Community Announcements - [Sector3] Sonat Ozturk

Hotfix Patch

- Fixed issue with position bar showing wrong time left e.g. 30 mins on 60 min race.
- Changed so that only race and practice (track test) session replays are saved.
- Replay is saved when the session ends in Single Player.
- Replay is saved when player receives session results from dedicated server in Multiplayer.
- Fixed Replay menu appearing broken.
- Fixed issue with being unable to start championship in R3E if race length was set to 10 minutes.
- Fixed an inconsistency in length between practice, qualifying and race sessions.
- Changed so that the crash dump window shows our name correctly: Sector3 instead of Sector 3.
- Temporarily fixed randomly assigned tyre compounds in MP by making prime default. (Temporary until garage phase is implemented).
- Fixed a small issue with tyre spring calculation being wrong as it was sometimes using the wrong tyre compound.

- Suzuka – Fixed invisible tyre collision in degner 2 among other various fixes.
- Slovakiaring – Fixed invisible tyre collision issue.
Community Announcements - [Sector3] Sonat Ozturk
- Fixed MP servers not showing ping in MP browser.

- Fixed timing synchronization issues that caused players not to be able to see each other among other time related issues in MP sessions.

- Fixed shader compilation crash that was occurring when shadow settings were set to low/OFF.
Community Announcements - [Sector3] Sonat Ozturk

What’s New (Summary)
- Custom Championships.
- Mouse Steering. You can now select the mouse steering profile in the controller settings.
- Track rotation in Multiplayer.
- 3 new FFB multipliers for spring, damper and friction in FFB settings.

- Added Custom Championships in RRE.
- Shadow map improvements to make car shadows smoother.
- Put local shadow map back to 32 bits for smoother car shadows.
- Added car shadow kernel and epsilon.
- Implemented better device support by changing device ID to include instance, wheel type and rim type ID’s to support several devices of the same type and to differentiate between devices that share the same product ID. (Fanatec CSR and CSR Elite for example). More default profiles will be added later.
- Fixed the mixup in ADAC championship screen where tracks showed under cars header and vice versa.
- Fixed IBL (Image Based Lighting) not loading for Sonoma in replays.
- Fixed AI hitting pit wall from standing start in Sonoma.
- Fixed cut track penalty message coming up after rolling start in LBC start.
- Changed the banger sound priority from medium to high so they play when full grid.
- Fixed an issue with AI launch from 1st gear.
- Fixed an issue with disappearing skid sounds.
- Fixed triggering issues with pitcams.
- Changed RRE timing screen a bit to make IN PIT (yellow) text more readable.
- Added Mouse Steering.
- Added 3 new FFB options. Spring, Damper and friction strength. These work as multiplers and multiply what is set in the driver. Default profiles have these off by default.
- Tweaked all the default profiles due to changes. Please note your old control profiles will be backed up and won’t be usable.
- Default Controlset: Changed ffb steer friction and damper coefficients to 0.0
- Default Controlset: Changed ffb steer friction and damper saturations to 1.0
- Default Controlset: Changed spring saturation and coefficient pos and neg to 1.0
- Default Controlset: Added ffb steer spring coefficient.
- Default Controlset: Changed default spring coefficient per axis to 1.0

- Implemented Time of Day per session support.
- Implemented password support on dedicated side.
- Implemented track rotation.
- Implemented Server names.
- We now cache ping in MP browser to avoid unnecessary pinging.
- Made changes so the server list refreshes are only processed when not connected to a server.
- Made changes to make sure pending server browser updates are cancelled when joining a server.
- We no longer auto refresh in MP browser.
- Added the Community Dedicated groundwork for release soon.
- Various dedicated side improvements.

AI & Physics & Camera & Audio
- Sonoma - Fixed AI having issues with pit entry and tweaked AI speed.
- Portimao – Fixed hairpin inside cut rules for Amateur
- DTM 92 cars – AI tweaks, Improved Audi handling.
- Revised all Gr.5 class car physics.
- Revised all GTR2 class car physics.
- Sonoma - Fixed helicam sound trigger.

