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Editor’s Notes:

Welcome to 1.4.6, one of the biggest patches to hit Guns of Icarus, with the first new entirely new game mode - VIP - in a long while! VIP is tactical, but also thrilling and violent. It's been really exciting and rewarding for us, as we're finally able to take the mechanics we've been developing for Alliance and bring them back to Skirmish PvP. Not only do we have the new VIP mode, we also have a massive tutorial revamp, complete with voice over, more interactive scenarios, and final tests for players to earn higher medals and rewards. There's more! A new coupon system and friend referral bonuses are here to reward everyone who's been so instrumental in helping us grow the community. This isn’t the end of skirmish content either. As we speak, another game mode - Skyball - is being designed for the next patch. It is an entirely different and unique sky sport game coming FREE to all owners of Guns of Icarus. Get ready for some zany fun and more explosions and stay tuned!

New content:

New VIP Game Mode
You’ve gone out on your own to play this mode, and we’ve seen how much fun you all have.  We’ve connected with Tropo, Richard, and KitkatKitty the creator and organizers of the player run VIP matches to discover how your rules and nuances make the mode fun.  Score points by killing each team’s VIP.  If the VIP kills another VIP, you get bonus points!  First team to get the required points wins the match.  Important thing to note, the first ship on each team in the match lobby is designated as the VIP.  Plan accordingly!  There are 5 revised maps to play this hectic mode on with a set of achievements to boot.  Happy Hunting.

Alliance Sprung a Leak!!

While we’re deploying this morning, we misconfigured something…  And! All the first level costumes for Alliance are now in the game!  it’s not often that our mistakes have pure, unintended, and positive consequences. While we have to rework our progression for Alliance, we’re happy to announce that everyone in game is now gifted (accidentally :D) an Alliance custom free! Enjoy! If you so choose, the Alliance preorder is on our Steam store page, feel free to check it out.

New Tutorial
The best crew member is a crew who knows how to complete basic tasks on the ship.  This is why we’ve completely revamped our tutorial to ensure that new players can have a place on every ship.  It even offers mini-game challenges that even the experienced players can test the skills with and earn medals.  There are tutorials for all classes and each one is meticulously instructed by Captain Morrison via radio (just in case you crash the ship).  These revisions should offer a more in-depth yet concise, and highly engaging way to learn how to play the game.

New Friend Referral

Our players have gone out of their way to recruit, refer, and bring in an amazing number of friends, and it’s vital to the growth of our community. It’s the reason we have such great clans and upstanding players. To reward and push for more players to do the same, we’ve added in a referral system. On the main page you can click the “Review and Recruit” button to get your code and give it to friends. Once they redeem this code you and them will earn items, dyes, and exclusive titles! Each player can only be recruited once so make sure to grab your friends quickly and look for more.

New Coupon System
A new reward has been added into the game. Coupons! You’ll be able to receive these in the new friend referral feature and in other upcoming reward systems. These coupons will give you your choice of items from the store at a discount instead of simply being assigned a reward. Once you get one all you have to do is use the store and you will see your coupon applied on checkout.

New Workshop Items

  • Anti-aliasing method is now stated in the options menu
  • Different animation for Character in customization window when zoomed in
  • Notification when a novice player’s class gets changed from pilot in non-novice matches
  • Increased character limit for notifications
  • Functionality of hold R and F to throttle forward and backward
  • Performance optimisation for multiple Flares
  • Bounty and bounty hunter scoring improvement
  • Different mechanics for Captain's recommendation spam filter (now works in a similar way like chat spam filter)
  • Disallow players to move to the other team via spectator in system-made lobby

  • Engine sound cuts off abruptly when changing direction
  • Match end screen gunner stat text overlaps
  • Match end screen effect out of borders
  • UI bug when you're inspecting a ship from a running lobby, but the lobby ended
  • Multiple notifications when AFK kicked
  • Clipping on top deck of Pyramidion
  • Seats misplaced on heavy guns after swapping them in practice mode
  • Floating smoke on Junker and Spire
  • Message saying guns are locked because player is in novice yet he isn't
  • All-weather Service Cap is missing the upper half of the model
  • Clan page text might get out of border
  • Display issue with hair 'Cropped Pixie'
  • Display issue with hair ‘Nihongami’
  • Dye confirmation UI element shows up when viewing another players’ load-out
  • Message saying guns are locked because player is in novice yet s/he isn't
  • Too long titles at match end screen
  • Ship type name cut off on match end screen
  • The size of gaps vary between the notches of the hull health
  • Hwacha fire animations missing occasionally
Community Announcements - Keyvias
Credit to  player jamesmokka who made this amazing piece of art.

