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Workbench, the node-based visual scripting environment in Folk Tale promising to democratize modding.

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Campaign Feel, But In Sandbox

With the village building, economy and RTS controls maturing into a very playable state, and Load/Save added a few patches ago, team effort is firmly focused on delivering assets and systems to support the RPG side of Folk Tale. That means storyline, questing, heroes and factions. It's the juicy campaign goodness often missing from sandbox that provides context, purpose and flavor.

Campaign and sandbox are not mutually exclusive; campaign can sit comfortably within a sandbox framework and players can dip in and out of both as they please. Having developed the sandbox framework to drive world mechanics, I'm pleased to be revealing Workbench, our visual modding tool for Folk Tale. We've removed the need for writing lines of complex programming code, democratizing modding by lowering the barriers to entry.

Workbench is a node-based visual scripting environment similar to those found in game development engines as an alternative to programming. It's an easy to grasp visual environment that's great for level designers who don't have technical skills, but whom still require fine control and power over their environment.

Nodes provide access to objects, events, and commands within the game. For example, you might want the player to meet an NPC, fire off a branching quest dialogue, remove ingredients from the player's inventory, walk to a crafting anvil and forge an epic weapon, before returning to give the player their reward. Or perhaps a helpless traveller needing an escort through bandit territory to safety? That's all possible with just a few clicks, no programming required.

By investing heavily in framework and editor tools, we're building in replayability, longevity and value from the ground up. Had Folk Tale development continued as a linear campaign game, players would have played through the game a couple of times, before relegating it to the virtual shelf to collect dust. By empowering players to create worlds, the community can enjoy new experiences by downloading new maps and worlds.

I'm genuinely stoked about the possibilities Workbench brings to Folk Tale. It's the modern day equivalent of sitting down as a Dungeon Master with a pencil and graph paper, planning out environments and encounters for players to enjoy.

Workbench will be available in a patch update at the end of April.

RPG Content: Factions

Of course, we need content to deliver a superb RPG experience. So today we're also taking a first look at factions. In Folk Tale, each biome (grassland, swamp, snow etc.) has two opposing factions, each with fleshed out storyline, quests and heroes for players to unlock and add to their adventuring party. We're working on the first two factions that reside in and around the grassland biome, namely the Withering Dead, and the Gladefolk.

Spoiler alert. You may not want to read beyond this point if you want some of the storyline to remain a surprise. Please note that storyline may be subject to change.

Withering Dead

The Withering Dead are a necromantic faction residing in the dank, dark recesses of the world where the dead are laid to rest. Mordich, gatekeeper to the Plane Of Shadows, is raising a legion of undead to work in his cheap sandals factory in an attempt to pay the bills. With people living longer following the publication of the bestselling Tome Of Healthy Living, times have become hard, and moonlighting from his regular job of reaping seems like a great option.

After suffering the loss of her husband Brom at the hands of bandits, Lilith sealed a deal with Mordich that saw her summon him to the Physical Plane. In return Mordich would teach her the ways of Necromancy so that she could summon Brom's spirit and return him to life. As months turned to years, the shadow magic corrupted Lilith's soul, and her good natured spirit was replaced by something much more sinister.

Having arrived in the Physical Plane, Mordich summoned the spirit of Bonefinger, an ancient dragon from the Plane Of Shadows, binding it to the corpse of a recently dead and rotting dragon. From the primeval era, Bonefinger is a truly grueomsome behemoth capable of spewing acid breath, causing terror with it's roar, and slaming down opponents en masse with its powerful wings.

While Mordich's sandal factory is filled with an army of animated skeleton workers, Mordich also controls zombie harvesting gangs that raid the Gladefolk's Everbloom Pastures in search of the magic flowers that contain the energy he needs to power his factory.


Over in the Glade, Nara, Earth Mother, is enraged by Mordich's raids, and is pushing back against the rot and decay that the zombie harvesting gangs leave in their wake.

With the help of her daughter, Willow, Nara plots to put Mordich out of business and banish him back to the Plane Of Shadows.

Summoning the behemoth Mossclaw to defend the Everbloom Pastures, Nara sends Willow on an epic journey into the underworld, where she'll resist the corruption of her soul and discover the Bone Phylactery that channels Mordich's life force between planes.

It's up to players to choose their moral stand point and help whichever side they please. Help the Withering Dead, and Mordich will lavish players with otherworldly items of immense power while corrupting the natural world. Help the Gladefolk, and you'll have Nara's thanks and Willow's restorative magic. It's never black and white in Folk Tale.


Not all heroes the players meet will be aligned to a faction. Some pursue their own agenda, and players can unlock them by helping neutral heroes on quests. Ser Gregory, a heavily armored tank, will be the first hero to be added to the game.

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Folk Tale Patch 0.2.14 and 0.2.15 add Sandbox Load/Save, sickness, balancing, bug fixes, and a host of improvements.

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By far the most frequently requested feature in recent months has been Load/Save. We've had a working save system in the console for some time for testing, which we're now happy its in a stable state. When you're in a game, simply press escape and hit save. When save is successful you'll hear a bright sparkle sound, and an error dialog will show if there was a fault. In time we'll add a text confirmation to the screen as well. Having saved a game, next time you start Folk Tale, the continue menu option will be enabled in white.

