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During the Steam Lunar New Year sale the Don't Starve Franchise is on sale up to 75%.

If you or your friends have been waiting to pick up Shipwrecked or Don't Starve Together; now would be the time! Check it out!

Offer ends February 12th.
Community Announcements - Klei-JoeW

  • World integration implemented.
    • This feature definitely needs testing! Due to the fact that it plays with your save files I recommend not linking any worlds that you have invested a lot of time in right now!
  • Added Linux support.
  • You can now climb the volcano.
  • New playable character: Wilbur
    • You will need to generate a new world to find Wilbur.
  • Added Sealnado
  • Added Dragoons
  • New “Volcanic” crafting tab & related items.
  • Snakeskin flooring
  • Buoys
  • Iron Wind

  • Putting down flooring now prevents floods from spawning on that tile.
  • Speed increasing items now work while on boats.
  • Adjusted some strings for clarity.
  • Limpet rocks will become withered in dry season, need to be fertilized with seaweed.
  • Added timer to limit growth rate of floods, especially when returning to an area after quite some time.
  • Completely re-designed obsidian tools.
  • Cookpot ingredient changes - meat component was removed from limpets, mussels, fish morsel and fish value reduced from 1 to .5
  • Increased hunger value of California Roll.
  • Coconuts must be opened with a machete to become edible.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed typo that caused food sanity multiplier to not work.
  • Fixed hitsounds for new armour types.
  • Fixed bug where the incorrect shadow skittish would spawn on water.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed waves to sometimes spawn on ground.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some items to disappear when jumping on a boat.
  • Life giving amulet now works while on a boat.
  • Fixed a bug that caused WX78 to sometimes permanently increase his speed.
  • Fixed a bug where the camera would sometimes zoom through the floor of the world.
  • Players are now presented with a character select screen when traveling between shipwrecked worlds with the teleportato.
  • Jellyfish, Fish and Small Fish no longer disappear from meat racks on game reload.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Tigershark to sometimes get stuck in an infinite loop.

How do I integrate an old save with a Shipwrecked world?

As of this update, this is possible! But the feature needs testing, and bugs certainly DO exist within this system. For this reason I recommend not linking any worlds that you are overly attached to. It is possible that the save file will be corrupted and the world lost.
  • Find the “Seaworthy” in your shipwrecked world and use it.
  • Select the world you wish to link* to, or select generate new world.
    • Your worlds are now linked together! Yay! For now, you can revert to the previous state when selecting this world in the future.
  • To travel back to your shipwrecked world you must craft a new “Seaworthy” in the RoG/ Vanilla world. You will find it in the Magic tab.
*Linking worlds works best with RoG worlds. Vanilla worlds will link, but there will be some side effects like having the 4 RoG seasons with no way to deal with these season. This is still being worked on.
Community Announcements - Klei_Jan

  • New music
  • Washed up crates - crates appear washed up on beaches and can be hammered for surprise items.
  • New set pieces
  • New treasures available to find
  • New Character Added - Warly
  • Tiger Shark
  • Sharkittens
  • Doydoy Birds
  • Dumbrella
  • Feather sail
  • Tropical fan
  • Super Telescope


  • Map unfogging is reduced on boats and when using telescopes during hurricane season.
  • You can no longer plant trees on the magma rock biome.
  • Primeapes no longer pick up planted mandrakes.
  • Hail no longer does damage to player/structures
  • Seafood Gumbo fish requirement decreased
  • Hail is no longer a valid cookpot ingredient
  • Changed the crafting recipe of the Boat Torch

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a controller crash when unequipping items with a reticule
  • Fixed a controller crash when inspecting hidden entities
  • Fixed tidal pool spawning issues
  • Fixed shadow boat issues
  • Hail no longer breaks when dropped from player's inventory
  • Fixed bermuda triangle teleport bug
  • Birds no longer sometimes delete themselves while in the player's inventory
  • The Spider Queen no longer spawns spiders on the water
  • Fixed a bug that stopped the boomerang from returning properly
  • Fixed issue where food would come out of the cookpot spoiled
  • Fixed issue where the torch would sometimes not light again after rowing on the water

Hotfixes (162564):
  • Removed invalid ingredient from the Chef Pouch
  • Fixed issue causing a crash when loading vanilla save games.
PC Gamer

Returning to Don t Starve s world of goth survival whimsy is like slipping into a bubble bath full of piranha. You re happy, but braced for impact. The Shipwrecked DLC is currently in Early Access, so some content remains to be added and balance changes will be made based on feedback, (there s a roadmap here), but what s available now feels like a sufficiently interesting twist on the formula to make me want to spend a lot time in the tropical deathtrap that Klei Entertainment and Capybara Games have co-developed.