The team has been hard as work squashing bugs, putting the final touches on, and finishing the last little bits onto skirmish 1.4.6. We're really excited to have everyone play VIP, recruit friends, and use enjoy our novices taught by the new tutorial.

At 3 pm eastern on where Howard, Matthew, Mikko, and Josie will be talking all about the new patch incoming your way hopefully next week.

Keep reading to see what the team has been working on and the player of the week

-7 Deadly ship image and event support
-General assistance the Sunday Community Skirmish, Chaos Skirmish Saturday, & Spread Your Wings
-Alliance keys/support
-General intermingling with the player base

An assortment of small fixes to bugs and performance issues in Alliance.  Testing some rendering improvements on a wider variety of hardware and discovering the inevitable problems that they introduce.

Various bug fixes, testing, and finishing up tutorials.

Bug fixes, meetings, and finished up sound design test.

Some moderation work, bringing in our next round of CAs, and expanding testing to three days a week!

Our player of the week:
"This player is always focused on making sure every team has enough players even if it hurts their team. Excellent player."
"This player has helped me train quite a few new players in the game. Also this player is always more concerned about everyone else having fun than their own success."
Community Announcements - Keyvias

Hello Everyone,

We're very excited to announce testing for not one, but two new game modes for Guns of Icarus Online! Join in this Saturday at 12 pm eastern. Fire up your Dev App and join us in game as we put these two new game modes through the fires of player testing.

The Game modes are VIP, which we'll be testing on Anglean this weekend. Anglean VIP  has proven to be the most violent game mode we've ever tested.  30 ship destroyed in 20 minutes. Get in, protect your VIP and destroy theirs in a Knock-Down, Drag-Out Brawl.

Skyball is a tactical  mode focused on aggressive tackles, deadly turn overs, and mad dashes to the goal line.  You can see an example of a ball steal above that lead to a rush cross the line while the enemy was wiped out by the backline.

If you don't have access to the Dev App, Click here and grab a code in the discussions! We're going to be talking about these new game modes and more live at

Next: what we've been working on and our player of the week!

New menu mockups, Tutorial/Tooltip/subtitle alternatives, new icons for new achievements and rewards

Primarily testing Unity 5 and banging into walls (trying to track down some collision weirdness, particular with barges.)

Various bug fixes, working on Video for Sound designer test, and help setting up assets for boss guns.

Tutorials, Ambush, and captain priority changes.

Improvements and fixes for Protection, VIP, and Skyball.

Marketing creation and testing revamping.

Our player of the week is: Barbute
This earns them a free item of their choice due to the numerous applauds they've received.
"Barbute is perhaps the greatest gunner I have ever seen, always landing incrediable shots. Shots which disable enemy guns as well as landing fatal blows. Without a doubt in my mind Barbute is an amazing gunner and stunning teammate."
"Super nice gal"
Community Announcements - Keyvias

Hello Everyone,
We are officially in Alpha now! This means a huge batch of content and first iterations of major systems for you to test out and give feedback on. Below you’ll see notes on everything from a new map to the first take on Alliance World Progression!

For Alpha, we have increased the viability of single ship and single pilot games, and we will expand regular group testing sessions beyond every Saturday at 12 pm EST. Stay tuned in the coming days for announcement of more days and times. If you have questions or issues with the update, you can always email us at

If you haven’t pre-ordered Alliance yet, you can now do it through Steam! Thank you so much for your support!

Once you pre-order, just send us an email at We'll give you a code to join us in the prototype, and you can have an exclusive first look at everything yourself and give us feedback!

