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It s unfortunate that King Arthur s Gold looks like Terraria, Starbound and the rest of that ilk. Because it is absolutely nothing like those games. What we have here is a tiny, heroic arcade murderfest between teams of 16 players on a medieval battleground that can be populated with huge towers and dastardly tunnels. It s also the only game for which I ve written a Steam review. Which must say something> about it s quality, but I m not sure what.

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Community Announcements - Max
Hey Everyone!

An update on the recent issues people have been having with the steam version of King Arthur's Gold:

We narrowed this down to only affecting new accounts, which is why we were getting conflicting messages regarding whether it was working or not, and testing it with our own accounts was working when it wasn't for some users. A huge sorry to any and all of the new players affected by this!

This was caused by a bug in the API that was avoided by the previous hosts configuration, and hence became visible after the migration. It was not a result of the DDoS protection, the DDoS taking the API down, or any other speculation you might have heard.

The bug has been fixed as far as our testing has shown, and players should no longer have issues with "endless authenticating" or anything like that - if you do please let us know asap, and include as much info as you can to help us narrow down any new issues!

Community Announcements - Max
Hello everyone!

Firstly, proof that things are not permanently down.

Here's the server list from the standalone client, with people playing and several active servers, taken ~11:32 am Monday 15th August, AEST.

Here's checking the same servers from steam to ensure authentication is functioning, taken a few minutes later.

We understand that these are not huge numbers of people playing minute to minute, but there is enough of an active population to always find a game, despite attacks.

There are people spreading word that the game is permanently down, dying, or dead. This is (thankfully) untrue. We still see hundreds of games are played across the official servers alone, with many more hosted on community servers. There is a very active community drive for new maps for the official servers. Some new modders have joined the scene and there is work towards an official modded server. These are not the usual symptoms of a dead game.

However, we are suffering ongoing attacks against the Game Servers, Site, Forums, and API*. Most of the time we are able to cope with these attacks, but sometimes a service will be down temporarily. Please be patient, and try again at another time.

If the game is down you can still often access the Official Forums for extended discussions, or the IRC channel (webchat link) (#kag on quakenet) for instant messaging. The latter can be particularly helpful for troubleshooting if the right users are online.

If you are unable to log in for an extended period of time, or if other players are able to get in but you are not, please get in touch directly with or use the official contact form. You get personalised, direct support through these channels. We do not provide official support on the steam forums.

Perhaps most importantly - we are working on hardening our services against these attacks! In particular we do have general DDoS Protection for the site and most ongoing DDoS shouldn't be an issue. However, some attacks and exploits can still bring the site or services down temporarily and we are working with our host to mitigate these as they come to light. Our new host has been working very hard on keeping everything running and updating our aging site codebase.

We are still unsure about the reason for the attacks, but they certainly seem dedicated to causing us grief. Thank you for bearing with us through this trying time.


* The API is used for logging into the game and providing the server list, as well as updating mods and serving forum avatars. It being inaccessible is the most likely reason you cant get in-game.
Community Announcements - Max
Hello folks!

Last night (or during the day for anyone in the EU), much of our infrastructure went down again. Most that went down is back online now.

We're currently still working to get everything back running properly, but since there's some waiting involved (and only so much staring at a black box you can do in one morning) I'm going to use the time to explain the cause of all of this to you, the players. Transparency is a good thing, and our new host has given the all-clear to discuss the situation.

THD infrastructure has been the target of a large, ongoing DDoS attack, of the order of >10 GB/s for some hours each day. This has completely overwhelmed our servers and taken our services out. Our main host for all our web infrastructure, who is a long term community player, host, and friend, is not able to continue hosting us as a result - it has been an incredibly expensive week for him and we are very sorry for the damage and expense caused.

However, we have negotiated new web hosting - which we were already using for game servers - and started moving everything there. Moving has been slow because a lot of the databases have to be restored from damaged backups, a lot of specialised software needs to be installed and configured, and the attacks have been ongoing. The attacker is definitely targeting THD because the attacks have followed us to the new host.

We have taken the option of DDoS protection with our new host, which has come into effect this morning, but that has required migrating almost everything behind new IP addresses, so there's a lot of reconfiguration involved. It also adds some latency to every request and costs money each month, but it's basically our only option at the moment.