The key change is the setting. You wake on an island amidst the wreckage of a boat, and from there it s the familiar Don t Starve rush to gather resources, build tools, and harvest food before the onset of night, which is lethal without the protection of fire. But whereas in previous iterations you could pretty much just scout for a plum location—ideally with Beefalo and plenty of fresh veg located within walking distance—and then turtle up at your base, in Shipwrecked you re aggressively encouraged to explore.

Inevitably, the ocean life is not an easy one. Building a basic raft is easy enough, but it s fragile and slow. Soon you ll want to upgrade to a rowboat, which can be equipped with a thatch sail and even a lantern for night maneuvers. Waves vary in height, and timed right can be used for a speed boost, but there s a risk/reward payoff because if you take on too much water your items will get sodden, and ultimately you can sink.

Walani starts with a surfboard. At least the monkeys can't steal that.

Each procedurally-generated world is an archipelago, with different biomes spread across islands which vary wildly in size. Because certain items remain crucial to progress—like gold nuggets to build your first science machine, or spider silk to craft bug nets—there s almost no point in laying down roots until you ve secured a decent source of the most important materials. Which is going to mean heading out to sea.

Whilst sailing you ll discover coral reefs, which can be mined and then turned into limestone, plus jellyfish and seaweed to cook back in your crock pot. In about half a dozen playthroughs I ve only been attacked once on water, which was by a Sea Hound that I evaded easily enough after the initial ohshitohshit reaction. I suspect my relative safety so far is because the Tiger Shark boss has yet to be implemented. When that thing is prowling the waters, weaponising your boat with cannons will likely become a more pressing concern. Boats can also be equipped with trawl nets that will scoop up fish, mussels, useless junk, and—if you re lucky—rare items depending on what season you re in.

Climate of fear

As ever, it s climate that s the big killer in Don t Starve. You start off in the false sense of security that is the Mild Season, when it s comparatively easy to find food and make shelter. That s followed by Hurricane Season, which is about exactly as rough as it sounds. If you haven t bothered building a lightning rod, your sweet camp will be zapped to a smouldering insurance claim within seconds of the first storm starting. Then there s to hail to contend with. You can pick up hailstones and use them as filler in crockpot recipes (much like sticks), but beware that a bug currently means that those icy nuggets left on the ground will constantly bang into any walls you ve built, eventually destroying them. The developers are working on a fix.

After the hurricanes comes Monsoon Season. Here the land will get progressively more flooded, potentially waterlogging your vital crafting machines. (Semi-pro tip: craft a chiminea early because the flames will stay sheltered from wind and rain.) Making matters worse—in Don t Starve, it s always worse—poisonous mosquitoes begin to spawn in flooded areas. Getting poisoned, which can also happen from snake and spider bites, results in a swift, panicky death unless you ve crafted some anti-venom. Unfortunately, to craft anti-venom you first need to kill one of the poisonous critters, ideally before it kills you, and hope it drops a venom gland. The mechanic is a source of complaint in the community and also on the balance to-do list.

Dry Season comes last and sees overheating become an issue. Or not, if like me you ve already lashed together a siesta lean-to and an ice making machine. Admittedly, neither of those were much help when I was overwhelmed by a pack of dogs (which are still a thing) and didn t have my ghostly twin sister around to help out. (I ve mostly been playing as Wendy— The Bereaved , whose spectral sibling is great at killing mobs, but plan to try Walani, who comes with a surfboard, soon.) As for the rest of Dry Season, it apparently features volcanic eruptions. Good luck staving off fiery rocks with a bamboo umbrella. I have to confess I haven t encountered this yet as my best save lasted around 50 days—a far cry from the 300+ marathon I managed to pull off in the vanilla game. Still, I m definitely feeling the old compulsion to keep playing.

Jellyfish are relatively easy to capture and useful for crafting several items.

Super monkey balls

Double screening is one of the great joys of PC gaming, and I play a lot of my favourite games while half-watching TV shows on the other monitor. But with Don t Starve I have to stick to music or, at most, a podcast, because I can t risk taking my eyes off what s happening. That s how fatal poisonings happen. There s actually almost an RTS vibe to it, because maximising the efficiency of your clicks leads to the most efficient resource haul. But the meta game is all about gearing up to survive the next season. Once you find the right groove, it s remarkable how safe Shipwrecked starts to feel. Which is usually exactly when the piranha in the bath sinks its teeth into your balls.

Shipwrecked sadly doesn t do anything to fix some of the structural problems Don t Starve has always suffered from. After a great run comes to an end, it feels onerous to have to slog through the early hours of busywork required to construct an even half-decent homestead. Also, the variation between a new world in which vital resources are initially spawned nearby and one in which you struggle to find anything useful feels way too wide. Perhaps the world-building algorithm can be tweaked so the initial RNG doesn t have quite such a big impact. Or maybe that would reduce the thrill of discovery.

