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The update today does not change the game files at all, it just makes available a new folder called "Extras" in the root directory.

This contains our Kickstarter rewards - the game soundtrack in a zip, the developer post-mortem article, the game novella and some wallpapers. Feel free to check them out if you are interested.

We've also updated the compatibility version for the Mac version of the game. This is in a new zip in the Mac Steam game folder called and it should help if you have blurred text or have white tiles / periodic crashes on the larger maps.

It won't affect many people, but should make troubleshooting smoother for those of you having game issues on Mac!
Community Announcements - Goldhawk
We've just released Xenonauts V1.09, which contains all of the fixes from the reverted V1.08 and V1.08HF builds and some new fixes for the soldier equipment screen issues in V1.08HF.

As far as we are aware it is stable and working properly - but please let us know if you find any additional issues caused by the update. If does prove unstable we will just return to V1.07 again until we can fix the issues.

CHANGELOG: (combined from V1.08, V1.08HF and V1.09)

  • We have added the Developer Diary / development postmortem to the game, which is found in the launcher (under the Extras button).
  • The Mac game now show install instructions when you try to run it.
  • We have made performance improvements on many of the maps.
  • Harridans no longer occasionally fly out of the map and crash the game.
  • Fixed some Soldier Equip screen crashes.
  • Fixed a crash when dragging one soldier's equipment into the inventory of another.
  • Reapers no longer have a 0 reaction fire modifier.

If you are playing a modded game, you will likely have to reapply any mods that affect "weapons_gc.xml" (i.e. anything with custom weapons) as this file is being updated in this patch.
Community Announcements - Goldhawk
We've reset the Stable branch back to V1.07HF, as it seems V1.08 HF had some problems in it to do with soldiers and dropships. We attempted to hotfix them, but this hotfix appears to itself be causing a new crash.

We could try another hotfix, but there is no guarantee that would be any more successful than the first. Instead, we're rolling back to the older V1.07HF and will re-release V1.08 HF next week when we've had time to test it better.

V1.08HF will still be available on the Experimental branch if you'd prefer to keep playing that. Instructions on how to access it can be found here:

Sorry for the confusion!
Community Announcements - Goldhawk
We've just released V1.08 HF on the Stable branch for Windows and Linux, and the Mac version should be arriving in the next few days. It's not too big a change, but should improve both stability and performance on low-end machines.


  • We've changed the way our in-game tiles are packed in order to improve performance and stop the massive slowdown people were getting on some maps.
  • The props / cover is no longer invisible on the final mission.
  • Reapers no longer incorrectly have a 0x reaction fire modifier (it is now 1x). Previously any unit with TU would automatically reaction fire when they saw a Reaper...which is why local forces were so good at killing them.
  • Harridans no longer occasionally fly out of the map and crash the game.
  • Fixed a crash with the soldier equip screen that occasionally happened after a ground combat mission.
  • Fixed a crash when you tried to drag an item from one soldier's inventory to another's.
  • Fixed a rare crash if aliens destroyed a Xenonaut base while an aircraft was in transit to that base.

To anyone that is using a modded version of the game - we've updated /assets/weapons_gc.xml and if any mod uses this file (i.e. the mod contains custom weapons), you'll need to re-apply it before you continue playing.
Rock, Paper, Shotgun - (Adam Smith)

Xenonauts is a spiritual successor to UFO: Enemy Unknown, which means that it s also a spiritual successor to many of the most tense and glorious hours of my teenage years. Following a successful Kickstarter and a period in Early Access, the game has been available for almost a month now. With its loyal approach to the original design, Xenonauts doesn t step on XCOM s toes, but I wondered if it could succesfully muscle in on the original game’s territory. Several days of playing later, I have the answer. And some anecdotes about intra-squad romance.>

… [visit site to read more]

Community Announcements - Goldhawk
This is a very small update to the game, fixing three bugs. It's unlikely to break any of your mods:

- Using the Fury in combat no longer occasionally permanently grounds one of your other interceptors
- Main Menu background artwork should now appear on all computers
- Mac / Linux bugs should now be able to Autoresolve combat without it crashing

We'll be releasing another (larger) update soon to fix the crash to do with units randomly flying outside the map, and a fix that should improve turn times / low framerates on some systems.

This involves some changes to our tilesets so we're going to test it extensively on the Experimental branch first though, else we run the risk of terrain turning invisible.

We will also be making some further changes to the Mac builds to make the install process a bit more straightforward for everyone, and to deal with the problem of blurred text that some users are experiencing.
Community Announcements - Goldhawk
Another update for Xenonauts has been released. Again, this is largely a stability update that will not break save games, but it does chance a few game files. If you have any major mods installed (map packs will work fine) then you may need to re-apply them after the update.