Start Screen

Speaking of the continue button, an overhaul of the start screen was long overdue. The new background is a place holder and in time we hope to replace it with a living village scene. Hopefully the refresh brings much needed modernization. We've yet to add background music, which I'll come onto next. We also took the opportunity to add a quit to desktop option, which had been missing for quite a while. No more forced quitting!

Retiring The Old Tutorial

The old tutorial has long become tired and irrelevant, having deliberately not been updated since launch. Sandbox village building, economy and RTS controls passed it a long time ago. It was only the storyline campaign feel that differed. Now that the team is moving across to develop the RPG side of the game - the main delivery mechanism for storyline and questing - it's time to look to the future.

For months the Tutorial has been a dead weight on our shoulders. Firstly, early buyers of the game would often boot into the game, and fire up the old tutorial only to discover nothing had changed, since all the work was going into sandbox of which there was little awareness. It no doubt contributed to negative reviews. Secondly, every time we prepared a release candidate, the tutorial would require a complete play through to make sure we hadn't broken anything. That added several hours to each release cycle, and my threshold finally broke in February. Finally, we've had to write a lot of duplicated classes with similar names so as not to break the Tutorial. From a project structure point of view, it was getting silly. Retiring the old tutorial will enable us to clean up the project, and streamline some of the scene loading process.

For players still wanting to play the old tutorial, it remains available via an opt-in build on Steam.


Sickness provides another layer of depth to village life. Sickness can arise because of poor hygiene or diet, and depending on the rate of infection, can rapidly spread through your village. There are 3 types of sickness identified by mild sneezing, coughing, and projectile vomiting. Each type can be cured respectively by producing lesser medicine, medicine, and greater medicine manufactured at a Herbalists.

UI Improvements

In the Workers tab of the building options, previously there was no feedback when you selected a Peasant for training. Now their portrait get added to the vacancy slot in the left column, and in the right column 'on his/her way' gets added until they arrive to take up their new profession. In time I think we'll remove assigned Peasants from the right column altogether, but for now it's a welcomed improvement.

Throughout the UI we've added more tooltips with helpful advice on how things work, and this work will continue in future patches.

Watching community YouTube videos and streams, and from our own play testing, we noticed it was too easy to accidentally destroy buildings. To address this we've added a Yes/No confirmation dialog to prevent this from happening.

For players on retina and 5K monitors, and laptop players on small screens, the addition of UI scaling should be a useful addition. Being careful with finances, I went into an Apple Store and persuaded them to let me run the game on a 5K iMac (thank you Apple store staff!). Needless to say the fixed-size UI was minuscule, so later that week we implemented it without having to shell out thousands of dollars. Still, it's a beautiful piece of kit and in a few years when they give the GPU more power, I'd love to get my hands on one.

Over in the settings menu, we'd had community reports of frustration in the carousel behaviour of some settings - for example the UI scaling - whereby players would be wanting to max out the scale, but repeated clicking would cause the setting to loop back around so the UI would snap between maximum and minimum scale. On a 5K monitor, that's incredibly small, making it a little more difficult to recover back to the setting you wanted. So now options are clamped at their min/max and don't wrap around.

General Improvements

On OSX we'd received numerous reports of problems, and I'm pleased that we now have a fix for the crashing that was preventing some Mac players from enjoying the game.

A widely requested feature has been a way to find Peasants, usually when your village is larger and Peasants are a minority. We've always intended this to be available via the Civics dialog, but as an interim step the 'F' key shortcut now cycles the camera between Peasants. We've made it more functional than that however, and if you have a profession such as a Woodcutter selected, pressing F will cycle you to the next Woodcutter. Pressing SHIFT+F will expand your current selection to also select the next profession.

Characters are now easier to see at night and in dungeons, as we added in day/night emissive values to the Ambience system. This allows us to adjust the emissive values of characters per biome. In bright outdoor locations, we can pull this right back, whereas in dark dungeons we can ramp it up.

Anyone with a gaming PC constrained by their CPU (aka CPU bound) should experience an improvement in frame rate of up to 18% in Patch 0.2.15 after we moved the distance culling code to it's own thread.

The Tavern can now sell Mead, clearing the way for enabling the need for Entertainment. Several members of the community had reported issues of being inundated with moaning peasants, and finding it difficult to get past that stage. To improve pacing, we've tied several events to your village's culture value. For example, the need for Basic Clothing now kicks in when culture passes 150. Sneezing sickness doesn't start until 200, with more serious sickness at 300 and 400. This provides for great pacing as new players can learn the ropes and won't get overrun too early, while experienced players can rapidly expand and hit the challenges far sooner.

