Community Announcements - Kimiko
Hey everyone! It’s time for our Friday Update! As you can see, some exciting things went on this week!

Enjoy the nicely formatted version of the update here:

  • We have joined forces with Unknown Worlds for our big sale this weekend! Both Chivalry: Medieval Warfare and Natural Selection 2 are up for sale at a whopping 66% off from now until Monday at 10am PST! Check it out here:

    Have you seen our awesome logo?

    You can also enjoy these images for yourself without the sales logo here:

  • To celebrate our sale with NS2, Kimiko went on an adventure to the Unknown Worlds office so our community can get an inside look at another indie game company like ours! We have 5 short episodes that you can watch to learn all about Unknown Worlds.

  • Hugh from Unknown Worlds then came to Toronto, Canada to visit us at Torn Banner Studios and got an inside look at us - The Bannermen! This is another 5 episode series.

  • And if you haven’t seen this yet, Hugh and Kimi sit down and talk about our communities and how similar they are. Enjoy!

  • Big news about our game going around right now is the big patch that finally got released. It was a long time in coming with about 8 iterations that went through on our beta app, before finally being pushed to the live game on Monday. Hot fixes will be released, so don’t grumble too much yet!

    The full patch notes can be found here:

  • One last thing! While I was at the studio, we took a few pictures, but I don't quite have them all yet. Once I get them, I'll post them for you. But for now, here are a couple (blurry) pictures I took with my phone!


    Kimi and Steve:

    Kimi and Hugh:

Announcement - Valve
Save 66% on Natural Selection 2 and Chivalry as part of the Weekend Deal*!

Natural Selection 2 is an immersive, multiplayer shooter that pits aliens against humans in a strategic and action-packed struggle for survival. It seamlessly combines a shooter/FPS gameplay with a strategy (RTS) game.

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is a first-person slasher with a focus on multi-player. Featuring competitive online combat that seeks to capture the experience of truly being on a medieval battlefield. Inspired from the intensity and epicness of swordfighting movies such as 300, Gladiator and Braveheart, Chivalry: Medieval Warfare aims to bring that experience to the hands of a gamer.

*Offer ends Monday at 10AM Pacific Time

Product Update - Valve
Chivalry: Medieval Warfare has now released CU1 Patch 2! This was a month and a half long process of updating and testing on our beta app, so we're happy to finally get this released to the live game.

Bugs Fixed:

Flinch not applying during weapon swap (will apply AFTER you swap weapons).
Counterattacks made off of feinted alt-swings transitioning into alt-swings.
Kick stun applying during shield drop rather than only active block.
Release flinch desyncing near the end of release.
Shields being able to exploit tap block to bypass deflected/parried state.
Projectile stickies not showing.
Pole Hammer sprint attack not moving you forward.
Several ballistae bugs.
Assists not being awarded properly.
Alt slash tracers for fist firing upwards.
Projectile speed being influenced by framerate.
Alt swing infinite combo.
King instantly respawning after death.
Random class assigning players to classes over the max amout on class-limited servers.
Vertical turn rate being uncapped in a windup or combo.
Tapping shield block when out of stamina not applying special daze properly.
Sling sometimes firing at minimum windup when the attack button is being held down.
Javelin and flail shield punch attacks using weird tracers.
Sprint causing you to slide forward during dodge and reload animations.
Light crossbow becoming unable to fire.
Rank limits not working for rank 0.
Removed some potentially abusive console commands.
Third person flinch animations playing on friendly fire despite friendly fire not causing flinch.
Respawn timer forcing you to the next wave if your spawn timer expires while you're in class or weapon select.
Special daze when an out of stamina player blocks a projectile.
Server request allowing hackers to spawn as a king.
Dodging while dazed or special dazed.
Release flinch working on allies.
Players being able to bypass forced respawns by entering a siege weapon.
"Hiding spot" in the lake on Moor.
Infinite objective points from burning a certain house repeatedly on Stoneshill.
Players floating into the air if they're kicked while jumping.
Possible desync when trying to combo with insufficient stamina.
Possible desync with counterattacks ("fake counterattacks").
Shield hitbox for inactive shields counting as headshot damage for melee weapons.
Sprint speed not resetting when flinched with toggle sprint active.
Server filters sometimes requiring a reset to change.
HTML tags in player names.
Vanguards being unable to throw torches with sprint attack readied.
Lead balls not being able to fire after refilling ammo.
Crouch-jumping getting you stuck in crouch.
Queued shield blocks not having a capped turn rate.


