Announcement - Valve
We're celebrating the launch of RPG Maker MV on Linux/SteamOS with a huge sale on all RPG Maker titles. Save up to 75% during this week's Midweek Madness*!

*Offer ends Friday at 10AM Pacific Time

Oct 23, 2016
Community Announcements - degicagames

As an extension of our previous Learning Together event, it is time for the Learning Together Game Jam! Put that knowledge you gained to the test to make a small game, starting today, and ending November 3rd!

All the details are here:

Degica Weekend Sale
In case you hadn't noticed, RPG Maker VX Ace is currently a whopping 90% off. There's never been a better time for game making! You can also pick up the DLC at a pretty substantial discount.

Plus there's deals on tons more Degica Games content here:

We’re also running a giveaway this weekend with $1000 in Steam Wallet Codes up for grabs! You can get all of details and enter here:
Community Announcements - RM Dev
Fix to the version number in the Japanese version, to prevent confusion with the offline version.
Note: There is no difference except language in all version.
Community Announcements - NickPalmer
Community Announcements - NickPalmer
We've just added a new crossover pack to RPG Maker MV: The Deathsmiles Character Pack!

With assets from CAVE's hit shmup game:

Featuring all five characters, with sprites, and emotion set busts and facesheets. This has all you need to bring Deathsmiles to your game.

BONUS: You also receive busts and facesets for all the girls' familiars. Who do you want in your game? You know Hoo.

Pick up this pack, and Deathsmiles, today!
Community Announcements - RM Dev
RPG Maker VX Ace is now available in Japanese, with complete Steam support for Cloud saving and Workshop. To use, select the Japanese language in the properties tab.
Warning : The default data in the database will be in the same language as RPG Maker when the project was created.
Sep 30, 2015
Community Announcements - Archeia


The MV Preorder Page is up! What are you waiting for?
Get 10% off and extra freebies for your purchase! Click on the image or this link to preorder now!
Community Announcements - NickPalmer
This years IGMC has been launched, and there is still time for you to get involved!

You can win massive cash prizes, with the Grand Prize being over $17,000 and still growing at the time I'm writing this, for making the best game possible before August 7th! RPG Maker is even considered one of the Prize Engines, which means that not only could you win the Grand Prize, you also have a chance to win as the best RPG Maker game in the contest!

For more information, check out the contest site here, and read the rules here!
Community Announcements - NickPalmer
Don't miss out on our amazing giveaway and sale. Over $4,000 in Prizes! All things Degica are on sale up to 85% off. Pick up DLC, the other makers, or even one of our many many excellent games! with

Get all the details and join the giveaway at the link below.
Announcement - Valve
Get up to 80% off on RPG Maker, addons, and games in the Degica Midweek Madness sale!*

*Offer ends Friday at 10AM Pacific Time.

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