Community Announcements - Darbeenbo

Hear ye, hear ye, oh noble Lords and Ladies of the Chivalry Community.

The entry period to the Fortification Team Objective Map Contest has come to a close today. Over 45 maps featuring peasant killing, king slaying, town pillaging, ballista shooting, and all other sorts of medieval mayhem have been submitted for a chance to bring home the grand prize of $10,000 USD.

45 maps. That is crazy! All of us here at Torn Banner are incredibly excited to see such an awesome turnout for the contest, and have really enjoyed seeing the progess that content creators have made in these few short months.

Over the next few weeks, all the contenders will be in rotation on the custom map servers dedicated to the contest. Make sure to join a server in your region. There are specific testing times in which we encourage people to not only play these awesome maps, but to also give feedback to the map creators in their forum thread. We will be awarding the super rare peasant hat model to playtesters who post constructive criticism in the contestants feedback thread.

Official testing times are:
Wednesday: 3-6 PM EST
Friday: 3-6 PM EST
Sunday: 3-6 PM EST

We will be testing and judging in the official custom content servers over the next few weeks anonymously with the community. During this time, you are allowed to make tweaks, adjustments, and updates to your map at your own risk. If the map isn't functional when play-tested, it will be disqualified from the contest.

Best of luck to the contestants, and we’ll see you on the Fortification Map battlefields!

Full list of entrants:

P.S. All the lords and ladies who submitted a map for the contest by the deadline will receive a peasant hat as well.
Community Announcements - DaGGyzo

<span style="color: #ff8c00;">Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Patch 27</span>

***Focus on Fixes and Improvements!***

<span style="color: #ff8c00;">Gameplay

  • Adjusted the low health Post Process chain to not desaturate your screen as much. This is to help people not hit their teammates as much while they have low health
  • Fixed archer bots on server. They will actually hit players now with ranged weapons.
  • The reach for the halberd and quarterstaff now displays properly in the weapon selection menu.
<span style="color: #ff8c00;">General

  • Boiling oil splash now shows on servers
  • Fixed 1p double axe sprint animation
  • Fixed crash caused by a reference from an uncleanedup AOCView_Frontend_Customization into the world
  • Players would experience a crash joining a match after having visited the customization menu
  • Fixed a variety of carried weapons visibility in 3rd person
  • Reverted back to old Mason brown primary colour.
  • Re-positioned Mason barb archer helmet to prevent clipping
  • Brightened mason vanguard barb metal chest plate for better emblem visibility.
  • Added original Chivalry Helmets to Barbarians but omitting some of the too small/beard clipping ones
  • Also added DLC2 helms, default basic helms, and knight dlc helms to barbs.
  • Korean translation: Steam build scripts updated, localization .ini added
<span style="color: #ff8c00;">Maps</span>

<span style="color: #ff8c00;">Outpost</span>
  • Fix for players being able to skip the breakable objective
  • Replaced the blaze mesh with a barb
  • Outpost Objective Tweaks.
    • Playspace modifications around falling log.
    • Capture Volume and Barbarians killed required to win now.
    • Condensed Objective Text. Changed language on Outpost to support final objective.
    • More safety checks for the final capture volume
    • Changed outpost chieftains to be wearing cow skull helmets.
<span style="color: #ff8c00;">Coldfront</span>
  • Optimization. Set Barb NPCs to ragdoll as opposed to gibs. Destruction after 5 seconds
  • Improved Cull Distance Volumes on Beach and in the Castle.
  • Removed Ice Rock from "Boat Ramp" path.
  • Removed spec off of the landscape material which should help performance
  • Deleted a few meshes that weren't needed in order to lower drawcalls by a very small amount
  • Lowered number of materials on the keep meshes
  • Coldfront ocean material have significantly fewer instructions, may help performance
  • Replaced all bsp with meshes
  • Added epic blocking volume in harbor area for the floor
  • Replaced fracture mesh doors with static meshes.
  • Added minor Set dressing inside castle walls.
  • Added collision to back wall in throne room
  • Refined playspace around Courtyard.
    • Cover Pass
    • Added more props
<span style="color: #ff8c00;">Hillside</span>
  • Made spectral echo ghostly again
  • Added some blocking volumes on a few exploit spots and adjusted some see-thru wall collisions
  • Added some barrels in caves to prevent stuck collisions
  • Tweaked arch collision
  • Put the breaking wall on precomputed lighting
  • Aligned flames with stationary torch meshes
  • Minor fixing of a couple ruined meshes
  • Garbage cleanup on variant levels
  • Replaced unclothed flags with static mesh versions with lightmaps
  • Created lightmap UV for broken lighthouse
<span style="color: #ff8c00;">Battlegrounds</span>
  • Minor optimization: Replaced a few skeletal meshes,
  • Adjusted some culling distances
  • Removed a few background assets.
<span style="color: #ff8c00;">Darkforest</span>
  • Minor optimization: Non-gameplay relevant particles only show up on medium settings now
<span style="color: #ff8c00;">Stoneshill</span>
  • Removed floating arrows in village
<span style="color: #ff8c00;">Citadel</span>
  • Visual improvements to the broken wall
  • Added culling for all particles
  • Reduced particles for low settings
  • Added in a cheaper tower mesh with 3 rather than 6 material IDs and replaced instances in the background with it.
  • Made changes to the kismet so that the broken wall mesh does not matinee up it just toggles collision off and on
Product Release - Valve
Play Chivalry: Medieval Warfare and Chivalry: Deadliest Warrior DLC for FREE starting now through Sunday at 1PM Pacific Time. You can also pickup Chivalry: Medieval Warfare at 75% off the regular price!*

