘Inspect, Interact, Pickup and Collect’
    • Added multiple ‘Inspect’ items around the world. (More coming later)
  • Fixed a bug where leaving Nightmare 1 wouldn’t let you continue to Act II
  • Fixed a bug where starting a new game would leave the Act II Archway open
  • Fixed a bug where quitting the game during the snow fall would leave the player stuck in the middle (If you were experiencing this, run the light.exe again)
  • Corrected the Computer Bubble
  • Updated Credits
  • Bug Fixes

Sorry for the long wait for the update, but hopefully this should be the last mechanic revamp we will need to do.

The new look at system allows us to add Key bindings later down the line and is much more efficient for development when we change settings of the ‘Player Pawn’

Known Issues: - These will be fixed soon

  • Collision when leaving the attic can be a bit clunky when leaving
  • No mesh when in water
  • Quickly looking at multiple items confuses the Look At System

In the next few weeks there will be some minor updates to Dream, fixing more bugs, introducing the collectables and the 2nd Act II Side Dream. We’re also aware that some of you wish to play without a Character mesh, so we will be looking into adding the ability to toggle the mesh too.

Thanks again for your patience
Mar 4, 2014
Community Announcements - StandStill92
Quite alot of bug fixes in this update!
Thanks for all the help in finding these ːhyperː



  • UI: Escape and B now go back to the previous menu


  • Added collision to the trees growing up the statues


  • New PC in desert. Able to skip the catacombs puzzle with consequences
  • Redesigned the Sand Maze. Now less stressful
  • New water shader
  • Improved the water volume/buoyancy


  • Doors now make a noise when used
  • Added music to the puzzle rooms



  • UI: Fixed save icon stacking when saving multiple bits of data


  • Corrected grammar on books/mugs
  • Redone the Newspaper Clipping
  • Fixed spelling mistakes on Certificates
  • Fixed a glitch where jumping on the toilet seat would let you walk out of the level.
  • Fixed a glitch where the freezer would throw you out of the level
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes approaching the phone would throw the player on top of it
  • Fixed the utility closet door, where standing behind it whilst it opened would offset the door when closed
  • Kitchen door Halloween sign now disappears when it should
  • Stopped players being able to climb on howards game console and getting stuck


  • General Performance improvements
  • Map no longer has a static ‘You are here’ sign on it
  • Fixed an issue where running light.exe would have no response sometimes. If you had this issue please delete ‘PodiumRisen.dream’ in you DreamSaves folder.
  • Fixed an issue of being unable to interact with the snow bubble since update 0.4.2
  • Fixed a clipping issue in the pond
  • Snow bubble text now matches the audio
  • Fixed spelling on signposts
  • Fixed spelling on hidden text planes
  • Fixed spelling/grammar on Information Boards
  • Improved collision in the Media Centre to stop players getting stuck
  • Stopped players getting to an area that shouldn’t be accessible
  • Fixed Lighting on underground wires
  • Stopped the water splashing when hitting the rocks
  • Fixed an area that would let players out of the map


  • Stopped answering machine messages stacking in the observation room


  • Added a sound notification upon completing puzzles
  • Fixed an issue where note/text would be blurry
  • Made the stickynote more direct
  • Fixed a horrendously written Stairs Bubble
  • Can no longer clip through puzzle door
  • Fixed the elevator traveling to unknown places
  • Density of the pipes continues in the restrooms
  • Fixed Basement Bubble collision and spawning
  • Fixed an issue in some places that could render the player unable to move

Rift Updates

  • No Longer uses the “Keyhole” method
  • Removed Headbob
  • Shorter/Slower in the House
  • Most of the above changes also apply
Feb 13, 2014
Community Announcements - StandStill92

  • Stability improvements / possible crash fixed
Feb 11, 2014
Community Announcements - StandStill92
Just a small update.

  • Fixes the BUILT WITH UDK error found here.
  • Fixed the performance issue that occured in 0.4.2

This will erase user settings. Please set them again via the options menu.
Community Announcements - StandStill92
Version 0.4.2

  • Fixed: Players getting stuck in place after using the phone in the Nightmare a second time.
  • Added: Act II Main Dream
  • Added: Act II Side Dream
  • Added: New Menu’s. These are looking to be the early stages of the final menus. Also more pad friendly.
  • Added: Rift version of Dream. Please Read the Rift Prototype Forum section to report Rift Bugs and view the getting started guide.

Side Notes: Act II took quite some time to deliver as we had to change the dev pipeline in order to get ready for the future updates, where Howard will be making an appearance.

While the content for Act II is there, the story is still to be implemented. The story for Act I has been re-written since we got a writer on board, and the voices are being recorded. We expect Act II to be updated with the story once Act I dialog is complete.

You may also notice there is one side dream in Act II right now, this is mainly because the 2nd side dream is highly focused around story, and as the dialog is not yet recorded; we made the difficult decision not to include it in this version.
Known Rift Issues

  • Camera Jumps
  • Clipping in the Sand Maze
  • Unable to read the Documents – See Rift Guide here for the PC Login information.
  • Books in the nightmare don’t show materials. Again Read the Guide for information of what should be in the books
  • Collision is slightly off for small objects. So far we have
    ~Attic Lock
    ~Locks for Breifcase

Please report all RIFT bugs in the Rift Prototype Forum section here.
Unfortunately some of these bugs cannot be rectified until a new version of OUDK is release, as mentioned in my blog here.
Jan 10, 2014
Community Announcements - Ass(⅓)
Just a small update for now. Not long till the next big update ;)

*Christmas Decorations have been taken down (can put them back up by interacting with the box in the attic)

*Cloud Saving has been enabled

*Removed interact from the Act II Arch

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