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Community Announcements - ShazamO
Tax Season is closing soon and we wanted to let everyone enjoy in the sweet Benefits!

Starting April 16th, 2014, you can have up to a 20% Bonus when purchasing Item Mall Points! This amazing Bonus will be ending on May 1st, 2014! so don't delay!

  • 550 Item Mall Points (10% bonus) $5
  • 1100 Item Mall Points (10% bonus) $10
  • 1650 Item Mall Points (10% bonus) $15
  • 2200 Item Mall Points (10% bonus) $20
  • 3450 Item Mall Points (15% bonus) $30
  • 4600 Item Mall Points(15% bonus) $40
  • 6000 Item Mall Points(20% bonus) $50

This is quite possibly the HIGHEST Item Mall Point Conversation we have ever done! Don't miss out Roserians!
Community Announcements - ShazamO
Howdy Roserians!

We want your Feedback/Suggestions/Comments regarding how you feel about the game.

  • What aspects of the game are you guys/gals enjoying?
  • What aspects of the game are you guys/gal disliking?
  • What kind of sales would you guys/gal like to see?
  • What would you guys/gals like to see in general for the game?

We want any kind of feedback whether it is positive or negative. Please post them in the comment section below. We would greatly appreciate it.
Community Announcements - ShazamO

Find the Easter Eggs and Save them!

It's that time of the year Roserians... The Easter Bunny with all it's love and compassion has hidden it's colorful Easter Eggs all around the world of ROSE Online! Interestingly, the monsters of ROSE Online has found them and is keeping the Easter Eggs for themselves.

Seems that a group of Porkies has stolen a good handful of Easter Eggs as well and has something devious in mind for all the Visitors. It appears that [Mayor] Darren has more information about this mysterious evil plot by the Porkies so speak to him in Junon for all the details! Easter Eggs can also be given to the [Event Info] Judy for a Reward! You can speak to her regarding about the Easter Egg Hunt as well.

  • 10 Eggs gets you an Easter Egg Pet!

  • 20 Eggs gets you an Easter Bunny Pet!

Just a note Roserians: The Summoned pets from the Easter Capsules will disappear during a map change, restart, if you log off from the game, or after their time expires.

The Easter Event will begin on March 29th, 2014 and end on April 21st, 2014 so hop to it!
Community Announcements - ShazamO
25% EXP Weekend Extravaganza!

The end of March is coming(what a great month) Roserians so let us end it with a bang! A 25% EXP Bonus will be active on Both Servers for the entire weekend. Starting on Friday(3/28) at 12:00 PM PST, the 25% EXP Increase will be active until Monday(3/31) around 12:00 PM PST!
Community Announcements - ShazamO

Patch Notes v. 496

Game Arena
Several enhancements have been made to adjust how points are tracked and counted towards contribution to your team. More Honor Point are expected to be earned per match overall, those who participate will see better compensation for their efforts in the end.

  • Updated Game Arena scoreboard to display new combat and game-specific objective stats.
  • New combat stats tracked are: Damage Blocked, Attacks Blocked, Damage Reflected, Attacks Reflected, Damage Absorbed, Attacks Absorbed, Attacks Dodged.
  • New game objective statistics tracked in Crystal Defenders/Akram Arena are: Crystals Destroyed, Minutes Defended, Assault Kills, Defend Kills.
  • New game objective statistics tracked in Draconis Peaks are: Dragons Slain, Eggs Captured, Eggs Returned.
  • Honor and Valor rewards earned through PvP games and dungeons are now rewarded and displayed in the system notification window as a single amount.
  • Added "Vote Kick Member" function to group management interface while inside Game Arena dungeons.
  • "Disband Group" and "Kick Member" group management functions may now only be used outside of Game Arena game instances.
  • Updated point mechanics in Game Arena PvP game modes.
  • Completing team oriented objectives (e.g. winning the game, destroying/defending crystals) now plays a more prominent role in determining the team's performance and potential Honor rewards, while continuing to factor in each team member's individual contributions to the outcome of a game match.
  • Proximity based reward mechanics have been improved to ensure they work more consistently and reliably, and now take into consideration how recently a player has been in proximity of an action when determining whether points should be awarded.

Crystal Defenders / Akram Arena

  • Added "tagging" mechanic to allow points to be earned for recently destroying/defending a crystal.
  • Defenders now earn 1 point per minute while within proximity of the crystal. This is the defender counterpart to the attacker point source, where attackers earn 10 points while within proximity of a crystal when it is destroyed.

Draconis Peaks

  • Added "tagging" mechanic to allow points to be earned for recently defeating the opponent's dragon.
  • Defenders now earn 1 point per minute while within proximity of the crystal. This is the defender counterpart to the attacker point source, where attackers earn 10 points while within proximity of a crystal when it is destroyed.

Draconis Peaks
  • Added "tagging" mechanic to allow points to be earned for recently defeating the opponent's dragon.
    Interface Enhancements
  • Added display of "Melee Power" stat under Attack Power stat of the character info window, which modifies the power of melee attacks.
  • Added overhead digit display for healed amounts and absorbed damage.
    Updated wording of currency increase/decrease message.
  • Added skill level to bottom left corner of HUD skill icon to display current number of 'stacks' of passive status effects.
  • Updated skill tooltip to display description on both current and next level.

Skill Changes and Balances
Several classes are receiving some updates to help improve their versatility and contribution towards team play, as well as to improve their personal play style design. With this update, several mechanical improvements have been created with some focuses on the under-appreciated classes.