If you already have Steam installed, click here to install or play Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. If you don't have Steam, you can download it here.

*Offer ends Monday at 10AM Pacific Time

Community Announcements - DaGGyzo

In celebration of our Barbarian Invasion Patch, Chivalry: Medieval Warfare and Chivalry: Deadliest Warrior will be <span style="color: #ff8c00;">FREE</span> for the <span style="color: #ff8c00;">May 15th - 18th weekend starting at 1pm EST!</span> In addition to being free, new players can purchase both Chivalry: Medieval Warfare and Chivalry: Deadliest Warrior on <span style="color: #ff8c00;">SALE for 75% off!!</span> Check it out now on STEAM!

Join Us for a Weekend of first-person medieval Carnage!!
Community Announcements - DaGGyzo

It's time for us to announce our FIRST ROUND WINNERS of the FORTIFICATION: Mapping contest for the Team Objective mode in Chivalry: Medieval Warfare!

With so many great entrants, it was a task selecting just a few out of the 30+ Team Objective Maps submitted. The top 5 Maps will be awarded Cash prizes along with Awesome gear provided by our sponsors.

Check out the First Round Winners here!

This Contest is far from over! For those who did not place in the first round, do not feel discouraged. There is still a full round remaining to decide which map takes the Grand Prize! Keep up the awesome work, and Good Luck!
Community Announcements - DaGGyzo

<span style="color: #ff8c00;">Patch 26</span>

*** The focus of this patch is Bug fixes and Improvements***
<span style="color: #ff8c00;">Gameplay</span>

  • Added parry tracers to beginning of swing, in the opposite direction of the swing.
  • New weapon handle tracers to remove handle hits (new tracer is parryable but no longer deals damage)
  • Try to improve the reliability of the chase mechanic.
  • Fixed an extra flinch effect when you're on fire.
  • Fixed vertical turn limit on parry riposte.
  • Weapon variants now properly award users experience
<span style="color: #ff8c00;">Level</span>
  • Minor Hillside level fixes from forum reports
  • Added loadout change volumes to Outpost
  • Set physical materials on some SDK, Outpost, and Coldfront assets
    • <span style="color: #ff8c00;">Coldfront</span>
      • Added oil decals around gate
      • Increased the duration of the oil splashy particle effect
      • Added crenelation variants
      • Adjusted collision on roof meshes
      • Carpet in throne room no longer clips with floor
      • Reduced the snow sprite spawn
      • Minor Optimizations, setting draw distances on particles and corpse
      • Replaced Mason banners with (barbaric)dragon banners
<span style="color: #ff8c00;">Misc</span>
  • Thrown torches split into two on impact.
  • Fixed heavy javelin and short spear when thrown shows a regular javelin.
  • Fixed weapon blood in standalone(create game) mode.
  • Added mud and foliage impact sounds for all melee weapons
<span style="color: #ff8c00;">SDK Changes/Additions</span>
  • Will warn when extracting packages that share a name with a package in CookedPC (since these packages will be ignored and superseded by the ones in CookedPC)
  • Changed ini read for code mods to only read and write those that are specified in Default ini; anything not present in the Default will not be read from the mod's generated ini, so preventing the mod ini from e.g. overriding *Game.ini and *Engine.ini
  • Changed ?ModName to work properly for clients.
  • Added a reconnect retry in case a seamless transition download fails.
  • Added detailed log messages for download fail.
Community Announcements - Postpwn

Patch 25: Barbarian Invasion!

In Celebration of this occasion, we are introducing 2 New Team Objective Maps!

Coldfront A frozen Beach Invasion Siege map, taking place in Old Agatha. Harsh Frozen Shores, A Massive Castle, and a Dock Market Place will run red with blood of the enemies.