New Contents
  • New (Assault) map: Seas of Alleron

  • It is known that the world has changed its face many times over. Now, Alleron wears an arid mask of sand and scorching heat. However, there is evidence that briny waters once bathed the obelisks that lay partially buried in the dust. Of course, this also means the seas left many valuables resources behind. Sifting sand and drilling through rock is a time intensive process, but a worthwhile enough endeavor that many parties fight over the production facilities that lie in the old seas.

Alliance World Progression Update

  • Claim territory for one of four factions - Anglean Republic, Order of Chaladon, Fjord Baronies, and Mercantile Guild
Alliance Character Progression
  • Improve your class equipment over the course of many battles. For the time being, your account will have the planned maximum number of Upgrade Points for your class skills. In the future, Upgrade Points will be unlocked via a series of achievements for each class as you complete matches in Alliance. Please go ahead and try to upgrade your skills. You will not be able to maximize all of them so choose carefully. Furthermore, the ability to reset your upgrades is not complete but is planned for the future. So… be even more careful. We are looking for feedback on UI/UX flow and the comments on the upgrade paths for items.
New Alliance Main Menu Background

  • Updates based on your current faction.
New Faction Costumes

  • Along with new faction selection screen showing off the costumes you can unlock.
  • For the time being, your account will have the basic level costumes from each of the four available factions. In the future, all faction costumes will be unlocked via Faction Progression (playing matches for a selected faction). In the Faction Selection screen, you will see the Elite version of the faction costumes as a what’s to come preview. Enjoy your new threads!

Boss Ships Die Harder

  • More dramatic deaths for all bosses.
Boss Weak Points

  • Bosses now have weak points that need to be destroyed in sequence, each with separate armor. They are now tougher on individual ships, but still fear teamwork.
  • Enemy bases defend themselves at long and short ranges - Beware of mines if you get too close!
  • Alternate time-of-day skies and lighting for Voyager’s Cove and Oblivion Approach
  • Better balance for “single player” (one ship, pilot only) mode
  • Loading screen images for new co-op maps
  • New map images for small Voyager's Cove
  • Move quest hotkey Q to another key to prevent people from hitting it by accident
  • Replaced some old armor breaks, updated explosion on escape vessels
  • Compass should show A, B, C for objectives instead of Shields
  • Barges no longer highlighted as enemies
  • Make our base on mini map look a bit different than objectives
  • In-match upgrades (from killing secondary objectives and bosses) indicated on UI
  • Hit feedback: now uses Skirmish-style hitmarkers and spotting colors
  • Fixed audio priority issues that could cause sound effects to go missing
  • Various targeting oddities with lightning and missile circus guns
  • Emplacements missing damaged LOD
  • Ship could jam through destructible walls without shooting it down or breaking it
  • Reappearing particles
  • Fixed some cases of cargo barges causing players to get stuck in narrow spots (ongoing effort)
  • Defense: Planes no longer skip the outer defenses to target the main base immediately
  • Collisions (played getting stuck) on new ship
  • Final Explosion on boss is being offset when rotated
  • Figure head spawning at middle of Alliance ship
  • Fixed some (excessively long) lulls in the action produced by the AI director
Community Announcements - Keyvias
Move over bonefish, the Arashi are upgrading

It's the week before pax and all through Muse.
Not a dev was sleeping, especially not those who schedule press interviews.
Others were working on fitting the alpha into a USB with care
In hopes that everything would work on first try when they got there
With computers tucked in all tight in the back of a van
Devs were on their way, rocking out to Dvořák's 9th symphony in a four door sedan.

To be the first to hear about our plans for PAX and get to ask about the upcoming alpha, join us for our weekly dev fireside chat at We'll be taking questions and talking about the massive push into alpha coming to a con and computer near you!

This week in Muse:

Planning for Pax East!  If you're coming to Pax, come by booth 7212 to visit us and play some Alliance!!!

More Arashi Cloud-Breaker work.

Implementing the code bits for a new Alliance title scene, and making the "missile circus" guns behave themselves.

Tutorials and bug fixes.

Updating the way we produce content from the Muse team, choosing the next batch of CAs, and preparing for PAX!

