Insurgency - New World

We're excited to share the first in a series of short videos about some of the upcoming new features and improvements being developed for Insurgency: Sandstorm.

This first video shows a work in progress mechanic where two player classes who coordinate together can call for 'Fire Support'. This can come in various forms such as helicopter minigun air support, which can be shot down.

Expect more Sandstorm videos, interviews and posts in the coming weeks as well as an announcement about of our closed alpha!

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Insurgency - New World

Greetings Insurgency fans!

We've been very quiet over the past few months busily working away on development of Insurgency: Sandstorm, the sequel to our award winning Insurgency franchise coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One next year!

As 2017 draws to a close we are excited to start sharing more progress with you and over the coming weeks will be producing a series of short videos and posts highlighting some of the exciting new features you can expect in Insurgency: Sandstorm next year, along with details on how to get involved with the closed-alpha in a few weeks’ time. Expect the first video Nov 30th at 6PM CET / Noon EST!

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Insurgency - New World

This week marked the 10th anniversary of the original Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat release on Steam! In honor of the mod that gave birth to Day of Infamy, Insurgency and Sandstorm, we're inviting a number of our team members that were involved in the original mod's development to join this week's livestream on Thursday October 26th @ Noon EST. We'll be discussing the history of the mod, the formation of New World and its influences on our other games!

Follow us on Twitch and turn on notifications if you need a reminder. Ask your questions via this Facebook, Twitter, or live on Twitch Thursday!
Insurgency - Argyll
If you love Insurgency, you must try our World War II standalone Day of Infamy for free this weekend on Steam. Inspired by the classic Half-Life mod Day of Defeat, we bring the intensity of Insurgency's gameplay to the WWII era. Feel like you're an extra on the set of an epic war film!

Begins Thursday October 12 and lasts until Monday October 16.
Insurgency - New World

Here's an overview of all the things that happened in the Day of Infamy and Insurgency community this week!

Shooting Range Reveal!
On this week's livestream, we revealed Day of Infamy's brand new Shooting Range training map:

As we get close to our upcoming Free Steam Weekend, we expect to get a lot of new Day of Infamy players that will be looking for tips to help them jump into the game. The Shooting range map is designed to give pointers to these players, but also give our experienced players a place to practice with each weapon and blow off a little steam.

On next week's livestream, we'll be playing a lot more new content! Stay tuned to our social media accounts for teases and join our livestream at our regular time: Thursday @ Noon EST!

Competitive Insurgency PUGs Saturday!

If you're looking for a little Insurgency competition, The Insurgency Gym is hosting their weekly pickup group event on Saturday that runs from 8:00pm CEST / 7:00pm BST / 2:30pm EST to 11:30 – 12:30 CEST / 10:30 – 11:30 BST / 5:30 – 6:30 EST.

If you've ever want to find out what it takes to be a competitive Insurgency player, this is your chance!

Video Highlights
AlabasterSlim shows off the power of the scoped M249!

New World game designer Michael Tsarouhas displays how you flush out machine gunners:

Our game designer Michael Tsarouhas and lead Day of Infamy Developer Christiaan Bakker place a small wager:

OperatorDrewSki talks about his love for Insurgency's Survival Co-op mode:

Here's Plutah's epic 20 kill-streak!

Competitive player and frequent Insurgency Gym participant Stuffed_Shark shows off his grenade arm!

The ending of the Insurgency Gym weekly pick-up tournament:

...Another pick-up tournament this Saturday!

If you want your video featured, just post it on Facebook or Twitter and tag us! We'll pick out the best ones each week!

Social Spotlight
We showed off the original blocked-out design for the new Shooting Range map and the final version for #Blocktober developer event:

Bl4ckxz shows us his gaming history:

If you want to be featured on our roundup or in our social accounts, just tag us when you post your content to social media! We pick out the best ones and publish them to the rest of the community!

