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Community Announcements - [SimBin] Sonat Ozturk
SimBin intro can now be skipped.
Removed the exit screen.
Increased timeout for the initial server request to avoid “Error code 0”.
Fixed an issue in the AI waypoint system that could cause a crash after race start in DTM races with AI.

Updated Bathurst Circuit Mount Panorama for the corner marker toggle.
Updated Circuit Park Zandvoort and all its layouts for the corner marker toggle.
Updated Hockenheimring and all its layouts for the corner marker toggle.
Updated Mid Ohio and all its layouts for the corner marker toggle.
Updated Portimao Circuit and all its layouts for the corner marker toggle.
Updated Suzuka Circuit and all its layouts for the corner marker toggle.
Updated Mazda Laguna Seca for the corner marker toggle.

Portal & Online Protocol:
Added VIP profiles for real life racing drivers.
Added Class based competition.
Added Competition History tab for players to see their entries in old events.
DTM Competitions can now be accessed via R3E portal.
Added translation support for Brands.
Fixed an issue where the redeem code would give an error if one of the content unlocked with the code was already owned by the player.
Fixed an issue where the photo feed widget scrollbar was broken when added to the Dashboard.
Fixed an issue where the info pane was broken if player launched the game through DTM competition and then returned to the R3E menus.
Community Announcements - [SimBin] Sonat Ozturk
- Fixed an issue where the vRP balance was not updating after purchasing DTM Experience. (Visual only)
- Updated the competition functionality to prepare for the new types of competitions that will start running soon.
- Fixed a crash some users were having when launching DTM Experience.
- Fixed an issue where the top bar of leaderboards weren't showing all friend entries (the dots on top bar).
Community Announcements - [SimBin] Sonat Ozturk
- Fixed an issue where the falken livery award was remaining hidden for users who had joined the competition.

- Fixed an issue where the loading screens were not rotating and showing the same screen each load.

- DTM Experience - Fixed an issue where the Championship standings from the first race was getting overwritten when entering second race (Brands Hatch), causing mix-up in driver names.

On a side-note the new NVIDIA drivers released yesterday no longer crashes while running the game so it should be ok to update to latest NVIDIA drivers 335.23.
Product Release - Valve
RaceRoom - DTM Experience, all new content for RaceRoom Racing Experience is Now Available on Steam!

Join the world’s most powerful touring car series, the DTM Championship. Featuring all the real teams, drivers, and tracks from the 2013 season, DTM Experience offers unrivalled immersion and gameplay to its audience.

Enjoy the 2013 DTM Championship, Single Player Races, Track Tests and Leaderboard Challenges. Review your stats and manage videos and screenshots through your DTM profile. DTM Experience provides accessibility through 3 tailor made difficulty levels, and enhanced support for all types of controllers including keyboards, game pads, and steering wheels.

Community Announcements - [SimBin] Sonat Ozturk

Added a toggle to turn off Corner markers to Custom Settings in Video Options. Please note the tracks will need to be updated for this to take effect. For now this update will only work on updated tracks that are mentioned in the Art changelog below. More tracks will be updated with next patch in 2 weeks.
Enabled DTM Experience purchase with vRP's.
Fixed an issue where replay files would get game mode “Menu” tag on certain instances.
Fixed an issue where the Apex Hunt raceline for Canhard R52 in RaceRoom Raceway Hillcimb track was appearing beneath the tarmac.
Updated localization with various fixes.

RaceRoom Raceway and all its layouts have been updated for corner marker toggle.
RaceRoom Hillclimb both layouts have been updated for corner marker toggle.
Lakeview Hillclimb both layouts have been updated for corner marker toggle.
Tweaked diffuse values of all cars for better visuals.
Tweaked transparency textures of Interior windows for all cars.
Audi R8 LMS Ultra – Various fixes to interior textures.
BMW 320 Turbo – Updated windows banners.
Zakspeed Capri – Updated windows banners.
Various tweaks to characters around tracks. Adjusted lighting and color tone.

