King Arthur's Gold - Max
World Humanitarian Day (WHD) is held every year on 19 August to pay tribute to aid workers who risk their lives in humanitarian service. It is also a day to remember those people who have lost their lives in the service of a humanitarian cause.

Ultimately, World Humanitarian Day helps to raise public awareness about humanitarian assistance activities and the importance of working together to solve the world’s problems.

This year the WHD Campaign is #NotATarget

View the WHD #NotATarget website here

To do our bit for raising awareness, King Arthur's Gold will be 50% off on steam for the entire weekend, and half of each sale will be donated to UNICEF at the end of the event. Pick up a copy for yourself of a friend and help save lives at the same time!

We who are lucky enough to spend our time playing video games instead of suffering violence, famine, and preventable disease, can lend our support to those that need it.

Please consider signing the #NotATarget petition, letting your friends and family know about WHD, and supporting a humanitarian organisation of your choosing this August 19th.

Thanks and lots of love,
King Arthur's Gold - Max
Hey folks,

A small build this time around, just pulling in the latest batch of community maps and a single fix!

    Some maps are a little more quirky, like 4zk's Rorschach - but there are plenty of more standard maps as well.

There are new maps in the "big 3" modes.

  • Added bunnie_Korwin_Mikke
  • Added bunnie_Wojciech_Jaruzelski
  • Added Cohen_Sanctuary
  • Added Lavaguy678_Peanut
  • Added mcrifel_Ruin
  • Added 4zK_Rorschach
  • Added 4zK_Stubs
  • Added 8x_BBiscuit
  • Added 8x_Grounds
  • Added Fuzzle_Stale
  • Replaced Punk123_toothgrinderx with Punk123_toothgrinderx2
  • Added Punk123_SkinnedCastle
  • Added Punk123_PrincessCity
  • Added Punk123_CryingDemon
  • Added SJD360_Abrogation
  • Added Skinney_Descent
  • Replaced SJD360_Overdose with SJD360_Overdose2

  • Added 8x_HawksCieza

Please leave your feedback in the appropriate place so that map authors and moderators can get a handle on community sentiment and so we can remove any problem maps.

We're looking to take a more "seasonal" approach to maps if we keep getting this high level of interest in mapping. The CTF mapcycle in particular is very large now (relative to game length) and we think that perhaps mixing up the cycle more regularly and maintaining a smaller pool of active maps could be most enjoyable going foward. We're open to opinions on this idea of course!

Thanks to all the map moderators and to all who submitted maps! Congratulations as well to those who got maps in game.

Have fun!

Full Changelog: [merged] PRs #14 and #15 from github; accepted community maps + mapcycle updates [modified] fixed underground grass in 8x_grounds and ffsff_underhangpit2 maps [fixed] CTF crashing after a bad map is loaded (still causes other huge problems of course)
King Arthur's Gold - Max
This build is more of a "back on track" build rather than anything particularly groundbreaking, but there's a few gems in there and it's important that we keep the backlog small and manageable.

One change should help ease water-related frustrations a little...

Here's a run-down of the major changes:

  • More flags in the National Flags Head Pack!
    As requested on the forums, the flags of Iraq, Syria (+Independence), Libya, Mali, Tunisia, Austria, Estonia, Lithuania, Georgia, The Faroe Islands, Greenland, Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic have been added. Greece is coming next build. For those that missed it, you can pick up the pack on steam for the sweet sweet price of two bucks!
  • Community buttons!
    The community buttons at the bottom of the main menu have been retouched. The new official (fan-run) Discord server is linked, IRC is labelled as such, and the official forums get a link too. Come say hi if you haven't already! The buttons could use some dressing up but they're more relevant and nicely arranged than they used to be at least.
  • Sponge Buffs
    Water haters rejoice! As discussed on the forums, sponges last for 2 hits and reduce the stun time to 1/6 of a second.
  • AFK kick works on wall-clock time instead of in-game time.
    This should prevent afks from evading the kick in TDM.
  • Github Pull Requests Merged
    Thanks to Fuzzle for this month's community pull requests, and to makmoud98, AsuMagic and HkgStudio for their interest in contributing over on github!

