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ALPHA 23c (

This is a update to the experimental opt-in build. Following a period of community testing, it will be rolled out to the public alpha.

The primary change is the way we now load assets for faster map loading, and the addition of quest givers.

Where can I get it?
Experimental Build:

What's new?
Core: Loading of assets changed; level loading may now be significantly faster and the overall memory footprint is a lot smaller
Core: Performance may drop slightly; should be temporary until a third-party text rendering component is updated to better support Unity 5.2
Editor: Undo should now work for more things
Editor: Right click should no longer open terrain sculpting prototype
Workbench: Added RandomFromList node
Workbench: Error messages for nodes now visible in editor
Workbench: Fixed category and description for AddQuestGiver and RemoveQuestGiver
Workbench: Fixed description on Store and Get nodes
Fix: Fixed civics dialog not hiding when subsequently opening construction options
Fix: Dungeon doors now work properly
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RPG gameplay, a new camera system, cutscene creation tools, and a host of new monsters

Camera System: Orbit And Follow

It's been discussed for a while in the forums, and in Alpha 23 we've overhauled the camera system to orbit around a central point. This is especially important when adventuring with a hero party, where the new camera will follow a selected hero in the center of the screen when in adventuring in dungeons. Hopefully you'll find it more intuitive, and consistent with other games in both RPG and Citybuilding genres. Following community feedback, we've removed hero following when in village maps as the need for free movement is paramount.

Hero System

Our focus for now is firmly on RPG gameplay because it impacts a number of tasks in the coming months. The addition of the hero party UI in the top left of the screen will be instantly familiar to RPG players. Clicking a hero portrait will select that hero, causing the camera to pan to place them in the middle of the screen, and continue to follow them. Placeholder icons to the right of the portraits will soon be replaced with both positive and negative buffs.

Below the portraits are toggle buttons for selection mode and follow. In single hero selection mode, you're commanding that hero alone. Other party members will use their AI to react to what your selected hero is doing. With party selection, you're commanding all four heroes at once. The follow toggle determines whether non-selected heroes will follow your lead hero, or stand still. This is important when working with a thief where you want to scout ahead.

Editor Enhancement: Cutscene Camera

In order to deliver an engaging RPG experience, we first need to enhance the content creation tools. Today, we're adding cutscene creation nodes to Workbench, our visual scripting engine, and camera path tools for creating camera motion. Level designers now have directoral control over how NPC interactions are presented, right from within the Editor.

Editor Enhancement: Quest Givers

Prior to triggering a cutscene, it's likely you'll want to mark an NPC as a quest giver so that a yellow exclamation mark appears over their heads. When used in conjunction with a trigger, the AddQuestGiver node will show the marker, while the RemoveQuestGiver node will, unsurprisingly, hide it.

In time we need to work out a system for interacting with moving NPCs, but for now the first pass implementation is very usable.

Somewhat related, we've modified the Conversation node so that level designers can now optionally specify the character who's portrait should be displayed, an animation to be played (more info on this will follow at a later date), and any loot items to be displayed for example as quest rewards.

Editor Enhancement: Prefabs

Productivity in content creation is important, with many of the Editor enhancements focusing on improving the speed at which new levels can be created. A few months ago we added the terrain generation tool for exterior locations, and marquee selection for quickly selecting multiple objects. This month we're rolling out the prefabs system. A prefab is a combination of props, such as a statue on a mount with a camera collider, or a locked door with a trigger and Workbench script attached. To create one, select your pieces and hit H, naming your prefab. An entry will be created in the prefabs tab of the kit inspector. You can then use it like a normal kit piece, clicking it to insert into your map scene. Prefabs are saved to disk, and so survive across multiple editing sessions.

Editor Enhancement: Workbench Scripts On Objects

If you've used Workbench, our visual scripting tool, historically you've had to work on a single worksheet, and performance would start to drop with lots of nodes and wires on screen. In Alpha 23, scripts can now be attached to any object in the map by clicked the 'Add Script' button in the object's inspector window. A cog icon will be added to the object, and a new worksheet created.

Editor Enhancement: Visual Helpers Toggle

In complex maps, clutter in the form of colliders, triggers, and light icons can start to build up and hinder productivity. So we've added a new toggle button to the toolbar so you can show and hide them.