Physics & Audio:
Minor performance update to McLaren MP4-12C GT3
Audio: Improved backfire reverb effects in cockpit.

Portal & Online Protocol & In-Game Browser.
Added Season Passes section to player profiles. Players who have DTM Experience season pass 2013/2014 will get a sticker.
Added DTM Experience 2013 to the Store.
Added Hardware section which directs user to RaceRoom Entertainment Hardware website.
Re-enabled delete account functionality with additional e-mail confirmation to avoid accidental deletions.
Changed the competition flow. Difficulty is selected upon choosing the competition instead of having three separate ones. Only one entry per player regardless of difficulty.
Added Friends only functionality to the photo feed widget.
Updated Social media buttons and various backend improvements to brand pages.
Various improvements to the discount functionality.
Various improvements to Leaderboards.
Various improvements to the newsfeed functionality.
Fixed an issue there the top 10 avatars were showing the default R3E avatar in the leaderboard side panel despite players having custom avatars.
Community Announcements - [SimBin] Sonat Ozturk
Fixed an issue with AI adaptation logic where some intermediate AI skill levels could cause the AI to generate lap time 0.
Fixed a rare crash on exit.
Optimized and made various fixes to collision detection and processing. Cars no longer teleport and cars no longer clip through the tarmac after collision.
Fixed rare freeze crash issues that could occur during loading and driving.
Fixed memory overflow issue on 32-bit systems. 32-bit systems should no longer experience memory related crashes/freezes.

Re-enabled stats.
Community Announcements - [SimBin] Sonat Ozturk
- Fixed an issue with FaceBook frame position after refreshing the Brand Page.
- Fixed an issue with Subscribing in Brand Pages and subscriptions sometimes flickering.
- Subscribers page now shows the number of subscribers correctly on top.
- Fixed an issue with the order in Recent content page in Store.
- Added photo-feed widget to portal where you can see all the screenshots R3E users are sharing.
- Added print buttons to EULA's.
- Fixed Leaderboard filters not applying to Top 10 profiles in the sidebar.
Community Announcements - [SimBin] Sonti
- Optimized memory allocation when recording replays which was causing crashes on 32-bit systems.
- Fixed an error which caused issues with positioning of HUD elements (DTM overlays).
- Fixed a rare crash that could occur when trying to reset Swingman/chase camera position.
- Improved online protocol and potentially fixed a rare connection issue some users experienced.
- Fixed an issue where error 104 would occur when trying to re-login after the auto login failed, despite entering the right credentials.
- Fixed an issue where portal would show error 500 while browsing Advanced Statistics in Portal.
Community Announcements - [SimBin] Sonti
Updated localization with various corrections and fixes.
Added a new track and a special livery for a competition launching soon. Check insider.simbin.com for more information on upcoming events.
Fixed an issue in DTM Experience Timing screen where the user could inadvertently select another driver after clicking on the list of personal times.
Fixed an issue where the cars could lose their position when driving on the track section marked as pit entrance.
Optimized the short term black screen that was appearing after loading into a session.
Fixed various issues with network file paths for user data.
Improved memory usage in game for 32-bit Windows systems.
Added an option to toggle ON/OFF the overlays. (E.g. DTM Experience in game hud overlays).
Fixed an issue where Automatic gearbox could sometimes not go into reverse from first gear at very low speeds.
DTM Data Display: Tweaked the threshold for when gearbox damage indicator lights up.
DTM Data Display: Fixed an issue where Aerodynamics damage indicator was lighting up when Mechanical Damage was set to OFF.
Repositioned some of the DTM overlays.
Changed the color of the Invalid Lap time overlay from red to yellow to indicate that it is a reminder about lap being invalid.
Fixed the color on Lap by Lap split times.
Fixed an issue where the overlay for the track name and upcoming session wasn't cut out correctly.
Changed the order in Media hub. Media hub now sorts the list from newest to oldest.
Fixed an issue where on certain systems the game was not recognizing the correct resolution and aspect ratio on windowed modes. Because of this, the mouse cursor was not highlighting menu buttons when hovering over them.
Fixed an issue where special characters still weren't appearing correctly in in-game position bar.
Fixed an issue where key repeat was not working properly on some buttons on steering wheels, causing flickering when changing driving view.
Fixed an issue where the game was not reading the car setup values correctly after restarting in a Leaderboard Challenge.
Fixed an issue with AI driver name tags were appearing mispositioned on triple screen mode.
Fixed an issue where automatic shift sometimes wasn't downshifting.
Fixed an issue where the eliminated AI would start driving if player had started Instant Replay while in Qualifying.
Fixed an issue where position bar settings would not get remembered correctly after starting a new session.
Fixed an issue where certain underclocked/overclocked systems with faster/slower system timers, would get Invalid Lap despite not cutting the track.
Fixed an issue with the apply confirmation button becoming greyed out in Video settings on some occasions.
Fixed a rare crash that could occur when switching focus out of the game by ALT+TAB, right after game was started.
Fixed a rare crash that could occur when exiting the game.
Fixed an issue with broken pause menu when disqualified.
Optimized data calls and on DTM overlays. This will reduce stuttering some users get when overlays appear.
Fixed an issue where the position bar was not showing the last digit on four digit position numbers.

