Community Announcements - Shatojon
Hello folks :)

We know you're all eagerly waiting for the next update to come out (so are we) so we figured we'd tide you over with previews of some the cool stuff we've been working on for that update.

If you've been watching our Friday streams, you've already been spoiled these goodies. ;) If you haven't been watching our Friday streams, what's your excuse? :D Friday, 3PM EST, on Twitch, Hitbox & Youtube Gaming. It's a date now. You wouldn't stand someone up on a date, would you? :)

One of the neat things we're working on is the crafting system. No longer will Bricktrons magically spawn with swords, bows and shields - you'll have to craft stuff and equip 'em.

One of the new resources we'll be adding is iron ingots.

Click the image below to see how iron ingots are made.

Post a comment & let us know what you think!
Community Announcements - EvaxMeorCastleQA

We've just released 0.8.3a - check out the details here;

Enjoy :)
Community Announcements - Shatojon

Hey everyone!

We've just released a snazzy little content patch.

Check out the details here;
Community Announcements - Shatojon


Happy Monday everyone. Just a little patch to fix a bug we’ve spotted with the landscape task. Also, while we’re at it, we added a link to our Wiki in the menu.

If you haven’t had a chance to yet, you should definitely check out the new Wiki. Have we said Wiki enough in this post yet? Wiki wiki wiki.

- Fixed issue where landscape task breaks after loading a game if you try resizing it.
- Added a button to the Wiki on the website.
Community Announcements - Shatojon

Hey hey hey!

We’ve cooked up a small content update for you peeps which should make building neat stuff out of wood a tad more useful!

Check out all the details of this update here:
Community Announcements - Shatojon - 0.8 LIVE!

Hey guys!

We're releasing an emergency hotfix to clear out two glaring issues that cropped up recently.

* Fixed issue where Steam workshop agreement window showed up behind the publishing confirmation, making it impossible to click, stopping users from publishing maps.
* Fixed issue where Bricktrons got stuck in "thinking.." when assigned to construction tasks.
* Rubble in stockpiles were causing performance issues - we've fixed that.
* Fixed an issue where Bricktrons would continuously pick up resources, go to a blueprint, do nothing, return the resources to the stockpile, etc.

We're aware of the issues with performance some of you guys are experiencing and we've got devs working on that around the clock. Sorry for the inconvenience. :(
Community Announcements - Shatojon - 0.8 LIVE!
Hey guys!

You might experience issues when trying to publish your Castle Story map on the Steam Workshop.

We are currently working on a hotfix.

Until then, here is a temporary fix;

1- Log in to Steam.
2- Visit this page;
3- Read the agreement & click "Accept".

This will now allow you to publish maps on the workshop.

Sorry for the inconvenience!
Community Announcements - Shatojon - 0.8 LIVE!

Good evening you beautiful people!

The feedback for 0.8 has been exceptional and we’re pretty hyped that you guys have been enjoying it so much :D

Thank you to everyone that’s taken the time to report bugs and issues – we’re working on resolving these and we’ve got a hotfix for some of them today.

As always, please don’t hesitate to report bugs and issues you find with the game on the forums or via our support center.

- Fixed the save updater breaking 0.7 saves – they will now work, but are converted to sandbox. There have been lots of changes and additions to 0.8, it’s impossible to make 0.7 saves fully compatible with 0.8. Now you have an excuse to build a new, fresh castle. It’s like spring cleaning in January.

- Fixed an issue where the clients always had to download the map when joining a multiplayer lobby, even if it was an official map that all players owned.

- Clients no longer need to download UGC / Workshop maps if they already have the map! Woop! Go nuts on these workshop maps, folks!

- Fixed an issue where the Bricktrons would get stuck in a strange, mutant-like position after a fight. It was funny, but a little too creepy to keep around.

- Fixed an issue where there would be way, way, waaaaaay too many blue wisps buzzing around your home crystal.

- Fixed an issue where you couldn’t make Bricktrons “look at” while they were in defend position.

- Fixed an issue where the scoreboard displayed the wrong numbers for energy in Conquest Multiplayer.

- Fixed an issue where the World Editor’s checkboxes in the gamemodes tab didn’t update properly as your map met the requirements.

Thank you for your patience, guys. We’re working on getting fixes out for the other issues you’ve reported!
Dec 23, 2016
Community Announcements - Shatojon - 0.8 LIVE!
We released 0.8 last night and of course, the hivemind found a few bugs that slipped under the net. Thank you for that!

Here's a first patch! There are some more we'll be working on - if you find any more bugs, please report them on our forums!

* Fixed an issue where pathfinding was causing lag in the World Editor.
* Fixed an issue where the scoreboard (ui) in Conquest was showing the wrong amount of available energy.
* Fixed an issue where a bricktron would stop working if there was resource in the blueprint it was working on.
* Fixed an issue where the timer on the client side in multiplayer wouldn’t show the right time.
* Fixed an issue where to save and load a map would break Lights out.
* Attempted to fix an issue with older saves not working properly.
* Fixed an issue where the harvest project toggles would all be on after a save and load.
* Fixed an issue where the chat wouldn’t show a player leave sometimes.
* Fixed an issue where the fog wouldn’t properly track the equipment of a bricktron making them pop in and out.
* Fixed an issue where the client would not be re-downloading a map if its version is outdated.
* Fixed an issue where extending a quarry sideways did not extend the volume upwards properly.
* Attempted a fix where players would see no maps when clicking new game.
Community Announcements - Shatojon

Hey everyone!

We've just released the long awaited 0.8 Update. Boom!

It's jampacked with some really awesome content that we hope you enjoy.

For a full list of the goodies, check out the changelogs here;

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