Kick and shield bash hit detection now uses proper tracers and is more precise when on uneven terrain or against moving targets.
Kicks have a 1 second cooldown.
Charge system for kicks/shield bashes - tapping kick will perform a quick knockback and daze with no damage and a lower stamina cost, holding kick will do a slightly slower damaging kick with the ability to stun shield users.

Attacks cannot be feinted in the last 200 ms of windup (attack grunt will play at the start of this window).
Unable to parry for .4 seconds after a combo feint.
Combo feint stamina cost from 15 to 20.
Parries can now be combod into from an attack release the same way as attacks are combod, for 10 stamina.
Now able to parry in attack recovery - costs 25 stamina and does not allow counterattacks.

Being hit while wielding a ranged weapon no longer flinches, only cancels the attack.
Ranged weapons can be swapped away from or have their attack canceled at any time.

Chase boost now only activates against enemies with their backs turned.
Chase boost activates from further away.

Bonus stamina regeneration from crouching removed, base stamina regeneration increased.
New stamina drain values and absorption rates for all weapons (average stamina loss on parry generally lower, min-max values from 7-35 to 8-25)
A wheezing sound now loops when a player is under 30% stamina.
Out of stamina grunt will play when you try to perform an action you don't have enough stamina for, rather than when you swing with 0 stamina.

Alt swings have a .1 longer windup.
Special daze length from 1.5 to 2
Flinch for twohanders is now 1.1 instead of .8
After being flinched or parried, sprint is disabled for .5
Buckler animations redone to block less screen space.
When a match ends, the game no longer freezes. The losing team (or all players but the winner in FFA) are switched to fists.
Enemies have slightly larger collision than allies.


Broad and Thrust Dagger size increased by 20%
Hunting Knife size increased by 40%
Thrusting Dagger overhead damage from 45 to 50 and stab from 40 to 45
Saber slash release from .4 to .375 combo from .6 to .575 and damage from 40 to 45
Saber overhead windup from .45 to .4 release from .4 to .35 and damage from 45 to 55
Saber stab windup from .4 to .45 and release from .4 to .35

Javelin shield punch attacks windup/release/recovery all .35/.3/.5.
Short spear stab windup/release/recovery from .45/.3/.55 to .4/.3/.5 and damage from 45 to 50
Javelin stab windup/release/recovery from .4/.3/.65 to .425/.325/.55 and damage from 55 to 60
Heavy Javelin stab windup/release/recovery from .5/.35/.7 to .45/.35/.6 and damage from 60 to 70
Javelin throw windup from .4 to .6
Javelin reload from .9 to .6
Small spear throw windup from .3 to .5
Small spear reload from .8 to .5
Heavy javelin throw windup from .5 to .65
Heavy javelin throw recovery from 1 to .65

Crossbow projectile speed from 7500-8000 to 8500-9000
Crossbow reload from 3.5 to 3
Light Crossbow projectile speed from 7000-7500 to 8000-8500
Light Crossbow reload from 2.5 to 2
Heavy Crossbow projectile speed from 8500-9000 to 9500-10000
Heavy Crossbow reload from 4.5 to 4
Crossbow head multiplier reduced to 1.75x from 2x (Heavy Crossbow will still one shot Knights to the head, but normal Crossbow will not)

Longbow movement speed when drawn from 60% to 75%
Shortbow movement speed when drawn from 75% to 90%
Bodkin Arrow damage type from Pierce to PierceBlunt
Shortbow Broadhead damage from 55 to 60
Shortbow Bodkin damage from 55 to 62
Longbow Broadhead damage from 75 to 83
Warbow Broadhead damage from 105 to 100
Warbow Bodkin damage from 105 to 116

Sling reload from 1 to .75
Pebble minimum windup from .5 to .3
Pebble minimum damage from 25 to 30
Pebble max damage from 45 to 50
Lead ball minimum windup from .7 to .6
Lead ball max damage from 55 to 70
Lead ball minimum damage from 30 to 25
Lead ball ammo count from 20 to 25


Dodge speed reduced by 10%
.3 cooldown on dodge.
Dodge disabled during windup and release.
Attacking disabled for the first half of dodge (attacks will queue instead.)
Base speed increased by 10
Sprint acceleration increased by 33%
Firepot damage from 7 per second to 6 per second.
Firepot ground fire now ignites players who walk over it for 2 seconds.

