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Dating is like an airship battle. You have to try to make the right moves, work together, and hope that no one brought a flamethrower.
Hello everyone,

Happy valentines weekend! Make sure to take your significant other into the skies, it's a perfect way to spend time, share experiences, and get them to call you "the captain." If you're not into the pink and frilly corporate holiday, hop in game and blow the happy couples out of the sky!

Before you either embrace or destroy Valentines day, join us at http:/ at 3 pm eastern for the Dev Fireside chat! We'll be live with the founder and leader designer talking about all the things coming into Alliance mode including new guns, maps, and destructible terrain!

Below see what we're all working on, be reminded our new event, and see the player of the week!

Baked some lightmaps, fixed some sounds bugs, and added new theme music.

New main theme tracks - string and pizzicato ver. - and sheet music now available on Guns of Icarus Steam store page!
If you own the Collector's Edition, you'll have these automatically unlocked in your soundtrack folder. If you don't currently own CE, you can upgrade to it now on the store page as well.

Fixing lots of last-minute things for MAGfest, particularly Assault base weakpoints,  making builds, and trying to improve plane performance.

Fixes for MAGFest, namely for the end match UI and the stats displayed there. Also, a rather new UI panel that tracks COOP objectives. As an objective is completed, a tab slides in from the right-hand part of the screen to update players on what's going on. This will eventually replace the objective UI when the in-match menu is accessed.

Bug fixes and Build testing.

Messing with balance. Nothing is sacred.

Investigating new CA applicants and devising a new media strategy.

Do not forget we're running an event asking for covers of the new live Guns of Icarus Music.  Find the full information here!

For our player of the week, put your hands together for: Captain Nickel
"Really nice and funn,y very positive"
"This player is such a good leader, he leads with a fist of golden hearts. Not in the way that you think, he legit takes the hearts of his enemies, paints them gold, and makes gauntlets out of them."
"Great Captain, Great Sportsmanship."
Community Announcements - Keyvias
From these pages into your computer

Hi everyone, we have some exciting news!

New Live Opening Theme

It's always been a dream of ours to have our main theme be performed live, and our dream finally came true!  We brought in an accomplished string quartet to record the main theme captured it into two new tracks - string and alternative pizzicato versions.

If you have the Collector’s Edition, these two new tracks are available immediately. Additionally, as a bonus, all CE owners also now have access to the sheet music. The new theme will be added to the next update soon. If you own the base game, you can now upgrade to the Collector’s Edition, it’s even 66% off until the end of the Lunar New Year Sale!  If you want to learn more about how we made this all happen, here’s a chronicle of the creative process:

Troubadour of Burren Event!

Since we're releasing our new live version of the main theme, we'd love to hear your live version as well! In your game folder you'll find sheet music to the Guns of Icarus Main Theme, the same one we're releasing today. Take any instrumental, vocal, or other musical ability you have to do your own cover. Every person that emails in their cover version to (bad, great, or otherwise) will receive a free item of their choice and, in the next patch, the exclusive title Touring Troubadour.

The best cover will have a chance to be released into the game files for everyone to hear. Good luck sky captains!

Theme by Zain Effendi Arranged by Andres Soto, Mitch McCarthy

Performed by:

Eric Allen (Cello)
Adrianna Mateo (Violin)
Kallie Ciechomski (Viola)
Rebekah Durham (Violin)
Recorded at Douglass Recording
Community Announcements - Keyvias
Hat, mask, dyes, and an exclusive reward

Hello everyone!

This is a big weekend with a massive sale on Steam, new youtubers talking about Guns of Icarus, limited time exclusive title, and some cool items! Also on Monday keep an eye out for an something really special.

As always at 3 pm eastern we'll be on talking to you live about everything Guns of Icarus and Alliance related , answering questions, and giving a behind the scenes look at the development process.

The Lunar Novice Phenomenon is simple, send in 10 screenshots of you playing with a least one novice on your ship before the 29th to and you'll get everything you need to make the moonman (or woman) hat including the mask, hat, and 2 white dyes, and, when in the next update, you'll receive an exclusive title that will be unobtainable once the event closes, Lunatic Mentor.

The team's work week

Working on the trailer. Here's a sweet shot of some lightning that got cut from the finished product.

Putting his voice in tutorials.

Added Tom's voice over to tutorials!  Added Derek's Idle animation.

Designing the temporary reward system, organizing the event, and working on Guns of Icarus video pieces.

And last, and never least, our player of the week!

Congratulations to Dave's Dodgy Deals for being an awesome player and a great member of the community! You'll be receiving a free item of your choice!
Community Announcements - Keyvias
The creation of destruction.

Hello Everyone,

The big news of the week is the tutorial progress and a new soundtrack work. To see a snippet of that work involving flames check this out! If you're interested in the wonderful music give a listen here! We're also preparing for new players on their way in.

To hear all the latest news and talk to us live join us at We'll be answering every questions brought up and hanging with you guys starting at 3 pm eastern and going for the next hour.