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PC, Mac

Major Changes
Sandbox Player: Only Peasants Now Carry Firewood, Freeing Workers To Get On With What They Should Be Doing - Big Impact On Economy

Minor Changes
Sandbox Player: CPU Performance Improved By Moving Distance Culling To Separate Thread (Up To 18% FPS Improvement On CPU Bound Machines)
Sandbox Player: Moved Spider Dens In Easy Map Further From Start Area
Sandbox Player: Improved Building Construction Option Tooltips
Sandbox Player: Fixed Tooltip Order On Research Requirements In Research Tab
Sandbox Player: Doubled The Taxation Happiness Modifier
Sandbox Player: A Building Has Been Destroyed No Longer Plays When Manually Destroying
Sandbox Player: Added Setting To Control Advisor Commentary Volume **
Sandbox Player: Doubled Speed Of Salmon Steak Production
Sandbox Player: Supersampling Console Command Fixed
Sandbox Player: Settings No Longer Carousel Loop, Now Clamped At Min/Max
Sandbox Player: City Watch Are Now Tougher (Base Armor Of 10 And Double Health)
Sandbox Player: Reduced The Rate Cottages Burn Firewood
Sandbox Player: Increased Amount Of Firewood Villagers Can Carry In One Trip
Sandbox Player: ‘F’ Key Now Cycles To Next Worker In Same Profession As Current Selection***
Sandbox Player: SHIFT+F Now Adds Next Worker In Same Profession To Selection
Sandbox Player: Reduced Infection Rates
Sandbox Player: Removed Some Old Tutorial Code/Assets Reducing Memory Footprint And Time To Start A Game
Sandbox Editor: Fixed Wave Spawner and Chest Inspector Corruption
Sandbox Editor: Max Stalk Distance Now Clamped To Be GTE To Max Wander Distance*

Bug Fixes
Sandbox Player: Fixed Disease 03 Having A Minimal Outbreak Interval
Sandbox Player: Fixed Load/Save Bug When Saving Long Walls
Sandbox Editor: Fixed Spawn Points Showing Too Small Wander And Stalk Distances
#0146 Sandbox Player: Wandering Monsters Don't Attack

Developer Comments
This was meant to be just a quick service release to fix one bug in the Editor, but it rapdily grew into more than that. It now addresses bug fixes, balancing, and UI improvements. Many thanks to our community testers for providing the feedback that lead to many of these changes.

* Caused some enemies to run around the map ignoring you and any attacks
** Secondary Voice Volume while added, is not yet functional
*** If you have a Woodcutter selected, pressing ‘F’ will find the next Woodcutter. If nothing selected, will default to next Peasant.

Service Patch is now live and fixes 3 bugs reported this morning. Please report any issues with the minimap in the forums.
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PC, Mac

Major Changes
Sandbox Player: Load/Save Added To UI
Sandbox Player: Sickness Added
Sandbox Player: Start Screen Refreshed, Quit Menu Item Added
Sandbox Player: Inventory System Rewritten
Sandbox Player: Saving Games Is Now Significantly Faster
Sandbox Player: Need For Entertainment Activates When Culture Passes 300*
General: DirectX11 Support Added, Set As Default, Fallback To 9.0c (Win Only) Update 1: We're overriding back to 9.0c due to a crash on Exit likely to be a Unity bug. Update 2: T'Was indeed a Unity bug. Fixed in 5.0, waiting for 4.6.x patch before reinstating.

Minor Changes
Sandbox Player: ‘F’ Key Moves Camera To Next Peasant (aka Find)
Sandbox Player: Confirm Yes/No Added To Building Destroy
Sandbox Player: Wood Yield From Trees Temporarily Doubled Until We Add Woodcutter Plant Sapling Ability
Sandbox Player: Added UI Scale Graphics Setting For Accessibility And Retina Displays
Sandbox Player: Character’s Are Now Easier To See At Night And In Dungeons
Sandbox Player: Upgraded SSAO + Works Better On AMD Cards**
Sandbox Player: Spider Den Attack Waves Only Trigger When Culture Passes 200
Sandbox Player: Need For Basic Clothing Starts When Culture Passes 150
Sandbox Player: Added 10 Planks To Supply Cart To Unlock First Woodcutter Hut Sooner
Sandbox Player: Firewood Consumed At Faster Rate In Cold Climates (Snow)
Sandbox Player: Mead Is Now Sold From The Tavern
Sandbox Player: More Tooltips Added Throughout UI
Sandbox Player: Production Cycles Are More Frequent And Use Smaller Batch Sizes
Sandbox Player: Arbalist And City Watch Armor Visual Appearance Improved
Sandbox Editor: Terrain Tiles Moved To Single Core Tiles Kit - Use Paint Tool
Sandbox Editor: Auto-Migration Code Added To Remap Existing Community Maps
Sandbox Editor: Grassland, Snow and Swamp Kits Now Have Their Own Quarries And Iron Mines
Sandbox Editor: Lights Kit Now Has Common Torches, Sconces, Braziers Memory Optimized For Use In All Biomes.
Sandbox Editor: Added Position and Rotation Snap Overrides To Inspector
Sandbox Editor: Added Toggle For Locking Props To Topbar
Sandbox Editor: Added Toggle For Enable/Disable Camera Colliders
Sandbox Editor: Added Ice Kit (Cliffs, Ice Stalagmites)
Sandbox Editor: Added Ice Palace Kit

Crafting Changes
Added Common Scale Recipes (Need Blacksmith Scale Armor Research)
Blacksmith Halberd Research Unlocks Halberd (Common), Better Than Simple Halberd
Halberd (Common) Damage Changed From 12 To 16

