Nov 29, 2013
Community Announcements - Argyll
Insurgency is half price at $9.99 during the Steam Autumn Sale!

Tell your friends and let's get a boost that the community deserves!

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Community Announcements - Argyll
We hope everyone is enjoying the update so far! We have received a tremendous amount of positive feedback and support. Based upon that, we are releasing a hotfix today to address a few issues. (See list below)

Join us today, live on our channel at 12pm PST / 3pm EST / 8pm GMT for a Play With the Devs event demonstrating what's new in the game.

You can join us in game, or watch live on the homepage or our official channel! We will be giving away some Insurgency keys, so tell your friends who are interested and haven't got the game yet!

Nov 26 hotfix change list:
  • Rolled back Push to the way it was before Friday's update.
  • Security's weapon cache in Market is no longer sticking in the ground, preventing it from being destroyed.
  • Issue fixed in Heights Checkpoint (coop) where enemies would spawn behind you.
  • Issue fixed in Ministry Checkpoint (coop) where bots would try running through doors.
  • Updated Market Checkpoint (coop).
  • Fixed a player clip issue on Heights allowing players to get outside the map.
  • Updated AKM and MP5 recoil.
  • Removed duplicate AKS74U AP/HP entries in the scripts.
Community Announcements - Argyll
<img src="" style="width: 100%"/>

Happy Thanksgiving to our American fans! We are very thankful for our dedicated community, and especially your patience waiting for the next update... which we have for you today!

We begin the process of refining what we have built. This update introduces some significant game mode changes, co-op improvements, brand new weapon, recoil overhaul, squad and class structure tweaks, and a cornucopia of bug fixes.

<a href="">Click here for a detailed change list.</a>

I will use this space to explain a few of the changes with more depth.

<img src="" style="width: 100%"/>


AKS-74U - The very popular and requested weapon has finally arrived.

Recoil - We have implemented a system that makes your weapon feel like it has weight and reacts to gravity. Hard to describe - you have to feel it!

Supply points - At the end of the round the better players of the winning team are awarded with 3 supply, the worse players on the winning team as well as the best players on the losing team are awarded with 2 supply, and the worst players on the losing team are awarded with 1 supply.

<img src="" style="width: 100%"/>

Maps & Game modes:

Updates to Contact, Ministry, Market, Siege and Heights.

Co-op - AI behavior and the maps are vastly improved with this update. Checkpoint has destructible cache objectives, and when you are securing a capture zone, the AI will counter-attack. Be sure to play the improved District, Ministry, Siege, and Heights.

Skirmish - A weapons cache objective has been added for both teams (Objectives A and E respectively), while the middle three B, C, and D, can be secured in any sequence. Teams gain an extra reinforcement wave for every objective they secure, until their cache has been destroyed. At that point, only the remaining waves and instant reinforcement upon objective completion will keep their team in the game.

Firefight - Weapons cache objectives have also been added to this mode. The difference from Skirmish is that there are no additional reinforcement waves provided. Teams respawn only when they complete objectives.

Strike - The attack and defend weapons cache mode has a few changes. The attacking team has 5 locations they must clear to find caches, but only 3 have the objectives. For every cache that is destroyed, the attackers gain 1 reinforcement, the defenders lose 1 reinforcement, and there is 90 seconds added to the clock.

Search & Destroy - We changed this mode to have the identical objective layout as Strike, however there are no additional waves. It's kind of like the difference between Skirmish and Firefight. Teams only respawn when an objective is completed.

Push - The classic fan favourite remains relatively unchanged, although we are seeking the right balance of reinforcement waves to ensure the rounds last long enough to not feel frustratingly long or too short.

VIP - Received a new extraction zone icon. Otherwise, this mode is unchanged gameplay from last update. With only one life per round, it remains incredibly intense to play!

<img src="" style="width: 100%"/>

Squads & Classes:

There are now weapon limitations based upon your chosen class within a squad. This means Support for Security is the only class that can use the M249, etc.

Alpha squad is now 8 players, while Bravo and Charlie is 4. Remember, you can communicate using VOIP with your squad mates across the map, but use proximity comms with both friendly and enemy players.
Community Announcements - Argyll
We have released a small update today, changes below:
  • Fixed Linux Dedicated Server.
  • Updated District with new Insurgent spawn area.
  • Improved performance issues related to lighting/sprites in the garage in Ministry.
  • Updated Heights with some art improvements.
  • Updated Ministry Coop.
  • Added a couple of safety nets to a piece of code that was showing up in a bunch of random crashes (potentially fixing some crashes people are getting - needs testing).
  • Re-introduced sub-sonic bullet cracks.
  • Fixed nextlevel voting so it will properly change to the map/mode combination voted for.
  • Tweaked reinforcement times in Skirmish, Push and Strike to better promote teamwork.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause suppression to randomly happen when the bullet was no where near the player.
  • Improved and optimized Nextbot pathfinding.
  • Caches now disappear if they're inactive in Strike and S&D.
  • You can no longer detonate your C4 in a restricted area.
  • Downsized the reticule scale for the Eotech and Kobra sights.
  • Fixed bots not shooting you on Heights Outpost.
  • Fixed bots not finding you on Siege Outpost.
  • Updated Buhriz Outpost with some further away AI placement so you can actually defend the whole village now.
  • Defenders no longer get automatic defense kill bonuses in Outpost, VIP and S&D.
  • Tweaked the position of the game timer when there's no objectives to show.
  • Fixed the scoreboard player list spacing so that it properly displays all 32 players.
  • Objectives in Checkpoint now show appropriate destroy/capture labels underneath the icon.
  • Tweaked the size of destructible glass panes in breakable window surfaces.
Community Announcements - Argyll
Remember to join us at 1pm PST (4pm EST, 8pm GMT) on the official Insurgency channel -

We will be playing the new game modes with our special guests Sp00n, Diction, and GassyMexican. It should be tremendous fun!