Our work week-

Updating boss logic to make shooting them more of a challenge.  A bunch of minor fixes to help Tim make the trailer look good.  Adding in-match gun swap functionality to Practice mode.


Planning for Drill spawn animations, sound mixing related issues, some more controls over boss destruction, fixed some effects bugs and some sound reverb fixes for the acid gun. Also did some tutorial audio and visual tests.

Testing boss, tweaking maps

We now have a soundcloud page! We'll continue to add existing music to it as well as some new Alliance tracks!  Stay tuned.

Arashi player ship. Also experimenting a bit with creating the illusion of different pieces of the ship and balloons shifting in relation to one another!

Working on Marketing Materials: Business Cards, Trading cards, pins, as well as World Some amazing map progression development.

Setting up more testing help and working on some outreach programs.

Our player of the week is Gentleman Marauder!
He is receiving a free item for being awesome and these great applauds.
"amazing captain!!"
"never gave up"
"Seriously helpful to noobs!"
Community Announcements - Keyvias
New heroes of Icarus and you will soon know why!

Hello everyone!

An exciting time lies ahead and we've got a lot coming up. With some last minute changes from some youtubers we're not going to be able to do the normal dev fireside chat as we all need to be on call for the upcoming event. We will still be streaming at 3 pm eastern at but we will be doing a special extra dev games with free items with Josie!

The work week:

Planning!!  And producing a new piece of music.

World Event system planning, making bosses give you nightmares, and tweaking maps.

Tweaking and tuning storm behavior for Alliance and familiarizing myself with the boss logic that I'll be working on next.

Youtuber event, community planning, and speccing out ideas!

Player of the week is: BrassBear. He gets a free item of his choice for getting the most applauds all for sticking in bad games and trying his hardest no matter the situation
"He may have been THE ONLY PLAYER ON HIS TEAM, but he never gave up, and saw the entire match through till the end, despite overwhelming numbers and firepower. We salute you!"
"Stuck through the pain after his team quit on him. Mad props bro. You're a real great dude."
Community Announcements - Keyvias
A sneak peek at George's effects work.

Hello Everyone,

It's been a busy week as the office starts moving back into full swing! New effects, new maps, and new weapons are all in the works in Museland and the content to Alliance just keeps expanding!

To hear about everything in detail and get to ask us questions live please join us at for the Dev Fireside Chat at 3 pm eastern.

What the Office has been working on:

Fixing assorted bugs and improving the storms used in Alliance maps.

Bug fixes and Tutorial touch ups.

A lot of planning, for shows and for updates.

Working on the mix for the Alliance and fixing up the new guns, Missile Circus and the Gas Gun.

Figuring out why the AI got so good.  And then making them not so good again.

Working on the Arashi player ship (fast, asymmetrical ship) and making some rocks for environments.

As for our player of the week, a massive congratulations to Sae
"Excellent direction, and enourmous patience under duress!"
"A great captain, and great communication!"
Sae will get be getting any muse made item from the store of their choice. Thank you for making the community more awesome!
Community Announcements - Keyvias
An amazing new tournament to start off the year!

Hello everyone and welcome to Guns of Icarus 2016!

Everyone is waking up back at the office so this is going to be a quicker version of the Mayday Friday. As always join us at at 3 pm for the fireside and get a chance to talk to us about all our plans for Alliance and Guns of Icarus Online.

The Cronus League just finished their first round of sign ups, but they're allowing late entries so if you missed your chance click here and all you need is one ship of 4 people to enter!

Our player of the week is Slaind who earned eight applauds over the week!

"He explained everything we needed to know about how to achieve victory for each match we entered. I was proud to be a part of his crew each time I found myself on deck."


Hats off to Slaind and helping make the community great!
Community Announcements - Keyvias

Christmas item is in game and all you have to get it is sign into Guns of Icarus!

We're also on sale on Steam so if you were looking for the time to fill christmas stockings with Steam codes and build up your crew at the same time, now's your chance!

See you in the skies!
Community Announcements - Keyvias
Steampunk Santa doesn't bring coal, he brings a vicious armor piercing combo.

First and foremost, if you haven't seen it, a massive update went out for the prototype of Alliance mode! Check it out, pre-purchase a copy on humble and join us in testing over the weekend!

Secondly, join us for the FINAL Dev Fireside chat of 2015. We'll be coming back in 2016 with new production quality and an attempt at improving everything! To join us for the final one of the year go to at 3 pm eastern, 8 pm gmt.

Here is the schedule for the Holday Events!

December 18th, 3 pm Eastern
FINAL Dev Fireside Chat of 2015

December 22nd, 5 pm Eastern
Dev Games

December 24th, 5 pm Eastern
Mystery Holiday Event

December 25th, 3 pm Eastern
Mystery Holiday Event

December 29th, 5 pm Eastern
Dev Games

December 30th, 5 pm Eastern
Mystery Holiday event and end of National Discovery 2!

