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PC, Mac*

Sandbox Player: The camera is now a fixed angle to aid performance on lower end machines. The angle can be changed by holding LeftAlt and moving the mouse. Free camera rotation can be enabled under Settings->Gameplay
Sandbox Player: Console: Load/Save improved a lot
Sandbox Player: Added first batch of new advisor voice over lines
Sandbox Player: Improved building health UI with productivity and assigned worker count
Sandbox Player: Buildings with no workers now show permanent hover icon overhead
Sandbox Player: Field hover name now shows which crop is planted
Sandbox Player: Clicking event notifications zooms to focal point for some event types
Sandbox Player: Mouse scroll wheel now rotates building when in placement mode
Sandbox Player: during construction placement mode, resources nearby building will be shown as 100% opaque if the resource is within the building’s boundary, 50% opaque if outside and close by
Sandbox Player: Selecting an existing economy building will show resource icons over resources within the boundary
Sandbox Player: When the last worker at a building abandons the village, the Advisor will tell you
Sandbox Player: Massively reduced gold earned from selling finished goods
Sandbox Player: Building Dialog Worker Tab: Worker highlight fixed
Sandbox Player: Building Dialog Worker Tab: Find button enabled
Sandbox Player: Building Dialog Worker Tab: Auto-Recruit enabled
Sandbox Player: Building Dialog Worker Tab: Correct profession portraits now showing
Sandbox Player: Advisor now warns when you are trying to train your last peasant and prevents you from doing so (otherwise you can’t build more cottages)
Sandbox Player: Workers are now demoted to peasants when their building is destroyed
Sandbox Player: Stockpile dialog updated with recently added resources
Sandbox Player: Reactions tweaked when mobs attacked at range
Sandbox Player: Fixed ranged units facing targets during weapon reload
Sandbox Player: Performance optimizations for character animations (16% FPS boost on CPU-bound machines)
Sandbox Player: Added Jeweller hammer props in preparation for activating Jeweller profession
Sandbox Player: Added LOD1, LOD2, LOD3 models for Toadkin Warrior and Worker
Sandbox Player: Weapons now have correct stats (see website)
Sandbox Player: Settings And Exit To Main Menu buttons added to pause/escape menu
Sandbox Player: Blacksmith Chainmail research now unlocks 4 crafting recipes
Sandbox Player: Blacksmith Leather research now unlocks 4 crafting recipes
Sandbox Player: Blacksmith Axes research now unlocks 1 crafting recipe
Sandbox Player: Blacksmith Daggers research now unlocks 1 crafting recipe
Sandbox Player: Blacksmith Maces research now unlocks 1 crafting recipe
Sandbox Player: Blacksmith Swords research now unlocks 1 crafting recipe
Sandbox Player: Tailor’s Emporium Clothmaking research now unlocks 4 crafting recipes
Sandbox Player: Herbalist’s Den Elixir research now unlocks crafting recipes
Sandbox Player: Herbalist’s Den Poisons research now unlocks crafting recipes
Sandbox Player: Herbalist’s Den Herbalism research now unlocks crafting recipes

Bug Fixes
#0120 Sandbox Player: Characters Weapons Breaking When Being Retrained Or Demoted
#0123 Sandbox Player: The Fog Of War Is Bright Blue
#0126 Sandbox Player: Maps Often Stop Loading At 35% Progress
#0127 Sandbox Player: Research Not Lowering Building Costs
#0128 Sandbox Player: Workers Dropping Off Resources Ignore Production/Research Split
#0129 Sandbox Editor: Water Bank Tiles Aren't Paintable

Our focus this patch has been on improving existing gameplay and fixing bugs. Load/Save has received a good deal of attention, but will remain accessible via the Console for now to allow for a period of community testing. Please try it, and report any save related bugs in the Steam forum under the Bug Reporting sub-forum so that we can get them fixed and roll out load/save into the main UI.

Plenty of UI improvements have been made to provide information about villager needs. These should make it easier to respond to economic production challenges and prevent villagers leaving en masse.

At the start of a new game, you’re likely to manually assign workers by clicking on the building and clicking on the train profession button. As your village gets larger, and in the absence of the civics dialog for finding peasants, you’re best to use the Workers tab and recruit directly. Auto-AI is also added this patch, and is worth setting on critical economy buildings once your population reaches as decent size. In a future patch we'll be adding the ability to define how many worker vacancies should be auto-recruited.

