PAYDAY 2: Ultimate Edition - OVERKILL_symN

Desync Beta 1.3 is live!
The Desync Beta goes into the next round. Besides all the new animations and fixes, this week we added new sound effects as well. Stay close to your crew members and listen to the beautiful sounds of a reloading weapon!

Crime Spree Update incoming...
Next thursday we plan to update the CrimeSpree! The Update will include new modifiers, new cosmetics, tweaked Heist suggestions, and much more! Sadly this will mean, that your ongoing Crime Spree will be ended therefore we advice everyone to cash out before!

Stay tuned,

Desync Beta Update 1.3 Changelog
Live - Beta 1.3 = 566,1 MB
Beta 1.2 - Beta 1.3 = 121,6 Mb

  • Added revive animation for third person players
  • Fixed Uzi-style weapons not using uzi-style reload animation and instead defaulting to pistol reload animation
  • Fixed being able to shout at and kill enemy corpses who were killed during stealth for drop-in clients
  • Fixed 2 corpses showing for a killed enemy or civilian for drop-in clients
  • Fixed crash for drop-in clients if a player reloads before the client can fully load the weapon files
  • Fixed magazines with weapon skins attached not using the skin after it was removed from the gun
  • Added additional interact animations for pistol and bullpup stances
  • Fixed Bootleg Rifle using a very slow fire rate in third person
  • Fix magazine from reload getting stuck in the players hand if they started interacting or charging melee attacks
  • Fixed incorrect reload type on the Bronco Revolver
  • Changed hold type for Queens Wrath rifle
  • Changed hold and reload type for Cavity 9mm rifle
  • Pistol reload magazines should be held in the players hand when reloading
  • Fixed enemies hit by Heavy Impact playing hurt animation twice on clients
  • Fixed M1014 Shotgun using the wrong reload animation
  • Added sound effects for reloading weapons in third person
  • Added additional idle animations for guards while in stealth
  • Added crouching specific switch weapon animation
  • Added magazine ejection force to pistol reloads
PAYDAY 2: Ultimate Edition - OVERKILL_symN

Desync Beta 1.2 is live!
Thank you everyone who participated in the Beta so far. We were going through your feedback and continued working on the Desync Beta! Today's update will further improve the 3rd party animations! If you didn't find the time so far, download the beta, experience the new PAYDAY 2 and send us your feedback on the Desync sub-forum!

PAYDAY 2 Stream Marathon is live!
PAYDAY 2 - OVERKILL Official Discord

Stay tuned,

Desync Beta Update 1.2 Changelog
Live - Beta 1.2 = 522,5 MB
Beta 1.1 - Beta 1.2 = 81,2 Mb

  • Added bullpup-style reload for weapons held in the rifle stance
  • Added rifle-style reload for weapons held in the bullpup stance
  • Added animations for pistols and bullpup weapons that use the shell reload animation
  • Added generic interaction animation which players will perform in third person while interacting
  • Updated the hold types for various weapons
  • Fixed third person reload animation on CAR-4 not being synced
  • Fixed third person reload animation on M308 not being synced and using the pistol reload animation
  • Fixed third person reload animation on Chimano 88 not being synced
  • Fixed third person reload animation on Crosskill Pistol not being synced
  • Fixed third person reload animation on Bernetti 9 not being synced
  • Fixed third person reload animation on Compact-5 not being synced
  • Fixed player third person animations getting stuck if the player was too slowly while carrying loot bags
  • Players will now remove the magazine from the weapon and drop it on the ground when they reload, if using HQ Weapons
HQ Weapons with updated reload
  • 5/7 AP Pistol
  • AK Rifle
  • AK17 Rifle
  • AK5 Rifle
  • AK762 Rifle
  • AMCAR Rifle
  • AMR-16 Rifle
  • Arbiter Grenade Launcher
  • Baby Deagle
  • Bernetti 9 Pistol
  • Blaster 9mm SMG
  • Bootleg Rifle
  • CAR-4
  • Cavity 9mm Rifle
  • Chicago Typewriter SMG
  • Chimano 88 Pistol
  • Chimano Compact Pistol
  • Chimano Custom Pistol
  • Clarion Rifle
  • Cobra SMG
  • Commando 553 Rifle
  • Compact-5 SMG
  • Contractor .308 Sniper Rifle
  • Contractor Pistol
  • CR 805B SMG
  • Crosskill Pistol
  • Deagle Pistol
  • Eagle Heavy Rifle
  • Falcon Rifle
  • Gecko 7.62 Rifle
  • Gewehr 3 Rifle
  • Golden AK762 Rifle
  • Gruber Kurz Pistol
  • Heather SMG
  • IHZMA 12G Shotgun
  • Interceptor 45 Pistol
  • Jackal SMG
  • Jacket's Piece
  • JP36 Rifle
  • Krinkov SMG
  • Kross Vertex SMG
  • Lebensauger .308 Sniper Rifle
  • LEO Pistol
  • Lions Roar Rifle
  • Little Friend 7.62 Rifle
  • M308 Rifle
  • Mark 10 SMG
  • Micro Uzi SMG
  • Para SMG
  • Queens Wrath Rifle
  • R93 Sniper Rifle
  • Rattlesnake Sniper Rifle
  • Signature .40 Pistol
  • SpecOps SMG
  • Steakout 12G Shotgun
  • STRYK 18c Pistol
  • Tatonka SMG
  • Thanatos .50 cal Sniper Rifle
  • UAR Rifle
  • Uzi SMG
  • Valkyria Rifle
  • White Streak Pistol
PAYDAY 2: Ultimate Edition - OVERKILL_symN

