Sep 11, 2013
Community Announcements - [NWI]Jeremy
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Community Announcements - [NWI]Jeremy
We have an update for you guys we've been working on. Here's the changelog:

  • New Content/Features
    • Updated Market, District, Ministry, Heights and Buhriz.
    • Added Contact_Coop, updated Market_Coop and District_Coop.
    • Updated ragdolls and Insurgent characters.
    • Added weight bar and slot names to the inventory UI.
    • Added optic upgrades for M249 and RPK.
    • Added +tacticalmap bind which is a hold bind for just the map on its own.
    • Mapcycle files can now specify a gamemode.
    • Added cvar mp_theater_override which allows you to override the theater that is loaded by the game. Useful for testing and custom server owners. Changing the value of this cvar adds a "customtheater" tag to your server and adds the name of the theater to the server tags.
  • Gameplay
    • Capturing with teammates increases the capture speed - the more teammates capturing the faster the capture.
    • Added Skirmish support to Heights and Buhriz.
    • Added new Battle gamerules where your team gets to move up if you own the middle point to allow for momentum to occur (Market and District currently supported).
    • Moving now unlocks you from bipod.
    • You can now toggle the bipod while reloading, also cancels the reload.
    • No longer able to fire a rocket while jumping.
    • If you still have remaining grenades, the grenade weapon will not be holstered as soon as you throw.
    • Tightened/improved the crashed UH-70 collision models, especially notable in Market and Uprising.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed crash in AddDefaultConfig.
    • Fixed issue with changelevel sometimes reverting to the default gamemode for a map.
    • Removed the flipsights attachment. M16/4 will just get a flipsight when no optic is attached.
    • Flashlights no longer turn off during iron sight transition or reloading.
    • Lasers and flashlights can no longer be on the same weapon.
    • Fully automatic weapons no longer constantly dry fire.
    • Flashbang effects should show in first person spectate now.
    • Added zpos properties to both controls on the weapon image control so hopefully OS X will display them in the right order.
  • Bot Improvements
    • Bots are now hooked up to our new response rules system, occasionally saying things based on what is going on.
    • Bots now attack and suppress in a more random, less repetitive frequency.
    • Bots now attack when investigating and their investigation behavior is a little less predictable.. they will sometimes hold back and observe instead of investigating each gunshot or friendly death.
    • Bot reaction time / attack delay is now based on distance.. so if they are further away, they will need to settle their aim for a little longer before attacking.
    • Improved bot footstep hearing functionality.. now you can sneak up on bots by being in crouched or iron sights (both is even better). Sprinting also allows them to hear you from further away.
    • Bots now check if a nav area has another bot or a static prop in it before proceeding.. reducing cases of clumping up and bots getting stuck.
    • Bots no longer spawn floating pistols when they die.
    • Improved capture functionality so bots don't stop and start staring at the ground so much.
    • The last two bots alive in Hunt will now find the closest human player and investigate instead of remaining idle waiting to be discovered.
    • Bots now attack and have some idea of where to go in PVP modes.
  • Misc. / Optimization
    • Added mat_scope_viewport_scale and mat_scope_render_quality to allow people to optimize their 3d scopes. Viewport scale scales the rendering viewport of the scope renderer and render quality controls the resolution of the scope render target. These settings can be modified in video settings.
    • Fixed sprint/crawl animations interrupting the pullback animation.
    • ...