We haven’t implemented the Advisor speech queue yet, so he can end up speaking multiple lines at the same time. We’ll aim to fix this in the next patch.

Mead and Pumpkins cannot currently be sold.

Guard Mode is broken in this patch.

If when Alt+Tabbing, the camera is left facing the sky, hold down LeftAlt again and re-orient the camera by moving the mouse. If this is frustrating, the keymap.json file can be edited to change the keybinding (see below).

There is a known problem when exiting sandbox editor or player and trying to start the Old Tutorial. As a temporary fix, please restart the game and go directly into the Old Tutorial.

We’ve disabled Sandbox Terrain-Cam in this patch temporarily while we fix a few bugs with the new camera system.

*We are experiencing crashes on older Mac's with 512MB video cards. Mac's with newer 1GB cards or HD5000 integrated graphics cards are working fine. We are trying to identify the cause of this problem with an aim of pushing out a fix ASAP. Our apologies if you are affected by this. You may wish to consider turning off auto-updates and staying on Patch 0.2.10 until a fix is available. UPDATE: Installing Yosemite can fix the problem.

We’d like to remind players that the default build for Windows is now 64-bit, which the vast majority of players are using. Players with older 32-bit versions of Windows will need to opt in to the 32-bit build. For more information, please visit

And finally, ‘tis the season to be jolly, so from all of us on the Folk Tale Dev Team, have a very happy holiday!
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Sunday 14th December, 8AM PST
Set your alarm this Sunday when we'll be recording a voice acting session live on air. Watch @Trendane on camera as he performs the Advisor's lines for Sandbox.

Sunday 14th December:
03:00 Sydney (Monday, AEDT)
00:00 Hong Kong (CST)
19:00 Moscow (MSK)
17:00 Europe (Western, CET)
16:00 London
11:00 New York (EST)
08:00 Los Angeles (PST)


Please Follow the channel, and you'll receive an email from Twitch when we start broadcasting.

See you then!

Missed It?
If you missed the hangout, you can catch it again over on our YouTube Channel:
Community Announcements - Games Foundry

November sees the launch of a new Sandbox Preview Trailer, and a refresh of all our screenshots to highlight all the great progress that is being made with Sandbox. Patch 0.2.11 shipped a few days ago, and was a substantial patch expanding gameplay with the addition of villager needs and the entire new snow biome. If you want to grab Folk Tale now and avoid the recent price increase, there's 25% off in the Steam Sale until 2nd December.

Villager Needs
Villagers now need a variety of things to keep them happy, ranging from protein (meat and fish), vegetables (pumpkins), and carbs (bread), to entertainment (mead) and basic clothing. We'll continue to add to their needs in future patches. If any of your villagers aren't having their needs met, they'll let you know via the event notifications that popup in the bottom right of the screen. Continue ignoring villager needs, and they'll eventually pack up and leave town. In a future patch, we'll be adding in ranting and rebellion.

The needs system has added considerably to gameplay. We've shifted our short-term goals to be purely gameplay focused, so the next few patches should see significant improvements in playability, starting with the latest Patch 0.2.11.


Most buildings now have research that provide village-wide buffs, worker productivity bonuses, or unlock new crafting recipes. Not all have coded effects at the moment, but we'll be adding more and more with each new patch.


Researching Plate Armor for example grants access to several Common quality plate items that can be crafted at the Blacksmith. Items take different amounts of time to craft depending on their complexity and size, and multiple items can be queued so you don't have to wait around. As each item is crafted, it gets added to your Global Inventory from where you can distribute it to your villagers.

New Buildings And Professions
The Herbalist profession can now be trained at the Herbalist Den. Placing Farmer's Fields and changing their crops to Herbs will activate nearby Herbalists. Herbs are cultivated and taken back for concocting into Lesser Medicine, which will be used to cure minor ailments when sickness is added in a future patch.

The new Weaver profession is trained at the Weaver's Hut. Placing Farmer's Fields and changing their crops to Cotton will activate nearby Weavers. Cotton is cultivated and taken back for weaving into Bolts Of Cotton.

Last up in the line of new professions is the Tailor who take the Bolts Of Cotton and fashion them into Basic Clothing. Over time, villager clothing becomes shabby and in need of replacing. Villagers will buy new Basic Clothing by visiting the Tailor's Emporium.

