What's good Heisters?

Todays update focuses on the Crime Spree! We added full controller support, so you can lay back while enjoying your Spree! Besides that we did some smaller UI tweaks that should improve the overall user experience not only for the Crime Spree Feature. Take a look for yourself and let us know what you think.


Update 143 Changelog
Update size: 249Mb

  • Fixed some issues with the Loading Screen Hints
  • Fixed so that the names of the color grading will now scroll if they are too long
  • Fixed so that the link for Community Safe 3 no longer points to the John Wick Safe
  • Fixed an issue where weapon models could be seen floating in the armor customization screen
  • Added Safe House raid to the contract filters
  • Changed an icon in the Kingpin perk deck
  • Changed the weapon butt icon
  • Changed the icons for showing not having a deployable or throwable equipped
  • Armor skins can now be set per build profile
  • Biker Heist - Fixed an issue where players could lockpick the door to the skull safe from the start of the heist on day 1
  • Biker Heist - Fixed some flags on getting faulty shadows on day 1
  • Branch Bank - Fixed so that the turret van cant shoot over the wooden barricades
  • Escape: Overpass - Added the missing driver in the escape van
  • Green Bridge - Fixed a cloaker that would spawn and be stuck
  • Green Bridge - Fixed an area in the small scaffolding where the player could get stuck
  • Green Bridge - Fixed rain effects on car lights
  • Green Bridge - Fixed so that the pilot will not always miss the first try
  • Green Bridge - Moved some floating props on the level
  • Heat Street - Fixed an issue where Team AI and enemies would stand inside a wall
  • Heat Street - Fixed issue where you could climb some of the trees
  • Heat Street - Fixed missing collision on stairs
  • Heat Street - Fixed so that the player is does not get stuck if they jump over a fence
  • Hoxton Breakout - Fixed so that signs are readable even on low resolution on day 2
  • The Bomb:Dockyards - The escape van will now use van skins
  • Undercover - Adjusted the size of the collission on the escort when he is in the chair
Crime Spree
  • We now have full controller support for Crime Spree
  • Updated Crime Spree UI
  • Replaced Crime Spree button on CrimeNet with a CrimeNet node
  • Players can now select multiple Crime Spree modifiers before being returned to the lobby
  • Modifier selection screen will now show how many modifiers have to be selected
  • Fixed player nameplates appearing incorrectly in singleplayer Crime Spree
  • Added a more obvious warning when the crime spree is not gaining ranks or rewards for any reason
  • Fixed an issue where the incendiary round for the Arbiter GL would bounce more than the regular grenade
  • Incendiary Grenades will now record kills correctly
  • Grenade Launchers will now count the client's accuracy
  • Fixed grenade achievements not triggering correctly for clients
  • Fixed an issue with the achievement "Artillery Barrage" not working correctly
The Search Continues

The Search for Kento is over... for now...

We have now reached the end of the Spring Break event but the search for Kento continues. We have found some leads and we’re closer than we ever been. We will find him…

We want to thank you all for participating in the search this last 10 days.
You can see the path we took together and all the great content we have acquired at the Search for Kento Homepage where you will also find the winner of the #MyHeister competition.

You all fought well in the community challenges. Any futher progress is no longer possible but the 53% experience bonus you unlocked will remain for another week, until the 20th of april.

Update 142 Change log
Update size: 34,3Mb
  • Fixed an issues with the “Back to Prison” achievement on Green Bridge heist where it sometimes did not activate correctly
  • Fixed an issue with the VO on the end screen of the Green Bridge heist
  • Fix the "A Trip Down Memory Lane" safehouse daily to include Heat Street and Green Bridge heists
  • Fixed an issue where the “Skull Armor” was not equipable on the Lightweight Ballistic Vest
  • Fixed an issue where Armor skins would behave incorrectly when switching from Lightweight Ballistic Vest to another armor
  • Updated some loading screen texts

Happy Heisting.

What's good Heisters?

They day has come! Green Bridge comes to PAYDAY 2 and once again the PAYDAY Crew has to make a prisoner vanish into thin air. Don't forget to dress for the weather, it's stormy outside!
Together with Green Bridge it is time for our second and final Mask Pack of the Event. The Pirates are coming. Say "Arrr..." to Nilam, Keelhauled Alex, One-Eyed Jessicah and Schneider.
Speaking of Pirates, thanks to our brave treasure hunter [MANY GUN] CLOVERAPTOR who solved the puzzle, today we are releasing the "Mega Death" Mask for everyone!

Day 10 of "The Search for Kento" is live! Check the website, get your raincoats, and take no prisoners!

Community Puzzle After the announcement of the winner we saw many people asking for the actual password and how he did get there:
  1. Understand that the geometric shapes on the feet soles are part of a code
  2. Spot the sign in Heat Streetand connect it the puzzle
  3. Figure out that the sign is the key to the feet which gives a series of eight letters
  4. Decrypt the FBI File mail and find out that it means an alphabet offset of 3 for the letters
  5. Scramble the letters to get the word “Goldrush”
  6. Enter the correct answer on the webpage

Minor Fire Optimization We did some changes to the flame particle effects which should make the game run smoother!

