Community Announcements - [Muse] awkm
Hey everyone,

Valve just released a new review system for Steam games. Those of us on the Muse Games team who have you on our friends lists already see your recommendations and reviews showing up. But we can do better!

Your reviews and recommendations were automatically set to private so only friends can see them. This means no one can see the 5500+ recommendations we've earned from all of you out there. Those recommendations mean a lot to us and can mean a lot to new people seeing our store page for the very first time.

Take some time and poke around with your existing recommendations, try to flip it to public to help us out. And if you haven't already, write a review of us and recommend the game to your friends!

Valve's new review system is awesome but made most of our 5500+ recommendations/reviews private. Help us set them to public to let the world know how awesome you think this game is!

See you in the Skies,

Eric (awkm) and the Muse Games team
Community Announcements - [Muse] Keyvias
Here are the release notes! And accompanying the notes this time is a Release Vlog created and narrated by Swallow.

- Anniversary party! Until 11/5/13, all ships are decorated with bunting and cakes in celebration of our 1-year anniversary.

— Dev Hour takes place everyday this week at 1pm US eastern time.

— We’ll be in game a lot this week, culminating in a marathon stream on Destructoid’s Friday Night Fights (Friday 7pm US eastern). Other stream hours are: 4:30-5pm US eastern M, W, F. 6:30pm US eastern Tu, Th. And Dev Fireside is at the same time this week (Friday 3pm US eastern)

- Exclusive anniversary hats are now available for a limited time. If you login from now til 11/5, you can unlock the hats for free!

- Halloween hats (male & female) are also available now through 11/5!
- Anniversary Sale. All Store items 75% off! Deal lasts through…? You guessed it, 11/5.

- Hat dyes – You can now use the same dyes you have to dye your hats as well. From the same menu that you were using to dye your costumes, you will now see an extra selection to dye your hats.


- Text display and voices for key command system

– Voice commands! Featuring the voice acting of Forrest Tollen, and Jacob Burgess, and Elspeth Eastman. 4 character voices (2 male 2 female) now available when you issue commands with the V key and the command tree in match.

- Hat dye. You can now dye your hats along with your costumes using the same dyes.

- Latency indication in match list as well as match creation. You can now see what your ping time is to each of the server regions, so you can join or create the matches that give you the smoothest experience.

- Expanded tutorials to cover skills, weapons vs components, mini-map, tab, scope, and types of repairs. Note: Gunner advanced tutorial needed more bug testing, so will be hotfixed in shortly.

- Voice chat volume priority: Captain > Party > Crew.

- New competitive section on

It is now live and ready for teams to set up scrimmages on the calendar, see where they stand, and win a spot in the end of season tournament! You can find it at

- Display of currently loaded ammo in repair HUD

- New muzzle flash effects for each special ammo type

- Confirmation prompt when changing player name

- Clan tag clarity: Added a clan tag change button in addition to character name change in Social page.

- Shots from raycast weapons (Gatling and carronades) are no longer instantaneous (among other things, ensures Gatling effects timing lines up accurately with simulation and makes leading more intuitive.)

- New compass UI, generally clearer plus:

– Shows control points labeled with letter and activity status

– Ship icons are team-colored and change to indicated spotted or prioritized enemies

– Indicates when spotted enemies are behind you

- Updated fire stack HUD, new icon when components takes more than 8 fire charges

- Timer for AFK rejoin – plugging AFK rejoin exploit

- AI now remains active until player finishes connecting or reconnecting mid-match

- In-match, ESC to clear typed chat / signal input rather than bring up menu

- In pre-game match lobby, ESC exits public profile / achievement checklist.

- Ability for GMs & Mods to close and rename matches to better enable us to troubleshoot in game as well as respond to your reports and concerns raised about match naming.

- More character locomotion animations

- Bounty indication colors in bounty board (black: claimed) and scoreboards (red class icon: bounty)
Community Announcements - jerry
Hi everyone, we plan to shut down server at 10/28 3AM EST (7AM UTC) for release 1.3.3 upgrade. Server should be up in 2-3 hours.
Community Announcements - [Muse] Keyvias
For the next 48 hours Guns of Icarus Online is $3.74 a copy or $7.49 for 4 copies of the game!

Bring in your friends, lead an armada against your foes, and take the world as your own.