RTS Controls
Unit command and control has become a little easier with the addition of Control Groups and Attack-Move. Holding CTRL+1...4 will assign the current selected units to the '1' key. Holding CTRL while right clicking somewhere will command units forward. Any enemies they come into contact with will trigger them to attack. We'll continue to adopt RTS conventions in future patches, including double left clicking a unit to select all units of the same type in the proximity.

Snow Biome

We've added the Snow Kit and Snow Monastery Kit, along with the lovingly designed 'Howling Tundra' map that we streamed the design of over on our Twitch Channel. The fantastic looking Monastery Of The Mangy Wolf is home to the Werefu Monks, a race first introduced in the original Tutorial. They've had a visual overhaul, and now come in three varieties: Warriors, Priests, and Head Priest Wolf Chow (pictured below), whom you may recall incited the Ritual Of The Bloody Fang to turn the Monks into lycans.

Also inhabiting the snowy wastes are Yeti, a sentient race allied with Jack Frost. We'll be expanding on Jack Frost, his minions, and their opposition to the Werefu Monks in future blogs.

Swamp Biome
The Swamp Biome received a solid upgrade in 0.2.11 with the arrival of the Goblin Village Kit, and the Toadkin Race. The Goblin Village Kit adds several starter buildings that map designers can use to create convincing goblin villages.

The Toadkin Kit adds the Worker, Warrior, and a placeholder for the King, sat on his palanquin. We took a closer look at Toadkin in last month's dev blog.

Environment Settings and Weather

Noticed that everything has started to look better? That's because we've added environment settings, enabling you to set mood lighting and weather for each map using the Editor. Weather can be enabled if you want rain or snow. We've also tweaked the ambient settings for all the available zones.

For players with high end PC's, we've added supersampling, accessible via the in-game Console. Supersampling unlocks rendering at higher than native resolutions, scaling down the result back to your native resolution. The results are a terrific boost to visual fidelity, helping world detail pop. The downside is that you need a powerful graphics card with at least 1GB of gpu memory.

Patch 0.2.11 includes a number of bug fixes and minor enhancements. For the full list of changes, please read the Patch Notes. If you like what we're doing, now is a great time to pick up a copy of Folk Tale with a 25% discount in the Steam Sale. Alternatively, leaving a few kind words in a review would be very much appreciated.
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PC, Mac*

Sandbox Player: Storage capacity now limits total item count, not item count per type
Sandbox Player: New dev map added ‘Howling Tundra’ using the new Snow kits
Sandbox Player: Stinking Swamp updated to include new assets
Sandbox Player: Added Research tab to buildings (Blacksmith only atm, extending functionality to other buildings asap but icons added anyway)
Sandbox Player: Added Crafting (Mostly Blacksmith, requires research points which can be gained by diverting building production into research, unlock armor and weapon research to learn starter crafting recipes)
Sandbox Player: Added villager needs; villagers tell you what they need via the new Events Notification icons that appear bottom right; tooltips contain descriptions.
Sandbox Player: Added Weaver’s Hut building
Sandbox Player: Added Weaver profession
Sandbox Player: Added Tailor’s Emporium building
Sandbox Player: Added Tailor profession
Sandbox Player: Added Herbalist Hut building
Sandbox Player: Added Herbalist profession
Sandbox Player: Added Cotton option to Farmer’s Field and enabled economy chain (Farmer’s Field -> Cotton -> Weavers -> Storehouse -> Tailor -> Basic Clothing); needs Weaver to cultivate
Sandbox Player: Added Herbs option to Farmer’s Field and enabled economy chain (Farmer’s Field -> Herbs -> Herbalist Den -> Lesser Medicine Potions); needs Herbalist to cultivate
Sandbox Player: Guard Mode added to character portrait wheel. Useful for military units.
Sandbox Player: Control Groups implemented (CTRL+1..0 to assign, 1..0 to select, holding down SHIFT while selecting will add that group to your current selection), TAB can move through group when Character Sheet is open
Sandbox Player: RTS Attack-Move implemented (hold CTRL while clicking to move)
Sandbox Player: Added in enemy attack targeting and highlighting on hover
Sandbox Player: Implemented lashing and rewarding workers (building dialog screen) to temporarily increase worker productivity (partial, UI feedback missing)
Sandbox Player: Soundtrack added for Grasslands, Swamp and Snow zones
Sandbox Player: Soundtrack volume slider enabled under settings
Sandbox Player: Tweaked wolf walk animation speed
Sandbox Player: Added city-wide and building buff framework linked to research (partial)
Sandbox Player: Improved appearance of biome ambience settings
Sandbox Player: Console: Added new commands “ambience”, “cliffs” and “music” to change ambience zone, music region and cliff biome respectively
Sandbox Player: Console: Added new command ‘weather snow|rain|sunny’
Sandbox Player: Console: Added ‘supersampling’ to unlock 125%-200% super sampling which is then resized back to native resolution for super high quality (1GB+ GPUs recommended)
Sandbox Player: Added villager footstep sound effects
Sandbox Player: Added right click for quick equipping from global inventory to character
Sandbox Editor: Added Weather Environment Setting for Snow/Rain/Sunny
Sandbox Editor: Added Atmospherics toolbar button to set map theme (drives ambient lighting, skybox colors, clouds, music, weather, ambient sfx loops)
Sandbox Editor: Added Snow Kit
Sandbox Editor: Added Snow Monastery Kit
Sandbox Editor: Large multi-tile Pieces are now paintable
Sandbox Editor: Added second grass texture to Paint Tool (for Grassland maps)
Sandbox Editor: Added 50+ new loot items (see Game Guide on website)
Sandbox Editor: Added Toadkin Kit (King, Warrior and Worker) **
Sandbox Editor: Added Werefu Monk Kit (Warrior, Priest, Wolf Chow)
Sandbox Editor: Added Yeti Kit
Sandbox Editor: Added Goblin Buildings Kit
Sandbox Editor: Updated art asset for massive trees in Swamp Kit
Sandbox Editor: Added Yellow/Orange trees and more Pine Trees to Grassland Kit

