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We've been creeping up on it for a while now and I know some of you guys on the forum have been keeping an eye on the Steamspy estimate... All of us at Crate are very pleased to confirm that Grim Dawn has passed 1 million copies sold, across Steam, Humble and GOG! We've also sold over 200k copies of Crucible now, which is pretty good as far as add-ons go.

In celebration of this epic milestone, we’ve marked Grim Dawn 50% off through our website until the end of May and it is also currently 50% off through Humble Store, during their spring encore sale!

It’s crazy to think that this success story somehow arose from such humble and uncertain beginnings, overcoming so many setbacks and challenges. I repeatedly questioned what I was doing those first three hard years of development.

Looking back, I think the only thing that kept me going on the bad days, was the responsibility I felt to see it through, for the people who had invested time in the project and those who contributed money early on through our website. Even with that drive to see it through, no matter my doubts, the later support of thousands more backers on Kickstarter and Early Access, validated what we were doing and gave us a real shot at making the dream a reality.

It was still a long road and lot of sweat and tears, from the 2012 Kickstarter to our 2016 release but I had the great fortune to find amazing teammates who made that journey a lot easier and the game much better than it could have been otherwise. Much thanks must also go to my long-time friends “Rhis,” “Jmack” and Brian Parnell (now working on his own project Praey for the Gods) – without their early help; Grim Dawn may have never got off the ground.

My greatest thanks to you all and to my wife who supported me through all those early years and often had more faith in what I was doing than I did.

As is our custom, we've somehow made the expansion bigger than we planned but it's shaping up nicely and I'm looking forward to seeing people play it. We still have a couple months of work to wrap that up and then it will require a testing period but it's getting there. We may also be ready to share some news about our mysterious new project toward the end of the year...

Until then, keep perfecting your builds, collecting those crafting mats, making morally questionable quest choices and remember it’s not healthy to spend too much time in the void!

...Oh and try not to piss off any gods (or do?), keep away from Loxmere and don’t eat too many untouched meals – who knows where they’ve been!

-Medierra and the Crate Team
Grim Dawn

Back in December, Grim Dawn developer Crate Entertainment announced that two new classes would be coming to the game in an expansion scheduled for release later this year. The first, the Inquisitor, was revealed as part of the initial announcement, while the second was unveiled today as the dreaded Necromancer. 

"Following a period of steep decline, the rulers of Arkovia needed a scapegoat to distract the disgruntled populace from the corruption threatening to topple the once great empire. Necromancers proved to be a perfect target," Crate explained in the Necro-nouncement. "Already detested by most citizens, the Arkovian Oligarchs banned the practice of necromancy outright and condemned its practitioners to the prison known as the Steps of Torment. One of the last necromancers to be captured was the mysterious Uroboruuk. But he was unlike any other, for he could not be killed by any means employed by the Arkovian executioners." 

That bit of fiction was previously established as part of Grim Dawn's somewhat complicated backstory, in which the Uroboruuk-worshipping Order of Death's Vigil is generally regarded as bad news but also handy in a fight, and is therefore tolerated as a possible ally. (And a better choice that those Kymon's Chosen fanatics, if you ask me.) The Steps of Torment is also present as one of the game's "Challenge Dungeons." But with the release of the expansion, the Necromancer will become a fully playable class. 

The details are still being nailed down, but Crate said the class will excel at the use of Aether and Vitality magic. "Drain Essence" will allow necromancers to siphon the life force of enemies to restore their own, and of course they'll also be able to raise skeletons—and possibly more powerful minions at higher levels—to do their bidding. Despite their focus on magic, Necromancers will also be capable in physical confrontations, particularly when taking advantage of powers like Necrotic Edge, which makes every wound just a little bit more disgusting. 

Necromancers seem to be all the rage these days: Blizzard recently offered a closer look at the revamped Diablo 2 Necro that it's working to bring to Diablo 3. A release date for Grim Dawn's take on the class hasn't been announced, but Crate said more will be revealed (about the expansion, not necessarily the Necromancer) in the next developer update on April 3.   

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Grim Dawn - Zantai
Another update is upon us! This one was primarily focused on bugfixing, but does include some class/item tuning in the continued effort to improve overall build variety.


For the full list of changes, visit the forum.
Community Announcements - Zantai

Can’t believe it’s been a year already, but it’s true! This time in 2016, Grim Dawn was feature and content complete, released on Humble, GoG and Steam as a finished product. Thanks in part to the tremendous support and feedback from our earliest backers, our Kickstarter backers and those who joined us in Steam’s Early Access, Grim Dawn became a critically-acclaimed financial success with a 93% positive rating on Steam and an 83% reviewer rating on Metacritic. To this date, Grim Dawn has sold over 900,000 copies, a count that’s steadily rising every day.

And to commemorate this special occasion, you can enjoy a week-long 50%-off sale on our website!

But of course, the release was hardly the end of the line. Since then, we’ve had 8 free content updates and patches; we released the Crucible DLC, which was a Kickstarter stretch goal funded entirely by the generosity of our backers; and we started work on Grim Dawn’s first expansion.