New Assets: Weapons

For a while now a small mountain of assets has been building up and marked as queued for implementation in the roadmap. Equipping weapons onto characters often resulted in the same placeholder weapon being displayed. We've now imported and configured all the outstanding weapons and stats.

New Assets: Characters

A host of new monsters have been added, and all characters now have base stats. Some have become a lot tougher, so we've introduced Willow The Healer. While she's not yet fully configured, her heal is functional and will help your hero party survive.

In time we'll add in monster special abilities (requires animation, particle fx and sound fx) but for now they provide some additional flavour.

A lot of characters now have reaction animations, including hit and dazed. Shocked, feared, and knockdown will come into play as we add in new heroes and abilities.

Experimental vs Public Build

In Alpha 22 we introduced the experimental build, an opt-in beta that active community members can join to help us test early release candidates. It's potentially less stable and more buggy than the public build, but it provides access to the very latest builds with the specific goal of routing out bugs before we publish an update to the main public build.

Some have asked why bother? Well, even though we're in Early Access and bugs are to be expected, the reality is that releasing buggy updates to the entire community can actually cause harm. Having the buffer of an experimental build means better quality stable updates for casual and new players; engages active community members in more of a testing role; and provides level designers with a chance to update their maps ready for the next public release. Everyone benefits.

Community Announcements - Games Foundry
ALPHA 23b (

This is a update to the experimental opt-in build. Following a period of community testing, it will be rolled out to the public build.

The primary change is unlocking the camera on heroes in village maps. We've also made a few tweaks to improve the play experience in response to feedback.

For level designers, there are new Workbench nodes to help with implementing questing, and some changes to existing nodes aimed at providing expanded functionality and removing superfluous nodes. We've also added some requested mob spawn points, and expanded the list of mobs that can be wave spawned.

Where can I get it?
Experimental Build:

What's new?
Camera no longer auto-locks and follows heroes in village maps
‘F’ key functionality restored
Tab now cycles through units in control groups, including when character sheet is open
Ser Gregory given +7 vitality, giving +70 health
Conversation dialog no longer closes and re-opens if there are no blocking nodes between
Added portraits to numerous monsters
Added spawn point versions of some Grublins (formerly Goblins)
Increased priority for planting saplings slightly
Updated some editor kit piece icons
Saturation control added to Ambience zone system
More props added to Mordrich’s Factory kit
More props added to Grassland kit (bridge connection and middle)
Workbench: Conversation nodes can now have the portrait set to a spawn point
Workbench: Conversation nodes can now play an animation on the character assigned to the portrait
Workbench: ForEachCharacter can now take a ListWorldObject populated with spawn points as an input
Workbench: CharacterDamage node is now deprecated (please remove)
Workbench: Added StopAnimation node to stop all animations above base layer
Workbench: Animation, Destroy and Damage nodes now allow you to set target character directly by targeting the spawn point, removing need for input nodes. Level designers will need to edit their maps to set the target as previous wire connectors will have been terminated.
Workbench: Destroy node now supports object pooling (only tall torches use pooling atm)
Workbench: SetAllegience can now set buildings too
Workbench: Added AddQuestGiver and RemoveQuestGiver nodes; simply assign a character
Updated Mayor Pootenbury/Advisor’s texture
Workbench: Marked some outputs as required (mostly on loops)
Editor: Migrated terrain generator dialogs to latest UI style
Editor: Bandits, skeletons, ogres and goblins now available via wave spawn points
Editor: Terrain Generator: Reduced amount props can be sunk into terrain (some rocks were completely hidden)
Editor: Enabled spawn placement of Arbalist, City Watch, Engineers and Grublins
Fix: Updated grassland kit bush icons as they weren’t matching
Fix: Grassland caves kit had a ½ height tile that was misaligned
Fix: Grid and world bounds no longer appear when entering player via Editor ‘play’ button
Fix: Refactored character name generator to prevent freeze
Fix: Ser Gregory flickers white
Fix: Ser Gregory partially invisible when looking at horizon
Fix: Global Fog now renders before transparent objects
Fix: Title of conversation dialog is now set to the character
Fix: Needs now correctly set when loading from an old save game
Fix: Neutral characters no longer affected visually by Ser Gregory’s taunt
Fix: Neutral characters no longer targetable, triggering battlecry
Fix: Characters now check if current workpoint is still valid after they change faction via Workbench
Fix: Delayed work scheduler to run after Workbench scripts to avoid sending orders to characters right before they change faction/allegiance
Fix: Prefabs would sometimes not save scripts
Fix: Crossbow and Bow impacts are now relative to target, and not the shooter

Known Issues
The camera is a bit funky for the first 10 seconds of playing the crypts map, but then corrects itself. This will be fixed in a future patch.

