Community Announcements - Keyvias
Guns of Icarus Alliance and its glorious co-op is finally here with lots of contents and meaningful factional warfare!

Inside, you’ll find 5 completely unique game modes, 7 maps covering numerous biomes, and 14 different enemies with specialised strengths and weaknesses for you to learn and overcome.

This has been a long long road, and we thank you for your support from the bottom of our hearts. Through the hurricane, the fire, the ddos attack, the server malfunction, seeing our AI planes crash into mountains, rough balances in early testing, you’ve been with us through thick and thin, and it means the world to us. Also want to thank everyone who helped us, from translations, building websites and wikis, to traveling with us at shows, donating equipment, and giving us invaluable feedback, we could not have gotten anywhere without you. This ambitious project was all consuming for nearly the last 3 years, and we poured everything we had into it, building complex AI combat and director from scratch.  We’ve definitely made a bunch of mistakes and learned a lot along the way.  We’re really proud of the work, and we think you will be as well.

Below is all the amazing contents you can play TODAY!

Factions with New Ships and New Guns!

Many new ways to experience the game, many new ways to take control of the skies.

When you turn on Guns of Icarus Alliance, you’ll find your chance to earn new tools of destruction and new ships to put them on. You’ll unlock your factions ship and weapon first through your faction reputation. You can unlock ships and weaponry of all remaining factions by joining them or staying put with your own faction, which will take a bit longer.

The Fjord Baronies bring the stalwart Crusader and Seraph Tempest Missile Launcher, capable of firing off a devastating swarm of missiles.

The Order of Chaladon created the speedy, yet deadly Shrike and the Kalakuta Gas Mortar, able to disable multiple enemies in a suffocating cloud.

The Mercantile Guild put their graceful sails to the sky with the Magnate and harness the sun’s wrath with the Aten Lens Array.

The Anglean Republic offers a beast of a ship – the Corsair – and the Februus Weaponized Coil that turns multiple ships’ components to slag.

You’re Special and Now You Have the Abilities To Prove It!

Like specials, especially super violent ones?

In the heat of combat and in the most dire of situations, every player, every crew member, would have the chance to be the hero and save the day.  In Guns of Icarus Alliance, you can unlock and equip special abilities as you gain personal progression. Once you earn them, you can unleash them in any mission.  To name of few of the awesome powers you get to unlock use via player progression:

Oversurge Ram Ability
Speed forward with a massive surge and demolish enemy ships with a powerful ram. Take reduced damage as you shred your foes!

Air Horn
Draw attention from all the enemies around, saving vital objectives and valued allies. Extremely valuable for clutch situations to change the enemy forces’ plan.

Cataclysm Rounds
Double your damage and blow apart your enemies in a concentrated
volley. Now’s your chance to focus fire and cause extreme damage.

Static Turret
Deploy a weapons turret that demands enemy attentions and puts out damage. Nows your chance to even the odds with your own deployable weapons platform.

The Factions Fight!

Choose your side

The battle is being waged right now! As soon as you turn on Guns of Icarus Alliance, you are taking your first step into a war that spans a million players. Take your time to choose your side from the scheming Merchants to the scientific Angleans, honorable Baronies, or ecological Chaladons.

Each side has different objectives and provides a different challenge on the map. You’ll need to get your resources, take control of the map, and conquer the world!

Complete Contents List:  


Unlockable through faction progression/reputation.
  • Baronite Crusader: It supports 2 heavy and 4 light weapons onboard and great for broadsides.
  • Chaladonian Shrike: If features a streamlined layout capable of carrying 2 heavy and 2 light weapons. It is also maneuverable and versatile.
  • Mercantile Magnate: It supports 2 heavy and 4 light weapons and can charge or broadside.
  • Anglean Corsair:  It is a hulking beast of a ship carrying 3 heavy and 3 light weapons. It is highly durable and powerful but with a more complex layout.


Unlockable through faction progression/reputation.
  • Seraph Tempest Missile Launcher (Baronite):  Capable of firing off a devastating swarm of missiles. Once you fire the missiles, you can move your mouse to guide them.
  • Kalakuta Gas Mortar (Chaladonian):  Capable to disable multiple enemies in a suffocating cloud.  Mouse to fire, then right mouse to detonate the cloud at anytime.
  • Aten Lens Array (Mercantile):  Hold down mouse to fire it.  The longer you can train and sustain fire on a target, the more damage it does. Once you start firing though, the gun is locked into place, so you’ll need to communicate with your pilot in order to deal maximum damage.
  • Februus Weaponized Coil (Anglean): It is capable of turning multiple ships’ components to slag.  If there’s a cluster of enemy ships or planes nearby, the lightning from the coil would strike a primary target and then scatter to hit multiple components and targets.

Game Modes:  
  • Infiltration (2-4 ships): In this asymmetric game mode, one ship is designated as the VIP, and it CANNOT die! If the team can escort the VIP ship to infiltrate and destroy all the enemy outposts and then escape at the end, it wins.  If the VIP dies, the match is lost.
  • Defense (1-4 ships): Go out into enemy territory to destroy 3 enemy advance drills while keeping your base alive against enemy assaults. After all 3 enemy drills are destroyed, then survival against the final onslaught for 5 minutes for victory.  If the your base is destroyed at any point?  Defeat.
  • Assault (1-4 ships): Locate and destroy enemy outposts and a final base (3 objectives total) for victory.  The entire team shares a pool of lives, and if that runs out the match is lost.
  • Search & Destroy (1-4 ships): There are 5 waves and an objective to complete for each wave. Complete them all to win.  The entire team shares a pool of lives, and if that runs out the match is lost.  Beware of the boss!
  • Intercept  (2-4 ships): Chase down the enemy convoy ships that are carrying cargos before they destroy all your outposts.  Grab the cargo that you wrestled from them and deposit the cargo back at any of your outpost.  Deposit all the cargos to win. If the enemies destroy all your outposts, the match is lost.

