Community Announcements - Goldhawk
We have now officially confirmed we are working on Xenonauts 2, and we're currently hoping for a 2017 release for the game!

The full statement and some basic details on the sequel can be read here (with more to follow in the next couple of months):

Thanks to everyone that has supported us by buying the first game - the experience we've gained making it and the feedback received from the community should allow us to create something even better second time around!
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Released in the summer of 2014, Xenonauts is a turn-based tactics game that was heavily inspired by X-COM: UFO Defense. (That would be the 1994 predecessor to the 2012 update XCOM: Enemy Unknown.) But it grew into a deeper and more detailed game that proved a triumph of rebooted game design, as we said in our review: Difficult and unforgiving, but still a deeply engaging, indie version of an alien invasion that stands toe-to-toe with X-COM—the classic and the reboots. That's high praise indeed, and so it's not at all surprising that a sequel has now been confirmed. 

It's also not surprising because Project Lead Chris England said last year that developer Goldhawk Interactive was actively designing and prototyping Xenonauts 2, but at that point the studio hadn't actually committed to making it. Now it has, and while a full announcement, with a website, concept art, and other such good stuff won't be coming for a couple of months, the studio decided—nudged a bit by the looming launch of XCOM 2—that now would be a good time to let the world know what's happening.

Like XCOM 2, Xenonauts 2 will not be a chronological sequel, but will instead take place in an alt-history timeline, during the Cold War. This means humanity does not start with the advanced alien technology unlocked in the first game, and we also have the freedom to subtly alter the story, setting and enemies in order to make a more interesting sequel, Goldhawk explained.

The new game is being developed with Unity3D and will make use of 3D graphics rather than 2D sprites, which will enable things like rotating cameras and physics objects. Ground combat will be enhanced with more tactical options, air combat is being redesigned to be turn-based and more tactically involved, and the Geoscape is being opened up as well, to give players greater research and organizational flexibility.

Some of the issues in the original game were caused by our lack of experience / lack of early funding, whereas others were caused by the constraints [of] remaining faithful to the design of a game dating back to 1994, the studio wrote. The experience and income we have accumulated from the development of Xenonauts mean that we can make a sequel that significantly improves and expands on the first game—and this time we can be more innovative than before.

An Early Access release is planned, but details beyond that won't be revealed until the full announcement comes out. For now, you can stay on top of the situation by signing up for the mailing list at

Community Announcements - Goldhawk
We've released a new version of Xenonauts for Windows on the Experimental branch, V1.65. It contains some gameplay updates, but it will need some testing to see if it is stable before being rolled out to the default Stable branch for all Steam users, so if anyone can test it that would be appreciated.

To access the Experimental branch, please follow the instructions here:

We will also merge these fixes into the native Mac / Linux builds in the future if they prove to be stable.

Most of these fixes are drawn from improvements to the game made by the Xenonauts: Community Edition team, so a public thank you to those who contributed to X:CE in general and to Solver specifically for putting this patch together for us.

  • Miss shots should no longer go through walls; the trajectory code has been updated so they should only hit tiles that a "hit" shot would be able to hit.
  • Grenade scatter calculation updated, so "miss" throws can actually miss by a meaningful amount. This applies to both Xenonauts and aliens throwing grenades.
  • Stunned zombies (which appear dead) will no longer spawn zombies. This will eliminate the bug where Reapers apparently spawn from thin air, and occasionally were also invulnerable for reasons that remain unclear
  • Damage from base defence turrets now correctly reduces the number of attacking aliens it fails to destroy an attacking UFO.
  • Soldiers now gain Bravery from taking suppression damage, as it was virtually impossible to train up before.
  • Soldier Strength now updates correctly, as there was a bug in the formula before.
  • Manufacturing screen now displays the number of required items in your stores when previewing a project, rather than just the number of required items.
  • Saviour Medal and Crux Solaris medals can now be awarded and displayed correctly.
  • Alien bases are now correctly destroyed if you blow the Cores and then suffer a squadwipe.
  • Fixed an issue in the air combat where the aircraft throttles would sometimes not work properly.
  • Geoscape performance has been optimised on some systems.
  • Game startup speed has been improved.
  • Fixed crash when a building collapses with a drone inside.
  • Minor revisions to game manual.
This is likely to be the final gameplay update for vanilla Xenonauts, but Xenonauts: Community Edition is still under ongoing development so be sure to keep up to date with their progress in the future!
Community Announcements - Goldhawk
We've had another patch for the Mac / Linux versions of Xenonauts available on the Experimental branch over the festive season, and it appears to fix some compatibility issues that some users have been experiencing without introducing any additional bugs. We have therefore now released it to the main default Steam branch.

