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Community Announcements - ShazamO
2X Drops Bonus to help Compliant the already tasty new Drop Table!

It's time to enjoy all the benefits of the new Drop Table has to provide us! With a 2X Drop Bonus, you have a chance to acquiring DOUBLE of each items! How grand is that!! So starting at 5:00 PM PST today(7/18), the Bonus will be activated and will end on Monday( 7/21/2014) at 12:00 PM PST! Be sure to be online so you can take advantage of it~

Today(7/18), Saturday, and possibly Sunday; Be sure to join in on a Mini-Event to potentially grab a Mini-Astarot Wings of Cataclysm Box!
Community Announcements - ShazamO
It seems that a trickster within the universe of ROSE Online(Crune probably) has created a potion of sorts to shrink items! It seems that he isn't done creating though...

Either way, through his mistakes; The Mini-Astarot Wings have been created! Thankfully, not all the wings were affected but be sure to grab the one that caters to your fashion. We can only have them for a week.

You will be able to grab one of these tiny beauties in the Mini-Astarot Wings of Cataclysm Box! All the available wings in the box are listed below.

Check out the Mini-Astarot Wings! Never available before~

Mini-Astarot Wings of Blight!

Mini-Astarot Wings of Corruption!

Mini-Astarot Wings of Despair!

Mini-Astarot Wings of Frost!

Mini-Astarot Wings of Gloom!

Mini-Astarot Wings of Rage!

Mini-Astarot Wings of Storms!
Community Announcements - ShazamO

Let's Heat up Luna!

Summer is still alive and kicking Roserians! You helped Judith and the Summer gang on Sunshine Coast but now Anzhelika needs your assistance. Now is the time to head to Eucar to help the snowy land of Luna.

The cute restaurant owner is Chilling over in Eucar on the Planet Luna and has only wished for Summer to grace her. Sadly, she is always surrounded by the snow year long and wishes for YOUR help to experience it! All you need to do is bring Summer to her, simple as that. You will need to travel to many exotic locations to grab the items she needs. Once you give her the items she requires, you will have a 1 out of 6 chance of winning a special Hawaiian Themed item! How cool is that!

Time to fly over to Luna for your chance to acquire some unique items! Summer is not going to last forever so get to it!

This year's Luau Event will last from July 9th, 2014 to July 30th, 2014!
Community Announcements - ShazamO
50% Boost to EXP, 2X Drops Bonus, and Unlimited Game Arena Energy Weekend!

We are just as shocked as you random Internet Cat! We will be having Unlimited Game Arena Energy, 2X Drops, and 50% EXP Increase once the Servers are Stable! Enjoy a Explosion of Drops from our new Drop Table System and all the Dungeons/PvP you want~

These SHOCKING Bonuses will start on July 4th, 2014 and be ending on FRIDAY 7/11. Let all the random internet Cats you know about this amazing weekend in ROSE Online! You can also tell your friends and family about it too~

So please to enjoy guys and gals of ROSE Online and have a great weekend!
Community Announcements - Shoji
Currently the automated process to login through Steam is experiencing a technical difficulty. The result in which it is currently not passing your SteamID and login information through our website.

However if you know your SteamID and password, you are able to log in and play by launching the ROSE Online client directly. We apologize for any inconvenience this may pose, while we work to correct the issue.

We will try to give updates as news develops.
Thank you for your understanding.

Update June 23 (18:00)

It looks like, for the moment, log in is back in business!
We're still looking in to the cause, but get in while you can!

Since we didn't actually resolve the issue, there is a high chance it may become unavailable again. Again, we'll keep giving updates as news becomes available!
Community Announcements - ShazamO
We want to encourage community fun and cooperation. We look to you, the veterans of ROSE to help with your peers, and recruit new blood to join or reach the higher ranks of game play.

We are giving you, the veterans of ROSE Online, with your level 230 characters, the power to boost others in their leveling experience with a special skill. The skill will appear within your Item Mall skill section and you can freely cast it on any friendly player.

What they will get, is a 10 minute boost to their experience under the following:

  • Level Range: 1-50 will receive a 200% Exp Bonus for 10 minutes duration.
  • Level Range: 51-100 will receive a 150% Exp Bonus for 10 minutes duration.
  • Level Range: 101-150 will receive a 100% Exp Bonus for 10 minutes duration.
  • Level Range: 151-200 will receive a 75% Exp Bonus for 10 minutes duration.
  • Level Range: 201+ will receive a 50% Exp Bonus for 10 minutes duration.

The "Help a Noob!" skill will be learned every time you change zones or log in and exist for 24 hours from being learned, whether you are online or not. So once the event ends, you will have 24 hours from the last time being learned to make use of it!

Short version is, if you are level 230, you will receive this skill to help others level or even level alternate characters on other accounts! The point of this event is to give you one of the greatest opportunities to you and your friends to level, level, level, and help reach that high level goal!

This event will run until the end of June and the booster skill will unlearn once it expires. So don't delay, get those levels!
Community Announcements - ShazamO
25% EXP Weekend Because It is June!

It's June and that means every day is great! So let us have an 25% Boost to EXP all weekend long~ Starting at 5:00 PM PST today(6/6)... the EXP Boost will be active on both Leonis and Draconis! The EXP will be turned off around 12:00 PM PST on Monday(6/9). Be sure to let everyone know so you can all rake in the benefits! Don't forget... ♪ Every Day's great at your Junes ♪
Community Announcements - ShazamO

Check out this Brand New Lucky Spin Costume! Available for a short time in June's 2014 Lucky Spin!

We also added in some Wacky Afros to the Item Mall for your wearing pleasure. Check them out!
Community Announcements - ShazamO

Time to check out Sunshine Coast!

The Summer Heat is here Roserians! In honor of this amazing summer in ROSE Online, we are holding a great summer festival in Sunshine Coast! Please join us in celebrating the 2014 Summer Festival by playing games and winning prizes! Mingle with your fellow Visitors and with the citizens of Sunshine Coast that have come out to the beach to play with us and have lots of fun!

You can participate in mini-games such as Chicken Races, Digging for Treasures, Clown Throwing, Summer Fishing, Scavenger Hunts, and much more! Earn Festival Tickets to trade for great prizes such as gorgeous Yukatas, Bikinis, and more. We would like to remind you to please keep the beach clean during the festival. If too much trash is left on the beach, the mini-games will temporarily close until the trash has been removed. So clean up after yourselves!

The Scavenger Hunt is the event to complete this year as well! As now it requires Festival Tickets to participate. You can still obtain the Special Summer Basket as a reward. Inside is a chance to obtain a rare off-hand Fan accessory that is sure to please everyone and if that wasn't enough, you even have a chance to win a Pogo Outfit and much more!

Join us on June 1st to June 30th, 2014 for the 2014 Summer festival!
Community Announcements - AppleJack
Starting: May 23rd ~ ~ ~ Ending: May 26th!

All Point Purchases through Steam are 50% Off!

In honor of the men and women who have fallen while serving the United States Armed Forces, we will be offering a special bonus on all Warp Portal Energy Conversion to Item Mall Points for ROSE Online.

Please take a moment to give thanks and wish well to the friends and families who have given the ultimate gift to help create a better place in the world.

The bonuses will be reflected as shown on the table below. We hope you have a wonderful weekend and the latest update, while playing ROSE Online!

Want updates on all the new content coming out this Summer? Check out our Official ROSE Online Facebook for all the details!

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