New Status Effects
Through various discussions over what we had hoped we could do for ROSE, for game play, we came down to various effects that we felt would add to the game play experience. The results are in part, the following new effects that will provoke consideration behind how you play, whether you are using these new effects for yourself or against someone else.

Changes to all End-game Classes!

All the details can be Found here!

Unique Skills!

All the details can be Found here!

Changes to all End-game Classes!

All the details can be Found here!

Bug Fixes!

All the details can be Found here!

A letter from Leonis on behalf of the ROSE Development Team:
Story telling aside, these changes described and many more, are along the current path that we have been working very hard towards. To help us offer an improved ability of game play, that holds a special balance, range of diversity, and reinvigorating sense of enjoyment when playing your character and class. We know that feeling powerful and accomplished with your character is important and want to see everyone stand proud of their creation. But don't think it's over with this update. We do have our sights on the other remaining classes. The Knight,

Champion, Artisan and even perhaps the Visitor!

For now we feel that the contained efforts of updates will offer a wider choice to class builds and ultimately balance, where everyone can have a respectful chance to make a name for themselves and enjoy playing the class they've invested their love and joy in to. Again, we do have the intention of providing further updates to other classes that were not heavily included to the update, because at this point we have felt that their designs were stable enough to sustain them as well as the already have fairly impacting setups already, or in the cast of the Artisan, their advancement requires more than we were able to accomplish in the time we allotted for the project development.

If some of you are thinking we should just wait till it's all done, remember, this is an ever ongoing world and we want to continue to help it grow, expand and evolve. In that consideration, we will never be done developing ROSE. Though we will be turning more towards expanding on actual explore-able content, we also needed first to have some more options to work with so as you explore you could be met with more interesting situations to challenge you.

As always, we will be watching closely on the progression of the update as it is explored within the live severs. And appreciate any reports and feedback that you have regarding the update. Our only request is that you keep in mind this is an update with the full intention of trying to make ROSE better and we hope, when you offer that feedback, you also share that wish to see ROSE improve. Share with us your experiences, any suggestions you may have and if you have ideas the more detail there is, the better and easier it is for us to have it in mind towards future updates.

Thank you all again for being part of such a wonderful world and making it the great community we enjoy being part of.
Community Announcements - ShazamO
We asked for which Costumes you want to see in March's Lucky Spin and we found our winners!

BasketBall Costume!

Tribal Costume!

FootBall Costume!

Hippie Costume!
Community Announcements - ShazamO

Qpid is back, Roserians!

It's that time again, love is in the air but unfortunately the stalwart bringer of romance: Qpid is not! It appears as though our cherubic friend has crash-landed in Adventurer's Plains and needs your help to complete his mission! Any Characters that are level 120 and up will have to take Qpid's list and deliver love throughout Junon, Luna, and Eldeon. If you complete this, he may be willing to reward you with his very own bow... not like he needs it anymore.

To complete this lovely mission, players will need to gather up the rare world drop Magic Heart Candies that the local monsters find quite tasty. If you can recover enough of them, you may be able to use their power to complete Qpid's mission! If you are too low leveled for the quest, there is no need to worry! Qpid will gladly exchange the candies for the fun and useful event items that everyone can enjoy! Remember! Magic Heart Candies go bad after 2 weeks, so they will have to be removed after the event so YOU don't get sick! Just be sure to spend all your Candies before the event ends!

In addition to this, it seems Qpid's arch rival and nemesis the dreaded Pinkheart Pork-Fiend has invaded Orlo! This eccentric flying pig can dish out a ton of punishment, but if you can defeat this challenging menace... he may drop his hammer or a rare mini Qpid pet summon skill book! The resilient nuisance seems to spawn every 20 minutes and prefers the climate of a nice desert Oasis (especially those at the Gates of Murris, The Wastelands, and The Wasteland Ruins Patch). Do you have the bacon to take him down?!

Love, candied hearts, chocolate, and flying bacon... All the things that make up a traditional Valentine's Day will be available from February 10th, 2014 to February 25th, 2014 so don't miss out!
Community Announcements - ShazamO
Item Mall

The Weekend Warrior Box and Calanors Box of Stoof will be on sale for a Limited time! Just until next Wednesday(2/5/2014)! The Adventure's Box will also be taken down as well next week.

You can find both boxes under the Special -> Limited Tab in the Item Mall!

The Weekend Warrior Box will yield 4 items from the list below...
  • Trainee Medal

  • Medal of Fortune

  • ROSE Teleportation Ticket (10)

  • Soul Crystal (5)

  • Nepturune

Calanors Box of Stoof yeilds 1-2 items from the list below...
  • Red Jellybean (25)

  • Student's Cap

  • Black Cross Shield

  • Scented Butterfly Wing

  • Enchanted Sagittarius stone

  • Tuned Chaser Engine

  • Nepturune

Be sure to grab one of these boxes before next Wednesday(2/5/2014)!
Community Announcements - ShazamO

Let's have a Drop Event this weekend(1/24/2014-1/27/2014)! Enjoy an 2X Drop Rate all weekend long~

Christmas may be 11 months away, be stay patient Roserians.
Community Announcements - ShazamO

Let's have a EXP this weekend(1/17/2014-1/20/2014)! Enjoy an 25% additional Boost to EXP all weekend long~

Christmas may be 11 months away, be stay patient Roserians.

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