Community Announcements - Shatojon

Hey hey heeeey! HEY!

We got the answers from Marytron about 3D animations!

Read the article there, it's super interesting and there were some awesome questions (and some not so awesome questions, please, stop asking us how can mirrors be real if our eyes aren't real, we don't know.)

Community Announcements - Shatojon

Hey, YOU! Yeah, you! Hi.

Last update accidentally broke maps newly created in the World Editor. We found the programmer that caused this bug and no one else will ever find him. Mwuahaha.

We also fixed the bug, so that's nice.

Also! We fixed several icky little explosive barrels bugs!

Read all the details here;

Enjoy! :D
Community Announcements - Shatojon
Hey guys!

We're aware that some players are having a hard time loading user-made maps since the latest update (0.7.6).

Very sorry about that, we're investigating and will come up with a fix ASAP!

Thank you for your patience and understanding.
Community Announcements - Shatojon

Hey everyone!

We've just released a patch with several hotfixes. See the changelogs here;

Enjoy :)
Community Announcements - Shatojon
Hey everyone!

Just wanted to give you a heads up, our usual Friday Stream event won't be happening today; everyone at the studio is super busy working on a patch we'd like to release ASAP.

Really sorry about that, hope you understand :)

Have a spectacular weekend, though. Full of good weather, fun stuff and things you don't hate. :D
Community Announcements - Shatojon

Whaaaat’s up lasses and lads! Recorders, notebooks and pens out, it’s time for another Ask A Dev session, this time with our skillful 3D animator, Marytron. We’ll be gathering your 3D animation/art related questions, picking the best and getting answers from her!

Marytron has joined Sauropod Studio’s ranks nearly a year ago and currently, she’s working on something secret she doesn’t want to spoil yet. Animators take a 3D model that’s been rigged on a bone structure, and keyframe animations by hand to give life and personality to the game characters. When she’s not giving life to 3D models, Marytron likes to ride around town on her Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Post your 3D animation/art related questions as a reply below!

Next week, we’ll post the answers right here, on!

Community Announcements - Shatojon [RECORDING]
Hey everyone!

We just released a small hotfix to resolve an issue where several users joining a Lobby through Steam may cause the lobby to stop functioning properly.

Oh yeah, in case you didn't know, you can now right-click someone's name on your Steam friends' list and "Join Game" if they're in a lobby, or "Invite to Game" if you're in a lobby and want them in. :)

As always, if you're experiencing any issue, please don't hesitate to contact me personally on Steam, or open a ticket at

Thank you and have fun. :D
Community Announcements - Shatojon
You will need to restart your Steam client to download the hotfix.

Hey everyone!

Since 0.7.5, some of you have been experiencing crashes when hosting multiplayer servers or trying to rejoin a lobby after being kicked or dropped out of the lobby.

We've been working on a fix for the past few days and we've finally managed to resolve the issue.

Hopefully you'll be able to enjoy kicking your friends' butts again in Castle Story's multiplayer. ;)

Have fun!
Community Announcements - Shato -

Hey everyone!

We`ve just released a considerable update!

Visit this link for more info!
Community Announcements - Shatojon

We’ve been having a small issue with players struggling to connect to multiplayer games since 0.7.2 – we’re pretty sure we pinpointed the issue and it’s fixed for good now. Although keep in mind that we’re also actively working on developing NAT punch-through to allow players to connect instantly without the need to forward ports and all these shenanigans!

- Fixed an issue where the game would ignore network adapter priorities and try to connect via the wrong adapter, especially if the player had VPNs such as Hamachi and EvolveHQ installed.


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