Community Announcements - Mikee

We are livestreaming today, Saturday February 13th, at 3:00 pm EST with YouTuber TheRA1DER. You can tune in here.

TheRA1DER has been playing Insurgency for a while now, and has made multiple videos featuring new content, tips, and even naming us the best FPS from 2014. We actually streamed with him before one year ago. We’ll be playing our new official WWII mod Day of Infamy, which is now compatible with the live branch.

As always, we’ll be happy to answer any questions in the stream about Insurgency.
Community Announcements - Mikee

We are livestreaming today, Saturday February 6th, at 3:00 pm EST with server host “50” and his custom Ambush map server. You can tune in here.

We’ve been playing a lot of Day of Infamy the past couple weeks, but this week we’ll be getting back to some regular Insurgency. 50 is a member of the NOiCE community which hosts several servers on Insurgency. Today we will be playing on their Ambush server on custom maps like Takbar, Fortress, POW raid, and more. The server on which we will be playing is as follows:

[US] NOiCE | Ambush Only w/ Custom Maps | 128 Tick (IP:

Other NOiCE servers and game modes can be found at the following IPs:

[US] NOiCE | Competitive Firefight | 128 Tick (IP:
[EU] NOiCE | Ambush Only w/ Custom Maps | 128 Tick (IP:
[EU] NOiCE | Push Only w/ Custom Maps | 128 Tick (IP:
[EU] NOiCE | Competitive Firefight | 128 Tick (IP:

As always, we’ll be happy to answer any questions in the stream about Insurgency.
Rock, Paper, Shotgun - (Alice O'Connor)

Modern-day military FPS Insurgency [official site] now has a World War 2 military FPS lurking inside it, like a matryoshka doll made from bullets. Insurgency developers New World Interactive built the foundations of mod Day of Infamy themselves but have opened it up to players to expand it. Yes, obviously it is inspired by Day of Defeat. Infamy required a beta client when it first launched in mid-January, but as of a few days ago it’s compatible with the game’s main branch for everyone to easily play.

… [visit site to read more]

PC Gamer

FPS fans have been clamouring to relive the horrors of World War 2 since about the second Modern Warfare, and that sentiment has been growing with each near-future shooter pumped out by EA and Activision. New World Interactive, developer of squad firefight sim Insurgency, has been paying attention: in collaboration with the modding community, it has officially released Day of Infamy, a WW2 total conversion.

I say 'officially' because it's been cooking for a while but can now be played without opting into the Insurgency beta build—the community isn't nearly done with it. Despite a five-star rating on the Steam Workshop, the Day of Infamy roadmap lists a raft of tweaks, retextures, vehicles and other assets to be added, all crowdsourced from Insurgency modders. Submissions remain open, too, so if you've got a bit of talent and a passion for the hardware and battlegrounds of the second world war, offer up your goods via GitHub.

This update implements the first community map, Landfall by Chief-C, in addition to prettifying a German grenade an no longer referring to combatants as 'Security' and 'Insurgents'.

It's a colossal project, mercifully available in one package on the Steam Workshop, and offers a huge amount of extra dev-approved value to Insurgency owners. Leif did our review—there aren't many games that reward teamwork better.

Community Announcements - Mikee

We are livestreaming today, Saturday January 30th, at 3:00 pm EST with YouTuber sp00nerism. You can tune in here.

Sp00nerism has been a long time fan of Insurgency and has played it since Early Access. We’ve streamed with him before back in May. We’ll be checking out our new official WWII mod Day of Infamy, which is now compatible with the live branch.

As always, we’ll be happy to answer any questions in the stream about Insurgency.
Community Announcements - Argyll
With the release of the Insurgency update today, we are pleased to announce that our community mod project, Day of Infamy, is compatible with the default version of the game and will no longer require players to opt into the beta branch. The mod itself remains in a 'beta' status as it continues to be improved upon. The change log for the update can be viewed at the bottom of this post.

Day of Infamy (“DoI”) is an open-ended World War II total conversion for Insurgency, founded by New World Interactive and expanded upon by Insurgency’s modding community. You can find out more details on the NWI Wiki.

Landfall by Chief-C

DoI was revealed via our Twitch livestream only ten days ago. Since release, the mod has over 60,000 subscribers and numerous community members have already begun creating new maps, weapons, and other content for the mod. The mod’s first community-made map - Landfall, created by Chief-C - is being added to the mod with today’s update.

