Castle Story - Shatojon

Hey everyone!

In case you haven't been following our Youtube channel, we've been posting individual tracks from the upcoming Castle Story OST on the youtubes and the reception has been great.

Listen to some of the OST tracks here:

Now if you're listening to these and freaking out about how good the music is, don't take your wallet out just yet - the OST isn't on sale yet, BUT it will be very soon, so feel free to add it to your wishlist and our lord Gaben will be sure to alert you when the it's buyable. :)

Enjoy! :D
Dec 20, 2017
Castle Story - Shatojon

Thank you for all your feedback on 1.1 – notably (and very loudly) the feedback on ranged units – we’re experimenting different things for these units, so don’t hesitate to let us know if you feel it’s working (or not).

  • Considerably increased the Arbalist’s range.
  • Added a conclusion panel to the tutorial so it doesn’t end as abruptly.
  • Improved automated Bricktrons’ pathfinding – they’ll be quicker now to get to their goal.
  • Improved Bricktrons’ pathfindings on certain types of stairs.
  • Fixed the chopping block not working when manually queuing planks.
  • Fixed multiplayer save files when in unofficial languages.
  • Fixed an issue where starting a Conquest Co-Op game on a map that only had 2 Home Crystals (such as Apex) had funky, undesired results.
  • Fixed rebinding keys not working anymore.

Enjoy and thank you for all the feedback.

P.S: The studio is going to be on Holidays break between the 22nd of December and 8th of January – so this is likely to be the last patch we do for the next three weeks. Don’t let that stop you from sending us bug reports and comments though, we’ll be back soon. :)

Castle Story -

I know P.S: usually goes at the end of the message, but I don't abide by such draconian dictatures, thus, P.S: Castle Story is on sale for 40% off ONLY for the next 24 hours! You snooze, you lose!

Hello you handsome thing you!

We just released the 1.1 update, dubbed the Quality of Life Update – it has a tooooon of great improvements. Check out the video below for the whole shebang and scroll a lil’ further down to dive into the detailed changelogs!

  • Complete rework of the UI; more intuitive buttons positioning, new icons, new crafting queue system, helpful tooltips on almost every hoverable UI and a lot more.
  • Resources list below the mini map.
  • 6 new stairs type bricks.
  • Added a brand new 1v1/Grab the Gems oriented map: Apex.
  • Double Merlon and Concave Merlon bricks.
  • Back to Work: will order military units to deposit their arms at the nearest weapon rack and turn into workers.
  • New tutorial docked in the right panel, with new content and more intuitive first steps.
  • New localization system: translate the game and share your translation on the workshop – or download someone’s translation from the workshop! Clicky for tutorial.
  • Trading Cards, Badges, Emojis & Backgrounds for Steam! Unlock them by playing. Click here for more info.
  • Audio feedback when recalling workers or calling to arms.
  • Audio feedback when dragging blueprints.
  • New sound when multi-selecting Bricktrons.

  • We’ve taken the time to have a look at each Bricktron class in the game, and tweak them to clarify their intended role. Here are the sweet deets:
  • Archer : The archer is a scout and a harasser. You will notice he has shorter range than before, does less damage, but fires a little faster and moves faster than some other Bricktron classes.
  • Halberdier : The halberdier is a fast moving melee fighter. He now moves significantly faster and will be able to catch up to any other unit. He also does quite a bit more damage.
  • Knight : The knight is now even tankier than before, with a bit more health and increased projectile resistance when he still has armor. He can now block projectiles from any angle in defense mode. Armor will now go down faster against melee and explosion damage though, but will start to regenerate faster when out of combat. He’s also a tad slower.
  • Arbalist : The arbalist is a though, close range damage dealer. He has shorter range, he’s a bit slower and his damage has been significantly reduced, as he was decidedly too powerful. His melee damage has been increased as it is more likely he’ll end up brawling
  • Artificer : The artificer is a supporting healer. He now has less range to fit with other ranged unit changes, and a little less movement speed.
  • Alchemist : The alchemist is a demolition unit. Bombs are now cheaper to craft, and his explosions now deal extra damage to a knight’s armor. He has a little less range.

