Community Announcements - Max
Hey Everyone!

Sorry about the server outages – turns out some of the holiday code was left in an unfinished state and as the day rolled around the servers started trying to load code that wasn’t there. This build fixes that issue as well as including all the accumulated changes since last build.

Overview of changes:

  • Ladders crashing/lagging server bug should be fixed, but needs proper testing.
  • Mines only ignore shields within the immediate area – so if you’re shielding and a team-mate steps on it, you can survive.
  • Trampolines spawned from map can no longer be picked up
  • Mine has slightly increased priming time
  • Many scripts standardised to use SetDamageToCarrier
  • Fixed “clbutt” issue with noswears
  • Coins from damage are capped at full health, so the overkill weapons dont give extra money.
  • Fixed Name Hover Offset in TDM

Sorry for the haphazard presentation of this build, we weren’t planning on making a release so soon but the crash issue has made it necessary. Thank you for bearing with us through this.

We’ll be checking the build’s stability as much as we can but most of THD is out of the office over the new year period.

Let us know on the official forums if you have any ongoing issues with the build!

Have Fun!
Community Announcements - Max

Hey guys, trying to keep up the rhythm of the weekly updates! Let's get to it!

Trench Run News:

We've got some big news about the future of Trench Run, but we'll save it for next week. This week has been huge for KAG, so I won't steal their thunder!

King Arthur's Gold News:

This next patch coming is a double-whammy of requested features and fixes and halloween spookiness. This is probably the biggest release largely handled by the interns, so please, give them your support!

We had a lot of laughs testing out the spooky event features!

Verra has merged in a plethora of modding and server hosting enhancements.

  • Fixed the infamous "infinite mod redownloading" bug
  • Render account avatars in-game
  • Lots of AngelScript error improvements (errors in #includes output correctly, lines matched to errors correctly)
  • Memory leaks and file handle leaks investigated + fixed where possible.
  • Limited the size of the backlog kept in console (very important for stability of long-running servers)
  • Removed the printout of blob creation (-> drastically reduced log size)

Other miscellaneous fixes and extensions to the engine include:

  • Sound volume getting set 100% all the time
  • Music "bursting" at the start of each track
  • primitive character name tab-complete in the chat box
  • extended TCPR functionality

Skinney and Verra have worked together on several gameplay changes as well:

  • Halloween content and a new "holiday" framework for recurring events.
  • Trampolines now cannot be folded, have a "reset time" before they can bounce something else, and work while held.
  • Mines do substantially more damage to tiles, ignore shields, and can be converted between teams if you pick them up before they deploy.
  • Arrows do not collide with other projectiles.
  • Spawning issues in CTF are mostly fixed, including spawn timers resetting and spawning at contested points.

As always, these changes are not final or inflexible, but we'd like you to give them a good thorough play before giving any feedback.

Full Changelog:

[modified] scoreboard name color
[modified], increased holiday length of all holidays to 3 days (one day either side).
[added] gregs, and necromancer tricks.
[updated] madracoon head
[fixed] builder placing blocks will inventory open.
[added] spooky ghosts.
[fixed] another case for spawning on converting vehicles.
[added] Mine icon to kill feed
[modified], arrows don't collide with other projectiles
[modified] mine; blob_damage(+0.5), map_radius(+8.0), damage ignores shields, can be picked up by enemies while not primed (changes team and owner)
[added] new common script,
[updated] CTFShops to use new script,
[fixed] spawning at old spawn if under raid.
[modified] repsawns menu closing after one click.
[modified] respawn menu locks with under 2 seconds to spawn.
[fixed] type missmatch in ctf gui
[modified] trampolines now setVelocity to a flat value
[fixed] path resolution for interactions icons on linux.
[added] server browser minimaps
[fixed] infinite redownloading bug.
[fixed] swapping to spectator messing with votekicks
[fixed] sound getting set 100% all the time
[added] primitive tab complete to chat console - uses usernames of all connected players (as lowercase)
[fixed] music is too loud for a split second on starting
[fixed] interaction icon path resolution on linux.
[added] player avatar image access
[added] CDriver::hasShaders for testing if you should bother doing shader related stuff (or avoiding doing stuff that relys on them to look good)
[added] tcpr() function to print just to tcpr (with optional debug stuff to print it too) to control bandwidth
[script][added] bool GUI::hasIconName( string iconName )
[fixed] File lock causes assert if applog hasn't been initialized.
[modifed] added library linking to nolauncher/forceupdate/runlocalhost for linux clients.
[modified] filelock to have an option to turn off error reporting.
[script][modified] default scoreboard doesnt render if script scoreboard used
[fixed] file permissions issue.
[fixed] Mods folder path.