  • Defense: Devil's Eye, Voyager's Cove
  • Search & Destroy: Drowning Wastes, Burning Valley
  • Assault: Parous Glen, Seas of Alleron
  • Intercept: Thornholt Crest, Oblivion Approach
  • Infiltration: Blood Narrows

Special Abilities:

These are unlocked through player personal progression:

  • Piloting:
    • Oversurge Ram: Remove engine safety mechanisms for an intense boost in forward speed causing your ship to slice through unarmored enemies like a hot knife through butter while taking less damage yourself.
    • Engine Stabilization: Install temporary stabilizers on engines that repairs them over time for 15s.
  • Tar Bomb: Unleash a plume of highly caustic gases behind you to damage enemies.
  • Air Horn: Draw aggro from enemies, except for highly determined convoys, within 500m radius, for 2 min.
  • Enhanced Envelope: Balloon will heal over time, resist flechette and fire damage, and have reduce vertical drag and increased vertical speed.
  • Rushing Drift: Ship will gain increased movement abilities to help travers great distances and side drift around enemies at the cost of less fine control.

  • Gunning:
    • Concussive Blast: Unleash supercharged balloon gases in the direction you are looking to push enemies that are within 600m back with extreme force.
    • Proximal Detonation: Reload all weapons with specially outfitted rounds that have 3x AoE burst size and will automatically detonate when near an enemy. Shoot into groups for maximal effect.
    • Cataclysm Rounds: Engage auxiliary power to all guns and double their damage output for 18s.
    • Lightning Draw: Activate rigged ship mechanics to quickly reload all guns with 75% increased clip size.
    • Mine Ejection: Hoarded mines are hurled out from the ship in the direction you look at, 400m away. Mines will automatically detonate after 2m.
    • Gigaton Blast: Deploy devastating fiery burst that will melt the armor of enemies that are in your line of sight and within 500m of your ship.

  • Component Disruption: Unleash a massive energy burst in the direction you’re looking that will disable the components of enemies within 600m.
  • Salvo Neutralizer: Generate a field in the direction that you are looking that will neutralize all incoming fire and prevent harm to the ship for 60s.
  • Static Turret: Deploy an unmoving weapons platform in the direction you’re looking that will target enemies. Drone will last for 90s.
  • Combustion Dampener: Release fire dousing chemicals from rigged valves to extinguish all fires, and apply fire immunity and 15% damage reduction to all components for 30s.
  • Mechanized Rebuild: Engage special machinery to instantaneously rebuild all components and repair them for 375 health over 30s.

  • Advanced Dynabuff: Special machinery automatically applies standard, but 15% more powerful, Dynabuff enhancement to all components for 2m.

Player Progression:

Players will be able to unlock all new powerful Special Abilities to use in Alliance via the Old Dog achievement tracks.  We know that dealing with hordes of enemies is a new and exhilarating experience that will put you on the edge of your seat, so we created ways for you to deal with the increase in enemy targets.

By playing winning matches as each class, you will begin to unlock the abilities for each class.  You will be able to activate a powerful ram with your ship, increase the power of your guns, and even create protective barriers around your ship.

Play.  Experiment.  Find what works best for you and your crew!

Faction Progression:

Joining a faction means you will be fighting for what your faction believes in, whether it be scouring the lands for ancient technologies or reclaiming promised lands.  Your chosen faction will reward you with elaborate costumes, hats, weapons, and airships themselves for your undying loyalty.

You can switch between factions whenever you choose, at the cost of losing 20% of your current reputation, in order to unlock each faction’s unique items.  Or, if you absolutely cannot betray your chosen faction then there are ways to unlock these items and still stay with your original choice.

Prestige System:

Our player level cap is 45, but that doesn’t mean it stops there any longer.  After surpassing level 45, you will be automatically entered into the Prestige system where you will be rolled back to level 1.  You will gain additional signifiers to let others know that you completed player progression once, twice, or even three times over so that your time spent in the game is not forgotten.

Newly Added Steam Workshop Items:

  • Raider Mask, Goggles M/F
  • Whisker’s Beard, Goggles M
  • Masque Mortuaire, Goggles M/F
  • Boiler Hat for the Industrious Chap, Hat M
  • Compass Rose, Decal   free to all players
  • Stray Dagz, Decal
  • Passionate Cake, Decal   free to all players
  • Dapper Dame’s Top Hat, Hat F
  • Boiler Hat for the Enterprising Lass, Hat F
  • Mantis, Decal
  • Mutton Chops, Goggles M
  • Frostflake, Decal  free to all players
  • Golden Earings, Goggles M/F
  • Posh Penguin, Decal   free to all players
  • Mark of the Reaper, Decal
  • Gear Logo, Decal   free to all players
  • Spiderpunk, Decal
  • Crowned Tyrant, Decal   free to all players
  • Skull and Crossbones, Decal   free to all players
  • Top n’ Skull, Decal
  • Internal Clockwork, Decal   free to all players
  • Satanic Gears , Decal
  • Steampunk Clock, Decal   free to all players
  • Steampunk Pirate, Decal   free to all players
  • Icarus Ex Machina, Decal   free to all players
  • The Gentlemen, Decal   free to all players
  • Steampunk Squirrel, Decal   free to all players
  • Lily of the Valley, Decal   free to all players
  • Sky Queen, Hat F   free to all players


The Guns of Icarus Alliance soundtrack is now available here:

And you can also access it through the Guns of Icarus Alliance store page.

There are 24 new tracks and 1hr 40min of new music, including the Guns of Icarus Alliance main theme, all the faction themes, and all in-game battle tracks.  All the Guns of Icarus Online tracks are also included in the package.   Enjoy!