PAYDAY 2 Stream Marathon

Veterans, new Heisters and everyone in between. Unite and join us during our PAYDAY 2 Stream Marathon. On Friday the 16th of June the PAYDAY 2 Team will have a Stream Marathon on Twitch starting at 15:00 CEST. We invite you all to join, talk and play with us since this time it's not only us playing. It's us playing with you, the Community!

OVERKILL_Jules will Moderate the Stream while 2 PAYDAY Crew Members will play with 2 Heisters from the Community. Both sides will be switched from time to time, so you can meet more of us, and we can meet more of you! The main focus will be having fun... aaaand gold! We will rob them blind!

We will play on OVERKILL which means, we need Heisters with enough experience to carry us!

That said, you need to fit the following requirements to play with us:
  • Have Discord / PAYDAY 2 installed and ready to go
  • Own a working Mic to communicate with your crew
  • Be level 50 or above in PAYDAY 2
  • Speak English in a polite manner
To make the whole switching process smoothly, joining our game will work like this:
  • Join the "Stream Waiting Room" on discord for those who want to join the stream-game
  • Moderators will pull people to the "Stream Green Room" and make sure they match
  • Fitting Heisters will be added on Steam and moved to the "Stream Room"
Join us:
PAYDAY 2 - OVERKILL Official Discord

One last thing... The PAYDAY 2 Soundtracks are now free to all Heisters!
  • PAYDAY 2: The Official Soundtrack
  • PAYDAY 2: The OVERKILL B-Sides Soundtrack
  • PAYDAY 2: A Merry Payday Christmas Soundtrack

Enjoy the music and see you on Friday,
PAYDAY 2: Ultimate Edition - OVERKILL_symN

5 Million Heisters
In the last days we, and that includes all of you, broke a lot of records! Today we are happy to announce that we can add one more to the list. Our PAYDAY 2 Community reached the 5 Million Members mark on Steam. Once more we’d like to say “Thank you” to everyone who went this way together with us and “Welcome to the Family” to all the new Members!

Stay tuned,

Update 148.1 Changelog
Update size: 171.6 Mb

  • Added the new Ultimate Edition Trailer
  • Fixed that the Matryoshka Grenade didn't work for the “Fire in the hole” achievement
  • Fixed some item strings that had the wrong DLC info
  • Fixed the “Buy the PAYDAY 2: Ultimate Edition today!” link in the Main Menu

Desync Beta Update 1.1 Changelog
Update size: 483.0 Mb

  • Fix crash when team AI uses uzi or bullpup weapons
  • Fixed players playing animations where they would stand and turn while they were in midair
  • Fixed players gliding on the ground while playing shell reload animations
  • Angled Red Dot Sights can now have their dot customized
  • Default dot for all customizable sights has been changed to Red Dot 3
PAYDAY 2: Ultimate Edition - Overkill_Joakim

It’s time for the Ultimate experience to hit Steam Store. PAYDAY 2 - Ultimate Edition is live!

If you haven't been in the loop, PAYDAY 2: Ultimate Edition is one big pack with all DLC for PAYDAY 2. You will get the base game and all the content that goes with it. In short, there now are two new options on the store page: The PAYDAY 2: Ultimate Edition game, and the PAYDAY 2: Ultimate Edition upgrade

Instead of paying a bit over $200 for everything like you had to before if you wanted all the DLC we’re selling the Ultimate Edition upgrade for about $44.99. If you’ve bought PAYDAY 2 at some point in the past, you will get a 10$ discount on the Ultimate Edition upgrade. Any DLC you have purchased in the price will automatically be deducted from the upgrade price based on the DLC you own.

This is the next step for PAYDAY. One big step, where we make it easier for all players to get their hands on the biggest game we’ve ever done.

I would like remind you that any DLC going forward (besides the Ethan and Hila Character Pack) for PAYDAY 2 is going to be 100% free. Like we have said in the past we will continue to support PAYDAY 2 with more updates, heists, weapons and other fun stuff.

All community members will get our brand new, explosive and throwable Matryoshka Grenade. It does some serious damage and lets you blast some enemies while staying true to the motherland at the same time.

One last thing. As we broke our all time high record for players online, we are giving all community members a Golden Dallas Mask. Why? Because every heister loves gold, of course. We wanted to highlight this amazing feat done by our community of loyal players robbing banks like never before. Thank you all! We salute you.

That’s all for now, now go throw them granadas!

