Community Announcements - trainchaser
We've just released a new build, which is mostly a fix build on 1381, with a couple of little documentation changes here and there.

Full changelog:

Please report any bugs you find to Thank you!
Community Announcements - trainchaser
We've introduced new maps, fixes and tweaks, including a fix for the controls locking bug. If you find any bugs, please contact us at!

Detailed changelog:
Community Announcements - Furai
This build has quite a bit of minor tidying work here and there to make way for the fun new additions coming down the road (see the recent post on single player and menus for more info!). It also has some balance tweaks and a couple of new features, as well as crash and regression fixes.

Some messes are easier to tidy than others.

A reminder of the major changes this time around:

  • Siege Engine “HUD”
    Thanks to makmoud98 for a nice addition that’s been missing from KAG since classic - charge meters on the siege engines.
  • Trampolines back to Full Power!
    This was a small script mistake, sorted out now.
  • Smooth Shader Fixed
    See below for a caveat, but the smooth shader should work again, for those missing it.
  • No AngelScript Console on Client
    This seems like a minor change, but is a really important security measure. AngelScript code entered into the client console will not be executed. Will still work fine over rcon of course, for players with seclev "ALL".
  • No Gold Droughts
    Gold now “drops” from shops that require it when they’re destroyed, including tunnels, to prevent “Gold Drought” and enable late-game tech and tunnel building again.
    Materials of all sorts now fit through 1 tile gaps as well, to prevent them blocking things so often.
  • Archers (very slightly) faster while charging shots
    We changed the speed modifier to 75% instead of 70%, nothing drastic.
  • Camera rotation works with tiles
    This small (but tricky) fix is important for some new mods, especially Shiprekt mods that add islands using the tilemap!
  • Scripts limit raised
    The amount of unique scripts you can have per-server has been raised to 2048 - this is a crazy amount of content to be syncing to the client but we’ve had people reach the previous 1250 script limit, so its been upped to 2k.
  • Custom Heads
    With the addition of these heads, we are now "out" of custom head slots for donors (the last 2 are reserved for our current interns). Thanks to all the supporters who donated or contributed so much over the last few years, it means a lot. Enjoy your heads! Everyone else: be sure to congratulate the generous in-game.

Notes on the smooth shader: Some people have reported graphical glitches in the bottom right while using this. We'll look into why this is happening once we can reliably reproduce this on our machines - for now those people will have to play with smooth shader off. PLEASE let us know what sort of machine you're running if you're affected by this glitch, if it happens for you all the time, and so on.

Full Changelog:
[added] archer shop allows you to buy special arrows into inventory + displaces normal arrows down to a single stack. Thanks to makmoud98 for idea and partial implementation.
[added] charge bar to catapult + angle bar for ballista (thanks makmoud98!)
[added] connecting to server message on top of screen
[added] gold does not decay, and shops using it (in CTF) drop a gold stack on death
[added] progress bar for precaching files
[added] progress bar when building downloaded scripts
[added] progress bar when building md5 hashes ("Be nice to each other...")
[added] Sasquash, Mek7/The_French_One (shared) and TheDirtySwine heads, Congratulations!
We are now officially out of head slots, all remaining slots have been reserved.
Thanks to all the donors and contributors!
[added] vote fixes from norill: crashes, better seclev support, better menus, fixed broken cooldowns
[added] warning when a config file isn't saved cause the location is unsafe
[fixed] broken screenshot key
[fixed] crash when player to be kicked leaves the game
[fixed] fire rendering with rotated camera
[fixed] helpful death tips too low on screen and dont show long enough
[fixed] login window appearing after joining game from command line and going to menu
[fixed] mines not being assigned owners reliably
[fixed] missing collisions on tiles on bottom of map (they're still ugly though)
[fixed] modded filter state being set to screwy values at times
[fixed] no objects on localhost for the first map
[fixed] non-bomb ballista hitting no-build/indestructible tiles
[fixed] scripting interface not saving to manual/interface
[fixed] shaders making the game render too light during any fade (was alpha-blending)
[fixed] smooth shader not rendering
[fixed] standard folder creation on first run (crash on first run)
[fixed] tilemap rendering wrong when screen rotated
[fixed] tiles on bottom of map have no collisions - they're still ugly though
[fixed] trampoline "too weak"
[fixed] various "help" bugs (showing when it shouldn't, not saving help settings...)
[fixed] water rendering incorrectly for rotated camera
[modified] archer is (very slightly) faster while charging shots (75% speed instead of 70%)
[modified] materials fit in 1 tile holes
[modified] Script Send limit is 2048 now - we wont go higher than this, optimise your script counts for heaven's sake!
[modified] scripts send limit increased to 2048
[modified] security seclevs example files to include vote_cancel
[modified] TDM menu is 3-wide instead of 4 (looks better with the header)
[removed] scripts access through console as client
[script] bound CBlob.wasOnLadder
[script] bound int getJoysticksCount()
[script][fixed] debug messages not appearing from script debug() and printInt.