We are releasing a small hot fix before the Twitch event today:

  • Fixed an infinite loop server crash related to the new chain reaction explosions.
  • Reverted new blood particle system until we discover what is causing it to lag (and potentially crash to desktop) when knifing someone.
  • Attacking/defending team roles shown under team name on scoreboard.
  • Adjusted map cycle so the map/mode combinations are less sporadic.
Oct 27, 2013
Community Announcements - [NWI]Jeremy
We have just released a new hot fix and posted the changelist on our forums.

Here's a snapshot of the changes:

- C4 and frag grenades can now be detonated by bullets or explosions. - Made team label colors on the scoreboard neutral so the red and blue no longer has anything to do with the team, just simply "hostile" vs. "enemy" player or objective. - Floating objective icons are now slightly smaller and their display behavior is reversed so you see them more if you are not looking at them. - Moved timer and active objective display to the bottom so everything is centralized on the bottom of the screen, you never have to look up anymore. - Fixed VIP on Contact. - Temporarily removed auto team switch after each round in Strike and Push until we work out a better solution that allows multiple rounds to be played before the teams are swapped. - May have fixed the bug that spawns people with their camera tilted if they were spectating a player who was leaning before spawning (needs testing).
Oct 25, 2013
Community Announcements - [NWI]Jeremy
Update October 25, 2013: We've got a fairly substantial update for you all today! You can see the changelist on our forums or you can read below for part of the changelist (the list is so big it exceeded the maximum character limit for this announcement):

Features -Added new "Strike" game mode which is a reinforcement based cache hunt mode, where one team must defend 4-5 weapon caches (depending on player count) against the other team, which must blow them all up before the round ends. Teams get unlimited reinforcements until there is only 1 cache remaining, at which point the defending team no longer has any reinforcements. Mode is supported by District, Heights, Market, Buhriz and Ministry. -Added new "Search and Destroy" game mode which is a single life mode with 1-2 weapon caches (depending on player count) where the attacking team must destroy one to win. Mode is supported by Contact, District, Heights, Market, Buhriz and Ministry. -Added C4 back into the game. C4 costs 4 supply and is the best way to destroy a weapons cache, although multiple frag grenades work too. You can get two C4s if you have a chest carrier. The Specialist role now has C4 by default. -New particle FX for explosions, muzzle flashes, car fires, smoke, impacts, and more. -New HUD elements implemented (e.g. relative team colors, objective icons and scoreboard). -Added new toggle Walk as the default walk in the game. If you preferred the old way of holding the Walk key down, you can change it back in Game Options. -Added the ability for destructible weapon caches to be used as objectives in Checkpoint and/or Push (currently this is only implemented in siege_coop on Checkpoint). Improvements -Visually updated maps: Heights, District and Market. -Greatly improved animation movement blending so players will now fully extend themselves when moving instead of appearing rigid like before. -Spectator reinforcement information is now a little bit more descriptive, depending on the game mode. No longer says "Waiting for reinforcements..." when there are no reinforcements left. -Improved the volume levels of footsteps. -Tweaked shotgun damage. -Kit selection now automatically comes up, and must be accepted before you can spawn for the first time (should be less confusing for new players). -Buying weapons, upgrades or gear won't give you the items as you buy them. Instead, it will give you the items when you close the menu (saves some bandwidth). -The VIP is now displayed as VIP in the kill feed. -The VIP can now see their teammates everywhere in the map. -In VIP and S&D your team receives a supply token if you win. -In VIP the escorting team now loses if time runs out. -Improved Coop bot count scaling based on how many people are playing. -Added console variable mp_coop_min_bots so the server can specify the minimum amount of bots on a server with 1 human player in Coop (it will scale up depending on what maxplayers is set to). -Improved Outpost mode so the bots find players better and the wave times are more appropriate. ... Bug Fixes -Fixed a major damage bug where players were being spawn protected for 30 seconds after they spawned, even if they left their spawn zone. Now players still get the spawn protection in certain modes, but it goes away as soon as they exit the spawn zone. -Fixed switch teams functionality (as well as mp_switchteamseachround) so it no longer crashes the server if there are a lot of players and team scores properly switch. -Fixed fall damage ...

C4 is back! Better be careful.. We will see ya on the servers!
Rock, Paper, Shotgun - (Rich Stanton)

The big question with any Insurgency – who’s it for? For ‘the people’, that nebulous concept underlying the promises of kings and tyrants? Against the foreign devil? Or is Insurgency for folk who find Counter-Strike too arcadey, ArmA too serious, and want something that’s a bit like Red Orchestra but is not Red Orchestra?

Eternal questions like this are addressed below.> (more…)

Community Announcements - Argyll
Check out this week's episode of Insurgency Fight Night, streaming live on our official channel starting NOW!

This week we are joined by Altair of community and will be playing some Insurgency on the beta branch of the game.

You can join in the test of a brand new cache destruction game mode - Strike - so flip the beta switch over and hop in combat!
Community Announcements - [NWI]Jeremy
See our forums for more information:

<a href=""></a>

- New Security VIP character.
- VIP now supported on Siege and Contact (fixed map script issues).
- Outpost gameplay and bot tweaks so the difficulty scales better.
- Fixed an exploit where players could lean while walking to be completely silent.
- Fixed some strange behavior in spawn protection calculation.
- Hunt now determines how many bots to spawn based on how many human players there are.
- New smoke grenade particle.
- Impact FX were tweaked so muzzle smoke is no longer over exaggerated.

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