Holy Water Sprinkler overhead windup/release/combo from .4/.4/.7 to .375/.35/.6
Holy Water Sprinkler slash release from .45 to .4 and combo from .7 to .6
Holy Water stab windup from .3 to .35 and recovery from .4 to .5
Flanged Mace stab windup from .3 to .35.
Flanged Mace slash damage from 65 to 64

Hatchet stab windup from .3 to .35.
Dane Axe overhead windup from .4 to .45

Falchion slash damage type from SwingBlunt to Swing.
Falchion slash damage from 70 to 65

Quarterstaff counts as onehanded when calculating attack stamina costs.
Quarterstaff slash windup from .425 to .4 combo from .65 to .6 and damage from 40 to 45
Quarterstaff overhead windup from .45 to .425 combo from .65 to .6 and damage from 45 to 50
Quarterstaff stab damage from 40 to 45


Sprint attacks sped up by about 20%.
All sprint attack damage values set to 100.
Increased weapon knockback on all primaries.
Sprint attack key can now be rebound.
Smoke throw windup from 1 to .6

Claymore slash windup/release/combo from .5/.55/.65 to .475/.45/.625 and damage from 75 to 60
Claymore overhead windup/combo/release from .55/.675/.55 to .475/.625/.45 and damage from 85 to 70
Claymore stab windup/combo/release from .65/.65/.45 to .55/.625/.4 and damage from 70 to 65

Bardiche slash windup/combo/release from .55/.7/.65 to .6/.75/.6
Bardiche overhead release from .7 to .6 and damage from SwingBlunt to Swing
Bardiche stab windup from .65 to .5 and release from .5 to .4
Polehammer slash damage from 70 to 80
Polehammer overhead damage from 75 to 105
Polehammer stab damage from 65 to 72
Polehammer overhead windup from .675 to .625
Polehammer slash and overhead combos from .8 to .75

Spear slash windup/recovery from .6/.7 to .425/.625 and damage from 40 to 30
Spear overhead windup from .7 to .725 and recovery from .75 to .725
Spear stab windup from .6 to .575, recovery from .725 to .65 and damage from 60 to 55
Fork slash windup/release/recovery from .5/.6/.7 to .4/.375/.6 and damage from 35 to 25
Fork overhead recovery from .75 to .7
Fork stab windup from .5 to .475 recovery from .725 to .65 and damage from 58 to 50
Brandistock slash windup/release/recovery from .6/.6/.7 to .45/.45/.65
Brandistock stab windup/release/recovery from .7/.4/.725 to .55/.35/.65 and damage from 60 to 65
Brandistock overhead damage from 90 to 95
(Not technically a Vanguard weapon, but close enough:)
Flag slash windup/release/recovery from .7/.65/.8 to .5/.45/.7
Flag overhead windup/release/recovery from .8/.55/.85 to .75/.5/.8 and damage from 58 to 70
Flag stab windup/release/recovery from .75/.5/.825 to .6/.4/.65


Resistance to blunt reduced by 1% (Mace 2-shots Knights with overhead headshots, Maul 1-shots Knights with overhead headshot)
Knight swords now usable one-handed without a shield. Pressing "1" toggles between 1 and 2 handed, "3" toggles between shield and no shield.

Longsword overhead damage from 85 to 82
Longsword stab damage from 65 to 61
Longsword overhead windup/combo/release from .5/.65/.65 to .525/.675/.6
Longsword slash combo from .65 to .675
Sword of War overhead damage from 75 to 70
Sword of War stab damage from 75 to 68
Sword of War slash release from .6 to .525 and combo from .65 to .675
Sword of War overhead release from .6 to .525 and combo from .65 to .675
Sword of War stab release from .35 to .4 and combo from .65 to .675
Messer slash windup from .55 to .525 recovery from .9 to .8 and damage from 85 SwingBlunt to 99 Swing
Messer overhead combo/release/recovery from .75/.65/.85 to .7/.6/.8
Messer 1H slash release from .45 to .4 and damage from 70 SwingBlunt to 80 Swing
Messer 1H overhead combo from .75 to .7

Double Axe size increased 20%
Double Axe slash combo from .8 to .7 and damage from 85 to 90
Double Axe overhead combo from .8 to .7 and damage from 95 to 115
Bearded Axe slash windup/release/recovery from .425/.55/.8 to .475/.45/.7
Bearded Axe overhead windup/release/recovery from .425/.5/.8 to .475/.4/.7
Bearded Axe overhead damage from 87 to 90

Grand Mace slash damage from 90 to 80
Grand mace overhead windup from .5 to .525
Maul slash windup from .7 to .65 and recovery from 1.2 to 1.1
Maul overhead recovery from 1.2 to 1.1 and damage from 125 to 132

Flail slash windup from .55 to .5 release from .55 to .5 and damage from 55 to 60
Flail overhead release from .55 to .4 and damage from 65 to 70
Heavy Flail slash windup from .6 to .55 release from .6 to .55 and damage from 65 to 70
Heavy Flail overhead release from .6 to .45 and damage from 70 to 75

Community Announcements - Kimiko
Hi everyone! You may have noticed your game getting a pretty big update. Well, that's because CU1 Patch 2 has FINALLY been released.