Bug Fixes
#0111 Sandbox Editor: Rotate [ ] Shortcuts Also Changes Paint Tool Brush Size
#0112 Sandbox Editor: Inspector Not Resizable Causing Usability Issues
#0113 Sandbox Player: Soundtrack Volume Isn't Saved/Setting Properly
#0114 Sandbox Player: Arrow Keys No Longer Move Camera
#0115 Sandbox Player: Console Load/Save Reviving Dead Characters
#0116 Sandbox Player: Console Load/Save Not Saving Character Inventories
#0117 Sandbox Player: Initial Resources Being Re-added When Loading A Saved Game Via Console
#0118 Sandbox Player: Females Are Using Male Names
#0119 Sandbox Player: Characters Sometimes Spawn Below Ground

Developer Comments

*We are experiencing crashes on older Mac's with 512MB video cards. Mac's with newer 1GB cards or HD5000 integrated graphics cards are working fine. We are trying to identify the cause of this problem with an aim of pushing out a fix ASAP. Our apologies if you are affected by this. You may wish to consider turning off auto-updates and staying on Patch 0.2.10 until a fix is available.

** The Toadkin King is a prop placeholder for now.

Please note we have removed the community maps from this patch temporarily. A number of kit pieces have been updated and will visually impact a number of maps. We'll add the community maps back in once authors have updated their maps. You can continue to grab them anytime from the Community Maps & Videos sub-forum.

We’d like to remind players that the default build for Windows is now 64-bit, which the vast majority of players are using. Players with older 32-bit versions of Windows will need to opt in to the 32-bit build. For more information, please visit

We’ve also made some key binding changes. While key mapping is not yet implemented in the UI, can you define your own by editing the StreamingAssets/Data/keymap.json text file.



PC, Mac

Bug Fixes
#0121 Sandbox Editor: New Maps Cannot Be Saved
#0122 Sandbox Player: Basic Clothing Icon Not Showing When Clothes Manufactured At Tailors
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Did you know we stream level design and dev hangouts?

Want to know what we're working on this week? Got a question you'd like answered by one of the dev team? Maybe you're interested in how games get made?

All this week we're live streaming level design using the Sandbox Editor from the game. We're using the latest dev build often with new content that will be in the next patch.

Every Sunday we also stream a two-hour Dev Hangout session, sharing the very latest dev build, and answer questions asked in chat live on air.

Take me there...

Where can I watch previous Dev Hangouts? (under the Dev Hangouts section)
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Welcome to Folk Tale Dev Blog 28, and our first look at the new Toadkin race. As inhabitants of the swamp lands, Toadkin are the natural opponents to the Goblin race. Once we add the quest designer, we’ll be pitting these two enemies against each other, and the decision of which to befriend will be up to you. As a sentient speaking race, it’s going to be an interesting task for the script writer, voice actor and the sound designer to deliver their dialogue.

