Community Announcements - jerry
System will shut down for 1.5 hour for a hotfix.
Community Announcements - Jacob_Fii
Join us at for a preview of Co-Op mode! This is part of our showing at Pax East so come along, show your support and ask us your questions!
Community Announcements - jerry
== EDIT ==
Server is back!
== END ==

Our data server is currently under maintenance by our service provider, and therefore it would be down for a few hours. Sorry for the inconvenience!
Community Announcements - jerry
New Content:
- Minotaur Heavy Cannon: New support heavy weapon that knocks back enemy ships! Use to help your friendly airships keeps enemy airships out of gun arc or to prevent rams. Has arming time, Primary Damage is piercing, Secondary AoE is shatter. Fires like a Carronade where each ‘buckshot’ causes knockback. Knockback is equally distributed across both Primary and Secondary damages. The farther from a ship’s center of mass you shoot, the more ‘spin’ you will add to that ship.
- Workshop support for voice commands
- Game Grumps RubberNinja Voice Packs in game store.
Ross has lent his amazing voice talent to record 2 sets of voice commands (varied by how much they stay on script :D) for us. They are available through the in game store. All proceeds from the sales of the voices will go to Child’s Play, Ross’s designated charity.
- New Workshop items (Only a subset of new Workshop items that people submitted are presently integrated into the game due to a 1-2 weeks delay in Steam’s creator revenue sharing feature. Once Steam’s feature is ready, we’ll be able to patch those items in, add them to our store, and start revenue sharing with item creators.)
- Storm Ryder (Decal) by ¬°GeoRmr
- Flying Hare (Decal) by Rookster
- Gears of War (Decal) by Herr_Razor
- Holy Sun (Decal) by Skargil
- Ramming Speed (Decal) by A_Harmless_Fly
- Triple Horn (Decal) by SassyKat
- Gold and Sheepskin Goggles (Goggles) by AIB (aka AnInnocentbaby)
- Winged Panama (Headwear) by Il Mostro
- Wooden Moustache (Goggles) by Mr. Lambert

New Features:
- Capture Point Mechanic Redesign
With the new capture point design, capture and de-capturing are based now on superiority of ship numbers at the capture point. Once a team has more ships at the point than the enemy ship, the team can start capturing or de-capturing. Teams no longer have to wait to root out the enemy team completely. Also, each ship kills is now awarded 20pts toward the goal as well. With the change, capture point maps should be more fluid and dynamic.
- State why player's name is refused at registration and rename
- Remove bubble help when hovered by mouse cursor
- Search for friend list
- Confirmation for "Abandon Match"
- Updated Gunner Tutorial (Banshee)
- Show matches with your clanmates in Friend's match list.
- Music: changed drums conditions; they no longer trigger based solely on enemy proximity.
Drums trigger when you are spotted or spot enemies, and intensify when spotted enemies are near
Drums trigger and intensify with the amount of damage your ship has taken
Drums trigger when your ship is firing and intensify if your ship is hitting an enemy
- Music: Spectators now hear combat music
Drums trigger based on spot status and health of all ships in the match
Melody triggers on any ship kill
- Humbly added a shortcut for players to review the game for us.

Balance Changes:
- Spire: Hull Health increased to 950 (from 750), Forward Acceleration increased to 4.5m/s2 (from 3), Top Forward Speed increased to 28m/s (from 26)
- Squid: Hull Health increased to 950 (from 850), Forward Acceleration increased to 6.65m/s2 (from 5.5), Weight decreased to 95000 tonnes (from 115000, affects acceleration)
- Pyramidion: Hull Health decreased to 550 (from 700), Forward Acceleration decreased to 2.25m/s2 (from 2.5)
- Maps
- Labyrinth: Objective reduced 450 (from 600)
- King of Flayed Hill: Objective reduced to 550 (from 660)
- Anglean Raiders: Objective reduced to 450 (from 550)
- Desert Scrap: Objective reduced to 400 (from 600)
- Raid of the Refinery: Objective reduced to 450 (from 600)

-Screenshot Contest:
Start sending your favorite screenshots to with the title “Screenshot Contest.” The best screenshot gets any item of their choice! Winners will be announced at the end of March!

-Guns of Icarus Seasonal
An amazing new event is starting up and we need all great crews to show up and try to win free items, both digital and physical!,5667.0.html

