Community Announcements - Mikee
  • New PVP maps:
    • Tell (Push, Ambush, Strike, Occupy)
    • Station and Station Night (Push, Firefight, Ambush, Strike, Occupy)
  • New Coop maps:
    • Tell (Checkpoint)
    • Station (Hunt)
  • New Insurgent Gurkha knife
  • Updated Coop maps:
    • Peak (Hunt)
    • Heights (Hunt)
    • Market (Hunt, Checkpoint)
    • Revolt (Hunt)



  • Added support for Soft Particles (option to enable or disable in Video Settings). This effect improves the volumetric look of various kinds of particles including dust and smoke using a technique called depth feathering.
  • Matchmaking preferences are now saved from your last session.

Stability Fixes
  • Fixed some thread safety issues with the main menu HTML that was causing some rare startup crashes.
  • Fixed an animation-related Linux dedicated server crash.
  • Fixed a Linux dedicated server crash related to AI nav area checks in Coop.
  • Re-enabled render batching to improve stability on Revolt.

  • Scope parallax effect has been adjusted so its quicker and never obstructs the center of crosshairs.
  • New sprint and crawl animations for pistols and grenades.
  • New knife animations.
  • In Push and Strike, each team will have access to different classes depending on if they are attacking or defending.
  • In Strike, both teams will know where the cache is located at the start of the round.
  • In Hunt, enemies are now more responsive to a cache being blown up, and hunt players at the end more consistently.
  • The matchmaking process will now ignore servers you have on your server browser blacklist.
  • Improved overview art for District, Market, Ministry, Revolt, Siege, and Uprising
  • Separate crosshair texture for Mosin 7x.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed being able to skip the bolt sequence on a sniper rifle by hitting reload and quickly switching weapons.
  • Fixed 7x Scope not being visible on the SKS world model.
  • Fixed M40 crosshair rendering in front of lens.
  • Fixed restricted area at SEC spawn on Market skirmish.
  • Fixed Invisible wall in Sinjar and small displacement seam.
  • Fixed issue preventing direct impact damage from grenades from working.
Community Announcements - Mikee
We are livestreaming today, Saturday March 20th, at 3:00 pm EST with Youtubers DevilDogGamer and Singleton. Singleton and I will start together at 3:00 pm EST and DevilDog will be joining us at 5:00 pm EST. You can tune in here.

Tonight we’ll be playing on the beta branch and checking out new updated versions of Tell and Station. The beta branch of the game is a version of the game on which we as a team and community playtest our updates, and anyone who owns Insurgency can download and play. If you want to join us in this beta test and any other beta tests in the future, check out this link and join the group for more information and discussion on the updates.

Tell by cincinnati, which supports Push, Ambush, Occupy and Strike

Station by jakuza, which supports Push, Ambush, Occupy, Strike, Firefight, and Hunt

As always, I'll be happy to answer any questions in the stream about Insurgency. ːsecurityː
Community Announcements - Mikee
Hey everyone, it’s time for a couple updates on the competitive scene of Insurgency.

Tonight at 9:00 pm EST The Digital Gaming League will be streaming a match between two of its best Division 1 teams: Fatalis Gaming vs. Veritas. Last season the two teams faced off on District in the semi-finals with Fatalis taking the map 9-7.

The Digital Gaming League is one of the most active Insurgency competitive leagues, now in their second season of play. Tune into the DGL’s Twitch stream at 9:00 pm EST tonight and check out the DGL’s official website here for more information on signing up to compete. I will be sitting in on the stream and would be happy to answer any questions about Insurgency.

The DGL will also be hosting a PUG night on Thursday March 26th at 9 PM EST where all are welcome to play. The DGL Insurgency teamspeak is and open to any and all gamers. Show up a little before 9 PM EST to be put on a team.

