King Arthur's Gold - Max
Hey folks - it's been a bit of a wait on this one, I know, but hopefully the payload makes up for it!


It's finally here! Asu has gotten serious work done on this feature and after ironing out some issues in testing, it should be ready for public consumption. There might still be issues with it, so it's not on by default - yet. If all goes smoothly in production, we will enable this by default - so if you haven't already, now is the time to give it a look and report any issues.

If you enable Uncapped Framerate (in the video settings), the game will now render "in-between" frames. The game logic still runs at 30 ticks per second, but the rendering is now decoupled from that limit. This makes the game's motion a lot smoother in the eyes of most people, without increasing the game's processing cost proportionally. You can keep the framerate capped if you prefer 30fps for whatever reason.

We recommend you keep vsync on (as it is by default) to prevent wasted processing on frames that aren't displayed. For most players, this leads to a smooth rendered framerate of 60fps, though those with higher frequency monitors or graphics cards the support "special" vsync modes (freesync, gsync etc) will of see higher framerates.

This feature works with most mods out of the box (including TC, pictured above), but if they do any tricky custom rendering, camera updating or similar, then they will need to use a few new functions to smooth out their motion. It's probably best to ask about it on a case-by-case basis in #modding on Discord, but we'll look at doing a forum writeup to help you understand the changes as well.

New Maps

The maps team have continued to review and integrate new community map content, to help keep the mapcycles fresh. We hope you enjoy what they've come up with this time around.

Both CTF and TDM have new maps in the rotation this build.
CTF changes: Added/Modified: highlands, princesscity, gloryhill2, lech_walesa Removed: kaggen, antqueen, snitchmerk, passfest, paradox TDM changes: Added: watery, reaver, neringa, cursedwell, virgo Removed: peanut

More Translations

The translation contributors have continued to provide, with the Russian translation being extended to support the server browser and the Polish translation being upgraded from a placeholder to parity with the Russian team. Please let us know if you have any feedback, and you can always contribute modifications or corrections on github! French will catch up soon, Asu has had enough on his plate with this release!

Community News

The Official Discord has continued to flourish since the giveaway around new years, to celebrate hitting a thousand members - we hope this continues through 2018! Congrats and thanks to Mazey, Galen, and the rest of the discord crew.

Github has slowed down a little over the New Year, but we'll be updating the repository with contributor guidelines soon - watch that space if you're looking to get your feet wet with KAG dev! A chinese translation may also be in the works, and the Russian, French and Polish translators are waiting on some further extensions to the translation system. Terracraft also contributed optimised image files to the space taken by the game on disk.

Eluded released his KAGLadder site for ranked 1v1. I believe discussion should be directed here.

The official servers have experimentally had the chat filter enabled serverside. We don't expect that this will have much of an effect on gameplay or on the majority of chat, but it will hopefully send a message that we want to encourage a more friendly atmosphere on the official servers. You can discuss this in more detail here - we're open to feedback, including suggestions for different filtering criteria or behaviour.

There was also a disruption to several THD web servers as a result of issues with some planned maintenance - the game was unable to be played online for a few hours as a result. Joe, our main sysadmin, is looking into options for redundency or failover to prevent a single point of failure from taking out the API, which is used for the server list and logins. More news on that as things develop.

We hope you enjoy the build!


