Defender's Quest: Valley of the Forgotten (DX edition) - lars.doucet
Hey everyone,

I just pushed out a quick hotfix for the Windows version of the game. Apparently there was a regression which made it so that people who had unicode characters in their windows username directory (ie, lots of people from Russia, China, Japan, Korea, etc) were not able to save the game.

You COULD recover from this if you went to the in game menu, selected miscellaneous, and then manually changed your save file location, but this is not ideal.

So, today we've pushed out a fix that seems to work. There is one remaining known bug related to this issue: if you use the options menu to change your save file location, the directory picker will not recognize any path you select with unicode characters in it. "C:\this\is\a\path" is fine but "C:\カタカナ" is not.

HOWEVER! The game will still recognize a custom path with unicode characters if you manually edit the paths.xml file. You can do this by clicking on the floppy disk folder button in the save slot screen, and opening paths.xml in a text editor of your choice, you would want to set it to something like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<save value="C:\MyCustomPath\DefendersQuest"/>
<mods value="C:\MyCustomPath\DefendersQuest\Mods"/>

Sorry for any inconvenience. Please report any further issues you have and we will try to fix them.

NOTE: This only ever affected WINDOWS users, as far as we can tell.
Defender's Quest: Valley of the Forgotten (DX edition) - lars.doucet
Hey everyone,

I'm back from paternity leave, and as my first official task, I've fixed the Mac build (at least, it works for me now, previously I had the same issue others were reporting). Turns out this was a simple fix, so sorry for the delay.

EDIT 2:12 PM:
Turns out there was another bug lingering across mac/win/linux. If you were using gamepad controls, and hit the button for "equip" on the town shopping screen the first time you arrived there (ie, when you don't have any equipment yet), it would cause a crash.

This has been fixed just now in the 01/30/2018 timestamped subversion of build 2.2.2. There's no other substantial changes.
Defender's Quest: Valley of the Forgotten (DX edition) - lars.doucet
So apparently the hotfix needed a hotfix. Sorry for the delay.

-Windows: YES
-Mac: YES
-Linux: YES

- Fix glitch with boost indicators in battle
- Fix overlapping tutorial navigation chrome
- Fix startup crash in level editor
- Fix mod interface showing steam options when steam is not active
- Fix text overfills in mod interface
- Fix text size issues in journal
- Fix missing paragraph of German text in "third dream" journal entry
- Fix incorrect german speaker line in opening cutscene
- Fix loading times on party screen a bit
- Fix overworld text scroll float
- Fix missing text in party rewards
- Fix "merge" method for xml files in mods
- Fix memory leak
- Fix wave text in enemy wave bar in 4:3 aspect ratio
- Fix overflow text in enemy menu
- Fix spell text showing wrong stats in YouGot screen in NewGame+
- Fix scrap overflow
- Fix cutscene text overflow
- Fix achievements
- Fix battle crash

Let me know if there's any further bugs!
Defender's Quest: Valley of the Forgotten (DX edition) - lars.doucet
EDIT 1/3/2018 3:10 PM

Added another hotfix candidate to test_public, windows non-openGL only for now.

The pending htofix changelog is:

- Fix crashes related to recycled effects
- Fix steam controller support
- Fix width of hp/level text in party screen for 4:3 resolution
- Fix text overruns in achivements screen
- Fix achievement toasts
- Fix bug with book of Daring making characters unsummonable once summoned until you restart the game
- Fix bug that prevented level cap from being moddable
- Fix bug with spell panel overlay that sticks around when it should disappear
- Fixed bug where speech panel can go off the left side of the screen in cutscenes in 4:3 resolution

EDIT 1/2/2018 1:36 PM

I've now got a hotfix candidate out, it's up on the "test_public" beta branch. The version number is 2.2.1 and the patch date is 1/2/18. Note that this is only for windows, non-openGL version, for now. Once I have confirmation that it works and doesn't add any new bugs, I'll try to roll it out more widely. Please continue to file bug reports and I will do my best to clear out the biggest stuff ASAP.


Hey all,

So the latest updates had a few regressions and bugs in it, thanks to everyone who sent in reports. I'm working hard on them as we speak and plan to have a hotfix patch out this week.