The change log is very long, so I'm just going to link to the forum post for this one. Enjoy!

Kimiko, Community Manager
Community Announcements - Kimiko
Friday Update - What we’re up to! June 21, 2013

Hey everyone! It’s time for our Friday Update, and we’ve got a lot going on for you this week!

1) Pax Prime: We are definitely going! We’ll have a smaller booth compared to Pax East, but we’ll be there and in “Prime” form. So come check us out! We’ll have more details posted up as it gets closer to the event.

2)CU1 Beta 7 RC2: The last beta has been released! Patch notes here: ! If all goes well over the weekend, we’ll finally be able to release this patch to the live build next week! Thanks for your continued patience!

3) Emblem Contest: We have received an amazing amount of wonderful emblems for this contest. Thank you everyone for participating! The deadline is tomorrow night, so get those last minute submissions in! Here is the contest thread in case you missed it the first time:

4)8v8 Team Objective Tournament: This weekend, there is a North American 8v8 TO Tournament happening and you’re all invited to watch it! It’s happening this Saturday and Sunday and the community chipped in $730! Torn Banner has matched this, so there is a grand total of $1460 up for grabs, with the prize money going to the top 3 teams. All details including the links to the streams will be posted here:! Good luck everyone!

5) Meet the Devs: Our Meet the Devs #2 Q&A with Richard Yang is now online! Enjoy!

6)Newsletter:The final thing in our update this week is that our 3rd issue of our newsletter has been released! You can check it out here:

Thanks for your time! See you next week!

Kimiko, Community Manager
Community Announcements - Kimiko
Hello! It’s time once again for our Friday Update, for the week of June 14!

We’ve just been bombarding you with all kinds of fun things lately and this week is no different!

1) Mod Tools + SDK: Yes, we released this in alpha stage on our beta app 3 days ago and the response has been enormous. People have really been looking forward to this and now that it’s out to be played with, expect to see all kinds of new and fun content that will keep you entertained for hours! Keep in mind that this is still in the early stages, so it won’t be released to the live game for some time, but enjoy playing with it and creating your content in the meantime.
There are lot of good tutorials out there, so be sure to search around! Also, it’s very important that you read through our SDK documentation carefully, so you understand how everything works prior to starting and while you are getting setup. Our documentation can be found here:

2) Emblem Contest: In case you missed it the first time, we have an emblem contest going on right now! The lucky winners will get their emblem put into our game in our customization setup and receive a peasant hat for their characters!
Full details here:

3) We’ve brought back our IRC channel so come chat with us!
Channel: #tornbanner on QuakeNet

4) CU1 Patch 2 Beta 6 RC 1 is now updated on the beta app!

Yes, yet another beta update, but we’re down to the wire and after this one, we should be releasing into the live very soon!

Here are the changes that were done:

- If you're kicked during shield drop you're no longer special dazed, only if the kick connects against an active block.
- If you're hit in release on the server, but you're in transition on the client, it forces you into recovery. I.E. client and server are now properly syncing release-flinch.
- Shields should have a .3 longer drop time if you raise your shield while in recovery. This is in the same vein as recovery parries not allowing counterattacks.
- Tapping block with a shield while deflected extends your shield drop by the remaining time in your deflect, so you can't abuse shield tap to attack quickly after being parried or hitting a wall.
- Projectile stickys should now show up on characters when they’re hit, both when they’re alive or dead.
- Flinch is now 1.1 for two handed weapons.
- Kicks now have a 1 second cool down.
- You can no longer attack during pre-round freeze in duel mode (IE. Archers).
- Pole Hammer sprint attack fixed (no longer able to move freely in any direction during the attack).
- Dodging during recovery should only apply to attack recovery, not parry recovery (same as live).
- The panic parry function should only work in an attack recovery, not a parry recovery.

Kimiko, Community Manager
Jun 12, 2013
Community Announcements - Kimiko
Hey everyone! We are holding a contest for emblems* to be placed into our customization setup! If you are interested, please sign up! The devs will choose the best ones and the winners will get their emblem placed into our customization setup, and will also receive a peasant hat!

Here are some examples of what the emblems look like and what you need to base yours around.



Images need to be transparent and in PNG format
Images should have no more than 3 solid colors
Size: 256x256 pixels
No more than 10 images per person.

Where do the emblems go?

Here are a couple examples of where your emblem will be seen if chosen. Click to view larger image.