Full Changelog: 60FPS Related [added] uncapped framerate interpolates frames, allowing >30fps (thanks and congrats Asu) [modified] graphics flash updated on render, changed logic and new time param [added] interpolation support to many rendered objects [fixed] various script issues with >30fps [added] fps diagnostic graph for inspecting render deltatimes /v_deltatime_diag Modding Related [added] getInterpolationFactor, getRenderDeltaTime, getRenderSmoothDeltaTime, getRenderExactDeltaTime, getRenderApproximateCorrectionFactor functions for enhanced >30fps support in scripts. [added] CCamera::getInterpolationOffset() bind (for fixing edge-case flickery world->screenspace conversions) [added] anim_timer to CParticle (thanks Vamist and Mazey for being insistent) [added] console print with color (thanks Asu and Eluded) [removed] tile noise variable (watch out tilemap modders) Hosting Related [added] config variable for customising ban length if a player leaves while frozen (default 30, no ban if set to 0) [added] disable file sending logs by default, can be changed with g_verbosefilesending [added] nolauncher option to the dedicatedserver.bat for windows [modified] some hosting-related properties (port, slots, etc) are now constant at runtime and must be set in the config or command line arguments, to prevent abuse/price tier escalation at shared hosting. Localisation related [added] changes required for server browser translation Optimisation [modified] significantly improved client performance with a lot of blobs [modified] <cmap:update> subtasks are more accurate [modified] optimized lighting code [modified] inlined cmap stuff for performance [modified] optimised flood layers (fire, water) [modified] optimised image files (thanks Terracraft) Other [fixed] soft-crash when disabling smooth shader [fixed] tcpr calling hooks before connection authentication [removed] many of the Engine namespace functions (thanks for the reminder TFlippy) [fixed] gramatically incorrect noswears correction (thanks for the reminder Paralogia) [fixed] irc button goes to thd channel (discord is majority now though) [modified] bombs in inventory don't kill non-player objects (eg war boats, storages) [modified] updated TDM, CTF mapcycle.cfg (thanks Panky, Ni, Map Team, Map Authors) [removed] longboat challenge that caused crashes
King Arthur's Gold - Max
Hey Folks,

Asu has done great work and we're very close to releasing the 60FPS build - but during testing we've had a few hard-to-reproduce issues! To avoid potentially marring this very important update, we've decided to release a separate, public-access test build.

If you're interested in helping out, check out the build here - otherwise stay tuned for the update ASAP!

King Arthur's Gold - Max
The KAG API, Official Forums and various other THD sites are currently down, as a result of some network hardware maintenance. As a result, you cannot log into the game or play normally online until this is fixed, though offline and direct-connect play is unaffected.

Sorry for not letting you know about it ahead of time - it was not predicted to interfere with service. We're told the folks at the datacentre are currently working on fixing the issue ASAP, but we really can't do much more than relay the good news when it finally comes.

According to the initial maintenance schedule, things should be back up no later than Thursday January 25th, 2018 @ 4:00AM EST - sorry for the interruption!


Update: everything should be back up, thanks for your patience folks! ːkag_yesː
King Arthur's Gold - Max
Hey Folks!

2017 was quite a year! Pull up a chair (and a tall glass of nostalgia), I figure a retrospective is in order.

As with any multiplayer game, the community is what sustains the project - without players, there's not much to play. But this year, the KAG community have gone far beyond simple participation and play. Much of what follows is partly or wholly community effort, and we can't overstate our gratitude for that.

I'd especially like to thank Furai, Asu, Jrgp, Galen, Mazey, FuzzyBlueBaron, MM, Cameron, Verra, Sophia, Norill, Diprog, Fuzzle, Panky, mcrifel, Ni, GoldenGuy, Tru, Terracraft, Makmoud, TFlippy, FunATuns, Monkey_Feats, 8x, the OKSA, Discord and Forum moderation teams, all the modders, and the community at large for the part they have played in the game this year!

Discord was perhaps the biggest community shift overall, both in the official and unofficial spaces. Discord has taken over the role that IRC used to play, but also much of the forum and development chatter. The official server has thrived, but there are also region-specific and clan-run Discord servers which cater to more niche audiences and help to sustain and engage those populations. In the official sphere, day to day development, testing, modding and announcements are all coordinated primarily or partly through Discord.

The official discord has also reached a thousand members and is holding a give away raffle to celebrate! It will start on the 3rd and end on the 5th of January - so if you're interested in a chance at a freebie, be sure to enter!

The open github base repository got properly up and running this year. It has been a wonderful way for community members to contribute to the game in a volunteer capacity. We've had a few hundred community contributions across over fifty separate pull requests (!) - including translations, maps, balance tweaks, code clean ups, optimisations and more.