Have Fun!
Community Announcements - trainchaser
The new update has arrived!

It has quite a bit of minor tidying work here and there to make way for the fun new additions coming down the road. Check out the full changelog by Geti here:

You can also find more info about the planned changes in the previous blog post on our website.

See you on the servers!
Dec 29, 2014
Community Announcements - Furai

The issues related to the wrong paths on OSX have been patched today by MM. Enjoy.

Community Announcements - Furai
This build marks a return to progress on KAG - it's been a few months between releases, and I'll give a refresher on why that's been the case later, but first, a warning: KAG has had a LOT of changes in the past hundred days and a lot of engine-side stuff has happened, probably more than we can test completely. Please bear with us and calmly report any bugs in the thread and we will fix them as soon as we can.

Without further ado, let's jump right into what's changed this time around, as there's a lot of it! Buckle up!

Prepare to see a little more of this going on!

  • Crash Fixes
    A long-term crash in the camera system (causing a common crash on rejoining servers) was found and fixed. This should dramatically improve the game's long-term replayability. Be sure to let us know if any other crashes on rejoin persist! A few other miscellaneous crashes including a hard-to-trace one in one of the network synchronisation routines were also fixed.
  • Archer Changes

    • Inventory Management
      Archers no longer automatically pick up a full inventory of arrows, so you'll have some space left over for special ammo.
    • Less Slippery
      Archers are slowed more when charging arrows, making it a little easier to catch that backpeddalling nuisance archer, and a little easier to aim while running.
  • Knight Changes

    • Increased Shield Angles
      Shield angles have been slightly increased to help deal with fighting through lag.
    • Increased Glide Time
      Shield glide time has been increased to about two seconds, allowing longer jumps and bigger falls without injury.
  • Builder Changes

    • Decreased Spike Damage
      Spikes must be dropped from a higher place to deal insta-kills, damage ramps up with distance.
    • Added nicer building sounds
      Lots of blocks now have individual building sounds.
    • Fixed "buggy" ladder rotation blocking stuff
      Ladder rotations have long caused incorrect blocking of tiles, that's fixed.
  • Health Changes
    Swapping class can no longer be used for "free heals" as health is kept in proportion each swap. Archers are still cheaper to heal to full health but the added inconvenience should prevent most of the abuse.
  • Inventory Fixes
    A hard-to-track bug causing all your arrow stacks to go missing right when you needed them has been fixed. Items are also automatically taken from the smallest stack in your inventory, rather than the first one found, meaning picking up small stacks off the ground clogs your inventory for less time.
  • Inventory Interface Improvement
    Archers and Knights start with their cursor over their inventory after pressing F - builders start with it over their tiles. The rationale here is that knights and archers can easily swap weapons by tapping F and want precision access to any auxilliary items in their inventory, while builders are more likely to want to swap tile types quickly.
  • Balancing Changes
    Auto-Balancing should be less "mean" to any one person, and is based on the median score rather than the mean.
  • Maploader Changes
    A small set of changes but important for some specific mods and maps, community member jackitch has updated the png map loader to include specific colours for the two types of trees, various mossy tiles, and fixed a bug where the purple team spawn was the same colour as the necromancer.
  • Votekick changes
    We're actually on the fence about these changes, but the community have been pushing for something, and norill contributed changes. Votes can no longer be inconclusive, the vote gui has changed, enemy team cant vote unless it's a hacker, and map votes use a global cooldown to prevent spam. Voting is now done via the O and P keys, and the box is much smaller. Leave your thoughts in the thread.

