Community Announcements - Mikee
We are livestreaming today, Saturday August 1st, at 3:00 pm EST on Gypsy’s custom weapon coop server. You can tune in to the livestream here.

Our guest today will be one of the modders from our community, Gypsy, who hosts the Moving 2 Hotel coop server. The server has a plethora of custom content, namely custom weapons like an autoshotgun, a .50 caliber assault rifle, a stubby shotgun, and more. It also has custom character skins, special classes, and some real tough as nails bots.

You can check out the IP in the server group there and in the stream chat. Be sure to join the group for updates, discussion, and feedback on the server.

As always, I’ll be happy to answer any questions in the stream about Insurgency. Gypsy will also be with me to answer any questions and take feedback on the server. ːsecurityː
Community Announcements - Mikee

UPDATE 7/27: We're releasing another hotfix which resolves issues with the grenades, the radio background noise in VOIP, and adds an additional FOV option. You can look at the hotfix changes below:

Hotfix July 27th, 2015 Changelist

  • Fixed overlapping audio options for non-english localizations.
  • Fixed radio background noise and blip playing while the radio filter is disabled.
  • Fixed grenade gravity amount.
  • Added cvar cl_ads_weapon_fov_scale for controlling the size of the weapon while aiming down sights.
  • Fixed pvp_sustained playlist so that it does not force a mapcycle.
  • Updated Polish and Ukrainian localizations.
  • Fixed missing caps on player models in the training mission and Classic Coop.

UPDATE: We've just released a small hotfix that fixes sv_downloadurl, hollow heads in the competitive theater, M249 deploy height, and AKM being incorrectly referred to as a "battle rifle" in the kit menu.

We are releasing an update to the game that adds a new VOIP radio filter, changes to Hardcore and Elite Coop playlists, new animations, gameplay tweaks, bug fixes, and more. Full changelist can be found below.

Update July 26th, 2015 Changelist

  • Added a radio filter for ingame VOIP, which can be toggled on and off in Audio Options.
  • Added option to disable HTML MOTDs in game settings, this prevents auto-playing video and audio MOTDs.

Map Changes
  • Heights & Station - Fixed the water causing issues with grenades and molotovs.
  • Market (Checkpoint) - Added cover at first spawn and some adjusted spawns.
  • Tell (Checkpoint) - Clipped problem area and adjusted several spawns.
  • Peak - Fixed an invisible wall in the center area.
  • Verticality - Enabled collisions for all jug props and removed the ones that would block the player.
  • Uprising - Fixed a few potential exploits and other minor bugs.
  • Station - Fixed an invisible wall.
  • Buhriz - Fixed minor graphical issues.
  • Sinjar - Fixed roof exploits and other minor bugs.
  • Market - Fixed player not able to block B Firefight when backing into the doorway.
  • Siege bug fixes:
    • Fixed Security able to access D Push before previous points are captured.
    • Fixed a small hole in the restricted area at the exit of INS Spawn.
    • Moved cache D Push a tad to protect it more from AT4 distance shots.

Gameplay Changes
  • In Hardcore Coop, Insurgent opponents are armed with paramilitary equipment, including heavy armor, AK74 with AP rounds, and incendiary grenades.
  • In Elite Coop, Insurgent opponents are armed with less sophisticated equipment, including AKM, Mosin rifles, MP40’s, and molotov cocktails.
  • Made tweaks to Outpost mode:
    • Cache health now resets on wave start.
    • Implemented VO for AI damaging the cache.
  • Reduced cost of Hollow Point ammunition by two supply.
  • You can now hear other players reload and crawl.
  • Grenade projectiles now deal direct impact damage if they come in contact with an enemy.
  • Reduced the bounciness of grenades.
  • Increased holster animation speed for all primary weapons except the M249, RPK, RPG and AT4.
  • Changed baseball slide animation to a slide on the knees.
  • Added the ability to lean with the RPG, AT4 and Knives.
  • You can now pick up a weapon from the ground if you are carrying the same type of weapon (eg. swapping an AKM for another AKM).
  • Added audio fade out during the death to spectator transition.
  • Leaning to the left while standing no longer exposes your leg so much and your character's head is at the same level as your view in first person.
  • Sliding now keeps you crouched if you used the toggle crouch key.
  • The size of the weapon is now kept consistent regardless of cl_ads_fov_scale setting.

