Castle Story - Shatojon
Hey everyone,

We just released a hotfix to resolve the following issues;

  • Fixed spawning Corruptrons in the debug menu not working.
  • Fixed pylons being spawned on slopes sometimes not saving.

Castle Story - Shatojon

Hey everyone!

We've just dished out the 1.0.2 minor update and you're gonna like what's on the menu! After actively watching Youtubers, streamers and collecting intel from your bug reports and suggestions, we've realigned the focus of our work on improving the "quality of life" aspect of the game - all those little things that make the game a tad more difficult to learn, get into or just play in general is in our crosshair.

We'd also like to start releasing updates in smaller sizes, but higher frequency, to pinpoint specific issues the community is having trouble with and allow us to maintain interest in the game post-launch. We'll see how this works out!

This also means that we're very open to hearing your criticism about how the 1.0 launch feels in general. It doesn't have to be a bug report or a suggestion, but just letting us know what's on your mind when it comes to these things will be super useful to us. You can reach us, like, anywhere, really.

And now for the reason you're here, ze changelogs:

  • We've added a new tooltips system that allows us to guide the players through the first few steps of a game. We recommend playing them in Sandbox to give you all the time in the world to learn the game, but they'll work in any of the modes. Those can be disabled in your options.
  • We added new graphics options that will help improve FPS.
  • Added the possibility to join via IP address for those who don't go thru Steam.
  • Harvest tasks will now change icon depending on what's toggled on or off, which will help avoid the confusion of "why won't my harvest (which only has trees toggled on) not harvest this Brimstone?!

  • You can now see required ingredients by hovering a blueprint even if you're not in its construction task, which will help reduce instances of "why won't Bricktrons build my Catapult?"
  • Rubble from destroying boulders doesn't fly so far away anymore

  • Bricktrons will no longer throw all their life savings at the crystal.
  • Fixed several instances of multiplayer loading saved games not working properly.
  • Fixed the gamemode description always saying Sandbox even if you loaded Invasion or Conquest.
  • Fixed boulders not following alignment changes in world editor
  • Fixed cheated military units not being able to drop their kit in a weapon rack
  • Fixed radius task on some tasks not saving on the client visually
  • Fixed a corner case where you could place blueprints outside of a construction task
  • Fixed stockpiles exclusions not working for clients in multiplayer games.
  • Fixed the Corruptron spawn points not working in the World Editor if you weren't playing in English.
  • Fixed loading Conquest games always setting the game to night time even if you saved during daytime.
  • Fixed an issue where overwriting a save game wouldn't update the thumbnail with a new screenshot.
  • Fixed an issue where World Editor brush's affectation circle weren't there.

Castle Story - Shatojon
Hey hey!

Here’s another small update for you guys! Once again a big big thank you for reporting these issues and keep it up!

Also, a little P.S: tomorrow’s Friday livestream will be a Q&A session with the two founders of Sauropod Studio, François & Germain! Drop by on Twitch or Youtube at 3PM EST.

  • Added Steam profile pictures to the lobby.
  • Added privacy settings to multiplayer lobbies now. You can set them to public (which they are by default), to friends-only (meaning only your friends will be able to join you off Steam) and to private, meaning only people on the same network as you can join off the LAN server list.
  • Made the in-game help panel open by default.
  • Added “help” button in the escape menu that opens the in-game help.
  • Tweaked the noise that spreads the resources underground.
  • Tweaked the explosions to actually have bricks flying around, which looks cooler.
  • Tweaked the workers’ damage on structures.
  • Made the “T” hotkey stop Bricktrons for at least 8 seconds, rather than only 1.
  • Fixed an issue where certain kit parts would fall through the ground at times.
  • Fixed a bug resetting your achievements progress if you reinstalled the game.
  • Fixed Call to Arms not working properly if you were in build mode.
  • Fixed issue where choosing a color in the multiplayer lobby didn’t close the drop down menu.
  • Fixed visual issue with the fog of war slider.
  • Fixed a situation causing workers to drop resources at the crystal.
  • Fixed the lack of visual feedback when hovering above the planks of a ropebridge.
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn’t remove destruct orders on a rope bridge.
  • Fixed a bug allowing players to place brick braces on dirt voxels.
  • Fixed an issue where wards looked different if they were on the ground and in a stockpile.
  • Fixed the text size in french localization.
    Deprecated the “Show unsupported gamemodes”.
  • Fixed an issue where having two repair tasks over the same broken bricks would place a red blueprint there.
  • Fixed an issue where holding alt would show enemy players’ overheads in the fog of war.