Bug Fixes
#0059 AO Graphical Glitches on AMD Graphics Cards
#0135 Sandbox Player: Deer Aren't Animating When Carried By Hunters
#0139 Sandbox Player: Loot Fails To Drop After Restarting Via Menu
#0140 Sandbox Player: Green 'Clear Resources' Icons In Inventory
#0141 Sandbox Player: Workers Deposit Default Weapons Into Inventory When Being Demoted Or Retrained
#0142 Sandbox Player: Taxes Generated While Game Paused
#0143 Sandbox Player: Armor Not Return To Inventory On Villager Death.
#0144 Start Screen: No Exit To Desktop Option
#0145 Sandbox Player: Bridges In Sandbox Have Collider And Navmesh Issues
#0147 Sandbox Player: Wagon On Medium LOD Settings Vanishes Too Soon
#0154 Sandbox Player: Monastery Confession Research Has Wrong Icon
#0155 Sandbox Player: OSX Crashing Or Freezing At 90%
Sandbox Player: Furthest Quarry In Grassland (Easy) Map Inaccessible
Sandbox Player: Building Dialog Tab Hover Effects Not Working

Breaking Changes and Known Issues
Please note that save games from previous versions cannot be loaded in this version.

There is a known issue with the Inspector in the Editor when viewing Wave Spawners. We'll fix this shortly and issue a minor patch. We didn't want this to hold up the release with so many good things to share. Our apologies to Level Designers for the temporary inconvenience.

How Load/Save Works
When in-game, hit escape and press the 'Save' button. After about 1 second there will be a bright sparkly confirmation sound plays to indicate success. You can then continue or exit. In the event of an error, an on-screen dialog will appear. We'll add a text notification in the next patch.

After saving, the next time you start the game, the 'Continue' button will be enabled on the start screen. If you wish to load a different save, start a New Game, and using the File Browser move up one folder and then into the Session folder where all you save games are now located.

Developer Comments
Load/Save in sandbox has received lots of fixes and promoted into the UI via the escape key pause menu. You can continue your last game from the start page.

The previous Mac problems have now been fixed. If you participated in the OSX Experimental Build Beta earlier this month, please opt-out of that beta so that you can continue to receive patch updates.

Sickness now activates once your culture score (the happy/sad faces on the topbar) passes 200. Diseases have differing rates of infection, and may spread through your population. As your culture expands, more serious diseases start to outbreak, and must be tackled with medicine created by the Herbalists. Sickness affects worker productivity, happiness, and can lead to them losing health. So while a disease may not be fatal, it does impact your village.

Villagers now need entertaining at Taverns once your village’s culture value passes 300. Mead is produced from Honeycomb gathered from Bee Yards by Monks, and brewed into Mead at the Monastery. Tavern Innkeepers then collect Barrels Of Mead from either a Storehouse or direct from a Monastery.

DirectX 11 is now the default on Windows, falling back to 9.0c when not supported. This delivers a number of benefits including improved memory management which can help 32-bit Windows players, and better clarity in text rendering. This is a big technical change, so if you experience any problems, please let us know via a post in the community forum. We suspect there might be a Unity (engine) problem with DirectX 11, and if it's widespread we may revert back to 9.0c later in the day.
Update 1: We're overriding back to 9.0c due to a crash on Exit likely to be a Unity bug. Update 2: T'Was indeed a Unity bug. Fixed in 5.0, waiting for 4.6.x patch before reinstating.

UI scaling has been added to the graphics settings for improved accessibility. Players on Retina displays will benefit from scaling up, and those on laptops will benefit from scaling down to prevent overlap. There is a known issue with blip rendering on the minimap at larger scales.

**SSAO has been enhanced and should now work much better on AMD cards. There are glitches on Intel HD 3000 cards, but this gpu is way below minimum spec and isn’t powerful enough to run SSAO anyway. Please report any visual glitches in the forums including your graphics card make and model.
Update: Reported problems on AMD Radeon HD 7870, R9 270X

We've removed the old Tutorial from this point onwards. It is however still available should you wish to play it:

We’d like to remind players that the default build for Windows is now 64-bit, which the vast majority of players are using. Players with older 32-bit versions of Windows will need to opt in to the 32-bit build. For more information, please visit

We’ve also made some key binding changes. While key mapping is not yet implemented in the UI, can you define your own by editing the StreamingAssets/Data/keymap.json text file.
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Hi Folks,

It's that time of year when we ask everyone how we're doing with a short 1-2 minute survey. The survey is completely anonymous, and helps us identify areas for improvement. The results will be published in a blog post.

The survey runs from 10th Feb until 31st Mar.

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Folk Tale Patch 0.2.13 introduces significant change with an overhaul of the first hour of gameplay.

Starter Wagon and Resource Clearing

Players starting Folk Tale for the first time often arrive with an implicit knowledge and expectation from other RTS games. To make the game more intuitive, we have to acknowledge and design to this. Having watched Let's Play Folk Tale and Twitch streams, one of the most common first time actions of new players is to select a villager and right click on a tree, expecting them to go and chop it down. That wasn't happening, so we introduced sweeping changes.

Peasants can now gather resources from the environment (thereby clearing areas for future construction) by selecting and right-clicking on a resource, including chopping trees, quarrying small stone deposits, mining iron ore deposits, and foraging for berries. The iron and stone are new assets that are now dotted liberally around the starter location. After several visits, the resource will become depleted and will be removed from the world.