We have plenty of nice players happy to teach you the game and plenty of new players to learn with.
Now's the time to join us in the skies!
Sep 19, 2013
Community Announcements - [Muse] Keyvias
- Added a new gun, the armor-melting Hades Light Cannon, that deals fire and piercing damage.
- 3 new omni-class costumes

- Added the ability to dye costumes. Each costume can take up to two dye colors (primary and secondary) that affect different areas. Dyes can be purchased through the store or unlocked with levels.
- The store now has a shopping cart. Now you can check out many items at once in one Steam transaction.
- Added UI “tutorial” tooltips for first-time users (can be disabled in Options)
- Added the ability to store up to three pre-made loadouts for each class or ship
- Beginner-only matches allow only limited ships and loadouts that are known to work and be beginner-friendly. Low-level players are still able to play normal, unrestricted matches as well.
- Changed hit indicators: size now indicates only “weak” or “strong” hits, determined by damage multipliers vs the kind of part hit. A red color indicates hits to the unarmored hull.
- All hat or goggle items are unisex and can be worn by each gender
- You can view others’ current skill loadout in match lobby.
- You can view anyone’s public information, as well as their costumes in each class, from the player popup.
- Added a “Leave Count” for each user, incremented when that user leaves a match before it finishes (and does not reconnect). Leave count is displayed on your public profile.
- New animated gun reticles.
- Added first person equipment switching animation.
- Added edge of map effects.
- Added various Unlockable Achievement Chalenges: guns & ship stats, map lore, and more to come in the future. Check them out in the Books section (underneath the Progress button)
- Bounty Hunting added. Sign up in-game to be hunted by the Guns of Icarus community and earn a special badge for being the most dangerous bounty or top bounty hunter.

- Carronade: Spread 5 degrees (from 8), Range 400m (from 350m), 144 Shatter for AoE (from 128)
- Heavy Carronade: Spread 4 degrees (from 6), Reload speed 5.5s (from 4s), Range 500m (from 450m), 360 Shatter AoE (from 220)
- Heavy Flak: Max range 1440m (from 1000m), 150 Explosive Direct / 180 Explosive AoE (from 147/158)
- Gatling Gun: 5 Bullets/s (from 6.25/s)
- Flamethrower: 23.9% chance to apply 1 Fire Change on Direct Hit (from 20%)
- Artemis: Muzzle Speed 700m/s (from 675m/s), Range 1330m (from 1215m), Zoom Power 2.5 (from 2), 70 Explosive Direct (from 60)
- Mortar: Spread 1.5 degrees (from 0), Range 550m (from 1875m), Pitch and Yaw speed 65 degree/s (from 60 and 50 degree/s, respectively), 35 Explosive Direct / 60 Explosive AoE (from 20/60)
- Light Flak: Spread 1 degree (from 4), Arming Time 0.85s (from 0, arming range 300m), Range 1000m (from 790m), Scope Power 2x (from 1.5), 6 Ammo Clip Size (from 4), 2 Bullets/s (from 2.32 b/s), 45 Explosive Direct / 30 Explosive AoE (from 96/30)
- Rocket Carousel: 30 Explosive AoE (from 20), 26.4% change to apply 2 Fire Charges on AoE hit (from 22.5%)
- NEW!! Hades Light Cannon: Mid to long-range armor melting weapon with arcing shots. 0.75s arming time (150m arming range), 8 Bullet Clip, 1.25 Bullets/s, 5.5s Reload, 1400m Range, 30 Fire Direct, 40 Piercing AoE, 45% chance to apply 1 Fire Charge on Direct and 35% chance to apply 1 Fire Charge on AoE

- Pyramidion: Mass 200t (from 260t), Hull Health 700 (from 800)
- Spire: Hull Health 750 (from 650)

- Lesmok: +70% Projectile Speed (from +80%), -30% Rotation Speed (from -20%)
- Drogue Chute: Effects will now last 2s after skill is deactivated (skill is also deactivated when you leave the helm while using an item)
- Chute Vent: 65 dmg/s to Balloon (from 50)

- Level related progression tracks rescaled to slightly lower requirements and fixed ones that were impossible. This will not reset or delete any statistics or achievements you are working on.
Community Announcements - [Muse] Keyvias
Die deutschsprachige GoIO Community organisiert diesen Sonntag um 17 Uhr Mitteleuropäischer Zeit ein gemeinsames Luftschiffeversenken! Deutschsprachige Spieler, sind dazu eingeladen im Spiel um 17 Uhr nach der Matchlobby mit dem Namen "Schiffeversenken" Ausschau zu halten! Das Spiel wird passwortgeschützt sein und das Passwort wird rechtzeitig vorher in der deutschsprachigen Steam Community (Link = bekannt gegeben! Bei Fragen zum Ablauf oder der deutschsprachigen GoIO-Community stehen euch die CAs RainerZuFall und Mark Abrams im Spiel zur Verfügung, auf Steam könnt ihr auch "Hialgu" aka Kyren kontaktieren!
Aug 21, 2013
Community Announcements - [Muse] Bubbles
In game at 7 PM CET or 1 PM US Eastern. Look for great veteran players Kyren, Ataris, Wazulu, Skrimskraw, Matilald, and others to help you learn the nuances of the game so you can conquer the skies!

