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Hello Roserians!


For the next two hours we will be having a special 3x EXP Boost in ROSE! From 4PM - 6PM PDT today 07/19/2016 you will receive a 3x EXP boost!
Community Announcements - cmdragonlark

Hello Roserians!


We are hosting an Item Mall Point Conversion Event starting now!


From now, 07/12/2016 until 08/01/2016, converting 2000 WP Energy over to IM points for ROSE Online, or purchasing 2000 IM Points as a Steam user will earn you an awesome free Sparky Backpack item at the end of the event! Check out that awesome backpack below!




*Limit one item per ROSE Online account will be distributed at the end of the event
Community Announcements - cmdragonlark

Patch Notes v613

Lucky Spin

Summer just keeps on coming! We are excited to present three awesome new costumes for July, designed by our seaside fun loving community members:
  • Splash Down Gear Costume New!
  • Beach Walk Costume New!
  • Luau Raver Costume New!
  • Shark Outfit
  • Hip Hop Costume

Developer Notes


We are in the process of reviewing and addressing the community's feedback in regards to class balancing following the Paradigm Shift update, and will be updating Pegasus soon with a number of adjustments for public testing, so keep an eye out for that!

Community Announcements - cmdragonlark
Hello Roserians!

We will be having our Lucky Spin Server Maintenance today 07/12/2016 at 2PM PDT! Spoilers for the new Costumes going in will be posted before the maintenance is complete!
Community Announcements - cmdragonlark
Hello Roserians!

Please know that Warpportal will be performing a maintenance that will effect all games on 07/06/2016 at 6PM PDT. This will effect logins to the game as well as access to various areas of the Warpportal site. We will update once this maintenance is complete.
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Hello Roserians!

On Friday 07/01/2016, we will be having a server maintenance at 2PM PDT! Patch Notes will be posted once the maintenance is complete!
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Hello Roserians!
To celebrate the Paradigm Shift update, we are having a special event this weekend!
50% More Experience, Double Drop Rates and FREE Game Arena this weekend only, starting right now and ending 06/27/2016!
We hope you enjoy this special event and have an awesome weekend!
Community Announcements - cmdragonlark

Patch Notes v611
Paradigm Shift Update
Junon Cartel
Junon Cartel is a PvP training area designed to give you a way to test your abilities against other players under buffing and consumable use condtions similar to Game Arena PvP matches.
Players entering this zone will be wiped of buffs, and no buffs or items will be allowed while they are in the area.


Junon Cartel will be the Game Arena conditioned equivalent of the Training Grounds, and features timed respawn, spawn protected areas and convenient methods of teleportation between spawn areas and the middle field.

Junon Cartel can be entered by speaking to [Righteous Crusader] Gawain in Junon Polis.


Paradigm Runes
Paradigm Runes are going to be a new unique addition to your arsenal. These runes can be placed in to designated slots on equipment or weapons, with a new feature that allows you to empower them to become stronger. This can be done with rune by itself, and even with the rune in the weapon or equipment piece! No need to separate it from the item.

PvP oriented Paradigm Runes and basic tier empowerment materials can be purchased from [Honor Items] Henry in Junon Polis.  Advanced material tiers for empowering can be obtained by completing Honor daily quests and participating in Game Arena PvP game modes.
PvM oriented Paradigm Runes and basic tier empowerment materials can be purchased from [Valor Materials] Mason in Junon Polis.  A number of unique Paradigm Runes and advanced material tiers for empowering can also be found in Game Arena dungeons.  Advanced material tiers for empowering can be obtained by completing Valor daily quests and Game Arena dungeons.

To upgrade a Paradigm Rune, it can be empowered using the new Empowerment function offered by [Battle Merchant] Rena in the PvP District of Junon Polis.


Elemental System


The elemental system introduces a new combat dynamic of strengths and weaknesses when fighting against monsters or other Visitors.  Throughout the world of ROSE you will now encounter monsters that specialize in certain elements, and other Visitors who have augmented their skills, ammunition and equipment with elemental traits that can be countered with or resisted using opposing elemental types.

Elemental scrolls that allow Visitors to imbue their chest armor and weapon can be purchased from [Valor Materials] Henry, and unique elemental scrolls may be dropped by Game Arena dungeon bosses.
A full listing of elemental types along with their strengths and weaknesses can be found here.


Skill Updates


Various adjustments have been made to a number of skills due to the impact these updates will have on gameplay and skills. Many common tree requirements were removed to allow for increased build flexibility and potential for example. You will also see some adjustment in debuffs and cool downs for the same reason.
Buffs and debuffs now provide a secondary percentage based bonus that is influenced by base stats in place of the old static bonuses. This allows for buffs to make your character stronger in abilities that are their strength, while not making them overpowered in skills their class is otherwise not strong in.


Combat Mechanics
  • Updated all base stats, All Stats, Enhance Damage and Damage Reduction stat types not have their value components treated as percentages.
  • Adjusted primary and secondary base stat influences on buffs and debuffs.
Critical Defense
The offensive and defensive traits of Critical have been split into two distinct stat types to improve the dynamic of this stat.  Critical can now be countered by Critical Defense, and while Critical will continue to scale with SEN, Critical Defense can be scaled to counter using CHA.