We have been overwhelmed by the surge of popularity from the launch, and are very excited about the future for Day of Infamy. With the mod being available to a larger audience, we have created the infrastructure that allows modders contributing to the project.

How to Play:
  • To play the mod, simply subscribe to the mod and its maps on Workshop.
    (With the latest update to Insurgency, the beta branch is no longer required)
  • In the Cooperative or Multiplayer menus, select the Day of Infamy playlist to see a list of dedicated servers running the mod. Click a server to expand the view and click the button to join!
How to Contribute:
  • Check out the Roadmap and Official Forums to see progress on the mod. Determine what has already been created, is in progress, and what needs to be made.
  • Once you have a map, weapon, character, or something else ready for submission, you can submit it into the official DOI GitHub here.

Update Changelist - Jan. 27, 2016

New Gameplay
  • New map: Landfall
  • Expanded Multiplayer:
    • Landfall: Invasion, Push, Skirmish, Occupy and Firefight
  • Expanded Cooperative
    • Bastogne (Day and Night): Outpost, Conquer
    • Landfall: Checkpoint, Conquer

New Weapon Content
  • New 30 and 50 round extended magazine upgrades for Thompson M1928A1. The weapon now defaults to a 20 round box magazine. Drum magazine is restricted to Officer and Support classes.
  • New foregrip attachment for the Thompson M1928A1.
  • New Stielhandgranate model and animations.
User Experience Improvements
  • Created voting images for maps.
  • Team chat will now properly denote teams as “American Army” or “German Army” instead of “Security” and “Insurgents”.
Map Changes
  • Bastogne:
    • Added truck at A push to provide German forces with a bit more protection
      when approaching the objective.
    • Added a few more bushes throughout the map for cover.
    • Improved fog transition from playable level to 3dskybox.
    • Replaced some dev textures that were visible for the player.
    • Players can no longer hide inside the back of a convoy truck.
  • Dog Red:
    • Improved cover by the right flank up the hill.
    • Improved the right path leading to the rear bunker.
    • Optimized performance past the road.
    • Added new particle effects in various areas.
    • Modified beach bunker floors to force German team to stay close to the edge.
    • Fixed other miscellaneous issues.
Community Credits
  • Landfall map created by Chief-C.
  • Stielhandgranate art created by TKAzA.
Community Announcements - Argyll
Insurgency updated today to include redesigned Coop and Multiplayer server browser menus, various features for mod support, bug fixes and polish to several maps. Full change list is below:

Jan 29 Hotfix:
We released a small hotfix to resolve the following issues:
  • Added quick connect button to the coop and multiplayer sections which mimics the old matchmaking behavior.
  • Fixed bug where you couldn’t fire weapon in water.
  • Fixed inconsistent playlist styling in the solo menu.
  • Fixed incorrect ordering of third-party playlists in the solo menu.
  • Fixed playlist minimum player filter defaulting to 1.
  • Fixed incorrect game modes appearing in the “custom” playlist.