The Electronic Sports League is hosting its first European Insurgency 5 on 5 Firefight Community Cup. Sign ups are now available here until Sunday March 29th. The cup is labeled EU, but teams from all over the world are welcome to sign up. The cup will have rules similar to the test cup done in February, which includes five versus five Firefight single elimination on maps like Buhriz, Contact, District, Heights, Market, Ministry, Panj, Peak, Revolt, Siege, Sinjar, and Uprising.
Community Announcements - Mikee
We are back from GDC and will be streaming today (Saturday) at 3:00 pm EST, with two of Insurgency’s level designers: Jeroen “Xanthi” Van Werkhoven and Zach “cincinnati” Snyder. Tune in here.

Jeroen Van Werkhoven has been with New World Interactive since before release, and has previously worked at Interwave Studios on Nuclear Dawn. He is the original designer of Sinjar, back in the mod days, and created the remakes of both Sinjar and Buhriz for the current Insurgency. He also redesigned dozens of maps including Market, Revolt, and Verticality. More recently, Xanthi has been preparing Station - the Razer and Gamebanana map making contest winner, originally created by jakuza - for its release as an official Insurgency map.

Zach Snyder has recently joined the NWI team, but has been designing and building maps for Half-Life 2, Left 4 Dead, Counter-Strike: Source, CS:GO, and the original Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat mod. A professor of architecture by day and level designer by night, he submitted Tell in the map contest. We liked Zach’s work on it so much that we hired him.

Today we’ll be playtesting Station and Tell for their official release in our next update. Expect some intense Push combat, with plenty of smoke grenades. We’ll talk a little bit about the level design process and how they got started. We’ll be playing on the beta branch, so be sure to download the beta version of the game and join the server. See you in there. ːsecurityː
Community Announcements - Mikee
We are livestreaming today, Saturday February 28th, at 3:00 pm EST with streamer Cerberusarms also known as D from Node on Youtube. I’ll begin the stream at 3:00 pm EST as usual, and D will be joining me at 4:00 pm EST. You can tune in here.

Node has a few great videos of Insurgency already, so D is well acquainted and ready for action. We’ve just updated the game last week and put out a hotfix on Thursday. Featured in this update are balance changes to maps like Panj, Sinjar, and Peak, a new competitive playlist, and some badass new ragdolls. There have also been numerous miscellaneous fixes and optimizations. You can read the full update changelog here. and the hotfix changelog here. We’ll also be checking out two of our new upcoming maps from the map making contest: Tell and Station.

We’ll be starting out right off the bat with some PvP, and we’ll be sure to hit up all the updated and new maps. We’ll also check out the new competitive playlist for some high intensity 5 v 5 Firefight. Feel free to join our server and come play with us. And as always now and forever, I'll be happy to answer any questions about Insurgency. See you in there. ːsecurityː
Community Announcements - Mikee
We’re putting out a hotfix today that will address some of the difficulties Mac users were having with the game not properly starting. This fix may not work for all Mac players, in particular those who are on older versions of OSX. We are working to fix it, and if you are still having issues with OSX, please post in our thread here. UPDATE: OSX 10.6 should now be functional. We’ve also made changes to the end round overtime for Firefight as well as other miscellaneous fixes. You can see the full changelog below:

  • Implemented SDL2 to handle OSX window and input management; improving Mac stability and getting the game client closer to supporting Linux.

Stability Fixes
  • Fixed OSX crash on startup with multiple GPUs.
  • Fixed kit UI crash.
  • Fixed map vote screen crash.
  • Fixed multiple crashes relating to invalid viewmodels.
  • Fixed dedicated server crash when attempting to change level to an empty string.
  • Fixed rare bot crash.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed Firefight round win conditions.
  • Fixed bot behavior when set to use knives only.

  • Improved scope parallax effect.
  • Replaced M1A1 with AK74 in competitive Firefight.
  • Added tie-breaker round to competitive Firefight.
  • Swap Slot can no longer purchase weapons in competitive Firefight.
Community Announcements - Mikee
We are livestreaming today, Saturday February 21st, at 3:00 pm EST with Youtubers DevilDogGamer and Singleton. Singleton and I will kick it off and DevilDog will be joining us at 5:00 pm EST. You can tune in here.