Skirmish Balance
  • Heavy Clip: -90% jitter (from -70%), -20% Rate of Fire (from -25% Clip Size)
  • Heavy Carronade: Upward arc 30 degrees (from 20), yaw arcs 35 degrees (from 25)
  • Light Harpoon: 250m/s muzzle speed (from 120), projectile drop 12m/s2 (from 6), vertical arcs 40 to -20 (from 25 to -45), reload speed 10s (from 16), range 600m (from 800), 135 flechette (from 70) and 80 piercing (from 60), 6s attachment time (from 8s)

Post February Guns of Icarus Alliance Test Session:
  • Rename/finalize Alliance mode names from prototype names.
    • Retrieve is now Intercept
    • Survival is now Search & Destroy
  • Lowered smoke stacks on mobile drill
  • Objective icon consistency across loading, lobby, and in-match displays
  • Particles repositioned on base weak points
  • Faction Leader Buff Display on World Map
  • Tweaked boss smoke from having sharp edges in particles
  • Alliance menu music updated
  • Added missing 4-ship map configurations to Search & Destroy
  • Ashen Scuffle added to practice maps

  • Loading Screen fixes and adjustments
  • MK 2 Flak particles
  • Fixed Artemis reload animation when clip gets empty
  • Heavy flak's barrel lids pop up without animation
  • Fixed other characters not being animated while on helm
  • Main screen logo and alliance prompt fixes
  • Fixed repeating sound at helm when descending
  • Spire: fixed rubberbanding in ladder well
  • Junker: fixed rubberbanding between helm platform and engine catwalks
  • Connection screen style fixed to be more consistent
  • Fixed some memory leaks that could cause crashes on 32-bit systems or after long sessions
  • Linux: Fixed several errors that would sometimes cause crashes
  • Linux: Fixed draw order of practice arc indicator (no longer renders behind clouds)
  • Linux: fixed browser links not working
  • Linux: mouse cursor is no longer locked to the center of the screen when switching to other windows
  • Fixed missing screen raindrops on some platforms (DX11 and some OpenGL)
  • Fixed pipe wrench twitches after swing
  • Fixed an issue that could cause two copies of a ship to appear at match end screen

Fixes Post February Guns of Icarus Alliance Test Session:
  • Assault: Fixed the base you just killed sometimes remaining marked on the map, while the next active base did not show up on map or HUD
  • Fixed Aten Lens Array “impact” sound ignoring SFX setting
  • Fixed rebuilding with the Fail-safe Kit starting a repair cooldown
  • Fixed match end not transitioning to "team" panel
  • Fixed lights and halo misplacements on master bases
  • Boss lightning gun muzzle flash sound fixed
  • Fixed reflections not actually disabling on some maps
  • Textures for the ooze cloud particles on the Shrike smoothed out
  • Fixed weird collision FX occurring on the ground after boss dies
  • Fixed generic particles that were rotated the wrong way the on Mobile Drill
  • Fixed special ability projectiles remaining visible for too long
  • Fixed bug in Alliance Training where restarting the barge carrier state would spawn another carrier
  • Fixed Faction Leaders being mispositioned in the rankings
  • Thornholt Crest: fixed flying through the train tracks on Intercept (formerly Retrieve)
  • Tutorial fixes and adjustments
  • Fixed missing spawn animation on Mobile Drills
  • Fixed Infiltration end-match timer freeze
  • Fixed rare case of AI crew not spawning
  • Fixed victory banner incorrectly showing on match end in personal tab
  • Fixed particles glitch with boss missile launcher
  • Parous Glen - Fixed outposts showing transparent in some areas when viewed from beneath on low settings
  • Defense - Fixed AI ships and planes not making lane progress under some circumstances
  • Fixed dying after killing the boss in Search & Destroy (formerly Survival) counting as a loss
  • A player's war chest does not have a deduction from the cost of using 'Marching Band' on the World map interface
  • Fixed offset Baronite Carrier missile trails
  • Fixed balloon paints not working on Crusader
  • Match list shows correct match difficulty
  • Fix Baronite Carrier main gun animations
  • Attached equipment cleanup sound is cut off too early
  • Fixed inconsistent numbering of gun slots’ in ship customizer/preview
  • Fixed a bug that caused out-of-sight AI ships to not be recycled properly

  • Fixed a random-seeming crash in Skyball maps
  • Fixed a social tab malfunction
  • Fixed class 'covers' on the search for lobby menu opening and closing very briefly when moving the cursor over them
Community Announcements - Keyvias

March 31st marks the release of Guns of Icarus Alliance! Expect a complete and staggering amount of content, explosive AI, and tactical choices. The battle starts day one so be prepared this Friday for the biggest thing to happen in Icarus.

What to expect:

At 12 pm Pacific the build goes live and if you pre-ordered, which you can do at a 25% loyalty discount here, you’ll see the Guns of Icarus Alliance app in your steam library. Act quick though, the loyalty and pre-order discount is a limited time offer!

Brand New Release

Guns of Icarus Alliance will be a completely new release, with a new store page!  We were working within Steam’s constraints earlier and had to go the DLC route, and we worked Steam to find a way to make this a brand new release. If you wish-listed the old DLC page, it’s been removed in place of the new Guns of Icarus Alliance page, so remember to wish-list the new page!

In Guns of Icarus Alliance, you can play both PvE and PvP games, so do not worry about being split up from your friends. Simply turn on the game and enjoy all the steampunk airship combat!

Note to Guns of Icarus Online Owners

If you did not pre-purchase it, you’ll still use the Guns of Icarus Online app to play the game. You’ll be able to gain coins and faction progression from skirmish battles, and you are able to spend them and unlock faction rewards once you purchase Guns of Icarus Alliance.