To keep things organized and in one place, please send all images to:

In your email, make sure to add: Emblem Submission as the subject and include a link to your image(s). No zip or rar files please.

Include your full steam ID.


Saturday June 22, 2013 at 11:59pm PST. Submissions will not be accepted after this date.


* Images for which the trademark or copyright is owned by another party are not eligible for this contest. By submitting images to this contest, you claim that copyright and trademark ownership of the image is solely your own, and you give us the non-revokable right to use your emblem in Chivalry: Medieval Warfare and related media.
Community Announcements - Kimiko
Hey everyone!

Great news, we've got the SDK ready for you wayyy sooner than expected, hurrah!! Thanks Crusty! 8-)

Everything you need to know will be found here:

Please be sure to read everything!!

But to get you started:

Downloading the SDK:

You must own Chivalry to use the SDK. To download it, open up your Steam Library, right click on Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Beta and go to Betas. Choose the SDK beta. You'll then be subject to a ~3-5 GB download. If you ever want to switch back to the normal Chivalry Beta, you'll again be subjected to a large download. This will be true every time you try to switch between the two.
The SDK branch of the dedicated server has the server side of the SDK build.

Anything related to mods and the SDK, as well as support for the SDK can be found here:

We also have an official IRC channel, so you can get some real time support for the SDK if you should have any questions. Or just come in and say hi :)

Channel: #tornbanner
Community Announcements - Kimiko
Hey everyone! Welcome to our Friday Update!

Sorry, this was put out a little later than normal due to waiting for a couple of things!

* First off, we’re excited to give you a sneak peak on our new customization in game. Like we said previously, you can change the background pattern and colors of your outfit for both team play and FFA, as well as customize emblems. You can see nice close up views of your character and spin them around to see how it looks from all angles. You can choose which helm you’d like your character to wear from this screen as well.



* Secondly, phase 4 of the beta build should have been online sometime tonight, however, Steam decided to be difficult at that exact moment, so most likely we’ll have to wait until Monday. Sorry! :( So to tide you over until it’s officially updated, here are a few fixes and alterations written up by SlyGoat, of what’s to come. Balance changes shall wait til’ Monday!

CU1 Patch 2 Beta 4 (Just a preview of what's to come!)

-Projectile stickies should work again.
-Assists now properly awarded to both teams.
-Alt slash tracers for fists draw properly.
-Projectile speed should no longer be influenced by framerate.

-Special daze length from 1.5 seconds to 2.
-Ranged weapons no longer flinch on hit (attack is canceled instead), and can now cancel attack at any time.
-One-handed bastard swords withut a shield now 'officially' supported; 1 will toggle between one-handed and two-handed, 3 will toggle shield if equipped.
-Vanguard sprint attack can now be rebound to a key other than mouse 1 to allow you to perform normal slash attacks with a sprint attack readied.
New experimental feint changes:
-Attack grunt will play in the last 200 ms of windup - beyond this point attacks may not be feinted.
-Combos can no longer be feinted.
Stamina drain changes:
-Stamina drain from parrying an attack is now locked between 8 and 25, from 7-35.
-Stamina drain more consistently based on relative weapon weight rather than damage.
-Less cases of minimum or maximum stamina drain outside of extreme circumstances like maul vs. dagger.
Chase boost changes:
-Chase boost now only activates against an enemies with their backs turned.
-Chase boost activates from further away.
Low stamina sounds updated:
-A wheezing sound will loop when you're under 30% stamina.
-Out of stamina grunt plays when you try to perform an action you don't have enough stamina for, rather than when you swing with 0 stamina.

More to come next week!

Kimiko; Community Manager
Community Announcements - Kimiko
Hi everyone, welcome to our Friday Update and the last day of May!

While we have been working a lot this week, there’s really not a whole lot to say in terms of updates, but this is what I’ve got!

  • The balance and mechanics update on the beta patch is going well. We’ve been getting a lot of good feedback from the community and we want you to know that we DO listen! We have started up a Balance Testing Council, which will have representatives from both the NA and EU scene to help us go over everything related to the balance and mechanics of the game.

  • In regards to the next beta update, we’ll have it out for you on Monday. With the new council, we wanted to get as much out of it as possible, so we weren’t able to get a release out today.

  • Customization will be coming soon! It’s looking really good so far! You will be able to customize your background pattern, colours (within team range) and emblems + helmets.

  • After the current beta is all done and released, we’ll be focusing on bringing the SDK + tools out to you. Thus, it will be released in the beta for you to test out after the balance and mechanics are all taken care of. Again, it will be released in the beta first and foremost. It’s happening guys! :)

See you next week!

Kimiko, Community Manager

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