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Community Announcements - Games Foundry

Welcome to Folk Tale Dev Blog 27. Today’s blog coincides with the release of Patch 0.2.9, so let’s take a look at what’s new, as well as taking a sneak peak at content from the next patch.

Patch 0.2.9 introduces Tier 1 City Walls. At the start of a game, your buildings and walls are all Tier 1. As you expand and your culture grows, in a future patch you’ll be able to upgrade to stone buildings and defenses and the appearance of your village will change from an impoverished hovel into a thriving market town. For the next patch we’re working on the Crossbowmen unit to join your City Watch in patrolling the walls.

In the economy, we’ve added the Fisherman profession. Best situated near rivers and shoreline, these early stage economic units live in Fishing Huts, easily identifiable by it’s boat shape and nets. Fisherman travel to nearby fishing spots where they cast their lines into schools of fish, before returning to fillet their catch and sell on to hungry Villagers.

We’ve continued to improve the editor, adding plenty of new props, many of which have been added in response to community feedback. Patch 0.2.9 introduces the Loot Inspector for both chests and monsters. Adding loot is as simple as searching for a keyword in the loot item name, clicking the item in the results, and then setting the probability and quantity.

We’ve also added loot profiles for assigning predefined loot tables, with blue items randomized during gameplay so that each game is slightly different. For a full list of all the loot we’ve added so far, please visit the Game Guide on our website at http://www.gamesfoundry.com/.

In the next four weeks, we’re focusing on adding several new professions and buildings. The Weaver profession cultivate cotton buds that are then woven into Bolts of Cotton ready for use by the Tailor profession. Weaver’s live in Weavers Huts, waterwheel powered mini-factories that spin the strands of cotton before being woven on looms.

Once the weaver’s have delivered Bolts Of Cotton to the Storehouse, the Tailor profession cuts the fabric into Clothes that your villagers will then buy. Tailors live in the Tailor's Emporium, designed to look like a pin-cushion for easy recognition. Tailors can equip tools to be more productive, including needles and thread, and thimbles, and can craft cloth armor for equipping your heroes and villagers.

The Herbalist cultivates herbs and brews medicines and potions. Medicinal Herbs are grown in Farmer’s Fields, while rarer herbs can be found in the world for use as ingredients in making potions and poisons. Medicine helps cure sick villagers, who would otherwise infect others, revolt from unhappiness, and ultimately die. Herbalists live in Greenhouses, easily identified by the large potion vials on the roof and the outdoor greenhouse.

Merchants work at the Marketplace and act as middlemen enabling you to buy and sell resources on the open market. The Art Team are still working on the marketplace and the Jeweller profession, and we’ll take a look at those once they are ready in the Sunday Dev Hangouts and a future dev blog.

If you’re interested in keeping up with the latest developments, as well as sharing your ideas with other friendly community members, the Sunday Dev Hangouts are well worth dropping in to. For more information, please visit http://twitch.tv/gamesfoundry and subscribe to the channel. The broadcast times can be found towards the bottom of the channel. Hopefully I’ll get to chat with you soon.

As always, our sincere thanks for supporting Folk Tale during development and continuing to provide great feedback. Until next time, bye for now.
Community Announcements - Games Foundry


