Community Announcements - [Sector3] Sonat Ozturk

- Fixed some resolution and refresh rate related issues that were causing problems specifically for players using Windows 10.

- Game now correctly starts in full screen if the monitor is 59hz, instead of starting in safe resolution. Please note Windows 10 seems to sometimes pass certain 60hz monitors as 59hz even if it states 60 in the system.

- Added additional logging functionalities to catch in-game browser issues.

Community Announcements - [Sector3] Sonat Ozturk

- Fixed an issue in spectator mode where the wrong slot was sometimes assigned.
- Reverted the change that made full screen off by default.
- Changed it so that if the full screen mode fails to initialize, the game starts in a windowed mode with a safe resolution 1280x720.
- Added additional logging for resolution related issues.
Fixed an issue with symbolic links causing menu assets to not show.

AI, & Camera
- Zandvoort - Modified TV cameras for GP layout.
- Mazda Laguna Seca - Fixed cut track detection for T1 and pit exit area. This was being exploited in the leaderboards and the currently ongoing Thrustmaster sponsored competition. The leaderboards (including the competition leaderboard) for this track have been wiped clean.

- Oschersleben - Fixed a collision issue with pitlane objects.
- Shanghai - Performance optimizations.
- Zolder - Various art fixes and windmills mentioned in previous patch notes are now properly in.
Community Announcements - [Sector3] Sonat Ozturk

New Content
- Prepared the game for upcoming releases and sponsored competitions.

- Added Fanatec V2 support and default controller profiles.
- Added numerous additions to the Shared Memory to provide more data to 3rd party developers.
- Added individual controller profiles for different Fanatec rims.
- Implemented support so Fanatec rev-light works by default.
- Implemented Fanatec LED display support with following options:
- S-G Speed + Gear
- S Speed
- G Gear
- F Fuel
- POS Position
- OFF Off
- Added a new keybinding option for Fanatec LED Display cycle in secondary functions.
- Added a “Random” setting to Time of Day selection.
- Fixed a crash that could occur with older replays.
- Fixed an issue where cars would randomly lose body parts while watching replays.
- Fixed an issue where car shadows would sometimes stop moving.
- Fixed so that the Vehicle Settings apply when set in pause menu.
- Fixed an issue with loading screen popping up one frame between title and splash screen.
- Improved car shadows
- Improved shadow split performance
- Fixed a crash that was occurring at the end of hillclimb tracks.
- Added additional logging to catch resolution related errors.
- Added additional logging to catch potential ffb/physics issues.
- Fixed an issue where the server difficulty was not matching with what was showing in-game.
- Fixed having 2 “Continue to Results” in pause menu in certain cases.
- Fixed an issue that could cause path to user documents be wrong.
- Fixed Player name and End of Session text not fitting the overlay.
- Fixed an issue where the car was moving at start if gear is engaged.
- Fixed AI in main path braking for cars that are slowing down while entering pitlane.
- Fixed a potential AI distance error for cars to the left/right on different paths.
- Changed default steering lock for gamepads from 13 to 8.
- Updated some values on all gamepad default profiles.
- Deployed code support for upcoming spectator mode (more information to be released later on the forum)

- Dedicated: Added result reports (basic version in json and xml format, additional data will be included later).
- Dedicated: Added options to upload reports to ftp and http.

AI, Physics & Audio
- Touring Classics physics overhaul. This class now matches performance with DTM 1992.
- Decreased gearshift backfire amount on some turbo cars
- Gumpert Apollo gearshift backfires adjusted
- P4/5 Competizione new internal sounds
- Removed the ability to use traction control in Touring Classics
- Sachsenring - Fixed AI car hitting pitwall under ai control during pitstops.
- Sachsenring - Merged cut track rules across all difficulty levels.

