Grim Dawn - Zantai
The latest major update has arrived for Grim Dawn, and this one features a massive new roguelike dungeon to explore in the Ashes of Malmouth expansion!

Delve into the Ancient Grove and discover all-new unique items and a special Mythical Relic found nowhere else!

Stop by the forum for the full list of changes.

We hope you enjoy this latest free content update and stay tuned for more Grim Dawn in the future!
Jan 19
Grim Dawn - Zantai
With the release of Ashes of Malmouth, one of the most enjoyable and well-received new features has been the Illusionist by far. We think the community agrees, with new illusions posted regularly!

We've scoured through the growing compilation of grim fashion across Grim Dawn's various forums/reddit and, while it was a difficult choice, we came away with some of our favorite picks.

Hop over to the official forum and check them out.

These are a mere sampling of the massive number of possibilities when using Grim Dawn's Illusionist!
Grim Dawn - Zantai
Another massive update has arrived. This one is very much Crucible themed, but everybody has something to look forward to!

Along with two new arenas and the introduction of Ashes of Malmouth enemies to the Crucible, you can also now enjoy two brand new Monster Infrequents and an absolutely massive list of improvements and balance changes to the game overall.

From everybody here at Crate, we wish you all a happy holiday season. We'll see you in the new year with many exciting things still to come to Grim Dawn!

For the full list of changes, stop by the forum.

Grim Dawn - Zantai
As always, we are committed to providing you with a quality experience in Grim Dawn.

The latest hotfix for patch V1.0.3.0 is now live on Steam and it includes fixes to several issues that frustrated players, particularly a rare crash that could trigger anywhere in the game world and an issue with monsters above level 100 dropping an excessive amount of affix-less items.

For a full list of changes, stop by the forum.
Grim Dawn - Zantai
Featuring a changelog so large, we had to increase the forum's post limit by 25%, Grim Dawn's V1.0.3.0 is now live!

This update features major improvements to controller support, as well as a great improvement to casting behavior. If you do not like the new casting mechanics though, you can always toggle Classic Casting in the game options.

Also, due to a clerical error in your favor, this update actually ended up including some changes we worked on for V1.0.4.0, which only made the changelog that much longer. So enjoy a significantly reduced armor gap between Heavy armor and Light/Caster armor!

For the full list of changes, visit the forum:

Grim Dawn - Zantai
Ashes of Malmouth may be out, but Grim Dawn is far from over!

Check out our latest development update for a peek at what's in store for you in future content updates!

Grim Dawn - Valve
Grim Dawn - Ashes of Malmouth Expansion, all new content for Grim Dawn is Now Available on Steam!

Ashes of Malmouth expands on the apocalyptic fantasy world of Grim Dawn with two new chapters in the epic struggle to free humankind from the horrors of the ruthless Aetherials. Venture into dangerous new parts of the world as you discover unique items, empower your characters and make difficult choices that have a lasting impact on the people of Cairn.

Grim Dawn

Grim Dawn’s Ashes of Malmouth expansion launched yesterday, introducing new classes like the Necromancer and the Inquisitor, and continuing the action-RPG’s gloomy story with two new chapters. It’s pretty meaty, and also throws in a cosmetic system that lets you change the appearance of your items, like Diablo’s transmogrification system.

Accompanying these additions is an increased level and Devotion cap, 100 and 55 respectively, four extra factions who can become allies or enemies, several new environments, and new super bosses who drop some unique loot. 

Speaking of loot, expect to discover hundreds of new items as you fight your way towards the titular fallen city of Malmouth. But first you’ll need to slaughter your way past hordes of enemies hiding in the Gloomwald forest and the swampy Ugdenbog. 

A free update will also introduce a new roguelike dungeon, featuring “the corrupting presence of the Aetherials and the Chthonians upon the beasts of Cairn”. Sounds like a nice place. Expect it to appear soon. 

Ashes of Malmouth is out now on Steam and the Humble Store for £14.49/$17.99. Grim Dawn itself is also 70% off on Steam.

Grim Dawn - Zantai
We are extremely excited to unleash Grim Dawn's massive expansion, available now!

It comes packed with awesome features such as the Illusionist System and a huge amount of content packed into 2 new chapters of the Grim Dawn story.

Grim Dawn - Valve
Today's Deal: Save 70% on Grim Dawn!*

Look for the deals each day on the front page of Steam. Or follow us on twitter or Facebook for instant notifications wherever you are!

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