However, I don't want to leave people high and dry in the meantime. If you have any trouble with version 2.2.0, you can roll the game back to version 2.1.7 while you wait for the 2.2.1 hotfix.

To roll back:

1. Open the Steam Client
2. Find Defender's Quest in your library, right click it
3. Select "properties"
4. Select the "betas tab" in the popup
5. Select "last_stable"
6. Click "Close".

The game should re-download, if not:

1. Right click -> properties again
2. Select "local files" tab
3. Select "Verify integrity of game files..."

This should force a redownload. You'll know you've successfully rolled back if the title screen says 2.1.7.

I'll have a hotfix out as soon as I can. Hopefully this keeps everyone going in the meantime. Thanks for your patience and continued support!
Defender's Quest: Valley of the Forgotten (DX edition) - lars.doucet
Hey everyone!

Here's a year end patch for the game.

Windows: YES
Mac: YES
Linux: YES

There's a lot of fixes in this one, which means there's also an opportunity for regressions. I like to think I've checked thoroughly, but please let me know if I broke anything that wasn't already broken and I'll do my best to address it.

The big two things I've tried to address this time around are general performance in battles, and navigation using the gamepad.

Changelog for Version 2.2.0 12/19 build:

Lots of battle optimizations:
- don't call unnecessary updates on enemies
- don't call unnecessary updates on effects
- cache results of effect palette swaps rather than doing it EVERY SINGLE TIME
- Fix occassional NaN values for a projectile's angle, which would trigger a while loop of SIX MILLION ITERATIONS (every update!!!!)
- Throttle how many times an enemy's HP bar can be redrawn per unit of time (so it's not wastefully spammed when playing at e.g. x16 speed)
- Cache results of scaled tiled bitmaps to reduce drawing time
- Increase capacity of QuadTree nodes
- Added surgical speed throttling -- if there's too many enemies on screen, x16 and x8 speed modes are disabled until you kill enough off. You'll only ever really encounter this limit on the endless bonus battles, and it should effectively *increases* framerate by not overtaxing the game.
- Replaced "hot" text fields in battle with bitmap text fields, which update faster and cause less lag
- Avoid playing multiple identical sound effects in rapid succession
- Preload enemies to avoid stutter on the first spawn of each wave

Other stuff:
- Fix controls menu bug where you can create invalid control configs in gamepad mode
- Fix black screen on exiting menu in battle if sprite mode has ever changed
- Fix auto-closing gamepad controls change popup
- Fix on-screen button prompts not updating on controls change in save slot screen
- Remove various problematic window resolutions from the video options
- Fix controls menu gamepad navigation
- Fix steam achievements not always reflecting what you have on Steam vs. what you have in game
- Make journal text default to latin font if it tries to do Korean/Japanese but finds an untranslated string
- Fix this crash - start a game in hero mode, try to recruit a character, and cancel out of the warning popup
- Add various crash guards
- Fix cursor crash in movies menu
- Add antialiasing to projectiles
- Lots of locale tweaks to fix bugs
- Show the text "loading" between screen transitions so it's not just black
- Fix German/Spanish text overruns in cutcenes
- Add back/forth cutscene actions for gamepad
- Fix cursor navigation of enemy tooltips on battle preview
- Switch journal to bitmap text so it loads faster
- Fix soft lock in party skill screen
- Fixed full-screen flash effects persisting after a screen transition
- Fix missing skill lock text in party menu
- Fix missing tutorial texts when navigating with the gamepad
- Fix broken symbols text in cutscenes
- Fix crash in party skills menu
- Fix cycle defenders & spell selection bugs
- Fix accessibility menu glitch (save slot specific options accessible outside of a loaded save)
- Enemies now selectable in gamepad mode
- Battle preview now shows a line crossing out already earned rewards
- Fix crash in controls menu
- Fix bug that shows incorrect character portrait when selecting an "ally" (computer-controlled guest character)
- Fix item sorting in party screen
- Make both flashing and screenshake in cutscenes respect the accesibility settings
- Fix wave block tooltip on wave block destruction
- Fix tooltip lingering when enemy is killed
- Fix boost disabled button placement in mcguffin menu in final battle
- Fix buggy gamepad menu interactions with spell menu
- If a name is entered in japanese/korean and the language is later switched to English or another locale, so that a text field with non-asian characters
ever attempts to display asian text, display the asian text using romanization (Hepburn or RROK) rather than display nothing at all (this does not change the underlying data).
- Optimize party screen so it's faster to navigate with the gamepad
- Fix some issues with gamepad navigation on the battle screen
- Switched to bitmap fonts for many screens - should be more responsive, particularly when using gamepad navigation
- Fix artifacts in berserker animation
- Fix enemy death animations
- Make color selections for healer, knight, mage, slightly less terrible
- Add dragon roar sound effect
- Add sound effect to indicate first and last enemy wave
- German, French, and Spanish translations now officialy out of beta, should be 100% complete.
- Fixes to the journal -- shouldn't have ugly overlaps and layout problems in
any of the locales now.
- New sound effects
- Fixed a few weapon icons that had some bleed-over
- Simplified Spell "Need PSI" and "Wait" overlays to be less buggy in other locales
- Fix monastery tutorial (keyboard vs. gamepad mode)
- Fix some of Ketta's battle portraits
- Fix battle dialog window position in some cases
- Remove OUYA/Logitech button icons so I have less things to maintain
- Fix knight's generic HD sprite icon
- Combined splash screen with loading screen
- Add James Gray, Lucas Pope, Syrenne McNulty, and Nilsen Filc to credits
- Remove old website links from credits
- Made gamepad button prompts have a subtle animated effect (for non-steam-controller mode)
- The new little twinkly star on the title screen is not a special secret, it's to
fulfill a boring requirement on consoles that no screen is ever entirely static
Defender's Quest: Valley of the Forgotten (DX edition) - lars.doucet
Hey everyone!