For a complete changelog and additional information, check out the <a href="">official thread</a> on our forums.
Aug 30, 2013
Community Announcements - [NWI]Jeremy
We have a new update for you guys this weekend. Here's the changelog:

  • New Content
    • New and improved main menus.
    • Updated Market, District, Ministry and Buhriz_Coop.
    • Updated map overviews with grids.
  • Critical Fixes
    • Improved weight system to better differentiate between light and heavy with contrasting acceleration, sprint and slide speeds.
    • Improved damage model and hitboxes.
    • Improved LMG recoil in hipped and bipod modes.
    • Tweaked sway behavior while moving.
    • When you are awarded a supply token, it now pops up on the bottom of your screen and makes a sound (like it used to), to remind you that you've earned supply.
    • Fixed server CFGs so server admins can modify game cvars without the game mode overriding them.
    • Increased effectiveness of AP rounds.
    • Reduced OSX inventory bug where players could not see or select weapons/upgrades. [Note: This appears fixed for some and broken for others - hence "reduced" instead of "fixed". Please let us know if it works for you or not!]
  • Coop & Artificial Intelligence Improvements
    • Fixed hunt mode so bots now properly spawn throughout the map.
    • Added a "# Insurgents Remaining" counter to hunt mode.
    • Fixed supply gaining in coop. You now get a supply token every 2 kills.
    • Bots no longer sit there and stare at you when they should be attacking.
    • Bots now hear you if you try to sneak up on them without quietly walking.
    • Bots now investigate more intelligently.
    • When you are capturing a point in checkpoint, bots no longer sprint at you aimlessly - they are more methodical.
    • In coop you can now see friendlies no matter where they are in the map, even if they're not in your squad.
  • Misc. Improvements
    • Pressing escape can now close various ingame menus.
    • Increased Firefight game length from best of 5 to best of 7.
    • Increased Coop game length from best of 3 to best of 5.
    • Fixed wave count not being displayed pre-game.
    • New player animations for deployed bipod - player no longer looks like he's standing normally when in fact he's crouch deployed.
    • First person deployed animations are no longer really low on the screen.
    • Tweaked tracers so LMGs are the only weapons that use them.
    • Updated sniper rifle sounds.
    • Fixed an issue with the M4A1 silencer appearing to be floating.
    • Fixed RPK hollow point rounds from using AP round qualities.
    • Explosive sounds now use speed of sound rule.
    • Tweaked glass material so it's less transparent (sometimes people thought there was no glass there when in fact there was).
    • Added normal map details to a bunch of textures in the game that didn't have them before (you might notice some graphical improvements in some of the environments).
    • Added xbox 360 controller support.

For more information, please visit the post on our official forums.
Aug 28, 2013
Community Announcements - Argyll
<div style="text-align: center;"><img src="" /></div>

We have just released some Steam Trading Cards, backgrounds, and badges for Insurgency!

Be sure to play the game to receive a drop, trade some cards, and have fun collecting.

<div style="text-align: center;"><img src="" /></div>
Community Announcements - [NWI]Jeremy
Here is another major stability update:

  • Fixed many issues with cl_fullupdate. This should resolve crashes with alt+tabbing, demo recording and any other instances of the game calling cl_fullupdate.
  • Fixed coop so it now properly spawns all the bots in the game. Before it was only spawning a max of 16 bots (the maximum squad slots). This will make coop a lot more challenging and the way it was meant to be.
  • Added ability to use Insurgent weapons as Security in coop.
  • Tweaked damage for improved realism.

For more information visit the thread posted on our official forums.
Community Announcements - [NWI]Jeremy
New hot fix released to address crashes and some other things:
  • Fixed multiple client crashes.
  • Fixed a coop server crash related to nextbot.
  • Fixed an issue with viewport panels that caused certain UI panels to be tiny on some setups.
  • Tweaked bullet penetration values.
  • Tweaked M249 recoil.
  • Fixed an issue where player was always getting 2 RPGs, independent of what chest rig is being worn.
  • Fixed a bug where flashbang would disappear when you try using it unless you are using a chest_carrier.
  • Fixed bug with explosion_deafen_radius_factor not loading the correct value from the script.
  • Increased attachments limit from 64 to 256 as we reached the limit already.
  • Class template console warnings for upgrades give you some information.
  • Enabled extended minidump comments which includes modified cvars and a console log. This will help us debug crashes easier, especially ones that "appear" random.
Aug 23, 2013
Community Announcements - [NWI]Jeremy
We've released another hot fix with the following in it:

