Guns of Icarus Online - Keyvias
The first war of Icarus ends. Long live the North!

The war ends with a begrudging surrender. The Northern Guard claims victory and an uneasy peace settles across the land. A peace that is more of a mask for the next insidious attacks from all the factions, piracy.

Those that don't accept the fight as over are taking to raiding and pillaging. Some are loyalists looking to fight for honor others are opportunists looking to take the post-war chaos to make a quick buck.

So hide in your safe territory and strike out and plunder the world. Do it for your faction, for your pocket, and for an exclusive title!

The faction that has the most successful attacks by the end of the mission will all earn the exclusive Pirate title. No need to hold the territory, just capture, plunder, and move on!

This will continue until the 30th when a new patch drops and new factions join in with even more content!
Guns of Icarus Online - Keyvias
I’m confused. Why are there two Guns of Icarus games?
Guns of Icarus Online is our original game, released back in 2012. It is an online-only team-based PVP (player-vs-player) game in which players join the crews of multiplayer-controlled steampunk airships and have huge battles in the sky, from two-on-two skirmishes right up to epic four-a-side battles.
Guns of Icarus Alliance is our new game that’s only been out for a month! It was originally intended to be an expansion for the base game, pitched initially as an “adventure mode” that would introduce PVE (player-vs-environment) missions for players who weren’t interested in PVP. Early in development it became clear that our vision was much bigger than a humble expansion pack, so Alliance eventually became a new stand-alone game.

So has Alliance completely replaced Online?
Yes and no. Online still exists as a stand-alone game of pure PVP, but it is closely tied to Alliance. Players in both games can talk to each other, and in-game assets purchases and all Steam achievements are shared across both games. Online is still available to buy on Steam at a greatly discounted price.
However, anybody who buys Alliance gets Online free and can play all of the content from both games in a single package. Alliance offers the complete Guns of Icarus experience, including both PVP battles, PVE missions, and the dynamic online world that ties it all together. For those with no interest in PVE, Online will still be there to offer awesome PVP goodness.

Does this mean Online is a dead product?
Nope, Online is still a living game with a large install base and an active player population.
We won’t lie to you: Alliance is our new baby and we’re definitely focusing most of our attention on it, but a huge amount of content for this new game will be fed back into the original. We are always coming up with new content, including mysterious new factions armed with their own unique airships, weapons, and upgrades.
Many additions to Alliance will also expand Online, so even if you are only playing PVP and have no interest in new political powers invading the world, any ships and equipment brought into the game by these new factions will also be made available to you. Even better, you can join a faction and have an impact on the game world just by playing PVP, without spending a single cent upgrading to Alliance.
Essentially, even if you don’t buy Alliance, its existence will keep making Online bigger and better for our loyal players.

Is this some kind of scam or ripoff to squeeze more money out of your players?
Not at all. Anyone who is enjoying the original PVP action of Guns of Icarus Online can carry on enjoying it as long as they want to without sending us a single cent. We aren’t forcing anyone to buy anything they don’t want to, so if you’re happy with Online as it is, please keep on enjoying it.
Guns of Icarus Alliance was an enormous project that took us over three years to complete. This is not a map pack or a handful of new mission types: this is an entirely new way to play the game. We have added a dynamic and ever-changing online world that reacts to players’ victories and defeats, a living story that is being written week by week according to events in the game, an extremely complex AI system that makes the entire PVE experience possible, and so much more. It is a much bigger project than Online ever was.
We feel like we are charging a fair price for Alliance, and we have also sweetened the deal for existing players by offering a discounted price to upgrade until May 30th. We also offered some heavily-discounted pre-order deals during the development process, and players who got on board during the Kickstarter in 2013 also got a very good deal.
If you still think we’re ripping our players off then there probably isn’t anything else we could say to change your mind. Sorry we couldn’t convince you!