Visual Improvements
  • New first person ready animations for the M16, M4A1 and MK18.
  • C79 optic is more aligned with the center of your screen on the M16/M4 and M14.
  • 7x Scope has been centered and moved closer to the screen on the M14.
  • M249 handle no longer moves during animations.
  • Laser and flashlight attachment on the M4 now mounts on the side instead of underneath so there are no clipping issues with the M203.
  • New third person reload, sprinting, crawling, leaning and firing animations.
  • World model of the M249 has moving parts during the reloads.
  • Bipods now deploy on world models.
  • The Security team’s holstered primaries hang in front of their character, simulating a three-point sling, while longer weapons hang over their shoulder, such as the FAL, L1A1, M14, M40, Mosin, SKS & RPK.
  • Insurgent team’s primary weapons holster on the left shoulder, or on their back when not wearing a backpack.
  • Both teams holster the RPG and AT4 on the right shoulder.
  • Added helmets to most Security team classes in coop.
  • Added helmets to most Insurgents in Hardcore Coop playlist.

UX Improvements
  • Updated Ukrainian and Polish translations (thanks to [UA] Nick919 and Kamil Stankiewicz)
  • Fixed scrolling on Workshop subscriptions list in-game.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed various achievements not properly being triggered.
  • Fixed weapon world model collisions.
  • Weapons are no longer dropped in spawn zones. This was being abused by players suiciding at the start of the round to give their teammates weapons.
  • Fixed exploit used to see through walls with the knife.
  • Fixed bots flashbang responses not triggering properly.
  • Fixed bots in Occupy.
  • Changed Outpost HQ voice over at game start.
  • Fixed an exploit where using the knife could allow you to penetrate walls.
  • Fixed explosion crash for users in 5.1/7.1.
  • Fixed directional audio for proximity squad voices.
  • Local DSP effects are now correctly applied to proximity squad voice.
  • Fixed smoke grenades not always blocking line of sight for AI.
  • Fixed multiple engine exploits (thanks to Nathaniel Theis).
  • Fixed AI rarely talking in cooperative games.
  • Fixed an orientation issue with the M249 muzzle flash. A dirt particle associated with it would be shooting up in the air instead of forward. It was also affecting tracer round effects.

  • Switched over to the ISteamUGC API for managing Workshop content. This allows for addons of any file size and uploaders are no longer bound by a quota.
  • Uploading a map to Workshop no longer modifies the map file. The upload process will still automatically find overviews, loading background and map voting image but will no longer embed them in the BSP.
  • Unified the uploader for VPK addons and maps.
  • Added “Playlist” category to in-game uploader.
  • Theater scripts now load several of the sound scripts rather than having it in the game_sounds_manifest.txt, this allows theater mods to easily override most of the in-game audio.
  • M4 and M16 carry handle model are no longer shared between both weapons. M4 uses the “a_carryhandle_m4” model & the M16 uses the “a_carryhandle_m16” model. They also use their own diffuse textures respectively.
  • Added 3rd person model attachment system that can be used to add bonemerged model to a player model. This can also be used to create fallbacks when a gear item is not equipped (“fallback_for_slot”).
  • New attachment points have been created on player models to determine where they are placed when holstered.
  • Added several input and output events to the ins_rulesproxy entity.
  • Added Start Breakable flag to prop_door_rotating. This allows for L4D2/CSGO style destructible doors.

Thanks! Have fun! ːsecurityː
Community Announcements - Argyll

We are livestreaming today, Saturday July 25th, at 3:00 pm EST in a group stream with Insurgency fans from the tech industry. You can tune in to the livestream here.

Our guests today will be Kyle from the AwesomeSauce Network and Ed Crisler from Sapphire Technology. Both channels are computer hardware as well as gaming focused, and have already heard of Insurgency. While Kyle is a little more familiar, we’ll be showing Ed the ropes, and may be joined by a couple other guests as well. Special thanks to one of our dedicated players and beta testers Cellprocessing for helping us put this whole thing together and for playing with us today. Everyone is welcome to join us ingame, server IPs will be given out in the stream chat.

As always, I’ll be happy to answer any questions in the stream about Insurgency. :security:
Community Announcements - Mikee
We are livestreaming today, Saturday July 18th, at 3:00 pm EST with modmaker and former team member ZenPhire, creator of Bullet Time and other mods which can be found on his BULLET TIME + BRUTAL BOTS server here: You can tune in to the livestream here.