Overkill_Joakim & The OVERKILL Crew

Update 148 changelog
Update size: 52.2 Mb

The Desync Beta will be deactivated until we release a new patch tomorrow

  • Fixed an issue with taking ammo from the shelf in day 1 of The Biker Heist
  • Fixed a spot where you could get stuck behind a table in Brooklyn 10-10
  • Fixed a location where players could see enemies spawn on day 1 of Hotline Miami
  • Fixed a clipping issue with the brick wall on day 1 of Hotline Miami
  • Fixed so that you can no longer throw bags on top of the escape helicopter on day 2 of Hotline Miami
  • Fixed so that bags are visible in the helicopter if you get the right escape on day 2 of Hotline Miami
  • Fixed an issue where the player was unable to interact with the FBI computer on the pool table in Hoxton Revenge
  • Removed shield spawns from the train so that players don't get pushed out in Prison Nightmare
  • Fixed players not being able to join while players were using the Ledgendary Biker Safe skin

PAYDAY 2: Ultimate Edition - OVERKILL_Sebastian

Final chance to grab your free copy of PAYDAY 2 - download and keep it forever, before they run out.

If there's anyone left you haven't invited - it's now or never! If you've already invited your friends we salute you!
PAYDAY 2: Ultimate Edition - OVERKILL_Almir
PAYDAY 2: Ultimate Edition - OVERKILL_symN

Desync Beta is live
The long awaited Desync Beta went live on PC today! Together with the new network model we deliver lot's of new animations and improvements that will bring PAYDAY 2 to the next level. Grab your bags, put on your masks and gather your friends to experience the new PAYDAY 2. For a full list of the changes, please check the Changelog at the bottom.

Need help joining the beta?
Desync Beta - How to prepare and join

Found a major bug that we probably know?
Desync Beta - Known Issues

LuaJIT Update - Mod Talk
Lua mods using the BLT will not work in the beta. The update to LuaJIT means that the BLT can no longer hook into the game, so your mods will not load. We have done this to mainly improve the games performance, but also to make sure that we are getting no interference in the form of bugs or crashes caused by mods. If the BLT is updated to support LuaJIT while the beta is running, we ask you not to report bugs if you decide to use mods.
Your game should run with no problems if you have the BLT installed, but if you experience crashing or infinite loading when starting the game, you may want to remove IPHLPAPI.dll from your game files for the time being.

Stay tuned,

Desync Beta Update 1.0 Changelog
Update size: 487.1 Mb

  • All third person pistol animations updated
  • All third person rifle animations updated
  • Third person bow animations updated
  • Players will move to their networked position immediately when they move on their own computer
  • Player aiming and look direction should be networked correctly and smoothed out
  • Player weapons should use the correct spread for that weapon
  • Reload speeds are synced between players
  • Added switch weapon animations
  • Players should always be in the weapon raised state
  • Players should lower their weapon to sprint if they do not have the run and shoot skill
  • Added melee charging animations for players
  • Players using shotguns should fire multiple tracers for their pellet spread instead of a single tracer
  • Enemies using shotguns will fire multiple tracers when firing instead of a single pellet
  • Added a catchup system if players get too far out of sync
  • Cops should be in better sync for clients to the hosts positions
  • Cops should use the same paths on clients as on the host
  • Fixed cops teleporting into cover when they are performing a "stop running" animation
  • Revolver weapons will use a new revolver reload animation
  • Police using revolvers will use the revolver reload animation
  • Bullpup-style weapons should be held slightly differently from other weapons, have a unique reload animation
  • Uzi-style weapons should be held same as bullpup weapons, have a unique reload animation
  • Intro videos when starting the game will use the players SFX volume level instead of being at 100% volume
  • Attract video will use the players SFX volume level instead of being at 100% volume
  • Player mask up animation should make the mask visible while their hand is over their face instead of afterwards
  • Disabled recoil animation on enemies while they are moving
  • Fixed enemies who were crouching never needing to fully reload their weapons
  • Panic animations should now cause the enemy to move along with the animation
  • Panic animations can no longer cause the enemy to dodge into a wall or obstacle
  • Fixed not getting hit-markers if shooting other players with Friendly Fire enabled
  • Throw animations are synced so that the grenade/throwable should leave the players hand at the correct time
  • Shell-fed weapons will use a looped shell reload animation
  • Corpses pushed by shotguns are now networked while in stealth so that they are better synced for stealth gameplay
  • Clients can now launch enemies using shotguns while in stealth like hosts can
  • Snipers can only fire while standing still, they can not fire while moving into setup position
  • Shotguns hitting vehicles will show the correct amount of decals on the vehicle instead of just one
  • Players will reequip their weapon after getting unhandcuffed
PAYDAY™ The Heist - Valve
Add PAYDAY 2 to your account for FREE starting now to the first 5 Million customers! Once you add the game it will remain in your account permanently, so don't miss out on this opportunity to play a great game!

PAYDAY 2: Ultimate Edition - OVERKILL_Almir

Watch the entire video!
Questions? Go here.

It's ːPːːAːːYːːTheDːːAːːYːː2ː !


Almir ːoverkillː
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