Community Announcements - Fury161
We’ve released version 1.20 of Project Afermath today. It fixes a few bugs but more importantly introduces support for 1024×768 resolution.

We've had quite a few requests for that res, so we hope it will bring PA to a few more peeps.
Community Announcements - Fury161
<a href=""><img class="size-medium wp-image-241 alignright" title="jack_facebook" src="" alt="" width="106" height="148" /></a>

<strong>Colonel Jack has crash landed on earth!</strong>

Whilst awaiting a rescue ship he decides to take a look around and chart his adventures on Facebook and Twitter!

<em>"While I'm here I thought I might as well see if the population are up to joining the glorious Morphid Army"</em>

Add Jack as a <a href="">Facebook</a> friend or follow him via <a href="">Twitter</a>
Mar 13, 2009
Community Announcements - Fury161
We've reduced the price of Project Aftermath to a jaw dropping $9.99

With the recent update we think PA is now a very attractive purchase :)
Mar 11, 2009
Community Announcements - Fury161
The latest update (1.14), released yesterday includes 92 Steam Achievements.

If you have an existing profile the achievement system will scan your profile for completed achievements. This should get you up and running!

If you have multiple profiles, you will be asked which one you would like to enable for Steam Achievements. Just follow the instructions in the pop up window.

We're really pleased to have the Achievement up and running. Who will be the first to complete them all? :-)
Feb 13, 2009
Community Announcements - Fury161
During Project Aftermath we wrote a developer diary on our forum, posting each month to cover what we'd been up to.

We'd now like to start a monthly Q&A, your chance to ask the team questions about game development, being Indie or anything game related!

We'll pick a question or two to answer and make it the subject of our diary at the end of February.

We hope you'll take part and we look forward to hearing from you!
<a href="">Post your questions here</a>
Jan 19, 2009
Community Announcements - Fury161
We've added desktop images of our Heroes to the Game Art section.
Bilsby, Maston, Barbicane, and Nicholl all looking rather swish on a black background. Please feel free to give them a new home!
Dec 24, 2008
Community Announcements - kneehat
Happy holidays; don't eat too much
Dec 18, 2008
Community Announcements - Fury161
We’ve recently released a huge update for Project Aftermath, and reduced the price for the holiday season to $9.99.
All existing owners of the game will receive the updates free on charge, when they launch the game.

The updates include a Tactical Deployment system, which enables you to use items from your Inventory during missions, place Exploding Traps, powerful Gun Turrets, release Grunt Hunting drones, satellite powered Beacons, and the all powerful Containment Teams. In addition to the TD system we've added 20 challenges, unlocked by completing missions.

For a more in-depth review of the additions visit our <a href="">blog.</a>
Community Announcements - kneehat
Just visit the forum post here ( and leave a reply. You'll automatically have a chance of winning one of 10 free copies.

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