This has really let us fill out the changelogs of each build with things the community is very interested in, and has thankfully been mostly uncontroversial. We've endeavoured to merge in contributed work as soon as it's ready, and worked with each contributor to make that as easy as possible.

We are looking forward to working with you in 2018, and hope to gear up this side of development even further!

Internal Contributions
We've taken on some new internal contribution relationships, and rekindled some old ones as well. This has led to renewed development engine-side and the release of a few major features, fixes, and optimisations - including a new performance profiling system, faster water/fire/minimap, some significantly improved modding functionality, precache fixes, translation improvements and countless smaller fixes.

This has been a great way for people who want to contribute beyond script, texture, sound, config and map changes to really sink their teeth into helping build the game, and also helps spread the load of communicating with the community in the development and testing channels.

2017 saw translation efforts take off, with Russian and French translations for the majority of the game and menu texts, as well as increased translation support across the board. We hope this increases the usability of the game for those using the translation feature so far - we're looking to finalise support and increase the visibility of the feature soon, to help accommodate more non-english-speaking users.

We've had some expressions of interest for Spanish, Chinese and German translations as well, which can hopefully get underway in the new year.

Maps have been managed by a small group of community moderators with experience in map making and map criticism. They have been busily reviewing community-submitted maps on the forums and managing the mapcycle changes as appropriate, and have shown themselves to be good at communicating their process with the map makers and the community at large. This will no doubt continue to give both the novice and expert map maker a chance to bring fresh playable spaces to the game in 2018.

2017 was our first year of actively running more frequent large (50-75%) sales to draw fresh players on steam, and help ensure the game is affordable for everyone. We've minimised participation in bundles, as we see poor player activation rates from these, so we feel that they are likely bad for the community. We also did a charity sale which raised $1183 for unicef australia. We're happy with how this approach has gone so far, and are planning to continue with this as frequently as steam allows in the new year.

First DLC
The Flags of the World Cosmetic Head Pack DLC was released this year. It had a bit of a lukewarm reception, but overall we've had expressions of interest for both a non-steam purchase option, and further cosmetic DLC opportunities. Releasing DLC is a lot more work than it seems, but it may be an option to allow players to give extended support to development without resorting to things like gameplay content splits that either fracture the player base or sow "pay to win" discontent.

We've tossed around the idea of head packs, class skins, and emoticon packs; we'd be interested in trying each of these as development time and finances allow.

Looking Forward
2018 will be a year of further polish, more open contribution, and community empowerment. Walkthroughs for contributing, formalisation of some unwritten rules, and a more transparent dev cycle are all planned. We want to open game testing even more and continue to utilise discord for testing, development and modding coordination.

We want to improve player retention through a better singleplayer and newbie experience, and we want to get the official modded servers updated and stable again. We hope to get the compilers that we use updated which will enable many optimisations, modernisation of some of the code, and some libraries to be updated or replaced, fixing some age-old bugs. We hope to get the finances behind the game into a more sustainable place and to be more open about the state of affairs there. We want to build some fresh new vanilla content to rekindle the spark for older players, and to further enable modders to realise their dreams.

We know this sounds fairly ambitious, but after 2017 has gone so well, I think it's a good chance to grab the bull by the horns. We hope you'll stick around for an exciting year!

Happy New Year to You All!
From everyone at THD
King Arthur's Gold - Max
A small "rolling" release on last build, fixing a few regressions and a small collection of fairly long-standing minor bugs. Nothing huge, but should set us up with a more clean slate for the next build.

The hero on their way to save the princess thinking about which of these bandits to shoot first

  • Entities that are inside an inventory no longer have the option to collide, which should improve performance on maps (and modded servers) with lots of blobs lying idle in storages. We feel that this is the expected behaviour anyway, but any modders affected by this please get in touch ASAP.
  • New emotes work from the emote bindings config file, and emotes can be input there by name instead of by number (check for the names). The emoticons have also been slightly reworked based on community feedback, though there's still a bit more work to do there! Note: they are not yet added to the emote menu because of an unresolved issue with the menu growing too large with so many emotes. We'll be looking at a few options soon.