5/7 AP Pistol The total ammo was increased from 30 to 45.

SteamOS Known Issue We are aware of the problem that the 5/7 AP Pistol crashes the game in multiplayer. We are working on fixing the issue asap.

Stay tuned,

Update 141 Changelog
Update size: 769,9Mb
  • Fixed error string on powerhouse
  • Fixed " in the hints
  • Loading Screen Hint 117/141 are being wrong
  • Fixed baby deagle is broken in 3rd person with out HQ
  • Fixed Z-fighting next to a trophy location in the Safehouse
  • Fixed a garage door that were having a gap that the player were capable of seeing through on Heat Street
  • Fixed holes in the level on Heat Street
  • Changed the ammo pick up for 5/7 AP Pistol
  • Armor skins linked to the Steam Economy will no longer be equipped on the character after being sold
  • Fixed heist filters interfering while searching for Crime Spree lobbies
  • Fixed that drop in clients do not sync with the host's modifiers
  • Modifier texts that are to long will wrap instead of shrinking
  • Fixed several gaps beside buildings throughout the level on Heat Street


Once more you, the PAYDAY 2 Community, showed us at OVERKILL your skills and it was impressive! Congratulations to [MANY GUN] CLOVERAPTOR who was the first to enter the correct password and not only unlock the "Mega Death" Mask for everyone, but also won the chance to create his own PAYDAY 2 Mask together with us. We are sorry for any inconvenience that accrued due to the heavy load on the website during these exciting minutes!

Stay tuned,

What's good Heisters?

... AND I AM THE WALL! It's Bulldozer time! That means, we release not 1, not 2, but 3 Bulldozers! Since we love a good fight, we did sent Bodhi, Wick and Sokol to steal a cop car, stuff it with Brenners and Miniguns, and fill the air with hot lead!

Day 9 of "The Search for Kento" is live! Check the website, build some Bulldozers and don't forget to come back tomorrow for the grand finale!

#MYHEISTER First of all we'd like to thank everyone who already submitted their own Heister! We love your creativity and can't wait to decide on a winner, even if it will be a tough decision!
Tomorrow is the last release of our 10 Days event, the Search for Kento, therefore we decided to set the deadline for all #MYHEISTER submissions to 14:00 (2PM) CEST on Wednesday the 12th of April, meaning tomorrow!

Stay tuned,

Ready up boys, it’s Heisting time!

It's time for you to hit the streets with your crew and pull off some heists. We are dropping the Henchmen Update today. This means that the new Crew Management system is now available in the open beta branch of PAYDAY 2. If you often play by yourself or with less then three other players this update is for you. You will now be able to customize your AI from the mask they are wearing to the abilities and boosts they will bring to the fight. Read more on the Search for Kento Homepage where you can find a guide on how to access the beta and a quick breakdown video of what you can do with your henchmen.

The henchmen comes carrying a nice big safe of weapon skins designed by some very talented artists in our community.

And lastly a helping hand for all our new players that joined during the Event. We are adding some useful hints and not so useful trivia during the loading screens. We hope they will be helpful and entertaining while you wait to wreck some havoc.

Henchmen BETA To jump in and test the new AI Teammates just follow this link for more information about how to access the beta and take part in the Henchmen update.

Why did we create this in a separate beta and not in the regular game? As we promised before we placed this game changing feature in a beta so all of you have the chance to try it out. This way we can listen to your feedback and tweak the feature further before we push it into the main game. There is still work to be done and we want to take the AI teammates in a direction that all of you will enjoy.

Wait there are three of those guys now?

Wouldn’t it be cool to stab people with a pen? Too bad we don’t have that in the game.

Update 140 Changelog
Update size: 356.1Mb
  • Fixed an issue where players could crash if they where not using HQ weapons and someone joined with one of the new mods.
  • Added support for gadgets to have a relative zoom
  • Fixed the icon for the Incendiary Grenade
  • Fixed crash on dropping into Crime Spree at the loadout screen
  • Fixed crash when dropping in as a client when enemies were firing weapons

What's good Heisters?

Sunday! The perfect day to relax and get some cooking done! And who could be better for this job than our beloved drug lord himself? Scarface joins the Papercrew. With him, to make sure he doesn't get interupted by Cloakers, Rust and Dragan armed with AKs and the Thanatos. Grab your lootbags and join the party!

Day 7 of "The Search for Kento" is live! Check out the website and get more information about the masterminds behind the Papercrew in today's Snapshot. Don't forget to stay tight for tomorrow's release! Exciting times ahead my friends!

Stay tuned,

See that shield? BANG….nope!