Toadkin society is patriarchal, with the King protected by the Warriors, overseeing the smaller workers that do most of the labour.

Toadkin are inspired by ancient Mayan culture, and this is reflected throughout, including architecture, armor and weapons, and the loot items that they’ll drop. Here are just a few of the loot items that you can expect to gain from your encounters with Toadkin.

Earlier this month we released patch 0.2.10, including two new swamp kits which you can see in the images throughout this blog. We’ll be continuing to add to the swamp kits with the inclusion of the Goblin Architecture Kit in a future patch.

The soundtrack accompanying the blog video features tracks from the Swamp biome. All of the tracks for all biomes are now complete, and we’ll be releasing the ultra high quality Official Soundtrack as DLC at the same time as Patch 0.3. We hope to expand the soundtrack as more tracks are composed to accompany the cinematics that will go into production next year.

One of the significant additions in Patch 0.2.10 was the ranged Arbalist profession, which you can train at the Barracks along with the City Watch. Using control groups which we’ve added for the next patch, you can now quickly select and command your melee units into combat while keeping your ranged units at the rear.

Using the new console we can add one of every item to my global inventory to demonstrate gear attributes. Using the inventory filters I can show only the items I’m interested in. Equipping armor now modifies unit armor ratings, increasing the damage reduction effect when they take physical damage. Armor effectiveness varies by type and rarity, and in Folk Tale we’ll have Cloth, Leather, Chainmail, Scale mail and Plate.

In Patch 0.2.10 we also added the prototype of the special abilities system. While special abilities will be used by heroes, for testing we’ve added some of the early prototype effects to the staffs. The Cursed Staff has Fire Shield, a passive aura that inflicts fire damage on any opponent caught within the area of effect. The Amber Staff has a mass heal spell which is activated by clicking on the button on the character portrait wheel. The Emerald Staff has a passive heal over time aura that replenishes the health of nearby friendly units. And finally the Staff Of The Dead has the targeted Firestorm spell, Life Steal, and Electrocute. We’ll be improving the look of these abilities in time, but for now they are fun addition to play with.

While we’re on the subject of the character portrait wheel, in Patch 0.2.10 we enabled the Auto-AI toggle. When Auto-AI is active, characters will go about their daily work routines. For the Hunter, this was problematic in previous patches when you wanted to use them as a ranged scouting unit. By turning off Auto-AI, you can now do that, and the Hunter won’t return to work duties until you tell them to.

For the next patch, we’ve added Guard Mode, very useful when you want military units to guard key locations such as your city walls and gatehouses. When Guard Mode is activated, characters will diligently guard that spot, only attacking units that come within range.

The Swamp Ruins kit included in the last patch is specifically designed for creating Toadkin habitat. While we were testing the kit, we decided to indulge level designer creativity by providing props for creating interiors. While future Dungeon Kits will specifically cater for interior locations, we’re interested in experimenting with the help of the community to understand how such kits might be used.

Jumping into the Editor, level designers will hopefully be pleased with the addition of the new swamp kits mentioned earlier, and also the Colliders Kit which includes invisible camera colliders and navmesh cuts. Camera colliders prevent the camera from entering areas or passing through walls, while navmesh cuts prevent characters from walking through certain objects such as sign posts. While most props already include colliders and navmesh cuts, there are special cases where level designers will benefit from being able to place these manually.

If you’re interested in keeping up with the latest developments, as well as sharing your ideas with other friendly community members, the Sunday Dev Hangouts are well worth dropping in to. For more information, please visit and follow to the channel. The broadcast times can be found towards the bottom of the channel. Hopefully I’ll get to chat with you soon.

As with all of our dev blogs, I’d like to finish by thanking everyone in the community who continue to support development during Early Access. Until next time, bye for now.
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PC, Mac

