Community Announcements - Zantai
We are proud to announce that Build 27, the release of our 6th and final Mastery, is has just gone live.

With this major update, you may now create class combinations using the wild Shaman class, master of storms, beasts and savage two-handed weapon combat. This build also includes an extensive look at game balance, changes to itemization and the addition of two new areas to explore.

But that's not all Build 27 has to offer, visit the forum for the full (massive) list of changes.

There are still many exciting things left on the horizon for Grim Dawn as we push towards Content-Complete this year! Future updates will include the Act 4 Finale, a second Rogue-like Dungeon, Legendary items and the Devotion system!
Community Announcements - Zantai
As always, we are committed to giving you as smooth an experience as possible. In the last week, we have released two hotfixes which were aimed at not only resolving crashes but also improving your experience with balance improvements and tweaks.

Viist the forum for the full list of changes.

PC Gamer

It was a little over three years ago that Grim Dawn, the action-RPG that sprung forth from the ruins of Titan Quest, finished its Kickstarter campaign with nearly double its $280,000 goal. And it was actually two years before that—well before Kickstarter became a "thing" in the videogame business—that developer Crate Entertainment began its own "crowd contributed" funding campaign. Work on the game has been going on for a long time, in other words. But it's just about done.

Grim Dawn has been playable in beta for quite awhile, and Crate announced today that the final section of Act Three is now complete and released. "You may now venture beyond Homestead's north gate into the heart of the Cult of Ch'thon's territory," Crate founder Arthur Bruno wrote in the latest Kickstarter update. "Fight through the Blood Grove, experience the horror of the Ashen Waste and climb your way up through Darkvale to one of the Cult's largest strongholds. Along the way, you may forge an alliance and make a foe between the Order of Death's Vigil and Kymon's Chosen. For the intrepid and observant explorer, many secrets lie hidden along the way."

The latest build increases the level cap to 50, adds a bunch of new epic items, and works in various fixes, tweaks, and balance changes, all of which are memorialized in this changelog. It also brings the game closer to completion, which Bruno said remains on target for late this year.

"Coming up in the next few months we will release a yet unannounced 6th class, the new skill devotion system, legendary items and Act 4, in which you will face the final confrontation with the Aetherials and Chthonians," he wrote. "Thanks for sticking with us on this long journey!"

And a long journey it certainly has been: Grim Dawn was originally expected to come out sometime in 2011. It's available in three different editions at, or as an Early Access release on Steam, where it's currently 35 percent off as part of the ongoing Steam Summer Sale.

Community Announcements - Zantai
We are proud to announce that Build 26 has come ahead of schedule!

With this major update, Act 3 is now complete and you may venture forth beyond the northern walls of Homestead and into the Cult of Ch'thon's territory. You may now become an ally of either the Order of Death's Vigil or the Kymon's Chosen factions, or earn their hatred and spawn their Nemesis! Also with this update, the level cap has been increased to 50, granting you access to over 70 new Epic items.

While this build marks a major milestone for Grim Dawn, there are still many exciting things on the horizon as we push towards our end-of-the-year target release date for the full game. Future releases will include Legendary Items, the Devotion System, an unannounced 6th Mastery, and more!

We wish to thank all of our supporters who have helped us get this far. 2015 is an exciting year for Grim Dawn!

For a full list of B26 changes, visit our forum.
Community Announcements - Zantai
We’re happy to announce that we’ve brought on Eric Sexton to help enrich and accelerate the design work on Grim Dawn. It is especially exciting for us since Eric was one of the early artists / designers at Blizzard North, contributing to what are obviously some of our favorite games of all time.

Starting as an artist when Blizzard North was originally called “Condor,” Eric animated player characters on Diablo 1 and contributed such creative touches as the macabre detailing of the Butcher’s room and wrote many of the quest concepts. Transitioning to more of a design role on Diablo 2, Eric contributed to the story and world development. Most recently, Eric worked on the creature design team for Borderlands II, creating NPCs and monsters.

On Grim Dawn, Eric is primarily involved with world building and the development of lore but is eager to branch out. He was able to get up to speed on level creation quickly and has already made major contributions, building the mountain fortress that will mark the end of Act 3 and working on an expansive high-level swamp region where some faction quests will take place. Eric has demonstrated a special knack for creating unique points of interest within levels to give them a distinctive feel and detailing out dungeons in a way that really enhances the atmosphere.

Beyond improving our design efforts, we’re also hopeful that this new addition to the team will help increase the rate at which we can produce the remaining content and speed us towards the end-of-year delivery we’re currently targeting for the full release of Grim Dawn.
Community Announcements - Zantai
We are excited to announce that Build 25 has just gone live. With this update, the full Faction system has been implemented, allowing you to take advantage of the reputation (and infamy) you gain with Cairn's various factions. This means dozens of new Faction-only items, 145 Bounty Missions, and brand new ultra-tough Nemesis bosses!

The Faction changes are just scratching the surface of this massive update. Take a look at the full changelog for more information.
Community Announcements - Zantai
We recently did a Q&A with NextPowerUp on the development of Grim Dawn. Take a look:
Community Announcements - Zantai
As always, we are committed to maintaining as bug free an experience as possible.

In light of this, we recently released two hotfixes for Build 24 that not only include critical bug fixes, but also some great touch-ups to existing content (such as a visual update to Wightmire).

For the full list of changes, visit the changelog.
Announcement - Valve
Today's Deal: Save 50% on Grim Dawn!*

Look for the deals each day on the front page of Steam. Or follow us on twitter or Facebook for instant notifications wherever you are!

*Offer ends Tuesday at 10AM Pacific Time
Community Announcements - Zantai
A few weeks ahead of schedule, we are proud to announce that Build 24 has just gone live. You may now enter the town of Homestead and explore the western reaches of the ravaged farmlands beyond!

This build also includes some optimization improvements, the first phase of the Faction System Overhaul, an updated character selection screen and more!

With Build 24 out, you can look forward to the full Faction System in Build 25, probably by the end of April, and Act 3: Chapter 3 potentially in B26 around late May or June. Act 4 will begin to roll out in the third quarter 2015.

For the full list of changes, check out the extensive changelog.

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