- Increased Shadow draw distance.
- Lowered shadow noise in McLaren cockpit to make it less intrusive.
- Tweaked shadow blur.
- RUF RT12R – Fixed braking light in the middle still appearing floating after wing is gone due to damage.
- Audi LMS Ultra – Fixed flipped KW logo.
- Chevrolet Camaro GT3 – Fixed mapping on the driver right arm.
- ALL CARS – General rebalancing to bring them to the same level.
- Reduced frequency of headlight flashing on all cars.
- Zakspeed Capri – Replaced redstone tyrebranding with Goodyear on livery 7 and 8
- BMW 320T - Replaced redstone tyrebranding with Goodyear on livery 9 and 10

Portal & System Backend
- Changed the portal main webpage.
- Added fan page directory.
- Various store related fixes.
- We now highlight VIP drivers, DEVs, as well as friends in MP browser.
- Implemented a new Leaderboard Updater system for better performance and to fix the issue with Leaderboard entry sometimes not updating.
- Added new tab in competition page that shows all past competitions.
- RRRE competition page now shows competitions from other experience.
- Fixed an issue with links for finished competition in fan pages.
- Fixed an issue where purchase of alternative liveries for cars purchased via packs would not work sometimes.
- Fixed an error when buying a livery before the car if they’re in the same cart.
- Fixed so that the dashboard correctly redirects to user profile page.
- Removed irrelevant text from the introduction popups in portal.
Fixed layout issues in checkout popup.
- Default user avatar helmets are now randomly assigned out of 24 new helmet images instead of the old helmet, to add more colour and variety to the leaderboards.

Known Issues:
- Multiplayer browser does not show ping times. This is only visual and the servers should work perfectly fine.
Community Announcements - [Sector3] Sonat Ozturk
- Added Sonoma Raceway.
- Fixed Cut track penalty coming up after the rolling start in Leaderboard Challenge

Community Announcements - [Sector3] Sonat Ozturk

- Fixed an issue where nothing happened when players clicked on a livery in MP. Please make sure you are entering a server you have a ping to ( - means no ping)


- Removed forced camera in pits.
- Fixed AI overtaking during rolling start.
- Fixed an issue with Italian FFB descriptions getting cut.
- Optimized graphical performance.
- Fixed an issue where the final standings screen would show the same number for two cars.
- Fixed an issue where force feedback and rumble was still sending data when quitting or getting disqualified.
- Fixed an issue with end results screen.
- Fixed an issue where the amount of fuel in cars differed between game modes.
- Fixed an issue where the last race results overlay showed all entries as “28”.
- Fixed an issue where the default steering lock would change to the wrong default locks.
- Fixed an issue where player would end up in garage menu with DRIVE option with no function, when getting disqualified during qualifying session.
- We now save after each session (practice, qualify, race) instead of after an event (race) in championships.
- Fixed an issue with AI pitting on last lap.
- Fixed an issue with AI being shown as “+1 lap” in results if player wins the race.
- Fixed the squashed red “Quit” button in old menu dialogue box.
- Fixed an issue where the scrollbar was not uniform across all the Controller settings pages.
- Fixed an issue with wheel range and steering lock randomly getting reset.
- Fixed an issue where user was unable to load into a track with AI if the user didn’t own the AI car.
- Fixed lap counter in pause menu not always matching with the real lap counter.
- Fixed an issue where some users were unable to join competitions.
- Fixed an issue where users could get “Invalid game or game settings” error message while going from an experience menu back to the old green orb menus.

- Fixed a memory leak on dedicated server.
- Fixed an issue with rolling start for Multiplayer Qualify and Race.
- Changed so the default race end time is 60 in case it’s not set on server end to avoid players getting kicked out.
- Added additional logging functionalities to catch the issue where player clicks on the livery repeatedly but nothing happens. Please make sure you have ping to the server before entering.
- Fixed an issue in race results when two players cross the finish line very close to each other.

AI & Physics & Sound
- Revised Aquila Physics.
- Revised Daytona Prototype Physics.
- Adjusted BMW M3 E30 Gr.A sounds.