Sandbox Player: Added Arbalist unit (trainable at Barracks)
Sandbox Player: Gear now updates character sheet Attack, Armor Ratings and Resistances
Sandbox Player: Added a console. It has support for various commands such as “kill nearby enemies” or “heal allies” or “day” or “gold”.
Sandbox Player: Special abilities prototype (see Dec Comments)
Sandbox Player: Added Tier 1 Wall Towers Damage Visuals
Sandbox Player: Updated icons for train unit on building dialog to support multiple unit types
Sandbox Player: New map added ‘Stinking Swamp’
Sandbox Player: Auto-Grass system updated to detect surface material and tint grass
Sandbox Player: Fishing economy chain completed (villagers now consume fish)
Sandbox Player: I (capital i) is now hotkeyed to global inventory (see Dev Comments)
Sandbox Player: C is now hotkeyed to character sheet (see Dev Comments)
Sandbox Player: Tab hotkey now cycles through selected units when the character sheet is open
Sandbox Player: Corpse sparkles are now always lootable and don’t require nearby friendly units
Sandbox Player: Auto AI toggle is now enabled on the circular character portrait. Turn it off to prevent units such as the Hunter returning to work
Sandbox Editor: Added Swamp Environment Kit
Sandbox Editor: Added Swamp Ruins Kit
Sandbox Editor: Added more loot items (see Game Guide on website for info)
Sandbox Editor: Loot armor items now have their armor ratings set, and the correct sfx
Sandbox Editor: Added kit with invisible camera colliders and navmesh cuts
Sandbox Editor: Undead added to Wave Spawning system
Sandbox Character Designer: Added Arbalist uniform

Bug Fixes
#0106 Sandbox Player: Decals (Roads, Cobwebs etc) Flickering
#0107 Sandbox Player: Peasants don't do any damage
#0108 Sandbox Player: Enemies and villagers are regenerating health during combat
#0109 Sandbox Editor: Moving pieces with navmesh cuts causes large frame rate drop
#0110 Tutorial: Intro Movie Not Playing on OSX (game inaccessible)

Developer Comments
Now that the I key opens global inventory, drawing paths in both the sandbox editor and player has changed to the P key.
Now that the C key opens the selected unit’s character sheet, swapping the camera between overhead RTS camera and the terrain camera has been remapped to T.
Some characters will start to level up, but attributes don't currently affect anything.

Damage taken takes into account Damage Resistance provided by armor.

There is a known issue where occasionally sandbox maps won’t load (progress might freeze around 35%). To fix, please quit and reload (ALT+F4 or Cmd+Q).

There is a known issue with 'C' and 'I' in that if the mouse pointer is over UI, key presses won't register. This is an engine issue that we hope will be addressed in a future update.

Special Abilities Prototype
Special abilities will be hero abilities accessible via the character portrait wheel in the bottom left of the screen. For now we've applied a few to loot items. To gain access to them, open the console and type oneofeverything to create one of every item in the global inventory. You can then equip the following items onto characters:

Cursed Staff - Fire Shield (Passive Aura)

Staff Of The Dead - Firestorm, Life Steal, Electrocute

Amber Staff - Mass Heal Spell

Emerald Staff - Heal Over Time (Passive Aura)

We’d like to remind players that the default build for Windows is now 64-bit, which the vast majority of players are using. Players with older 32-bit versions of Windows will need to opt in to the 32-bit build. For more information, please visit

Update: Oops
It appears the starts of the Snow Kit and Colliders kit were included in this patch by mistake. They are far from complete, and it is strongly recommended you do not use pieces from these kits in your maps because they will be subject to extensive change.
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Welcome to Folk Tale Dev Blog 27. Today’s blog coincides with the release of Patch 0.2.9, so let’s take a look at what’s new, as well as taking a sneak peak at content from the next patch.

Patch 0.2.9 introduces Tier 1 City Walls. At the start of a game, your buildings and walls are all Tier 1. As you expand and your culture grows, in a future patch you’ll be able to upgrade to stone buildings and defenses and the appearance of your village will change from an impoverished hovel into a thriving market town. For the next patch we’re working on the Crossbowmen unit to join your City Watch in patrolling the walls.

In the economy, we’ve added the Fisherman profession. Best situated near rivers and shoreline, these early stage economic units live in Fishing Huts, easily identifiable by it’s boat shape and nets. Fisherman travel to nearby fishing spots where they cast their lines into schools of fish, before returning to fillet their catch and sell on to hungry Villagers.

We’ve continued to improve the editor, adding plenty of new props, many of which have been added in response to community feedback. Patch 0.2.9 introduces the Loot Inspector for both chests and monsters. Adding loot is as simple as searching for a keyword in the loot item name, clicking the item in the results, and then setting the probability and quantity.

