Community Announcements - Saygo

Trained by the finest in the world. Enchanted by the chaos of the battlefield. Captivated by the deaths of her foes. The wait is finally over, as the lovely lady of the land has arrives to the battlefield, Bastard Sword in hand. Face the Fomor horde with Vindictus' newest mercenary, Delia!

Delia, Nobility's Finest Daughter

Delia wields a two-handed Bastard Sword, a heavy blade whose size is only exceeded by Hurk's massive Greatsword. The young princess has been trained to use the full length of the blade with each swing, using her momentum to plow through her foes. But don't think all she can do is hack and slash her way to victory; Delia has a wealth of special moves and powerful combos to leave her enemies in pieces.

Combos and Standard Attacks

Vindictus' classic Combo style forms the backbone to Delia's offense, using a series of Normal strikes and Smash attacks to devastate her foes.

More info here:

Special Attacks

After building up SP by bisecting a few Fomors, Delia can unleash powerful attacks bound to the quick slots or through the SP Skill button. Each ability has its own use, and taking advantage of every one will be a key towards victory.

More info here:

New Character Creation Menu

Now that we have a new mercenary in the mix, we've unloaded a few improvements to the Character Creation process. Instead of having to complete the tutorial before customizing your character, you'll be able to tweak your character's appearance to your satisfaction first. We've also added a few different forms of lighting to the Character Creation screen and Avatar Shop, to give you a better idea of how your mercenary will look in different environments.

Pet Name Change Coupon

You asked for it, it's here: The Royal Army Recruit now has a cache of Pet Name Change Coupons that you can purchase for 5,000,000 gold each.

Radiant Princess Set, Bloody Night Set and More!

Delia brings new outfits to Vindictus as well, with two gorgeous ensembles linked to the stars themselves. Karok's even gotten into the act with his own unique addition to the shop. With new packages, new hairstyles and inner armors and a special leveling package for nobility's finest daughter herself, there's going to be something for everyone!

Check out the Radiant Night Sets and More post for the full details.

Noble Princess Events

With Princess Delia's arrival to Vindictus, two new events are here to reward you for your time with this powerhouse warrior. Play every day for a wealth of prizes with the Delia Attendance Check Event and fight your way up to 90 for a pair of new, Delia specific titles with the Noble Princess Event!

Check out the
Noble Princess Events post
for the full details.

Bug Fixes and Game Improvements
  • Corrected the AP Limit Warning message to warn player to use their AP before entering a battle
  • Corrected the item description for Raonne’s Enhancement Pouch to no longer refer to increasing the stats of a player’s items
  • Jump Event Items: Crescent Moonlight Ring (Permanent) and Thunder Ring (Permanent) will accept the Twilight, Crescent Moonlight's, and The Dead enchants
  • Jump Event items: Emerald Belt (Permanent) and Ruby Belt (Permanent) will now accept the Subdued enchant
  • Jump Event items will now have proper enhancement level stats
  • Fixed an issue where expired items could not be removed from Guild Storage
  • Added several features to Advance Search on the Marketplace which will allow players to search for and sort specific scrolls
Community Announcements - Saygo

Trained by the finest in the world. Enchanted by the chaos of the battlefield. Captivated by the deaths of her foes. When the stars align on Thursday, July 14th, nobility's finest daughter will finally arrive to the world of Vindictus. Get a sneak preview of her abilities below and claim your Delia Coronation Pack today!

Meet Delia, Nobility's Finest
Delia wields a two-handed Bastard Sword, a heavy blade whose size is only exceeded by Hurk's massive Greatswords. The young princess has been trained to use the full length of the blade with each swing, using her momentum to plow through her foes.

Vindictus' classic Combo style forms the backbone to Delia's offense. She uses Normal attacks to disrupt her foes, using the long blade to cleave through the enemy horde, and then transitions into a Smash attack to send them flying with a massive blow. Her Rising and Falling Comet Smashes form the pinnacle of her style. After three Normal attacks and a Smash, Delia can either immediately carve an arc before her with the Rising Comet Smash, or wait for a moment, get in position and bring her massive sword down with the powerful Falling Comet.