A lot of engine changes from work on Trench Run also makes it back into KAG with this release for modders to play with and for future use in KAG. However - this does mean that there's a body of changes so wide that we're unlikely to have tested everything! Let us know quickly about any drastic bugs and we'll get onto them asap! Here's a small run-down of the most exciting changes:

  • Post-Processing Shaders!
    Shaders can be used for postprocessing both before and after gui rendering, with multiple shaders able to be set up and layered on each other. Shader options are significantly extended, including per-shader variables (and textures!) to be set from script.
  • Gamepad Control Extension
    Gamepads and the foundations needed for local multiplayer have been added - modders should not consider this part of things stable, but it does open up possibilities for local multiplayer (perhaps co-op? sandbox?) and gamepad play (for those allergic to mice).
  • GUI code exposed
    This paves the way for new menus for KAG, and nicer, less rigid in-game menus in mods.

There are a lot of miscellaneous fixes as well, check the full changelog for the details there.

Custom Heads

The following generous donors have received custom heads in-game:

  • Guro
  • Gurin
  • Duke_Jordan

Still to come:

  • Sasquash

Congratulations to the generous!


The delay between builds has been due to wide-sweeping changes in our code-building and repository system. These changes allows us to work on multiple games utilising the same engine (in this case, KAG and Trench Run) while neatly feeding relevant changes from one into the other. While we'll be "off work" over Christmas and new year, this will allow us to get back to timely development on KAG throughout the coming season!

Have Fun!



Attention modders - breaking script changes:

If your mod breaks with this version it is most likely one of these changes:
* onRestart isn't called automatically now after onInit (solution: call onRestart manually in onInit)
* key_zoomin and key_zoomout are no longer part of blob controls (solution: you can still access these buttons from controls like this
* weird sounds? - disable effects in script: s_effects = false
Community Announcements - Max
This build only contains a hotfix for a crash bug in 1236 related to the unicode changes - servers should be more stable and people should be able to enjoy more uninterrupted play.

Have Fun!

Community Announcements - Max
A quick one, so only a few changes this time around.
First up:
We're hearing you on the archer shotgun changes
This has been a strongly dividing issue - some like it, some hate it, there are certainly more archers and more arrows flying.
To counteract this we've made the outer arrows of overcharged shots disintegrate after a moderate distance; you can still use them for support and CQC, but cant rain them in big arcs.
If this isn't enough to stabilise the opinions around it and result in a good archer meta we'll take a vote on where to go next. So far we're seeing more archers, which we take as an indication that the class is currently more fun for the average joe - we've just got to find a balance that appeases the higher tier players and those maining other classes.
Fix and Tweak Summary
  • Potential Fix for invisible mines
    This one has been clamoured about for a while - we thought this was fixed a few builds ago but
  • Fixed Builders getting half materials
    This was a hard to catch typo bug that slipped in halfway through the last round of changes; was good that it was caught early after the release though and has been fixed now.
  • Fixed some spike network sync issues
    at the cost of a little latency in the spikes reaction
  • Removed archer ignoring fixed camera setting
    We decided to just let players choose properly; some people have been complaining about this both ways so we removed the conflicting setting.
  • Clantag re-added to character name in scoreboard
    Adding a new column would take too long, so the clantag was just added to the name column again.
  • Clantag colour is same as name colour on mouse hover
  • Removed "invalid utf8 spam" for people with invalid names
    should just cleanly replace bad characters now.
  • Siege Engine Conversion Tweaks
    Siege engines can't be converted in 0 seconds flat any more, and in fact cannot be sat into before conversion; This should make defending a forward ballista a little simpler and mean a little less "hot potato" seat swapping.
We'll see how it goes over the weekend, thanks for bearing with us with some of these more experimental changes!
Have Fun!
Community Announcements - Max
Another balance and fix build, this time addressing builders and archers much more than knights.