We’ve also added loot profiles for assigning predefined loot tables, with blue items randomized during gameplay so that each game is slightly different. For a full list of all the loot we’ve added so far, please visit the Game Guide on our website at

In the next four weeks, we’re focusing on adding several new professions and buildings. The Weaver profession cultivate cotton buds that are then woven into Bolts of Cotton ready for use by the Tailor profession. Weaver’s live in Weavers Huts, waterwheel powered mini-factories that spin the strands of cotton before being woven on looms.

Once the weaver’s have delivered Bolts Of Cotton to the Storehouse, the Tailor profession cuts the fabric into Clothes that your villagers will then buy. Tailors live in the Tailor's Emporium, designed to look like a pin-cushion for easy recognition. Tailors can equip tools to be more productive, including needles and thread, and thimbles, and can craft cloth armor for equipping your heroes and villagers.

The Herbalist cultivates herbs and brews medicines and potions. Medicinal Herbs are grown in Farmer’s Fields, while rarer herbs can be found in the world for use as ingredients in making potions and poisons. Medicine helps cure sick villagers, who would otherwise infect others, revolt from unhappiness, and ultimately die. Herbalists live in Greenhouses, easily identified by the large potion vials on the roof and the outdoor greenhouse.

Merchants work at the Marketplace and act as middlemen enabling you to buy and sell resources on the open market. The Art Team are still working on the marketplace and the Jeweller profession, and we’ll take a look at those once they are ready in the Sunday Dev Hangouts and a future dev blog.

If you’re interested in keeping up with the latest developments, as well as sharing your ideas with other friendly community members, the Sunday Dev Hangouts are well worth dropping in to. For more information, please visit and subscribe to the channel. The broadcast times can be found towards the bottom of the channel. Hopefully I’ll get to chat with you soon.

As always, our sincere thanks for supporting Folk Tale during development and continuing to provide great feedback. Until next time, bye for now.
Community Announcements - Games Foundry

PC, Mac

Sandbox Editor: Community requested kit pieces added (river tiles, cemetery trim concave etc,)
Sandbox Editor: Loot inspector for chests added inc. Loot Profiles, custom definitions and keyword search
Sandbox Editor: More loot items added
Sandbox Editor: River tile with 1 corner island had to be rotated 180 degrees
Sandbox Editor: Pivot on the Quarry has moved (community maps will need updating)
Sandbox Editor: CTRL+SHIFT+U moves all props and tiles up a full tile height. CTRL+SHIFT+D moves them down (CMD instead of CTRL on OS X)
Sandbox Editor: Wave spawn points can now loop indefinitely
Sandbox Editor & Player: Added placeholder loading screen
Sandbox Player: Added Fisherman profession, Fisherman’s Hut, and Fishing
Sandbox Player: Added ability to delete wall sections and towers
Sandbox Player: Added Tier 1 Wooden Palisade Walls inc. stairs and gatehouse
Sandbox Player: Monsters now drop loot (right click to open on loot sparkles when mouse pointer changes to bag)
Sandbox Player: Optimization for buildings searching for nearby resources (small frame rate increase)
Sandbox Player: Minimap now shows correct colors for units, does not show blips for units inside fog of war, and is clickable again, some known issues
Sandbox Player: Improved tooltips for inventory items (still placeholders though)
Sandbox Player: Stacks in the inventory can now be split using shift+LMB
Sandbox Player: Dropping inventory item in wrong character slot now checks correct slot
Sandbox Player: Increased texture resolution of handheld weapons
Sandbox Player: Reduced loading time of maps by roughly 33%
Sandbox Player: Iron Mine and Quarry now have LOD models
Sandbox Player: Added camera shake when destroying structures, large monsters walk, and heavy attacks ( e.g. Beastman overhead cleave attack )
Sandbox Player: Added human fist, weapon and bow impact sounds
Sandbox Player: Reduced movement speed when camera is on the ground
Sandbox Player: Trees now sway gently (on normal and high settings)
Sandbox Player: Added building ambient sfx loops for Workshop, Monastery, Stonecutter Lodge, Blacksmith, Bakery
Sandbox Player: All buildings should now have mud foundation when constructing
Sandbox Player: Monks walking animation speed fixed to reduce gliding
Sandbox Player: Gold income is now in 3D world space and not UI space because let’s face it, during a raid on the bakery it gets really annoying!

Bug Fixes
#0102 Sandbox Player: Night Windows Flicker When Camera Moves
#0103 Sandbox Player: Frame rate drops when dragging placement for city walls
#0104 Sandbox Player: Moving icons between character sheet slots causing icon to vanish
#0105 Sandbox Player: Peasants no longer have the item “Default Equipment” in their inventory

Developer Comments
There is a known navmesh issue with Walls. This will be improved in a later patch.

