King Arthur's Gold - Furai

So I've just pushed small hotfix, the most important thing about it is to reduce server log spam due to missing textures on server. Once servers update admins should see less spam in console.

Also this has been fixed:
[fixed] CTF GUI not displayed after join [fixed] TDM spawn "change class" button icon missing


King Arthur's Gold - Furai

Just letting you know that we pushed small hotfix suppressing the console spam about image offset.

King Arthur's Gold - Max
Hey Folks,

Long time coming on this build, we know! It should be out on all platforms within the next half-hour.

This build contains a boatload of changes, ranging from small things like maps and bug fixes to entirely new modding possibilities and the first ever head pack for KAG! There might be some weirdness associated with such a big patch as a lot of things have changed code-wise, please let us know about them ASAP.

About the heads pack, "Flags of the World":
There's over 120 heads, over 60 for each gender, and we're keen to hear what you think. The pack is available through steam and is just a drop-down in the heads menu. Here's a look at all the heads. If you're interested in buying but your country is missing, please get in touch with support and we'll see what we can do.

MM will be managing the release of the heads pack shortly, which will be available through steam over here. It should "just work" in-game once it's out, but please get in touch if you have trouble!

We'll be looking at non-steam options for purchase if there's interest, let us know in the thread.

Other changes:
  • There are a few map changes for CTF from the community.
  • Siege engines and boats in crates can't be opened right at the top of the map, which prevents them glitching off towers and wasting coins, and (slightly) discourages sky-siege.
  • The materials code has been re-implemented by Fuzzle, with changes to decay rates and sprites, and much-simplified code. He'll be taking feedback in the build thread, we're happy to iterate on these changes.
  • The first round of community-sourced pull requests from github have been integrated with the game. Thanks so much to those that got behind this. We'll be extending and improving the handling of this in the future.
  • There are a few changes intended more for modders as well - there is now access to textures via scripts, and this is used for the pixel offsets and team recolouring in-game. This allows modders to add things like new team colours for role-play mods, procedurally combine textures, and much more. The API can be extended if need be, and we're considering re-implementing a few of the now-script-side features engine-side for performance reasons (the script-side implementations would still work, but there'd be a high-performance C++ implementation available)

Have Fun!


Full Changelog: Script Textures: [added] script-side control of textures [added] script-side pixel offsets (working around engine bugs) [added] working palette swap script [added] precache system for runner textures and offsets Heads Pack: [added] heads pack popup [added] Flags of the World pack with 122 heads (61 for each gender) Maps: [removed] Fellere_FourRivers from map rotation [updated] potatobird_sharkromance and punk123_antqueen maps [modified] mcrifel_steppes new version [added] punk123_toothgrinderx map Pull Requests: [fixed] [fuzzle] arrows at (0,0) [fixed] [fuzzle] mines on join [fixed] [fuzzle] strange seed behaviour [fixed] [GoldenGuy] respawn timer in sandbox [fixed] [calvinloveland] typos Miscellaneous: [modified] cannot open crate with siege/boat in top 5 tiles of map [added] fuzzle material changes [fixed] broken trade menu from materials rework [dev] avoiding overflow on knocked [fixed] receiver reading outside bounds could crash map [added] fuzzle fixes for block placement on own actor [updated] engine with async minimap stuff (minimap updated more often + in background) [added] yagger/makmoud98 head is male trader [modified] afk kick after 2min30 now

You can view and discuss the original post on the Official Forums here
King Arthur's Gold - (Samuel Horti)

Siege! gameplay

I really like the look of Siege! [official site], an upcoming local multiplayer brawler from developers 2nd Studio.

Each game starts by both teams building a castle fitted out with cannons. Then, all hell breaks lose. Cannon balls fly, stone walls crumble, and your knight takes to the turf, slashing his sword. Once you’ve destroyed your opponent’s base and killed the King inside, you win. … [visit site to read more]

King Arthur's Gold - Furai
Hello my fellow KAGians,

Long time no devlog from me. Don't worry, I haven't started crunching bugs. As always, I'm just the guy behind the scenes.