Be wary of falling spikes!
  • Repairing Builders can now repair damaged blocks for the cost of a full block, which helps avoid structures collapsing and makes maintenance much more convenient. Doesn't work on doors/platforms/traps/spikes etc yet - just solid wood/stone blocks.
  • Spikes
    Spikes now pass cleanly through 1 wide holes, and shouldn't get "stuck" on background walls any more.
  • Buggy Hitting
    A few more bugs have been fixed in builder hitting - there are a few more that will be getting attention in the next build, but most notably you should be able to attack enemy structures through team-mates again (no more asking knights "please move i cant hit the door")
  • One Hit Kill Mines
    Builders can now more easily defuse mines without mishap to allow offensive mines to be sensibly countered without interfering with their utility elsewhere.
  • Triple Shot Changed
    The triple shot is no longer an inaccurate streaming 3 shots, instead it's a 3 shot "shotgun". Charge times are the same.
    This serves 2 purposes:
    • a little easier to use in support and CQC, as there's more tolerance missing with a cone of shots than 3 relatively straight shots.
    • Reducing tower spam, as the enforced cone of fire means that firing mindlessly from a tower is hopelessly inefficient - firing at groups still works but you need to focus your single shots if you want to snipe, not just mindlessly overcharge.

  • No "pierced" sprites
    We felt that this was just unneeded clutter and took the opportunity to remove the "stuck in arrows" - they were hurting FPS and sometimes obscured the team of various units (not to mention had crazy results with siege engines and boats)
  • Can climb arrows in all structures
    Arrows should stick into all structures in such a way that you can use them as arrow ladders, this includes platforms, traps and doors.
  • Only real knight relevant change is very slightly slower jabs - they may be able to be slowed more but they're almost back to the previous build rates currently, going to move slowly on this one.
Fixes and Tweaks
  • Clantags displayed differently
    They'll show up in chat and on mouse hover, but not in the scoreboard; this is an experiment to see if it helps player identification, we might need a separate column in the scoreboard for clantag, feedback here is welcome, leave it in the forum thread. Clantags are also accessible by script for modders now.
  • Arrows hit mines again (this was a bug).
  • Flag blocks building in slightly smaller space.
  • Fixed water stunning teamies on direct hit.
  • A lot of stuff doesn't decay or decays much more slowly.
  • "Recent Damage" is tracked a little longer - no more missing kills for fire arrows.
  • Pickup priority tweaks - still not perfect by any stretch but should be more predictable now at least, as it's based on your position instead of a weird combination of cursor and player.
Have Fun!
Community Announcements - Max
New build for KAG - potentially a little rough around the edges but what's there needs to be tested with the public before we can move much further.

Now with extra flammable platforms!

New build is going out at the moment, should be a long build but out in 30 minutes or so from this post. There will be the usual lull as servers patch over between maps and the client builds aren't done, and again as the steam build propagates out - don't panic if you see lower than average numbers in the next few hours.

Here's a summary of the more serious changes, split by section:

Balance Changes:
  • Knight Rebalance
    There have been some long-standing complaints about the knight; this should help to address a lot of them and help reign in some of the more obscure parts of current knight play.
    • Shield Glide is no longer infinite
      Your shield glide will gradually lose its effectiveness as you fall through the air - you can put more wind into your sails with multiple bomb jumps, but this alone makes knights a lot more prone to gravity (like every other class). You can also no longer infinitely climb up walls with wall jumping.
    • Jab does minor stun
      Players from classic era will remember "slash cancelling" with jabs - while this is very ping dependent, we've decided to try it out again. It lets you get a quick, reactive cancel to someone charging a slash or double slash in front of you with jabs.
    • Slash doesn't break shield for as long
      Slashes will not break a knight's shield stance for as long, giving them a chance to attack back with jabs if you're "slash surfing" them.
    • Circle of Power
      All of this together helps enforce a circle of power in knight combat options: slash > double slash > shield > jab > slash - there's still the wildcard of shield bashing and bombs in the mix to keep things fresh of course, but this should make knight combat a little less slash-heavy.
  • Archer Tweaks
    • Reduced stun range
      The range at which arrows stun players has been reduced a little.
    • Special Arrow spam discouraged
      When firing special arrows with legolas, you will automatically switch to normal arrows for the 2nd and 3rd shots. This is to further encourage actually aiming with special arrows instead of just spamming 3 bomb arrows at a tower with triple shot.
  • Drills builder only
    At the request of the community by poll, drills have been made builder only for now. We'll see how this change affects their use and the builder's place in the game.
  • Map Borders
    The map borders are active on all edges, including the top of the map - this prevents simply "jumping over" tall structures.
  • Weaker Wall-run
    Wall running has been reduced from 3 tiles to 2, making smaller structures more significant.