  • TDM map loading issues introduced by the map loading optimisations last build - no more missing chests or spikes, sorry about that folks!
  • Unreliable crash on exceptionally small maps with minimaps turned on.
  • Forever-broken emote menu if it was left open upon nextmap. This one had been in game since at least classic days, possibly as long as the emote menu has been around. Good to see it laid to rest.
  • Map borders on "cave" TDM maps was incorrectly semi-transparent, which led to a strange seam at the top of the map. The semi-transparent border is still there for open-topped maps.

There are also a few under-the-hood networking optimisations, and we'll be investigating more soon.

Have Fun!

Full changelog:
[added] blobs inside an inventory skip their scripted doesCollideWithBlob checks and don't collide [fixed] leak in minimap code + optimised minimap update on nextmap [fixed] crash with small maps with the minimap on [fixed] broken emoticon menu on nextmap if it was open [added] g_forceresolution to deal with bad resolution detection (thanks asu) [fixed] fade area above map on "closed"/"cave" maps was incorrectly transparent [fixed] chests and spikes stopped loading from maps (thanks asu) [added] emote names for custom bindings + new emotes "work" [modified] some mote emote changes based on feedback - still work to do though!
King Arthur's Gold - Max
Hey Folks!

Quite a lot of community contribution in this one, as is becoming a pattern. This is great to see!

It's good to see this make it through to the public. Sorry for the wait - I know it has been a few weeks coming. We've had some back and forth on a few of the changes, and I've been sick on and off the past few weeks. I'm healthy again now, so fingers crossed we can continue with smaller "rolling" updates.

This build includes about 150 commits across over 120 files to the base repository and about 40 commits across over 200 files to the engine repository, so it's no small patch. The build includes contributions from Myself, MM, Furai, Asu, Fuzzle, and Diprog.

I got a lot of engine-side work done on translations, fixed a few regressions from last build and got a few miscellaneous work items done.

I also added some work-in-progress emoticons from recent discussion in discord to the sprite-sheet for use. We welcome feedback on these emoticons but they should not be treated as necessarily a permanent addition; we'll figure out which ones have a place in the game and which don't soon enough. They are only available through the config file currently, so to save you the trouble, here's a look at them - note that a few of these are just touch-ups, most are new.

MM actually spent some time in the codebase, to partly address the precache issues causing crashes and other issues when swapping servers and swapping between local gamemodes and online play. There are still some ongoing glitches to look into, but it's quite an improvement over how things were before.

Fuzzle has been sitting exams but completed a refactor of the materials scripts and configuration files. This shouldn't affect mods from what I can tell, it just cleans up the code a little.

Diprog and the rest of the Russian translators have helped extend the translation support a huge amount, and provided RU translations to match. This includes menu translations, gamemode and UI translations, a few tricky edge cases with descriptions, and indicating requirements for improved support for unicode and localisation within the engine.

Asu has been very productive this month; There is a new profiler, improved map loading performance, a fix for a long-standing linux bug, more french translations and a handful of smaller things as well - check out the changelog for more info.

It's quite a "technical" addition, but the new profiler will help vanilla devs, contributors and modders diagnose and fix performance issues in their scripts and in the engine. It profiles both engine-side tasks and all script hooks, can sample at a reduced rate, and reports multiple metrics per measurement. It's also gentler on performance than the previous profiler. Scripts are in yellow, engine tasks are in grey.

To turn on profiling, use /g_measureperformance 1 in the console on startup or once the game is loaded, and then /performance to dump the current performance statistics. You can clear out the existing samples with /performanceflush - perhaps if you want to measure performance around a specific event. Because of the slight performance overhead, this setting is turned off each startup, so setting it in your auto-config won't work.

Big thanks to all the contributors!

Outside of the game, our Discord Server also got verified which means we have a fancy new invite link and higher performance voice servers. We're currently hovering around 900 members, and as ever it's onwards and upwards! Thanks so much to the discord admins for their tireless efforts and to the community for rallying behind the server so well.

Enjoy the update!

