Community Announcements - AppleJack
Starting October 30th, through November 3rd
We'll be giving a special Trick or Treat bonuses, without the Tricks!

Enjoy a +50% Experience, 2x Drops, AND Unlimited Game Arena Energy!

Also, don't miss out on our Halloween Event, which ends November 1st.
Dress up in some of our amazing costumes, from the fantasy storybook costumes, cute animals, to the classic Halloween monsters and go trick-or-treating with your friends!

This will be your last chance to get these costumes until next Halloween!
Community Announcements - ShazamO

What is going on WarpPortal Players! It’s that time again to heal kids by playing games. How, you may ask? With the wonderful Charity: Extra Life! Extra Life is a 24 hour gaming marathon which donates the raised money to a local Children’s Hospital! In the case of WarpPortal, we will be donating the money earned to CHOC Children’s Hospital. Here is your chance to help children in need and get REWARDED for it!

You can join the WarpPortal team as well for this fun event! The money you earn goes towards the overall pool for WarpPortal! You can use the images below to either Join our team or Donate! Searching for “WarpPortal” should get you right to us!

Donate to Our WarpPortal Team!

What are we doing?
  • 24 hours of video gaming for our local children’s hospital: CHOC-Children’s Hospital of Orange County.
  • We’ll be streaming the whole thing here : so join us and watch on October 25th, 2014 @ 8AM PDT!
  • When we Stream WarpPortal games, we will be giving out in-game prizes and codes! Be sure to tune in if you that game or want too!
  • For most multiplayer games, you guys can join us for the fun! You can either be Logged in the game and contact us via the Twitch.TV Chat or send a Private Message to ShazamO on our Forums. Just let him know what game you wish to join in on!

The game list we currently have is…

Times and Games Subject to Change

Donation Rewards*!

WarpPortal has been kind enough once again to allow any donations, fundraising, or joining the WarpPortal team turn into prizes! How awesome is that! Donate to kids in need and receive some amazing one time bonuses!

When donating, please make sure to include the following in the comment section to receive your reward**:
  • Game title
  • Character Name
  • Server
  • ROSE Online
  • AlltheMoney
  • Leonis

If you happen to donate $100+ or more and play ROSE Online, you will receive…
  • 30 Days of Premium + 20x Sigil of Wealth + 20x Sigil of Brilliance + Extra Life Shirt(Brand New Item) + Arcane Rift Keeper (Permanent)
Thank you all for reading, and for helping us to help others!

*All rewards will be distributed out soon after the October 25th, 2014. An official date will come soon.
**Donation Rewards are limited to 1 per donation per WarpPortal Account.
Community Announcements - ShazamO
October is known for dressing up and having tons of fun, Roserians! We have some brand new Lucky Spin Costumes themed after the many cute monsters we have in ROSE Online!

You can only grab these new costumes through October's Lucky Spin which will be available October 1st, 2014!

Community Announcements - ShazamO

'Tis that the hour again Roserians! th' Winds be fair 'n th' seven seas be blue. That means 'tis the hour to have an adventure on th' seven seas! cap'n PegLeg be back in Junon Polis 'n lookin' fer some treasure. Ye gunna need to shout like a scurvy pirate to get some 'o his sweet treasures. Ye gunna spy wit' ye eye some barnacle-covered favorites 'n some new ones as well! He gunna take Gold doubloons as doubloons. Not only can ye speak like a scurvy pirate but now ye can look like one too!

Th' Golden Thief bug be at it again Roserians in Orlo! They be runnin' around causin' all kinds 'o trouble. Rumors shout that they have be stealin' all th' gold doubloons! Make sure to head over to Orlo to smash them annoyin' bugs 'n get th' gold back! They also called ye jerks. How mean!

Th' shout Like a scurvy pirate Event gunna start on SeptembARrrrr 15th, 2014 'n end on SeptembARrrrr 30th, 2014. Be sure to be a part 'o it!
Community Announcements - ShazamO

Summer is close to ending so let's end it with a Tournament of sorts! Lots of people talk about being the best of the best but let's prove it. With preset characters and equipment... it will take your knowledge and quick fingers for you to be number 1! The fights will be 1 vs 1 with the same classes fighting one other(EX :: Scout vs Scout, Knight vs Knight, etc.)

To note, this is a game! Take it lightly and have some fun with your fellow players.

~ Basic Rules ~
  • You can only register one entry per account. (No more than 2 per person)
  • Characters/Items/Equipment will all be preset. No extra items/equipment will need to be given.
  • Players have a 10 minute limit to make it online and interact with the proper GM/CM.
  • Each round will last 5 minutes.
  • If a Stalemate were to occur, the GM's could determine the winner of the round.
  • If it is clear that one team is not fighting or is hiding/fleeing to avoid an inevitable loss, the GMs will step in and declare the match over.
  • Each match will be the best 2 out of 3
  • Once teleported to the battleground, you will remain standing still until the GM says otherwise.
  • Have Fun!
In the end, the Referee has the final decision on who wins.

~ How do I register? ~
By sending ShazamO a Private Message on the forums with the information below.
  • Forum Name
  • Desired Class
  • Winning Quote! (EX :: I'm the Best!)
  • Which do you prefer? Single day Tournament or Multiple days?