PC, Mac


Sandbox Editor: Community requested kit pieces added (river tiles, cemetery trim concave etc,)
Sandbox Editor: Loot inspector for chests added inc. Loot Profiles, custom definitions and keyword search
Sandbox Editor: More loot items added
Sandbox Editor: River tile with 1 corner island had to be rotated 180 degrees
Sandbox Editor: Pivot on the Quarry has moved (community maps will need updating)
Sandbox Editor: CTRL+SHIFT+U moves all props and tiles up a full tile height. CTRL+SHIFT+D moves them down (CMD instead of CTRL on OS X)
Sandbox Editor: Wave spawn points can now loop indefinitely
Sandbox Editor & Player: Added placeholder loading screen
Sandbox Player: Added Fisherman profession, Fisherman’s Hut, and Fishing
Sandbox Player: Added ability to delete wall sections and towers
Sandbox Player: Added Tier 1 Wooden Palisade Walls inc. stairs and gatehouse
Sandbox Player: Monsters now drop loot (right click to open on loot sparkles when mouse pointer changes to bag)
Sandbox Player: Optimization for buildings searching for nearby resources (small frame rate increase)
Sandbox Player: Minimap now shows correct colors for units, does not show blips for units inside fog of war, and is clickable again, some known issues
Sandbox Player: Improved tooltips for inventory items (still placeholders though)
Sandbox Player: Stacks in the inventory can now be split using shift+LMB
Sandbox Player: Dropping inventory item in wrong character slot now checks correct slot
Sandbox Player: Increased texture resolution of handheld weapons
Sandbox Player: Reduced loading time of maps by roughly 33%
Sandbox Player: Iron Mine and Quarry now have LOD models
Sandbox Player: Added camera shake when destroying structures, large monsters walk, and heavy attacks ( e.g. Beastman overhead cleave attack )
Sandbox Player: Added human fist, weapon and bow impact sounds
Sandbox Player: Reduced movement speed when camera is on the ground
Sandbox Player: Trees now sway gently (on normal and high settings)
Sandbox Player: Added building ambient sfx loops for Workshop, Monastery, Stonecutter Lodge, Blacksmith, Bakery
Sandbox Player: All buildings should now have mud foundation when constructing
Sandbox Player: Monks walking animation speed fixed to reduce gliding
Sandbox Player: Gold income is now in 3D world space and not UI space because let’s face it, during a raid on the bakery it gets really annoying!

Bug Fixes

#0102 Sandbox Player: Night Windows Flicker When Camera Moves
#0103 Sandbox Player: Frame rate drops when dragging placement for city walls
#0104 Sandbox Player: Moving icons between character sheet slots causing icon to vanish
#0105 Sandbox Player: Peasants no longer have the item “Default Equipment” in their inventory

Developer Comments

There is a known navmesh issue with Walls. This will be improved in a later patch.

There is a known issue with grass not always getting redrawn as the camera moves around.

Under Settings, Contrast and Gamma are currently not working.

Copses will now regenerate deer, but you need to first delete all copses from your maps and recreate them.

Please delete all your previous wave spawn points (the colored circles) and recreate. Plain monster spawn points still work. Sorry!

We’d like to remind players that the default build for Windows is now 64-bit, which the vast majority of players are using. Players with older 32-bit versions of Windows will need to opt in to the 32-bit build. For more information, please visit http://steamcommunity.com/app/224440/discussions/0/540744474771635312/

We’ve also made some key binding changes. While key mapping is not yet implemented in the UI, can you define your own by editing the StreamingAssets/Data/keymap.json text file.
Community Announcements - Games Foundry

Welcome to Folk Tale Dev Blog 26. Patch 0.2.8 is out and once again we've got a wealth of improvements to share starting with work-in-progress character and global inventory. Besides equipping villagers with armor and tools, weapons can be swapped out and shown on characters. For this patch only we've included one of every item into the global inventory, which can be accessed by clicking on the inventory bag on the top bar. To open a character's inventory, first select an individual which will cause the portrait circle to appear in the bottom left of the screen. Next, click the inventory bag on the portrait wheel. You can now drag and drop items onto your character.

For larger screenshots and more info, please visit http://blog.gamesfoundry.com/2014/08/folk-tale-dev-blog-26.html.

We've still got much work to do on inventory, including proper tooltips, right click to auto-equip, and shift+left click to split stacks, which we'll be working on for the next patch. Inventory is a stepping stone to looting both corpses and chests, so you can expect that soon too.

Two of the economy chains are now complete. The Butchery and Bakery both produce finished goods, and now hungry villagers will buy products ( parting with coin to fill your coffers ) to satiate their hunger. Different foods will fill empty stomachs by differing amounts, and the taste buds of your villagers will evolve as your settlement progresses from Tier 1 through to Tier 3. We've taken the first step by allowing the crop type to be set in the Farmer's Fields.

The worker cap for Tier 1 profession buildings has been increased from 2 to 4, which should make training a small company of City Watch a lot less painful. When enabled, Tier 2 will support 8 characters, and Tier 3 the maximum of 12.

On a final note about economy, we've moved away from the economy simulation first introduced in sandbox and gone back to an actual work performed basis similar to that of the Tutorial. What that means is that there is now a direct correlation between workers dropping off resources and quantities increasing in your inventory. That move opens up a number of options, including the ability to clear areas of land from the map, which we'll be adding in a future patch.