Delia is not without some special attacks, however. After building up SP by bisecting a few Fomors, Delia can unleash powerful attacks, including Ion Thrust's quick thrust forward, rushing forward and driving her sword through the fools before her, or Full Moon, where Delia dances through her foes, the Bastard Sword carving open her path before finishing with one massive swing.

Delia's most unique ability is Zenith. Summoning the vast power granted to her, she can explode with power to boost her strength to its limit. As Delia becomes a true juggernaut of power, each swing will hit harder, her skin will become as hard as diamond and her sword will move faster than ever before! The only downside is that the spell has a habit of sundering her own armor, leaving her weakened once the spell fades.

New Outfits

Delia brings new outfits to Vindictus as well, with two gorgeous ensembles linked to the stars themselves. Karok's even gotten into the act with his own unique addition to the shop. With new packages, new hairstyles and inner armors and a special leveling package for nobility's finest daughter herself, there's going to be something for everyone!

Delia Attendance Event
When Delia arrives, we'll be launching a new Attendance Event, challenging you to log in as many days as possible to get the best rewards possible, including Lubber's Sketchy Enhancement Coupons, Permanent Storage Chest Expansions, 2000 AP Capsules, Exquisite Enchant Runes and more!

Delia Registration Event
Remember to sign up for your Coronation Pack with the Delia Registration Event! This free package contains everything you need to get Delia on her feet as fast as possible, including four pieces of jewelry granting a total of +700 ATT, +800 DEF, +3 Balance and +10 Luck, as well as a free Storage Chest Expansion Ticket and a special Tiara to let Delia start her campaign in style.

Sign up for your very own and come back on July 14th to claim it and see the star-crossed Princess for yourself!
Community Announcements - Saygo

The war against the Fomors has shifted to the offensive. As the Royal Army leads the charge against the Fomor horde and pushes into territory long lost to humanity, the path ahead grows darker, more bizarre, more... wrong. The next chapter in the story of Vindictus has arrived with the Lochlann: Plains of Corruption update!

Welcome to Lochlann...

Long ago, Lochlann was a thriving town, filled with humans on an expansive plain. Then the Fomors came, driving the humans out of their homes. But now, ever since the Fomors took claim over Lochlann, something else has taken hold, corrupting the very earth and spawning creatures not meant for this world.

While some have their own theories about the corruption that has taken hold on the Lochlann Plains, the truth may only be found with hard work, an open mind... and a lot of luck. Those who have completed the story through Lugh Lamhfada should report to Marrec in Colhen to restart the story!

New Raid: Infected Eochaid

Deep below the plains of Lochlann lies a monstrous beast, Eochaid. Over a dozen meters tall, it was a fearsome opponent long before the seeping corruption that has befallen Lochlann entered his nest... but now it has been transformed into something else entirely.

Face off against the Infected Eochaid in Vindictus' newest Raid Battle. The powerful strikes from this beast would be enough to fell even the strongest warrior, but the corruption has infused it with terrible new power. With this newfound power, it moves effortlessly obliterating foes with powerful magic and summoning minions to spread the corruption further. Only a coordinated team of mercenaries can hope to evade his strikes and disable his powers long enough to slip in a finishing blow.

Those that manage to slay the beast may claim Eochaid's Essence, a rare and mysterious substance connected to the corruption itself. Brynn in Colhen remains his inventive self, however, and will be able to transform this essence into one of two new powerful earrings, Innocent Cry and Innocent Tear.

Enchant Scrolls in the Marketplace
With the Lochlann: Plains of Corruption update, we've lifted the restriction on selling non-Permanent Enchant Scrolls on the Marketplace! Instead of throwing a rare but unwanted scroll at the nearest vendor for a paltry sum, you're now able to list them on the Marketplace and find the scroll a good home. The scrolls will still expire once purchased, so make sure you use it promptly!