All Guns of Icarus Alliance costumes and cosmetics can be used in both PvE and PvP, so enjoy any rewards you get and flaunt them against your opponents!

Learn more about what you’ll see in-game!

Four factions bring four weapons and four ships to start things off, with two more factions being added shortly post-release.


Bring the stalwart Crusader and Tempest Missile Launcher, capable of firing off a devastating swarm of missiles.

Created the speedy, yet deadly Shrike and the Gas Mortar, able to disable multiple enemies in a suffocating cloud.

Put their graceful sails to the sky with the Magnate and harness the sun’s wrath with the Aten Lens Array.

Anglean Republic
Offers a beast of a ship - the Corsair - and the Weaponized Coil that turns multiple ships’ components to slag.

Special Abilities

In the heat of combat and in the most dire of situations, every player, every crew member, would have the chance to be the hero and save the day.  In Guns of Icarus Alliance, you can unlock and equip special abilities as you gain personal progression. Once you earn them, you can unleash them in any mission.  To name of few of the awesome powers you get to use:

Oversurge Ram Ability-
Speed forward with a massive surge and demolish enemy ships with a powerful ram. Take reduced damage as you shred your foes!

Air Horn-
Draw aggro from all the enemies around, saving vital objectives and valued allies. Extremely valuable for clutch situations to change the enemy forces plan.

Cataclysm Rounds-
Double your damage and blow apart your enemies in a concentrated
volley. Now’s your chance to focus fire and cause extreme damage.

Static Turret-
Deploy a weapons turret that demands enemy attentions and puts out damage. Nows your chance to even the odds with your own deployable weapons platform.

All this and more is waiting inside Alliance, so pre-order today!

Don’t forget to check out our previous posts including:

NEW Trailer!

Alliance Release Charity War
Community Announcements - Keyvias

For those that can survive its fires.

The last and final open session brings with it an exclusive item you can only get until the 8th when the beta ends.  30 victories on hell level missions to earn the Spore shield goggles for male and female.

This is no easy mission and will take the best in you and your crew.  Best of luck and remember, winners get the exclusive mask, losers get nothing.

If you don't see the mission on the main screen, simply relog your game and download the update.
Community Announcements - Keyvias

New content/features:

- The Ashen Scuffle joins PvP.  Take a peek at our new content in the form of a dark and deadly, although strikingly beautiful, DM map. Take your crew through this deadly landscape in both 2v2 and 3v3. Lava flows and derelict buildings await you and your crew.

- New Gun: Typhon Heavy Flak Mk. II
The old 2 shot flak of yore in a new body.  The demand was high and with new art created for it. The weapon is ready in remastered glory. Expert gunners of old and new rejoice at your chance for the most powerful and demanding weapon

- Static Story Book

Alliance is all about factions coming together, forming alliances, and waging big wars against each other in major seasonal events.  We will be listening in on our various channels of communications from in-game chat to our lively forums to see how you are playing and role-playing as your factions.  We will look at our data and see which players have earned the most effort, bought the most reinforcements, and overall supported their factions the best.  With all this information, we will craft a unique story after each war to commemorate and recognize the events that transpired.  Join us in crafting the history of Guns of Icarus Alliance together!
- Pietro's Veil (Male and Female) for buyers of Alliance
 - Recommended Ship/Loadout for matches/modes/difficulty settings

- New War Goal voting system
- War Period: When war period begins, alliances will be automatically formed and each alliance will have 24 hours to vote on their war goal.  This replaces voting on what alliances to form, which was found to be confusing and less rewarding based on feedback gathered.  These goals range from converting the enemy’s populace by conquering a territory, enforcing a will of strength by growing to a certain size, to activating a super weapon by accruing resources.
- New underdog icon
- Match list opens if Matchmaker goes too long

- Goggles are now dyeable
Every piece of equipment is now dyeable. Show off your custom style by matching any item to your complete outfit. There are no limits save your creativity for what kind of sky pirate you want to be.
- New character customization page
New dyes, cosmetics and options gave us a lot more to play with for the character customization screen. It has been completely redone to help you design your character and your tool sets.

- New ship customization page
With 12 ready and an upcoming 13 total number of ships. The ship screen needed an update to make navigation easier. We’ve taken a major pass to improve not only the page visually, but also the usability of the page. Craft, create, and plan your ship!

- Period/Daily Rewards

- Additional titles, in particular Mercenary
- Ship kill count displayed in scoreboard
- Distinct "component destroyed" sound effect for the balloon
- End Match Screen: Show faction progression for both Skirmish and Alliance
- Improved Voice Commands menu
- Added tooltips for class selection, tab settings


- Faction message panel adjusted
- Adjusted grounded flag on slopes
- Moved the Vote in Progress countdown to right below the map vote panel on the left
- 'Favorite Ship' text on profile page changed to 'Most Played Ship'
- Captain priority extended to team
- Tweaked lights on all ships
- Ladders are easier to notice

Alliance Beta (For Open Period)
- Escape Pod renamed to Enemy Supply Ship
- Alliance world map design improvements
- World UI Ease of Use adjustments
- Icon callouts to indicate Leader choices
- Better communication of Leader status
- Killfeed adjustments
- Flare made to trigger for drill armor break
- Marker bullets will now self destruct after a second and a half

- Balloon outline in Skyball matches is now toggle-able as spectator

- Overall balance changes to enemies, difficulty modes, and game modes  like repair rate, damage output, ramp up between Novice and Normal etc…
- Survival: all matches are now set to 5 waves, each of which are timed.
- Assault: in-world icons on currently active base
- Retrieve: convoys are now tanky but move much slower, Refineries have increased health while the Final Refinery has greatly increased health
- Defense: tweaks to Friendly Emplacement effectiveness to support more constant push of enemies