We’ve just updated the game, which includes various bug fixes, balance changes to maps like Panj, Sinjar, and Peak, and a new competitive playlist. You can read the full changelog here.

We’ll start out with some coop and then do some PvP. Join our server and come play with us. Any passwords will be given out in the stream. As always, I'll be happy to answer any questions about Insurgency. ːsecurityː
Community Announcements - Mikee
  • New Competitive playlist featuring custom 5v5 Firefight gameplay designed specifically for high intensity competitive matches. This mode is in “beta” and will eventually feature a team vs team matchmaking and rank system. In the meantime, please give it a try and provide us with your feedback here.
  • News on the main menu now uses HTML (Chromium). This also allows Sourcemod plugins the ability to show HTML MOTDs.

Stability Fixes
  • Fixed Windows dedicated server memory leak which would cause servers to appear to lag after being online for a while.
  • Fixed client-side engine crash caused by a stack overflow when rendering too many objects into the cascaded shadow maps.
  • Fixed the game not starting at the user’s native resolution. New installs were defaulting to the resolution below the user’s native resolution which caused issues on some laptops and older displays.
  • Fixed crash when shooting through multiple breakable props.
  • Fixed client-side crash related to the index buffer running out of memory.
  • Fixed some minor client-side memory leaks.

Gameplay Improvements
  • When the number of defenders outnumbers capturers on a capture point, the capture progress will reverse rather than freezing.
  • In Firefight, the round will no longer end if there is a round-determining objective being contested.
  • Disabled resupply timer if the player has not left spawn yet.
  • Direction of weapon recoil is now influenced by the way the player is leaning.
  • Improved ragdolls to make the bodies of killed players briefly look like they're reacting to being hit before collapsing.
  • The player’s score is no longer displayed while alive outside of the spawn area.
  • Smoke grenades now correctly block player spotting.
  • Improved enemy spotting at closer ranges.
  • Footstep volume for third person increased and falloff over distance redefined.
  • Reduced the C4 and IED damage penetration radius by approximately 25%.
  • SKS magazine size reduced to 20.
  • Fixed chest rig and chest carrier not giving the player extra M203/GP-25 smoke rounds.
  • Grenades dropped on the ground will only have 1 ammo. This prevents some instances where players can have 6 frag grenades, for example.
  • Added simple surface check to bipods to improve deployment position.
  • Flagged some ragdoll related cvars that made it easier to confirm kills as cheats.
  • For custom maps, ladders will now work correctly without requiring the player to jump onto them.

User Experience Improvements
  • On the kit menu, only pressing the [X] will remove the item and clicking the item name will take you to the item slot that item belongs to.
  • The kit menu now sorts items by their supply cost. You can revert back to alphabetical by entering cl_inventory_sorting_method 0 into the console.
  • Added some HQ voice over lines to Occupy to inform the player of the win conditions when the timer runs out.

AI Improvements
  • Bot pathfinding now has bots take different routes if many bots are going the same way.
  • Improvements to attack behavior: bots move towards cover to fire, fixed bot ironsight use and improved performance.
  • Bots are no longer dead-accurate at longer ranges.
  • Bots should no longer fire RPGs into spawn areas or at recently spawned players.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed instances where the default supply would not be enough for some of the class loadouts, causing some odd behavior whenever the player gained supply.
  • Fixed impact detonation grenades detonating too early.
  • Fixed the game resetting your microphone volume to 100%.
  • Fixed player eyes looking in wrong directions or being solid black.
  • Switching between flash and smoke in the kit menu will now correctly update the kit list.
  • Fixed T-pose player model in kit selection UI when no weapons were selected.
  • Fixed mods from Steam Workshop being read in large chunks, which caused stability issues with the game and Steam itself.
  • Fixed connecting to a server from the Steam friends list or server browser.
  • Fixed scoreboard headers not displaying the team name or emblem after a resolution change.
  • Fixed some instances where the weapon model in first person spectator would be incorrect when the player you are spectating resupplied.
  • Added more checks for removing a player’s flashlight.
  • OSX Fixes:
    • The UI now renders fonts correctly.
    • Fixed radial command subtitles being cut off in the chat window.
    • Fixed wave display showing “W” instead of “WAVES”.
    • Mouse over events now work properly, resulting in working mouse over highlights on the squad menu and tooltips on the kit menu.
    • Fixed class name being cut off on kit screen.