Urban Punk and Angel Sets

The Plains of Corruption have brought in a wealth of new items. With two new outfits in a modern style, a new type of Enhancement Stone to boost your odds, a pair of high-value packages and more, there's plenty to enjoy with the outfits below!

See all the new items in the Urban Punk and Angel Sets post.

Returning Warrior Events

As you venture out into Lochlann's corrupted fields and beyond, you're going to need all the backup you can find. An experienced warrior at your side, a powerful spell enchanting your blade and... the finest earrings glinting in the starlight. Three events arrive for the month of June, here to help you grow stronger as the story of Lochlann unfolds.

Find out more at the Returning Warrior Events post.

Additional Changes
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed issue with the Soap buff indicator not appearing over Hot Springs
  • Fixed issue where players were unable to use NX Credit to purchase character slots
  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to replace components in S3 equipment and weapons if the item was crafted by a player whose name begins with a double digit number
Known Issues:
  • Enchant scrolls in the Event Exchange Shop preview as tradeable when moused-over
Community Announcements - Saygo

With the continued story, a new battle area ascending to the peak of Ben Chenner and a new Raid, Chapter 1 of Season 3 ends with a bang as Lugh Lamhfada takes the field.
Season 3 - Episode 4
The fighting over Ben Chenner continues. Soldiers continue their way up the mountain, escorting mages, scholars and priests, but even as fewer come back down, no casualties are ever reported... and the Royal Army is only spurred on by their 'flawless victories'. This bizarre curse must be stopped before there are no soldiers left to fight. The search for a solution leads only further up the mountain of Ben Chenner... but the fighting only grows as you get closer to the peak.

New Raid: Lugh Lamhfada
Lost to history and wielding the mythical sword Fragarach, Lugh Lamhfada seeks retribution against those who have forgotten his glory and disregarded his honor. Will you have the courage to face the lost hero and at long last put his spirit to rest?

Lugh Lamhfada is a powerful warrior, but he's no master swordsman. Between his own magic and the unfathomable power of Fragarach, he has no need for finesse in his attacks. He instead uses quick bursts of teleportation to surprise his opponents with overpowering blows. Lugh can also pin a foe to the ground, making them vulnerable to his attacks if not defended in time.

Fragarach isn't Lugh Lamhfada's only weapon, however. Periodically during the fight, Lugh will rise into the air and bombard the area with Tathlums, mystical orbs that will explode violently... but they can also be collected to negate their explosion and give you a much needed edge against the ancient warrior.

Those that manage to overcome Lugh Lamhfada's teleporting attacks and collection of magical attacks will find components and the recipes for a new set of items. This Cloth armor set is crafted through the Composite system, but the Lugh Lamhfada keystone items can only be found by defeating the ancient warrior himself or through the new Lugh Lamhfada Battle Box.

St. Patrick's Day Outfits and More

St. Patrick's Day is only a week away, and the St. Patrick's outfit is back for the occasion! This bright green suit for both the ladies and the gents is the perfect way to show your Irish pride! They arrive with the new Lugh Lamhfada Battle Box coming with a special bonus and also includes a bright green hair color available for all hair styles, a new Inner Armor and more!

Find out more in the St. Patrick's Day Outfits post.

Easter Egg Events

Easter's coming soon, and Ernmass in Colhen is looking for some help to get the yearly celebration off the ground. In addition to claiming Easter Eggs for the Fluffy Halo item, there's a pair of events giving you more departures to take down Lugh Lamhfada and gain a special reward for showing your mastery over him.

Find out more in the Easter Egg Events post.

Spring Has Arrived

Cherries are blossoming throughout the towns of Vindictus, and the vibrant pink cherry blossoms are fluttering down on everyone! Enjoy the scenery as a reminder that the coldest months are finally behind us.