  • Objective Breakdown (Mason Attacker / Agathian Defenders)
    • Beach Invasion
    • Storm the Beach! Overtake the Enemy front-line. (Capture the 2 ballista forts)
    • Defending Team must hold the line, and protect the fortifications (Defend the 2 ballista forts)
    • Overtake the enemy Stronghold! Lower the Drawbridge from above, or smash it to pieces.
    • Defenders must repel the enemies from their walls.
    • Murder Feydrid before he can flee to his Ship!
    • Defenders switch roles, and must now push the objective and help King Feydrid escape to Stoneshill.

Outpost Deep in the Forest, attack the Barbarian stronghold of Ramnor.

  • Objective Breakdown (Agathian Attackers / Mason Defenders
    • Encampment
    • Burn the enemy camp!
    • Defenders must protect ally tents.
    • Move the Caravan into enemy territory!
    • Defenders must halt the Caravan.
    • Overcome the enemy ambush! Smash through their barricade.
    • Defenders must trap the enemies and prevent them from moving on.
      Fortress Assault
    • Kill the enemy Chieftains or Capture their Fortress.
    • Defenders protect the Chieftains and secure the Fortress.

New Character skins
  • Barbarians have joined the battlefield in new class skins!
    • Both factions are receiving reinforcements from 2 separate barbarian clans for ALL CLASSES!
    • Each Barbarian skin purchased unlocks for Both factions. ie A Barbarian archer skin purchase unlocks for both Agatha and Mason.
    • Each Class Comes with a barbarian weapon variant
    • Barbarian class skin(includes both factions of the same class)

  • New Barbarian themed weapon variants are available!
    • Man at Arms / Knight Norse sword - Wulfric Sword
    • Knight Maul - Avian Rage Maul
    • Vanguard Spear - Chargebreaker
    • Archer Javelin - Whistler

Community Announcements - DaGGyzo

Special focus on SDK-related things, Coldfront and new map variants, and a few fixes thrown in for good measure ...

The SDK changes are mostly focused on giving people more control over the game through the map editor, without having to involve a programmer. There's at least one new Torn Banner-made map utilizing the new SDK changes that will be coming to the Workshop for this patch (along with, at some point, an uncooked version so the Kismet can be reused by others). The potential applications for these changes should hopefully be more obvious then. These new additions and changes are a little experimental and most aren't going to be suitable for typical Team Objective maps, though.

<span style="color: #ff8c00;">Patch 24</span>

<span style="color: #ff8c00;">Coldfront</span>
  • Fixed collision on old pallisades.
  • Level load camera
  • Fixed a mesh gap
  • Removed redundant areas
  • Blocking volume pass
  • More cover on beach
  • Finished blocking in castle areas

<span style="color: #ff8c00;">Level Changes</span>
  • Added LTS, FFA, and TD variants of several duel maps (for low player-count servers; we recommend a 4-6 player limit):
    AOCFFA-Bridge_p AOCLTS-Bridge_p AOCTD-Bridge_p AOCFFA-Cistern_p AOCLTS-Cistern_p AOCTD-Cistern_p AOCFFA-Courtyard_p AOCLTS-Courtyard_p AOCTD-Courtyard_p AOCFFA-Dininghall_p AOCLTS-Dininghall_p AOCTD-Dininghall_p AOCFFA-FrostPeak_p AOCLTS-FrostPeak_p AOCTD-FrostPeak_p AOCFFA-Mines_p AOCLTS-Mines_p AOCTD-Mines_p AOCFFA-Shipyard_p AOCLTS-Shipyard_p AOCTD-Shipyard_p

<span style="color: #ff8c00;">Gameplay / Animation Changes</span>
  • Fixed blood mask issues with grand mace and messer variant
  • Added bardiche variant
  • Fixed arrows remaining if you cancel bow draw
  • Fixed some animation popping when switching weapons with shield
  • Fixed shield remaining up during release to parry
  • Fixed killed for idling when on catapult
  • don't allow selected king to go into spectator
  • don't pick spectators to be king
  • fixed parry riposte anim sometimes not blending
  • fixed weapon kill icon for 1h longsword, messer, sword of war
  • fix: grand mace skin shows on player's back after they switch to/from the weapon
  • check bDisplayOnScoreboard before counting players for autobalance (don't count the decorative NPCs on Coldfront)

<span style="color: #ff8c00;">Audio Changes</span>
  • fix for improper vo line for archer "you're welcome"
  • fix for gargling wounded