- Fixed harpoon reload visual issue when distant
- Fixed issue of shadows skipping or have unsynchronized animations
- Joystick bindings menu is called "Keybindings"
- Fixed issue of not able to cancel when creating/editing event
- Artemis reload animation issue Fixed
- Fixed a case where the Artemis and Banshee projectiles sometimes had the same explosion
- Added missing UI click sounds
- Removed unused ‘Minimap’ binding from Spectator section of keybindings'
- Fixed issue of join advanced games text slightly too large.
- Fixed issue of tutorial achievements are not being displayed in UI.
- Fixed bug with playtime pie graph for players with playtime in only one class
- Fixed issue of matchmaker not putting the player in the lobby
- Fixed: deploy button not working if timer was allowed to expire
- Fixed: Novice Graduation achievement needs adjustment
- Fixed: Badge info in stats panel is off
- Fixed: Recommended loadout UI is shown when inspecting someone's ship
- Fixed: UI breaks if getting recommended loadout while being in the options menu
- Fixed: While in character select screen you do not hear the starting drums
- Fixed falling sound at the end of match as spectator
- Social/notification tab now closes when entering the Custom Game screen
- Fixed "Unknown" voice
- Fixed text positioning issue for the achievement "Doom and Gloom" and "Role Models"
- Fixed model scale for Paritan maps
- Fixed: can't switch to regular ammo from a spec ammo you don't have
- Fixed a bug that could cause the chat scrollbar to remain visible after closing chat
- Fixed: non themed ship objects intersecting with ship theme objects
- Fixed: Wrong loadout is shown/not saving when a novice unlocks their ship loadout
- Fixed: No victory/defeat music at match end screen
- Fixed: Sometimes there is no music during match
- Fixed resolution issue in workshop tool
- Fixed: Spam protection timer doesn't change if chat UI is not visible
- Fixed: Pop-up for the main menu chat draws below other UI elements, obscuring some options
- Fixed typo in Hydrogen Canister's tooltip
- Fixed typo in Wilson’s notes (Harpoon)
Community Announcements - jerry
Sorry everyone, we were removing some old log data in our server to free up some space, and it's taking longer than expected. The servers probably will need another hour to restart, and we plan to start before 8AM EST or 1PM UTC. Thank you for your patience!
Community Announcements - jerry
System will shut down for 2 hours for 1.4.0 release.
Community Announcements - Keyvias

With the Steam review system starting to grow it’s been obvious for a while that some of the highest rated reviews were more comedic than in-depth. While we loved our funny reviews it did feel like they were out of place, but now Steam has provided a special section just for the players in our game with an inkling for the funny.

We want to reward these comedy based players for their ability to make us (and hopefully others!) laugh. At the start of every month we’ll show off our favorites and the writers will get their choice of a game or a free in-game costume or ship set of their choice. So get your pens ready and let us know what you think of Guns of Icarus and put your comedy prowess to work!

If you have any question please email
Dec 22, 2014
Community Announcements - Keyvias
Christmas items

Workshop Items-
-Ava's Demon, created by Neareida
-Henrick's Maske, created by Constiii
-Clockwork Ouroboros, created by Ushabti
-Duck of the Wind, created by Tanya Phenole
-Jolly Rodger, created by SassyKat
-Sacrilege, created by Mr. Lambert
-Wings of Icarus, created by MacBernick

- Map grid lines now show at fixed 1km intervals
- Ship names now included in destruction log
- Skill descriptions now draw directly from configuration (so they can't get out of sync with the actual effects).
- Restored exclusive fullscreen mode as windowed fullscreen caused performance problems on many setups. If you still want windowed fullscreen, you can use the "-popupwindow" launch option.
- Added a small delay before transitioning to the match end sequence to allow viewing the final kill, capture, etc.
- Added different pitch for engine sounds at different speed levels

- Fixed broken highlighting in voice selector UI
- Chat box can no longer be opened underneath social dropdown
- Debug overlay no longer shows wildly incorrect framerate when first enabled
- Removed questionable parsing of special whitespace characters ("/t" for a tab) in chat
- Dyes can no longer be applied to hairstyles (formerly consumed the item but had no effect)
- Khovansky male hair can’t be dyed anymore
- Label is now shorter on moderator button
- Fixed a bug that caused ship customization to not function after “Unlock Loadout” was pressed
- Options menu: resolution now reverts if you decline to apply the changes
- Fallen Hero Cap description now refers to "Flight of the Icarus" instead of "GoI Classic"
- Character feet don’t clip through the deck during victory poses
- Animation for switching tools no longer delayed in 3rd person
- Fixed a bug that caused the wrong tool usage to be shown right after switching tools in 3rd person
- Fixed some cases where characters could get stuck on ship geometry
- Global chat no longer visible while transitioning from victory screen to lobby
- Spyglass and Range-finder now reset to default zoom level at the start of matches
- The title on the Sky League badge is now showing up
- Fixed "bounty rules" info box issue
- Made gatling gun impact sounds more noticeable
- Engines have the correct sound effect when returning from AFK (used to always play the “idle” effect)
- Fixed a rare bug that could cause multiple copies of a ship to spawn when respawning
- Changed “tophat” to "top hat" in item names for consistency
- Texture quality settings now has no effect on matchmaking UI
- Fixed a bug that caused players to be facing the wrong direction after using the Spyglass or Rangefinder
- Fixed ships spawning on top of each other on Duel at Dawn and Water Hazard
- Achievement checklist: default text added when there's nothing to display
- Lusse's Travels: added Anglean Raiders page
- Fixed player context menu not closing immediately after leaving in-game ESC menu (now closes on all UI transitions)
- Workshop Tool: using mouse wheel in file browser doesn’t change the zoom anymore
- Ship customizer decoration tooltips now show up when player has no decoration items
- Fixed a bug that caused the Artemis’s rocket to remain after being fired
- Reworked the effects of wind on ships for more consistency (no more extreme forces from certain angles on the Mobula, for example)
Community Announcements - jerry
Server will go down at 10AM GMT (5AM EST) today for release 1.3.9, and will be back in 2 hours.

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