Interactable doors in dungeons can be a PITA to open. Click near the top of the doors. A hero should say 'Opening door' above their portrait when you've hit the sweet spot.
Community Announcements - Games Foundry

PC, Mac

Major Changes
Player: Camera Rotation Changed To Orbit
Player: Added Hero System *
Player: Added All Remaining Weapon Models
Player: Gear Is Now Class-Restricted (See Tooltips)
Editor: Prefabs System Added **
Workbench: Cutscene Camera System Added inc. Cutscene Node, CameraPath Node ***
Workbench: Scripts Can Now Be Added To Objects Via The Inspector

Minor Changes
Player: Attribute Points Now Auto-Gained For Non-Hero Units To Reduce Micromanagement ****
Player: Characters Now Gain 50XP When Completing A Workpoint, Enabling Them To Level Up
Player: Return To Editor Option Added To Pause Menu
Player: Quit To Desktop Added To Pause Menu
Player: Disabled Camera Height Auto-Adjustment To Reduce Glitching
Player: Crypts Map Reworked To Standardize Wall Heights
Player: Tooltips On Crafting Recipes Improved
Player: ‘F’ Key Changed To ‘Tab’ For Finding Units
Player: Removed Significant Delay When Clicking Construction Options For First Time
Player: Added crossbow and bow research to Blacksmith
Player: Added second zombie melee attack animation
Player: Added skeleton reaction animations (hit, dazed, knockdown, stunned)
Player: Added yeti reaction animations (hit, feared, dazed, knockdown, stunned)
Player: Added werefu monk hit animation
Player: Added zombie hit animation
Player: Added wolf reaction animations
Player: Arbalists gain +20 str and +5 vit from training
Player: Crossbows damage doubled
Player: Removed navmesh cuts from berry bushes
Player: Temporarily removed research from Barracks and Storehouse
Player: Added Magic Essence to lots of chests to support crafting of uncommon and rare items
Editor: Added Play Button - Will Load Map Into Player For Testing
Editor: Groups Now Show Only Blue Selection Box, Not One White Box Per Object
Editor: Added First Interactable Doorways (Classic Dungeon Kit)
Editor: Added Vertical Fog To Underworld Ambient Theme For Dungeons
Editor: Maps Can Now Be Marked As Village Or Dungeon In Environment Settings
Editor: Added Toggle Tool For Hiding Visual Helpers (e.g. Colliders, Triggers, Lights)
Editor: Added Nara (Gladefolk)
Editor: Added Willow (Gladefolk)
Editor: Added Spriggan (Gladefolk)
Editor: Added Murp The Dentist (Ogres)
Editor: Added Quixl The Thief (Goblins)
Editor: Added Mordrich (Withering Dead)
Editor: Added Brom (Withering Dead)
Editor: Added Skeleton Archer (Withering Dead)
Editor: Added Skeleton Champion (Withering Dead)
Editor: Added Kenny The Scar (Bandits)
Editor: Added Bandit (Bandits)
Editor: Added Ogre Warrior (Ogres)
Editor: Added Mighty Rhog (Toadkin)
Workbench: Conversation Node Can Now Accept Input From New Loot Node To Show Quest Rewards *****
Workbench: CharacterInventory Node Provides Access To A Character’s Inventory (Not Useful At The Mo)
Workbench: Added RevealFOW Node for revealing an area in the fog of war (use systems kit/point)
Workbench: Added NameOf Node (Use In Conjunction With Format, And Feed Into Conversation)

Bug Fixes
New Game, but instead of loading with file browser, click settings; no way back to browser
Fixed Stonecutters Not Carrying Stone To Supply Wagon/Storehouse
Fixed Expanded Boundary On Hunting Lodge Using Wrong Name

Known Issues
The cursor caret is vertically too high in the Editor. This is a known engine bug that should receive a fix soon.
Lava rivers are playing water flowing sound.
Keep an eye out for wave points having changed monster type.
One of the male hair styles is missing from the portrait.
Mossclaw (Swamp Beast) is creating undead arms instead of roots in a special attack.
Targeting heroes for heals is challenging when fighting lots of enemies.
The Toadkin walls are messed up and need remaking
Water might turn a rich green, but we haven’t got reproducible steps as yet.

