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I can seeee youuuu.

Darkness in multiplayer shooters is a tricky one. In theory, it demands new ways of moving, more attention and more caution, but opens up new tactics and opportunities. In practice, people bump their brightness high enough to make the darkness pointless so you do it too because they’re essentially playing a different, easier game and then it’s all just pointless and everyone’s looking at an ugly, ugly game. Few games manage fun, uncheatable darkness.

Military FPS Insurgency is having a crack at darkness in its next update, named Nightfall. Along with spooky night-time maps, it’ll bring a new co-op mode about sneaking around in the dark.

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Community Announcements - Argyll
A big thanks to our community for helping playtest the candidates in the Gamebanana & Razer Insurgency Mapping Contest! This process has been extremely fun and we hope you can join us again for the next decisive round of playtesting. Keep an eye on our Steam Community this week for the playtest events.

The entries have been narrowed down to six finalists, in alphabetical order:

Depot by Andre Valera

Dry Canal by Tribly

Embassy by CommodusPvP

Kandagal by LATTEH

Station by jakuza

TELL by cincinnati

View all the entries and contest details here:

Community Announcements - Argyll
The long list of candidates for the Gamebanana & Razer Insurgency Mapping Contest has arrived! The gents at Gamebanana have selected their top entries, and now NWI will playtest these maps with the community to narrow down the finalists. There will be a second round of playtests with the short list of finalists, and from that the NWI judges will select the top four winners.

We will be hosting events through our Steam Community in the next few days. We'll keep you posted on the dates/times and server once we firm up our plans. The playtests will also be livestreamed on our official channel.

Thank you to everyone who submitted - we are very impressed by the talent of our community! Looking forward to playing all these maps, it will be fun!

In alphabetical order, the long list of candidates:

Caves by D3L7A1

Central by Hardcell

Depot by Andre Valera

Downtown by nnn

Dry Canal by Tribly

Embassy by CommodusPvP

Kandagal by LATTEH

Oasis by Setin1312

Prophet by kinggambit

Station by jakuza

TELL by cincinnati

View all the entries and contest details here:

Community Announcements - · eXnihilo
As we update the game, all of the new features and fixes are tested by players like you on our Beta Branch. If you would like to participate in Beta Branch testing, please join the Beta Branch Group at this URL:

There is info on how to opt in and out of the beta branch and we will notify you when we have tests of new features.

We will have a beta branch test this evening, so if you are interested, get over to the Beta Branch Bunch group and join in on the fun!

Thanks for helping us make this game better!
Community Announcements - SteveUK
New Content

  • Added IED explosive weapon for Insurgents in the place of C4.

  • Added bipod attachment to SKS.

  • Added new first person arm models to match long-sleeved Insurgent player models.

  • Added sprint and crawl animations to the C4 when you have the detonator out.


  • Fixed mp_switchteam_each_round so that it works as intended.

  • Fixed regression that prevented cycling through cameras at the end of a round from working.

  • Fixed remaining problems with the global ban system and false positives. Banned players will now be banned correctly when they are using family sharing accounts to evade bans.

  • Global bans are now cached to a server’s disk just in case the ban list is ever unreachable.

User Experience Improvements

  • Added new icon to the “target ID” display for when a friendly is talking.

  • Added option to map voting screen which allows you to replay the current map.

  • Auto Bipod can now be set to “prone only”, “prone and crouch” or “any stance”. If you currently have this enabled, it will default to prone only.

  • Updated Brazillian Portugese localization and added Korean.

  • Modding changes:

    • In theater scripts, ammo types now define how many “pellets” per shot rather than the weapon. This makes it easier to differentiate between buckshot and slugs on shotguns.

    • Dedicated servers can now define VPK addons to subscribe to through Workshop and they will be downloaded and loaded by clients on connect if they don’t have them.

Gameplay Improvements

  • Adjusted recoil on AC-556.

  • Adjusted bipod angle restrictions so that you can look further down, but not as far left and right.

  • Looking at an undiscovered cache will now reveal the letter of the cache on the floating HUD. This is so that teammates can easily identify caches from voice commands.

Level Updates

  • Fixed soundscape problems on Siege.

  • Lowered sandbag near beach house on Market so that it was no longer floating.

  • Sinjar changes:

    • Lowered sidewalk at A on Push to smooth out movement.

    • Added slightly more cover to the area around A to counter the hill.

    • Added an extra light to the temple to make it a little bit easier to spot players camping it.

  • Buhriz changes:

    • Added additional stairs for C objective push.

    • Added a bit more cover for SEC to counter hill at A.

    • Fixed a few small issues throughout the map.

  • Revolt changes:

    • rearranged some rocks on SEC spawn, to make it more obvious that the majority of the beach is accessible now.

    • Resized capture zone A for Firefight, to make it more balanced for SEC.

    • C firefight can only be captured from the second floor now.

    • Optimized the map a bit more.

  • Uprising changes:

    • Blocked off INS spawn exit closest to the middle.

    • Moved middle objective closer to SEC side.

Community Announcements - SteveUK

  • Tweaked bot spawn placement for Heights (Hunt).
  • Soundscape update to Heights.
  • Tweaks to Kobra and Aimpoint reticles to improve visibility on darker maps.
  • mp_switchteams_each_round's value now allows you to specify the frequency of the team switch. 1 = every round, 2 = every other round, 3 = every 3rd round, etc.
  • Improved collision on Humvee and pickup truck models.
  • Spotting players is now slightly more difficult. This will continue to be tweaked in future updates.