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Weekly Livestream
Every Thurs @ Noon EST
Vods available on our YouTube Channel

Day of Infamy
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Insurgency & Sandstorm
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Insurgency - New World

Our games were built for and by our community. Your word of mouth has allowed Insurgency and Day of Infamy to grow and has given us the opportunity to develop the types of games that we have always wanted to play.

Multiplayer games are dependent on their communities to keep an active player-base going. Steam reviews are a huge part of how Steam features our game. We want to continue growing our community so that you have more great players to play with! If you've tried our games and have had a positive experience, we invite you to leave a review!:

Review Day of Infamy on Steam
Review Insurgency on Steam

If you've had tech issues the best thing to do is to file a support ticket on our support site. We'll try to follow up as quickly as possible.

If you have game suggestions, the best place to leave them is in the respective Steam discussions for Insurgency and Day of Infamy.

Thank you from everyone on the New World team! Expect more community members soon when Day of Infamy gets its own Steam free weekend and as we get closer to Insurgency: Sandstorm!
Insurgency - New World

On this week’s livestream, our Community Manager Michael Tsarouhas will welcome modmaker Rushin’ Russian as his special guest. They'll be playing Rushin's Army of Five co-op mod for Insurgency and will answer your questions live on Thursday August 24th @ Noon EST, so join in!

Army of Five is a co-op mod created by programmer Rushin’ Russian and artist Abhorrent_Anger. The mod features five distinct classes each with its own special weapons and abilities:

- Breacher: wields a fully-auto "hot knife through butter" shotgun
- Rifleman: sports two assault rifles and has a temporary godmode ability
- Scavenger: fast, armored, knife-rushing madman with a flashbang pistol
- Marksman: one-hit-kills enemies with his extremely precise rifle
- Grenadier: has a grenade launcher and a powerful revolver

Here’s some gameplay highlights from our stream last year.
To play the mod, subscribe to it on Workshop, restart the game, and access the Army of Five playlist in the Cooperative tab. And if you are interested in supporting the mod developers, please consider donating here.

Follow us on Twitch and turn on notifications if you need a reminder. Ask your questions via this Facebook, Twitter, or live on Twitch Thursday!
Insurgency - New World
We are releasing a hotfix today to address a couple issues following the previous patch.

Full changelist below:
  • Fixed bots not spawning after a coop server is emptied
  • Fixed bots not spawning in Solo mode
Insurgency - New World
We are releasing a small patch for Insurgency today that addresses a recently discovered Source engine exploit as well as an issue with bot spawning. Coop modes will now properly scale with multiple players.

Full changelist below:

  • Fixed RCE exploit relating to ragdolls
  • Fixed bot counts not scaling by player in all coop modes
  • Fixed issue where ingame news Twitch broadcasts would still play after joining a game or navigating to another menu

Thanks, and enjoy!
Insurgency - New World

Are you an Insurgency player that's looking for a little more competition? Well the folks at the gym may have you covered. They have been running a competitive community and are looking for more players to fill their ranks.

The Insurgency Gym is a competitive community, designed to welcome new players and grow the competitive scene while offering a place for veterans of the game to hone their skills and hangout with other players which has been running for half a year now!

Along with our daily competitive PUGs (Pick Up Games) we are bringing back PUG events to encourage the competitive growth of the community and provide a fun place for new players to learn about the game. The PUG events will mainly be taking place on Saturday and we'll keep you up-to-date with announcements if anything changes so make sure you join our steam group.

All players welcome! Our first and biggest rule is Don’t Be A Dick, and our only real requirements are a mic and the willingness to use it.

The Discord link is right below, so come check it out to see what the server looks like and what you can expect.

If you have any further questions, feel free to add admins Blade or HighHeedYin for more info.

So join in and get some practice. Then gather your friends together and enter..

The International Cup

The Gym is also hosting The International Gym Cup; a tournament on August 20th that will be hosting teams from across the globe. They're looking for teams and casters to fill out this event. Full details of the event are here. Please go support them.

Community Outreach

If you're an established league looking for visibility, please contact us and we'd be happy to highlight you here or on social media.

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