<span style="color: #ff8c00;">SDK Changes</span>
  • TO2 - Mutator / map-driven TO-type mode
    • Existing objective staging code from TO will not work in TO2; there are helper nodes planned to make staging a bit easier, as well as other nodes to manually set stage descriptions and such, but these are not done and work on TO2 is currently in slow burn. This makes TO2 less suitable for "classic" TO maps right now, and more suitable to weird experimental Kismet-driven game modes (examples to come)
    • New node to set who will win when time runs out
    • CustomScoring mutator to steer scoring, kills, deaths, assists
      • add nodes to manually set kills, deaths, assists
      • events for CustomScoring; fires events on kills, deaths, assists, etc.
    • If you spawn an NPC (using Spawn Standard Bot or Spawn Custom Family Bot) with Kismet without specifying a spawn point, it will just use AOCGame's normal spawn point selection algorithm, selecting a point from all available on the map
    • add mapinfo option to force manual kills, deaths, assists scoring
    • add node to manually set score outside of CustomScoring mutator
    • custom team setup mutator, plus support in GRI and HUD
    • VIP Mutator and KillTargets mutators
      • KillTargets -- nice automatic tracking of kill targets; could be used in an LTS mode, horde mode, VIP mode, 'peasant killing' objective, etc.
      • VIP -- is not implemented yet, however the idea is:
        • The assassination objective, reimagined as a mutator for TO2 with a nicer interface, modularity
        • child of KillTargets, some defaults set differently
        • The TO2 PC, and TO2 itself know nothing about this mutator specifically, unlike the situation with the previous solution and AOCTeamObjective/AOCTeamObjectivePC/AOCObjective_Assassination
      • "PurchaseBox" actor
        • lets you "purchase" things by subtracting points from a player's score or from a SpecialCustomScoring mutator
  • ChangeHealthPawnAndMax and ChangePawnGroundSpeed nodes
  • Map-definable AOCFamilyInfos
    • In TO2 (only!), can be used to replace existing players’ classes
    • In all modes, can be used to spawn custom family bots
    • <span style="color: #ff8c00;">Changes significant portions of code, may require existing mods be updated!</span>
      • however, the code to mod AOCFamilyInfos should be cleaner now...
  • sdk treepack branch collision set properly
    • disabled per poly so arrows/siege weapons don't hit them
  • potentially fix issue where AOCNPC_New's could broadcast the fact they spawned to the chat
  • add CMWSeqAction_TO2_StartResetLevel
  • CMW HUD Marker
    • Will remove itself (optionally) if owner is killed
    • New "add marker" nodes: one will just add a marker without attaching (but with more options), one is a helper that will add a marker / attach it / set it to auto-destroy when owner dies (for easy pawn attachment, for instance)

  • Set up edit conditions for customization overriding kismet functions to make prettier
  • Add CMWSeqAction_ChangePlayerWeapon (in AOC Actions as "Change Player Weapons"); lets you change an individual weapon without completely breaking the rest of the pawn's inventory
  • add GiantSlayers pawn code to AOC
  • add an optional pawn class overrider in AOCFamilyInfo (coupled with map-definable AOCFamilyInfos, lets you, e.g., spawn giant bots)
  • Add PC as output variable for Kismet ClientToServerBridges so you know who fired the event (you could, for instance, use this to grab player button input from the client and route it to server Kismet to do... something...)
<span style="color: #ff8c00;">Misc. Changes</span>
  • Fixed chat team colours for spectators.
Community Announcements - DaGGyzo

<span style="color: #ff8c00;">Ceremonial Heroes Update</span>

<span style="color: #ff8c00;">New</span>

  • Achilles: Hero of the Trojan War joins the battlefield as an unlock-able Spartan skin!
    • Achilles skin also comes with an Achilles helm.
    • Each warrior class can unlock a new Ceremonial helm.
    • All Items in this update are unlocked at level 25

      <span style="color: #ff8c00;">Ceremonial Helms</span>
      • <span style="color: #ff8c00;">Spartan</span>
        • Spartan Royal Helm
      • <span style="color: #ff8c00;">Samurai</span>
        • Edo Helm
      • <span style="color: #ff8c00;">Pirate</span>
        • Admiral's Bicorne
      • <span style="color: #ff8c00;">Viking</span>
        • Sutton Hoo Helm
      • <span style="color: #ff8c00;">Ninja</span>
        • Ornate War Hat
      • <span style="color: #ff8c00;">Knight</span>
        • Teutonic Great Helm
Community Announcements - Postpwn

Elite Knights Patch 23 Notes

  • Elite Knights are now available for Purchase for both Mason and Agatha Factions
  • Purchasing the Elite Knights will unlock a bundle based on the Faction
      Agatha Inquisitor Bundle
    • Inquisitor Knight Model
    • Inquisitor Helm (Open)
    • Crushing Mace (Grand Mace Variant)
      Mason Dreadnaught Bundle
    • Dreadnaught Knight Model
    • Dreadnaught Helm (Open, Winged)
    • Butcher's Messer (Messer Variant)
  • Weapon variants can be changed in the customization menu under the new weapons tab
New translation
Beta Changes
  • Weapon unlock restrictions have been removed in the beta branch
  • DLC content can be purchased at no cost in the Beta Branch

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