Full changelog: Translations: [added] (work in progress) menu translation ability [added] AddGlobalMessageReplacement to handle serverside messages still needing translation clientside [modified] significantly extended translation capability (Joint KAG dev and RU translation effort) - see the RU translation json for the probably-most-up-to-date strings [added] more RU translations (thanks Diprog + RU translation folks) [added] more FR translations (thanks Asu) [fixed] TTH TradeItem translation issues [added] linux dedicated server is forced to EN locale with a warning if it was something different. This means we can rely on translated strings from server still being in english for re-translation on client (eg descriptions). Performance/Optimisation: [modified] improved map loading performance (thanks Asu) [removed] irrlicht enums no one uses/should use anyway (thanks Asu) [removed] legacy map generation for smaller compiled size and fewer dependencies (thanks Asu) Miscellaneous: [added] material script and config refactor (thanks Fuzzle) [added] new profiler (thanks asu) [updated] cruxiat head [modified] better/more consistent descriptions in some challenge missions [modified] Similar matches are prioritized over soft matches (thanks Asu) [fixed] precache and scripts force reload after disconnect (thanks MM) [reverted] verra's change from last build (sorry Verra) - people are suspicious of this change currently so we should run a week or two without it and see if the suspicions hold up. [added] new emotes to spritesheet (can be used through config file only at this stage, treat these as unfinished and might vanish) [updated] new discord link (thanks fuzzle, congrats discord folks) Linux/OSX: [fixed] linux DLC heads and main menu background issues (thanks Asu) [modified] enabled SSE2 on mac and linux for performance (thanks Asu) Modding Compatibility: [important] map loading changes are likely to bite anyone with a custom map loader if it's based on BasePNGLoader. Lowest effort fix would be getting the old BasePNGLoader from github, renaming it to OldPNGLoader and including it in your mod directly. Better fix would be observing the changes that have been made and applying them to your own loader PNGLoader::handlePixel's signature is the main change - contact Asu for help in discord if you need it! Anyone only using should be unaffected though, as nothing has changed there. [minor] new serialisation for TradeItem in TTH If you use/abuse the TTH trading system this is something to be careful of Check the changes to if you want the details.
King Arthur's Gold - Max
Hey Folks!

Bad news, I'm afraid. All Australian Official Servers are down at the moment.

The hosting company running the server that the AU officials were hosted on has gone under. Unfortunately, we found out because of the server going down instead of ahead of time - so instead of migrating cleanly ahead of the server closing, we're currently looking for a suitable replacement in a hurry.

Apologies for the disruption to these very popular servers; we'll keep you in the loop as things develop.

Ballpark estimate on everything being operational again is currently "within three days".

Thanks for your patience,

EDIT by Furai: Servers are already up! Expect hotfix soon. :)
King Arthur's Gold - Max
Hey folks, Happy Halloween! Quite a big build this time around, all things considered.

Game Changes:

The most important part for most people, concrete changes to the game itself are up first.
  • Pickup priorities have been tweaked as a result of some community concern about them and initiative from a github contributor (tru0067). Dead bodies are more heavily de-prioritised, anything exploding is heavily prioritised, saws are prioritised over seeds and logs for managing wood farms, and material/ammo stacks are prioritised by size. I believe Asu has some more refinement planned for this but it's a good start on what seems to be a sore point for some people.
  • Probably the smallest but most visual is the builder and vehicle shops have been adjusted for nicer button placement and alignment. See below!
  • The filled bucket idea has been reworked into a separate "filled bucket" shop option which costs coins, while the basic bucket is now empty again. There's also some anti-spam server-lag mitigation to curb some bad behaviour observed.
  • The chat swear filter is now customisable by config file; support for this (so we can update it but you can maintain your own set of unsavoury terms) will be expanded in the future. Asu is working on the option to apply the swear filter to the display of names as well.
  • An issue with tents being placed one tile too high in the new map Passfest has been fixed.


It's nice to see the public github repo up and running "properly". This last few weeks in particular have been very active on Github! Each week has started with a long session of reviewing and merging pull requests; contributions from the community.

