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This is technically a quick hotfix/compatibility patch addendum to Patch #9 - 2.1.0c , but it also finally resolves a few key issues.

Current status:
Windows ANGLE: Yes
Windows GL: Yes
Mac: Yes
Linux: Yes


- Fixed issues with Steam Controller support
- Auto-detect input device on start, fix issues with options menu navigation
- If launched in big picture mode, default to fullscreen
- Added official Steam Controller configuration
- Fixed annoying crashdumper popups on startup

This should therefore be the first version of the game that fully and properly supports Big picture mode as well as Steam controllers and conventional controllers.

Linux note:
We are officially dropping 32-bit Linux support. Based on our game's stats from the Steam Hardware survey, not a single surveyed user was using a 32-bit build of Linux. Now, the survey sample was about 7% of our players so it's possible that there are some 32-bit Linux players out there, but given the very very low rate of usage and the significant time & work burden involved in maintaining 32-bit builds, we've decided to focus our efforts elsewhere.

We have, however, created a new public beta branch called "linux32" that you can opt into to access an archived build of version 2.0.8x, the last version to support 32-bit Linux.

Also I just posted this on the blog, for those of you who are interested -- has some details about DQII and various other things:
Community Announcements - lars.doucet
Hey everyone!

New patch just in time for Thanksgiving!

Current status:
Windows ANGLE: Yes
Windows GL: Yes
Mac: On test_public beta branch
Linux: On test_public beta branch

Update Dec. 5 2016
Version 2.1.1 is now up on test_public, which includes Macintosh and Linux builds (64-bit only from now on, you can keep using archived Linux 32 bit builds by opting into the "linux32" beta branch).

Here's a brief changelog:

- Conventional controller support
- Steam controller support
- Fixed performance bottlenecks
- Fixed some various crashes
- Added soft keyboard overlay for gamepad text input
- Includes initial stab at Japanese / Korean input if you are using those locales. Could be totally wrong! Please provide feedback if you're Japanese or Korean.
- Fixed incorrect wave count bug in endless battles
- Fixed bug in overworld where you could click on off-screen battles
- Fixed unselect defender on select bug
- Fixed journal crash when resolution is small
- Fix glitch with some HP bars
- Fixed tileset glitch at desktop resolution
- Fixed missing lines in cutscenes

A note on performance:
There's been some issues with slowdown in endless battles before, and I *think* I've finally tracked down the issue with this latest performance patch. I used a profiler and found some pretty big slowdown issues and solved them. As with all patches, I could have introduced a regression that slows things down on configurations other than my own machine, so do let me know if you think the performance is better or worse and I'll take another look -- and please confirm that you're actually running version 2.1.0c (title screen, lower right hand corner has the version number). Also note that I can't guarantee solid performance on x16 speed when you've got levels slammed with enemies -- my goal is just to get to reliably solid performance at x2 or x4.

A note on localizations:
This patch adds some new interface text to the game and I haven't had time to get the new text localized. So if you're playing in another language and see english text in various places, that's why.

Bug reporting
Please report all bugs you find over here:

Community Announcements - lars.doucet
Lot of updates in this one, including a fix for a notorious bug -- the "final battle white overlay"

- Windows: YES
- Linux: YES
- Mac: YES

- Fixed skill upgrade green numbers & missing stats
- Fix infinite white screen bug in ET battle
- Fix typos in tips & the journal
- Fix sneaky video button in battle via accessibility
- Fix too long names in redesign menu
- Fix missing dialogue images in ET battle
- Fix offset icons w/ bad tooltips in enemy status effect preview
- Fix bleed effect visual
- Fix post-ET puppet show
- Make ET's dark heal spell look different
- Fix "book of blood" + "zap" spell insta-murder bug
- Fix untranslatable reward text in map preview
- Fix untranslated tutorial/dialogue
- Fix crash
- Hide level of certain bosses
- Fix "upgrade all weapon" achievement
- Fix stat boost special for certain items
- Show numerical value of enemy "barrier" stat (ET)
- Localization:
- Add goodies/mod files
- Fix german journal
- Fix many (but not all) text overflows
- Fix some english typos
- Update spanish text
- Lots of other things
- Fix untranslatable text files
- Fix untranslated text in many screens
- Fix problem with spell icon text in non-english locales
Steam Cloud, Steam Workshop, and Steam Controller support are coming soon. I'm also due for another performance pass for those of you running into issues with the endless levels.

