Community Announcements - BuildPatterns
Recently, Linden Lab announced that we are working on an ambitious project to create the next-generation virtual world, while we continue to improve Second Life and grow Blocksworld. As we focus on these priorities, we have ceased development for Patterns, and we will be no longer offering the game for sale.

We at Linden Lab are extremely grateful for the adventurous early players who explored the Patterns genesis release. Those who purchased the Patterns genesis release will still be able to play their copies of the game, but features relying on server connections, such as world-sharing, will not be functional.

Patterns had early promise, and while Linden Lab focuses our efforts on our other offerings, we are still evaluating the future of the Patterns technology. Interested parties are welcome to contact us with proposals.
Community Announcements - BuildPatterns
The next time you boot up Patterns, you'll find a very different experience waiting. As we've blogged about before, Patterns has undergone a total user interface (UI) overhaul. We're proud of the new menus, buttons and mouse cursors, but the changes go much deeper than the visuals we've teased before. The changes in today's release are about empowering creativity with powerful and intuitive tools. We're excited to get this new building experience into your hands to see what it inspires!

So what does this update include that makes creation so much more powerful?

Quicker Building

Some of the most powerful new functionality is tied to the right mouse button (RMB). In the past, clicking RMB on a pattern would open the "construct edit mode", breaking you out of the gameworld. The new edit mode allows for the same functionality plus much more, in a less jarring way.

Click once to select a single shape. Keep clicking slowly to increase the size of your selection, or double click quickly to auto-select the full object. You can probably figure out how to move your selection, but now by holding down Shift you can also clone your selection without having to save it to your inventory. Or use delete/backspace to instantly remove your selection from the gameworld. You can even use the RMB to select the terrain in a world, something not possible before, to rapidly terraform a world to fit your needs. With these tricks you'll be creating epic worlds in a fraction of the time it took before.

(To see these new tricks in action, be sure to watch the latest video teaser.)

Easier Sharing

Creativity in isolation has its virtues, but it's when you share with others that things get really interesting. Every Patterns user has access to the same set of shapes and tools out of the box, but one of the biggest factors in creativity is community. Sometimes we don't know what we are capable of until someone else helps point the way with an inspiring build. And putting your own work out there to be seen can be a powerful motivator to push your own skills. All of us on the Patterns team are fans of (and sometimes contributors to) the thriving communities around Second Life, Minecraft, LEGO and other platforms for creativity.

Patterns has always offered the ability to publish your works and download others' creations from the Cosmos, but we're making it easier to highlight worlds with pictures and descriptions. Every time you save a world, Patterns generates a screenshot. From the Create menu you can add a text description. Best of all, we've removed the limit to how many worlds you can publish! If you've published a world in the past that you're proud of, now would be a good time to update your world and republish.

New Worlds to Inspire You

Next time you go to create a new world, you'll see some options that weren't there before. Alongside old favorite starting points like the "Genesis Cube", we've added a few options that offer a fresh twist on how you build. "Flatland" and "Chromatic Cubeworld" launch with a new materials pack with a vast range of colors instead of the organic substances you're used to. "Uncharted Isles" offers an archipelago of floating cube-based islands to explore and transform. "The Steamworks" is an interior space with a steampunk twist to get you started. With Scene Settings, you can mix and match Materials Packs as you see fit, and with the new RMB functionality mentioned before, you can quickly delete any elements you don't want.

The planetoids you've played before are still there in the cosmos under the Featured tab, alongside a few creations that our team came up with while this update was under way. Remember to publish your best creations and maybe you'll get featured next!

Foundation for a Dynamic Future

Lastly, while there are a lot of changes to play with and master in the current release, we also made some necessary behind-the-scenes changes to prepare for the future. The Materials Editor, which you can play with right now, is just the first step in giving creators the power to control the settings and behavior of their worlds. We envision a future where both advanced creators working in collaboration and new players working alone will be able to add dynamic behaviors and gameplay to their worlds.

We hope you'll enjoy these improvements to the Patterns building experience and look forward to seeing what new worlds you create and share to the Cosmos!
Community Announcements - BuildPatterns
As we've previously blogged, we're currently working on some major UI changes for Patterns. The team has been (and still is) hard at work!

