PAYDAY 2: Ultimate Edition - OVERKILL_symN

What’s good Heisters?

We noticed that some of you crash when they try to mark civilians or casually blow up cops with trip mines while wearing the pumpkin mask. Therefore, just in time for the weekend, have a hotfix for yesterday’s update!

click "Damn" BOOM,

Update size: 35.1 MB

Update 152.1 Changelog
  • Fixed a crash when marking civilians
  • Fixed that the HEF grenade was locked for everyone
  • Fixed crash when killing a cop with trip mine while wearing the pumpkin mask
PAYDAY 2: Ultimate Edition - OVERKILL_Tobias

Time flies when you're having fun... or when adrenaline is starting to pump through your veins right in that moment when you put your mask on, ready to get things rolling!

We'd like to celebrate this anniversary with all of you! No matter if you are a veteran, rookie or part-time Heister who just wants to make some cash on the sides, we appreciate all of you! But what to gift people that normally just take what they want? Exactly, something unique that they can't get their hands on. Maybe out of gold? Shiny and glowing?

Today we release the Golden Chains Mask together with a Golden Chains Wallpaper as a gift from us to you, our loyal community! Keep heisting in style and who knows, maybe there are more presents in the mail.

May the best of your past be the worst of your future,

Update size: 106.7 MB

  • Fixed so that bought assets no longer spam in the chat when changing profile
  • Rocket launchers, Grenade launchers, Explosive grenades and Fire grenades can no longer crit
  • Headless Dozers no longer have headshot multiplier
  • Frag grenade, Molotov and Dynamite are now unlocked only on level 0
PAYDAY 2: Ultimate Edition - OVERKILL_Almir

Heisters! The RAID: World War Launch Dates Have Been Revealed!


Mark the dates!

RAID: World War II Developer Stream Tonight!
Hey heisters,

We are back from vacation! We’re back making more content for PAYDAY 2, working on OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead, Crossfire Co-Op, PAYDAY 3… so many cool things to do. The first thing I did was to fly straight to Seattle to meet with Valve and talk about our upcoming game RAID: World War II. The cool thing is that it’s not us at OVERKILL developing it - we’re publishing it! Ilija, the lead level designer of PAYDAY: The Heist and PAYDAY 2 and one of the co-founders of OVERKILL is the game director. He's making the game with his brother Nikica (also ex-OVERKILL) and their talented team at Lion Game Lion in Zagreb, Croatia. They have been working hard on RAID: World War II these past few years and finally we have a release date. SEPTEMBER 26! We're really excited, everyone's chipping in one way or the other and are helping Lion Game Lion making sure everything is ready for a great launch.

RAID: World War II means a lot to everyone at Starbreeze Studios and especially us at OVERKILL Software. It means that we are helping new studios being created, or an opportunity for an already established studio to create their own future like we helped Behvariour Digital with Dead by Daylight that we also published.

We’ve talked about RAID: World War II in the past:

Here’s the trailer if you haven’t seen it:

Check out the website:

If you are interested in a new CO-OP FPS with the OVERKILL stamp of approval - check out RAID: World War II and the developer stream tonight. 8 PM CET. Make sure you ask any questions you have in this thread in the RAID: World War II subreddit and hear the developers answer them on stream:
Tune in to the Twitch channel at 8pm CET!

RAID: World War II is in every sense of the word a spiritual successor to PAYDAY and an opportunity for you heisters to support another independent co-op studio just like you helped us. We hope you enjoy the stream - and get excited about the game. More info on RAID: World War II there tonight!

Can’t believe the game is coming out next month! If you want to learn more about the game, check out the stream. Enjoy!


Almir ːoverkillː
OVERKILL - a Starbreeze Studio.
PAYDAY 2: Ultimate Edition - OVERKILL_Tobias

Greetings Crooks and Robbers,
We have revisited the AI bag carry system. The feature will now work much better and feel more useful when taking on any difficult heists with your AI Heisters on the team.

With this update the AI Team Members will not drop bags until they have been killed.
As long as the AI is alive they will carry the bag until the player asks for it to be dropped. To ask for a bag to be dropped stand close to the AI and press the interact button.
If the AI is killed the bag will be dropped on the ground, the AI will pick up the bag again when revived. To avoid any bags getting stuck where they can not be reached the bag will move to the closest valid player if the AI was not revived in time before going into custody.
All player not currently in a vehicle, riding a zipline or getting tased is considered valid.

We have also used a short voice line for when the AI have received a bag. This will give the players better feedback.

I got it, I got it! *wululululul-Kick*... I ain't got it!
OVERKILL - a Starbreeze Studio.