This month, 91 commits were pushed across 21 merged pull requests, plus internal development. This includes contributions from Asu, Fuzzle, Diprog, tru0067, Panky123, BarsukEughen, Cameron1010, Mazey, and myself - thanks to everyone! Diprog actually overtook me in terms of raw commits to the base repo, with all the translation work from him and the RU translation team!


Translation support has been expanded at a steady pace.

Diprog, BarsukEughen, Basea, Voxez, and Grey Guard have been working on a full Russian translation. The menus translation is still underway, but many in-game things are translated, all tutorials are translated, and we're working on getting some missing engine support for more. This has really helped spur the translation support along as it's helpful to have external people testing (and breaking) existing support. Thanks a lot for your work, folks!

Hopefully this provides a more comfortable environment for our Russian players. The RU translation team welcome any corrections or suggestions, and we'd love to know if this has helped you! The required support for full menu translations will be added ASAP. If you are interested in helping localise KAG to your language, please get in touch through the Official Forums, Discord or Github.


Testing has been turned basically into an "opt-in" system. Anyone can apply and is very likely to be accepted for access to pre-release builds. We do ask if you're keen to test that you spend time to get familiar with the requirements and if possible, join the discord before jumping in. You'll need a forum account too, more info here! This may be especially helpful for modders, prospective contributors, and translators - but everyone is welcome.


The Official Discord is almost at 800 members! I'm hoping we hit 1000 by the end of the year.

The #development channel has been a hub of real-time discussion for contributors, #modding has housed a lot of collaboration and is a good place to talk with modders about their productions, #testing has become a good go-to for jump-in testing sessions for the new testers, and #off_topic is still the usual glut of memes and irreverence. Thanks to the team over there for all their work keeping it up to date, up to standard, and cheerful as ever.

If you haven't already, come and say hi! I'm there during work hours on Mondays and Tuesdays (Australian Eastern Time), and intermittently through the rest of the week.

Modding notes:

Modders, many scripts have been touched by the translation pass, and some things have changed which may cause mod breakage - particularly item costs and descriptions as there are extensive changes and moved files. If you need help updating your mods for compatibility, please jump on discord and start the conversation. We can help with either upgrading your existing code, or helping you find old versions of your dependencies on github to get your mod back up and running.

We try to minimise these kinds of potentially-breaking changes, but sometimes it's worth ripping off bandaids.

We're working towards some system for compatibility care packages with each build - possibly in the form of a zip of the old versions of changed files and notes on what has changed, why it changed, and how to work around that if it breaks your mod. We haven't quite got the infrastructure together for that yet though. I'm considering an interim solution of a compatibility notes file in the base of the repository with mandatory "reporting" of any of these breaking changes at the time they are committed to the repository.

Where to next?

  • I'll continue reviewing work from Github and have half-finished a direct rendering interface for modders. I'll also finish off the required changes for full menu translation.
  • Asu will continue on translations, general fixes, linux fixes and performance.
  • Fuzzle will continue on bug fixes and still has many larger enigmatic works planned.
  • The RU translation team will continue refining their translation.
  • Galen, Mazey and the rest of our discord moderation team will keep the discord running smoothly.
  • Github Contributors will continue being awesome!

That's all for this month.

Have Fun!