We’ve played a bit of the Bullet Time mod on a couple occasions during different streams. This mod basically adds extra brutal modded bots and a triggerable slow motion power up that the player can use for himself and his team. I’ve been meaning to sit down with ZenPhire for a while to discuss his mods. We’ll also be checking out a Guerilla mod he created which pits Insurgent players with limited loadouts against Security bots, and we’ll talk a little bit about some cool stuff he has planned for the future.

As always, I’ll be happy to answer any questions in the stream about Insurgency. ːsecurityː
Community Announcements - Mikee
We are livestreaming today, Saturday July 11th, at 3:00 pm EST with level designer and artist Drew Fletcher (..oxy..), creator of Gizab. You can tune in here.

Gizab features PvP modes Skirmish, Occupy, Firefight, and Checkpoint for Coop. It has custom models, textures, and soundscape. The layout is mirrored, and features a Mosque (complete with a call to prayer which plays occasionally), underground tunnels, tight alleyways, and more. It’s both visually impressive, with some tight gameplay.

Drew will be joining me on the stream to take us through his map. We’ll talk a bit about the level design process and some of the challenges he faced with such an ambitious project.

As always, I’ll be happy to answer any questions in the stream about Insurgency, and Drew will be happy to take any questions, criticism, or feedback on Gizab. ːsecurityː
Community Announcements - Mikee
We are livestreaming today, Saturday July 4th, at 3:00 pm EST with Gaming Illuminaughty. You can tune in here.

The guys at GamingIlluminaughty did an interview with us at E3. As you can see from the interview, they’re big fans of Insurgency already, so we decided to meet up and do a stream together. You can check out their content on their Youtube pages here and here.

Also, there’s a sale going on now at BundleStars where you can buy Insurgency for just $4.99 at 67% off for the weekend.

As always, I’ll be happy to answer any questions in the stream about Insurgency. ːsecurityː
Community Announcements - Mikee
We are livestreaming today, Saturday June 27th, at 3:00 pm EST with the SOCOM: Insurgency mod for Insurgency. Tune in and watch us here.

Today we’ll be checking out the SOCOM mod for Insurgency. I’ll be playing with the mod’s founder, redline, and talking shop about what they have planned throughout SOCOM: Insurgency’s development. We’ll be checking out classic SOCOM maps like Nightstalker, Desert Glory, and Crossroads. We’ll also play on a few regular Insurgency maps.

You can download the mod here on the Workshop and use its included custom playlist to find a server (it will show up underneath the official playlists in the play menu). Be sure to join up on the official Socom Source Steam group and website to stay up to date on events.

As always, we’ll be happy to answer any questions in the stream about Insurgency or the SOCOM: Insurgency mod. ːsecurityː
Community Announcements - Mikee

On Sunday, June 21st the ESL is hosting its seventh community cup. Play will consist of 5v5 Firefight and every team, especially Summer Sale Purchasers, are welcome. Sign up to play here for this event. You don’t need to be European team to participate, but be aware that matches will be at EU friendly times and on EU servers. ESL hosts their community cups every week, and have more events, leagues, and ladders planned for the future. To stay up to date, be sure to join the Official ESL Steam group. And if you are a player without a team or just curious about the scene, the Insurgency pick-up games Steam group is an excellent way to meet new players. The competitive community does pugs almost every evening, so watch for events posted and join up in the Teamspeak at the following IP: Feel free to speak to anyone with red sergeant stripes or a blue Bromance clan crest to get started. You can also check out the WTFN community pick-up games at their Steam group here.

Insurgency ANZ, a competitive league composed of Oceanic Insurgency members, is currently hosting its third season of play with CyberGamer. Teams are competing in a 5v5 Firefight competition to prove they deserve to be first in Australia and New Zealand. A fourth season is also in the works, as well as State Championships to be undertaken between seasons. If you’re from Down Under, or a proud Kiwi, sign up on CyberGamer and register/join a team on the ladder here. Also check out Insurgency ANZ's official website and say hello on the community Teamspeak server by connecting to the following IP:

If you aren't eligible for the Insurgency ANZ competitive scene, there are still plenty of Oceanic based public Coop and PVP servers to join, as well as the InsurgenZ zombie mod (by Mike Hawk) and a new mod still in alpha testing heavily inspired by the classic Half Life 2 mod The Hidden. In it, a team of survivors are attacked by ghostly specters armed with their own special abilities. Find out more about what Insurgency ANZ offers and check out those servers on the server list here.

