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Another day, another patch!


- Polished up Italian Translation
- Added complete French Translation (marked as BETA for now)
- Fixed various glitches in UI related to translations


This is for Mac and Windows only. We have supported Linux for a long time, but sadly the only distribution DQ doesn't run well on is SteamOS, so even though the game will run on Ubuntu, etc, Steam has removed our "Supports Linux" store status as part of a new policy.

Therefore, we've decided to halt maintenance patches for the Linux version of Defender's Quest for now, and put those efforts towards DQHD instead. DQHD will have FULL Linux support -- native, c++ based, and without relying on adobe-AIR or clumsy installers. It will support SteamOS, big picture, and steam controller integration.

When the full version of DQHD releases, we will do one final round of maintenance patches for all platforms (including Linux), but then we'll be done with the old version of the game forever. And yes, you'll be able to switch between the legacy version of DQ (what you're playing now), and DQHD, on any store you own the game on, including Steam.


Also, in case you missed it, the upcoming free HD upgrade of Defender's Quest has a public demo you can play RIGHT NOW:
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Hey everybody!

So, I know you've been waiting patiently for Defender's Quest HD. Although we're not releasing the full version today, we are releasing a demo version available for you to try, right now! It encompasses the same amount of content as the original demo.

It's not perfect, and it probably has some bugs, but we figure it's better to get it out there in front of a small audience now, collect feedback, and fix as many things as we can rather than continue to noodle on it in private and suffer from tunnel vision.

You can find builds for Windows, Mac, and Linux here:

Defender's Quest HD Demo: Initial Public Test

Do note that the graphics are not in a 100% final state, and that controller support still needs a decent amount of work. Eventually we plan on integrating the Steam controller, too. But this should give you a pretty good feel for what the new engine is capable of.

Keep in mind that this is also literally the Defender's Quest II engine, it's just running the game content from Defender's Quest I. So this also represents a huge milestone towards the completion of Defender's Quest II, as well.

Please let us know if you have any trouble with the builds, there's instructions in the linked blog post for posting feedback and bug reports.


In semi related news, I wrote this other blog post the other day some of you might find interesting, it includes details about the HD remake process for DQHD:
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We've got a treat for you all today, a new Defender's Quest II story post courtesy of our writer James Cavin, a preview of the latest art, and -- the first of several tracks composed by legendary Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu!

Yes you read that right, several. Our initial deal with Nobuo Uematsu was for just one track, so we were surprised when instead we got nine. Some of these were short little diddies (think of a "Victory fanfare" or "going to sleep at the Inn" tune), but a few were full-length songs. So today you'll get to listen to one of the latter :)

Some quick housekeeping updates:

  • We just released Spanish and Italian translations of the original Defender's Quest.
  • The HD remake of Defender's Quest (see here and here) is nearing completion.
  • The HD remake will be a free update for existing DQI owners
    • It will use existing Steam/GOG/Humble store "slots"
    • Save files will be tested for seamless compatibility
    • You will still have access to the old "legacy" Defender's Quest build if you want
    • DQHD is a native C++ app, so no Flash or AIR in any shape or form on any platform
    • Yes, this means our Linux builds will finally not be a huge pain to install.

Since DQHD is powered by the DQII engine, DQHD's release will mark the end of foundational DQII engine work. After that "all" that's left for us to do will be to finish DQII content. Here's a rough schedule:

  • Next month or two: public demo of DQHD
  • End of 2015 (tentative but looking good): DQHD release on PC (Mac/Windows/Linux)
  • Q1 2016: DQHD release on certain home game consoles (unless there's certification delays)
  • When it's done: DQII

As for the rest of it, you can check out the full information at our blog:

Defender's Quest II: Uemastu Music, Battle Art, Story
Oct 9, 2015
Community Announcements - lars.doucet
Today's 1.1.50 patch includes a full Italian volunteer translation. (Windows/Mac for now, Linux version coming soon).

More updates on the way soon! Stay tuned!
Community Announcements - lars.doucet
Today's 1.1.49 patch includes a full professional Spanish translation.

(Currently we only have version 1.1.49 available for Mac and Windows. The Linux version will follow in a few days.)

It also fixes a long-standing bug where players who had gained a "hero mode" achievement would appear to lose it if they later recruited a generic character. This was only ever a visual bug in the in-game achievement menu (your steam achievements should have been unaffected), but this patch should fix that problem, or at the very least prevent it from happening in the future. Let us know if the issue persists.

We have some more exciting announcements on the way, look for new updates in the immediate future :)


El parche 1.1.49 de hoy incluye una traducción profesional completa al español.

(La versión 1.1.49 actual solo está disponible para Mac y Windows. La versión para Linux estará lista en unos días.)

También se ha solucionado un error que hacía que los jugadores que habían conseguido el logro «Modo héroe» lo perdieran aparentemente si reclutaban un personaje genérico después. Simplemente se trataba de un error visual en el menú de logros del juego (tus logros de Steam no deberían verse afectados). Este parche soluciona el problema o como mínimo evita que se produzca de nuevo. Podéis poneros en contacto con nosotros si el problema persiste.

Tenemos otras interesantes sorpresas preparadas, así que estad atentos a las próximas actualizaciones porque llegarán muy pronto :)
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We're hard at work on the Defender's Quest II engine, which will also power our upcoming HD remake of the original Defender's Quest. We've learned a lot of cool tricks in the process, which you can read about right here in this new in-depth technical analysis:

Doing an HD Remake the Right Way

The inspiration for the article is the recently released Final Fantasy V HD remake that, in our humble opinion, misses the mark in a lot of key ways. Our article provides a detailed list of best practices based on our own experiences that can hopefully save other developers from "pulling a Squenix":
Community Announcements - lars.doucet
Defender's Quest 2 - Weaselmancer and cast preview

Last week we posted about DQ1HD and DQ2's milestone plan. Today let's supplement that with a sneak peek at some characters for Defender's Quest 2.