  • Redesigned two of Plateau Mont-Royal’s spawn points to balance them out.
  • Corruptrons in Conquest will now spawn on only two crystals, instead of half the map, and spread form there. They will defend the starting two crystals with a larger force, and will leave less Corruptrons on the others, making it easier to gain territory for the player, but harder to quickly wipe the map.
  • The delay before all Bricktrons start to regenerate health has been decreased, and they regenerate faster.
  • Line of sight no longer depends on map size, instead it is set at a fixed 50 voxels.
  • Removed projectile inaccuracy for units and increased projectile speed to minimize misses.
  • Projectile range no longer depends on the height difference between shooter and target.
  • Wards are now more resistant to ranged attacks, excluding explosions.
  • Bear traps now do more damage.
  • Workers do slightly more damage.
  • Biftron will now knockback units with every hit instead of having a 30% chance. It’s attack speed is now slower.
  • Warlock’s ranged attack does more damage.
  • Toolrack costs 3 planks instead of 6.
  • Stockpile costs 1 plank instead of 2.
  • Each plant voxel now contains 2 plant ressources instead of 1.
  • Blueprints are much easier to see on snow now.
  • Improved readability of the mini-map by adding some drop shadow under mountain lines.
  • You can now see planks on top of chopping blocks.
  • Added several new music tracks.
  • Several enhancements to the environmental sounds.

  • Fixed broken character animations in bear trap.
  • Fixed Warlock getting stuck in bear trap, now behaves like Biftrons.
  • Fixed rope and fabric colliders so they don’t roll off the map when dropped.
  • Fixed Bricktrons holding more rope and fabric than shown.
  • Fixed corruptrons getting more agressive after saving and loading a conquest game.
  • Fixed Biftrons attack speed being faster, and inconsistent, against knights.
  • Nova and Quasar are only playable in Sandbox now.
  • Fixed the spawning algorithm when playing 2v2 in Grab the Gems.
  • Fixed an AI issue where Bricktrons assigned to harvest iron or brimstone would often stop in front of the crystal patch and not mine it.
  • Fixed the number of waves survived and number of total kills missing on the scoreboard.
  • Fixed Light’s Out not being dark enough for clientside players.
  • Fixed an issue where passive workers weren’t displayed.
  • Fixed the door’s blueprint not being detailed.
  • Fixed severe performance drop when lots of glass ingots were on screen.
  • Fixed shards’ mesh being too high above the ground.
  • Fixed an issue where Bricktrons in the clean up task could teleport resources to the stockpile if the voxel under them changed.
  • Fixed the explosive barrel being visually too small on the laboratory.
  • Removed the legacy repair project.
  • Fixed an issue where clicking on the score button would cause the sidebar to disappear.
  • Fixed an issue where clicking outside of the game while in windowed mode would create selection boxes in game.
  • Fixed the mute button not having visual feedback.
  • Fixed flickering in the splash screen.
  • Fixed an issue where deleting a save file didn’t refresh the menu.
  • Fixed typo in delete confirmation window.
  • Fixed an issue where the UI Compass didn’t group similar units together anymore.
  • Fixed an issue where enemy names were missing from the scoreboard in PvP games.
  • Fixed an issue where the current wave was offset by 1 after wave 30.
  • Fixed an issue where certain tasks’ goals didn’t refresh when in edit mode.
  • Fixed an issue where pressing enter didn’t close the chat in multiplayer.
  • Fixed an issue where pressing “H” while typing in chat would toggle selected units’ state.

We hope you enjoy and on behalf of the entire Sauropod Studio team, Happy Holidays!
Castle Story - Shatojon

Since we released the World Editor, we've added lots of great features to let your creative side shine via Castle Story mapmaking and boy did it shine!

We're going to hand-curate a collection of the nicest player made maps we find on the Steam Workshop for you to easily access and enjoy. :)

Here are some examples of the first iteration of maps that have been added to the collection.

Central BattleGround by MagicShrooms

Garrison 5 (V2) by HQDefault

Hyrule Castle - Link to the Past by swemyss

Cathedral Story by baileyboy3012

Magic Maze by Nik

And remember, even custom maps can be played in multiplayer! When the host clicks "ready", the other players in the lobby will begin downloading the custom map automatically. :)

Check out the rest of this sweet collection by visiting the item below;
Castle Story - contact
Heeello folks!