Defender's Quest version 2.1.7 has just been released.

Windows: YES
Linux: NOT YET

This version includes a lot of bugfixes and stability changes, as well as complete translations for Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese. Previously, we had only translated the user interface and gameplay text; now all the story, cutscene, and journal text should be fully translated into both languages.

Since the translations are still new, there is always the possibility that I, the programmer, have introduced a few bugs during the integration, or have failed to provide the translator with enough context for certain scenes. If you are fluent in both Chinese and English and find any errors, please do not hesitate to point them out to me, and I will try to fix them as quickly as I can.

The majority of our other changes concern general stability, fixing random rare crashes, and improving gamepad support. We have also identified a few parts of the code that were rather slow, and optimized them. Hopefully that will mean some improved performance for those who had been experiencing slowdown on big, long, battles.

Changelog for version 2.1.7:
- Full Chinese translation (simplified)
- Full Chinese translation (traditional)
- Fix crash with mod menu
- Fix various bugs with softkeyboard overlay
- Fix erroneous steam cloud message
- Fix crash in movies menu
- Fix glitch with gamepad button glyphs in tutorials
- Render battlefield tilemap faster
- Fix double-press bug w/ gamepads on new game menu
- Fix double-press bug w/ gamepads on tutorials
- Fix crash bug on recruit screen
- Add "remember the last spot on back" in summon menu for class, character, and map placement
- Fix spell scale in YouGot menus
- Crash guard for mouse + fix some bugs
- Less allocations/dynamics in quad trees (read: performance boost)
- Optimize enemy/defender update logic (internal efficiency cleanup + don't send redundant regeneration signals)
- Flag UI elements as non-moving to speed things up a little
- Fix delayed update on mcguffin hit --> healthbar refresh
- Fix tilemap doodad glitches
- Fix send next button for gamepad use
- Fix crash in party screen with gamepads
- Generally improve the user experience for gamepads
- Add "target boss" for gamepad mode
- Faster loading for QuickEquip menu
- Fix visual glitch w/ shaded region in party screen
- Replace blank black load screens with screens bearing the word "Loading..."
- Add analog stick speed and inertia options for gamepad controls in battle
- Fix some bugs related to hand cursor in battles
- Fix unicode error in skills menu preview
- Fix bug with level up gems in party menu if language is Chinese
- Fix scroll button being too low in party equip menu
- Fix controls text overlapping if language is Chinese
- Fix stack overflow with achievements
- Fix button widths on localization menu
- Fix "constantly growing item icon" bug in shop menu
- Fix Chinese bitmap fonts
- Fix recruit button glitch
- Fix battle tab glitch
- Fix recall button in chinese
- Fix cutscene bug with New Game+ and symbols text
- Fix crash on Sidequest 7 in New Game+
- Fix unicode/layout errors in Journal
- Animate journal previous/next page buttons to make them more noticeable
- Fixed bugs with the "strange monument"
- Fix bug with first skill tutorial
- Added a strikethrough line in map previews to indicate achieved rewards
- Fix weird looking hand icon in original art mode
- Fix untranslated strings in skills menu
- Add skip_cutscenes option for speedrunners: no in game GUI for now, must hand-edit options.txt
Defender's Quest: Valley of the Forgotten (DX edition) - lars.doucet
This is technically a hotfix for Patch 13 (2.1.5)