Developer Comments
In Alpha 23, we’ve changed camera rotation to orbit around a point. This is consistent with other games in the genre, and is mandatory for dungeon adventuring where we’ll be locked on to a hero. To lock on and follow a character, press the tab key. The camera will then follow them until you deselect them. It's a big change, and once you've had some time to play, we'd love to hear your feedback in the community forum.

* The new hero system comprises UI that appears in the top left of the screen when you’ve unlocked one or more heroes.

** To create a prefab, make a selection, press ‘H’, and give your prefab a name.

*** For guidance on how to setup a cutscene, please watch Dev Hangout 5th August.

**** To reduce micromanagement associated with levelling up characters, professions now earn and assign attribute points from levelling up into appropriate attributes. Heroes remain self-allocated so players can shape their heroes as they see fit.

***** In Workbench, when setting loot to be displayed in a conversation node, please note that the loot items are not transferred to the player. To do this, you must use the InventoryAdd node. This is so that potential quest rewards can be shown during the conversation when a quest is first presented to the player, as well as at the point of completion.

Maps must now be marked under Environment Settings as Village or Dungeon. Dungeons will enforce the player always having a hero selected. In Village maps, they can deselect to move around freely.

Willow The Healer has been added, although her abilities are not fully implemented. Quixl The Thief has no abilities yet.

Please note that Alpha 22 was not released to the public version. For patch notes, please visit the website at
Community Announcements - Games Foundry

Building equipment stores, a performance boost, and an editor overhaul.

Reducing Micromanagement With Building Equipment Stores

Community feedback is an important part of the Early Access process and a common theme is reducing any micromanagement burden. As your population grows, managing the gear on every unit can be tiresome. In the pre-release of Alpha 22 that is no longer the case.

Opening the new Equipment tab on a production or military building now enables players to drag and drop gear from the village inventory and assign it for use by the building's workers. Workers will automatically equip gear based on ordered priority. For now, equipment further to the top left is given higher priority. In time, we hope to implement an internal gear rating stat to help us compare items to determine which is better.

Each item shown in a building's Equipment tab stacks and shows how many have been allocated. Darkened icons may show 0/2, indicating there are 2 of that item in stock, but workers aren't currently using that item. As one becomes equipped (1/2), the icon fills up until to half way with normal brightness, and when all are equipped (2/2), it becomes full.

Items can be dragged directly out of a building's equipment tab back into the village inventory, and will be removed from any worker who has it equipped. The worker will then try to equip another item into that slot should one exist in the building Equipment stores based on the priority rule.

Performance Boost / Engine Migration

June saw a challenging engine migration from Unity 4.6 to 5.1. Major code changes were required to the way we manage assets, shaders, and third party products. While that has limited the time we had available to work on other areas of the game, one of the key benefits is a performance boost of 25-37% depending on machine architecture. Players should now enjoy improved frame rates across the board, and may be able to increase their settings.

There is however a known issue preventing the game from running on Snow Leopard. We've filed a bug report with Unity (the engine developer) so hopefully we'll have a fix in the coming weeks.

Editor Overhaul

The Editor was running a legacy UI framework (NGUI) to drive the toolbar and a number of the dialog boxes. As part of the engine migration, it was time to purge NGUI from the project, and while re-implementing the dialog boxes, add some extra touches.

The Kits and Kit Pieces dialogs are now merged into one. A kits popup organizes kits into categories for quicker selection, while the addition of search enables level designers to search for pieces across all kits.

The new favourites tab lists kit pieces added by toggling the star in the inspector dialog, and the recently used tab does as you would expect.

We've also fixed the horizontal scaling of the toolbar, which would have affected players running at high resolutions.

One of the headline features we are launching in Alpha 22 is the terrain generator tool. Since it's first reveal in Dev Blog 35, we've added more options including support for the new volcanic biome.

The final Editor improvement is marquee selection. Being able to select objects by dragging a selection rectangle (aka marquee) is a huge time saver. Previously, you had to hold down left shift and click each item. The addition saves time, and will become the primary method for selecting objects, before grouping them and eventually saving them off as a prefab. At least that's what Alan is moving on to now that the terrain generator is all but finished.

Volcanic And Dwarf City Kits

Both have benefited from improvements, and are included in Alpha 22. We're working on an exterior location to test the pieces, and will be streaming level design sessions on Twitch.

