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AirMech Steam Starter Pack

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Product Release - Valve
The Starter Pack for AirMech is now available on Steam!

This Starter Pack grants you instant access into the AirMech Closed Beta and gives you everything you need to get going and look good doing it! Items include:
  • 7500 Diamonds: Ingame Premium Currency at a big discount
  • 30 Days Gold VIP: Ingame rewards increased +30% Kudos, +15% XP (stacks with Boosts), +100% Solo/Coop reward time
  • 10 Day Kudos Boost: +80% for the Player, +20% for others (including enemy) ingame (stackable)
  • 10 Day XP Boost: +80% for the Player, +20% for others (including enemy) ingame (stackable)
  • Lifetime Silver VIP: Complete VIP Quests, +10% Kudos in all games, forever (activates when Gold VIP expires)


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