Peasants cannot access Quarries, Iron Mines, and the (possibly) soon to be added Lumber Mill. These will in time require Works to be constructed that can only be operated by Woodcutters, Stonecutters and Blacksmiths who are far more efficient than their Peasant peers. If you examine the current Quarry, we'll be removing the crane and wooden platform to make Works, an upgrade that becomes available once you have constructed the corresponding Profession building, which in this case would be the Stonecutter Lodge. You'll then be able to construct Works on Quarries, and assign Stonecutters to commence work there.

Woodcutters, Stonecutters and Blacksmiths can also clear areas, and are more effective than Peasants, requiring fewer swings of an axe/pickaxe/hammer and yielding more resources each time they drop off resources.

Enabling Peasants to gather resources presented a new design challenge: where should they drop off the collected resources? Henceforth, the very first thing players need to do when starting a new game is place a Supply Wagon containing a few rations and basic clothing to keep your Peasants happy for a short while. The Wagon also acts as a low capacity Storehouse.

These changes took gameplay further back in the life of a settlement, to where you start with very little and have to find what you need in the environment. There's a degree of urgency and survival. With food being a priority, and the Bread economy chain taking a while to get up and running, we've added foraging for Berries by selecting a Peasant and right clicking on a Berry Bush. Berries can be stockpiled and eaten by Peasants when they get hungry, and satiate a small amount of the need for carbohydrates.

Watching some of the recent Let's Play videos and playing ourselves, we noticed that it was easy to get into a situation of having lots of Planks, and not much Firewood. To address this (prior to the implementation of the Marketplace building), we added a crafting recipe to the Woodcutter's Hut for converting Planks into Firewood, available immediately once the building is constructed. With some further balancing, we'll get the Firewood situation under control.

Improving Villager Needs

In the last patch Peasants would frequently complain via the Advisor about being hungry and needing food, even though inventories would be brimming with supplies. This wasn't caused by mass hunger, but rather individual units - especially Hunters - wandering far from town and becoming hungry while doing so. To solve this, we've changed the Needs system to monitor averages, and added some useful charts to the Civics dialog that can be accessed via the topbar button to support forward planning. In times of bountiful harvest, Peasants are able to gorge themselves to fend off hunger for longer. They also take longer to get really hungry, reducing the frequency of them leaving.

New peasants will now only arrive if happiness is in the yellow or green.

Taxation And Changes To Economy

We were dissatisfied with the way the economy was working in regard to Villagers buying goods for gold. While it sounds logical, this could lead to unacceptable delays waiting for gold to be generated. We've not removed the exchange of goods for gold, and replaced it with a new taxation system. In the Civics Dialog (see image above), you can now set the tax rate in gold. Taxes are levied every 30 seconds, and are dependent on Cottages. Setting low taxes will lead to increased happiness, while heavy taxation will lead to decreasing happiness unless you are taking steps to offset that.


The whole concept of accruing Research Points didn't feel natural, so we scrapped 'em. Now, you choose which research you want to undertake, and as workers deliver resources to the building, part of that work effort can be allocated towards research, progressing the percentage complete. Once you reach 100%, the research is unlocked. Multiple buildings of the same type can contribute to the same research at the same time to unlock it faster, or research something completely different in parallel. For example, one Blacksmith might research Leatherworking. Building a second Blacksmith, you can set it to contribute towards the existing research into Leatherworking, or research Plate Armor in parallel.

Moving to a progress model however presents some redesign challenges for non-production buildings including the Barracks and Storehouse. For the Barracks, we'll be introducing a villager need for security, which can be satiated by stationing City Watch in locations frequented by villagers (by the Storehouse and Wagon would be great!) As Peasant's pass by, they gain an increased sense of security, and that generates a tick in the progress towards any active research in the Barracks. Having City Watch behave in this manner also plays into the original plan for their role as law enforcement, and opens up the possibility of implementing crime and thieves.

Research at the Storehouse will be redistributed to other buildings including the Workshop.

Due to a word limit on Steam announcements, this blog continues at:
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PC, Mac*

Major Changes
Sandbox Player: First Building Is Now A Mandatory Supply Wagon
Sandbox Player: Peasants Can Now Chop Trees, Pick Berries, Remove Small Stone/Iron Deposits (New Assets)
Sandbox Player: Nesting Spiders Now Added
Sandbox Player: Civics Dialog Charts (Ugly WIP But V.Useful)
Sandbox Player: Overhauled Needs System
Sandbox Player: New ‘Adventure’ Map: Crypts Level 1 (Work In Progress)
Sandbox Player: Research Is Now Progressed With Each Delivery Of Resources. Research Points Will Be Removed.
Sandbox Player: Navmesh System Improved, Fixing Numerous Pathing Edge Cases
Sandbox Player: Taxation Added Under Civics Dialog. Requires Cottages. Affects Happiness.
Sandbox Player: Added Dungeon Soundtrack
Sandbox Player: Rebalanced All Maps
Sandbox Editor: Added Classic Dungeon Kit

