PAYDAY 2: Ultimate Edition - Overkill_Joakim

Crimefest 2017!

Hey Heisters, robbers, criminals and pro-gamers! We from the OVERKILL Crew just want to thank you for being the most awesome community ever existing! PAYDAY: The Heist has been out for six years while PAYDAY 2 just turned four! This would never have happened without the support, frustration and love that every one of you has invested during these years. With this love in mind we always try to give back big time once a year so now it’s time for Crimefest 2017!

Locke And Load!

This year’s Crimefest will be a nice adventure taking part in the northern part of the US, and when I say north, I mean fucking freezing cold Alaska! Who knows what is happening up there and what the PAYDAY Gang is up to! As usual we will have a few challenges, masks, some nice quality of life features, side jobs and maybe a new character? Since you haven’t had a Heist in a while, I will make sure you get 2!

To avoid updating problems we will follow the success of last year’s event and release content every other day and have something else every other day-day.

Do anyone even know what the icons mean !?!

So, as you might have figured out already Crimefest starts the 19th of October and stretches to the 28th of October so make sure to book that computer at your local library or tell your teacher that you need your laptop with you at all costs!

Keep Truckin’

PAYDAY 2: Ultimate Edition - OVERKILL_symN

Kingpin Perk Deck Hotfix
Just in time for the weekend, we fixed the Kingpin Perk Deck. No more immortality for the mortals! Additionally we added the Changelog from yesterdays update.

Enter the Gungeon Collaboration
In case you haven't seen it so far. Yesterday the PAYDAY Gang entered the Gungeon!
We love their tiny Masks! What do you Heisters think?

One lives in the hope of becoming a memory,
OVERKILL - a Starbreeze Studio.

Update 158 & 158.1 Changelog
Update size: 23.8 MB

  • Fixed the cooldown for the Kingpin Perk Deck
  • Updated the metal material on Jocy weapon skin for Joceline
  • Fixed a string issue on Arbiter Grenade Launcher
  • Fixed a typo for the "War Room" Side Job
  • Fixed a text issue on The Bomb: Forest
  • Updated the "Cop vs Cop" Side Job description
  • Added "MODIFICATIONS INCLUDED" to Skins from the Comunity Safe 5
  • Fixed an issue with the Castigo .44 Revolvers not beeing correctly animated
PAYDAY 2: Ultimate Edition - OVERKILL_symN

We’re proud to announce our collaboration with our Gungeoneer friends at Dodge Roll. You like guns? Fast-pace is the only pace you know? Lockpicking is easy cake and you enjoy shooting your way through a bullet-hell?

Well, in that case you should definitely check out “Enter the Gungeon”. They just received a fresh delivery of Drills, Money Bags and Masks! Put your Mask on and spawn a little heister that will help you fight the waves of enemies while you drill those chests and get the hell out of there with your extra loot bags!

You love Enter the Gungeon but don’t want to leave PAYDAY 2? No problem! You and your Crew can now Heist as the Marine, the Cultist, the Robot or the one, true Bullet. If that is not enough, feel free to collect all 4 fitting Trophies for your Safe House like a real fanboy!

Last but not least we'd like to share this beautiful piece of art with you Heisters!
Enter the Gungeon PAYDAY 2 Wallpaper

Stay awesome,
OVERKILL - a Starbreeze Studio.

Update 158 size: 175.1 MB
PAYDAY 2: Ultimate Edition - OVERKILL_symN

What's good, heisters?
Once more did we go through the workshop and picked the 16 finest skins out there for you to enjoy in the game! Always wanted to have a rocket launcher that looks like a “BOOMBOX”? Here you go! You feel more like a Gambler type of player? The “ROYAL FLUSH” is for you! Work for hire and gold, that’s the only two things you care about? The legendary “HEADHUNTER” looks just about right for you!

Check the website to see skins:
Community Safe 5

Shout out to all you skin makers out there who made it into the game!

Take it easy,
OVERKILL - a Starbreeze Studio.

