Community Announcements - Argyll
We are entering the final stages of testing for releasing a small update to Insurgency. This patch includes changes to animations, maps, optimizations, and various other fixes. Workshop content creators, please read the important note at the end of this announcement.

We’re having a playtest today at 5:00 pm EST (10:00 pm BST). Join the test and provide us feedback, and help get the update ready for release. For instructions on how to download the beta version of the game, check out the beta branch guide here. Anyone who owns the game can play and help us test, it’s as simple as “opting in” to the beta version of the game and downloading it through Steam. Once we’re done testing, you will need to switch branches again to play as normal.

There will be more tests in the coming days, as more bugs are fixed and content polished up, with many more tests as we further update the game. To stay up to date on all the testing we do, be sure to join the official Insurgency Steam group here, as well as the official beta branch testing Steam group here. We post events whenever we have beta tests, and we encourage you to post your thoughts and bug crashes in the beta branch testing Steam group discussion area.

Workshop content creators and anyone who uses Workshop content should be advised: because of various different animation updates included in this hotfix, many weapons will require readjustment. This will be apparent on the beta build of the game as well.
Community Announcements - Mikee
We are livestreaming today, Saturday May 23rd, at 3:00 pm EST with custom level designer Chief-C-OTF, creator of maps like Game Day, Tunnel Rats, and The Burbs. You can tune in here.

If you’ve ever played any of Insurgency’s custom Checkpoint maps, odds are you’ve come across some of Chief’s maps. His maps cover a variety of interesting settings and themes, including a jailhouse escape, a beachhead assault, and an assault on a missile silo.

Invasion, Chief’s latest map, features Security forces assaulting a beachside compound.

Launch Control, where we will hopefully prevent the Insurgents from launching this huge dangerous missile.

We’ll be checking out a selection of these maps and talking about the process Chief went through in conceptualizing and creating them. As always, I'll be happy to answer any questions in the stream about Insurgency. ːsecurityː
Community Announcements - Mikee
We are livestreaming today, Saturday May 16th, at 3:00 pm EST with Shane Viernum, also known as Kodeten, for Operation Supply Drop’s 8-Bit Salute event. Tune in to the stream here.

8-Bit Salute is the world’s largest weekend game-a-thon for troops and veterans. Join us and support Operation Supply Drop, a non-profit dedicated to getting video games to active duty troops who are deployed overseas, while connecting veterans here at home.

Insurgency has a number of veterans and active duty servicemen and women among its community. We’re happy to be a part of Operation Supply Drop’s mission. If you’re interested in helping American and NATO troops deployed all around the world by gifting them games, please consider donating at the Insurgency 8 Bit Salute page here.

Today we’ll be playing some PvP and talking about the charity. The server is open to whoever wants to join, and the IP will be in the stream chat. As always, I’ll be happy to answer any questions about Insurgency ːsecurityː
Community Announcements - Mikee
We are livestreaming today, Saturday May 9th, at 3:00 pm EST with Youtuber sp00nerism. You can tune in here.

sp00nerism has been playing Insurgency since it was in Early Access. A lot has changed since then, so today we’ll be discussing some of the content and changes there have been.

As always, I'll be happy to answer any questions in the stream about Insurgency. ːsecurityː
Community Announcements - Mikee
We are livestreaming today, Saturday May 2nd, at 3:00 pm EST playing a new zombie mod for Insurgency being worked on by Korean community member D.Freddo. You can tune in here.

D.Freddo’s Zombie Survival mod is unlike InsurgenZ. It plays on Insurgency’s coop mode Survival, where both Security and Insurgent players work together to survive waves of running zombies. It features new weapons, special monster types, and even new voice over.

Surviving Market.