~ What can I win? ~
The Number One Player for each class will win..
  • Set of Kart parts(Frame, Wheels, and Engine)
  • 1200 Item Mall Worth of Prizes
  • Visit to the GM Map
The Number Two Player for each class will win..
  • 800 Item Mall Worth of Prizes
  • Visit to the GM Map
The Number Three Player for each class will win..
  • 400 Item Mall Worth of Prizes
  • Visit to the GM Map
To state again ::
  • The characters you will be fighting on will most likely be preset characters with preset gear/items/level.
  • Fights will be 1 vs 1
  • Fights will be with the same class(EX :: Scout vs Scout, Knight vs Knight, etc.)

    If we do have a single day tournament, it will probably take around 4-5 hours. Please take it into consideration.

    ~ When will I Fight! ~
    • Beginning/Mid of October! A more firm date will be announced soon.

    Registration for this event will end on September 30th, 2014! You can only register 2 "characters" so really think about what class you excel at!

    Let's fight and have fun Roserians!
Community Announcements - ShazamO
Help a Noob out! Leveling event!

We want to encourage community fun and cooperation again! We look to you, the veterans of ROSE to help with your peers, and recruit new blood to join or reach the higher ranks of game play.

We are giving you, the veterans of ROSE Online, with your level 230 characters, the power to boost others in their leveling experience with a special skill. The skill will appear within your Item Mall skill section and you can freely cast it on any friendly player.

What they will get, is a 10 minute boost to their experience under the following:
  • Level Range: 1-50 will receive a 200% Exp Bonus for 10 minutes duration.
  • Level Range: 51-100 will receive a 150% Exp Bonus for 10 minutes duration.
  • Level Range: 101-150 will receive a 100% Exp Bonus for 10 minutes duration.
  • Level Range: 151-200 will receive a 75% Exp Bonus for 10 minutes duration.
  • Level Range: 201+ will receive a 50% Exp Bonus for 10 minutes duration.

The "Help a Noob!" skill will be learned every time you change zones or log in and exist for 24 hours from being learned, whether you are online or not. So once the event ends, you will have 24 hours from the last time being learned to make use of it!

Short version is, if you are level 230, you will receive this skill to help others level or even level alternate characters on other accounts! The point of this event is to give you one of the greatest opportunities to you and your friends to level, level, level, and help reach that high level goal!

This event will run until September 2nd, 2014 to make sure to put some time ahead to help your friends.

Over the horizon... it looks like... another GIANT Monster is coming to attack... this Saturday(8/30)! We are sure that this monster will try to attack the poor citizens of Adventurer's Plains! Someone needs to save the visitors! More details to come...
Community Announcements - ShazamO
We had some Brand New Costumes made that are not associated with the Lucky Spin but available right out of the Item Mall!

Each costume will give you(if you have the full set on)...
  • +0.5% Epic Drop Rate
  • +0.2% Legendary Drop Rate
These Brand New Costumes boxes will remain in the Item Mall under future notice~

Cat Costume!

Cow Costume!

Dog Costume!
Community Announcements - ShazamO

Magic Is Everywhere on ROSE Online!

Magic is in the air, in the water, you can feel it everywhere! Can’t you feel it? The monsters of ROSE Online have been holding secret boxes filled with magic and friendship. They have been tasked to move the boxes from one stash to another and now is your time to strike against them! Bring any monster down from Junon to Orlo and you might have a chance to snatch yourself the mysterious box.

Inside the boxes are detailed to be rare items that used to be worn by ancient warriors (that were very friendly). There were 6 unique warriors that all had a different style to them. Every box will enable you a slim chance to get those great items! If you have a gold key (which you can purchase at the IM), you’ll have a 100% chance to nab that costume item (head or tail). With the silver key, you'll have a chance to grab one of the costume pieces.

If you don’t like what you got, feel free to take your costume piece to [Event Info] Judy in Zant. She’s been hoarding all the pieces she can get her hands on, and she will even exchange your unwanted item for a coupon. If you bring her 2 coupons, she will give you a costume piece from her personal collection. If you bring her 5 coupons, you can even choose between a headpiece or back item!

Magic is everywhere this Summer and so let's end it grabbing yourself some unique items! This adventurer starts on August 14th and ends September 1st, 2014! Don’t miss out on all the magic!
Community Announcements - ShazamO
It seems that a trickster within the universe of ROSE Online(Crune probably) has created a potion of sorts to ENLARGE items! It seems that he isn't done creating though... Because this time he merged the Cataclysm Mini-Astarot Wings with the Big Astarot Wings!

Either way, through his mistakes; The Big Astarot Wings have been created! Thankfully, not all the wings were affected but be sure to grab the one that caters to your fashion. We can only have them for a week.

You will be able to grab one of these beauties in the BIG Astarot Wings of Sentiment Box! All the available wings in the box are listed below.

Check out the Big Astarot Wings! Never available before~

Big Astarot Wings of Despair

Big Astarot Wings of Gloom

Big Astarot Wings of Frost

Big Astarot Wings of Corruption

Big Astarot Wings of Storms

Big Astarot Wings of Rage

Big Astarot Wings of Blight
Community Announcements - ShazamO

Please to Enjoy Unlimited Game Arena Energy all Weekend + Long! We love you guys and gals.

As most of you are aware of, we did have a Unlimited Game Arena Energy Weekend Last week but with the Server stability issues... it was cost short. We will be compensating you lovely players by starting it immediately after today's Server Maintenance. This will last until Monday at 5:00 PM PST(barring that everything runs smoothly. Will even more events occur over the weekend? Most Likely so keep your eyes peeled.

So once again, Unlimited Game Arena Energy will start after the Server Maintenance today(7/31) and end on Monday at 5:00 PM PST!

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