Combat has taken another step forward with the addition of the wave inspector in the Editor. Each wave can comprise of multiple groups, each group being a different monster class. For example, in wave 1 you can spawn a Beastman in Group 1 and a couple of War Pigs in Group 2. In wave 2, you can setup a completely different set of monsters to spawn. Each wave can have a different behaviour, including standing still, wandering within a radius, and seeking out player characters and buildings. You can also choose the wave starting formation, with Group 1 being the captain who's position is denoted by the colour dot in the formation options.

We've migrated the Goblins across into Sandbox and made some improvements, including the addition of the Goblin Warship prop. Goblins can now scale your City Walls, so Engineer's Turrets, Traps and Siege Machines will play an important role in defending your village in later patches. We've also made changes to the Trebuchet including the framework to support different ammo types, with each shot consuming items directly from your global inventory.

Several Editor Kits have received new content, including an expanded Kobold Camp Kit and new Grassland Kit pieces including flaming torches, sconce, braziers, mushrooms, and mine carts. The biggest addition is to the Cemetery Kit which now includes modular snap-together components to create an entire mausoleum complex for your necromancers, skeletons and spiders.

With the kind agreement of community member Matty101, we're including one of his Sandbox maps for you to play around with in Sandbox Player which we've called The Valley. It's completely different to the Human Village map and is well worth playing. It's also pretty stunning, and shows just have great a tile-based terrain system can be made to look.

And finally, if you weren't already aware, we've started the Sunday Dev Hangouts. The live streams on Twitch.tv have been running for several weeks now and provide a great opportunity for us to connect with our community. I always have the latest dev build of Folk Tale on show, and answer questions in chat about game features, what we've been working on, our plans for the future, and how to use the Editor. So if you'd like to hangout with a friendly bunch for a few hours every Sunday, head on over to our Twitch Channel and follow us.

Community Announcements - Games Foundry


PC, Mac


Sandbox Editor: Wave Inspector added to new Systems Kit
Sandbox Editor: Props moved off Iron Mine and provided as independent kit pieces
Sandbox Editor: Goblins added via Wave/Spawn Point system ( archer, warrior, beserker )
Sandbox Editor: Goblin Siege Kit: new pieces added ( Warship )
Sandbox Editor: Cemetery Kit: new pieces added
Sandbox Editor: Grassland Kit: new pieces added
Sandbox Editor: Kobold Camp Kit: new pieces added
Sandbox Editor: Some tree and foliage textures updated
Sandbox Editor: New community map added: The Valley (by Matty101)
Sandbox Editor: Static chests added to Systems Kit
Sandbox Editor: Kobold character fixed
Sandbox Player: Goblins scale city walls ( assuming they can’t just walk around )
Sandbox Player: Character inventory added ( use bag icon on character portrait )
Sandbox Player: Global inventory added ( use bag icon on top bar )
Sandbox Player: Profession cap per economy building increased from 2 to 4 for tier 1
Sandbox Player: Characters now purchase food from shops and eat ( Bakery, Butchery )
Sandbox Player: Downsampling implemented under settings
Sandbox Player: Characters weapons now change when inventory changed
Sandbox Player: Ability to set field to grow wheat or pumpkins
Sandbox Player: Trebuchet boulder ammo consumes 1 unit of Stone Block per shot
Sandbox Player: Street Lamps now have night lights
Sandbox Player: Cottage chimneys only smoke when firewood has been delivered
Sandbox Player: Sound fx now played when workers deliver resources
Sandbox Player: Resource collection now happens every time a worker returns resources to a building, not based on a timer as was the case before
Sandbox Player: Health of human buildings doubled
Sandbox Player: Colliders removed from corpses to make selection during battles easier
Sandbox Player: Corpses are now removed after 2 minutes to reduce clutter
Sandbox Player: Polyphony increased on mining/quarrying/chopping animation sfx
Sandbox Player: Experimental flying code on crows disabled
Sandbox Player: Ambience SFX added for rivers, torches, creaking ships
Sandbox Player: Character selection when in front of buildings improvement via depth sort
Launcher: Windowed Mode now supports resizable windows