Much of Don t Starve s considerable magic resides in stumbling across something you haven t found before, then working out how to benefit from it. I ve spent some time trying to work out how to farm Shipwrecked s prime apes—infuriatingly cute monkeys which steal any nearby items you drop—for their meat and manure. You can distract them with a Silly Monkey Ball, but it costs a lot of stuff to craft. In a final act of desperation I tried to burn the entire forest around them, but as I was whispering the horror, the horror , they emerged unscathed and stole my coconuts. Still, at least the weather s nice. For now.

Here I am rocking the snakeskin raincoat and hat. Giant hammer model's own.
PC Gamer

Shipwrecked, the Don't Starve expansion that traps poor Wilson (or whichever of the other oddball characters you prefer) on a tropical archipelago, hit Steam Early Access on December 1 and has earned an overwhelmingly positive response from nearly 1400 players. There's still quite a bit more content to come, though, and so yesterday developer Klei Entertainment revealed its roadmap for the next couple of months.

There are three more characters to be added to the game, and three new big-assed bosses, including the Tiger Shark. A new biome will also be added, and there are also plans for more Shipwrecked-specific set pieces and world items. But the most impactful changes may may be made through behind-the-scenes balance changes, which will be made over the course of the coming updates.

This game takes a long time to play, and you will encounter different scenarios each time you play. Players constantly encounter situations that we never even imagined. Because of this, when we add new content to Don t Starve the initial tuning is, for the most part, our best guess on what will play well, Klei's Bryce Doig explained. Your feedback on these new systems is worth its weight in gold (how much does text on the internet weigh?) when we adjust the tuning of systems as it allows us to make much more informed decisions than we would otherwise be able to make.

The plan is to add new content through updates released every three weeks, beginning with the next one in mid-January and concluding at the end of February. After that there will be an update dedicated entirely to bug fixes and balance changes, Klei said. Of course, it should be noted that all of these times are just estimates of our schedule and may very well change. We'll have some impressions of Shipwrecked on the site next week. 

Community Announcements - Klei-JoeW

  • Added OSX support.
  • Fog patches can now be found at sea during the first 2 segments of day.
  • New Character Added - Walani!
  • Sea versions of shadow monsters appear when on a boat and low on sanity.
  • Silly Monkey Ball - Distract those stupid Prime Apes.
  • Snakeskin Sail - Catch a breeze with this fancy new sail.

  • Volcanic rock strike damage reduced significantly
  • Volcanic eruption durations reduced, intensity increased
  • Volcanic rock strikes damage the player while in a boat
  • Increased time between volcanic rock warning shadow appearing and impact
  • Slot machine tweaks to prizes
  • Slot machine now has insanity aura
  • Resurrection stone now features wildbore heads on stakes
  • Reduced log drops from mangrove trees
  • Krissures now deal damage to enemies
  • The ocean is now calmer during dry season
  • More art/boost directions have been added to waves and rogue waves
  • Waves now collide with shore, mangrove trees
  • Swordfish damage increased
  • Tweaked loot provided by Whales
  • Whales now turn around at shallow water biome
  • Sharx drop hounds teeth
  • Prime Apes no longer try to pick up backpacks
  • Added a refuse animation to Prime Apes
  • Palm Treeguards wander when they do not have a combat target
  • Improved behaviours of Fishermerms
  • Wildbores are more aggressive
  • Tallbirds stop tracking you if you get on a boat
  • Birds stop spawning during volcano eruptions
  • Floaty Boaty Knights spawn in world more often
  • Renamed Ox to Water Beefalo
  • Wes now mime-paddles
  • Added a shadowy effect to the drowning animation
  • Hunger drain reduced while poisoned
  • Boat lantern degrades slower
  • Trawl net is gated by science machine
  • Boat torch is gated behind science machine
  • Hail is no longer edible, but can be refined into ice
  • Items on fire extinguish when they hit water
  • Boats start dealing wetness when heavily damaged
  • Rafts deal more wetness when breaking waves
  • Poisoned enemies no longer spread poison on attack
  • Poisoned enemies now move slower, attack less often, and deal less damage
  • Dogfish no longer play their floating anim when coming from slot machines
  • Replaced live jellyfish with dead ones from slot machine
  • Sand can now be refined into into empty bottles
  • Adjusted art of the poisoned spear

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed numerous crashes and other issues.

Known Issues
  • Walani is missing examine strings for her Surfboard.
You can find a full sized version of the poster here: 1920 x 1080
Community Announcements - Klei-JoeW

Join the Alex and Kelly for a Don't Starve: Shipwrecked art stream this Thursday, December 3rd at 3:30 PM PST on the Twitch Rhymes with Play Dev Cast!