Fixes and Smaller Changes:
  • Platform Fixes
    Lots of issues with platforms have been cleaned up, most notably grappling them, wallrunning on them, and fire spreading through them. They also got a small sprite facelift.
  • Mine Fixes and balances
    Mines explode with much smaller radius, collide with platforms, don't explode with materials on them, and shouldn't go invisible any more.
  • Spawning timer no longer resets on click
    This only really applies to CTF - TTH still has wave respawning and some limitations there, though it should fare a little better than it did.
  • Server Fixes
    A memory leak in the server was identified (finally) and fixed.
  • Storage Changes
    The storage is a little more attractive, has damage frames and responds to lantern containment - thanks to community member Skinney for these changes.
  • Saw changes
    The saw spews out a slightly more reasonable amount of wood.
  • Spectator Fixes
    Several fixes to the spectator mode have been made, most notably including it getting "stuck".
    Thanks to community member norill for these fixes.
  • Interface Fixes
    Some discrepancies with the TDM and CTF spawn time interfaces have been cleaned up.
  • Stun Fixes
    Stun is now respected for picking up/throwing items, and for using drills.
  • Builder Hitting Fixes
    Builders should have a slightly easier time hitting what they want to hit - theres still a few finicky edge cases but overall it should behave more sensibly, especially when trying to mine tiles near objects.
  • Tips on Death
    Some helpful, community sourced tips are displayed while you're waiting to respawn - you can turn these off (along with other ingame help) with f1.
  • Fixed Builder digging in no-build zone.
    No more undermined tents or halls.
  • Fixed CTF HUD not showing for 1 flag maps.
    Speaks for itself, annoying little bug.
  • Emoticon bindings in Entities\Common\Emotes\EmoteBindings.cfg.
    If you need faster access to some of the emoticons you can now rebind them clientside, though it is a little fiddly.
  • "No Chat Bubble" option and some options fixes
    For those sick of seeing chat hovering over someone obscuring the action, you can now turn these off in the options menu.
    Some other options that were having issues being saved should be fixed now too; let us know if any options still fail to be saved after quitting the game normally.
  • Fixed lots of Larger Resolution Issues
    Larger resolutions now have fixed size cursors and can aim accurately, and work for vertical aspect ratios too if you're that way inclined.
  • Lots of other fixes and tweaks - changelog too big! I'll put together a changelog to include in the forum post, though it may take a little more time.
General Concerns:

  • Archer may be too strong We're well aware of the potential for balance changes like this to swing power too far "the other way". We'll be watching very closely in the coming week and adjusting things as need be in a follow-up build.
  • A focus has been put on Gravity A lot of the changes here have put a focus back onto gravity - we want structures to have more of a purpose, people to need builders a little more, and vertical play to be a little more dicey; we also want to see less of people building giant turtle towers behind their base and flying all the way across the map :^) Keep this intent in mind when you're cursing at not being able to jump up "measly" 8 high tile walls - players are going to have to adjust to more "grounded" play, and that may take some time (at least a few games).
Looking forward to seeing you guys in game to put these changes through their paces! I'll be around tomorrow to make hotfixes if necessary but hopefully they can wait until next week - after the game re-stabilises.

Have Fun!


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