Bug Fixes

#0091 Sandbox Editor: Cannot move water tiles with arrow keys
#0092 Tutorial: Characters Stuck Moonwalking After Loading Save Game
#0093 Tutorial: Characters Are Doing No Damage
#0094 Sandbox Player: Dead character colliders prevent walking over corpses
#0095 Sandbox Player: Hunting Lodge is constantly showing LOD2
#0097 Sandbox Player: VSync Setting Not Being Respected
#0101 Sandbox Player: At high population counts, training Hunter can leave the skeletal bones visible

Developer Comments

Goblin warships have landed, and goblins will be scaling your city walls with the help of the new Wave Spawn generator located in the new Systems Kit. Have your monsters wander in a region, or seek out the player for open conflict.

Over 100 new kit pieces have been added including flaming torches and sconces, mushrooms, and an expanded cemetery kit for creating spooky graveyards. Please note that to make cemetery wall sections walkable, a floor01 piece has to be placed on top of them.

For players who are limited by their graphics cards, we’ve implemented downsampling under the settings, enabling you to draw the game world at a lower resolution while keeping the UI at your native resolution, thereby helping performance.

Rivers, waterfalls, camp fires, and torches now have ambient sound effects as part of a new positional audio system which we’ll be expanding in future patches.

There is a backwards compatibility breaking change which will invalidate most previously saved editor maps. To fix this, first backup your map file, then open and edit the worldobjects.json file.

"prefabName": "Chest_prefab",
"kitName": "Human_Buildings_Prefabs",
"prefabName": "SpawnPoint",
"kitName": "Human_Buildings_Prefabs",
"prefabName": "same as above",
"kitName": "Systems_Systems_Prefabs",

We’d like to remind players that the default build for Windows is now 64-bit, which the vast majority of players are using. Players with older 32-bit versions of Windows will need to opt in to the 32-bit build. For more information, please visit http://steamcommunity.com/app/224440/discussions/0/540744474771635312/
Community Announcements - Games Foundry

Howdy folks. As part of our continuing efforts to explore new ways to engage with the good people in our community, several weeks ago we started experimenting with live streaming on Twitch.tv. With practice over, it's time we started promoting the Sunday Dev Hangouts.

What's it all about?

The Dev Hangout is a live stream every Sunday where the community can ask questions in chat while the I'm running the latest dev build of Folk Tale. It's a great opportunity to see what we've been working on, what's coming in the next patch, discuss game features, and pick up a few tips on how we build maps using the Sandbox Editor.

How do I watch?

Open your browser, visit http://www.twitch.tv/gamesfoundry and follow us. Check out some of the previous streams, and then check what time on Sunday the live stream happens (below).

Schedule - Every Sunday 3pm GMT:

08:00 Los Angeles
11:00 New York
16:00 London
17:00 Europe
19:00 Moscow
23:00 Hong Kong
01:00 Sydney (Monday)

Win a Folk Tale Steam Key!

Each Sunday we'll be handing out a Steam key for Folk Tale to one lucky viewer picked at random during the show. To be in with a chance of winning, all you need to do is follow the channel and be watching the hangout.


The current hangout community are a really nice bunch of people, so come on over, say hi, and let's hangout together.
Community Announcements - Games Foundry

Welcome to Folk Tale Dev Blog 25. With Patch 0.2.7 recently released on Steam we've got lots of improvements to share with you today. In an experimental change to our regular format, the video is the most recent Dev Hangout live stream where I explore the patch in detail. It's much longer than usual clocking in at over 100 minutes, so feel free to skip bits.

For larger screenshots and more info, please visit http://blog.gamesfoundry.com/2014/07/folk-tale-dev-blog-25.html.

Sandbox continues to progress in leaps and bounds, with city building and economy moving beyond that of the original Tutorial. The first change you'll notice is that resources are now important, and you won't be able to construct larger buildings until you've harvested enough resources.

The Woodcutter Hut now produces an additional product, Firewood. Firewood is required by buildings to keep the occupants warm. If you're producing too much or too little firewood, you can toggle production of Planks and Firewood in the Production Tab of the Buildings Dialog. Not producing Planks will double the output of Firewood, and vice versa. Allocating potential work output between production and research is also working, and you can now start accumulating research points which are shown on the top bar. We'll be adding research options to spend those points on in a future patch.