Today I've moved the Base folder of KAG to GitHub! For many of you it's probably nothing special, but to the guys like @Fuzzle, it might actually mean a lot. Because of this change people who want to help fixing the game and have been submitting fixes to scripting part of the game via bugreports - can do so now directly*. Amazing, isn't it? (Geti was just lazy and didn't want to include your fixes by hand over and over again. It's actually quite tedious so forgive him, I did. He asked me and jrgp to create this.)


May the KAG be with you,

INB4 - no, we're not open sourcing KAG, just the Base folder part that was anyway publicly available to any of you who have downloaded and installed the game.

* - via pull requests.

P.S. If there will be demand for such thing as README in this repo on how to contribute - I might create it. Better yet, one of you can create it and submit it via pull request!
King Arthur's Gold - Max
Hey Folks

Minor Release, just a few fixes and additions.

I'm pushing this out in a relative hurry to revert to old behaviour for knight attacking - the new code allows attacking through doors in some instances, and the old code is more conservative, so I'm going with that. We'll look at a more robust solution soon.

There's also a fix for a TDM exploit, an added scripting constant, more modder-friendly collapse behaviour and a fix for the radius being reported incorrectly for non-circular shapes. It's still an approximation, but it's now a correct approximation instead of twice what it should be.

We'll be keeping an eye on the release to make sure there's no more funny business with attacking ːkag_yesː

Have Fun,

Full Changelog:

[added] air count is copied when changing class [fixed?] modding-unfriendly isTileSolid was used for collapse block solidity testing. [fixed] approximate radius for polygon shapes was twice what it should be [added] Maths::Pi constant [fixed] more dirt vulns on pressurecooker [reverted] to old knightlogic to patch hitting issues
King Arthur's Gold - Furai

Just pushed small hotfix to the build fixing some build specific stuff on linux. Also now you should be able to run KAG on linux without library problems. Just use
cd <your_path_to_kag> ./ <any_parameters_you_want>
Steam is now using that as well so this should fix issues with KAG on linux run via Steam as well.
Tested on Ubuntu 16.04 x64

King Arthur's Gold - Max
Hey Folks!

Largely a fix-heavy build this time, but a few community-requested look and functionality changes as well:
  • Top border of the map is semi-transparent for any maps with an open sky - this helps you see projectiles that have left the map vertically so they are less surprising when they re-enter the map.
  • Siege firing can be cancelled by right-clicking
  • Catapult has some cooldown time after firing
  • Bindings for controlling minimap colours for custom tiles in mods

The main fixes are:
  • Dirt "camping" vulnerability fixed on PressureCooker map
  • Sync for chest open/closed on join
  • Fall damage "eating" spike damage
  • Knight attacking near doors behaviour changed (see this thread for details - feedback and suggestions for further development are welcome)

The Official Modded Server has also been updated with a new mod (The Waste Kind) with another coming "soon" (Zombie Fortress Plus), and the rotation time has been upped to every 3 hours. We'll be getting modded servers up in other regions over the next month or so, but we want to get the USA server rock solid and make sure the mod list is fun and suitable before going through the pain of setting up another 2 of them!

The current mod list is as follows:
  • The Waste Kind
  • Attack and Defence
  • Custom Heads CTF
  • Shiprekt
  • Laser Wars

We're still very keen for feedback on the modded server - what you love, what you hate about it.

Have Fun!