  • Fixed some font issues with the kit selection screen
  • Fixed squad VOIP so you can now communicate with squad members even if they're not in proximity of you.
  • Squad mates are now displayed as green on the overhead map.
  • New way of doing weapon sensitivities which will scale it down with FOV. Use cl_zoom_sensitivity (ADS) and cl_zoom_sensitivity_scope (4x/snipers) to adjust the scaling factor. These should also work in mouse options.
  • Fixed bug with map overview where it would resize in spectator.
  • Spectator UI now tells you when you are waiting for a wave rather than saying 0 seconds until respawn.
  • Disabled free aim while sprinting.
  • Shotguns now have laser sights and flash lights.
  • Tweaks to recoil on M249, M4A1, UMP45, MP5 and MP40.
  • In Bipod mode you now have less sway.
  • Increased recoil while moving.
  • Walking is now silent.
  • Mini-14 is now 20 rounds instead of 10.
  • RPG now costs 4 supply. In the future it will be one-time use and we will reduce the supply cost again.
  • New re-supply option in the kit selection screen allowing players to stock up on ammo. Especially useful in coop.
  • In coop, all players on your team will be shown on your HUD at all times, not just squad mates.
  • Adjusted movement speeds for reloading and moving in iron sight.
  • Dry fire resembles the weapon firemode a lot more.
  • "UPGRADES" label in inventory UI was slightly overlaying the add upgrade button.
  • Disabled the code that attempted to show the inventory menu on first spawn as it was causing some issues with a high ping.
  • Added newline at the end of "%gamemode% wave triggered" message and made the message developer client-side instead of networked.
  • Removed the checks that marked .theater files as unsafe to download.
  • Removed mp_decals cvar, will use entirely clientside r_decals value instead.

For more information please visit the thread on our official forums.
Aug 23, 2013
Community Announcements - [NWI]Jeremy
We just released a hot fix the addresses OSX issues and more. Here's the changelist:

  • Fixed inventory menu and other stability issues on OSX.
  • Fixed broken/corrupted UI materials (in overhead maps, player icons and kit selection) some people were getting.
  • Fixed Ministry_Coop.
  • LMG tweaks - increased RPK base recoil, reduced deployed bipod recoil slightly, FOV improvements.
  • Fixed stretching on RPG inventory material.
  • Fixed "Slugs" localization string in kit selection.

For more info check out the thread on our official forums.
Community Announcements - [NWI]Jeremy
We've just released a hot fix for the game with the following included:

<ul><li>Kit Selection can now be accessed in your spawn area by pressing +use (F) like it was in the Alpha.</li>
<li>Fixed RPK only having 6 shots - now has the full 75 ammo capacity.</li>
<li>Fixed a bug with single shot weapons (sniper rifles and shotguns) where going between stand and crouch would exit the bolt/pump sequence immediately.</li>
<li>Improved overhead maps with fixed transparency on player icons.</li>
<li>M249 no longer has two AP ammo options.</li>
<li>Reloading no longer slows you down so much.</li></ul>

For more information on changes to the game, check out <a href="">this thread</a> on our <a href="">official forums</a>.
Announcement - Valve
Today's Deal: Save 50% on INSURGENCY!*

INSURGENCY is leading an indie revival of the tactical shooter genre. Take to the streets for intense close quarters combat, where a team's survival depends upon securing crucial strongholds.

This game is highly competitive and unforgivingly lethal. It strikes a balance between one-life gameplay and prolonged action. This means no cross-hairs, realistic weapon damage, and careful maneuvering.

Realistic weapons handling and equipment load-outs combined with simple heads-up-display and user interface keep players immersed in the fight.

INSURGENCY'S game modes create a distinctive experience from other first-person-shooters. Capturing objectives prolongs the entire team's opportunity to achieve victory. Matches often become an epic tug of war as both teams struggle to gain control of objective areas. Multiplayer modes support up to 32 players, while Co-op modes support 6 players.

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