Community Announcements - ST_Team

+ 2 days long premium license to resist the alien's attack!
Community Announcements - ST_Team

The enemy's onslaught gets more intense! Besides attacking the sectors in the systems of the Empire, Federation and Jericho the enemies are also penetrating the locations where are the battles between the mercenary groups. It seems like the Devil himself helps them!
Community Announcements - ST_Team

An insidious enemy surprised us and attacked our positions this morning! The pilots from border sectors reported about an open portals in the systems of the Empire, Federation and Jericho. According to these reports — it's only the beginning. Aliens will intensify their onslaught.
We want to remind you that the enemy has already made a similar attempt to destroy our key stations in the borderland two months ago. We united together at that time and we were able to defend our space, destroy the invading enemies and expel the aliens.

It's time to unite again. Do not give a parsec of our space to the enemies! Aliens, get out of our galaxy! The only good alien is a dead alien!!
Community Announcements - ST_Team

The zone ‘Iridium Stream’ keeps many secrets. It holds a massive high-quality Iridium mining operation, which is one of the most important resources in the galaxy, but among the asteroids and mining stations, hide the ruins of ancient civilizations.
Massive shields connected with a strange energy shield were definitely built for protection, and the strange obelisks of unknown material still emit energy. Mysteries held by these ruins attract scientists from all over the galaxy.
Occasional fights for the right to control Iridium deposits between sides of conflict break out from time to time.
Aliens are also very active in the systems. Frequent battles with Alien ships wear out the human forces. The Aliens may be preparing ground for a full-scale invasion of the system. What made them so curious about the ruins? So far, the human fleets are holding the line.

But will it last?

Check out an amazing panorama on Star Conflict profile on Round.me
Community Announcements - ST_Team

Pilots, we are interested in your opinion!
What is the most important thing in the game?
Click here to vote!
Community Announcements - ST_Team

Dear players of Star Conflict, and pet owners in particular!

We are happy to announce the launch of a new competition of creative works on the space theme, with the participation of your pets!

For more details please follow the link
Community Announcements - ST_Team

Pilots! Update 1.0.5 is ready for uploading to your ship systems!

- The gate from Terramorphing Station to Abandoned Outpost is now back online
- Now you can find out how much time is left until PvE mission rotation

Read more in the report of the Centre's chief tech specialist
Community Announcements - ST_Team

Pilots! New PvE mission and ‘Invasion’ location are already in the game!

A recently formed structure ‘Ellydium’ is engaged in research of Alien technology and study of the properties of Iridium. They constructed a prototype installation for the processing and the practical application of Iridium in military areas and followed it up with a number of successful experiments in this area. According to intelligence reports, the Cartel is behind this organization. We have to carry out a raid to seize the ‘extra’ Iridium from the ‘Ellydium’ base and hand it over to more loyal groups.

Community Announcements - ST_Team

Mercenaries! Update 1.0.4 is ready for uploading to your ship systems!

— Added a new PvE Mission
— Added a new location
— Tweaked module balance

Read more in the report of the Centre's chief tech specialist
Community Announcements - ST_Team

Pilots! Don't miss a special offer this weekend only:

  • 50% discount on ALL T4-T5 ships
  • 20% discount on T3 ship bundles

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