Have Fun!

Community Announcements - trainchaser
Hey everyone!

Finally getting out this “mostly small fixes with some bigger stuff” build after testing has come back ok! Sorry for the delays!

(Weekly log covering TR progress likely coming on Monday when we can fully asses the situation, today was all about KAG)

Spamming bombs with abandon is less likely to bring you success this build.
Sorry Henry!

This build’s headline changes are:

  • Big CTF Map Changes!
    CTF maps have long been a cause of stalemates and frustration - even in capable hands sometimes flags are too well protected or frustrating to capture, or are woefully under-defended, and often it’s easier to get to the enemy tent before capping the flag. All in all it can be a war of attrition; this build’s map changes aim to fix that as much as possible. Flags are less scattered, fewer, and further from the tent. Base areas are prepared to actually have a base dropped down into them. Rush distances are often shorter. A few especially annoying areas have been reworked. We look forward to your feedback on the map changes and revisiting many maps from other modes.
  • News is back!
    The in-launcher news feed is back and will be brought up to date as soon as possible, so you can check for update info on the go!
  • Reverted Trap Blocks
    As frustrating as it is for us to revert changes, we’re happy to do it in this case until a “real” solution is agreed on forum-side. Get your thinking caps on and help us figure out how this should be approached - we’re well aware some of you will be happy to go back to sharking out of pits, but the rest of us would prefer the builder have a well rounded, mostly-idiot-proof set of tools at their disposal.
  • Bomb Explosion Radius Decreased
    We were surprised (and pleased!) at the support for this on the forums. We expected most knight-main players to be angrily oposed to the thought of reduced bomb spam, but the opposite proved to be true. Archers should have an easier time avoiding bomb explosions and the new explosion radius should reward aiming your bombs all the more. Cost and damage have not been touched. Keep in mind that this is an experimental change, but we’re happy to be able to move forward with it.
  • Engine Update
    There’s been quite a big engine update behind all of this that exposes a few more things to scripting and fixes a few more edge case bugs and crashes. Modders will be pleased to know you can now properly remove polygonal bodies from blobs (allowing dynamically reshaped polygon objects, if your heart desires).
  • General bug fixes
    “Weird” corpse collisions, missing match timers, drilling people through closed doors, water decaying blocks in hand, a few vote issues, and a few engine-side bugs have been fixed! Thanks to the community members involved in some of these fixes, and see the full changelog for details.
Changes for hosts Generally changes that wont affect most of you, but important for community server hosts to be aware of:
  • TCP RCON on Windows
    TCP RCON now works for windows dedicated servers (although they remain unsupported, this is very useful for locally testing some mods). The linux implementation has also been reworked completely.
  • “Safer” API Client
    The API Client code used for registering the server is now a little “safer” about how it works and should crash less often (fingers crossed). Hosts: let us know if you see improvements, regressions, or no change with regard to API-related crashes and server registration.
That’s it! Let us know what you think on the forums, facebook, twitter, and in-game!

Have Fun!

Full Changelog:
[modified] LOTS of map changes - flags generally more exposed and further from tent to prevent stalemates and "base-raping"
[modified] arrow always hits burgers and fishies (and anything tagged food) - not hearts this time though (couldn't make it work cheaply)
[fixed] drill hitting through doors
[fixed] dead players taking gold with them to the afterlife (everyone drops everything on death)
[modified] water does not decay doors held in the hand (thanks Obione5256__)
[modified] corpse collisions - should be less snagging!
[added] synced-based rendering of time to end of match
[fixed] tiny chat font (still some tiny fonts to fix still!)
[modified] boulders take 50% damage from swords and arrows
[modified] reverted trap blocks changes - will need more real discussion about a solution or alternative block, hit the forums folks
[modified][experimental] reduced bomb radius by two tiles to reduce bomb spam and reward aiming with them
[updated] engine, polygonal bodies removeshape fix, tcpr re-implementation, API "maybe fix" from MM
[fixed] voting for surrender as spectator
[fixed] news not being read properly (now we use custom solution with json)
Community Announcements - Max
Hey guys, mostly a "quality-of-life" build this time but also brings some important balance changes and content.

Prepare to get creative!

Before we get started, there are a few minor issues that have bled through from TR development into KAG, the "big" one is that fonts are smaller in various places - including the "Respawn In" dialogue and the loading screens. The old fonts will be back as soon as we find out exactly where they should be changed back properly (rather than a band-aid fix). If you notice any other strangeness please let us know ASAP so we can fix it!