  • Month-end funding screen now appears before the Game Over screen if you lose the game.
  • Fixed the issue with upper levels of building not being visible if you have a soldier behind them.
  • Soldier equipment should stop "disappearing" on the Geoscape.
  • Killing a Zombie with a tank no longer spawns two Reapers, the second of which is invulnerable.
  • TU Reserve slider now works properly when you change weapons.
  • AI is now a bit less passive inside UFOs.
  • Extras launcher links now work correctly.

If you want to read the full changelog, you can do so here.

In other related news, the Mac / Linux builds are also finally getting somewhere. We've just enabled them for public download on Steam, but be aware that they are not yet fully functional.

LINUX: If you are playing on Linux, you must have WINE installed to be able to play the game. If it is installed then you should be able to download and play the game with no problem.

MAC: We're not able to launch this through Steam, but we can now distribute the files through Steam. Once they have downloaded, go into the download directory and open - the game is within.

Both the Mac / Linux builds still have some issues in them that we're working on fixing. The visual glitches from the Industrial tileset on V1.06 have been fixed, though - they were making the game unplayable for many.
Community Announcements - Goldhawk
This is our last urgent bugfix update, fixing a couple of relatively serious issues that somehow survived past launch and adding the final manual to the game.

It will not break save games, but if you've applied any mods to the game you may need to re-apply them (things like map packs won't be affected).


  • Final mission no longer ends prematurely in some circumstances.
  • Fully disabled a debug module that was trying to contact our servers (we thought we'd fixed this earlier but it seems not). This sometimes caused crashes or slow loading times.
  • Line of sight now updates properly if the aliens open UFO doors during the AI turn.
  • Fixed a bug where units could move through doors without opening them on night missions.
  • Base turrets have had their firepower upgraded significantly.
  • Fixed one of the alien weapons having overly high Burst accuracy.
  • Fixed the autopsy for one of the later aliens giving an empty pop-up.
  • Final manual has been added to the game.

We are now prioritising getting the Mac / Linux builds on Steam and getting Steam Workshop integrated.
Community Announcements - Goldhawk
This is it, folks: Xenonauts has now officially left Early Access and become a complete game after five years of development! I hope you have as much fun playing the game as we have had making it!

We will of course continue to fix any crashes or game-breaking bugs that rear their ugly heads - though we've fixed all the common ones already. Let us know if you do find crashes.

We're not planning any more gameplay updates to the game at this point (although we may consider a V1.1 patch in a few months), so our current focus has moved to adding Steam Workshop support so the busy modding / mapping community on our forums can reach a wider audience.

There's a lot of good mods over there, but I'll quickly mention that there is a popular map pack which you can download if you're finding the maps in the game a bit repetitive after a few playthroughs (I've seen a few complaints about that): Map Pack Link

We're also trying our best to get the Mac / Linux ports out on Steam. We were hoping it would be ready for today, but unfortunately not. If you have bought the game on Steam for Mac / Linux, please check this thread where we explain what you should do: Mac / Linux Porting

If you've purchased this game at any point prior to our Steam launch and you've lost your key or don't know what to do, we should be able to sort you out. Please follow the instructions in this thread: Instructions Here

I think that's everything. We've had a lot of support over the years and I'm glad we've finally been able to release a finished product like we've always promised we would. It's taken a lot longer than we (or anyone else) expected, so we appreciate the community sticking with us for so long!

PS - OpenXcom hit V1.0 today. It's a free, open-source remake of the original game with a lot of extra features and customisation options. Well worth checking out!
Community Announcements - Goldhawk
Slightly sheepish update here!

Steam has a big button marked "Leave Early Access" on top of the developer backend. About five minutes ago I pressed it so Xenonauts could finally be officially released....but it's giving me an error instead, so we can't actually officially launch the game. I'll admit that that is quite funny, but if I'm honest it's the sort of funny I'd rather wasn't happening to me.

I think this is because we were one of the earlier games in Early Access - we can't actually edit the Early Access text on our store like devs who joined more recently are able to, so I assume we're on an older system or something (I actually suspect the game was "released" a year ago and hardcoded as Early Access at the time, which is why it won't now let me launch a second time).

Either way, I've emailed Steam for help but I don't know exactly when all the Early Access branding is going to be removed from our page. I'll just save the big update I wrote and post it up when it all does happen. This is all a bit anticlimactic, isn't it?

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