Bug Fixes and Other Changes
  • Resolved a stability issue regarding players with a large friends list
  • Fixed an issue where the Warm Welcome Ticket could not be exchanged for the Warm Welcome Package
  • Players will no longer be able to enter line breaks into chat
  • Completing battle Misty Summit (70-79) will now unlock the Champion Armor recipes
  • Completing battle Moonlight Peak (70-79) will now unlock the Champion Weapon recipes
  • Completing battle Desolate Malina (70-79) will now unlock the Majesty Armor recipes
  • Completing battle Gates of Hell (70-79) will now unlock the Majesty Weapon recipes
  • The description for titles “I said BE COOL” and “I Don’t Screw Around” have been swapped to match their respective titles.
  • The description for titles “I Do What I Want” and “Center of Attention” have been swapped to match their respective titles.
  • Adjusted the Supply Depot Purchase confirmation message to fit the allotted space
  • Changed the bonus objective text for Shady Forest from “Obtain Superior Iron Ores” to “Obtain Fine Iron Ores”
  • Fixed a typo in Brynn’s dialogue for the storyline Alchemy: Mercury Trap
  • Fixed a grammar mistake in the [System] message for the storyline Alchemy: Mercury Trap
  • Fixed a grammar mistake in Clodagh’s dialogue for the storyline Royal Army: Venomous Race
  • Fixed a typo in Clodagh’s dialogue for the storyline Peaceful Delegation
  • Fixed a typo in Marrec’s dialogue for the storyline A Mission from Gwynn
  • Fixed a typo in Brynn’s dialogue for the storyline Tieve’s Gift
Community Announcements - Saygo

In 2015, Lann, Fiona and Evie all experienced a rebirth in power that bestowed upon them new attacks, new abilities, and more powerful techniques making them equals among their counterparts. With the first update of 2016, another warrior has emerged from his training, ready to bring about another round of mayhem in Vindictus as the Karok Unleashed update has arrived!

Karok Unleashed

There's a lot to go into, as nearly every skill Karok has is getting a polish. Even Karok's body is not immune to the changes, as two new sliders have been added to the character customization menu: Head and Proportion.

Head does exactly what it sounds like, increasing or decreasing the size of Karok's skull to better fit with the variety of body sizes. Proportion, on the other hand, controls how Karok's muscles fit on his massive frame, the traditional heavy bulk, or taller with a more lean feel. These sliders can be selected when creating a new Karok or modified with an Appearance Alteration Coupon.

But don't let his looks be all that defines him, there's plenty of new abilities and changes that Karok can make use of with any weapon!

Check out the official Vindictus website for more information:
Dec 9, 2015
Community Announcements - NXA-Orellien

The Phantom Mage has arrived! Vindictus' first new mercenary to arrive since Arisha came a year ago, Sylas is a spell-slinging skirmisher with a powerful dagger and enough tricks to keep him one step ahead of his foes. Take a look at Sylas and his arsenal of spells and attacks below!

Primary Weapon: The Phantom Dagger

Sylas tears apart his foes with the aid of a new type of weapon, the Phantom Dagger. No mere close-quarters knife, Sylas has enchanted the blade with powerful magic that can sling the blade wherever he wishes. Each of his Normal Attacks sends the blade out to slice nearby foes, returning to Sylas's hand in time for the next strike. The quick strikes and long range lets Sylas dart in and out of the melee, building up his Combos and escaping before the hammer can fall.

Combos and Phantom Shards

Sylas's Combo attacks function much the same as many other mercenaries, using a combination of Normal Attacks to lead into Smash Attacks to trigger powerful strikes, including a heavy uppercut to send weaker foes flying and a spectral disc carving through all enemies in its path.

Sylas's Combos also come with a special bonus. Each Normal Attack from Sylas will create a Phantom Shard, orbiting the mage as he fights. When Sylas makes a Smash Attack, each of these Shards will fly at his enemy, dealing extra damage on top of the Smash Attack's violent impact. These shards serve a second purpose as well: If some foe does manage to land a blow, the Shards will be expended, absorbing a portion of the damage to keep the mystical skirmisher on his feet.