And Finally...

A little teaser of something we're working on...

Community Announcements - Games Foundry
Hi Folks,


I'm pleased to provide community members with access to a new opt-in experimental beta. This is a pre-release of Alpha 22.

We are taking this step due to risk associated with upgrading the game engine to Unity 5.1. While we've performed internal tests, running a test among active community members allows us to capture any remaining issues prior to a public release.

I am especially keen to hear about any crashes from game sessions exceeding 30 minutes.

Patch Notes:

Accessing the Experimental Build
1. In your Steam Library, right click on ‘Folk Tale’ and select Properties
2. Click the fourth tab labelled ‘Betas’
3. In the dropdown list, select experimental and click close
4. Wait for Steam to auto-update
5. If the update fails to download, quit and restart the Steam Client

Best wishes,
Community Announcements - Games Foundry

PC, Mac

Major Changes
Player: Heroes: Added Ser Gregory And Special Abilities (Taunt, Shield Bash, Power Slam, Iron Skin, Decisive Victory)*
Player: Mechanics: Woodcutters Now Automatically Plant Seeds**
Player: Mechanics: Trees Have 100% Probability Of Dropping Seed When Felled**
Player: Character Portrait System Added***

Minor Changes
Player: Idle Characters Will Now Move Away From Other Characters They Intersect
Player: Salvaging Implemented
Player: Added Zombies
Player: Added Beetles
Player: Special Abilities Can Now Be Queued
Player: Special Abilities Now Have Cooldown Timers
Player: Weapons Can Now Apply Buffs On Hit (Positive Or Negative)
Player: Disabled Experimental Anti-Kiting Code
Player: Weapons/Shields Now Scale Properly Depending On Character
Player: Stun Implemented
Player: Modified Some Labels To Remove Silliness
Player: Added Poison Visual Effects
Player: Added Distance Culling To Corpse Sparkles
Player: Forced Characters To Rotate First Before Move When Requiring > 90 Degree Change For A More Natural Feel
Player: Beasts And Spiders Den No Longer Drop Seeds
Player: Decreased Culture Cost Of Tier 2 Buildings From 350 To 275
Player: Workers No Longer Walk Long Distances To Reach Work Points e.g. Fishing
Player: Beastmen No Longer Drop Treebane Or Rare Weapons
Player: Adjusted Soundtrack Volume Range And Default Volume
Player: Adjusted Keyboard Sensitivity Default For Faster Panning
Player: Added Setting For Ambient Sound Volume (Tweeting Birds, Howling Winds etc)
Player: Changed Mead And Honeycomb Production Amounts
Player: Villagers Need For Entertainment Enabled When First Tavern Is Built Rather Than Waiting For Culture Level To Be Reached
Player: You Can No Longer Sell The Supply Wagon/Storehouse If It’s The Last One
Player: Supply Wagon Capacity Now Properly Capped
Player: Tweaked Costs Of Bakery, Bee Yard, Butchery And Fishing Hut
Player: Disabled Medium And Severe Diseases Temporarily
Player: Only Announce Disease Outbreak If No Medicine In Stock
Player: Most Maps Updated
Editor: Light Intensity Can Now Be Changed In Inspector
Editor: Object Scale Factor Now Shown In Inspector
Editor: Added Missing Armor Crafting Recipes
Editor: Added Lots More Loot Items
Editor: Added Bone Kit Heaps And Decals
Editor: Added Beetles, Zombies, Alternative Spider, Spider Queen To Wave Spawner
Editor: Workbench: Added Node SetAllegiance
Editor: Workbench: Added Node Console
Editor: Workbench: Added Node InstantiateCharacterAt
Editor: Workbench: Added Node AddAttributePoints
Editor: Workbench: Added Node To Set Attributes On Spawned Character
Editor: Workbench: Added Node CameraMove
Editor: Workbench: Added Node InstantiateBuildingAt
Editor: Workbench: Added Node CharacterToWorldObject (Converts, Enabling Use Of Destroy)
Editor: Workbench: Added Support For Boolean Variables
Editor: Workbench: Added Active Output (Boolean) to Quest Node
Editor: Workbench: Added CharacterHealth Node
Editor: Workbench: Added CharacterAlive Node
Editor: Workbench: Character Portrait Can Now Be Set Via An Input On Conversation Nodes (However Implementation Will Change In Alpha 22)
Editor: Workbench: Modified Gate Node To Include Initial State Toggle
Editor: Workbench: SpawnedCharacter Can Now Get Character From Wave Spawner