- Reduced quantity of advertisement boards around most of the tracks, and moved some around so it all looks more like it belongs.
- Zolder: added windmills in the distance
- RaceRoom Hillclimb: Deleted animated 2D flags, replaced audience with some more high polygons bodies, replaced 2D audience with new ones
- Lakeview Hillclimb: Deleted animated 2D flags, replaced audience with some more highpolygons bodies, replaced 2D audience with new ones.
- Chevrolet Dekon Monza - Fixed some heavy glare on interior windows.
- Various livery tweaks to DTM 2015 cars (available only through the DTM Virtual Championship)

- Added VIP Drivers directory in portal which will list all the VIP drivers.
- Optimized login flow by removing redundant user page load before redirecting to menus.
- Added failover on MW timeouts.
- Added additional checks for store transaction fails.
- Fixed an issue with user content cache which was getting invalidated after adding price to a new content.
- Fixed discounts not being considered for second pack in the cart.
- Fixed an issue with user content cache which was getting invalidated after adding a a new content.
- Fixed discounts not being considered for second pack in the cart.
- Fixed an issue where some transactions were remaining pending and not getting completed.
- Optimized loading times for user content.
- Optimized loading times for web menus.
- Fixed a caching issue that was causing image assets not to load correctly on some browsers such as Safari.
Community Announcements - [Sector3] Sonat Ozturk

-Fixed Logitech Profiler users getting stuck in title screen due to Logitech software taking focus from the game window.

- Fixed a crash that was occuring when going to controller profiles in DTM Experience menus.

- Fixed missing assets in Option Menus.
Community Announcements - [Sector3] Sonat Ozturk
- Fixed an issue where players were getting locked in a black screen after manually logging in.
Community Announcements - [Sector3] Sonat Ozturk
- Fixed Error 13 issues which was occurring due to having too many MP servers which was causing encryption failures.

- Temporarily disabled Garage Phase in Multiplayer which was causing various issues at race start.

- Added a potential fix for the issue where players see the white experience menus but no buttons to click.

Dedicated Server
- Updated dedicated for mp side fixes to take affect. The old dedicated servers will expire, please update your dedicated servers application via Steam.

- Removed Hillcimb tracks from MP dedi server frontend track list.

- Disabled the ability to set rolling start for race session.
Community Announcements - [Sector3] Sonat Ozturk
Due to patch notes being too long we can't list it here. Please go to the link below to get the full patch notes on our forums.

Community Announcements - [Sector3] Sonat Ozturk

Hotfix Patch

- Fixed issue with position bar showing wrong time left e.g. 30 mins on 60 min race.
- Changed so that only race and practice (track test) session replays are saved.
- Replay is saved when the session ends in Single Player.
- Replay is saved when player receives session results from dedicated server in Multiplayer.
- Fixed Replay menu appearing broken.
- Fixed issue with being unable to start championship in R3E if race length was set to 10 minutes.
- Fixed an inconsistency in length between practice, qualifying and race sessions.
- Changed so that the crash dump window shows our name correctly: Sector3 instead of Sector 3.
- Temporarily fixed randomly assigned tyre compounds in MP by making prime default. (Temporary until garage phase is implemented).
- Fixed a small issue with tyre spring calculation being wrong as it was sometimes using the wrong tyre compound.

- Suzuka – Fixed invisible tyre collision in degner 2 among other various fixes.
- Slovakiaring – Fixed invisible tyre collision issue.
Community Announcements - [Sector3] Sonat Ozturk
- Fixed MP servers not showing ping in MP browser.

- Fixed timing synchronization issues that caused players not to be able to see each other among other time related issues in MP sessions.

- Fixed shader compilation crash that was occurring when shadow settings were set to low/OFF.
Community Announcements - [Sector3] Sonat Ozturk

What’s New (Summary)
- Custom Championships.
- Mouse Steering. You can now select the mouse steering profile in the controller settings.
- Track rotation in Multiplayer.
- 3 new FFB multipliers for spring, damper and friction in FFB settings.