Full Ability List
In addition to the normal list of Masteries and Training common to all Mercenaries, Sylas can train in a variety of Active, Passive and Combo skills to help him take apart the Fomors wherever they lie. You can find his full list of abilities in the Sylas Update post on the official Vindictus Web Site!

Additional Character Slots
We understand that many of our players have several characters already, and thus might not have room for Sylas. Well, no need to shell out for a Premium Character Slot or agonize over what character to delete: With the Sylas Update, all accounts have an extra Character Slot to use, giving you a total of 6 free character slots!

We've also expanded the number of character slots per account as well. You can purchase up to 14 Premium Character Slots, providing up to 100% bonus Battle EXP, a total of 20 characters possible per account.

Phantom Mage Sales

The Phantom Mage is here, and we've got a quartet of packages perfect for new characters starting their tour against the Fomors! This includes the Beauty Package to customize your characters just right, the Boost Package to get Sylas loaded up for bear, the Winged Heart Sets giving Sylas his set of Level 60 gear that's usable at Level 1... and the Sylas One-Shot Package with nearly all of the above and more.

Check out the Phantom Mage Sales post for more details!

Vindict-Mas Events

Welcome to Vindict-Mas! While Sylas is the headliner for the update this December, we haven't forgotten about the holiday season, and we've got a few special events to mark the occasion! Sylas has a pair of events himself for those that want to race up the ranks and more!

Check out the Vindict-Mas Events post for more details!

Other Changes
  • Fixed a PvP exploit where players were able to enter matches and remain in an invulnerable state
  • Corrected a typo for one of Brynn's dialogue for quest Two Parts
  • Fixed a text issue for the Enthusiastic Enchant Scroll
  • Fixed an issue where the Guild Storage buttons appear corrupted
  • Fixed an issue where the 5th Anniversary Emblem was no longer appearing
Known Issues
  • Sylas can only purchase the Short Layered Hair once, any subsequent attempts causing an error when attempting to do so. This will be addressed in an upcoming patch
Community Announcements - NXA-Orellien

We here at Nexon America want to show all of our loyal players how much we appreciate their support by giving out free items across all of our games. Login to each game during the event period to receive FREE in-game items and special limited offers!

Atlantica Online:
Dirty Bomb:
Dragon Nest:
Community Announcements - NxA_OneLetter
Thanksgiving is nearly upon us and we wanted to give thanks to all of our players by holding a special Player Appreciation Event. With this event we want to show all of our loyal Nexon players how much we appreciate their support by giving out some free items across all of our Nexon America games including Vindictus!

Here's How to Collect Your free Player Appreciation Event Gift Package in Vindictus:

Log in to Vindictus any time during the event period (November 12th – November 26th) and look for the free Tieve's Affection Package in the shop. It costs exactly 0 NX to purchase, although you can only get one per account.

The Tieve's Affection Package includes:
  • 7 Day VVIP Package --- Grants bonus Evil Cores from bosses, free Goddess Graces and Merc Recovery Plus Potions every day, Stat Boost and more
  • 7 Day Cadet Badge --- Grants +600 DEF and +10 LUK
  • 10x Divine Blessing Stones --- Grants a bonus to EXP, AP and Luck when used before a Battle Quest
  • 3x Goddess Graces (Party) --- Revives all slain members of your party, including yourself, during a Battle Quest

Nexon America’s Player Appreciation Event is taking place across all of our games, giving you an opportunity to get FREE items in all your favorite Nexon games.

*Limit 1 free gift package per game, per event-registered account. Limited time event; game-specific event times vary. Click the links above for details about each game’s event. Only available to accounts in good standing. Nexon America’s computers will be the official time-keeping devices. All times will be in Pacific Daylight Time. Please allow up to four (4) weeks for the free gift package to be distributed to all confirmed registrants after the close of all events.
Community Announcements - NXA-Orellien
5 years ago, we here at Nexon America brought Vindictus, a rather different look at the world of Mabinogi, to the shores of the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand. Over those five years, countless Fomors have been slain, new and varied mercenaries have joined the field, epic raid bosses, several stories tall, have come around to be utterly demolished, and only Fergus knows how many pieces of armor have been sundered. In celebration of our 5th anniversary, we've got 5 special events to mark the occasion.