Aug 12, 2013
Community Announcements - jerry
Hi everyone, we just pushed v1.3.1 and started up servers around 4AM eastern time. If you're not seeing "Version: 1.3.1 (386)" at the bottom right please update your client program.

Here are the release notes:

- Added ladders to the Mobula, granting direct access between the top deck and the turning engines
- Updated site with info and media material

- Improved layout and readability of the ship customization screen
- Added countdown sound to match lobby
- Expanded and improved Engineering and Piloting tutorials
- Improved minimap and match loading screen
- Added difficulty levels to ships and maps
- New notification system and UI (top left of screen, in the header)

- Additional cloud cover on Battle on the Dunes and Canyon Ambush (both 2v2 and 3v3 version in all maps) to allow ground to be covered against hyper lonjg range weapons.
- Smaller enemy detection spawn points for Duel at Dawn, should solve spawn freeze issues.
- Field Gun: Pitch Degrees -15 to 5 (from -20 to 20), Yaw Degrees -15 to 15 (from -20 to 20), Projectile Speed 750m/s (from 1200m/s).
- Lesmok Round: +80% increase Projectile Speed (from +60%), -30% Clip Size (from -20%), -20% Rotation Speed (from -40%)

Fixes and Optimization
- Projectiles ignore collision with the ship that fired them while in flight (fixes several “misfire” cases with certain gun/ship combinations)
- Fixed a bug that could cause the lobby to hang if many users tried to log in while Steam’s authentication service was down
- Your selected tools reset when your ship dies
- Fixed a collision issue that could cause ships to get stuck against apparently flat surfaces
- Major improvements to server physics performance
- Fixed a major client memory leak
- No more camera shake in spectator mode
- Added missing repair FX on the mine launcher
- Fixed a bug that could cause unintended ship renames
- Spyglass zoom in/out exposed in input bindings (under Helm keys)
- Prevent players from leaving/unreadying in the last moments before a match starts
- Fixed component disappearance when entering tar or sandstorm
- Fixed shader sparkly specular artifact on pixels
- Fixed: Pilot skill now shut off on respawn
- Fixed rain artifacts for specific graphics cards
- Fixed cloud shader affecting framerate in scope mode
Community Announcements - [Muse] awkm
We are aware of a potential issue with our servers. We are currently investigating it.

We'll update everyone when we figure it out.




It appears that some of our servers were under DDOS attacks. It looks like the attacks have stopped and we're up and running again.

No data was compromised so there's nothing to worry about.

We'll continue to monitor our servers for the next few hours for any major spikes in traffic.

Thanks everyone!

Product Update - Valve
- New ship, the Mobula - an more advanced attack ship with 5 front facing gun and no guns on side or back. It has good vertical movement, but it is more difficult to repair in the heat of battle.
- New gun, the Phobos Light Mine Launcher - A strange addition to airship arsenals, this found-technology shoots a proximity mine that will deploy a balloon after once it reaches its arming time (3s). Each gun can only maintain 5 concurrent mines at a time, if any additional mines are placed then the first laid will explode! For more, read on to the Mine Launcher FAQ!
- New costume bundles on sale, with some costumes discounted and/or converted to multi-class
- Expanded beginning Gunner tutorial
- New progression achievements (level cap is now 15)
- Updated in-game manual

- Added crew formation: ability to assemble a group of up to 4 ship crews before entering a match. Crews can be added from friend list or party. For more, check out the Party and Crew Formation FAQ below!
- Added parties: invite players to your party, then invite your whole party to a match or crew formation lobby. For more, check out the Party and Crew Formation FAQ below!
- Options screen now available from header
- Matches now have their own chat channels
- Chat in the lobby split between “Global” and “Match” tabs
- Chat window now has 2 sizes - short and tall - switchable at the press of a button
- New camera shake when explosions hit the ship, when you collide into other objects, when the ship accelerates, when the ship hits max speed, and when turning at high speeds.
- Redesigned in-game store
- Combined “Look” and “Role” screens into new “Character” screen, with ability to zoom in and out on your character preview.
- Redesigned Social page with player profiles, recent crew list, and account management tools
- Added player profiles with public stats, badges, and recent achievements
- Added character rename feature, with up to 2 free renames
- Added clan tags
- Added badge inventory system


- NEW WEAPON! Phobos Light Mine Launcher. A strange addition to airship arsenals, this found-technology shoots a proximity mine that will deploy a balloon after once it reaches its arming time (3s). Each gun can only maintain 5 concurrent mines at a time, if any additional mines are placed then the first laid will explode! Airship mechanics still don’t understand why but they do know it deals 125 direct piercing dmg and 100 impact dmg in a 60m radius for devastating AoE! Mines can chain detonate so watch out. You can shoot both the mine and its balloon for interesting effects.
- Gatling Gun: 3.5 degree jitter (from 3), 5s reload time (from 4.25s)
- Mortar: 50 degree yaw speed (from 30), AoE 8m radius (from 6)
- Flare Gun: Fixed bad damage and ignite values. 10 fire direct dmg with 100% chance to apply 10 fire charges.