I backed Alliance during the Kickstarter or pre-ordered it. Where’s my copy?
If you one of the awesome people who supported the development of Alliance before release and registered your Steam ID with us, you should already have access to play Alliance. Visit the Alliance store page and you should see a notification saying “Guns of Icarus Alliance is already in your Steam library” and a “play now” button. If you don’t see this message, then something has gone wrong. We’re sorry! Please email and we’ll get it fixed for you ASAP!
Guns of Icarus Online - Keyvias
Greetings Fellow Sky captains and Crews!

We created the Tower of Babel! A maddening structure made by an angry god of code for our attempts to break the sky. While last night our new buildings looked good for Ambush, check out the violent dealings of our newest test build!

If you want to be the first to see all the content we’re working on. Follow us at where we show off every internal session and give away the password to the dev games early (and your chance for free items.)

NEW Bug: Towers of Babel
The new ambush building scaled up massively, but its collision box didn’t so the start of our test was in the middle of a massive structure that was impossible to find the top or end of. Do not test the jealous gods of code for they will smite you!

NEW Ship Naming: Yeshan
We were testing out the Yeshan ship with our latest fixes and something struck the team. We have not named the Yeshan craft (player and enemy) yet, but it’s something we’re working on right now. If there’s something that strikes you from what you’ve seen. Let us know!
Guns of Icarus Online - Keyvias
Greetings Fellow Sky captains and Crews!

We crashed our testing server! We were testing a bunch of MK2 weapons and broke the server! In Between crashing everything we got to try some truly exciting things that we can’t wait to share with everyone.

Congrats on the Shrike and Tempest Launcher being earned. Your hard work in game has brought this new ship and weapon to PvP!

If you want to be the first to see all the content we’re working on. Follow us at where we show off every internal session and give away the password to the dev games early (and your chance for free items.)

New Gun: Mk2 Project
We’re trying to expand on the success of the Heavy Flak Mk2 which has been amazing to see players use. Today we tried everything from shotgun lasers to the newest room clearing Mk2 Cavitation Gun. We’re not 100% sold on it yet, but it was a great test especially when combined with Mk2 Telsa! The Mk2 Tempest with a slow moving missile offered a unique take on the weapon, but we have quite a few more ideas for all the weapons before we settle.

New Gun: Fan Made Mk2
Eric hasn’t been the only one trying out crazy new weapons. We took the Mk2 Carronade into Search and Destroy to a solid victory. The cannonballs over grapeshot approach was intriguing. There’s a lot of potential there and it was great to see how guys from the art team and engineering team reacted to this new and exciting beast.

Guns of Icarus Online - Keyvias
New content:
Night descends on Icarus!

  • Parous Glen (Night)
  • Ashen Scuffle (Night)
    • Enjoy a new visual experience as you navigate a dark and ominous lava-scape. These are the first of many night maps and have been testing for a while. This comes with a lighting change to lamps on ships to make sure even if you have a hard time seeing ahead of you, you’ll still know where you are on the ship!

PvP gains Alliance ship and gun!

  • New PvP Ship: Shike
  • New PvP Gun: Tempest Missile Launcher
    • Global community challenge. Since PvE players have to unlock new guns and ships, we wanted to attach the same idea to new PvP content. To make sure some players don’t have tools that others don’t, it’s a global challenge. Once 4700 matches of PvE are completed both the ship and gun will be available to everyone in PvP! We want to use this system for a bunch of rewards so let us know what you think!

  • Leadership medals
    • The first leaders earned a special reward for taking the top spots on the leaderboard. This was something we did manually, but now every leader will automatically get a medal and title for the work they’ve put in.

War begins!

The merchants hit their war goal over the weekend and with that, the small squabbles between factions have blown up into a full blown war! Merchants join arms with the Chaladon as the Immortal Insurrection and find themselves squaring off against the Northern Guard the combined forces of the Republic and Baronies.

Get into game to vote for your alliance’s goals. You decide your reasons for fighting and what you need to fight for next.