Bug Fixes
#0182 Sandbox Player: Destroying Supply Wagons Leads To Unrecoverable Problems
#0184 Sandbox Editor: Entering Editor Second Time Breaks Bounding Boxes
#0185 Sandbox Player: Some Particles Are Being Affected By SSAO
#0186 Sandbox Player: Duplicate Civics Bars For Vegetables
#0187 Sandbox Player: Some Sounds Not Playing Or Very Quiet
#0188 Sandbox Player: Most Weapons, Rings And Necklaces Not Stacking
#0189 Sandbox Player: Scale And Halberd Recipes Not Unlocked By Blacksmith Research
#0190 Sandbox Player: Villagers Sometimes Get Stuck Outside Cottages
#0191 Sandbox Player: Peasants Near Cottages Ignore Command To Chop Tree

Known Issues
Crafting recipes found in loot aren’t showing their icons, but are appearing in the crafting menu.
Ser Gregory really needs a rage meter rather than taking power from the Mind stat.

Developer Comments
Alpha 21 has a strong focus on heroes, special abilities, and combat improvements. It includes all the code to support heroes including queueing abilities, applying buffs on hit, combat AI

*Level Designers please note that Ser Gregory should be created via workbench using the new InstantiateCharacterAt node, which also allows you to set his allegiance.

**Automatic seed planting is now in. Woodcutters will plant saplings if there are 5 or fewer trees within the boundary of the Woodcutter Hut, or if you have an abundance of seeds. Felled trees automatically grant 1 seed, at least until we implement the Marketplace building. We have removed seeds from monsters and spider dens.

***Everything but profession uniforms are in. There’s a missing male beard, and the female herbalist hairstyle which are known issues.
Community Announcements - Games Foundry

Ser Gregory, the first hero built on a growing RPG code base, Dwarven culture, and the terrain randomization tool.

Well met Ser Gregory

While the last release cycle was all about village building and economy, the team are now focused on expanding the RPG side of Folk Tale. As you explore the world you'll meet heroes entwined in an evolving story. Help them with their goals, and they'll become available for selection in your adventuring party.

Building on existing RPG mechanics including inventory and stats, our first foray into RPG adventuring begins with the addition of hero systems, and in Alpha 21 we're introducing Ser Gregory. As a heavily armoured tank, Ser Gregory's abilities place him at the heart of melee action. His abilities are designed around defence (Iron Skin), crowd control (Taunt and Shield Bash), area of effect damage (Power Slam) and being able to finish off opponents with low health (Decisive Victory). Each ability is detailed on the website (link above). Abilities can be queued to be executed one after another, have cool down timers, and power costs to prevent you from spamming special abilities which would be totally OP. We've added all the supporting systems for character states including stunned and knockdown, and will be rolling these out across new and existing characters in Alpha 21 and beyond.

For now we've enabled all Ser Gregory's abilities for community feedback, but in a future release you'll unlock abilities as Ser Gregory levels up, and then level up each ability to make it more powerful. For now, pick your battles carefully and save regularly as there's perma-death. We'll be adding revival to respawn dead heroes back in your village, but that's not in yet.

Combat feels a little smoother now we've reduced the interval between attacks from 3 seconds to 2 seconds. The anti-kiting code has been removed so there's no more insta-heal enemies, and characters no longer stand on top of each other, moving apart if it occurs. We've also made characters rotate before running in a direction. It's a subtle change, and it might feel a little different for a few minutes, but ultimately adds a little bit of extra quality.

And what to do with all that junk loot? Salvage it of course in exchange for a little gold! You can now drag unwanted inventory items onto the salvage icon.

Character Portraits

The days of looking at the bald male villager placeholder in the character wheel are over. We now have a new portrait system showing the actual appearance of villagers in a nice hand-painted portrait. While heroes, bosses and behemoths all have their own unique beautifully hand-painted portraits, villagers are a little more challenging. Due to the number of permutations of hair - including beards and moustaches on men - we layer up the features and use tinting. We start with the background and uniform, then add skin (ranging from light to dark), beard, moustache, head hair and finally any hats/helmets. For now, villagers will all have the peasant uniform. We expect to have the other profession uniforms including hats added for Alpha 22.

