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Community Announcements - ST_Team


This weekend you will have cool space-bonuses and discounts:
  • You'll have a х3 Bonus for the First Victory
  • Bonus +50% to synergy gain in battle
  • Bonus +100% to synergy extraction
  • 50% Discount on ALL Т4 and Т5 ships!

Get ready for this weekend! Newest Fleet ships are here!

Star Conflict Team
Apr 17, 2014
Community Announcements - ST_Team
Pilots! Servers are up - you can join the fight!

And winners of today's 'Maintenance training' are:
1. KeePsTaY - 1st place, 700 Galactic Standards
2. LatexIdo - 2nd place, 650 Galactic Standards
3. JarlBallin - 3rd place, 600 Galactic Standards
4. Liuron - 4th place, 550 Galactic Standards
5. Legionario01 - 5th place, 500 Galactic Standards

Congratulations, pilots!
Community Announcements - ST_Team


Meet the latest premium guard frigate - 'Blood Tormentor'

The ship is available for Jericho pilots at T3 tech level and has some special features:
  • Brings double profit;
  • Does not need repairs;
  • Has two additional cargo slots;
  • Accumulates 20% free synergy;
  • Maximum capacitor volume increased by 20%;
  • Shield resistance to all damage increased 10 pts.;
  • Weapon damage increased by 10%.

Feel that you are 'Most Wanted' and destroy your enemies with this ship!

Star Conflict Team.
Apr 17, 2014
Community Announcements - ST_Team


In "Maintenance training" the Command tests your skill and knowledge! In order to survive in Precursors Sectors our pilots must have a sharp logic and knowledge about the ancient history of space conquest!

Training task: You need to decipher module names and then submit them in this form!

Prize pool:
1. 700 Galactic Standards
2. 650 Galactic Standards
3. 600 Galactic Standards
4. 550 Galactic Standards
5. 500 Galactic Standards

Take part, be the first one to answer and win!
And don't forget to tell your friends!

Star Conflict Team
Community Announcements - ST_Team

Pilots! Star Conflict servers are going on maintenance and installation of this week's update! Estimated time of completion: 11.00 GMT.

In this update you will see:
  • New Jericho Premium-ship "Blood Tormentor"
  • Imroved "Team Deathmatch" mode
  • Enhanced server stability
  • Bug fixes

While you are waiting for maintenance to complete, you can read detailed update description on our forums - and don't forget to take part in our 'Maintenance Training' event!

Star Conflict Team.
Community Announcements - ST_Team
Pilots, as you know from our newest Devblog entry, tomorrow there will be a new atmospheric soundtrack, composed specifically for new 'Team Deathmatch' PvP-mode! You can listen to it right now: Soundcloud

Community Announcements - ST_Team

Pilots! We have published a new entry in our Devblog, there you can read about:
  • PvP in the upcoming mode
  • Updated Fan-kit
  • Additional map for TDM mode
  • New Original soundtrack for TDM mode

Soon there will be other interesting news, follow our announcements!

Star Conflict Team.
Community Announcements - ST_Team
Star Conflict Servers are up and running again! We thank you for the wait - you can now return to fights!
Community Announcements - ST_Team
At the moment Star Conflict servers experience minor technical difficulties - some of our players may have troubles logging in.

We are working to fix this as we speak. As soon as the problem is resolved we will make an announcement, please be patient - soon you will be able to join our battles again!
Community Announcements - ST_Team


Star Conflict Team congratulates you with a very special occasion - International Day of Human Space Flight!

This day is indeed very special to all of us, as on April 12th, 1961 Yuri Gagarin, a soviet citizen, has taken the very first flight around our planet in the spaceship "Vostok". Thus era of manned space flight had opened.

And we are incredibly happy that you are celebrating this day with us! Don't forget - only this weekend you may recieve a unqiue achievement 'Cosomautics Day'!

Star Conflict Team.

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