Enjoy! :)
Castle Story - Shatojon
Hey everyone!

Tomorrow's stream will be a Q&A session with Germain & François, the two founders of Sauropod Studio!

We'll be taking questions in the chat tomorrow too, but we might miss them since there's gonna be tons!

Instead, you can already submit your question today by posting a comment below. We'll compile them and already have some questions to start with tomorrow.

The livestream is tomorrow at 3PM EST, on Youtube and Twitch. (Search up Sauropod Studio!)
Castle Story - Shatojon
Hey hey,

We've just released hotfix 1.0.0c

Thank you for reporting these issues and keep it up! :)
Castle Story - LIVESTREAM!
Hey everyone! We're back with a hotfix. Keep the bug reports coming. :)

* Added "Pick up" button in the pie menu on wards. Oh yeah, you can pick wards up by the way.
* Fixed the debug menu not toggling on.
* Fixed the landscape task breaking on new ground textures.
* Fixed the healing aura being stuck on the Artificer even after unequipping the kit.
* Fixed an issue that broke Bricktrons if you recalled them to the Crystal while having a task open.
* Fixed some multiplayer lobby crashes.
* Removed the extra "Obvious" from Arecibo's description, obviously. It was obvious. Such an obvious bug.


P.S: We're streaming live right now on
Aug 17
Castle Story - Shatojon - 1.0 LIVE!
Castle Story - Shatojon - 1.0 LIVE!

Hey everyone!

The big day has arrived, with no lack of emotion, for us at Sauropod Studio and all the people who entrusted us with this massive project. Five years ago, almost to the week, 30,000 people fell in love with goofy, clumsy and unwittingly adorable creatures called Bricktrons. Set in a world of flying voxelized islands, bright colors and towering castles, we imagined a mix of gameplay never attempted before: a voxel-based real-time strategy game with dynamic physics and polished graphics.

Quite a daunting task, to be honest, and an uncomfortably high chance of failure. And yet, here we are. We’re announcing 1.0, with tons of pride because we were able to surpass all those challenges, and are finally able to remove the early access tag. We have so many more great ideas for Castle Story and really hope the game’s reception will allow us to keep adding content to it.

Our beginnings were humble and likely part of the appeal; Germain and Francois, our two founders, two college friends with a unique idea, joined by Benoit, the older and slightly wiser brother. Crammed into a spare bedroom of an apartment furiously coding away to prove this idea was doable, the contrast is striking. Sauropod Studio has since grown to a full-fledged studio of over twenty developers; Artists, Programmers, Communication folks and paperwork ninjas all helped make Castle Story a reality.

There is no denying that the road has been bumpy. Miscommunication, missed deadlines and crippling bugs were publicly known, but legal issues, funding problems and growing pains were kept private for various reasons. We overcame all of them, and came out much wiser, if a bit weary. We had some help, however. We happened to have 30,000 backers observing every step we took, eagerly waiting for a finished product – rightfully so! It helped us stay motivated and stay focused, but it also introduced the added challenge of community management from day 1, a task we completely underestimated.

For the most part, Castle Story’s development was filled with great moments and memories. Every single update we released improved the game drastically and was cause for a mini celebration! We saw the number of active players steadily climb as we added more and more content into the game. We met so many new faces both online and IRL during conventions and other occasions. An amazing community was built around the game and the fan art you’ve come up with always gives us a little tingly feeling.

From the very bottom of our hearts, thank you for sticking with us on this long journey, thank you for being part of this story and thank you for all your support. It means the world to us and we hope you’re eager to see what the future will bring for Castle Story and Sauropod Studio.

Alright that’s enough sappy stuff. Click on the image below to see what's new!

Or watch the new launch trailer here;
Castle Story - Shatojon
Did that Corruptron Warlock video worry you for the well being and future of your castle?

Have no fear, The Artificer is here! In the coming 1.0 update, Bricktrons will have a new craftable kit allowing its wearer to cast magical missiles and heal nearby friendlies!

Check out the video below!

Castle Story - Shatojon
Hey everyone!

If you could help us by taking a few moments to fill this form with some information about your computer, it would help us a lot.

In exchange, here's a teaser picture of 1.0 :)

Much love. <3

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