Here is something for all you Trigger Happy-Gunslinger-Gun-Nut-Desperados where is the 5/7 AP Pistol, yes go back and read that again an Armor Piercing Pistol. You got a problem with shields well now you don’t. A few well placed shots with and the shield is history and then throw an Incendiary Grenade to add a heavy dose of insult to injury. It will the perfect combination of a Grenade a Molotov.

We also include two free gadget mods for those that can’t decide how far away they want to stand from their enemies. Now you can pick your zoom level with a sight magnifier or if you like holding your rifles gangsta-style a 45 degree red dot sight.

Following the release of the Heat Street Heist we are handing out some kick-ass animal masks Fluffledup are back with some of his friends. Look how excited Matt was to hear this news.

To gain access to the new pistol and grenade you need to be part of the Payday 2 Community, simply go to the Payday 2 Community page and click the “follow” link in the upper right of the page to join the community if you have not done so already.

Find out more about the weapons and their stats, as well as the masks and mods on the
Search for Kento Homepage

Armor Penetration: We now release the an armor piercing pistol that some may think will kill the use of sniper rifles but we believe that the drawbacks of the pistols compared to other pistols or sniper rifles is enough to let it earn its place in our arsenal. Have a go with it let us know what you think. It has high damage and low ammo compared to most pistols but will be able to make easy work of armored cops and shield units. When standing it up to the Sniper Rifles its low damage and accuracy but high rate of fire and concealment. We hope that this new gun will let you think up new and interesting builds.
Please let us know how you will use the new 5/7 AP Pistol.

Update 139
Update size: 48.8Mb

All glory to Fluffledup

What's good Heisters?

We just received a call. It seems like Jacket, Sydney and Jimmy are having trouble at the Jewelry Store. That crazy bunch tried to pull a heist just armed with Deagles and totally forgot to bring something to open the deposit boxes. Amateurs! Pack the OVE9000, it's time to make some money! Btw. someone told us there is a crazy guy in the area called "Bobblehead Bob" that tries to sell Bobblehead Dozers. You should check that out if you see him.

Besides that we hope you already had a blast ranking up in the Crime Spree and claiming rewards.Today we will patch some of the issues that arose with the release of Crime Spree. We also took a closer look into the Armor Skins and Safe and hope you can enjoy them now to the fullest.

Crimespree Controller Support Unfortunately we still haven't been able to resolve controller support for the Crime Spree. We are working on it and will keep you posted!

Crime Spree UX We heard your feedback and that you think it's confusing. We are working on it and will try our best to make it more intuitive!

In the meantime check our Crime Spree FAQ and the latest Crime Spree Stream.

Stay tuned,

Update 138.1 Changelog
Update size: 32,6Mb

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when opening an armor safe
  • Fixed so that quickplay no longer puts you in an ongoing Crime Spree
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the screen filters to not work properly for all players
  • Fixed so that you can preview the armor skins in the Steam inventory
  • Fixed an issue with the armor skins on the Lightweight Ballistic Vest
PAYDAY 2 - Overkill_Joakim

How high can you go?

Heisters, today we introduce a whole new game mode for you, the Crime Spree! In Crime Spree you can chain heists and accumulate ranks.
The higher you go, the more you get. We also sensed that you are a very stylish audience, so we thought, why not letting them heist with even more style. Therefore we are introducing Armor Skins together with one new Armor Safe. Dress up and get ready! Do you remember Screen Filters from PD:TH? They are back and they are more! We took the 7 old filters and added 4 more for you. Let us know what you think!

If you gonna heist, do it in style!

Body Expertise - The saga continues We continue the touch up for BE. We remove the crossbows as we don't think it should be as overpowered
as it is in the current Meta. We also told the Bulldozers to ignore BE from now on, as we don't think our heaviest enemy would care about such small things as BE.
The Spray and Pray Builds that BE allows are intended for controlling the flow of normal enemies.

Linux Builds - As we currently having build problems with the SteamOS version we will from now on build them separatly. This is unfortunate but we do this so most players
can get the updates as fast as possible. We will release the SteamOS version as soon as we can but it will most likley be the day after the PC build through out the whole event.

Workshop for Armor Skins - We know that the community wants to create Armor Skins and we want you to do it, too! The problem is, we didn't found the time so far to set up the whole system.
Hopefully we can get it out soon. No worries it's in the plan!

#MYHEISTER - We have seen alot of good entries in the competition and we are really looking forward to see more. This heister is going to be awesome and it's cool that we
get one from the community soon. If you don't know what I'm talking about, check out theWebsite and go to #MYHEISTER!

Update 138 Changelog
Update size: 344Mb
  • Updated textures on basic cops
  • Changed texture on the walls during the escape part of the First World Bank
  • Added portals to Heat Street to increase performance
  • Fixed issue with Matt on the sofa on Tier 1 in the new Safe House1
  • Body Expertise no longer trigger when using crossbows
  • Body expertise no longer affects bulldozers

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