- Mid Ohio - Various art fixes.
- Slovakiaring – Various bug fixes and updates.
- Hungaroring – Various bug fixes and performance improvements.
- Suzuka – Various bug fixes and improvements.

- Optimized images overall. We now use Webp instead of PNG in game themes to improve menu loading.
- Added test drive to purchase item prompt in RR experience.
- Changed the support links to direct to our new forums
- Added additional login options in various prompts if user is not logged in.
- Fixed an issue where VIP profile backgrounds would take over the Experience style in non RR experience portal pages.
- We now show which packs an item is available in individual item pages rather than in checkout only.
- MP Browser – Changed so that we only show – on servers with no ping for the first time to avoid flickering by repeating.
- Fixed DTM 2014 default leaderboard page showing DTM 2013 car class by default.
- Fixed an issue where users could not load into certain tracks such as purchased via European Track Pack, before the pack was updated with more tracks.
Community Announcements - Marcus Jaeger

Enjoy racing one of motorsport’s oldest traditions and add some time-honored class to your RaceRoom lineup with the newly expanded Hillclimb Pack. You’ll get the 10.5 km RaceRoom Hillclimb course and 5 car models covering 4 different RaceRoom car classes. Included in the pack are 13 historical bonus liveries from hillclimbing greats, like Giovanni Rossi’s #13 BMW M1 Procar, Claude-François Jeanneret’s #96 BMW 320 Turbo, and Michel Pignard’s #52 BMW 635 CSI.

View the trailer and all of the Hillclimb pack content in store
Community Announcements - Marcus Jaeger
We'll be streaming live today, Thursday at 1600 CET, from Sector3 Studios in Skövde, Sweden.

In the broadcast we'll discuss today's game update, answer questions from the community, and share news about soon to be released content and features. Join us!
Community Announcements - Marcus Jaeger
View the newsletter

Owners of Bathurst Circuit[/url] are invited to hit the tarmac in a 10 day challenge featuring the cars of ADAC GT Masters, which are free-to-race this event.

A wide variety of cars will be available to race on Bathurst multiplayer servers between now and the long race's end, some of which will feature race lengths to test your endurance.

Take onBathurst in the time-attack challenge or multiplayer and you may encounter professional race drivers like Alon Day, Dennis Olsen and Kelvin van der Linde. These drivers and other motorsport VIPs have been wreaking havoc on unsuspecting RaceRoom players, online and atop RaceRoom leaderboards.

Save 20% on ADAC GT Masters Experience 2014, and 40% on Bathurst Circuit until the checkered flag flies over the Bathurst 12 Hour on February 8, 2015.
Community Announcements - Marcus Jaeger
A previously unknown bug found in the cut track rules at Portimao has been brought to our attention. Some players chose to exploit this bug and shortcut a portion of course layout, resulting in unrealistic times being recorded on the leaderboard. This exploit has now been patched.

We will relaunch the Fanatec competition with the updated cut rules and a new leaderboard, using the original competition terms and prize list. All players will need to submit a new lap time to be eligible to win. The competition will be launched anew at a later date.

We remind everyone that according to paragraph 16 of the EULA, use of exploits is not allowed anywhere in the game. Winning laps are verified manually and we reserve the right to exclude any time deemed to breach the EULA or individual competition rules.

We wish to thank the community members who reported the exploit, including some of the top competitors in the event. Thank you for your honesty!

As RaceRoom is still in development, these things can happen. Thank you all for your patience and understanding.
Dec 26, 2014
Community Announcements - Marcus Jaeger
We've been teasing it all month and today we're pleased to tell you that a new car pack has been released.

DTM 1992 Car Pack - 999 vRP

Our studio is closed for the holidays but that didn't stop passionate developers from releasing the DTM 1992 pack. A deep affection for motorsport drove us to finish this pack in 2014 and we hope you enjoy racing these cars as much as we have loved bringing them to RaceRoom.

The DTM 1992 pack contains the; BMW M3 Sport Evolution, Ford Mustang GT DTM, Mercedes 190E Evo II DTM, Opel Omega 3000 Evo500, and the Audi V8 DTM. Visit the store page to check out the trailer and to see the 25 liveries included in the DTM 1992 car pack.

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