Community Announcements - Shatojon

We’ve been having a small issue with players struggling to connect to multiplayer games since 0.7.2 – we’re pretty sure we pinpointed the issue and it’s fixed for good now. Although keep in mind that we’re also actively working on developing NAT punch-through to allow players to connect instantly without the need to forward ports and all these shenanigans!

- Fixed an issue where the game would ignore network adapter priorities and try to connect via the wrong adapter, especially if the player had VPNs such as Hamachi and EvolveHQ installed.

Jul 22
Community Announcements - Shatojon - Update is out!

A nasty little bug sneaked its way into 0.7.2. We’ve taken care of that bug now. Don’t worry, it’s fine, it just went to live on a farm.

Fixed an issue where ports weren’t forwarding properly through UPNP, causing certain players to be unable to connect to servers without manually forwarding ports.
Enjoy! :)
Community Announcements - Shato -

Hello misters, hello madams and hello Zergs!

We're happy to announce that 0.7.2 has just hit the shelf and is available for you to play! Just restart your Steam client and the Castle Story update will kick in!

We've fixed several of the bugs you've reported to us, so thank you for that! You can see the entire list of changes right here, on our website;

As always, if you find bugs or issues, be sure to let us know on the forums!
Community Announcements - Shatojon - 0.7.1 is out! :D

We've just hit the launch button on the first 0.7 patch: 0.7.1! It contains some new stuff, several improvements and bug fixes!

Check out the full changelog here;

If you find bugs or issues, be sure to let us know on the forums!
Community Announcements - Shatojon

Hey everyone!

Our first mapping challenge is a go!

If you've been playing around with the World Editor and think you're up to the task, check out our latest news post;
Community Announcements - Shato -
Community Announcements - Shato -
Hey, we`re streaming now!

We're doing something pretty cool. You should really join us!
Community Announcements - Shatojon

Hey everyone!

We figured it'd be fun to watch the building challenges in video format, so here's a try. What do you think? :)
Community Announcements - Shatojon
Check out this silly bug we had in the development build yesterday. :P
Community Announcements - Shatojon

Hey everyone! Check out the Youtube video of 3 Knights duking it out against 1 Biftron - Watch who won!

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