- Overlapping chat
- Recommend load-out menu appears in match
- When you die spotted, you spawn with HUD displaying as spotted
- Edit Event button leads to "Create Event" panel instead of "Edit Event"
- Help balloon while transitioning back to lobby
- Tooltips showing up off-screen in some cases
- Flickering engine when fireproof coating added
- UI elements on loading screen
- Character positioning on heavy guns

Alliance Beta (For Open Period)
- Failsafe kit starts cooldown on rebuild
- Alliance content missing in Progress screen
- Special Abilities sometimes trigger without pressing the button
- Tar bomb framerate drop on certain maps
- Tar bomb no longer sometimes hits the ship that created it
- Corsair and Crusader: Valentine's theme items placing
- Crusader: catwalk is cutting the main engine in half
- Character model positioning issue on new guns
- Crusaders: pistons are clipping
- Magnate: clipping into brass decorations
- Magnate: walking through wall
- Magnate: pistons clip through material
- Fixed some special ability configuration issues
- Fixed past leader display on unlock markers
- Fixed resource count display for the resource war goal
- Fixed reinforcement purchase error for user buffs
- World map: mission panel was not showing anything
- Missing end match for Stormbreaker ship and balloon mesh error
- Fixed bug with retrieve spawns
- Arc shield generator light flickers with lightning
- Fix to the drill models LODs (Hotfix 581)
- Shader bug that appeared to be breaking UI on some Hardware (Hotfix 581)

- Victory Defeat Notifications in Skirmish reversed


Community Announcements - Keyvias
Many new players, many new experiences, and a lot of new data!

Hello everyone,

A huge thanks to everyone who took part in and gave feedback for the December Alliance Open Session.

Also a big welcome to everyone from our Steam notification and feature. It was great to have so many new pilots, engineers, and gunners experience Alliance.

In total, over 35,000 players came in throughout the week to fly in our skies. Between all those players, a total of almost hundred thousand hours of Alliance were played, making this open period our largest one yet!

If you enjoyed Alliance, be sure to pre-order to be one of the first one in and if you email us at with proof of purchase we’ll give you a code to come test with us on the weekend.

The Good

The introduction of the faction leader message provided some amazing tactical choices with allegiances being signaled to all players. It was great to see the interest and passion from faction leaders in trying to take over the world. We got to see 4,370,500 coins used on the world map to help wage war. In addition, coin usage rate has gone up noticeable, now to 65%, with overflow down to less than 20%.

We also were happy with the positive responses to our two new heavy weapons.  The Cavitation gun and Heavy Mine launcher were used to great effect, and the feedback we got on them will help us hone in their message.

Balance and win rates on different maps and modes also improved and were closer to our expected values, but we need continue to work on these to make sure players are experiencing success when they’ve earned it. Again, watching players play throughout the week was amazingly helpful. The common mistakes and maneuvers gave us better ideas on how to craft the player experience.

The Alliance soundtrack was ready for your enjoyment, along with the pre-order special item!  The next step is to have it properly display and configured on Steam, so stay tuned!

The “Needs to Improve”The faction map, while improved in many ways that both the data and feedback showed us, still needs more work. Most importantly, the leader needs more communications and impact while the non-leaders need more reason and push to get involved.

Some of our plans of attacks are map actions to be weighted more in leadership attainment. Overflow and system assigned passive resources would also be directed towards leadership designated locations. We are also exploring more in game communication tools for leadership.  Some other ideas we’re exploring are achievements and bonus rewards for faction alignment and synergy with leadership. Playing in matches with leaders could also be rewarded.  We’re looking at daily and period missions for individual players to learn rewards and bonuses, and a stronger notification on milestone achievements as well as faction world involvement.  For everyone who did his or her best to unite and provide us with feedback, the recorded experiences, ideas, concerns, and thoughts were invaluable in helping to craft the next and improved experience, which we’ve already planned for and are taking actions on.

While other game modes are tracking well during the open period and at MAGFest, Retrieve is unfortunately still an issue. Oblivion Approach exploit is plugged, Thornholt Crest exploit is still an issue that needs to be resolved asap.  Survival is playing tough, likely a bit too tough.  Normal difficulty setting is also playing a bit too tough for intermediate players, which we’ll need to tune.  Transition from Novice difficulty to Normal is also too steep, and we’re making adjustments as well.  Assault and longer form Survival play length could be improved slightly as well, but we’re getting closer.

Ships wise, the Skirmish ships’ successes and win rates are situational, but the latest novice setup and ship loadouts we set seemed to have yielded good results.  Of the faction ships, Stormbreaker was the best performing ship, but the other ships performed surprisingly well.  We’ll be looking at adjustments to the Corsair and Shrike, and a bit on the Magnate to bring them up a bit more.

What’s missing?
The final Alliance player and faction progression and rewards we withheld so that we could have everything unlocked for people to help us test.  Before release, we’ll introduce it to the Alliance experience. Because we already have historical progression data, we’re reasonably confident that the pacing won’t be too off.

More modes and more maps, even while we show off new maps and modes in each test session, there are new and unique game modes being tested internally. We’re really excited to get these into player hands in the development app as soon as we feel they give a consistent experience.  The Yeshan faction ship and enemies are also close to ready for player testing in the development app.  We’ll again prioritize everyone who backed us and pre-ordered for testing.

The Skirmish Front

We’re continuing Wild Week! After a test of tank spire that didn’t pan out, we’re calling on players to say exactly what they’d like to see for this idea that was proposed to us to try, probably will never see the light of day, but if you’d like to try random, goofy idea, for fun, have your voice be heard here!

To stress, the Tanky Spire, previous trifecta-squid, and whatever comes next in Wild Week are not massive plans to change skirmish, but an opportunity to listen to our community and give them a chance to try the random things they’ve thought about for the past 4 years. We hope you enjoy the experiments with an open mind and embrace the fun of the failures and successes.