Full Changelog: Performance: [modified] improved mechanisms performance Game: [modified] pickup priority tweaks, material stack pick-up priority (thanks tru0067) [added] separate filled bucket to builder shop (costs 10 coin as well as the 10 wood) [modified] builder and vehicle shop buttons re-arranged for neatness and no gaps [modified] chat filter uses a config file (thanks asu) [modified] platform HP decreased Translation: [modified] rewritten and edited almost all strings in Russian locale (gamemode, tut) (thanks Diprog, Basea, Voxez, Grey Guard) [added] translation support to most script-side logic (thanks diprog) [added] translation in client_addToChat & some net events (thanks asu) [added] proper utf string conversion for cbutton and cgridmenu caption + automatic translation for rendering [added] rules global message is automatically translated for rendering Maps: [fixed] Passfest map tent placement (thanks punk123) Fixes: [fixed] issue #37 on github, only add no build zone to solid tiles below the hall (prevents doorways from being 1 tile offset plus issues with invulnerable doors/traps/etc) [fixed] KickAFK issue with chat (thanks fuzzle) [fixed] tutorial and other challenges lighting [fixed] tutorial mapcycle issue [fixed] save the princess mode double first map [fixed] bucket splash spam = laggy server (spammed buckets reduce their own splash counts on each hit) (thanks to discord folks for the report) [fixed] linux DLC heads and main menu background (thanks asu) [fixed] client_AddToChat unicode support (thanks asu) [modified] entity lifetimes code cleaned up (thanks verra) Modding: [modified] - descriptions are separate variables rather than an array (thanks diprog), inside their own namespace [added] - one-stop-shop for all costs with loading from-config and default values (thanks diprog) [added] - rudimentary code for adding sectors over solid tiles, with boilerplate to help with adding sectors over other types of tile [modified] overriding CGridButton size passed to AddButton no longer has minimum of icon size (ie can force bigger icon into smaller button) - default-sized buttons are still icon-sized) [added] interface listing can dump constructor names (thanks asu) See github for more particulars!
King Arthur's Gold - Max
This is a follow-up build to 2367, and brings in the map changes that were decided on by the community over the last month.

There's a healthy mixture of conventional, competitive, and creative mapmaking that all fall within the bounds of the official map content; I'm happy to see a nice, diverse set of maps hit the public stage. Give them a play and be sure to show support for the maps you think are special!

The specific mapcycle changes can be seen in the changelog, but a few things are worth pointing out:
  • The cycle changes are for CTF only.
  • Many maps were removed to make room for new maps and to help keep the cycle fresh.
  • The cycle is still 44 maps long, so there's still probably some fat to cut if we want a lean cycle with seasonal updates.
  • No maps have been deleted or removed from the files, so if you have a favourite to play with friends you can still run it on your own server without hassle.
You can read more about each map decision here, and the map team are always happy to take feedback (in that thread or here) - be sure to let them know if they've axed one of your faves, or (more importantly) if you love one of the new maps!

There are also a few minor changes, fixes and contributions from github and internally. Most notably:
  • Tips are fixed
  • There's a work in progress Russian translation
  • Buckets start off filled with 3 charges of water right out of the shop.

That leaves retouched emotes, more performance work and further improved translation support for the next build. Looking forward to it.

Have Fun!

Changelog for Build 2374 Maps: [modified] CTF mapcycle changes: (big thanks to the maps team!) [added] Asu_DeadPlateau, Mcrifel_Fish, SJD360_Stampede, 8x_Pass_Fest, Skinney_Glitch, SJD360_Paradox, PUNK123_BlockCity [removed] Cerbero's Rift, ffsff_ClassicWar2, ffsff_SecludedForest, ffsff_UnderhangPit2, Lavaguy678_Meadow, Mazey_Rioter, Potatobird_SharkRomance, Punk123_MemoryLane, Punk123_Hillo, Punk123_AntKing, Punk123_AlienFrogAssault, SJD360_Overdose2, an_obamanation_AlientAntAssault, Punk123_toothgrinderx2, 8x_Fest_Pass, 8x_BBiscuit, Trekobius_DragonsLair, Joiken_CTF2 Game: [modified][experimental] buckets start filled so they can be used for fire fighting [modified] KickAFK moves kick-immune players to spectator if they are detected afk (thanks mazey) Translations: [added] WIP Russian translation (thanks diprog!) Fixes and Tweaks: [added] script interface dumps individual objects into Objects/ (thanks asu) [fixed] incredibly long standing minimap bug (rendered overlapping the top edge of the border, offset when fully viewed) (this affected modders more than vanilla - thanks GoldenGuy for the tip off) [modified] TheDirtySwine head changed to Cruxiat head at mutal request. [modified] locale selection centred and extended to allow for longer locale labels if needed [fixed] some "broken" heads in settings menu [fixed] tips not showing properly (thanks asu)
Oct 11, 2017
King Arthur's Gold - Furai

This time around the AngelScript optimisations should work.


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