Update 157 Changelog
Update size: 185,2 Mb

  • Fixed an issue with loot not working properly between days in multi day heists
  • Fixed an issue that could occur if a player dropped in to a game as the host was driving a vehicle
  • Fixed an issue with melee damage from enemies not being counted correctly when playing Crime Spree with damage buffs
  • Fixed so that crew abilities or boosts are removed when the player clears his progress
  • Fixed an issue that could occur when the game would complain about a corrupt settings file
Crime Spree
  • Added a progress bar to the Crime Spree reward screen
  • Fix so that your maximum Crime Spree level is not overwritten with your current level when completing a job
Hoxton Breakout
  • Fixed a crash that could occur on Hoxton Breakout Day 2 if you blew up a bridge when an enemy was on it
Car Shop
  • Removed investigation patrols after hacking on computer started
  • Updated the computers to be affected by ECMS
  • Computers have been lowered to 60 seconds
  • Added vent in upper floor room.
  • Removed specific guard patrol points inside small room computer rooms on the upper floor
  • Added small coffee island to the middle of the kitchen
  • Moved wife and husband having conversations to the back hallway instead of the front 2nd floor display area
  • Removed one guard position and moved civ patrol point in back hallway on the 2nd floor
  • Ending screen no longer waits 2 seconds to trigger, it happens as soon as everyone is in the escape zone

PAYDAY 2: Ultimate Edition - Overkill_Joakim

It was a while since i posted but I’m still here pushing out content and living life,
this time of the year is usually a very exciting time, games get released, payday usually have a nice event and RAID is releasing in less then 24hrs.

I have spent the last 10 days down here in Zagreb at LGL HQ with the team and it has been exciting times since the Beta.
The team has pushed through a lot of changes and updates and the games have improved a lot!
Releasing a game is one of the coolest thing a developer ever goes through in his career, and down here you can almost touch the atmosphere. Its an honor to have been invited to test out the game and be down here with the guys.

In the meantime i couldn't stand having Almir in the office anymore so me and the guys shambled together some money and sent him overseas to Ethan Klein to do a H3H3 podcast tomorrow, he will be talking there about Payday and its upcoming future and also talk about the release of RAID.

The LGL team will have a stream now at 18:00 CET make sure to check it out. It will be Ilija talking about new maps you haven’t seen, changes since the beta, we do some Q&A, and we have a special guest, Connor Shaw, seasoned streamer and youtuber. Watch it here

Remember if you want to get the preorder items for Raid you have less then 24hrs to get it!
Get it here

And what is the next mask you want, My beard or Almirs face ?
You know the answer..

PAYDAY 2: Ultimate Edition - OVERKILL_Almir

New Update From OVERKILL!

Heisters, we didn't want to spoil the tease in the clip. Make sure you watch the video if you haven't before you continue reading.

On behalf of the rest of us, I'd like to take a moment and say thank you. We really appreciate all the feedback we've received these past weeks helping Lion Game Lion with RAID: World War II for launch. The developers will keep on developing the game post-launch. Thanks to a lot of you PAYDAY veterans, they have a lot of good ideas and feedback to work with.

RAID: World War II Launches September 26!
Heisters, on September 26 Lion Game Lion will release their spiritual successor to PAYDAY series - RAID: World War II. If you saw the video today about the upcoming content to PAYDAY ,2, know that the Creative Director of RAID: World War II Ilija Petrusic created that original content back in the day. Everyone at OVERKILL are super excited to play this game at launch, we hope to see you play together with us come Tuesday. We're just a few days away!

Last Chance to Pre-Order!
Heisters, we have created a Loyalty Discount program for you to enjoy. If you pre-order RAID: World War II, you get 15% off the full price as well as the Army Crate pre-order content!

If you pre-order the Special Edition, not only will you get everything in the detailed picture above this text, you will also receive a total of 25% off your pre-order.

We think this is such a great deal so we wanted to make sure you heard it properly one more time before the launch of the game come Tuesday.

Read more here:

Thanks for reading. Have a great weekend and make sure you keep those helmets flying.

OVERKILL - a Starbreeze Studio.
PAYDAY 2: Ultimate Edition - OVERKILL_Tobias

Controller Hotfix
Here comes a small hot fix for an issue with when using a controller. It was not working correctly in Crime.Net. This has now been addressed and it is restored to working order again.

OVERKILL - a Starbreeze Studio.

Update 156.1 Change log
Update size: 137.7 Mb

  • Fixed an issue that caused players to be unable to properly buy contracts using a controller.
PAYDAY 2: Ultimate Edition - OVERKILL_Tobias
Hello Robber, Heisters and Thugs
We are updating the game with a small patch to remove the Raid Beta menu. You can still visit Aldstone's fancy new room and unlock the weapons and masks if you haven't already.

We will see you again on the front-lines and by the thermal drill.
OVERKILL - a Starbreeze Studio.