If you’re interested in trying it out, we’ll be giving out the server IP in the Twitch stream. You can also check out D.Freddo’s Lua Steam group for other servers IP info. Feel free to join the group and stream to give Freddo feedback, the mod is still in development. As always, I’ll be happy to take any questions in the stream about Insurgency. ːsecurityː
Community Announcements - Mikee

Insurgency ANZ, an Oceanic league for competitive Insurgency, kicks off its third season of play on May 4th. The ladder will include teams from the old Oz Insurgency league as well as some new blood. Teams will again compete to be the best 5v5 Firefight team in Australia and New Zealand. If you’re from Down Under, or a proud Kiwi, sign up on CyberGamer and register/join a team on the ladder here. Come check out Insurgency ANZ's official website and say hello on the community Teamspeak server by connecting to the following IP:

ESL is now hosting weekly firefight community cups. Want to be part of the fun? The next community cup will be on May 10th, sign ups can be found here. The recent 5v5 Spring Cup saw 20 teams competing for first place. More events will be coming soon, so watch the new games section for announcements. You do not need to be European to play, but games will be hosted on EU servers and at EU friendly times. Be sure to check out the Steam group if you have any suggestions or feedback.

The DGL will be hosting a dedicated European Newbloods tournament on May 9th starting at 1200 GMT. New players can check out competitive Insurgency and form their own team or be placed on a team. You do not need to be European to play. Details and sign ups can be found here. The Digital Gaming League will also be hosting a myriad of events in the coming months including Push cups, Ambush cups, and an International Tournament. This Sunday, May 3rd at 3:00 PM EST, the DGL will be holding an Ambush single knockout PUG Draft. All players are welcome to come into the DGL’s Teamspeak at the following IP:, a little before 3:00 PM EST to be placed on a team to compete. Sign ups are NOT required for this event. For further events and to become more involved, visit the DGL’s site here.
PC Gamer


We write about FPSes each week in Triggernometry, a mixture of tips, design criticism, and a celebration of virtual marksmanship.

There came a moment this week when I looked up from my PC after hours of in-the-zone shooter gaming. It was two in the morning, I was still playing Insurgency, and I realized that I hadn t taken a single screenshot in hours. The greatest compliment I can give Insurgency is that I was having so much fun shooting my way through wadis and Baghdad alleys that I kept forgetting to capture the screens I needed for this article.

Of all the multiplayer shooters available right now, I find Insurgency s style to be uniquely satisfying. Though it is billed as a tactical shooter, I think of it more as a slower, more deliberate version of Counter-Strike. It gets a reputation for tactics because every little bit of info that players come to rely on in shooters is purposely removed. Gone are the mini-maps, the damage indicators. If I want to know where my friends are, I keep them in sight. If I want to know how many bullets I have, I count my shots. If I want to know if I killed someone, I walk over and look for a body.

Insurgency, basically, isn t here to hold my hand.

"Behind you! There's a—oh."

Follow the leader

The feeling of fragility defines Insurgency. In another FPS, I might be alerted to an enemy by on-screen indicators. In Insurgency, I spot enemies when my friends start spraying blood. Sticking with a team is critical because they are your extra health points, taking bullets for you. Together, each squad becomes a Halo Spartan or a Call of Duty protagonist clad head-to-toe in plot armor.

Your team members carry a variety of weapons, too. Each loadout in Insurgency can be customized according to supply points earned over the course of a match. This makes for a satisfying power curve as each team makes kills, earns supply points, and upgrades to better guns and shinier attachments. Supply points used to be awarded by kills alone, something that, as I pointed out when I previewed the game in Early Access, incentivized stupid run-and-gun tactics and failed to reward support roles. I was very pleased to see that developer New Worlds tinkered with the economy a bit since launch. Now, each team earns supply points as a group. If you help your team kick a lot of ass, you ll be able to upgrade your kit.

Customize your loadout for the map and your playstyle—but watch your budget.

New Worlds has also spent a lot of the last year adding stuff to the game. Eight new maps, eight new weapons, and four new game modes have been introduced. They ve grown and changed the plan for the game in response to community feedback. When I contacted creative director Andrew Spearin to talk about Insurgency s first year, he gave me one example: respawns.