Villagers collect Firewood direct from the Woodcutter's Hut, or a Storehouse if you have one, and carry it to their home building. In a future update delivering Firewood to a building will cause chimney smoke to rise as the wood burns. Once the fire goes out, villagers will need to collect more Firewood. Being cold for too long will have an adverse affect on the happiness of a building's occupants. For now though, they may stockpile Firewood in their homes.

We've capped the number of trainable professions per building to a very low 2. We had meant to increase this to 5, but unfortunately it didn't make it into this build. For now, if you want more of a profession, simply build more of that building type.

Economy chains are now in, including the Farmer growing Wheat, milling it into Flour in the Windmill, before carrying it to the Storehouse. The Baker will collect the Sacks of Flour and bake them into Bread at the Bakery.

The Hunting Lodge now supports roaming Hunters who will kill Deer and carry them back to the Lodge for skinning, before carrying the carcasses to the nearest Storehouse. The Butcher will collect the carcasses and carry them to the Butchery where he'll chop them into Raw Meat.

The Monastery now farms the Bee Yard for Honeycomb and brews Barrels Of Mead which the Monks carry to the Storehouse. The Innkeeper collects the barrels and carries them to the Tavern for selling on to villagers.

In the next patch we'll add the final economy part which is where villagers have needs and will visit each of the vendors to purchase finished goods in exchange for gold. For now though we've given you plenty of starting gold, and if you run out hold down G,O,D on the keyboard to replenish your coffers.

While I'm on the subject of the Monastery, we've added Prayers to the top bar in preparation for the next patch. Villagers will have a need to worship the Holy Toast, and will visit the Monastery to pray, generating Prayers. These Prayer points, simply referred to as Prayers, will eventually be spent on Miracles which will appear under the Monastery Building Dialog in place of the crafting tab.

As your village expands, you'll be needing a steady supply of Peasants to train in new professions. Population expansion has been added, and building five or more cottages will now lead to new peasants appearing in your village. In testing I've had over 200 villagers and lots of buildings, but currently the frame rate will drop. We'll continue to optimize throughout development and the frame rate will start to recover. For now though, you can try reducing your settings, which will help if your PC is limited by the graphics card.

There are a number of other changes in the village, including Wells which are now constructible but not functional. In time these will supply water for economy production and putting out fires. The other changes I'll leave for you to discover.

Combat is fleshing out nicely, although the monsters are currently over-powered so you need to be tactical with your pulling, and go mob-handed by building lots of Barracks. Tower-mounted Trebuchet now target enemy units and do area damage, and we've updated the Repeating Crossbow asset and made it functional, reining down bolts at approaching enemies.

Professions are now attacking with the proper weapons and animations. Farmers fight with Pitchforks, Butchers with Cleavers, Bakers with Rolling Pins, Innkeepers with Broken Bottles, and so on.

New Monsters have been added or made spawnable in the Editor, including Wolves, Giant Snails, Swamp Beasts, Skeleton Warriors and Necromancers. We'll be adding Earth Mothers, Forest Imps and the Goblins in subsequent patches.

We've also added a number of new terrain tiles, including 1/4 and 1/2 height waterfalls, and full height stone stairs cut into cliffs. You can check them out by opening the Human Village map in the Editor. Bridges have also received a navmesh fix that was preventing villagers from crossing in certain positions.

I'd also like to announce the Sunday Dev Hangout stream on Twitch.tv. Every Sunday I'll be streaming live, playing the latest dev builds, designing levels in the Editor, and answering community questions. You can find our channel at http://www.twitch.tv/gamesfoundry where there is a schedule for different time zones, and a number of earlier streams including a play through of Patch 0.2.7. Creating a Twitch account and following the channel will send you an email notification when we're about to go live. You can also follow us on Twitter (@gamesfoundry) account, where we announce streams just before we go live.