5th Anniversary Package

First on the block is a free giveaway to all of our players that login during our 5th Anniversary! From noon on Tuesday, October 27th to noon on Wednesday, October 28th, all players that login to Vindictus will be able to claim a package from the Strange Traveler that resides in the Colhen Inn. Containing an exclusive title, a powerful, limited time weapon and more, you'll have to login during our 5th Anniversary to get the full contents.

Event Start
  • Tuesday, October 27th, 2015 (12:00 PM PST, 3:00 PM EST, 7:00 AM AEDT 11/28)
Event End
  • Wednesday, October 28th, 2015 (12:00 PM PST, 3:00 PM EST, 7:00 AM AEDT 11/29)
Event Details
  • Speak to the Strange Traveler in Colhen to claim the 5th Anniversary Package.
Package Contents
  • Login during the 5th Aniversary to find out!

Crimson Commander Package

We're also bringing out a special new case for the occasion. The Crimson Commander Package is a special box that contains a random, valuable item. While you can claim AP 2000 Capsules, Dye Ampoules filled with a variety of sharp colors (including Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, White and Black), Permanent Chest Expansion Tickets, Devils Wings and much more, the prizes that stand out the most are the two outfitters within: The Iset Set for the ladies and the Keaghan Set for the men!

This limited-time Package will only be available for purchase for 4,000 NX (max of 10 per account) from noon on Monday, October 26th until noon on Wednesday, November 11th, so you better claim it while you still can.

Sale Start
  • Monday, October 26th (12:00 PM PST, 3:00 PM EST, 7:00 AM AEDT 11/28)
Sale End
  • Wednesday, November 11th (12:00 PM PST, 3:00 PM EST, 7:00 AM AEDT 11/28)
Possible Contents
3% chance of receiving one of the following:
  • Keaghan Set
  • Iset Set
  • Exquisite Enchant Rune
  • Devil Wings
  • Phoenix Wings
  • White Phoenix Wings
Other Contents:
  • AP 1000 - 2000 Capsule
  • Outfit Dye Ampoule (Filled) - Real Black
  • Premium Weapon Fusion Rune
  • Body Tattoo Coupon
  • 45x Merc Recovery Potion Plus
  • Permanent Beard/Makeup Coupon
  • Skill Awakening Delimiter Erg (60%)
  • Clodagh's Dye Ampoule (Filled) - Blue
  • And More!
  • 1x Crimson Commander Package: 4,000 NX
  • Rewards a Random Item from the possible contents
  • Can open from the Bigby Bottomless Box screen
  • Max of 10x Crimson Commander Packages purchased per account

5th Anniversary Flash Sale

We're also pushing out a limited time Flash Sale that will give you a massive deal on seven of our most popular items at a ridiculously cheap price! From noon on Tuesday, October 27th until noon on Wednesday, October 28th, the Enhancement Rune, Enchant Rune, Weapon Fusion Rune, Clodagh's Dye Ampoule, Avatar Dye Ampoule, 5x stacks of Unbind Potion and all three of our Season 3 Battle Boxes will all be available for 555 NX each! Each item can only be purchased once per account. You'll never find an amazing offer like this again!