Update size: 146.9 MB

Update 151.2 Changelog
  • Fixed an issue that caused client not being able to use AP ammo in sentries guns.
  • Fix error string in the dialog receiving new armors
PAYDAY 2: Ultimate Edition - OVERKILL_Tobias

Here comes a quick hotfix for yesterdays patch. We hope you are enjoying all the awesome skins. This patch will fix some issues like skins that did not have mods available, and the link to the market place.

Bling Bling Bang Bang
OVERKILL - a Starbreeze Studio.

Update size: 50.9 MB

Update 151.1 Changelog
  • Fixed an issue where some skins did not have mods available even though they should have
  • Removed an unintended skin from the 5-7 Pistol
  • Fixed the link to the Community Safe 4 on steam market place
PAYDAY 2: Ultimate Edition - OVERKILL_Tobias

Community Safe 4 is here!

I hope you all had a great summer, we wanna start the autumn semester with a nice shiny safe. We have a collection of 16 kick-ass skins made by some of our talented artists from our community.

Check the skins out on our website:

As always a big thank you to all skin makers who contributed to the safe!

Update Size: 250.6MB
  • Safehouse trophies will now display their continental coin reward
  • Fixed an issue where new enemies would not be assigned to objectives when an earlier cop had been disrupt during the progress

  • Fixed a crash when previewing mods on legendary skins

That Kobus 90 is slick, eh?
OVERKILL - a Starbreeze Studio.
PAYDAY 2: Ultimate Edition - OVERKILL_Almir


We’re going on vacation! But before we do, we wanted to share a collection of outtakes from one of our recent videos and talk about Antisphere.

Antisphere is released!
We are super thrilled to have helped our friends at Soap Interactive to get their game out the door! It’s called Antisphere and we think it’s a great multiplayer game. Whenever you want to take a break from PAYDAY 2, you can play a few rounds of Antisphere.

Sounds cool? Check out the developers streaming the game here:

If you own PAYDAY 2 and buy Antisphere, you get a 15% off loyalty discount and six PAYDAY 2 masks with a unique Antisphere themed design. As a token of gratitude to the PAYDAY community, everyone previously received 2 Antisphere themed masks for free! They are all in-game in PAYDAY 2, check them out if you haven't!

See you soon!
That's it for now, the OVERKILL crew will now go on a two week vacation. We need to relax at the safe house and plan new heists. Have a great weekend - see you again soon. ːdallasː

OVERKILL - a Starbreeze Studio.
PAYDAY 2: Ultimate Edition - OVERKILL_Tobias

There is a small update today to fix an issue that has been brought to our attention. There was a problem with the time between guards spotting something suspicious and them calling for backup. The alarm would sound faster than intended. We did not want to leave this over the summer vacation, we therefore rushed to get this issue has corrected.

I Sneak, I Stealth, I Profit
OVERKILL - a Starbreeze Studio.

Update size: 17.8 MB

Update 150.3 Changelog
  • Increased the delay from when a guard tries to call for backup and the alarm is sounded
  • Changed the description text for the Zeal Heavy SWAT Marksman Crime Spree modifier
PAYDAY 2: Ultimate Edition - OVERKILL_Tobias

Today we have a small update for you. We are closing the office for summer vacation between the 15th and the 30th of July. For that reason we release the patch today, rather than on Thursday, like we would usually do. Have a great summer and steal some loot.

Boom. Headshot.
OVERKILL - a Starbreeze Studio.

Update size: 26.3MB

Update 150.2 Changelog
  • Updated the ZEAL Heavy SWAT Marksman's fire sound
  • Fixed an issue where one contract would be selected and another would be activated when the mouse is clicked.
PAYDAY 2: Ultimate Edition - OVERKILL_Tobias

The Desync Beta was pushed live yesterday and we hope you’re enjoying the massive amount of changes and fixes to the game. The game now runs better in multiplayer with all players in better sync with each other. We also hope you like the new third person animations. A few issues were reported that we wanted to address with a hotfix today.

… my lootbag is breaking. My mask may be flaking...
OVERKILL - a Starbreeze Studio.

Update 150.0 and HUD or Desync Mods
The update yesterday broke a lot of mods that dealt with Desync and HUD elements. We recommend to disable any mods you have installed and wait for updates. Desync mods will not be compatible with the game after the update and may have very unexpected results. Some HUD mods got updates yesterday to work with the patch. If you are still experiencing crashes please read this thread for more information.

Update 150.1 Changelog
Update size: 24.2MB

  • Clients now use correct stats tracking for the Minigun and the Medic Bulldozers
  • Saiga Bulldozers will no longer use the incorrect reload animation
Crime Spree
  • Updated crime spree reset string to be more descriptive
  • The Minigun Bulldozer will have a more continuous fire at close range
  • Fixed a crash with the Zeal Sniper unit modifier
  • Fixed a crash with the Hydra mutator

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