RaceRoom Racing Experience - [S3] J-F
  • Fixed an issue in multiplayer where the position bar, the yellow flags and the race results were affected by players being kicked from the server during the race.
  • Fixed a data display issue where the live delta would get lost around the GP shortcut on the Nordschleife endurance layouts.
RaceRoom Racing Experience - [S3] J-F
04-08-2017 (Hotfix)


  • Fixed the reported issue with gearbox final drive setting always being 0 upon entering tracks in amateur or novice mode.
  • Fixed so pit speed overlay is now hidden when driving slower than 2.5m/s. It’s also hidden when switching camera to another car ( numpad keys + and - ).
RaceRoom Racing Experience - [S3] J-F
New content:
  • BMW M235i Racing


  • Lowered default minimum force setting for Thrustmaster wheels.
  • Fixed Slow Down penalty calculations on turbocharged cars
  • Fixed cut detection logic on tracks with pitlane close to the track like Laguna Seca where simple cuts would result in disproportionate penalties.
  • DRS no longer deactivates from lateral G’s
  • Changed so game stops reporting error 13 when leaving a game session after only losing a couple heartbeats during the session
  • Change so the pitlane speed information overlay always shows when inside the pitlane.
  • Fixed a case where cars would appear to be hovering above tarmac on pre-race screens.
  • Fixed some data displays showing a ticker counting up to 0 at race starts.
  • Fixed an invalid lap overlay that was sometimes showing without any text.
  • Added a button to view the leaderboards upon finishing a hillclimb run so we could get rid of the non elegant solution of showing the position bar to inform the player of his position.
  • Changed the logic for the “Restart” button in leaderboards & competitions so it no longer purges your best lap and can still show the live time diff to your ghost on the data display.
  • Fixed a message wrongly stating the next lap would be invalidated in Hillclimb runs.
  • Fixed an issue where the HUD elements would sometimes be moved when coming back from an instant replay.
  • Fixed a crash occuring sometimes when cycling through cameras in the pitlane.
  • Game now aborts start-up if no display adapter resolution was found.
  • Added a dedicated server setting to set a latency limit (in milliseconds). Any player caught consistently above that limit will be automatically booted.
    Added a dedicated server setting to force the race to end after a set time (in seconds). When set to OFF, the server will always wait for a race winner.
  • Fixed an issue where the dedicated server would sometimes not wait for late joiners to complete their loading sequence and proceed to next session anyway.
  • Fixed a case where disconnected players would sometimes remain visible on the HUD track map.

Sounds, Cameras, Physics & AI:
  • All cars: new external gearshifts added.
  • All cars: Adjusted suspension sounds.
  • All cars: Road Noise is now pure of any chassis sounds. Increased trigger sensitivity of bump samples.
  • Audi TT cup : Increased AI respect for other cars space
  • Mercedes 190 DTM 1992 : New sounds
  • Opel Omega DTM 1992 : New sounds
  • Hockenheim : fixed a harsh cut detection on the right hander entering the stadium area.
  • Nordschleife : Tweaked AI speed in Carousel.
  • Spa-Francorchamps : added some fly by cameras

Portal & Backend:
  • Added Team information on player profile and leaderboards.
  • Free content is now visible again in store.

  • Lada Vesta 2017: Fixed an interior window texture
  • Nürburgring : modified the font of the Porsche tagline on the GP pitwall.
  • Spa-Francorchamps: Resurfaced to reflect current asphalt, small fixes and tweaks.
RaceRoom Racing Experience - [Sector3] Sonat Ozturk
Fixed critical issue where severe problems would occur when a player left or disconnected during multiplayer race. We apologise for the inconvenience this may have caused you and thank you for your patience.
RaceRoom Racing Experience - [Sector3] Sonat Ozturk

- Fixed issue with long loading times.

Known issue: If a player leaves in race 1, other players will end up in black screen after session switch into race 2. We are investigating the problem but in the meantime we suggest you avoid multi format races if possible.
RaceRoom Racing Experience - [Sector3] Sonat Ozturk

- Reworked the Yellow Flag code logic to address all cases where penalties would wrongfully be handed out.
- Fixed various issues with Data Displays
- Fixed a crash occurring on some machines with specific sound systems. As a result, all sound profiles are now listed in the Sound Settings menu instead of attempting to auto-detect.
- Fixed an issue where the player could get stuck when accessing the -
- Timing screen right at the moment the qualifying session ends and game switches to race session.
- Fixed an issue with external links to auto-start the game and join a specific multiplayer server when the livery ID wasn’t passed in the link.
- Fixed an issue where “Session Freeze” setting wasn’t passed to the dedicated server.
- Fixed a case where certain track cuts would wrongfully result in instantaneous DQ for the player (ie: cutting T1 of Anderstorp onto the pitlane exit path)
- Fixed an issue where dedicated server could sometimes remain stuck in race session
- Fixed an issue where DNF players could sometimes show up in the race results .json file with their logged laps listed twice.

- Brought back the possibility to set the resolution using a startup argument.
- Made it so that the SteamVR Supersampling setting will be used for the resolution only if the user doesn't use a startup argument for setting the resolution.