  • Added a message that appears when a running Steam client is not detected, and prompts the user to restart Steam and then the game (used to quit immediately)
  • Changed display of Wall and Mission Reward to display approximated real efforts and % change instead of abstraction of curve that these are based on
  • Crusader visual adjustments
  • More accessible wanted leaderboard
  • Reduced leadership time to 4 days (from 7)
  • Updated opening cinematic
  • See skills and guns and ships locked and show how to unlock them with rollover
  • Added instructions for the world map
  • Tutorial improvements
  • Enemy AA Ordnance: Muzzle speed 500m/s (from 350)
  • Infiltration: Increase enemy budget, increased VIP hunting task force 0.5 (from 0.4), fixed issue with walls and enemy spawning interaction
  • Assault: Increased enemy budget, Mining Outpost (intermediate base) hull +30% and armor +25%, Manufacturing base (final base) hull +25%
  • Hard difficulty: Enemy base and AA ordnance damage -13% (from -25&)
  • Veteran difficulty: Drill & bases durability +35% (from 0), Enemy base and AA Ordnance damage +50% (from 0)
  • Hell difficulty: Drill & bases durability +55% (from 25)
  • New menu for books

  • Achievement adjustments and fixes
  • MAC: When displaying function keys to the player, macs now add 'fn +' in front of it
  • Chat overlaps window
  • Fixed a pathfinding issue that could cause matches to freeze up on certain maps (Thornholt Crest most notably)
  • On the statistics screen, if one hadn't played a class yet, the most played ship is no longer shown as a white square
  • Infiltration: fixed mismatch between in-game and match-end display of VIP health
  • The CA list no longer continues off the UI when there are more than 7 CAs online
  • Fixed glitched world map when a system language other than US English was in use
  • Fixed typo in Lochnagar description
  • Fixed broken storm sky transitions after exiting a match while a transition was active
  • Fixed an error caused by people trying to activate special abilities in PvP
  • Team tab now properly displays the teams when spectating to the end match screen of a PvP match
  • Increased flare gun’s light brightness and fixed it overbrighting the helm
  • Fixed lights not falling back to vertex path (should improve dark maps on low settings)
  • Clan membership button disappears
  • Inconsistent load-out preview when joining ongoing match
  • Character customization lighting darkened
  • Fixed resource display during war
  • Fixed unlocked faction ships are not accessible in Evadne's Ship Reports
  • Fixed missing loading screen images

Guns of Icarus Online - Keyvias
Greetings Fellow Sky captains and Crews!

Yeshan are being testing now! We got to fight chargers and strikers (not their final name) and their mighty boss, the Eviscerator.

If you want to be the first to see all the content we’re working on. Follow us at where we show off every internal session and give away the password to the dev games early (and your chance for free items.)

Internal testing happens every Wednesday and Friday at 11 am eastern. Though due to our schedule in the office, this can change. Be sure to follow to be the first to see everything!

New Ships: Yeshan
The new enemies are live! With a lot of work done on them they are powerful beasts that work to extend Yeshan’s mighty reach. We will definitely give them more immersive names than Charger and Striker, but for now that’s a good example of what they do. Striking powerful hits and terrifying devastating charges.
Our early fights with them focused on attacking those bulbous balloons with massive success, but we can’t wait to see .

New Boss: Eviscerator
Truly a monster to behold, check out this sneak peak of the Eviscerator. Definitely want to make some changes to both its power and weapon layout, we’re really happy with this first fight against the beast. We’ll be tweaking it asap and getting it ready to be in player crosshairs!

As always, thank you for flying with Guns of Icarus Alliance.

Guns of Icarus Online - Keyvias
Greetings Fellow Sky captains and Crews!

Things broke! But, that’s what should happen in testing and this one looked really interesting. While the team works hard on the fixes and changes to the world map (details incoming!) we continued our work on Ambush and night maps!

Remember, if you want to see everything first and live, we are now streaming our internal testing sessions (no commentary) a at[/u]]make sure you follow to see when they appear! It’s normally Tuesday and Thursday at 11 am eastern, but times are subject to change depending on the team’s needs. The only way to stay up to date is to follow!