Lore Recap

The cold swept through from the northwestern front with devastating effect.  The Anglean Republic, learning from their previous missteps, were able to gain key territories in record time.  Bolstered by a horde of zealots, who were fevered by newly discovered Ancient ruins, the Angleans made their way south to meet the Fjord Baronies and Mercantile Guild with unstoppable force.  The esteemed Zero Zero Zero Zero (215,816 effort; 29,899 coin) was able to lead self-financed armies into enemy territories with brutal efficiency.

The Fjord Baronies and Mercantile Guild were affronted from both sides.  Literally squeezed by the Angleans in the west, and the Chaladonians in the east, the two factions came to an uneasy alliance in order to defend against the unfavorable odds.  Eranok (110,807 effort), who controlled the vast Baronite armies, and financed by the aristocratic family of Jeff Bridges (13,560 coin) parlayed with the Mercantile Guild’s most respected trade federation run by TikoXi (278,466 effort; 33,198 coin).

In the end, however, another alliance was formed that overshadows all others.  Unexpectedly, the Order of Chaladon once again found themselves in friendly relations with the Angleans.  Despite their opposed worldviews, another union came to fruition when Order operatives Omnipresent Oatmeal (136,335 effort) and (18,775 coin) brought word of an Anglean truce to the council.  Perhaps it means fundamental differences can be overlooked in the search for peace.

But such faith needs to be put aside since war reopened wounds across the earth.  Countless millions died, the central plains may never look the same again.  It will take time for the factions to rebuild with a total of 4,370,500 coin spent on Conscription (7,240 units) and training Cadets (8,038 units), and the building of Palisades (2,041 units) that now scar the land.  The future will surely bring about new alliances if war were to spill across the land once more.
Community Announcements - jerry
Alliance Beta will end in two hours (4am EST, 9am UTC). System will restart in another hour.
Community Announcements - [Muse] Bubbles
Hi everyone!

Servers will be down shortly and be back up in about an hour. In honor of Steam's Daily Deal featuring and the extension of the Alliance Loyalty Reward, we're taking Alliance back up for people to play in a bit, and it'll last through the weekend.

Thanks so much, enjoy, and Happy New Year!
Howard aka Bubbles
Announcement - Valve
Today's Deal: Save 75% on Guns of Icarus Online!*

In addition, owners of Guns of Icarus Online will get 33% off the upcoming Guns of Icarus Online Alliance Expansion until January 6th at 10AM Pacific Time.

Look for the deals each day on the front page of Steam. Or follow us on twitter or Facebook for instant notifications wherever you are!

*Offer ends January 6th at 10AM Pacific Time
Dec 23, 2016
Community Announcements - Keyvias

Happy Holidays everyone!

We’ve been working hard at Muse HQ to get prepared for our next test phase with a bunch of new content and some major balance changes to make a much smoother Alliance experience. Two massive heavy weapons are coming to the skies including the very requested Heavy mine launcher! We also have a screenshot contest we’re really excited to invite everyone to.

This session will be shorter than last starting on December 27th and ending January 3rd, so make sure you get in early and leave your mark on the history of Icarus.

Follow along to See all the notes and see the requirements for our Screenshot Contest!

New content/features:
Alliance Beta (For Open Test Period)

  • The Heavy Remote Mine Launcher sends a storm of high powered explosives into the sky, daring any to get near them.

  • The Heavy Cavitation Gun fires a singularity, piercing ships and pulling them closer to their destruction.

  • Added alliance specific loadouts
  • Added leader icon for chat
  • A notification appears for officers and leader when player applies for their clan

  • Pietro’s veil (male & female) — As a token of appreciation for those who have supported us early. Every pre-order of Alliance will come with this mask
  • Up/down arrow in chat rotates over your sent messages
  • Dead ships are marked on scoreboard
  • On respawn map, the spot is marked where your ship was destroyed
  • Modified visibility rules to prevent visible from ships popping out of existence in dust clouds
  • Social icons’ optimizations
  • Team tab moved to last in sequence at match end screen
  • Changed mines’ description to less confusing
  • AI that are set to 'shoot only' repair the guns they are on
Alliance Beta (For Open Period)
  • Increased the margin for the in match objective text
  • Visual solution for not shooting at barge and friendly outpost
  • Assault Enemy Goal Per Player Count
  • Match-end UI: war chest full warning display
  • Fade in and out AI airship spotted lens flares
  • All faction resource goals are now visible on the world map resources panel
  • Mighty Pirate using wrong lines while on helm
  • Player popup buttons sometimes don't work
  • AI switching guns between each other
  • Map edge gust at low altitudes on Dunes
  • Old thumbs up notification is back
  • No sound feedback when clicking on ship's name to check loadout in lobby
  • 5:4 Scaling too high on menu ui, social panel overlap
  • Blocking players will obscure their name text with the background
  • Player profile popup issue with scoreboard
  • Match chat cut off and overlap on 4:3
  • Vet Matches option on matchmaking menu missing text
  • City Hunter 4v4 initial spawn issue
  • Clan missing levels
  • Blue team's 1st captain title is sometimes wrapped and truncated
  • Start screen callout text overlaps images
  • Long descriptions for costumes get cut off
  • Removing clan members from clan list does not immediately show them as removed
  • Improved CPU utilization, particularly for large matches.  Should result in better framerates for many systems.
Alliance Beta (For Open Period)
  • Defense was not counting the boss in its "Kill all enemies" end goal
  • AI boss and bases not firing guns
  • Chaladon and Fjord baronies description on faction select screen gets cut off
  • Footer menu items misaligned
  • No boss spawn on survival boss wave
  • Hitches/slowdowns when bosses and large groups of airships spawn
  • Erratic rotation for map icons
  • Reinforcement buttons popping up on world map refresh
  • Pressing ESC while looking at a specific territory brings you back to main screen instead of the full map
  • Faction Icon Display in faction selection not displaying properly
  • Hear Charging sounds for longer distances
  • Typo in "Mechanized Rebuild” skill name
  • Laser effect is shortening when it hits your own ship
  • Faction leaderboard ordering was reversed
  • Laser sound effect doesn't clean up
Alliance Screenshot Contest

We want the community involved in showing off the game in the best way possible. The images you send in will be used to market the game and make up map screenshots (that you see when selecting a map.)