The last few months there's been a few community-side shakeups as well:

  • Maps
    There's been a few more map moderators assigned who have been reviewing maps like crazy. Check out the map submission forum for more info, a sneak peek at the accepted maps, and to have your say!
  • Discord server rivalry
    Gamers seem to have embraced discord for their general-purpose comms, and the KAG community has been no exception. Multiple clan and unofficial discord servers had popped up. There's now an official (still fan-run!) discord in an attempt to unify this a little, with links to the more specialised servers there (clan discords in particular).

Next build will be about getting the recently accepted community maps in-game, and a bit of repo cosolidation - so that the pull request process is simpler for us and we can take more of them without hassle.

Have Fun!

Full Changelog for those interested: [modified] new sprites for some missing countries - iraq, syria (+independence), libya, mali, tunisia, austria, estonia, lithuania, georgia, faroe islands, greenland, cuba, puerto rico, dominican republic [added] new/nicer community buttons at bottom of main menu (discord link included) [updated] engine with new apiclient stuff [fixed] afk kick working in game-time vs clock-time (means that someone afk across multiple short games will still be kicked - think TDM) [modified] sponge reduces stun to 1/6 of a second and takes 2 hits with water to destroy [added] cant build on currently collapsing tile spaces (prevents wasting materials, as those tiles cannot be modified until the collapse is finished) [updated] merged PRs from github: 'fzzle/quarters-include-fix', 'fzzle/duplication-fix', 'fzzle/boatshop-menu-fix' [fixed] incomplete implementation of archer quiver going invisible when sleeping in quarters [fixed] splash doing a double-hit for force splashes (was interfering with sponges surviving a hit) [added] c_write_console_to_disk and c_write_chat_to_disk for disabling logging [modified] logging doesn't flush to disk (prevents slow blocking i/o for every line) [fixed] a few missing heads in vanilla [fixed] tcpr security issue [fixed] slow star rendering on linux (thanks Norill!) [added] CMap::isTileCollapsing in various flavours [fixed] GotoURL could "jam" on hitting esc in main menu
King Arthur's Gold - Furai

So I've just pushed small hotfix, the most important thing about it is to reduce server log spam due to missing textures on server. Once servers update admins should see less spam in console.

Also this has been fixed:
[fixed] CTF GUI not displayed after join [fixed] TDM spawn "change class" button icon missing


King Arthur's Gold - Furai

Just letting you know that we pushed small hotfix suppressing the console spam about image offset.

King Arthur's Gold - Max
Hey Folks,

Long time coming on this build, we know! It should be out on all platforms within the next half-hour.

This build contains a boatload of changes, ranging from small things like maps and bug fixes to entirely new modding possibilities and the first ever head pack for KAG! There might be some weirdness associated with such a big patch as a lot of things have changed code-wise, please let us know about them ASAP.

About the heads pack, "Flags of the World":
There's over 120 heads, over 60 for each gender, and we're keen to hear what you think. The pack is available through steam and is just a drop-down in the heads menu. Here's a look at all the heads. If you're interested in buying but your country is missing, please get in touch with support and we'll see what we can do.

MM will be managing the release of the heads pack shortly, which will be available through steam over here. It should "just work" in-game once it's out, but please get in touch if you have trouble!

We'll be looking at non-steam options for purchase if there's interest, let us know in the thread.

Other changes:
  • There are a few map changes for CTF from the community.
  • Siege engines and boats in crates can't be opened right at the top of the map, which prevents them glitching off towers and wasting coins, and (slightly) discourages sky-siege.
  • The materials code has been re-implemented by Fuzzle, with changes to decay rates and sprites, and much-simplified code. He'll be taking feedback in the build thread, we're happy to iterate on these changes.
  • The first round of community-sourced pull requests from github have been integrated with the game. Thanks so much to those that got behind this. We'll be extending and improving the handling of this in the future.
  • There are a few changes intended more for modders as well - there is now access to textures via scripts, and this is used for the pixel offsets and team recolouring in-game. This allows modders to add things like new team colours for role-play mods, procedurally combine textures, and much more. The API can be extended if need be, and we're considering re-implementing a few of the now-script-side features engine-side for performance reasons (the script-side implementations would still work, but there'd be a high-performance C++ implementation available)

Have Fun!