  • Fixed assert on exit on Windows servers for those that use -autoupdate.
  • Fix for weapon disappearing when a player on your team switches to spectator.
  • Fixed being stuck in a restricted area if you changed teams within one.
  • Potential fix for false positives on global bans on some servers.
  • Potential fix for mp_switchteams_each_game.
  • Updated sv_pure whitelist so only the diffuse texture of certain player models can be changed instead of whitelisting the entire player materials directory.
Community Announcements - JBlum

  • Fixed main menu lockup for Windows 8.1 users.

  • Repurposed Mini-14 into an AC-556 with semi, burst and automatic firemodes.

  • Bots now use RPGs properly, taking them out when they see multiple human targets.

  • Added more bots with RPGs into Cooperative modes.

  • Bots now respond to nearby bullet impacts, so you can no longer shoot right next to them without getting their attention.

  • Bots now investigate more intelligently, a little bit less predictably. 

  • Bots now hang back to defend objective areas instead of always investigating.

  • Reduced size of blood impact particle.

  • Hunt: Improved bot awareness and response to destroyed cache.

  • Hunt: Bots use voice-over to announce their investigating less.

  • Tweaked spawn zones in Contact Checkpoint and Sinjar Checkpoint.

  • Added a sanity check that should hopefully prevent players from being “globally banned” from a server temporarily.

Community Announcements - JBlum
We have found a fix for the main menu freezing. We will eventually be releasing a patch that includes a fix for it. In the meantime, you can use the -nominidumps game parameter.

We believe the freeze is related to our new crash dump handler that uploads crash information to our servers. Doing the above will disable the crash handler, and prevent the freeze.

If the issue persists after doing the above, please let us know.
Community Announcements - JBlum
We are releasing a hot fix today to deal with some unexpected issues that came up with the last update. We have fixed a bunch of the more widespread issues with the patch, and are now focusing on resolving the issue some people are having with locking up in the main menu.

We wanted to get these changes out to you guys and let you know we are working on a fix for that too, and will release a hot fix for it as soon as it’s taken care of. If you are experiencing the issue, please help us debug it by posting additional information at this forum post.

In this patch we have also addressed a lot of the feedback we have received with regards to the AI difficulty. We look forward to getting feedback on these changes from more people, and are confident that players will notice a significant improvement in how the AI behave. They still sometimes see through objects in the world, however that’s the next thing our team will spend some time focusing on fixing with the AI in the game. We are also working out a better system for how the AI handle RPGs and will bring them back accordingly.

  • Fixed common client crash relating to the firemode display.
  • Fixed server-side crash relating to the map voting system.
  • Fixed a server-side crash in stats system.
  • Fixed crash when an explosive from a disconnected player would be part of a chain explosion.
  • Fixed UI crash when the page up or down keys were pressed on some UI elements.
  • Fixed crash relating to global ban system.
  • Fixed crash relating to Steam tagging system after changing the level.
  • Graphics options menu will now behave correctly after pressing “Back” without applying a change.
  • Key bindings menu will now correctly apply changes when you exit the menu without pressing “Back” at the bottom of the bindings menu.

User Experience Improvements
  • The user is now presented with a message if they could not connect to a server due to version mismatch.
  • Vote options for bot count in Checkpoint have been tweaked to allow for a higher number of bots (added an option for 20 bots per objective).

Gameplay Improvements
  • Coop: Tweaks to bot vision, suppression and aiming.
  • Coop: Improved collision meshes for the reeds and cannabis plants on Panj to prevent bots from spotting players through them.
  • Hunt: Improved bot cache destruction response. Now they will come investigate from far away if they see the explosion.
  • Checkpoint: Increased the number of bots by default.
  • Exhausting grenades or RPGs will now adjust your weight correctly.
  • Doubled the maximum number of ammo types for theater modders.
Community Announcements - JBlum
Today we are releasing an update to resolve some server-side crashing issues, gameplay balance tweaks, and map improvements.

The stats server is now back online after some unexpected downtime yesterday and part of today. Thanks for your patience as we worked to resolve the issue.

Servers are still updating, so if you get a version mismatch, try another server that has players on it.

Full changelist below:

- Updated PVP maps: District, Market, Panj, Revolt and Sinjar
- Updated Coop maps: Contact (Hunt) and Panj (Hunt)

- Insurgent Light Armor now costs 2 supply instead of 1.
- Now players can only carry 1 C4 even if they have a chest carrier.
- RPG and AT4 weigh less and now cost 5 supply instead of 6.

- Added anti-spam measures against radial commands.
- Magazine and fire mode information is no longer constantly displayed.

- Reduced AI field of view so they don’t see players at longer ranges as easily.
- Increased default attack delay at longer ranges for AI.
- Reduced chances that bots will suppress players. They must see them for longer, and be within the desired attack range in order to suppress a player behind cover.

- Stats authentication has been throttled to 3 attempts per map with 15 seconds between each attempt, to hopefully reduce cases of game servers not communicating with our stats backend.
- Authentication state is now checked for server ‘stats’ tag.
- Added server-side “ins_stats_status” command to print helpful information about the current stats connection.

- Fixed a server crash related to the AI investigation state where it was eating up too much memory.
- Fixed auto-upload of crash dumps for dedicated servers
- Potential fix for Main Menu not always updating in-game.
- Fixed Mk4 scope alignment on M14.
- More Panj optimization.
- Fixed Panj (Hunt) navigation mesh.
- Fixed not able to capture push A in Market when player is in prone position inside the black hawk.
- Potential fix for CRopeManager console spam in Market.

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