And finally, I've been updating the mod documentation for the DX version, a work in progress can be found here:

And I'm proud to announce that a community member has started work on a DQDX mod editor! It's still quite early but I will give it as much support as I can:
Community Announcements - lars.doucet
This is a big bugfix patch. The first few patches were so focused on performance that I built up a bit of a backlog and I'm trying to work through that so I can clear some time out for new features like Steam Cloud, Steam Workshop, Mod documentation, Controller support, etc.

As always, if you have a bug, please report it at:

Changelog for version 2.0.7a:

- Show high scores in bonus level previews
- Fix scaling for original art mode in shops & you got screens
- Fix book status effects, should not apply to bosses
- Fix phantom cutscenes on beating "The Way Out" & restarting
- Crash guard in party screen on skill assignment
- Fix status effect icons in battle defender menu
- Fix Achievement Popup timing bug
- Fix Achievement location in battle
- Fix Achievement pop-under bug
- Fix range preview boost artifact on deselect
- Fix furious end book
- Fix mute button inconsistency
- Fix "double evni" upgrade/equip bug
- Fix item tooltips for defenders in battle
- Fix status effect offset in defender menu
- Fix mcguffin health bar on failure not @ 0
- Right click now unselects spell, defender, enemy, etc.
- Fix rare crash with swimming enemies
- Fix retro art equipment icon artifact in party/reward menu when nothing is selected
Community Announcements - lars.doucet
Well, this was a lovely surprise! Youtube Rock Start TotalBiscuit AKA The Cynical Brit has just featured us on his new show, "After Hour," and it looks like he really enjoyed it!

As I expect this will bring an influx of new players, rest assured we are committed to maintenance and community support; we're confident now that the game is in a much better place than when it launched but please do continue to report anything you find -- we're listening! We'll probably do another patch on Monday that incorporates everyone's latest feedback.
Community Announcements - lars.doucet
This patch is all about bugfixes as we've started to turn the corner on performance gains and stability. That's not to say I won't have another performance patch (still more things I could improve), just that I want to catch up on the regular stuff. This fixes several major and minor bugs that have been widely reported.

Windows: YES (ANGLE + GL)
Mac: Not Yet
Linux: Not Yet


- Fixed a crash associated with battle numbers

- Fixed a weird bug where pressing spacebar in the options menu crashes the game

- Fix NG+ achievement mixup with endless modes
- Fix ice mage parallel ice shard bug
- Increase ice mage orthogonalization
- Fix "idle healer" bug
- Fix E.T. health bar display bug
- Fix vs_type bug in Archshepard Stave & The Beast's Weapon
- Fix bonus progress display
- Fix "strange symbol" display in foreign locales
- Fix save slot time display
- Make "flashing effects" on by default
- Fix "Error Sheep" appearing in NG+ boss battle
- Minor cutscene fix

IF YOU FIND ANY BUGS AT ALL PLEASE REPORT THEM! Some of you might have noticed that TotalBiscuit recently did a Live stream of the game, and if there's any new problems introduced with 2.0.6 I will swiftly revert to 2.0.5c given the sudden increase in visibility we're under.
Community Announcements - lars.doucet
Another day, another patch, in our quest to continually improve DQDX until it's shining like a star.

Windows: YES
Mac: YES
Linux: YES


- Fixed a crash bug on beating bonus levels

- Crashdumper will provide a helpful notice on crashing
- Fixed crash bug with mods
- Turning off crash reports will also disable crash-dumper (possibly improves performance if you disable crashdumper, not sure. Certainly doesn't hurt performance to disable crashdumps).