Minor Changes
Sandbox Player: Improved Reliability Of Load/Save (Accessed Via Console)
Sandbox Player: Cursors Added For Foraging/Clearing Small Deposits
Sandbox Player: Maps Enhanced With Clearable Resources
Sandbox Player: Hard Snow Map Tweaked To Spawn Wolves Less Frequently
Sandbox Player: Werefu Loot Chests Added To Hard Snow Map
Sandbox Player: Change Camera Angle Key Remapped From LeftAlt to V
Sandbox Player: Pumpkins Replaced By Carrots (For Future Ecology Reasons)
Sandbox Player: Villagers Now Consume Carrots To Meet Need For Vegetables
Sandbox Player: Peasants Who Are Clearing Resources Will Prioritize Construction After They Complete Current Task
Sandbox Player: Monster Damage Re-balanced
Sandbox Player: Berries Satiate A Small Amount Of Carbohydrate Need
Sandbox Player: Fields Now Show % Grown In Title
Sandbox Player: Experimental Anti-Kiting System Added (Monsters Return And Heal)
Sandbox Player: Monster Highlighting Now Consistent Across Resolutions And Downsampling
Sandbox Player: Added Conversion Recipe To Woodcutter Hut Crafting Tab (Convert Planks->Firewood With Penalty)
Sandbox Player: Added Queen Spider
Sandbox Player: Added Rarer Yellow Spider
Sandbox Player: Camera Now Constrained Within Map Boundary
Sandbox Player: Assigning Workers Via Building Worker Tab Or By Direct Assignment Now More Reliable
Sandbox Player: When Starting New Research, 25% Of Work Effort Is Auto-Allocated Into Research
Sandbox Player: If A Villager Leaves, They Return Loot To Inventory
Sandbox Editor: 30+ New Loot Items Added (Werefu Armor Set, Rare Cloth Armor Set, Common Scale Armor Set, Faction Keys, Berries, Carrots)
Sandbox Editor: Portal Added To Systems Kit
Sandbox Editor: Added Lighting Kit (Intended For Use In Dungeons)
Sandbox Editor: Iron Ore Resource and Stone Resource Added (For Peasants To Clear)
Sandbox Editor: Iron Mine Updated
Sandbox Editor: Grassland Kit: LOD Models Added To Oak Trees
Sandbox Editor: System Kit: Added Sarcophagus Chest
Sandbox Editor: Dungeon Soundtrack Mood Added To Environment Settings

Bug Fixes
#0130 Sandbox Player: Fish Not Removed From Inventory When Converting To Salmon Steaks
#0131 Sandbox Player: Alt+Tab Causes Camera To Look At Sky When Resuming
#0132 Sandbox Player: Large Amounts of Armor Make Characters Invulnerable
#0133 Sandbox Player: At 1376x720 on OSX, Global Inventory and Character Sheet Are Behind The Portrait And Minimap
#0134 Sandbox Player: Weapons/Gear Are Floating When Villagers Consume Food
#0135 Sandbox Player: Deer Are Animated Again When Carried By Hunters
#0136 Sandbox Editor: Grid Lines Not Aligned To Snap Grid
#0137 Sandbox Player: Bear Walk Animation Not Looping

Developer Comments
Patch 0.2.13 introduces major changes to gameplay, too many in fact to describe here. Instead, please visit the Getting Started section in the website Game Guide.

Known issues include bugged chest inventory UI (scroll mousewheel to fix), unreliable ornate bridges in the Snow zone, bugged menu system, Walls not load/saving correctly, Guard Mode broken, and a couple of navmesh edge cases.

There appears to be a sporadic issue with Bread. If you are out of bread, make sure you forage for berries, as they also meet a small amount of villagers' need for carbohydrates.

Following the implementation of the new approach to Research, it is no longer possible to complete research in buildings such as the Storehouse and Barracks. We need to put some more thinking in on this.

*We are experiencing crashes on older Mac's with 512MB video cards. Mac's with newer 1GB cards or HD5000 integrated graphics cards are working fine. We are trying to identify the cause of this problem with an aim of pushing out a fix ASAP. Our apologies if you are affected by this.

We’d like to remind players that the default build for Windows is now 64-bit, which the vast majority of players are using. Players with older 32-bit versions of Windows will need to opt in to the 32-bit build. For more information, please visit

We’ve also made some key binding changes. While key mapping is not yet implemented in the UI, can you define your own by editing the StreamingAssets/Data/keymap.json text file.

#0138 - FIXED - Sandbox Player: Stonecutters Are Snagging On The Quarry In the Easy Map

Also renamed the maps to emphasize the playable maps and downplay the Preview-Only WIP Crypts Level 1 map.
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Dec 30, 2014
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With the relatively short period between the content-rich November release of Patch 0.2.11 and the holidays, efforts were focused on improving gameplay and fixing bugs so that we could release the much improved 0.2.12 build in time for the festive break.

At the top of the community-requested improvements is Load/Save. While it's been available in game for several patches via the console, it wasn't functionally complete which rendered it unusable. Throughout December, Load/Save received much love, and in Patch 0.2.12 it is now stable. We've left it accessible via the console to allow for a period of both internal and community testing, so if you run into a problem please let us know, and submit your output_log.txt file (Player.log on OSX). Pending positive test results, we'll soon be moving forward with integrating Load/Save into the main UI.

