Community Announcements - Mikee
To celebrate one year since Insurgency’s release, we’ll be livestreaming today at 3:00 pm EST on Twitch. We'll be checking out some custom coop content that our community has created in the past year as well as some PvP with special guest and Youtuber Bluedrake42.

Insurgency is also on sale for Midweek Madness, and can be purchased for $4.50 USD.

One of the maps we’ll be playing, jail_break_coopv1_1 by Chief-C-OTF

While we stream we’ll be discussing some of the changes Insurgency has gone through over the year, including the addition of new weapons, maps, and game modes, all for free. We’ll also talk about some of the great community content that’s been put up on the Workshop. As always I’ll be happy to take any questions in the stream. See you then. ːsecurityː
Community Announcements - Mikee
With the one-year anniversary of Insurgency's launch approaching, we are taking a look back at how the game has progressed over the past twelve months, including four free DLC updates, positive reviews from the media, and a tremendous response from our passionate and loyal community. Thank you to everyone who helped make an incredibly successful year!

Release: January 22, 2014

Following nine months of Early Access development, Insurgency officially launched on January 22, 2014. Included in the release were five multiplayer game modes (Firefight, Skirmish, Push, Ambush, and Strike) and the Checkpoint cooperative mode. Seven maps were released including Contact, District, Heights, Market, Ministry, Peak, and Siege. Players had access to over 20 different weapons, including assault rifles, sub machine guns, rocket launchers, and grenades.

Insurgency reached the #3 spot in the Top Sellers on Steam and overall positive reviews from press and new media critics alike. Below you can see our launch trailer, along with a positive WTF is...? video from TotalBiscuit:

Free Updates!

We maintained our iterative development process from Early Access and continued to update the game with free content and fixes throughout 2014. Our first update released in March, Molotov Spring, adding two new maps, three new game modes, and three new weapons.

In June, we released a remake of the popular classic map Sinjar along with an M14 EBR. We also opened up the Workshop support and since then our community has submitted over 2,000 items!

Also in June, we launched a mapping contest in collaboration with Gamebanana and sponsored by Razer. With 20 submissions, we had a blast playtesting the top 11 candidates, and finally narrowed it down to the top six finalists. The top six maps will be implemented into the game over the next year. Check out the results in the video below:

Two months later, in August, we had the free weekend on Steam and released our Hunt update. New content included were two new maps, grenade launchers, and the Hunt coop mode. With the free weekend, we reached over 10,000 concurrent players and made it to #1 spot in the Top Sellers list on Steam!

Explosive Growth

November marked a significant turning point for our community. Insurgency was included with the Humble Bundle, where you could also gift three copies to friends. Our audience more than doubled from 500,000 to over 1,000,000 players in the span of two weeks.

To coincide, we released the Nightfall update that included nightvision, two new weapons, a new map, and the Survival coop game mode. The first implementation of a party system marked a step towards growing our competitive features.

Overwhelming Response

The response Insurgency has garnered from fans is overwhelmingly positive. While we may not have the attention of traditional games media, we have been able to grow our community by simply creating a great game that players suggest to their friends.

This is reflected by the over 20,000 Steam reviews with 92% recommending the game. Compared to our Metacritic score of 74 from only 23 reviews, plus an 8.5 user score, and we know where to find the meaningful feedback. Perhaps you could say Insurgency is underrated?

Thanks to our community, we reached 2nd place in the IndieDB Player’s Choice Indie of the Year, and even placed 2nd in the Editor’s Choice award too. We proudly display these awards on our Store page, since the original Insurgency mod was voted Mod of the Year seven years prior.

To sum up our year in review, here are some more of our favourite videos and reviews:

LevelCap - A True Tactical Shooter

Dslyecxi -RPG Dance

Matimi0 - Free DLC is Best DLC

FrankieOnPC - Getting Started

Node - Critical Insertion LAN Party

“This game has me hooked and I see it as a proudly raised middle finger in the face of large developers who seem to completely ignore fairness and player equality in favour of potential income.
“Insurgency is a breath of fresh air and I can easily see myself playing it every chance I get. Thanks in advance for ruining the next few months for me.”