New Bug: From Night to Day
Internal testing doesn’t just mean cool new things. Sometimes it's seeing how different systems interact. The eclipse from last week bumped into a unique glitch with our boss spawns. Hopefully by now you’ve noticed that when a boss enters the map, the world reacts sometimes with storms, sometimes with different lighting, and other visual effects.
Well one of those meteorological effects caused our eclipse to turn into full day. A wild and different effect, it was weirdly unexpected, but an interesting glitch for us to explore.

Continued Work: Ambush
The map has been signed off on! That means this will be the final time you see the blocky textureless terrain for Ambush testing. We took on the waves of convoys and even closed off passes with mine storms! We can’t wait to show off this finished map as the art team takes a pass over it.

As always, thank you for flying with Guns of Icarus Alliance

Guns of Icarus Online - Keyvias

Greetings Fellow Sky captains and Crews!

Week 2 begins with an eclipse.

We just released a hotfix to address a lot of the feedback we have received.  You can find all the notes here. While we squash bugs though production is not slowing down on new content and exciting features for the game!

We are now streaming our internal testing sessions (no commentary) and you’ll be able to watch them at make sure you follow to see when they appear! It’s normally Tuesday and Thursday at 11 am eastern, but times are subject to change depending on the team’s needs. The only way to stay up to date is to follow!

New Maps: Night Mode

Previous glitch is now feature! Night maps are real! We found a way to keep enough light to identify enemies while still having a powerful darkness that makes explosions spectacular and combat riveting.

This is just one of many drafts and look out for a bunch of night maps on their way.

Continued work: Voyager’s Cove and Stormbreaker

We continued working with the new stormbreaker figuring out some bug locations (no longer teleport when you go to the new locations we added) and on voyagers cove testing out different difficulties and AI decisions in there.

Thank you everyone for flying in our skies, the amazing feedback, and for being a great community!
Guns of Icarus Online - Keyvias
Greetings Fellow Sky captains and Crews!

Congrats to the first leaders of the Icarus Faction War!
New titles have been granted to honor this historic event. The title of First Leader has been granted to all four factions’ leaders, and the title of First Grand Leader has been granted to all four faction's overall leaders.

First lore entry commemorating the first week of war is coming shortly, and so is a new leadership emblem to be worn on costumes. Stay tuned!

In addition to fixing bugs critical and small, brewing in our lab today are a number of exciting things.

New Game Mode: Ambush
We are set with the mechanics of Ambush, where ships work together to intercept and ambush enemy airships making bomb runs to bases. These bomb carriers would be supported by other enemy ships and even a boss. You need to race to intercept and kill them in time before they destroy your base. If you kill enough of them, you win. If your base gets bombed into oblivion, you lose.

Mechanically, the mode is playing pretty well. It’s intense under fire and also a race against time. It takes coordination to see who chases down what.

But as typical in any testing, things break! Somehow, we managed to spawn into the matrix today…

Next up in this mode, we’re starting to make the first map for it!

Muse MKII Program:
In our weapons lab (Eric’s desk), we’re prototyping new faction MK2 guns, and here’s a glimpse:

The goal of the MKIIs are to create vastly different versions in how they play and work, but still maintain that consistency with faction technology and theme. The Gas Mortar MKII is a rapid fire, multiple canister launcher, but the gas dissipate much more quickly.

With the Lens Array MKII, think shotgun laser.

Next week we’ll preview the Coil and the Missile MKIIs, so stay tuned!

Updated Stormbreaker:

The Stormbreaker will be retrofitted with a heavy gun slot, so you can mount the Cavitation gun!
In today’s testing, the retrofitting was deemed satisfactory by us, and you shall see it in Dev App to test drive soon!

Also, we are testing quite a few client side fixes that we’ll deploy asap, and these are the things we made fixes for.
- Fixed several memory leaks that eventually led to crashes on all platforms
- Handled some previously unhandled NULLs that could cause crashes on Linux
- Improved visibility and added distance counter to objective indicators on Assault
- Fixed missing event leaderboard title text
- Corrected some text referencing "Preorder Alliance" to "Buy Alliance"
- Fixed a music playback error caused by attempting to seek to an invalid time

Once we run through these fixes, we’ll deploy a new client build (no server restart required), and announcement will follow.