We didn't know whether our unique reinforcement system would be fun until we played it with our community, Spearin said. Typically, suggestions would be for one-life or unlimited respawn game modes, but we designed a mechanic to spawn your team when an objective is captured. That actually proved to be immensely fun and a unique component that defined the tactical essence of Insurgency.

Ignoring everything except your mission objective is something the military excels at, but that military-themed shooters mostly fail to simulate in the rules of the game.

Co-op games put you against waves of AI with varying levels of intelligence.


All of that careful community building, not to mention some key sales with Humble Bundle and a free Steam weekend, has led to a pretty healthy online community. As of this writing, there are twice as many people playing Insurgency as there are playing Evolve—not bad for an indie FPS well into its second year of release. Though the game does have a basic single-player practice mode (and one of the most aggressively difficult tutorials I ve ever played), the bulk of Insurgency will always be online. It s good that there are plenty of players to support it.

Insurgency players are also some of the most helpful I ve encountered online. We noted in our review that the emphasis on teamwork makes incompetence a shared liability; as a result, experienced players are only too eager to bring rookies up to speed. In the 14 months since launch, that hasn t changed.

Spearin seems to know that their efforts have paid off. Not only are there a lot of people playing the game, but they all seem to love it. It's very positive and validating to know that we are introducing a unique experience to the shooter genre, Spearin said. Many fans have found a safe haven with Insurgency, [which] they feel is a better experience than the usual AAA franchises. Insurgency has over 25,000 Steam reviews with a 92% recommended rating. They aren't just lukewarm reviews, but often say it's the greatest or most intense FPS they have played.

Smoke 'em if you got 'em.

Insurgency also has one of the most seamless Steam integrations I ve had the pleasure of playing. Finding a server is quick and easy, and bringing friends into a party and then finding a game as a group worked perfectly every time. Even the in-game voice chat automatically mutes other Steam voice calls, preventing your closest friends from getting an echo. In a genre where so many developers half-ass these basic necessities, let s take a moment to pin a medal to Insurgency for getting it right.

Objective secure

On the FPS spectrum that, I think, goes from Arma 3 on one side to Call of Duty on the other, a running dichotomy between open-world freedom and cinematic scripts, Insurgency captures the middle ground. It is slower than Counter-Strike but faster than Red Orchestra 2. It rejects the self-seriousness of America s Army 3 but doesn t stray near the slapstick of Team Fortress 2. When I revisited Insurgency, I went looking for a niche curiosity, but I found my new go-to FPS.

Community Announcements - Mikee
We are livestreaming today, Saturday April 25th, at 3:00 pm EST playing classic maps from the mod Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat ported by community member Gary Bourbier. We’ll be playing Almaden, Baghdad, Karkar, and more. You can tune in here.

Gary Bourbier has taken some of the best maps from Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat and ported them for PvP and Coop play in Insurgency. He’s also created his own map, Khanashin, as well as created several other items. Check out the maps on his page on workshop.

Almaden from the mod version of Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat

We’ll be checking out all the ported maps as well as Khanashin on the xXx custom maps server. Feel free to join us, check out the stream chat for the server’s IP. As always, I’ll be happy to answer any questions in the chat about Insurgency. ːsecurityː
Community Announcements - Mikee
Insurgency is available for 50% off on the Humble Bundle store. You can pick it up for just $7.49 USD until Friday, April 24th. If you have any friends who haven't tried Insurgency yet, now's the time for them to check it out! And if you're feeling generous, you can gift them a copy yourself. ːsecurityː

Community Announcements - Mikee
We are livestreaming today, Saturday April 18th, at 3:00 pm EST with Youtuber AlabasterSlim. You can tune in here.

AlabasterSlim has been playing Insurgency for a while and has made a few videos on his channel. I’m in there too with him. We’ll be hitting up some PvP modes and repping Canada with Canadian themed workshop skins, a collection compiled by our creative director Argyll. AlabasterSlim is Canadian himself. Should be a fun time, eh?

As always, I'll be happy to answer any questions in the stream about Insurgency. ːsecurityː

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