Taunt now forces the affected target to focus on the caster for the duration of the taunt effect.
Players are now awarded points for taking Taunt Damage in Game Arena PvP game modes when assuming their role as a tank to protect their team members.

Damage over Time (DoT) Skill Effects
  • Scale with a portion of the caster's Attack Power.
  • Influenced by primary and secondary base stat bonuses.
  • Effects originating from different skill types can be stacked on the same target.
  • Reduced by the target's defenses, cannot be blocked, and can inflict critical damage.
Heal over Time (HoT) Skill Effects
  • Are influenced by primary and secondary base stat bonuses.

Item Updates
  • Adjusted Attack Speed scaling on several weapon items.
  • Adjusted Defense and Magic Defense scaling on several armor items.
  • Adjusted Block Rate, Physical Defense and Magic Defense scaling on several shield items.
  • Added Separation Drill to [Valor Materials] Mason's shop.
All static Enhance Damage and Damage Reduction item bonuses have been converted into percentage bonuses

User Interface
  • Multiple visual and synchronization improvements have been made to HP/MP display updates:
    • HP/MP effectiveness bonuses no longer causes gauge display glitches.
    • Monster HP bars are now displayed correctly for monsters that have status effects applied that affect their Max HP.
    • HP will no longer decrease on the client side when GM invincibility is active.
  • Updated Game Arena group, party and character information windows and HUD elements to use smoother HP/MP gauge animations.
  • Added smooth gauge animation to Game Arena energy bar.
  • Updated Game Arena scoreboard to track and display damage received from attacker who has been taunted (Taunt Damage).
  • Added comma formatting to Zulie values for several system messages.
  • Updated calculator and vendor price setter windows to display text boxes with comma formatting.
  • Updated Invulnerability and Spawn Protection status mechanics to display "Evaded" when damage or negative status effects are applied to a target.
  • Updated status effect tooltip formatting, and added expiry timer information to Game Arena group HUD.
  • Updated vendor buy list window to display border around currently selected item.
  • Updated weapon item tooltip and character window to display Attack Speed as Attacks Per Second, and updated Attack Speed tooltip to display base weapon speed.
  • Moved "NPC Value" in player vend item buy list to a separate line.

Bug Fixes
  • Added safeguards to prevent zulie and items from being spam dropped.
  • Corrected gender requirement tooltip display on Mr/Ms ROSE costume set.
  • Corrected visual synchronization issue with attack and skill range stats.
  • Corrected issue with equipment updates causing mount to disappear.
  • Corrected timer display issues with Item Mall and Premium status timers.
  • Corrected visual synchronization issue caused by costume weapon range of other characters being used for distance checks.
  • Multiple status effect updates are grouped together and periodically sent to clients to improve synchronization and performance.
  • Corrected issue causing vend buy list to not clear item price when item is disabled from view.
  • Corrected issue with All Stat equipment and passive skill bonuses being displayed in character info window as buff bonuses.

 Refine Event

To celebrate this monster of an update, from June 21st to July 1st, all refining success rates have been increased by 5%.

Specials > Sale
  • Box of Plutorunes
  • Re-Roll Hammer (100)
  • Blank Enchantment Scroll (10)
  • Item Unbinder Coupon (20)
Items > Special
  • Schools Out Box
    • Saturune (40)
    • Damage Booster (Party) (20)
    • Storage Expansion Coupon (10)
    • ROSE Teleportation Ticket (40)
    • Salon Coupon (1)
    • Ushanka Cap
    • PAT Painting Ticket (4)
    • Enchanted Sagittarius stone (1)
    • Perfect Drill (1)
    • Plutorune (5)
Community Announcements - cmdragonlark
Hello Roserians!

We will be having a server maintenance tomorrow, 06/21/2016 at 2PM PDT! This is expected to be an extended maintenance lasting several hours due to the number of updates that will be implemented with this maintenance. Patch Notes will be posted once the maintenance is complete.
Community Announcements - cmdragonlark

Patch Notes v610

Lucky Spin

Summer is here, and it's hot! That can only mean fiery Lucky Spin costumes, and this month our talented community have shown us just how hot things can get with three new costume and back item designs!
  • Royal Flare Costume New!
  • Hot Blaze Costume New!
  • Disastrous Flame Costume New!
  • Celestial Adornment New!
  • Fox Wing New!
  • Megaflare Wings New!
  • Cute School Look
  • Blue Cute School Look
  • Lifeguard Costume
  • And a whole lot of Summer Fun Beachwear!

A Paradigm Shift is coming!


We are excited to announce that the Paradigm Shift update is coming to the live servers on June 21st! If you would like a sneak peek of what is coming with the update, check out our Pegasus test server.


We will be continuing to test and polish the update this week and would appreciate community feedback and reports on any issues that may be encountered while testing on Pegasus. To sweeten the deal, we will be giving a unique back item designed by our own community member Feuer to anyone who logs in on Pegasus this week, or has previously participated in testing the update on Pegasus.

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