The Digital Gaming League hosts Insurgency competitive matches and events for players around the world. On June 27th at 12:00 PM EST, the DGL will be hosting its very first 5v5 Firefight International Draft Tournament. Everyone is welcome and can sign up here. Teams will be picked about a week before the event. You DO NOT need a team to sign up. Team captains will choose from the player pool and then contact those players. The DGL’s Europe and North American 5v5 Firefight Seasons will be beginning the week of July 6th, so sign up now on Please add DGL administrators Link or [FgC]Torix for more info.
Community Announcements - Mikee
UPDATE: We've put out a small update today (about 30 mb) that fixes some issues people were having with the game hanging on startup. It is clientside, so servers will not need to be restarted.

We are livestreaming today, Saturday June 13th, at 3:30 pm EST with actor Thomas Middleditch, best known for his lead role as Richard Hendricks on HBO’s Silicon Valley. Tune in and watch us play content from our new update here.

Middleditch is also known for his work in The Wolf of Wall Street, Jake and Amir, and Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero. He’s acted and written for various other movies and series.

Thomas Middleditch (middle) with the rest of the cast of Silicon Valley

It turns out that Thomas is a big time gamer and even streams regularly on Twitch. And he loves Insurgency. So we’re going to check out our new game modes Outpost, Strike, Elimination, and some other cool stuff as well.

As always, I’ll be happy to answer any questions in the stream about Insurgency. ːsecurityː
Community Announcements - JBlum
We released an update for the game that adds new Coop and Multiplayer game modes, new animations, a new playlist system, gameplay changes, various optimizations and fixes. You can see the full changelist here in this announcement. This update might also cause some Workshop mods to be incompatible. Players, please unsubscribe and report incompatible mods in the meantime until the authors have time to fix them. Mod authors, please find out how to fix them at the end of this announcement.

In this update we introduce two new modes to the game and a redesign of an existing mode. New to our cooperative modes is Outpost, where players must defend a weapon cache from being destroyed by enemy Insurgents.

For Multiplayer modes, we added Elimination and a new version of Strike. Elimination is a one-life attack and defend mode, with one team attempting to destroy one of two enemy caches on the map.

Strike has been completely overhauled to become a sustained combat mode similar to Push. Both teams have several waves of reinforcements, while the attackers attempt to destroy three enemy weapon caches to win. The attackers gain more waves and time for each cache they destroy.

A new playlist system features official playlists as well as the ability for mod authors to create custom playlists and upload them to the Workshop. This will make it more effective for players to find the sort of experience they favor from Insurgency - whether that is the high tension of one-life modes, or the recurring epic battles of Push, or the very popular cooperative play.

The official playlists are:

Sustained Combat - Prolonged battles with lots of reinforcement waves for each team
Tactical Operations - Intense encounters where reinforcements are sparse or non-existent
Classic Coop - Coop as it was before this update
Elite Coop - More realistic and tactical
Hardcore Coop - More weapons and supply
Competitive Matches - 5vs5 Firefight

Multiplayer playlists are designed to bring similar modes within each. The new Strike mode is in the Sustained Combat playlist, as it has multiple reinforcement waves and longer rounds. Also included are Occupy, Skirmish, and Push.

Elimination is in the Tactical Operations playlist, as it is designed for a slower pace that tactical shooter fans crave. Ambush and Firefight also can be found as Tactical Operations.
We plan on playtesting and optimizing Elimination and Ambush as 5v5 competitive modes for our Competitive Matches playlist. For now, Competitive is 5v5 Firefight.

We’ll be testing these modes for different map configurations and general balance with the community, so please, join us in our regular beta tests by joining the Beta Branch Bunch and the Official Insurgency Community Group on Steam. We post Event updates whenever we test. You can find out how to download the beta version of the game here.

Workshop creators be advised: Because of changes made to animations, multiple Workshop weapon model replacements will be broken or not working properly. Textures should be fine. Please check your submissions and update your items according to the changes. We apologize for the inconvenience. These changes allow for easier modification of weapon models and animations. A guide on fixing weapon remodels can be found here.

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