There's no changes to the gameplay mechanics so there are no changes to the Windows experience, it should just improve the experience on the native ports a little more.

We here at Goldhawk hope everyone had a merry Christmas and we wish you all a happy new year!
Community Announcements - Goldhawk
Just a quick note to say there's been a further patch to the Mac / Linux native builds that were released last week, bringing them up to V1.60.

This should address some bugs that were only affecting the Mac / Linux builds, the most annoying being the crashes / freezes during the alien turn that were making the game unplayable for some. Initial reports seem to suggest that the majority of these issues are now fixed but the porter is continuing to work hard on the stability of the new ports.

If you're a Windows user, your version of the game will remain at V1.59 as all the fixes have been made to the port rather than the actual game code. You're therefore not missing out on any gameplay updates as a result of being on V1.59.

Please keep us posted about any issues you're having with the Mac / Linux builds on the forums and we'll do our best to resolve them for you!
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Over on the Goldhawk Forums, Xenonauts project lead Chris England is raising everybody's hopes for Xenonauts 2. His language is tentative but promising. "We're still evaluating the possibility," he says, "But I'd say the chances of us making Xenonauts 2 as our next game are better than even."

Apparently community feedback has helped to convince the team to make a sequel, but it's still possible that they might go in a different direction. The codebase they've been working on in the time since releasing Xenonauts would work for any "squad-based tactics game" they want, so it's possible their next game will tell a new story in the same genre.

However, it does look like they've been doing a lot of thinking about Xenonauts, for instance testing a 3D art style, redesigning the aliens from the first game, and considering whether they're able to create a new strategy layer. England says that at this stage the team is "actively designing and prototyping" Xenonauts 2, but it'll probably be one or two months until we know for sure whether they'll commit to it as their next project.

Not played Xenonauts? Check out our review, and if you want to give it a try it's part of the current Humble Bundle.

(Thanks, RPS.)

Rock, Paper, Shotgun - (Alec Meer)

XCOM 2 [official site] is a hugely exciting prospect (so much so that I’m genuinely grumpy about the delay), but XCOM and X-COM are so very different things by now that it’s unlikely to slake anyone’s thirst for a true-blue, Gollopy experience. Fortunately, sounds like we might also be in for a sequel to unofficial X-COM spiritual sequel Xenonauts [official site], 2014’s Cold War-set alien invasion strategy title. … [visit site to read more]

Community Announcements - Goldhawk
Xenonauts now has native Mac and Linux ports available rather than the WINE-wrapped Windows version that we previously used as "ports" for these platforms. These have been produced by a porter who works with the Humble Bundle team and are not directly being produced by us.

This is obviously great news and we've just made these versions available on Steam (the WINE builds are available in the Legacy branch). Unfortunately, these ports are still a work in progress and the porter is still busily working on making them fully stable.

If you're trying the new native ports and you're struggling with bugs - sit tight, more updates are incoming!

Hopefully we'll be done with the worst of the bugs by the weekend, but if you're really having problems then perhaps give the old WINE builds on the Legacy branch a go as they are known to be largely stable ... despite being a bit fiddly to set up!
Community Announcements - Goldhawk
We've just released Xenonauts V1.59 for PC and Linux, and will be releasing the Mac version shortly if no bugs appear in the next 24-48 hours.

V1.59 is the revised version of V1.58, which we rolled back a week or so ago because we were concerned about stability issues. V1.58 included several fixes over V1.56, the biggest of which was a fix for an annoying AI hang.

Thanks for your patience!
Community Announcements - Goldhawk
As we've had a few reports of a bug within V1.58 that may be worse than the bugs fixed by the patch (it prevents some people loading ground combat), we've now rolled back the default branch to V1.56 while we look into it.

This should not affect save games etc, but if it does or if you are playing V1.58 with no problems at all and want to continue using it, it is available on our Experimental Steam branch (under the Betas tab of the Steam game options). Just switch over to that and you can keep playing.

For everyone else, we're planning on investigating the reported bug in more detail over the next few days and will put out an updated version once we fully understand the situation.

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