Hooked Gamers (90)

“'s fun that's borne out of the rewards of working with other players and saving them so you can capture that all-important node or destroy a weapons cache. If it's cruel, it's only to be kind.”
PC Gamer (77)

“It’s impressive how “uncool” Insurgency is, in that it ignores the modern shooter trends. It’s slow, and methodical, and there isn’t a grindable unlock or weapon crate to be found.”
IGN (75)

“This first-person multiplayer killfest pushes cooperative team play in interesting directions, using hyperrealism and a unique team role structure to drive its frenetic team-based firefights.”
Gamespot (70)

“Sure, you can win by eliminating all enemy waves over time, but, in my experience, teams find this strategy less important. Strategies of infiltration and sustained defense seem most effective. Those are accomplished through––you guessed it––communication.”
Killscreen Daily (65)
Community Announcements - Mikee
The Digital Gaming League is concluding its first season tonight with the North American championship. Tune into the DGL’s Twitch channel tonight at 8:00 pm EST to see the final match.

Fatalis Gaming will be taking on Chilled Gamers in a fight for 1st place in the DGL’s first competitive season of Insurgency. I’ll be sitting in with the DGL’s shoutcasters to commentate and answer any questions about Insurgency, so feel free to chime in in the stream’s chat. Play will include Ministry and District Firefight, with Uprising if needed as a tiebreaker.

Check out here for more details on the DGL Insurgency Season 1 finals and here for more information on The Digital Gaming League.
Community Announcements - Mikee
We’ll be doing a livestream today at 3:00 pm EST with custom mapmaker Mike Hawk. You can watch the stream here on Twitch. We’ll be playing through Mike’s cooperative maps and also testing out one of his new ones, ins_prison_b3, which is still in beta.

Mike’s massive desert Checkpoint map, Badel.

Mike Hawk is one of Insurgency’s most prolific coop mapmakers. If you’ve ever played on a coop server with a custom rotation, you might have played one of his maps. He’s created Anbar, Anbar Nights, Badel, Bridge, and Hijacked. In addition to coop maps, he also created several theater scripts like ins_zombie which includes a zombie survival mode with custom player models that allows Insurgency players to get their undead fix.

Everyone is welcome to join up and play with us, but if you want to speed up the process you should download the maps ahead of time on insmaps. The server IP and password will be given in the stream. As always, feel free to ask any questions in stream about Insurgency or Mike Hawk’s custom content. See you in there. ːsecurityː
Community Announcements - Mikee
We’ve created a new survey for players to complete and help us determine the best of Insurgency’s gameplay. The survey can be completed here.. It asks a variety of questions ranging from ranking your favorite game modes and maps, rating the AI difficulty, competitive league participation, and whether you would like to see a new Insurgency game in the future. There are also a few opportunities to give us some free form responses. Rest assured, we will read them!

Ever since Early Access (and even before) we strive to build Insurgency into a game that people want to play. Our community has been integral every step of the way to help us determine what is added, changed, or removed. Game development is a long, iterative process and we’re very grateful to have all of your contributions to shaping a fun tactical shooter.

Please participate and encourage friends who play Insurgency to complete the survey too. The more of you we hear from, the better our game will be. Thanks! ːsecurityː
Community Announcements - Mikee
Hey everyone, it’s Mikee. Hope you all had a good holiday. We are back in full swing with some news on a burgeoning competitive league, The Digital Gaming League and its first season of play with Insurgency.

On Saturday, the DGL held competitive matches of this season’s North American lower bracket, and today will be the main bracket. The quarterfinals and semifinals of each bracket are being determined this weekend, and the finals will be played at a later date TBA on the DGL’s website.

The main bracket’s matches start today at 3:00 pm EST. They will be livestreamed on the DGL’s twitch channel. I’ll be joining in to provide commentary and discussion during play, and as always I’ll be happy to take any questions from the chat. The main bracket tournament will feature eight teams on various maps in 5 v 5 Firefight games, so you can expect to see highly intense matches of teamwork and coordination where every kill and capture counts.

Check out here for more details on the DGL Insurgency Season 1 finals and here for more information on The Digital Gaming League. See you at 3:00 pm EST. ːsecurityː
Community Announcements - JBlum
We’re releasing a hotfix today with a few fixes and optimizations. We have resolved multiple issues with the new font system including a problem with memory allocation which may have had a performance impact on users with less system memory. You can see the full changelist below.

We also want to let you all know that we are aware of the crashes certain people are having. These are engine level crashes, making them particularly difficult to debug, however we are actively trying to isolate the cause. We believe it is system specs and/or video settings related; something the version of Source Engine we use doesn’t like. It could be new video drivers or an engine-deep issue that we would need to troubleshoot with Valve.