Full Changelog: Script Textures: [added] script-side control of textures [added] script-side pixel offsets (working around engine bugs) [added] working palette swap script [added] precache system for runner textures and offsets Heads Pack: [added] heads pack popup [added] Flags of the World pack with 122 heads (61 for each gender) Maps: [removed] Fellere_FourRivers from map rotation [updated] potatobird_sharkromance and punk123_antqueen maps [modified] mcrifel_steppes new version [added] punk123_toothgrinderx map Pull Requests: [fixed] [fuzzle] arrows at (0,0) [fixed] [fuzzle] mines on join [fixed] [fuzzle] strange seed behaviour [fixed] [GoldenGuy] respawn timer in sandbox [fixed] [calvinloveland] typos Miscellaneous: [modified] cannot open crate with siege/boat in top 5 tiles of map [added] fuzzle material changes [fixed] broken trade menu from materials rework [dev] avoiding overflow on knocked [fixed] receiver reading outside bounds could crash map [added] fuzzle fixes for block placement on own actor [updated] engine with async minimap stuff (minimap updated more often + in background) [added] yagger/makmoud98 head is male trader [modified] afk kick after 2min30 now

You can view and discuss the original post on the Official Forums here
King Arthur's Gold - (Samuel Horti)

Siege! gameplay

I really like the look of Siege! [official site], an upcoming local multiplayer brawler from developers 2nd Studio.

Each game starts by both teams building a castle fitted out with cannons. Then, all hell breaks lose. Cannon balls fly, stone walls crumble, and your knight takes to the turf, slashing his sword. Once you’ve destroyed your opponent’s base and killed the King inside, you win. … [visit site to read more]

King Arthur's Gold - Furai
Hello my fellow KAGians,

Long time no devlog from me. Don't worry, I haven't started crunching bugs. As always, I'm just the guy behind the scenes.

Today I've moved the Base folder of KAG to GitHub! For many of you it's probably nothing special, but to the guys like @Fuzzle, it might actually mean a lot. Because of this change people who want to help fixing the game and have been submitting fixes to scripting part of the game via bugreports - can do so now directly*. Amazing, isn't it? (Geti was just lazy and didn't want to include your fixes by hand over and over again. It's actually quite tedious so forgive him, I did. He asked me and jrgp to create this.)


May the KAG be with you,

INB4 - no, we're not open sourcing KAG, just the Base folder part that was anyway publicly available to any of you who have downloaded and installed the game.

* - via pull requests.

P.S. If there will be demand for such thing as README in this repo on how to contribute - I might create it. Better yet, one of you can create it and submit it via pull request!
King Arthur's Gold - Max
Hey Folks

Minor Release, just a few fixes and additions.

I'm pushing this out in a relative hurry to revert to old behaviour for knight attacking - the new code allows attacking through doors in some instances, and the old code is more conservative, so I'm going with that. We'll look at a more robust solution soon.

There's also a fix for a TDM exploit, an added scripting constant, more modder-friendly collapse behaviour and a fix for the radius being reported incorrectly for non-circular shapes. It's still an approximation, but it's now a correct approximation instead of twice what it should be.

We'll be keeping an eye on the release to make sure there's no more funny business with attacking ːkag_yesː

Have Fun,

Full Changelog:

[added] air count is copied when changing class [fixed?] modding-unfriendly isTileSolid was used for collapse block solidity testing. [fixed] approximate radius for polygon shapes was twice what it should be [added] Maths::Pi constant [fixed] more dirt vulns on pressurecooker [reverted] to old knightlogic to patch hitting issues
King Arthur's Gold - Furai

Just pushed small hotfix to the build fixing some build specific stuff on linux. Also now you should be able to run KAG on linux without library problems. Just use
cd <your_path_to_kag> ./ <any_parameters_you_want>
Steam is now using that as well so this should fix issues with KAG on linux run via Steam as well.
Tested on Ubuntu 16.04 x64


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