Halloween is unfortunately over buuuuut there’s always next year! From what we’ve gathered on social media, the forums and Discord, you peeps had a blast playing Capture the Pumpkin (and honestly, we did too). So we’ve decided to keep it, but re-skin it to match the universe of Castle Story!

Hence, Capture the Pumpkin is now known as Grab The Gems!

Pumpkins have been replaced by gems and pumpkin patches have been replaced by gem patches. Everything else is back to normal – the moon is no longer a spoopy pumpkin and your home crystal has returned to its former, crystally glory. :)

For those who haven’t had a chance to play it during Halloween, GTG for short is a multiplayer only gamemode that where the shards on the map have been replaced by gem patches! Over time, gems will appear in the gem patches and the first faction to collect 10 gems will win the game! Naturally, you’re encouraged to slice and dice enemy workers trying to collect the gems back to their home crystal and steal their gems!

The first 5 gems will appear after 12 minutes in random patches. After that, 5 more gems will appear every 8 minutes. Keep in mind that only workers can pick up gems by selecting the worker and right-clicking the gem. Right-click your home crystal with a worker carrying a gem selected to make them drop it in your home crystal!

Pro-tip: Make your workers “hold position” by pressing H or via the pie-menu to stop them from dropping the gem and going back to work if you forget about them after sending them to pick up a gem. :) Don’t forget to set them back to automated mode (H again) after they’ve dropped the gem in your home crystal though.

Keep an eye on the counter below the minimap to prepare for when the next gems will appear!

  • Renamed “Capture the Pumpkin” to “Grab the Gems”.
  • Added new gem mesh to replace the pumpkin thematic one.
  • Added new gem patches mesh to replace the pumpkin patch thematic one.
  • Made the sound of shards and crystals being captured or neutralized play across the map, alerting players it’s happening. Remember to check the minimap to see which shards are being captured.
  • Added new footsteps sounds for snow, plants, different kinds of grass, etc.
  • Added new sound variations for doors.
  • Returned the moon to its original mesh.
  • Returned the home crystal to its original mesh.
  • Removed Halloween disguises from Bricktrons.

Have fun and let us know what you think! :D
Castle Story - Shatojon

Last year’s Halloween Update was one heckin’ spooky update and you folks liked it so much it turned into a permanent preset!

Remember how last Halloween the Corruptrons came knocking on your Castle’s doors wearing ridiculous disguises and you totally kicked their stoney butts back into the ground? Well, little did you know, Bougre wasn’t going to let good costumes go to waste and secretely saved them for this year’s Halloween. Your Bricktrons will be the one wearing the disguises this Halloween.

Second, we’re introducing a time-limited, Halloween gamemode called ..

Capture The Pumpkin is a special multiplayer only gamemode that will only be playable around the Halloween period, so grab a friend, get in game and cap some pumpkins!

In Capture the Pumpkin, instead of a crystal, each player has a cauldron in their base and the shards on the map have been replaced by pumpkin patches! Over time, pumpkins will grow in the pumpkin patches and the first faction to collect 10 pumpkins will win the game! Naturally, you’re encouraged to slice and dice enemy workers trying to collect the pumpkins back to their cauldron and steal their pumpkin!

Check out this video for more info on how to play.

Still with me, brave soul? We also changed some things around and fixed some bugs! Here’s the changelogs for those;

  • Capture the Pumpkin gamemode during Halloween.
  • The moon got a spooky facelift.
  • Military Bricktrons are now wearing costumes.

  • Improved performance when selecting several units.
  • Replaced several deprecated icons.