With your help, we should be able to narrow down the cause of these isolated crashes and discover a solution. If you are experiencing crashes and would like to help us, please provide us with some information here. In particular we want to know your system specs, anti-virus software, frequency of crashing, and your advanced video settings configuration. If you wouldn’t mind uploading a crash dump for us too, that would be great.

Another issue some people are experiencing is a “Client Timed Out” message. This is not an issue with the game, but rather an issue with Steam. If you search for this error on Google you will discover many similar complaints for other Source games as well as potential solutions.

We are a small team working hard to create new content and keep improving Insurgency. For those of you who have been experiencing issues, we thank you for your patience and support.

- Fixed various characters (including CJK characters) not being rendered correctly.
- Fixed regression causing 100-200MB of extra memory being used at start-up.
- Bot response audio converted from WAV to OGG to reduce filesize and improve streaming.
- Set default Paged Pool Memory Available setting (in Advanced Video settings) to Medium.
- Buhriz: Fixed SEC able to blow up final cache by firing AT-4’s through the window.
- Market: Fixed players able to hide inside the minivans and use it as a firing position.
- Market: Fixed several small issues throughout the map.
- Panj: Potential fix for grenades not exploding at D Push.

Just a note regarding Workshop: Any mods changing voice responses, radial or bot vocalizations will need to be converted to ogg vorbis with the following settings: Mode: VBR, Quality: 1.00, Sample Rate: 44,100Hz, Channels: Mono for best compatibility.
Community Announcements - Mikee
Hey everyone, it’s Mikee. Big thanks to everyone who voted for us for IndieDB’s Indie of the Year Awards. We appreciate the support. Don’t forget the game is still on sale for 50% off and can be purchased for $7.49 USD.

Today I’d like to show you guys our very first developer interview with Insurgency’s audio designer Mark Winter. I sat down with Mark last week to discuss his history and his role in Insurgency’s development. Mark is our one and only audio designer on the team, and he’s touched up just about all of over 7000 audio files we have in the game. That includes gunshots, explosions, sub sonic bullet snaps, wind, waves, voice over, and everything in between. You can listen to the interview here.

Mark's field equipment recording the waves you hear in Revolt, Market, and Uprising.

In this interview Mark and I talk about his history in gaming and entertainment, the challenges of audio design, what it’s like working on a small team, the process of creating sound, and his appreciation for Insurgency’s workshop content.

Mark (or Fortran as he’s known ingame) started his career in audio as a classical musician at a prestigious music school in London. While he was there, he experimented with music production equipment and discovered his passion was not for music but for audio design. He became involved in various different mod projects like Science and Industry and Hostile Intent for Half Life 1, Nations at War for Battlefield 2, and later founded his own mod projects like Task Force Black and Cry Recon for the Cryengine. While working on his Cryengine projects, he was approached by one of Insurgency’s founders Jeremy Blum and eventually began work on the retail version of Insurgency.
Rock, Paper, Shotgun - (Emily Richardson)

Insurgency is a lot of fun. Following Rich s great exploratory feature on the highly tactical game last year, I took a look at it for the first time this week and tried to find out more about it, where it s going and how a year s further development has shaped it.

At it s core, Insurgency is a tactical shooter, one that sits between the hardcore realistic works of Arma; the competitive, smart strategies borne of Counter-Strike; and the large-scale war efforts of Red Orchestra. It kind of feels a bit like Battlefield in parts, too.

… [visit site to read more]

Community Announcements - Mikee
Hey everyone, it’s Mikee. Got a few things for you. First off, Insurgency is now on sale for 70% off, so you and any of your buddies who don’t have it yet can pick it up for just $4.49 USD. This is a limited time offer, so hustle up!

We’re also entering the final hours of voting for the IndieDB Indie of the Year Awards. Every vote counts, and we’d love to have your support. As we’ve said before, we won ModDB’s Mod of the Year award back in 2007, and now that we are a full retail release we would be honored to be given indie of the year.

Vote here, no sign in required.

I’m going to be livestreaming in the hours leading up to when voting closes. Tune in and share with others, help spread the word. I’ll be happy to take any questions and you’re welcome to join me ingame. The stream starts at 4:00 PM EST, and you can watch here.

Keep up the votes, we’re almost there! ːsecurityː

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