- Optimize pathfinding
- Kill memory leak
- Make sure projectiles are properly destructed & recycled
- Make sure shadows are properly destructed & recycled
- Make sure HP bars are properly destructed & recycled
- Make sure effects are properly destructed & recycled
- Make sure enemy wave blocks are properly destructed & recycled

- Added safer file saving (gracefully prevent crashes if file permissions forbid saving)
- Added warning if game cannot autosave
- Fix crash in mod interface
- Fixed the crashdumper so crash log files will now be produced in your game's save directory! (Screenshots on crash is currently broken, but everything else is logged)
- Fix some random crashes
- Make sure battle layouts are preserved in imported saves
- Removed redundant achievements.xml file write when boosting to level 5 (caused slight lag)

There are more patches to come. We will continue to fix any performance issues, bugs, or crashes you report, as well as bring a few new feature online such as Steam Cloud, Workshop, and Controller support.
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We now have version 2.0.4c released. This fixes several bugs and plugs some major memory leaks and should drastically improve performance.

Windows: YES
Windows XP: YES
Linux: YES
Mac: YES

- Fixed major memory leaks in battle
- Fix jumbled spells in "sorceress" sidequests
- Fixed false New Game+ message when getting the alternate ending
- Added renderer information to title screen (left side)
- Fixed crash on late-game NG+ boss battle in the Spanish localization

There is still a lot of work for me to do. There's a lot of little bugs I want to squash, and there's still performance gains to be made, but it should now be possible for most of you to push the endless battles much further than you could before. I will note that you should be able to get slightly better performance if you go into the options menu and turn off battle numbers and AOE highlights, and obviously running the game in a lower resolution helps too.

We also just added Windows XP support, but it's still compiling on the server, I'll update this post when it's ready. You can try it on test_public in the meantime:

Community Announcements - lars.doucet
UPDATE 06/23/2016 12:21 PM:
I've just pushed 2.0.4 to the test_public beta branch, which fixes the memory leak many of you reported. Please test it! Details here:

2.0.3a is up now on the default branch. I've optimized even more things.

- Windows: YES
- Mac: YES Deploying now, check back later
- Linux: YES Deploying now, check back later

- Optimized tooltips (shouldn't cause a pause when drawing anymore)
- Optimized healer (square) range previews with the same trick
- Optimized circular range previews
- Optimized menu health bars on the side panels
- Optimized status effects & AOE attack effect sprites
- Optimized collision logic

In case you were wondering -- the range previews are most likely the cause of the stuttering during boosting & selecting defenders. Menu health bars were a hidden drag on performance as they get updated a lot, especially at 16x speed, and of course status effects & AOE sprites are everywhere. And collision is at the very core of the engine. I'm interested in seeing how the optimized version performs.

Please let me know if this improves performance for you.

Also, whenever posting an issue or bug report:
PLEASE include the exact version number you see on the title screen in the lower right hand corner.

Sometimes the steam client doesn't download an update, or I just haven't rolled the update out for your operating system yet, and it's very important to know whether the version you're having issues with is the same one I've just "fixed" or not.

This build seems stable so I will now roll it out to Mac & Linux as well (and our other stores, I haven't forgotten you, GOG customers!)

There's more work for me to do in optimization and in general bug fixes, I'm just going down the triage list from most to least severe. Thanks to everyone who's been reporting issues.
Community Announcements - lars.doucet

Windows: YES
Mac: Not yet
Linux: Not yet

- Fix wrong 100% progress indicator on locked achievements
- Fix the false achievements for equipment related stuff
- Added ability to undo achievements one by one (hover on the achievement icon in the achievement menu, then click the X) in case you want to reset one b/c of the previous bug
- Fixed some issues with paths & saving related to achievements

- Made battles a lot faster and use less memory (as far as I can tell)

For more details see this thread:

Update 06/21/2016 10:02 PM
I just pushed 2.0.3a to test_public beta branch for Windows

This adds even more performance improvements. Please test & let me know if it makes things better.

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