Community Announcements - BjornB

Hi guys!

Come check out our new Video Developer Diary for Hearts of Iron IV!

Community Announcements - BjornB


Another month and another developer diary from the team bringing you the next installment in the Hearts of Iron saga. I hope you will find it interesting and that you will come back for more next month.

Hearts of Iron IV - Developer Diary 11 - Map & Graphics

If you wish to read the previous chapters in this saga of technology, warfare and big big tanks, as well as Developer Diaries for our other games, please visit the Developer Diary Archives

Best Regards
Björn - Community Manager @Paradox Interactive
Community Announcements - BjornB

This friday, in the Paradox Forums... Arrachne will bring you the epic continuation of the Hearts of Iron saga!
Community Announcements - BjornB

Greetings general!

If you head over to paradoxplaza, then you can read on the latest development of Hearts of Iron IV and many other games that are currently in the making!

I hope you will enjoy it!

Developer Diary Archives!

Best Regards
Björn - Community Manager @Paradox Interactive
Community Announcements - BjornB
Hello Admirals, Generals, Amphibious creatures and others...

I am proud to present the 10th installment in Podcat's Developer Diary series for Hearts of Iron IV. Today's topic: Naval Combat!

If you wish to read the previous chapters in this saga of technology, warfare and big big tanks as well as our Developer Diaries for our other games, please visit

Best Regards
Björn - Community Manager @Paradox Interactive
Shacknews - Andrew Yoon
Paradox Interactive has released a seven minute documentary video that goes over their development history, starting with Europa Universalis. From there, the team reveals how each game is connected, and how they try to improve upon their predecessors. Of course, the video serves not only as a look back, but as a look forward as well. Runemaster is the company's upcoming RPG--a first for the studio. The video shows some new footage of the game in action, a procedurally-generated adventure that spans the six worlds of Norse myth.
Announcement - Valve
New Weeklong Deals roll over every Monday at 10AM Pacific Time.

Shacknews - Alice O'Connor
Hearts of Iron was one of the first games Paradox made, and it's been, ho ho, close to its heart ever since. Having released three expansions for Hearts of Iron III, Paradox today finally announced Hearts of Iron IV. While the WW2 grand strategy series will still be complex as all heck, this time Paradox plans to make the learning curve less terrifying.
Product Release - Valve
Two new DLC's for Hearts of Iron III are now available on Steam!

The Axis Minors Vehicle Pack contains 28 new skins for 12 vehicles to be used by the Axis Minor nations in World War II. Included in this pack are vehicles for Hungaria, Bulgaria, Romania and Slovakia. These range from the Italian designed Carro Veloce 33 through the Hungarian Turan I to late-war German Panther tanks.

The Italian Vehicle Pack contains 16 new vehicles for the Italian Army, Navy and Air Force. Included in this vehicle pack are iconic Italian tanks such as the Fiat-Ansaldo L6/40, the Macchi C.200 Saetta fighter and the CANT Z.1007 Alcione medium bomber. This unit pack also contains several naval units, including the Littorio class of fast battleships, the renowned Zara class heavy cruisers and the Navigatori class destroyers.

Announcement - Valve
Today's Deal: Save 75% on Hearts of Iron III Collection!

Look for the deals each day on the front page of Steam. Or follow us on twitter or Facebook for instant notifications wherever you are!


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