Update 156 Changelog
Update size: 193,5 Mb

  • Fixed so that Aldstone does not get scared if the player hits him with a melee weapon
  • Fixed an issue where Aldstones voice lines did not trigger properly for drop-in clients
  • Fixed so that the "Become Infamous" button becomes visible directly if you get to level 100 from a Crime Spree reward
  • Fixed so that the World War 2 weapons are at the end of the list when they are locked for the player
  • Fixed so that pressing "default video options" in settings resets everything properly
  • Fixed so that Aldstone will move around the whole Safe House again
PAYDAY 2: Ultimate Edition - OVERKILL_symN

What’s good, Heisters?
Here comes a small hotfix for the new WW2 Armor Skin Names. We apologize for mixing up the different origins of the camo skins but in our defense, camouflage is made for not being seen. Mission accomplished. The names are now fixed in-game as well as on the Steam Marketplace.

Hat tip,

OVERKILL - a Starbreeze Studio.

Update 155.1 Changelog
Update size: 4.6 MB
  • Fixed the Armor Camo Skin Names from WW2 Armor Safe
  • Added a missing collision to the museum Aldstone’s Heritage Side Job
  • Added a missing link on the Aldstone's Heritage Website

PAYDAY 2: Ultimate Edition - OVERKILL_symN

Hello there, Chaps!
It has been a pleasure again. The final day has arrived and today’s update has more Side Jobs and Masks for you! Later today Almir from Starbreeze will have a live AMA on Twitch together with Ilija from Lion game Lion talking about RAID: World War II.

Day 3 of "Aldstone’s Heritage" is live! Check it out for yourself and don't forget to come back for the AMA.

Side Jobs, Masks and a Trophy
4 new Side Jobs are waiting for you. Help Aldstone collecting all his war memorials to not only unlock a new Trophy but also receive 4 new Character Masks that will look very familiar to anyone who got in contact with the RAID gang!

Twitch AMA with Almir and Ilija
You can’t get enough of RAID: World War II, therefore the BETA is not enough? Join the live Twitch AMA today at 2pm CET and send all your questions to Almir from Starbreeze and Ilija from Lion game Lion. Click the link, they are waiting for you!

Behind the Scenes
WW2 Armor Skins
With yesterday's Update we introduced 6 new Armor Skins. Sadly somehow the names for the Camo Skins got mixed up. This problem got addressed and will be fixed soon.

Armor Workshop
Together with the WW2 Armor Skins we introduced the new Armor Workshop. Since we love to see more of your creativity we created an Armor Workshop Manual, just like the one for the weapons.

RAID: World War II BETA & Discount
All PAYDAY 2 players already have access to the RAID: World War II Closed BETA! This weekend we open the gates for everyone else as well! Join your friends on the OPEN BETA weekend and help them fight at the front line! Remember, anyone who owns PAYDAY 2 will get an additional 5% loyalty discount during the pre-order period on the base game and 10% on the Special Edition on top of the 10% pre-order discount. Order today and save up to 25% on RAID: World War II.

Stay tuned,
OVERKILL - a Starbreeze Studio.

Update 154
Update size: 114.1 MB

RAID: World War II BETA Changelog
  • A new RAID has been added to the beta - blow up a bridge and rob a Nazi gold train in Trainwreck!
  • Beta characters can now advance to Level 10
    Character Customizations
  • A limited selection of Character Customizations can now be earned as mission rewards
  • Character Customizations change the appearance of a character’s upper body clothing or trousers
  • Unlocked Character Customizations can be selected by interacting with the Characters Table in camp or selecting ‘Characters’ from the camp menu
    Melee Weapons
  • An alternate melee weapon can now be earned as a mission reward
  • Unlocked melee weapons can be selected by interacting with the Weapon Bench in camp or selecting ‘Weapons’ from the camp menu
  • Damage dealt by player weapons has been increased
  • The spread of the M12 Shotgun has been reduced and is now more consistent
  • Improved the hit detection for headshots
  • Increased the damage bonus from the Tier I Damage Upgrade
  • Fixed a crash that could occur at the end of a mission
  • Fixed crashes that could occur when accessing menu while returning to camp
  • Fixed some geometry issues that could result players getting stuck on the Odin’s Fall map
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Odin’s Fall to show multiple exit markers at the same time
  • Fixed a geometry issue that could result in players falling through the ground on the Hunters map
  • Improved the interaction with the locked wooden crates on the Hunters map
  • Fixed a potential exploit on the Hunters map
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Flamer special enemies to spawn while the player is still in stealth
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the Com Wheel to spam team chat
  • Fixed the visual appearance of certain enemy soldier spawns
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Mrs. White’s voiceover to ignore volume settings in Options

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