Things fixed:
-Linux game works now!
-Linux steam integration works now!
-Mac works now!
-Mac steam integration works now!
-Weird "#ERROR" errors in various localizations (such as Spanish, Russian, French, etc) fixed!
-Mod editor crash fixed!
-Mod editor will now correctly save item stat bonus values!

Things not fixed:
-Mac mod editor not working just yet. I'll get to it Monday or something.
-Mod editor still sometimes messes up light/heavy armor, leading to crashes in game.

I know there's bugs and stuff I should probably address, sorry, I've just had my head down trying to get this hotfix out and it surprised me in taking all week. I'll address any other maintenance issues on Monday.

Thanks for your patience!

Please file any bugs here:

And I WILL get to them. In time.
Community Announcements - lars.doucet
Hey everyone! A lot of new stuff to announce in today's update.

First of all, we have added Steam Workshop integration for Defender's Quest DX. You'll now be able to create and share your own mods. And to make that easier, we've created an official Mod Editor, which makes it really easy to add new bonus battles and special items.

Even better, the new mod system lets you load several mods at the same time, combining their effects!

Some helpful links:

Finally, we've added Chinese translations. All of the gameplay-related text should now be translated into both traditional and simplified Chinese. This does not yet include the game's story text (found in cutscenes and the journal), but it should at least let Chinese players experience the actual gameplay content. If there is enough interest from the Chinese market, we will definitely consider translating the remaining text in the months to come.

To Defender's Quest fans old and new, thanks for all your support!


Windows: YES
Windows GL: YES
Linux: NOT YET


- Added level editor
- Added multi-mod functionality
- Added "custom item" graphic support
- Added "unload mod" / "reload mod" to title screen in mod mode
- Added Simplified Chinese translation (no story content yet)
- Added Traditional Chinese translation (no story content yet)
- Change healing cross from red to green to comply with Geneva Convention
- Fix mod menu dialogue
- "Fancy cursor" is now "Finger cursor"
- Fix various bugs
- Patch to russian translation
- Fix many controller support bugs
- Fix recruit screen bug
- Fix overworld scrolling bug
- Fixed naming recruits with steam's soft keyboard overlay
- Fixed "configure steam controller" button doing nothing
- Fixed autosave error popup (false negative)
- Fixed shader scale bug
- Added PS4 / XBOXONE / XBOX360 button glyphs for steam
- More Steam Controller support (will now polyfill missing glyphs from newly added controllers)
- Add missing blank controller buttons for ps3/ps4/ouya
- Fix steam controller glyph bugs & weird movement when a spell is selected
- Fix sorceress "fake boost" bug
- Fix bonus battle menu not displaying completion status
- Fix spell updating
- Fix mouse glitch with Steam Controller
- Fix overworld scroll being too low
- Fix save conflict screen not being navigable with Steam Controller API
- Make bonus battles a scrollable list
- New Steam Controller configs for XBox360/XBoxOne/PS4/ValveSteamController
- Other stuff I probably forgot
Community Announcements - lars.doucet
We just published three quick hotfixes in short succession over the last few days, the last one five minutes ago, and wanted to be sure people saw the changes. These mostly have to do with small regressions, null crash errors, and tweaks to steam controller & conventional controller support.