Sale Start
  • Tuesday, October 27th, 2015 (12:00 PM PST, 3:00 PM EST, 7:00 AM AEDT 11/28)
Sale End
  • Wednesday, October 28th, 2015 (12:00 PM PST, 3:00 PM EST, 7:00 AM AEDT 11/29)
Sale Items
  • 1x Enhancement Rune: 555 NX
  • 1x Enchant Rune: 555 NX
  • 1x Weapon Fusion Rune: 555 NX
  • 5x Regina Battle Box: 555 NX
  • 5x Braha Battle Box: 555 NX
  • 5x Lord Glas Battle Box: 555 NX
  • 1x Clodagh's Dye Ampoule: 555 NX
  • 1x Avatar Dye Ampoule: 555 NX
  • 5x Unbind Potion: 555 NX
  • Only one purchase per item per account

5th Anniversary Monster Bingo

But maybe you wanted one of the Crimson Commander Packages without having to drop some NX on it? Well you've got a chance for it now. From Monday, October 26th through Sunday, November 15th, Monster Bingo is back, and the grand prize is a free Crimson Commander Package! There's plenty of other rewards too, including Fox Ears, a free AP Box and more!

During the event, specific monsters throughout Vindictus will drop Bingo numbers, a different number each day and two numbers on Saturday and Sunday. As you collect more and more of the numbers, more prizes will unlock, and as you claim the rows you'll inch your way up to the Crimson Commander Package and your chance at the Kaeghan or Iset sets!

Once you have a Bingo, you'll be able to claim your rewards by clicking on the "Get Reward" button, but be careful: Doing so will also reset the board, destroying all of your collected numbers, so only claim them once you're happy with the rewards you've unlocked.


Fox Ear Hairpin

Completed Rows(Top to Bottom)
  • 3x Goddess Grace
  • 1x Goddess Grace (Party)
  • 5x Enhancement Elixir
  • 3x Paradise Enhancement Stone
  • 5x Godly Iron Ore
Completed Columns (Left to Right)
  • 20x Fine HP Potions
  • 3x Magic Elixir
  • 3x Server Megaphone
  • 3x SP Recovery Potion
  • 5x AP Blessing Stone
  • 5x Party Revival Feather
  • 3x Divine Blessing Stones
Bingo Completions (Each Row, Column and Diagonal counts as 1 Bingo)
  • 3 Bingos: Maximum 10,000 AP Capsule Gift Box
  • 5 Bingos: 1x Sealed Enchant Scroll
  • 8 Bingos: 1x Fox Ears Hairpin
  • 12 Bingos: 1x Crimson Commander Package

Event Start
  • Monday, October 26th
Event End
  • Sunday, November 15th (11:59 PM PST, 2:59 AM EST 11/16, 6:59 PM AEDT 11/16)
  • Bingo board can be found in the Random menu
  • Selected, unannounced monsters will drop Bingo Numbers when killed
  • Use those Bingo Numbers on the Bingo board
  • Collect all the Numbers in a Row, Column or Diagonal to unlock a Bingo prize
  • Unlock multiple Bingos for more prizes
  • Once prizes are claimed, the board will reset and used numbers will be lost
  • A total of 25 Numbers will drop

5th Anniversary Boost Event

And finally, as our 5th item for our 5th Anniversary, we're giving everyone a massive EXP and AP Boost for the next two weekends! No twists, no special rules, just hit up Vindictus on Friday, Saturday and Sunday for the weekends of October 30th and November 6th to boost your levels!

First Weekend
  • Friday, October 30th - Sunday, November 1st

Second Weekend
  • Friday, November 6th - Sunday, November 8th
  • +100% EXP and AP from Battle Quests
  • Does not affect AP or EXP earned outside of Battle Quests.
Community Announcements - NXA-Orellien

Season 3 has been on a roll since the appearance of Muir and the encounter with the Elves of Ben Chenner, and it's time for the next chapter to the story: The Name of Erinn. With this latest chapter comes a new Raid boss, new armor, new items, a renewal of things past and much more. Take a look at what's come in Season 3 - Chapter 3 and all the battles in store.

New Raid Boss: Lord Glas Ghaibhleann

Do you remember, deep below the ruins of Ainle, when a simple investigation unveiled an ancient, shackled monster? Tall as houses, four arms with two massive blades, magic and more? Glas Ghaibhleann was the name of the creature slain that day, but what once was has come again, and he is no longer weakened by eons of captivity.