There is a known issue with grass not always getting redrawn as the camera moves around.

Under Settings, Contrast and Gamma are currently not working.

Copses will now regenerate deer, but you need to first delete all copses from your maps and recreate them.

Please delete all your previous wave spawn points (the colored circles) and recreate. Plain monster spawn points still work. Sorry!

We’d like to remind players that the default build for Windows is now 64-bit, which the vast majority of players are using. Players with older 32-bit versions of Windows will need to opt in to the 32-bit build. For more information, please visit

We’ve also made some key binding changes. While key mapping is not yet implemented in the UI, can you define your own by editing the StreamingAssets/Data/keymap.json text file.
Community Announcements - Games Foundry

Welcome to Folk Tale Dev Blog 26. Patch 0.2.8 is out and once again we've got a wealth of improvements to share starting with work-in-progress character and global inventory. Besides equipping villagers with armor and tools, weapons can be swapped out and shown on characters. For this patch only we've included one of every item into the global inventory, which can be accessed by clicking on the inventory bag on the top bar. To open a character's inventory, first select an individual which will cause the portrait circle to appear in the bottom left of the screen. Next, click the inventory bag on the portrait wheel. You can now drag and drop items onto your character.

For larger screenshots and more info, please visit

We've still got much work to do on inventory, including proper tooltips, right click to auto-equip, and shift+left click to split stacks, which we'll be working on for the next patch. Inventory is a stepping stone to looting both corpses and chests, so you can expect that soon too.

Two of the economy chains are now complete. The Butchery and Bakery both produce finished goods, and now hungry villagers will buy products ( parting with coin to fill your coffers ) to satiate their hunger. Different foods will fill empty stomachs by differing amounts, and the taste buds of your villagers will evolve as your settlement progresses from Tier 1 through to Tier 3. We've taken the first step by allowing the crop type to be set in the Farmer's Fields.

The worker cap for Tier 1 profession buildings has been increased from 2 to 4, which should make training a small company of City Watch a lot less painful. When enabled, Tier 2 will support 8 characters, and Tier 3 the maximum of 12.

On a final note about economy, we've moved away from the economy simulation first introduced in sandbox and gone back to an actual work performed basis similar to that of the Tutorial. What that means is that there is now a direct correlation between workers dropping off resources and quantities increasing in your inventory. That move opens up a number of options, including the ability to clear areas of land from the map, which we'll be adding in a future patch.

Combat has taken another step forward with the addition of the wave inspector in the Editor. Each wave can comprise of multiple groups, each group being a different monster class. For example, in wave 1 you can spawn a Beastman in Group 1 and a couple of War Pigs in Group 2. In wave 2, you can setup a completely different set of monsters to spawn. Each wave can have a different behaviour, including standing still, wandering within a radius, and seeking out player characters and buildings. You can also choose the wave starting formation, with Group 1 being the captain who's position is denoted by the colour dot in the formation options.

We've migrated the Goblins across into Sandbox and made some improvements, including the addition of the Goblin Warship prop. Goblins can now scale your City Walls, so Engineer's Turrets, Traps and Siege Machines will play an important role in defending your village in later patches. We've also made changes to the Trebuchet including the framework to support different ammo types, with each shot consuming items directly from your global inventory.

Several Editor Kits have received new content, including an expanded Kobold Camp Kit and new Grassland Kit pieces including flaming torches, sconce, braziers, mushrooms, and mine carts. The biggest addition is to the Cemetery Kit which now includes modular snap-together components to create an entire mausoleum complex for your necromancers, skeletons and spiders.

With the kind agreement of community member Matty101, we're including one of his Sandbox maps for you to play around with in Sandbox Player which we've called The Valley. It's completely different to the Human Village map and is well worth playing. It's also pretty stunning, and shows just have great a tile-based terrain system can be made to look.

And finally, if you weren't already aware, we've started the Sunday Dev Hangouts. The live streams on have been running for several weeks now and provide a great opportunity for us to connect with our community. I always have the latest dev build of Folk Tale on show, and answer questions in chat about game features, what we've been working on, our plans for the future, and how to use the Editor. So if you'd like to hangout with a friendly bunch for a few hours every Sunday, head on over to our Twitch Channel and follow us.


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