We also now have new builds up for Mac, Windows, and Linux.

Also we're on sale for 67% off during the Holiday sale!

Windows: YES
Windows GL: YES
Mac: YES
Linux: YES

And for those of you who are into the Steam Controller:

- We have official default configs for BOTH the Steam Controller *and* the Dualshock 4. Currently we're not able to properly label these in the "recommended configurations" section, but if you click the wrong one for your device you should get a warning. If everything's weirdly jumbled, use the other config!

- We have exposed more actions than those used in the default configuration, these are meant for advanced users to play with.

- We have provided a bunch of custom icons to use with Steam Controller configurations. We use some of these ourselves in the official configuration's radial menus.


Changelog for 2.1.2c:
- Fixed overworld scrolling bug
- Fixed naming recruits with steam's soft keyboard overlay
- Fixed "configure steam controller" button doing nothing

Changelog for 2.1.2b:
- Fixed leftward drift on steam controller
- Fixed skills/equip button toggle in party menu for gamepad/steam controller
- Fixed wrong recruit screen button
- Fixed "infinite buy" bug on shop screen for gamepad/steam controller
- Fixed inconsistencies with mouse cursor

Changelog for 2.1.2a:
- Added a equip/skills toggle to party screen for gamepad & SC mode
- Added mouse-clickable rename/reset pts btns to party screen for SC mode
- Fixed soft keyboard input for SC (was broken)
- Added gamepad button to recruit/redesign screen for easy renaming
- Added cycle defenders back/forth to Left & Right grip on default SC config
- Fixed crash bug for windowed mode
- Fixed bug where fancy mouse would be forced even if you'd selected default

As usual, let us know if there's any issues so that we can get a patch out before the Steam servers go down again :P
Community Announcements - lars.doucet
- Windows: YES
- Windows GL: YES
- Mac: YES
- Linux: YES

Today's patch fixes a lot of issues with Steam Controller support and also officially turns on cloud saves. I've tested the cloud saves, and they seem to work well without issue, but they are not turned on by default for safety's sake. Instead, the game will ask if you want to turn them on or not. In the event of a steam cloud conflict, the game will bring up a screen to resolve it, and you will have the option of backing up whichever file you do not choose.

We also fixed a lot of little bugs. There's always the possibility that we introduced new ones, so please let us know if you have any issues so that we can swiftly respond with a hotfix either today or tomorrow.

Thanks for your patience and support!

Changelog for 2.1.2b:
- Fixed leftward drift on steam controller
- Fixed skills/equip button toggle in party menu for gamepad/steam controller
- Fixed wrong recruit screen button
- Fixed "infinite buy" bug on shop screen for gamepad/steam controller
- Fixed inconsistencies with mouse cursor

Changelog for 2.1.2a:
- Added a equip/skills toggle to party screen for gamepad & SC mode
- Added mouse-clickable rename/reset pts btns to party screen for SC mode
- Fixed soft keyboard input for SC (was broken)
- Added gamepad button to recruit/redesign screen for easy renaming
- Added cycle defenders back/forth to Left & Right grip on default SC config
- Fixed crash bug for windowed mode
- Fixed bug where fancy mouse would be forced even if you'd selected default

Changelog for 2.1.2:
- Adds proper steam cloud support
- Fixed lots of bugs with controller support
- Fixed lots of bugs with steam controller support
- Updated Russian localization (still some bugs left that are my fault, not the translators')
- Fixed various crashes
- Replaced triangular "fancy" cursor with hand-shaped "fancy" cursor
- Fixed a bug in the final battle where enemies who reached an unoccupied alternate end point would damage the main character immediately instead of turning around
- Fixed incorrect shade background in bonus menu
- Enabled proper mouse movement/clicking with steam controller
- Avoid insta-clicking bug in party menu with controller
- Fixed broken tutorial in party menu with controller
- Fixed invisible characters in party summon menu bug
- Fixed "phantom fireball" bug on crystal explosion
- Fixed bug where "use same party formation as last time" would allow you to summon characters on top of crystals

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