Community Announcements - Alex@tinyBuild
Missed the livestream? We got you covered.
Community Announcements - Alex@tinyBuild
Join us at - first commentary by the dev team, and then King of Speed between two of the best players
Community Announcements - Alex@tinyBuild

Tune in tonight for the ultimate showdown -- the new King of Speed (PurpleTurkey) will defend his title against Metanet01.

Me and Casper will once again drunkenly comment over this exciting match, expect some giveaways, behind the scenes commentary and some of the most high level SpeedRunners play to date!

Official thread with event rules

Who will be the King of Speed?
Community Announcements - Alex@tinyBuild

This Saturday marks a new chapter for the SpeedRunners community, as we've just become an official ESL Esport. Sign-ups are now open!

The first ESL Cup will allow you to win an exclusive ESL-themed boost trail

Sign up for the EU Cup

Sign Up for the US Cup

Read the PCGamer reveal
Community Announcements - Alex@tinyBuild

Hi everyone!

This week will be packed with events and news. Let's start off with a major update -- introducing R42 with HANDICAPPED CHARACTERS! The 5 original runners now have Golden Versions which unlock by getting tons of XP. Odds are you're really good at SpeedRunners if you unlock them, you can show off your skills with... sparkles. We will let the community hunt these down to make screenshots.

Release log for r42:

* Added 5 handicapped characters, unlocked by getting a lot of XP.
* Made throwing fireballs up slopes and in corridors easier
* You can now deflect fireballs with a well-timed explosion
* improved bots a little bit.
* there's now a 0.25 second delay after picking up an item during which you cannot pick up
* A new item usable when you play as Gold Characters
* improved stunned movement behaviour
* reduced the duration of the taunt from 3.5 seconds to 1 second

* re-worked the right section of SS Royale
* tweaked some areas in Plaza
* Various improvements to Prototype 2

* you can now move the camera with the mouse and gamepad
* press ESC to quit
* You can now switch themes from inside the editor
* you can now switch from multiplayer to singleplayer (and back) inside the editor
* multi-threaded checkpoint editing (making it less laggy)
* checkpoint editing provides a bit more feedback

* fixed an obscure bug: dieing right after a respawn
* fixed a bug where some players could not edit their control scheme
* fixed a crash when zooming all the way out in checkpoint editing mode
* fixed some bugs related to muting
* fixed a bug that disallowed publishing levels
* fixed bouncing up on slopes while frozen

We also added a nice little update box to the main screen. This will have very relevant updates, for example the upcoming King of Speed match.
Community Announcements - Alex@tinyBuild

Are you coming to Gamescom? Do you play SpeedRunners? We've got something for you.

On August 5th and 6th we are running the SpeedRunners EU Cup. Anyone can participate and win T-Shirts and sweet hats!

But that's not the fun part yet.

On both 5th and 6th of August we have a deal with Twitch where the finales of the day will take place on the Twitch Stage at 7pm. This means you can showoff your SpeedRunners skills on the Twitch homepage!

  • SpeedRunners EU Cup
  • 5th and 6th of August at Gamescom
  • Qualifiers all day at Hall 10.1, SpeedRunners Booth In Indie Arena
  • Finals on the Twitch stage and featured livestream
  • SpeedRunner, Falcon, and Sherlock Bones T-Shirts as prizes!

Are you coming to Gamescom? Go to Hall 10.1 on the 5th and 6th of August!
Community Announcements - Alex@tinyBuild
The full match of Taters vs PurpleTurkey is here

Thanks everyone who tuned in, and I'm personally looking forward to a rematch with Taters in a couple of weeks.

Who will challenge PurpleTurkey for the King of Speed title next week?
Community Announcements - Alex@tinyBuild
Community Announcements - Alex@tinyBuild

Join us this Thursday to watch the two top SpeedRunners players battle for the title of KING OF SPEED.

  • Taters vs PurpleTurkey
  • Best of 15
  • Thursday July 23 6pm UK time / 7pm Amsterdam (CET)
  • Winner gets crowned King of Speed in SpeedRunners
  • Title is held until challenged by another player

The last official match, Roland vs Taters, was some of the best SpeedRunners high level play I've ever seen. Check out the video below:

Who will be crowned King of Speed?
Community Announcements - Alex@tinyBuild

August 5 & 6.
Details coming very soon.

Are you coming to Gamescom?

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