For our player of the week, big congratulations to:
The Squash
"Lead a crew of AI to victory after our allies dropped from the game"
"For always helping me out when I need it and teaching me so much."
Community Announcements - Keyvias
So much violence has happened and will happen for this little square of land.

Hello everyone,

We're excited about a lot of upcoming things. We have PAx East coming up where we'll be showing off a mountain of new content which will make its way into the player prototype shortly after and just as exciting is the revamp of balance testing a procedure.

As always we'll be talking about this and more on at 3 pm eastern as well as taking your questions live!

Balance Procedure Revamp

We're coming to you today with what we hope will be some reassuring and exciting news about how we balance Guns of Icarus Online and our aims for the future of how we play the game together. Let’s talk about it!

After the last balance cycle, we can totally understand why everyone is frustrated - us included. Having reviewed the process, a lot of things were done wrong and communication across the board left a lot to be desired. We want to change that because these changes ought to benefit the players and community instead of causing developers and players unnecessary grief.

In order to help everyone out, we are going to change the way that we handle balance. The hope is that this will make changes less intimidating and keep everyone better informed as to what our goals are. Here’s a brief summary what we’re going to do.

Instead of making many changes at once, we’re going to deal with problems on a more regular basis, but balance changes will be made one or two at a time instead of in lumps of nine changes once a year. This will mean that our balance changes don’t fight each other as hard and will create a more regularly updated game environment.

The changes will be less significant in general so they will be less risky to implement. This will help the ease of adapting to the new balance and will ease the tracking of changes.

We will be tackling a confirmed problem statement during each cycle. This will be determined based on player feedback with corroborating data as we already do. We will be discussing with the community which statements we tackle and do our best to communicate our aims so that everyone is on the same page.

The hope is that the changes we’re making to our method should help everyone out. In order to get the ball rolling, we’re going to have a discussion about the first problem statement that we’re going to tackle for this first cycle. At the moment, we’re looking at the effectiveness of the Meta Mobula. We’ll take some time to gather data and think about it and see what we can do!

In the meantime, please send us your balance feedback. It doesn’t absolutely have to be related to our current problem statement by the way - we want to know all about the things you’re seeing in our balance so that we can generate new problem statements to prioritise and work on for future cycles. Go ahead and tell us what you think!

Team's Weekly Progress

Been doing some testing, some outreach for Pax and Alliance previewing!

Has been testing and fleshing out new modes.

For skirmish:

  • Battle Arena - Each team has a fortress that must be protected. If a fortress is destroyed, the other team wins. (no creeps or anything else)
  • Skyball - A soccer / basketball-like mode. Drag the floating ball-barge into the opponent's goal to score.
  • VIP - A deathmatch variant, where only killing the enemy team's VIP ship counts towards the score.
For Alliance:

  • Protection (working title) - Coop VIP mode. One player ship must be escorted through the map and to the exit without it dying.
  • Escape - Players race against the clock to the map exit, destroying numerous obstacles in their path.
Testing, finalizing things for PAX, and making slow but steady progress on upgrading GoI to Unity 5.

Working on the ability for Boss guns to charge before they fire.

Working on Ambush and tutorials, with some minor bug fixes.

Lore, new game modes, old game modes, and planning data collection for next balance cycle.

Player of the Week

Our player of the week is:

"A-Star Level Leadership"
"Helped us out when our captain left."
"Truly a 100% decent pilot."
Community Announcements - Keyvias
An amazingly player, Atruejedi, made this for us. I bring it up for no reason.

Hello Everyone

And happy April 1st. As you may know, this is classically a day for pranks and tomfoolery. On that note, the patch that went out today has no gameplay changes.

Beyond that though we'll be talking about Guns of Icarus and Alliance while answering your questions at at 3 pm eastern. Can't wait to see everyone there and get to hang for an hour!