Thanks for watching - especially if you made it through the 100 minute video!
Community Announcements - Games Foundry


PC, Mac


Sandbox Editor: Wolf added as spawnable monster
Sandbox Editor: Giant Snail added as spawnable monster (+egg sack prop)
Sandbox Editor: Swamp Beast added as spawnable monster
Sandbox Editor: Skeleton Warrior added as spawnable monster
Sandbox Editor: Necromancer added as spawnable monster
Sandbox Editor: Hunting Ground resource generator added (named copse in grassland kit)
Sandbox Editor: Colliders and navmesh added to Cemetery Kit assets
Sandbox Editor: New dialog window prototype added as we migrate UI middleware
Sandbox Editor: Kobold Camp Kit pieces now have navmesh cutters (but not camera colliders)
Sandbox Editor: Cemetery Kit pieces now have navmesh cutters (but not camera colliders)
Sandbox Editor: Grassland Kit: Added half and quarter height waterfalls, and cliff stone steps
Sandbox Player: Cottages now generate new Peasants if you have enough capacity (each cottage can support 2 villagers)
Sandbox Player: Resource costs for buildings enabled (press down the keys G, O and D at the same time to get extra gold, good for testing). Gold increased to 1600 temporarily until you can generate gold from sale of goods and looting.
Sandbox Player: Peasants now carry firewood to their cottages from either the Woodcutter’s Hut or the Storehouse
Sandbox Player: Woodcutter Hut can now toggle production of Planks and Firewood on/off
Sandbox Player: Monks now carry Barrels of Mead to the Storehouse
Sandbox Player: Hunters now carry skinned Deer carcasses to the Storehouse
Sandbox Player: Hunters now wander in search of Deer
Sandbox Player: Butchers now carry Deer carcasses from the Storehouse to the Butchery
Sandbox Player: Bakers now carry Sacks Of Flour from the Storehouse to the Bakery
Sandbox Player: Characters will attack if being attacked by ranged weapons outside their detection range. Unless they have no weapons (e.g animals) or are very far away, in which case they will flee.
Sandbox Player: Characters now attack with their correct weapons and animations
Sandbox Player: Added culture counter which is based on the number of buildings, villagers and the number of specialists (and a few other things).
Sandbox Player: Buildings can now be attacked; Monsters auto-attack buildings
Sandbox Player: Wells are now constructible
Sandbox Player: Game can now be “lost” by losing all your buildings
Sandbox Player: Q,E keys remapped to rotate camera instead of alter altitude
Sandbox Player: Z,X keys remapped to alter camera altitude
Sandbox Player: [ ] keys now rotate building prior to placement
Sandbox Player: Tower-mounted Trebuchets now target enemies and not friendly units
Sandbox Player: Tower-mounted Repeating Crossbow asset updated
Sandbox Player: Topbar artwork changed to add space for Prayers
Sandbox Player: Street Lamps now have night lights ( partial WIP )
Sandbox Player: Resource drop off sfx added
Sandbox Player: Grass now auto-removed from under Farmer’s Field

Bug Fixes

#0079 Sandbox Player: Unplaced Buildings Stuck To Cursor
#0080 Sandbox Editor: UVs on Construction Kit pieces are broken
#0081 Sandbox Player: Can’t select and destroy the Bee Yard
#0082 Sandbox Editor: Spawn Points are generating two of every monster
#0083 Sandbox Player: Tooltip colored text does not fade with rest of tooltip
#0084 Sandbox Player: Navmeshes on some bridges fails, preventing villagers from crossing
#0085 Sandbox Editor: Terrain textures can become corrupt
#0086 Sandbox Player: Wall sections are auto-completing without construction
#0087 Sandbox Player: Stockpile button on top bar only toggles visibility on, not off
#0088 Sandbox Player: Construction options should be hidden when opening another dialog, e.g. Stockpile
#0089 Sandbox Editor: Terrain Texture Paint brush size > 1 behavior bugged

Developer Comments

We’d like to remind players that the default build for Windows is now 64-bit, which the vast majority of players are using. Players with older 32-bit versions of Windows will need to opt in to the 32-bit build. For more information, please visit http://steamcommunity.com/app/224440/discussions/0/540744474771635312/

We’ve also made some key binding changes. While key mapping is not yet implemented in the UI, you can define your own by editing the StreamingAssets/Data/keymap.json text file.
Community Announcements - Games Foundry

Hi Everyone,

On Sunday 6th July, 3pm GMT we'll be live streaming the Sandbox Editor on http://www.twitch.tv/gamesfoundry, and running through community questions on how to use it. We'll also be jumping back and forth between Sandbox Player.