  • All images must be from no-UI spectate.
  • Images must express the feel and scope of the map, ships, or game mode.
  • Contributors can submit as many or few maps (game modes) as they wish.
  • Contributors can submit up to three screenshots per map.
  • Screenshots should be 1920 resolution in png file format.
  • Recommend graphics settings. Have to decide if we want to limit the field of view options as well as preferred postprocessing/film grain.
  • Screenshots must be sent to with the map name as the file name. paritian_rumble1.png for example. Include ingame name.
  • Ends January 3rd
  • Images will be used to promote the game and may show up in marketing materials.
  • Maps. Showcases the features of the map itself. Ships and battles may be included, but should not be the main feature of the screenshot. At least 3/4 of the screenshot should be background. Avoid prominent decals and players
  • Ships.
  • a. Pristine: Showcase the ships in the best way possible. Try to keep the shot clear of chem, armor, and buff, and other effects.
  • b. In Action: Show the ships giving or taking hell.
  • AI
  • a. Capital (boss) ships: Show these beasts as they truly are. Try to express the scale of these ships.
  • b. Front line: Give the other ships some love as well. Or hate. Whatever you prefer. Just make it a good shot.
  • Players: Show your fellow players at their finest, in their finest.

Names in credits as contributing 'photographers'.

A Muse made item from the store.

Title: Shutterbug
Community Announcements - Keyvias
A quick snapshot of some of the action we saw over the beta

Hello Everyone,

It’s been little over a week since we put the planes, bosses, and faction fleets back into the hangar, and that’s given us time to go over the feedback and data, start making changes and prepare for the December open period!  The data allowed us to go through matches from close to 20,000 unique players who helped us test, 40 million effort points spent, and the turnover of 320 territories. We received a few hundred direct feedback from people, and over 150 responses from our survey. From a data collection and feedback standpoint, this was the most successful testing period we’ve had for Alliance.

A big thanks to all the players who took the time to play, test, give feedback, and fill out surveys on our expansion. That data and feedback drives us to improve the game and pushes us in the right direction.

Follow along to see what we learned, the parts we’re proud of, and the parts we’re improving. Also, please go to the fixes section for not only a recap of all the issues and experiments during the test period, but also for a few fixes that we’ll patch in today. We’ve moreover added a draft of the post war lore for the open testing period that we’ll add in game.

What We Did Right:

New Ultimate Abilities

The new special ability got a lot of use and a lot of love from the Beta. Feedback was overall very positive from across the spectrum of player levels and skills. Juxtaposed the feedback for abilities against that for the skill upgrades from the last open period, we’ve clearly moved in a positive direction with player person progression, and that’s been gratifying to see. The tar bomb and mine ejection were a bit underwhelming, and we’re looking to improve them. Also, we are creating more abilities for players to unlock and use including shields, pushing enemies, support clone dummies, and more!

A Whole New User Interface

The new UI is currently in game, and it took a few revisions based on feedback to improve it over a short course of time. We were able to use the testing period to experiment with a few different layouts and implementations possibilities, and get feedback on them from a larger group of people very rapidly. We did take a bit of risk with very agile development on production, which we very rarely do. While this caused a bit of anxiety on some veteran players, the risk was overall worth it, as we were able to iterate and try ideas quickly, and ultimately coming up with a UI revision that most people are happy with.  All the feedback and emails we received helped us with improving placement of certain elements, examining info hierarchy of some functions in more detail, and finding ways to improve the chat and community sections of our game.

As we mentioned before and during the open period, the new UI is still work in progress. Some sections are not done yet as you all noticed, and some parts need more work and revision.


We were really excited to show off this new and unique ship, and based on feedback, it seemed that the ship lived up to expectations. This was one of the most used ships in the open period with a slew of players giving positive feedback or affirmation to this asymmetrical sky beast. By comparison and based on data, we’ll be targeting the Magnate for balance adjustments. As a side note, we’ll also be looking at the Lens Array and the Coil for balance adjustments as well.

Mission Complete!

People who participated in the war and pre-war phases got their first taste of missions, and the players completed the missions amazingly quickly. We were happy to see these not ignored by leaders and passionate players and while we want to do more to show these off, it puts our mind at ease knowing the core concept works so we can keep adding and improving upon it.

What We Need To Improve Upon:


Retrieve Farming

We put in a lot of work to try and and solve this issue stemming from the last open period, where skilled players could fight and end a match in Retrieve in under one to two minutes. Yet, with the introduction of the new Stormbreaker ship and new special abilities, our previous efforts proved inadequate in stemming players from jetting through the match and grinding out points for their factions. This was painfully obvious from the data, feedback, and our own observations in game. We are now working on ways to make this rush strategy harder and riskier to pull off while still making it a viable one.

The Challenge of Normal

This time around we got novice games to a much better place, with the expected win rates largely in line with our expected values. We still want to tune them a bit, but overall the “novice” difficulty is in a much better place.

However, the same could not have been said about normal difficulty and above. For a multitude of reasons, many of these games resulted in losses for players, the actual win rates across the board (with the exception of Retrieve) were lower than expected. The discrepancy in normal difficulty matches were quite a bit larger than we anticipated. While Assault and Survival game mode matches had win rates that were a lot closer to our expected values, they also skewed long in terms of match length.