This week Kelly and Alex talk about Shipwrecked art design and draw concepts for a brand new monster coming in a future update. Join the stream and give us your suggestions!

6:30 PM ET (East)
5:30 PM CT (Central)
4:30 PM MT (Mountain)

Where Is It?
On our official Twitch channel here:

When Is It?
Thursday, December 3rd at 3:30 PM PST. Here's a handy tool to figure out what time that means for you:
Rock, Paper, Shotgun - (Alice O'Connor)

Exploring a tropical archipelago sounds ground, but it’s never that easy in Don’t Starve [official site]. Shipwrecked, the latest expansion for Klei’s open-world crafty survival game, arrived last night with a boatload of new treats and threats in new lands. Also, boats! I don’t know what drives you to place these sweet little computer people in such hazardous situations, you monsters.

… [visit site to read more]

Community Announcements - Klei-JoeW

We just launched Don't Starve Shipwrecked on Steam and buoy are our merms tired!

It's been a long time coming and here we are! While Don't Starve Together was still just a twinkle in Wilson's eye, our friends at Capy have been quietly plugging away at Shipwrecked with us for quite some time now. We’re all excited for you to come aboard; but first we wanted give you some quick details.

We've decided to release Shipwrecked in Early-Access because similar to the Reign of Giants expansion before it; Shipwrecked is a substantial amount of content. In fact, much larger. With new characters, biomes, items, creatures,recipes and water exploration; just about everything in Don't Starve Shipwrecked is new. However, we still have a little further to go; but first, we want to get your feedback about the game. Like Don't Starve, Reign of Giants and Don't Starve Together, it's important for us to really get a feel for what you think so we can adjust and adapt to your feedback. You should have a good, solid game in it’s current state; a great experience on it’s own.

Not everything is quite sea-worthy yet. As mentioned, the game is fully playable and nearly complete, but the new playable characters are still to come, as well as the "boss encounters” and some other cool things we have planned. Since we need to get a better sense of balance and feedback, we want to get everything in a good place before we get those in for official launch.

As many of you know, originally Don't Starve: Shipwrecked was originally being designed a standalone DLC completely separate from Don't Starve and players would not be able to move between Shipwrecked and the original game. Due to community response we have since changed course and we are now steering the ship toward integrating the experience so that you may move between worlds! This is still in the works and will not be immediately available and will likely be in a version closer to launch. We are certainly going to want to test this before the final launch version, so expect integration to come a few updates before final version sets sail. This is going to take a bit of time though, so we will need to tread water for a little while as we get that in order, but we'll let you know the progress on this before we pull up anchor.

We're not going to give an official date for the final launch of the game at this time. Frankly we tend to add in more new cool stuff that we didn't consider before your feedback, and since our priority is always having the best launch-ready game possible; we often choose to add more stuff rather than push things out just to hit a deadline. We are aiming for Spring 2016; but, that's mostly so we have something to aim for. In the end it's really just going to be when it's ready. We're going to try; but we care about delivering what we promised much more than hitting a date. We don’t consider a game ready when it’s “done”; we consider it “done” when it’s ready.

If you don't enjoy sailing into the uncharted territory of early-access, you might want to consider waiting until we launch the game fully before you dive in.

As we are aft to do, we will be hanging out here on the forums, lurking in streams and watching YouTube videos trawling for feedback and bug reports.

All ashore that's going ashore!
Klei Entertainment & Capy
What platforms is early access available on?
Early access is available on Windows through Steam.
I use Mac/ Linux. Can I participate in early access?
Mac & Linux will not be supported for the initial December 1st launch.
I don’t use Steam. Can I still play during the early access period?
No. However, the final release of the game will be available for the standalone client.
Can I play Reign of Giants and Shipwrecked at the same time?
Yes, but not during early access. We're working on implementing this in a style similar to entering caves but it's not ready yet!
What is Don’t Starve: Shipwrecked?
Shipwrecked is an expansion for Don’t Starve. Wilson finds himself stranded in a tropical archipelago and must struggle to survive in this new world! Shipwrecked is being developed by CAPY and Klei Entertainment.
Do I need Reign of Giants?
No. Shipwrecked is compatible with and without Reign of Giants.
Will Shipwrecked work with DST?
An awesome idea, but right now Shipwrecked is single player only.
Is Shipwrecked coming to consoles/ mobile?
We’d love to, but right now we’re focused on making the PC version as good as it can be.
Product Release - Valve
Don't Starve: Shipwrecked, all new content for Don't Starve is Now Available on Steam Early Access!

Sail to adventure through the treacherous seas of Don't Starve: Shipwrecked!

With new playable characters, biomes, creatures and seasonal effects; Wilson and the whole Don’t Starve cast of characters embark on a sea-bound journey of exploration, adaptation and of course, starvation.


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