Hopefully we'll be running the latest development build to show off progress.

We recommend that you follow us on Twitch.tv so that you can receive an email notification of when we are about to stream. You can also follow us on Twitter (@gamesfoundry) as we'll be announcing it there too.

For those of you not familiar with Twitch, it's a live video streaming website where you can ask us questions over text chat and have them answered directly to you over webcam while we show the game in the background.

What time is 3pm GMT in different locations?

08:00 Los Angeles
11:00 New York
16:00 London
17:00 Europe
19:00 Moscow
23:00 Hong Kong
01:00 Sydney ( Monday )

I look forward to catching you in a dev hangout soon.

How do I access the stream and follow you?

Simply point your web browser at http://www.twitch.tv/gamesfoundry. To follow us you will need to create an account on Twitch, but it's not compulsory to watch the stream.

There are a couple of streams we recorded earlier in the week if you want to see what it might be like.

If I can't make it, can I watch a replay later?

Yes. A replay will be available via our Twitch channel.
Community Announcements - Games Foundry

Hey guys. Thanks for dropping in for Dev Blog 24. Today we’ll be looking at the recently released Patch 0.2.6, and the new website packed full of useful information.

For larger screenshots and more info, please visit http://blog.gamesfoundry.com/2014/06/folk-tale-dev-blog-24.html.

Patch 0.2.6 is available now on Steam if you want to try it out for yourself. We’ve added a raft of new buildings and professions that are going to make the first playable sandbox content in Patch 0.3 a deeper and more enjoyable experience.

The Hunting Lodge is home to the Hunter profession, ranged bow units that hunt Deer and Boar for raw meat and hides. For the next patch we’re focusing on making the new professions work-enabled. That means the Hunter will go about his daily routine of hunting nearby animals, and take them back to the Lodge for skinning.

In an example of one of the economy chains we’re introducing, once the Hunter has processed the carcass, they’ll pass the meat over to the Butchery. The Butcher’s job is to process the raw meat and make Steaks, Sausages, and Meat Pies for selling on to your villagers at a healthy profit, swelling your coffers, filling their bellies to stave off starvation, and keeping them happy.

The Farmer, Windmill and Wheat Field have been in for a while now, and with the addition of the Bakery we’ll soon be able to complete another economy chain. The Baker mixes flour from the windmill with water from the well, and bakes it into tasty bread. The Baker will also be able to craft luxury items including cakes and toast ( both of which require butter as a crafting ingredient from the Dairy which we’ll be adding later ).

In a previous patch we added the Monastery, Monk and Bee Yard for brewing Barrels of Mead. With the addition of the Tavern and the Innkeeper, tankards will soon be clinking to the sound of merriment as the Mead flows into the gullets of thirsty villagers. The Tavern will also be where you’ll hire heroes for adventuring out into the wilds in the RPG side of Folk Tale, but for now we’re focusing on citybuilding, economy and RTS style combat.

In the latest patch we’ve also added in basic combat. To help testing, we’ve made monsters selectable and movable, so you can either send a group of City Watch and Hunters out to find them, or throw monsters against your City Walls. It’s very rough at this stage, and we’ll be improving combat with each subsequent patch.

The Hunters are the first ranged unit to be added to sandbox, and as you might expect, we’ve gone the extra step and made sure the elevation of their arms matches the arc of fire. If you looked closely at the goblin archers on the Barbican in the old Tutorial, you may have noticed that even though they shoot down, their arms remain straight, which looks terrible and breaks immersion. In Sandbox, we’ve sorted that, and ranged units now adjust the angle of their bow arm, so when they are shooting down from elevated positions such as city walls, they look the part.

The Character Designer has now been updated with all the latest profession uniforms, and we’ve added in a couple of new hair and beard styles. Longer term we intend to support loading and saving of characters so you can play sandbox games with your favourite bunch of villagers, as well as sharing and downloading characters with the community.

Lighting has a new high quality setting for high-end PC’s that adds proper lighting to the night windows. It’s purely aesthetic but does add to immersion at the cost of some performance.

There’s no more ALT F4’ing or command-Q’ing to quit out of sandbox player, with the escape key now bringing up a quit to desktop option.