If worst comes to worst and the attacks don't stop, we should be able to get a good service out anyway, once everything has been properly configured. Until then, only some services will be available. In particular, steam authentication is currently not available.

We've received no claim or threat or demand from whoever is performing these attacks. If anyone knows anything certain about them or wants to confess (and stop doing it), feel free to get in touch; however this is no time for a witch hunt in the community.

We ask our players to continue to show patience as we deal with this frustrating issue.
Thanks from everyone at THD
Community Announcements - Max
Hey guys, steam-specific update at the moment.

Last night, parts of our system went down again.

I'm sorry to report that the part of the API that handles steam logins is currently unavailable. We're investigating what exactly has gone wrong there at the moment. Standalone logins will function just fine.

If you would like to play offline, you'll need to open up your steam apps folder and run the game directly (ie without the "steam" command line argument). Alternatively, you can download the client from the official site and run that (and just click play offline when it asks you to log in).

We're aware that the offline experience is nothing compared to the online play, but for steam-linked accounts this is currently the best we can do. We'll be working on getting the authentication fully functional ASAP.

We'll explain more about what's been causing these server troubles soon, at the moment our focus is on fixing the problem.

Cheers, and sorry again,
Community Announcements - Max
Hey Everyone!

So, as promised, we've been working hard on getting everything running again. jrgp and Furai in particular have been working crazy long hours setting everything up at the new host.

All in all, KAG is playable online again. This should appease a lot of you, but there's still quite a lot to do before things at THD are "back to normal".

If you'd like to know more about specifics, please see the THD homepage.

Thanks again for your patience and support,
Love from everyone at THD
Community Announcements - Max
THD Web Servers are all currently down and being migrated. Due to circumstances outside of our control, we're required to change hosting for all our major infrastructure.

This means that the KAG Site, TR Site, Soldat Site, THD Site, Game Servers for all games and the API are all out of action for the time being, which will make online play of King Arthur's Gold, Trench Run, and Soldat temporarily impossible.

At the moment we are working to get a minimal service back underway; a static website with information about the current state of things first, followed by the authentication and server list system so people can play again. We are working hard to get a full service back as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience in this trying time,
Love from everyone at THD
Community Announcements - Furai

Due to networking issue with our ISP our servers are unreachable right now. This situation has been ongoing since the early morning (EU time).

We are terribly sorry for any inconvenience caused by it and with huge regret have to inform you that we have no ETA on when the issue will be resolved.

I know that the timing couldn't have been worse (duh, summer sale) but there is literally nothing we can do right now.

I'd like to apologise once again on THD's and my behalf.

Best regards,
Community Announcements - trainchaser
Hey KAG Folk!

Just a small build today, fixing a few bugs and tweaking one map in particular. There’s also an experimental change in there for water-haters, so pay attention.

Clean yourself up quick-smart against water-spam tactics with sponges.​

Sponges now “absorb” most of a water-stun if they’re in your inventory. The sponge is destroyed, and the stun time is reduced to 0.5 seconds from 1.5 seconds. This allows you to counter particularly water-heavy players. If it becomes particularly important, we might need some sort of visual indicator that you’re carrying sponges, but as it stands we see it as a similar “ace in the hole” to whipping out a bomb mid-fight (or a water bomb).

Full changelog:
  • [modified] some changes to CerberosRift following community feedback
  • [fixed] shield-bashing multiple overlapped boulders sending you to space
  • [fixed] tunnel-grapple "archer fling"
  • [removed] a heap of unused maps
    (from maps/, that had been around since classic)
  • [fixed] bug in kickafk that _could_ (but generally wouldn't) crash the server, plus disabled kicking local player (no more disconnect when you leave sandbox to get a cup of tea)
  • [added] carrying a sponge partially protects you from water stuns (1 sponge per stun, sponge is destroyed, stun is reduced from 1.5s to 0.5s)
Have Fun!
Community Announcements - Max
There was a serious bug that resurfaced today and was pulling down servers, the hotfix rolling out everywhere fixes that, as well as an infinite-fly exploit involving trampolines. Nothing else is in the patch.

Have fun, and thanks for bearing with us through the technical difficulties,

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