  • Fixed an issue where clients could create ghost bricks with the fog of war.
  • Fixed an issue where cracks in damaged bricks would disappear when entering x-ray mode and at certain LODs.
  • Fixed an issue where MAC players hosting a game couldn’t transfer a custom savefile to other clients.
  • Fixed an issue where Bricktrons would break if a workstation they were working on was destroyed.
  • Fixed an issue where weapon racks could end up containing different kits after loading a game.
  • Fixed the bottom of stockpiles looking pitch black on Linux.
  • Fixed explosions being all black on Linux.
  • Fixed the first tooltip showing up for a second even if tooltips were disabled.
  • Fixed an issue where a multiplayer host wouldn't be put into the game if the client changed to an invalid save file's faction.
  • Removed the useless little line under the scoreboard that served no purpose in multiplayer.

We hope you enjoy this update and be sure to let us know what you think about the CTP mode!
Castle Story - Shatojon
Are you feeling it?

The air is getting colder. The night is coming sooner and lasting longer.. The distant screams of tortured souls is echoing through the streets.. Okay maybe not that last one, but STILL!

Halloween is riiiiiight around the corner and we've been working on something for you folks to celebrate the spookiest holiday of them all with the Bricktrons!

Who can guess what it is?

Check out the video below!
Castle Story - Shatojon
Hey everyone,

This is a hotfix to resolve certain multiplayer lobby issues we’ve been reported – thank you to those who took the time to report these bugs on the forums, keep it up :D

  • Added a message to explain why you left the lobby – kicked, timed out, etc.
  • Fixed an issue where trying to load a Conquest Co-Op save file forced players to be on opposite teams in the lobby.
  • Fixed an issue where players couldn’t select a team in the multiplayer lobby.

Castle Story - Shatojon


Despite the awful scorching heat burning our delicate Canadian frost-kissed skins, we’ve been enthusiastically at work on 1.0.3 with important changes to the Conquest mode.

  • Added a button in the pie menu to unequip a soldier’s kit in weapon racks.
  • Added structures’ name in the requirements box.

  • Mining surface iron, brimstone and stone boulders is now much more gradual and all maps have been rebalanced to include a better amount of starting resources around crystals. To elaborate, a single voxel of brimstone crystals used to take a few seconds to break and instantly give 10 brimstone. Now, every pickaxe hit will generate 1 brimstone and each voxel will supply 40 brimstone. Same deal with boulders and iron. This limits the necessity to send your Bricktrons travelling far away to mine resources when you run out of the little ones available near your crystal.
  • In Conquest, player crystals can now be destroyed instead of captured. This solves the issue where you’d be at your enemy’s base, capturing their crystal with an Unsullied sized army, but the capture would keep getting reset because one of their workers would respawn. Now you can just destroy their Crystal, homes and everything they love.
  • You can now build rope bridges above quarries – Bricktrons won’t destroy them anymore.
  • Ctrl + Right-clicking a stockpile with a Bricktron selected will make the Bricktron drop their resources in it, instead of filling their inventory with the stockpile’s contents.
  • Halting workers no longer shows their inventory and thoughts unless you hover them or select them.
  • Improved performance when hovering blueprints to see their requirements.

  • Fixed an issue where quarries, landscape and tunnel tasks would assign surface resources as acceptable goals.
  • Fixed issue with the landscape task’s “highest level” button picking the lower surface possible instead.
  • Added missing names to Credit Island.
  • Fixed an issue where cogs were invisible if on the ground.
  • Fixed a visual issue where multiplayer clients would see the axe on the chopping block even if Bricktrons were using it.
  • Fixed strange animations with Sentinel wards’ cool down bar.
  • Fixed an issue where the in-game screenshot tool didn’t apply visual enhancements to the image.
  • Fixed the in-game screenshot tool not removing the vertical yellow lines of task beacons.
  • Fixed the selection circle on stockpiles being too small.
  • Fixed Sentinel ward’s mesh when it’s in the Altar.
  • Fixed multiplayer clients’ crafting station animations.
  • Fixed the materials for wards in crafting stations.
  • Fixed an issue where quarries’ stairs could pop out above the ground.
  • Fixed an issue where Bricktrons kept their tools equipped when carrying stuff.
  • Hovering red blueprints no longer shows you their requirements.

Have fun :D
Castle Story - Shatojon
Hey everyone,

We just released a hotfix to resolve the following issues;

  • Fixed spawning Corruptrons in the debug menu not working.
  • Fixed pylons being spawned on slopes sometimes not saving.


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