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The Sauropod Studio Video Podcast - Ep.04 is now online

We are pleased to present the big island project. Benoît, programmer at Sauropod Studio, explains how this new feature works and what it means for the future Castle Story.
Community Announcements - | -Kaïmi- | (Menekis)
As you might have seen on our Facebook page. We are running a small contest!

Get a chance to win a Carcassonne Big Box Edition!

Create a castle with a minimum of two protective walls and one courtyard.

Send us images of your construction at before October the 10th 2014.

Two winners will be selected by Z-MAN GAMES and will be judged on creativity and design.

Good luck!
Community Announcements - benkoosa

In this episode we meet FX, the audio lead on Castle Story.
Community Announcements - | -Kaïmi- | (Menekis)
Here is our 2nd video podcast!
In this 2nd episode of the Sauropod Studio video podcast, Germain shows us the shader creation process.

If you haven't saw the first one...

Community Announcements - | -Kaïmi- | (Menekis)
Little updates that some of you might really appreciate. Let me introduce to you guys the Pause function! Show us some screenshots of your best paused moment!

  • Client

    • Added over the code from core for the UnscaledDeltaTime for the StateMachines.This code will have to be pulled up soon in the core
    • Added pause menu, as in the current master, to release
    • Added The Void at the bottom of the map to eat any falling objects out of existance
    • Fixed #1464 by cleaning the static detectives and also properly fixes the issue with leaking arrows fixed in 06e95b939.
    • Fixed bricktrons being deleted breaking existing survival behaviours.
    • Fixed NullReferenceException in Fleche.AppliquerPhysiques.
    • Fixed Pause
    • Fixed save thumbnails while paused
    • Fixed screenshots while paused
    • Fixed to get thumbnails to work in pause
    • Fixes issues #1448. We now let the save code handle file management.
    • Upgrade of the core to add the UnscaledDeltaTime for the State machines

Note that unfortunately we had to revert a fix on a memory leak with audio in the last minute, so this one will come in the next update.
Community Announcements - Box
Another small update.

  • Fixed the save issue, for real this time. Please let us know if you still encounter any issues.
Community Announcements - Box
Got another small patch here to fix some more big issues!

  • Another fix for a different issue that caused save-games to not save the world
  • Made it so any material that falls off the island is properly deleted

    Also, since we're going to be patching more regularly, we're going to stop posting our weekly blog here in the announcements. It can still be read every Friday at our main site, and the post in the forums here on Steam will be updated regularly. This space will now exclusively be for events and patch announcements.
Community Announcements - | -Kaïmi- | (Menekis)
Small patch that fixes big issues!

  • Fixed for the saved game issue that destroyed the world map
  • Fixed Pie Menu in High resolution
  • Added more orange crystal in the ground (Sandbox)
Community Announcements - | -Kaïmi- | (Menekis)
Hi everyone! you have noticed that you received a patch recently. This is the refactored version of our game.
Unfortunately the changelog is too big for the limit of 8000 character we have here. But you can have a look at it on our WEBSITE

Hope you enjoy this long awaited patch!
Community Announcements - Box
Hey guys, new blog entry is up at the main site, talking about the release of the long anticipated refactoring patch! You can give it a read right here: and, as always, here's your synopsis:

  • Talked about what's new in the refactoring patch, both in the backend and frontend, along with a link to the full patch notes:
  • Talked about upcoming plans for our next major patch
  • Re-introduced another Kickstarter we'd love to see funded:
  • Soundtrack of the week: Dirty Art Club

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