Major Changes:
  • Mechanisms in Sandbox:
    That's right, mechanisms are finally available for building in sandbox and mods; along with a fancy "paged" building menu. There'll be a guide coming in future about how the mechanisms system works with examples, but for now they're there to play with and can be saved into custom image maps with the usual /savemap setup - this works for loading (for example) an unpopulated TDM map and adding in traps to the design. Be sure if you do later editing of the image that you use an image that can handle transparency - no MSPaint for mechanisms maps I'm afraid!
  • Surrender Vote:
    There are some games that end up very one-sided - rather than having 5 players yelling "please cap, please" and the entire enemy team destroying your base for twenty minutes before they finally realise theres a flag to take, you can now "gg" out of the game with a vote. We'll be monitoring abuse of this currently experimental feature but we earnestly hope it'll help ease the frustration of a stomp.
  • Vehicle Conversion:
    There's a new GUI and better mechanics for vehicle conversion, based on live players within a generous radius - this allows capping siege engines from a little further away, but also allows defending them; the time to convert is also a bit longer. We'll address the issues with spawning on contested engines soon.
  • Trap Block Behaviour:
    Trap blocks now can be opened by same-team players, much like doors, which prevents them from team-trapping people and limits the amount of damage a new builder can do in building their "genius trap".
    There is also a simple way to disable the new trap block functionality, which it utilised in TDM because some map designs rely on the old functionality.
  • Materials Back from Many Blocks:
    In particular, doors and trap blocks give a fair percentage of the materials used for construction back, which punishes misclicks less and allows counter-tunnellers to get rewarded for their trouble. Plaforms do not give material back at this point due to them already being ubiquitous and not being team-biased.
  • Wood doors decay Under Water:
    A suggested counter-tunneling mechanic that we're trying, stone doors and U-bends will have to be utilised more to defend against flooding in tunnels, rather than simply spamming cheap wood doors every few blocks.
Minor changes:
  • New Mechanisms:
    A motion sensor source block, directional wires for packing in dense designs, and a new appearance for the light component!
  • Cancel Building Button:
    Oddly this is one of the most-requested functionalities of new players coming to KAG from minecraft and the like; a way to put away any block. While it may not really affect you, a lot of players have a simple mental disagreement with it, so we've added a button to allow you to cancel building completely. Old players may or may not wish to use it.
  • Traders aren't in the way:
    Traders are now no longer able to block arrows, explosions etc at their posts.
  • Nicer TDM Scoreboard:
    More changes will inevitably follow, but we took the feedback recieved about the TDM Scoreboard to heart and made some changes; clan tags and usernames can now be seen, the spectators list renders correctly, and colours are back to indicate various user types.
Have Fun!


Full Changelog:
[moved] traders into sprite layer rather than separate blob (thanks Verra)
[fixed] a few rules that were still using traders as blobs
[added] clantag/username support to the TDM scoreboard (partial thanks to verra)
[added] "admin colours" to TDM scoreboard (thanks Verra)
[modified] ctf_givespawnitems sets timers reliably at start of game
[added] water decays wooden doors quite quickly in CTF, Sandbox and TTH (not TDM to avoid breaking maps)
[updated] engine - fixed missing map edges, Maths::Clamp/Clamp01
[added] fire spreads on some blocks dying as well as over time
[added] materials back from some constructed blobs when destroyed as builder
[added] can move through trap-blocks like doors if they are like-team (prevents getting trapped in giant pits by "genius" teammates)
[added] old trap block behaviour to TDM (set with tag on rules "old trap blocks")
[added] Elbow and Tee Wires to and
[added] elbow wire junction
[added] tee wire junction
[fixed] wire background layer
[modified] to include functionality for elbow and tee wire junctions
[added] functionality in for held blocks to ignore builder facing
[updated] Lamp component to be directional, and more visually distinct
[added] early opt tag checking for, use "builder always hit"
[modified] to add blocks based on gamemode
[MOD WARNING][removed], inherited this scripts functionality
[MOD WARNING][removed], inherited this scripts functionality
[added] Mechanisms to Sandbox
[updated] engine with changes for snapping camera to pixels + changes to minimap
[added] GamblersDen map for TDM
[updated] to use CInventory::getInventorySlots()
[added] arbitrary costs to for Mechanisms
[added] new mechanism component, motion sensor
[added] another constructor to the Component class
[added] Mechanical click sounds for mechanisms, thanks Rayne!
[fixed] connecting to non-LAN hosts while server is running (caused all sorts of weird bugs, thanks makmoud98)
[fixed] unsigned issue with fire_time (could cause lock-ups of vehicles)
[added] new vehicle conversion HUD + fixed vehicle convert sync + made rules more "fair" to both sides (defenders dont hard-reset the timer, but attackers can win by majority - both are displayed)
[added] Stop Building button and functionality to
[added] ClearCarriedBlock(CBlob@) to
[modified] BuilderIcons.png to include the new stop building icon
[MOD INFO][modified] to include documentation for adding your own pages
[updated], fixes tile map hooks not working
[added], replaces
[added], holds tile map hooks
[added] vote surrender - experimental
Community Announcements - Furai