To say that Grim Dawn has come far since its humble beginnings would be an understatement. The future is looking just as bright with the steadily growing scope of the expansion that will improve upon the already massive amount of content Grim Dawn offers:
  • The next epic chapter of humanity’s struggle against the Aetherial and Chthonian invaders.
  • Two New Masteries! Including the already announced Inquisitor!
  • A level cap increase to 100!
  • The Illusion System to transform your gear’s appearance!
  • Hundreds of new items!
  • And more…

From everybody here at Crate Entertainment, we’d like to thank you for being on this journey with us and hope that you are as excited as we are for what’s still to come! And when we look back on this date another year from now, Grim Dawn will have become even more massive!
PC Gamer

It's the age-old bane of RPGers everywhere: You discover a new piece of armor that's incredibly powerful, perfect for your class—and ugly as sin. It's too good not to wear, but you hesitate anyway because, let's be honest, you look like an absolute clown in that thing. To help alleviate your sartorial shame in the action-RPG Grim Dawn, Crate Entertainment has announced that it will add a new "Service NPC" in the upcoming expansion who will, for a price, make your gear just as pretty as you want it. 

"Using proprietary Illusionist mind-meld technology, any item you discover will automatically have its appearance stored," Crate explained. "In fact, the first time you launch the expansion, every item you have in your inventory and stash will be automatically added to start your collection. That’s a lot of different looks!" 

Illusionists will be available at Devil's Crossing and Fort Ikon in the base game, and in other areas in the expansion, and will not be restricted by level. The usual item level requirements will apply to illusions, however, so first-level characters won't be able to make their gear look like level 75 legendaries. The cost of casting an illusion will scale with your character's level (reverting an item to its original appearance will be free) and transmogrified items can be shared between characters but not traded with other players, although removing the illusion restores their tradeability. And there are some restrictions: items can only be made to look like other equipment of the same class, so you can't make a one-handed sword look like a two-hander, for instance. 

Unfortunately, there's no indication as to when the Illusionist will join the Grim Dawn action, because there's still no word about when the expansion will be out aside from "this year"—hopefully in the first half. The expansion will include a "massive new chapter of Grim Dawn's ongoing tale," plus two new masteries—the Inquisitor was revealed last year, but the second remains a mystery—an increased level cap, and 14 new Constellations.

Community Announcements - Zantai
While it's really no secret on the internet, sometimes it helps to spread the message in as many ways as possible. It is a fact that Grim Dawn's first expansion is actively in development and it is coming this year!

We've already started revealing some exciting bits of what you can look forward to in the expansion. You can catch up on all the news on our official forum (Expansion updates started with #102)

The latest Grim Misadventure is always pinned on the Steam forum as well, with a new dev update posted every two weeks (typically on Mondays).

The next one is bound to be exciting, so make sure to stop by!

For Frequently Asked Questions, visit here.
Community Announcements - Zantai
Change is in the air as V1.0.0.8 is released!

The latest update to Grim Dawn brings you new Legendaries to the Steps of Torment and Bastion of Chaos roguelike dungeons as well as some great new quality of life tech features. You can also look forward to a smoother leveling experience along with further class balance tuning.

For the full list of changes, visit the forum.
PC Gamer

Grim Dawn's update is due this week, bringing with it Port Valbury—an Aetherial-themed roguelike dungeon filled with new bosses, new lore and "monster infrequents". Developer Crate Entertainment has now revealed 2017 will welcome its seventh mastery: the Inquisitor. 

Specialists in ranged combat, Inquisitors tend toward elemental magic—particularly fire and storm attacks—however are equally adept in close quarters combat, leveraged by their "vast arsenal" of artefacts.  

"Anyone with a penchant for physical altercations will find plenty here to enhance their playstyles," reads an update post on the game's official forum. "Master the placement of runic traps to eradicate any foe daring enough to come near. Bolster your allies with powerful groups buffs and arcane sigils. Overpower your foes with secret words of power. The Inquisitor is a lethal new addition to Grim Dawn’s list of masteries."

Specific offensive spells include the Storm Box of Elgoloth and Flames of Ignaffar —the former allowing Inquisitors to tether themselves to foes with fork lightning; the latter turning their adversaries to ashes. Here's a couple of screens to this end: 

Flames of Ignaffar

Storm Box of Elgoloth

Full information on Grim Dawn's Inquisitor class can be found this way. Its update is due this week.

Community Announcements - Zantai
Enter Grim Dawn's third Roguelike dungeon, the Aetherial overrun Port Valbury, with the release of our latest free content update, patch V1.0.0.7!

The patch is full of revisions intended to improve your experience and open up possibilities for new builds, with new loot, buffed skills and more!

This update also includes a few key Multiplayer bug fixes that we hope will squash some frustrating issues once and for all.

For the full list of changes, visit the forum.

From everyone here at Crate Entertainment, have a happy and safe holiday season and a fantastic New Year!

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