And finally one of the biggest changes is that we’ve swapped the default public version of the Windows build over to 64-bit. Most players are already using a 64-bit edition of Windows, and for those it brings the benefit of fewer memory related issues including moonwalking villagers after loading a Tutorial save game.

Players who find Folk Tale no longer works after Patch 0.2.6 are most likely on Windows 32-bit. Don’t worry, we’re still supporting a 32-bit build, but you need to opt-in to a special build under the Steam beta’s system. Instructions on how to do this can be found in the Announcements tab of the community section on Steam.

And that leads me nicely on to the next announcement we have today; the overhauled website. As development of Sandbox continues, we needed somewhere to provide all the information that players will soon start asking us for. What buildings are available? What function does each building have? What character professions are available? What loot items are available and what are their stats? We’ve set the foundations early so that we can continue to add meaningful content to the website, including Tutorials on how to use the Editors.

You’ll also find a development roadmap on the website. This is a high level overview of what features and content are coming in each patch.

In the next patch we’ll be introducing more of the economy, making resources more important, improving combat, and bringing more monsters to life.

I’d like to say a big thank you to the 875 play ers who completed the Player Satisfaction Survey. Your feedback has been important in helping us understand where we need to increase our efforts and make changes. Hopefully you’ll notice some of the changes resulting from your feedback, including the Production Status mini-blog where we look more closely at what’s in production, and a continuing drive to reduce patch times, down from once a month to around three weeks. Hopefully we can continue this and have the next patch out in the first half of July.

Your role as part of the community and your continued support during development is very important to us. We always try to listen to the voice of the community, and do our very best to respond to the feedback provided by taking actions that make a difference. Thanks for taking this journey with us.

Until next time, bye for now.
Community Announcements - Games Foundry


PC, Mac

Bug Fixes

#0076 Sandbox Editor: Kit Icons Missing From Kits List
#0077 Professions Remain In Carrying Animation For Too Long After Drop Off
#0078 Professions Get Invalid Hairstyles


Sandbox Editor: Bakery building added
Sandbox Editor: Baker profession added
Sandbox Editor: Butchery building added
Sandbox Editor: Butcher profession added
Sandbox Editor: Tavern building added
Sandbox Editor: Innkeeper profession added
Sandbox Editor: Hunting Lodge building added
Sandbox Editor: Hunter profession added
Sandbox Editor: Some Grassland Animals have been disabled pending their conversion to spawn points
Sandbox Player: Basic combat is enabled ( Monsters can be selected/moved )
Sandbox Player: Wheat Fields Grow Speed Slowed Down However Two Harvesting Operations Are Now Required
Sandbox Player: Quarry and Iron Mine now have camera colliders
Sandbox Player: High quality night window lighting setting
Sandbox Player: Elevation angles added to animation system for ranged weapon firing
Sandbox Player: Professions now carry the correct weapons/tools
Sandbox Player: Innkeeper carries barrels of mead to the tavern
Sandbox Player: Right click now cancels wall placement
Sandbox Player: Escape now brings up menu to quit to Desktop
Sandbox Character Studio: Baker, Butcher, Innkeeper, and Hunter uniforms added
Sandbox Character Studio: Male quiff hairstyle added
Sandbox Character Studio: Female french braid with curl hairstyle added
Sandbox Character Studio: Male mutton chops beard added
Launcher: Survey icon redirected to results
Launcher: Added links to social media

Developer Comments

The default build for Windows is now 64-bit, which the vast majority of players are using. Players with older 32-bit versions of Windows will need to opt in to the 32-bit build. Instructions are included below.

The new professions aren’t work-functional yet.

The construction button visual states are glitching regularly.

There is a known issue with some older save games in the Tutorial Swamp Zone that might cause the game to lock up. Please use Alt+F4 or Cmd+Q to quit and restart.

Windows 32-Bit Version

If you are unable to run Folk Tale on Windows, it’s possible that you are running the 32-bit version. To access the 32-bit build, please follow these steps.
1. In your Steam Library, right click on ‘Folk Tale’ and select Properties.
2. Click the fourth tab labelled ‘Betas’
3. In the dropdown list, select folktale(windows32-bit) and click close
4. Wait for Steam to auto-update
5. If the update fails to download, quit and restart the Steam Client

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