We want to share a glimpse at some of what we’re working on so you can get an idea about where things are headed.

One of the goals for this UI redesign is optimizing the play space by cleaning up the real estate used by the UI.

To achieve this, we’re moving the tools, substances, and shapes into one clean area at the bottom of the screen, where you’ll be able to quickly toggle between each of these different toolbars with ease by hitting the Q or E buttons on your keyboard.

While we’re not yet able to share an ETA on the UI redesign launch for Patterns, we expect it to be soon and hope to share more along the way. Keep an eye out for more sneak peeks and keep sharing your worlds!
Jan 27, 2014
Community Announcements - BuildPatterns
As you may have noticed, we pushed a small build live over the weekend. This was all bug fixes (detailed below) to help improve the game. In the meantime, please keep making and sharing awesome substance packs and sending us your feedback!

Bug fixes and maintenance[/h1]
  • Fixed a problem where top tiles on Patterns would create holes in the world when deleted in a specific fashion.
  • Multiplayer server maintenance
  • The camera will reset to the default view when quitting a level and when deselecting the locked camera view
  • Fixed a bug where by breaking off half of Genesis Plane Strip near the Eternium core causes holes in the world.
  • It is no longer possible to break substance packs in the editor when selecting save too soon after selecting update.
  • Fixed issue that caused some top tiles to be oriented incorrectly.
Jan 17, 2014
Community Announcements - BuildPatterns
Welcome to our first update of 2014. We’re happy to announce some new features such as a locked camera view, new flat worlds to build on and more power added to the Substance Editor!

2014 is going to be a busy year for us. More modding capabilities and scripting are on our roadmap. Keep sharing your creations with us on the Cosmos and check in regularly for new and updates!

You can read the full list of updates below.

Substance pack editor[/h1]
-- New graphic properties can be modded to change the look of substances in game:
  • Specular- Basically the shininess of the texture. This uses a grayscale only palette with white being the most shiny. Color images are converted to grayscale.
  • Occlusion- Used to map darker and lighter pixels resulting in a texture with an illusion of relief. Brick and bonestone are good examples of this technique. This can be used to create hot spots and shadows on substances. This also uses a grayscale palette and color images will be converted.
  • Illumination- Enables the glow and light emission effect for materials. Lava and moonstone are good examples of this technique.. White to black is the range with white being the most illuminating. Default color is black.
  • Metal- Affects the metallic quality of a substance. The default is black with white being the most metallic.
-- HD setting option doubles the texture resolution when working in the substance pack editor.
Note: This is performance intensive while in the editor.
-- It is now possible to be able to define the exact number of substances you want to include in your substance pack. So if you ever wanted to just have 5 substances, you can!

Save data reorganization
  • Worlds are now saved into their own directory with world data and the lua config file.
    As those worlds get loaded in game a new folder for that world and its save files will be created in "\\user\LindenLab\Patterns\WorldData". All subsequent saves will be saved to their own subdirectory under "WorldData"
  • When saving we now create a screenshot of the game in view at the point of saving. This file will be placed in the world’s directory.

New Features[/b]
  • Genesis Plane Square: Elegant, simple, and square.
  • Genesis Plane Strip: Perfect for your flat world and elongated projects.
  • Added lock camera option to the Scene Settings. You can use this to control the use of the camera and player experience in worlds shared on the Cosmos.

Bug fixing and house cleaning
  • Removed Hypatia V due to performance issues.
  • Fixed "collection challenge" bug where the challenge mode persisted across multiple worlds.
  • Fixed the saved game time stamp bug.
  • Fixed Multiplayer bug that prevented clients from placing saved patterns in hosted worlds.
  • Fixed the Patterns inventory not being synced in network multiplayer.
  • Hitting the repeat build key (the "C" key by default) to repeat the shape placement should now work as intended.
  • Removed username from default save file name.
  • Fixed not being able to “Like” more than one Cosmos world during a game session.
Community Announcements - BuildPatterns
We wanted to provide one more update to the game before we all go away for our holiday break.

Today we are adding more settings that you can use to modify your worlds, along with some bug fixes. The new settings will allow you to control the lighting values, gravity settings and more!