Lord Glas Ghaibhleann stands in your way again, and the speed of his swords and his diving assaults will devastate any too slow to escape him. His magic is formidable as well, sending out bursts of energy to pummel those unable to get out of the way. But his new tricks are what you will truly need to watch for.

As you wear Lord Glas down, dark voids will appear around the room, pulling any warriors near it to the core... where a very grisly fate awaits. Gravity itself is under Lord Glas' command, as he will cast his Reverse Gravity spell to lift all of his foes into the air and slamming them back to the ground... unless you can find a safe place to stand.

Lord Glas Ghaibhleann can be fought through the "Temple of the Fallen Moon" raid battle, available to characters between 80 and 90. While you can face him alone if you really want, you'd be best suited to bring a full group of eight along with you, to make sure there's someone around to pick you up off the ground. And as with all Raids, you normally only get one shot at him per day, unless you're a VIP (2) or take him on in the next few weeks, thanks to the Lord Glas Ghaibhleann Raid Event.

New Gear: Terminus Sentinel Set

As with Regina and Braha, defeating Lord Glas will unlock the ability to craft a new Armor Set, the Terminus Sentinel Set. The Keystones for this Light Armor Set can be claimed after defeating Lord Glas, letting you construct this gorgeous leather coat over metal breastplate armor, a pinnacle of style and function.

New Enchant Drops for Light and Cloth Armor

The best gear needs some good Enchants to kick it up to the next level, and what would we be if we did not oblige? Four Rank 7 Enchant Scrolls, formerly only available during limited time events, can now be acquired by defeating Season 2 Raid Bosses! While these rare scrolls will give your armor a wealth of bonuses, they can only enchant Light or Cloth armor. Those enchanting their Cloth Armor will even get a bonus of ATT and M.ATT when doing so.

Armor Renewal

As we approach Vindictus' 5<sup>th</sup> anniversary, it's long since time to take a look back at the vast amounts of equipment warriors stumble across as they advance through the story. Most armor was separated by gender, excluding a few of our newer characters, or only for a specific characters as well.

No more. We've gone through just about every piece of armor and reduced the restrictions across the board. Just about anyone will be able to put on the armor they find and take it into battle, although Hurk and Karok's massive frame will still prevent some equipment from being used. Several hundred items have been adjusted, making it far easier for those still leveling up to remain well equipped for the battles to come.

Equipment Mastery Cost Reduced

With all the powerful gear requiring high ranks of skills, AP's never been so valuable. To make it easier for everyone to get their Equipment Mastery skills up, we've dramatically reduced the AP costs for Rank 9 through Rank 5 for all Weapon and Armor skills (Excluding Large Shield Mastery, Vella's Twin Sword Mastery and Focus Mastery).

Story Completion Bonus

Those of you still working on getting through the stories of Season 1 and 2 will find a new reason to get through that last mission. Completing a Chapter from Season 1 or Season 2 will reward you with a bonus AP Capsule to help you keep above the difficulty curve. This AP amount varies based on the Chapter completed, starting at 100 AP for Chapter 1, to 500 AP for most higher level chapters, and up to 1000 AP for completing the final chapter of a Season.

Tutorial Improvement

Have friends interested in Vindictus, or just want to try out a new character? We've improved the Tutorials in the first few missions of Vindictus, to help explain the use of certain items, what aspects of the UI do, introduce the basic combos for your current class and more.

Bloody Wedding Sales

Halloween is almost here, and this month's newest outfits are in the season and wouldn't be out of place in a horror film. There's also new Inner Armors, a new Hairstyle, a new Season 3 Battle Box and even a special new face paint, perfect for the occasion.

Check out all the details in the Bloody Wedding Sales post.

Night of the Damned Events

As the end of October arrives, Halloween approaches. We have a special event tailor-made for the spooky season, where terror and candy reign supreme, and a new event to help you take Lord Glas Ghaibhleann down over and over.

Check out the details in the Night of the Damned Events post.

Other Changes

Check out the full list of additional changes in the main web post!

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