- Any Projectile Speed augmentations now successfully adjust the range of raycast weapons (gatling and carronade)
- Extinguishing now respects all cooldown effects. If a component is cooling down, it cannot be extinguished or repaired until the cooldown has finished.
- Extinguisher: cooldown time 3s (from 7s)
- Chemical Spray: cooldown time 5s (from 3s), lasts 20s (from 15s)
- DynaBuff: Balloon buff refactored to respect new ship flight model. 7s buff time, lasts 90s, -25% vertical drag, +100% lift force
- Heavy Clip: no recoil, -25% clip size
- Lochnagar: -90% rotation (from no rotation), no effect on projectile speed (from -20%), -60% arming time, -50% AoE, +125% dmg (from +150%), 250 damage per shot (from 175)
- Incendiary: -25% clip size (from 30%, fixing a rounding error on 2 clip size guns)
- Fixed Kerosene vs. Phoenix Claw turn issue to respect new flight model.
-- Phoenix Claw: +300% longitudinal drag (from -35%), +50% thrust, actually deals 13 DPS to engines
-- Kerosene: +300% angular drag (from +50%)

- NEW SHIP! Mobula! The Mobula has a unique upside-down design that facilitates increased balloon protection as well as superior vertical mobility at the cost of slow turning and large top-down profile. With 5 front mounted guns (fanned out across its hemispherical design) it can potentially deal high amounts of damage. However, its repair points are tucked away in its interior. 550 Armor, 600 Hull health.

- Fjords: Red spawn points adjusted to prevent spawning too close to oncoming blue players.
- Desert Scrap: Adjusted blue spawn points and stationary sandstorms to increase field of view
- Paritan Rumble: Slightly smaller map size, adjusted spawn points to decrease bad spawns

Fixes and Optimization

- Suicide (with tar barrel or mine launcher) awards a kill to the last hostile source of damage, if any
- Fixed a missing collider in Flayed Hills and Canyons
- Fixed continuous repair input lag
- Fixed a bug that might prevent Pilot achievements with an “on helm” requirement from being completed
- Fixed rejoining 2 slots at once bug

- Removed misleading spike from traffic graphs when they are first opened
- Client-side networking makes better use of multiple threads (should improve framerate in high-traffic situations, particularly on multicore machines)
- Fixed lag spike caused by another match being started on the same server

- Improved performance of cloud rendering, particularly when they are affected by multiple lights (flares, explosions, etc)
- Fixed a shader bug that caused some lights to affect clouds more intensely than intended
- Fixed a bug with flare shadows that could cause the shadow to be offset from the original model
- Flare shadows now draw on target dummy ships
- Buffed and fireproofed effects no longer render on top of clouds when the part in question is inside the cloud
- Fixed reload animation bug (animation no longer plays twice)
- Prevent muzzle flash from playing when the primary fire button is held down right after the end of reload
- Fixed Field Gun barrel texture
- Fixed hat positioning and clipping

Mine Launcher FAQ

How many mines can I lay?
- The technology behind the Phobos Mine Launcher is still shrouded in mystery. It seems to be only capable of maintaining 5 simultaneous mines. Each additional mine causes the oldest mine to self-detonate.

Can I shoot the mine?
- Yes, the balloon and the mine itself can be destroyed. Shooting the balloon causes the mine to drop. Shooting the mine causes the mine to explode as if you collided with it.

Can I get hurt by my own mine?
- Yes, once mines are deployed they behave like level terrain. You, your teammates, and opponents can trigger the mines and take damage from them. This also means that anyone can shoot the mine.

Party and Crew Formation FAQ

How do I form a crew?
- Go to “Form Crew” from the main menu. Use “Ship Count” to select the number of ships you have to crew (up to 4). Invite crewmates by clicking on their names in your Friends or Party list, and select “Invite to Match.” If you have a party already formed, you can use “Invite All” to bring along the entire group. Once your crews are assembled, select “Match List” to find or create a new match lobby, or “Quick Match” to automatically join a suitable one.

How do I form a party?
- Parties are formed similarly to crews, but without needing to enter a separate screen. To form a party, simply click on the name of each person you wish to add and select “Invite to Party.” As with crews, they must click on your name and select “Join Party” to join you. Every member of your party will be listed on the Party tray in the upper right of the screen.

How do I join a party or crew?
- When you are invited to a party or crew, you will receive a notification in chat. To accept, you must click on the name of the person that invited you and select “Join Match” or “Join Party.”

How do I talk to my party?
- You can communicate with all members of your party no matter where they are using [H] for text chat, and [Z] for voice chat.

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