We are terribly sorry for any problems that you're facing at the moment. It appears that due to KAG being featured in flash sale and some minor on-going issues with our ISP where the authentication server resides, many of you are having problems with logging in.

We are aware that timing couldn't be worse but please bear with us. We're doing our best to fix the issues.

May 27, 2015
Community Announcements - Max
Hey everyone!

1500 days since we started KAG, who knew? A medium-size patch today, more mechanisms/TDM stuff but we're sorry to say that building them is gonna have to wait until next time. There's lots of fixes and tweaks inbound and a couple of things for modders to watch out for, so let's get cracking!

Lots more dastardly contraptions await!

More TDM maps!

There are quite a few more maps in the TDM pool, often utilising the new mechanisms stuff. If you haven't already, give TDM another go, it's quite a fresh mode now and the mechanisms help avoid maps becoming samey too fast.

New TDM Scoreboard!

There's a new TDM Scoreboard as an example of the new scoreboard override functionality! Let us know if there's any issues with it and see the script TDM_Interface for a code example - be sure to set showscoreboard to false in the corresponding gamemode.cfg if you do anything with it!

Various Mechanisms Bugs Fixed

A few of the new maps and some of the old ones brought out bugs in the mechanisms we hadn't seen before, these have been fixed this time around. Keep the reports coming if you see anything fishy!

Boulders Fixed

Boulders have had this a long time coming and you know it. Boulder-fu is still possible, but significantly less insta-kill. They also bounce off a bit which makes it much harder to chain, and a lot funnier to look at.

Slash Cancelling Bug Fixed

Only a few people knew about this, thankfully, but it's been removed. It won't be re-added if we can help it.

Buttons Fixed!

A long standing issue with the activate buttons has been found and fixed, which was a combined effort between myself and Skinney; they are now activated based on world distance and blob position, not screen distance, which means that zooming in and out isn't necessary for very small buttons to work any more!
A heads up to modders: this will break the positioning of anything that uses the activate buttons! Please revisit your mods and adjust the offset vectors, they're now in world space.

There are quite a few other minor bugs fixed as well, check the full changelog for those.

Have Fun!


Full Changelog:
[updated] engine with fix for CButton stuff
needs checking all instances of the interaction buttons
[fixed][test] slash cancelling
need opinions on if knights damaging stuff while using menus is a real issue
[added] arrowdown.png - not sure why it went missing
[added] new TDM scoreboard with kills, deaths, kdr, spectator list, and sorted by kdr :)
[fixed] shop default button position
[fixed] CTF shop button positions
[fixed] trading shop button position
[fixed] storage drop backpack and inventory button positions
[fixed] default button position
[fixed] CTF class button positions
[added] enable radius to shop, and class change buttons
(radius or mean of width and height, uses the larger of the two)
[removed] Storage.psd
[fixed] alpha documentation example
[fixed] button position
[fixed] change class button position
[fixed] class change button position
[modified] conditions for creating class change button
now requires !isFlipped so buttons don't weirdly overlap
[fixed] immobilize button position
[fixed] flip button position
[fixed] hall button positions
[fixed] crate buttons
[fixed] a few more hall buttons
[removed] 8x_Level2.png from TDM mapcycle
[removed] Torment.png from maps and TDM mapcycle
[added] new TDM map, RumbleGround.png
[added] new TDM map, RoyalTomb.png
[added] new TDM map, ForgottenHero.png
[added] new TDM map, BorgRuins.png
[added] new TDM map, RattleCage.png
[added] new TDM map, LonelyTreasure.png
[modified] TDM mapcycle to include new maps
[fixed] receiver not always being powered by emitters
[modified] receiver sprite
[modified] emitter sprite
[fixed] obstructor sound bug
[modified] increased emitter/receiver distance to 20
[fixed] boulders
Community Announcements - Max
Good news everyone!

The Trench Run Skirmish Demo is now available at:
The demo is available for Windows, Mac and Linux!