Map Changes

  • Fixed several exploits throughout the map.
  • Fixed a broken cubemap at B push.
  • Fixed an exploit at Market square.
  • Fixed several framedrops throughout the map.
  • Adjusted clipping a bit to improve player movement.
  • Fixed player able to get stuck on the blue tarp at A Push.
  • Fixed several small issues throughout the map.
  • Fixed several exploits throughout the map.
  • Potential fixes for trap spots.
  • Raised the ceiling in the garage rooms so players can jump over the railings.
  • Fixed some sections of the maps where nodraw could be seen.
  • Added a player clip on a window ledge in lobby so players couldn't exploit it.
  • Added a wall behind a fence where the skybox was visible.
  • Added a player clip to avoid a potential stuck zone.
  • Clipped planters in the hallways, so players can no longer hide inside them.
  • Added extra entrances for the grape hut to allow easier access.
  • Moved SEC spawn forward to improve balance.
  • Fixed multiple exploits, reported by the community.
  • Several gameplay improvements throughout the map.
  • Reconstructed center hill objective area to be more of a firebase instead of ruins.
  • Improved rock collision model.
  • Additional clipping pass, to improve player movement.
  • Added block los brushes, to make it harder for bots to see through trees.
  • Simplified Push A room to improve level flow.
  • Optimized several areas of the map.
  • Fixed B capture zone reaching to far in the street for INS.
  • B push set to a single room now.
  • Increased fade distance of several props at the main street.
  • Several gameplay improvements around and at A Push.
  • Tweaked restricted zones.
  • Fixed several exploits reported by the community.
  • Fixed an issue, where players could capture the middle objective from inside a building.
  • Fixed several exploits throughout the map, reported by the community.

Note regarding “Client Timed Out” errors
For those receiving “Client Timed Out” errors when connecting to servers, this issue has to do with being unable to connect to VAC (Valve Anti-Cheat) servers. This happens to people with other Source games that utilize VAC as well, and we have no plans to abandon VAC support in the game.

Since the issue is specifically related to a failed server connection, you may want to look into a few possible solutions on your end; your Steam settings (stable vs. beta, resetting your ClientRegistry), firewall settings, and/or anti-virus settings. For instructions how to reset your Steam ClientRegistry, try this link. Any of these may have an impact and potentially fix your ability to connect to VAC servers.
Community Announcements - Mikee
We'll be livestreaming today, Saturday February 14th, at 3:00 pm EST with Youtubers GaLm and Aphex. You can tune in here.

We’ll start out with some official coop and then maybe transition to some PvP. Feel free to join the server if you want to play with us. Any passwords will be given out in the stream. As always, I'll be happy to answer any questions about Insurgency. ːsecurityː
Community Announcements - Mikee
We are streaming live right now, Saturday at 3:00 pm EST, with Insurgency’s weapon animators Nik Sumnall and Ben Turtell, also known as MrBrightside. Tune in here.

Nik Sumnall is New World Interactive’s senior animator, and has animated every weapon that you see in Insurgency. He’s also helped model some weapon attachments.

Ben Turtell (or MrBrightside as some of you may know him from the Workshop) is a new here at NWI and just getting started animating for us. We saw his stuff on the workshop and liked it so much we hired him.

Today we’ll be playing some cooperative gameplay, including Checkpoint, Survival, and Hunt. Feel free to join up, the password will be given in the stream chat. We will be happy to answer any questions you have about Insurgency, and especially if you’ve ever been curious about our animation department. See you in the server! ːsecurityː

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