- Added Custom Championships in RRE.
- Shadow map improvements to make car shadows smoother.
- Put local shadow map back to 32 bits for smoother car shadows.
- Added car shadow kernel and epsilon.
- Implemented better device support by changing device ID to include instance, wheel type and rim type ID’s to support several devices of the same type and to differentiate between devices that share the same product ID. (Fanatec CSR and CSR Elite for example). More default profiles will be added later.
- Fixed the mixup in ADAC championship screen where tracks showed under cars header and vice versa.
- Fixed IBL (Image Based Lighting) not loading for Sonoma in replays.
- Fixed AI hitting pit wall from standing start in Sonoma.
- Fixed cut track penalty message coming up after rolling start in LBC start.
- Changed the banger sound priority from medium to high so they play when full grid.
- Fixed an issue with AI launch from 1st gear.
- Fixed an issue with disappearing skid sounds.
- Fixed triggering issues with pitcams.
- Changed RRE timing screen a bit to make IN PIT (yellow) text more readable.
- Added Mouse Steering.
- Added 3 new FFB options. Spring, Damper and friction strength. These work as multiplers and multiply what is set in the driver. Default profiles have these off by default.
- Tweaked all the default profiles due to changes. Please note your old control profiles will be backed up and won’t be usable.
- Default Controlset: Changed ffb steer friction and damper coefficients to 0.0
- Default Controlset: Changed ffb steer friction and damper saturations to 1.0
- Default Controlset: Changed spring saturation and coefficient pos and neg to 1.0
- Default Controlset: Added ffb steer spring coefficient.
- Default Controlset: Changed default spring coefficient per axis to 1.0

- Implemented Time of Day per session support.
- Implemented password support on dedicated side.
- Implemented track rotation.
- Implemented Server names.
- We now cache ping in MP browser to avoid unnecessary pinging.
- Made changes so the server list refreshes are only processed when not connected to a server.
- Made changes to make sure pending server browser updates are cancelled when joining a server.
- We no longer auto refresh in MP browser.
- Added the Community Dedicated groundwork for release soon.
- Various dedicated side improvements.

AI & Physics & Camera & Audio
- Sonoma - Fixed AI having issues with pit entry and tweaked AI speed.
- Portimao – Fixed hairpin inside cut rules for Amateur
- DTM 92 cars – AI tweaks, Improved Audi handling.
- Revised all Gr.5 class car physics.
- Revised all GTR2 class car physics.
- Sonoma - Fixed helicam sound trigger.

- Increased Shadow draw distance.
- Lowered shadow noise in McLaren cockpit to make it less intrusive.
- Tweaked shadow blur.
- RUF RT12R – Fixed braking light in the middle still appearing floating after wing is gone due to damage.
- Audi LMS Ultra – Fixed flipped KW logo.
- Chevrolet Camaro GT3 – Fixed mapping on the driver right arm.
- ALL CARS – General rebalancing to bring them to the same level.
- Reduced frequency of headlight flashing on all cars.
- Zakspeed Capri – Replaced redstone tyrebranding with Goodyear on livery 7 and 8
- BMW 320T - Replaced redstone tyrebranding with Goodyear on livery 9 and 10

Portal & System Backend
- Changed the portal main webpage.
- Added fan page directory.
- Various store related fixes.
- We now highlight VIP drivers, DEVs, as well as friends in MP browser.
- Implemented a new Leaderboard Updater system for better performance and to fix the issue with Leaderboard entry sometimes not updating.
- Added new tab in competition page that shows all past competitions.
- RRRE competition page now shows competitions from other experience.
- Fixed an issue with links for finished competition in fan pages.
- Fixed an issue where purchase of alternative liveries for cars purchased via packs would not work sometimes.
- Fixed an error when buying a livery before the car if they’re in the same cart.
- Fixed so that the dashboard correctly redirects to user profile page.
- Removed irrelevant text from the introduction popups in portal.
Fixed layout issues in checkout popup.
- Default user avatar helmets are now randomly assigned out of 24 new helmet images instead of the old helmet, to add more colour and variety to the leaderboards.

Known Issues:
- Multiplayer browser does not show ping times. This is only visual and the servers should work perfectly fine.

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