Death By Deforestation

If you've played a long session, you'll be familiar with the impending doom that awaits due to deforestation. We previously added seed drops to spiders, bears and boars, but your feedback told us this didn't really solve the problem. So in Alpha 21 each felled tree now drops a seed (added to your inventory), and when a Woodcutter's Hut has 5 or fewer trees in it's boundary, Woodcutters will automatically plant a seed. This completely removes the micromanagement burden, however you can still use the Woodcutter ability to plant saplings where you please. In time we may link this ability to the Forestry research. We'll have to see how well this scales with a Tier 3 upgrade.

Village Building And Economy

Attaining Tier 2 building upgrades needed to happen a little sooner in gameplay, so we've reduced the culture cost from 350 to 275. We've still got to implement the reasons for upgrading, including tying research with better bonuses and effects to higher building tiers.

One community reported issue was that workers could end up walking a long way to reach a workpoint within a building's boundaries. For example, a Fisher may have to walk a ways to reach a bridge to cross a river to get to the other side. This could take them into enemy territory leading to their death. We now check journey distance to determine if a work point should be used or not.

Mead and Entertainment were bugged in Alpha 20. For the next release, we've made sure that villager need for entertainment begins when you first construct a Tavern, even if you haven't yet attained a culture score of 300. A barrel of mead also now converts to 4 tankards of mead at the tavern instead of 2, helping with supply shortages. To address the over-production at Bee Yards, 30 honeycomb are now required per barrel productions instead of 5, although the yield of honeycomb has been increased to be inline with other buildings. Further rebalancing may well be required, so please share your experiences in the community forum.

Dwarven Cultures

Development of the dwarven culture is progressing well, including the dwarven fortress of House Hraun (faction), under siege by the exiled Cult Of Pyros (faction) and it's leader, Archmagus Brimstone. There's a mountain of work goes into developing each culture, including modelling and painting weapons and shields that appear on characters, loot icon illustrations including armor and jewellery, environment props, textures and visual effects, script writing, voice acting, character modelling, painting and animation, sound effect design, and of course soundtrack composition.

Expect to see Dwarven content make it's way into the game in Alpha 22 or 23.

Story Script And Voice Acting

Story will feature prominently in Folk Tale, delivering a campaign like feel similar to the original tutorial, but within a sandbox environment. The Grassland starting story script is now complete, which leads into the Withering Dead and Gladefolk faction storylines. We completed voice actor casting a few months back, and are now working our way through the recording sessions.

Terrain Randomization Editor Tool Progress

Building large terrains in the Editor can be time consuming. To help increase productivity, we're working on a terrain randomization feature that automatically generates a terrain based on settings. It's able to generate mountains, valleys, lakes, rivers and waterfalls, place trees, generate coast line, and apply splatters of paint. It utilises the full range of core tiles available, including full, half and quarter height tiles.

All being well, by the time you've read this Alpha 21 should be in final testing ready for launch.
Community Announcements - Games Foundry
Hi Folks,

Interested in following development of Folk Tale more closely? Did you know that for the last 9 months we've been streaming Dev hangouts?

In each stream we take a look at the latest internal dev build and cover work from the last week or so. Dev Hangouts provide a way for community players to chat with us live and have questions answered on air while catching up on the latest developments.

Where can I join live streams?

Where can I watch past streams?
For those who can't make the live hangout, we post videos to our YouTube channel:

Why do we stream?
  • To provide direct access to the dev team
  • To investigate current issues in the forum
  • It's an opportunity for us to test the latest code!
  • To raise awareness of the constant progress being made

Because we use the daily builds, please note that bugs are to be expected and streams don't always go smoothly and to plan.

Hopefully we'll see you in the next hangout!
Announcement - Valve
Save 40% on Folk Tale during this week's Midweek Madness*!

Folk Tale is a sandbox fantasy village-builder RPG game in which you lead a ragtag band of peasants in growing a small settlement into a thriving market town, while dastardly minions plot your downfall. Sound the rallying call and head out into the wilds with parties of heroes to fight back the tide of evil in a game of endless possibilities.

Rule with tyranny and oppression, or liberalism and justice. Play as a merciless expansionist hell-bent on destruction, or as a gold-hoarding mercantilist who'll sell their own grandmother for a handful of coin. With random events and dynamic story, in Folk Tale you never know how the story will unfold.

*Offer ends Friday at 10AM Pacific Time

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