Sounds, Cameras, Physics & AI:
- Updated the Audi TT cup handling after feedback from Philip Ellis. More biting in the front at turn in, and looser rear under braking.
- Fixed a glitch where code would report some RPM when ignition was on but engine wasn’t running.
- Fixed an issue where code would briefly lock up all four wheels in certain cars when control is handed from AI to player (ie: rolling & leaderboard starts)

- Nürburgring & Nordschleife: updated to 2017 visuals after our visit to the 24H earlier this year. Main pitwall logos, old pitwall color, BMW bridge, BMW sign at Brünnchen, T13 pitwall, NGK chicane logo, carousel banner, armco flags, graffitis, new fencing.
- Paul Ricard : fixed some floating elements after the camber changes in last patch.
- Zandvoort : Updated S/F gate visuals to current logo of the track.

Portal & Backend:
- Added team field to profile details. This will (for now) be used in MP race results and standings seen in portal.
RaceRoom Racing Experience - [Sector3] Sonat Ozturk
- Fixed issues with Multiplayer results caused by players leaving and reentering.
- Fixed an issue with lap invalidation.
- Fixed so players leaving the server no longer show in replay as stuck on their last known position.
RaceRoom Racing Experience - [S3] J-F

This weekend, the ADAC GT Masters visits Austria. To celebrate, you are granted unlimited access to the recently released BMW M6 GT3 on the RedBull Ring!

RaceRoom Racing Experience - [Sector3] Sonat Ozturk
As promised yesterday here's our hotfix patch.

- Added CSW 2.5 wheel range support.
- Added the new flag rule settings to Multiplayer.
- Fixed the rendering issue of curbs in Hockenheimring.
- Fixed ordering issue in MP results in championships.
- Separated and added division dropdown in mp results. (Will be updated shortly)
- Fixed time left showing blank in MP browser for servers with players.
- Fixed data display issue on Aquila and Audi R18 where N was showing as 0 in the gear indicator.
- Fixed reflection calculations from the data display shaders.

RaceRoom Racing Experience - [Sector3] Sonat Ozturk

Known Issues:
- Hockenheimring: Some of the curbs are not rendered when using high track level of detail.
- The new Flag Rule Settings are not available for MP.

We will release a hotfix patch tomorrow to fix these issues along with few more.

- Changed the flag rule setting and added a new flag rule setting “Visual Only” which means all flags get triggered and shown but there are no penalties applied with exception of black flag. (SP only for now)
- Added Display mode with settings windowed, borderless windowed and full-screen.
- Fixed issue in data displays where standings page kept ghost entries when you were in the lead.
- Introduced delta timing in data displays.
- Fixed some occurrences of yellow flags for DNF cars.
- Disabled displaying of yellow, blue, black & white and white flags while player is in pitlane.
- Removed so slower class in multiclass race doesn't trigger white flag.
- Disabled slip effects while changing tires during a pitstop.
- Changed so content ownership isn’t required to load a replay file.
- Fixed a crash that could occur when processing a camera reset callback after returning to menu.
- Updated Fanatec SDK to 3.0. This should also fix the issue some players experience with their CSW 2.5.
- Fixed issue with replays not using asynchronous rendering.
- Fixed issue with an uninitialized variable when using Fanatec wheel.
- Fixed an issue where H-Pattern mode would reset to Neutral when race start sequence starts.Thanks to Franconen and team-gtr3.fr for the report.
- Fixed issue with Multiplayer advertisement banners not getting saved in replays.
- Fixed an issue that could occur in game session if the player has a lag spike of over 10 seconds during certain sequences.
- Game now invalidates both current and next laps in qualifying sessions, leaderboards and competitions if the player goes off track or wall rides in the last corners of a track.
- Made brake disks pre-heated when starting a Time Attack session

- Bloom and Light Shaft effects are now disabled in VR.
- Made the HUD size dependent on the distance to it.
- Made it possible to adjust the distance to the HUD via two bindable keys.
- Fixed the rendering of particles and contact shadows.
- Made the game use the SteamVR settings panel's/config file's resolution setting to set the resolution for the eyes instead of a number argument following "-vr" or "-oldvr". Any such number in the argument is now ignored.

- Fixed so player nodes are marked as inactive and kept by the server if a player disconnects during a race session. This fixes the issue with broken results because of players leaving the server too early after a race. Also fixes results for spectators joining late.
- Fixed so checkered phase ends directly when all vehicles have finished.
- Fixed an issue with spectators not being able to join full servers.

Sounds, Cameras, Physics & AI:
- Bathurst: AI Tweaks
- Hockenheim GP : Tightened Cut detections
- Moscow Raceway FIM : Tightened Cut detections
- Nurburgring (all layouts) : Tightened Cut detections
- Shanghai (all layouts) : Tightened Cut detections, AI tweaks
- Suzuka (all layouts) : Tightened Cut detections, AI tweaks to prevent going wide in 130R
- Zandvoort : AI tweaks

- BMW M3 E30 : new sounds
- BMW M1 Procar: Tweaked chase camera, improved results of car to car collisions

- Data displays now added to all cars. Some cars don’t have a display in the cockpit, but will show the display on the HUD when pressing ‘7’ to cycle through HUD display modes.
- Hungaroring : Fixed some overly bright runoffs, swapped 2D audience to latest ones
- Paul Ricard : Fixed some curbs and adjusted banking of some corners based on drivers feedback.
- Suzuka : Smoothed a nasty bump just before 130R.

Portal & Backend:
- Fixed issue with time interval not clearing up in MP browser.
- Implemented MP results and MP Standings for championship events in Competitions.

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