  • Redesigned Cooperative and Multiplayer menus:
    • Filter results displayed as a server browser list
    • Servers can now be filtered by mod support (sv_pure value) and official status (include/exclude official servers).
    • Note: quick connect to servers functionality temporarily removed until next patch.
  • Ragdolls will spawn blood decals on surfaces behind them when shot.
  • Added “Cold World” support which allows winter maps to emit a cold breath particle from players’ mouths. This may be enabled in a level by toggling the setting on in Map Properties.
Modding Features and Improvements
  • Hammer:
    • Fixed crash when using the arrow keys to navigate the model browser.
    • Automatically transfer focus to map view if previous focus window was also a map view which is consistent with the focus behavior in Valve’s original implementation. This behavior can be reverted in the options menu.
  • Added outputs to ins_rulesproxy entity:
    • “OnWaveDeployedTeamOne” - fired when the Security team respawns as the result of a reinforcement wave.
    • “OnWaveDeployedTeamTwo” - fired when the Insurgent team respawns as the result of a reinforcement wave.
    • “OnRapidDeploymentTeamOne” - fired when the Security team is reinforced as the result of an objective capture.
    • “OnRapidDeploymentTeamTwo” - fired when the Insurgent team is reinforced as the result of an objective capture.
    • “OnRoundReset” is now a string output which contains the name of the gamemode being played.
  • Added “Destructible Object” entity which can be hooked up to map scripts as alternative destructible objects instead of a weapon cache. The destructible object defaults to a radio which may be shot and has 100 health, but may be configured to be whatever object a modder wants it to be and contain the appropriate amount of health. Here is how a modder would change the object’s visuals in the map script:
    • “CustomModelPathHealthy” allows for a custom model path (e.g. "models/static_props/ins_radio.mdl").
    • "CustomModelPathDestroyed" allows for a custom destroyed model path (e.g. "models/static_props/ins_radio_burned.mdl").
  • Added AE_VM_GLOBALSOUND animation event to view models which will trigger sounds to other players on the server. Used for the M1 Garand ping in Day of Infamy.
  • Renamed “ins_explosion” to “env_explosion_ins” as this is more compatible with the Source round reset system.
  • Theaters:
    • Particle precache feature in theaters now works as intended.
    • Added “rifle_clip” act table for weapons for stripper clip loaded weapons.
  • Added new Invasion game mode for Day of Infamy.
  • Added support for bayonets as a weapon attachment upgrade. See Day of Infamy’s implementation for more info.
  • In addition to “draw_speed” and “holster_speed” modifiers for a weapon upgrade in the theater scripts, we have added “draw_speed_next_weapon” and “holster_speed_prev_weapon” modifiers as well, particularly to support the sling upgrade in Day of Infamy.
  • Playlist file changes (see example.playlist for examples):
    • Added “show_passworded_servers” to filters, allows for passworded servers to appear for your playlist in the new server browser.
    • Added “mod_support” to filters, enables a “mod support” checkbox to filter results by sv_pure status.
    • Added “localization” block, any localization files defined in here are loaded in the menu, this is deal for localized strings such as playlist name/descriptions, map names and gamemode names.
  • Fixed tags list not showing up sometimes when uploading a file to Workshop.
  • Soundscapes will now be added to map uploads on Workshop.
  • Map images are now located in “materials/vgui/maps”, map images require two versions and will fall back to “materials/vgui/endroundlobby/maps” for backwards compatibility
    • <mapname>_large - 1024x512 image used for banners
    • <mapname>_small - 256x128 image used for thumbnails
  • Weapon stock attachments now use a custom stock attachment point on the weapon instead of drawing a line to the foregrip in the Kit UI.
  • Player animations have been broken up into multiple animation models instead of a single one, so custom player models will need to be recompiled in order for animations to work.
  • The RPG and AT4 will display correctly in the Kit menu if set to a primary weapon.
Stability Improvements
  • Merged in some improved DoS protection from Orange Box.
Bug Fixes
  • Players can no longer plant C4 on walls inside restricted areas.
  • Fixed particle FX not being affected by fog.
  • Fixed sprinkler sounds doubling up.
  • Fixed sv_playlist not working correctly from Workshop mods on dedicated servers. sv_playlist can now be set on the command line and all Workshop playlists will be available to be set manually using the sv_playlist cvar.
  • Fixed downloading multiple Workshop mods simultaneously at server startup.
  • Connection failures now return you to the previous menu rather than the news screen.
Gameplay Improvements
  • Enemy AI in Survival becomes even more challenging as players progress.
  • Players can now prone in shallow water.
  • Adjusted the falloff of the prone crawling sound so it’s not as loud.
  • ANM-14 incendiary grenade now has its own bounce sound instead of using the M67 one.
  • Shotgun pumping is now more consistent while aiming down sights or hip firing. Equipping a foregrip also increases the speed of the pumping slightly.
Map Changes
  • Heights
    • Art updates.
    • Small clipping pass.
    • Fixed some small issues throughout the map.
  • Market
    • Clipping pass.
    • Fixed some exploits.
    • Smoothed some movement.
  • Ministry
    • Art updates
    • Fixed some small issues throughout the map.
  • Revolt
    • Fixed restricted zone for A Push SEC.
  • Siege
    • Fixed some clipping issues.
    • Clipped all stairs.
  • Buhriz
    • Fixed some clipping issues.
    • Clipped all stairs.
  • Kandagal
    • Fixed some clipping issues.
Community Announcements - Mikee

For players looking to become more involved with Insurgency’s competitive scene, be sure to check out the ESL Insurgency Community Cups every Sunday. They are open to any team to participate - just sign up, check in, and play! Full information here.