A while back we posted a little bit about Javir, Terevan and "New Guy" but let's add a few other characters to the mix. Today we're officially revealing the Weaselmancer and a preview of the rest of the cast.


I wouldn't consider the material in this post any more spoiler-ific than what you'd find in an old-school instruction manual, but if you want to know absolutely nothing about Defender's Quest 2 before release, feel free to skip this post.

Anyways, here's the Weaselmancer:

Cleverness Firstwatch, Weaselmancer

Explore Everywhere. Fight everything that moves. Steal everything that doesn't.

Age: 21
Height: 6'6" (198 cm)
Home: A weasel-filled cave

You know, a lot of people would consider being trapped in a cave-in with nothing but ferrets for company for a year and a half to be a negative experience, but Cleverness is a positive kind of person. How many people get the opportunity to experience all the health benefits of the cave lichen and dead bat diet? Or learn to talk with weasels? Or train weasels into a vicious, organized army capable of conquering a vast subterranean empire? Or feel the feeble social constructs of your upbringing slip away as you begin to adopt the values and practices of the culture around you? Or sit on a throne made of the pelts of conquered creatures as Ferret Warlord Goddess, master of all you can see (which is like, 35 feet, since you're in a cave, but still) as your weasel captains lavish you with the shiniest objects and tastiest morsels – you, their Queen and God?! Who would ever return from THIS?

What's that? A rescue party?

…Well I'm sure the whole reintegration-into-society thing will go off without a hitch.

In battle she uses her army of ferrets to help friends and harass foes. Outside of battle, she uses them to harass everyone.

Next, here's a sneak preview of all 14 Defender's Quest 2 hero characters (well, maybe 13, as Javir and Bitey the turtle-tank kind of count as one character in battle). Remember, in DQ2 there will be no "generic" soliders like in DQ1, but there will be trained monsters that certain characters can summon that will sort of take their place.

Please note that this art is very much work in progress and quite likely to change before final release. Colors and details especially.

One thing we've tried to do is create several distinct cultures, something we'll talk about at length in future posts. The first four characters are "domed city dwellers", the next four are "miners", followed by three "sky islanders", and the last two are "rogue scavengers."

The character classes from left to right are: Capsule beast and Pilot (the "mcguffin" that replaces Azra), Fighter, Duelist, Beast Master, Weaselmancer, Guard Herald, Demolisher, Champion, Sky Whaler, Archer, Healer, Gunner, and Hermit. Big thanks to artists Blake Reynolds, Vladimir Gerasimov, and Kiryl Kahan for the awesome animations.

Here's Javir, Terevan, and "new guy" from the previous post, in animated form:

And here's a few gifs of some of the other characters we'll talk about in upcoming posts:

As always, you can pre-order Defender's Quest 2 here. Every pre-order comes with a FREE copy of Defender's Quest 1, which is available right now, and will be receiving a free HD upgrade in the coming months (as soon as the DQ2 engine is done).
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문제를 해결했습니다! H2 인터렉티브 사의 도움으로 심의를 받았습니다. 이제 다시 Team.SM이 번역한 한국어로 여러분들이 플레이 가능합니다. 또한 Windows/Mac/Linux에서 플레이 가능합니다.

만약 한국인이시라면, 게임 내에서 한국어가 제대로 표시되는지 확인해주시면 감사하겠습니다. 이번 업데이트로 Team.SM으로부터 받은 새로 검수/교정된 파일을 적용하였습니다. 문제가 발생할 수 있으나, 빠르게 수정하겠습니다.

다시 한 번 여러분께 감사드립니다.

관련 정보


Hey everyone --

RE: This:

We've resolved the situation! H2 Interactive will be handling the Korean rating stuff for us, so we're able to restore Team.SM's Korean translation again. It's live for Windows/Mac/Linux.

If you speak Korean, please give it a test to see if it works properly. We've also included the latest patches/corrections from Team.SM to update the translation. There weren't any immediate problems in the beta branch but I can revert it temporarily if anyone has an issue.

Thanks for bearing with us.

(If you speak Korean and would like to provide a translation of this message, please do so in the comments and I will edit the OP).
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Two things:
  1. News, Art, Characters, and Music from DQ2!
  2. Announcing Defender's Quest 1 HD special edition upgrade
Details, pictures, audio clips, and more:
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Hey everybody! I've got good news and bad news.

Bad news first:

Apparently some new law has been passed in South Korea that requires all games sold on Steam that support the Korean language to be officially rated by the Korean game rating's agency, or GRAC. When I got notice of this, I immediately got in touch with our Korean fan translators, Team.SM, to see what the process would be.

Team.SM seems to be unhappy with the new law, and in an apparent protest have (politely) asked us to remove their fan translation from Steam. We will respect their wishes and do so -- the files will be removed shortly in a new update.

To be clear - Level Up Labs has no official position on South Korean politics, South Korean game rating policies, or the law in question. We're just respecting the wishes of our fan translators.

I do hope that in the future we can restore the translation, and if the situation is resolved somehow, we will immediately restore the translation files.

EDIT: If you were using the korean translation and now the game is crashing, the fix is here:

The Good News

So, we have always shipped the game's original soundtrack with the game files, but it was hidden away in your game files as a nondescript .zip file. With the recent addition of Steam's music player, we have pushed an update that will make Steam auto-detect the soundtrack in the music player! Check the "Music" section of your library.

Also, we have a major announcement coming soon RE: Defender's Quest 2. Stay tuned!

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