Increased the shadow resolution.
Increased the precision of shadow maps.
Fixed and issue with LOD priorities for shadows.
Tweaked shadow maps for medium and high settings to remove flickering.
The particle quality setting now affects the particle resolution. This will reduce halos and flickering from particles on high settings.
Optimized reflections.
Tweaked automatic graphics options.
Tweaked maximum virtual mirror size.
Disabled shadows in rearview mirrors.
Added Rearview Mirror Quality setting to Graphics options.
Added Shader Quality setting to Graphics options.

Fixed an issue with Adaptive AI where the data was storing when restarting or quitting non race sessions.
Adaptive AI: Added default AI difficulty values for each difficulty. If there is no previous AI data on a track, the default values will be used which differs based on difficulty now.
Fixed an issue with Adaptive AI where an interpolation issue could occur if the average performance difference between two AI were too small.
Fixed an issue where AI would return to pits on the lap before the last lap, if the player wins the race with overlap.

Portal, In-Game Browser, Online Protocol
Increased timeout time for online protocol communication which should reduce the timeout issues some users are having.
Increased the amount of subscribers showing in Subscribers section in Brand Pages to 500.
Improved error handling.
Improved Connection error screen.
Fixed an issue where News feed could show multiple instances of the same entry.
Removed the limit of Search only showing 10 results.
Fixed an issue where player would get error 209 continuously if he/she did not log in at first attempt.
Purchased page will be hidden until the user has purchased content.
Improved Newsfeed entries filtering.
Fixed unnecessary file store connection usage on portal images.
Fixed an issue where in-game leaderboard always defaulted to Amateur rather than what the player used last.
Temporarily disabled “delete account” option in account settings due to some players accidentally deleting and requesting restoring which is not possible.
Community Announcements - Marcus

It’s been said that the manner in which one greets New Year’s Day sets the tone for their entire year. Meet the new year in a controlled slide with screeching tires as we turn R3E over to the community for the final stretch of 2013.

Vote in the two polls listed below and choose the cars and tracks you want to drive as we race toward a new year.

Go, vote, then start driving the most requested R3E cars and tracks of 2013. A new challenge featuring the most voted cars and tracks will begin Friday with a new one beginning every day through New Year’s Day 2014. You’ll find them on the competition page and there you’ll see how you stack up against RaceRoom’s worldwide racing community.

Vote for your favorite car.

Vote for your favorite track.

View the Insider post.

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