The camera is now at a fixed angle, which becomes more shallow as you zoom in closer to the ground. There are numerous reasons for introducing this, the most important of which is maintaining frame rate. By angling down towards the ground in typical RTS fashion, we're able to reduce the amount of geometry in the camera frustum, which means lower frame rendering times and higher FPS. When we launched in Early Access we deliberately set the minimum specification quite high, with the intention of lowering them as development progressed. As optimizations continue to be added, its looking increasingly promising for being able to lower the minimum spec towards launch. We're now able to play a meaningful game at 25fps on an old Macbook pro with an Intel HD3000 graphics card. If you're not a fan of the new camera system, that's not a problem. You can disable camera locking under Settings and return to the previous camera setup.

Referring back to the Let's Play videos and streams we watched post-0.2.11, we noticed players weren't rotating their buildings as much as we expected due to convoluted controls. Revisiting the controls, we've opted for the more expected behaviour of placing rotation on the scroll wheel, overriding the normal zoom function when in construction mode. We also noticed some confusion over how close economy buildings had to be placed to resources. To address this, when placing buildings we added icons over nearby resources, setting them 100% opaque when they are within the building's boundary, and 50% opaque when they are outside but nearby (and therefore likely to be captured once the player unlocks the Expanded Boundary research).

Being able to watch play sessions is so incredibly useful to us in learning how players engage with the game, and where improvements are needed. It's one of the primary benefits of being in Early Access.

If you played Patch 0.2.11, you'll know that the Needs system we introduced expanded playability, but lead to some confusion because of a lack of information provided in the UI, and a likelihood that villagers would start leaving. Throughout December the team worked on improving the UI, adding quick-glance indicators to buildings so players can see if a building is missing workers, or how many workers out of the maximum are currently trained. Missing workers is the primary cause of not being able to meet villager needs later on, so knowing when there's a problem helps players address the issue before it starts affecting villager happiness. We also expanded the number of event notifications, and added advisor voice over to tell players when a worker had left or a building didn't have any workers (more on this later).

Digging deeper into the Building Dialog, the Workers tab received much needed attention, enabling players to recruit directly from the list of available Peasants (villagers without a profession), demote workers, and find them (thanks to the newly added camera panning system for event notifications). Auto-Recruit was enabled, easing micro-management demands for those wanting to simplify their tasks by automatically filling vacancies. This isn't quite perfect, and in the next patch we'll be adding checkboxes that appear allowing to you check which slots are to be auto-recruited; useful for early stages when you don't have enough villagers to be employing a full compliment of professions.

The Research tab in the Building Dialog became functional, especially for the Blacksmith buildings. You might recall the misleading "We don't have enough Iron Ingots" advisor line that would play when trying to unlock research. This was indicative of an increasing number of missing lines from the original tutorial; it was meant to be "We don't have enough research points." So this month we set about recording a new set of advisor lines scripted specifically for Sandbox, broadcast live in one of the Sunday Dev Hangouts. 7 hours of material recorded over two sessions was condensed into 70 minutes of candidate takes, from which 600 individual lines were then selected and dropped into game. These include lines for future features that will be coming online in the next several patches.

If you'd like to read all the improvements made in Patch 0.2.12, they are fairly self-explanatory in the Patch Notes.

Looking to the New Year, we have a number of short-term objectives:

- Sickness, death, and medicines - the Herbalist get their functional purpose, while the Monks will receive a second function (in addition to brewing Mead), to collect dead corpses and bury them in a new village Graveyard. Expect outbreaks of coughing and vomiting.

- The Needs system will be iterated and expanded, adding ranting behaviour leading to rebellion where some villagers run around setting fire to your buildings. Wells will become functional to help fire fighting.

- Clearing areas of Trees/Stone/Iron Ore deposits - we need more interaction with the environment. Being able to clear areas to make way for village expansion contributes to a feeling of progression and further investment in the ownership of what we as players are doing.

- Quest Designer - being able to trigger quests will allow handholding tutorial quests to ease new players into sandbox, as well as prototyping how the player will progress into the RPG side of the game. This eventually leads to portals, the hero party system, and the World Editor combining multiple location maps into a single playable experience.

- Monster Dens - these are a natural progression from the wave spawning system. On the Hard snow map especially, the wolf packs present a constant and frequent threat. It makes sense for such creatures to have a home/nest/den with health that can be attacked. Attacking a nest will cause any monsters inside to come out and fight, and destroying the nest will prevent future waves from attacking your village. Leaving a nest alone will result in a 'settler' monster spawning that goes looking for a site to establish a new nest.

- Enable the selling of Mead and Pumpkins.

- Implement the Crooked Cauldron, Stables, Jeweller's Shop and Marketplace with their associated professions.

- Enable building upgrades.

For a look further ahead, it's worth taking a look at the Development Roadmap.