We hope you have fun with this and let us know how it is working for you. In the new year we promise to role out more features that enable you to further mod your worlds. Look for more updates from the Patterns dev team in 2014!

Release notes for Patterns version 0.05 Update 1
  • Substance Editor: new pack starts with sample flat color textures
  • Changed button in options screen from "Substance Pack" to "Scene Selection"

Added four categories of settings used to customizing your worlds (you can find this in the same menu where you choose a Substance pack):
  • Gravity multiplier
  • Build gravity multiplier
  • Creatures allowed
  • Cloud on/off
  • Other planets on/off
  • Sun and moon on/off
  • Override day/night cycle
  • Sky color gradient control
  • Fog color control
  • Fog distance settings
  • Direct light color
  • Direct light intensity
  • Bounce light color
  • Bounce light intensity
  • Ambient light color
  • Post effects
  • SSAO blur
  • SSAO radius

Bug fixes[/h1]
  • Cosmos log-ins no longer fail when passwords start with #
  • Substances no longer have default pack properties with new packs
  • Fixed occasional hang at 35% when loading
  • Fixed changing pack name and uploading problems
  • Fixed problem where rocket bomb does not explode
  • Fixed problem with line breaks in substance titles causing problem
  • Substance Packs can no longer be named Patterns as this created problems with loading default packs
  • Removed confusing button for saving substance pack in game
  • Fixed sounds that play repeatedly when placing shape
Community Announcements - BuildPatterns
Today we are updating the game and making available a Substance Pack Editor. With the tool you can modify textures and the physical behaviors of substances in the game.

This is our first step in delivering on a plan that promises to provide more power to you that enables you to modify how Patterns looks and plays. See our developer blog for the nitty gritty details of the Substance Pack Editor and learn more about about the scripting taking place behind the scenes.

If you are ready to get started you can find our in depth dev blog here.

You can also watch our tutorial video on the Patterns YouTube channel.

We can’t wait to see what you create!

Substance Pack Editor version 0.1
  • First release of tool to create and edit substance packs.
  • Texture panel for managing and importing modded images and normal maps
  • Added directory support for UGC content ...LindenLab\Patterns\UGC
Edit interface for the following substance properties:
  • Substance Name
  • Crumble
  • Durability
  • Lift
  • Weight
  • Hurt Player
  • Light
  • Light Color
  • Footprint color
  • Footprint time
  • Behavior (Normal, Bouncy Slippy, Sticky)

Patterns Client updates
  • Substance Pack Editor launch option from main menu of Patterns
  • In game UI for loading substance packs from the pause menu
  • Save content is now written to save path from to ...LindenLab\Patterns
  • Multiplayer and Cosmos support for Substance Packs
  • Various bug fixes and optimizations
Community Announcements - BuildPatterns
It’s been some time since we’ve published an update, and we wanted to check in to let everyone know about some of the exciting features coming next for Patterns. The game has come a long way over the past year, and as we near the end of 2013, we’ve been thinking critically about the future of Patterns to help focus our development efforts. You’ll be hearing more from us as we make progress on specific projects and features, but first, we wanted to share our vision for Patterns’ future with you.

Imagine Patterns as a platform not just for building worlds with shapes, but also for creating interactive experiences you can share with others. We’re going to put more creative power into your hands by allowing you to change the very things that make up Patterns itself! Lua scripting, substance editing tools, and direct access to tuning game systems are just some of the options that will be available. We’ll begin to roll out these new features over the next few weeks, and will keep you posted with our progress.

The first release will be a powerful tool that will allow everyone to create substance packs and custom tune substances’ properties. If you want to make all the substances hurt the player or change the actual look of the substances themselves, you can! Getting tired of the current set of colors within our world? No problem - you’ll be able to change how every single substance looks, acts, and reacts.

Another big feature we’re planning to roll out is a character creator. We appreciate the fondness that has grown around the current character, but a personal touch that only you can deliver is needed. Patterns is your universe to shape, and you should be able to create your very own personalized character to inhabit it!