What’s on the docket next week:

Endless Seek & Destroy
Single Ship Infiltration
Missile Circus MKII
Yeshan Ship

Thanks everyone and stay safe in the treacherous skies!

Guns of Icarus Online - [Muse] Bubbles
We know you probably have questions about why Alliance is a different product from the original or are wondering what happens if you don’t upgrade, so this post’s goal is to answer the most common questions we’re seeing:

Why isn’t Alliance just a free update to Guns of Icarus Online?

Well, the short answer is because it’s too big for us to be a free update. It’s literally larger than the entire original game. Some people see that as a cash grab, but in reality, as I will try to explain in some of the other questions, it is quite the opposite. We felt this was the most fair way to fulfill our Kickstarter that funded this project nearly 3 years ago.

Why isn’t Alliance a DLC for Guns of Icarus Online?

We debated over this a lot and discussed this Steam, and the recommendation was to go with a full release and remove the old DLC upgrade. Content DLCs can be low on content and high on price, and it complicates purchase process for anyone new to the community. We believe in what we're offering, and we want to avoid the impression specifically that this is a cash grab. Alliance is more than a DLC, it is its own game. Sure it is built in the shoulders of Guns of Icarus Online, but there’s no denying the amount of new content in Alliance. Not just art, or ships, but entirely new mechanics, a new way of story telling, and just a completely different style of play from the original.

Anyway, short version is if this were a cash grab Guns of Icarus Alliance could have been 10 DLCs costing 3-5 dollars each, as opposed to a full product with free updates just like Guns of Icarus Online is.

What happens if I don’t want to upgrade to Alliance?

We get that PvE isn’t a thing everyone wants to do, and that is fine. Alliance is also an update to Guns of Icarus Online and we will continue to support Guns of Icarus Online 100%, with the aim to bring more and more contents from PvE over to PvP. Not only will we continue to support PvP mode, but now you can join a faction, earn rewards, and still get involved in the meta story of Alliance without paying a dime. In essence we’re not making anyone pay for content they don’t want AND we’re providing a free update to our existing customers.

Are you sure this isn’t a cash grab or your way of forcing people to pay more for something they already purchased?

We talked at length about the ways to integrate Alliance and create sales. In the end we determined the most successful methods are also the ones we disagree with as an industry. I talked a bit about content DLCs, where you release content in drips and use that drip content to end up making people pay 2-3x the price a game “should” cost. That’s one method we simply could not do and still look ourselves in the mirror.

The other would have been cutting off support or content for the original game earlier. This not only would have saved costs, since we wouldn’t be basically trying to build / support two games at once, but it would have created demand as we “starve” our fans of new stuff. On top of that, we could have then released Alliance as a totally new product that wasn’t integrated at all with the original and forced our players to upgrade or not play.

Tactics like this, and I am sure you can think of at least one of both examples, are common in the games industry and we refuse to play by those rules. As a result we’re forging a different path where we give the players free updates and the option to upgrade. Unfortunately, also as a result, it confused a LOT of people about what our motives are. Believe me, we want to make money, but we want to do it in a way that makes us feel like we’re actually contributing value to our players and fans.

So now I ask for everyone’s support. Please, ask questions, even question our motives, but if you agree with our methods and want to help, tell a friend. We need your help to make Alliance fly, just like we needed your help to make Guns take off nearly 5 years ago.

We’re building a different kind of game company and we hope you’ll be along for the ride as we continue to try new ways of doing things.

Lastly, if you’re reading this it means you are likely an owner of the original game. For that I personally thank you from the bottom of my heart. Even if you never spend another dime on a Muse Games product, your being part of our journey has shown us so much love and support that it has literally been life changing.

Thank you,
Howard, Team Lead

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