Community Announcements - [Codebrush] Jay
*Patch Note - Release

Character rotation:
- Valle, Renoah, Richard, Elika, Elrath, Tiac, Cezanne, Renny(F), Ridika

#New character added for testing - this week only


1) Blind Love
Ridika dazes an enemy with an inherent beauty of Succubus within a certain area. The enemy gets 'Blind Love' debuff, and the enemy cannot see her for a while.

2) Heartbreaker
When it activates, Ridika blows 'Blind Love' debuff to deal with damage and the debuff disappers.

*Please leave your thought about Ridika.

Dan Mei's JR attack does not break guard anymore.
Community Announcements - [Codebrush] Jay
Hello Archebladers,

Here's new patch for today!
*Patch Note - Release

Character Rotation:
- Renoah, Renny(G), Richard, Elrath, Gaspar, Dan Mei, Renny(F), Sewon

- 'AlterOfWar' map added. Enjoy 2 vs 2 round match

- Gaspar
His R attack has been modified to be more useful
-R attack range increased
-Shape of AOE changed from a vertical formation to trianglar formation*

*Triangler formation is bottom left, bottom right, and top (3/3)
If the shot is not fully charged, it will fire from the top (1/3) or left and right (2/3)

- 'AlterOfWar' map achievements added

- Some RP skills are displayed more clearly

Bug Fixes:
- Able to do power attacks without consuming Rage Points
- Fixed Renoah's R zoom freezing when practicing in the training room
- Sometimes Dick's ward still works even if he is out of range
- In Elimination, fixed team member's display icon being incorrect when waiting in spectator mode
- Fixed ward locations being displayed on the wrong team in a mini map
- Fixed Sewon becoming invincable in some cases
- Improved the handling of nicknames containing special/foreign characters
- Speed hack tool prevention added
Community Announcements - [Codebrush] Jay
*May 16

- Valle
- Renoah
- G.Renny
- F.Renny
- Richard
- Elika
- Elrath
- Gaspar

See ya'll in the game!

*The rotation will be applicated at 9PM PST.
Community Announcements - [Codebrush] Jay
*Patch Note - Release

Valle, Renny(G), Dick, Elika, Gaspar, Danmei, Cezanne, Sewon

- 'NightUnderSiege' map added. Enjoy a round in Undersiege at night-time.

- Gaspar
Mines self-destruct after 5 minutes. Glitched mines (Appear on Map, but have no effect) no longer exist.

- Dick
Dick's rage point rate decreased to prevent too many ward installations.
Dick's EMP skill consumes more bars than before so that he cannot use the skill twice with a full RP gauge.
Wards self-destruct in 3 minutes.

- Some hitting animations improved
- Simplified some heavy effects

- You can filter 'NightUnderSiege' map in the server browser display
- Added indication of when you are invincible for Dan mei's Immortality skill and Valle's Mantra Shield.

- Removed a couple of achievements incase additional maps and characters are added (ex. play all characters, but a new one is added)
- NightUnderSiege map achievements added

Bug Fixes:
- Wards work if Dick is dead
- Dick cannot place wards inside physical objects (ex. walls) anymore.

- Removed Tiac's respawning phrase
Community Announcements - [Codebrush] Jay
*May 1st

Renny Glacier

Renny Flame




Dan Mei


Enjoy Archebladers!
Community Announcements - [Codebrush] Jay
*Patch Note - Release

Character Rotation:
Valle, Renoah, Dick, Tiac, Cezanne, Flame Renny, Sewon

- Added Rank limited servers for newbie players: militia(lv 1~5) and unlimited rank
- Also available on private servers

- Fixed object collisions in Naga's pit
- Blocked roof camping play in Steam Canal

- Tiac
His R attack after LL doesn't get chain hit(you can guard after hist LL). But LLR-LLRR does.
LLL combo gets chain hit.

- Cezanne
JL attack range adjusted
AlterCage(Q) strengthened

- Elrath
The speed of her R projectile slowed

- Fixed the effect when the pylon is occupied
- Adjusted the attck effects display time for all characters

Animation & Camera:
- Renoah's failing motion improved
- Match ending camera moves improved

- Added 'Below my rank' in server filtering options to find a suitable server for you
- You can chat on Scoreboard after match
- Correctly display Steam profile name that includes special characters
- Temporarily disabled 'Quickstart' funtion.
- Recognition of Respawn immortality improved

Bug Fixes:
- Sometimes Renny and Elrath's projectile deals abnormal damage
- Crosshair distortion issue
- Unavailable to join in a game with special characters in steam profile name
- Removed letterbox on 4:3 ratio resolutions
- Memory leaking issue

*All official servers will reset at the time

Community Announcements - [Codebrush] Jay
Character Rotation:

Renoah, Elika, Elrath, Gaspar, Dan Mei, Cezanne, Sewon

See y'all in the game.
Community Announcements - [Codebrush] Jay
*Patch Note - Release

Character Rotation:

- Valle, Dick, Elrath, Dan Mei, Tiac, Renny Glacier, Renny Flame


- Added New Premium skins: School Uniform Renoah / Black widow Elrath / Captain style Tiac / Heavy addicted Cezanne / Free style Sewon


- Sewon

Reduced AP and increased HP

- Dan Mei

Reduced JL stun lock

- Elika

Reduced JL stun lock

- Cezanne

Fixed R power attack


- Server sorts by Ping and server name
- Added 'New' and 'Premium' tags on items
- You only get hit by a train if you're in front of it


- Minor bug fixes in Training room
- Topographical fixes in Netherdale map
Community Announcements - [Codebrush] Jay
*Patch Note - Release


- Elrath

Reduced the size of AOE of for R

- Flame Renny

Reduced damage and the size of AOE for R
RR, LRR attack damage reduced


- Rank reset issue
- Chat input now works as in as intended during gameplay
- Dick Ward effects fixed
- Unable to select un-owned characters in private servers
- Minor bug fixes in Undersiege map


- Cannot block a train with E(guard) anymore
Community Announcements - [Codebrush] Jay
*Patch Note - Release

Character Rotation:
Renny Glacier, Elika, Gaspar, Dan Mei, Tiac, Cezanne, Sewon

Shop: Dick Premium skin added.


- Sewon:
Vajra Form activation time reduced by half.
Punitive Karma activates instantly.
Punitive Karma channeling time reduced.

- Renoah:
Stamina consumed for rolling has increased.
Bullet Storm does not gain a rage point anymore.
Her snipe shot deals 100% damage only when aiming is done


- Exceeding the maximum number of players in a Custom Server has been disabled
- Unpurchased characters are no longer selectable
- Unavailable to purchase with other currency than USD


- More display resolutions added
- All characters are available in Training mode
- Press ESC to quit when its connecting a server

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