Going to be a short update today, because news on April 1st is always a frustrating prospect. So last and never least, our player of the week!
DiemExDei, who will receive a free muse-made item of their choice!
They have apparently been sharing their musical talent and many players have enjoyed.
"Great at piano!"
"Sweet Toons"
Community Announcements - Keyvias
Balance Changes

-Outer top guns fanned out 5 degrees
-Inner bottom guns fanned out 10 degrees

-Reduced turn acceleration to 10d/s2 (from 15)
-Reduced top turn speed to 10d/s from 12

-Back gun turned inwards (towards right side of ship) 40 degrees (from 0)
-Increased forward/backward acceleration to 8m/s2 (from 6.66)

Heavy Flak
-Damage moved to direct hit for a 70/30% split between direct and AoE (from 45/55%)
-Higher clip capacity to 4 (from 2)
-Damage per shot reduced (115/50 explosive, from 150/180 explosive)
-Increased RoF of 2 shots/s (from 0.8 )
-Reduced reload time of 4.5s (from 5)
-Reduced camera shake

Lochnagar Shot
-Reduced clip size reduction to -50% (from reduction to 1 shot)
-Reduced rotation speed reduction to -80% (from -90%)
-Changed damage-to-gun model so that is deals proportional damage per shot until gun is destroyed (e.g. if gun has 2 shots then each shot deals 50% damage vs a gun that has 4 shots were each shot deals 25% damage)

-Reduced projectile speed to 250m/s from 400m/s
-Decreased camera shake

-Added right click and hold to reel in
-Increased harpoon force to 1,500,000 (from 230,000)

-Hull health increased to 700 (from 550)
-Ship mass increased to 300000 (from 200000)
-Ship propulsion increased from 283500 to 675100
Community Announcements - Keyvias
Lights... Guns... ACTION!

Hello everyone,

Now that we're past our teenage texting title we can get into the nitty gritty of this weeks update. We'll have some finished balance notes coming out soon and into the game, but for now you can hear it and have all your questions answered first at 3 pm eastern at

In massive news though. Guns of Icarus Alliance Pre-order is on Steam! This is a massive step and we're really excited to be moving closer to a full release. As salways if you send in your purchase information to you can get early access to the prototype.

Keep reading for what the team has been working on and our player of the week!

At GDC, and with the help of Steam and got Alliance pre-order up on Steam finally!

Cheating in World Progression, breaking events, ruining balance, and building walls.

Working on the new Ambush game mode for Alliance.

Wrangling engine versions and fixed a couple of odd networking glitches.

Hooking up some lights (see above.)

Has been prototyping new modes, including Capture the Flag for skirmish and a couple VIP modes. Also, created a new "Debug" tab in the world map that allows more control over cheats related to world progression and viewing more data about the world.

Buying the worst computer possible to test min spec for alliance mode along with community work and balance testing and feedback.

And our final part of Mayday Friday, our player of the week!
Air Admrial Sean
He will be receiving any muse-made item of his choice for getting the most applauds this week including:
"Great leader, would crew for again 11/10"
"Maintained a fun yet efficient attitude as captain, contributed to the overall humor of the crew, and led the charge with atypical ship types."
"He's nice man"
Community Announcements - Keyvias
Unity 4 lightmapping sat on a wall, Unity 5 made it have a great fall, and now all the Alex is putting it back together again.

Hello everyone,

We've been hard at work in the office with everyone's feedback on our massive changes for "When Ambush Comes to Shove." We've made a lot of progress and we think we have it right this time. To be a part of the (possibly) final balance testing follow this link.

As always we'll be live at talking about balance, alliance, and answering every question you bring up at 3 pm eastern.

Here's what the team has been working on:

Planning for GDC!  We'll be at the Intel booth demoing Guns of Icarus Alliance!

Reinventing the (lightmapping) wheel in a way that will actually work for us in Unity 5, in support of eventually upgrading the game engine and tweaking miscellaneous highlighting/damage display things for Alliance.

Wrapping up Tutorials.

Cleaned up World Progression screens and working on HUD improvements/clarity.

Getting up to speed with everyone's tasks and solving the many sounds in Coop problem.

Preparing for GDC as much as I can and moving forward with the Arashi player ship.

Balancing (or possibly unbalancing,) Lore, Progression, and new Game modes.

Choosing the next batch of CAs and developing press materials.

And last and possibly most: Our player of the week.
Congratulations to Psaltery he has earned a free muse-made item of his choice!
"One of the best players in the whole game, always ready to help other players."
"Great pilot and has great sportsmanship, Round of applause for him"

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