Full Changelog:
Game Changes: [fixed?] warning and potential crash in console cmd /kick [added] engine-side functionality and script bindings for CMap::SetBorderColourLeft CMap::SetBorderColourRight CMap::SetBorderColourTop CMap::SetBorderColourBottom CMap::SetBorderFadeWidth [added] semitransparent sky border using new map border binds [added] borders set semitransparent only when there's a clear sky, to prevent the appearance of "floating" edges [added] minimap colour calculation bindings can be overridden just for tiles >255 or for all tiles has fallback for (simple) no script case [fixed] knight attacks around very-close doors can still be blocked potentially more than they should but not by much/only compared to tiles needs lots of feedback [fixed] pressurecooker dirt camping vulnerability [added] properly scaled vehicle cooldown bar vehicle.max_cooldown_time for anything implementing the custom firing methods + using vehicle gui [fixed] catapult ignoring cooldown [added] can right-click (action2) to cancel vehicle shot charge and incur half-second cooldown [added] sync for chest open/closed on join [fixed] fall damage "eating" spike damage (colliding with terrain took away the velocity before the spikes could read it) [added] tdm has tdm_vars.cfg control for mapcycle scramble or not - defaults to letting autoconfig decide if missing from cfg, but value in default config is 1 [added] to food/heart/boulder to fix achievements [modified] made yagger/makmoud head invisible [modified] file send chunk size reduced to decrease load on running modded game when someone's joining (todo: consider autoconfig var for it) Official Modded Server Changes: [updated] mod server config with some new tweaks, still waiting on working tcpr bridge as part of the gshost api but it's more or less ready to be plugged in. [added] waste kind to official modded server + changed cycle time to 3hr
Community Announcements - Max
Hey Folks!

A small build to ease into February - it's going through the build server now and should be out on all platforms within the hour.

As mentioned in the January Round Up, we've been looking into the crashes that have been happening for the last few builds, and working on some minor content changes.

The Official Modded Server was also put into beta in the USA - this build should make it the same colour in the list as the rest of the official servers. We'll be opening up a thread next week to get feedback on it, talk through any issues and start sourcing new mods for it now that it seems to be working - particularly mods compatible with the custom heads mod!

This build has a tentative fix for a nasty memory corruption bug that was causing occasional issues with deltas, as well as crashing servers on join if certain conditions were met. We hope to see improvements to server stability, and we'll be monitoring it in the weeks to come.

There have also been changes to the TDM map cycle - a few smaller changes as well as 3 new maps.

Dichotomy - one half of the map is randomly closed off each round.

Pressure Cooker - The map slowly floods from outside in, forcing players to engage.

Craggy Outlook - Cliffs overlook a central treasure trove with randomly selected entrances.

As a result of community feedback, sponges are now 15 coins in CTF, as they weren't seeing much use.

The "Mines Not Showing Activated on Join" bug may also be fixed, but this needs more attention - if it's not fixed this time around it'll need a reimplementation of how the animation is synced.

Last but not least, Norill has received his honorary special head for service through the THD intern program.
Congratulations Norill, and thanks for your work!

Have Fun,

Full Changelog: [added] New RTDM maps + fixed some "bugs" in old ones [fixed?] mines not showing activated on join (issue with cmds vs sync(), if not fixed might need reimplementation) [modified] sponge is 15 coins [fixed] memory corruption due to race condition on join [added] USA modded server to official server list [added] norill head (king of horses) - congrats
Community Announcements - Max
Good News, Everyone!

We've been working over the holidays to bring you something people have been hanging out for since the release of achievements!

As some of you have already noticed, Steam Trading Cards support has been added to King Arthur's Gold. The set includes:
  • 6 Trading Cards
  • the usual 5+1 Badges
  • 6 Backgrounds
  • 10 (!) Emoticons.

First, a warning: the Cards and Backgrounds share art - and are probably the most boring part of the content. We only have incredibly-tiny-pixel-assets to work from, and the required sizes are enormous by comparison. Sorry in advance to anyone who was hanging out for 1080p pixel tapestries, but this was one aspect of the system we simply didn't have the time for.

The badges are all unique, new art with a KAG-themed progression - all the way from humble, wooden beginnings to a glorious victory, with King Arthur's Gold still being conspicuously missing from the game. We all know the real gold is the friends we made along the way, right? Guys?

Anyway, we're very happy with how they turned out and hope to see some of you displaying them soon!

Those who don't mind spoilers can see the badges over here! Those who do can collect them for themselves and feel smug, whatever floats your boat!

The Emoticons have been faithfully ported from the game, with a few touch-ups to make them fit with the dark chat and community background. We tried to pick the most widely-usable and fun faces. As animation was not allowed, you'll have to unlock the ːkag_smileː and ːkag_tongueː emotes separately. I know, I know, the injustice, but that's just the way the system works.

We're keen to know what you think of them, so hit us up in the comments and get collecting!

Have fun,

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