We also plan to provide a robust Lua scripting system for Patterns. You’ll get access to script APIs that control game variables such as lighting values and the pull of gravity. Even more functionality will come from the ability to author moving platforms and control behavior in support of a variety of gameplay types.

We're eager to get these new tools into your hands and can't wait to see the things you'll create with them! These new features will give you even more creative power in Patterns. It's important for us to get these powerful new features right, and we appreciate your patience as we develop and roll them out. We'll keep you all posted as we make progress on these and other initiatives, so you can look forward to hearing from us more.

Thank you for supporting Patterns. We're really excited about the future of the game, and we hope that you all are too!
Community Announcements - BuildPatterns
Hello Patterns Fans!

It’s been awhile since our last update, but we’ve been busy fixing bugs and adding new features to Patterns.

One of the new feature that we think you’ll really enjoy is what we’ve called “Escher Gravity.” Gravity will now no longer just pull towards the center of the planet. Now it’s based off what is below you - making a digital version of an Escher-esque painting a possibility for everyone!

In addition to the new Escher Gravity, there are two new block features: Runestone signs and Lanterns! Lanterns can be made by using 4 silver tetrahedrons and one moonstone octahedron. Once built, you can turn lanterns off and on by hitting the moonstone with your beam. Detailed instructions can be found on our official wiki.

Using square Runestone top tiles (the blocks that are bound to 1 on your keyboard by default), you can now leave signs for other players. Once placed, double click on the block to begin writing your message. You can scale text size by adding more blocks next to each other and experimenting!

We continue to work on fixing bugs and adding new features to Patterns, and appreciate all of your feedback and support. Stay tuned for more updates!

The Patterns Team

Release Notes for Update .04a version 67263 August 22, 2013

Use gravity as a tool and check out the new possibilities! Can you build an Escher Staircase?
  • Patterns gravity is now called "Escher gravity".
  • Gravity no longer pulls to the center of the planet and instead is based on what’s below the player.
  • When digging underground, down is defined by the direction one enters underground.

Please check out our wiki for detailed instructions.
  • Patterns now uses fully dynamic lighting with light emanating from the character, lava and moonstone substances.
  • The Lantern is a new formation which can be used to shed light on darker areas. To build it place 3 silver tetrahedrons, 1 moonstone octahedron in the center, and another silver tetrahedron on top.
  • Turn Lanterns on and off by hitting the moonstone shape with your beam.

Runestone Signs
Write on Runestone top tiles to leave messages for other players in their worlds!
  • To use, simply place a Runestone top tile on any square surface and double-click, then type, and hit enter.
  • The font will shrink to fit on the cube so play around with multiple faces to write in larger Font Sizes.

  • Improved camera for digging and mining.
  • Confined spaces will no longer be as troublesome.
  • Transparency on the player avatar will make maneuvering through the world easier - no more blocked view!

  • We’ve started using a Peer to Peer implementation to allow easier connectivity to games.
  • Password support for private game hosting.
  • There’s a new game lobby for hosted multiplayer games in the main menu. This will allow players to find games easily.

Bug Fixes
  • A variety of multiplayer bug fixes are in this patch due to the new Peer to Peer implementation.
  • Main menu UI fixes and flow improvements are included.
  • Players list is no longer available in single player games.

Known Issues
  • Previously saved planets are not set up for Escher gravity.
  • The Lanterns are unbreakable until they are turned into free patterns.
  • There’s still an issue with memory consumption so save often and exit the game to free up memory especially when in larger worlds.
  • The new lighting effects on substances can cause some framerate issues if there are a lot on screen.
  • There is a known issue that causes instability in Patterns after playing for a while. Please restart Patterns between levels for best results.
Community Announcements - BuildPatterns
We're offering you a chance to show off your creative and construction talents, by hosting a special "Patterns" Image Contest! For this contest, we'd like for you to construct a uniquely designed Alien landscape using the in-game shapes and abilities offered in the game. The submission period ends September 15. One winner will be selected to win a new Alienware X51! Winners will be announced on October 10th.

Submit your screenshots here: {LINK REMOVED}

Unsure where to start and want some game tips? Check out the great tutorial series that Curse has been doing on Patterns here: {LINK REMOVED}

We’re looking forward to seeing the worlds you create!

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