There will also be Community Cups for Beginners. These events are for new teams only and will be hosted two times per month. If you have a fresh team and want to check out the competitive side of Insurgency, this is your way to step in. ESL will host the second Beginners Cup on February 7th.

Players that do not have a team yet should give ESL Versus, the ranked matchmaking of ESL, a go or try out Pick-up Games. Simply join the ESL Insurgency Steamgroup or hop on ESL Insurgency Teamspeak ( to get more information.

You can also check out the playoffs of the season which will be continuing until mid February. Note that ESL Insurgency is introducing ESL Anticheat to the scene, which will be mandatory for all ESL Insurgency Events from now on.

The Digital Gaming League hosts Insurgency competitive seasons for the world! On February 2nd, the EU and NA seasons for DGL will begin. Please contact cF.Solusvod for more info. If you are a free agent be sure to subscribe to the DGL steam group and join in the daily pick up games here. Pick up games are organized 5v5 Firefight matches where players meet and communicate in Teamspeak. Teamspeak info is on the DGL website, reddit, and the steam group. Sign up now on http:// Please add Link or FgC.Torix for NA info, cF.Solusvod for Aus/NZ info, and bro.ScrubAmtiskaw for EU info.

Insurgency ANZ is undergoing a change and branching out to reach a wider audience. With this comes the founding of the Pacific Gaming League [PGL], which is currently awaiting signups for the Oceania Newbloods Tournament (5v5 FireFight), which will be held on the 13th/14th of February. This is a competition exclusive to new players and teams in the Oceania region. You can sign up at For more information on Insurgency in Oceania, join the Steam Group and visit us on Facebook. Pacific Gaming League has a lot in the works and when more details are due for release, you will be able to find out first, by joining our Facebook Group. Our new website is in the works, but our TeamSpeak is always open to the public: (
Community Announcements - Mikee

We are livestreaming today, Saturday January 23rd, at 3:00 pm EST with CEO and Game Director Jeremy Blum and Creative Director Andrew Spearin. You can tune in here.

Insurgency launched two years ago on January 22nd, and to celebrate I will be interviewing Andrew and Jeremy about Insurgency’s origins and the future of this game. We’ll talk about how the two of them met and started in game development, the path that Insurgency chose from being a Half-Life 2 mod to one of the first Steam Early Access titles, and continuing the growth as a successful independently published FPS game.

We’ll be answering questions that you posted in our forums. And as always we will have an open Q&A period at the end of the stream where you can ask any other questions you might have. Come on out and learn more about Insurgency and what’s to come!
Community Announcements - Argyll

Tune in to the official Insurgency Twitch channel at 3pm EST today to watch the gameplay reveal for Day of Infamy, our new community mod project. We will be joined by special guests LevelCap, Matimi0, DevilDogGamer, Shermanator, and Westie.

Day of Infamy marks a turning point for Insurgency’s development. It’s the manifestation of several years’ work creating a tactical shooter platform that can be modified into an entirely new era, while maintaining the core gameplay that Insurgency is renowned for,” explains creative director Andrew Spearin.

The current build of the free mod is available on Workshop and requires the beta branch of Insurgency to be enabled. A guide on how to opt into the beta is found here.

Two DoI maps also need to be subscribed to on Workshop, including the Normandy invasion with “Dog Red” and the Battle of the Bulge with “Bastogne”.

NWI CEO and game director Jeremy Blum along with creative director Andrew Spearin will be joining community manager Michael Tsarouhas to explain how this mod project will emerge with the help of the community in shaping its direction. We will also follow up with more detailed post outlining how you can become involved as a content creator.

“Not only is Insurgency a great platform for a gritty WWII game, but with such a vast global setting where so many factions and locations may be represented, it is the ideal platform for a community-created game,” says Jeremy Blum, who also was the founder of the original Red Orchestra mod. “Modders can create the factions and environments they wish to play in, and NWI will help ensure their work is integrated and accessible to the public.”

There are a few known issues with the mod, as some art work is placeholder or incomplete and a known crash to desktop.

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