Trench Run development benefits KAG players as both games are built on the same engine, so improvements and features from one can easily be taken into the other. This also means that the work gone into the online multiplayer aspects of KAG can be reused for multiplayer for Trench Run to get that up and running soon.

Trench Run is a different pace of game to KAG, faster and less serious, and focused more on smaller, deeper games than big balls of chaos, but the overall style and open development attitude will carry across between them. We look forward to your support on this exciting new game.

Make sure to like Trench Run on Facebook to stay updated:

Up next for KAG is the initial introduction of mechanisms for TDM maps and sandbox, more bugfixes, some map fixes/tweaks as well, and sooner or later the introduction of new menus. Mechanisms in particular allow the creation of completely new structure behaviours from (relatively) simple building blocks, something that will help more creative members of the community explore new possibilities without touching any code. You can rest assured KAG will not be dropped too soon.

Have Fun!


Community Announcements - Max
Hey dudes and ladies, just a small accumulation of fixes here and there; getting it out before a bigger wave of community fixes are merged in and mechanisms and new menus are ready, which will be the next few big builds to make it out.

Knights have swanky new slash animations.

The fixes this time around largely focus on making it easier to get into and removing areas of confusion. They should result in clearer combat, easier to navigate bases, and fewer admin/hosting headaches.

An overview of the changes:
  • Slashes Visible
    Knight slash range is now shown with an overlayed animation, showing the approximate arc, duration and distance of slashes. We’ll listen to feedback on this one and may be tweaking the effect, but it’s something we’ve had ongoing confusion about exactly how far you can reach, how aiming works and so on, and this should help with that.
  • Swear Filter
    Turning on kids safe mode will also turn on a rudimentary swear filter; this might be split out to its own setting if there’s enough demand. It can be activated serverside (ie “on for everyone”) by setting g_kidssafe on in autoconfig or the console.
  • Door Mechanics Revised
    The door visible orientation no longer matters for doors opening angle - if you press “towards” the door, it will open now. You can still rotate doors for aesthetic purposes, but this is intended to lead to fewer mistaken placements of expensive doors costing the team time throughout the game, or resources to remedy.
    Doors are also more prone to damage from builders and explosives, making countering tunnels and opening the front of bases easier to accomplish.
  • Map Extension Issues Fixed
    The map extensions that were incorrectly identified from the mods folder and elsewhere should work, and savemap should append the assumed .png extension correctly again.
  • “Jab Spam” Nerfed Forever
    Mostly kidding, but the shield is more of a hard counter to jabs than it used to be, with extra stun time from jabbing a shield, giving ample time to punish spammers.
  • Miscellaneous Changes
    Most of these fixes are community sourced or inspired, thanks again for your continued outreach of inspiration and support.
    • Can’t farm team-mates
      A bug in the coin allocation script was fixed that allowed you to farm coins by teamkilling each other with spikes. Thanks to Cameron1010 for picking it up.
    • Scripts Reformatted
      A bunch of inconsistent formatting throughout the scripts was fixed; this results in quite a large patch all things considered, but will only have to be done once. Thanks to Rayne and IceDragon for bringing it up.
    • Fixed TDM Mapcycle Issues
      Specific settings could cause the TDM Mapcycle to break and play the same map over and over; this has been fixed.

That’s it for this time, let us know what you think of the changes in the forum thread!

Have Fun!


Full Changelog:
[added] working swear filter when kid safe mode set on - will also filter serverside if server has kid safe set
[added] better door opening/closing that doesn't worry too much about directionality - thanks Cameron1010!
[modified] doors easier to damage as builder and with bombs to counter door spam - thanks Cameron1010!
[added] bigger indicator of slash distance
[fixed] TDM not setting mapcycle to work (fixes "derp" setup issues, usually when swapping gamemodes)
[fixed] can farm team-mates for coins with spike kills - thanks cameron1010 for the report!
[modified] formatted every script for consistent tab indenting, bracket style, etc. Reduced file size a bit due to sheer reduction in space bytes
[fixed] particles not created at edge of screen on different res aspect ration
[modified] correct aspect ratio resolutions are at top of list in setup
[fixed] pitch corrected sounds no playing if too many sounds played at once
[fixed] issues loading maps with dots in the path instead of the filename
[fixed] savemap broken by previous fixes

Community Announcements - trainchaser
We've just released a new build, which is mostly a fix build on 1381, with a couple of little documentation changes here and there.

Full changelog:

Please report any bugs you find to Thank you!
Community Announcements - trainchaser
We've introduced new maps, fixes and tweaks, including a fix for the controls locking bug. If you find any bugs, please contact us at!

Detailed changelog:

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