Community Announcements - Jonny-Higgins

We are live on with our Day of Infamy LAUNCH STREAM!

Come join our celebrations for developer interviews, giveaways and most importantly the launch of Day of Infamy live on stream in just under 1 hours time!!
Community Announcements - New World

Join community manager and voice actor director Michael Tsarouhas for our weekly livestream on the official New World Twitch channel. These livestreams take place every Sunday at 12:00 pm EST, so be sure to follow the channel and come out to join us. Today we will be playing Insurgency as we answer questions and have a good time!

Come on out to the stream to say hi or join us ingame, the server will be open and all are welcome!
Community Announcements - New World
We are releasing a hotfix today to address some issues following yesterday's patch.

Full changelist below:

Gameplay Improvements
  • Added TOZ to Rocketeer and Scout classes.
User Experience Improvements
  • Added solo/multiplayer/coop links to the top of the in-game menu.
  • Enabled stats tracking by default in official playlists.
  • Added Siege to Conquer playlist.
  • Fixed deployed idles for the SKS, Mosin and M40A1.
Community Announcements - New World
We are releasing a patch today to address some issues with the game. We have removed the Compete section as it requires maintenance and resources that we have allocated elsewhere. When we launched the Compete section of Insurgency, our intent was to continue iteration on the system and game design of what ‘Competitive’ could be. However, as we outlined in a recent blog post, our priorities have shifted. As a testing grounds, the experiment was successful as we have learned lessons that are influencing how we design and implement features, such as stats and rankings, into our games. Thank you to the competitive players that offered their feedback and time with the system.

Full changelist below:

Gameplay Improvements
  • Bipod can now be toggled during the transition to prone or while the weapon is being drawn.
  • Bipod is no longer retracted when crawling.
  • Added drop shadow to chat text.
  • overview_alpha cvar now affects the transparency of spawn zones and restricted areas. Added overview_bounds_alpha that can control the transparency of these elements independently.
  • Fixed some issues with gamemodes (Skirmish and Occupy) where round-specific state wasn’t being reset correctly leading to some gameplay issues.
  • Fixed VIP not showing the correct icon in Ambush.
  • Updated ragdoll collision settings and fixed ragdolls occasionally jumping on death.
  • Fixed firemode saving not working between sessions.
  • Fixed stats system.
  • Updated translation files.
  • Crash handler will no longer submit crash dumps for previous versions of the game.
  • Removed cvar sv_nwi_banlist in favor of game bans.
  • Fixed issue where a player spectating could not click on living players to spectate them.
  • Fixed a rare issue where player would randomly disconnect after joining a server and after map change.
  • Re-added Kandagal Ambush, Heights Ambush, Sinjar Ambush and District Ambush that had been previously removed from the tactical playlist.
  • HLMV now includes a material parameter editor and new 3-point lighting setup.
  • Fixed issue with CVEngineServer::ChangeLevel in SourceMod.
  • Unrestricted the maximum value of mp_coop_lobbysize. The game will use the squad size to determine the maximum number of players if mp_coop_lobbysize is set higher.
Thanks, and enjoy!
Community Announcements - New World
We are releasing a hotfix for Insurgency today to fix some issues. Those fixes are as follows.

Hotfix Changes
  • Fixed Linux client.
  • Fixed Revolt ambush having the wrong team as attackers.
  • Fixed serverside crash that occurs shortly into a round of Survival.
  • Fixed Outpost mode.
  • Fixed spoon sound when starting to cook a grenade.
  • Fixed lean animations getting stuck on when going prone from a leaning position.
  • Disabled atmospheric bloom by default (mat_superbloom 0).
  • Fixed overview map crash in Ambush.
  • Rolled back player model materials to fix flashlights not affecting them.

Thanks and enjoy! :security:
Community Announcements - New World
We are releasing a patch for Insurgency today that includes the addition of BattlEye anti-cheat, fixes to Ambush mode, Competitive playlist tweaks, and many more improvements and bug fixes.When we introduced BattlEye in Day of Infamy, there were many questions and concerns. If you are looking for more information about BattlEye's implementation, please view this blog post.