That's it for 2014. From us all on the Folk Tale dev team, we hope you've all had a great holiday.
Dec 23, 2014
Community Announcements - Games Foundry

PC, Mac*

Sandbox Player: The camera is now a fixed angle to aid performance on lower end machines. The angle can be changed by holding LeftAlt and moving the mouse. Free camera rotation can be enabled under Settings->Gameplay
Sandbox Player: Console: Load/Save improved a lot
Sandbox Player: Added first batch of new advisor voice over lines
Sandbox Player: Improved building health UI with productivity and assigned worker count
Sandbox Player: Buildings with no workers now show permanent hover icon overhead
Sandbox Player: Field hover name now shows which crop is planted
Sandbox Player: Clicking event notifications zooms to focal point for some event types
Sandbox Player: Mouse scroll wheel now rotates building when in placement mode
Sandbox Player: during construction placement mode, resources nearby building will be shown as 100% opaque if the resource is within the building’s boundary, 50% opaque if outside and close by
Sandbox Player: Selecting an existing economy building will show resource icons over resources within the boundary
Sandbox Player: When the last worker at a building abandons the village, the Advisor will tell you
Sandbox Player: Massively reduced gold earned from selling finished goods
Sandbox Player: Building Dialog Worker Tab: Worker highlight fixed
Sandbox Player: Building Dialog Worker Tab: Find button enabled
Sandbox Player: Building Dialog Worker Tab: Auto-Recruit enabled
Sandbox Player: Building Dialog Worker Tab: Correct profession portraits now showing
Sandbox Player: Advisor now warns when you are trying to train your last peasant and prevents you from doing so (otherwise you can’t build more cottages)
Sandbox Player: Workers are now demoted to peasants when their building is destroyed
Sandbox Player: Stockpile dialog updated with recently added resources
Sandbox Player: Reactions tweaked when mobs attacked at range
Sandbox Player: Fixed ranged units facing targets during weapon reload
Sandbox Player: Performance optimizations for character animations (16% FPS boost on CPU-bound machines)
Sandbox Player: Added Jeweller hammer props in preparation for activating Jeweller profession
Sandbox Player: Added LOD1, LOD2, LOD3 models for Toadkin Warrior and Worker
Sandbox Player: Weapons now have correct stats (see website)
Sandbox Player: Settings And Exit To Main Menu buttons added to pause/escape menu
Sandbox Player: Blacksmith Chainmail research now unlocks 4 crafting recipes
Sandbox Player: Blacksmith Leather research now unlocks 4 crafting recipes
Sandbox Player: Blacksmith Axes research now unlocks 1 crafting recipe
Sandbox Player: Blacksmith Daggers research now unlocks 1 crafting recipe
Sandbox Player: Blacksmith Maces research now unlocks 1 crafting recipe
Sandbox Player: Blacksmith Swords research now unlocks 1 crafting recipe
Sandbox Player: Tailor’s Emporium Clothmaking research now unlocks 4 crafting recipes
Sandbox Player: Herbalist’s Den Elixir research now unlocks crafting recipes
Sandbox Player: Herbalist’s Den Poisons research now unlocks crafting recipes
Sandbox Player: Herbalist’s Den Herbalism research now unlocks crafting recipes

Bug Fixes
#0120 Sandbox Player: Characters Weapons Breaking When Being Retrained Or Demoted
#0123 Sandbox Player: The Fog Of War Is Bright Blue
#0126 Sandbox Player: Maps Often Stop Loading At 35% Progress
#0127 Sandbox Player: Research Not Lowering Building Costs
#0128 Sandbox Player: Workers Dropping Off Resources Ignore Production/Research Split
#0129 Sandbox Editor: Water Bank Tiles Aren't Paintable

Our focus this patch has been on improving existing gameplay and fixing bugs. Load/Save has received a good deal of attention, but will remain accessible via the Console for now to allow for a period of community testing. Please try it, and report any save related bugs in the Steam forum under the Bug Reporting sub-forum so that we can get them fixed and roll out load/save into the main UI.

Plenty of UI improvements have been made to provide information about villager needs. These should make it easier to respond to economic production challenges and prevent villagers leaving en masse.

At the start of a new game, you’re likely to manually assign workers by clicking on the building and clicking on the train profession button. As your village gets larger, and in the absence of the civics dialog for finding peasants, you’re best to use the Workers tab and recruit directly. Auto-AI is also added this patch, and is worth setting on critical economy buildings once your population reaches as decent size. In a future patch we'll be adding the ability to define how many worker vacancies should be auto-recruited.

We haven’t implemented the Advisor speech queue yet, so he can end up speaking multiple lines at the same time. We’ll aim to fix this in the next patch.

Mead and Pumpkins cannot currently be sold.

Guard Mode is broken in this patch.

If when Alt+Tabbing, the camera is left facing the sky, hold down LeftAlt again and re-orient the camera by moving the mouse. If this is frustrating, the keymap.json file can be edited to change the keybinding (see below).

There is a known problem when exiting sandbox editor or player and trying to start the Old Tutorial. As a temporary fix, please restart the game and go directly into the Old Tutorial.

We’ve disabled Sandbox Terrain-Cam in this patch temporarily while we fix a few bugs with the new camera system.

*We are experiencing crashes on older Mac's with 512MB video cards. Mac's with newer 1GB cards or HD5000 integrated graphics cards are working fine. We are trying to identify the cause of this problem with an aim of pushing out a fix ASAP. Our apologies if you are affected by this. You may wish to consider turning off auto-updates and staying on Patch 0.2.10 until a fix is available. UPDATE: Installing Yosemite can fix the problem.

We’d like to remind players that the default build for Windows is now 64-bit, which the vast majority of players are using. Players with older 32-bit versions of Windows will need to opt in to the 32-bit build. For more information, please visit

And finally, ‘tis the season to be jolly, so from all of us on the Folk Tale Dev Team, have a very happy holiday!

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