Last, but never least, is our player of the week. The player that earned the most applauds throughout the week is:
"Guided me patiently through my first games. Explained things. Generally welcoming and helpful"
"Very calmly lead with a kind atitude with sureness and competance"
Community Announcements - Keyvias

Hi everyone!

While last Alliance prototype update was focused on improving balance, performance, and enemy behavior based on your feedback, this update is more focused on contents.  We've been working on a number of things, and we're excited to finally share some of them with you!  We have quite a few things for you to play around with and test, and you'll also see a work in progress first version of the world map and progression. As you'll see, it's not fully functional yet, but it's for you to get a first glimpse of the direction we're taking.

We'll be hosting another group test session this Saturday, 12.19.15, at 1pm EST, and we'll send another survey your way after the test session to collect feedback.  In the meantime, if you have questions or issues with the update, you can also email us at

And if you haven’t pre-order Alliance yet, you can do that on the Humble Store. Thanks for supporting us!
Once you pre-ordered just send us an email at and we'll give you a code to join us in the prototype and you can have an exclusive first look at everything yourself and give us feedback!

[NEW FACTION SHIP]  The Anglean Corsair

Like its creators, the Corsair is extremely rugged and is not easily budged.  Based on ancient war machine designs, the Corsair is ideal for inserting itself into a fray of enemies and simultaneously dispatching them from multiple angles.  Gameplay wise, the Corsair takes cues from the Spire in its layout.  The Corsair has multi-tiered decks and a massive interior.  Given the ship’s toughness, scurrying up and down ladders can be kept to a minimum for a skilled engineer.

[NEW MAP]  Voyager’s Cove

The Voyager’s Cove takes place off the coast of Chaladonian shores.  Judging by the ruins, it was once a bustling coastal city that has since been reclaimed by the sea.  Now, the cove is an important defensive location linking the Isle of Chaladon to the mainland.  This new map follows the Defense mode ruleset and is designed for 3-4 player ships.


Zeus Weaponized Coil

Reverse engineering parts unearthed from the frozen tundra, the Anglean Republic has reconstructed methods to temporarily store an electrical charge.  At first, they were disappointed by their inventions’ instability but soon realized that it could be weaponized to devastating effect.

The gun fires an electrical charge that arcs between multiple enemies. Hold the trigger to charge up to 6 seconds.  The damage and the number of jumps increase with charge time. It has a minimum charge time of 3 seconds.


Apollo Lens Array

Harnessing the power of the sun via a series of carefully crafted lenses, the Mercantile Guild is able to burn its enemies with a focused beam of light.  Only the Guild is able to procure such valuable diamonds and crystals that make up the weapon’s intricate lens array.  The armament’s devastating effectiveness easily justifies its costly construction.

To operate the Apollo, hold down mouse to start shooting. The longer you train the beam on an enemy ship, at the expense of less turning arc and movement, and the the more damage the gun would inflict.

[NEW ENGINEER TOOLS] Armor Kit and Fail-safe Kit

Both kits are buff tools, bringing the total buff tools to 3.  Buffs can only be applied one at a time and cannot be stacked.  Armor kit will apply armor to any component for a set duration of time, or until armor has depleted.  Fail-safe Kit applies a rebuilder automaton for a set duration of time.  When a component with the Fail-safe buff/automaton is downed, it will begin to rebuild itself.  Normal assistive rebuilding still works.   Once rebuilt, the buff/automaton is removed


This build marks the beginning of the world progression.  The world map and features are very much work in progress, and this is a first look at the direction we are heading.  While we are working on the full implementation, we’ve provided a cheat window to switch factions and add War Effort to locations in the meantime so you can get a glimpse of how it would all work eventually.  War Efforts are the points that are earned when you finish a match.  War Efforts will go to the location that you have selected in the World Map.  World Map and contesting locations will play into a larger Resource meta-game that we are still working on and will be implemented in the future.  For now, feel free to poke at how locations change hands between factions!

Features & Balance

  • Additional barges for Retrieve and Defense on Hell mode with 3-4 player ships

  • AI Enemies are now managed better to engage player ships that are speeding ahead or lagging behind.

  • Reduced overall enemy numbers and increased overall toughness aimed at offering more weapon tactic choices.

Known Issues

Selected enemy faction on the map is not yet reflected by the enemies in match (but this is planned.)

LOD issue with damaged Refinery

Rope clipping on damaged Magnate

Some sound effects might go missing if too many channels are used

Apollo Lens Array fire sound effect positioning

Assault base displayed at wrong place in minimap

Decoration of traveller theme blocks view on crusader in third person while on helm

Misplaced main engine on boss ship

Pistons clip through material on Magnate and Crusader

Clipping into golden/brass decorations on Magnate

Chandelier above helm doesn't react to ship movement on Magnate

Flickering textures on building (parous glen)

Traction cable clipping

Tube connecting the balloon and its repair point is missing on new ships

Tooltip positioning issue for light guns in the 3rd row of customization screen

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