UPDATE 2-9-17: We are releasing a hotfix for Insurgency today to fix some issues. You can see those changes here.

Full changelist below:

Gameplay Improvements
  • Added BattlEye anti-cheat to official multiplayer playlists.
  • Restricted areas and spawn zones now appear on the tactical map.
  • Reduced the amount of players required to enable multi-point mode in Ambush from 16 to 10.
  • Increased penetration power of UMP-45 and AKS-74u.
  • Added slight delay before the crawl animation starts when moving while prone. This allows the player to make slight adjustments without the weapon being lowered.
  • Competitive:
    • Removed Ambush and Skirmish from Competitive playlist.
    • Capture time increased to 25 seconds from 20.
    • Games will now last longer (win limit changed from 4 to 6, max rounds from 8 to 11, teams switch every 5 rounds).
    • Reduced the effectiveness of heavy armor against standard 9mm rounds.
    • Revised the costs and availability of many weapons and upgrades.
    • Revised class makeup.
    • Foregrips available to the Security Rifleman (3 supply) and Insurgent Sapper (TOZ, 1 supply).
    • Supply is awarded on player death in addition to touching the spawn zone.
    • Shotgun damage and penetration slightly increased.
    • Fixed error model when the Security Demolitions class has no armor.
    • Fixed Holographic and 1x Red Dot missing from some classes.
Visual Improvements
  • Updated shaders for character and viewmodel arms.
Stability and Performance Improvements
  • Implemented D3D9Ex which results in much lower memory usage on newer versions of Windows and improves alt+tab speed.
  • The theater system now only loads referenced assets to save memory.
  • Fixed audio cache system to properly cache metadata of streamed Ogg files. This should results in less hitching when VO lines are heard for the first time.
  • Player animations are no longer calculated twice per frame.
  • Fixed a sv_pure bypass exploit.
  • Fixed huge jump view punches after coming back from an alt+tab.
  • Fixed incorrect player models in Conquer.
  • Fixed exit impacts for bullet penetration.
  • Fixed a bunch of classes having the incorrect viewmodel hands.
  • Fixed the SKS having no prone transition animations in third person.
  • Fixed mp_maxgames cvar.
  • Added missing night Ambush scenarios to Tactical playlist.
  • Fixed achievement crash.
Map Changes
  • Reverted Market and Revolt Ambush layouts to previous versions due to community feedback.
  • Fixed restricted area exploit in Dry Canal.
  • Fixed ledge exploit on Market.
  • Fixed Drycanal_night being pitch black even with nightvision.
Modding Changes
  • Removed logic_ gamemode entities. The gamerules object now represents the gamemode rather than it being tied to a separate entity. Sourcemod plugins may need to be updated to reflect this change.
  • Raised the model precache limit.
  • Model and WorldGGX shaders from DOI are available to modders.
  • The “allowed_items” block in a player class will now override any team restrictions on those items.
Community Announcements - Argyll
January 22, 2014 is when Insurgency launched out of early access on Steam! Tune in at 12pm EST today with Mikee and Karmakut for our weekly livestream to play some Insurgency and the new Vietnam-themed mod Born to Kill.

We have an exclusive shirt design to commemorate our three year anniversary. This design was previously only available to developers. Available for a limited time only! Check it out on Teespring.

Community Announcements - Mikee

We heard some of you say you liked the hoodie, but wanted a shirt. So here it is! Cheaper too!

International Shipping is available. On sale for 1 week for $24 USD or €22.73 here.
Community Announcements - Mikee

International Shipping is available. On sale for 1 week for $40.00 USD or €37.72 here .
Community Announcements - Mikee

You asked for it, and here it is, our first official Insurgency t-shirt! This shirt is a limited edition and available only until November 14th. Featuring the iconic fist logo and “Insurgency” title on an olive drab high quality American Apparel T-shirt.

International shipping is available. Pick it up for $14.20 USD or €12.79 here.

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