We’ve identified a few factors that caused lower than expected win rates as well as long match lengths in certain game modes, and we are now making balance adjustments to address these factors. We are also adjusting rewards for partial wins higher as well.

Defending Alone

One of the biggest issues with balance we saw was single ships trying to play Defense and unable to both attack and defend at the same time. We are now looking this issue to make sure Defense maps are better balanced for single ships as well.

Underpowered Weapons and Ship

While a majority of the new ships and weapons were fan favorites, (especially the stormbreaker!) some new equipment didn’t work up to snuff. The Lens Array, Lightning Coil, and Magnate all fell below where we hoped they’d be. Player feedback and data are pushing us to look again at these pieces of content and buffing them into the fold.

Single Ship Matchmaking

We saw the matchmaker making a lot of single ship matches again. This was an issue in the last open period as well. While we made fixes and improvements from last time, this test period exposed a few more issues. There were some more bugs with it that were solved, but we’re also realized that we needed to change up the novice match logic and constraints. The legacy from Skirmish PvP actually didn’t apply to or fit PvE conditions as we learned. So we’ve made some more fixes and improvements in preparations for the next open period later this month.

World & Faction

We got a lot of great data back from the war. Many players put in a crazy amount of time and effort to fight on our mmo-Risk board. However, the participation overall was relatively low. This was in a way to be expected, as this was our first integrated implementation, and the focus had been to get the meta game functionally ready. The emphasis going forward and the next milestone is to work on UI clarity, player education, and hooks for this system and meta game to make sure everyone feels the urge to spend their warchest, to make tactical choices, and to be more invested. The World UI also had a few ease of use issues such as leaders being confused as to what to do. Lower participation in the meta game also resulted in part from balance issues such as Retrieve Mode speed runs. With better tutorial, UI ease of use improvements, gameplay hooks, and balance adjustments, we should be in a better place with World and Faction progression for the next open test period.

12.5.2016 Hot Fix Patch Notes:
  • Fixed Party voice chat icon
  • Bringing back red/blue team color for team voice chat
  • Fixed incorrect match lobby outline

Recap of Fixes During Test Period:
  • Player title, 'Sentinel' misspelled
  • Match lobby fixes and layout experiments
  • Chat layout fixes and layout experiments
  • Warning message is blocked by in game menu
  • Back button on the voting dialogs was not clickable
  • Weird hover tooltip background
  • Chat messages are showing from blocked players
  • Joining a passworded game issues
  • Lobby chat's scrollbar missing
  • Player name display issue in match list
  • Unresponsive player popup
  • Clan level display
  • First time players can't play tutorial if they access it from header
  • UI for confirming or cancelling video settings
  • Profile status does not update when leaving created lobbies
  • Player names and info overlap inconsistently
  • Can't exit chat tab settings by clicking on other tabs
  • Text overlap in match list
  • "Tab to switch channel" message to only display when applicable
  • Refer friend not working properly
  • Chat modes change when you check out the score screen [TAB]
  • Ship ​pictures are missing when viewing each ship stat
  • Match list alignment fix
  • Tooltip fixes
  • Event list does not show start time correctly
  • Clan member role not showing
  • View friend profile / clan in match leading to bad (dead) states
  • Item/gun tooltip position fix
  • "Profile" menu does not have an option to take you to your profile
  • Back [ESC] from crew form takes to you main menu instead of PLAY menu
  • Tip position fix for selection window
  • Clan tag doesn't immediately appear when a clan gets a new member
  • If chat display is hidden, it doesn't immediately appear when unhidden

Lore Recap

Once again, war has swept across the land.  The Outsiders’ War, named after the unusual alliances formed, was quick and but narrowly decisive.  The war was kindled by the Chaladonians as they claimed mines from the Merchants for new heavy manufacture, and secured land from the Baronites to protect the farms from being overburdened and stripped bare of resources.  Despite exploiting weak Chaladonian convoys and retrieving unheard of amounts of essential goods, champions like Skyraider of the Fjord Baronies, TzeroX of the Angleans Republic, and El Yuron of the Mercantile Guild could not stop the likes of Hai Fisch, Slipt, Letheliah, and Oppressedzebra from bringing about war.

Historically, the Angleans and Chaladonians aren’t known to get along.  However, some goodwill might have been brought to the tropical isles by Waper, who was known to fight for both factions before the war began.  Ultimately, the Angleans and Chaladonians formed the Primal Conservancy, at 6000 members strong, to prevent fertile lands and water supplies being spoiled by the cutthroat capitalism of the Utilitarian Assembly.  Backed by the Merchants and Baronites, the Assembly fought for free and open trade with 5500 supporters.  Despite looking down on the Merchants’ habit of trading labor so freely, the Baronites could not strike the market pacts they required to feed their growing migrant population.

The two alliances fought tooth and nail over resources and territories with RearAdmiralZill, Shinkurex, Lysanya, and gloowa bringing in many territory victories for the Assembly while Dementio, EXPEREMENTATOR,, and Gevurah secured resource domination for the Conservancy by completing key Missions.  In the end, The Mercantile efforts waned dramatically as the world transitioned into war while the Baronites struggled to shoulder the weight.  Clearly, the Fjord Baronies stood to lose the most if they suffered a defeat.\n\n

In the end, the Primal Conservancy was successful in protecting the bulk of the resources that they needed to ensure the future of their factions, and perhaps the futures of any faction willing to share.  The Utilitarian Assembly failed to acquire enough new resources to incentivize the formation of new commerce agreements.  The forces of the world have shifted and it will take some time for the dust to settle and for balance to be found.  Perhaps, then, new alliances will be forged to fight for a different interpretation of the world.


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